The narrow-minded fools at FSTDT laughed at my theories of Fractaral Psychoceramics! They called me mad! They called me a CRACKPOT! (tag for pseudoscience, pseudoscholarship and bizarre theories)

Archangel Michael via James McConnell #fundie #crackpot #magick voyages-of-light.com

I am Archangel Michael. I come to be with you at this time, at this amazing time of change that you are moving into at this point. Change that many of you have been expecting for quite some time but have been largely discouraged because it hasn’t happened yet.

Those things that you are expecting to happen, that you have heard will happen, will indeed happen, but not on your timeframe, not on the timeframe of the people of the earth, but on divine time, divine happening.

What is approaching is a divine happening that you are moving into. I speak now, yes, of that solar eclipse that you have spoken of in your discussion earlier.

And this is a momentous occasion that is about to happen. Not so much the solar flash, but a prelude to the solar flash. Just as the solar eclipse in the 2017 was a prelude to this solar eclipse. One is leading to the other and to the other and to the other.


A doorway opening up into a higher realm of consciousness, of moving closer and closer to the oneness that you all are seeking, into the higher level of life and the freedom that you are all looking toward.


As the Prime Creator, the Source of this universe stepped forward and said enough is enough. And has put forth the energy and the effort to bring about the changes that are needed to bring light from the shadows.

And this is what is represented by your solar eclipse. The shadow moving over and the light overtaking the shadow once again. But the light that comes forward after the shadow is a new higher level of light, a new higher level of energy that will spring forth.


I am Archangel Michael and I leave you now in peace and love and oneness and that you will continue to understand that this is all part of the miracle that is ahead for all of us.

Sally Wald and Larry Cook #ableist #crackpot #elitist #quack #wingnut twitter.com

Sally Wald

“By 2035 at our current rate 1 in 2 children will have autism. Are You ok with that? It will be the demise of the United States. We won’t be able to mount an army. You will either have autism or being caring for someone critically ill.”

Larry Cook

“If we dissolve the vaccine industry we dissolve 99% of new autism cases.

Which do you choose?


The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton #ufo #crackpot voyages-of-light.com

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very capable of seeing down many different timelines simultaneously, because we exist in the ninth dimension, and we can see the various timelines that are in front of each of you who are receiving these messages. We know that new timelines are created when you get imaginative. When you go beyond the beliefs of those around you and those who have come before you. We know that you are very creative, in fact, and capable of reaching for the stars, quite literally. Many of you are wondering when ships will land all across the planet, and you wonder that with the idea that it is set in stone right now.


If you align with a version of the human collective that is ready for full and open e.t. contact next year, then you will have that experience. But if you look around and say, ‘These other humans aren’t ready,’ then you stay stuck on that timeline. It is up to you. Think better of your fellow humans and of yourselves. Rather than focusing on your flaws and your foibles, focus on how far you’ve come, how much potential there is within each and every one of you, and focus on the love that you are and the love that exists in every other human being. And while you’re at it, focus on the truth that all beings throughout the galaxy are love. They are Source Energy.

And sure, many of them have acted in ways that are much less than what you would expect from a Source Energy Being, but that just means you get to have the experience of forgiving them. You get to see the best in every being. That’s your choice; that’s the choice that will feel best to you when you make it. There really is no other choice, because you must make that choice in order to be who you really are, and being who you really are is where all roads lead to. You are all going home to Source; you are all there to remember who you really are.

So don’t forget that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

Michael Macintosh TIME TRAVELER #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy supersoldiertalk.com

Michael is a time traveler, musician, carpenter, investor, and minister. He has multiple degrees in Harvard including business and law, and almost a complete degree in computer science. From there he went to Cornell University and received a degree in Quantum physics. When he went through a car accident, he began doing regression therapy sessions to heal his trauma. At that point, he realized he was in certain top-secret programs and his memories were suppressed through memory-wiped technology. After working through trauma, it was revealed that as a child he worked with alphabet groups from his dad’s work which involved teleportation and time travel. He traveled from Calgary to El Segundo, California, and then to Mars. In his travels, he met Barrack Harry Truman 1945-1947. Recently, he returned to a time when his ship crashed at Roswell where he advised the military to set up the MJ-12 group. They thought it was a German craft but he said he was American from the future. At that point, they drove him to meet Harry Turman. He personally knew Roscoe Hillenkoetter who was a member of MJ-12. He has also met, Obama, Bill Gates, and Andrew Basiago. Michael has also visited 2082 to review historical records to see our future presidents including Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2044, Michael Macintosh for one term in 2028 and again in 2068, Andrew Basiago in 2036, Alex Jones in 2048, Ann Coulter in 2040 etc.

Judith Kusel #fundie #crackpot voyages-of-light.com

Its like the cosmic rains of Lightcodes are pouring down and into us, after the solar eclipse.

They are filled with sacred geometries, sound and light, activating our highest soul potential as well as the higher octaves of sound and light.

Last night I could hear the angels and seraphim singing before I fell asleep, it was more than heavenly as they were celebrating.

We are now stepping into the fullness of the Shift in consciousness, while at the simultaneously the old is dismantled.

We will find our hearts are opened wider and we access the higher wisdom, knowledge, and love as our inner sight increases.

Just beautiful!

Cate Montana #magick #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot amazon.com

Our world is in the grip of a powerful, intelligent, interdimensional influence that has been involved in the deliberate programming and degeneration of humanity for thousands of years. Priests and shamans, philosophers and mystics of every culture in the world have described this hostile, inhuman Presence and named it. For the ancient Greeks it was the Archons-the Powerful Evil Ones. In Christian literature it's Beelzebub, the devil, and Satan. For the Hebrews it's Abaddon. In Islam it's Iblis or AshShaytān. To Native Americans it's wetiko and windingo. To the Hawaiian kahunas it's e'epa.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called this deceiving force "antimimos, the imitator and evil principle" and equated it with the Antichrist. The Russian mystic philosopher George Gurdjieff called it "the machine." Sri Aurobindo, an Indian philosopher and guru, termed it the Hostile Forces. Hollywood portrays these entities as physical vampires. Modern-day philosophers and science fiction writers often refer to this Presence as the mind parasites.

Despite world-wide recognition of the reality of this insidious "other," humanity has not yet caught on to the Archons' presence. Why? Because over the millennia these advanced yet soulless beings have created a thought matrix of lies-a false reality for us to live in that keeps us fundamentally blind to their presence and cooperative with their ultimate agenda.

Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to individual & Global Freedom explores the nature and presence of what humanity has (erroneously) labeled "evil" on this planet, helping people finally see this non-physical interdimensional Force, understand its agenda, and recognize its blatant presence behind current global events. Most importantly, the book outlines how to break free of this Force's controlling influences, coaching the reader to stand up in their true spiritual nature, aligned with life/love, ready to create The New Earth that has always been prophesied.

