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[From "Poetic Irony: A. Mitchell Palmer and the FBI"]

After World War 1, the first “Red Scare” happened[…]
The problems were not caused by communists, however. They were caused by the limp-wristed conservatives[…]
President Wilson put his attorney general, A. Mitchell Palmer, on the job of crushing the commies during this Red Scare of 1919[…]
His main legacy is creating the GIU[…]A branch of the Bureau of Investigation, which would later become the[…]FBI[…]
Some of my readers would read about raids on communists and give an immediate stamp of approval


Hoover was a self-righteous political player who was always out for himself. It was popular to hunt communists back then[…]If he were around today, he’d just as happily hunt us[…]
Palmer set out to do whatever he could to stop the communist scourge

But what a great irony, that the beastly invention he created is what is now being used to force a communistic scourge upon us

The FBI once raided communists, but now they raid those who criticize communists. It was first created as a tool to investigate communist dissent, now it solely investigates patriotic dissent[…]
There is a lesson in this ironic comedy. It is a lesson that conservatives never learn

It is this:
•If you have power, you have to use it to finalize your victory

Principles do not matter in a war. The greatest failure of the conservative is in not realizing that this is a war[…]
The conservatives created an institution (the FBI) to target the worst offenders of the communists. What happened? The leftists took it over and use it to target the average conservative now[…]
Palmer created the foundation of the FBI. Against communists, his was a noble purpose, and an honorable principle. But then his tool was handed over to the Left on a silver platter[…]
We have to learn from the mistakes of the conservatives. We need to make our institutions immune to leftist centralization, no different from what the leftists do

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[From "Watch: Female Officer Accurately Blames 11-Year-Old for Creating Porn of Herself"]

If she made the video, it’s her fault

I don’t understand who else’s fault it would be

New York Post

Two Ohio cops are being investigated for their response to a sexual misconduct case involving a child after a video of them appearing to blame the 11-year-old girl for creating “child porn” went viral

Two Columbus police officers, a female and male, were seen talking to the girl’s father on their front porch, six hours after he allegedly called to report that a man online had manipulated his daughter into sending him pictures of herself, doorbell camera footage shows

Oh, yes

An evil man was surely responsible for mind-controlling her[…]

The female officer is heard telling the dad his pre-teen daughter “could probably get charged with child porn” if she produced the images[…]


Your princess is committing a felony, old man

You should have covered it up rather than calling the cops on her

What were you thinking???

I hope the bitch gets charged

I’m so sick of this entire “everything is not her fault” thinking

She definitely lied to the man about her age, too. Guarantee that

And how are we supposed to believe the man found her? Obviously she found him

The cops should have kicked in the door and dragged the girl to jail

Malakai Wheeler #racist #wingnut #psycho antisemitism.org

A teenager from Swindon who promoted antisemitic and racist views has been convicted of terror offences.

Yesterday, after a two-week trial, Malakai Wheeler, 18, was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of six offences relating to the possession and dissemination of terrorist material

Mr Wheeler was arrested in 2021 following an investigation, which was conducted by Counter Terrorism Policing North East, into users in a Telegram group whom police suspected to be sharing extreme far-right content

Following his arrest, police found the Terrorist Handbook in Mr Wheeler’s bedroom. The Terrorist Handbook is a publication which instructs readers on how to make bombs and other explosives

Mr Wheeler was found to be frequently sharing material in the chat, including antisemitic content and instructions on how to make explosives

The defendant said in court that he had downloaded the explosives instructions as they would be useful should there be a case of “social disorder”

He added: “Weapons could be useful if there was a serious emergency. Covid showed things could come out of the blue. It could be an economic problem or a foreign invasion, things can just pop out of nowhere”

Mr Wheeler told the court that he downloaded material with the intent to make an archive if the documents were deleted from Telegram. He also said that he had obtained videos, which show people being murdered, from ISIS out of “morbid curiosity”

The court heard that the defendant was interested in Nazism and anti-Zionism. Mr Wheeler also told the court that he had a swastika as part of his profile picture on Telegram and admitted to being in a photograph whilst doing a Nazi salute in a skull mask

Anna Perez #racist angrywhitemen.org

On Sept. 18, 2023, far-right pundit and conspiracy theorist Anna Perez debuted her new show, Wrongthink Primetime, on the Rumble channel of white nationalist Stew Peters. During the inaugural episode, Perez reacted to a story about food deserts and the possibility of opening city-owned grocery stores in Chicago by claiming that Black people “love fried food”

She also blamed her local grocery store’s lack of fresh produce on Black customers because, she says, they refuse to buy healthy food like fruits and vegetables

Calling food deserts a “made-up problem,” Perez told viewers that “the Left” was “trying to turn this into somewhat of a race issue.” She claimed that Black people are not “the victim” and added that she doesn’t “know a whole lot of Black people that don’t love fried food” — which she said isn’t a “thing that I’m being racist about”

Perez, who lives in Washington D.C., says she resides in a “more gentrified area,” half of which is “pretty Black.” She said that the produce at her local grocery store “absolutely sucks,” and said this was the fault of Black shoppers

“And the reason why that is is because they don’t tend to get a whole lot of shipments of produce because people don’t buy them,” she said. “Because the majority of people that they’re catering to are Black people. So why in the world would they waste money on produce — fruits and vegetables — if no one’s gonna buy it? I mean I wanna buy it, but I’m not Black”

While she admitted she was “speaking in generalities,” she went on to claim that Black people will “tell you to their face that they love fried chicken”

Elon Musk #conspiracy #racist theguardian.com

Elon Musk has accused George Soros’s foundation of wanting to destroy western civilisation, as the tech tycoon prepares to meet the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in California

Musk made the comment in reply to a post by a user sharing footage of people arriving on the Italian island of Lampedusa from north Africa that referred to a “George Soros led invasion” of Europe

“The Soros organization appears to want nothing less than the destruction of western civilization,” X’s owner posted[…]
Civil rights groups, including the Center for Countering Digital Hate and the ADL, have issued findings that the volume of hate speech on X has grown under the stewardship of Musk

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[From "Faux Christian Nationalism"]

Douglas Wilson can’t give up his Boomer addiction to Enlightenment ideals[…]

As a theonomist Wilson believes in “the need to restore the Bible as the quarry from which to obtain the needed stone for our foundations of social order” (149), he strongly argues against state imposed punishment for blasphemy. He reminds us that “those who want the government to have the right to kill blasphemers are also asking for the government to have the right to kill those who rebuke their (the government’s) blasphemies” (157)[…]

There are political wolves in sheep’s clothing just as there are religious wolves in sheep’s clothing. Evil men are going to do what evil men do, regardless of what good Christian men do. We already know, we have a massive surfeit of knowledge, of what happens when Christian men do not enforce Christian societal norms

What this reveals is that Wilson is more dedicated to his Enlightenment ideals than his Christian ideals. I have no doubt that he is also an ersatz nationalist, which is to say, a common Churchian civnat who makes positive noises about tribes and nations, but as with blasphemy, refuses to acknowledge the right of the state to enforce the nation’s will

The protection of free speech has literally nothing to do with Christianity, much less represents its “theo-political genius”. That is pure bafflegarble worthy of Jordan Peterson his own babbling self. Free speech is just another false virtue no more worth of state protection than equality, diversity, anti-racism, or the free movement of peoples

César Biondini, Alejandro Carlos Biondini, Federal Patriot Front (FPP) #racist #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia #fundie memri.org

César Biondini[…]is an Argentinian nationalist leader and lawyer. The son of neo-Nazi[…]Alejandro Carlos Biondini, he was the attorney of his father's political party and is now its presidential candidate[…]
He carried out the process of legalizing the party[…]Gave an interview[…]in which he stated[…]"We are nationalists. But it is classic that the system puts a label on you. It happened to (Jean-Marie) Le Pen[…]"
Local Electoral Board approved the extreme-right ultranationalist, and neo-Nazi ideology party, he FPP[…]
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Alejandro Biondini filed petitions to legalize the swastika, the celebration of the birth of Adolf Hitler, the name of the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party[…]His proposal[…]included to dismantle the "homosexual and drug addict network"[…]
When the interviewer asked: "Why do you salute with your arm raised?" He answered: "It is the Roman salute, it is used by the members of seven Falangist parties legalized in Spain[…]Raised arm is the historic salute of nationalism"[…]
Biondini and his collaborators claimed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a prophetic book that would reveal "who the true enemies of humanity are"[…]
For the director of National Alert, "Capitalism and communism are international like the Jew[…]stateless like the Jew, enemies of Christ like the Jew"[…]
Biondini's magazine accused Israel of wanting to "squeeze" Argentina through the international financial system, while coveting strips of Patagonia to establish a second Zionist state[…]
When the dictatorship ended[…]National Alert linked the government that took office that year with "subversion" and "Judeo-Zionist" interests[…]
"In the proposals that at the time they presented to the Justice they exhibit their racism. For example, in the prohibition of abortion for those cases in which the unborn baby was white[…]Interruption of the pregnancy is allowed in the case of the son or daughter of a Bolivian, a Paraguayan, or a Jewish woman"

