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The following exposé is as detailed as it gets where it concerns the concealed workings of the Black Nobility-run global power structure.
It also lays bare those who populate the peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid. The bloodlines of these Illuminati families go back to the Babylonian Banking Cartel, millennia before the coming of Jesus the Christ.
All of the mafia crime families described below are relatively low-level on the totem pole of real power and influence because we know their names. In other words, they’re merely mafia muscle for the extremely well concealed power-brokers who populate the ultra-secret upper echelons of the Khazarian Mafia. This ubiquitous international crime syndicate then answers to the even more clandestine and powerful Khazarian Cabal.
What becomes quite apparent from even a cursory scan of the list below is that many of the wealthiest mafia crime families come from the European Black Nobility, and especially from the Northern Italian Black Nobility. That’s because the Roman Empire model was utilized by the Khazarian Cabal to carve up the whole world into crime territories by which to rape, pillage and plunder the entire planetary civilization.
The original Khazarians were a very crude and coarse, crass and cruel people (think: Yiddish–their secret crime language). Being an amalgamation of Turkic, Mongolian and highly inbred Hebrew bloodlines they were also quite ugly, unhealthy and extremely boorish (think: hooked noses and beady eyes). Being exceedingly tribal in nature, the many centuries of practicing incest and multi-generational inbreeding only caused them to become more mentally deranged and emotionally unhinged causing all manner of psychiatric illnesses/psychological disorders. Hence, it ought to be no wonder that the Khazarian Cabal was so determined to intermarry with the highly cultured and refined Northern Italians who appeared to have it all.



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