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[From “The Indian Question”]

Why are Indians so predominant in leftist movements[…]? Many older conservatives perpetuate the myth that Indians are conservative, as well[…]With the possible exception of Vivek Ramaswamy, even all of the Indian activists on the “Right” are to the left of their White peers[…]
1. They are part of the Coalition of the Ascendant
If you listen to any late 20th century propaganda[…]you’ll hear no shortage of whining about how WASPy something is[…]
Everybody knows a good grift when they see one. The Indians have merely joined in with the blacks, Hispanics, East Asians, and the rest in an attempt to extort tax money from the White middle-class[…]
2. They come from a collectivist culture that operates on shame
In all Eastern cultures, being out-of-line with the group consensus is the easiest way to get yourself exiled[…]
If you see an Indian bending over backwards (this isn’t a yoga joke) to double down on the leftist perspective to the point of absurdity, realize it’s because she’s read the room[…]
3. They feel confident they can maintain dominance over the Coalition of the Ascendant once they obtain power
Indians, particularly the ones in the U.S., are no strangers to ruling over less intelligent, more violent classes. They refer to it as the caste system[…]
They feel confident that they can easily govern a United States composed primarily of blacks and Hispanics as well[…]They’ll no-doubt import their “untouchable” Dalit class[…]History’s on their side[…]
America would resemble India with a colder climate. Nobody wants to live in India[…]
Don’t believe my prognosis? Is it possible to walk down the street anywhere in Mumbai free from rape, robbery, or murder?[…]If you are walking in Bombay, as Mumbai was called during the British Raj, yes[…]
If you can believe[…]that India under Indian rule became unlivable, it shouldn’t be a stretch[…]to believe that America under Indian rule will become unlivable

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[From “D-Day, 80 Years Later”]

It just lands a lot differently than it did even 20 years ago. What, exactly, are we supposed to be celebrating these days? Clown World didn’t even preserve democracy or the rule of law


spoilerPicture of a GI smoking a cigarette captioned with “Y'know, speaking German sounds a whole lot better than a transexual mulatto grandkid…”

But at least our grandfathers paid the price to bring them freedom…

German police search 70 homes of people who posted hateful comments online

Never mind

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[From “June 7, 2024: Zionist Radfems”]


spoilerPanel 1: Monique is reading on her smartphone while wondering “Why are so many Radfems pro-Israel”, “All the big TERFs are Zionists” and “How? Why?”
Panel 2: A mustachied man wearing overalls and a red cap answers “Jews”, and Moniste says “What?”
Panel 3: The man says “Jews take over all movements”, “Get promoted in Jewish media” and “To push a Jewish agenda”
Panel 4: Monique says “That's ridiculous”, “Can't be true”, “…” and “Can it?”

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[From “Taliban Publicly Flogging Sodomites, Sluts, Thieves”]

Unlike every other faggot government, the Taliban doesn’t play games

They don’t arrest you for a crime and then say “here, let me give you a quick blowjob before I release you back onto the streets to do even worse crimes”

The Taliban will crush you

The Guardian

The UN has condemned the public flogging of more than 60 people, including more than a dozen women, by the Taliban in northern Sari Pul province[…]
Taliban’s supreme court confirmed the public flogging of 63 people, including 14 women who had been accused of crimes including sodomy, theft and immoral relations. They were flogged at a sports stadium

Here is the basic fact: the Taliban is the basic model for every government on earth

Every government should send delegations to the Emirate of Afghanistan, and learn the ways of the Taliban, and then run their government like this

The Taliban is the only entity on earth that has figured out how to effectively run a government

Joel Davis and Elijah Schaffer #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer once again spoke with Australian Neo-Nazi Joel Davis[…]
Davis told Schaffer that he looked forward to visiting America so he can perform a Nazi salute[…]and purchase a gun. He also said that Americans need to own firearms[…]
“My girlfriend is an American,” he said. “And I say, when she’s in America, I’m like ‘Take your gun, like, in the car,’ you know? Because what if you pull up at a gas station and like some nigger walks over and tries — you know, like…”

Schaffer revealed that he owns guns for that same reason, saying, “I bought my guns to protect myself from Black people. And that’s not a hateful thing to say. It’s like my — well experience is I’ve been a victim of many crimes, okay, like in L.A., and they were all at the hands of Black people and one was Hispanic”

He also claimed to have advised his wife to “stay out of Black neighborhoods” and “avoid groups of Black people,” because “your chances of being involved in a serious violent crime … probably goes down near 100%”

Davis[…]said that “Americans need to be aware of” the “Indian problem, the pajeet question”[…]“the largest non-white ethnic group in Australia are Indians”

“And they’re able to, they’re not [gonna be] 2% of the population, they’re gonna keep growing and growing and growing like a virus, consuming all these tech companies”[…]
Schaffer asked Davis whether he is for or against Adolf Hitler[…]
Davis called himself “pro-Hitler,” and said that our current society, which opposes Nazism, “produces trannies, and infinity brown people, and women police officers that can’t do their job, and, like, a divorce rate over 50%, and the economy going to shit, and so on”

Davis openly longed for the years prior to World War II, when “every white country was racist,” and said what the Allied Forces “stood for was wrong”[…]
He also told Schaffer that Hitler “saw liberal democracy as weak and incapable of defending Western civilization against communism and against degeneracy”

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[From “The Lethality of Low-IQ Demographics”]

Karl Denninger is not at all sanguine about the future of a United States that has lost an average 10 IQ points or more since 1965:

You need about a 115 IQ to build and maintain modern civilization

Examples? Too many to count. How about Flint’s water system?[…]
Why didn’t it poison kids for the previous 80 years?[…]
Is lead a great material for water feed pipes? Depends on when. Today, no. HDPE is better in all respects[…]
But 80 years ago it didn’t exist

Lead did. And it too can tolerate a modest amount of movement[…]It self-protects almost-immediately[…]
Now put an acidic water supply down it and that layer is destroyed with the lead leaching into the water

The 115+ IQ people who built and ran the water plant at Flint all those years knew this, and knew how to keep it safe[…]
Then Shaqueena, or her analog with a <115 IQ took over. And changed the water source. And, at the same time, didn’t check and make sure the chemical and pH balance remained correct because the intellectual firepower to do so was simply no longer there[…]
Would you use a lead service line today[…]? Of course not. But is it unsafe? Not as long as the people running the plant are of sufficient intelligence[…]

The same problem that is presently afflicting the USA is about to hit the UK and Europe as well. It’s not noticeable at first, because it doesn’t matter if your kebab sellers, taxi drivers, and other common immigrant occupations are filled by newcomers with lower IQs than the natives

But once the second and third generations start competing with the natives, and outcompeting them thanks to DEI initiatives and shameless ethnic nepotism, the lower-IQ effect hits with a vengeance[…]
Translation: US infrastructure is going to rapidly decline to the Mexican level. Northern European infrastructure is going to rapidly decline to the US level

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[From ““Gay” Chorus Mocked Victims of Homosexual Predation”]

A LITTLE recent history for “Pride Month:”

In 2021, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus made fun of the millions of victims of homosexual predation in their musical video featuring the song, “We’ll Convert Your Children”

The connection between homosexuality and pedophilia has been known for thousands of years and has been abundantly confirmed by recent studies:

Of 86 – 88 million heterosexual men, 9 percent of them victimized 8 million girls under age 18, which constitutes 25 percent of all girls. An uncertain percentage of the estimated 2 million homosexual men victimized 6-8 million boys, under age 18, amounting to 17 – 24 percent of all boys. Therefore, considered in the aggregate, 3 to 4 boys are sexually molested per homosexual adult male. Only .09 girls are sexually molested per heterosexual adult male, which is to say that, on average, 1 in 11 heterosexual males victimizes a girl under 18

Further corroborating these findings, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the following facts: 50 percent of male AIDS victims reported having sex with an adult male by the age of 16. 20 percent of male AIDS victims had sex with an adult male by age 10. (Source)

Nevertheless, the chorus made fun of the idea that homosexuals create homosexuals through child abuse

The many young people whose lives have been decimated, who have turned to suicide or drugs, who have never had children of their own, all because of homosexual predation, which used to be private but now comes from schools, the government and popular culture, are of no concern to the selfish and the self-absorbed

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[From “Why American Women Should Want Their Own Harrison Butker”]

If you are female, would you prefer a Harrison Butker type as your life partner? Or would you prefer to share your life with a man-bun wearing, scraggly bearded, non-binary person complete with all the leftist jargon and chock-full feelings?