Pablo Giorgetti #wingnut jta.org

Police in Argentina have raided and closed down a publishing house that they say was distributing Nazi literature online

They also arrested a man who was first raided for distributing Nazi propaganda in violation of Argentine law more than a decade ago. At the time, Pablo Giorgetti was a university student; now, he is accused of running Libreria Argentina, deemed by the country’s leading Jewish organization of being “the largest Nazi and antisemitic book distributor in Argentina”

The Jewish group, DAIA, spurred the two-year investigation into Libreria Argentina after finding a book it published for sale online and denouncing it publicly in December 2021[…]
The raid was announced by Federal Police officials Juan Carlos Hernandez and Alejandro Ñamandu along with the DAIA’s president, Jorge Knoblovits. They said more than 200 books had been seized at a house in San Isidro, an affluent neighborhood in the northern area of Buenos Aires. The police also seized electronic and printing devices and a large amount of Nazi propaganda

Books had been printed and were ready to be distributed featuring images of swastikas, Iron Crosses and other emblems of the Nazi Party, according to images of the seized trove that DAIA posted online

The Jewish organization first found the books on Mercado Libre, Latin America’s biggest online retailer, which is in the process of curbing the availability of Nazi material through its sales platform

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[From "We’d Get By Just Fine"]
As the number of African Americans involved in your life increases, the probability of your murder approaches 1

There’s a less polite phrase about the combustion of an ancient, compressed form of carbon as well[…]I’m not the sort of gentleman who spouts crude aphorisms and racial slurs[…]
Law enforcement and the public school system are in place to deal with blacks. Every miscreant this planet has to offer is flooding into America[…]Blacks were why we have these systems[…]
If left to ourselves, schools would be organized based on various secular and religious communities while some people would school their children at home[…]Current public schools[…]are not punishing blacks and not giving them worse grades than whites

It’s the same thing with the police. White people have conducted most of their historical existence without modern police forces and done just fine[…]
When Jason Aldean came out with his controversial small-town ballad, it was hilarious because everyone knew he was referring to the inhuman criminal pastimes of blacks[…]
He might as well have just written: “Don’t let the sun go down on you in my small town, n-words. Nooses ain’t meant for hangin’ empty from trees”[…]I don’t advocate lynching or any form of extrajudicial violence[…]
The reason America has these systems to deal with blacks is that they can’t deal with themselves because they’re not genetically coded with the innate capacity for civilization[…]
Sub-Saharan Africans have DNA from a pre-hominid ancestor not shared by any other race[…]
Poor intelligence, a lack of impulse control, an inability to think with a significant degree of abstraction or internal monologue, and a very short time horizon[…]
It was initially considered that blacks were a species of ape by Christians, Muslims, and Jews, but eventually the Catholic Church declared them human[…]
Our slaves were treated the way they were because of the traits previously outlined

Nick Fuentes #racist #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Fuentes’ unabashed racism and his love for murderous tyrants who use the power of the state to brutalize and imprison their perceived enemies was on full display during a recent livestream broadcast in which he longed to see China invade New York City, start killing Black people, and send them to concentration camps

“What if China took over New York City?” Fuentes fantasized. “Wouldn’t that be awesome? Wouldn’t we support that?”

“What if we had Chinese soldiers on every corner and if Black person started spazzing out, they took a sword out and cut his hands off … and then they cut his head off,” he continued. “What if that happened? That would be awesome!”

“China would do a better job running our country than we do,” Fuentes stated. “What if they did to Harlem and the south side of Chicago what they’re doing to Xinjiang to the Uyghurs? Is that not ideal?”

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[From "Woman in a Coma Since She was 3 Delivers Healthy Baby After Black Takes Advantage of Unused Womb"]

I’ve been talking for a long time about various ways to totally remove women from society while men maintain the ability to reproduce

Women – at least when they are conscious and capable of mobility and speech – create far too many problems for society to sustain their presence long-term[…]
If we could build these artificial wombs, then we could simply kill all women outright – potentially in fake shower rooms with electric floors[…]
It turns out there is a much easier solution: simply induce women into comas, then allow men to come in and do their business and come back and pick up the kid 9 months later

The blacks, once again, are on the forefront of technological solutions[…]
If I am elected to Congress next November, I will be introducing a law requiring all women to be put into comas
New York Post

The woman, 29, in a vegetative state for decades, had been unknowingly raped by a male nurse[…]

How much has it cost to keep her alive?[…]
Regardless, you’re looking at millions of dollars being paid by someone to keep this woman alive for literally no reason. It’s only logical that she would be pumping out babies. Even if you are some type of feminist radical and don’t agree with my plan to induce all women into comas, if you’ve got one just laying there, why not use it for reproduction? What is even the argument here?

Of course, it’s unfortunate that a black was the one to impregnate her, because we really don’t need any more black people[…]
If we do this on an industrial scale, and require all women to be put into comas, as my bill proposes, we will be able to keep the costs down, due to economy of scale[…]
I’m sure AOC will make claims like “this is a sexist policy from the patriarchy,” but no one takes her seriously

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[From "Devastating Military Recruitment in 2024"]

The military must continue to attract “consumers”: impressionable 18 – 24-year-old young adults, primarily males[…]
The U.S. military has become a social justice petri dish. That is not unique to Presidents Obama or Biden[…]The cumulative result will be sixteen years of a constant leftwing orbital shift that is way out of touch with ordinary Americans[…]
One of the key drivers of military recruitment was an appeal to patriotism[…]They joined to defend the Constitution and these United States[…]
Potential black recruits have been fed a steady diet of anti-American vitriol for the last five decades. It has gone into hyper-drive since the emergence of the Black Lives Matter[…]
More importantly[…]is the cumulative impact of anti-White and anti-Christian rhetoric[…]
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) push has effectively forced White males out of recruiting content[…]The messaging from the United States military has been crystal clear: we do not want White recruits[…]
Anti-White shift in advertising may have been justified if the military still had White veterans imploring their White children to join the military[…]White veterans are speaking openly about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the politically weaponized Covid vaccine to their children[…]
Despite mountains of anecdotal assertions that Generation Z[…]are the most liberal demographic cohort in generations, polling data has shown something very different[…]
A case in point would be the horribly mocked cartoon commercial of a young female Army recruit with two lesbian mothers[…]The ridiculously leftist cultural mishmash was compared to Chinese and Russian recruitment videos featuring hardened men training constantly[…]
We simply need to focus our messaging like a laser beam on two groups: GenZ White Christian males and GenX veterans. Our strategy should hyper-inflate perceptions that the military is anti-Christian, anti-White, and homosexual

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[From "August to Be Transgender History Month"]

One month out of 12 is not enough for our degenerate rulers to devote to grinding depravity and psychosexual insanity into our faces. So California is adding another:

The California State Assembly has voted to officially recognize August as “Transgender History Month,” beginning in 2024. The resolution, which passed on Wednesday, makes California the first state in the United States to have a month that officially recognizes the history and contributions of transgender people

Those still queasy from being force-fed LGBTism for the entire month of June may recall that the T stands for trans. But it takes more than one month to recognize all the positive contributions to society made by transvestites — or rather, it would take more than a month to come up with any

The bill’s author is Assemblymember Matt Haney, Democrat of San Francisco[…]
This demonstrates how sickness spawned in the cesspool San Francisco metastasizes. That’s how Nancy Pelosi came to be one of the most powerful members of the federal government for the past 20 years. Expect Transsexual Reverence Month to join Pride Month nationwide shortly

