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However much liberals hate to admit it, the rise of Nazi Germany was one of the greatest triumphs of liberalism. It codified fascism as capitalism’s antidote to working class anger, and Barbarossa, while a disastrous military failure for the Third Reich, damaged the USSR so severely that it ensured western capitalist dominance in the latter half of the 20th century. It’s why scratched liberals become fascists - any liberal with an ounce of self-awareness will recognize that fascists are the heroes and saviors of their wretched system.

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Every single instance of fascism in history was brought in by liberal capitalists to crush working class dissent that challenged Capital. Ultimately, fascism was an extreme reaction to the rise of Leninism in Europe post-WWI, and it served the purpose of restoring order for the capitalists when liberals failed to control the chaos and riots in the wake of workers uprising.

For the libs, fascists are necessary evil to restore order in the country. While not explicitly stating their support, their silence in complicity under fascist rule gives away where their allegiance lies.

On the other hand, Socialism serves working class movements, and will always be the enemy.

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Literally the only thing liberals dislike about the Nazis is that the Nazis attacked other western Europeans. If the Nazis had completed Generalplan Ost but left France and Britain alone, liberals would be praising and celebrating them (moreso than they already do) to this day. All the shit the Nazis did, European liberal democracies were already doing in Africa, in Asia, in Australia, and in North and South America. As the saying goes, “Hitler did to Europe what Europe did to the world.”