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( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Elon Musk fired 80% of Twitter’s useless workforce, and Twitter is thriving by removing child porn, exposing extreme censorship, and re-instating conservative accounts wrongfully banned.

Now let’s fire 80% of the unelected bureaucrats in the government ruining America.

( @CStJohn )
@repmtg A good start is getting rid of McCarthy as speaker, say? I would love a response from one of your voters.

( @FightClubStocks )
@CStJohn @repmtg she should call for Jim Jordan or Matt Gaetz to be the speaker not mcCuckey

( @Leeodum )
@CStJohn @repmtg I'm all for removing him as speaker. We need a balls to the wall fighter that will put America first issues punishment to traitors. Far right values minus the abortion stance because it's a losing issue.

( @Wildgator )
@repmtg well you golden RINO, we should do the same thing to you

( @TheBeltingBalaclava )
@repmtg You know you can just say jews. Except with a name like "Greene" you probably are one.

( @Jay_T )
@repmtg let's fire everyone that supports the Rino's

( @Based_Honkler )
@repmtg Let's just get the jews out first.

( @Lou_Scannin )
@Based_Honkler @repmtg and their house goys, too, don't forget or theyll just let them back in

( @wizHether )
@repmtg Will never happen with swamp creature Kevin McCarthy running the house. Why are you even posting on Gab. We're ALL onto you, sellout.

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( Donald J Trump )
The biggest thing to come out of the Twitter Targeting Hoax is that the Presidential Election was RIGGED - And that’s as big as it can get!!!

( @RagerD )
@realdonaldtrump go push some more poisonous injections bud.. you blew it.

( @IamofIam )
@RagerD @realdonaldtrump So just ignore the proof Elon just supplied that the election was stolen, because Trump didn't stop the vaccines? So its okay to steal elections as long as you agree with who its stolen from? Clowns

( @krobinet12 )
@realdonaldtrump False. The worst thing has been the suppression of information about your death jabs of which you have boasted about. Until you admit the operation was a roaring failure when it comes to preservation of health and life, you can go to Hell.

( @Dawnfreedom )
@realdonaldtrump time to re-elect president Trump !

( @wy0ming )
@Dawnfreedom @realdonaldtrump and get what exactly? Speed limit progressivism? Endless LEGAL immigration and slightly slowed down illegal immigration? Vaccines that give you heart problems? Pardoning of black rappers and israeli spies but allowing j6 protesters and ppl like Snowden and Assange to rot in jail? At least democrats are open about wanting to destroy America, Republicans have the same goals but pretend to be our allies.

( @Dawnfreedom )
@wy0ming @realdonaldtrump well...that depends on your interpretation of "progressivism" is.....the current policies would lead us to believe that limiting our right to self determination and basic freedoms would be part of that ...or that brain washing children into being unsure of their biological reality...or taking from society wealth that was hard won and giving to other parts that have neither strived for or Intend to try...big government and centralized global governance...ect ect ect...NO we the people do NOR veiw this as "progressivism" it's actualy regressivism"

( @wy0ming )
@Dawnfreedom @realdonaldtrump progressivism is basically movements and policies that destroy the fabric of western civilization (ie BLM, cultural marxism/communism, Lgbtqxyz+, feminism, etc), which the republican party (including trump), supports much of.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
These creatures are incompatible with White society.

White people suffer from these creatures' presence in our societies.

Until these creatures have been expelled from our countries, there will be no peace or safety for our children.

( @LG8 )
@Nature_and_Race Damn niggers are dumb as rocks. Talking about a job? Nigger you wouldn't work a job if it was handed to you!

( @LvnGD81 )
@Nature_and_Race Videos like this really help to highlight just how primitive these creatures are.

I feel literally zero human bond with these things. There should be no doubt in any White person's mind that we do not belong around each other.

Oil and water.

( @ANGEL1313_ )
@Nature_and_Race Act like an ape, speak like an ape, = Ape Life that can barely complain in English. Way to go thug culture, this is what you produced when you flooded the streets with fast money of drugs, theft and violence, rather than actual intellect. And they wonder why no one bothers to listen. Kanye was right. And no, you are not Kangz. Smdh

( @J3553P1488 )
@Nature_and_Race They’re truly the dumbest creature on this planet… can see why the Jew once white women mixing with these genetic abominations

( @Big_Daddy_CorkUSMC )
@Nature_and_Race They won't give a nigger a job? Yeah right then if they do start working for somebody They steal their fucking shit. Huuurr me? Cuz i gitz mine mutha fucka!! Huuurr me?

( @53tele )
@Nature_and_Race these nigger fucking retards should be shot dead where they stand you hear you hear you hear lol fucking retarded missing links. with these people they would rape and murder your daughter without one ounce of empathy, sympathy, or regret. and that piece of shit Biden just keeps letting more flood the nation, the enemy isn't overseas it is right here the violent criminal niggers and the Government

( @odysseus64 )
@Nature_and_Race Even more proof, (if ever we needed any), that segregation worked. Both in the US and South Africa. Both whites and blacks were better off.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Every honest person knows,

It's not White people who are running around, making our neighborhoods unsafe at night.

spoilerCities aren't dangerous.
Certain neighborhoods aren't
dangerous. The dark of night
isn't dangerous. Certain people
who inhabit them are.

( @Ghotifood )
@Nature_and_Race no one is afraid to pump gas next to a white person in Philly

( @GoblinHunter )
@Nature_and_Race I think the word you are looking for is "NIGGERS."

( @AConservativeMan )
Any White guilt advocate who refuses to note the dangers of niggers is not only a liar to themselves but to all of humanity.

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@Nature_and_Race It is those who's skin color helps them blend in to the darkness of the night that make cities and neighborhoods unsafe at night.

( @John_Madison )
@Nature_and_Race It's the niggers and other nonWhites that the jews use as WMD against Whites.

( @Iceman876 )
@Nature_and_Race We dropped the ball, in a sane civilization its the useless feral pieces of shit that should feel unsafe. Because of jews we put these things on a pedestal like they're special. A coyote wouldn't feel safe with my shepherds.

( @Mkez28 )
@Nature_and_Race We don't have a race problem we have a problem race. Period.

( @Naioma )
@Nature_and_Race do you really want to divide people by colour or race when we are in the middle of a genocide and we need to stick together is the real question here. but if you want an answer, 40 million have died already from that jab world wide. the people who invented that poison were all white..this is the biggest genocide in history..no blacks involved. bad people come in all races.

( @Mortsolo6 )
@Nature_and_Race NIGGERS. You can say it. Black people even know it’s a fact. Black people hate niggers as much as everyone else. Just like me, YT, I hate CRACKERS, Mexicans probably hate spics too. THEY ARE DESCRIPTIVE WORDS, THATS IT. If you are offended then you are either a NIGGER or a CRACKER or a SPIC. And, im pretty sure you are an ignorant fucktard too. It’s really quite simple.

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( @Nature_and_Race )

This right here.

This RIGHT HERE is the sole reason that anti-Semitism exists.

Anti-Semitism is a healthy instinct for basic human survival.

