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Very disappointing turn of events in Ecuador: Left-wing candidate Arauz conceded defeat without a whimper, after suspicious results from the corrupt electoral council, which is controlled by the right-wing.

Arauz even said he will call banker candidate Lasso to congratulate him

Ecuador's National Electoral Council (CNE) is run by biased anti-Correísta opposition politicians from the right-wing CREO party of banker Lasso and the US-backed Pachakutik, handpicked by the Moreno regime

It's corrupt and its results are very suspicious

The sad fact is Andrés Arauz was too soft. That he gave up without fighting reflects weakness.

This is a lesson for chauvinistic Western "leftists" who condemn Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua as supposedly "authoritarian." They know how to fight and win, despite constant attack.

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RevLeft is a Bunch of Pedophile-Zionists
Jason Unruhe / 2010 09 19
So, Rev-visionist left wants round three. Last time it took you a little while to respond, but now you’re paying better attention. If you watched the last video you know I called them out once against to prove their accusation against me. And once again they were unable to do so. They claimed I dodged the accusation, but I called THEM out to prove their claims. But they never did because their full of shit. The whole forum is full of shit.

But let me show you how it’s done. This here is proof that RevLeft is a bunch of Zionist pedophiles.

This was the thread last year on Roman Polanski. Observe The Anarchist Tension (that’s the guy’s name), the most powerful admin on the site and the excuses he makes for that cretinous pedophile

“13 is the age of consent in various countries including South Korea and Mexico. Some could argue that America’s (and other peoples) social conservatism is the problem.”

That disguises his pedophile politics through his rants against the age of consent, but everyone sees him for the pedo he is.

And just recently, someone rumbled their super secret forums and exposed their internal discussions on legalizing child porn. Check links 4 and 5.

Link 6 was a REJECTED proposal to restrict Zionists. But the site owner Malte (aka Edelweiss on the board), is a petit bourgeois Zionist who runs revleft as an appendage to his che t-shirt store. Malte is a hardcore acolyte of ISSrael, and he has posted attacks against Lebanese anarchists and communists for siding with Hezbollah against the Zionist settler colony, calling them class traitors.

And for link 7: Is it any wonder that ISSrael is notorious for harbouring pedophiles?

That’s how it’s done, that’s how you make an accusation and back it up. Rev-visionist Left has been exposed for the Zionist Pedophiles that they are.

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You pretty much hit one of the gaping holes from Aristotle, A fatal one if you ask me. However the commitment to Aristotle is a constant refrain of the hardest right, and its not accidental. In fact it's just rhetorically passable enough, to rationalize the egoism they require for whatever interests are at hand. It's because of this nature, a swiss cheese of philosophy, every piece of human excrement from Hitler, Ayn Rand, and Nietzsche starts with Aristotle for their claimed foundations. Simply stated, he was wrong then and he's still wrong now.

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RE: "If your feminism doesn't include men, it's not real feminism!!"


Libfems are the "All Lives Matter" sect of feminism and that's the best description I have.

Sometimes I feel like these women are traitors. I feel bad because I know they're probably misguided, but how can you be so eager to please men at the expense of women?

Because how will they get that fuckboy to marry them if they keep harping on about ridiculous notions such as equality, women only spaces, and misogyny? Much better to kid themselves that porn keeps men from committing sexual violence, that sex work is in fact empowering women, and that white man in a wig who will threaten rape and murder if she uses the wrong pronouns IS a woman, and she has cis privilege and should apologise for it profusely. Sounds exhausting.

female socialization is so difficult to rebel against. we're trained to please men everywhere and even in a women's movement it's difficult for many to unlearn what they were wired to do as young girls. a lot of it is hilarious primarily because women's problems range from outright violence to dehumanizing conditioning and men's problems are "society won't let me paint my nails this is so sad"

They are indeed traitors to their sex.

It just kinda scares me that they haven't really thought about it, like how does it make any sense at all to include males in feminism? What do they think feminism is exactly?

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RE: Richard Dawkins asks whats the difference between transgender and transracial (and kicks open a hornets nest!)

This reply: "I cannot believe you are normalizing this debate. Dolezal had all the access to white privilege and then occupied space that wasn’t hers to occupy. You’re wrong on this one."

Some TRA's are so close to getting it that it's painful. Swap white for male, and then you've got it.

I cant believe this poster was not being sarcastic and was dead serious. Again, what's the difference? I dont see a single difference at all and this poster somehow managed to summarize exactly why...and is still clueless. Someone in another thread asked if TRA are really as stupid as they come across. I'm convinced they really are.

To the left, maleness cancels whiteness, but femaleness doesn't. That's why we get points deducted for being white, while white men can continue to debate trans rights and women's rights without criticism.


They know racism is real but don't acknowledge sexism as real.

Its not that they don't think sexism is real, it's that they want to be the victim of it. There's something about needing victim status or oppression points that the trans community really seems driven by.


For some strange, unknowable reason, I'm not seeing any TRAs tell Dawkins to choke on their girl dick

It’s almost as if TRAs can tell what sex he is.

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RE: Do you think liberal feminism will be able to survive with extreme climate change, and other disasters?

I think once climate change reaches the extreme breaking point where even rich countries can't hide from it. I feel like liberal feminism charade will be over, and governments will get more like handmaid's tale style.

