Lori Kauffman and Jim Rizoli #racist #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Lori Kauffman is an unabashed Neo-Nazi[…]Has vowed to “exile” Jews and[…]said “we need to overthrow the government”

Kauffman’s bizarre candidacy was first reported on by Boston Broadside, which pointed out her pro-Hitler posts on X[…]She used her @Jews4Ye24 account[…]to declare, “I’m a Jew. Whatever the ‘holocaust’ was, Israel and J-ws are guilty of worse crimes against humanity. I love Hitler”

Kauffman uses a second X account, @LoriKauffman13, to spew antisemitic rhetoric as well[…]Before her conversion to Christianity, Kauffman wrote, “Yes I’m Jewish, but I have Christian values and believe Jews are destroying the world”[…]
She boasted that, if elected, she will ban same-sex marriage, criminalize transgender people, and “exile all Jews”[…]
Kauffman once posted a photo of herself holding a book called Life in the Reich, by British Neo-Nazi Michael McLaughlin[…]
She went on Hoaxbusters[…]During this appearance Kauffman explained why she rejected her Jewish upbringing, and what inspired her to run for office

Kauffman claimed that what “redpilled” her was rapper Ye[…]
“And everybody should’ve really woken up at this point when he sent a, we like to call it a sleepy tweet[…]about the Jews. And the next day — saying they hold all the power in the world — and the next day he loses like $9 billion of his own money”[…]
Massachusetts Republican Committee passed a resolution condemning Kauffman’s “prejudiced and antisemitic statements” and calling on her to withdraw her candidacy

Co-host Jim Rizoli eventually spoke up to suggest Kauffman actually had an “advantage” due to her “Jewish name.” He explained that, “Unless they read the Boston Broadside they’re not gonna really know who the hell ya are, probably. But, having a Jewish name — you gotta understand that the Jews are tribal. They vote for Jews. So you could actually do well”

Later in the show Kauffman expressed an interest in overthrowing the U.S. government and instituting a monarchy

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[From “Was Feminism A Backlash Against Abuse?”]

One claim made by well-meaning rightwingers is that feminism, although a terrible idea that has done significant damage to society, must be understood in the context of backlash against the abuses women suffered by men. This view postulates that feminism is an overreaction against certain ills that women faced and, in order to both understand and properly combat feminism, it must be understood in this situation. While this idea may have (on the surface) some merit, and many early feminists cited abuse as the origin of their work, it as an oversimplification of what actually took place

Before I begin this essay, first let me state that I do not deny that women, at times, faced horrific abuses by men in the pre-feminist world. It was deplorable and there was no excuse for it. But, it is critical to remember that abusive men were, in fact, considered wicked in the West and, more importantly, measures were taken to combat their misbehavior. Yes, it was not a perfect system[…]The major civilization that treated women the best was also the one that birthed feminism[…]
To understand the real origins of feminism we must not look at “the West” for its origins, but a particular area of the West – Yankeedom. A map of the active feminist organizations during the 19th century will show one curious fact – they hit a hard stop at the Mason-Dixon line. Feminism was the interest of Yankee women, not Southern women[…]
I certainly do not deny that women have faced horrific abuses in the past, and while the West was certainly better than the other major civilizations, it was not entirely blameless. However, the rise of modern feminism, and especially its radicalization in the 1960s, cannot be understood as backlash against that abuse[…]Rather, it was (and is) another Yankee attempt to make everyone else like them, the same mentality Southerners have been fighting against for nearly two centuries

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[From “The Talmud and Non-Jews”]

THE TALMUD, the sacred text of Judaism, is comprised of rabbinic commentaries that were written over a period of hundreds of years and contain the oral traditions that have shaped Judaism since shortly after the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D

Americans, including many Jews, are generally unfamiliar with the Talmud’s content. While it is widely acceptable to criticize the intolerance of the Quran, the Talmud is off bounds for mainstream commentary. Thus many do not know just how intolerant the revered text of the official religion of the state of Israel is

Benjamin Freedman was a successful Jewish businessman and Zionist activist who lived from 1890 to 1984. Later in his adult life, he became an outspoken critic of the Judaic mentality and eventually converted to Catholicism[…]
“The Talmud today virtually exercises totalitarian dictatorship over the lives of so-called or self-styled ‘Jews,’ whether they are aware of that fact or not,” he wrote in his 1954 work “Facts are Facts,” which is an extended letter to another Jewish convert. “Their spiritual leaders make no attempt to conceal the control they exercise over the lives of so-called or self-styled ‘Jews’. They extend their authority far beyond the legitimate limits of spiritual matters. Their authority has no equal outside religion”

Not only does the Talmud, which includes more than 60 volumes of commentaries, regulate the thinking and daily lives of Jews, he wrote, it inculcates in them hostility toward gentiles, or non-Jews, in general

Using the translation from the Hebrew by the Latvian priest and eminent scholar, the Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, Master of Theology and Professor of the Hebrew Language at the Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the Roman Catholic Church in Old St. Petersburg, Russia, Freedman proved his point by listing summarized Talmudic references for some of the specific laws regarding Christians, and gentiles in general

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[From “Transsexual Goes From Killing Cats to People”]

Evidence accrues that egging on lunatics in their psychosis rather than attempting to reorient them toward reality may not be a good idea:

A trans-identified male in Oxford is currently on trial after being charged with the murder of another man. Scarlet Blake, who was initially reported as being a “woman” by UK media outlets, is said to have murdered Spanish national, Jorge Martin Carreno, and tortured animals[…]

According to the liberal talking points, those who don’t affirm transsexual identities with sufficient enthusiasm are committing “genocide” against transsexuals

Blake was inspired to torture cats by the Netflix documentary Don’t F*** With Cats:

The documentary focuses on the case of transvestite prostitute, Luka Magnotta, who began torturing cats and posting the videos online before escalating to murder

Magnotta in turn was inspired by the movie Basic Instinct. Unwholesome entertainment has helped produce an unwholesome society[…]
In ancient Egypt, killing a cat brought the death penalty. Though that may seem a little harsh, it could have saved lives by protecting society from evil freaks like Scarlet Blake

Meanwhile, the MSM affirms Blake in his psychosis by referring to him with female pronouns

Please welcome Scarlet Blake to the representative Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors

Stew Peters and Michael Yon #racist #conspiracy #psycho angrywhitemen.org

On the Feb. 16, 2024 episode of his Rumble show,[…]Stew Peters once again called for violence at the southern border. While speaking to Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel, Peters called for an “electrified” border wall armed with “AI-powered and guided guns” to shoot migrants
Peters dismissed the recent impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by the Republican-controlled House as nothing but a stunt[…]
Peters asked Yon[…]whether America was facing the prospect of an attack that would make 9/11 look like “child’s play.” Yon replied that the country is “going into a massive war” and that this is “so obvious that it’s almost painful to have to explain[…]
Yon claimed that it’s “the same in Ireland,” which he traveled to last year. “They’ve already reached the critical mass of military-age males from other places like Afghanistan and Somalia and Nigeria,” he warned. “I mean they are clearly going to be taken in Ireland. I mean I think they’ve already — unless they go very serious and start expelling people right now”

Yon also praised the “peace walls” in Belfast which separate Catholic and Protestant areas, calling them “more serious” than the wall that Trump began building. He added that he would like a wall just like it along the southern border

“And it should be electrified,”[…]“And there should be, you know — AI is great if used for the right reasons, right? How ’bout we have some AI-powered and guided guns on the top of that thing so that anybody trying to invade our country gets shot in the brain”

Padraig Martin #racist identitydixie.com

[From “Pit Bulls & NAXALT”]

Statistically speaking, the most aggressive dog in the world is the chihuahua[…]Death by chihuahua is extraordinarily unlikely[…]Pit bulls[…]are not so easy to dismiss. As of 2019, 91% of all fatal dog attacks were committed by a pit bull[…]
Now come the pit bull apologists[…]It does not negate the inherent threat of a fatal attack likely to be committed by a pit bull

No one really fears the more aggressive chihuahua because they are not known to kill people. Pit bulls, by contrast, should be feared[…]
Extrapolate this more widely. If a particular race of people were statistically less likely to be apprehended for certain violent crimes than other races, it would be reasonable to assume they were less dangerous. But if that same race of people was responsible for 60% of homicides, it would also be reasonable to observe and treat that race with caution. In other words, just because a race may be less likely to engage in lower levels of violent crimes (such as, simple assaults/mutual fights), the fact that they often kill when they do engage in a violent crime, makes them a greater threat by nature

These reasonable deductions should drive decision making. Unfortunately, NAXALT bias determines the flawed logic of so many Americans. This is where logic has been subverted by social-political concerns

Avoiding black males is just as logical as avoiding the black males of the dog world – pit bulls. Are some nice? Sure. Are some mild tempered? Of course. But are both statistically the largest killers within their respective breeds? No doubt[…]
Wanting to find the one smart black guy or the one cuddly pit bull does not immediately discard the broader fact that both are genetically designed threats. They should be treated accordingly, not encouraged to interact with our families or friends. Doing so invites the potential for a deadly outcome and shameful regret

As the old adage goes – never relax in such circumstances

Laura Wood #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From “Sherlock Investigates Shooting”]

SHERLOCK arrives within minutes at the scene

The ambulances are empty. The bodies, strangely unreal, were never taken to the hospital. He is not permitted to inspect them

“Hmm, Watson. Something is amiss!”

