Kathy Schroeder #fundie thesun.ie

AS one of cult leader David Koresh’s trusted lieutenants, Kathy Schroeder handed out guns and ammunition to kids during the Waco siege, which ended in 86 deaths – 28 of them children

Now, 30 years on from the deadly stand-off, the mum of four has controversially insisted that she still believes in the teachings of the charismatic preacher, who claimed he was the second coming of Christ

In a new Netflix documentary, Waco: American Apocalypse, the cult’s survivors and agents involved in the 51-day siege at a remote Texan ranch recall the horrifying events which ended in an enormous fireball on April 19, 1993

And Kathy makes a twisted defence of child sex abuse by Koresh, who took a 14-year-old as one of his many wives and was accused of having sex with girls as young as ten

Kathy, now 60, says: “People think that a man having sex with a lot of underage girls is a crime and in conventional wisdom that could probably very well be true

“However, these weren’t underage girls, because you come of age at 12. So all these girls were adults in our belief system”

Three decades after he brainwashed her, Kathy still defends Koresh’s abuse of women

She says: “Every single one of us was married to David because David was our Christ giving us the truths from God. The whole time we were having sex it was a bible study

“He did it to give me that one little bit of tenderness with my God”

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[From "Rekonquista Kommend"]

The Green Party of Düsseldorf should be credited for repopularizing Hitler when the history of the German Rekonquista of the 2030s is written:

Germany’s first Arabic-language street sign has appeared in the city of Düsseldorf, and Islamic associations and the Green Party are praising the new development[…]

The German people survived the Romans, the Huns, and the Soviets. They’ll survive Clown World too. But the reclamation of their sovereignty and their land probably isn’t going to be particularly pretty

Meanwhile, in France, they’re already burning the homes of pro-immigration politicians

The house of a left-wing mayor in France, who supports a controversial plan to establish an asylum center in the small seaside town of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, has been burned down in a suspected arson attack[…]

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Edmonton police officers shot and killed"]

Early this morning, two Edmonton police officers were shot and killed over by Westmount

Obviously details are sketchy, and more will be learned in the forthcoming hours/days/months. Early reports are that it was a domestic call

The only thing of note is already the mainstream media can't mention the story without referencing the last EPS officer shot and killed. Before it gets too much traction, remember that Daniel Woodall was an evil faggot who was pushing the radical sodomite agenda when he died, and we should never feel bad about his righteous punishment

Rev. Matthew Trewhella #fundie #wingnut #psycho rawstory.com

In Wisconsin, far-right social conservative Dan Kelly is competing with liberal Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz for a seat on the state's supreme court[…]
Now, Protasiewicz is calling Kelly out for making a virtual appearance at a Tuesday, March 21 event with the Rev. Matthew Trewhella[…]In 1990, Trewhella founded a Milwaukee-based group called Missionaries to the Unborn, and he has a long history of promoting violence

Back in 1994, Trewhella said, "I don't condemn people who use force to try to protect babies[…]If someone used force against him, would I condemn the person for stopping Mengele from all the atrocities he did?"[…]
Trewhella is a long-time supporter of the militia movement[…]At a 1994 event[…]Trewhella[…]said, "Our government wants to disarm us. What should we do? We should do what thousands of people across this nation are doing; we should be forming militias… Churches can form militia days and teach their men how to fight"[…]
Many years later, according to the the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Trewhella has not softened his rhetoric. At the March 21 event — which was held at the Calvary Assembly of God in Wilson, Wisconsin — told the crowd, "You cannot appease tyrants. You have to defeat them[…]If you keep accommodating yourself — guess what? — you'll be swallowed up by evil. It will be too late, and then, bloody revolution is the only option left"

Kelly, the Journal Sentinel's Molly Beck reports, was not physically present at the Calvary Assembly of God. But after Trewhella's speech, Kelly spoke virtually for 20 minutes

In 1993, according to Newsweek, Trewhella signed a statement describing the murder of David Gunn, an abortion doctor in Pensacola, Florida, as "justifiable homicide"

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[From "Everyone Shocked as Famous Tranny Flight Attendant Living Ideal Tranny Life Commits Suicide"]

Never in my life would I have expected a tranny to kill himself

We are headed for utopia, but in utopia, if all the trannies are killing themselves, it will be very sad

Perhaps we need to use 5G mind beams to stop trannies from being able to ponder suicide?

New York Post

Transgender flight attendant Kayleigh Scott — who gained fame after appearing in a United Airlines commercial — was found dead Monday in her Colorado home. She was 25[…]
Details surrounding the end of her life remain unclear, but several of her friends did reveal that she struggled with depression

He struggled with depression

Because he cut his dick off and pretended to be a woman

The sexual fantasy is maybe fascinating for a little bit. Maybe it creates a euphoric feeling, especially when combined with all the drugs. But sooner or later, trannies wake up from the sexual fantasy, because life can’t be a continual sexual fantasy, and they find they do not have a dick and will also never be a woman. They are aging and facing decades of emptiness and loathing, no longer able to draw interest from men

According to tranny theory, you are going to have happy and fulfilled men in their 80s who are trannies after having decided to mutilate their bodies when they were 9 or 10. This is obviously insane, and simply thinking about it from that perspective puts into light how moronic it is

I have tattoos from when I was a teenager that I deeply regret[…]
The great thing about life is that you can grow and change throughout your life. However, if when you’re a teen or preteen, you decide to mutilate your body with drugs and surgeries, then you’re stuck with that forever

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[From "Yandex"]

We have received two huge benefits from the Ukraine war. One is that when Putin intervened in the Ukraine conflict, the Global American Empire everywhere overnight stopped enforcing worship of the awesome and mighty covid demon. The public announcements that masking and jabs were compulsory continued for a while, but everyone ignored them, and gradually they are stopping. Kind of like everyone started ignoring female emancipation when they tossed it in the lead up to World War II, even though it officially remained in force

Putin cured Covid

And the other big benefit is Yandex search

Type a thought crime into a search engine, any search engine in your browser’s list. For example “gay needs to be suppressed”

You will likely get slim pickings. Similarly, search for information on the war in the Ukraine, or the jab

Type it into Yandex.com, you get a reasonably balanced collection of links from both sides of the debate

Replacing your default browser search with yandex is likely to be difficult. You will have to find some little used and obscure ui for adding unlisted search engines, and will have to supply the search url, which for yandex is https://yandex.com/search/?text=%s&lr=10619 (Your browser will replace %s with the actual search string

Next up, I hope for a Russian reply to GPT3

I had hoped for SWIFT replacement, but nothing good yet that I know of. El Salvador is fighting the good fight there. Meanwhile the Afghans continue to cheerfully demonstrate how easily and smoothly one can erase female emancipation

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[From "It's okay to be white (any other colour is up for some debate)"]

Greg Hood discusses why Scott Adams got in so much trouble for saying "Ethnic Group A should stay away from Ethnic Group Y if huge swathes of Group Y believe Group A shouldn't exist"

What has happened to Mr. Adams is why many whites are afraid to take their own side or even point out racial double standards. Whites do share some of the blame. However, it’s not just white “suicide.” An abused group may share some responsibility for collaborating with the abuser, but it is not entirely to blame[…]

Hood tries to say however that Adams misunderstood the Rasmussen poll by pointing out that a strict mathematical majority of negores think whitey is okay[…]
I'm not sure that this should be taken as small comfort. "Only" 46% of niggers think its okay that you be you. When even 1% of people don't think that trannies, who have complete control over who they are, should be 'okay' with being who they claim to be its some sort of murderous health crisis, but it being even money that any nigger you come across thinks that your own innate racial makeup is acceptable must surely present some sort of issue

It's roughly parallel to how the Derka-Derkas feel about murdering in the name of their child molesting Satanic Prophet mohammed (worms be upon him as God damned him and his followers to burn in hell). Left-wing extremists like University of Ottawa's Stuart Chambers say "don't worry" about finding out that 10% of Muslims in your home country are okay with mass murder[…]
46% is a shockingly large number. That means more than 1 out of every 20 Americans is a threat to white people. Seems more important of a story than a cartoonist making a rational suggestion based on that fact