Jew responds to Ye lol

( @RightWingNutSquads )
@Nature_and_Race man it would be so great if blacks could normalize talking about jews and jews could normalize calling blacks niggers

( @turtleswolverine )
@Nature_and_Race, bullshit, jews don't fight. They pay niggers to "bang bang."

( @Tomahawk1775 )
@Nature_and_Race This KIKE right here IS WHY America needs to NUKE Israel into a Glass Parking Lot!

( @GaryProctor )
@Nature_and_Race Just look into its soulless eyes, pure evil. Enjoy your temporary reign jews, history and the Bible have shown/foretold to us that this does not end well for you.

( @Nemesistyx )
@Nature_and_Race They always look so nasty. No wonder they need marxism to exist, they wouldnt blend in without it.

( @Diversity_is_our_weakness )
Many of the same Jews either didn't care, actively promoted, or even helped organize the anti-white violence and propaganda over the past few years, and which continues to this day. They didn't seem worried about any potential harm from that. How about they cindemn anti-whitisn (and anti-Christianism too) and we might take their self-centered whining seriously.

( @FnStephn )

( @vendicari )
@Nature_and_Race The number one cause of "anti-semitism" is jewish behaviour.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Wow! Jacob Wohl is a filthy rotten Jew who hates White people and doesn't believe White people should have freedom of speech to question and/or criticize Jews.

Wow! Gab is an absolute cesspool and inadequate Jew hating degenerates.

( @NSSAP )
@Nature_and_Race -- Jacob Wohl should be visiting the nearest concentration camp.

( @FatalToLeftists )
@Nature_and_Race WOW! Jacob Wohl is a Synagogue of Satan Baal-licker who is against EVERYTHING our Founding Fathers (and generations of Americans) have sacrificed themselves for. The Talmud is the only principle this demon follows.

( @James_Dixon )

> ... inadequate Jew hating degenerates.

Most of the jew haters I've encountered on Gab have been more than adequate. 🤔

( @DagnarOdinsson )
@Nature_and_Race He's part of the overall plan. Destroy Whites permanently, prune the brown races to a select few perfect slave class, rule the world with impunity.

( @Breakpoint58 )
@Nature_and_Race Correction: we adequately hate them

( @Euroicism )
@Nature_and_Race Jacob Wohl needs to be gassed along with the rest of his disgusting tribe.

( @GaryProctor )
@Nature_and_Race Psychotic jews mad af, the truth can't be hidden forever. Judgement Day is Coming.

( @CC54R )
@Nature_and_Race I see eye to eye with this filthy kike. He wants me and my people dead.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Smashbaals )
So far conservatives have been right about:

-The Vaccine
-Elections being rigged
-Social media companies interfering in elections

Maybe folks should listen to them more

( @Twistle )
@Smashbaals Yeah, good point, but c'mon. You know who has been right about all of those, AND WW2?


( @flaunttnualf )
@Smashbaals Maybe they should start being right about jews

( @RandolfoCalzonian )
@Smashbaals and most importantly, the "nazi White supremacists" have been right about (((who))) is behind it all.

( @BalderVibes )
@Smashbaals But to be clear, CUCKservative RINO’s supported genocide injections, helped rig elections, pushed PLANdemic and lockdowns and by design economic collapse. None of them did a single thing about social media companies or legacy propaganda JEW media censoring anyone who had an opinion globalist Jews didn’t first approve of. The list of failures by the gay “Right” goes on and on.

( @joeguererra )
@Smashbaals they don't name the jew therefore are useless

( @AxeMC )
@Smashbaals Conspiracy theorists were right long before conservatives were. Also conservatives wrong on the most important umbrella issue, the JQ. No credit deserved here.

( @BRTheSpace )
Both parties are an illusion, ruled by the same jews. Notice Republicans are silent, until people make enough noise 🤔

various commernters #wingnut #fundie #racist gab.com

( @USCenturion )
You know why conservatism is the ideology of managed defeat?

Right now, we have Conservatives and Christians, screaming over anti-semitism, while a Virginia elementary school is going to host a Satanic after-school program. I think it's time that people reevaluate their priorities in society.

( @CrusaderPatriot )
@USCenturion And if you follow the money for the Satanic event, you almost always find Jews! All we can do is keep pointing it out and maybe we'll get through the programming of some of them!

( @brextremist )
@USCenturion Liberals are destroying society, and conservatives are making sure that nothing is ever done to stop them.

( @zwergling )
@USCenturion If a Christian rails against anti-Semitism, then he does not know the Bible. He listens to what the Jews say rather than what the living Word of God tells us about the Jews.

( @DahlHaus1776 )
@USCenturion They're not "Christians". They're "evangelicals" that spread the counterfeit kikery of Cyrus Scofield known as "judeoChristian values". But what evangelicals have in common with #koshervatives is that neither are American as they genuflect more towards #FalseProphets than our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

( @Warlord11 )
@USCenturion conservatism is great if your society is worth conserving. Ours no longer is. Conservatives need to get on the paleocon/NRX/dissident train, or just shut the fuck up.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
More German civilians died in one night during the firebombing of Dresden (by the Allies) than the number of Jews who died in the camps over the course of six years.

The real holocaust, the real death by fire, was carried out against innocent German women, children, elderly, and disabled.

( @qMAGAs )
@Nature_and_Race I’d say the real Holocaust happened during the Bolshevik revolution which lead to communism and the death of roughly 65 million Christians in Russia. And we all know who the Bolsheviks were…

( @BillyBravo )
@qMAGAs @Nature_and_Race there’s many genocides the jews have committed on Whites.

( @valken1983 )
@BillyBravo @qMAGAs @Nature_and_Race There's a bunch of genocides jews have committed on most races. The chinese with communism, blacks with slave trade, etc.

( @Dinkleberg1488 )
@Nature_and_Race holocaust is a Yiddish phrase for "burnt ofering".

The only holocaust was against the German people. Plain and simple.


( @Kavajava )
@Nature_and_Race I think one of the reasons the holocaust lie was allowed to grow, was to distract from all of the actual war crimes the Allies committed.

( @HorstWessel88 )
@Nature_and_Race Stalin who married a jew, and was around a pack of Jews and probably was a Georgian Jew himself.. DEMANDED Bomber Harris attack Dresden, it was semitic revenge simple as.

Jewtin tried to blame England for orders carried out by the international jew recently , never forget although there are white traitors who no doubt will be in hell, the Jew was the commander in chief.

( @DirkaDirkaDirka )
@Nature_and_Race History is as we are taught, is just yesterdays Fake News.

Our great grandkids will be talking about Zielinski like he was a fucking super hero.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
A Jew promoting the idea of people being put on a government list.

Imagine my shock...

Never ever trust a Jew. This is what their blood compels them to do. Even partial Jews.

Many of the people commenting on this post belong on a list.

( @Scootsy_Dubs )
@Nature_and_Race the #1 rule of life that I teach my children, and soon to be grandchildren, is and always will be: never trust a jew

( @SaraBellun )
@Nature_and_Race I agree. Even half-breeds are far more jew than gentile.

( @Albzi )
@Nature_and_Race What’s the cutoff for partial Jews, you think? 1/24th may still be too sneaky, oy vey!