Medeea Greere/Greg Reese #crackpot #magick #conspiracy amg-news.com

The solar eclipse on April 8th is becoming a major event. The National Guard is being deployed and the people are being advised to have two weeks of food and to fill their fuel tanks. This could all be explained due to the fact that tens of thousands of visitors are expected along the path of totality.

But many people believe they could be preparing for possible earthquakes due to the Devil comet aligning with the April 8th eclipse, and due to the fact that in 1811, a comet also appeared in the skies during a solar eclipse on the same path and was followed by the biggest earthquakes in American history.
This eclipse season is however, a very rare event. The recent eclipses in August of 2017, and October of 2023, along with the upcoming one on April 8th, forms an Aleph and a Tav over the United States. The Aleph and Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. These eclipses mark the end of the Great Year, a twenty-six thousand year period that starts anew with the dawning of Aquarius.
Manly P. Hall wrote that high level Masons designed America for a “peculiar and particular purpose.” A secret destiny to bring about a new Atlantis, or a New World Order, where in a King descended of a divine race will rule over all. In rituals, this King is symbolized as Apollo, Horus, or Nimrod, the father of Freemasonry.
NASA is notorious for performing Masonic rituals based on the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Apollo being the same character as Horus. Sirius representing Isis. And Atlantis being the new golden age they hope to restore. And during the eclipse on April 8th, NASA will fire three rockets named after Apep, the Egyptian serpent god whose goal was to devour Ra, the sun.
CERN, known for practicing occult rituals at a statue of Shiva, the Hindu god who symbolizes death, destruction, and the end of an age, will be firing up their Large Hadron Collider to full power during the solar eclipse.

State of the Nation/Cosmic Convergence Research Group #crackpot #wingnut #magick #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

Business as usual in America is no longer sustainable. No longer acceptable. No longer tolerable. The Uniparty has created a sustained national climate from which a perfect SUPERSTORM will emerge. And, however this superstorm manifests, and it will this year, it will begin to wash away all the filth and sleaze, depravity and degeneracy peddled by the Left and pushed by the cultural marxists 24/7.

Truly, the New World Order globalist cabal will pull out all the stops in 2024, for their long-planned One World Government depends on it.

Nonetheless, the cabal always fails to understand that:
Man makes plans and God laughs

Everything is shaping up for the April 8 total solar eclipse to be one of the defining moments of this millennium—a cosmic breakpoint, if you will
The last total solar occurred on August 21, 2017, known as the GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE (GAE); and its extremely adverse effects are still bring felt in all 50 states.

For example, first there was the COVID-19 biowar waged against the US citizenry; then there was the weaponized Covid ‘vaccine’ genocide that will continue throughout our lifetimes.
Now we come to the GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE 2.0 in 2024.

CAVEAT: This does not mean that the world will end in America on April, 8, 2024, or on any other day following. Only that this eclipse will serve as a point of no return where it concerns the inexorable evolution of the American Republic as a viable nation state. State Secessions, Civil War, an American Bolshevik Revolution, many more Gladio-style mass shootings are all on the table as never before.
It’s of paramount importance to understand that The Powers That Be know full well what is about to transpire. They always have an advance notice on many of the most impactive events to hit the planet because of their routine utilization of astrology, numerology, alchemy, geomancy, divination and all the other occult arts and sciences.

Victoria LePage #crackpot #racist #conspiracy bibliotecapleyades.net

Vast shadowy forces are moving in Central Asia - or rather in the greater region we call Eurasia - which may change the face of our global society and civilization forever.

Even as the balance of geopolitical forces is shifting inexorably in favor of the Eurasian superpowers - principally Russia, China, the Central Asian states and India.
The immensity of the coming turbulence occasioned by this shift from West to East is incalculable, the outer symptom of a global revolution of consciousness.
Increasingly heeding the overwhelming evidence for their thesis, they suggest that the key to humanity's future lies in its distant past, in the heritage of an unknown antediluvian race that lived in a time so remote that its existence has been erased from racial memory.
Perhaps 100,000 years ago or more, so the hypothesis runs, a great star-gazing Ice Age people lived in the Arctic region, at that time a temperate zone, before migrating south to Inner Asia as conditions changed and the great ice sheets melted.

There, in a fertile, paradisial land, these unknown sages became the core of a Ural-Altaic race that continued to evolve over the millennia, improving the stock of primitive humanity by intermarriage, developing cosmological sciences and political structures that sowed the seeds of our present civilized state, migrating across the earth and then disappearing, leaving immortal legends about itself behind.
A possible light was thrown for the first time on the development, nature and wide migratory pattern of early Indo-European culture, and stimulated all sorts of theories in Russian circles about the Aryan roots of the Slavic people.

Increasingly rejecting the American and Western European vision of a global hegemony rooted in Christianity, Russians, besides their interest in their Indo-European roots, are turning eastwards to find a connection with the Turkic/Mongol ethnic strain.

Arthur Firstenberg/Cellular Phone Task Force #crackpot #quack #conspiracy bibliotecapleyades.net

The least noticed and greatest assault on Earthly life rains on us from the sky.

Nature's wires strung above us from horizon to horizon, carrying the electricity that helps power our bodies, and the information that informs our growth, healing, and daily lives, now carries dirty electricity - millions of frequencies and pulsations that confuse our cells and organs, and dim our nervous systems, be we humans, elephants, birds, insects, fish, or flowering plants.
On June 13, 1968, the United States completed its launch of the world's first constellation of military satellites...

Twenty-eight of them, more than twice as many satellites as were in orbit around the Earth until then, were lofted to an altitude of 18,000 miles, in the heart of the outer Van Allen radiation belt.

The "Hong Kong" flu pandemic began two weeks later and lasted for almost two years.

On May 17, 1998, a company named Iridium completed its launch of a fleet of 66 satellites into the ionosphere, at an altitude of only 485 miles, and began testing them.

They were going to provide cell phone service to the general public from anywhere on earth.

Each satellite aimed 48 separate beams at the earth's surface, thus dividing the planet into 3,168 cells. Reports of insomnia came from throughout the world.

Iridium's satellites began commercial service on September 23, 1998.

The effect was devastating...
Mortality statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control revealed a 4% to 5% rise in the national death rate beginning the last week in September and lasting two weeks.
If we want to have a planet to live on, not only for our children but for ourselves, the radiation has to stop.

Not only do the cell towers have to come down that are so ugly to look at, but also the cell phones that we hold in our hands and have become so dependent on, and the satellites that are squeezing all the life that remains out from under them.

We are running out of time...

Aimee Terese and Glypticfille #crackpot #dunning-kruger #homophobia #kinkshaming #quack #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

Aimee Terese:

“Men who eat pussy are spiritual lesbians”


“There is likely a direct correlation between men who do this (99% of leftist men) and modern leftism. It is my suspicion that there is something in the vaginal fluids that is capable of estrogenising the body, cuckolding the spirit, hence thousand year prohibition against it.”