Nah, let me tell you what's about to happen. Massive migration to the North. The "1st world" is gonna be festered with 3rd world people, aka conservationism on the rise (Earthkistan). With so many moids around women are going to be killed and raped daily by the millions, even in developed countries. Our reproductive rights will be entirely revoked. The Chinese dominate Africa and Make Slavery Great Again, also create a new mixed Sino-African race with a whole new set of problems. At that point the whites will be gone, so liberal feminism is going to have little acceptance with New generation of women slaves.

So, feminism days are numbered. Liberal or not. Separatism is the only option.

Stupid question but do you oppose immigration for everyone, including women? I mean, they're not going to reject their religion/conservatism simply bc it's another country. And I get not wanting to see your race dying out.

I'm opposed to immigration when it comes to moids, see what happens in Norway when they have to be educated to not rape women.

Only female immigrants should be accepted in any country and as a 3rd world habitant myself, I wanna immigrate.

Lmao, I care about the white race dying out as much as they cared about my native ancestors being wiped out. I was just stating that they'll be in fewer numbers in the nexr decades.

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[From “Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un”]

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is possessed of an infinite loyalty to the cause of Juche, the cause of Songun, and an outstanding leadership ability, matchless courage and pluck and ennobling people-oriented personalities.

The respected Supreme Leader who has unfolded a new chapter of the cause of immortalizing the leader with his noble morals and ethics, made sure that the Sun’s history continued forever on this land by channeling greatest efforts into the work of holding the great President Kim Il Sung and the great Leader Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the eternal leaders of the WPK and the revolution and as the Sun of Juche.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has formulated the revolutionary idea of the WPK as Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, declared the modeling of whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the ultimate programme of the WPK and clearly set out the far-reaching strategy of marching straight forward along the road of independence, Songun and socialism.
Thanks to the wise leadership of the respected Supreme Leader who has set the revolutionary trait of the WPK and the mode of existence of the Party and state as selfless devotion for the people and placed absolute priority on the demands and interests of the people, the single-hearted unity of the entire army and people around the Party was further purified and our revolutionary ranks were cemented steel-strong as an invincible harmonious whole bound by ideology, will and the ties of kinship.
Having set the modelling of the entire army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the general task of the army building, he has developed the Korean People’s Army into a revolutionary army of the Party strong in ideology and ethics that regards the spirit of devoting their lives to defend the leader as its lifeblood, and into an invincible elite army equipped with the most advanced means of strike and perfect features of a regular army.

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In the last few years communists have struggled against the bourgeois academic onslaught of identity politics, with us, the CPGB-ML, going so far as to pass a motion at the last congress making open advocacy of identity politics grounds for expulsion. The reasoning of this is simple: identity politics is bourgeois and divides groups of people, particularly workers, through dichotomy, pitching black people against white people, men against women, able bodied people against disabled people, etc.
Our friends and so called “Marxists” who follow this garden path, now attack us wholesale (generally on social media platforms) as racists, sexists and particularly as so-called transphobes. They have taken to resuscitating the old-school slur of tankie, and have coined the acronym ‘TERF’. We must familiarise ourselves with such catchwords and phrases of our class enemies and understand their meaning and their content as glib as that may be.
The issue we now face, irrespective of ‘good intentions’, is that a considerable mass of charlatan intersectional ‘Marxists’ have gained the upper hand amongst the YCL (in itself a small and increasingly irrelevant organisation, but this is a sign of the success of the bourgeois trend in society at large) and others who predate upon the liberal tendencies of those entering the movement, their individual grievances, which retards their Marxist education. Furthermore, such ‘intersectional Marxists’ proclaim themselves to be the true bearers of liberation ideology, and in as much as they encounter young activists, they actively discourage others from apprehending the teachings of Marxism, by interposing their opportunist quackery, sloganeering and utilising the aggressive petty-bourgeois approach of university debating society obfuscation, rather than engaging in honest, open and forthright debate.

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Absolutely retarded to allow 3rd world women to immigrate. The women believe in patriarchalism very strongly too, and won't suddenly become liberal the minute they separate from their husbands. In fact I bet they'll become worse, women who seperate from their abusers by force only start longing for them even more. These women are gonna have plenty of issues adapting to the culture, and if they do anything independently, it will be political parties to bring in their husbands, fathers, brothers. 3rd world countries have collectivist cultures, these women will not be able to cope with the atomic social life in the West; they'll miss home, their mothers, sisters, brothers, they'll miss the patriarchal family structures they were raised.

What third world country? I'm Indian.

Now that you said it, I'm rethinking my beliefs now. That's so true.

Brazil unfortunately.

absolutely agree. I am 100% against immigration, whether male (obv) or female. Women aren, less violent obviously but completely male-identified. no thanks I don't want more pathetic women. The only women I would let in are lesbian asylum seekers. Never going to happen, so no to all immigrants. They refuse to integrate (talking about Europe here) let alone assimilate. Europe is a cash-cow in their minds, that's all. Their bond to their country of origin remains the strongest, especially since they're at most 4 hours away (by plane) from it. Integration, forced diversity don't work. Europeans who have many things in common fought each other for centuries but somehow I'm supposed to believe that men and women who come from vastly different cultures are going to fit in and integrate easy peasy? It's insane. Many Europeans realize this but it's too late.

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9/11 has been funny for a long time. the vast difference between the government telling you that you should cry about a couple thousand americans dying for 20 years as if it’s the biggest tragedy in human history and as if they actually care about human life and then proceeding to show a sociopathic disregard for human life at best and insatiable bloodthirst at worst cannot be squared away.

