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[From "John Calvin Could Not Be Happier (2022)"]

Do you realize that Christmas Day was not declared a Federal holiday until June 26, 1870, principally because of the large number of Catholics who had come to this country from Europe[…]?

Yes, the principal "holiday" of celebration in the latter part of a calendar year between 1607[…]and 1870, a period of two hundred sixty-three years, was "thanksgiving day"[…]
The American concept of "thanksgiving day"[…]has its roots with the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony who, as followers of John Calvin, were desirous of a total separation from the Church of England, which had, they believed, too much of the vestigial trappings of Catholicism[…]were giving thanks to God for having placed them in a land that they believed had not been "polluted" by what they hated most: the Holy Mass[…]
The first American Thanksgiving, though, took place on September 8, 1565, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Saint Augustine, Florida. It included a Mass of Thanksgiving offered by Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales. The Americas were indeed Catholic and they belonged to Our Lady long before those horrible Catholic-hating, Mass-hating Calvinists[…]
Calvinism, which is really warmed over Judaism with a slightly Christian gloss, is at the heart and soul of life here in the United States of America[…]
Yes, Christmas Day is still a Federal holiday. References to "Merry Christmas" and "Christmas Day." however, are strictly forbidden in most commercial establishments[…]
The American "thanksgiving day" has thus become the true embodiment of the ethos of religious indifferentism and cultural pluralism, a celebration of family traditions while the traditions of the true Faith have been consigned to the Orwellian memory well both by the forces of Calvinism/Judeo-Masonry and by the liturgical revolutionaries of conciliarism

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[From "@MostafaSweed123 - So I can only offer spousal benefits to heterosexual employees?"]


Lmfao why you so salty pride month exists? Queer people still leaving y'all alone. The same can't be said the other way around…
Of courses, pride is also literally about queer people's struggle to be left tf alone too lmao that's all June 2, 2022

Sodomites are leaving me alone? Sweet! So I can hold a nice straight pride march in Boston without incident, as they are now leaving me alone? As the post title asks can I only offer spousal benefits to heterosexual employees without incident, as they are now leaving me alone? Can I have my local sidewalk painted with a giant "LEV 20:13" using municipal tax money and not have to worry, as they are now leaving me alone?

No? Can't have any of these things?

Well in that case, I will continue to tell every uranist I meet that their lifestyle choice is evil, conversion therapy can and should be used to cure them, and that since they aren't keen on leaving me alone (as all the broken fingers I've had to impart after being inappropriately touched by them can attest) I won't be returning the favour

This Mostafa chick is just too slow to understand justifiable "saltiness"

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[From "DAWN OF RAPE: Jew Media Says Iran Raping Women Who Protest Hijab! BASED."]

The implication of CNN’s reporting here is apparently that sluts do not deserve to be raped

That is the narrative the Jew media is spreading against you
The worst thing is “rape” (fake concept), while people are getting gunned down indiscriminately

For a woman, her pussy being devalued is a much worse fate than death[…]
Imagine my shock to hear that the Jew revolution in Iran is being carried out by women who side against their own men

It’s almost like women are born traitors[…]
This is how you know that the Jewish ritual murders were real[…]There’s no difference between a Jew saying women don’t really want to get naked and Jews don’t really want to ritually murder and drink the blood of Christian children[…]

Armita Abbasi, 20, bore all the hallmarks of a Gen Z-er[…]

This is Armita Abbasi:
[Pic of the subject]
No one on earth can claim she doesn’t deserve to be raped

I just feel bad for the brave men who took one for Allah and did the deed[…]
Does anyone on earth trust CNN’s reporting?[…]
In a previous era, media institutions built trust by proving to be telling the truth over a period of time. CNN has proven to be lying, constantly[…]
Frankly, I don’t care at all if these rapes are happening. In fact, I wouldn’t care if Iran was just mowing down protesters

Firstly, I support them doing this, and secondly, it’s not my problem

However, we have zero reason to believe these accounts at all[…]
The US and other Western countries are barely functional, due to the liberation of women. It’s destroyed the family, it’s destroyed the workplace, it’s destroyed all morality

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[From "A Case of Economic Dysphoria"]

FOR A LONG TIME, I have felt like a billionaire trapped in a middle class person’s body

This psychological condition is so intractable, it must be innate. It has caused me acute distress, especially lately because I need a billion dollars so that I can give it all away to people I know could really use it. I could make a big difference if I had those bucks

I just have this feeling. This inescapable feeling. I’m a billionaire, or maybe just a millionaire, but society refuses to recognize me as such. Yesterday, I was so surprised at the bill at the grocery store that I was overcome by a dysphoric attack of great intensity. I was trapped in a social construct — an economic identity assigned at birth without my consent

The bank refuses to recognize me as a billionaire. Car dealers, utility companies, the construction industry — they all refuse to see the truth. That’s discrimination. Just because I don’t have millions doesn’t mean that inside, where it really counts, I’m not loaded. No foundations or organized psychologists are out there to help people like me transition to the super rich

The world is a cruel place. I know a man who lives in a tiny mobile home, all because he is an unrecognized billionaire. His suffering is totally ignored. Maybe those who share the same disorder can someday organize. We should make our plight known because as things stand we are a horribly persecuted minority. It’s not necessary that we be given billions. Not at all. But we definitely need to be treated by everyone, especially banks and retailers, as if we have them

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[From "Serious People Don’t Pursue “Fun”"]

For most of my adult life, I lived as a child in an adult body. I never grew out of the desire to play in a selfish way[…]Only when I came back to Christ have I begun to put away the childish notion of having fun

The word “fun” is not found in the Bible. At no point did God command us to idolize fun, pursue it[…]The epitome of fun is the modern amusement park[…]stimulating rides and games for many hours until one gets nauseous from overstimulation[…]we do not need to physically drive to an amusement park to duplicate its effect upon our souls[…]cheap thrills that distract us from our vital mission before God[…]
Fun is a relatively new idea that entered the world when material ease and comfort became idolized. If your material needs were easily being met, and you did not take your faith seriously, you would experience black voids of “boredom,” where the antidote was not serving others or communing with God but engaging in fun[…]The apotheosis of fun may be the existence of a band by the same name who a decade ago sang about all the impious, drunken fun[…]
This song (i.e. work of social engineering) was extremely popular when it came out[…]
Mentally, we have all struggled to shake loose a childish desire to enjoy ourselves without responsibility or seriousness. How often does it happen to you that, after a tough day at work or a particularly long Orthodox service, you want to clock out and “enjoy” yourself?[…]
We’ve fallen so badly with our obsession to have fun and turn this life into a fit and a laugh that the early Church Fathers didn’t see the need to address that which didn’t then exist. To put it starkly, I have behaved worse than a pagan even though I was born after the revelation of Christ, and I am currently in the Orthodox Church and still must battle with my need to kick back

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A few days before the start of the World Cup, Argentinian fans sang a racist song aimed at the Blues in general and Kylian Mbappé in particular

Four years after the World Cup in Russia, the scar is not closed. Eliminated by France in the round of 16, Argentina has still not digested this defeat marked with the seal of Kylian Mbappewho revealed himself to the world by signing a capital performance with two goals and a penalty kick[…]
Inflated by the coronation during the last Copa America and the 35 matches of invincibility of the band to Lionel Messi, the fans of the Albiceleste have also reported on Argentine television by singing a song dedicated to the Blues. A purely and simply racist song where the African origins of Kylian Mbappé are notably mocked. “Spread the rumor, they play in France but are all from Angola. How beautiful, they are going to run. They like transvestites like that fucking Mbappé. His mother is Nigerian, his father is Cameroonian, but on the document, nationality: French”thus chanted these supporters during a duplex on TyC Sports

[From the submitter: the “They like transvestites like that fucking Mbappé” part refers to rumors linking him with model Inès Rau]

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[From "Basket case"]

There would be little consequence for a racial awakening of the Hispanics.

For the Hispanic world to become racially conscious, it first needs to accept the fact that they are a conglomerate of inferior races. Hispanics (Latinos, or ‘Meds’) are all part-Whites mixed with Black, Semitic and Amerindian blood. Racial truth is a massive blow to their egos [bold emphasis by Editor], and they prefer to believe the blue pill of an ‘independent’ Latino Race

And even if they accept the red pill of them being dirty Muds, and that the ultimate goal is to become White, how can they achieve it? How can they form racial brotherhoods, when they are so compromised and diversified? Are they going to unfriend their mulatto friends, and divorce their mulatto/Latina wives? Will they abstain from reproduction, and work to provide for White families? Are they even capable of that level of altruism?