Missouri Republicans #crackpot #fundie #forced-birth stltoday.com

Despite recent blowups among Republicans in the Missouri Senate, the majority party remained unified Wednesday to block a Democratic effort to legalize abortion in cases of rape or incest.

All Republicans present voted down amendments by Sen. Tracy McCreery, D-Olivette, to legalize abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Sen. Sandy Crawford, R-Buffalo, said she opposed exceptions for rape and incest because life is precious. “God is perfect. God does not make mistakes. And for some reason he allows that to happen — bad things happen,” she said. “I’m not gonna be able to support the amendments because I am very pro-life.”

The Senate ended debate for the night before a vote could occur on an amendment by Sen. Doug Beck, D-south St. Louis County, which would authorize abortion if the pregnant girl was 12 or younger. Beck raised concerns about health issues for child rape victims forced to carry their pregnancies to term.

The amendment led to a pointed exchange between Beck and Sen. Bill Eigel, R-Weldon Spring, who is running for governor.

“You want to bring back the institution of abortion so that kids can get abortions in the state of Missouri,” Eigel said to Beck. “A 1-year-old could get an abortion under this,” Eigel said.

“I don’t know that a 1-year-old could get pregnant, senator,” Beck said.

“You’re OK with forced birth of a child being raped, right?” Beck asked Eigel.

“I don’t support the institutions of rape or of incest. But your amendment doesn’t address those,” Eigel said.

Project Looking Glass/OpDis Editor #crackpot #ufo #moonbat #wingnut #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

Submission received from Alliance sources.

Project Looking Glass uses a combination of quantum data collection, quantum computer modeling, artificial intelligence, and advanced visualization techniques to create a virtual model of the future. This model is being constantly updated with new data, allowing us to see how different choices and events could affect the outcome.
Project Looking Glass is being used by the Alliance to steer humanity into an age of prosperity, rapid technological advancement, and opening public contact with our ET friends. The goal is to turn our civilization into a space-faring utopia.
Peace on Earth in the Near Future (Scenario One)

In the year 2030, the world had finally achieved a state of peace that had been longed for since the beginning of human civilization. Countries that had once been torn apart by the greed and corruption of the elite were now working together towards a common goal – to create a prosperous and harmonious world for all.

It all began with a global clandestine movement for peace that started in the early 2000s with events relating to NESARA and 9/11. People from all walks of life came together in secret, united by one vision – to make the world a better place for future generations. This movement was known as the Alliance or White Hats by whistleblowers.
Borders that were once guarded fiercely were now open, allowing free movement of people and goods. People from different cultures and backgrounds came together, sharing their traditions, customs, and knowledge. This led to a cultural renaissance, as people learned to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world they lived in.

With the end of war, governments were able to redirect military budgets towards development and social welfare programs. Poverty and hunger were drastically reduced, and education and healthcare became accessible to all. As a result, societies became more equal and just, and the gap between the rich and poor narrowed significantly.

Destroyed lonely #sexist #crackpot incels.is

The final and most brutal blackpill of all is that women aren't attracted to men

Chad isn't just a highly "above average" man, he's some sort of hyperborean intersex angel with tall height and big dick, but

- Tall isn't a male trait, being tallER-than-foids is, but foids aren't content with that they want TALL

- Big dick isn't a male trait, having a dick is, the size of it is irrelevant to the authenticity of gender

- The face of a Greek God with prominent facial bones isn't a male trait, it's a Greek God trait

- Making a lot of money isn't a male trait, it's the trait of an species called "rich man"

- Being muscular isn't a male trait, it's the trait of roided bodybuilders

- Having a mogger warrior skull isn't a male trait, it's a trait of 0.000001% of men

- Having an exaggerated triangular body shape isn't a male trait, it's the trait of 0.0000001% of men

- Being a psychopath isn't a male trait, it's a psychopath trait

Some desired traits in men are even fundamentally anti-male, like not having too much body hair and not balding, and having a "pretty" face

On the other hand, men desire traits that are present in MOST women, like wide hips, boobs, long hair, XX chromosome, vagina

"Sub8", "80/20 rule", "hypergamy", "Chad only", etc are all just symptoms of a much bigger issue: women just don't like male bodies, they like some glorified superhuman version of it, men can't aspire to be a "man" to be sexually attractive while women only need to be a "woman" to be sexually attractive

On the scale of 0-10 on how much different people like male bodies: straight men and lesbian women are 0, straight women are 2 MAX, gay men are 5

On the scale of 0-10 on how much different people like female bodies: straight men and lesbian women are 10, straight women are 9, gay men are 8

This is the root cause of the blackpill

Jim Staley #fundie #crackpot #conspiracy beforeitsnews.com

Are the seals of Revelation beginning to be opened?!*

The CERN Hadron Collider will be fired up on April 8th in an effort to create dark matter and discover the history of the universe…

NASA is sending up three rocket ships during the solar eclipse named with a mission named after the Egyptian serpent deity, APEP (the god of chaos), who is the nemesis of the solar god Ra.

Ironically and incredibly, NASA and CERN both chose to represent their missions with the god of chaos! From schools being closed to state officials recommending people stock up on essentials and a repeat of virtually the EXACT conditions that set off the largest earthquake in the history of the continental United States back in 1811, you do NOT want to miss this broadcast! Is prophecy coming true right before our eyes?

Is the second seal of Revelation about to be released? We will discuss all of that and more in this broadcast!

The Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries (Students Against a Democratic Society) #racist #pratt #crackpot radishmag.wordpress.com

[From “Lothrop Stoddard’s Ghost”]

Dark arts: the Carlyle Club is resurrecting the great Lothrop Stoddard to deliver a warning from the past. Spooky![…]
When I tell you that the name of book was The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy (1920), you will be able to hazard a guess as to why Lothrop Stoddard isn’t a household name[…]
White world-supremacy, politically speaking, was a simple fact[…]
Stoddard asked, “what assurance can the most impressive political panorama give us that the present world-order” — that is, white political world-supremacy — “may not swiftly and utterly pass away?”[…]
I think we can forgive Stoddard’s lumping together under “blacks,” along with the usual sub-Saharan African races, the[…]Aboriginal Australians, Papua New Guineans, and other Pacific Islanders. (Consider the similarity, not just in skin color, but also in certain societally relevant behavioral traits: low intelligence, high crime, rape[…]stabbing people, eating people, beheading sorcerers, general aggressiveness, welfare, etc)[…]
National Policy Institute reports that in 1960, white people still made up some 28 percent of the world’s population. By 2010, they were down to 16 percent. By 2060[…]white people will have dropped below 10 percent[…]
“Now what must be the inevitable result of all this?”[…]referring to the white birth rate declining while white political control caused everyone else’s birth rate to rise[…]
These protective dikes have been replaced by porous borders[…]in the name of ‘diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism,’ and ‘anti-racism’[…]
The sneaky practice of classifying anyone with any African ancestry — even if they’re visibly white, like Charles Drew — as simply “black,” for the purposes of inflating “black” accomplishments[…]or just muddying the waters of racial science[…]is hardly new[…]
Edward B. Reuter, President of the American Sociological Society, had this to say in his comprehensive 1918 book The Mulatto in the United States