A candle-light vigil is already in the works. Piles of teddy bears miraculously appear. Witnesses to grotesque horrors smile and wipe away non-existent tears

The police are strangely unconcerned. The FBI is already involved. Press conferences with top state officials on the scene speak of “community,” “fears” and “We will be strong!” The perpetrator has been killed and whisked away. Facts about his life are known without the slightest research needed

Hmmm, something is amiss

Sherlock has never seen so much activity at a murder scene — and so little evidence of a murder

C.T. #wingnut #racist #psycho #pratt westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Slope”]


Why is ‘white nationalism’ doomed to failure?

Simply put, it is a slippery slope that leads to miscegenation

I’ve been searching the major American racial right sites these days for an article on Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Putin[…]I only found one by David Zsutty in Counter-Currents[…]
I discovered that the commenters consider Russians to be pure whites. Contrast that not only with Mauricio’s recent quote but with what I say in our featured post:

He who has transvalued his values endorses the Generalplan Ost[…]the aim of which was to deport more than thirty million Untermenschen from the western parts of the Soviet Union to Siberia

Such an exterminationist ideology, which cannot contrast more with the neo-Christian racialism of our day, is based[…]on principles that were taken for granted in the Germany of former times[…]
What emerges from the echo chamber that is the comments section of Zsutty’s article is that these typical white nationalists have granted racial amnesty to many Slavs[…]
But all this[…]vanished like dew with the tale the Establishment has been telling us since 1945, a tale to which the so-called nationalists subscribe: the rejection of Nordicism

So-called white nationalism is a slippery slope not only because it betrays the legacy of the American eugenicists of yesteryear like Madison Grant, but Hitlerism itself. Once one starts sliding down the slope by calling pure whites a large part of the Slavs, who as Putin conceded coexist with many other peoples and ethnicities within Russia, the ideological foundations are laid for the eventual extinction of the Aryan (compare Putin’s ideology with Pierce’s ‘Extermination or Expulsion’)[…]
The ethno-traitor phobia that white nationalists feel for Nordicism, a Nordicism that includes not only National Socialism but Grant’s legacy

Andrew Anglin #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho dailystormer.name

[From “Rat Bastard Alexi Navalny Finally Dead”]

The Russian democracy advocate, rat fink and neo-Nazi race traitor Alexi Navalny is finally dead

I don’t think Putin had him killed. I mean that, I’m not just saying it to shill. There’s no obvious benefit in killing the guy, when you’ve already got him rotting in Siberia for the remainder of his miserable life

Frankly, he was probably triple vaxed[…]After the fake poisoning event, he was in Germany in late 2020 when the Pfizer vax was first being distributed[…]and he was in some kind of healthcare facility, meaning the vax would have been mandatory

However, if the Kremlin did kill him, I support it. I was the number one person calling for him to be hanged long before the fake poisoning event. Russia belongs to Vladimir Putin, The Hammer of Christ. Calling for the deposal of Putin is no different than calling for the death of the King in the Middle Ages[…]
Alexi Navalny was a long-time scam artist and political agitator, in the manner of a classic Russian subversive. Hilariously, he was a neo-Nazi, calling for the breakup of the Russian Federation in order to solve the issue of Moslems in Moscow. I have no idea if he was actually a racist, or if this is just the most obvious path for a political agitator. He was probably actually a racist. Most or all Russians are (at least the men). But “get these fucking dagis out of the metro, bylat!” is the only real viable path of attack in Russia. If you try to do that faggot gay shit, randos will just beat you in the street. Then the cops will show up and beat you even worse before they drag you off to jail[…]
I think, legitimately, the most likely cause of death is the vax. Living in Siberia is difficult, and taxes the body, similar to the way a sports player taxes his body. The Siberian gulags have old school stuff too, where they make the workers do physical activity

Joe Wasp #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger identitydixie.com

[From “A Face Only a Mother Could Love”]

The uncanny valley effect is a hypothesized psychological and aesthetic relation between an object’s degree of resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to the object. With that in mind, phenotype is the set of observable characteristics of an individual[…]Physiognomy is a person’s facial features or expression, especially when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin. The lattermost is often regarded as pseudo-scientific for reasons I am sure all of you are capable of surmising on your own[…]
Strange desire young Millennials and Zoomers have to warp their natural appearances, more so than simply being out of shape. So many of them are covered in meaningless tattoos, dyed hair, piercings, bad haircuts, pallid and sallow skin color, and very poor sense of clothing style[…]
My main reason for bringing this up is how this uncanny valley relates to genetics[…]Inner city Negroes come to mind here. They are a concoction of drugs and rough living with a strong, but conveniently unresearched, possibility of being heavily inbred due to so many of them not having the slightest clue who their fathers are. The same can be said for a lot of these Hispanics and Indians flooding across the border[…]
Speaking of Hispanics and Arabs, miscegenation is creating the strangest and worst of these phenotypes. It is very telling that all of the most heavily racially miscegenated societies, big or small, throughout history always fall into squalor. They are never successful[…]
The phenotypes of the raceless peoples give it away. Mulattoes are not attractive people, and they are resulting in emerging genetic and medical deficiencies. Modern America is engaging in some seriously abhorrent breeding practices[…]A Caucasian female of good stock cannot reproduce with a Negro and expect the child to look normal, attractive, or healthy[…]
Anyway, the world is going to continue to get uglier. Get used to it

Tucker Carlson #wingnut #psycho mediamatters.org

EMAD ELDIN ADEEB: Comparing the culture, the competence between Vladamir Putin and Biden, how do you see the two men now running the world?

TUCKER CARLSON: If this were boxing the fight would be called by the medic. So[…]I don’t plan to ever leave my country, my family’s been there hundreds of years and I love it and I am a patriotic American and I grieve when I see that the president is non compos mentis[…]
The most radicalizing thing I would just say for me in the eight days I spent in Moscow was not simply the leader of the country who of course is impressive, it’s the largest landmass in the world and it’s wildly diverse[…]hard to run a country like that for 24 years[…]
What was radicalizing[…]for me was the city of Moscow[…]Nicer than any city in my country[…]
ADEEB: You should challenge in the roles of an interview, and you’re a master in your business[…]You should challenge some ideas[…]You didn’t talk about freedom of speech in Russia, you did not talk about Navalny, about assassinations, about restrictions on opposition in the coming elections

CARLSON: I didn’t talk about the things that every other American media outlet talks about

ADEEB: Why, yes?[…]
CARLSON: Because those are covered and because I have spent my life talking to people who run countries in various countries and have concluded the following. That every leader kills people, including my leader. Every leader kills people, some kill more than others. Leadership requires killing people, sorry, that’s why I wouldn’t want to be a leader. That press restriction is universal in the United States, I know because I’ve lived it. Ask my former – I’ve had a lot of jobs. And I’ve done this for 34 years and I know how it works and there’s more censorship in Russia than there is in the United States but there is a great deal in the United States. And so at a certain point, it’s like people can decide whether they think, what countries they think are better, what systems they think are better

Mauricio #racist #psycho westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Purifying Slavs”]


The perfect response to Putin’s POV

‘A true Ukrainian Hitlerist would venerate the Aryan race as superior, and recognise that a great opportunity to cleanse their blood of gook sludge was lost when the Russians killed the conquering Germans in WW2. There had never been such an attempt to purify the Slav peoples, who were content to live debased under Boyar rule’

Justice Esco Henry and Saint Vincent and the Grenadine’s High Court #homophobia #dunning-kruger #crackpot jurist.org

Saint Vincent and the Grenadine’s High Court upheld laws criminalizing gay sex on Friday[…]The ruling was delivered by Justice Esco Henry, who found that the laws are “reasonably required” to protect public health and morality, particularly the country’s HIV rates

In light of the country’s “limited resources,” Henry found that the provisions were “most likely the least drastic means to achieve” the goal of reducing HIV rates as much as possible. She also found that they do not infringe on the Constitution. Henry continued, “[T]o my mind, the thought of a public health crisis occasioned by an unstemmed deluge of new HIV cases, is a real and serious concern which reasonably justifies a public health response of the kind embedded in the challenged provisions”

The ruling upheld section 146 of the Criminal Code 1988, which prohibits anal intercourse with a sentence of up to 10 years. The ruling also upheld section 148 of the same code, criminalizing public or private same-sex indecent practices. The sections were challenged in a 2019 High Court case seeking constitutional redress of the colonial-era laws, brought by Javin Kevin Vinc Johnson and Sean Macleish. Both claimed they were forced to leave the country as they openly identified as gay. The challenge was unsuccessful, and their claims were rejected. The men were ordered to pay EC$$7,500 (about £2,200) to the attorney general

Démocratie participative #racist #conspiracy #psycho demopart.buzz



The filthy Jew Badinter is DEAD!!!

