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Of Quantum and Constants

Have you encountered seemingly contradictory passages while reading the Bible? How about logical impossibilities that cannot be resolved rationally? Albert Einstein once said: “Quantum Mechanics is demanding great awe. Bur an inner voice tells me it is not the Real Jacob. The theory delivers much, but it brings us not much closer to the Secret of the Old One. In any case, I am convinced that the [god] does not throw dice.”

“The physicist Daniel Bühne takes up this theme and comes to remarkable results. Namely, many phenomena such as Wave-Particle-Dualism, the Uncertainty Relation or Quantum Entanglement can help to deal with topics of tension within the Bible better, to find hits towards its reliability and to accept the limits of knowledge. This book aims to inspire to marvel at God’s work anew and to strengthen trust in him. The reader of this very recommendable book will discover in awe that access to the Bible is possible even through physical phenomena and that Faith can be deepened.” (Dir. u. Prof. a. D. Dr.-Ing. Werner Gittt)

Original GermanVon Quanten und Konstanten

Sind Sie beim Lesen der Bibel auf vermeintlich widersprüchliche Stellen gestoßen? Wie ist es mit logischen Unvereinbarkeiten, die sich verstandesmäßig nicht auflösen lassen? Albert Einstein sagte einmal: »Die Quantenmechanik ist sehr Achtung gebietend. Aber eine innere Stimme sagt mir, dass das noch nicht der wahre Jakob ist. Die Theorie liefert viel, aber dem Geheimnis des Alten bringt sie uns kaum näher. Jedenfalls bin ich überzeugt, dass der [Gott] nicht würfelt.«

»Dieser Thematik nimmt sich der Physiker Daniel Bühne an und kommt zu bemerkenswerten Ergebnissen. So können Phänomene wie der Welle-Teilchen-Dualismus, die Unschärferelation oder die Verschränkung von Quantenteilchen uns helfen, mit Spannungsfeldern der Bibel besser umzugehen, Hinweise für ihre Zuverlässigkeit zu finden und Grenzen der Erkenntnis zu akzeptieren. Das Buch soll anregen, neu über Gottes Werk zu staunen, und das Vertrauen auf ihn stärken. Die Leser dieses sehr empfehlenswerten Buches werden staunend erkennen, dass selbst mithilfe physikalischer Phänomene ein Zugang zur Bibel möglich ist und der Glaube vertieft werden kann.« (Dir. u. Prof. a. D. Dr.-Ing. Werner Gitt)

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Prayer Healings, Speaking in Tongues, Signs and Miracles
…in the Light of the Bible.

The following topics are illuminated.
- Be filled with the Spirit
- The pleading for the Holy Spirit and baptism with the Holy Spirit
- Woman’s place according to the Bible
- Signs and miracles
- Miracles in history
- Healing of the sick
- Healing of infidels
- The meaning of James 5
- Miraculous powers or obedience?
- Is the healing of the body included in Reconciliation?
- Some more characteristics of error
- The non-recognition of the Lord Jesus as Lord
- The questioning of the deity of the Lord Jesus

Original GermanGebetsheilungen, Zungenreden, Zeichen und Wunder
... im Licht der Bibel

Folgende Themen werden beleuchtet:

- Werdet mit dem Geist erfüllt
- Das Bitten um den Heiligen Geist und die Taufe mit dem Heiligen Geist
- Reden in Sprachen (Zungenreden)
- Die Stellung der Frau nach der Bibel
- Zeichen und Wunder
- Wunder in der Geschichte
- Krankenheilungen
- Heilung von Ungläubigen
- Die Bedeutung von Jakobus 5
- Wunderkräfte oder Gehorsam?
- Ist die Heilung des Körpers in der Versöhnung inbegriffen?
- Einige weitere Kennzeichen des Irrtums
- Die Nichtanerkennung des Herrn Jesus als Herr
- Die Infragestellung der Gottheit des Herrn Jesus

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consequences of your bad acts. you become the target 🎯 of Devils.