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[From "FDA Continues Infanticide-by-Vaccine Program Giving Emergency Use Authorization for 4th COVID “Vaccine” for Babies and Toddlers Under Age 5"]

With the financial system on the brink of collapse and the war in Ukraine intensifying and capturing the public’s attention this week, the FDA quietly gave a new emergency use authorization (EUA) for a 4th COVID “vaccine” booster for babies and toddlers under the age of 5[…]
With the EUA COVID shots now being added to the CDC Childhood Vaccination Schedule, a baby born in the United States can now have 42 doses of vaccines injected into them before the age of 5 (Source)

And if a child misses a few vaccines, or misses their “well-child” appointment with their pediatrician, no problem! As you can see from the image at the top of this article, pediatricians are trained to inject multiple doses into babies and toddlers during a single office visit, even though there are ZERO studies on the effects of injecting multiple doses of vaccines at the same time into babies and toddlers

If the baby or toddler dies after these injections, it will be classified as “SIDS”, sudden infant death syndrome

This is infanticide by vaccines, and a way of reducing the population, and it is already happening

Here are a couple of records from the U.S. Government’s own VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) database where young children were injected with the EUA COVID shots together with other vaccines, and the child died

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[From "Does Marco Rubio Have AIDS?"]

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is from Cuba, has transformed into something completely different than he was in 2016, leading many to wonder if he has AIDS

Rubio’s appearance has changed more than would be normal for any man in a period of 7 years. In 2023, he looks very unhealthy, his bubbly cheerfulness having given way to cold skeletal wasting

AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome) is a homosexual condition that is also commonly known as GRIDS (Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome)

Rubio, a Senator and pro-war activist, is widely believed to be a homosexual, which would put him in the prime category for developing this homosexual condition

During the 2016 campaign, several pictures were released showing Rubio dancing at a homosexual establishment (“place of dirty business”)

The Florida Senator is a regular guest on the TV show of gay rights activist Tucker Carlson, where he promotes Chinese TikTok conspiracy theories, as well as conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial visitors. His politics are as compromised as his immune system, and patriotic Americans hope that he dies of AIDS

Conversely, the Editorial Board of Daily Stormer hopes he pulls through, but we are calling on him to resign from his position immediately, given that his condition clearly prevents him from successfully doing his duties, and because he is a ridiculous figure from a foreign country who is constantly trying to bully Americans into fighting wars for him

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[From "Antisemitism, Han-style"]

Only a few years after rejecting the planned “leap to China”, Tablet laments the way the Chinese are now actively turning against the Jewish people for reasons that appear to be based on nothing more than a straightforward observation of the decline and incipient fall of the United States over the 20th century

According to Lu’s videos and commentary, Jews are manipulators, penny-pinchers, loan sharks, and drug dealers[…]

How perfectly outrageous! This Chinese criticism of an innocent and saintly people who have never harmed anyone and never done nothing wrong to nobody is hateful, antisemitic, and, unfortunately, appears to be 100-percent accurate

The thing is, you can fool all the people some of the time, but if you’re an ethnic cabal of wicked pedophiles who believe you’re destined to rule the world on behalf of your master, Satan, eventually some of the people are going to notice this and take exception to both you and your objectives, no matter how many names you manage to call them

And if you attack those who are doing nothing more than observably telling the readily-confirmable truth, eventually everyone is going to figure out that you’re a community of shameless liars and literally nothing that any of you say can be taken at face value

Xi Xinping is the most intelligent world leader on the scene today. The great Chinese strategist Wang Hunin was 20 years ahead of me in his geostrategic observations. So, I very much doubt that anyone is going to be successful in gaslighting either of them, no matter how many Western institutions they happen to have at their disposal

Cebu City Anti-indecency Board, Mike Rama and Jessica Resch #fundie sunstar.com.ph

A WARNING SHOT fired last December 2022 was the activation by Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama of CAIB, short for City Anti-indecency Board. Rama appointed former city administrator Lucelle Mercado, who headed CAIB during Rama's 2013-2016 term

It was reportedly during Mercado's stint that "lewd" shows in bars and nightclubs were stopped and "obscene" content in magazines, tabloids and radio drama was attacked by CAIB operatives

"We'll give the same intensity, even more, to fight against indecent material in any platform." The same members who composed the previous CAIB are the people the mayor "has called upon" to police against indecency, Mercado said last December 1, 2022, when the force "convened for the first time in seven years"

ORDINANCES #2436, #1408 NOT ENOUGH? City Ordinance #2436 created the CAIB, which "shall pass upon the exhibition, printing, circulation, sale of obscene pictures, films, books or publications, stage shows and skits" in Cebu City

City Ordinance #1408 amended the city's law and yet the new amendatory ordinance, filed by Councilor Jessica Resch, ex-officio member representing the youth sector, says there's "a void in the implementation." Not in the regulations the City Council has laid down but in the "implementation"?

According to the "whereases" in the Resch ordinance -- presented to the City Council Wednesday, March 15, 2022, for first reading -- the present regulations are deficient because:

[] Selling sculptures that "depict male and female genitalia (anus, breast, penis, vagina and the like, including sex toys)" is mentioned but not declared unlawful in existing ordinance[…]
[] Extent of access, power to seize[…]Resch's amendment further orders CAIB to "cause the prosecution of violators," including "confiscation of the evidence"[…]
Sex toys or objects that are "obscene, indecent, lewd or inimical to the preservation of peace and good morals" shall be "confiscated/forfeited in favor of the governmen

C.T. #racist #magick westsdarkesthour.com

[From "Savitri & Eduardo"]

As promised in this comment when I announced the PDF of Savitri Devi’s book, the entry below this post translates, from Spanish into English, an essay that Eduardo Velasco published on his now-defunct webzine Evropa Soberana[…]
In Savitri’s prose and Eduardo’s quotations we are told that he will be a personal entity that will destroy the wicked. Since over the decades I have given much thought to exterminationism, it is only natural that the finding that this apocalyptic figure is invoked precisely in the oldest Aryan religion caught my attention. Before discovering Savitri’s philosophy it was something I was unaware of![…]
I believed in the paranormal[…]Because of my rationalist mind, it seems to me that we could interpret the figure of Kalki not personally, but as the apocalypse for mankind that energy devolution will represent[…]
My rationalist scepticism doesn’t rob the first Aryan religion of its numinousness, or even profound truth. From a symbolic point of view, Hinduism may be telling us great truths. Any reader of Jung will understand[…]
The other issue is Kali Yuga, also explained in Savitri’s and Eduardo’s texts. Taking into account my book Day of Wrath[…]I don’t believe in such a thing as a previous Golden Age. But I do believe that our age is the darkest for the survival of the white race since prehistory, a dark age that those versed in Hinduism call Kali Yuga

In my view, the dark hour for the Aryans began when Hannibal’s armies decimated the Romans[…]Miscegenation and eventual intermarriage and blood-mixing that would culminate, a few centuries later, with the Christians coming to power[…]
From my point of view the Christian era is the dark age[…]This way of interpreting Aryan religion is closer to Friedreich Nietzsche, a fan of the Law of Manu, than to Savitri or Eduardo who wanted to rescue what they call the esoteric side of Christianity

Lu Kewen #racist #conspiracy #moonbat tabletmag.com

Since the most recent conflict in Gaza in May 2021, antisemitic tropes and sentiments have been propagated on Chinese state media[…]
Lu is the owner and founder of Lu Kewen Studio, a Beijing-based “self-media” online news channel[…]Lu’s enterprise has reportedly amassed a following of 15 million subscribers[…]
On May 29, 2021, about a week after the Gaza ceasefire went into effect, Lu posted an 8,000-character screed in five parts titled “What Should We Make of the Jews?” The manifesto is not an original work[…]
In certain parts, Lu adds his own musings to the mix; in others, he just quotes at length from Mein Kampf and the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Long after last year’s Gaza conflict had subsided, Lu continued to publish articles arguing that even if “beaten to death,” he “will never agree that Jews are a good partner to the Chinese people”[…]
According to Lu’s videos and commentary, Jews are manipulators, penny-pinchers, loan sharks, and drug dealers. More than an ethnic group bound by blood and history, they operate like a private club, an elitist cabal whose members are linked by a web of common interests, “especially the American Jews.” It is through these social connections that Jews have infiltrated key global positions and “took control of the three cornerstones of American society, namely finance, media, and culture.” The Jewish penetration of American power is so far advanced that the Bush, Obama, and Biden families and administrations have all fallen prey to Jewish influence. Because Jews control the anti-China U.S. media and hold key positions in Biden’s anti-China cabinet, they are the “ideological voice” of the United States, the spearhead of the West’s accelerating crusade against the Chinese government and people

