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(Donald J Trump)
Remember, just two years ago we had the strongest and best Southern Border in U.S. history. They weren’t coming up and through because they knew that it was going to be very hard to come in, and stay in. That’s the best Border policy of them all, by far. I built the Wall, and then added more. Remain in Mexico, we said. It all worked!!!

You didn't build the wall.
You let millions in the caravans in.
You didn't deport any.
You would have let millions more in but so many criticized your open borders you had to stop it. You are just like Joe, you asshole.

@realdonaldtrump You should still be running this country, sir. We all know who won the 2020 election...

@realdonaldtrump It seems to me that those in power hate the United States and are doing all they can to destroy it.

@realdonaldtrump No, I don't remember that. I live in TEXAS and for my entire life all I can remember is illegal invaders pouring over the border while the government kicks back and says, "Well, wtf do you expect ME to do about it??"

@realdonaldtrump And this is why they colluded against you. The WEF Globalists NWO agenda is greater than one man. They want a world wide digital prison....incoming is a cashless society.

@realdonaldtrump Beg your pardon sir, but YOU didn’t build the wall. Hard working American’s built the wall. There are Too many “I’s” in your speeches, not enough ‘We’s’. It’s arrogantly incorrect.
Not once have I heard you say, “I let the crooked democrats steal the election.”
No offense intended, just a fed up patriot making a point.

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A lot of people are under the delusion that if society collapses, somehow our situation will magically solve itself.

And it very much is a delusion, because that idea is completely false.

If America collapses there will be a whirlwind of frenzied chaos, innumerable peoples, organizations, corporations, and even whole foreign countries fighting over the reigns of power.

Pro-White people have no money. Pro-White people have no powerful organizations. Pro-White people have no corporations. If America suddenly collapses, it won't be pro-Whites who take power.

"America just needs to collapse" isn't a solution. At all.

@Nature_and_Race well, speaking from South Africa, where we have been living with this societal collapse for a lot longer than you americans, there will be those whites who will band together and support one another, but there will also be those whites who wont.
You should plan accordingly.

@Hardtail1969 @Nature_and_Race That's part of the problem. There are some whites who no matter what happens will choose extinction over being called racist. Which is just crazy.

@Hardtail1969 @Nature_and_Race Looks like only 1 group of WHITES in South Africa is doing well

by blackmailing black leaders

@Hardtail1969 @Nature_and_Race Here in America, Whites have a separate group of race-traitors. We call them "White liberals". They're left-wing/Marxist, primarily vote Democrat, and are eager to help advance the Zionist agenda. Joe Biden happens to be one of the many White liberals here.

@Nature_and_Race I disagree, I think the collapse is the only way Whites regain power. It will be bloody and most of us won't make it, as in most conflicts. Political solutions won't work because half of the Whites are always going to vote against their best interests. (Because they're cucks)

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(Mark Collett)
Fed posting isn't a meme, it's a very real and very well funding government operation to ensnare those who are critical of the system.
The establishment are desperate to convince the public that there is a 'right wing terror threat', and if there isn't, the establishment will create one to fill the void in order to push their narrative.

@MarkCollett Governments have been using false flags for centuries.

It's how they advance their goals.

@MarkCollett The name tells you everything. This is how the communists (Democrats) do it. They act like the former Soviet Union (KGB) and try to label it in a way that is "good" or 'for your protection'.
They aren't protecting anything except their position in power, that's it.

@MarkCollett the left is the 'fringe minority'... the left is the 'fake news'... the left decieves you with 'fake numbers' generated by bot's and AI... the left have become the foot soldiers of the great Satan, currently in control of this demonic world....

The DOJ has instructed the FBI to arrest any "white" supremacists. The problem is
they can't meet their quota, because they can't find any. So the FBI is now creating them.

Democrats are communists who can't win without cheating.

@MarkCollett This is what bolshevism looks like


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(Laura Loomer)
New York has officially ended their vaccine mandate. Meanwhile, Fox News, which is headquartered out of NYC, still has a vaccine mandate.

Fox News is officially more communist than NYC!!

@lauraloomer FOX "News" won't cover election fraud.


@lauraloomer shut up jew

@lauraloomer fuck off kike, we dont care about your propaganda kike companies

@lauraloomer I quit Foxnews long ago. They are bigger hypocrites than the rest of the msm. All the others brag about being democrat owned and operated.

@lauraloomer Never ever ever ever ever ever trust a jew.

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Spoke up today in class in defense of white people when the subject of slavery came up.

I told the class that It was black Africans that kidnapped other black people and put them in chains and sold them. And that the whites were the first to free the slaves.

The professor cut me off and said that I was wrong.


@Teamsaveamerica Actually, a majority of slave owners were Jewish, not white!

@Teamsaveamerica My first thought was “ why are you wasting money on a university indoctrination program?” Then I thought “meh its your money” Then I realized your loans will likely be forgiven at some point by the commiecrats and I willl end up paying for them.

Since I will likely pay for your education, I demand you punch that professor right in the dick! 🤣

@Teamsaveamerica start a petition to have them removed for being fucking retarded. The slaves sold were enslaved by the victors in tribal battles. And considering just how often the victors ATE the losers, they were the LUCKY ones.

@Teamsaveamerica you were correct. Being a professor doesn't make someone smart. It just means they memorized the story were willing to say what they were told. The first legal slave owner in America was a black man who went to court to keep another black man, an indentured servant, enslaved for his entire lifetime.

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(Donald J Trump)
This is what’s happened to America in just two short years. No respect! However, a good time for our President to get to know the leaders of certain Third World countries. If I were president, they wouldn’t have sat me back there—and our Country would be much different than it is right now!

@realdonaldtrump Why won't you say "antiwhitism" and "white erasure"?

@realdonaldtrump The queen's funeral is a distraction from the more important funerals.

@realdonaldtrump ME ME ME ME ME

WHAT ABOUT US? What about the J6ers? What about ... aww fuck it, you don’t give a shit about anything but yourself.

@realdonaldtrump Well, maybe if you hadn't wasted your four years in office shamelessly pandering to niggers and jews, while totally ignoring the White Americans who actually supported you, you might still be president.