Take out the booze, it’s worth celebrating![…]
The Jewess Badinter, his wife, must be saddened

It won't be long before she buys the farm too

This kike is incidentally a shareholder in the multinational Publicis, founded by her Jewish father, recently convicted in the USA for having co-organized the fatal poisoning of hundreds of thousands of goyim

This Jewess made colossal sums of money by explaining to Americans that they risked absolutely nothing by poisoning themselves with opioids

20 Minutes[…]
Badinter is both the religion of the Shoah and the disarmament of the white man for the benefit of foreign criminal vermin

And of course, the determination to take over Aryan societies

Death penalty is the reason for the existence of every state. Banning death penalty is the death of a state and it is no coincidence that the Jews worked hard to ban it in white nations

A state kills its enemies, that is its function. A state that does not kill is an administration. Therefore, it only asks to be conquered by the one which kills

The State must have the supreme right of life or death over all its enemies, internal or external. It is the basis of civilization

In this Jewish era where its destructive values are coming to an end, the media circus that is being prepared will be all the more delicious as anarchy reigns in the streets, and kills, while the Jews kill indiscriminately in Palestine

Naturally, the synagogue will not waste a minute and demand entry into the Pantheon. We no longer count the number of these Jews who are stored there

In any case, today is another day towards a better world

Anything that rids us of the Jews is a net gain for humanity

Michael Harrison #moonbat michaelharrison.org.uk

[From “The Peruvian Revolution”]

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Khrushchev’s denunciation of Comrade Stalin[…]in 1956 caused chaos in the International Communist Movement. For a few years this issue was ‘played out’ quietly within individual parties and internationally, in bi-partisan meetings

The Communist Party of China (CPC) still seemed to think that the renegades and opportunists could be convinced to return to the revolutionary path[…]
However, by 1960 the Revisionists, ideologically weak as they were long before the death of Comrade Stalin, had gained supremacy in various parties of the world[…]
It became obvious that there was no way that the rift between the revisionists and revolutionary[…]could be healed[…]
Within weeks of the death of Comrade Mao Tse-tung in September 1976, the revisionist and ‘capitalist-roaders’[…]were able to gain control by a vicious coup d’etat[…]
Whereas most Parties worldwide seemed to move around like chickens with their heads cut off, no longer having a society which was attempting to build Socialism on which they could hang their hats. the Communist Party of Peru (Sendero Luminoso) (CPP(SL), on 17th May 1980 declared the beginning of the ‘People’s War’

From small beginnings yet with intelligent, clever and ideologically sound political leadership this struggle against the Peruvian State was able, in the short period of twelve years, to really pose a viable threat to the old order

Then, for reasons which I, at least, don’t understand, the leadership of the CPP(SL) made a series of serious mistakes which effectively destroyed that amazing revolutionary movement in less than a couple of years. There were some who continued (and still continue) to fight on but the momentum was lost[…]
The People’s War had given a great deal of hope not only to the people of Peru but to those who are oppressed and exploited throughout the world. In that sense the failure in Peru didn’t just effect Peruvians

C.T. #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #sexist westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Interview”]

I just watched the interview Tucker did with Putin, who gave a great Russian history lesson to the American (as our visitors know, history and biography are the most important subjects for my POV). The media will suffer a hysterical meltdown after this interview. We can already imagine Biden talking in the same depth, half an hour, about American history to a naïve Russian interviewer!

But there is one thing Putin got it wrong: Ukrainian neo-Nazis were, are and apparently will remain, pseudo-Nazis (and the same goes for neo-Nazis in other countries)

On this site we already know who is a real Hitlerist. Those Ukrainians who hold up as heroes other Ukrainians who fought on the side of Germany in WW2 have little, if anything, to do with real Hitlerism. These so-called neo-Nazis in Ukraine even subscribe to feminism, listen to degenerate music imported from the more Western countries, have a Jew as their president, etc

Erik Prince #racist #wingnut theintercept.com

Erik Prince has been many things in his 54 years on Earth: the wealthy heir to an auto supply company; a Navy SEAL; the founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater[…]
Last November, Prince started a podcast called “Off Leash,” which in its promotional copy says he “brings a unique and invaluable perspective to today’s increasingly volatile world.” On an episode last Tuesday, his unique and invaluable perspective turned out to be that the U.S. should “put the imperial hat back on” and take over and directly run huge swaths of the globe

Here’s are Prince’s exact words:

If so many of these countries around the world are incapable of governing themselves, it’s time for us to just put the imperial hat back on, to say, we’re going to govern those countries … ’cause enough is enough, we’re done being invaded. …

You can say that about pretty much all of Africa, they’re incapable of governing themselves

Prince’s co-host Mark Serrano then warned him that listeners might hear his words and believe he means them: “People on the left are going to watch this,” said Serrano, “and they’re going to say, wait a minute, Erik Prince is talking about being a colonialist again”

Prince responded: “Absolutely, yes.” He then added that he thought this was a great concept not just for Africa but also for Latin America

Vox Day #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut voxday.net

[From “Free Speech is Blasphemy”]

Free Speech doesn’t sound quite so appealing once you realize it literally means Blasphemy

The only reason the concept of “free speech” was created as an ersatz human right during the Enlightenment was to permit secret satanists to blaspheme against Jesus Christ despite the many laws of Christendom that forbade them to do so

And now that they can blaspheme freely and legally, we have all seen how genuine their philosophical commitment to the concept was. Like free trade, free speech is just another inverted satanic lie that delivers the exact opposite of what it promises

Whenever Clown World promises “freedom” it delivers chains


spoilerPicture of a demon speaking in front of white, black and red flags featuring pentagrams and stars o David

Just exercising his god-given right to free speech…

UPDATE: In which a dictionary from 1919 is consulted

A friend gave me a copy of Webster’s Elementary School Dictionary from 1919

Words not included in it: racist, antisemitic

Words included: antichristian

Jim #wingnut #conspiracy #racist blog.reaction.la

[From “Thermidor is in power, Team B is now on top of Team A”]

The Biden puppet just gave a speech, ostensibly directed at everyone, and ostensibly directed at Republicans, but actually directed at the radicals, telling them to cool it

Google failed to commemorate black history month. The immanent eschaton has strangely been postponed. Lawfare against Trump and Musk is quietly being dropped, albeit there is still a judicial order outstanding against Tesla that they must give nineteen billion dollars to the radical left, cancel Musk’s shares, and appoint an anti Musk board[…]
The Biden, meaning the group of people puppeting him, were always a mixed lot, a coalition of true believing fanatics intent on a totalitarian terror state of utterly unprecedented savagery (it is obvious that the mass importation of young military age black men is preparation for white genocide) and the mob of cynical Washington, New York, and Harvard kleptocrats[…]
With the Global American Empire falling about their ears, suddenly the Washington kleptocrats miss Trump. The coalition that installed The Biden has fractured[…]
Assuming we don’t get the extraordinary election rigging of 2020 and 2022, Trump wins in a landslide, and brings in a horde of Maga Republicans riding his coat tails into the legislature[…]
Thermidor is always fragile, shaky, and unstable[…]In the Soviet Union, Thermidor nailed Beria, and with the radical left having been eradicated by the likes of Beria, was now seemingly securely in power. But the faith that animated the Soviet Union had died, and they had killed it

The Washington kleptocrats are counting on Trump for a Soviet Style denoument, where the kleptocrats remain stably in power, without the radicals destroying everything. We shall see

The trouble with this plan is that they think Trump is their Beria, their General Monk. No, Trump is a 1980s leftist, a mere two score years behind the current year. He is going to need his General Monck

Bishop Richard Williamson #fundie #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia stmarcelinitiative.com


The collapse of France and of Europe as a whole is a catastrophic reality. It did not happen overnight. The undermining has been going on for a long time, as French nationalists most keenly saw[…]
After the collapse of France’s colonial empire and the betrayal of French Algeria the student uprising of 1968 in Paris demonstrated that the French people in general were ready to accept the overthrow of all common sense, Tradition, sane morals, of whatever used to make the greatness of our civilisation. Then came the legalising of abortion, a socialist government in 1981, anti-racism, engineered immigration, reshaping the family, LGBT, transgender, paedophilia, adrenochrome (a real horror), organ sales, “climate change,” chemtrails, etc[…]
“West,” which is no longer anything more than the puppet of satanic masters who are an oligarchy of materialistic and gnostic globalists, still behaves as though it has a calling to lead the world, somewhat like the Talmudic Jews pretending themselves to be the priesthood of mankind.