Dmitry Medvedev #wingnut #enbyphobia kyivpost.com

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has said that he prevented a Ukrainian attack on a Russian Navy base last year by declining Kyiv's request to activate internet access in the Black Sea near Moscow-annexed Crimea[…]
Russia's ex-president and senior security official Dmitry Medvedev, in response to Isaacson's detailing of the incident, lauded Musk

"(Musk) was concerned about a retaliatory nuclear strike," Medvedev posted on X Thursday

"If what Isaacson has written in his book is true, then it looks like Musk is the last adequate mind in North America. Or, at the very least, in gender-neutral America, he is the one with the balls"

Mahmoud Abbas #racist #dunning-kruger #crackpot #conspiracy jta.org

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas peddled falsehoods about the Holocaust and other discredited distortions about Jews, drawing diplomatic fire just as the Biden administration is launching a major diplomatic initiative that could include reviving Israeli-Palestinian talks

In a speech broadcast last month to a body of his Fatah Party, which controls the Palestinian Authority, Abbas, 87, said that Adolf Hitler and antisemites before him hated and persecuted the Jews not because of who they were but because of “their role in society” having to do with “usury, money, and so on and so on”[…]
In his speech, Abbas also peddled a discredited myth and distorted or erroneous claims, including: that Ashkenazi Jews are descended solely from the remnants of a bygone kingdom on the Caspian Sea; that the term “antisemitism” describes animus toward speakers of Semitic languages; and that Jews from Arab lands emigrated to Israel primarily because they were coerced by Zionists

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[From "Miscegenation Accelerant"]

I have been chewing on this one for a while. It may be easy for you, the reader, to believe I am pushing a black pilled message. I am not but am simply describing thoughts and observations I have made. Not only have I witnessed numerous alarming trends taking place across Heritage America, due largely to the influence of social media, but I cannot address it without calling out and harshly criticizing a certain demographic within Caucasian circles[…]
I have observed that TikTok has been pushing miscegenation heavily over the past few years. Whereas I do not have the app myself, it is difficult not to see videos from that app posted all over YouTube and social media outlets[…]I have noticed what appears to be a heretofore unseen spike in White female/black male couples[…]Ever since TikTok started doing this nonchalantly, I have witnessed a huge real-world spike in miscegenation among Millennials and Gen Z, alongside an assortment of other annoying and obnoxious social traits[…]
Before delving any further into the female capitulation and support of race-mixing and anti-Whiteism, I will first briefly mention the negative effects of race-mixing. There is quite a good amount of evidence to suggest miscegenation is a grievously dysgenic breeding practice to adopt, despite the fact that findings will forever and always be suppressed by the mainstream. From bone marrow transplant issues, to fatherlessness, to emergent genetic deficiencies, to rootlessness and identity crises among the mixed children, to sickle cell anemia[…]
To provide some final thoughts on the breeding and mixing topic, the Holy Bible has some things to say, or imply, on the matter, just read the Old Testament, the passage about the Tower of Babel, Jesus’ and Paul’s own views on who they chose to preach to, Acts 17:26, Zechariah 9:6, and Genesis 10:5, just to give a few examples. Take a look at Latin America, the Middle East, or your average American mulatto

Paul Blair #fundie #elitist rightwingwatch.org

Founded by religious-right activists Dan Fisher and Paul Blair, Liberty Pastors hosts multi-day retreats around the nation where local pastors and their spouses are instructed[…]on how to become members of a modern-day “Black Robe Regiment”[…]
Last month, Blair appeared on a Truth & Liberty Coalition broadcast where he revealed that these gatherings are financed largely by religious-right activist Art Ally, founder of the Christian investment firm The Timothy Plan, and explained their purpose

The gatherings are limited to 100 pastors so that attendees have an opportunity to interact with the speakers personally “and that really helps with this transformation of their ministry,” Blair said. “Over three days at a luxury hotel, we have 20 hours of their time where we literally teach them biblical principles of civil government”

Liberty Pastors held an event in Texas in August that was dedicated entirely to the issue of economics, at which Blair asserted that according to the Bible, the government should have no role in creating a federal welfare system[…]
“2 Thessalonians, chapter 2 said, ‘We commanded you that if any man is just lazy and refuses to work, then don’t let him eat,'” Blair said. “You know, there’s a proper place for charity, but if somebody is just a slug—as [Benjamin] Franklin said, ‘Hunger is a great motivator'”

“Here’s God’s design,” Blair continued. “It wasn’t for a federal welfare system; the family is supposed to care for the family. Parents raise their children and provide for them as they’re young, and then as parents get older, their kids are to honor their parents, which means to provide for their needs as they get old. Throughout Scripture, slothfulness and laziness is condemned as sin. As I said a moment ago, [the Apostle] Paul agreed to Ben Franklin or Ben Franklin agreed with Paul: If a man doesn’t work, don’t feed him”

Nick Fuentes #wingnut #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

On Aug. 24, 2023, former president Donald Trump was booked at an Atlanta jail on felony charges[…]After his mugshot was released online[…]Nick Fuentes declared the photo was a “symbol” to “rally behind” like the swastika or hammer and sickle

“And so this is just like — and I think everyone already recognizes [it], I’m not the first person to say this — but this has become now an icon and a symbol of this moment,” he said on his America First show. “I think people are rallying around this. And it would be stupid for him not to monetize it”[…]
“I don’t think it’s necessarily a given. The Georgia — the Fulton County courthouse has given him the symbol,” Fuentes continued. “This is like giving him a swastika. He didn’t have a swastika. He didn’t have a hammer and sickle. He didn’t have a — whatever. Whatever the great symbol — he didn’t have a bloody shirt or a flag, really, to rally behind”[…]
Fuentes called the mugshot a “symbol of defiance against the system.” He added that, “This is what the election is about. In a way it’s about that picture. Because the picture summarizes all the events of the last eight years, and the eight years are a culmination of 30 years or even longer of what’s been going on — which is that this country is being killed by its leadership”

He said Trump’s mugshot depicts the “face of America” which is “being punished” and “chopped up”

“Meanwhile, as we all know, the country is in decline,” he complained. “Meanwhile, what is celebrated is vulgarity and indecency and crime and obese people and transsexual people. They tear down the statues of the heroes and they change the holidays, and they uplift criminals. We worship thugs. Worship deranged freaks”

Rebecca Terrell #wingnut #conspiracy thenewamerican.com

[From "The John Birch Society: Leadership Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"]

Readers of The New American magazine are well aware of the Deep State menace facing our Constitution, our culture, and our very lives. However, knowing that the problem exists does no good unless we take action to defend our God-given rights from the malicious tyrants who threaten them

That is why Robert Welch founded The John Birch Society 65 years ago[…]
Those words marked the birth in December 1958 of the only organization that exists, even today, to expose the master conspiracy that seeks to destroy godly institutions and to enslave mankind under an oppressive world government

Welch was not intimidated when labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by scoffers and media hacks who parroted the CIA-popularized slur. His academic genius (he read Ridpath’s nine-volume History of the World by age seven and graduated from college at age 16) and business acumen (he became independently wealthy in industry and served for years on the board of the National Association of Manufacturers) prepared him for the expected backlash from the liberal establishment he sacrificed his life, fortune, and sacred honor to expose[…]
Sixty-five years later, JBS is still going strong, as acknowledged by The Nation,which ran a headline in June: “How the John Birch Society Won the Long Game”

Others rightfully recognize the organization’s vast influence in the freedom fight. “We All Live in The John Birch Society’s World Now,” declares a November 2021 headline in The New Republic. And in the 2022 booklet Birch’n: How The John Birch Society Keeps America Free, conservative author Trevor Loudon is quoted as acknowledging, “The JBS is the unsung hero of the liberty movement”[…]
JBS field coordinator Nicole Sanders will relate these carbon-capture schemes to globalist plans in her presentation entitled “Fighting Agenda 2030 Locally”

Larry Klayman #wingnut #racist rightwingwatch.org

Far-right activist and legal gadfly Larry Klayman announced this month that a “citizen grand jury” had indicted President Joe Biden and members of his family, and that a “citizens’ judge” has handed down felony convictions after a “trial” in Boise, Idaho

“BREAKING: The Bidens Convicted!” was the subject line of an August 24 email sent by Klayman’s group Freedom Watch to readers of the right-wing publication Human Events. Klayman has also talked about the Biden “conviction” in online videos, where he has also posted clips of “evidence” being presented to the fake judge in the fake trial