9/11 isn’t about human beings dying. the reason why the government shoves it in our face every single year and tells us to care is because of what they want it to represent, which is an attack on “america”, and they want to use that to justify wholesale slaughter of innocents overseas and perpetual imperial empire. 9/11 is a quasi-fascist myth about national trauma.

and now we live in a pandemic, where the same number of people who died on 9/11 die every single day because of the negligence and greed of the very same government who tells us to cry about it, and there is no reconciliation. no attempt made to explain this. there is an active movement to downplay it or to redirect blame to china, once again fueling our imperial ambitions.

so it is safe to say now that 9/11 is a fucking farce. I don’t even know how they’re going to be able to sell that narrative anymore because they’ve completely shown their ass. you officially have permission from the government to never ever have to give a shit about 9/11 ever again. enjoy.

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I Was Born Free of the World of Nature, I Have Not and Will Not Poison My Body Temple With any of Big Pharmas Toxins

Everyone everywhere should join me in this pursuit of freedom of oppression.

Don’t let them poison you.

Don’t let them poison your children.

Stand in your human right to be the natural beautiful creature you were created to be.

They don’t own you, you are your own free person, stop living in fear.

We all need to stand together, the old ways are done, the government is no longer valid, they have turned on the people.

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SuicideFuel The incest prohibition destroyed me

Social production would need at its disposal an agent that is also capable of acting on, of inscribing the recording surface of desire. Such an agent exists: the family.

The final blackpill in psychology is that the figure of Oedipus is a consequent social repression. The capitalist technoindustrial system does not want us to acquire power, and needs us to be good little wageslaves. They need to repress our desiring production to make this happen. The nuclear family is one of these agents of capitalist repression. The reason Oedipus is repressive is that the incest prohibition prescribes us objects to desire, but desire itself is a pure productive process with no object in mind. By directing desire towards a love object, the incest prohibition warps reality and obscures the nature of desire and the self, and in doing so restricts the productive capacities of our desire.

By placing the distorting mirror of incest before desire, desire is shamed, stupefied, placed in a situation without exit

I want to have sex with my sister. I have always conceived of us as something like star crossed lovers, and always dreamed that this could have been some other way. And it could have, without the repressive influence of a dystopian capitalist system. If my desiring production wasn't directed towards her, all the life in me could be free. And this is empirically verifiable psychology, it sounds weird but you all are just as much a victim of capitalism as I

How can you desire to have sex with your sister?

I explained it in this post. TLDR: its the nuclear family in capitalism as an agent of repression which causes it

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Parallels Between TIMs and Police (and Priests Too)

1. Maleness and power are worshipped and are seen as one
2. Women suffer at the hands of these men, but things only get done when another man is affected.
3. They are above the law.
4. When they commit crimes, they are not punished but shuffled into obscurity.
5. They cannot be questioned lest you be deemed TERF, anti-country, heretic.

If you have anymore examples, please add.

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They need to hear that some cultures having special roles for gender-non-conforming people does not mean people didn’t know what male and female were. I hear the Two-Spirit identity used soooo much in this discourse, especially in Canada

It really is ridiculous.

TRAs/libfems'll say things like 'Native American cultures were so enlightened! They worshipped two-spirits! They were largely matriarchal, they respected women, women were so precious to the tribes!'

And like - that point is debatable, but have you thought WHY they might have held women in such high esteem?

Because women were the ones that gave birth and created life, you absolute morons! Native women weren't celebrated (if they were celebrated) because some 'uwu so girly, so soft' aesthetic. It was because they were able to carry children and give birth. If there WAS such a high prevalence of two-spirit-ism as they say there was, certainly those two-spirit people weren't treated 'the exact same as women!'

Like, just thinking pragmatically. An enemy tribe is attacking your village -- you have a woman able to help birth new members of the tribe, vs some mentally ill man who wears womens clothes. WHO ARE YOU SAVING?

(Likewise, a woman who thinks herself a man decides she wants to join the war party -- you think the men are going to entertain this idea, when she's one of a handful of women of child bearing age in the tribe? You think they're going to risk it? Theres a reason two-spirit was mostly a male thing.)

It really is a breathtaking lack of thinking critically, 'if X is true, then therefore Y...' They really think all native tribes lived in harmony in teepees, smoking weed, making flower crowns, and not knowing a penis from a vagina up until Christopher Columbus landed on our shores.

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Never before has a man carried so high the aspiration for freedom, for the peace and self-determination of the oppressed peoples than Joseph Stalin. His unconditional devotion to the emancipation of the mankind, his ability to mobilise an entire nation to advance towards modernity and to stand up against the odious beast of fascism make him one of the greatest leaders in human history.
He was a great mobiliser, from his native Georgia to the freezing prisons of Siberia, he had always succeeded in organising the oppressed workers effectively. He was always among them in perfect symbiosis.

Stalin and the USSR hold a central place in the history of the working class, in the history of the oppressed peoples in general. While the Bourgeoisie celebrates its genocidal heroes, obsessed with personal profit, with great pomp and circumstance, it never hesitates to throw as much mud as possible over the name of Stalin.
He proved with the tremendous achievements of the USSR that building socialism in one country was possible, that freeing oneself from the exploitation of the bourgeois class was possible, that without a boss the factory runs and it runs better, without two-party elections, democracy is even more representative, and that the workers in charge can build a more sustainable society.