And ever since Covid, that monstrous lie designed to test just how far the manipulation of modern man can go, the peoples of the Europe of Charlemagne have fast been enslaving themselves to the banksters of London and New York[…]
By their proxy war in the Ukraine, killing half a million whites, the USA have achieved at least one thing – Europe’s economic power and Germany’s competition are broken – German companies are moving to America[…]
Our task in politics is to do whatever we can that may have an effect, but it is mainly to preserve for a better future the best fruits of France’s glorious past, just as, when in the sixth century the Roman empire was being swamped by the barbarians, the monks in the monasteries preserved the glories of antiquity. These glories, preserved, played a large part in the building up which followed, of 1500 years of European and Christian civilisation

Houthi court in Ibb #homophobia #fundie #psycho today.lorientlejour.com

A Houthi-run court in Yemen has sentenced 13 people to public execution on homosexuality charges, a judicial source said Tuesday, as human rights groups decried a rise in abuses by the Iran-backed rebels

The sentences were handed down in Ibb, a province controlled by the Houthis whose attacks on Red Sea shipping since November have prompted retaliatory strikes by the United States and Britain.

Three others were jailed on similar charges, according to the judicial source, who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the press

Another 35 people have been detained by Houthis in Ibb province on homosexuality charges, the source said

Videos shared with AFP, which could not be independently verified, showed a judge in a court reading out the death sentences on Sunday

It was not immediately clear when the executions were due to be carried out. The sentences are open to appeal.

Death sentences are not always carried out by the Houthis, who control Yemen's most populated areas and have been engaged in a long-running war with a Saudi-led coalition

A 2022 report by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said the Houthis have sentenced 350 people to death since seizing the capital in 2014, and have executed 11 of them

NGOs say rights abuses have increased since the Houthis started their harassment of Red Sea shipping, avowedly in protest at the Israel-Hamas war[…]
The Houthis, from Yemen's mountainous north, belong to the Zaidi minority, an offshoot of Shiite Islam

The hardline force, founded with the aim of pushing for a theocracy, emerged in the 1990s, rising up over alleged neglect of their region

Malik Muhammad, Muhammad Aslam and unnamed Dhurnal village elders and Kohistan clerics #sexist #fundie scmp.com

Naeem Kausir says she would like to vote in Pakistan’s coming election – if only the men in her family would let her[…]
The 60-year-old former principal and her seven daughters – six already university educated – are forbidden from voting by their male elders

“Whether by her husband, father, son or brother, a woman is forced. She lacks the autonomy to make decisions independently”[…]
“These men lack the courage to grant women their rights,” the widow said

Although voting is a constitutional right for all adults in Pakistan, some rural areas in the socially conservative country are still ruled by a patriarchal system of male village elders who wield significant influence in their communities

In the village of Dhurnal in Punjab, spread across crop fields and home to several thousand people, men profess myriad reasons for the ban of more than 50 years

“Several years ago, during a period of low literacy rates, a council chairman decreed that if men went out to vote, and women followed suit, who would manage the household and childcare[…]?” said Malik Muhammad, a member of the village council[…]
Muhammad Aslam, a shopkeeper, claims it is to protect women from “local hostilities” about politics, including a distant occasion that few seem to remember in the village when an argument broke out[…]
Others said it was simply down to “tradition”

The Election Commission of Pakistan has stressed that it has the authority to declare the process null and void in any constituency where women are barred from taking part[…]
The elders in Dhurnal rely on neighbouring villages to fill a government-imposed quota, which maintains that 10 per cent of votes cast in every constituency must be by women

Those who are allowed to vote are often pressured to pick a candidate of a male relative’s choice

In the mountainous region of Kohistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province[…]religious clerics last month decreed it un-Islamic for women to take part in electoral campaigns

Réseau Libre #wingnut #homophobia #racist #conspiracy reseau-libre.org

[Translated welcome page of the website]

The “Réseau Libre” site was online from 2015 to the end of 2018 and was immediately the target of all the scum of France: politicos, pederasts, immigrants, immigrationists, bobos [can also be translated as "champagne socialists"], collaborationists, Red judges, police and gendarmerie sold out to the occupying immigrant, etc

5 years later, we decided to re-open it to denounce even more strongly the vermin that is murdering France!

To avoid censorship by the French collaborationist state, we are now hosted in Russia

Knowing that access to the site could be blocked by the French Macronist gestapo, we have also opened a Telegram channel where all our articles are automatically rebroadcast

Join us! Express yourself by commenting on our articles, we ask you nothing: Neither name nor email address. And IPs are automatically anonymized

Access to the reseau-libre.org website: click here

Access to the @reseaulibre telegram channel: click here

Contact by telegram: @dgsiFrance (A quenelle to these clampins!) [The DGSI is tasked with internal intelligence]

Contact by email: reseaulibre@reseau-libre.org

Let's not let scum kill France!

Stew Peters and Jon Minadeo II #racist #conspiracy #homophobia angrywhitemen.org

Jon Minadeo[…]is the founder and leader of the Goyim Defense League[…]
Stew Peters spoke with Minadeo[…]
“What say you about being referred to as a Neo-Nazi because you’re bringing awareness to this dangerous and very important, critical topic?” he asked. Minadeo[…]answered[…]
“Well[…]when you look into history[…]and we only hear one side when we’re growin’ up —[…]that the Jews are victims[…]Why had they been persecuted, right?” he said. Minadeo plugged Europa: The Last Battle

“So when you learn about Europa[…]and you learn about the Holodomor, and you learn about the U.S.S.R. government being 70% Jewish[…]and they starved a bunch of Russians and Ukrainians, you start goin’ ‘Who is behind this?’ Well, it was the Jews that are behind this, and then they use the Holohoax to cover up these war crimes”[…]
“So when people start learning the truth and hearing about Hitler not killing six million Jews, and Hitler rebuilding Germany, there’s a lot of questions to be asked,” he continued. “So if they’re lying about this so-called genocide and covering up another genocide that they did on someone else, then it’s time that we look into Hitler and go ‘Hey, this guy, is he as bad as the Jews are saying he is?”[…]
Minadeo claimed that a group of Jews is “financing” the “demise” of white people through “miscegenation.” He added that “We used to have laws against miscegenation, against homosexuality. The Jews have obviously got into the Christian churches and demoralized it. But we are being replaced through miscegenation, through mass migration”[…]
He went on to say that “when you learn about The Racial Plan for the Twentieth Century, it’s about propping Blacks up to the highest levels in sports and entertainment so they can intermarry with whites. And that is the goal of the communists”[…]
He then pivoted to discussing the Nationality Act of 1790, which limited citizenship to “free white persons”

“And that goes into what our immigration policy should’ve been, right?”

Center for Combating Extremism (CPE) and unnamed Nizhny Novgorod activists #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut lgbtqnation.com

Reports from Russia indicate a young woman in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow, has been arrested and charged for wearing rainbow-colored earrings in violation of the country’s new law declaring the “international LGBT public movement” an extremist organization

A court found her guilty of wearing “prohibited symbols”

According to Aegis, a human rights organization in Russia, a group of aggressive individuals approached the young woman and her male companion in a local cafe after noticing the young woman’s earrings and a Ukrainian flag pin worn by the young man. The earrings were in the shape of a frog and featured a rainbow of seven colors

A man filming the confrontation asked the couple, “Do you know what the situation is in our country?” and tried to snatch the flag pin from the young man’s clothing[…]
Following the incident, the recording appeared on social media, and the young woman was summoned for questioning by officials with the Center for Combating Extremism (CPE). CPE is a unit within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and has harassed activists, journalists, and other opposition groups that criticize the government

A statement from the Sormovsky District Court indicated a case opened against the young woman under Part 1 of Art. 20.3 Code of Administrative Offenses. The code is a group of Kafkaesque laws and punishment guidelines dedicated to “combating extremism” in Russia, often used against mass media and non-governmental groups

The young woman’s lawyer said the court did not say which extremist organization’s symbol she had displayed[…]
The human rights organization noted the woman’s arrest came soon after the leader of a radical online hate group, called the Male State, shared video of the cafe confrontation on the group messaging app Telegram

In November, acting on a request from[…]Ministry of Justice, the[…]Supreme Court declared the international gay rights movement an “extremist organization”

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist #racist #forced-birth dailystormer.name

[From “US Troops Do Spread Sodomy, Actually”]

In a recent clip from a Polish mall (which doesn’t have a lot of context), US soldiers are walking around in uniform, presumably trying to sniff out some pussy

They are confronted by a man who starts accurately accusing them of being in his country to “spread sodomy.”