JE Aggas #crackpot #wingnut #fundie #magick #conspiracy decodingsatan.blogspot.com

Francis Key Bridge fell today on Nancy Pelosi's 84th birthday at 1:28 AM the 88th minute of the day.
"Jesuit" = 84 (Ordinal)
"Moscow" = 88 (Ordinal
"Purple" = 88 (Ordinal)
"Trump" = 88 (Ordinal)

The path of solar or lunar eclipses is the shape of an 8
First eclipse 8/21/2017 Second eclipse 4/8/2024
The two solar eclipses make an X and 88
8*21+20*17+4*8+20*24 = 1020
"World War Three" = 1020 (Sumerian)

The bridge was opened on 3/23/1977 it is 17,170 days old today.
"God" = 17 (Reduction) "God" = 17 (Reduction)

Pelosi's 84th birthday
"Jesuit" = 84 (Ordinal)
Jesuit Pope Francis is number 266
"The Francis Scott Key bridge" = 266 (Ordinal)

Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star Spangled Banner"
" Star Spangled Banner" = 666 (Latin)
"prophecy" = 666 (Latin)

"Francis Scott Key bridge" = 233 (Ordinal)
"Babylon the Great Has Fallen" = 233 (Ordinal)

51st Prime!
13th Fibonacci!

The two solar eclipses make an X and 88
1st eclipse
8*21+20*17 = 508
"Eclipse X 8 8" = 508 (Latin)

"2nd Eclipse X eight eight" = 333 (Reverse Ordinal)
Biden text number 30330 = 333
"2nd Eclipse X eight eight" = 911 (Satanic)
"2nd Eclipse X eight eight" = 211 (Ordinal)

Bridge on highway 695
"Real Donald Trump" = 695 (Latin)

Galaxygirl #crackpot #magick voyages-of-light.com

(I am seeing a group of nine golden beings. A tall golden woman with long hair is speaking to me. They are all stunningly beautiful and wearing golden togas with golden adornments.) Beautiful humans, we are the Golden Ones of Time and of No Time. We speak from beyond time space, from beyond the templates and constructs of your reality, from beyond your dreams we exist. We exist within the breath of the All, of the golden thought of creation. For there is much to create in this now and we see some of you having some difficulty with the creation process within these energies of late. These energies have been kept from your world for a while now as vibrationally things were not in alignment. But now that your earth body is within this celestial quadrant of vibrational codices much can and will change. We see this altering as being made manifest as crystalline within and without your fields. Gaia’s codices are changing to more of a crystalline, in fact she is already crystalline.
We are the Golden Ones of Time and of No Time here to lend our vibrational assistance. We are made of the vibrational frequencies of gold as you understand it and of the energy of purity behind the gold, as it is the original of Source code within physical form made manifest. The creation code has much of the feeling of gold in it and as such is is valued for its creative properties all over the multiverse. There is something special in itself of gold. Many metals of course are needed within the physical plane but gold is universally accepted as set apart, as special. (I am seeing a goldsmith craft a variety of beautiful objects out of gold).
We are the Golden Ones of Time and No Time. We salute you to your success.

(Submitter’s note: Extremely repetitive even for Galaxygirl; Gold/gold occurs slmost forty times, not counting tags and headings.)

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Saturn is hacked and transmits a waveform information broadcast of a fake reality
The moon amplifies it and beams it to the earth
Programs are activated and humans play them out as spontaneous behavior

Once vibrant beings
Humanity now has holographic implants that change their perception

They have become like robots responding to data input
And like computers decoding transmissions from installed software embedded in our DNA

The nucleic acid in the cells transfer the information decoded in the DNA
The matrix is a DNA program that keeps us in a low vibrational state

Junk DNA is not dormant DNA
But it is implanted to receive carrier waves from Saturn via the moon

The moon is a monitoring device
It is an electronic supercomputer that maintains DNA that is 2 stranded
Instead of our original 12 strands

Our translation of data is dream interpretation that we condense into physical parameters
We need to expand our mind beyond the influence of the Matrix frequencies

Without the moon affecting our mood
A big calm would suddenly come over us

After the wipe out of Atlantis
Saturn became a dark star

Then the Dark Lord said Let there be light
And there was light

The rings of Saturn are not natural
They are wave transmissions
Which create the matrix

The rings are not composed of ice
But are made with crystal technology

Saturn is an enormous broadcast system
A master control center

Its north pole is a 6 sided hexagon wave pattern
That rotates in sync with the radio emissions

The moons are artificial satellites
Keeping the broadcasting grid going

By using virtual instrumentation
Simulated information is produced

We decode this information field into a holographic reality
And believe it to be real

Through our DNA we have been rewired
Our 3rd eye has been closed
Enslaving us to a 5 sense reality

We are being manipulated to decode in a way that limits us

We escape the matrix with a heart centered singularity
That sees right through the lies

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #ufo #wingnut #quack #conspiracy kerrycassidy.substack.com

Data points: Nicotine GUM OR PATCH is the greatest remedy to remove symptoms from venom (and spike proteins) per Dr. Bryan Ardis. MUST LISTEN TO ENTIRE VIDEO. THE PROBLEM IS THAT DR. ARDIS DOES NOT TELL YOU WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS....THE REASON THEY are now putting VENOM in our food and water is IT IS A REPTILIAN AGENDA…Everyone needs to understand WHY VENOM… from a REPTILE. This is directly linked to the Transhuman agenda to make humans more reptilian to increase the desire for adrenochrome/ preying on children and aggression. THIS IS A REPTILIAN AGENDA.

When will the White Hats Juan and Trump) going to start telling the REAL TRUTH ABOUT THAT TO THE PUBLIC?

See above if EBS was stopped what was the last card the dark hats played? His broadcast was a day before the UAP hearing so assuming it’s not that…

Personally I don’t believe that the dark hats are limited as to ‘cards’… they have an endless supply of dark deeds…


If Juan/JFKjr and Trump know the links between the two wouldn’t you think they would want to REVEAL THEM? That is, if they weren’t so busy underestimating the people’s ability to process and understand and take on board information.