Klayman said that “sentencing of the corrupt Biden plan” will be held August 29. “We will then commission established law enforcement and the military to take Biden and his son and his brother into custody if they don’t turn themselves in, and frankly, put them in the slammer,” he said in a video posted on YouTube. He has promised future trials of public health official Anthony Fauci and other perceived enemies of the MAGA movement

Klayman’s cosplay has no legal standing, but could inspire violent behavior from one of former President Donald Trump’s passionate supporters. Klayman denounced the “Marxian Jewish left” he said was persecuting Trump, calling for a “counterrevolution.” He called the judge in the Georgia indictment an “anti-white racist.” He said he believes that someone in Trump’s orbit will be harmed, which would set off Trump’s supporters

Klayman’s escapades in the past have included a citizen grand jury that “convicted” then-President Barack Obama of fraud, and a failed rally at the White House that was meant to force Obama out of the White House

Klayman is using his new version to raise money for Freedom Watch, a group he founded after falling out with the leaders of Judicial Watch, which he also founded

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #dunning-kruger 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Residential Schools have always been awesome; more people are waking up to that fact"]

A couple weeks ago on his podcast, Matt Walsh took on the "215 dead kids" hoax

Recently True North News, who has been (along with this blog) right on this file from the very beginning, just published a popular article about the "blood libel" caused by these fake claims about dead injun kids[…]

The Indian Residential School genocide claim, now repeated by many indigenous leaders, elders, knowledge keepers and ordinary folk, legions of non-indigenous people including Justin Trudeau, the head of the Roman Catholic Church[…]was invented many years earlier Protocols-style by a crackpot who has been selling snake oil by the bucketful to gullible indigenous and non-indigenous people alike for more than 30 years[…]

New York Post[…]again give their American audience important information[…]

“I don’t like to use the word hoax because it’s too strong but there are also too many falsehoods circulating about this issue with no evidence,” Jacques Rouillard, a professor emeritus in the Department of History at the Université de Montréal, told The Post[…]

We're still a long ways from perfect: few are still willing to even bend as slightly as Prof. Rouillard to even say "hey you can't seem to find any evidence", let alone to a much better statement that the Residential School System was an excellent idea well administered with minimal resources by highly dedicated and loyal public servants to achieve the noble if not genetically impossible task of improving the redskinned race of Mongolian rejects

Journey of a million miles begins with a single action of throwing shitty moccasins away and buying sensible hiking boots, yadda yadda yadda

Elvis Dunderhoff #homophobia dailystormer.name

[From "BRICS Countries to Meet in South Africa to Plan Heterosexual World Order"]

There is a new world rising

A world where penises will be inserted exclusively into vaginas, and no other holes


BRICS leaders meet in South Africa next week to discuss how to turn a loose club of nations accounting for a quarter of the global economy into a geopolitical force that can challenge the West’s dominance in world affairs[…]

It’s not really a joke that this is all about anal sex

It really, actually, is all about anal sex

Which is not actually “sex,” by the way. Just so you understand

The Americans want to force their value system on other people. That is their prime agenda. Most countries just want to make money, and don’t care about forcing people to do thing against their will

Ron Peri #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger angrywhitemen.org

Ron Peri, who was appointed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to an oversight board for Disney’s special tax district, once warned that Europe is “collapsing” and “becoming Muslim through the depopulation of Europeans.” Peri made the comments in a Sept. 2021 video uploaded to the YouTube channel of his ministry, The Gathering USA[…]
In the video, titled “The Longevity Lifestyle of the Jews,” Peri told listeners that “Nations die. Not from overpopulation but from depopulation.” After referencing the fall of the Roman Empire, Peri added that, “Europe is collapsing. It is becoming Muslim through the depopulation of Europeans”

Peri read off statistics about “Islamic birthrates” in countries such as Afghanistan and Somalia, which he contrasted with birthrates of European countries. He added, “Do you know that there are, today, more Muslims in France than there are Catholics? Everything is changing in Europe”[…]
Peri then said that in the U.S. “we’re starting to see the same issue,” and that “the American birthrate” was 2.1 in 2019 while the Canadian birthrate was 1.5

According to Peri, he took these statistics from America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It by Mark Steyn[…]
Citing data which showed a decline in births between Dec. 2019 and Dec. 2020, Peri proclaimed that “the United States is facing a demographic collapse.” Peri appeared to partially attribute the decline to the COVID-19 vaccine, stating that “Many believe that the vaccine is indeed having a very negative effect on fertility rates and fertility rates going forward”


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #elitist #racist #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Worthless corrupt cops turn out to get funding after all"]

Years after municipal governments started living by the principles of #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfuckas, the resulting wave in crime and disorderly vagrants plaguing every corner of the metropolis have resulted in even an extreme leftist Edmonton City Council choosing to fund the police[…]
While the public is getting ever sicker of homeless bums causing vandalism and violence and societal decay in their wake, EPS is notoriously not interested in doing anything[…]
Precious leftwing governments in Ottawa have been responsible for the biggest cause of violence on the streets of Edmonton: worthless scumbags from shithole countries who should have been pelted with bullets when they tried to cross the border[…]
Back to Gerein and his "root causes", his reference to social workers of course doesn't talk about darkies in gangs shooting each other on our streets[…]
Homelessness[…]filling an ecological niche of sorts. Homeless will collect and spawn in accordance with the amount of food available, and the degree of predators to ween them out and/or scare them away. So has the City of Edmonton taken steps to cause the benefit to being homeless to increase?[…]
That's before we look at how the Red Indians who make up the vast majority of the homeless are constantly being thrown buckets of money which, thanks to the loss of the excellent Residential School system, they don't have the education (and never had the IQ) to spend it on anything but the kind of stuff that requires first responders to carry naloxone[…]
We could solve the homeless population pretty quickly, and that's before you sign onto my excellent poisoned pizza idea. We could stop supporting them[…]
In the meantime, we give them something to lose. Their life. And we shouldn't be feeling too bad about it, they are basically trying to commit suicide daily and we keep stopping them

Tom Shackleford #racist #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From "Credible Complaints"]

If blacks gripe about being slaves, well they can do that because they were actually brought here as slaves. What they can’t do is complain that they were mistreated as slaves because they paid the crown to be declared the property of the crown, as a certain tribal group did in Poland

Being the property of the crown conferred a privileged legal status upon them that enabled them to abuse and exploit the host population[…]If one of them swindled a common Pole, it would be impossible to bring a civil case against him unless one of his fellow tribe members took the side of the aggrieved Pole[…]
I had one do that to me recently without realizing he was basically trying to discuss veganism with Hannibal Lecter. In their minds, they’re the righteous and aggrieved demographic. Nothing they inflicted on the locals, not the death, suffering, swindling, starvation, war, or communism could possibly explain why the locals wanted to kill them. I guarantee you that in Victoria Nuland’s heart and mind, she’s settling a score on behalf of her abused ancestors[…]
The first time they claimed six million of them were killed was by the Russian Czar back in the 1890s. There are six points on their demonic star, so perhaps they made claims using this number before that instance

To this guy, his people are oppressed, and everyone is out to get them[…]Maybe he genuinely believes his people were oppressed in Poland because that’s what he was told. I doubt they’re much more honest with each other than they are with us[…]
Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a white girl, then tried to blame it on one of his black employees[…]
If a group is powerful enough to take control of a nation’s money supply with a private banking cartel, they can get a murderer off the hook. This saga ended with Frank being lynched, which was the only way justice was going to be obtained[…]
They swindled our civilization out from underneath us, so we’re along for the ride

Colonel Douglas Macgregor and Tucker Carlson #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

[Douglas] Macgregor is also a Putin apologist who claimed that Russia “really didn’t start” the war in Ukraine

Carlson played a clip of Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender former journalist[…]spokesperson for Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces. In the clip, Ashton-Cirillo called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “vampire” who “bathes in the blood of innocent children”

Carlson mocked Ashton-Cirillo as a “guy with fake breasts”[…]Macgregor said that the “people bathing in blood are in Kiev and Washington, not in Moscow”

Macgregor told Carlson that “We’re going to see this whole thing collapse and implode. It’s coming.” Carlson asked if NATO would collapse as well, to which Macgregor replied “I would think so” because Germany is “well into a recession” and “deindustrialized itself by casting its lot with the anti-Russian crowd”