He then asks: “Is it George Floyd culture, or sodomy?”

This is extremely heartening

As you know, I’m very critical of Poland for their anti-Russian agenda, which has led them to ally with the United States and promote the US war against Russia. However, the cost of this alliance is that the Americans are in their country, forcing the gay agenda down their throats

An alliance with the US government is not ever just a military alliance. It has all of these other dynamics, which include the US modifying your culture, and pushing so-called “Western values,” which relate to sodomy, George Floyd, and the empowerment of women

A lot of Poles appear to be waking up, and realizing that while they may have been treated unfairly by Russia nearly 100 years ago, things have changed a lot, and Russia is not the threat. Russia is not going to invade Poland. That is an insane claim. Russia is their neighbor, and they could have a good relationship

Russia has even been floating the idea of giving them parts of the former Ukraine to take over. This is one of very many olive branches that Putin has offered

The other option is total gay anal, round the clock, in public spaces in front of children, as well as a total invasion from Africa, and mass abortion and divorce

It’s not a hard decision

V and Réseau Libre #wingnut #psycho #racist #conspiracy reseau-libre.org

[Translated from “Operation “V””]

About a month ago we received the following message[…]

I am a French patriot in my fifties revolted to see the state of my homeland. By reading you I understood that you too have become aware that no more elections will be able to restore the values of France and that only forceful action can possibly prevent a total shipwreck
But we must be realistic, faced with the dictatorial state that reigns in France, a coup of force in the current state of things cannot succeed
However, I think that it is our duty, as patriots, to punish those in France who take the side of the enemy, whether they are journalists, magistrates, elected officials, politicians and others. I am convinced that if several of them were publicly sanctioned, some fellow citizens could then realize that they are not alone. Who knows, this could then evolve into a situation where a power grab could then succeed
I am severely physically disabled, having lost an arm and a leg in a car accident, and therefore cannot act myself[…]
I am ready to finance punishment operations[…]

We had several discussions which convinced us of the seriousness and sincerity of “V”[…]

I set a target. These will be relatively easy targets to hit[…]For example, a scumbag journalist who of course I don't name before the operation. I set the amount of the punishment. For this scum it will be a solid correction then a delivery of this individual, completely naked, to a peripheral city where immigrants make the law. This will allow him to taste the famous living together that he defends so fiercely
Photos of the treated target must be taken to be sent to the media and “Group V” will claim responsibility[…]

We checked V's creditworthiness[…]The balance to date in his bitcoin account is around 300,000 euros[…]
To host exchanges between V and operators, a “V Correspondence” page has been set up. https://reseau-libre.org/site/correspondance-v/

Stew Peters and Mark Collett #racist #conspiracy #fundie #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

On the Jan. 30, 2024 episode of his Rumble show, white nationalist and Holocaust denier Stew Peters went on a vile, racist rant about Somali immigrants. While interviewing British Neo-Nazi Mark Collett, Peters called Somalis “gross,” “low IQ” “parasites” and “filthy cockroaches”[…]

Peters: Now recently the state of Minnesota decided ‘Hey, we’re gonna change that flag[…]’It didn’t cater to the illegally imported by the tyrant[…]
These people are disgusting, they’re filthy, they’re gross, they’re low IQ, they contribute absolutely nothing to society, they’re parasites, they’re a drain on the taxpayer. They’re just a suck and a soak and they’re filthy cockroaches that’ve infested the city of Minneapolis. They wish not to assimilate, by the way. They hate Christians. They hate white people. They’re very, very violent. They burn things, they loot, they rape, they pillage, they rob — all of these things — they steal
So, here is the new flag of the state of Minnesota[…]Now put that up next to the flag for Somalia[…]They’re showing the dumb goyim who’ve laid down ‘[…]We’re replacing your heritage[…]’
Collett:[…]Here in the UK we’re seeing replacement from the bottom-up and also the top-down[…]‘We have a Indian prime minister, we have a Muslim head of state in Scotland, we have a Muslim mayor in London, and now they are talking about a migrant head of state in Wales also. And similar things are happening all over Europe. Just over the water in Ireland[…]
Peters: Yeah
Collett: We are being erased and our quality of our life is falling, because we’re not just becoming a minority, but we’re becoming a hated minority[…]
Peters:[…]They’re replacing us. And the first clue should’ve been Obama. Now they’re propping up the guy that’s pretending to be Michelle Obama — a woman, this tranny[…]They’re propping up Vivek Ramalama-Deep State. I mean this is an Indian — a Hindu — that literally brushes his teeth with cow poop

Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke (R-55th district) #fundie rightwingwatch.org

In November, the National Association of Christian Lawmakers announced that Republican state Rep. E. Werner Reschke had been named the organization’s “state chair” in Oregon[…]
Reschke appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Rapert’s “Save The Nation” program and made it quite clear that he shares Rapert’s radical vision

When Rapert asked why it is important for Christians to be “involved in government and voting and be a part of the authority in our country,” Reschke pulled no punches

“What drew me to it was primarily looking at our history, and the men and women who were part of that history and building this nation,” Reschke said. “Whether it’s George Washington, whether it was [James] Madison, whether it was Abraham Lincoln, whether it was Ronald Reagan—who was the first president I got to vote for—you go back through history and you look at the men and the struggles that they faced and the faith that they had”

“Those are the type of people that you want in government making tough decisions during tough times,” Reschke continued. “You don’t want a materialist. You don’t want an atheist. You don’t want a Muslim. You want somebody who understands what truth is and understands the nature of man, the nature of government, and the nature of God”

“If you don’t understand those things, you’re gonna get things wrong,” he concluded. “In Oregon … we have a lot of people who are godless, unfortunately, leading the way and it’s the blind leading the blind”

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From “Ship those Niggers Injuns back”]

As[…]Edmonton and[…]Alberta duel over the cause of (welfare) and solution to (free pizza) homelessness, a curious thing happened[…]
They kept bringing up the jackpine savages who used to wander around this continent before Europe came along with civilization and actually built societies[…]
What on earth does Thomas and that lying sack of shit Littlechild have to do with homelessness in Edmonton? Edmonton is not part of any of the reservations[…]Treaty 6 actually tells them they are supposed to remain on their reserves[…]Same section where Her Majesty Queen Victoria agreed to give them the Residential Schools they were so interested in[…]
Every drunken Red Indian causing a problem within the City of Edmonton is to be punished, strictly mind you, by the white man[…]Cody Thomas and Willie Littlechild need to be told that their constituents are going to be held to a far higher standard than whites in accordance with the treaty they keep blathering (falsely) that we haven't been adhering[…]
We can similarly "extend" the rule about intoxication punishment to include intoxication from marijuana, opioids, pot, crack cocaine, and heroin: just like alcohol if we catch a Red Indian consuming it or otherwise under its influence in white man's territory, we shall punish them swiftly and harshly. More importantly, Litttlechild and Thomas must help us do so on punishment of execution[…]
If homelessness in Edmonton is being caused by Red Indians, then it only goes to show that we have been too kind and generous to them over the years and they need to shape up or be shipped 6 feet underground

Henry Okello Oryem #elitist bbc.com

Many have deemed Henry Okello Oryem's comments tone-deaf

In 2022, more than 2,200 people died of starvation and related illnesses in north-east Uganda, a report by an official human rights body said

But Mr Oryem argued that given Uganda's favourable climate and fertile land, people should be able to grow food for themselves

"It's only an idiot, a real idiot, that can die of hunger in Uganda," the state minister for foreign affairs told the NTV Uganda television channel

"If you work hard, there is land in Uganda. The climate is right in spite [of] climate change. If you make a double effort to make sure that you go out in the morning, you till your land, you plant the seeds, you maintain your plantation, surely, how do you fail then to get food?"