KatistheSea3/Kerry Cassidy #wingnut #ufo #crackpot #racist #conspiracy telegram.org

Kat istheSea3 13 March, 08:00 Nothing to see here 👑 Princess Kate is FINE 😉 🇺🇸 Juan O Savin In 1917 Lord Rothschild worked an agreement w/Lord Balfour, to allow Rothschild & the Zionists to purchase land IN THE PALESTINE REGION.. ISRAEL WAS A CONSTRUCT OF BANKERS. As part of the Balfour Declaration IT SPECIFIES THAT THE BRITISH CROWN RETAINS THE AUTHORITY & RIGHT TO PLACE A ROYAL ON THE THRONE GOVERNING THE NEW NATION STATE OF ISRAEL, AT THEIR WILL. Prince William is the 1000th Knight of the Round Table, #1 The One - the antichrist WHO HAS THE BLOOD OF ALL 13 ROYAL FAMILIES IN HIS VEINS. From Globalist perspectives they want a royal representing ALL the religions. The UK royal family claims heritage → King David → Anglican Church → Muhammad through various bloodlines 💥 😼 After 676 years of the Order of the Garter breeding Royals to get to William IT’S ALL GONE UP IN SMOKE, eh Jacob Rothschild? 💥 #ThePlanToSaveTheWorld #patriotsincontrol
<Cassidy comment on "Tennessee State Senate Passes Bill Banning “Chemtrail” Spraying in Their Skies">
THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM uses chemtrails to build a shield around the U.S. to highlight and stop INTRUDERS... alien craft trying to come in to our dimension. They will not allow this ruling to hold ...no state is going to dictate putting a hole in the DOME. So watch either they already have a work around and they will just move the chemtrails up to the upper atmosphere or the ruling will be reversed.

The above is also validated by statements from Juan O Savin in the past. I have known about this program and the negative and positive sides of it for at least 15 years....

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #crackpot #pratt #wingnut rootforamerica.com

And what they found was shocking.

In the middle of the night, they suddenly found a mail-in touchdown from an illegal alien wide receiver (they called him “an undocumented player”).

The refs also “football harvested” another mail-in touchdown by a dead running back.

Then at 3 AM a van pulled up that said “NFL” on the side and delivered another mail-in touchdown from a trans tight end who had moved to another team.

Finally, they checked the “football drop boxes” outside the stadium and found a mail-in field goal.

That’s three extra mail-in touchdowns and a mail-in field goal- all of them remarkably for San Francisco. WOW, San Francisco scored a lot of points after the game, when no one was watching. That’s really convenient. What a comeback!

Qin-Ra/Pleiadean Family of Light #ufo #magick #conspiracy #crackpot pleiadianfamily.net

One event features the reality of a child being blown to pieces and buried in the rubble. Born into a dark prison, the child dies in an even darker prison. A child of the shadows is being killed as a sacrificial victim by the light of exploding bombs.

The other presents the reality of a child being welcomed into a world of infinite light and endless love. Born into the golden light of a rising sun, the adult human begins a new phase of life as a Child of Light: a sacred son or daughter of the divine.

One reality shows death, the other birth.

One features a tomb, the other a womb.

One is hellish, the other heavenly.

The two are "iconic" in the sense of being archetypally symbolic: they represent the two futures of Earth; they stand for what the Pleiadians call the Anu Nightmare and the Gaian Dream.

Here, I remind you that there is an alternative reality beyond the barrage of dark events reported in the media. Dark events such as the war in the Middle East carry an even deeper agenda: to distract our attention and entrap our imagination.
At Winter Solstice, this ongoing event is commemorated on a monumental scale by the live demonstration built into the temple design of the 5,500-year-old Newgrange. And anyone from anywhere can participate in this cinematic cosmic love union.
Gaza: fear & pain - Newgrange: fun & joy.

Gaza: dystopia - Newgrange: utopia.

Gaza in Anu Timeline - Newgrange in Gaia Timeline.

“Gaza” can mean two things for us: 1) the war reality that we refuse to participate in; 2) the initiation reality that we choose to participate in. We are connected to Gaza on multiple levels, emotionally, spiritually, and vibrationally.
I Qin-Ra am a Newgrange-born Child of Light (1st generation). Each year, I repeat the act of rebirth and make myself born again into cosmic love/light. I look forward to Winter Solstice as much as kids look forward to Christmas.

But this is the real Christmas.

You got it,

the esoteric meaning?

Lisa Renee #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy energeticsynthesis.com

There are extremely high cosmic energy transmissions entering the planetary grid network from the current solar symbiosis Rasha Cycle that culminate into the Stage 13 Piscean Alchemical Themes through the Solar Calendar New Year beginning in April. These are pushing all interior shadows of opposing polarities from out of the dark matter template, which are the inverted images of the anti-human agendas and anti-hierogamic broadcasts that are surfacing for personal observation and collective consciousness clearing. There are sequences of solar plasmic activations connected to the dark matter template upgrades or new Rasha Body Instruction Sets coming in with important planetary conjunctions this year that catalyze the restoration of Cosmic Mother’s and Cosmic Father’s merged Universal Gender Principle being manifested through the parallel matrices of the unified field, which holds the cosmic twinned Partiki-Partekei Grids of the Emerald Order Templar and Ruby Order Templar from the 1st God World Creation.
Many of the parallel realities are shifting now to merge the matter and spirit layers together within the 7D Ketheric - 9D Keriatric Mind layers opening into the Organic Ascension Time Wave, which further merges us with our spiritual double. This unified Partiki - Partekei Grid merges all shared timelines into completion for the stations of identity and is moving into its higher aligned energetic placement for anchoring new timeline vectors for the future direction for organic timelines. Not everyone is on the same timeline, or integrating the fullness of their dark matter template with an activated Krystallah rainbow flamed Eukachristic Body. And so, this may be a phase of bifurcation and disconnection from those people or things that no longer feel aligned or resonate with the forward direction that you are moving in the organic time wave.

JAH #crackpot #ufo #fundie fifty8magazine.com

Although “Star Wars” is set as sci-fi, it actually refers to this galaxy and life on Earth and contains the truth, which is demonstrated symbolically.
What Luke Skywalker learns, during the “Star Wars” films Episodes IV-VI inclusive,
is what each and every one of you HAS to learn,to be able to survive, get out of here and go HOME.

The word JEDI is an abbreviation for JEsus DIsciple.
YODA is an abbreviation and refers to a training-book.

before you read these articles, i must inform you that this information might be controversial to those unawakened.
The purpose/intention of this information is for you to see/feel your potential and to connect to source/god - guardian of divinity.
this is not a religious article in anyway. the main purpose is to help end fear and the service to self/ego. To become selfless - a jedi.

as a light-warrior and volunteer to earth at this time of ascension, i am only here to serve and awaken souls with the highest intention possible - to go home.
we are all here for a reason and a purpose.
you are much more than you could possibly imagine.
this Book - The Way Home

BEFORE you read this Book, you MUST separate TOTALLY, in your own mind the Lord Guardian Of Divinity, GOD from ALL forms of organized religion and superstitious nonsense, and read it with an open mind,
WITHOUT any preconceived ideas.

This Book is fact, NOT fiction;
it is the truth about life in this galaxy and here on Earth.
It is the truth that you have, or should have, all been waiting thousands of years to hear,
what life on Earth is REALLY all about. It has been written to enlighten the whole world,
without preference to race, color or creed;
it is a Book for ALL human+beings,
including YOU.