In the end, miscegenation has taken root, and it would take many generations of proper breeding and dedicated effort to repair the genetic damage—which is ultimately a wasted effort, because it’s better to raise a White child to fight for its own race, than to raise a Latino child to fight for another

Editor’s note: This is precisely why I no longer blog in Spanish: Latin America is a basket case! It would be better to convince the Anglo-Americans of the North to transvalue their fucking values, think like Himmler and devise a ‘Master Plan South’ (cf. the book whose revised edition we have just published)

As Christian ethics is the barrier that prevents such a transvaluation of all their cherished (it’s better to use the F-word here) values, the next book I will put in the featured post is Deschner’s enlarged edition…

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[From "Florida Leads Nation in Rejecting Covid Propaganda and Federal Diktats"]

Americans have been told time and again how to protect themselves from infection and disease[…]The Covid vaccines, of course, play a central role in all of this[…]
With the number of breakthrough infections demonstrating the shots’ ineffectiveness, and with more and more adverse reactions recorded in the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), many everyday Americans wonder if the government will ever address the elephant in the room

Luckily, the critical voices of officials occupying high-level healthcare positions are getting louder and clearer

On October 7, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo recommended against men aged 18 to 39 receiving mRNA Covid shots because of the 84-percent increased relative risk of them having a heart attack within 28 days following inoculation. The analysis was drawn up from Florida’s reportable disease repository “Merlin,” the State Health Online Tracking System, and death records data

Vaccine proponents, of course, claim that Covid infection itself poses a risk of cardiac complications greater than the risks associated with the shots. The Florida Department of Health (FDH) stresses that this is not the case[…]
The Florida Health Department’s guidance reaffirmed its earlier recommendation for parents and guardians to spare their little ones from Covid shots, adding that the youngest of Americans, who became “eligible” for mRNA inoculations from Pfizer and Moderna in June, should not be getting them either[…]
Big Tech’s reaction was predictable. Twitter swiftly removed the updated guidance posted by the Florida surgeon general as violating its coronavirus “misinformation” policies[…]
Fortunately, American parents, regardless of their own vaccination status, are not willing to get their little ones jabbed with experimental concoctions, according to official data

Lauren Witzke #sexist #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

When the “red wave” that many thought would sweep Republicans into power across the nation in the midterm elections failed to materialize, right-wing activists immediately began looking for someone to blame[…]
These results prompted Lauren Witzke[…]to declare that giving women the right to vote in 1920 “was the worst thing that ever happened to America”

Last Thursday, Witzke appeared on Elijah Schaffer’s “Slightly Offensive” program, which has recently gone independent after Schaffer was fired from The Blaze for reportedly drunkenly groping a female colleague. During her appearance on the show, Witzke apologized to the nation “for the rest of my fellow female voters because they are voting our country away”

“In regards to women voting, that was the worst thing that ever happened to America,” Witzke said. “Women overwhelmingly vote on their emotions and liberals are very good at appealing to emotions, ‘Oh, look at these migrant children, they have nowhere to go, look at this pregnant migrant woman, she has nowhere to go, we have got to open up our borders and give her cash assistance for the rest of her life here in America.’ And women vote for that. They vote to have weapons taken away, our Second Amendment rights taken away”

“Women used to not vote because their husband would make the choice for them,” Witzke continued. “Now, if just our husbands and landowners were voting, we’d be in a much better place than we are now. We’d have closed borders. We’d have no infringements on our Second Amendment rights. Red flag laws would be a thing of the past. And we as women wouldn’t have such authority and power over who gets into elected office because we don’t deserve it. The way that women vote, it’s been terrible. I’m apologizing as a female voter for the rest of my fellow female voters because they are voting our country away, and it is extremely dangerous”

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[From "How To Eliminate Democrats’ Massive Single Women Electoral Advantage"]

It is by now well-established that Democrats benefit from increasing women’s misery through increased family chaos. That’s the flip side of yet another election showing that single women are among the most reliable of Democrat voters

Given that historically unprecedented percentages of young Americans are likely to remain single for their entire lives[…]this dynamic is only accelerating. UnHerd’s Mary Harrington relates the phenomenon partly to the Information Age’s dramatically increased remuneration for work that doesn’t involve hard physical labor:[…]
Like woke institutions, the bureaucratization of work is in large part a product of political choices[…]That means it can be altered

It’s government policies that force companies to siphon off money from making legitimately useful things and solving concrete human problems to parasitic forms of “knowledge work” that are also culturally destructive[…]Often grouped under the heading of “administrative bloat” in academia, and they aren’t exclusive to so-called education institutions at all[…]
Not coincidentally, either, women do most of these jobs. They comprise the vast army of woke state clerks, which is to say the cultural revolution foot soldiers[…]
The good news is, these women would be a lot happier doing something more productive for society than working in highly inefficient government-dominated industries, like raising a family or running soup kitchens[…]
We need to do more to make that option available. Part of that would entail eliminating jobs that exist to comply with stupid government regulations, by eliminating the regulations themselves[…]
We have wife-cucked fathers engendering weak sons en masse and Boomer-controlled institutions tone-policing everyone by setting female-dominated behavior as the baseline for being considered a decent human being

Rep. Benny Abante (Manila, 6th District) #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia philstar.com

In filing House Bill No. 5717, evangelical pastor Rep. Benny Abante (Manila, 6th District) pushes for the State to protect heterosexuals or straight people's right to freely practice their religion and express their views, particularly opinions concerning the LGBT community

From the get-go, Abante begins his explanatory note arguing that "God created man in his own image and created male and female only and gave the decree of procreation to a male and female only, [and] it is clear that God created only two genders." He went on to call the LGBTQ community a "detestable reality [that] was virtually unknown and unimaginable since time immemorial"

"If, therefore, we seek to ‘grant’ and/or ‘protect’ rights to homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders and queers, in the spirit of justice, equity and fair play, we must also ‘grant’ and/or ‘protect’ rights to heterosexuals who are the actual and direct creations of God," he wrote

Abante also claims that it is the right of heterosexuals to "enjoy their religious profession and worship without interference or abridgement with the right to exclude therefrom others of different beliefs or faith" and "impose [these views] when running or operating their churches, businesses, schools or workplaces"

The bill penalizes any violations of those rights with imprisonment of up to seven years and a fine of at least P100,000

The bill has since been referred to the House Committee on Women and Gender Equality chaired by the transgender Rep. Geraldine Roman (Bataan, 1st District)[…]
The conservative lawmaker indicated opposition to the SOGIE Equality Bill once more in his latest bill, writing in its explanatory note: "Bills are now before us that smacks God’s laws and standards, particularly on creation, human dignity and morals. These Bills not only recognize, but worse, promote and give reward to ‘genders’ not created by God"

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[From "Top 3 Sources Of Human Pride"]

If Satan can amplify your pride then he can get you to commit all manner of sin. This will be made easy if you are born with one of three natural gifts that effortlessly make you proud[…]The more of these gifts you have, the easier it is for Satan to turn you away from God[…]
The world has become so carnal that possessing just a smidge of beauty[…]will lead to limitless material benefits and sexual offers that are hard to refuse. I have witnessed how beautiful women are treated, and I feel sorry for them[…]
With such a tsunami of temptation[…]a woman develops enough pride in her beauty and what it can give her that she sees no need for an Orthodox faith[…]
A beautiful woman may look in the mirror and still see a flaw that she cries to others about, but a handsome man may look in the mirror and think he’s some kind of human god. His pride can actually end up separating him from God more than a woman who is tempted at a far greater rate[…]
I can’t sing, but I have observed the effects of those who can[…]A male singer receives enraptured and adoring looks from women who have decided that are ready to be intimate with him[…]This makes him feel that his singing is a superpower that will get him what he wants in life instead of God

Once I encountered a woman who was not attractive in my eyes, but because she was an incredible singer, she comported herself with a proud air as if she were a celebrity[…]
If you’re ugly and can’t sing, there’s one more source for you to gain unlimited pride: intelligence. If your IQ is at least 115[…]you will be filled with thoughts of intellectual supremacy[…]
Woe to the man or woman who is intelligent, beautiful, and can sing! Within them will be a constant fountain of pride that not only stops them from humbling themselves before God, but which also leads to regular sins of the tongue and body

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[From "He votes, counts for nothing"]

He who counts, counts for everything

Voting is over. Elections are over. The Republic is over

The time of Republics has passed, for a republic requires a virtuous elite, yet undermines elite virtue. Thus Republics are always short lived, and their endings dreadful

The time has come once again for a King appointed by God, and for an army to march to holy war under the banners of Christ

Unnamed Queensland Police Service officers in Brisbane #wingnut #racist #psycho theguardian.com

Audio recordings taken at the Brisbane city police watch house reveal officers joking about beating and burying black people, referring to Nigerians as “jigaboos”, and raising fears that Australia “will be fucking taken over”

A series of tapes, leaked to Guardian Australia by a whistleblower, record several Queensland police service officers using racist slurs and offensive language while working in the holding cells

The audio – which we have published below – features comments by several watch house officers (a non-policing role) and sworn police. It includes jokes about one officer’s desire to “skull drag” protesters, discussions of fears of “outbreeding” by Muslim immigrants, and, when speaking about African population growth, the comment “let’s just hope Ebola works”