As well as killing many people, the food shortage in the north-east left nearly half-a-million people in "acute hunger", said the report by the Uganda Human Rights Commission, which was established by the constitution

The minister's comments have sparked outrage

Moses Aleper, a legislator for Chekwii county, which is part of the affected Karamoja region, told the BBC that Mr Oryem's views were "not right" and "unfortunate coming from a minister who knows what goes on in this country"

"I'm from one of the most productive parts of Karamoja where there is adequate rain and we produce food. But in situations where weather fails us, the weather vagaries set in, we definitely fail to get food. And normally people definitely get famine and eventually hunger strikes"

Mr Aleper also said that hunger in the region is often caused by "other issues beyond even human control"

Stew Peters and James Edwards #racist #pratt #dunning-kruger angrywhitemen.org

Stew Peters spoke with[…]James Edwards about the so-called “national epidemic” of “Black-on-white crime”[…]
“Every day we turn on our TV[…]and we see another Third World invader or inner city parasitic animal attacking an elderly white person in a nursing home, who’s been left there completely defenseless, with no one to speak up for them and no one to come to their aid”[…]
Peters asked if elderly white Americans won World War II just to be “abused and raped and killed by ghetto savages”

Peters then turned to his guest[…]“These people are getting away with this because we don’t have a serious justice system,” Peters told Edwards. “But we can defund it[…]We can expose it. And we can get rid of these animals and exterminate these parasites, can’t we?”[…]
Edwards then invited the show’s viewers to “look back” at the “mythical amount of violence that white Southerners supposedly displayed against Blacks during the so-called civil rights era.” He complained that there are still headlines about the lynching of Emmett Till[…]
“And I say that the most remarkable thing about violence in the South at that time was how remarkable little there was”[…]
Edwards said that he “had the opportunity to interview the officer who arrested Rosa Parks” in 2008. He told Peters that “this wasn’t gonna be a shock” to him or his audience, but that “everything you’ve learned about that time in history is a lie,” calling it “no different than” the modern “BLM riots”

In a 2010 article commemorating the 55th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ arrest, Edwards called Parks a “Communist” and wrote, “It never ceases to amaze me how lawbreakers (Parks, ‘civil rights’ activists, illegal aliens, etc.) are heralded as heroes by the media while hard working, tax paying, God fearing Middle Americans are treated as criminals”

He also complained about the attention being paid to white murder victims. “You hear about Emmett Till,” he said. “Of course what about Cannon Hinnant[…]? Any movies about that?”

Fritz Berggren #conspiracy #fundie #racist bloodandfaith.com

[From “A Candid Discussion on Genocide Against White Christian Races”]

In the latest episode of our podcast, our speaker Fritz Berggren unfolds a compelling narrative about what he outlines as an unaddressed crisis – a genocide against white Christian races. Through a vivid exploration of historical events, Berggren suggests a systematic plot to wipe out white Christians from their homeland, which he believes started with the Muslim and African invasions in Southern Europe around 700 AD

He delves into mob politics, demystifying what he identifies as a coterie of powerful bodies manipulating global systems while playing the victim card. Berger criticizes governments for their alleged role in supporting this inequity and labels significant political figures within America and Europe as ‘traitors’ to their nations

The Bible and history forms the bedrock of Berggren discourse. Drawing upon the Scriptures, he seeks to elucidate his interpretations about the modern Jews – a notion that they are impostors and part of an anti-Christian alliance supportive of an alleged genocidal agenda

By injecting strong emotions amid the charged racial tensions, Berggren administers a rallying cry to the White Christian community for vigilance and action. He dares to cross controversial lines, particularly involving his denunciation of Jewish Christians, whom he challenges to align with his scriptural perspectives

The final tone of the episode is a passionate call to arms. Berggren, foreseeing a state of civil war, insists on defending and repossessing the Christian heritage and values against what he believes is a massive onslaught against European Christians

(PS: The above was 99% written by AI after listening to the podcast. Very interesting!)

Oklahoma State Sen. Dusty Deevers (R-Elgin) #kinkshaming #fundie wfin.com

An Oklahoma state lawmaker is proposing a bill that not only prohibits the production or dissemination of “unlawful” pornography, but also punishes those who watch media depicting sexual intercourse with fines

State Sen. Dusty Deevers, R-Elgin, introduced an Act into the state legislature that, if approved, would prohibit Oklahomans from producing or disseminating “unlawful” pornographic materials lacking “serious” scientific, political, educational, literary or artistic value

“For far too long, civil society has conflated liberty for license,” FOX 25 in Oklahoma City quoted the lawmaker as saying. “These bills are aimed at strengthening the God-instituted bedrock of society, that is, the family. A strong, prosperous and flourishing society depends on strong families”

The Baptist preacher’s proposed legislation would also ban state residents from aiding or abetting in the creation and spread of pornography. It also bans sexting between non-married individuals[…]
According to the legislation, anyone who engages in media that depicts sexual intercourse, masturbation or stimulation could face up to a year in prison and a fine of at least $2,000

“Each of the items of unlawful pornography… are depictions of sexual conduct which are patently offensive under contemporary community standards in this state, and have as their dominant theme an appeal to prurient interest in sex under contemporary community standards of this state, and may not be produced or distributed within the state if they lack serious literary, artistic, educational, political, or scientific purposes or value,” the bill reads

Anyone caught acting, photographing, posing, modeling or selling “obscene” material could face punishments, as could anyone else who exhibits or publishes the media[…]
Civil suits can also be filed by complainants, in which they could receive $10,000 in statutory damages for each “depiction” in an effort to prevent violators from repeatedly breaking the law

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From “Oilers celebrate "Graham James was unfairly persecuted" night”]

Okay okay, technically it's Cocksucker Appreciation Night, but the general sentiment remains

At the same time that Hockey Canada is under fire for not doing enough to prevent men who like to molest little boys from being involved in the game, NHL teams like the Oilers are busy celebrating men who like to molest little boys and encouraging them to be part of the game

The story even quotes Kris Wells, the Grant Mac faggot who prefers to sodomize kids in the single digit range and obviously is very interested in spreading his message to kids at hockey games

Kristopher Wells likely molested more boys in 2023 than Graham James did in his entire career. And now he's hosting a theme night where hopefully they put one of those lisp-proof guards on the microphone (O Canada has relatively few "s" sounds, but when the U.S. anthem is sung the distortion during "broad sssstripesss and bright ssssstarssss" is going to be deafening)

Greg Gutfeld #sexist mediamatters.org

Citation From the January 23, 2024, edition of Fox News' The Five:

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): When AOC happily psychoanalyzes groups of people, then it's an invitation to return the favor, right? If she can do it. She's saying that people who support Trump are projecting their masculine insecurity. But isn't she saying that because of her own insecurities about her boyfriend's masculinity, right? She must realize how soft and buttery and feminine progressive males are, and it's hard to get horny with a snowflake. So it's why -- I think this is why she's so pro-illegal immigration. She's projecting her secret desires for young, virile men who are coming here in droves, and she's stuck with pajama boy and it's driving her crazy. All these Trump supporters, men, MMA fighters, drives her nuts

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. #wingnut #psycho #pratt thenewamerican.com

[From “Can Texas Constitutionally Engage in War and Protect Itself From Imminent Danger?”]

This verdict temporarily permits Border Patrol agents to remove the razor wire that had been placed along the banks of the Rio Grande, pending the outcome of an ongoing lawsuit. The Biden administration’s argument hinges on the belief that the presence of this wire impedes Border Patrol agents from efficiently reaching migrants as they attempt to cross the river[…]
Before turning to the expected analysis of federalism, state sovereignty, and the so-called Supremacy Clause, let’s look a lesser-known, little spoken-of clause in the Constitution[…]
Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution preserves to the states the authority to “engage in war” if actually invaded or “in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay”

Given the number of “immigrants” and their age and gender (young adult, male), Governor Abbott and AG Paxton could make a very compelling argument that the conditions of invasion and imminent danger are clearly present along the southern border[…]
That is to say, even if one makes the argument that Texas is not being invaded, as that term would be understood by the Founders, there is still a very strong argument to be made that the state is in imminent danger[…]
The state’s decision to exclude federal agents from certain areas can be interpreted as an assertion of its right to manage its own law-enforcement resources and strategies. While the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution ensures that federal law generally takes precedence over state law, it does not grant the federal government an unlimited mandate to intervene in state-controlled areas[…]
As for this so-called Supremacy Clause[…]
If the Founders had intended to include Supreme Court opinions in the list of those things making up the “supreme law of the land,” then they would have done so. They didn’t, therefore they aren’t

Black Like Mao #moonbat #psycho #conspiracy blacklikemao.medium.com

[From “Thoughts On the Passing of Chairman Gonzalo”]