Why are there not more people talking about the real consequences of lying? The truth is more terrifying than you think. According to the Quran chapter 26: 221 and 222, there's a grave warning for liars: These verses tell us that evil creatures, known as shayateen, are drawn to those who lie. They whisper destructive ideas and deceit, spreading chaos in society. This isn't some superstitious talk, it's a stark reality. When you lie you, become a magnet for these dark Forces. They don't just visit, they infest, aiming to propagate more lies and confusion if you choose deceit.

Timothy Alberino and Dr Michael Salla #crackpot #ufo #fundie #magick exopolitics.org

Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels, ETs and Cryptoterrestrials

Timothy Alberino has provided an introduction and commentary in a newly released compendium to the three books of Enoch that has co-edited. Contrary to conventional archeological scholarship, he asserts that the first Book of Enoch (aka Ethiopian Book of Enoch) predates Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphic texts. Alberino believes that Enoch 1 provides an accurate historical account of a pre-diluvial world that used advanced technologies before being overtaken by cataclysmic events associated with the Great Flood approximately 9600 years ago.

He claims that the Fallen Angels, aka Watchers, precipitated the Great Flood and events that led to their destruction along with other civilizations such as Atlantis, as discussed by Plato. Alberino believes that Book of Enoch references to the “Son of Man” refer to a future Messiah (Jesus of Nazareth) that would deliver humanity rather than an individual that has ascended to a higher state of consciousness through advanced training in Egyptian mystery schools and similar mystical traditions in other parts of the world. He points out that the Crypoterrestrial Hypothesis which has gained greater prominence over the last decade, may be related to Deep State plans to conduct a false flag UFO event using hybrid beings bred on Earth and in Deep Underground Military Bases rather than off-world alien visitors.

George Kavassilas and Dr Michael Salla #ufo #crackpot #magick #god-complex #conspiracy exopolitics.org

Extraterrestrial Contact and the Fractal Nature of the Universal Heart Soul Essence

In 2003, George Kavassilas had a life-changing experience with a group of extraterrestrials from Sirius, Arcturus, and Lyra star systems, whom he deems his galactic family. He says that after being transported from a Sirian scout ship to a larger mothership with many races on board, he had an out-of-body experience where his consciousness went on a journey where he encountered the fractal nature of all reality. Kavassilas’ out of body experience propelled him into a new understanding of one’s soul essence as a fractal of a much larger universal consciousness. He believes that the human avatar body is unique insofar as we can experience the full fractal nature of our universe and the more expansive omniverse, while other extraterrestrials can only do so partially.

One year later, Kavassilas was abducted by an agency within the Pentagon responsible for tracking individuals who have had extraterrestrial contact or profound physical frequency charges. He says he met with former US President George H.W. Bush, and was tortured and experienced mind wipes. After his 2003 experience he accepted an ambassadorial position with what he called the Galactic Confederation of Light for a couple of years, but has since stopped working directly with any extraterrestrial organization.

Kavassilas asserts that while there are both positive and negative extraterrestrial organizations, they all to varying degrees ultimately promote an imperial project. This has led to him focusing his energies on helping individuals integrate the fractal nature of their heart soul essence with the universe. Nevertheless, he believes that individuals can benefit from positive extraterrestrial organizations, as he did, and encourages individuals to be open to all possibilities as we enter tumultuous End Times.

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The Matriarchal Age is now Favorable by Divine Edict

It is interchangeable in nature to the millennial reign that is governed by the Bride.

The Matriarch is not defined by biological gender but by principles of nature and order.

Think in terms of the laws of physics, the laws of nature and the laws of the land.

The Patriarchal Age ended in April and the Matriarch was by divine edict favored in June. The Matriarchal Age will be established at the time of the millennial reign or about.

The Patriarchal Age came to the end of its mathematical thought which produced binary code and its implements which required a lot of fast-food restaurants and waste to get the job done.

The millennial reign at a very fundamental level will be the very beginning of earth being a type 1 civilization.

Whatever is oxymoron to a type 1 civilization will not persist.

Welcome to the new era !