Macgregor also stated that today’s Russian military is nothing like the Soviet Army, which he called “an exercise in barbarism, and savagery, [and] mass rape”

“That’s not Russia today,” he claimed. “Russia today is a very different society, [a] very different state. And that’s been Putin’s effort from day one. He’s been interested in restoring Russia as an Orthodox Christian state with a true national identity and a strong national culture”

“That’s probably another reason why so many people want to destroy Russia,” he continued. “Because it’s the last European state that has not been flooded with foreigners and turned into some sort of polyglot experiment”

Macgregor said this “experiment” is “failing badly” because “when things fall apart economically” it becomes difficult for “all of these unwanted people in Europe and, for that matter, here as well.” He added that Americans and Germans will look at immigrants and ask whey they are being “subsidized”

Carlson agreed, saying “I’m getting 1,400 bucks a month in retirement that I paid into my entire life, and you just show up from Congo and you’re getting 2,200 bucks”

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #wingnut #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "The "C" in "CISN" stands for cuck"]

Remember when Jason Aldean came to Edmonton and it was a huge deal?[…]He's been a big deal in country music for about a decade now, and of course he was the act that was playing the Route 91 Harvest festival when Stephen Paddock shot the place up for reasons nobody ever really got that interested in discovering

Of course, many of you may only know him from the fact that a few weeks back one of his songs has been denounced as horribly racist

The song was released in May, though controversy was reignited when the country artist released the accompanying music video this month[…]

You might note that the article in question was from CISN 103.9, Edmonton's long-running country music FM station. When the Aldean story broke and the song climbed to the top of the charts, one of the first things I checked was CISN's recent playlist[…]
Not a single Jason Aldean song had been on their playlist[…]
I checked again yesterday and while there are actual Jason Aldean songs playing again, "Try That in a Small Town" is still not one of them[…]
This is CISN cowardly hiding from morons arguing in bad faith. The correct answer when somebody whines to you that "this song is racist" is "what did you say you retarded nigger? I can't hear you over this awesome† tune"

†It's worth noting you do this even if, as is the case here, the song isn't actually all that good. It's a Danish cartoon issue at this point: you play it loud if for no other reason than you're being instructed not to play it at all

There is only one acceptable thing to do in this situation: go to the CISN studio and try to murder the inhabitants with fire

Henry Hastings #fundie #wingnut #psycho rightwingwatch.org

In the wake of[…]Trump’s loss[…], the “Elijah Streams” program has become increasingly focused on promoting far-right conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed “prophets”[…]
Tuesday, Enlow served as a guest host on “Elijah Steams,” where he interviewed Amanda and Henry Hastings, who run a biblically based tactical weapons training program called Shoot, Move, Communicate. Henry Hastings is a former special forces commander[…]“supernatural encounter” in which God reportedly told him to start training up “modern-day Minutemen”—emphasis on “men”[…]
“Jesus certainly wasn’t a pacifist,” Hastings said. “If you go to the Book of Revelation and you really get to know who the Lord is, he’s definitely not an anti-war pacifist at all”[…]
Hastings then claimed that the Constitution and Bill of Rights place “supreme authority” in the local sheriff who has the power to establish militias under the Second Amendment to remove “domestic enemies” from office[…]
“When we have elections where people have not been legally or lawfully elected, we have domestic enemies in office and our Constitution gives us the authority to remove them”

Hastings warned that the nation is heading to another Lexington[…]
Hastings later read a prophecy from the non-canonical Book of Enoch to proclaim that “the kings and the powerful ones will perish and will be surrendered into the hands of the righteous and the holy”[…]
“These wicked people who have dug a pit for the Lord’s anointed; I’m going to name them right now: Fani Willis, Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, Merrick Garland, Adam Schiff, and soon to be Katie Hobbs if the state of Arizona files an indictment against the Lord’s anointed. I am telling you, every single one of them will fall into the ditch that they have made, they will fall into the pit that they have dug unless they repent, but time’s running out for their repentance”

Saud al-Saadi, Sharif Suleiman and National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq (NCMC) #homophobia #psycho today.lorientlejour.com

A law amendment in Iraq proposes capital punishment for homosexual relations, in what campaigners call a "dangerous" escalation in the country where LGBTQ+ people already face frequent attacks and discrimination

The amendment to a 1988 anti-prostitution law, which passed a first reading in parliament last week, would enable courts to issue "the death penalty or life imprisonment" sentences for "homosexual relations"[…]
Homosexuality, much like other gender issues, remains taboo in Iraq's conservative society, though no existing laws explicitly punish homosexual relations

But members of the LGBTQ+ community have been prosecuted for "sodomy" or under vague morality and anti-prostitution clauses in Iraq's penal code

LGBTQ+ Iraqis have been forced into the shadows, often targeted with "kidnappings, rapes, torture and murders" that go unpunished, according to a 2022 report by Human Rights Watch and the IraQueer non-governmental organization[…]
The amendment was "still under discussion and subject to exchanges of viewpoints," said Saud al-Saadi, a member of the Shiite Muslim party Huquq, the political wing of the powerful Iran-aligned Hezbollah Brigades and part of the ruling coalition

Saadi said a second reading had yet to be scheduled, and argued parliament aims to "fill a legal vacuum."

Lawmaker Sharif Suleiman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party said the proposed legislation reflects "our moral and human values and our fights against abnormal social phenomena"

"We need deterrent laws"[…]
The amendment would also set a minimum seven-year prison term for "promoting homosexuality," according to the text seen by AFP[…]
The national media and communications commission is considering banning Iraq-based publications from using the term "homosexuality," a source at the body said

Instead, media outlets would be advised to use the derogatory term "sexual deviance," according to the source, and the term "gender" would also be banned

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia #transphobia #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Five years ago your lifestyle was evil, five years from now your lifestyle would be evil (but we all know what will take care of that problem for us)"]

One In A Million
Well, for the first time since 2018, sodomites are again taking to the streets to march to desperately try and convince you of the big lie: that they are "born that way" and didn't choose a disgusting lifestyle choice which they can be cured of

Which in theory should mean for the first time since 2018 I got to make the greatest semiannual joke in history:

I thought the AIDS Walk was in September!

Of course, for five years (something about trannies and police) the poofters couldn't figure out how to march without "excluding" somebody somehow[…]
The Evil Edmonton Uranists Club (EEUC, the same sound we make when they try to talk to us and those long "s" sounds leave spittle on our jacket) moved their thing from early June[…]
So yet again, they march, because when deep down you know your brain really is broken and the perversions you have adopted are unquestionably wrong and immoral, you have to seek and demand endless external validation before you decide that a life of ass piracy can only be cured with a sharp object pressed lovingly and firmly into your own wrists

The best part is, it's still not enough. San Fransisco, hide it as best they can, has one of the worst suicide rates in the Western world[…]Isn't enough to stop them from realizing they have made a wicked choice and choosing to escape it through the grave!

As is the case of all mental health problems, pederasty drives people to suicide. Cure the disease (or at least treat it: try to make them talk a tle less effeminately just for a fun change of pace), and then you solve the problem[…]
The more you march, the faster you die

Don't stop in the afternoon, keep walking until you hit Winnipeg. Then we'll need to worry no more about your sperm burping advocacy

General Roberto Vannacci #homophobia #racist #conspiracy euronews.com

Italian general Roberto Vannacci has been removed from his position as the head of the Italian paratroopers brigade and from the Military Geographical Institute in Florence after he made homophobic and racist statements in his self-published book 'The World Upside Down'

In his book, which has now reached number one on Amazon Italy’s bestsellers list, he takes aim at environmentalists, leftists, feminists, Jews and the unemployed. The most shocking statements in his book, which were the main reasons he was relieved from his positions, were aimed at the LGBTQ+ community and Black Italians

The most infamous segment from the book starts as an address to the LGBTQ+ community:

“Dear homosexuals, you’re not normal, get over it!” He continues: “Normality is heterosexuality. If everything seems normal to you, however, it is the fault of the plots of the international gay lobby which banned terms that until a few years ago were in our dictionaries…” He then proceeds to list nearly a dozen slurs against the LGBTQ+ community

After the controversy surrounding the book broke out, he defended his statements about the ‘abnormality’ of the LGBTQ+ community by saying that they were taken out of context. “Dear homosexuals, you are in good company, I too am abnormal”