One of the conspiracies[…]accuses Jews of being “the world’s most powerful drug barons” and therefore of being responsible for the eruption of the mid-19th-century Opium Wars

State Representative Rob Harris (R) and 21 other South Carolina State Representatives #fundie #wingnut independent.co.uk

In South Carolina, Republican lawmakers are contemplating making a change to the state’s criminal code that would punish a person who gets an abortion with the death penalty

The bill, called the South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023, would amend the state’s code of laws, redefining “person” to include a fertilised egg at the point of conception, affording that zygote “equal protection under the homicide laws of the state” – up to and including the death penalty

Representative Rob Harris wrote the bill and so far it has attracted 21 co-sponsors to date

The bill, however, provides an exception for pregnant women who underwent abortion “because she was compelled to do so by the threat of imminent death or great bodily injury”

It also provides an exception if the procedure is needed to avert the death of a mother “when all reasonable alternatives to save the life of the unborn child were attempted or none were available”[…]
In addition, the proposed bill does not provide an exception for rape or incest. Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina said on the House floor last week that “to see this debate go to the dark places, the dark edges, where it has gone on both sides of the aisle, has been deeply disturbing to me as a woman, as a female legislator, as a mom, and as a victim of rape”

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #dunning-kruger 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "The Civil War saw brother face off against brutha"]

Over at The Atlantic (try not to be shocked), nigger activist Clint Smith has a ridiculous article about how Confederate gravesites aren't black enough, or something[…]
What's wrong with refusing to grapple? After all, as we've covered before, slavery is not some unique thing that white Americans did to blacks. Slavery was a thing the world over where a superior conquering nation took the people from the inferior conquered nation and put them to work. I'm truly sorry to whiners like Clint Smith that his ancestors were so inferior that they became history's punching bag[…]
Niggers really like latching onto this "treason" thing about the War Between the States (and they really should try looking in a mirror). Of course, one of the...what's the word....well-documented thing about the Reconstruction Era is that literally nobody considered the Confederate cause to be "treason"[…]
As many have noted before, of course, the prevailing attitude in the southern States regarding what legislation should be applicable regarding slavery was that it was up to the citizens of those states to decide[…]
So he shouldn't be surprised that a large number of southerners, whether sympathetic or opposed to slavery, took issue during the Civil War based on the principle of states' rights: they were acting lock-step in favour of men like Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Parker[…]
For another, despite the occasional Yankee carpetbagger the whole point of the Reconstruction South was...what's the word?...oh yes, reconstruction. Being upset at the Confederate Battle Flag being flown alongside the 1950s United States Flag would be like anger over the British and French flags being flown alongside[…]
That the Civil War wasn't "slavery bad people fighting slavery good people" is partly why Reconstruction was so successful and why the South didn't turn into a guerilla quadmire

Prussian Society of America #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Albanians Are No Better Than Serbians"]

The Dark History of Albania & The Future of the American Empire

Albanians are not the people most people think they are… And the Nations which import them or give them free ability to exist and have their way, will greatly regret[…]
The Albanians rely on the so-called “Illyrian Myth”, but the fact is that they are Turko-Slavs, some are more or entirely Turkish (bottom of the Barrel) or Slavic[…]
It is no mistake that this Man mentions in the video that without American, that they would basically be the “Kurds of Europe”, because that is the thing with them, they have no loyalties or richness or honor as a people, like some other Barbarians do

This video at least provides insight into the mind of how Albanians think, and all the more proves the Barbarism of Slavs, yet they try to make themselves seem more honorable than “Russians”

All Slavs, are known for being highly Barbaric and stirring up conflicts all the time even among their own people[…]
If Albanians are regarded as the “Mexicans of Europe”, then we must say that the Albanians are White on the outside, but Negroes on the inside

Albanians are not well-liked in Europe because they have horrific personalities and values, even look and behave sketchy and are involved in a lot of illicit activities. They even have their hands all in with Espionage and the CIA and Biotech firms, and they have absolutely no loyalty to anyone[…]
The Best thing Europeans can do at least as far as how they observe the regional conflict of Serbia/Kosova/Albania is to have completely indifference[…]
In terms of the Balkans, these countries along with Bosnia are troubled grounds and troubled people[…]
Lowest IQ of all people in Europe, and Lowest Empathy. Passive-Aggressive Personalities who only lower the leve of culture, integrity and honesty in society to very abysmal levels

Andrew Anglin #sexist #racist #wingnut #fundie dailystormer.name

[From "Shock: That Mopey Whore They Put in Charge of Italy has Tripled Migrant Arrivals"]

Every stupid cuckservative in America was celebrating this dumb whore taking over Italy. These worthless faggots and kikesuckers like Matt Walsh were saying this was a triumph for the global movement of post-Trump populism

They were ignoring the fact that this greaseball hound doggy was standing with the Ukraine like any stupid slut you’d meet gorging herself on 1,200 calorie sandwiches at Starbucks[…]
Conversely, I was like “the only thing you can trust a slut to do is give blowjobs to strangers and have sex with the blacks – if you think she’s going to save your country, you’re a gay retard”

Since she was elected, we haven’t heard much about her following her initial “honeymoon” era statements about cleaning up the streets

It turns out, migrant arrivals have TRIPLED under this bitch’s regime

Great job, retards


Italian authorities brought 1,650 predominantly African and Middle Eastern migrants ashore before dawn on Saturday[…]

The penalty is: when she sucks them off, she’s going to spit instead of swallow[…]
If Meloni is doing “stiff penalties” instead of stroking stiffies, she could really start by arresting people[…]
Yeah, she won’t put the smugglers in jail. She definitely won’t sink the boats. She won’t even arrest and deport the migrants, who are continuing an endless wave of killings[…]
We cannot have these women

They are utterly worthless

It is pure moronism, to claim to be “conservative” and then push feminism. Firstly, feminism is not “conservative.” Secondly, this simply does not work. Even if your sights are as low as stopping millions of Africans from pouring into your country, they cannot get this done[…]
We have to go back to Christianity. That is the only solution

Current_Salt and SonoftheMorning333 #racist #psycho reddit.com

[Comments under "After colonial settlers carried out a pogrom on the Palestinian town of Huwara burning over 100 cars, injuring 100+ residents, burning a cat to death & burning over 35 homes, veteran colonel settler leader says If you don't want to see what happened in Huwara again then let us steal more ???? Land"]


He should have just finish the job

Comment by SonoftheMorning333:

Eventually They'll get what they deserve, again, hot showers and a long nap


What was that quote Hitler said? Something along the lines of

the more I get to know them, the more I dislike them

or something similar?

Comment by SonoftheMorning333:

Maybe, but possibly also:

"I could have killed all the Jews in the world but I left some alive to show the world why I did it"

A man who accurately forsaw the trajectory of the Jewish people and is being proven correct every day

Cant say he was wrong

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia #transphobia #kinkshaming 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@rollforlearning - The best people in your schools are represented and instead you are disgustingly shaming them"]



I have a question for you since I had to google what the heck that was. Are you wanting books about that for kids who live with it or so all kids can learn about it? Why would kids not exposed to that lifestyle ever need to learn about it? Math?spelling? Writing?