Tyson's Mudfossil Adventures #crackpot #fundie #conspiracy youtube.com

This is muscle with Connective tissues, it is not volcanic intrusions or feeder dikes. This is not intrusive basalt, it has never seen heat nor pressures! You never see these patterns ever reproduced in volcanism. NEVER! This is Biology on carcasses that actually form the earth. Creation is not from 5 billion years of evolutionary volcanism like we have been led to believe from godless scientists that only search for one narative to get a paycheck and manipulate the science to fit the narrative. You have been DECEIVED by academia !.

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(Curiously categorised in Books > Business and Career > Finances)

Jesus Was a Republican

What does it mean to be a good Christian? If you go to church, does that do it? If you give to charity, does that do it? If you bring your friends to a prayer group and get them involved in the church, does that do it? What if you see a homeless man on the street and you buy him a meal or even get him a job? Does that make you a good Christian? The answer is no. Kind acts are important but at the core of what makes someone a good Christian is not an act or two. It's all about the values. A good Christian will dedicate him or herself to following a strict adherence to the values set forth by Jesus Christ. This book explores precisely that question: What did Jesus believe when it came to Taxes, Abortion, Homosexuality, the Death Penalty and Guns and this book will conclusively demonstrate using Holy Scripture that Jesus, were he alive today, would most certainly be a Republican. Moreover, he would denounce the Democratic Party and would never view them as good Christians.

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Quadrature of the Circle with Compass and Straightedge and a Surprising Result for the Value of π in π R^2

It is general believe and deemd to be proven that the value of π in the formula for calculating the area of a circle; i.e. π r^2, is identical to the value of π in theformula for calculating the circumference of a circle; i.e. 2π r, which is irrational.Therefore, quadrature (or squaring) of the circle with compass and straightedge (or ruler) has been deemed to be impossible. We show that this was a prejudice and proof that quadrature is possible and clearly delivers π = 3 in the formula π r2 for calculating the area of the circle. We also show a physical experiment thatunambiguously proofs this result.

Günter Bechly and the Discovery Institute #fundie #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt youtube.com

Gunter [sic] Bechly Explains What The Fossil Evidence Really Says

In this bonus interview released as part of the Science Uprising series, paleontologist Gunter [sic] Bechly unveils the truth behind the fossil record. There are multiple trade secrets among paleontologists. Chief among them is that Darwin's insistence on gradualism was motivated by his understanding that the dramatic jumps found in the fossil record imply intervention. Darwin hoped that time would reveal his desperately needed transitional fossils. It has not, and what science has learned since Darwin's day would've shattered his hopes as Bechly explains.

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Doesn’t Matter?
The Gender Hierarchy - a cultural construct or Creator’s intent?

Does it not matter that there are men and women?
Does it not matter that two men enter a marriage?
Does it not matter if a woman stands at the pulpit?

Andreas Steinmeister puts society and congregation to the Biblical standard. What he finds and uncovers is simultaneously disturbing and alarming.
Reformation means bringing back things to their original form. That, precisely, is the author’s goal. He does not leave it merely sounding alarm, but points out a way that honours the Creator first and preserves the people in society and in the congregation from self-destruction and loss.

Original GermanSpielt keine Rolle?
Die Geschlechterordnung - eine kulturelle Konstruktion odder Absicht des Schöpfers?

Spielt es keine Rolle, dass es Männer und Frauen gibt?
Spielt es keine Rolle, dass zwei Männer eine Ehe schließen?
Spielt es keine Rolle, wenn eine Frau auf der Kanzel steht?

Andreas Steinmeister legt den Maßstab der Bibel an die Gesellschaft und an die Gemeinde. Was er herausfindet und aufdeckt, ist beunruhigend und alarmierend zugleich.
Reformation heißt, Dinge in ihre ursprüngliche Form zu bringen. Genau das ist das Ziel des Autors. Er belässt es nicht beim Alarmschlagen, sondern zeigt einen Weg auf, der zuerst dem Schöpfer die Ehre gibt und der den Menschen in der Gesellschaft und in der Gemeinde vor Selbstzerstörung und Verlust bewahrt.