Later in the book, he states that he thinks migrants and immigrants should be more grateful for the “generosity and compassion” he alleges they received when they arrive in Italy. He continues that we are not all born equal and that immigrants to Italy will always be different and uses Italian volleyball champion Paola Egonu as an example. “She is Italian by citizenship, but it is clear that her facial features do not represent Italianness”

In an interview with Italian media, the general defended his statements and said that he would not take anything back[…]
He continued that what he discussed in his book falls under his constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech

Brittney Heimbigner and Jake Heimbigner #fundie koin.com

Two members of a faith healing church in Oregon City pleaded guilty to denying their son medical care on Tuesday

Brittney and Jake Heimbigner, members of the Followers of Christ Church, admitted they didn’t get their 13-year-old son dialysis treatment in a case stemming from September of 2021

In the plea bargain, the prosecutor is recommending 15 days in jail and three years’ probation

“Our office makes this offer having considered the significant harm that (their son) suffered, the awareness of the risk to him that both defendants demonstrated in their statements to police, and their disregard of that risk by failing to seek medical care until confronted by law enforcement,” wrote Deputy District Attorney Bryan Censoni in court documents

Sentencing will be scheduled for sometime after the first week of September

Since 2008, the Heimbigners are the sixth couple to be prosecuted as members of the church[…]In court Tuesday, it was noted the couple will be able to try to convince the judge they should not get any jail time at sentencing. Jake’s lawyer told KOIN 6 News the couple may not have realized their son’s condition was urgent[…]
In prior Followers of Christ criminal cases, defense attorneys argued the parents didn’t know how bad off their child was until it was too late

Dave Blount #fundie #homophobia #transphobia moonbattery.com

[From "California Gets a Shot Across the Bow"]

No sign yet of rivers turning to blood, dust becoming lice, plagues of frogs, flies, and locusts, 3 days of darkness, or the death of first-born children, but judgment may be getting underway in sin-soaked California:

California residents raced a uniquely harrowing set of circumstances on Sunday as an earthquake shook the ground in the Los Angeles County area while Tropical Storm Hilary ravaged roads and caused severe flooding

The rainbow that has been insolently appropriated and defiled is a symbol of God’s promise not to punish sin by flooding the world. That does not rule out a little high water:

Palm Springs has been submerged in a deluge of floodwater as Tropical Storm Hilary continues to batter California

Shocking footage emerged throughout Sunday of cars, trucks and ambulances swallowed by flood waters in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is regarded as a gay mecca even by California standards

Speaking of the LGBT community, in June a ceremony honoring the belligerently blasphemous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was held at Dodger Stadium. Now we read this:

Remarkable aerial footage showed the iconic home of the LA Dodgers – which has stood for more than six decades – engulfed in a sea of water after the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "CariWest 2023"]

After a few lockdown-closed years, the Edmonton Caribbean† Festival is back this year with a vengeance. Even the annual parade is back[…]
As is typical for the Caribbean Festival, if you think racial stereotypes are wrong and misguided your worldview gets absolutely destroyed, because every negative thing about niggers you ever thought (minus one glaring example) comes true[…]
Let's start with the parade despite the parade not starting. It's been over a decade that I've been pointing out that the race notorious for always being late for work (and/or slow drivers) also can't start a parade within half an hour of the widely agreed and published start time[…]
On top of that, both at the grounds and annoyingly on the parade path itself were numerous examples of the "Blacks and the Domination of Social Space" effect I recently reposted after the original source was scrubbed from the internet[…]
The one thing that was conspicuously absent from this and most CariWest festivals: why is it when the second-most violent of all races stops being violent when you throw all of them together in a giant pile? I honestly don't (yet) have a strong answer to this, but the theory that you know that if another nigger wants to kill you, you stay away from the festival its 99.999% likely he will attend[…]
Since we just covered the one stereotype that got skipped, let's switch to the next one that didn't: blacks have incredibly poor governance and organizational skills, possibly related to them being literally retarded[…]
For all the issues though, it's good to see another of Edmonton's festivals come back to normal

Vox Day #racist #dunning-kruger #psycho voxday.net

[From "SF is Dying and LA is Next"]

The store looting community have migrated from San Francisco to Los Angeles:

Dozens of thieves ransacked the Nordstrom, smashing displays and stealing an estimated $60,000- $100,000 worth of merchandise, authorities said[…]

The same thing is happening in London. An astonishing number of retailers, major and minor, have been driven out of downtown San Francisco already, now Oxford Street and the Topanga Mall appear to be the next sitting ducks

Europeans became civilized after several centuries of methodically executing thieves and imposing other violent forms of civilization. Asians went through the same refining process, but even longer. Africans never went through it, which is why the dyscivilizational genetic patterns that were significantly reduced in the other primary human sub-species are still prevalent in them. Evolution by artificial selection doesn’t produce new species, but it does produce better-behaved animals and human beings

So the people of the West have three choices. Either impose the same cruel and merciless system of punishment on petty criminals today that the medieval Europeans did or watch civilization collapse in every single major city with a substantially vibrant population. Or, of course, bring back freedom of association and segregation, but we know that won’t happen until society itself collapses

The nations will be homogenous again; the patterns of history are inevitable and the diversity of today is imposed, subsidized, and artificial. The only question is just how terrible the process involved will be

Andrew Anglin #sexist #transphobia dailystormer.name

[From "Chess League Bans Trannies from Women’s League, Proving That Women are Intellectually as Well as Physically Inferior"]

The fact that women suck at chess proves that they really are inferior to men

With the sports, you can say “oh well, of course they are physically weaker, but what does that matter in modern times???”

Being bad at chess means they are intellectually inferior[…]
We must start from the point of “women are inferior to men and therefore should be treated differently by society”

I mean, we treat people with Down syndrome differently, do we not?

Personally, I think women should be banned from making their own decisions. That is to say, they should be “disenfranchised.” But regardless of how you think this issue should be dealt with, the fact that they have to ban trannies from playing chess because otherwise women will be destroyed by vastly more intelligent men pretending to be women, proves that women are mentally inferior[…]

The world’s top chess federation has ruled that transgender women cannot compete in its official events for women until its officials make an assessment[…]

Good luck fighting the tranny lobby

The tranny lobby is superior to the vagina lobby for the same reason men win all these competitions – because men are superior to women

I support trannies being in everything designed for women, of course. Because it proves, over and over again, that women are inferior to men[…]
There is a reason there are no women geniuses in any field, and the women who were competent at certain things usually had a husband who was competent in those things (how much did Percy help Mary with Frankenstein?)

Furthermore, this whole concept of “women’s sports” and women’s chess or whatever else was retarded from the beginning

Women should stay at home and have kids


End of story

Abdul Hakim Sharaee #fundie rferl.org

Afghanistan’s hard-line Islamist Taliban rulers have banned all political parties, saying there is "no justification" for them under Shari'a law

“Political parties are banned completely, we will not permit any political party to operate in the country,” Abdul Hakim Sharaee, the Taliban's de facto justice minister, said during a news conference on August 16, one day after the Taliban marked two years of rule since international troops withdrew from the country

“Political parties have no justification in Islamic Shari’a law and they are not in the best interest of our nation,” he added, claiming political parties have been the main factor causing turmoil in Afghanistan for decades

The ban is the latest Taliban restriction on political activities after dozens of political parties were registered after the militants were ousted in 2001 from their previous stint as rulers

Since returning to power in 20221, the ultraconservative militants have monopolized power by giving all major government leadership posts to Taliban leaders while muzzling the press and abolishing democratic institutions

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #transphobia occidentaldissent.com

[From "Trump Indicted In Georgia"]

Sure, Donald Trump is running for president again and has been indicted again (we have seen it three times before), but we are at the point where you can begin to feel the pull of the waterfall ahead. History is speeding up. The 3,000 foot drop into the unknown is coming next year


Driving the news: The 41 felony counts in the 98-page indictment include racketeering charges, conspiracy to commit forgery and perjury[…]

As I was saying about the Amren conference, we are going about our routines and everything feels normal[…]
Don’t be fooled. American politics hasn’t been this bad at any point in our lifetimes[…]
The impeachment of Bill Clinton never summoned this level of anger, resentment and disillusion with the system. Bush v. Gore, which was settled by the Supreme Court, was a contentious election cycle but it doesn’t approach this level of breakdown of trust in institutions[…]
While politics in the Gilded Age was heated and violent, William Jennings Bryan was never arrested. None of the forgettable presidents of that time period like Cleveland and Harrison had their rivals arrested and incarcerated