The recordings were submitted to the state’s commission of inquiry into police responses to domestic and family violence by watch house officer Steven Marshall[…]
He says some conversations were about people of colour held at the watch house, including one black detainee being referred to as “a gorilla in the mist” and jokes made about a fellow officer that a female Indigenous detainee “won’t give you a fucking blowjob here”[…]
He says that he only complained internally about one of these recordings because he had previously complained about unrelated matters and had “exhausted all options over many years” to hold colleagues to account in relation to these, including lodging internal whistleblower complaints

Nick Fuentes #wingnut #fundie #sexist #homophobia #conspiracy rightwingwatch.org

Nick Fuentes[…]reacted to the results of the midterm elections by declaring that the failure of Republican candidates to take sweeping control in a “red wave” is precisely why this nation needs to be taken over by a far-right-wing dictatorship[…]
During a Wednesday night livestream, Fuentes admitted that the election results showed that his agenda is wildly unpopular[…]
“You gotta recognize the fact that this is a godless country,” Fuentes said. “I hate it. It’s immoral. It’s wrong. It’s heinous. It’s evil[…]And that’s why you’ve got to get this out of your head that there is some silent majority cavalry that’s going to come out of the woods and save us at the last minute. It’s not”

“We are in the minority,” he continued. “There are not as many of us as there are of them. If they all had to vote, if you forced every man and woman in America to vote, there would be more of them than us by a lot. That’s why they win the popular vote[…]And I hate to burst anybody’s bubble, but there is simply no evidence that there is a silent majority. There is no evidence of this. There are too many non-white people in the country, frankly, for that to be the case”

“When you look at these things like abortion, it’s popular,” Fuentes added. “And you can thank the Jewish media for that. Abortion is popular, sodomy is popular, being gay is popular, being a feminist is popular, sex out of wedlock is popular, contraceptives—it’s all popular. That’s not to say it’s good. That’s not to say I like that. Popular means that people support it, which they do. It sucks, and it is what it is, but that’s why we need a dictatorship. That’s unironically why we need to get rid of all that. We need to take control of the media or take control of the government and force the people to believe what we believe or force them to play by our rules and reshape the society”

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[From "The poverty of the billionaire ruling elite."]

Musk is immensely rich because he creates capital

Nancy Pelosi, and the entire FIRE economy, are immensely wealthy because they help themselves to capital that other people create[…]
No matter how much money such people have, they remain poor. Their yachts sit in the marina. They own nice mansions that were built by people of wealth and taste, but lacking taste, do not live in those mansions, They own them as status symbols, and live in trash places[…]
Nancy Pelosi’s beard called in a forty year old male whore, who beat him up

And so we got to see photos of where Nancy Pelosi’s beard lives and where the whore lives

The whore lives in trailer that is as filthy[…]as you would imagine[…]One look at this whore’s trailer, you know he is drug addled whore who is likely to attack you and rob you

The beard lives on billionaires row, in a “mansion”[…]
The beard’s mansion is to nice mansions, as the whore’s trailer is to nice trailers

These are trashy people, everything around them turns to trash[…]Nancy Pelosi, her beard, and the beard’s whore are all alike

Nancy Pelosi, her beard, and her beard’s whore all all the same quality of person. They are all trash, and in a civilized society they would be confined to a ghetto for human trash, a ghetto serving the same function as the town dump for household trash[…]
A living creature maintains its own order by increasing the entropy of other systems. The lion eats the deer and turns it into poop. A healthy society has to continually fight social entropy, which means it has to continually dump social entropy outside of itself. And that is what ghettos are for[…]The ugliness of the modern world is due to a lack of sewers for human sewage. It all started when the Victorians allowed Florence Nightingale and her ilk back into polite society

Vox Day #fundie #psycho voxday.net

[From "On Suicide"]

If your life sucks and you simply can’t see any way out, instead of ending it, why not make that radical change that has always fascinated you but struck you as completely impossible? Why not imagine that your present life is over, so now you’ve got the chance to live one of the other lives that you would have lived if you had nine of them?

It’s far better to leave everyone and everything behind than to seek oblivion while leaving your friends and family with psychological scars that will last a lifetime

And if for some reason that’s not possible, if life genuinely isn’t worth living, then, at the very least, make your death count!

@Judges 16:26-30

Samson said to the servant who held his hand, “Put me where I can feel the pillars that support the temple, so that I may lean against them.” Now the temple was crowded with men and women; all the rulers of the Philistines were there, and on the roof were about three thousand men and women watching Samson perform. Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “Sovereign Lord, remember me. Please, God, strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes.” Then Samson reached toward the two central pillars on which the temple stood. Bracing himself against them, his right hand on the one and his left hand on the other, Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived

Khalid Salman #fundie #homophobia dw.com

Days after Qatar's foreign minister said all people would be welcome to his country for the upcoming men's World Cup, including members of the LGBTQ community, its World Cup ambassador has labeled homosexuality "damage in the mind," "spiritual harm" and ultimately "haram" in the Muslim-majority emirate, meaning a sin

Khalid Salman, a former national player for Qatar and now the emirate's World Cup ambassador, said in a documentary to be broadcast on German public broadcaster ZDF on Tuesday that he has problems with children seeing gay men and women because they then learn something they should not

"I'm not a strict Muslim," he said, "But why is it haram? It's spiritual harm"

Excerpts from the documentary by German sports journalist and TV presenter Jochen Breyer, titled "Geheimsache Katar" or "Secret Affairs Qatar," were prereleased by ZDF on its Monday news bulletin

In the release footage, the media officer of the Qatar World Cup organizing committee, who accompanied the ZDF team during its video recording, ended an interview just after Salman referred to homosexuality as "damage in the mind"

In another excerpt, Salman said: "During the World Cup, a lot of things will come into the country. Let's talk about gays, for example. The most important thing is that everyone will accept that they come here. But they will have to accept our rules"

Homosexual acts in public are forbidden in Qatar and can be punished by up to seven years in prison[…]
FIFA, which awards the World Cup tournament to different countries every four years, has stressed that all fans are welcome at the World Cup in Qatar, as has the Qatar organzing committee. The Emir of the Gulf state, Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, has also said recently that respect for "our culture" is expected

Charlie Kirk #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia independent.co.uk

Charlie Kirk has called for a “midterm hero” to post bail for the suspect charged with a brutal hammer attack that left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul with a fractured skull

“If some amazing patriot out there in San Francisco or the Bay Area wants to really be a midterm hero, someone should go and bail this guy out,” a smirking Mr Kirk said on his podcast on Monday

“Bail him out and then go ask him some questions”[…]
Some Republicans, Maga media figures and Elon Musk have [url=https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/paul-pelosi-donald-trump-jr-meme-joke-b2214236.htmlspread baseless conspiracy theories[/url] that Mr DePape and Mr Pelosi were somehow romantically involved, despite strenuous denials from law enforcement.

San Francisco district attorney Brooke Jenkins rejected lies being spread about the attack, confirming in comments on Sunday that Mr DePape’s target was the Democratic speaker

Mr DePape’s unhinged online rants echoed many Maga talking points, and friends said he had become increasingly radicalised in recent years

“Why is the conservative movement to blame for gay schizophrenic nudists that are hemp jewelry makers breaking into somebody’s home or maybe not breaking into somebody’s home?” asked Mr Kirk

Mr Kirk added that he thought the attack was “awful, it’s not right”, before going on to compare the incident to crime in San Francisco and Chicago

Elon Musk, Donald Trump Jr., Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.), Dinsesh D’Souza, Sebastian Gorka, Mike Cernovich and other activists #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia rollingstone.com

Hashtags including “PelosiGayLover,” “PelosiSmollett,” “PelosiGate,” and “Listen to the 911” appeared in the trending bar amid the proliferation of false claims about the attack and mockery of Pelosi. Several prominent right-wing figures pushed the false idea that both the attacker and Pelosi were in their underwear at the time of the assault, and that Pelosi knew his attacker and that they were actually lovers because Pelosi had referred to him as a “friend” while attempting to tip off 911 dispatchers as to his situation[…]
Musk on Sunday tweeted (and later deleted) a story from right-wing rag The Santa Monica Observer claiming Paul Pelosi was not the victim of a break in, but that the attack was part of a domestic dispute with a male prostitute[…]
Former first son Donald Trump Jr. mocked the attack on Instagram and Twitter later on Sunday, posting a meme depicting a pair of underwear and a hammer with the text, “Got my Paul Pelosi Halloween costume ready.” Jr. captioned the post “OMG. The internet remains undefeated”[…]
Trump Jr. on Monday morning tweeted out a photo of a hammer in a holster, captioned “open carry in San Francisco”[…]
Sitting politicians have also been mocking the attack. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) tweeted, then deleted, an image mocking Speaker Pelosi, captioning the tweet, “That moment you realize the nudist hippie male prostitute LSD guy was the reason your husband didn’t make it to your fundraiser”[…]
Dinsesh D’Souza began publishing an alternate version of events on social media virtually immediately after the attack happened[…]Sebastian Gorka published[…]video “The Paul Pelosi 911 Lie…”[…]Mike Cernovich claimed news outlets are “hiding facts from the public”