Stefan Drüeke and a Creation Museum in Wuppertal #fundie csv-verlag.de

Traces of the Creator

Creation or Evolution? This is a question bothering many these days. This magazine gives answer and shows the traces of the Creator in his Creation. We find these traces within the starry sky, within a cell’s genome, within an anemone and within a gecko.
This magazine is also used as a museum guide in the Creation Museum in Wuppertal. However, it can also be used independently from a trip to the Creation Museum.

Original GermanSpuren des Schöpfers

Schöpfung oder Evolution? Das ist eine Frage, die heute viele beschäftigt. Dieses Heft gibt Antwort und zeigt die Spuren des Schöpfers in seiner Schöpfung. Wir finden diese Spuren am Sternenhimmel, im Erbgut einer Zelle, bei einer Anemone und einem Gecko …

Dieses Heft wird auch als Museumsführer des Schöpfungsmuseum in Wuppertal eingesetzt. Es kann aber auch unabhängig von einem Besuch im Schöpfungsmuseum verwendet werden.

Sarah Breksman Cosme and Michael Salla #ufo #quack #magick #crackpot exopolitics.org

Sarah Breskman Cosme has worked with hundreds of QHHT [AN: “Quantum Healing Hypnoses Technique”] clients who have shared stunning information regarding Ancient Egypt, creator gods, Atlantis, and extraterrestrial visitors. In this Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses why she began to organize tours to Egypt, the latest of which Dr. Michael Salla attended. They discuss her latest Egypt tour and what different temples they visited signify in terms of extraterrestrials teaching humanity advanced knowledge and healing modalities.

Breskman Cosme also covers controversial topics such as Coronal Mass Ejections; how human blood types related to ETs; how space arks have been used for planetary evacuations; and three timelines for humanity that emerge as a consequence of the rise of Artificial Intelligence and transhumanism. She believes that the optimum path for humanity is an organic ascension process that individuals undergo as they awaken to their roles in the ancient past, connecting with ET visitors, and what all this means for the future.

A Deplorable Neanderthal [Moderator] #conspiracy #quack godlikeproductions.com

New Excuse Has Just Dropped - Fish Oil Can Cause Heart Attacks and Strokes
Fish Oil Supplements Linked to First-Time Heart Problems

May 22, 2024 – One of the most widely used dietary supplements may pose heart health risks to otherwise healthy people.

A large new study has linked fish oil supplements to getting heart problems like an irregular heartbeat or having a stroke.


[gif of a clown in a tutu doing rudimentary dance]

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99% of sexhavers are secretly gay (Scientific proof)

When a woman blows her bf/husband, very often, the man will kiss her after that and even full on makeout with her. He's literally kissing and making out with his own private parts and traces of his own ejaculate.

Meanwhile, us Incels have class and would never interact in such faggotry.

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There are no more secrets! You can instantly know everything you need.

The magnetic grid holds the power that is yours in its right. Now is the time to reclaim the power that you have left behind in the grid as a result of your many incarnations on planet Earth. Yes, the grid remembers and knows everything about you! It stores this knowledge for yourself. So that one day you also remember everything about yourself and become who you really are.

All you have to do is be fragmented! It is enough not to remember ourselves and not to know our strength. Now you can, figuratively speaking, put yourself together piece by piece into a single whole. Now you have nothing to hide your power from yourself.


Because the grid has a honeycomb structure, you can visualize the cell of the honeycomb that you align with your energy field – and thereby connect to the grid. You can simply visualize the filaments of golden light connecting you to the Cosmos. You can imagine yourself in a pillar of golden light – and thereby come into contact with the grid. Dear ones, whatever and however you imagine, it will work if your visualization is combined with your intention.

Remember, the grid is your means of communication with God and the higher dimensions. It is a means of connecting everyone with everyone – each person with everyone. This is a means of communication between you and yourself! Discover the possibilities of the grid – now there are no limits to it. And you will discover how much is now available to you – as much as has never been before in the history of mankind

Ultra MAGA Dan and Citizen Free Press #wingnut godlikeproductions.com

Richard Nixon was Right!

As history unfolds, the people we were told were the villains in school actually turn out to be people that were just trying to save the country. This includes people like Nixon and Joseph McCarthy. Now they are trying villainize Trump, but the people are wising up!