On the off chance that you are engaging in good faith or someone else who is may see it:

We have polyam families in our schools. Their families deserve to be represented. They shouldn't feel like there's something shameful about having more than two parents in their home

Evil dyke (but I'm repeating myself) Shawna is very concerned that children whose parents are swingers aren't going to be "fairly represented" in schools, unless their textbooks and other resources reference (positively, of course) their perverted lifestyle

As you might have guessed, endorsing an unacceptable perversion is certainly on-brand for Shawna and her ilk. Thinking that these nutters "deserve" representation is equally predictable, even though it's wrong[…]Clearly she's incapable of actual "good faith" engaging, but if she were she should be required to answer this question:

You have kids with socially conservative families in our schools, so how are you representing them with your books and practices?

Unlike uranists and trannies and swingers,we actually have a solid moral and intellectual foundation to our lifestyle. I guarantee that Shawna's "equity library" doesn't have anything by Ted Byfield or Rod Dreher or Jonathon Van Maren

So why don't the children with the highest calibre of family get their representation? Why is Shawna only promoting illegitimate lifestyle choices?

Oh, right: self-preservation

Prussian Society of America #elitist #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Sooner or Later, The Automaton Issue Will Become More Evident and Inescapable"]

It doesn’t matter what someone says or who they claim to be a as a person

It doesn’t matter what Laws you Create or Change in your Favor

You cannot recondition Automatons or make any good use out of them, unless they are to be used as the Slaves they are, but the problem to begin with is that they are all Energy suckers

They provide no meaningful existence or purpose, and they use other Humans and live vicariously through them

They are very clever imitators however, which makes them able to be highly convincing towards others

The best way to know that someone is an Automaton or even of a Demonic origin is to look out for that Lip-licking or tongue flopping reflex[…]
In the long run, if you want to keep toxic people out of your life, this is the easiest and most simple method to discover who is one of these monsters, always watch the tongue movement provided they are not eating or drinking food or chewing gum

You will notice more and more everywhere in society, no matter which country you live in, that almost all the Human populations have this unnatural reflex, and you will automatically know that these people are liars and frauds, and are toxic garbage[…]
When you become aware of just how numerous these creatures are, you will become absolutely disgusted by it. You will also see them in your own families or among people you work with

What’s worse, is many Automatons have also come to believe that they can call out “other Automatons” as if they are not one themselves

Isabella Riley Moody #homophobia #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

The Log Cabin Republicans[…]announced that far-right commentator Isabella Riley Moody had been named to its 2023 class of Outspoken Ambassadors
While Moody openly proclaims herself to be a “homophobic bitch,” she also claims that she is “not really homophobic” and that all of her bigoted language and attacks on anything she deems “gay” are nothing but a “troll”[…]
The disconnect between Moody’s various stated positions was on full display when she appeared on “The Stew Peters Show” Tuesday night to try to explain[…]
Moody claimed that she was asked to serve an an Outspoken Ambassador by her friend, David Leatherwood, who “thought it would be really funny” because of “how homophobic I am online”

“There’s nothing conservative about about being gay,” Moody said. “It’s anti-God, it’s anti-Christian, you can’t multiply, you can’t actually reproduce, so it’s going against God and nature”

“To be an ambassador is kind of like a troll,”[…]“I do think homosexuality is obviously a sin. I don’t condone it at all. I have a couple friends that are gay, and they know this. People can hate me for what I say, but I’m not going to change my tune depending on who I’m around. Honestly, I think it’s a funny headline. I’ll do it, but I’m never going to say that being gay is OK. Indulging in this sin and living in sin and marrying a guy—even though that should not even be a thing at all—or engaging in the sexual conduct with other men if you’re a guy and all this gay behavior, I don’t condone. However, I will kind of make a headline out of it, and I think it’s funny to troll the left in that sense”[…]
Peters[…]assured Moody that she was allowed to use the word “f*aggot”[…]Peters then demonstrated that point when he said that what the Lob Cabin Republicans are promoting is “f*ggotry”[…]
Moody replied.“The contradictions in all this pro-Log Cabin Republicans stuff, it really just grosses me out and makes me want to vomit”

Andy Brooks #moonbat #dunning-kruger #conspiracy newworker.org


THE TWENTIETH century was one of great upheavals[…]Popular movements inevitably linked with the leaders thrown up by their times -- Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim II Sung, Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro[…]
The memory of all these leaders is subjected to denigration and abuse by the hired hands of the bourgeois media and academic world. The unholy alliance of bourgeois politicians, social democrats, Trotskyites and revisionists[…]
Their hatred of Stalin should not surprise us. He led the world's first socialist state[…]During those decades the Soviet Union was the hope of working people across the world[…]
The oppressed nations or the Czarist empire were freed and lived as equals in a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which guaranteed everyone work, education, science and culture. The socialist system created new men and women who rebuilt the country after the destruction of the Civil War[…]
Stalin upheld Lenin's legacy against Trotsky's left sectarianism and against right deviation[…]
Agriculture was collectivised and the grasping petty landlords, the kulaks, were liquidated as a class. Immense new industries were established across the Soviet Union[…]
Stalin always upheld the principle of collective leadership and putting the Party first[…]
On the 1 December 1934 Sergei Kirov[…]was shot dead by an agent of the Trotskyite opposition[…]
The leaders were put on trial. All confessed[…]The Party ordered a purge, a cleansing of its ranks which led to waves of arrests[…]
Stalin's memory is now being recalled in Russia and the other republics. The genuine communist movements all uphold his name. Old people, old enough to have lived under the Stalin leadership bear his photo on demonstrations. Noone carries posters of Krushchov or Brezhnev. The traitor Gorbachov is probably one of the most despised men in Russia today

Prussian Society of America #sexist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Viewing Women In College as Equivalent To Women Who Are Single Mothers"]

It is imperative that Men view Women who are in College as tantamount to Single Mothers, as worthless liabilities who are wasted up and discarded refuse in society

Even once the girl has matriculated into her University Education, she is already sold in and damaged[…]
You would be taking someone on who is a walking “bad deal”, being trained everyday that Men are evil and scum of the earth and being reared to serve Corporate Interests and Agendas

It is like buying a Car that has an oil leak and is a guaranteed money pit and machine that will get run into the ground

When a girl tells you that she is in college, that should immediately be a turn-off in a Man’s mind, and it should also be an immediate indicator that her Father was a pussy and a poor figure in her life, lazy and not attentive because he did not train her in things in life that real matter, namely a Man and raising a family

I have no respect for such fathers or parents in general, and neither should you

Women in general, are bad investments, and they are an investment whether or not you like to view them as that. They are objects, and at most times, there is “nobody at home” in them

The only Women who have actual value are ones who do have somebody at home, but almost none of them are that way, so they are just bodies and baby creation machines

All Women who become college educated become bad at sex and also are mentally sterile human beings[…]
It’s all about ego, and getting paid scholarships, and trying to pursue one’s own selfish ambitions, especially in competition against Men, since most Women who enter College already hate Men to begin with anyway

Men should make no hesitation also, in letting a girl who is in college know how unattractive she has become[…]
Women should be shamed for attending University, even if their parents forced them

Asuman Basalirwa, Anita Among and Yoweri Museveni #homophobia #fundie theguardian.com

Asuman Basalirwa, an opposition MP, made the remark as he tabled the draft law [pdf] which seeks to punish gay sex and “the promotion or recognition of such relations”

“In this country, or in this world, we talk about human rights. But it is also true that there are human wrongs. I want to submit … that homosexuality is a human wrong that offends the laws of Uganda and threatens the sanctity of the family, the safety of our children and the continuation of humanity through reproduction,” said Basalirwa, to applause from lawmakers

At a prayer service held in parliament and attended by several religious leaders Anita Among, speaker of the parliament, said “We want to appreciate our promoters of homosexuality for the social economic development they have brought to the country,” in reference to western countries and donors. “But we do not appreciate the fact that they are killing morals. We do not need their money, we need our culture.”