Ali Khan Mohammadi #fundie #sexist middleeasteye.net

Iran's headquarters for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice, a powerful religious organisation responsible for defining regulations relating to the hijab and Islamic attitudes in Iran, has said it will not ease laws on the wearing of the clothing despite protests calling for it to no longer be obligatory

In an interview with Khabar Online, Ali Khan Mohammadi, the organisation's spokesman, said: "In our constitution, removing the hijab is a crime, and [our] organisation will not step back from implementing the [wearing of the] hijab"

Commenting on mass protests by Iranians against the wearing of the hijab, Khan Mohammadi said that new methods would soon be deployed to implement hijab regulations

"The enemy is attempting to bring down the headscarf, which is a symbol [of Sharia law]," he was quoted as saying

"If they bring down this symbol, then nudity and other things will come afterwards

"Officials have been rethinking the lack of hijab and taken that as a serious matter

"This is contrary to what people think, that now there is freedom regarding the hijab and they can remove their headscarves," he concluded

Dmitry Medvedev #fundie #psycho reuters.com

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday cast Russia's war in Ukraine as a sacred conflict with Satan, warning that Moscow could send all its enemies to the eternal fires of Gehenna[…]
Medvedev, who once cast himself as a liberal moderniser as president from 2008 to 2012, said Moscow was fighting "crazy Nazi drug addicts" in Ukraine backed by Westerners who he said had "saliva running down their chins from degeneracy"[…]
In a message marking Russia's Day of National Unity, Medvedev said the task of the fatherland was to "stop the supreme ruler of Hell, whatever name he uses - Satan, Lucifer or Iblis"

Medvedev, now deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, said Russia had different weapons, including the ability to "send all our enemies to fiery Gehenna", using a Hebrew term often translated as Hell[…]
Satan's weapons, Medvedev said, were "intricate lies. And our weapon is the truth. That is why our cause is right. That is why victory will be ours! Happy Holidays!"

Gregoire de Fournas (MP National Rally) #racist reuters.com

France's lower house of parliament suspended its session on Thursday after a far-right MP shouted, "Go back to Africa!" as a Black legislator from the far left asked a question about immigration

The comment created a huge commotion. The centrist government and left-wing alliance said it was an unacceptable racist slur. The far right argued MP Gregoire de Fournas was not aiming the words at the MP who asked the question, Carlos Martens Bilongo, but at migrants stranded on an NGO boat

"There is no room for racism in our democracy. The Bureau of the National Assembly will convene (on Friday) and should decide on necessary sanction," Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told reporters after the incident

De Fournas, a member of Marine Le Pen's National Rally (RN), and his party argued that he said nothing wrong

He "obviously spoke about the migrants transported in boats by the NGOs," Le Pen tweeted. "The controversy created by our political opponents … will not deceive the French"[…]
Over the past years, Le Pen has made huge progress in detoxifying her party's image and convincing voters that the party founded by her father Jean-Marie, who was convicted several times of incitement to racial hatred, has moved towards the conservative mainstream and is now fit to govern

With 89 lawmakers, the RN is the second-biggest party in the parliament

Jair Bolsonaro, Silvinei Vasques, pro-Bolsonaro truckers and rioters and Federal Highway Police (PRF) units #wingnut #conspiracy irishtimes.com

Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro said on Tuesday that he would respect the country’s constitution ending 45 hours of silence following his defeat in Sunday’s presidential election

But Mr Bolsonaro did not explicitly recognise the victory of former left-wing president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva[…]
It fell to his cabinet chief Ciro Nogueira to confirm Bolsonaro had authorised him to start talks with Lula’s team over the transition process[…]
In it Mr Bolsonaro said the protests were “the fruit of indignation and a sentiment of injustice at the electoral process unfolded” but said his supporters should not adopt the methods of the left and “close off the right to come and go”[…]
Mr Bolsonaro’s statement came shortly after 186 federal prosecutors demanded that the country’s chief federal prosecutor and close Bolsonaro ally Augusto Aras open an investigation into the president over the roadblocks and his failure to take action[…]
In ordering the lifting of the blockades supreme court justice Alexandre de Moraes criticised the “omission and inertia” of the federal highway police and threatened to fine its director-general Silvinei Vasques 100,000 reais (€20,000) an hour if the force failed to comply

The highway police were widely criticised after videos circulated of its officers fraternising with protesters. The force was central to a voter suppression effort on Sunday in regions that traditionally lean heavily towards Lula

It is the federal security unit most closely identified with Mr Bolsonaro. On Saturday Mr Vasques called on voters to support the president in a post on social media which he quickly deleted

Prussian Society of America #elitist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Evolution of German Culture, would require the Repudiation of Insurance"]

Should Germans still “live” in any form, they will eventually come to recognize that Insurance has been nothing but a Fraud

There is an instinct in our people to avoid risk or at least to mitigate risk[…]what we ought to look for is less with the potential of avoiding risks at all costs, but more towards risk management[…]
The long-term Problem with Insurance[…]there is one major hurdle that cannot be swept under the carpet which makes Insurance something that is not sustainable in the long-term

This is true about ALL forms of Insurance and Welfare payments, including Retirement[…]
Insurance eventually becomes self-destructive to a Nation, where people will find themselves inevitibly paying more into it and gaining less benefits, and to where it becomes more engulfing and oppressive, less efficient and not reasonable

Insurance Policies, Welfare and Retirement Benefits, all require new suckers to pay into the funds, to keep expenses going for the older generations who paid into them[…]
True Risk Management, should not always be looked at from the standpoint of having it managed by a Financial Agent or Institution, but by the raw industrious power and prosperous nature that is within the German people itself[…]
Understand that in a truly prosperous society, things like “insurance” are not required, since whatever the case may be due from damage or other means, the abilities to get things resolved would naturally be a lot cheaper[…]
Insurance is unfair, because it requires all those who do not use it[…]to have to pay into the pool for other[…]
We cannot have Insurance Companies living and thriving among us. And their existence should be outlawed by civilzied peoples[…]
Insurance is quick-fix shortcut towards not addressing systemic needs of a society and its advancing population or demands

Orsola Mussolini, Vittoria Mussolini, Mirko Santarelli, Rachele Massimi and unnamed Neo-Fascist marchers #wingnut voanews.com

The crowd of 2,000 to 4,000 marchers, many sporting fascist symbols and singing hymns from Italy's colonial era, was larger than in the recent past, as the fascist nostalgics celebrated the centenary of the March on Rome[…]
Organizers warned participants[…]not to flash the Roman salute[…]or they would risk prosecution. Still, some couldn't resist as the crowd stopped outside the cemetery where Mussolini is buried to listen to prayers and greetings from Mussolini's great-granddaughter, Orsola

"After 100 years, we are still here to pay homage to the man this state wanted, and who we will never stop admiring," Orsola Mussolini said, to cheers

She listed her great-grandfather's accomplishments, citing an infrastructure boom that built schools, hospitals and public buildings, reclaimed malaria-infested swamps for cities, and the extension of a pension system to nongovernment workers. She was joined by her sister Vittoria, who led the crowd in a prayer[…]
"I would have voted for Lucifer if he could beat the left," said organizer Mirko Santarelli, who heads the Ravenna chapter of the Arditi, an organization that began as a World War I veterans group and has evolved to include caretaking Mussolini's memory. "I am happy there is a Meloni government, because there is nothing worse than the Italian left. It is not the government that reflects my ideas, but it is better than nothing"

He said he would like to see the new Italian government do away with laws that prosecute incitement to hatred and violence motivated by race, ethnicity, religion and nationality[…]
"It is used as castor oil by the left to make us keep quiet. When I am asked my opinion of Mussolini, and it is clear I speak well of him, I risk being denounced"[…]
Rachele Massimi traveled with a group four hours from Rome on Sunday to participate in the event, bringing her 3-year-old who watched from a stroller

"It's historic," Massimi said. "It's a memory"

Andrew Anglin #racist #homophobia #wingnut dailystormer.in

[From "Elon Retweets Twitter Safety Jew Who is Banning N-Word Sayer Accounts"]

That disgusting house nigger LeBron James was whining that people were saying nigger on Twitter[…]
What insecurity?