Butker’s comments at the graduation ceremony for Benedictine College, a Catholic institution (where he gave a Catholic message)[…]has Democrats in a tizzy[…]
Nature made men and women different from each other in a perfect and complementary yin/yang design[…]
Men are simpler creatures (just ask any wife) and are not known for deep emotions on a regular basis. When societies refocus a man’s reproductive and power drives into beneficial application (usually through culture and religion), their ingrained nature makes them natural providers for their offspring[…]
A man’s natural focus is problem solving, which is why women get frustrated when they bring an issue to their husbands and then he immediately goes into “problem solving mode”[…]
Think of men as visually horizontal[…]Ready to step forward to[…]provide food and shelter. Women on the other hand are visually vertical, spiritually looking up[…]always on guard to protect and nurture[…]
Would you like to have Harrison as your husband? Would you like to have the life freedom of Harrison’s wife?[…]
Since the 1970s, Gloria Steinem days—as still seen in today’s COSMO (which is truly unreadable dreck)—the “women’s movement” of sexual liberation (Marxism designed to collapse the family structure) and the alleged emancipation of women have done women great harm by telling them they can be all things[…]
America needs to find its supply of testosterone. We need to stop the emasculation of our young boys by our K-12 educational system. Male weakness, especially over the past 30 years, is a key reason for the cultural dysfunction that is killing the family, religion, and eventually the American experiment

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[From “Dmitry Suslov: It’s time for Russia to think about a ‘demonstrative’ nuclear test”]

There’s every indication that the US and several of its allies may soon allow Ukraine to use Western weapons, including long-range missiles, to attack targets located within – how do we put this? – Russia’s internationally recognized borders. Or those that existed before the 2014 Maidan in Kiev[…]
Such a decision would take the conflict to a fundamentally different level, would mean the erasure of one of the brightest “red lines” that has existed since February 24, 2022[…]
There are at least two reasons why the West is now discussing abandoning this principle. The first and main one is the increasingly difficult position of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield[…]
The second reason is Russia’s unwillingness to escalate relations with the West each time it crossed a ‘red line’ and became more involved in the conflict[…]
Thus, the West has come to believe that the cost of Kiev’s defeat is far greater than the risks of a direct military confrontation with Russia, as a result of allowing Western weapons to strike deep into its ‘old’ territory[…]
This logic can inevitably lead to World War III[…]
In a few months (or maybe even weeks), the same logic will be applied to stationing regular Western troops[…]
According to even the current Russian nuclear doctrine (certainly a ‘peacetime’ doctrine in need of tightening), such a scenario would amount to official grounds[…]
To confirm the seriousness of Russia’s intentions and to convince our adversaries of Moscow’s willingness to escalate, it is worth considering a demonstration (i.e. non-aggressive) nuclear explosion. The political and psychological effect of an atomic mushroom cloud, broadcast live on all the world’s television channels, will hopefully bring back to Western politicians the one thing that prevented wars between the great powers after 1945, and which they have now largely lost – the fear of nuclear war

Stew Peters #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho angrywhitemen.org

White nationalist broadcaster Stew Peters has a history of bigoted and violent rhetoric[…]
And on Friday, Peters made his first appearance on Rumble’s Fresh & Fit Podcast — a show hosted by antisemitic manosphere influencers Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes[…]
Peters told Gaines and Weekes that the U.S. “hasn’t seen a violent insurrection yet,” and told them that “if everybody that was in Washington on January 6 brought guns and really wanted to overthrow the government” they would have succeeded

Peters falsely claimed that the violent, armed mob that stormed the Capitol was “peaceful” until they were “provoked by agent provocateurs.” In response, co-host Walter Weekes said that if the crowd was armed with guns it would have been used as an excuse to confiscate Americans’ firearms

“And it’s comin, by the way,” Weekes added

“Okay. Yeah. It is coming. Until it’s not a one-off, but it becomes a national mantra that we’re not giving up our guns,” Peters said. “Like, if the feds come for my guns, I’m gonna shoot the feds. ‘Kay? And I’m going to die in a hail of gunfire. Because I’m not giving up my guns. Are you?”

Peters went on to say that if he’s a “one-off,” then the headlines would read “Crazy white guy, white nationalist, Nazi-sympathizing, Hitler-praising, far-right shock jock Stew Peters dies in hail of gunfire with the FBI”

But he said that if everyone else refuses to give up their guns, “then we become a formidable opponent to an infiltrated and weaponized Department of Justice and law enforcement apparatus that has openly declared war on the American people”

Peters also chastised people in the Rumble chat who thought this sounded “crazy”

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[From “May 30, 2024: Auslander Raus”]


Panel 1: A man wearing lederhosen and a woman wearing a dirndl are dancing. Above them is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in Fraktur
Panel 2: A redhead man is wearing green clothes and is dancing. Above him is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in Celtic font
Panel 3: A Pepe is doing some DJ while three other Pepes are wearing urban clothes and are dancing. Above them is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in a pseudo-Disco style
Panel 4: A man is wearing a keffieh and is flying a Palestinian flag. Above him is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in a pseudo-Arabic font

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[From “Texas got it right in self-defense case”]

It’s always frustrating to see a case surrounding a man who’s clearly innocent — in this particular matter, simply acting on self-defense

Daniel Scott Perry was a former U.S. Army sergeant working as an Uber driver[…]A Black Lives Matter mob surrounded him suddenly, rushing “to obstruct, strike, pound, smash and kick his vehicle”[…]
Perry acted quickly, drawing his handgun and firing on Foster in self-defense[…]
Unfortunately, due to a district attorney who was backed at the time by police-hating billionaire George Soros, Perry was found guilty of murder and spent the past few years in prison — all over a self-defense matter surrounding a hateful mob that would stop at nothing to hurt those who disagreed with them[…]
Thankfully, this particular case does have a happy ending

Texas governor Greg Abbott issued a full pardon for Perry, making him a free man[…]
What this means is that the board was fully aware that Perry was wrongfully convicted, when he was simply defending himself against a hateful mob. That didn’t stop Travis County district attorney Jose Garza from slavering after a murder conviction, believing that it was more of a “hate crime”[…]
Abbott, alongside the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, noted that “rather than upholding the self-defense rights of citizens, [Garza] has prioritized ‘reducing access to guns’ that citizens may use to lawfully defend themselves”

What’s more, Garza “directed the lead detective investigating Daniel Scott Perry to withhold exculpatory evidence from the Grand Jury considering whether to report an indictment”[…]
I’m thrilled to see that justice has finally been served. Why stop here? This matter should easily pave the way for an investigation to take place surrounding Garza’s actions and how he manipulated a lead detective. For that matter, it probably wouldn’t hurt to see what kind of financial support he received from Soros on the matter

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[From “End Results From Winning World War 2”]

Sometimes it is useful to look at the ramifications—the actual, tangible end results—from any event to determine if it was actually a net positive

The West supposedly “won” World War 2. So what were the fruits of that victory?

spoiler"Winning" WW2
•country becomes borderless economic zone
•infinite debt slavery
•infinite immigration
•culture erased
•6 y/o son becomes your daughter
•15 y/o daughter becomes "s*x-worker"
•govt & media call you evil for existing
•you get thrown in jail for asking why

Don’t forget to add:
•Increasing hatred of the races/nations that actually “won” the war
•Complete loss of kin/community because of individualism
•Proliferation of soyboy and industrialized foods
•Widespread demoralization
•State-enforced laws against whites
•Complete loss of true religious faith in the mainstream
•And plenty of others

Sounds kind of like a bad tree bearing bad fruits, doesn’t it?

We sure acquired material abundance here in the States from that war. But given the spiritual decay and massive cultural degeneration that the abundance came wrapped in, I think I would have preferred poverty, truthfully. At least then we’d still have our national soul
@Matthew 16:26

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?[…]

Just replace “man” with “civilization”. The West[…]certainly won the whole world from that war

As Christ asked, what was the profit? Sixty-ish years of prosperity and abundance?