Today, as we mark 142 years since his birth, we socialist soldiers celebrate and vow to carry on the historic mission of the proletariat, to which Stalin devoted himself and all his energies.

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RE: Polling from 13 States Reveals Widespread Disapproval of “Gender Identity” Policies

Even in California people are not buying this crap

Putting female prisoners -- economically vulnerable, disproportionately women of color, an overwhelming majority of whom have already been victims of sexual violence -- at risk of being retraumatized, assaulted, raped, and impregnated by male sexual predators is NOT "progressive".

It is being framed as such by fauxgressive misogynists, who are bankrolled by big pharma and/or jumping on the latest fashionable bandwagon for latte liberals.

We are seeing some common ground between the left and right here because being anti-rape is one of those common sense policies that shouldn't be political. We see radical feminists speaking at the Heritage Foundation, not because they are secret alt-right neonazi Bible hugging conservative bigots, but because the policies the Democrats are putting forth right now are genuinely horrible.

You have people like me, San Francisco liberals who voted Democrat their whole lives, have been huge LGBT allies their whole lives, who no longer feel comfortable voting for Democrats. That's not because I suddenly support Republicans. It is because both parties have abandoned women. I'm just praying American women can have at least one party that supports their basic human rights. Abortion isn't enough, Democrats. We deserve the right to not get raped in the first place.

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RE: Feminism is a kink for antifeminist men

Feminists do a good job to help them with that. There is this radfem in my country that posted a pic in a shirt that says "i suck dick" lol imagine calling youself a radfem then using the most opressing misogynistic words that also can be fucking triggering and mentally terorrising to some women and even cause someone to have a panic attack bc of trauma etc.

Imagine what her 30 yo boyfriend is really thinking while fucking her lmao (she is 19 btw lol) i bet he is a fetishist

Maybe i don't even wanna know what he is really thinking cause knowing some of the things men say about women it would be traumatizing. I don't belive he is a 'feminist' lol he prolly gets off so good and its so satisfying to him to have a girl who calls herself a radfem and then submits to his dick that he prolly jacked of millions times before to some humiliating degrading opressing porn or maybe even raped someone before(lots of women are raped so msot men are rapist he could be one too just hides it) men are primitve af he probably loves it that she is a feminist and sees sex as revange or something degrading done to her. He must love it. Moids are like that, stupid pigs

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Johnson Aziga, 55, an African migrant living with HIV, is a now officially a “dangerous offender” according to Canadian criminal law.

Mr Aziga is already considered a “murderer” two times over. He was convicted in 2009 of two counts of first-degree murder, ten counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of attempted aggravated sexual assault, because he had unprotected sex with eleven women without telling them he had HIV. Seven of the women subsequently tested HIV-positive, and two died of AIDS-related cancers within a couple of years of having had sex with Mr Aziga.
I am the only person that sees this as absurd – as both racist and HIV-phobic?
Mr Aziga and Mr Williams are being punished twice over. The idea that society is protected from HIV by keeping them in prison indefinitely is erroneous and outrageous. In the past men used to “lock up their daughters” when a man of purported huge sexual prowess came sniffing around, as if their female offspring did not have a sexuality or a choice in whether or not to have sex with their suitor.

Now, society locks up “HIV monsters” because it thinks female members of society need protecting from them, as if they did not have a sexuality or a choice in whether or not to have sex with their suitor.

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RE: Libfem logic when it comes to how media influences people



They'll throw tantrums over shit like sitcoms from 20 years ago, but videos like 'big black cocks destroy tiny teen' are simply great!

The same woke White people who will dox a 12 year old White girl for posting a picture of her cornrows on Instagram will defend porn with titles like "Spicy Latina B!tch Gets Gang Banged For A Green Card" Woke politics has ZERO consistency! And yet it is still colonizing everything

This is why I don't take libfems seriously. They will call people out for the awful crimes of white women doing Yoga or taking Salsa classes; but are totes okay with porn that literally calls women slurs and is ACTUALLY racist.

Because libfems usually only criticize other women. They know it's much harder to confront men, so instead, everything is women's fault. Feminism that is comfortable for men and never challenges them will change nothing.

not to mention pornsick men literally condition themselves with orgasms to think racism and sexual violence are acceptable and desirable. idiot teen boys and young men are using porn as sex ed and brutalizing teenage girls and women. but the woke crowd would rather argue about children's cartoons being fascist or whatever and then turn around and jerk it to rape, child porn, racist porn, porn ABOUT SLAVERY, etc. it's disgusting.

Anonymous, aro-allo-positivity #homophobia #moonbat gaymenaredivineincarnate.tumblr.com

Love is love is a slogan by and for cis LGs that allows them and allies to ignore the struggles faced by mspec, aspec, and trans people. Its is part of the push for same sex marriage and helped further the belief that same sex marriage is the be all end all of gay rights, which further allows people to ignore other stuggles faced by all queer people, including but not limited to: house and job discrimination, addiction struggles, and medical and legal discrimination. In this essay i will

wheres the essay anon

where is it

BaronSilasGreenback #moonbat community.babycenter.com

. Grocery store worker may have infected 300 people with HIV, prosecutor says

I have a hard time thinking it is okay to charge someone for assault/attempted murder because they have a disease and raise your risk of infection due to mutually risky behavior simply because they didn't tell you about it.
The act of contracting HIV is not criminal so why would it be criminal if one of the partners has ill intent?