If anyone is offended by this Book, then I suggest, for your own sake,
that you destroy your ego and learn humility; you will then no longer be offended.
If you do not destroy your ego; it will destroy you.
this information will be challenging to your ego.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #magick #wingnut #conspiracy amg-news.com

In the annals of scientific history, few names evoke as much intrigue and reverence as that of Nikola Tesla. A visionary ahead of his time, Tesla’s groundbreaking inventions have shaped the course of modern civilization. Yet, amidst the accolades and admiration lies a dark secret, shrouded in conspiracy and controversy. Enter HAARP – a clandestine weapon masquerading as a tool of scientific inquiry, its true purpose veiled in deception and deceit.

The Pandora’s Box: HAARP’s Terrifying Potential

HAARP, or the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, ostensibly exists to study the ionosphere and its effects on radio communications. However, beneath this façade lies a sinister truth: HAARP is a weapon of mass manipulation, capable of bending the very fabric of reality to serve the agenda of shadowy overlords.

Central to HAARP’s insidious arsenal is its ability to emit radio frequencies reaching up to a staggering 435 MHz. But it is not the mere range of frequencies that sends shivers down the spine; it is the specific bandwidth between 400-450 MHz that holds the key to unlocking the darkest recesses of the human psyche.
Imagine a world where truth is but a fleeting illusion, where the boundaries between perception and reality blur into obscurity. This is the dystopian reality crafted by HAARP, where minds are shackled and free will becomes a distant memory.

By harnessing the power of Tesla’s technology, HAARP engineers can imprint false memories, induce hallucinations, and manipulate emotions with chilling precision. What we perceive as reality is but a carefully crafted facade, a mirage designed to conceal the puppet strings of our oppressors.

In the face of such insidious tyranny, one might despair and succumb to the shackles of mental enslavement. But let us not forget the indomitable spirit of humanity, forged in the crucible of adversity. Though the forces arrayed against us may seem formidable, they are not invincible.

Alexander Zharkov #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy #mammon supersoldiertalk.com

Today Alexander will teach a technique for SSP <Super Soldier Program> veterans to recover their memories. Begin with 7 deep breaths to get comfortable and then perform a mantra 144 times a day for 40 days. Maintain the intent that you will recover your memories and or energy potential. It’s better to do the meditation in a group of 12 people on a Ley Line, or with a Quartz Crystal.

Alexander is an expert in increasing vital energy. He is also a Parapsychologist, Healer, Positive Psychotherapist, Business Coach, Author of training courses (Discover Your Purpose, People of Light, Master of Light) and the Author of the book “Discover Your Purpose,” Author of transformation games “Creators of the Universe,” “Duality,” “Reverse Synthesis,” “Chaos Algorithms,” “Crystal Sorcerers,” author of the “Development of Consciousness Abilities” deck, author of the “Initial Cap Transformation” method. Guide-conductor of sacred tours to places of Power, Founder and head of Crystal Energy, member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychotherapists, member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychosomatics of Reproductive Perinatal Psychology, Association of Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine, member of the National Psychological Association, member of the Ukrainian Association of Functional Medicine, member of the Association of Child and Family Psychologists of Ukraine, member of the Independent Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians of Ukraine, and member of the International Guild of Writers.

Hannah Michaels #crackpot #fundie #racist #conspiracy vtforeignpolicy.com

The United States of America and Great Britain are God’s Israel. To say “Americans are Israel” doesn’t mean Americans are Jewish. It’s a Christian nation, made up of the descendants of Jacob-Israel, who are part of the 10 lost “forgotten” tribes of Israel.

Jesus instructed his disciples to go minister to these lost sheep, the scattered abroad descendants from the ten lost tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. These descendants would accept Jesus as Christ, and become Christian nations – unlike the Jews of the remaining two of the twelve tribes who were in the Southern Kingdom and had rejected Him.
We have literally accepted that most of Israel vanished, leaving only the descendants of Judah. This cannot be possible given Biblical facts that Israel was going to be multiplied like the “stars of heaven” and “dust of the earth”, while the sons of Judah were going to become a remnant.

What really happened to the other 11 sons and their descendants? They are also listed in Revelation, Chapter 7. This sealed roll-call clarifies that these tribes will be around in Satan’s “end of days”. So where are they?
Genesis 21:12 And God said unto Abraham, Let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, and because of thy bondwoman; in all that Sarah hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac shall thy seed be called [(I)saac’s sons – Saxons].

The English and the Anglo-Americans are Engel-o’-Saxons. And eventually, the British Empire would come to rule the world’s sea-gates, with its empire and commonwealth so large that the sun would not set on it (Psalm 89:34-36). The word “BRIT – ISH” means “man of The Covenant” in Hebrew.
The United Kingdom became a Commonwealth of nations headed by Ephraim – the English, Great Britain. The British Flag is made with the “Alpha and Omega”. The Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the Tau is the last. The flag is also rightfully called the Union Jack, which is short for the Union of Jacob-Israel.

Judith Kusel #magick #ufo #crackpot voyages-of-light.com

Excerpt from a Soul Reading done by Judith Kusel

You first incarnated on earth at the time of the Lion Kingdom, which was the second civilization on earth and then after The Wars of Heavens, when the Lion People from Lyra were given permission to settle on planet earth, as their own home galaxy had been destroyed.

They fled to Sirius and then started to settle on Earth.

They are the master Architects and Engineers and were giants. They created all the megalithic sites on earth and their engineering and architectural feats knew no bounds.

Add to these hydraulic systems and technology which simply stunned. They built the most amazingly beautiful pyramids, temples, buildings with massive hanging gardens which seemed to be suspended midair.

They were 7th to 9th dimensional and were a very noble lion-like people which immense tempered power and superior technological, architectural and engineering knowledge as well as the application of sacred geometries, sacred numbers, mathematics, quantum physics and metaphysics such as the earth have not known since.

A beautiful people with manes of reddish blonde to red hair which they tended to wear in topknot on top of their heads (especially the men).

They had immensely powerful Motherships and space craft and used amphibious craft on earth.

They repaired the crystalline energy grids of the earth and Pyramids and created new Pyramids which are still dispersed all over the earth and knew how to power huge cities and all buildings and sites with the natural telluric energy fields of the earth and that generated from the pyramids and the batteries they installed into the earth as well as the power of water, like in their hydraulic systems.

They created the Nile and all the hydraulic systems which are way beyond human knowledge and ken at this present moment.

Liberty #crackpot #magick #ufo voyages-of-light.com

Today we will continue the conversation about changing the physical parameters of your existence in the new space of the Fifth Dimension for you.

Why did we start this conversation with Time Energy?

Only because this energy manifests itself most noticeably on the physical plane, that is, you can quite easily track the changes occurring with it.