Maybe I’m radical, but the prosperity we had for those sixty-some years does not quite seem worth the above degeneration list[…]
We made that Faustian trade. Looking back, it sure does not seem worth it. These end results are worse than anyone that actually fought that war back then could have ever imagined

Vera Oredsson and Mourning the Ancient #wingnut #homophobia #racist #conspiracy mourningtheancient.com

This interview is with[…]Vera Oredsson[…]Participated in the great rallies that we can only dream of[…]
[Mourning the Ancient]Can you tell us any important memories you have of living in Germany during the Third Reich?
[V]My greatest uplifting memory I have is from May 1st, 1938 in the Berlin Sportpalast[…]We who formed the white background were a bit envious – but the sun came ---- and the FÜHRER – what an ovation[…]Berlin was a terribly immoral den of pedophiles and gays mixed in with the symptoms of the unemployment and the Communist assault[…]
Goebbels made Berlin a safe, moral city – and did so FAST. Life-affirmation through Adolf Hitler came back[…]
[MtA]You took over leadership of the Nordic Reich Party[…]Can you tell us what it was like being Sweden's first female party leader?
[V]I didn't take over the leadership, but Göran gave it to me surprisingly during a ceremony at the statue of Charles XII[…]My National Socialist conviction occured through my experiences in Germany[…]while Göran was BORN a National Socialist[…]We were a team for 48 years – until skeletal cancer took Göran[…]It is the fault of Democracy[…]Pesticides were forbidden in NS Germany and the factories moved to other countries like Sweden[…]
[MtA]When I saw the quote in your interview with ETC in 2014[…]('I am a National Socialist to the grave'), it gave me strength[…]
[V]My NS belief I retained due to all the lies and false propaganda in movies among other things[…]For example: The lie being spread that Hitler wanted to take over Poland[…]
[MtA]Have you had any experiences where you have been treated badly for your political beliefs?
[V]Certainly we have shared our part of being hated[…]
[MtA]Things have changed drastically[…]since WW2. How do you see the future of the world? Will it get worse before it gets better?
[V]Certainly I am worried! Sweden especially is in the danger-zone of the greatest degree through the Jewish-imposed trend of miscenegation and immigration of Muslims

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[From “Watch: Russian Schools Giving Students Shooting Lessons While Americans Learn Anal”]

It sucks America is not more like Russia

America could actually be a much better version of Russia if we were simply not fat pieces of shit


Fourteen-year-old Russian schoolboy David learned something new this month: firing accurately with a Kalashnikov is trickier than with a pistol

With other pupils, he got to try out the weapons as part of basic military training – a feature of the school programme that was dropped in the final years of the Soviet Union but has been reintroduced since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine[…]

Would you want your kids learning this?

Or how to get rimmed?

For me, it’s not a hard question to answer, but I guess it’s a real stumper for some folks

Stew Peters and Sean Hibbeler #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Stew Peters recently unveiled the trailer for his network’s latest propaganda film. Titled Old World Order, it promotes the so-called “Tartarian Empire”[…]
And any evidence for this race of giants was — of course — either destroyed or covered up by wealthy elites, such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds

The trailer shows photos of ornate buildings, including the Milan Cathedral, the Chicago Federal Building, the U.S. Capitol, and the Palace of Justice of Brussels. It then cuts to various people who claim that these buildings appear too large to have been built by “people of our height”[…]
After the trailer, Peters interviewed the film’s director Sean Hibbeler — a flat earther and 9/11 truther[…]Hibbeler claimed that the film serves as an “introduction to this psyop,” because while people may have heard of “Tartaria,” it was only “one of many empires that were hidden from us”

He explained that “we didn’t build” the buildings highlighted in the film, but rather “found” them

“If you look at some of these older buildings in your community, will actually say — will actually admit some stuff, Stew. It’ll say ‘founded in 1898,'” Hibbeler said. “Okay. Alright, I’ll take that. But then when you go on their website it says it was constructed in a year. The timelines don’t make any sense, Stew”

As applied to buildings, the word “founding” refers to when the foundation was constructed[…]
Hibbeler claimed that elite figures want to prevent us from knowing about the existence of giants and their technological achievements — particularly being able to harness energy from the “ether”[…]
The second reason for the cover-up[…]was to keep people from believing in creationism

“But real quick on the giants, you can’t have Darwinism, you can’t have evil-ution, you can’t have Big Bang with giants,” Hibbeler said[…]
But what about photos of buildings from the 20th century while they were clearly under construction? Hibbeler told Peters that those were all faked too

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[From “Should Women Be Allowed To Vote?”]

I had two voting-related questions come up[…]
•What are your thoughts on women voting?
•What would voting look like in your ideal system, if at all?[…]

What are your thoughts on women voting? Should women be allowed to vote?

My answer is no
“Why Not?” is explained in answering #2

What would voting look like in your ideal system, if at all?

If we’re going to have voting at all in our future political system, the voting system itself needs to change to have these two new components:
The voting system must be oversight voting, not direct voting or representational voting. I.e., we should not vote directly for leaders or laws[…]
Voting must be done solely by families[…]
••To get a vote, one must be married with kids (in a traditional Biblical marriage)[…]
••Divorced? Lost the vote. Single parent? No vote[…]
••Families should only get one vote. A family should be in consensus or it shouldn’t be voting, anyway. Since the Bible says that the man is the head of the household, he should fulfill the family vote requirement. This renders women voting moot[…]
This process is similar, but more formal and voting-based, to how the average people “overseen” the monarchy in many nations during Christendom[…]They “overseen” through rioting, financial rebellion, or other pushback methods against the king. This kind of voting system is a simple way to get that same outcome without the old Middle Ages bloodshed[…]
With this, we could return to the last time our civilization was working well (Christendom). But we’d still be able to incorporate a hedge against totalitarianism[…]
We don’t have to have voting, but I’d prefer it if we structured it like this. Oversight voting by family is the way to go[…]
My sympathies in advance to all those who will be offended: Single men, women, sodomites, the divorced, and everyone else alike. This position may seem “extreme”

Narendra Modi #god-complex businesstoday.in

In a bid to secure a historic third term as Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is leaving no stone unturned in his extensive campaign efforts during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections

In an attempt to increase support for his Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), PM Modi has been actively engaging with various media platforms and news channels to counter the fervent opposition and highlight the accomplishments of his government over the past ten years

During a recent interview with News18, Modi, who is seeking re-election from the Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, reflected on his intensified electoral activities and work routine in comparison to the 2019 polls

In a candid moment, he shared, “When my mother was alive, I used to believe that I was born biologically. After she passed away, upon reflecting on all my experiences, I was convinced that God has sent me. This energy could not be from my biological body, but was bestowed upon me by God...whenever I do anything, I believe god is guiding me"

Modi's comments came during his visit to Varanasi on May 14, where he is contesting the election in a bid to secure victory in one of the 543 constituencies being contested nationwide

Kaisar #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From “Dead Internet Theory”]

Nearly everywhere you go on the internet, if you see “users” or “comments” engaging with one another, a significant chunk of it is 100% fake

It is all being placed there to program you into believing a false narrative[…]
Here is one such example from Reddit (two different posts, two different time periods, two entirely similar comments sections)[…]
All of those accounts are bots posting using Artificial Intelligence and programmed scripts[…]
The same thing happens in most comment fields of mainstream news (even right-leaning ones like ZeroHedge or Epoch Times)

It even happens with Twitter[…]
It’s all fake and gay to manufacture consent from the masses

I bet there are about nine fake accounts for every one real account online nowadays. Those nine accounts manufacture the likes/favorites and ratios of what goes to the top[…]
This has been true for at least five years, likely about eight

This isn’t news to some of you who have heard of Dead Internet Theory[…]
A good place to start learning is Wikipedia. They claim it is a conspiracy theory, which means you already know it is actually a conspiracy fact[…]
Don’t believe a single narrative you read online[…]The internet is fully compromised territory at this point. It’s only going to get worse with hardline, workable public AI now

But hey, for us older folks, at least you got to enjoy a time when it wasn’t like this. When they were still training the bots. We saw all of this coming with the stupid Twitter “i hate texting” bot failures, but now the bots don’t have those public failures anymore. Not because they are gone, but because they are too advanced to catch most of the time now. They blend in too easily

And at least you still have my website[…]
It is sad but true: The golden era of the internet is over

Maximilian Krah #wingnut bbc.com

A top far-right German politician says he will pull back from campaigning for the upcoming EU elections - although he will remain his party's lead candidate