And what is up with the obsession with HIV? How about hepatitis? Do you think that person on the airplane a few years ago that knowingly exposed and thereby infected people with a rare form of resitent TB should be charged? Do you think the way Typhoid Mary was treated is appropriate? Until the discourse about charging sick people with assault/attempted murder stops centering around HIV I can't believe it is anything but hysteria specific to that disease.

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all the TIFs there demanding to be called men but also demanding to attend a women’s college completely broke my brain...

This is something I see a lot. I feel like the ultraliberal kind of TIFs seems to think they can have their cake and eat it, too. Probably because they recognise what BS transitioning is and that it doesn't save them from people treating them like crap for being female, but they hold onto their super special identities anyways because it's so much more interesting than just a boring old woman going through boring old misogyny. This brand of TIF also tends to be all about "genderfuckery" which means they don't even make an attempt to "pass", leading to more frustrations than usual over people not being able to delude themselves that they're the opposite sex.

I definitely prefer them to the women filled to the brim with internalised misogyny who will rush to proclaim #notLikeOtherGirls for male approval, but that at least seems more straightforward and backwards in the usual ways we're familiar with, than this.

Oh, yeah, that NYT story of the TIFs having been accepted at a women's college because they were, you know, women, and after "transitioning" demanding a thousand-and-one ridiculous accommodations from the other women: students, faculty, staff, and administrators. AND GETTING THEM!!!

I all-capped the second clause b/c for me that was the most demoralizing thing: Even for pretend men, the women fell all over themselves to be nice but no matter how nice it was still not enough. A few women desisted, and they were doxxed (or whatever the IRL version of that is) so badly that they declined to give their names to the NYT.

Various Femcels #moonbat #racist #sexist saidit.net


Belgian police are teaching men not to harass women on the street. Not a word about the fact that the majority of street harassers aren't white. Let's not stigmatize!

I hate the "teaching" argument. Men know what they do is wrong, they do it because they like harming women. Feminists don't want to discuss biology, but they sure want to encourage others to waste their time, energy, and effort into "teaching" men how to be decent human beings.

MOC, especially Middle Eastern men, harassing white women on the street is an open secret at this point. But white women aren't allowed to talk about any issues they face anymore because they're all blonde, blue-eyed white supremacist Karens who should grovel at the feet of POC and apologize for every microaggression, or something along those lines.

The attention white women get from non-white men is so disgusting and degrading the majority of the time. But according to stupid libfems, white women being "more desirable" is a privilege. No, it's fetishization and objectification, just like when it happens to every other woman.

Don't forget all the intersectionalist bs. Happy Women's Day - except for the evil white cis bitches, fuck them! And lol at the Belgium thing, that is TOTALLY about brown muslim men who do that shit. 100%. Let's see all the women in those communities speak up against their men... yeah, didn't think so.

One bonus of living in a backwards country is you can shit on nonwhite dudes openly, for harassment too. Several young women i know went full alt-right from working/studying near brown exchange students, but that just made them worship White Dude more, which is fucking hilarious if you apply it to local 60IQ drunks and fat incompetent nepotists. If there were a way to peak them about moids in general...

tallowcandle #moonbat #sexist saidit.net

The paradox is real in STEM: In patriarchal countries like, women are ~40% of STEM grad classes, whereas in the Nordic countries, women are ~10% of STEM classes. I've posted a comment asking for people to explain it further. I don't know if it's true outside of STEM.

In patriarchal countries like russia and other shitholes STEM are a worthless unfunded waste of fucking time with equipment older than the demented old profs, no money and prestige involved, except government-related shit which, surprise, has mostly male staff.

In patriarchal countries like emirates and other rich ones most researchers aren't from the local, actually small, employee pool, they are migrant/temp emloyees from everywhere else, and those live in their own world.

Nordic countries aren't in fact fucking close to feminist heavens. Most people aren't critical of STEM or Glorious North and can't fucking see it.

In India at least I've seen with my own eyes that it's true. Indian parents are crazy for STEM.

Nice to get a confirmation. Russia part is based on russia, emirates part - on stories I've heard from post-ussr postdocs who went there. One was a blue-haired rainbow-tatooed lesbian and in her lab like nobody was a local and they mostly didn't interact with locals.

Also, mega-patriarchal japan does have about 15% and declining women in stem, again, their science pays, but they don't import brains a lot, so doods get to gate-keep.

Russian parents too, at least pre-zoomer ones. Because stem was a legit social lift back in ussr.

Global Times #conspiracy #moonbat globaltimes.cn

Five Eyes today’s axis of white supremacy: Global Times editorial

Canada, the UK and Australia, three members of the Five Eyes alliance, have recently taken action to put pressure on China. They have formed a US-centered, racist, and mafia-styled community, willfully and arrogantly provoking China and trying to consolidate their hegemony as all gangsters do. They are becoming a racist axis aimed at stifling the development rights of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Five Eyes alliance members are all English-speaking countries. Those countries share the Anglo-Saxon civilization. The Five Eyes countries have been brought together by the US to become the "center of the West." They have a strong sense of civilization superiority. The bloc, which was initially aimed at intelligence sharing, has now become an organization targeting China and Russia. The evil idea of racism has been fermenting consciously or unconsciously in their clashes with the two countries.