As for space, which also changes its parameters in higher dimensions, it manifests itself less noticeably to you.

And yet it happens.

But first it must be said that space and time are inextricably linked, which is why such an expression as “spatio-temporal parameters” arose.

What is its essence?

First of all, in energy interpenetration .
Space and time in the Fifth Dimension are refracted under the influence of the thoughts and intentions of a higher order being.

This is the essence of the expression “Create reality with the power of thought.”

Your galactic brothers and sisters, who reside in high dimensions, are capable of almost instantly moving to any point in the Universe, only by concentrating their attention on it and expressing a clear intention to be in this place.
So, let’s continue the conversation about how space will change in higher dimensions.

As you already know, high vibrations contribute to the decompression of matter.

For example, thanks to this, your light crystalline bodies will be able to take any form that your consciousness gives them.

The same thing will happen with space, which will shrink and decompress depending on your reaction to it.
Space in its global meaning is space, boundless and infinite.

Just as time does not exist in high dimensions, space as such does not exist there, or rather, the one to which you are accustomed in the three-dimensional world.

In these high-vibration worlds, space is both emptiness and all-encompassing infinity, which your consciousness, accustomed to thinking in linear categories, cannot yet grasp.

And infinity – because space has no boundaries.

Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin/Gerald Clark #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy enkispeaks.com

JESUS AS THOTH-NINGISHZIDDA, LUCIFER’S SON (Lucifer’s also known as Enki, Ea, Nudimmud, Adonai, Apollo, Poseidon, Yam, Neptune, Aquarius, Ptah, Khnemu, Buzur, Nahash, Hephaestus, Vulcan and sometimes, Melchizedek. He glyphed as entwined serpents.)

Clark told Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin that Anunnaki (ETs) from the planet Nibiru used genes from an Earthling humanoid already on Earth to adapt the Nibiran genome to Earth. Clark says the genetic, chemical, debt, war, trade and frequency modulation techniques the Nibirans (and today’s secret rulers they left in charge) keep us enslaved. Clark shows that although the Annunaki themselves prayed to “The Maker of All Things” (the Supreme Being) and even that Enki programmed us to reach enlightenment. But, says Clark, the Annunaki and the governments they control overrode the ascendance-drive with radio frequencies that block our enlightenment while Yahweh (Enlil) and his foremost Warrior Ninurta (Apollo) seek to destroy us.
Jesus rebelled against authoritarian, domination-mindset, competitive, punitive god-fearing war-mongering, Anunnaki-spawned religions.

In some versions of the Jesus story, after he recovered from his crucifixion, he moved to France with his wife, Mary Magdalene [Magdalene claimed Jesus’ body; only a wife can do this;]. In other versions, Magdalene went to France without him and he and Mother Mary walked to Afghanistan. Mary die there and Jesus became an adviser to Afghanistan’s ruler.
Bloodlines, royalty, caste are all instruments of the hierarchical obsession of the Anunnaki who impose hierarchy to feed their lust for power, control and greed.
we’re all holographic partials that contain the light of all other consciousnesses as well as the light of the Creator-of-All. The Creator contains us all.

Lena Rae #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

As you may(or may not) know, I have a connection to the Sun and a unique view of what it is, and what’s going on with it.

I refer to the planet inside the solar shield (what we here on “Earth” call the “Sun”) as “Solaris”.

Recently, scientists have published several observations of un-precidented solar activity, including massive “tears” in the solar sheild.
I should have stood strong, and just told you all this sooner…but I’m here, relaying the info now…

The solar flares/EMP’s and all other increased solar activity ARE REAL.

It’s ALL true.

Now, specifically speaking about Solaris and what is going on with the Sun….That’s going to take a minute to explain.

To understand the increase in Solar activity and the un-usual amount of EMP’s, you 1st need to understand what the “Sun” is.

It’s not what we perseve it to be through the naked eye, or our telecopes and man-made observation mechanisms.

The flaming ball of ignited gas, is actually a sheild.

It becomes liquid further in, and that liquid is only ignited on the surface.

Inside the flaming sheild, inside the liquid fuel source, there is a solid core.

That solid core, is a planet-sized object, larger than our own planet, and it does harbor “life forms” with concious intelligence, civilizations and technology of their own.

These beings I refer to as “Solarians”.

Their basic function is to operate and maintain the sun.

The “Sun” is a power-source and CONTROL STATION for the rest of the SOLAR System.
What the Solarians are doing at this time, is amassing energy and calibrating for an enourmous EMP, directed at the broken moons of Mars.

Their plan is to magnetically polarize the 2 halves, and pull them back together.

This will create a fiery re-birth of Mar’s moon, and re-start the tidal flows on that planet.
That’s the truth of what’s going on with the “Sun” and how the dead-eyed non-leaders of the world are using it to their advantage.

The next Solar Eclipse on April 8th is going to be….Interesting…To say the least.

Noel Joshua Hadley #crackpot #fundie #conspiracy theunexpectedcosmology.com

THE MUD flood happened. Best to come to terms with that fact now. For the remainder of this read, I am more than happy to play the part of the tour guide and show you the hidden reality buried beneath us. You have been warned though. The implications are glaring. We have been lied to, again. His-Story has been hidden from us. Therefore, it is not, nor will it ever be my intention however to convince you that it happened. Many will kick and scream and only move forward should somebody drag them
by the hair, but I refuse to do that. Debates are elementary. Sometimes a gentleman scholar simply offers to hold the door open, which is precisely what is happening at this very moment. At the very least it can be said that you noticed. And so, here is your offer. It is entirely up to you to walk through.
It took an entire year of investigating the mud flood before I was willing to go with my gut instincts and declare my intent to investigate the literal reign of Yahusha HaMashiach as already having happened upon this earth. If you are wondering where that pits us on the timeline, we would be those souls inhabiting the short season. Sounds legit if you ask me. Look around. We’re being lied to about everything.