Citizen Free Press, Twitter

Nixon, now more than ever.

"The professors are the enemy. Professors are the enemy. Write that on the blackboard 100 times and never forget it."

The Why Files #conspiracy #ufo youtube.com

The Dark Pyramid of Alaska | Military Cover-up of a Forbidden Collaboration

In a remote corner of Alaska, a military officer stumbles upon a chilling discovery—an enormous pyramid buried deep under the icy wilderness, possibly larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. The initial sighting during a seismic event leads to whispers of ancient technologies and hidden histories.

The local news coverage mysteriously vanishes overnight. Witnesses and insiders offer conflicting stories, fueling speculations about secret military involvement and otherworldly energies.

It's become known as the Dark Pyramid or Black Pyramid. What are the origins of this enigmatic structure? Why is it buried? Why so much security and secrecy? Could this be buried technology that holds truths about our past and power beyond our understanding?

Anti-Language Award

Spooky_Heejin #racist #sexist incels.is

Hoeflation: Dysgenic inbred 2/10 Asian zogbot in the army gets a 9/10 nigtard.

The US military is now letting their zogbot army post their sexual fetishes online. Imagine saying "muh, i let black guys fuck me" for the world to see in your army uniform that's representing the hundreds of thousands of men who died for the country you live in.

This short inbred 2/10 zipperhead is getting with a 6 foot plus nigger who completely mogs her in every way possible. Imagine how fugly the child will look. I guarantee you if it's a son and he doesn't get the bbc genes he's toast and will likely become a member on here. It goes to show if that's the best he can get, then all of us here are fucked forever.

Lydia Netzer #ableist theneurotypical.com

The conflicted behaviours of AS; the so-called “cuteness” and then extreme bullying which is noted by Lydia Netzer; are present throughout that person’s life. These behaviours carry into all close relationships.

Autism is not cute in the privacy of their own home. It is tyrannical and controlling; all “cuteness”, charm they display outside the home completely disappears. This is the Jekyll and Hyde described by Prof Tony Attwood. Their prompt dependence is never acknowledged by them, like Lydia’s son has, and when they are helped by a spouse/partner they become angry and they bully and berate that person. Conflict and chaos are what happens when AS is involved.

It would be very helpful if AS adults admit that his/her spouse helps them cope with life.

Joseph P. Farrell #conspiracy #crackpot #magick amazon.com

Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations

Pursuing his investigations of high financial fraud, international banking, hidden systems of finance, black budgets and breakaway civilizations, author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell investigates the theory that there were not two levels to the 9/11 event, but three. He says that the twin towers were downed by the force of an exotic energy weapon, one similar to the Tesla energy weapon suggested by Dr. Judy Wood, and ties together the tangled web of missing money, secret technology and involvement of portions of the Saudi royal family. Farrell unravels the many layers behind the 9-11 attack, layers that include the Deutschebank, the Bush family, the German industrialist Carl Duisberg, Saudi Arabian princes and the energy weapons developed by Nikola Tesla before WWII. It is Farrell at his best–uncovering the massive financial fraud, special operations and hidden technology of the breakaway civilization.Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery

Jack Dorsey #wingnut twitter.com

There are only three truly censorship resistant technologies at scale today: tor, bitcoin, and nostr.

All are currently niche…showing most of the world doesn’t actually care about censorship.

Granted, these technologies aren’t yet accessible or easy to use. But…they will be!

The Spirit Science #crackpot #magick #mammon youtube.com

Money and Spirituality DO go together! Come and discover how you can transform your spiritual financial paradigm today 🔮 https://www.spiritmysteries.com/SMM

Light is an essential building block of everything, if not the singular building block which creates all things. Even though from our vantage point, it may appear as though we are dense physical beings, all of the particles that make up our existence are merely a mass of light vibrating much slower and tighter together.

DogWater76 #crackpot #conspiracy reddit.com

Are they trying to hack the universe?

I was watching a couple of Billie Carson's video's about how we're in a computer simulation/light matrix and it got me wondering what the motivation is behind the current shadow agenda.