With a common language, a common historical background, and a coordinated attack target, such an axis is destined to erode international relations and allow hooliganism to rise to the diplomatic stage in the 21st century. Since the Five Eyes countries are spread across continents, they have the hubris of being the world in their own right. Media organizations in the US and the UK are particularly developed and capable of dominating global public opinion in English, which increases their insolence to represent the international community and world public opinion.

The Trump administration is an extremely typical white supremacy government. Trump's team has gone, but the mechanism of the Five Eyes alliance to suppress China has solidified, accelerated its operations. Global diplomacy must not be hijacked by a fake international community with an axis of white supremacy. By resisting them, China is not only defending its own interests, we are also defending the diversity of the modern world, which is based on the free choices of people and paths taken by different countries.

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the DPRK is a democratic country that uses democratic centralism, just like any other country.

Kim Jong Un gets elected to his roles in the state, the highest of them being the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, by the Supreme People's Assembly, which is the highest organ in the DPRK. The Supreme People's Assembly is made up of representatives that are democratically elected in regional elections. Party affiliation doesn't matter and there are representatives from all of the three parties in the DPRK. The three parties form an alliance and rule the country together.

As others have pointed out the DPRK also uses workplace democracy through a system called the Taean Work System or Socialist Management System. The workers actively choose the leadership of their companies, by electing a management board.

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Although thinking about this, I wonder what the ethnicity split is among TERFs. Since trans culture is such a white thing (generally only, of course), maybe that reflects on TERFs as well? Although POC are also way more likely to see the light earlier in these issues, lol.

You know?

I was watching TikToks by native creators recently, and there was one that was talking about old stories in our collective native cultures, signs for when the apocalypse was on its way.

Some of them you kind of have to think about in an abstract way. For instance, "A large black poisonous snake will slither across the land" could be a foretelling of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

One I remember is "Men will dress as if they are women, and women will dress as if they are men."

Now, I'm not sure if I generally believe these (I'm not super religious or traditional in my own culture. Another prophecy warns tattoos and piercings are another sign and I have a number of those 😅) but its certainly a little spooky when its all stacked together.

No matter what you want to think, though, its pretty plain that Native cultures always knew there was a difference in the sexes, there were always gender roles, and that mixing and matching them were definitely taboo, if not outright feared, enough that this prophecy has been echoed through the generations. We didn't live in some androgynous, genderless utopia where transwomen were worshipped "like gods" like they like to say they were 🙄

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I can’t help rolling my eyes at liberals who claim to be against slavery, or indigenous genocide, or mass killings of left-wing people. Bruh, that’s how the capitalist sausage is made, either own it or stop being pro-sausage (preferably the latter).

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RE: Five Eyes today’s axis of white supremacy

The Anglo Saxons fought a race war against Muslims during war on terror and later another race war against Russia. Now they are starting a new race war against China. We can see more racist attacks on Chinese inside America. It is time to rally all the forces targeted by the Anglo Saxons and fight back. The racist agenda of the Anglo Saxons in suppressing China is obvious. It is time for China to lead global campaign to fight back against the racist propaganda attacks of the Anglo Saxons.

Skin color alone disqualifies India from being a part of the pact.Yet, they are ever so willing to let their white masters use an abuse them. Ironic! Only Indians think the world revolves around them. Must be something to do with the cow pee.

That's why no one respects India.

If the anglo saxons continues to use human rights and democracy to attack, suppress, curb and contain China, I think China will have to fight back by launching global anti racism campaign along with Russia, muslim, Latin America and African states.

Fight back hard.

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As someone from the capitalist-occupied Latvia, I can concur.

"Maps" like these is just another form of bourgeois psychopathic projection. Their minds are so alienated which channels their destructive thoughts into subconsciousness. So they act independently of their will and effectively support the class which defines them (in this case, the bourgeoisie). Since they lack humanity and empathy on such a deep level, they try rob everyone else of their humanity as well in order to feel whole again. Which is why psychopaths (an inevitable product of capitalist contradictions) feel joy when they hurt innocents.

Not sure if I'm being an annoyance, but can you explain to me what really happened when the Soviets incorporated the Baltics in the USSR?

That is a very important question. That is the reason why the imperialist propaganda avoids the Baltic States. Their narrative goes like this: the Soviet Union came in, "occupied" everything and that is why everything is so bad right now. They won't tell that all three Baltic States became fascist tyrannies in the 1930's. The Soviet Union signed a naval base treaty with the Baltic States in 1939. The Baltic economy was in shambles. Wages plummeted, fascist governments responded with more repression. The communist parties mustered enough strength to declare a general strike. The communist militias raided the barracks and took the weapons away from the fascist paramilitaries. The army declared neutrality. The cabinet allied themselves with the communists.

The Soviet Union had absolutely no intention to annex the Baltic States because the USSR already had a base treaty. It was the Baltic States THEMSELVES who petitioned to be admitted into the USSR in July as separate republics in order to seek protection. The Baltic fascists will never get into such fine details because they have an agenda: to paint themselves as the victims, while in reality there are the oppressors.

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First off, is CPC, not CCP, at least use their acronym correctly, their name in English is Communist Party of China, not Chinese Communist Party.

About Sri Lanka:

In Sri Lanka they finance left-wing parties, what's up with Tibet, which has been part of China since at least various centuries ago? Did you know the title of Dalai Lama was invented by the Chinese? And the Uyghurs? Xinjiang has been China for centuries as well!

