Racist of the Year 2023 primary election blog

Continuing the primary election after religious fundie, right-wing wingnut, left-wing moonbat, and conspiracy theorist of the year, here’s the primary ballot for Racist of the Year:


@Forever_Hitler_1488 - https://fstdt.com/2H7P5HTFLSGYG - a neopagan that wants to start a race war

Nick Fuentes - https://fstdt.com/85NS3.JLN4_MC - “What if we had Chinese soldiers on every corner [of New York City] and if Black person started spazzing out, they took a sword out and cut his hands off … and then they cut his head off.”

@Nature_and_Race - https://fstdt.com/6J4QHHRFG.BD (https://fstdt.com/?q=title=%40Nature_and_Race) - a very prolific "national socialist" that thinks racism is the natural order

Unnamed Daghestani rioters - https://fstdt.com/CSMB2KFZVMHZ3 - a bunch of Russian Muslims that stormed an airport looking for Jews to attack

Donald Trump - https://fstdt.com/M_7P_LZRL57SG - a Make The Great Wall Of America campaign ad

Itzik Zarka - https://fstdt.com/YYKK$L6NMTZV8 - "I wish another six million would burn" because some of them disagree with his judicial overhaul

Andrew Edwards - https://fstdt.com/XRJ$XSDWR$5JB - a white guy that wants to bring slavery back

Oved Hugi - https://fstdt.com/T._4QH9MKGZDK - he thinks Hitler was right to kill Ashkenazi; Mr. Hugi is a Sephardi Jew, you see, and that's totally different

Joseph Czuba - https://fstdt.com/HYFQF$DG4BQ89 - Czuba stabbed his neighbors because the radio told him Palestinians were bad

Cynthia McKinney - https://fstdt.com/NQKT8Z9HN83F4 - blames the Jews for the war between Russia and the Ukraine

JBSLAYER - https://fstdt.com/GSDHC8F5$SRN7 - thinks Hitler was on a godly mission

Southern ANglo - https://fstdt.com/KHR34P5GM2V55 - justifying the genocide of the Native Americans (insistently calling them "Indians," for no good reason AFAICT)

Roseanne Barr - https://fstdt.com/2H2M4RM89WXR6 - a Holocaust denier; you know, the kind that actively wishes it was real

Arizona - https://fstdt.com/YFQQS27$GLVNH - their racism is confirmed because these jewelry store robbers happen to be black

ryujinomega092095 - https://fstdt.com/C5PC$SG9_N7G - a sycophant that thinks Japan's too good to apologize for the WWII stuff

Mahmoud Abbas - https://fstdt.com/MWPK9G8.CZ8YG - "usury, money, and so on and so on" mean the Holocaust either didn't happen or was justified

Daily Salinas - https://fstdt.com/3X_P539B98_44 - a teacher re-posted a summary of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on her Facebook page; later claims to have not even read it

Florida State Board of Education - https://fstdt.com/QJN.HQF7$7FKG - the new Florida state board of education says that some Black people benefited from being enslaved

Ambrose Cobb - https://fstdt.com/NQ3H$26YK2V84 - "Southern Nationalists" try to answer the conundrum: if we overthrow the yankees, what's gonna stop the blacks from overthrowing dixie the same way?

various commenters - https://fstdt.com/HXDYJ_W_RQ4W9 - trying to use meditation woo to make the country unsafe for non-whites

various commenters - https://fstdt.com/2CHYN75V8R529 - wants interracial sex to be seen as betraying your race

various commenters - https://fstdt.com/YX$8NLT9JZHMF - "Universal suffrage is enslavement of white men. Anyone supporting it supports our enslavement"

various commenters - https://fstdt.com/K4VF_7567JP.J - wants to kill brown people who so much as touch their kids, and is upset that if it was caught on video they probably would be punished for that

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Racist of the Year primary election

5 votes
Nick Fuentes
3 votes
3 votes
Unnamed Daghestani rioters
3 votes
Donald Trump
2 votes
Itzik Zarka
3 votes
Andrew Edwards
2 votes
Oved Hugi
3 votes
Joseph Czuba
2 votes
Cynthia McKinney
3 votes
3 votes
Southern ANglo
2 votes
Roseanne Barr
2 votes
3 votes
5 votes
Mahmoud Abbas
3 votes
Daily Salinas
3 votes
Florida State Board of Education
5 votes
Ambrose Cobb
4 votes
various commenters (1)
3 votes
various commenters (2)
5 votes
various commenters (3)
5 votes
various commenters (4)
5 votes



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