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(Marjorie Taylor Greene)
We must protect our children’s innocence and STOP the Democrats’ radical sexualization and barbaric genital mutilation of kids

@RealMarjorieGreene Welcome to National Socialism. This is the VERY THINGS Adolf Hitler fought against. If you werent so damned hardheaded, you would recognize this too, but it will take you and all other like minds to break from the jew lies that vilified Hitler and the German people under his leadership. THIS is what ”Nazi” ( a derogatory label given National Socialists by a jew) looks like, fighting for the right side of things. SIEG HEIL! ⚡️🤚🏻⚡️

Learn the truth about WWI-WWII and about who is doing these things to our children and why.

I agree. What kind of idiot would promote this?

@RealMarjorieGreene Who's behind these movements Marjorie? Who initiated them and funded them?

@NomosClub @RealMarjorieGreene In no Particular order,
Democrat/communists, Big George Sorass, all globalist, one world order supporters…….

@RealMarjorieGreene yep

@RealMarjorieGreene when I was in school these questions NEVER EVER came up. Not my teachers and certainly not by students. It wasn’t even on our radar. Especially at the elementary age. This is grooming and child sec abuse and nothing else.

@RealMarjorieGreene fascist.

Not far enough. Get all faggotry out of schools and media.

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( @WesternChauvinist1 )
Burning the fag flag in Poland.

#WhiteLivesMatter #TheNoticing

spoiler(Submitters note: Video of a rainbow pride flag being destroyed with fire)

( @Breakpoint58 )
@WesternChauvinist1 Phase one—the flags. Phase II— the fags.

( @DougForThePeople )

And all the gay community had to do was keep their sex in the bedroom. Nobody would care. Instead ..they've pushed the boundaries until people have started pushing back

( @HarambeSquad4lyfe )
@DougForThePeople @WesternChauvinist1 Sex in their bedrooms meant predating on young people and spreading diseases. There's a reason why scripture has zero tolerance for sexual perversion.

( @ConservativeRefugee1776 )
@WesternChauvinist1 remember as a kid that was always like that saying monsters in the closet? I think we found out what monsters were in the closet didn’t we…They should go back in there

( @JPsMerch )
@WesternChauvinist1 Flaming faggot flag

( @Michael_sonoftheservantofJohn )
@WesternChauvinist1 well medieval Europe had kinda the same way of burning something gay...😆

( @MuskratSuzy )
It wasn't enough to be accepted or tolerated.
The faggots have pushed us to hate them.

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( @disclosetv )
NEW - Russian lawmakers in the lower house of parliament unanimously approved a law banning all "LGBTQ propaganda" in a final reading Thursday.


( @mrbridegr )
@disclosetv the LGBTQ community should keep their sexuality private as they always have! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS is a great way to live your life but instead they are forcing this sick segment of societies sexual proclivities down our throats! I used to have sympathy...NOT anymore.

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@mrbridegr @disclosetv Its not even a sexuality, they are just perverted. You cannot be attracted to the same sex, its an impossibility. This is why they have 1000s of partners, they are promiscuous because their practices are just self-degradation, not love.

( @Conserevets )
@mrbridegr @disclosetv I used to put up with it, but, now the month of parades and the GROOMING of children as sickened me towards this group. It keeps progressing to more & more insanity. I am done looking the other way to this evil.

( @elixirelixir )
@mrbridegr @disclosetv

( @echoes )
@disclosetv Russia doesnt tolerate pedo perverts.

"Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society." - Aristotle

( @LibertyForever02 )
@disclosetv Just ban it completely it has no place in society nor does it provide any benefit to society just negatives. It's all part of depopulation , anti-procreation brainwashing.

( @Bellarome )
@LibertyForever02 @disclosetv Do I hear Americans condemn homosexuality while at the same time the American gov support and condone it.

( @Rikhan531 )
@Bellarome @LibertyForever02 @disclosetv It's not our Government and hasn't been since the 1913 Fed Res crap. It's totally jewish run filth, and they are rubbing our face in it that they have all the thugs they need to impose their perversion on us.

( @FBConvict )
@disclosetv Amazing that Russia seems to have more moral character than a "free" country. They seem to understand that these preferred LIFESTYLES are not normal, and practiced by mentally ill sexual predators, and perverts...

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(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Excellent question. There are 121 signers of my petition to terminate the COVID-19 national emergency. We need 218 to force a vote on terminating the declaration:

spoilerBiden on 60 minutes said the
"pandemic is over" ...if thats true,
then why are there still emergency
declarations in place everywhere?

@DrPaulGosar because if the emergency declaration ends, estimates are 10,000,000 people will lose health coverage under expanded Medicaid. Democrats don’t want that many angry voters heading to the polls in November.

@DrPaulGosar If we are still having emergency powers because of the pandemic, yet Biden claims that the pandemic is over, it's obvious to any astute person that the emergency powers weren't for stopping the pandemic.

@DrPaulGosar The pandemic was over as soon as they stole the presidency….

@DrPaulGosar it also makes the student loan bailout illegal since he used the Covid emergency powers to get that enacted.

@DrPaulGosar And why are there still Soros and Zukerbuck funded voting drop boxes? One day, one vote, in person!!!

@DrPaulGosar Thanks for your efforts, but many of your fellow house members are either cowards or bought by the globalists and no longer represent Americans.

@DrPaulGosar seems the science world wide, is what politicians
NEED IT TO BE !!!! Thats not science its BULLSHIT

@DrPaulGosar Terminate 90% of government.

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You notice how monkeypox (media coverage) went away since it was proven that faggots were raping children and dogs?

@USCenturion That is absolutely true. Do they think the general public is that stupid not to notice?

Plus nobody cared because it was fags and only fags were afraid.

@USCenturion It didn’t go away. It morphed into Pedo Pox.


Monkeypox...the second plague that "could have been". They were all ready to ramp it up for the big scare. But one of their extra special victim groups just happened to be the propagators, so all the planned propaganda had to be shelved.
No doubt working on something new to terrorize fragile minds.

@BethanyBeach Makes more sense to me that it shamed people across the country suffering the exact same issues from the regular jabs, to shut up about it for fear of being thought of as disgusting gay orgy addicts. Women especially likely suffering in silence now, when they probably would have raised hell about it.