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Albzi -- According to ancient Vedic science, they said admixture has to be below 1/128th to eliminate all harmful aspects of non-white blood. I would hold the same standard for Jewish admixture. Personally, I believe that any detectible Jewish DNA is too much. 1%, 2%, too much.

( @Albzi )
@Nature_and_Race you know that Jews tainted the Spanish race for eternity? The Jews of Spain opened the Gates of Toledo in 711 for the Islamic invasion which lasted 900 years. And today, Spaniards have Arabic and Black African DNA. You look at some photos of Spaniards and they are just dark. And like you said, these Spaniards may have 2% Black/Moorish/Arab DNA, but you can see it in them.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )
@Nature_and_Race @Albzi

What's your opinion on partial Jews that served in the Wehrmacht?

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Nicholas_Scholl -- They weren't White. They shouldn't have been allowed to serve the German fatherland in any capacity. And their presence amongst the German people was a constant danger.


( @Albzi )
@Nature_and_Race @Nicholas_Scholl I agree, people think too naively about partial Jews. Just because they seem good doesn’t mean their Jewishness is gone. Who’s to say what’s going through those people’s minds? It’s like the Neanderthal DNA. We’re 2% Neanderthal, and thousands of years later, their degenerate DNA affects most people negatively.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )
@Nature_and_Race @Albzi

Pretty much my attitude as well.

It was an odd policy allowing them to serve.

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( @CNofUSA )
The freakout surrounding Ye (formerly Kanye West) is very telling.

One man making offcolor remarks has been the top news story for weeks.

Meanwhile, babies are murdered, the country invaded, we are on the verge of nuclear war, & no one seems to care.

Even many "pro-life Christians" have reacted to Ye with more anger and vitriol than they have ever directed towards abortionists.

Our society has no morals.

Everyone has been infected by some sort of liberal mind virus.

Fast, pray, read the bible.

God has to be put first once again.

( @Malignant )

“How come Nazis are the worst thing ever, but we can praise Stalin, Che, Lenin, Mao, and even wear their shirts in public, even though they were far far worse?”

“Oh, that’s because they killed goyim, and you’re nothing but cattle to us, so it doesn’t count.”

( @LatchKeyKid )
@CNofUSA Agree completely. "Racism" in the context that it has become a religion in the west is utterly meaningless. It's a thought crime; beyond ridiculous. This is what the entire western world revolves around, as our nations are being invaded and destroyed from within.

( @MyRock )
@CNofUSA CNU- The Jews are behind abortion, lgbtq, the fake media, Big Pharma, Hollywood, Banking, ACLU (eliminating prayer, crosses, 10 C's, etc), Deep State, illegals, and more---the very things you think are important to focus on, the Jews are behind it. Kanye is trying to make people aware---so what is off-color??? What Christian vitriol? Looks like he's actually doing something about it.

How is it as CNU, you do not understand what God is about to do? You don't see or hear what's coming? None of the people that won a fraudulent election will take those eats of power. Biden will be gone. So will Harris, Obama, Gates, Soros, Nadler, Waters, Pelosi is already done, Fauci, Shiff, Schumer, etc. The Houses will be cleansed, the Supreme Court too. Military elite will fall. CIA, FBI, DOJ, all cleansed. The White House will be emptied of the evil personnel. Illegals to be driven out of America. It's all about to happen. How about the blackouts, the silence, and the celebration? How is you you are not prepared for these things, and yet, call yourselves Christian Nationalists? I suggest you put God first.

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
Joe Biden and the Democrats are playing their liberal politics by turning their backs on the good, hard-working people of Iowa who deserve to have their voices heard. I have insisted that Iowa remain first!

I won big in Iowa because they know I will always protect American jobs and American farmers—AMERICA FIRST! I will always stand up for American patriots who want to Make America Great Again.

I can’t wait to be back in Iowa. Stay tuned and see you in the very near future!

( @HerrNatSoc )
@realdonaldtrump Wait, you care about White people now?

( @Archer14 )
@HerrNatSoc @realdonaldtrump
Nah. When he refers to “American farmers”, he’s referring to wetback vegetable pickers. But we know that, don’t we?

( @ChristPatriot )
@realdonaldtrump I remember your laundry list of all the demographics that were doing the best ever except one, the white hetero male. You are going to have to change your priorities if you want to retain my vote. I'm done being a damn tax donkey for those that despise me and my values.

( @JohnBest )
@realdonaldtrump Why won't you protect our babies from having their brains mangled into autism by mercury in vaccines? You're a lying sack of shit.

( @bobjones13 )
@realdonaldtrump Shut up jew lover.

You have destroyed the white race with legal and illegal immigration.

( @wer38 )
@realdonaldtrump "No one did more for black farmers in Iowa than me!" - DJT

( @Mediaislying )
@realdonaldtrump Dude, you are still talking about the puppets, when you need to be calling out the puppet masters. I have never heard you call out Schwab, Rothschilds, Harari, etc......wef, inf, crf, committee of 300

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
Judaism is a disease 🤒

Side note: No virus has EVER been proven to be contagious. You cannot transfer a virus from one person to the other. It doesn't work like that. It's a lie. But the comparison is still uncanny.

spoilerHIV: An invasive organism that weakens the
host via subversion, making the host
vulnerable to other invading organisms.
Jews are LITERALLY human AIDS

( @Jefferson1961 )
@BlackScorpionNationalists Nazis are the true subversives.

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
@Jefferson1961 Even on GAB you cannot spend 2 minutes without running into a sub-human kike. 😆

( @Jefferson1961 )
@BlackScorpionNationalists Nazis are left-wing socialists, just like the commies.

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
@Jefferson1961 You clearly don't understand the difference. Learn it, and take it back to your kike tribe. Maybe they will suddenly understand why Hitler would be the enemy of communism, if they were the same ideology, genius.

( @gpracer51 )
They clearly made AIDS in their own image....

( @Volcanic84 )
@BlackScorpionNationalists Don't fall for the evil being spewed. It is the same as calling all blacks gang bangers. The Bible and Christ tells us there are two types of Jews. Those who love God and those who love money and power. He warns us to be aware of the later, I call them JOO or JIN much like we call traitorous republicans RINO.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
There is nothing that an America First fighter can say or do to appease a mob acting in bad faith.

Cancel culture is empowered by fear alone - only by being fearless will we truly uncancel America.

( @JohnBest )
@DrPaulGosar Shut up and repeal the Federal Reserve Act, you useless bastard.

( @Riverrun61 )
@JohnBest @DrPaulGosar That is the first thing that needs to happen. We need a constitutional amendment, in the style of the first amendment, prohibiting the collusion of bank and state and effectively repealing the legal tender laws. We are at that same point as our fore fathers were when they began their efforts to separate church and state.

( @malig )
@DrPaulGosar What is being done about the J6 Political Prisoners of War? It's almost 2 years, are they just forgotten?

( @genukem )
@DrPaulGosar Civil War. It's the only way. You know it's true. At this point all those who are opposed to it are cowards afraid of losing their homes, their cars, their jobs and their money. Not to mention their cities and shopping centers. As if 'they' aren't going to take that shit away from them anyhow, in a few years. I'm giving it five more. Seriously with the upcoming bioweapons they all be dead in five years. And their murderer will be trying to figure out how to get the few survivors remains to do all the work.