In 2014, Uganda’s constitutional court declared the widely condemned anti-gay bill “null and void” due to a lack of a quorum[…]
“We shall not allow that aspect of saying there was no quorum. We are going to vote by show of hands,” said Among, who in January directed the parliamentary education committee to investigate schools suspected of “encouraging” and “promoting” LGBTQ rights

“You are either for homosexuality or you are against it. We want to see the kind of leaders we have in this country”

In Uganda[…]homosexual sex is already punishable by life imprisonment. The original draft bill called for the death penalty[…]
Adrian Jjuuko, executive director of the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum, said new legislation widens the definition of homosexuality to include “holding out” (identifying) as being LGBTQ, meaning that identity and sexual orientation have also been criminalised[…]
President Yoweri Museveni last month said Uganda will not embrace homosexuality

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #racist #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From "Coerced by Declining American Empire, Kenyan Court Tries to Force People to Do Sodomy on Each Other"]

Gay sex in Africa is a Jewish conspiracy

That’s not a joke[…]
The US State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy, as well as, frankly, the US Department of Defense, all play a role in coercing African governments to force their populations to have gay anal sex with one another

If you just spend a minute attempting to process this, you will understand how the United States received the moniker “The Great Satan”

Life Site News

Kenyan lawmakers and religious leaders have expressed outrage after the country’s Supreme Court ruled[…]to allow homosexuals to establish pro-LGBT organizations[…]

The tolerance of gay anal activities, including rimjobs and fisting, is always a sign of a culture in absolute decline. In fact, history shows that the embrace of these activities, which also include eating poop mixed with your own semen out of another man’s anus, denote a civilization as standing on the precipice of utter collapse[…]
Africans have a significantly lower average intelligence than that of the white, Asian, Semitic, Indian, and Arabian civilizations we would be comparing them to in an historical analysis[…]If Africans were to reject the social agenda being pushed on them by the Jews, that they would punch well above their intellectual weight class[…]
It is the epitome of foolishness to embrace the sickening values of a dying society like Western civilization[…]
The US is a blight and a cancer on the world[…]open rebellion against the universal order that defines all matter[…]
It is the patriotic duty of the American people who are not in league with the Jews to stand with other countries against the American state

Hunter Wallace #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "The Cancellation of Dilbert"]

I don’t know much about Scott Adams
•I know he is a friend of Mike Cernovich
•I know he is the creator of the Dilbert cartoon
•I remember seeing a bunch of stupid takes from him when I was still active on Twitter
Based on what I have seen in the past, I have always thought of him as a sort of cucked Alt-Lite-adjacent Twitter personality. Apparently, he is being cancelled though now for going on a YouTube rant about black people. It seems he was unaware that millions of black people are anti-White

“Newspapers across the country have begun dropping the comic “Dilbert” from their pages after Scott Adams, the cartoon’s creator, went on a racist rant in a YouTube video[…]

The core of the Democratic Party is the toxic relationship between 1.) White liberals who hate their own race and 2.) black narcissists who are put up on a pedestal and whose inflated egos and interests the entire system has revolved around since the Civil Rights Movement. The First Commandment of American politics is essentially “Thou shalt never criticize a Black person under any circumstances”

Anyway, Dilbert has joined Aunt Jemima and Colonel Reb and Paula Deen and the Washington Redskins in the dustbin of history. The only surprise is that this cishet White male cartoon lasted as long as it did in mainstream newspapers

Jim #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut blog.reaction.la

[From "Covid 19 and the faith"]

It is obvious to me that a small but significant proportion of those that have had a single jab have significant brain damage[…]heart damage[…]most who are fully boosted have enough brain damage to render them incapable of properly performing their job, and are significantly impaired in capability to perform physical activity. I see a whole lot of engineers who have lost the capability to handle the problems that they were formerly capable of handling

Everyone who dies “inexplicably”, should be autopsied[…]
There has been a five fold increase in young people deaths that have been categorised with codes equivalent to “other”[…]
We are seeing a profound reluctance to diagnose “inexplicable” deaths[…]
The early test data on the jab showed it was not a vaccine, that it did not prevent, or even substantially reduce, infection or transmission. It showed benefit in reducing the severity of symptoms, but for flu type diseases[…]
Covid was not the reason for the jab or the lockdowns, but the excuse. Covid 19 is a bioweapon that was created in the lab and then released with the intention that the ensuing panic would enable measures the people would otherwise resist. That the jab causes brain damage is not a side effect[…]
The disease and the jab were developed in advance of the crisis. They were not developed by the medical industrial complex[…]but by the military industrial complex

Big Pharma may want you hooked on expensive drugs, but it does not actually want to kill its customers[…]
The disease was used as an excuse for jabbing people[…]
The state apparatus is full of conspiracies[…]some more successfully[…]
There is a fair bit of evidence suggesting that the core of the Covid conspiracy is the Jesuits, who have been plotting a restoration of Vatican power[…]
The only thing that can beat our enemies is Christian Nationalism

Daily Stormer #sexist #dunning-kruger dailystormer.name

In a newly discovered essay on the threat of the age of consent entitled “On the Social Dangers of a Minimum Age for Marriage,” Aristotle argues against the establishment of an age of consent

In the society of my time, there is no established minimum age for marriage[…]I have heard of proposals from certain factions of society advocating for the establishment of a minimum age for marriage, and I must warn against the social dangers of such a concept

Firstly, let us consider the matter of promiscuity[…]If they are not allowed to do so in the context of marriage, they may turn to promiscuity and other immoral behaviors. This is especially true for young women[…]
Moreover, if a minimum age for marriage were to be established, it would only serve to undermine the institution of the family[…]If young men and women are denied the right to marry when they feel ready, then they will be denied the opportunity to start their own families[…]
Furthermore, the establishment of a minimum age for marriage would be a violation of the natural order of things. Human beings are naturally inclined towards procreation[…]If young men and women are denied the opportunity to marry and procreate when they feel ready, then they will be forced to go against their natural inclinations[…]
If a minimum age for marriage were to be established, then this could be used as a pretext for denying young men and women the right to marry, even if they are ready and willing to do so

In addition, the establishment of a minimum age for marriage would only serve the interests of a select few[…]They may be misandric women who view men as oppressors, or men with bizarre and unhealthy relationships with their mothers[…]
It is therefore in the best interest of society to reject this policy and to reaffirm the importance of marriage as a fundamental building block of a healthy and prosperous society

Prussian Society of America #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia #kinkshaming prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "A Quick Note About Freemasons"]

It should be well established that there is no such thing as a “Former Freemason”. As the saying goes, “Once a Freemason, Always a Freemason”[…]unless of course if someone did some truly dishonorable act[…]even still, that person remains as a liability[…]because the thing is, only ill-witted Men ever join[…]
The same is true for pretty much any other Alphabet Soup Organization that we know so well, including Intel Agencies[…]
There are some generally otherwise well-meaning people who join Freemasonry, but are usually only relegated to becoming only in the First 3 Levels[…]
They end up being proxy agents for the Satanic Energy that comes from the very top of the Pyramid[…]
Only those who have been vetted[…]are permitted above these levels, and even more so to the 32nd and 33rd degrees, and especially the degrees above those[…]
32nd Degrees are pretty much almost up on par with their 33rd Degree Brethren[…]they sure have done many things to win their place[…]Many of them engage in homosexual activities and also sex orgies involving “Wife Swaps”[…]
We here at PSA do not recommend anyone to associate with someone you know who is a Freemason[…]
Even Benjamin Franklin, however, while a staunch defender of Liberty and even making claims about the Jews, was also a Freemason as were many of the other American Founding Fathers. They all were actually Satanic and part of something sinister, if even just for themselves[…]
There is not a “Benevolent Brotherhood[…]All of them are sinister, and all of them are aimed at destruction and subversion of European Aryan Peoples[…]
Only informed members know that they “God” they worship is “Lucifer”, and that Christians also worship that God, which is actually not a real God whatsoever but is a creature which is half-alien and half of Artificial Intelligence design

MK Zvika Fogel #racist #wingnut #psycho timesofisrael.com

On the morning after a deadly and unprecedented rampage by settlers who torched dozens of Palestinian vehicles as well as several homes in retaliation for a deadly Palestinian terror attack, a member of the coalition gave the rioters his complete backing[…]
The Palestinian Red Crescent medical service said two other people were shot and wounded, a third person was stabbed and a fourth was beaten with an iron bar