Sri Lanka gets loans from China due to their conditions being way fairer than those of the IMF. The USSR also gave loans to other countries, what's wrong with that?

"As an occupation" No, because those parts have been part of China since the birth of the Chinese political nation under the Qing dinasty and the birth of the concept of Zhonghua Minzu. They are Chinese, they are not Han, but that does not make them to be less Chinese. Would you call Arkansas to be under occupation from the US government? No, right? It's the same, in fact, even more, since Xinjiang and Tibet have been part of China since way before the US was founded, and, more importantly, they were already Chinese when the nation-state concept that included non-Han minorities was established. Comparing it to Israel (Which is a country founded by settlers that came from Europe) is disingenous, to say the least.

What rape, killing and indoctrination? Find me one source that does not link back to Adrian Zenz or to Radio Free Asia. One source.

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The conflicting visions between the Anti-West and Eurangloland continue unabated. China and Russia, the dynamic duo that stands tallest among the Anti-West, have been very visible recently. Both leaders left America proudly waving the Anti-West banner and continue to be heroes for the world’s Moral Majority, that 85% of humanity who is mostly dark skinned. The Western perpetrated genocide in the Ukraine and Uncle Sam’s never ending onslaught to try to overthrow the Communist Party of China are ongoing reminders that Eurangloland’s colonial empire is very much intact and sad to say, thriving.

I have often talked about racism as a facet of Western empire. The name “Slav” is fraught with racism. The word “slave” comes from Western Europe’s 8th century King Charlemagne using Slavs, to be worked to death in his mines. For the world’s Moral Majority, nothing about the West has changed in 1,200 years.

In the 17th century, Irish slaves on British Caribbean islands would often outnumber their English masters. The bloody statistics are staggering and consciousness numbing. In just 1641 to 1652, more than half a million Irish people were exterminated on the Emerald Isle.

Mr. Lindqvist spells out why Slavs and the Yellow Peril were (and are) considered just as subhuman as Africans, in the eyes of Westerners. Colonialists called all the different dark skinned peoples in their colonies, “niggers”, “brutes” and “lower races”, Russians, Chinese and Irish included.

This has troubling implications for current events. Western racism has not gone away. It is still alive and well in the hallowed halls of power, Black genocidal criminal President Barracks O-Bomb-A be damned.

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RE: A brilliant observation on treating prostitution like a career

Those middle/upper-middle class brats are educated enough to be able to criticize the inequality of capitalism and racism within the scope of their little privileged bubble, but they can't see that there are people whose lives are affected by their liberal gender politics, children who will be groomed into prostitution, and young women who don't get to choose their career path.

But who cares about the actual poor people or children? In their minds, they are proletariat heroes who will defend their male friends' rights to enter women's bathrooms, thus saving their lives!

There’s nothing more privileged than wokeness. We know this because it actively makes society worse in the name of making it better. It’s taken race-baiting to an art form and is so misogynistic it’s even making the word ‘woman’ verboten. Above all, it’s all about it’s own narcissism and self-righteousness. ‘Right side of history’, indeed.

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The reemergence of regressive norms

Recently, there has been a resurgence in sexist attitudes towards women. The liberation, which was in full swing in the '70s has declined and is steadily going downwards. I will note down a few misogynistic trends gaining steam again:

BDSM: Female sexual slavery and masochism are paraded around as empowering. The pathetic reality is women are encouraged to consent to it. Empowerment too has been twisted to fit male sexual fetishes. And many women do believe all this crap. The rising number of female submissives promoting 24/7 BDSM lifestyle on social media shows how brainwashed women have become by liberal bs.

TradWives: Women who submit, serve and spoil their husbands. Or, to be more clear, women who choose to do all this. Women who believe their place is within a home. And many derive satisfaction in being chained to men and kids. The baffling aspect of patriarchy is that women are its greatest supporters.

Makeup: Faking for the sake of men, is again, an 'empowering' choice. By actively discouraging women from being comfortable in their own skin, beauty industry is reaping massive fortunes under the veil of liberal, lipstick feminism.

These are the things on the top of my mind. Feel free to add more below.

Basically, I can conclude that mainstream feminism is a pathetic joke.

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Activists on a payroll, used a drone to carry a giant rainbow flag to the top of the Motherland Monument in Kiev. This huge memorial to the Soviet war dead, was erected in 1981 and stands at an impressive 203 feet.

This stunt is part of a coordinated campaign that we are witnessing everywhere, linked to the global dominance of the financial oligarchy of the USA and EU, which pose as progressive and emancipatory in terms of identity politics, to distract from the appalling conditions imposed on the working class and the annihilation of weak nations.

Those who launch wars and commit genocides champion LGBTQ-identity standards, in their own interests, as elements of democracy. They manipulate social movements for their own benefit under their own rainbow flag. The most reactionary forces of NATO, regimes such as Zionist Israel and in this instance, the Kiev junta accuse as “sexists, homophobes, transphobes”, etc., all who disagree with the dominant doctrine of the Empire, all the while committing fascist outrages, such as the burning alive of trade unionists in Odessa just six years ago.
Behind the rainbow flag of fluid identities lies the plan of converting people into bulk masses passive and malleable by the most aggressive forms of capital. These are the neo-liberal-postmodern dogmas of “symbolic construction” of gender, social order, politics and ideology, nation and homeland, which suit so well the National Endowment for Democracy and the supporters of Ukrainian fascists.