@USCenturion it went away because it was shown that the vaccinated were the ones getting it because it's a side effect of the vaccine. An Isreali doctor already got silenced for saying as much. The media can't deal with the crumbling narrative once all the vaccine side effects were coming to light, hence why they ended the pandemic recently.

various commenters #conspiracy #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia gab.com

( @wokepreacherclips )

( @HeroicSpud )
Hey now! It only counts when a straight white male does it. lol

( @Poposlowpo )
@wokepreacherclips Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy all year. Please see my Christmas wish below ⬇️

( @SaintMichaelTheArchangel )
Another government / government-sponsored terrorist ???
Democrats (Feds) are probably killing fellow Democrats (Gays) !!!
If I were a Hindu / Muslim, I would BOLO for Feds' next terrorists ...
- Asian: Laguna Woods, CA
- BLM: Buffalo, NY
- Latino: Uvalde, TX
- Gay: Colorado Springs, CO
- Hindu: TBD
- Kosher: Highland Park, IL
- Muslim: TBD
The Feds seem to be working their way down their Victimhood / Diversity List ...
They continuously attack WHITE people, so, we are often prepared to devastate The Feds with fire, close combat, and counterattack, e.g. Greenwood, Kenosha !!!
@a @DrPaulGosar @LaurenBoebert @RepMattGaetz @RandPaul @realdonaldtrump @RealMarjorieGreene @VDARE @WendyRogersAZ

( @Recovery )
@wokepreacherclips typical lying murdering bull dike. This child murderer has a long list of individuals shes murdered including two young boys who reported the Clinton bush cocaine drop in Mena, Arkansas. Don Henry and Kevin Ivy are those youngster's names. Lard ass Hillary, which Christian church influenced you to commit murder??? Hmmm. Church of Satan, perhaps??? Burn in hell, you hypocritical sanctimonious lesbian witch!

( @Destiny58 )
@wokepreacherclips And with the news that the suspect is part of the same gay community, the story will quickly become a big nothing burger and will be hid from any further media reporting! Another failed attempt by the Democrats to turn this in to a Maga terrorist shooting!!!

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Donald J Trump)
The Radical Left controlled NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration), now becoming more famous than ever, placed a “Harmful Content Warning” on The Constitution of the United States, labeling our Country’s governing document as “harmful,” among other things. This Warning includes the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Remember, this is the group wrongfully complaining about me—and instigating the Raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Who in the hell gave them the right to do any of that? That in and of itself should be punishable under the law. I'm so sick of rinos and leftists taking liberties with our rights and, our laws, our health, our food, etc. Government was NEVER EVER designed to be this way. They in fact should be the weakest of all the people in the land.


@realdonaldtrump That's what happens when the President we trusted to drain the swamp stood down and let them steal the Whitehouse. Now HRC announced that the money laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation was back in business, thousands of corrupt high rollers lined up to sign up. That can only mean they know she is about to be put in a very powerful government position again and is ready to start selling out the country for profit again. INSURRECTION ACT could have saved this country. You stood down walked away and now we will all pay for it

@realdonaldtrump They hate him simply because he tells the truth and their Father Satan is a liar from the beginning.

@3stoogy @realdonaldtrump TRUMP haters are all PEDOS and Faggots !He is not in their club.

@realdonaldtrump the left is dangerous to America!!

@realdonaldtrump Keep exposing these anti-American assholes!

@realdonaldtrump The Constitution IS harmful. To THEM.

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia #enbyphobia gab.com

( @SomeBitchIKnow )
It's mental illness innit?

( @Quietactgreat )
@SomeBitchIKnow Some of the post on twitter are saying things like "oh he's just calling himself nonbinary to troll the REAL nonbinary LGBTQ folks" and it's like...

...yeah, that's the point, that's why "nonbinary" and all other transgender "identities" are a literal joke; they're based on nothing but an unprovable opinion of yourself, "real nonbinary" is a loaded term because there's no such actual thing as "real nonbinary" in the first place

( @Poz2020 )
@SomeBitchIKnow Chicago has a Black on Black crime issue, now Colorado has a Homo on Homo crime issue...

( @NotGary )
@SomeBitchIKnow he was probably getting revenge because they convinced him to chop his dick off...

( @Roadking357 )
@SomeBitchIKnow If that's the case, this story will go away VERY quickly.

( @Nokommies )
@SomeBitchIKnow This is the last we'll hear of this story from the MSM.

( @HandleWithCare777 )
@SomeBitchIKnow what the hell does that mean??? Sounds like more brainwashing BULLSHIT!!! Non-binary,,,really??? WTF is that???

( @experienced )
@SomeBitchIKnow We have had so many false flag events, that every time I read of some mass shooting, I wonder, did this really happen or is it just another false flag propaganda to get us all distracted end bent out of shape.

From what I have read, I do believe that the "Sandy Hook" shooting was staged.

And from what I remember, we hardly had any mass shootings during the Trump presidency 2017-2020.

( @Clutch0813 )
@experienced @SomeBitchIKnow Just another red flag false flag to get the gun haters up in arms again! The distraction is to try and take away our guns, because that is the one thing they fear and know they cant fully take over if we still have our guns!

( @KingGeorgeIII )
@SomeBitchIKnow Oops. Jen White/NPR had a LBGTQ expert on just yesterday discussing the rise in hare crime against them using Club Q as the backdrop and proof of same. They must feel pretty stupid about now. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia #sexist gab.com

Men with autogynephilia: I'm a woman now! Look! I got fake tits and put on a wig and makeup! That's all it takes right?!?!

Feminists: YAS QUEEN.

Like shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen you stupid whores. You have done irreparable damage to womankind and you're too retarded to notice or care.

@SomeBitchIKnow I’m at the point I think we should all just roll with it. All White men roll up to work with giant M size tiddies and a fucking wig. UNFIRABLE

@SomeBitchIKnow It should be a crime for them to be around any child. Allowing these people to adopt is a crime in itself.

@SomeBitchIKnow Do you suppose that deep down they are actually repulsed, but don't dare say it in public or even out loud for fear of going against the manufactured consent?

@SomeBitchIKnow Women getting behind 'I can't say what a woman is' is really a shocking development.

Ha.....getting feminists to downgrade the value of being a Women ....

The Patriarchy wins again.....LOL

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Donald J Trump)
I’ll soon be heading to the scene of the unwarranted, unjust, and illegal Raid and Break-In of my home in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. I’ll be able to see for myself the results of the unnecessary ransacking of rooms and other areas of the house. It has already been proven that so much has been wrongfully taken, it is not a “pretty thing.” So sad! The 4th Amendment, and much more, has been totally violated, a grave invasion of privacy. I will keep the American public informed on TRUTH!

@realdonaldtrump There’s so much hate even here on GAB for a man who loves America. Please get a life and modicum of civility.

@Eugarps @realdonaldtrump Please take your tongue off of his balls and stop the idol worship. The hate for him is growing, and for good reasons.