Imagine being a famous multimillionaire celebrity and going around with hurt feelings because people said a mean word[…]
Just a thought: maybe it wouldn’t hurt his feelings so bad if he didn’t look like a prehistoric ape?[…]
It says in the Constitution I have a right to nigger, and I will nigger as I darn well please without this nigger getting in my darn business

Apparently, there is still some Jew working at Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” (I assumed this department was abolished), and Elon retweeted him saying that everyone who was saying nigger got banned[…]
In the last 48 hours, we’ve gone from “wow, we’re going to have free speech back!” to “oh, this doesn’t look good, he’s talking about a council” to now “he’s officially announcing there won’t be any free speech and he’s celebrating Jews banning people”

This is disgusting and evil. It was pure evil for Elon to claim he was bringing back freedom of speech and then go full Jew

I said that people shouldn’t go just spam the n-word on Twitter, but someone was going to do it regardless[…]Who cares about that? Some whinny ball-chucker? Tell him to man up and stop acting like a little pussy faggot going around whining about people hurting his feelings

Is there anything gayer than a big gay nigger whining about his feelings?[…]
I have so many blacks that read this website and think it’s funny when I use mean words. How would someone care? Why would they care?

Can you imagine caring that blacks are saying “cracker” or “honkey” or that Moslems are calling you their various slurs?[…]
Anyway, yeah – looks like the “free Twitter” thing was a bust. There is no way to defend Elon coming out and saying he’s banning “trolls” for saying the n-word

Iran’s ministry of intelligence and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps #conspiracy theguardian.com

Two female journalists who were instrumental in reporting the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old woman whose death in the custody of Iran’s morality police has sparked nationwide protests, have been labelled as CIA foreign agents by the Iranian regime

Niloofar Hamedi and Elahe Mohammadi, who were arrested shortly after news broke of Amini’s death and who are reportedly being held in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, were accused of being foreign agents in a joint statement released by Iran’s ministry of intelligence and the intelligence organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards last night

The statement, which refers to the two women as NH and EM, also described the protests as a pre-planned operation launched by the CIA, Mossad and other western intelligence agencies

The statement, which accused both women of being “primary sources of news for foreign media”, accused Hamedi of posing as a journalist and of compelling the family of Mahsa Amini to release information about their daughter’s death[…]
Mohammadi has been accused by the IRGC and the intelligence ministry of receiving training as a foreign agent abroad for her reporting from Amini’s funeral in her home town of Saqqez

Mohammadi was arrested on 22 September and her lawyer said security forces broke down her door and took away personal items such as her phone and laptop

The statement, which was sent to Iranian news agencies on Friday evening, has been received with shock and fear by other Iranian journalists. The crime of spying for foreign governments carries the death penalty in Iran

Elisabeth R. and the "United Patriots" #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #transphobia washingtonexaminer.com

Elisabeth R., 75, an evangelical theologian and retired pastor and schoolteacher, was already well-known in German monarchist circles, being dubbed "the countess," according to T-Online[…]German press has dubbed her "Terror-Oma," or "Terror Granny," Bild reported[…]
The conspirators would destroy the country's power grid in order to trigger a blackout[…]In the resulting chaos, members would stage a coup, which would have apparently involved the conspirators kidnapping several celebrities, including Health Minister Karls Leuterbach, a central enemy in far-right circles in the country over his strict COVID-19 lockdown policies. The "United Patriots" Telegram chat named six ministers among them, apparently appointed by a "Prussian regent"[…]
Alongside Elisabeth R. as ringleaders of the group were a former East German Army officer and an East German Coast Guard seaman[…]
An AK-47 assault rifle was found in the home of one of the conspiracy members, along with ammunition, arrows, and a rapid-fire crossbow

Elisabeth R. was a member of Germany's Reichsburger[…]Many within these circles were aware of and actively discouraged the plot[…]
German radical drew enough attention from her writings to get her pension canceled, with the justification that she had "acted actively against the free democratic basic order[…]"She had discussed "asylum seeker tsunamis," "rape and slaughter," and the "secret remodeling of brain structures" through "genderism, digitization and 5G"

She also wrote extensively on the legal foundations for the illegitimacy of the modern democratic German state, claiming that the Versailles Treaty and Weimar Constitution were illegal

William F. Jasper #wingnut #conspiracy thenewamerican.com

[From "Communist Attack on Local Police"]

The most striking feature of every totalitarian state (whether communist, fascist, or Islamist) is the dreaded police-state apparatus, the iron fist that enforces the will of the Party, the State, the dictatorship[…]
As far back as the 1920s, but especially from the 1960s onward, it became apparent that the Free World police were (and are) a primary target of all communists. Locally controlled sheriff’s and police organizations are condemned by communists as tools of “imperialist oppressors” and upholders of “capitalist, bourgeois society.” They are correctly seen by the communists as a force for stability and ordered liberty, and a bulwark against the type of centralized police state that the communists want[…]
The BLM-George Floyd riots[…]were the recrudescence of the communist-directed college riots and race riots during the 1960s, and the Rodney King race riots of 1992[…]On June 13, 1961, this manual[…]was presented to the United States Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security[…]
The communist manual and Inspector General Kirkpatrick’s testimony were reproduced in the subcommittee’s report entitled “A Communist Plot Against the Free World Police”[…]
The tactics outlined in the communist manual were put into practice by “student” and “civil rights” activists in the 1960s, causing deadly and destructive riots in dozens of American cities. Communist leaders of the misnamed Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and similar organizations also went to communist countries[…]
There are many other communist connections to the BLM behemoth, but we must use our limited space here to mention a particularly significant one: George Soros. We do not have proof that Soros[…]is a communist, but he certainly funds many Marxist-Leninist organizations

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #wingnut #psycho #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@k_govers no it doesn't (and this isn't one of them anyways)"]



Order in this sense means 'peasants should know their place'. Liberty includes freedom of speech. For all

Canadians have freedom of expression. And it has, by it’s very nature, limitations. If you don’t understand that you create anarchy
12:37AM·Aug 28,2022

A couple months ago worthless cunt Christina Freeland was accosted by an angry man in Grande Prairie

That's it. That's all

He didn't lay a hand on her even though he'd be justified in beating her to death with a lead pipe

He didn't say he would physically harm her even though he'd be justified in beating her to death with a lead pipe

He just yelled at her[…]He left out the lead pipe bit, but nobody's perfect[…]
After years of gleefully participating in a government which denies its citizens fundamental human rights, one guy gets in Freeland's grill and suddenly it doesn't fall within freedom of expression? This is exactly what freedom of expression was created for. These "limitations" Kees thinks he's creating are to stop citizens who have to endure the impact of Freeland's public policy nonsense from speaking out against it. That's tyranny and we want no part in it: that's why he was mad at her in the first place!

(It's worth noting of course this was all theatre: it turns out Govers is okay with actual violence when "the cause" is just. Well that guy in GP's cause is far superior in every way to the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker movement and therefore those same tactics times 1000000000 are all on the table)

John Daniel Davidson #wingnut #transphobia #homophobia #sexist thefederalist.com

[From "We Need To Stop Calling Ourselves Conservatives"]

Conservative project has largely failed, and it is time for a new approach. Conservatives have long defined their politics in terms of what they wish to conserve[…]In America, conservatives and classical liberals alike rightly believe an ascendent left wants to dismantle our constitutional system and transform America into a woke dystopia[…]
They have lost much: marriage as it has been understood for thousands of years, the First Amendment, any semblance of control over our borders, a fundamental distinction between men and women[…]
Western civilization is dying. The traditions and practices that conservatives champion are, at best, being preserved only in an ever-shrinking private sphere[…]
What kind of politics should conservatives today[…]adopt?[…]They should stop thinking of themselves as conservatives[…]start thinking of themselves as radicals, restorationists, and counterrevolutionaries[…]
Willingness to embrace government power has been a topic of fruitful debate on the “New Right”[…]
If conservatives want to save the country they are going to have to rebuild and in a sense re-found it, and that means getting used to the idea of wielding power[…]Accommodation or compromise with the left is impossible[…]
To stop universities from spreading poisonous ideologies will require state legislatures to starve them of public funds. To stop the disintegration of the family might require reversing the travesty of no-fault divorce[…]
Wielding government power will mean a dramatic expansion of the criminal code. It will not be enough[…]to reach an accommodation with the abortion regime[…]
Conservatives need to get comfortable saying in reply to people like French that Drag Queen Story Hour should be outlawed; that parents who take their kids to drag shows should be arrested and charged with child abuse

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey #fundie #conspiracy christorchaos.com

[From "The Robber Council Turns Sixty"]