( @Indiffernce1 )
@DrPaulGosar only getting rid of jews in America will accomplish this. They are the main people who are invaders in white coumtries. Without the jews invadidng first the door would have never been opened for other invaders

( @VitoG )
@DrPaulGosar I'm an old man and willing to die to fight to get our freedoms returned to us and get rid of this crooked illegal government so lets unite and take our country back with force if necessary cause elections are corrupt ,laws are illegally passed, and I don't want to live under jewboy control Fuck them jews and throw them out of our country, close our boarders and shoot anyone coming over illegally, and get our J6 prisoners released

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
Absolute queen 👸

spoilerAnti-vaxxer nurse who injected up to
8,600 elderly patients with saltwater
instead of Covid vaccine walks FREE
from court in Germany

( @DCMiller )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Spielberg won't make a movie about this real Schindler.

( @CleftCrusty )
@LaurenWitzkeDE I just want to see the results from a cohort matched comparison with vaccinated. Someone has to make this happen.

( @Mugshotdffd )
@LaurenWitzkeDE give her a metal or 8,600 medals ! Respect

( @4tune )
@LaurenWitzkeDE good for her finally some one with the guts enough to push back she probably saved 8600 peoples lives

( @Gabion18 )
I read some of the comments on that story in the original article. Those idiots were thinking she should have been put away for serious time for "harming" people.

They should be thanking her for saving their lives.

(PS - what a great opportunity for an informal statistical comparison of after-jab mortality vs. no-jab mortality in population of old folks.)

( @USAjunak )
@LaurenWitzkeDE It was only discovered AFTER all the patients she injected did NOT die. Boy, you get in trouble for that in this Godless world.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Hitler didn't kill 6 million jews

( @Euroicism )
@Nature_and_Race I wish he had... I wish he had killed them all.

@Nature_and_Race I wish he would've

( @WeimarAmerica )
@Nature_and_Race My only issue with AH is he didn’t kill 6 million Jews.

( @Spike5150 )
@Nature_and_Race that's why we're in this mess.

( @lofisquatch )
@Nature_and_Race If he had, things probably wouldn't look the way they do.

( @Freespeechmyass )
@Nature_and_Race Hitler didn’t kill six million jews

( @HatedAbusedAndSlandered )
@Nature_and_Race Only 3 million existed between all nations at that time. Germany only had a few. A logistical and statistically impossibility. What, did they magically all teleport to Germany and suddenly perfect mass-production cloning to be able to get magically unicorn genocided all in record time!?

( @afterskool )
@Nature_and_Race i wish he had done that, he was surely way too nice

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
If our government tells you an event happened, question it.

If our government tells you someone is or was evil, question it.

Our government has proven itself, time and time again, to be habitual liars and warpers and distorters of truth and history.

( @JohnNotnofx )
@Nature_and_Race There is no way that Joe Biden composed that tweet. It contains complete sentences.

( @TheFamilyFriend )
@JohnNotnofx @Nature_and_Race likely the words to put down were provided by his jewish staff.

( @pysek )
@Nature_and_Race hahah this nigger wasn't even ELECTED, they had to lie about that, too lol

( @Cornwell1776 )
@Nature_and_Race I was already 100% certain Hitler was the good guy. This just made it 150%.

( @AngieVDW )
@Nature_and_Race Everything the illegitimite president & pedo-jew says, but turned around. Inverted truth. It's a jew-thing.

( @Skully_B0NES )
@Nature_and_Race one thing that weirded me out even before I was red pilled was the fact that they NEVER bring up the USSR death toll (which is almost quadruple the "6 million").
Course once you learn that 99% of the time the whole of WW2 is used as a guilt trip by jews, the pieces fall into place.

( @SneakyWino )
@Nature_and_Race Hahaha - if you have to say it happened this far after the fact, it probably didn't happen. But we know that. I hope Hitler has his reputation restored to whatever it truly should be. Seems like we are heading towards the light and the truth.

( @PoopyPatriot )
@Nature_and_Race I wonder if a jew typed this

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
Mother’s and families of victims of Violent Crime, which is breaking all Records in NYC, are furious that the criminals who killed their loved ones haven’t been given a trial in many years, while millions of dollars, & years of work, has been spent on a ridiculous Fringe Benefits Case, the likes of which has never been prosecuted before in our County’s history. It is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time. The D.A.s Office should focus on Murders & Violent Crime, not "Bullshit!”

( @brextremist )
@realdonaldtrump Aren't you the former president who passed the "First Step Act", which released thousands of dangerous nigger criminals back into the community? Shut the fuck up about pretending to care about violent crime.

( @CrimePays1985 )
@brextremist @realdonaldtrump He’s compromised like the rest The left and the right are one in the same They all belong to the same club and answer to the same master

( @rmckenna33 )
@realdonaldtrump and who lives in, and runs NYC?? the jew, that's who.... #WakeUpAmerica

( @FairlyHonestFrank )
@realdonaldtrump I’m furious that you refuse to mention Whites or acknowledge us in any meaningful way. I’m furious that you abandoned us on Jan 6th. I’m furious that you care about Israel more than White America. Eat a bag of shit ZionDon

( @j_floresmc89 )
@FairlyHonestFrank @realdonaldtrump Not everyone is perfect but loved some of his policies but he's white and cares about white too

( @McGraine )
@realdonaldtrump It is all going exactly as planned by the Jewish Elite many decades ago. When citizens begin crying out for police, the Elites will push a national police force, and America will get a Soviet style NKVD secret police that will make our present, compromised, FBI look like babysitters.

( @Weosys )
@realdonaldtrump how about you come out against the covid vaccines that are killing people and help the J6 prisoners.

( @bobjones13 )
@realdonaldtrump Maybe you shouldn't have hired a bunch of corrupt Jews and RINOs to work for you and you could have done something about it.

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( Congressman Paul Gosar )
Restoring the integrity of our elections must be a top priority.

Half of America holds legitimate concerns about our electoral processes - lawmakers are not doing their jobs as Representatives if they refuse to listen and act.

( @GeisterJager )

All due respect sir, from out here it appears to be far more than half....

( @Lethn )
@GeisterJager @DrPaulGosar RINOs are scum.

( @MyChristianPage )
@DrPaulGosar neither are governors if they fail to act. Ban ballot boxes, ban voting machines, ban mail in ballots, require serial numbers on ballots made in America, voter id, and security cameras watching votes counted, with poll watchers on both sides present. Fixed .

( @Zozzo )

spoilerWhat has the GOP done about
election fraud?
What has the GOP done about the
What has the GOP done about
vaccine mandates?
What has the GOP done about
Answer: Nothing

( @goldstandard88 )
@DrPaulGosar did we ever have election integrity to begin with? I am thinking that trump was the first potus that was elected by the people.... every president before him was selected, not elected.