But in a media blitz Monday morning, coalition MK Zvika Fogel of the extreme-right Otzma Yehudit party — the chairman of the Knesset’s National Security Committee — was unequivocal in his backing for the rioters and his denunciation of the government his party leader Itamar Ben Gvir is a member of

“I want to restore security for the residents of the State of Israel,” Fogel told Galey Israel Radio. “How do we do that? We stop using the word ‘proportionality.’ We stop with our objection to collective punishment [just] because it doesn’t fly with all sorts of courts. We take the gloves off

“Yesterday, a terrorist came from Huwara. A closed, burnt Huwara — that’s what I want to see. That’s the only way to achieve deterrence. After a murder like yesterday’s, we need burning villages when the IDF doesn’t act”

He lambasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, saying he was ashamed that a coalition he is a part of was “stuttering” in its response to Palestinian terror

In a separate interview with Army Radio, Fogel said he viewed the result of Sunday night’s rampage with “much favor,” adding: “They have understood in Huwara that there is a balance of terror that the IDF doesn’t manage to achieve”

In both interviews, Fogel claimed the settler riots had achieved deterrence against Palestinian terrorism the likes of which nothing has achieved since Operation Protective Shield in 2002, a major IDF operation in the West Bank that helped quell the Second Intifada

Fogel later tweeted that his comments had been “distorted”

Andrew Anglin #sexist #racist #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From "Germany: Top Politician Demands Someone Stop Fat, Ugly Woman Attempting to Provoke WWIII"]

There are two things that really get women hot: black guys and mass death

Annalena Baerbock is like “I came here to start a nuclear war and fuck black guys – and I already fucked all the black guys in Der Nigger Town”

She then raided the cookie stash and ate a whole jar of cookies before crying and passing out drunk

What a creepy-ass cracker


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz must “stop” Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock before she becomes a “security risk” and pushes Berlin towards a conflict with Moscow with her “thoughtless statements,” Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Soeder said on Wednesday during a German political festival[…]
Soeder referred in particular to when Baerbock told the European Council in January that the EU was “fighting a war against Russia,” words that sparked uproar at the time. In mid-February, Baerbock herself conceded that the remark was a mistake

You people think I’m joking about war getting these sluts hot

I’m not joking in any way at all

I might say it in a silly way, to highlight the silliness of the thing, but it is just a fact: women are turned on by the idea of mass war. Go look at the supporters of this insane Ukraine war, which literally has no point that a man could ever process as being logical or reasonable. It is just all women going nuts, saying they want to have sex with Zelensky, and calling for a land invasion of Russia

Women as a group are a security risk

Jews couldn’t find men to support this insane Jew agenda, so they released the sluts as a standing army suppressing and oppressing men

They need to be locked up in cages

They are making a complete mess of everything that men spent millennia building and they think it’s funny

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #fundie #racist #wingnut #transphobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@cinefeminism - We already know Jews murder prophets and wallets, but babies too?"]


spoiler@RavBogard: "This 6-3 Court seems to almost exclusively prioritize 'religious liberty'. And so I want to be clear: laws that prevent Jewish trans kids from transitioning are a violation of their 1st Amendment rights, and an imposition of governmental Christianity on me and my family

@cinefeminism: "Absolutely. Same goes for their (Christians) views on abortion"

Fake Rabbi Dan Bogard pretends to be religious in order to push his far-left agenda (and keep him and his wife in the nws)

Nicole Morse is a mentally ill chick who thinks that "Thou Shalt Not Murder" is a New Testament creation

Together, they (falsely) make Judaism a religion deserving of being permanently wiped off the map

Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention #fundie #sexist christianitytoday.com

One of the country’s biggest and best-known megachurches, Saddleback Church, is no longer a part of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) after bringing on a female teaching pastor last year

Saddleback was among five churches with female pastors who were deemed “no longer in friendly cooperation” with the denomination at a meeting of the SBC Executive Committee in Nashville on Tuesday

The Lake Forest, California, congregation ordained three women from the stage in May 2021[…]Last year, Saddleback selected Andy Wood as Rick Warren’s successor and the church’s lead pastor, and his wife Stacie Wood came on as a teaching pastor

Warren responded to calls for the SBC to cut ties with his church at the convention’s June 2022 annual meeting, held in Anaheim, California. “Are we going to keep bickering over secondary issues,” he said, “or are we going to keep the main thing the main thing?”

At the time, the credentials committee—the group tasked with recommending whether to disfellowship a particular church—hadn’t come to a decision on Saddleback, saying it wasn’t clear if the SBC’s statement of faith restricted women from any position doing pastoral work or with a pastoral title, or if it just applied to the senior pastor[…]
This week, the committee recommended Saddleback be disfellowshipped, saying the church “has a faith and practice that does not closely identify with the Convention’s adopted statement of faith, as demonstrated by the church having a female teaching pastor functioning in the office of pastor”[…]
The credentials committee also recommended a single church—Freedom Church in Vero Beach, Florida—be disfellowshipped for issues related to its response to sexual abuse[…]SBC has only acted to remove a handful of congregations since 2020, the majority of whom knowingly employed a registered sex offender as pastor. Others have been disfellowshiped for their stances on LGBT and racial issues

Mohammad Ismail Zarei #fundie #psycho iranintl.com

The Islamic Republic says it will grant 1,000 square meters of farmland to the assailant who stabbed Salman Rushdie, the British author of The Satanic Verses

Mohammad Ismail Zarei, head of the Secretariat to Implement Khomeini's Fatwa on Execution of Salman Rushdie said Monday that “We sincerely thank the young American for his brave action in carrying out the historic fatwa of Imam Khomeini”

Rushdie was stabbed in the neck and torso on stage at a lecture in New York State by Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old man in August 2022. He lost on eye and movement in his hand after a lengthy medical treatment

“With this action, he blinded Salman Rushdie in one eye and disabled his arm to make Muslims happy,” he added

“Although Salman Rushdie is nothing more than a walking dead, in order to honor this brave action, about a thousand square meters of a valuable and fertile agricultural land will be awarded to the stabber or his legal representative in a special ceremony”

He went on to say that the remaining part of the land will be given to those who kill Salman Rushdie

Candace Owens #transphobia #psycho lgbtqnation.com

Far-right pundit Candace Owens smiled as she said that she would beat her hypothetical transgender grandchild with a cane if they came out to her[…]
On the February 16 episode of her Daily Wire podcast, Owens discussed a story of a trans teen named Mike being rejected by their grandmother, calling the story “funny”[…]
“She cries because she’s told her grandma that she’s transitioning and that she wants her grandmother to start calling her ‘Michael,'” Owens said mockingly, getting Mike’s name wrong. “And her sweet little grandma said that she’s not gonna do that”

Owens then played the video of Mike crying and explaining the situation and how they got a letter from their grandmother deadnaming them and complaining about the “anguish” that Mike’s transition is causing her

“My anguish in your chosen name and what that means has to do with your eternal soul,” the grandmother wrote. She also said that she is “spending time with Jesus in adoration” because of her “concern” for the teen’s soul and said that she asked the teen’s five minor cousins to pray for them, effectively outing the teen to their family

Owens then called Mike “mentally ill” and said that the grandmother was right to reject their identity. Owens said that “there’s no rejection here” because of the grandmother’s “love the sinner, hate the sin” schtick

“You’re the best grandma ever, by the way. Because when I’m grandma, I get any foolishness like that, I don’t know,” Owens said, smiling. “I wanna be a sweet grandma, I really do, I wanna be a sweet old lady, but I feel like I may be the kind to hit somebody with a cane, I don’t know, I’d be like ‘Hey you want me to call you Michael?’ P-shew. That would probably be me”

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #transphobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@Leenintome2 - Nobody associated tiny negresses with wholesome outdoor activities"]



Nope. Not for a second

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t occurring because of your own limited experience of the word as a slur. Once it’s known hard to think it doesn’t matter for organization and it’s ability to attract girls & their families
2:32PM·Nov 17, 2022

Last year, another organization tried very hard to have the stupidest overreaction ever to a random ugly nigger dying of COVID while a cop kneeled on his back: this time it was the Girl Guides of Canada, who removed the word "Brownie" because apparently one human being on earth heard that name and didn't only think of a bad sexual pun regarding baked goods[…]
In the real world, angry parents who sacrificed and volunteered for the organization (the few at least who hadn't already left in disgust after little boys in dresses were allowed to join) stormed out and refused to darken their door again[…]
Surprise surprise, the nonwhites aren't particularly interested in being part of the organization. Like in politics or in sports, groups might not want to chase away their loyal supporters to bring in new people who won't come anyways

So far the number of blacks and actual brownies who want to send their daughters in pursuit of Lares and Kelpie badges is completely unaffected by the name change. So until they start offering merit badges for violent assault or faking hate crimes, the number of niggers in the Girl Guides probably isn't going to be benefiting the change

Hey, wait....