The latest controversy comes after the Alternative for Germany (AfD)'s Maximilian Krah told journalists that SS members weren’t automatically "criminals"

"It depends. You have to assess blame individually. At the end of the war there were almost a million SS. Günter Grass was also in the Waffen SS," he told La Repubblica and the Financial Times, referring to the German novelist who wrote The Tin Drum

"Before I declare someone a criminal, I want to know what he did"[…]
In response to the remarks, France’s far-right National Rally (RN) announced it would no longer sit with the AfD in the European Parliament

RN leader Marine Le Pen told French radio that "it was urgent to establish a cordon sanitaire"[…]
The RN had distanced itself from the AfD following revelations about the German party holding a secret meeting in a villa on a lake outside of Berlin where mass deportations of non-ethnic Germans - including German citizens - were allegedly discussed[…]
Mr Krah has been under pressure in the lead-up to this year's EU elections, which will take place between 6 and 9 June

In April, one of his staffers was arrested by German police on suspicion of spying for China[…]
The AfD has slipped in the polls this year. But the party is still polling second or third nationwide, and first in some states due to vote in local elections later this year

Tatsuya Ishida #conspiracy #racist sinfest.xyz

[From “May 21, 2024: Illuminati Starter Kit”]


Panel 1: Slick is reading a letter he received: “Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Illuminati”
Panel 2: A female green devil is showing a book whose cover features the Eye of Providence. She says “Enjoy your Illuminati starter kit”
Panel 3: The kit includes a “vial of adrenochrome”, a “Masonic pin”, a “sex orgy mask” and a “personal Jewish handler”
Panel 4: Slick is in a villa, wearing an aristocratic dressing gown, drinking a glass of adrenochrome, with dollar notes raining down from the ceiling as his Jewish handler stands behind him, clutching his hands and grinning like a hag. He says “I can afford groceries now”

Jim #wingnut #conspiracy #racist blog.reaction.la

[From “Left internal quarrel”]

As you know, our college campuses are being rocked by massively astroturfed protests funded and organised by anti Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead, against Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead

At which protests the same astroturf who looted and burned with absolute impunity to protest the holy martyrdom of Saint George Fentanyl Floyd are getting a bit of the police violence that they strangely failed to get while looting and burning

I conjecture that the anti Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead are feeling aggrieved because explosives that were supposed to be sent to Eastern Europe to kill white people are instead being sent to Israel to kill brown people

The interesting thing about this is that the people organising and funding these protests obviously do not care about ensuring that the next election gets rigged sufficiently to allow Biden to be appointed again[…]These protests make Biden look bad, and reveal that the horde of browns brought in to live on crime, government employment, welfare, and voting Democrat are no more keen on voting Democrat than they are on working for a living

I am pretty sure that the real vote for Biden, real in the sense of physical people physically showing up at the polling booth on election day, is somewhere down around ten or fifteen percent[…]
If the left is at each other’s throats during the election, their ballot box stuffing is likely to get messed up

jamesradcylffe #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia identitydixie.com

[From “The Simple Truth Behind Cultural Marxism”]

The idea of Cultural Marxism as a byzantine 12-step method for converting the West to economic Marxism is bogus. Marxism, at least in praxis, was an ethnic power-grab. It was primarily foisted upon the unwitting masses of Eastern and Western Europe by a supermajority-Jewish international cabal[…]
The Marxists won. Not just in Europe, but virtually everywhere that had wealth. Jews waltzed into power and affluence. Now, Marxism was a problem. Take from the who and give to the whom?[…]Hence, Cultural Marxism. Within every poor West Virginian coal miner and White guy spinning the roulette wheel, there was a raging White corpo-fascist just begging to become wealthy and suppress the masses

They actually pulled this stunt in Russia, classifying the peasants who didn’t like the idea of communism as kulaks[…]Great minds think alike. Or, maybe they just went to the same synagogue in Krakow

Paleoconservative conventional wisdom holds that Adorno, and the rest of the Frankfurt School decided the masses in the West were just too damn happy[…]and needed to be culturally broken down until they revolted and established Marxism[…]I’ve got a simpler thesis. Marxism already won. They had to change the rules to protect their power[…]
Jews knew they needed some camouflage, so they enlisted women, ethnic minorities, degenerates, and even White men with a taste for bureaucratic or managerial power[…]
As a result of this senior/junior partnership, we have a system where non-Whites, particularly Jews, are free to maintain power and wealth, as they are oppressed, and various Whites, having little power or wealth, are oppressors. We’ve squared the circle (kikel, perhaps)[…]
Cultural Marxism was just the Jews’ way of slamming the door to the command center closed behind them and avoiding getting hauled out and sent to the gulag themselves. If we know anything about history, it’s that Jews really don’t like manual labor

Harrison Butker #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #forced-birth #sexist lgbtqnation.com

In Atchison, Kansas this weekend, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, a Catholic and three-time Super Bowl champion, used his commencement speech to Benedictine College graduates as a platform[…]
If the Class of ’24 thought the day’s celebration was about them, Butker had something else in mind

Denouncing the “silence” he said that the Church desires for activist Catholics like himself, Butker was outspoken in his criticism of “degenerate cultural values”, “the tyranny of diversity equity and inclusion,” “dangerous gender ideologies,” “diabolical lies” told to women, and infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, among other objects of scorn

Like the martyr Butker portrays himself as, he reveled in a recent Associated Press story that he said was meant to shame Benedictine College for “an immense shift toward the old ways”

He said he took “pride” in the description, “Not the deadly sins sort of Pride that has an entire month dedicated to it,” he said, adding, “but the true God-centered pride that is cooperating with the holy ghost to glorify him”

While Butker may have found a receptive audience at the school among leadership — 10 years ago, current and then-school president Stephen Minnis forced an out basketball player to remove a Pride flag from his dorm window — the graduating class groaned at the uncharitable slap at the LGBTQ+ community[…]
Butker had choice words, as well, for President Biden and the women of America, whom he encouraged to “accept your lane and stay in it”

Of his wife Isabelle, Butker said, “Her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and a mother. I’m on this stage, and able to be the man I am, because I have a wife who leans into her vocation”

She has come “to embrace one of the most important titles of all: homemaker”

Butker called President Biden “delusional” over “his support for the murder of innocent babies”

Tatsuya Ishida #transphobia #sexist sinfest.xyz

[From “May 17, 2024: Man or Bear”]


Panel 1: A blond woman with a white dress is just meeting a bear, and shouts “Bear!”
Panel 2: The bear is hunting down the woman
Panel 3: The woman sees a bearded man and shouts “Oh thanks God” and “A man!”
Panel 4: The face of the man is displayed, revealing a transwoman. This transwoman has pink hairs and a pink beard, a bow in hher hairs and wear a T-shirt on which is written “Kill TERFs.” The transwoman says “It's ma'am!”

Jim #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger blog.reaction.la

[From “The Ukraine is not a nation”]

The Ukraine never has been a nation. It has always merely been a province of empire. Ukrainians oft got conscripted to fight in the wars of far away empires, but even when the empire ruled through local satraps, as it does now, the local minions of empire failed to act as if the Ukraine was a nation

Here are Ukrainians celebrating independence day. Notice the near total absence of anyone celebrating. Compare with the enormous turnout everywhere in Russia for victory day

And today the local minions of empire in the Ukraine are not acting as if the Ukraine is a nation[…]
Kiev, thanks to the mighty influx of American money, has more bars and nightclubs than it did before the war

According to CBS news, that it is party time in Kiev is a form of defiance of Russia. The young men in the CBS photos are evidently at no risk of being summoned to the front. The imperial minions in Kiev are acting like the war is a gold mine, and they have struck it rich[…]
If the Ukraine was a real nation, the local elite would not do this stuff, or if they did do it, would be more furtive about it. The local elite has no plans for making peace with Russia. They don’t care and it is not their decision to make anyway. They have plans for moving to the South of France[…]
As the time available to steal stuff grows shorter, and the prospect of long term employment as the empire’s satraps in the Ukraine grows more remote, the imperial minions naturally focus more on stealing whatever is not nailed down, and burning down what is nailed down so that they can steal the nails, and focus less on preserving imperial rule. Global American Empire rule over the Ukraine is collapsing. The battle field is merely a lagging indicator