( @97tucker )
@DrPaulGosar where the hell have you been since 2020. You fools/cowards allowed the joke that is pedo biden to be inaugurated. That would have been the time to fix the elections. But you all were too busy shoving a poisonous vax down our throats. Stop running your mouth, grow a pair, do the will of the American ppl or STFU and stand aside.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
Americans are under no moral obligation to grant amnesty to lawbreakers, drug smugglers, murderers and rapists.

The left desperately wanting over 30 million new voters will never justify throwing American families and workers under the bus.

( @Rick )
@DrPaulGosar the left is at war with us...it makes no sense to pretend otherwise

( @Noam_dePloom )
@DrPaulGosar Americans are also under no obligation to grant amnesty to lawmakers who use their position to implement unlawful mandates, travel restrictions, bans on meeting to worship, etc.

What happened under COVID tyranny was an act of war against the American people. They literally tried to starve us into submission - to a demand that was unlawful in the first place.

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@DrPaulGosar They aren't just after votes, they want to White erase us from existence.

( @Maria_Garcia_US )
@TrueBonnieBlue @DrPaulGosar Leftists want to outnumber conservative Americans of all races with illegal aliens that they believe will vote blue.
If the Leftists believed that the illegal aliens would eventually vote conservative, they would work to keep said aliens out of the US. Why do you think the Democrats work to send back Cubans and Venezuelans back but not Mexicans, Haitians, etc?

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@Maria_Garcia_US @DrPaulGosar D + R = antiwhite uniparty. You are invested in the grift because you aren't White. Ypu are deflecting from what I said about White erasure.

( @Maria_Garcia_US )
@TrueBonnieBlue @DrPaulGosar LOL. To look at me you'd call me white. Nor am I invested in any grift. Politicians who want to replace American citizens with foreigners are wrong, and they should be voted out of office. As for 'white erasure', I have no opinion either way as I have seen no one specifically say that they want to replace white Americans with others. Now, their actions could be construed that way because most of illegal aliens aren't white. BUT, hispanic / latino is an ethnicity of Caucasian, unless they have black, asian ancestors instead of white ancestors. And most illegal aliens are hispanic / latino.

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@Maria_Garcia_US @DrPaulGosar The majority of "Hispanics" are not White and you know it. If you deny White erasure, you are an antiwhite and therefore a despicable person.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Cry harder, princess.

Multi-racialism is a sin against Nature, and the destruction of any race or country that practices it.

@Nature_and_Race y’all are a real nice bunch of bigots aren’t you!! I forgot how Americans are the worst of all, it took gab to show me you are not good people!
Just because they won’t ban you, doesn’t mean it has to be said! What the fuck is wrong with you people!!

( @Nemesistyx )
@Nature_and_Race It isnt ideal to be a bigot or have a bigot against you... but bigotry is a part of the natural order. Truth is, who wants to muddy their genetics so bad? Do we all not seek someone hopefully attractive or as attractive as we can obtain in a mate?

why do we shame what is natural and true?!

( @Thegreathate )
@Nature_and_Race Day of the rake soon you fuckin leaf.

( @NickGurr88 )
@Nature_and_Race True. Even mixing of similar ethnicities should be avoided, let alone race

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( @KeepNHGranite )

( @brextremist )
@KeepNHGranite It's true. The more niggers and spics you have in your state, the more violent crime there is going to be. This has been proved time and time again with statistics. Also, it is just really obvious to anyone with their eyes open and is honest with themselves.

I don't care if there is some pathetic cuckservative reading this, who has a black co-worker who seems like a nice guy. Facts don't care about your feelings!

( @Hobojack )
@brextremist @KeepNHGranite We need to get rid of the Jews as they are the niggers enablers and are the forefront of open borders.

( @jaaaaayt )
@KeepNHGranite Unfortunately, Maine has been importing sub-saharans like crazy for the last couple years. The (((government))) doesn't want White people to live in peace.

( @bluewonder369 )
@KeepNHGranite societal decay is due to the increase in the s*** skin population in areas that used to be all or mostly white. I can't stand it when people say society is getting worse because people are getting worse. Not so. These creatures aren't human.

( @3rett )
@bluewonder369 Why did you censor yourself? At least have the courage to type out your words in full. You're anon here. There's free speech here, sorta. Well you won't get banned for saying shitskin here.


( @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy )
@KeepNHGranite they are dropping off bus loads of niggers in Maine in a effort to change both of those points.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
There have now been 20 straight months of over 150,000 illegal border crossings at our southern border. The Biden Regime's globalist agenda is causing irreversible harm to our once great nation.

We desperately need an immigration moratorium.

( @LandRun )
@DrPaulGosar dispatch our military to border. Shoot all military aged males crossing illegally.

( @BehindEnemyLines619 )
@LandRun @DrPaulGosar It could be done immediately. Give all unlawful residents 3 weeks to leave. If they need to adjudicate their situation they can do so from foreign soil. After that, all illegals apprehended should serve life sentences in labor camps. Why do I feel like this has happened before? 🤔

( @MaryGraves )
What we need to do 1st is arrest govt officials who are allowing the illegal invasion. 2nd we need to send all the illegals back to Mexico and let Mexico deal with the illegals. 3rd cut off funding to NGO's and states who are aiding and abetting criminal illegals.

( @PaxArias )
@DrPaulGosar There are only two ways this ends Paul.

1. These people continue to do whatever the fuck they want until they've accomplished White Genocide, decimated economy, Worldwide Slavery, World Domination, Worldwide Pedophilia, and Worldwide Satanism.

They've nearly checked off all those boxes already, because Social Media posts are the maximum people will do in the face of death threats by these people.

2. People worldwide kill these people, kill those helping them, and restore natural order to the world.

( @Bisclavret567 )
Prior to WWII, Germans enlisted into the French Foreign Legion and made up 80% of the troops. Their mission was to destroy the legion from within.

Let the United States not make the same mistake with these illegal aliens.

( @Warthogg )

( @0r161n4lh4ck3r )
@DrPaulGosar triple that number and you are close to the real figure.

25 to 40 year moratorium on imigration amd deport everyone here illegally, starting with the ones living on taxpayer money and all criminals, which is all of them.

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( @vaccineregrets )

spoilermy wife: please don't embarrass me at my
liberal aunt's Christmas party...
"I love Hitler..."

( @stevenkay )
@vaccineregrets Bring on the "I Love Hitler" Christmas sweaters.

( @PastorPatriotRob71 )
@vaccineregrets Ye - I love Hitler

American Christians - Ye is EVIL and obviously a sick individual.

Jesus - I love Hitler

American Christians - isn’t Jesus AMAZING! He loves all of us despite our sin

( @LudwigvonSowell )
I think the liberal aunt would love Hitler:
1. All powerful government;
2. Telling corporations what to produce;
3. Gun control;
4. Science and medical experimentation on unwilling citizens;
5. Homosexuals in high government positions;
6. Start a major war.

It’s a truly conservative aunt who would kick him out of her house.

( @gthousandaire )
@vaccineregrets Too bad this didn't happen a month ago. I would have wanted to go as Ye for Halloween.

( @maxminnig )
@vaccineregrets I think people are tired of global communism and with the trajectory we are going down there maybe a new Hitler too. History can repeat itself.