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Learn the Difference - It Could Save Your Life!



spoiler1st pic)

Womanism: There are no individual solutions to systemic and structural problems!

Radical Feminism: …And men and the patriarchy are such a systemic, structural problem!

Liberal “Feminism”: Although it depends on how, like, you identify? Like, my bxyfriend - who is also my BDSM Mxster - xe identifies as a hydrogender and, he, I mean, xe always says that, like, womxn like ximself are not accepted by wh*te TERFS? Despite xim employing so many womxn of color at the porn company xe owns? Like, feminism is not about hating men I mean womxn?

2nd pic)

Womanism: Pornography tells lies about women…

Radical Feminism: …but it tells the truth about men!

Liberal “Feminism”: Yikes, I literally can't even? That's, like, so white feminism? Like, my boyfriend, I mean my girlfriend ... who used to be my boyfriend before xe became my girlfriend, xe owns this porn company? And, like, they employ so many womxn of col*r and give them a chance to get off the street? And now they can work in "Anal Ghetto Sluts Destroyed" instead of being homeless? Why are TERFS so racist!?

Jerry Derecha/In Search of Black Assassins #conspiracy #racist #moonbat #crackpot adrenogate.net

A reader of “In Search of Black Assassins” asked me what I believe to be behind the Drake- Pusha T Beef; and the Drake Black Face humiliating and degrading Black People. As you most likely know already, Roseanne Barr believes according to Talmud that Black People are a subhuman species related to tribes of APES and MONKEYS. She calls herself a rabbi. In Judaism, a rabbi is a teacher of Torah. The basic form of the rabbi developed in the Pharisaic and Talmudic era, when learned teachers assembled to codify Judaism’s written and oral laws. Israeli Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, says that it comes out of Talmud.
Roseanne Barr was also very clear comparing black people to the inhabitants of the “Planet of the Apes.” Roseanne Barr, HollyWeird’s MONKEY RABBI will sacrifice and throw Black People under the bus in the interests of ZIONIST ISRAEL, Druid Donald J. Drumpf, America’s Dark Circle and the ILLUMINATI at the drop of a hat. Apparently, Drake will do the same thing.
Drake is a Jew no different than the Monkey Rabbi Roseanne Barr. Everything he believes comes from the Kabbalah, the language of Fallen Angels.

Drake and Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC at the heart of the Roseanne Barr Israeli Mass Diversion Monkey Plot follow the same ILLUMINATI OWL. The owl symbol connects with the current Moloch Cult of the Bohemian Grove, and initiate degrees of the ILLUMINATI.

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RE: Anyone else tired of all the race focus on the recent economic schemes and in diversity?

My military mom was talking about how they only focused on diversity in race, not gender, and how that was a sharp turn from the metoo movement just a few years ago. When Biden gives away money to minorities on unemployment only, or to their small businesses, he forgets entirely about a large portion of the working class in Appalachia who have been entirely overlooked and demonized, along with a good portion of small businesses. How is not assisting them not considered racism by itself? It should be, but the media wouldn’t frame it as that. It seems as if even they don’t realize that this hurts the left and their coalition in the long run, meaningless victories and time wasting only alienates the majority who could learn to appreciate leftist economics if they weren’t immediately shoved in with wokeness, along with environmentalism which is a big issue too.

Of course I am, having come from the black PMC milieu myself (but as Matt Christman points out, one of the ones to fall through the cracks now that the “dream” of social climbing has been snuffed out) I utterly despise this group of race hustling minorities who try manipulating all this diversity shit and warping all discussions of economics and government policy into a cynical scheme to gain more wealth and power for themselves. And the most disgusting part about them is that they use working class minorities as pawns in their little game to cement themselves as either capitalists in their own right, retainers to the capitalists, or academics. And if you hear how they will often talk about working class minorities they feel disgusted by them, almost as disgusted by them as actual white supremacists are. It’s an entirely self-interested, cynical, and psychopathic mode of politics.

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i was writing content about tapas for work and then spiraled down the whole of antisemitism in Spain.....there is a reason almost every single popular tapas dish includes pork, cheese, seafood or a combination of them

literally even traditional potato recipes had pork fat

z #moonbat twitter.com

person: oh i love tapas

me, remembering that its been theorized that tapas started as a means of testing whether or not Jews converted to Christianity under threat of death by passing around tiny plates of unkosher food to “test them” & if they didnt pass, kill them

me: oh cool

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Why Do So Many White People Speak Non-White Languages?

Cultural appropriation is a real issue, okay? One of the worst cases of this is in the realm of second languages. Caucasians love to appropriate cultures through language as a way to intrude on the lives of those who might not speak their language. It’s seen as “fun” or “interesting”.

For those of you into anime, I’m sure you’re aware of the weeaboo problem. Some white anime fans love to appropriate Japanese hair styles, musical tastes, and even the Japanese language itself. This is one blog that demonstrates the problems of non-Japanese people learning Japanese.

Spanish is another issue and tumblr has had this debate before. You see so many white kids at high school or college who are proud to be able to speak Spanish. Why not speak a European language like German instead of appropriating the culture of minorities?

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A common argument from non vegans is this:

"But I have to eat meat to stay healthy!"

Now, think about the implication of this argument.

This argument translated:

If it helps me to stay healthy, putting someone else into intense suffering is totally ok. My health obviously matters more than their suffering.

So, its fun how you can show that people are monsters, even when they think they make an ethical argument.