Manuel Rubén Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, known to the world as Chairman Gonzalo, died on September 11, 2021 after what many call an assassination. Considering that he was kept in isolation for 29 years (longer than I’ve been alive) and undoubtedly exposed to every sort of psychological and physical torture for the entirety of that period, I’m sympathetic to this characterization of his death. When a political prisoner dies, the fault is always on the State that incarcerated him[…]
The bourgeois press (open and hidden) wasted no time in screaming from the rafters this news. “TERRORIST MURDERER DIES!”[…]Publications such as Jacobin scribbled all sorts of slanderous and scurrilous trash, highlighting the stated (by Gonzalo himself) excesses such as those of Lucanamarca and the dynamiting of the corpse of the open anti-Party agitator and informant Maria Elena Moyano. These admitted excesses are used by bad faith “Left” actors to paint the entire PCP as a band of murderers, sociopaths and unrepentant torturers. Strangely, there was no screaming about the revolutionary “excesses” when Fidel Castro died[…]
Gonzalo’s death comes during the honeymoon period of social democrat Pedro Castillo, who spent his youth as a rondero (peasant militiaman) in service of the Peruvian state working against the PCP[…]Castillo was an enemy of the PCP in the 1980s, and he is an enemy of the PCP now. Castillo will happily allow Gonzalo’s body to be burned and spread in the Pacific[…]Castillo has joined the “terrorist” chorus, and if he were such a friend of the people he would release Gonzalo’s body and allow for a public funeral[…]
As the faded red flag was torn down from the Kremlin, as Deng Xiaoping turned China into imperialist cloud-cuckooland, in Peru, some comrades waited out many a cold Andean night to deliver people’s justice to many a traitor, fascist military officer, evangelical missionary smuggling in Yankee propaganda

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From “Monday after Martin Luthor King day is "released from bail for MLK Day crimes day"”]

Martin Luthor King wanted to live in a world where his offspring would be judged for the content of their characters instead of their skin colour[…]
Niggers shouldn't have taken that deal because it actually comes out worse for them. While King's own spawn (at least the ones from women who know the identity of their rapist) aren't exactly shining white (ha) beacons on the hill, his fellow spear chuckers can't even reach that bar

We've been reliably told that the nigger is genetically incapable of living in a law abiding civilized manner. It's just not in their DNA[…]for them DNA just stands for "Dumb Nigger Arrested"[…]Take it away, Fani Willis:

Black women aren't perfect, and I'm sleeping with the unqualified prosecutor I hired, and I'm on a political mission to throw Trump in jail. But you've gotta ignore all that, let me continue to sin and violate all professional ethics

Okay, that was the NotTheBee summary of her comments but her point was literally that expecting a negress to follow the law is unacceptable[…]That thick black tar flowing through her veins instead of the red blood that human beings carry. That's what causes her to break the law even as she's acknowledging that she is indeed guilty[…]
Fani Willis DA uses race and gender to excuse misconduct

Yeah maybe stick to being judged by your skin colour. At least in that circumstance we can understand and sympathize that we were asking you to be a better person than you're genetically capable of

Vox Day #racist #psycho voxday.net

[From “Remigration in Germany”]

The AfD party is rapidly rising in Germany, in part due to its promise to remigrate millions of people who have invaded and degraded Germany

Germany’s left-liberal establishment media has been promoting a “secret’ deportation plan formulated by the Alternative for Germany (AfD); however, AfD politician René Springer says the plan is no secret and vowed to deport millions should the AfD come to power[…]

There are precisely four options for Germany and every Western country, including the United States:
•Remigrate the invaders and return them safely to their native lands
•Fight a war with the invaders, culminating in a historical Immicaust
•Decline into violent post-civilized, post-European anarchy
•Be invaded and occupied by the Russian Army

The option that the AfD is proposing is by far the most civilized and humane option. It’s also one of the two options that will permit Germany to remain both a) German and b) sovereign. It is therefore an absolute moral imperative

The Boomers and their Enlightenment delusions are finished. There is no longer any need to avoid openly discussing the necessity of what is obviously necessary if the various nations of the West are to survive. After all, what is the alternative? To continue to sink deeper into the mire of denationalization and decivilization?

Nick Fuentes #wingnut #psycho mediamatters.org

Former President Donald Trump dined with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago. As noted at the time, Trump made numerous remarks around the visit but declined to make any statements condemning Fuentes[…]
On the evening that Trump won the Iowa GOP caucus, Fuentes spoke out about his loyalty to Trump[…]
Citation From the January 15, 2024, Rumble stream of Nick Fuentes

I am not a Republican. I am a Trump cultist, and I want everyone to know that. I am not a Republican. Do not lump me in with them. I am not a Republican. I do not support McCarthy. I do not support McConnell. I do not support Haley or DeSantis. I do not watch Fox News. I don't support any of that

I am a Donald Trump cultist. I am a soldier for Donald Trump. I am part of — I serve at the personal pleasure of Donald Trump, my supreme leader. I am part of the paramilitary wing of the Trump movement. I am part of the Revolutionary Guard

I do not answer to the Pentagon. I do not answer to the civilian government. I answer — I am the Praetorian Guard of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump ordered me to do an extrajudicial killing, I would perform it

I do not swear an oath to the Constitution. I swear an oath to Art of the Deal[…]
I work for Donald Trump personally. Now, I'm not — I don't — I'm not contracted. This is just like, you know, but — I do. But I would work for him like that. I am part of the paramilitary wing[…]
If Donald Trump called me up and said, look, we need to capture my political enemies and torture them, you're OK with that, right? This is totally off the books. This is a black op. If he called me up and told me to do it, I would. I would be like, sir, yes — I wouldn't even say, yes, Mr. President. I would say it will be done. I would say it will be done, Supreme Leader

Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey (R) #racist nbcnews.com

An Oklahoma bill has stirred controversy in the state Legislature for seeking to label Hispanic people who are gang members as terrorists. No other racial or ethnic group is singled out in the legislation

The bill, written by Republican state Rep. Justin Humphrey, proposes that any person who “is of Hispanic descent living within the state of Oklahoma,” is a member of a gang and has been convicted of “gang-related offenses” would be deemed a terrorist. Humphrey has since apologized for zeroing in on Hispanic people and plans to change the language in the bill to "undocumented"

Humphrey told NBC News that the bill was meant to focus on “those people who are here illegally and who are coming across the border and trying to do harm to America and to Oklahoma”[…]
Humphrey has also said that “Chinese nationals” are contributing to the fentanyl crisis, but did not explicitly mention that group in the bill. There were 3,547 unintentional drug overdose deaths in the state between 2017 to 2021, according to data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Fentanyl was involved in 579 of those deaths[…]
Humphrey has proposed another controversial bill this legislative session that seeks to use animal control to remove "furries," individuals who role-play as anthropomorphized animal characters, from school activities

Elijah Schaffer, Adam King, Gavin McInnes, Nick Fuentes and Vincent James Foxx #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #homophobia #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer moderated a debate on Zionism between Adam King, Gavin McInnes, Nick Fuentes, and Vincent James Foxx[…]
McInnes[…]produced a chart to show that Jewish people aren’t a monolith[…]“Hasidim,” “Orthodox,” “Secular Zionist,” and “Secular Anti-Zionist aka ‘JINO’”[…]
Attempted to explain the difference between these four groups, and told the other participants that “Your beef is mostly with these — I call them JINOs[…]They’re mostly Bolsheviks. They’re mostly atheists.” McInnes cited[…]Soros[…]
McInnes claimed that white people fought the Civil War because they were “worried about Negroes’ rights”[…]
“So whites have this sense of self-hatred. And to blame it on the Jews is a cop-out”[…]
McInnes then said something about “fucking kikes,” causing Schaffer and others to laugh

“I thought the k-word was gonna be dropped by the other side, but let’s fuckin’ go!” King said. McInnes replied that “It’s usually niggers and chinks who say kike”[…]
Adam King then interjected to say that the media failed to cover the “capture of Gaza City”[…]Joked that Israeli realtors should sell him “beachfront property” there

When asked whether Israel was guilty of committing genocide[…]McInnes denied it. He stated that “as far as the savage animals of the Middle East go,” Israelis are the “most civilized of the hyenas”[…]
He also claimed that the Israelis are fighting “savages”[…]
“Columbus cut out their tongues when he discovered the Caribbean,” he declared. “[…]That was the vocabulary of the fuckin’ aboriginals”[…]
Schaffer asked Zherka if he had an opinion about Jewish people “Talmudically raping kids.” Zherka accused Jews of bringing “LGBT, porn, and all this degeneracy”[…]Repeated the antisemitic claim that Jews were “kicked out of 109 fuckin’ countries”[…]
Adam King had blamed the influence of Christianity[…]Foxx suggested it was because of their own behavior[…]
“Usury[…]taking over the media, pushing sexual degeneracy, taking over basically everything?”

