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Is Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prediction a Cyclic Event

The Hopi Indians gave us a prophency about the coming of the new world in which a great spirit will signal as a blue star. Followed with the earth rocking too and fro and white men fighting other nations.

The blue star has been envisioned as a comet. But there is another possibility. The star that turns blue is our own sun, as a result of what some nickname a micronova, a solar cyclic event that occurs every 12,000 years. We know from tree ring data that energy emitted from the sun in 774AD was 1000x greater than Carrington event (strongest solar flare known in modern history). The micronova is assumed to be even stronger still. That will likely take out all the grid's. With massive voltage surges destroying most electronic equipment.

"earth rocking too and fro" seems ridiculous at first glance. But we know from our recent past. That Siberia was grasslands, that turned frigid so fast, it froze woolly-mammoths with blood still in their veins. We have the baffling Piri Reis Map dated from 16th century that shows Antarctica without ice-caps. Obviously this map was copied from a much older map. But where were the ice-caps when humans first mapped the coast-line of Antartica.

A theory called Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis. Proposes the position of the earths crust moves every 12,000 years by 90 degree's. Causing massive tidal waves and floods known today as myths. Sending civiliations back into a dark age. That Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis being signalled by rapid magnetic pole movement that is occuring today.mes the world chooses for us.



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