@CN_Duchess @Eugarps @realdonaldtrump and for what reason,I'm just a little curious to know what you know

@JWoody @CN_Duchess @Eugarps @realdonaldtrump if you have to be told you are beyond stupid.. foisting the depopulation agenda via vaccine on the people for one.. setting up his own patriots .. playing his stupid fuckin games.. like calling executing a search warrant a break in. .. so he can incite his stupid followers... everything about this puppet sell out is more and more obvious every day...

@realdonaldtrump stay the course sir, #WethePeople are with you!🙏🇺🇸

@realdonaldtrump If only you had purged the FBI.

@DavisH @realdonaldtrump he appointed Wray

@Misterogerz @DavisH @realdonaldtrump Trump's appointees were so shocking and incompetent: he'll probably appoint Biden to the Space Force high command or something.

@DavisH @realdonaldtrump and finished the wall!

@realdonaldtrump Who could have appointed swamp drainers, not communists like Wray?

Who could have fought huge government corruption and refused to sign bills reauthorizing garbage like Patriot Act type powers and endless increases in spending?

If only there was a position that could have done such things, and Trump had had it for 4 years.

@realdonaldtrump i ain’t no slap jaw faggot trump supporter who is begging for someone to save them

i save myself

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

A race war is not what our government is promoting.

They promote hatred and animosity towards Whites, while at the same time telling Whites that collectivizing and fighting back is the most evil thing imaginable.

This isn’t a race war, it’s an attempt at racial genocide


@Apolitical White Genocide, plain and simple!

@Apolitical Correct.

Whites have to unshackle themselves from the idea that 'equality' even exists much less matters.

@AlbertCurtis @Apolitical the only meaning of equality in the constitutional sense is that nobility isn’t real. It’s been subverted to mean we all are the same. The founders knew we weren’t or why the hell would white men of property be the only ones allowed to vote?


@Apolitical It is perfectly fine to teach your children and grandchildren that they should avoid people of dark skin colors at all costs.

@Micalhat @Apolitical Most important of all to avoid the Whites who only look White.


@Apolitical a race war would involve white people actually defending their interests and themselves en masse.

If that were the case it wouldn't be much of a race war.

Replacement theory is a fact.
White genocide is a fact.
We are in a war.
Unlike any war before.
Though much of this has been done before...by the bolshevik jews.
And is being done again now by the communist and zionist jews.
The main difference I see is technology, and is being used to great advantage by the communists and zionists.
You must fight.
With whatever means you have.
With whatever tools you have.
With your Will.
With your intellect.
With your Skills.
It is a spiritual AND a physical war.
With every fiber of your being resist the death of the White Race.

various commenters #wingnut #fundie gab.com

They must repent or be considered heretics.

Take back your churches.

@EmeraldRobinson One of the most dangerous things you can do today is randomly walk into a church, sit down and accept what the preacher is saying as the truth. It's not new. The early church also had their share of fakers. It's no different than the state of politics. We've got RINOS in congress and we've got satanists in our churches. But we are warned of this in the Bible. We are told that is is noble minded to search the Scriptures daily to see whether the things spoken are so. We are told to never trust in men or princes. But to trust in God. Read and know the Gospel, as written, for yourself. We are saved by faith in Christ alone. We challenge our politicians. We need to start challenging our pastors and others in the church. Not rudely, but with respect.

@EmeraldRobinson Our churches have become so feminized that I kind feel gay just attending their services. Men need to take back our churches and install real men of God in the pulpits!

Jesus cast out demons. He did not welcome them into His Church.

@EmeraldRobinson The degenerate "nuclear family" is nothing worth preserving, you must go further back long before the "nuclear family" to the traditional family!
The nuclear family was just a phase in the destruction.

@EmeraldRobinson all protestants are heretics

All unorthodox really

And I don't mean this rudely

Protestantism opens the door for this kind of thing.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com


spoilerAt this point there should be no one uttering the
phrase "back the blue."
Want to protest child drag shows?
Cops will arrest you.
Want to protect your child from a school shooter?
Cops will arrest you.
Want to preach Christianity in a public park
during "pride"?
Cops will arrest you.
And these are the same people who sat and
watched as every city in America was looted and
burned by BLM.
The people who run this country hate you and the
police are their enforcers

@Dakota1226 "Sat and watched"? They fucking KNEELED to BLM.

@Dakota1226 The blue work for the jew.



The thin blue line...separating the Parasites from the rest of us since the beginning of empires. They don't have to protect us, but they sure as hell have to protect their ma$ters. Their only purpose is to keep us from going pitchfork and torches mode.

@AntiSaint @Dakota1226 that will come.......and we will have to wade through the dems pets....BLM, antifa, the blue, and our own military

@Dakota1226 I've been saying that for a while. Its hero worship from the right. Law enforcement are not your friends. They are the jackbooted thugs that will take you to the gulag or worse. Most follow their pensions not their conscience.

@Dakota1226 I know some outstanding sheriffs in the remaining rural places, but can't argue with these facts about the police.

@GraCoDG & @memorypeg #wingnut #fundie #homophobia #transphobia gab.com


spoilerGod destroyed
Sodom and
Gomorrah for
the very things
we are
celebrating and
teaching in

@GraCoDG The Serbian tipping point

There is a reason why societies throughout history kept people with sexual & gender identity disorders in the closet through the collective tactic of taboo enforcement. Once members of these "communities" come out and organize, their ultimate goal is to institute normalization throughout the society. Understandably, they seek safety & security through general acceptance.

Naturally, they degrade the perception that their behavior is taboo by establishing themselves as no different than any other oppressed minority who deserve various legal rights and protections.

Once protected by the legal system they further their cause by openly seeking positions of authority and influence in government, the judiciary, law enforcement, the military, the media, educational institutions and even religious institutions.

The age old irreconcilable problem that will always set them apart from all other law abiding minorities is the inherent discord that exists between their behavior and that of the nuclear family. Just ask any parent faced with the deeply disruptive task of dealing with a 9 year old who just witnessed 2 homosexuals caressing each other, or a teenager who just encountered a bearded man in a dress.

The notion that the only ingredient needed to solve this fundamental dilemma is early childhood reconditioning (grooming) is utter foolishness. Why? The parents will instinctively and rightfully always perceive them as a threat to traditional family life. The child will instinctively react to such behavior as abnormal and confusing.

Let's pray we can peacefully return to the traditional arrangement that has proven itself through the test of time before we reach the Serbian tipping point.