( @NordicWolf )
@maxminnig @vaccineregrets
Not that Fascism is the same as National Socialism but whatever, normies don't know the difference.

( @Whats_the_truth )
@vaccineregrets - Jewish fabricated history and the real story are completely different. Why is no one allowed to question the jewish history? The evidence and lack thereof is out there for all to find and WTFU. It's time to end this shit.

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( @gatewaypundit )
International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries - Demand for "Pure Blood" Skyrockets International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets

( @oldbmw1 )
@gatewaypundit Can I donate my pure blood and then be able to receive pure blood if I ever need it? That would be an incentive for people to donate.

( @TehMalachi )
@gatewaypundit we must donate our pure blood to save our fellow pure bloods

( @Redpool )
@gatewaypundit If you know purebloods, find out who shares your bloodtype and have them as an emergency contact if you ever need a blood transfusion. I'm not giving my blood away to help the jabbed out that's for sure. Fuck them all.

( @RaeCarver )
@gatewaypundit fuck em! They’re not getting my pure blood or my organs. Not good enough to sit in a restaurant, go to a movie, shop at a supermarket, ridiculed, mocked called a conspiracy theorist by family and friends! Fuck em!

( @Jk84 )
@RaeCarver @gatewaypundit I think it's for other pure bloods who don't want Vax blood 🤷‍♂️

( @MrMcJade713 )
@gatewaypundit If you've been duped into taking the "vax", the spike protein will be everywhere in your body-- ALL major organs, including the brain. Doesn't matter how many blood transfusions you get, your blood will always become polluted again from circulating thru them. At this point, the only question you should ask is, why are those that gave you a death sentence still allowed to be walking the earth, free?? Would you want to take them with you when you go?

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Diversity has reduced America to a hybrid between South Africa and Brazil.

Non-whites are now stalking people from stores back to their homes, where they violently beat and rob them at gunpoint. It's called "jugging".

You can't simply avoid non-white neighborhoods to stay safe anymore. Non-whites are now following you back to your neighborhood, back to your home.

--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHaqJvcRJZ4

( @SCDJ )
@Nature_and_Race I noticed something. While saying that the suspects were under surveillance the news included footage of a white guy getting arrested. Then when continuing with the story with the lady and her juggling experience exclusively showed footage of blacks actually in the process of committing crimes. I think the news editors just spliced in some generic stock footage of a white guy before showing the blacks for reasons we all understand.

( @LeeSutterlin )
@Nature_and_Race Juggers for fucks sake just call them niggers already.

( @Weaponizedautismfren )
@Nature_and_Race ahhhh freedom. Gotta love merica. Just make sure to take a detour before going home so you don't get robbed by niggers

( @WomblePoop )
@Nature_and_Race the feral instincts of the negro are insatiable. They will not stop, because they CAN'T stop.

There is no reconciliation - only segregation. Otherwise just wait your turn to be their next victim.

( @DwydeShrude )
@WomblePoop @Nature_and_Race there could be a more final solution

( @bluewonder369 )
@WomblePoop @Nature_and_Race we can no longer afford the luxury of Simply segregating them from us Scott they must all be sterilized so that they can no longer breed in their lineage dies off. An all white world is likely the solution. I wish it didn't have to be that extreme but we're being targeted for extermination.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Anyone who says that blacks have a strong sense of ingroup preference is retarded.

Blacks hate each other. They literally beat and kill each other over the most trivial shit.

The only thing that makes it seem like blacks are a unified people is that they all universally hate White people. That's it. But they themselves are not a unified people in any way.

Go in for the Big Mac, stay for the beat down ✊🏿

( @thehighground )
@Nature_and_Race You seem to be confounding a few different things here, and being unnecessarily aggressive about it.

Having a strong sense of being *black* as a category is entirely different from being politically unified or liking each other, for example.

Their low impulse control and low IQ kicks in when they're with other *blacks* but if there's a White in the room you can be sure they'll beat and kill Whitey first every time.

( @YeahIStillTrade )
They vote in group more than any other race.
They will not convict their own on a jury.
They tribe up in the workplace.

They are just violent retarded animals when they are “being themselves”

( @TheBeltingBalaclava )
@Nature_and_Race I usually like what you post, but this statement is flat out wrong. Black in group preference is revealed in how they vote, the media they consume, and who they hang out with. They just operate at a much lower level than other races and their primitive instincts kick in much sooner than other races.

( @HorstWessel88 )
@Nature_and_Race The Jews keep all blacks in a position where they are at eachother and more importantly at other races neck, but never unified enough so a Malcom X or Marcus Garvey could come to power. It's a immense strategy that has so many layers it confuses the simple people so they'll never understand it.

( @DrGoyimstein )
When you see niggers....avoid them, go some where else, stay on alert !

( @ArthurFleckEDP )
@Nature_and_Race keep them as pets; outdoor pets ™

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( @TrumpLongTimePatriot )

spoilerThe situation we're in is far worse than 1776.
We have tens of millions of invaders to the
An entirely fraudulent government imposing,
now at gunpoint, 1 OOOx the taxes charged to
the 13 colonies.
Catastrophic economic collapse looming
Political prisoners, laundering, sex trafficking,
poisoning, psy-ops, White guilt, pornography,
child sacrifice, degeneracy...
We are at war and the vast majority of able
bodied men are getting ready for fantasy
football season.

( @Stampman )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot Not this able bodied Veteran. Lock and load. And stay frosty my sisters and brothers!

( @Grendahl )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot never forget, the US government is in breach of contract and taxes are not owed them. Sue them to enforce the contract. They cannot handle the flood of a class action lawsuit.

( @AnonBecauseOf )

It's a spiritual problem. Too many people have turned their back on God and obeying His commands.

( @Trumpenrodham )
@AnonBecauseOf @TrumpLongTimePatriot
What I simply cannot grasp is why so many so-called "Christians" still believe that God can be motivated by prayer into "saving" a clearly already-dead country who has clearly rejected both Him and His teachings...😔

( @LdyMalak1 )

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( @EmeraldRobinson )
Fox News has suddenly discovered the COVID vaccines might be bad - which is ironic since Fox News spent two years telling their audience to get vaccinated.

( @robbdaman )
@EmeraldRobinson No amnesty, hang them all.

( @Wilburton )
@EmeraldRobinson Fox News sucks. They have 2 things going for them, Tucker and Gutfield, that's it. Everything else is just scripted corporate talking points. Just controlled opposition. Haven't watched since the 2020 election, that's when I finally understood what Fox News was about.
I prefer Independent Journalists who have proven they are accurate and trustworthy.

( @RebSouth )
@EmeraldRobinson they were well paid with tax payers funds to push the clotshot

( @Tomahawk77 )
@EmeraldRobinson Ironic that the government they lie for operates a VAERS website full of evidence that they've never looked at. All they value is 💰💰💰.

( @Prepper4God )

( @pstryk )
@EmeraldRobinson Every last one of them is scared of being an accessory to genocide.