MP George Galloway (Rochdale-WPB) #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia thenational.scot

In a clip from an interview with Novara Media, the Rochdale MP said: “I don’t want my children prematurely sexualised at all, I don’t want them taught that some things are normal when their parents don’t believe that they’re normal”

“Now there’s lots of things not normal, doesn’t mean you have to hate something that isn’t normal. But if my children are taught that there’s – whatever the current vogue number is – 76 or 97 or whatever the number of purported genders that exist, I don’t want my children taught that”

Galloway leads the Workers Party of Britain and became the MP for Rochdale in February[…]
Speaking to Novara, Galloway said he didn’t want children to be taught “that gay relationships are exactly the same and as normal as a mum, a dad and kids”

He added: “I want my children to be taught that the normal thing in Britain, in society across the world, is a mother, a father and a family”

“I want them to be taught that there are gay people in the world and that they must be treated with respect and affection as I treat my own gay friends and colleagues with respect and affection but I don’t want my children to be taught that these things are equal because I don’t believe them to be equal”

Valentina Gomez #homophobia #wingnut lgbtqnation.com

Valentina Gomez is running for Missouri secretary of state, and she wants you to know one thing: Don’t be gay and weak

Gomez posted a video where she’s running in the middle of a street – inexplicably wearing a bulletproof vest and athletic shorts – and saying: “In America, you can be anything you want. So don’t be weak and gay. Stay f**king hard.” The video then shows a picture of her with guns

“‘Don’t be weak and gay’ August 6th is the day we take Missouri back from these corrupt politicians,” she wrote in sharing the video. Missouri’s primary is August 6

She posted the same video with the same message on other social media platforms

“I love her! She doesn’t [give a f**k] what libs think! I wish I could vote for her but I am in [New Mexico],” someone commented on Instagram

“She doesn’t mean sexual orientation, she means your character,” someone else said, trying to explain away Gomez’s clear message even though Gomez didn’t ask them to

“Will you marry me,” someone else wrote

This isn’t the first time she has used this expression

“Don’t be weak and gay. America First,” she wrote on X back in March

That same month, she posted a video of an interview with conservative pundit Tim Pool to Instagram where she said, “Countries that ban rifles, guns, or even flamethrowers are weak and gay. Because you should be ashamed of yourself if you cannot defend your family or your community or yourself”

Muslim Interaktiv #fundie dw.com

Some 1,000 people gathered at Hamburg's popular street Steindamm late April, following a call to protests by an organization called Muslim Interactive (MI). Some demonstrators chanted "God is great," and held up signs that read "caliphate is the solution," and "Germany = a dictatorship of values"

Public outcry was quick to follow, with many calling for the organization to be banned. A second demonstration is this weekend

Necla Kelek is a sociologist and head of the Secular Islam Initiative[…]She[…]had been surprised by the sudden demonstration that MI organized. Her organization joined others in putting together a counter-protest

"This is a group that organizes itself through social media, such as TikTok," she told DW. "That makes it all the more dangerous. At least a mosque would give people a place to go and ask questions"

Germany's domestic intelligence authorities have been observing the MI group. Hamburg's security authorities have listed the organization in recent reports

Founded in 2020, authorities believe the group is affiliated with the Hizb ut-Tahrir (HuT)[…], which was banned in 2003 after promoting violence and the killing of Jewish people[…]
Security authorities classify MI as extremist. The group calls for a worldwide caliphate, which rejects the democratic order enshrined in Germany's Basic Law

"This is a genuinely political program being rolled out, based on Islam and Sharia law," Andreas Jacobs, head of the division for societal cohesion at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, told DW. "Put delicately, this is a revolutionary political movement pursuing a fundamental upheaval of the ruling order, not only in the Muslim world, but worldwide"

He added that, unlike other Islamist movements such as Salafism, MI places less focus on concrete rules of conduct[…]
Instead, the Middle East expert calls MI an "identitarian youth cult," which places it in line with similar identitarian movements such as that of the so-called Reichbürger

Selwyn Duke, Joseph Rose and Peter Frohwein #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia #racist thenewamerican.com

[From “Putin’s Paradise? As Expats Flee a More Soviet America, Is Russia Now More Like 1950s U.S.?”]

Carlson has some company in his sentiments — American expats[…]
Joseph Rose, stated when asked about life in Russia, “I often say it feels like our positive vision of 1950s America”[…]
Peter Frohwein, 62, would like to start a new family but says that he “wouldn’t seriously consider” doing so in the U.S[…]
Rose, “I do think it was God leading me to where I needed to be[…]I would say that Russia is becoming a bastion of Christianity and that America is becoming the opposite”[…]
The expats did not take issue with President[…]Putin[…]Some[…]see Putin through rose-colored glasses[…]
Koffler points out while addressing the expat situation that Russia is no paradise, calling it “an authoritarian state”[…]Unfortunately, this increasingly describes the “Soviet” West[…]only with a different (rainbow?) flavor[…]
This apparently is what drove expat farmer Arend Feenstra and his wife Anneesa to flee Canada for Russia with their 10 children, as the sexual-devolutionary (“LGBTQ”) persecution in their native country just became too intense[…]
The irony here is that while America was founded by people fleeing religious persecution — people who’d been considered troublemakers in their native lands — now anti-woke “troublemakers” are sometimes fleeing to Russia seeking religious freedom

Of course, it’s tempting to, depending on one’s point of view, call these expats sage or stupid[…]
As for Putin, for all his faults, he has defended the family and Christianity and criticized “transgenderism,” homosexual propaganda, and the moral relativism permeating civilization[…]
What’s more, since demography is destiny, America’s continuous irrational, nation-rending (im)migration renders us an unstable land; in contrast, Russia’s demographic stability ensures that it will continue being Russia — even a century hence

Will the West still be the “West” when that time comes?

Tatsuya Ishida #racist sinfest.xyz

[From “May 4, 2024: Jew Hatred 2”]


Panel 1: a bald man with large ears is singing “I can't make you love me” and “If you don't”
Panel 2: the same man is singing “You can't make your heart fell” and “Sometimes it won't” in front of "JEW" written on a wall with light bulbs
Panel 3: the same man is singing “Here in the dark in these final hours”, “I will lay down the law” and “And take over power”
Panel 4: the same man is concluding with “So I can jail you” and “Yes I will jail you” while sniffling. Below is the legend “Nosferatu - 'I Can't Make You Love Me So I'm Going To Jail You' - Talmud Records”

Jim #fundie #conspiracy #sexist blog.reaction.la

[From “Who stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel?”]

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and several worshipers were attacked in an absurdly vicious and completely over the top[…]
And yet the stabbing was strangely ineffectual. It is very easy to kill people. It is not that difficult to do it with bare hands[…]and with knife of suitable size, trivial[…]
The attacker says “Allahu Akbar” so that everyone will know this is a Mohammedan attack on a Christian[…]Emmanuel has not said or done anything that would particular piss off Mohammedans[…]
What has outraged people his his criticisms of the demon worshipers ruling us

I am fairly sympathetic and supportive of Islam. I say Mohammed was right about women, the Taliban are fighting for their freedom and restoring order, peace, and prosperity to a land endlessly ravaged by war, that we need to postpone renewing the crusades until we have dealt with the common enemy of demon worshipers[…]I say the Jews are attempting to genocide the Palestinians. Muslims generally seem to perceive me as a frenemy, and I am sure that they would similarly perceive Bishop[…]Emmanuel, who, unlike me, has always preached the human dignity of people of all faiths

I suppose in a sense I preach the much same thing, in that I say that the Peace of Westphalia should be applied to all faiths, but I also say it will need to be imposed on Dar al-Islam with a big stick, and that Cortes had the right answer for demon worship. We can worry about Mohammedanism after we and the Mohammedans have dealt with the big problem: Demon worship ruling the west[…]
Part of the horror of this attack is that he failed to take any effectual action to protect himself, while I am still mostly killer ape, and wear civilization like an ill fitting suit. But there is a place in Christianity for men of violence[…]I am a big fan of Saint Theodore the Varangian. Bishop[…]Emmanuel says he fears nothing[…]Sometimes, a more forceful method of dealing with evil is appropriate