Be well.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Democrats all worship the climate just like AOC, but we worship God.

Watch my full speech at President Trump’s Save America rally in Ohio: https://rumble.com/v1kku4b-congresswoman-mtg-delivers-remarks-at-president-trumps-save-america-rally-i.html

@RealMarjorieGreene Antiwhites worship their cult religion of antiwhitism.

@RealMarjorieGreene All of you worship the Jew through and through.

@RealMarjorieGreene God controls the climate!! 😉

@RealMarjorieGreene Never forget Americans => Our most powerful Weapons are: God, guns, guts, We The People, and The U.S. Constitution. Use them often to defeat all enemies, foreign and domestic. @USA #2A #1A @DeSantis2024 @realdonaldtrump @wendyrogersaz @RandPaul @tedcruz @RealMarjorieGreene @LaurenBoebert @DrPaulGosar @_JimJordan @TeamTucker

Rep. Matt Gaetz & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Rep. Matt Gaetz)
The American people deserve an FBI-free election.

@RepMattGaetz Antiwhites controlling our elections should come to an end.

@14W @RepMattGaetz


@RepMattGaetz I'm going to go with an FBI free America in general.

@RepMattGaetz We deserve a 3 letter agency free America.

@RepMattGaetz Defund the FBI….Shut down this criminal department!!!

@RepMattGaetz The American people at this point deserve to be free of the FBI period. They have proven to be corrupt from the top down.

@RepMattGaetz How about a government/country free of jews? Is every politician a Zionist and/or Marxist? Can you guys take Israel's dick out of your mouth for 5 seconds and actually do something legitimate/productive?

@RepMattGaetz Tell DeSantis he needs to send more than a paltry 50 next time. He needs to flood them with at least 1,000 or more. Do that in Malibu, CA too along with such Leftis hotbeds as Ouray, CO. You've now both seen the effectiveness of this and it's something we all SCREAMED at You guys and Trump to do back in 2017, then 2018, then 2019, then 2020, and then in 2021. Now you finally do it and look at what following our advice would have done for you back in the day. Here's the advice. FLOOD THEM INTO THEIR LEFTIST LIBERAL ENCLAVES and do it as quickly as you can. Their kind only understands force. You should have noticed that talking nice and being polite has gotten you all Nowhere. Make. Them. Hurt.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

Politicians are quick to mention & uplift blacks, jews, immigrants, feminists & LGBTQ+s.... but the only time I ever hear them mention traditional, moral White citizens in a sentence is when they're attached to the words: privileged, supremacists, extremists, threats, or racists.

@ElfReich For real, how are much more cuckservatives not waking up to this? They choose to disbelieve their own eyes and ears. It makes me angry.

@ElfReich Yep. Coz they're anti-white.

Biden uses the term "at War with White Supremacy". A White Supremacist means a normal American.

All while filling the country with brown invaders.



White people need to egnore nasty words that don't apply to them from nasty, painfully insecure, immature imbeciles.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Texas Governor Greg Abbott must declare an invasion.

When Republicans take back power, we have to empower state governors to deport illegal migrants out of the country.

No other country on Earth allows this.

Texas could end much of the invasion almost on it’s own.

Also, impeach Biden.

@repmtg IF Republicans take back power, half of them seem content to sit around doing nothing.

@Trumpublican @repmtg That is exactly what they did the last time they had complete control. Oh and they offshored our manufacturing base.

@Trumpublican @repmtg Do you think they will not steal the election in your face like they did last time? The solution is to march to the capitol of each state and demand that they stop obeying the Federal Government. If they won't then run them out of town for fear of their life.

@repmtg Yes this is white erasure of our nation.


What about Treason?

This is not an organic movement of migrants. This is being financed by George Soros, Joe Biden (trafficking them all over the US with tax dollars), the UN, and various NGO's.



@Storm4Real @repmtg The money comes from Beijing. Soros and the rest are just agents the ChiComs use to pass the yuans through.

Ok, think of it this way. Do liberals give away their OWN money? Of course not. They give away other people’s money. The CCP sees this as a way to attack the West. It’s a lot cheaper than a kinetic war, and by the looks of it, just as effective.

@repmtg If there were nothing here for the illegals, they wouldn’t come. Stop giving them things. Jail people who hire illegals. That’s how you do it.

We need a moratorium on ALL immigration.

@ThurlRavenscraft @repmtg We have to end the welfare that's importing them.

But most Americans want to collect entitlements until the inevitable collapse of the US Dollar and economy.

So here we are. It's coming.


Late, Late, LATE!!!

Stop the invasion at all costs...

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @RoseRock )
Bolsonaro just annulled the fraudulent election in Brazil. With the help of the military and waves of millions upon millions of pissed off citizens IN EVERY CITY IN BRAZIL, it looks like the socialist fraud, Lula, will be vacating the Presidency. In fact, there are rumors that he could be facing another prison sentence. The military was in charge of the re-count and they found that each election machine in Brazil had been switching votes from Bolsonaro to Lula, just as the machines were programmed to do in our country with votes switched from Trump to Biden. The only difference is that the Brazilians had the balls to do something about the fraud. If only our U.S. citizens were this courageous. "LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE"! WHAT A LAUGHING STOCK AND JOKE WE ARE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD.

( @Gobsmacked_Canuck )
@RoseRock This was the purpose of this "Q" thingy, make everyone sit and wait for some hero to swoop in and save the day. Stay peaceful and trust the plan, if doing nothing is the plan then it's a really dumb plan.

( @JamesTheJust4Me )

( @TheeEmissary )
@RoseRock Where are the American crowds of millions, protesting their Constitutional rights stolen right out from before their very eyes. Not a one in sight. You deserve whatever you allow.

( @DmntdSqrl )
@TheeEmissary @RoseRock are you gonna wave your protest sign? If you think that will accomplish anything here you are very mistaken.

Perhaps they simply choose to not fuck themselves for no net gain.

( @joehemp22 )

( @ElisaD )
@TheeEmissary @RoseRock They're watching the J6 Political Prisoners...

Donald J. Trump & Various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
Hopefully TODAY will turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our Country!

( @KTH )
@realdonaldtrump Don't want an announcement that you're running. Want an announcement that the military is doing its job.

( @AxiumGreenWallace3 )
@KTH @realdonaldtrump Exactly! All I want to hear is the Military arresting the treason filled, election STEALING, pedo Cabal, fake "administration!" Why would Trump announce he's running? To get stolen like 2020?! This shit is getting really fuckin old! We need a REVOLUTION!