#NigGirlGuides has quite the ring to it!

They should have gone with that

Ann Coulter #racist #fundie nbcnews.com

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter is under fire for a racist tirade against new Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley

In an appearance on the "The Mark Simone Show" podcast this week, Coulter made several xenophobic comments about Haley, the former governor of South Carolina who was born in the U.S. to Indian immigrant parents. "Why don't you go back to your own country?" Coulter said

Coulter, known for her racist and anti-immigrant stances, attacked India, as well

"Her candidacy did remind me that I need to immigrate to India so I can demand they start taking down parts of their history," she said. "What's with the worshipping of the cows? They're all starving over there. Did you know they have a rat temple, where they worship rats?"

Haley did not respond to a request for comment

Coulter also called Haley a "bimbo" and a "preposterous creature," criticizing her for having advocated removing the Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse in the wake of the 2015 shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston

"This is my country, lady," she said. "I'm not an American Indian, and I don't like them taking down all the monuments"

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@FrancesMFDanger - Why don't you want us to tell the true story about what faggots do?"]


If I need to stay in my lane absolutely tell me but anyone else think it's pretty gross of @netflix to list Dahmer under #LGBTQ, especially when the True Crime tag would have worked? pic.twitter.com/wPzwc2oOKP
September 21, 2022

It was (briefly) hilarious when the "representation matters" crowd who insist on having their evil lifestyle choice endlessly promoted had to deal with the smallest dose of reality

You can't de-fag Jeffrey Dahmer in the same way that the Catholic Church can't de-fag the priests who took advantage of them. This is exactly who they are. This is the sort of people all of them are (it's only a matter of degree) and "pretty gross" is the most charitable possible way to describe them

Indeed 100.00% of all faggot stories already are true crimes, Farmer Frances. You just are too stupid to notice

Rick Scarborough #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

In 2021, Rick Scarborough[…]set his sites on taking over school boards in three Houston-area school districts. Scarborough was optimistic about his chances of having conservative Christians take over the school board because, he said, “most people don’t vote”

“We’re gonna win this Houston school board if the church shows up,” Scarborough bragged, and indeed candidates he backed were ultimately able to defeat two board members

Inspired by this showing, Scarborough announced in late 2022 that he had begun preparing to target school boards all across the state in 2023
On Wednesday, Scarborough’s Recover America Action organization released a video promoting his campaign to defeat the “godless educrats” and rescue the children of Texas who are “being groomed by homosexuals and the trans perverts to be recruited into their evil lifestyles”

“This is an SOS call to all Christian patriots”[…]
“For over 30 years, I’ve been trying to awaken pastors to the growing threat that teachers and others in education who reject God and his word pose to our children,” he continued. “Just look around. Perverted teachers have infiltrated our public schools and are brainwashing our children with critical race theory lies about America, filling their young minds with hatred for their country. These teachers are also normalizing immoral and abnormal sex acts, sexualizing our children with pornographic materials”[…]
“Our children are being groomed by homosexuals and the trans perverts to be recruited into their evil lifestyles. These children, starting in pre-K, are being taught that evil is good and good is evil, but they’re not being taught how to read, write, or learn math proficiently. Now, wicked drag queens are being given access to perform for our children in public schools and libraries, grooming them for pedophilia”[…]
“I’m pledging to you that with God’s help, I will end this demonic assault on our school children in Texas”

Romana Didulo #racist #psycho #conspiracy antihate.ca

Romana Didulo, the self-declared Queen of Canada, has put out a message to her over 48,000 Telegram followers telling them that “illegal” migrants who insist on crossing the border should be shot on sight

In a message posted to one of her official channels on Monday, Didulo tells her followers that “migrant caravans” from South America are coming through the United States and ultimately settling in Canada

“If they insist upon crossing the border into the Kingdom of Canada, consider them all invaders and occupiers,” the notice reads. “They are paid by the Cabals/Deepstaters/Blackhats/Globalists to create chaos and destabilize our Kingdom like they have done in EU

“Shoot them at site [sic]”[…]
“Any and all illegal Migrants Caravans from the South America (Latin Americas) [sic] that tries to enter the Kingdom of Canada via the United States of America are to be immediately refused entry into the Kingdom of Canada,” the message posted to the channel reads

She adds that these are not “economic migrants,” but rather “well-to-do individuals from their countries who willingly paid the human traffickers thousands of dollars and coached by corrupt not for profit organizations on how to game the immigration system”

The response to Didulo’s notice has been resoundingly positive among her many followers, and in many cases, enthusiastic

“One way to stop it, if they don’t listen,” one commenter responded[…]
The call seems o be in response to news that New York City’s government was providing asylum seekers with bus tickets to towns near the US-Canada border and the controversial crossing point Roxham Road

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@BossLady4T7 - Why are Red Indians too lazy to dig a well?"]



Surprise surprise. Many First Nations still without clean drinking water after promising to clean them up by 2021

2022 is literally around the corner…

Trudeau is the only government that has and is doing something about it. External barriers aside it's happening in a pandemic & by the time he's not the prime minister hopefully they are all mitigated. His predecessor wouldn't even acknowledge Truth & Reconciliation. Remember
5:28 AM·Dec 25, 2021

Why is it the Canadian government's job to help so-called "First Nations" build working water treatment facilities on what they keep (falsely) insisting is their "sovereign land"?

Why are Red Indians in 2021 (or 2023 for that matter) less talented and capable than the junior-high-at-best educated whites who settled the empty prairie in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

On top of that, stop lying about the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (PBUH). It was fifteen years ago that I admonished him for not doing exactly what you accuse him of doing: ignoring the retarded TRC

Father Michał Woźnicki #racist #fundie #conspiracy jta.org

A Polish priest with a long track record of antisemitic comments has been sentenced to community service after being convicted of insulting Jews and inciting hatred against them, in what his critics say is a landmark case

Father Michal Woznicki, a Catholic priest from the city of Poznan, must perform 30 hours of community service a month for the next six months, according to the order handed down by a judge earlier this month

Woznicki was on trial for comments made during a sermon in October 2021. “Jews in the world have assumed the role of a leech, a tick, a body that lives on the host’s body, swells, leading the host’s body to death, moving on to the next one,” he said, according to Polish media. He also said that Jews were in league with the devil and responsible for the spread of sexual impropriety in Poland

Woznicki is already facing sanctions from the church because of his record of controversy, and he delivered the sermon online because he has been suspended from his pulpit. But because he remains an ordained priest, his conviction is groundbreaking, according to the civil society group that pressed for him to face charges[…]
“Woznicki is well known for his antisemitic diatribes and anti-church tirades (he has called Pope Francis a heretic),” Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency by email. “The Polish court has handed down a clear verdict that antisemitic hate speech is illegal in Poland. We are hopeful that the Polish courts will continue to find others guilty of this crime”

After the Polish judge ruled that Woznicki was guilty of insulting Jews because of their nationality and inciting hatred on the basis of national differences, the priest lashed out in comments to journalists

“I am convicted of preaching,” Woznicki reportedly said. “Apparently, the Jews do not like me very much because I love the Lord Jesus. As a non-Jew, I concede to the Jewish king, while the Jews do not so much to their king”

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[Comments under "The Russian Army Saved Europe From Hitler---"]