Rev. Joel Webbon #fundie #wingnut #elitist rightwingwatch.org

Joel Webbon is a Christian nationalist pastor at Covenant Bible Church in Texas[…]
Webbon also hosts a podcast called “Theology Applied,” which he uses to promote his far-right theology, as he did during a recent episode[…]
[quote=RightWingWatchWebbon says Americans are “degenerates” and therefore the Constitution doesn’t work anymore, so this nation needs a Caesar-like dictator who “Constitution be dammed, just rules with an iron fist”
—Right Wing Watch May 8, 2024

Last month, Webbon delivered a sermon called “Why Many Christians Don’t Want A Christian Nation”[…]
“Men must be governed,” he continued. “[…]Ideally, men would govern themselves … but when you don’t have a populace that is capable of self-governance—when the fruit of the Spirit that is self-control has left the building for decades and nobody seems to have it—then men must be governed”[…]
Webbon said that “must be governed” by someone who will “outwardly legislate in accordance with God’s law” and grant “special privileges and favor for his people.” When that happens[…]it will influence all the weak, ignorant people in the nation to begin to identify as Christians and “start putting a Christian flag in their bio on social media because they’re not free thinkers, they’re not courageous, they’re not intelligent”[…]
Webbon asserted that throughout human history, the proper form of government has always consisted of God appointing “some kind of ruler who is unapologetically Christian and he comes in with a sword and says, ‘I’m sorry, but lawlessness and wickedness will not be tolerated anymore'”

“He doesn’t go around forcing conversions,” Webbon insisted, “[…]what he does is he forces external morality. He doesn’t force a change of heart; only the Gospel can do that. But what a king can do is he can say, ‘Whether you’re regenerate or not, you’re going to pretend'”

Blair Edwards and Taylor Edwards #fundie #quack #psycho kptv.com

A couple who belong to the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City are facing first and second degree criminal mistreatment charges after their newborn died in June 2023

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s office allege that Blair and Taylor Edwards failed to provide medical treatment for their son, Hayden

Court documents say Hayden was born on the evening of June 24, 2023. However, two days later, his health took a turn and he stopped eating. When the parents grew concerned, relatives arrived at their home on S. Maywood Street in Oregon City to pray and bless the infant

Family and friends say he looked unhealthy and that his lips turned blue. At 2:35 pm. on June 26, Hayden stopped breathing, but began to breathe again after Taylor splashed cold water on his face. Court documents state that despite his condition and not eating for seven hours, the parents didn’t call for medical help

Hayden died 30 minutes later and the Edwards’ called the medical examiner

The faith of Followers of Christ abstains from medical treatment for their children and believe in faith healing

Dixie Anon #racist #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From “Biden’s Handlers and their Origins”]

While most of Biden’s administration is blamed on the geriatric Yankee from Scranton[…], many on the Right seem to forget he has an entire cabinet (his handlers)[…]
Let’s start out with the cackling witch herself, Kamala Harris. Harris’ whoring career and gender is often the topic surrounding her, but one should also consider her racial origin. Her mother was Shyamala Gopalan born in British India in 1938, while her father, Donald J. Harris, is a Jamaican mulatto. Neither were even born in the United States but instead allowed in during the 1960s, met at the notorious UC Berkeley[…]Moving onto the Big Three[…]All three are Jewish[…]
The next member of the Biden administration is Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who Republicans recently tried, and like usual, failed to impeach. Mayorkas wasn’t even born in the United States but instead Cuba. His parents were Cuban (and Jewish) refugees[…]
Finishing off with the B-team members of the cabinet, let’s move to the Confederate-hating Sectary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Austin (spoiler) is the only member of the cabinet actually from a Southern state, born in Alabama and raised in Georgia. However, Austin is black and, thus like many of his racial peers, has nothing but hate for traditional Alabama and Georgia[…]Probably win the contest when it comes to tracing his ancestry the furthest back on “American soil”[…]
Traveling north of the increasingly conservative-turning Iowa, we have Secretary of Veteran Affairs Denis McDonough of Minnesota, who supposedly has communist sympathies[…]
No anti-Southern cabinet would be complete without a few New Englanders and Biden, like usual, didn’t forget about them[…]
To sum things up, Biden’s cabinet is everything our Confederate ancestors warned us about. The executive branch is effectively a gaggle of foreigners, Yankees, “people of color,’” and Jews, headed by a career liar who can barely speak half the time

New Hampshire State Rep. Jess Edwards (R) #sexist #forced-birth newsweek.com

A New Hampshire lawmaker who opposed a child marriage ban argued that teens are of a "ripe, fertile" age

Republican state Rep. Jess Edwards said last week that a bill banning marriage for people under 18 would make abortion more appealing for young people

"If we continually restrict the freedom of marriage as a legitimate social option, when we do this to people who are of a ripe, fertile age and may have a pregnancy and a baby involved, are we not in fact making abortion a much more desirable alternative, when marriage might be the right solution for some freedom-loving couples?" he said[…]
Edwards' description of young people being of a "ripe, fertile age" was met with laughter. Despite his intervention, the New Hampshire House passed the bill on Thursday, sending it to the governor[…]
If New Hampshire's bill becomes law, it would leave Maine as the only state in the northeast of the U.S. that allows marriage below the age of 18

Snake Baker #dunning-kruger #wingnut #racist dailystormer.name

[From “UK: “Conservatives” Pass Total Ban on Smoking (To be Phased in Over Decades)”]

Remember: these people tried to force-vaccinate everyone with a deadly gene therapy

Food might be a little bit more regulated in the UK than in the US, but not by much

Infographic on obesity in th UK

Actually, that’s only half as obese as the United States. But still. It’s a health crisis

Smoking, by the way, is not a health crisis. When’s the last time you heard of someone dying from smoking? People die from vaccines and obesity all the time

So: why are they so obsessed with shutting down nicotine? Is it because it increases both testosterone and brain function?


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s plan to ban anyone aged 15 and under from ever buying cigarettes passed its first parliamentary vote on Tuesday, although dozens of his own lawmakers voted against it[…]
But 57 Conservatives, including Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch, voted against the plan[…]

57 isn’t even 1/5 of the “conservative” members of parliament

Britain is a failed state

They are harder on cigarettes than they are on immigrants, that’s for sure

MP Mohamed Ali, Salim Said, Athman Ahmed and the Anti-LGBTQ Movement #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia #psycho lgbtqnation.com

Kenyan anti-LGBTQ activists are now prohibited from calling for the murder of the country’s LGBTQ+ community, the country’s High Court said in an order. The order is temporary while the court hears a case on whether city legal officials can allow anti-LGBTQ+ protests that encourage violence against queer Kenyans

The interim conservatory order was placed following accusations that members of an organization, dubbed the “Anti-LGBTQ Movement,” as well as Parliament member Mohamed Ali, have called for the murder of LGBTQ+ individuals and their expulsion from Kenya

Mamba Online reported that, in a demonstration last year, Ali cited the Bible and Quran to justify killings, while calling for the American government to take in LGBTQ+ Kenyans

“We do also call upon the head of state, his Excellency President William Ruto, to come out strongly against LGBTQ machination,” Ali said[…]
Kenya currently outlaws consensual same-sex relationships[…]
The High Court order, implemented by Justice Olga Sewe, bans any calls for violence, conversion, or expulsion of LGBTQ+ individuals, with specific individuals — such as Ali and activists like Salim Said and Athman Ahmed — being restricted from this type of hateful rhetoric[…]
This order is temporary, with permanent decisions awaiting the results of the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against Mombasa Police Inspector General Japhet Koome for allowing anti-LGBTQ+ protests in his city. The lawsuit was filed alongside another suit against Said, Ali, Ahmed, and the Anti-LGBTQ Movement for their role in instigating violence

Andrew Torba #fundie #racist #conspiracy news.gab.com

[From “The House Passes H.R. 6090: A Threat to the Christian Faith and an Affront to Free Speech”]

The United States House of Representatives has passed H.R. 6090, a bill that criminalizes basic Biblical Truth. This alarming legislation seeks to weaponize the Civil Rights Act for the enforcement of federal anti-discrimination laws[…]
The bill adopts the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of “antisemitism” which includes the basic Biblical truth that the Jews killed Jesus Christ as “classic antisemitism.” The bill has raised serious concerns among Christians who believe that their First Amendment rights are being threatened. For example H.R. 6090 could potentially make it a crime for pastors to preach sermons that adhere to Biblical passages[…]which explicitly state that the Jews killed Jesus