Although the sixtieth anniversary of the opening of the “Second” Vatican Council on October 11, 1962, has come and gone, it is important to remember that October 28, 1958, marked the beginning of the robber council’s preparation when Angelo Roncalli/John XXIII stepped out on the balcony of the Basilica of Saint Peter after much confusion during the conclave that settled upon him rather than Pope Pius XII’s natural successor, Giuseppe Cardinal Siri[…]
The real engineer of the rupture presented by the “Second” Vatican Council was none other Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini/Paul VI, who got votes in the 1958 conclave[…]even though he[…]was not even a member of the College of Cardinals[…]
Jorge Mario Bergoglio has taken the “new ecclesiology” to mean that all “believers”[…]are saved as long as they “do good," and he has built on the foundation of the attack upon the monarchical nature of the papacy that is "episcopal collegiality"[…]
The “Second” Vatican Council proclaimed the heresy of “religious liberty and the conciliar “popes” have consistently praised nonexistent ability of false religions to "contribute" to the "betterment"[…]
The entire fabric of the counterfeit church of conciliarism’s teaching on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, including its endorsement of the falsehood that is "natural family planning"[…]
Everything that the conciliar “popes” have done in the past sixty four years has pointed to a very well thought-out plan to change the entire nature of how the conciliar “Petrine ministry” is exercised[…]
While we hope and pray that this will help a few Catholics to leave the conciliar structures and to reject the Gallican heresies of the Society of Saint Pius X[…]to embrace the true state of the Church Militant in this time of apostasy and betrayal, we must pray to Our Lady to persevere in the true Catholic Faith

Right of Atilla #wingnut #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From "Between a Sandy Hook and a Hard Place"]

In April of this year, silky voiced crooner and defamation lawsuit defendant Alex Jones was ordered by a jury to pay 4.1 million in compensatory damages to the parents of a child who was killed in Sandy Hook[…]Punitive damage is not designed to make the plaintiff(s) whole, but to punish the defendant. Such a massive award was meant to send a message that the jury found Jones’ peddling of “conspiracy theories” very mean and hurtful, and they wanted to not only hurt him, but to send a message to other people with bad opinions[…]There is a law on the books in the Lone Star State that limits punitive damages. Like all laws, a black robed wizard with a gavel can decide those limits don’t apply “because reasons”
Jones was sued for not apologizing hard enough again, this time in Yankee Connecticut[…]
What dissidents, and anyone to the right of whatever the “center” is this week, need to understand is what these verdicts mean to them[…]Civil courts can much more easily ignore inconvenient precedents and laws in order to get the decision desired by the regime[…]
The legal theory of “innocent until proven guilty,” tort laws, precedent and the basic tenants of Western civilization dictate that the plaintiff prove their complaint against the defendant. Of course, this is no longer how it works. In the deranged, accursed modern legal system under which we suffer, the burden of proof is a sliding scale. What is consistent is that the White/conservative is the one who must prove the case[…]
It will be interesting to see which of our niche internet celebrities and more mainstream members of the Right cool their language versus those who continue being bombastic and making accusations largely free of evidence. The latter are controlled opposition. They’re the ones who set an example that will get others into legal trouble, while mysteriously avoiding such troubles themselves

Ali Alexander #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

“Stop the Steal” leader Ali Alexander appeared Tuesday on a [url=https://cozy.tv/bakedalaska/replays/2022-10-18_1program[/url] hosted by far-right streamer Anthime “Tim” Gionet[…]
Alexander, who recently openly advocated for Christian fascism[…]said that the next three months are likely going to be among the top five most important moments in American history

“It’s all about willpower,” Alexander said. “Are you willing to set yourself on fire for what you want? To win? And our side has got to be a higher concentration of ‘yes.’ Right now, [Democrats are] willing to break the Constitution, break the law, imprison prison political prisoners, act like Soviet punks, and do all of that. We have to plus-one that. We have to jail Democrats. We have to censor their asses. We have to make them beg for a peace treaty with us, for an understanding. There’s no point in coming to an understanding before we have buy-in from them, so we’ve got to make them hurt”

Gionet, who goes by the moniker Baked Alaska[…]readily agreed

“That’s right,” Gionet responded. “You said that so well. We have literally gone through hell in these last few years. The political persecution; how the Jan. 6 people have been treated like absolute terrorists—I mean, they literally call us terrorists. Wow, I mean, I’m just looking forward to when I get my bag right, suing the fuck out of CNN and all those pieces of shit, dude. It’s terrible what they’ve done to us, all the income we’ve lost from being banned from social media, all the relationships. Like, I am ready to go ham on them, but you know, I gotta get my money right, got to finish my legal shit and all that”

Matt Keefer #wingnut jta.org

A local school board candidate in a suburb of Indianapolis is drawing criticism for insisting that “not all Nazis were bad” and that teaching that they were would represent “indoctrination”

Matt Keefer, an anesthesiologist who is running for school board in Zionsville, Indiana, initially made the comment in response to a Facebook user who pressed him for specifics about his platform, which starts with the statement, “Empower teachers to educate, not indoctrinate.” The user asked: Would teaching students that all Nazis are bad cross the line?

Keefer said it would. “All Nazis weren’t ‘bad’ as you specify. They did horrible things. They were in a group frenzy,” he wrote, adding, “Who is to say if we were both there in the same place and time, that we wouldn’t have done the same thing”

Keefer doubled down Thursday night as reports of his comments, first collected by a local Twitter account and first reported by an Indianapolis TV station on Thursday, burst into public view. “A few days ago I made the comment ‘not all Nazis were bad’ in my response to a question posed to me on Facebook. I am correct,” Keefer wrote in a lengthy statement on Facebook. But he added, “To be clear: I never was, am not now, and never will be a Nazi sympathizer”[…]
Keefer entered politics, he has said, because he was upset about pandemic restrictions and vaccine requirements, which he said one day might be perceived in hindsight as equally objectionable to Nazism

Unnamed Bratislava gunman #wingnut #psycho #homophobia #racist #conspiracy #transphobia adl.org

On October 12, a 19-year-old man opened fire in front of an LGBTQ+ bar in Bratislava, Slovakia, killing two people and injuring a third before he was found dead the following morning[…]
The ADL Center on Extremism’s investigation also revealed that for over a year the shooter had been posting violent and hateful content publicly on Twitter[…]
His targeting of an LGBTQ+ venue was not a coincidence: his manifesto regularly references his hatred of the LGBTQ+ community and his belief that they are responsible for perceived “cultural degeneracy.” Throughout his screed, he routinely refers to the LGBTQ+ community using various slurs and asserts that they are responsible for “grooming” children[…]
Perpetrator’s worldview was poisoned by antisemitism. On the very first page of his manifesto, the attacker blames Jews for a host of global problems, asserting that Jewish people control the media and financial system and accusing Jews of being responsible for perceived societal degeneracy, namely by supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The shooter alleges that Jewish people are implementing a plan for global domination that will ultimately result in the destruction of the white race unless white people stand up and fight

Within the manifesto, the shooter references the “14 words”[…]
The Bratislava shooter subscribed to accelerationism[…]He cites prominent white supremacist William Pierce’s call to take actions to destroy ZOG as soon as possible[…]
Among his tweets were racist slurs, white supremacist 4chan screenshots, posts glorifying other mass shooters and Nazi war criminals as heroes, and several images of the Nazi sonnenrad[…]
Gunman also scoped out the bar he eventually attacked and shared photos of himself outside the venue in August[…]
Already, violent extremists have begun lauding the Bratislava shooter as a “saint,” equating him to earlier white supremacist terrorists—the very ones that he had admired

Nick Fuentes #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Nick Fuentes[…]declared during a livestream Tuesday night that he is going to spend the next two years raising up an army of thousands of far-right “soldiers” who will be ready to take over the government should former President Donald Trump be reelected in 2024[…]
Those who filled the ranks of government under Trump, Fuentes griped, were too concerned about their own lives and the welfare of their families to be willing to sacrifice it all for the cause[…]
“We need to raise an army of soldiers, not an army of pussies that have the right opinions,” Fuentes bellowed. “We need to raise an army of soldiers, and if you’re meek or weak or you’re a bitch, you need to hit the bricks because it’s finished, that movement is dead”

“This is my mission statement,” he continued. “My mission for 2024 is to raise an army of at least 1,000 groypers that will infiltrate Capitol Hill and the Trump administration as staffers and bureaucrats[…]
“I’ve recognized my role,” Fuentes said. “I’ve got an audience of young people. I’m respected. I’m a role model, and I’ve got an audience of energetic, zealous Christian American patriots. My exclusive mission in the next two years is to get as many of them as possible trained, vetted, testified, fortified, tested, and plug them in to Washington, D.C., or various other institutions, plug them into Capitol Hill, plug them into the White House[…]
“It’s our job to create an entire generation, a true movement, a cadre of 50,000 people to take over the government and create a lasting MAGA institutional revolution at every level of government,”[…]
“We got to come back in ’24 with the vengeance,” he declared. “Not care what the media says, not care what your friends and family say, not care what anybody says. It’s got to be, ‘Trump 2024: Make America Great Again Or Else.’ Like, at all costs. ‘America First At Any Cost’

Kanye West #racist #fundie #conspiracy timesofisrael.com

Kanye West launched into a fresh tirade against Jewish people during a podcast appearance on Sunday, after being restricted from major social media platforms for similar rants

The hip-hop star, now known as Ye, spoke on Revolt TV’s “Drink Champs” podcast, hosted by rapper N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, where he made antisemitic claims regarding Jewish ties to media and wealth