( @Linkster )
@KTH @realdonaldtrump Right! I will be pissed if it is just an annoucement for 2024. As I have thought it, it won't be just that...it will be something more I believe....possibly much more. We will soon know.

( @PatriQt )
@realdonaldtrump I pray this is a we caught them, here is the evidence, and the NG are arresting them as I speak.

( @TrumpaBumpa )
@PatriQt @realdonaldtrump Surely you knew that Trump would say none of these things. SURELY you can see that the Q influencers here have been lying to us all along. If not now, perhaps you'll see it after 100 more "big announcements" turn out to be nothing?

( @lioneldeleon )
@realdonaldtrump Unless you are announcing a military action against an illegitimate government, today will only be hyperbolic political theater. Announcing your candidacy does not qualify as historical importance.

( @BrianOkajima )

( @private345 )
@realdonaldtrump Unless you are calling in the Military to arrest the Deep Staters and whisk them off to Gitmo for military tribunals - then anything else is nothing. Actually you should have done that 2 years ago.

( @EShafer )
@realdonaldtrump Our country is dead. It died on J6 when the people who were lawfully protesting and delivering a redress of grievances were arrested on false pretenses. It continues to be dead until we can have actual fair elections again. Voting will not fix anything.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

"White people turn violent when they don't politically get their way all the damn time in this country, it's what they do!"

It's these kinds of anti-White lies, this kind of anti-White hatred and racism, that results in blacks mowing down White people in Christmas parades (Waukesha), or blacks abducting White children from their cribs in the wee hours of the morning and literally butchering them dead in the streets (Cash Gernon).

There is a very hot war being waged against you, White people. And it's not going to stop unless we MAKE IT STOP.

@Nature_and_Race They are playing with FIRE.
Every lie they spread about White people is The Truth about blacks.


@rochelle_mestayer_broussard @36x @Nature_and_Race


maybe by wicked whites you mean jews?

@Nature_and_Race Guarantee you that Great Value Buckwheat lives in a white neighborhood.

@Nature_and_Race The negroes will never stop whining until they are shipped back to Africa

@RH0NDA @Nature_and_Race or killed.

@Nature_and_Race The 300 lb q-tip can’t cite one real example. Only speaks in fictional hyperbole. It’s what they do, deal in emotion. And the white apologists just lap this stuff up.

@Nature_and_Race Another whinging cottonhead


I’ve said it many times. No matter what lengths we might be prepared to go to, we can never become something they won’t HATE. The only way this ends is through us again becoming something they FEAR.

And cuckservatives sit blindly and don’t say a word about the anti-White violence that has been happening.

@Nature_and_Race wanting to NOT being killed/raped

isn't not getting your way

various commenters #wingnut #quack #conspiracy gab.com

It’s only when the vaccinated-sheep are fully loaded with multiple death-shots, that the truth is revealed just to rub it in their face.

spoilerScientists from Harvard &
Johns Hopkins Found
Covid-19 Vaccines 98
Times Worse Than the
This pre-print wonlt get any
coverage in the mainstream
media, so I wanted to be sure
you knew about it. You might
want to let your university
president know about it too.

@BeachMilk I’m PRO boosters…for everyone that did this to the people AND the ones that shamed others into it.


@BeachMilk fuckers are still lining up to get "boosters"

@funbobby51 @BeachMilk yeah those are the real sheep, culling the herd is working.

@BeachMilk This non vaccine was never about protecting us from a deadly virus, it was used as a bioweapon to help depopulate the world, they used fear and intimidation while these evil pigs made millions. All involved have committed crimes against humanity and should be hung.

@BeachMilk They follow the media religiously, they'll still line up to get boosted. No matter what their family and friends tell them. Sad.

@BeachMilk So if they claimed a 1% death rate for the "virus", and the jab is 98 times worse, where does that put the death rate for the jab?

@Pig_Farmer @BeachMilk 👀👀👀 Good thing most people, especially the jabbers, can't compute.

@BeachMilk Now THEY are panic pushing jabs for whooping cough, polio, shingles and flu just in time for Christmas!

@BeachMilk arrest these mofos and hang them.

@BeachMilk Never again will anyone trust The Who, the cdc, or big pharma . I will never take anything they say I need, I will die a pure blooded human being with my dna just as God created it.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

spoilerFirst, they came for Alex Jones and you said nothing
because you did not believe in "conspiracy theories."
Then they came for Steve Bannon and you said
nothing because you were not a Trump supporter.
Then they came for Mike Lindell and you said
nothing because you didn't care about election
Next they will come for you. You had learned
nothing from history.

@Carryingmarine JUST REFUSE TO BE TAKEN.

@Carryingmarine Donald trump lifted the rug at the white house so everyone could see what was swept under it .now that rug had been lifted up so the world can see how truly corrupt it is. The world now knows the truth and no matter what the traitors who are in the white house say , we all know they must be jailed for the miss deeds and punished for the deaths of Americans and the political imprisonment and attacks on Americans who want to see this country free from thier criminal hands .


@Carryingmarine All in the name of fun and games and a paycheck.

That is what I call the people who voted for Biden. Welcome to our Fascist Country.

Congratulations for doing the bidding of the corrupt government.

Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

You're branded a racist for saying it's okay to be White... You're called an extremist for resisting degeneracy & Marxist ideology. You're called a conspiracy theorist for pointing out real replacement migration. You're called a Nazi because you oppose communism.... You're vilified & branded not only because you are Correct, but because you are the only roadblock on their path to total control.

@ElfReich We're antisemitic for opposing communism, created by jews but not for jews.

@OneWithTheWater @ElfReich oh, it's for Jews too. Not all Jews, but it's for Jews too. Jews have no problem screwing over their own to achieve a goal.

" It's O K to be " White " .

@ElfReich I oppose both capitalism and communism. Both are the invention of the Jew.

@ElfReich The fact that simply saying "White Lives Matter" is considered racist hate speech while blm/antifa can literally say "Kill A White On Sight" and no one cares is a perfect example of whose side the governments of the world are on.

@ElfReich Say it anyway and say it loud,the truth is terrifying to them!

@ElfReich it's like a sport. Let's say football. You want to take out their best player for a chance to win.
Further proof we are that best player.

Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com


spoilerDaily reminder to White people,
You don't need anyone's permission
to be pro-White. Nor do you owe
anyone an explanation for being pro-
You're allowed to love your own race,
whether anyone likes it or not.
Anyone who tells you differently
simply hates White people.