As a result, churches may become targets for Civil Rights Act discrimination lawsuits, leading to a wave of anti-Christian sentiment and the stifling of religious expression. This legislation follows just a few weeks after we learned, during Holy Week of all times, that saying “Christ is King” is “antisemitic” from many of the gatekeeping establishment voices on the right. It also follows a slew of similar “hate speech” legislation at the state level that is being passed by Republican governors in red states, including Ron DeSantis who flew to Israel to sign his

Are you paying attention yet, Christian?[…]
The New Testament provides ample evidence that the Jews killed Jesus. This is a basic core tenet of the passion story and thus a basic core tenet of our faith that we are required to affirm[…]
The passage of H.R. 6090 raises questions about the true motives behind this legislation. Some have speculated that the recent surge in anti-Israel protests on college campuses, many of which are being led and organized by Jews, are being used to bolster public support and sympathy for Israel and usher in anti-Christian legislation like H.R. 6090

Laura Wood #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From “St. Joseph Against Communism”]

IN 1955, Pope Pius XII proclaimed May 1st, Feast of St. Joseph the Worker in response to Communist May Day celebrations[…]As a laborer who worked with his hands, St. Joseph was everything the Communist slave was not. In Divini Redemptoris, On Atheistic Communism, of March 1937, Pope Pius XI advocated that the battle against world Communism be entrusted to the great saint’s intercession. How far we have come since 1937 and 1955! The Vatican II Church has long since abandoned the fight against world Communism and in fact has joined in its ascendancy under the United Nations and centralized financial forces[…]
One of the terrible fruits of the quasi-Communism everywhere has been the deprivation of a living wage to the working man so that his wife must now work outside the home too and, with feminism and state control of the family, he has lost any privilege as head of his home. His family, in many cases, has been blown apart or never really established, replaced by a series of temporary connections and confused offspring — or perhaps just a nice dog (cheaper in the long run.) More and more, he can’t even dream of buying a house (while his neighbor from India can). He’s offered bread and circuses — marijuana, alcohol, sports, online gambling, video games, tattoos, rock music — in return. The goal of the universal state is to animalize the working man (and working woman). The whips and chains of ancient slavery were better

Bezalel Smotrich #racist #fundie #psycho msn.com

Finance Minister and member of the security cabinet Bezalel Smotrich called on Monday for annihilating Israel's enemies, saying "There are no half measures. [The Gazan cities of] Rafah, Deir al-Balah, Nuseirat – total annihilation. 'You will blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven' – there's no place under heaven"

Smotrich also referred to ongoing negotiations with Hamas for a hostage release deal, saying that Israel is "negotiating with someone who long ago should have ceased to exist at all"

He made the remarks at a Mimouna event, a traditional North African Jewish celebration held at the end of Passover. It took place at the home of Rabbi Shachar Butzhak, who is affiliated with the Garin Torani movement – a state-funded group of Jewish religious nationalists often planted in secular populations or in mixed Arab-Jewish towns as a demographic and intimidation strategy

Smotrich, who also is a minister in the Defense Ministry, added that when Hamas is destroyed, Israel must "clear out, with God's help, with one blow, wicked Hezbollah in the north, and really send a message that what will happen to those who harm the Jewish people is the same as those who have tried to harm us in the past – they will be destroyed, destroyed, destroyed. And it will echo for decades to come"

United Christian Churches of Korea, Anti-Homosexuality Christian Solidarity and the Christian Daily and others #fundie #homophobia #conspiracy lgbtqnation.com

In South Korea this month, the conservative People’s Power party suffered big losses as a rejuvenated liberal opposition took a majority of seats in the legislature

The shift in South Korea’s balance of power could signal progress for the country’s embattled LGBTQ+ community[…]
The absence of progress can be traced to lobbying efforts by The United Christian Churches of Korea and other church associations, and to very public hate campaigns by loosely affiliated groups like Anti-Homosexuality Christian Solidarity, who have deep-rooted connections to the country’s political class

Trucks blaring bible verses and warning “Homosexuality is sin” are a common in Seoul, where aged activists roam shopping centers wearing placards denouncing same-sex marriage

Efforts to pass a broad anti-discrimination law through the legislature have failed seven times since 2007[…]
Locally, officials regularly target gay-affirming events and content. When an anti-LGBTQ+ Christian group applied to hold their own event in Seoul the same spot that Pride celebrations take place, the mayor supported the anti-gay eviction. Last year, the mayor of Daegu ordered 500 civil servants to obstruct that city’s Pride festival[…]
It has long been a Christian lobby rallying cry that the mere mention of homosexuality will bring about their imagined “homosexual dictatorship”, a prophecy that includes crumbling family structures, crashing birth rates, an AIDS pandemic, and gay soldiers surrendering en masse to a North Korean invasion[…]
“If such a law is enacted, it is certain that the activities of churches that teach the Bible will be restricted,” the United Christian Churches of Korea wrote in a translated email, “as it does not even allow criticism of homosexuality”[…]
“No matter how overwhelming the majority party is,” a recent editorial in South Korea’s Christian Daily warned officials, “they could face backlash if they recklessly push out legislation that causes social chaos”

Balaji Srinivasan #elitist #wingnut newrepublic.com

To fully grasp the current situation in San Francisco[…]you must listen to Balaji Srinivasan[…]
“Balaji has the highest rate of output per minute of good new ideas of anybody I’ve ever met,” wrote Marc Andreessen[…]in a blurb for Balaji’s 2022 book, The Network State: How to Start a New Country[…]
In 2013, a New York Times story[…]described a speech in which he “told a group of young entrepreneurs that the United States had become ‘the Microsoft of nations’: outdated and obsolescent”[…]
Last October, Balaji hosted the first-ever Network State Conference[…]In a podcast interview one month before[…], Balaji laid out a more disturbing and extreme vision

“What I’m really calling for is something like tech Zionism,” he said, after comparing his movement to those started by the biblical Abraham, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith[…], Theodor Herzl[…], and Lee Kuan Yew[…]Balaji then revealed his shocking ideas for a tech-governed city where citizens loyal to tech companies would form a new political tribe clad in gray t-shirts[…]
Grays would also receive special ID cards providing access to exclusive, Gray-controlled sectors of the city[…]The Grays would make an alliance with the police[…]
Once an officer joins the Grays, they get a special uniform designed by their tech overlords[…]Then, in a show of force, they’ll march through the city together[…]
Everyone would be welcome at the Gray Pride march—everyone[…]except the Blues. Srinivasan defines the Blue political tribe as the liberal voters he implies are responsible for the city’s problems. Blues will be banned from the Gray-controlled zones, said Balaji, unlike Republicans (“Reds”)

“Reds should be welcomed there, and people should wear their tribal colors,” said Srinivasan, who compared his color-coded apartheid system to the Bloods vs. Crips[…]
“Ethnically cleanse,” he said at one point, summing up his idea for a city purged of Blues (this, he says, will prevent Blues from ethnically cleansing the Grays first)

Harmonica #racist identitydixie.com

[From “Did the Union Prevent a Southern Haiti?”]

One common claim from White Nationalist Yankees is that the Union’s victory in the War of Northern Aggression ended up being a good thing for White Southerners as it helped prevent Dixie from becoming a large-scale Haiti[…]Dixie alone would have eventually become majority black and, with that, would have become a ticking timebomb that sooner or later would have turned into a Haitian-style black revolution or a large-scale massacre of the White population[…]It’s claimed the consolidation and reforming of the United States after the War ensured that the Union remained overwhelmingly White and thus the threat of a black revolution was mitigated

It’s a fear that many White Southerners shared in the days leading up to the War. But many Southerners correctly saw that the radical Yankee abolitionists were increasing the chances of turning Dixie into an ill-fated Saint-Domingue[…]I do not think there was any real danger of Dixie becoming the next Haiti, the conditions between the two were simply too different[…]
Modern White Nationalists who insist Dixie is demographically similar to Haiti are only superficially looking at the problem. At the eve of the Haitian Revolution, Haiti was over 90% black. By contrast, the South[…]was nothing like Haiti. It is true that two states – South Carolina and Mississippi – had majority black populations, but their White population was still comparable. The rest of Dixie was majority White and, in certain areas, like Appalachia, it was overwhelmingly White[…]
So, despite what certain White Nationalists claim, the Yankee army did not save us from becoming Haiti, the conditions were too great for that to happen. By understanding what happened in Haiti, Southerners can better understand that the Yankee army was in no way a force for good (either in the short or long term). It was a force of destruction. It is also why, despite claims to the contrary, a Free Dixie was viable