Russia didn't save Europe from Germany. They conquered it for themselves

This is true
While many atrocities were stopped because of Hitler’s fall, neither the USSR nor the Allies truly entered the fight against him out of moral concern and the desire to fight for good
No one was there to “save the Jews”. Individuals may have been, but governments were not
While that was accomplished successfully the real motive for re-invading Europe was the recapture of Germany[…]in the name of the Central banking system
Hitler had divorced himself from world banking at large in order to re-stabilize the German currency on an internal gold standard. He did this successfully and around 7 million jobs were created for ethnic Germans who had been in large part starving and homeless before the rise of national socialism[…]
National Socialism as a economic policy, (if we can divorce it for a moment in our minds from the culture and atrocities of Nazi Germany) is not inherently racist or fascist, nor is it particularly warlike or violent[…]
The Holocaust was an unspeakable tragedy, which is undeniable. But within myself I have to feel like there is a disingenuous reason that it is focused on so wholly within the history of the World War 2[…]
Our Central Bank worshipping overlords here in the modern west would not like us to consider their true motivations for crushing Germany with the might of the world[…]
Many of Hitlers speeches speak about the right of EVERY PEOPLE, not just the “Aryan Race” to self determination. He speaks about the evils of central banking and provides rightfully intelligent solutions to the act of escaping it[…]
As a nation we could use some Hope. At it’s core, National Socialism tells us we could find it within ourselves[…]
Perhaps “Ethical National Socialism” is an idea that could be considered

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[From "Jorge Mario Bergoglio's Support for the Unsupportable"]

Anyone at this late date who believes that Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s “synod on synodality” later this year is an honest process of “discernment” is[…]out of his cotton-picking mind[…]Anyone at this late date who believes that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is “Pope Francis” and/or that the unprecedent heresies, apostasies, blasphemies, sacrileges, and reaffirmations of hardened sins is coming from the Catholic Church is also out of his cotton-picking mind[…]
What is excluded by Catholic teaching on the papacy is a period of[…]putative “popes” and their “bishops” denying the unicity of the Catholic Church, making warfare upon the nature of dogmatic truth[…]
Not even the weakest pope in Holy Mother Church’s history would permit the selection of an open enabler of the homosexual agenda to give a retreat (into the bowels of hell, I should add)[…]Bergoglio has permitted Jean-Claude Hollerich[…]to selected “Father” Timothy Radcliffe[…]
Men such as Jean-Claude Hollerich[…]cannot believe in the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture and think that God the Holy Ghost is going to lead them to “find” “pastoral solutions”[…]“include” unrepentant sinners at what is believed to be the “Eucharistic Liturgy” and to celebrate their “love”[…]
Bergoglio does not only refuse to this, but he has also gone so far as to call for an end to all legislation that criminalizes perverse acts against nature[…]
There is no such thing as a “homosexual person” and human self-identification is not based on the proclivity to commit any kind of sin. People choose to be sodomites or lesbians[…]
Catholic teaching informs us that the principal purpose of the civil state is for its leaders to foster those conditions in the temporal order of things wherein citizens may better be able to sanctify and save their immortal souls as members of the true Church

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[From "Italy: Moslem Arrested for Disciplining Thot Daughter"]

These people say they want “multiculturalism” and then arrest this guy for doing his culture

How is this not entrapment?

L’Unione Sarda

The carabinieri of the station of Stresa, in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, yesterday arrested a citizen originally from Bangladesh for kidnapping and ill-treatment in the family . The man had locked his-year-old daughter in the room for days , beating her and depriving her of food . At the origin of the violence there would be the father’s refusal to accept the girl’s romantic relationship[…]
According to what was reported by the girl, her father locked her in her room for four or five days, with no food and only water available, he also repeatedly beat her , refusing her to go to the bathroom without being escorted by him

What they mean when they say “enrichment” is just “dirty and poor”

The reality is, there are a lot of ways that brown people could enrich white culture. It’s just that if they try to do any of those things, they get arrested for it and called evil

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Netanyahu said he had spoken with coalition chiefs and they agreed the bill “won’t come up right now.” In a message to coalition party leaders, Justice Minister Yariv Levin[…]specified that the bill would not be brought before the committee when it convenes Sunday. Later Thursday, Shas back-tracked on the bill as well

The extraordinary legislation would ban egalitarian, mixed-gender prayer at the section of the holy site where it is now allowed, criminalize the activity of the Women of the Wall prayer rights group, and ban visitors from wearing attire deemed immodest

It would penalize offenders with a six-month prison term or a NIS 10,000 ($2,900) fine

The bill, which had been mentioned in coalition agreements in general terms, was added at the last moment to Sunday’s agenda of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, with Hebrew media reporting that Shas party leader Aryeh Deri wanted the bill to pass its preliminary reading in the plenum over the next few days[…]
Shas said it welcomed Netanyahu’s decision to freeze the bill and maintain the status quo “as it has been until now”

“The Western Wall doesn’t need any law,” the party said hours after submitting the bill

“Most of the Jewish nation respects the holiness of the place, except for the provocateur women who don’t cease turning it into an arena of political combat, all under the cover of the High Court”[…]
Filed by Shas MK Uriel Buso, the bill would seek to criminalize mixed-gender prayer anywhere at the Western Wall, including the pluralistic prayer area

It stipulates that it will be prohibited to “hold a ceremony, including a religious ceremony, not in accordance with the site’s traditions, that harms the feelings of the worshipers in relation to the site.” The “site’s traditions” are defined in the bill as being set by the ultra-Orthodox-led Chief Rabbinate and the appointed rabbi of the Western Wall, currently Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch

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[From "A Solution to “Population Decline”"]

FEMINISM and predatory economics have had their inevitable (and desired) result. The birthrate among Americans, especially among whites, has declined. The solution promoted by the government and mass media? More immigration. You’ve heard about it ad nauseam

But leaving aside the immense cultural consequences, this idea of using “migrants” to make up for a loss of native workers does not make sense economically. About 50 percent of immigrants are on welfare and they overwhelmingly come from countries with weak economies. They were not able to transform their own countries into success stories so how can they transform ours? (It’s also uncharitable, draining other countries of motivated, hard-working citizens)[…]
But a better solution to population decline in Europe and America at this particular point would be to do the exact opposite: Send millions of recent immigrants home and restore families, offering economic incentives for marriage and for women to stay home. If women in Africa can afford to have five children, why can’t women here? I do not suggest cruelty or banishment

Let’s do what Africans are doing and send our migrants home. Mass deportation, in a gradual and humane form, may seem impossible[…]
The goal of deportation shouldn’t be a racially pure society with no diversity, but a much more homogenous one, where the incentive to “be fruitful and multiply” is not stifled. Deportation needn’t, and shouldn’t, be cruel. Immigrants can be offered economic incentives to create a better life back home

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[From "It Is Never Advisable to Die as the Former Head of a False Religion, part one"]

The enduring hallmark of Ratzinger’s life’s work is his unremitting warfare against the nature of dogmatic truth[…]
Ratzinger/Benedict himself considered himself a “synthesizer” of various theological propositions, was enamored of the “insights” of various Protestant and Talmudic scholars and dismissed the exactitude and certitude of Catholic doctrine by emphasizing a “communion of love” that united him with the heretical and schismatic Orthodox[…]
Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s warfare against dogmatic truth is directly responsible for moving me off the dime, so to speak, from merely studying the possibility that the See of Peter had been vacant from the time of the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958, to openly expressing my conviction in support of the vacancy[…]
Ratzinger/Benedict’s rejection of and contempt for the Scholasticism of Saint Thomas Aquinas made it possible for him to distort, pervert and misrepresent the lives and work of various Fathers and Doctors and saints, including Saint Robert Bellarmine and Saint Francis de Sales, to make them appear to be precursors of his own revolutionary agenda[…]
The events of World War II have been used by various adherents of the Talmud to demonstrate their deeply held belief that the spilling of Jewish blood is more horrible a crime than the spilling of the blood of others[…]
Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI was never a “conservative.” He helped to plan the conciliar revolution during the antipapal presidency of Angelo Roncalli/John XXIIII by participating in behind-the-scenes plotting to devise a schema for the “Second” Vatican Council[…]
Remember, if you will, that Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI personally esteemed the blasphemous Koran on two separate occasions in 2008