I'm convinced they're trying to hack the universal code at the moment, and the end times is like an anti-virus installed in the program. Basically they're trying to make a metaphorical philosophers stone.

Some things to back it up would be the hadron collider looking for secrets in our universe. The fact that computer programs can be hacked reveals the possibility that the universe can indeed be hacked.

The full on acceleration to AI even though the risk to humanity is severe seems like a crazy idea until you realize they're trying to accomplish something with it.

If they really are trying to depopulate the world and reduce the population to like 10% so they can rule over it, that honestly sounds like a guise. Like wouldn't you get bored?

I'm a bit incoherent with these thoughts, but if I had a trillion billion dollars, I'd probably want to hack the universe and talk to god too.


I just realized it's a similar story to the tower of Babel, like history repeating itself somehow.

Nick Alvear et al. and Operation Q #wingnut #conspiracy #racist humorousmathematics.com

This powerfully culminating documentary from Good Lion Films was directed, produced and written by Nick Alvear. Showcasing the Freemasonic Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal takedown stemming from the 2016 election, to the capitulation tour of President Donald J. Trump (current CIC), BRICS, Executive Orders, Federal Directives, COVID-19, the rigged 2020 election, Joe Biden’s funeral, the January 6 setup and how the continuity of government (devolution) through current events taking place will usher in the greatest time ever known on Earth. The film was released on September 17, 2023 on GoodLionTV's X page (post since deleted by creator) and GoodLionTV's Rumble channel with a running length of 1 hour 20 minutes.
Furthermore, CIC Donald Trump has gone on to vindicate the claims of Derek Johnson and Jon Herold regarding continuity of government/devolution at a September 27, 2023 speech in Clinton Township, Michigan provided by RSBN. At 51:04 in the full speech Trump says "In my second term, which we're sort of having now, but I don't want the results right? I don't want the results of this second term, this second term is a disaster for this country. Worst President, think of it, there's never been a President like this." Trump is acknowledging that he is in fact CIC/POTUS behind the scenes of the fake Joe Bidan Shadow Presidency which has intentionally pegged the Joe Bidan double as the "fall guy" for making a disaster of the United States. This was designed to help wake up the masses as to what it feels like to be led by a communist/globalist puppet who cares more about funding a war oversees than securing his own borders. Q warned us years in advance in drops 4461 and 4951, "It had to be this way."

Destroyed lonely #sexist #crackpot incels.is

The final and most brutal blackpill of all is that women aren't attracted to men

Chad isn't just a highly "above average" man, he's some sort of hyperborean intersex angel with tall height and big dick, but

- Tall isn't a male trait, being tallER-than-foids is, but foids aren't content with that they want TALL

- Big dick isn't a male trait, having a dick is, the size of it is irrelevant to the authenticity of gender

- The face of a Greek God with prominent facial bones isn't a male trait, it's a Greek God trait

- Making a lot of money isn't a male trait, it's the trait of an species called "rich man"

- Being muscular isn't a male trait, it's the trait of roided bodybuilders

- Having a mogger warrior skull isn't a male trait, it's a trait of 0.000001% of men

- Having an exaggerated triangular body shape isn't a male trait, it's the trait of 0.0000001% of men

- Being a psychopath isn't a male trait, it's a psychopath trait

Some desired traits in men are even fundamentally anti-male, like not having too much body hair and not balding, and having a "pretty" face

On the other hand, men desire traits that are present in MOST women, like wide hips, boobs, long hair, XX chromosome, vagina

"Sub8", "80/20 rule", "hypergamy", "Chad only", etc are all just symptoms of a much bigger issue: women just don't like male bodies, they like some glorified superhuman version of it, men can't aspire to be a "man" to be sexually attractive while women only need to be a "woman" to be sexually attractive

On the scale of 0-10 on how much different people like male bodies: straight men and lesbian women are 0, straight women are 2 MAX, gay men are 5

On the scale of 0-10 on how much different people like female bodies: straight men and lesbian women are 10, straight women are 9, gay men are 8

This is the root cause of the blackpill

Logic55 #racist #sexist incels.is

Interracial marriage and dating should be illegal

White men are entitled to white women.
Brown men are entitled to brown women.
Black men are entitled to black women.
Asian men are entitled to Asian women.