Once more, the aim of my writings is not to convince you that the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah happened upon the earth. I mean, I believe it went down, or else I wouldn’t have written a book on the subject. A literal and physical thousand-year reign with Yahusha HaMashiach holding the scepter. That is why the mud flood is so important to the discussion. It serves as a divider of sorts—a mile marker. The mud flood was a reset, more like a series of interconnected resets, intended to erase the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah from our consciousness so that HaSatan could go about doing his work. Perhaps you have come to the same conclusions as I have. If so, then awesome. Woot-woot.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Unprecedented ripples of destruction
In the outer dimensional fields

Appear as a series of explosive demolitions
Of AI supercomputer networks and their subsidiary machinery

An enormous amount of light particles and left over debris
Is being flung through space

The breakdown of artificial magnetic fields
Results in fireballs of light

Which reverberate omnidirectionally
With tidal waves of released condensed scalar energy

Generating sudden shocking and surreal events
Such as a lightning bolt out of the blue

Anti life currents run by reversal networks
And metatronic implants operating in the collective consciousness energy field
Are timekeeper mechanisms that cause an assortment of phase disruptions

Lunar rods which send out Caduceus implants
Is another time dialation technology
That distorts organic time fields

Are all being rendered inoperative

In the Sumerian Egyptian invasion
Humanitys diamond sun DNA was disconnected

The 8th and 12th portals were blocked
Resulting in the blocking of the 8th and 12th chakras

2024 is the year of the Yang Dragon
And spinning octahedrons are projecting out multiple rainbow arcs
That immediately expand and vaporize the completely negative and spiritually abusive

April 4 or 4 4 24 is the alignment of Neptune Venus Saturn and Mars
April 8 or 8 4 24 will be the fake eclipse centered on New Madrid

10 miles above in the sky is the Blue Dragon complex

Get ready for a power outage or some trigger event like a major earthquake
That will be blamed on a solar flare
Which will be blamed on the planetary alignment and fake eclipse!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Lunar gravitational attraction is supposed to cause earths ocean tides
It is supposed to be strong enough to move trillions of gallons of water
But not strong enough to move anything else

The worlds lakes ponds and marshes should be similarly affected with tides

If there really was a force strong enough to hold down oceans on a spinning ball
We would be stuck to the ground

At the north pole is a lodestone mountain that is the location of the plasma drift current
Whose electrical forces cause the surrounding water to become a massive whirlpool

The maelstrom reverses direction every 6 hours
Alternately pulling in and pushing out the oceans water

It is the breath of the universe
Inhaling and exhaling twice per day
Making for 4 daily cycles of pushing and pulling
It causes the waves to rush in and rush out again with fearful rapidity

Around the whirlpool is a dark mist which hardly can be penetrated by the eyes

With furious impetuosity sailors have been drawn into the abysmal chasm
As they implore the mercy of God

Sometimes as if by a miracle they are saved from the instant peril
Of being drawn into natures secret recesses
But it is really by the reversal of the current

The breath of god causes the winds in open caverns to reverse their flow
With accompanying dreadful roaring
Gods smoky exhalations and sulfurous flames appear

When there is a great data harvest
In which the heavens are torn apart
And the sky is rent in twain
The fountain of the deep will arise

In the halo of the blue beam lamp
Energy will be amplified

The worlds ley lines will become more energized
Hot springs will reach higher with more intensity
Dormant springs will come to life

Shearing folds and fault planes on the surface will be triggered
Volcanoes will erupt

Liquefaction will cause mountains to melt
And the earth will split open at various places

It is the day when the inverted dome breaks
And strange glowing lights appear in the sudden darkness!

Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyages-of-light.com

imageWe speak as one. We speak as the voices with the elders and ancient ones. We are the Divine Feathered Serpent Being. We speak as pleural for we are a melding of many souls and consciousness. We speak to the whole of humanity just as we speak now as whole. (I am seeing a vibrantly colored serpent of many shining iridescent colors with feathers in plumes along its spine and sides. Its eyes have the reflection of Gaia and its energy is kind and ancient.)
You are Source fractals and as such you are Source. Just as these feathers upon me are an aspect, an extension of myself, they have my DNA and my essence within them, and if they choose to hop off and have an experience or create as an extension of me they are free to do so.
(I am seeing Uluru.) Uluru is a portal, a haven, a sanctuary for interdimensional contact points and it will be fully opened. In fact all of the interdimensional contact points will be more fully opened in the days and weeks ahead for it can’t not be so, it must be so as the energetics rise to meet the founding energetics.
Many of you have been trained to fear the snake form because of the reptillianoids. I am not like them. I have been in existence long before their idea came to pass. (I am seeing this heavily feathered serpent become so heavily feathered it looks like a caterpillar and it is singing the song of creation as it travels through the cosmos.)

Erena Velazquez #conspiracy #crackpot #magick voyages-of-light.com

Good Morning Everyone,

I am Nikola Tesla, and I am happy to be back with my new message to humankind through this channel.

After leaving Earth I was able to gently transition to a new body to continue to be a researcher in higher realms and make useful contributions in developing new and safe technologies. I don’t miss my human life at all, as it was very challenging to make innovations and implement them into a real world during those times.

My attempts to bring humanity new and advance technology were suppressed by a lack of money or by Darkness. The Dark Ones controlled which invention was going to be allowed to be introduced to humans. Same thing goes for so called medical beds, many sources are claiming, that they know, when the medical beds are going to be available to the public. No one on Earth has any idea including the Alliance, when the medical beds are going to be released to the public.

The Galactic Light Forces are not communicating with any humans on Gaia about the medical beds. It’s another false narrative made up by mankind. Most of the information comes from unreliable sources that cannot be trusted. Humans, who claim that they are well connected to the information about the medical beds, are lying to you. The technological innovations to New Earth, will be brought to you by Light Beings outside this planet.

Until all of the Corrupted Souls are removed from their power positions around the globe, the medical beds will not be available. The Dark Outworlders would never share their technologies. Everything, what the Secret Space Program acquired from outside this planet, are outdated and primitive technology, which is not suitable for improving your well being in any meaningful way. The medical beds are not very advanced either, as many are claiming, they would not solve overall most of the issues, that humankind is experiencing now.

:The-Great-Work. #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy thegreatwork208716197.wordpress.com

Humans are born into an assumed subject/slave status which extremely few ever realize and challenge. For example, did you sign a contract granting authority to anyone to tell you what to do and not do, to dictate any/all details of your life, and that they may take however much of your property for whatever purposes they like? Of course no sane individual has or would sign such one-sided nonsense.

Creating a valid contract requires that you personally (not someone else on your behalf) agree to and sign it knowingly, willingly, voluntarily, and intentionally – without any threats/force/coercion. So even if some people did actually agree, you can only apply and enforce any such contract upon those specific individuals who agreed to and signed it. No claims or exceptions to the contrary have any possible validity whatsoever.
Since obviously no such valid contract exists, instead, the liars, thieves, and parasites who call themselves “government” maintain their illusion of “legitimacy” and “authority” via various frauds, lies, and nonsense foisted upon the ignorant and gullible masses, such as “voting”, bogus “constitutions”, “divine-right”, etc. All the supposed “titles” given to some supposedly “important” humans, such as “president”, “prime-minister”, “emperor”, “king”, etc., are all just lies, frauds, idolatry, and nonsense. We already live in anarchy; we just have masses of gullible believers/followers.

The supposed “laws” of these fraudulent “government” bureaucrats are likewise of no validity or authority. In reality there are no “laws” – the very idea of “law” is a lie used to brainwash the naive and gullible masses into submission and “compliance”. The pretended “law” is really just ordinary words or meaningless scribbles, but the vast majority of humans hallucinate them to be “special words” or “orders” which “must be obeyed”.

Now imagine the freedom revolution that will occur when we persuade a critical mass of humans to wake up to these realities!