“You get used to paparazzi taking a picture of you, and you don’t get money off it. You just get used to being screwed by the Jewish media,” West raged, adding that “the Jewish media blocked me out”

“Jewish people have owned the Black voice. Whether it’s through us wearing the Ralph Lauren shirt, or it’s all of us being signed to a record label, or having a Jewish manager, or being signed to a Jewish basketball team, or doing a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney”

He also repeated an earlier claim made in an Instagram post that he couldn’t be antisemitic, since black people were descended from Jews because they had the “blood of Christ,” echoing claims made by the Black Hebrew Israelites, which is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center[…]
On the podcast, West blamed “Jewish Zionists” for news stories revealing that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her then-boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, had sex in front of a fireplace

“It’s Jewish Zionists that’s about that life. That’s telling this Christian woman that has four black children to put that out as a message,” he charged

In another wild claim about Jewish people and wealth, West said that Catholics refused to work on divorce cases, “so the Jewish lawyers came in and were willing to divorce people. That’s how they came into the money”

Responding to Los Angeles apparel designer Dov Charney’s call for West to visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the rapper said Charney should visit Planned Parenthood, calling it “our Holocaust Museum” in reference to comments he has made on abortion

Rebecka Fallenkvist #wingnut timesofisrael.com

A Sweden Democrats official was suspended by the far-right party for making degrading comments about Jewish teenage diarist Anne Frank, who was killed in the Holocaust

In an Instagram posting that has now been deleted, Rebecka Fallenkvist called Anne “immoral” among other things, according to Swedish media[…]
The Sweden Democrats’ media director, Oskar Cavalli-Bjorkman, told the Swedish news agency TT late Saturday that the party would take Fallenkvist’s “insensitive and inappropriate” comments seriously and launch an internal investigation on the matter

While it remained unclear what kind of point Fallenkvist wanted to make with her comments on Anne’s diary, she later sent a text message to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter saying she had been misinterpreted

“The book is a moving depiction of human good and evil,” Fallenkvist said in her message to the newspaper

Joe Wasp #wingnut #racist identitydixie.com

[From "The Man: Theodore Bilbo"]

Author’s Preface: The Jim Crow Era, in my view, was Dixie’s Golden Age and provided it with some of its best statesmen[…]
Theodore Bilbo personified the ideological framework of the lowly Mississippi rural population, or rednecks. Regarded as nothing more than a race-baiting simpleton of a Southern demagogue, Bilbo’s true legacy reveals a man who, in reality, scoffed at such a label[…]
Bilbo’s political career began in 1908 after being elected to the Mississippi State Senate during the midst of the increasing rural White populism flooding into the state’s Democratic Party[…]
Theodore Bilbo was not a race-baiting demagogue[…]His first instance of dabbling in the affairs of race politics took place in 1928[…]and he only did so as a means of competing with the Delta leaders[…]While he did show support for Negro repatriation to Africa, Bilbo remained shockingly quiet on racial discussions until the late 1930s[…]
Racial politics again reared its head during the congressional push for the Costigan-Wagner anti-lynching bill[…]Arguably the loudest opponent of said bill was none other than Bilbo himself. He was reared in an area in which vigilante justice was often the norm[…]Bilbo, and his Southern contemporaries, primarily opposed the bill because it was a blatant attempt at federal overreach[…]
He also led the opposition against the nomination of liberal social rights activist Aubrey Willis Williams to the head of the Rural Electrification Administration. Bilbo knew the levels of destruction and havoc such social revolutionary measures, particularly ones spearheaded by blatant communists, could have on Southern society[…]
Nothing positive is said of Bilbo in modern historiography. His legacy has effectively become the last four years of his life, despite the fact he did numerous great things for rural folk in Mississippi

Patriarch Kirill #fundie rferl.org

Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has told his followers that "sacrifice in the course of carrying out your military duty washes away all sins"

The patriarch's comments during his Sunday sermon on September 25 came amid nationwide protests and rising criticism over the Kremlin's recent announcement of a partial mobilization to replenish Russian forces fighting in Ukraine[…]
Russian officials have said the draft would focus on reservists and would bring 300,000 fresh troops to the war effort. But Russian media has said the real target is 1 million new troops[…]
Kirill, a prominent supporter of President Vladimir Putin who has "blessed" the war effort and warned by Pope Francis against becoming "Putin's altar boy," has previously claimed that Russians were doing a "heroic deed" by killing Ukrainians, even as he has urged them not to see the Ukrainian people as enemies

"We know that many today are dying in the fields of internecine battle," Kirill said at a church near Moscow on September 25. "The church is praying that this battle will end as soon as possible, that as few brothers as possible will kill each other in this fratricidal war"

However, he added, "The church realizes that if someone, driven by a sense of duty and the need to honor his oath, stays loyal to his vocation and dies while carrying out his military duty, then he is, without any doubt, doing a deed that is equal to sacrifice"[…]
Following Russia's invasion in February, about 400 parishes of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine that had remained loyal to Kirill cut ties with the Russian Orthodox Church over the patriarch's position on the war

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia #pratt 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@scwrconfi - And every ounce of it is deserved"]


Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law fuels anti-LGBTQ hate onlinehttps://t.co/Qo0z26441t
August 12, 2022

Earlier this year Florida enacted legislation which banned public school teachers from pushing their evil sodomite agenda on kids[…]
Uranists working in elementary schools who want to borrow a page from Kris Well's playbook and recruit some nice 8 year olds who can be persuaded to suck dick are out of luck[…]
As is usual when the truth of their sick lifestyle comes up, the ass pirates…well, lied[…]
Could you believe that the mainstream media coverage of this bill concentrated on the backlash rather than any evaluation of the cost/benefit ratio (or indeed whether or not it went far enough)?

Research that analyzed social media posts finds that hateful references to gays, lesbians and other LGBTQ people surged[…]
References to pedophiles and “grooming” rose by more than 400 percent in the month after Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” measure was approved[…]

AP already is giving away their biases in favour of this unacceptable lifestyle choice which can be cured (which is why the cure is banned): "hateful references" include things like…the true statement that any particular faggot you look at is guilty of molesting children[…]
It's worth noting of course that the AP article makes it sound like nobody who opposes this sick agenda to molest children (which is of course how faggots reproduce) was willing to go on the record[…]
The entire sodomite agenda is based on a fundamental pair of lies: that they are "born with" their disgusting desires and that there's nothing wrong with them polluting the planet by acting upon them

Elvis Dunderhoff #conspiracy #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From "Jury Orders Alex Jones to Pay $965 Million for Exposing Sandy Hoaxsters"]

America, by the way

Free speech, by the way


Controversial radio host Alex Jones has been ordered by a Connecticut jury to pay $965 million in damages to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims, for suggesting that the December 2012 massacre was staged[…]

This is an absolute scam, and a direct attack on the most basic freedoms[…]
If Sandy Hoax crisis actors can sue people for saying they’re lying, why can’t the Holohoaxers sue people for questioning mattresses made of human hair, roller coasters into the inferno, or subjecting people to eye color change?

Frankly, Alex did not do the right thing in these trials. He should have went in there and said it was all a hoax[…]I can understand cucking out if it would actually save you $965 million[…]But cucking saved him $0[…]
I’ve never denied Sandy Hoax. Who knows what happened. It doesn’t really matter what happened, because the way they’ve responded to denial means it might as well be a hoax[…]
If you can understand that someone would deny it, then Alex is in the clear

However, frankly, that shouldn’t be the bar. The bar should be: “it’s his opinion, those are his views, this is a free country”

Alex never even went in and accused individual crisis actors of hoaxing. But even if he did – they are public figures![…]
What harm has been done? Did they lose acting jobs because they were exposed as being bad actors, who start laughing when they’re supposed to be crying?[…]
This is just a total scam. It’s about shutting down Alex Jones because he’s a man who disagrees with the narrative. Alex doesn’t even talk about the Jews[…]
It’s the ultimate chilling effect[…]
Frankly, people should just leave America

Ann Barnhardt #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy barnhardt.biz

[From "Expansion on the Queen Elizabeth Piece: The World Has Been Conditioned To Accept That Their Visible Leaders Have No Actual Authority (cough, Biden, cough)"]