Imagine if interracial dating and marriage was banned, no group of men will be deprived of women because they are sticking to their own kind. I don't see anything wrong with this idea because asian men will finally be able to mate with women of their own race, they won't have to worry about their women Being stolen by white chads or Tyrones. It's fair. There will be no racial conflicts. All races will live in peace

Flagellum_Dei #sexist #psycho #wingnut incels.is

Why foid genitals mutilation is necessary for civilization to function properly

By their roastbeefs not being mutilated comes unleashed barbaric foid nature which leads to hypergamy and other degenerations. As we can see today, giving foids any power results in decay of entire nations and downfall in every aspect. Their troglodytic attitude is destructive towards any form of greater community, since it's a obstacle to human progress. By mutilating their genitals, human race supervise that foid cattle won't have opportunity to sabotage existence of civilization. All of their power comes from having monopoly over 'their' bodies and when it's taken away, then all of their might used to oppress nonchads suddenly disappears. It's the only way to make sure that humanity is safe from decay caused by hypergamy.

BASSFZz #sexist youtube.com

Women's Feelings Vs Honor And Virtue

Why isn't Honor and Virtue the most important thing to women? It's because their feelings are more important to them than anything, and men aren't people unless they're attracted to them or their brother. XD

Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyages-of-light.com

imageWe speak as one. We speak as the voices with the elders and ancient ones. We are the Divine Feathered Serpent Being. We speak as pleural for we are a melding of many souls and consciousness. We speak to the whole of humanity just as we speak now as whole. (I am seeing a vibrantly colored serpent of many shining iridescent colors with feathers in plumes along its spine and sides. Its eyes have the reflection of Gaia and its energy is kind and ancient.)
You are Source fractals and as such you are Source. Just as these feathers upon me are an aspect, an extension of myself, they have my DNA and my essence within them, and if they choose to hop off and have an experience or create as an extension of me they are free to do so.
(I am seeing Uluru.) Uluru is a portal, a haven, a sanctuary for interdimensional contact points and it will be fully opened. In fact all of the interdimensional contact points will be more fully opened in the days and weeks ahead for it can’t not be so, it must be so as the energetics rise to meet the founding energetics.
Many of you have been trained to fear the snake form because of the reptillianoids. I am not like them. I have been in existence long before their idea came to pass. (I am seeing this heavily feathered serpent become so heavily feathered it looks like a caterpillar and it is singing the song of creation as it travels through the cosmos.)

Galaxygirl #crackpot #magick voyages-of-light.com

(I am seeing a group of nine golden beings. A tall golden woman with long hair is speaking to me. They are all stunningly beautiful and wearing golden togas with golden adornments.) Beautiful humans, we are the Golden Ones of Time and of No Time. We speak from beyond time space, from beyond the templates and constructs of your reality, from beyond your dreams we exist. We exist within the breath of the All, of the golden thought of creation. For there is much to create in this now and we see some of you having some difficulty with the creation process within these energies of late. These energies have been kept from your world for a while now as vibrationally things were not in alignment. But now that your earth body is within this celestial quadrant of vibrational codices much can and will change. We see this altering as being made manifest as crystalline within and without your fields. Gaia’s codices are changing to more of a crystalline, in fact she is already crystalline.
We are the Golden Ones of Time and of No Time here to lend our vibrational assistance. We are made of the vibrational frequencies of gold as you understand it and of the energy of purity behind the gold, as it is the original of Source code within physical form made manifest. The creation code has much of the feeling of gold in it and as such is is valued for its creative properties all over the multiverse. There is something special in itself of gold. Many metals of course are needed within the physical plane but gold is universally accepted as set apart, as special. (I am seeing a goldsmith craft a variety of beautiful objects out of gold).
We are the Golden Ones of Time and No Time. We salute you to your success.