( @canadamacs )
@EmeraldRobinson Nuremberg trials for Fox too....eventually

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( @Nature_and_Race )
- You can't lose your social media accounts for criticizing White people

- You can't lose your job for criticizing White people

- You can't be thrown out of school/university for criticizing White people

- Not one single country on earth will imprison you for criticizing White people

- You can't be charged with a hate-crime for physically attacking White people

Yet we're supposed to believe in systemic White supremacy?...

( @freethoughinfinite )

The ability to break
every law in the country
and still remain the

( @JusSaySo )
@NatureAndRace And be protected and honored for killing a small unarmed White woman on Jan 6.

( @Becnelsu )
@NatureAndRace 💯 I’m sharing everywhere. Now flip it, a white person Can get in trouble for criticizing anyone
ESPECIALLY a Zionist Jew or black person regardless of what the criticism refers to... one can ID an oppressor as one that cannot be criticized...

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Becnelsu -- Not just a Zionist Jew, but ANY Jew.

( @Becnelsu )
@NatureAndRace ok ty! They all practice Talmudism? Please educate me on the Torah...
Ty in advance

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Becnelsu -- The Jewish race came first, then the religion. Judaism is the product of Jewish blood. It's not a religion, as much as a guide for life here on earth.

When it comes to Jews, it doesn't matter whether they're religious or atheist, Zionist or Communist - they are acting on behalf of their Jewish racial instincts at all times. And that's what makes the Jews so destructive. It's their racial instincts.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @KeepNHGranite )
“We want to remove your race from the planet.”

“LOL I don't even see race!”

Do you see how this doesn't end well for the person LOLing?

( @brextremist )
@KeepNHGranite Yep. Cuckservatives think that they can fight the liberal scourge with their own wilful ignorance.

( @PinoHeliRides )
@KeepNHGranite Actually... "one race, the 'human' race" is their exact plan... to deracinate us, make all of humanity into one unrecognizable, dumb, and compliant people that Shlomo lords over for eternity

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@PinoHeliRides @KeepNHGranite That's why Jews have a strategic advantage over us. They work together. I don't know what it'll take for Whites to have racial consciousness and work together as one race.

( @Rexkwon27 )
@SoldierForChrist777 @PinoHeliRides @KeepNHGranite I think a well coordinated attempt at genocide of the entire Aryan race is starting to wake a lot of people up to the “diversity is our strength” bullshit. At this point I think it’s more important to support, bond, & build with like minded whites than to try to convert civic nationalists.

( @CN32 )
@KeepNHGranite At this point, I blame Whites for not waking up and fighting back. I mean, how many more wake-up calls do Whites need? How much more obvious do Whites need it to be for the masses to realize we are facing racial extinction? I've been following White nationalism for the better half of my adult life now, and it still amazes me (and frustrates the hell out of me!) how self-hating or racially blind so many Whites are.

( @Im4maga )
@CN32 @KeepNHGranite I am starting to worry, it’s really obvious that the white race is dwindling to a minority and no longer a majority in the USA. Happened so fast. I wouldn’t care so much if the non whites actually loved our country and abided by our laws. No one these days has pride in America as their homeland. America is just a flop house to every race that comes here. I blame Pedojoe and Obumma for our downfall. The only prez we’ve had that actually loves America was Trump.

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@KeepNHGranite You think we're all equal until you're about to be raped and murdered by a pack of niggers, then magically you decide to move further away from the "dangerous city". We can't run forever.

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( @Nature_and_Race )

spoilerEveryone understands the concept of
"foreign invasive species" in the plant and
animal world.
Foreign invasive species cause immense
amounts of damage to native ecosystems.
This same concept applies to human races,
countries, cultures, and civilizations as well.

( @brextremist )
@Nature_and_Race Ecologists will shit their pants over an invasive foreign species of frog or fish getting into a new eco-system. But they don't worry about the environmental impact that wilfully importing a billion niggers might have.

( @wmk1975 )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race and they will gleefully recite all the various species of tree frogs but there is only one type of human, just different skin color, hair type, bone structure, etc.

( @EvaVonBraun )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race

When there isn’t any limitations to stupid people having kids, you end up with Idiocracy. Jews are accelerating the demise of intelligent life on this planet by immigrating the only high scoring countries left. Actual apes in captivity have the IQ of 80, which is just as high or higher than many sub-Saharan African, Central American, and South Asian countries.


(@CircumspectZek )
@Nature_and_Race Not only are other some other races truly invasive, but they are also quite literally another species, as well (negroes).

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Trouble_Man )

spoilerThe only commercial running in
Canada with all caucasians in it is for
assisted suicide. They aren't even
being subtle about it anymore.

( @Jakobolus )
@Trouble_Man Gotta say they are so bold because our people are so blind.

( @Prisoner111 )
@Jakobolus It's because the majority of Canada is fast becoming non-white. Of course they will be blind and don't care.. They're just happy to have a piece of the pie as Canada gets sliced up and given away to the world in the name of 'equity'

( @celt1 )
@Trouble_Man and the canadian soccer teams looks more like a ghana or nigeria team.

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@celt1 @Trouble_Man agreed

White countries for White people only

( @PenitentVoice )
@Trouble_Man Because white people are the cause of every single tragedy that has befallen this scared and abused little world. If white people didn’t exist, this planet would be a sprawling utopia of perfection. An endless euphoric dance party with zero crime, no drugs, no riots, no rape, no poverty, no human trafficking, no war, no greed, no rich, no poor, no abuse and absolutely no hate whatsoever. White people are very selfish for denying the human race the chance for heaven on earth. We should be ashamed of our melatonin count and conduct mass extermination within our pasty ranks.

If you really believe that, I think you’re due for another booster.

( @FatherJohn )

Every white nation in the world, needs to rise up and remove the illegitimate powers that have wrested authority from us. Yes, they stole their illegitimate authority at all points! The citizenry have a right to rebel against ungodly authority.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Blacks flee Africa by the millions every day, choosing to live in White countries rather than their all-black native lands.

How often do you see White people fleeing White countries to go live in Africa?

Anyone who says that blacks have a strong sense of ingroup preference is retarded.

Blacks hate each other. They literally beat and kill each other over the most trivial shit.

The only thing that makes it seem like blacks are a unified people is that they all universally hate White people. That's it. But they themselves are not a unified people in any way.

( @VanCleef )
blacks are host-specific, they parasitize off Whites

For Whitekind to survive black parasitism/imperialism must be destroyed

( @RandolfoCalzonian )
@Nature_and_Race Libs, which includes many conservatives, believe that by willing it, they can make Africa into a Wakandan paradise. If we just do the right things and have enough money and persistence, blacks will become just as successful as Whites. This belief persists despite having over 10,000 years of contact between blacks and Whites, and blacks having made little to no progress at all during that time.

( @dazzy )
@Nature_and_Race And from what I hear, these African men have abandoned wives and children.... whole villages empty of men... In South America too.

Meanwhile, way too many men in our countries.
But upsetting the status quo is the game the globalists play.