If African Americans, Hispanics, Asians Americans, Jewish Americans, Native Americans are recognized
groups with all rights to promote their interests… defend themselves against racism and discrimination
… and Europe Americans are not… That is blatant RACISM !
Worse than Apartheid, Jim Crow or the caste system…
Unlawful against American and international law…

@Nature_and_Race As an addendum to this, at this point the only thing that matters is if someone is Pro-White and is operating in good faith behaving as such.

At this point other ideological or religious considerations should take a back seat. (I consider Jews to be an ethnic group, not a religious order.)


spoilerI ❤️ Being White

Just a heads-up. In case no one has noticed, they have stealthily decided to consider Hispanics as white. In all city demographic reports on Wikipedia, on all "race" sections of forms you fill out, the choices are white or non-Hispanic white. They are tweaking the demographics to make negroes as the only “minority” that matters. They fear the mostly Catholic Hispanics because they are Christian, family oriented, extremely loyal to their race and culture, and will outnumber EVERYBODY in 50 years, and THAT is not the one world order they're looking for. It looks like they plan to take them out by lumping them in with the white folks.

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Donald J Trump)
Why aren’t they going after the people that RIGGED the Election? Massive amounts of irrefutable evidence. They are only interested in those seeking the TRUTH! Third World Country.

@realdonaldtrump We're becoming a third world country because of the antiwhites, antiwhitism, and white erasure.

@realdonaldtrump Why would they go after themselves?


Why wont you shut up, murderer? You betrayed your own supporters and murdered millions with your operation warp speed. Get fucked you kike sucker.

@AnkokuKishi @realdonaldtrump Murdered Millions....good God your brainwashed as shit...you have no ACTUAL prove that millions have been murdered.....you sound like a leftist for fuck sake......GO AWAY BECAUSE YOUR IN THE WAY YOU FUCKING TDS FREAK!!!

@Liberty0rDeath85 @realdonaldtrump

Millions worldwide thanks to sucking the dick of big harma? Even with the fake death numbers around the world, if you add them all up, it will go over 1 million.

And theres no way we'll ever learn the exact numbers because of countries like Jaban, which have hid the numbers worse than even the US has. 1800 dead over here from the jab, but how can that be when i hear 5-6 ambulances a DAY? That doesnt add up, and even controlling for population size, there should be at LEAST 8000.

So yeah, millions dead and maimed, because orange bitch decided to push the jabs on people with warp speed. Keep supporting that murderer, trumptard.

@realdonaldtrump Why would criminals go after themselves?

@realdonaldtrump HELL! the GOP leadership is working with Democrats to do all this shit. Mitch McConnell has his nose up every Democrat ass. So does Kevin McCarthy.

@realdonaldtrump because you didn’t drain the swamp! Actually You added to it. Now law abiding citizens are paying the price.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar


@DrPaulGosar Republicans, like you, must insist on calling out antiwhites, antiwhitism, and white erasure. SAY YOU CARE FOR THE WELLBEING OF WHITE PEOPLE.

@DrPaulGosar Republicans won't do anything as the Republican and Democrat parties are two arms in the same monster. If you love this country you should leave the GOP and create your own political movement. There's no Democrat or Republican solution.

@DrPaulGosar And the DOJ. They are the whole root of the problem. The fbi is their's. They created it. They tell it what to do. The fbi are not in any way independent of the attorney general. The fbi director, all fbi directors, including hoover, were and are simply buttons to be pushed in order to cover up federal political corruption. It's why they were created. It's why they exist. It's why they must be destroyed.

@DrPaulGosar we'll get out the membership lists to the CFR, WEF and builderbergers and ban them from federal and state employment for life... I suggest they all move to China...


@DrPaulGosar ahahah yeah right republicans are PART of the DEEP stae you idiot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Governors should be able to deport illegal aliens.

They should not have to rely on the executive branch that refuses to enforce the laws of the land.

“Migrants” shouldn’t be shipped all over the country, they should be deported.


@ROBODAN @repmtg

@repmtg Correct, no more white erasure.

@repmtg #DeportALLillegals #BuildtheWall #illegalisillegal #NOmoreillegals #borderjumpers #invasion #TrumpismyPresident

@Walkbyfaith888 @repmtg Hmmm... interesting idea, but.. do you have anything that the political opposition won't immediately brand as racist? Do you carry anything like that in your inventory? I'd like to not be a racist, but rather the hero, so I'm really hoping we can make the Dems happy here.

@Khompewtur @repmtg I identify as Mexican and am very proud to be racist. We are all “racist” as we are all different and at the same time be anything we want. #DeportALLillegals

@repmtg YOU ARE able to deport illegal alien..........in fact ITS YOURBJOB, NOT the gov’s

@repmtg It is simple DO NOT ALLOW THEM ON AMERICAN SOIL. Declare the invasion for what it is and send troops to the border and use military combat tech to protect the border. The Polish PM publicly declared the border will be secured and told the invaders they will be shot if they try to invade...it worked.


Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The FBI focusing on pillow man Mike Lindell and other Trump allies instead of the massive amounts of human trafficking and drug smuggling coming from our southern border is shameful. #Defund

Why are we sending $3.8 billion a year to Israel?

Aren’t we having problems feeding and fueling our own homes?


@DrPaulGosar no, it’s TREASON

@DrPaulGosar shameful? It is treasonous!

@DrPaulGosar Abolish the FBI, DOJ until we get honest people in place that love our country. All bought and paid for criminals.

@DrPaulGosar Someone let Jews take over the US government

@Bran_Lateberie @DrPaulGosar and you faggots will never, ever get it back

@DrPaulGosar Why exactly is Arizona Governor Doug Ducey NOT doing anything about the wide open border, human trafficking and drug trafficking! He was hired to protect the Arizona border!

@DrPaulGosar or stolen elections

@RadicalRWgab @DrPaulGosar Anything that makes you faggots angry is, by definition, right and good.

@DrPaulGosar I think the Republican Party should get rid of every unconstitutional federal bureaucracy! That would be a rally cry!

@DrPaulGosar it is not shameful it is treasonous!!

@DrPaulGosar THEY ARE CRIMINALS using their office to go after innocent people just because they are from a different political affiliation. CRIMINALS.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)

The Biden Administration recently released data showing that 200,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border in July alone. WATCH:

@DrPaulGosar We must round the illegal filth And scum criminals up, new, old, here a day or 30 years and march the scum and filth the the Septic Tank Border of Mexico, and give the filth and scum one final warning….they return again to sneak in, invade and destroy someone’s country, they will not be able to physically do anything else in their life.

