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[Title: "Culinary Fusion Is Satanic Entryism"]

So we found this app that our TV provider actually includes on their service, and sure enough — it has loads of cooking shows, and some of them are pretty darn good. I was watching one, though, and this woman was making Persian-influenced chile rellenos. That is a bit nuts. Then she topped it with Bulgarian cheese. That was the last straw and the veil was parted and I finally saw clearly.

Satan has used food to get people to allow all sorts of terrible things regarding nationalism and racial self-interest.

“Oh, that fellow can’t be too bad, since he made that Chicken Vindaloo Pizza….”

This is insanity, folks. We need tacos to be tacos. We need pizza to be pizza. We need steak to be steak. And yes, we need curry to be curry. Look, I have nothing against any type of food, but I will be drawing the line at food mixing. Don’t try to give me some sort of sweet and sour shepherd’s pie or jalapeño schnitzel. Nope. Keep that satanic garbage to yourself. I want purity in my food and in my nations. I won’t fall for that demonic trick ever again.

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And lo, in 1973 the practitioners of Moloch worship, through power seized through the United States Supreme Court, enacted a law that enabled the establishment of murderous dens of Moloch worship throughout the land. In Biblical times, these were referred to as High Places. And President Richard Nixon did nothing to stop the slaughter of the innocent to a bloodthirsty demonic horde. And so, he left office in disgrace for his failure to uphold the sacred trust he was given.

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Not all religions are equal. Broadly speaking:

a) Christianity is responsible for the pinnacle of human achievement.

b) Buddhists and agnostics can certainly be tolerated and worked with.

c) Some Atheists can be tolerated.

d) Some Atheists Should be rejected.

e) Pagans of various types may be tolerated or not, depending on their specific practices

f) Islam is incompatible with Christianity and we reject it as an evil and perverse ideology.

g) Jews who reject Jesus as the Messiah are generally to be viewed as the pagans, but given their historical precedent for behaviour that is harmful to the native Christian population, should be scrutinized, and in general peacefully encouraged to return to Israel.