R. Cort Kirkwood #ableist #homophobia thenewamerican.com

[From “FAA Seeks to Hire the Deaf, Blind, and Insane as a Door Blows off a Jet Owned by Airline Obsessed With Sex Perversion”]

As doors fall off Boeing jets[…]and the airline that owns the jet focuses on convincing customers that it’s one big bathhouse of homosexual fun, it’s worth looking at the Federal Aviation Administration[…]to see what that regulatory agency’s priorities are for hiring

If you’re deaf, blind, or just plain nuts, the FAA has a job for you. And the deafer, blinder, and nuttier you are, the faster you’ll get hired[…]
“The Secretary of Transportation has set a hiring goal of three (3) percent per fiscal year for individuals with targeted (severe) disabilities,” the website says

That secretary is Pete Buttigieg, a homosexual pervert who believes he is married to a man, a child groomer called Chasten[…]
Only people with disabilities can enjoy an “on-the-spot” appointment, which is non-competitive, and the “applicant wishing to be hired through the non-competitive process should be prepared to provide his or her résumé, references, and academic transcripts. They are also required to provide documentation pertaining to the existence of a disability”[…]
Airline passengers can only hope, and should pray, that a schizophrenic who hears voices that tell him the CIA has placed radio transmitters in his dental fillings aren’t hired as air traffic controllers. Or that blind people aren’t hired to inspect airplanes[…]
“From our inclusive flag raising at HQ, to our parade in the sky on the first & only U.S. Pride aircraft, it’s easy to see that we’re just plane proud,” the YouTube teaser to the two-year-old ad says. “This month, to commemorate Pride, Alaska surprised not one — but four lucky flights on a newly decorated Pride-inspired plane supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The plane, the first of its kind in the U.S., will fly throughout our network for the next year”

The airlines published a blog post dedicated to buggery in the skies

Andrew Anglin #racist dailystormer.name

[From “James Earl Ray Day Marred by Technical Difficulties”]

Hello friends, and happy James Earl Ray Day

Sadly, on this sacred day where we honor one of the most important figures in our nation’s history, a man who stood up for freedom and for the rights of all Americans, we are still undergoing a technical process

You’re only seeing this if you’re on Tor, or if by some miracle the site is up at dot in. But I want to just weigh in and explain

Using the cash from the donation drive, the astronomically expensive upgrade should end the ongoing off-on problem of downtime that we’ve been experiencing for the last year or so

We want to take our time, and make sure that the bullet hits the target. That is to say, we want to blow the brains out of the site’s problems. We want to hit the nasty problem of ongoing downtime right in the face with a .30-06 bullet fired from a Remington Model 760 rifle

I’m not a tech guy, but I’m still right in the middle of this job, working as a spotter to make sure we get a clean shot, breaking the jaw, shattering the vertebra, and severing the jugular vein of the technical glitches

I’m exhausted and have not slept much, engaged in these chats and following instructions on backend processes

You’re going to be happy with the results, when the problem of downtime we’ve been dealing with is laying cold on a slab in the morgue

Mauricio #wingnut #magick #psycho #elitist westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Before I die”]

How I wish to witness this Malthusian disaster [energy devolution] first hand

I practically live for this reckoning, this Final Solution to the Christian Problem. Everything else is a distraction

The oil wells eventually dry up. Industry and commerce slow to a crawl. Mass unemployment. Skyrocketing inflation until money becomes worthless. Poverty, crime, riots. Anarchy rises

The System becomes increasingly draconian. Border conflicts erupting everywhere. Infrastructure is gradually destroyed. Mass starvation follows. Mercenary armies murderously repress rebellions. Armies turn rogue and create small enclaves. Then the nukes drop. Cities evaporated. Huge clouds of radioactive dust. All that useless human trash starving and rotting

Kalki’s age indeed. I must see it before I die

Elijah Schaffer and Devon Tracey #racist #psycho angrywhitemen.org

On a recent episode of his Rumble show, Elijah Schaffer interviewed racist Internet personality Devon Tracey. During the episode, titled “Will BLACK CRIME Lead to TOTAL COLLAPSE?”, Schaffer said that he would not move his family to a Black neighborhood because of “violent crime” and that his “desire for safety is to remove Black people”

Tracey, who uses the pseudonym “Atheism Is Unstoppable” and hosts a show on Gavin McInnes’ Censored.TV platform, has a history of racist commentary[…]
Tracey declared Till was “guilty”

In a follow-up post he wrote that Till’s brutal murder was “no more gruesome than the thousands of white people killed by blacks since then.” He added, “fuck him for his sexual assault.” When Donham passed away last April at the age of 89, Tracey called her an “innocent victim of sexual assault”

Tracey took a similar approach to George Stinney[…]Stinney had been accused of murdering two white girls and was found guilty by an all-white jury after deliberating for ten minutes[…]
Tracey wrote, “This 14 year old killed an 11 and a 7 year old little girl. He 100 percent did it and was executed for it. I have zero problems with that. Zero”

But when it came to Brock Turner, a white Stanford student who was convicted after publicly sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, Tracey took a different tack, declaring him “100 percent innocent”[…]
In a post directed at Nina Turner, a Black politician, Tracey declared that “America was founded on White people kicking ass, building shit, pioneering the joint, defeating all those who stepped to us, and creating one of the most prosperous nations on earth in the image of our prior White nation, England.” He has also used the racial slur “mudshark”

Lancelot Lamar #racist #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From “Birds of a Feather”]

The non-stop mixed-race couples in advertising and entertainment is so over the top that even the most moderate of your neighbors not only recognizes the game but openly mocks it

But recognizing propaganda doesn’t mean it’s not working[…]Race mixing targeted at Whites has been a decades long effort[…]
The constitutionality of anti-miscegenation laws was challenged but upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1883 case Pace v. Alabama[…]
After the Second World War however, cases in multiple states tried to change the laws in spite of the will of the wide majority of the country[…]
The usual suspects agitating for these changes appealed less to emotional arguments but instead pried wider the gaps in the Constitution that the Framers would never have imagined[…]
Hannah Arendt, a Jewish refugee from WW2 Germany, wrote that the free choice of a spouse was, “An elementary human right[…]‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’”[…]
With laws passed and public and private institutions firmly behind the new Enlightened understanding of the races, why the exaggerated push right now?[…]
The bad news is that overall interracial marriage has increased[…]
Data shows that mixed race people are the most open to marrying any other group as they don’t easily identify with a single race[…]Multiracial children still don’t fit into either parent’s race and are alone with often very low self-image. The commitment to the mixing in spite of the sad results betrays the cynical and wicked agenda of those pushing for this. It is similar to trans advocacy[…]
Depending on who is included[…]the percentage of what a reasonable person would recognize as a White person in the world is not the false and intended black pill number of 8% but closer to 20%. In spite of wars, experimental vaccines, and the enforcement and protection of all bizarre perversions, we’re not dying out[…]
Don’t be discouraged. Instruct your children well. This too shall pass

Alliance of Patriots, Alt Info and Georgian Dream #fundie #wingnut politico.eu

Dozens of far-right protesters attempted to storm the house of a woman who allegedly defaced an icon featuring Georgian-born Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin at the main cathedral in Tbilisi

The appearance in Holy Trinity Cathedral of an icon that features Saint Matrona of Moscow, a Russian Orthodox saint, blessing Stalin sparked uproar when it was recently discovered

It was donated to the church by the Alliance of Patriots, a pro-Russian conservative political party

Civil society organizations called on the Georgian Orthodox Church to remove the icon from the cathedral

However, church spokesperson Andria Jagmaidze dismissed the uproar as an anti-church campaign, saying “this is not an icon of Stalin” but rather an icon featuring Stalin

“Villains can be featured on icons too, such as Diocletian. But this is a different case, Stalin is not featured here in negative context,” he said

For Nata Peradze, who allegedly splashed paint on the icon, showcasing Stalin in church is “a weapon of influence”[…]
Far-right group Alt Info, which burned EU flags after Georgia received EU membership candidate status in December, besieged her apartment on Wednesday and attempted to storm the building several times, but were held back by police. She later reported that her friends had been attacked

Sovlab, which studies Georgia’s Soviet past, said the icon depicts Stalin in a positive light, and that displaying it at the church was an insult to his victims[…]
Officials from Georgia’s ruling Georgian Dream party dubbed the icon’s defacement as an “anti-Christian, anti-church and provocative act”