Iraqi parliament and MP Raed al-Maliki #homophobia #transphobia theguardian.com

Iraq’s parliament has passed a bill making same-sex relations punishable by up to 15 years in prison[…]
Transgender people will also be sentenced to three years in jail under the amendments to a 1988 anti-prostitution law, which were adopted during a session attended by 170 out of 329 lawmakers on Saturday

A previous draft had proposed capital punishment for same-sex relations, in what campaigners had called a “dangerous” escalation. The new amendments enable courts to sentence people to between 10 and 15 years in prison, according to the document seen by AFP, in a country where gay and transgender people already face frequent attacks and discrimination

They also set a minimum seven-year prison term for “promoting” same-sex relations and a sentence ranging from one to three years for men who “intentionally” act like women

The amended law makes “biological sex change based on personal desire and inclination” a crime and punishes trans people and doctors who perform gender reassignment surgery with up to three years in prison[…]
The amendments also ban organisations that “promote” homosexuality and punish “wife swapping” with a prison sentence of 10 to 15 years

Lawmaker Raed al-Maliki, who advanced the amendments, told AFP that “the law serves as a preventive measure to protect society from such acts”

He said passing the new amendment had been postponed until after the visit of the Iraqi prime minister, Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani, to the US[…]
The US and the EU oppose the law and “we didn’t want to impact the visit,” he said

“It is an internal matter and we do not accept any interference in Iraqi affairs”[…]
Human Rights Watch’s Iraq researcher Sarah Sanbar said the new law change “is a horrific development and an attack on human rights”

“Rather than focusing on enacting laws that would benefit Iraqis – like passing the draft domestic violence law or draft child protection law – Iraq is choosing to codify discrimination against LGBT people”

Heather Mac Donald and Megyn Kelly #racist #wingnut #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On The Megyn Kelly Show, Heather Mac Donald endorsed the[…]“Great Replacement” conspiracy theory. Mac Donald, a fellow at the right-wing Manhattan Institute, declared that the “Great Replacement theory is real”[…]
While discussing campus protests against colleges doing business with Israel, Mac Donald said that conservatives should “shut down as much of the universities as we can” and “create as many alternatives as we can.” She added that they also must “speak up for Western civilization” and its values: “equality, tolerance, human rights, limited government”

“These are all exclusively Western ideas,” she said. “They came out of no place outside of the West. They didn’t come out of Africa. They didn’t come out of China. They didn’t come out of Arabia. They didn’t come out of India. And now the Left uses the bounty of beautiful Enlightenment ideas to try and tear down the Enlightenment”[…]
Mac Donald pivoted to giving a full-throated endorsement of the[…]“Great Replacement” conspiracy theory[…]
“The Great Replacement theory is real,” she declared. “We have decided to destroy our birthrate and to flood our country with cultures that en masse — en masse — are not compatible. We cannot assimilate the number of people who are coming, and we’ve decided we don’t even want to try”

And she said the “most galling thing” was that “the Left” claims that the U.S. and Europe are “fundamentally hostile to people of color” while at the same time claiming that Western nations are “oppressive” for not allowing in “millions of people” from “Third World places of color”[…]
“You can’t say that the West is endemically lethal to people of color, and at the same time say we want as many people of color to come in illegally into Western countries as possible because that’s where their lives will be improved[…]You get one or the other”

Kelly wholeheartedly agreed with Mac Donald, and mockingly said “That’s right. Or as they now put it, it’s not safe for brown and Black bodies”

Tatsuya Ishida #racist #magick sinfest.xyz

[From “April 21, 2024: Hyperborea 3”]


Panel 1: In a carnival, a young blue-clad boy wearing a yarmulke is standing near a high striker
Panel 2: The boy is taking the hammer
Panel 3: The boy has difficulties trying to lift the hammer
Panel 4: The boy leaves, angry. Meanwhile, a blond girl is walking by
Panel 5: The girl ias seen the hammer
Panel 6: The girl has lifted the hammer
Panel 7: The girl is moving the hammer in the air
Panel 8: The hammer has striken the base of the tower
Panel 9: The puck has striken the bell
Panel 10: White confettis are raining on the girl
Panel 11: The carnie is giving to the girl a doll representing a Norse girl
Panel 12: While the girl has gone to her father, the hammer is displaying a Celtic triquetra

Alexander G. Markovsky #psycho #wingnut #racist americanthinker.com

[From “Israel: Terror Can Be Conquered Only With Greater Terror”]

Gangs of Hamas terrorists launched a violent assault on Israel, indiscriminately raping and killing women and children, torturing its soldiers, and taking hostages[…]
The indiscriminate bombing of Gaza appeared more as an act of desperation rather than a well-planned military campaign. It looked effective on TV screens but was often ineffective as a practical matter[…]
It became evident that despite decades of fighting terrorists, Israel has failed at the critical distinction that a war with terrorists differs from conventional wars[…]
Terrorism’s purpose is to terrorize, to break the will, and to paralyze society into submission

Therefore, terror cannot be defeated through conventional warfare. The terror can be conquered only with greater terror[…]
It is a reality of warfare that soldiers are expected to die. However, the deaths of women and children bring the horror close to home and demoralize the combatants and the entire society[…]
To destroy Hamas and prevent even greater tragedy in the future, Israelis must demonstrate unrestrained ruthlessness and unwavering determination[…]
The non-combatants are the terrorists’ mothers, fathers, brothers, and children. They provide moral, financial, and logistical support[…]
Israel shall keep in mind that friends will support it, while the international community will condemn Israel anyway. Therefore, as Nixon’s maxim goes, one pays the same price for doing something halfheartedly as for doing it completely[…]
The initial step involves doing as Churchill did: Continuing to bomb “until every home, factory, shipyard, and hospital is reduced to ruins,” and halting the irrational influx of humanitarian assistance, thereby increasing casualties while depriving the terrorists of vital resources such as sustenance, water, medical supplies, and weaponry. The second step is to offer these necessities only in exchange for the release of hostages

Sean Hannity #wingnut mediamatters.org

Citation From the April 18, 2024, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I don't remember. We never reported, Lynda. We did report what some people do for a living. I think there was only one case we might have disclosed -- well, actually, I don't think we actually did give the exact location. But it's neither here nor there. I'm not looking to -- I'm not looking to make life difficult for anybody that wants to serve on a jury, but -- the jury pool, in this case, and the question is can an impartial jury, you know, occur for Donald Trump in New York City in Manhattan? I don't believe the answer is yes

Matt Walsh #racist #dunning-kruger #pratt angrywhitemen.org

On the Apr. 17, 2024 episode of The Matt Walsh Show,[…]Matt Walsh claimed that Aboriginal Australians “happen to have, on average, the second lowest IQ of any demographic group on the planet”[…]Walsh cited an anonymous X account[…]

What do these activists mean when they say they wanna decolonize math, given that the entire idea of decolonizing math is completely incoherent? The Arabs were colonizers too. And why are Australians of all people so interested in promoting this idea? Well one possibility is that, by some estimates as the Twitter account i/o points out, Aboriginal Australians happen to have, on average, the second lowest IQ out of any demographic group on the planet

Now that’s the sort of thing that’s supposed to be unciteable, but it’s impossible to talk about certain groups struggling academically without bringing up the intellectual elephant in the room. I mean there might be a reason why there aren’t many Aboriginals working at NASA[…]It’s an important point because it means that decolonization, practically speaking, entails dumbing down these subjects or destroying them altogether

And mainly we see, with this decolonization agenda, the embarrassment that liberal Westerners feel about the fact that their ancestors were far more advanced[…]The liberal Westerner’s constantly looking for ways to even out the score. And we’re seeing that more and more in this country as well[…]
But as we just established, some cultures and civilizations did indeed advance science and mathematics more than others. I mean there were some cultures and civilizations that didn’t advance it at all because they didn’t even have the concepts. And there were others that did quite a bit to advance it. And some of those were colonizers[…]
I mean maybe you could argue that this belongs in some elective history course somewhere, but it has no place affecting courses on the fundamentals of mathematics, which is exactly what’s happening in this country