All of us today have been conditioned to not only accept but casually and easily take it for granted that the people we see presented as heads of state have no real power or authority[…]
Presidents had real power, and ran the Executive Branch. Queen Victoria[…]wielded massive power and caused a real constitutional crisis when she refused to have new ladies-in-waiting[…]
High-ranking public officials, heads of state, monarchs and THE POPE (and I’m talking about actual Popes, not Antipope Bergoglio) used to wield genuine authority. Pope Benedict’s catastrophic failure was a lack of faith in the authority that he possesses[…]
Pope Benedict himself, a product of the 20th century German/Nouvelle Theologie school, fell for this Modernist lie that the Pope has no REAL authority, because monarchy is a supposedly “expired” paradigm in the “modern, democratized world”[…]
Pope Benedict to this day has universal jurisdiction over the entire world, even the entire physical universe, literally. Pope Benedict is the Pope on the moon, and in the Andromeda Galaxy, and on every point of light the the James Webb telescope is showing us[…]
It seems “natural” for Trad Inc partisans, not to mention Novus Ordo Catholics, to justify their totally irrational and self-contradictory insistence that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope and that Pope Benedict validly resigned (which he CLEARLY, OBVIOUSLY did not) by citing, even if just internally, the fact that leaders in the post-Christian west are understood and assumed to be figurehead puppets[…]
The Pope has REAL AUTHORITY, because it was given to him by Jesus Christ Himself in the Gospels[…]Look at every Protestant and Schismatic church on earth – the one word that sums it all up is CHAOS

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[From "@BeverlyBain13 - I can't wait to read about how the vestiges of a great civilization collapse when an inferior people try operating them"]


So proud of myself have not turned on the TV or radio once since “that”event. Busy writing about anti- colonial uprising in the Caribbean. It feels like a more appropriate option in this moment. @refusalofempire
6:41PM·Sep 9, 2022

"The event" which Miss Bain (let's all admit right now she hasn't found a nice man and settled down under the bonds of holy matrimony) refers to was the tragic death last month of our beloved Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II

Instead she's writing about the continued movement, based of course on retarded idiocy (as so many things her kind promotes are, of course), to leave the sensible Constitutional Monarchy which the British Empire in its infinite wisdom blessed so many of its realms with and replace them with republics, which with a tiny number of exceptions have all become completely botched and undesirable shitholes within a generation or two

Barbados fell into darkness earlier this year, and nigger activists in other countries are working hard to replicate that process (especially before another example goes tits-up and even the dumbest nigger in Jamaica starts wondering if any of this is worth it)

You just know that as Bain writes about these "uprisings" she won't dare mention what happened when Her Royal Highness had to endure a variety of similar uprisings by niggers this time still back in niggerland. Let's go through a quick summary:
[Lists of Black-majority countries along with dreadful facts]
The common theme I want you to observe here is that one certainly can't lay the blame of these countries' misfortunes on "colonialism". Even if colonialism were a bad thing (and it ain't), it was clearly a superior system to the Afro-Marxism nightmare that came next

Selwyn Duke #wingnut #conspiracy thenewamerican.com

[From "As Nuclear War Looms, Does Russia Have a Right to Its Own Monroe Doctrine?"]

With news that Israeli intelligence has detected an “irregular presence” of nuclear-capable Russian bombers near Finland and retired general David Petraeus casually saying NATO would likely sink Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea fleet if Russia used a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine, it’s perhaps time for a few questions:

First, can we discuss a situation that could very well result in thermonuclear war — and the end of life as we know it — intelligently and rationally? Or must all questions about our Dr. Strangelove policy be met with childish name-calling (e.g., “stooge of Putin!”) designed to silence debate?

Second, is it a good idea to essentially tell a man who controls 6,200 nuclear weapons, and who our pseudo-elites may label “crazy,” you want to kill him? This is what Joe Biden’s and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call for Russian “regime change” really amounts to, mind you[…]
One element of what’s known as Just War Doctrine is that for a proposed military action to be moral, it must do more good than harm. Is this the case with our playing chicken with Putin? The best-case scenario is that we help an internationalist pseudo-elite, Zelenskyy, retain power and preserve the borders of what even the left-wing Guardian called in 2015 “the most corrupt nation in Europe”

The worst-case scenario is global thermonuclear war[…]
Some may now wonder, “Why do we have to back down?” The answer is simple: Russia’s “Monroe Doctrine.”

Consider: President John F. Kennedy took a firm stand during the Cuban Missile Crisis, establishing a naval blockade of Cuba after the USSR deployed missile bases on the island. JFK took this hard line because it was our backyard[…]
And so it is with Russia, with Ukraine being its Cuba[…]
There could be a reason to risk atomic annihilation—that Red Dawn scenario comes to mind

Ann Barnhardt #wingnut #racist #fundie #homophobia barnhardt.biz

[From "Incredibly Sad, Blunt Words on Queen Elizabeth II"]

I delayed quite a bit – as many noticed – because one simply doesn’t “heckle at a funeral”[…]
There of so many examples of “canonization” of Queen Elizabeth, but here just over my transom is the reliable contra-indicator about anything Catholic, the cringe-inducing George Weigel[…]makes the completely irrational argument that Queen Elizabeth displayed heroic decorum by not catering to public opinion… BY HAVING THE FLAMING SODOMITE “SIR” ELTON JOHN SING HIS RE-LYRICED ODE TO MARILYN MONROE DURING DIANA’S FUNERAL[…]
Let us pray for her soul as we do all people outside the Church[…]Let us leave to the side for a moment any discussion of the legitimacy of the Saxe-Coburg Gotha Mountbatten “Windsor”[…]The Jacobite situation is profoundly bleak anyway, as the Duke of Bavaria is a wretched, open sodomite[…]
Queen Elizabeth[…]proudly claim to be the “pope” of the Anglican schismatic sect. Queen Elizabeth was the “popess” of A SCHISMATIC MONSTROSITY[…]
Queen Elizabeth II[…]presided as monarch over the most rapid and profound societal, cultural, religious and imperial collapse in human history[…]When Elizabeth took the throne, it was literally true that “the sun never set” on the British Empire[…]Today, almost every colony and territory has declared total independence[…]
But more importantly, as “Head of State and Head of Nation”, Queen Elizabeth signed off on the largest race-replacement scheme in human history. Today, the city of London IS LESS THAN HALF WHITE – not merely “British”, but WHITE[…]
Queen Elizabeth bestowed countless honors and knighthoods on the most open, disgusting sodomites and moral monstrosities, and British culture went[…]to the totally degenerate, revolting Brit culture we see today ON HER WATCH

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[From "@Liv_F I can't wait to put your polluting ass in the gas chamber"]


What would be super cool would be if you, or any party hoping to form government in Canada, would make it not just expensive, but ILLEGAL to pollute in Canada. You know. Regulate stuff. The way you could if you wanted to (but apparently don't) #ClimateLeadersDontBuildPipelines
September 27, 2022

The left has weird ideas about "super-cool" things. Government regulation is many things but "super-cool" surely does not make the top 3000

You know what would be really cool? If guys like West Coast Lass didn't keep demanding that others be imprisoned for generic "offenses" such as "pollution"[…]
What does it mean to "pollute in Canada"?[…]
I'm sure Liv has no problem using this definition to declare CO2 a "pollutant", so we'll take his word for it[…]
If CO2 really is pollution, that can be used to regulate literally everything you do[…]
We can replace those cumbersome definitions with a much simpler one:

The OBPS applies to only one person: "West Coast Lass"

Now that we've established CO2 as a pollutant, and defined our target industry, what are the allowable amounts of CO2 we let this anti-freedom nutter consume? That's easy: everything. The moment Liv breathes, we nail his ass to the pavement Derek Chauvin style. The punishment as well cannot be a fine[…]
Jail obviously won't work either. For one thing, Liv will continue to breathe in jail[…]
So the answer is simple[…]
California gas chamber

Ali Alexander #wingnut #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Far-right activist and so-called “Stop the Steal” founder Ali Alexander went on a manic rant during his podcast Monday in which openly advocated for Christian fascism and “a violent Christian crusade” against his perceived political opponents

Buoyed by reports that Elon Musk will purchase Twitter and that Kanye West was photographed wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt[…]
“I refuse to walk into a future where it is commonplace to have sexual perversion in public,” Alexander declared. “It’s just not going to be the norm, not where we’re going. OK? You can call that whatever the hell you want. You can call that Americana, you can call that America First, you could call it fascism, you could call it a theocracy, you could call it Christian nationalism[…]
“We will not live in a future where violence doesn’t meet widespread perversion. Period,” he continued[…]
“All the good faith that we have allowed our oppressors to be assigned, it’s gone,” Alexander said. “I’m not gonna bomb an abortion clinic, but if somebody did, I’m not denouncing it. I’m not calling for violence. I’m not calling for death. I’m explicitly saying, ‘Don’t do that,’ but if it happens, c’est la [vie]. OK? C’est la [vie]. You know, if they can poll a bunch of moderate Muslims and they don’t feel the urge to denounce radical Islam, guess what? This guy—Ali Alexander and Ali Alexander alone—but guess what? I’m going to be joined by tens of millions, maybe a couple hundred million Americans[…]
“I’m not gonna get beatified for this,” Alexander asserted. “I’m not going to reach sainthood, but I am here to say, ‘Fuck them.’ Fuck their nuclear war. Fuck their World War III. Fuck their rejection of peace. And if they don’t deal with the middle—the Elons and the Kanyes—then they should meet—I’m talking about the whole world—they should meet a violent Christian crusade. I mean it,100 percent. … And we’ve got to start conditioning each other for these mental models”