Polarization hasn’t been this bad since the War Between the States and Reconstruction. It is truly incredible when you think about it that our elites would put our institutions under this amount of stress in a time such as this, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after Iraq or COVID or transgenderism or now the war in Ukraine. Making foolish decisions is the hallmark of our current ruling class[…]
Elections are how the ruling class legitimize their rule in our system. The key thing is that both sides trust that the process is fair and legitimate. The loser has to feel like they are full participants in the next election. Defeats aren’t permanent defeats. They are torching that to own Trump

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From "Bosnian Bodybuilder Livestreams Murder of Ex-Wife, Murder Spree While Being Chased by Cops"]

Bitches think it’s a game

Then shit gets real

New York Post

A Bosnian bodybuilder live-streamed the brutal murder of his ex-wife on Instagram Friday — before going on a shooting rampage that ended with his suicide

Nermin Sulejmanovic, 35, filmed at least three videos documenting the violent spree that left three innocent people dead and three more injured in the northeastern town of Gradacac[…]
He then turns the camera to his ex-wife, whose face is bloodied and disfigured from injuries, local outlet Telegraf reported


That’s the face you make when “shit just got real”[…]
At time of writing, 4chan has links to the video, if anyone wants to see it. I’m not gonna watch it, personally. But maybe I’m just getting old

For the record, the guy is both on steroids and a Moslem

I’m not going to blame any man for beating and murdering his wife who was a whore and presumably trying to steal his kids while she was going around having sex with other men. I don’t support it and I don’t endorse murder, but I really do understand why a man would do that

But killing random people on the street?


I mean, if you were seriously going to go out in this manner, you would think you would find her boyfriend/boyfriends and get them, rather than random people. But yeah, I mean. Bosniacs


At the very least, stories like this should be blasted all over the media, like “BITCH BETTER WATCH IT – SOME DUDES OUT THERE AIN’T PLAYING”

Somehow, the media is focusing on “violence against women,” despite the fact that the bitch clearly deserved it and the guy also killed randos on the street who definitely did not deserve it

Stephen Miller #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #wingnut mediaite.com

Former Senior Advisor to former President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller made a bizarre claim about Watergate during a recent interview

The exchange happened during the Friday edition of The Benny Show where host Benny Johnson asked Miller how reform could take place at the Department of Justice in light of the third indictment of Trump. A clip from the interview began circulating Twitter via Jason Campbell

JOHNSON: I think the atmosphere, perhaps Stephen, is right for true, true reform here at the DOJ. Sir, how do you go about doing it?

MILLER: Well, the first and most important thing is to reestablish what is known as the unitary executive. So this goes back to the Watergate era. And now we obviously know, looking back on it now, of course, that that was a deep state coup against Richard Nixon

MILLER: But this was back to the Watergate era in which, by the way, the cost of that just that we’re talking about measuring this in human lives, is that just I know it is a tangent, but to understand the consequence of the deep state thinking they run policy. Getting rid of Nixon, who was pursuing an honorable peace and a durable peace in Vietnam, led to the complete collapse of Nixon’s Vietnam strategy after he left office

MILLER: That would have then kept some sort of peace in Indochina, and instead we were left with communist butchery on a scale that few can imagine. I’m not talking about the validity of entering the war. I’m just pointing out that when you when you get rid of duly elected presidents, the effects on policy can be truly calamitous

Anatoly Torkunov, Vyacheslav Nikonov and Sergey Devyatov #wingnut #conspiracy novayagazeta.eu

Starting from 1 September, Russian schoolchildren will be taught using a new curriculum that will see the return of basic military training and the introduction of new textbooks for both history and social studies[…]

The West became obsessed with destabilising the situation inside Russia, initially along its borders. For this, they sponsored outright Russophobia in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The next stage in their plan was to draw Russia into a series of conflicts and “colour revolutions”[…]

Above is an excerpt from the new history textbook[…]One of the co-authors of the course is Vladimir Medinsky, the country’s former minister of culture[…]
In July, excerpts from the new textbook on Russian history[…]Claims that if not for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “it could potentially have been the end of the civilisation”

Russia’s educational institutions are to use a single federal curriculum that uses just one textbook for almost every subject[…]
One education policy expert who spoke to Novaya-Europe on condition of anonymity said that the publishing house in question now enjoys a monopoly in the Russian textbook market, just as it did during the Soviet era[…]
There are two further books on Russia’s most recent history included in the new curriculum. Excerpts from one of them, written by Vyacheslav Nikonov and Sergey Devyatov, were recently leaked by the media

The book claims that the US and “its European vassals” have been using Ukraine as “a fist aimed at Russia” and a “stepping stone for a NATO attack”, so Russia was “forced to take preventive measures”[…]Chapter on the “special military operation” ends with a WWII-era Soviet slogan: “Our cause is just! The enemy will be routed! We shall prevail!”

Andrew Anglin #wingnut #dunning-kruger #crackpot dailystormer.name

[From "First American Defector Since 1982 Bolts Across DMZ to Free Korea"]

This is the first defector to North Korea since 1982

I doubt he is being treated how the American media is claiming he is being treated


A U.S. soldier crossed the inter-Korean border into North Korea and was believed to be in North Korea custody[…]

Some reports I’ve seen said that he was laughing when he ran across the border

I guess he will be in detention for a while until they can figure out if he’s a spy, and will then live the rest of his life under some suspicion, but there is no reason they have to abuse him

You can read about the list of defectors – they were all allowed to live normal lives

The fact that Americans want to go live in North Korea is a good look for North Korea

North Korea is actually a really nice country, without all these problems we deal with in “democracy” countries

Of course, no one can know that

If you tweet this:

You: North Korea is a dictatorship where people are forced to push trains and are executed for having the wrong haircut

North Korea: ???? pic.twitter.com/BxmS4CylC9

July 15, 2023

The censors will claim that this is actually a Truman Show type scenario, where when you visit the country, everything is a setup with actors:

spoilerVideo of marathon with the added context "choregraphied"

That is, of course, a wild conspiracy theory, for which the censors have no evidence beyond “reports”

Ritanjali Bagh, Soumyaranjan, Dibyaranjan and Jyotiranjan #fundie #psycho indianexpress.com

The Angul police in Odisha Sunday arrested a woman priest and her three sons in a suspected human sacrifice of a 14-year-old boy, whose limbless body was found hanging from a tree on Friday in a local forest

The police identified the accused as Ritanjali Bagh of Tusur village under Kiakata police limit and her three sons —Soumyaranjan, Dibyaranjan and Jyotiranjan

The victim, Sanchit Biswal of Subarnapur village, had been ailing for the past few months, the police said. When his health had not improved even after consulting several doctors, his mother took him to Ritanjali, known locally for performing certain rituals, on July 22

According to the police, Ritanjali asked the boy and his mother to stay in separate rooms in her place of worship at night. Basanti could not find her son when she woke up the next day, and Ritanjali was also missing from the place, the police said

Basanti then lodged a missing complaint at the Kiakata police station on July 24. The villagers spotted the victim’s mutilated body hanging from a tree in the Baruni jungle on the morning of July 28

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #homophobia thepoliticalcesspool.org

[From "White Americans Are Being Attacked"]

The majority of the population remains white despite 58 years of mass immigration of non-whites. Despite remaining a large majority, white Americans are not only being replaced but are being disappeared along with their history.