@DrPaulGosar You are a true warrior and we're thankful you represent Arizona. When we win the midterms we are expecting congress to withhold all funds for federal agencies, federal government consulting agencies, foreign countries sending illegal aliens to our country and to hold all of the above accountable. But most of all we expect criminal charges to be brought against the Biden family and the Biden administration. Anything less is not acceptable.


So, #StopIllegalImmigration!

#Republicans #GOP #RNC

@DrPaulGosar Nothing matters but election integrity because everything else is just a byproduct of our rigged elections and we are never going to get election integrity.
You can cry about this all you want it will not make any difference at all.

@DrPaulGosar perhaps it's time to declare these "humanitarian agencies" enemies of the state.

@DrPaulGosar Biden needs to hang for treason!


various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

Notice how not one single politician has ever mentioned black supremacy, brown supremacy, or jewish supremacy.

Notice how not one single politician has ever mentioned anything about anti-White racism and racially motivated violence against Whites by non-whites.

Our government is anti-White. It perpetually demonizes White people, even when White people are being beaten, raped, and murdered every single day by non-whites.

spoilerWhite supremacy and all forms of
hate-fueled violence have no place in
Failure to call it out is complicity.
Silence is complicity.
And we cannot remain silent.

@Nature_and_Race The Jew projects their own actions onto their opponents. It is Who They Are.

'White supremacy' is the Jewish projection of Jewish supremacist sentiments onto Whites.

But, then, maybe Whites just really need to embrace White supremacism and fight fire with fire?

The issue is whose rules will rule.

Jews or Whites?

Negros or Whites?

You decide.


The only violence im seeing is from blacks. Its literally every single day.
Scroll through MSNs news feed its black after black killing beating and raping mainly Whites. I wouldn't dare be a fast food worker, one dies almost every day from black violence.

My town got the trifecta a few years back (black mayor, black police chief, black city manager) 4 years later the town is turning to shit.

Nobody calls them out when a black live streams himself killing Whites they say a "guy killed random people"
I just can't stand it anymore

@Nature_and_Race I'm just waiting for the race war to kick off. As a non feminist white woman, I'll make sammys, bring y'all cold brews and clean tha guns. 😎

@CrankyYankee @Nature_and_Race
If you can stay away from the Niggers who would rape you.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com


spoilerNYPD cop can't be fired
for not having COVID
vaccine, judge rules

@vaccineregrets The deadly shots are not vaccines! They are experimental biological agents!

@DanHunt Yes. Many people still do not understand the difference between a classic vaccine (inert virus, localized, does not move) vs this mRNA gene treatment that turns their body into a printing press.

@vaccineregrets that applies to all of us. So many friends and family got jabs cuz they didn’t want to lose their jobs. But those relationships were already destroyed, cuz the masks came first for the divide and conquer tactic. I fell into that group. Long before the jabs came into play. No masks. No tests. No jabs. It’s ok, it’s just a mask. It’s ok, it’s just a test. It’s ok, it’s just a vaccine. No to all of that bs. Smart, and intelligent people that you’ve known for years, just flipped the script and became strangers overnight. It’s truly mind boggling! I don’t mind the lack of drama and peace and quiet though! Lol

@LucyBurnett @vaccineregrets I was fired before all that began. Before Pres. Trump even shut things down in Spring of 2020, my employer tried to tell me I wasn’t allowed to travel across state lines. I told her @$%#@%. No one tells me if I can or can’t travel 50 miles over a state border or not. Other than my husband everyone of my family members lived out of state at that time. I wont mask, I wont test and sure as hell not going to get the jab…

@vaccineregrets Little late, isn’t it? Haven’t many of NY’s finest gotten the boot over the vax?

@vaccineregrets Glad to know public sector goons are excused as always from the persecution they enforce on others.

@vaccineregrets. When are the ukraine people going to blame zelenski for their plight: he wants/ed to join NATO

When are the people of the world going to blame zelenski for their plight:

Work for the best outcome: prepare for the worst. Buy bullets, body armor ...

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Washington, D.C. is full of Swamp Creatures: unelected, unaccountable, and incompetent bureaucrats.

Government employees should be fired if they aren’t serving the American people.

@repmtg The swamp creatures report to a higher authority. Watch this and learn all about their inner workings.

@repmtg The American "GESTAPO"

@Geist_1 @repmtg
You misspelled 'NKVD' wrong.

You ARE a swamp creature.

Fuck Israel.


@repmtg Great job calling them out for the real purpose of this bill - to make it impossible for Trump or another Republican to fire communist-democ-RAT operatives put in place to undermine future administrations.

@repmtg Common sense for a change. MTG drives the left insane. Don’t you just love it.

@JStraub @repmtg She is a bloviator! She can't do shit! White trash people talk shit, that's it!

@repmtg You misspelled treasonous, whose loyalty is to a group of (extremely) hostile foreign nationals, called the WEF.

Donald J Trump & Various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Donald J Trump)
The FBI was paying a big time Russian informant (Spy) all the way back to 2017, while at the SAME TIME they were accusing me of working with the Russians in the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax. In other words, they knew their case against me was, with all of the money and man hours spent, a Fraud!

@realdonaldtrump They run the US like a third world country. The US government is a joke. Thank you Mr. President for exposing them.

@realdonaldtrump If people within the FBI don't go to jail over this, they got away with it. There is no justice. There is no respect for our government as it is.

I wish Trump had actually been pro-Russia. Russia is the last hope for humanity on this New World Order infested planet. God bless Mother Russia. Any young Russians who hate their country can come to California ( you know who you are you Russia bashing Russians on YouTube). All the Russians I've known who came here have voluntarily gone back. They realize it sucks. How many Mexicans or El Salvadorans or even more so Somalis or Haitians ever go back? Russians come and then go back. That should tell you something.

@realdonaldtrump The Trump vaccine helped kill useless eaters.

@WhiteMansBible @realdonaldtrump The vaccine was patented and ready in 2015, All Trump did was expose their plan!

@joelray59 @WhiteMansBible @realdonaldtrump And he promoted the Vaccine that's killed millions didn't save anyone.

@joelray59 @realdonaldtrump He willfully surrendered with Operation Warp Speed and fled to Florida and now is looking to defraud his supporters out of million$ AGAIN.

@realdonaldtrump communist country now!