( @upenya )
@Nature_and_Race This is how one can determine that blacks are an inferior race. If blacks were superior or even equal they would not have the slightest inclination to migrate to White domains. They flood White Nations because Whites are superior. Naturally, the inferior gravitates to the superior. Not the other way around.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @MorpheusMAGA )

spoilerI feel literally sick to my stomach
hearing Doctors pronounce with no
shame the arrival of Sudden Adult
Death Syndrome. I think we can
safely assume that Sudden Infant
Death Syndrome was no accident

( @HankWilliams )
@MorpheusMAGA Exactly! I had no problem with vaccines until covid. After 2 years of studying I’m now a proud anti-vaxxer. Vaccines are non- science and fraud from the very start.

( @BuddhistBob )
@MorpheusMAGA ten years in casino surveillance and I can tell you I had zero people under 40 just drop dead on the casino floor. ZERO. These are unhealthy drinkers and not one SADS death. So I'm supposed to believe the healthiest athletes are just dying from fucking climate change? 😂 That's why they want everyone over 40 dead. We remember reality.

( @Welby63 )
@MorpheusMAGA SADS is actually known by another name. It’s called “MURDER”

( @ElaineGib )
@MorpheusMAGA True. SIDS has been linked to vaccines of course especially the whooping cough or pertussis one. I also read an article by a physician that said the only children in America getting polio are the ones given the vaccine for it.

( @EPGreig )
@MorpheusMAGA sids/sads = vaccine deaths

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )

spoilerI don't believe for a second that the "holocaust" actually
took place.
But even if it did, at this point I couldn't care less.
The alleged "survivors" have proven themselves to be the
most horribly manipulative, abusive, and literally evil
people on the planet. They've long ago ceased to deserve
any pity or sympathy.

( @GSauce111 )
@Nature_and_Race The part I find funny is that it was supposedly this horrible event that took place and White Americans came in and saved them from Hitler and the evil nawtzees.....yet they never ever praise America or the troops....you never hear them say anything pro-America; youd figure if someone saved you and your family from these monsters you would be the most grateful people ever.....but no, all they do is demonize White people on a daily basis....That makes me think it NEVER happened, but it most definitely should have....

( @maximus_the_wise )
@Nature_and_Race I'm going with... it didn't happen. There are so many holocaust survivors that one has to wonder what king of "death" camps were they that there are so many survivors?

( @sometimescanbefunny )
@Nature_and_Race If the holohoax happened, then the "survivors," if there were any decency to be found in them, would have ensured that the next 3, 4, or even 5 generations understood the magnitude of what happened and fought to keep their saviors on a pedestal among all other nations.

Even in this make-believe land, the kikes fall laughably flat. Even if it were to have happened, the only thing the West got for "saving them" was a snake the slithered in and choked out the nation.

Of course, we all know it didn't happen. There's no real evidence for it, and a Mount-Everest-sized pile of evidence that it didn't happen. Either way, the filthy rats are the most depraved and villainous people on the planet.

In short: It didn't happen, but they deserve(d) it, and it'll happen again. Their kike ways ensure this. It's a natural check on their disgusting mode of being, as inevitable as a natural law.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @ExCONservative )

( @cltholl )
@ExCONservative TRUMP was right Again and again.

( @syndicatespeaker )
@cltholl @ExCONservative The “father of the vaccine” Mr Warp speed was right… yeah, right beside his puppet masters the jews.

( @Nugget-tree )
@cltholl @ExCONservative Trump created and promotes the vaccine!

( @PizzaJohns )
@ExCONservative Covid doesn't exist. Diagnosing you with "covid" means they are trying to kill you now

( @KMFL )
@ExCONservative Nuremberg II is required!

( @Dems_Are_Thothian_Luciferians )
@ExCONservative Prosecute and hang all the covid mass murderers

( @Gizelle_234 )

( @Sheriff24 )
@ExCONservative And now that evil bitch Whitmer should face a tribunal for mass murder. I can only hope I’m around long enough to watch that cunt swing for what her and her dyke gnome skank Nessel did. Both need the platform!

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( @SteveDeace )
Proud of you, son.

( @evsp123 )
@SteveDeace give that kid a high five and a steak dinner.

( @kickbutt2022 )

( @AlexanderCortez )
@SteveDeace need more boys urinating in the girls bathroom sinks to protest a severe lack of wall urinals... For equality

( @pepperdog1965 )
@AlexanderCortez @SteveDeace Feminist want urinals removed from men's rooms.
I say fuck them. Men need urinals, not women in there pretending to be men.

( @BooksRbetter )
@SteveDeace Apparently there are at least a few Real boys remaining. Way to go! 😂👍🏼😏

( @pepperdog1965 )
@SteveDeace Feminists want urinals removed from Men's rooms, because they see them as symbols of male privilege and patriarchy. Feminists pushed the trans movement, which is now installing tampon dispensers in Men's rooms. Men DO NOT have periods. Women are not men. Keep those fucking bitches out of the men's room.

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( @LifeNews )
BREAKING: North Dakota Defends Abortion Ban in Court: “Abortion Isn’t a Right Protected by the Constitution” https://www.lifenews.com/2022/11/29/north-dakota-defends-abortion-ban-in-court-abortion-isnt-a-right-protected-by-the-constitution/

( @Prefijo )
@LifeNews Frightening that women would actually kill their own babies. What kind of monsters are they???

( @JoeDoe1012 )
@LifeNews It’s easy to be pro- choice when your not the one being murdered

( @WarriorMechtild )
@LifeNews Great news! Abortion isn't a right it's a violation of the babies right to live.

( @notilus99 )
@LifeNews and abortion is NOT a form of birth control either

( @Warthogg )
@LifeNews 🎯💯🎯💯 BINGO!!! Only a degenerate satanic people sacrifice their babies.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @AshaLogos )
Those that cite the quote ‘the victors write the history books’ one moment, and then proceed claim those in ultimate power are ‘Nazis’ in the next, embarrass themselves.

You’re not grasping the ramifications of the former if you mindlessly regurgitate the latter.

The Germans lost the war.
The forces who defeated them, now run the world - and they do so effectively enough that you’ve been conditioned to look right past them.

( @WriteWinger )
“Hey now, snowflake, let’s get one thing straight... satanic antichrist adrenochrome drinking pedophiles run our country and the world through central banking, media, and Hollywood, and my favorite movies are Saving Private Ryan and Schindlers List!”


( @JaidenYuki )
@AshaLogos This is one of the things I don't understand about the whole thing. Both sides are calling each other Nazis and no one ever seems to call the current regime for what it is, a Communist Government made by all the democrats and rinos of the world. And you don't need to look very far to realize that all the communists big heads themselves were all jewish and that communism is a jewish invention but people are still pointing the blame at the wrong people.

( @Theharrowingfthenorth )
@AshaLogos The forces that defeated the Nazis,took the Nazis in.
America especially,which is why we are where we are today.

( @Aloha_Patriot )
@Theharrowingfthenorth @AshaLogos America is like it is, and the world also, because USA, England, France and MODERN Germany are all ruled by Jews/subservient to Jews.

If the Nazis had won we'd be living somewhat differently... we'd still have our nations for one, instead of having them handed over to foreigners.

( @Khechari )
@Theharrowingfthenorth @AshaLogos
So, you're saying that the government is loaded with dual-Israeli citizens and Zionist loyalists, and operates under Jewish banking, and propagandizes through the Jewish ADL propaganda center..

..because Nazis?