You no longer see white families in corporate ads. If a family is shown, it is a black man, white woman, and mixed-race children, or it is an Asian woman, white man, and mixed-race children. A white family has been given a negative meaning as a statement against “diversity.” Diversity has trumped the basis of a nation-state, which is a homogeneous population[…]
Ever since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission created racial quotas in defiance of the statutory prohibition in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, white Americans, especially heterosexual males, have been second-class citizens[…]
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that race-based university admissions are impermissible[…]The ruling is a half-century too late. Discrimination against white Americans is now institutionalized. Blacks are a small percentage of the population, but they are over-represented in positions of power[…]
White people are being demonized out of existence, and they are helpless, despite being a majority in an alleged democracy, to do anything about it[…]
Museum curators, themselves white, present the works of white art in their collections as “racist works”[…]
White Americans are helpless to stand up for themselves because half of them – the blue state half – have succumbed to the brainwashing and indoctrination that white people – only white people – are “aversive racists”[…]
The statue of Robert E. Lee, a work of art by famous sculptors Henry Shrady and Leo Lantelli, stood in Charlottesville[…]
Why does black self-expression and celebration of black heritage require the elimination of white heritage?[…]
In 1970 the population of California was 76% white. The state was solidly Republican through the 1980s

The Last Reformation (TLR) and Rev. Torben Sondergaard #fundie #ableist #quack #conspiracy au.news.yahoo.com

The Queensland Department of Education has spoken out after a controversial religious group that says it can "free" people of autism, cancer and homosexuality promoted an indoctrination event at a Brisbane school

The Last Reformation (TLR), an evangelical Christian church founded by Danish baker-turned-pastor Torben Sondergaard, angered locals by announcing it would hold a "Kickstart" at a public high school next month

"Am I reading this right: a religious group that performs child exorcism is travelling to Australia and has been allowed to use Cavendish Road State High School to recruit followers?" a concerned resident asked[…]
In an interview with Spain's The Local in 2016, Mr Sondergaard clarified he does not claim to "heal" autism but instead, "frees" people of the "demons" that cause it

"It happened in Australia to a nine-year-old-girl who suffered autism. She was freed from demons and she was happy," Mr Sondergaard said. "It wasn't something shocking like a big man holding her down. She was with her mother and we all prayed and the demon was cast out and she was happy and the mother was happy"[…]
The group announced a series of training events — or "Kickstarts" — in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide[…]
Mr Sondergaard is currently in detention in the US after he was arrested in July 2022 for alleged gun smuggling – an accusation that TLR vehemently denies[…]
After the Department of Education addressed TLR's request, the group announced a change of venue and has since cancelled all forthcoming events in Australia, citing "attacks and persecution"

An update on TLR's Eventbrite page states that the events couldn't go ahead as one of the church's preachers, Jón Bjarnastein, was denied a visa[…]
"So from all of this, it's very clear that there are people working behind the scenes; and they seem to be working very hard to prevent us from continuing"

Pierre Hillard #fundie #wingnut lemonde.fr

Gérald Darmanin said on social media, that he had asked the ministry "to proceed to the dissolution" of the party, "firmly" condemning anti-Semitic remarks made during its summer seminar last month

At that meeting, on July 30, polemicist Pierre Hillard told his audience that, before the French Revolution of 1789, Jews and other religious minorities could not become French citizens because they were "heretics." Hillard said that "maybe we should go back to how things were before 1789"

Several politicians and Jewish organizations quickly condemned the remarks[…]
Civitas, which claims to have 165,000 members, is an organization of ultra-traditionalist Catholics. It was recognized as having political party status in 2016 and has been receiving public financing thanks to that decision

Civitas backed far-right figure Eric Zemmour in last year's presidential election, fought against the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2013 and is staunchly anti-immigration. Its members also sometimes disrupt public events when they involve non-heterosexual performers, and the party is the target of sexual discrimination complaints over alleged homophobia

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #sexist #homophobia #wingnut 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Faggot loving pansy man unable to keep his wife satisfied like the pathetic piece of shit he is"]

The big news today is that Rat Bastard 2.0, as pretty much every conservative pundit has known for almost four years while the far-left media denied it at every turn, is now officially divorcing from the future Mrs. Idris Elba

The couple, who’ve been the faces of numerous glossy magazine covers, released a statement saying they made this decision “after much thought and careful consideration.” The statement seems in stark contrast to the confident image Trudeau has continuously cultivated both during his campaign and tenure as Prime Minister[…]

As many (including Beaxte) have pointed out, when Rat Bastard 2.0 doesn't give two shits about our desire for privacy or freedom from snooping government agents, then he and his slutty ex-wife and his genetically poisoned spawn don't get nor deserve the smallest ounce of privacy in return[…]
And with the final word, as always, the newspaper of record: At publishing time, the Canadian press was mourning what has been deemed a terrible setback for interracial marriage in Canada

Joseph Jordan #racist #conspiracy nationaljusticeparty.com

[From "YIMBYs Versus NIMBYs: The Jewish Proxy War On White Communities"]

There is no greater litmus test for human liberty than the right to decide what kind of community you and your family live in. Since the advent of the Great Migration of blacks from the South to the Northeast, California, and Midwest, and later the passing of the Civil Rights and Fair Housing acts, white Americans of all political persuasions and economic statuses have fled urban enclaves for suburbs and, in more recent years, even further out to sprawling semi-rural exurbs in hopes of escaping the rampant violence and general state of decay and alienation brought by new neighbors

The primary strategy used to limit diversity in neighborhoods and towns has been for town councils to pass local zoning regulations preventing dwellings more accessible to minorities from being built[…]A very well-funded coalition of real estate capitalists, Silicon Valley billionaires, conservatives, libertarians and anti-white leftists who call themselves “YIMBYs” (Yes In My Backyard) are pushing federal and state officials to begin undoing single-family zoning rules in white communities[…]
For those on the receiving end of this internal migration, the news is grim. One 2022 study found that the value of a home begins deteriorating as soon as a single non-white household appears[…]
The American housing experience is fairly unique in the developed world and reveals an inherent flaw in heavily multi-racial experiments. In racially homogenous nations like Austria (95%+ European) and Singapore (overwhelmingly East Asian), the state builds heavily socialized housing for low-income tenants, and the policy is popular[…]
These influential YIMBYists are all Jewish[…]
YIMBYism versus NIMBYism, in other words, is a proxy conflict between whites and Jews

The Jewish advantage is overwhelming. YIMBYs are able to flood the press and opinion columns with their narratives while suppressing NIMBY counter-arguments

Anna Perez and Elijah Schaffer #wingnut #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Right-wing commentator Anna Perez reacted to the latest indictment of former President Donald Trump—this time for his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election—by suggesting that an armed uprising and revolution is the only proper response[…]
She was being interviewed Wednesday night by Elijah Schaffer, an equally bigoted broadcaster who used to host a program on The Blaze network until he was fired for reportedly drunkenly groping a female colleague, about Trump’s latest indictment, which Schaffer proclaimed to be “tyranny”

Perez agreed and suggested that the proper response is to take up arms

“Here’s the reality,” Perez said. “The [America] Revolution was an insurrection. What else would it be? What happened is people stood up against the tyrants that were basically controlling their every move. … They were living under absolute tyranny, and what did they decide to do? They decided to take up arms against the government. They formed militias in their communities, and they took up arms against the most powerful military in the world”

“Are we not living under very similar circumstances here in America?” she asked. “Does this not call for the same, if not a similar response, to that situation? Why else would we have a Second Amendment? They specifically put the Second Amendment in there because we didn’t ever want to have to come to this point, to be quite honest”

“I’m not calling for violence,” Perez unconvincingly insisted while simultaneously declaring that the American people must “realize that there is a Second Amendment for a reason”

Luis Miguel #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #dunning-kruger thenewamerican.com

[From "College Board, Angry It Can No Longer Groom Kids, Pulls AP Psych From Florida"]

The left-wing academic establishment is having a full-blown meltdown at the news that the College Board, which runs both the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the Advanced Placement (AP) high-school curricula, is pulling its AP Psychology program out of Florida due to the state’s restrictions on the teaching of sexuality and gender ideology in classrooms

Contrary to the way the mainstream media is reporting the news, Florida did not ban the College Board from letting students take the AP Psych[…]
Rather, the state asked the College Board to review its courses and update any that contain material that is in conflict with new state legislation prohibiting sexual grooming in classrooms. This applied to the AP Psychology course, which asks students to “describe how sex and gender influence socialization and other aspects of development”

But the organization refused to make any changes, preferring to nix AP Psych altogether[…]
The College Board that killed its own AP Psych program by deciding not to recognize or give credit for courses that drop the sections on gender and sexuality. They preferred not to have the course taught at all than to allow schools to teach it without the sections on gender and sexuality

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, previously took aim at the College Board for introducing “Neo-Marxism” into its courses aimed at teenagers[…]
At the end of the day, it’s just as well that Florida students are not being exposed to what passes as Marxist pseudoscience and degeneracy under the guise of “psychology.” Psychology courses, like modern revisionist history courses and English courses focusing on deconstructive, leftist literature, are among the settings which educators most use to inculcate impressionable young people with ideas such as atheism, sexual promiscuity, gender-bending ideology, and collectivist politics