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( @Nature_and_Race )
There are some self-proclaimed Nationalists and White Nationalists that are promoting the idea of Europe and America falling under the rule of China.

They claim "White people would be treated far better under the Chinese Communist Party than under their current governments".

But these alleged Nationalists never once suggest that maybe, just maybe, White people would be best ruled by their own people. They present the false dichotomy "It's either Biden or China, you pick".

Anyone who tells you that White people should accept non-white rule is a subversive infiltrator. They're anti-White race traitors.

No one should ever rule over White people but White people. And not only White people in general, but specifically pro-White people.

( @UniversalDelirium )
@Nature_and_Race I'd honestly rather die than be ruled over by more human insects.

( @BrianBoro )
@Nature_and_Race guess those "Whites" never seen what the chinks do to dogs.

( @Sneaky_Bushf0x )
@Nature_and_Race it's simple, if you're White, never trust a non-White ruler and/or leader. Your intrests will simply be overlooked, every time this is especially true of the jews as we know, but applies equally to all other non-Whites just the same.

( @DSWilliams702 )
@Nature_and_Race Chinese people are animals. Disgusting pigs. Imagine anyone saying that we, who have always been compassionate and noble, often to our own ruin, should be ruled over by people who FORCE aborted 500 million of their own children....people who if a child is run over in the street will let the child lay there and get run over again and not help it because of their Godless, soulless policies.

( @DrPhate )
@Nature_and_Race White people need their own land. It was supposed to be America but the jew subverted that. Building on the lessons learned, a land for White people and only White people. No jews who will suddenly shapeshift White. And and anyone who starts preaching to let in mud and jews goes over the wall.



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