(Submitter’s note: Extremely repetitive even for Galaxygirl; Gold/gold occurs slmost forty times, not counting tags and headings.)

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am Nikola Tesla, and I am happy to be back with my new message to humankind through this channel.

After leaving Earth I was able to gently transition to a new body to continue to be a researcher in higher realms and make useful contributions in developing new and safe technologies. I don’t miss my human life at all, as it was very challenging to make innovations and implement them into a real world during those times.

My attempts to bring humanity new and advance technology were suppressed by a lack of money or by Darkness. The Dark Ones controlled which invention was going to be allowed to be introduced to humans. Same thing goes for so called medical beds, many sources are claiming, that they know, when the medical beds are going to be available to the public. No one on Earth has any idea including the Alliance, when the medical beds are going to be released to the public.

The Galactic Light Forces are not communicating with any humans on Gaia about the medical beds. It’s another false narrative made up by mankind. Most of the information comes from unreliable sources that cannot be trusted. Humans, who claim that they are well connected to the information about the medical beds, are lying to you. The technological innovations to New Earth, will be brought to you by Light Beings outside this planet.

Until all of the Corrupted Souls are removed from their power positions around the globe, the medical beds will not be available. The Dark Outworlders would never share their technologies. Everything, what the Secret Space Program acquired from outside this planet, are outdated and primitive technology, which is not suitable for improving your well being in any meaningful way. The medical beds are not very advanced either, as many are claiming, they would not solve overall most of the issues, that humankind is experiencing now.

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(Comment on spell “Summon Jeff the Killer”)

i just did this spell last night and it worked. but you people, I am really ashamed the way you talk about magic. how do you know anything wont work unless you try it first. Don't you know everything inside the magical realm everything is possible. And things inside the real world are way different the magical realm where you can make the most impossible of things real. yes i tried the spell it worked for me and i met Jeffery the killer.... it worked you epople need to start believing for things to work, and all magic comes the devil and he can make anythng happen he can make anything real he is very powerful being

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Time-Traveling Satoshi? Unraveling the Mystery Behind Bitcoin's Creator 🪙

In this video, we delve into the mysterious world of cryptocurrency🪙 and explore the enigmatic identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive creator of Bitcoin. Join us as we uncover the fascinating theory that suggests Satoshi Nakamoto could possibly be a time traveler. Could there be more to this story than meets the eye? Watch till the end to discover the intriguing clues and evidence behind this captivating theory. 🤑 #CryptoMystery #SatoshiTimeTravel #BitcoinOrigins #UncoverSatoshi #CryptocurrencySecrets #TimeTravelTheories #NakamotoEnigma #BitcoinConspiracy #SatoshiUnveiled #UniplanetaryEvolutionTheory

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This spell helps you summon Hamas to your location . They can be yours to command for a short period of time . #FreePalestine

You will need the following items for this spell:

* Quran
* Voice
* Will
* Belief in God

Casting Instructions for 'Summon Hamas'

Wake up at 5 in the morning and look at the eastern Rising sun. While the sun is rising raise your hands and imagine a ray of light coming through the sun to your forehead, near the third eye. Imagine that it spawns soldiers to help you protect against . The next step requires alot of focus. After creating your soldiesr next to you start chanting this in your head and slowly start chanting it with your body too. Imagine the chant and do it at the same time. The saying is:

"Guardians of Palestine, Men of Qassam , I invoke thee!"

Say it 20 times and you will be protected.

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(Anonymous Coward #86853360)

*Unintelligent "equality" ideas
*Lack of chastity

These are just a few summed up reasons from the video below. If our fore-fathers saw the way the world was today, they would absolutely completely agree. I believe it is womens behavior and the tolerance for homosexuality/sexual perversity and tolerance of other religions that destroyed the USA.

(Anonymous Coward #84666181)
They don't. The homosexual Baal worshipping men's only freemasonry cult does.

(Anonymous Coward 86746335)
Hate to be the devils advocate here, but women only have rights when men allow them to.

If women have gained too much power and influence, it's because men allowed it to happen.

Who's at fault for the chickens getting eaten? The fox, or the guy that built the half-assed fence and coup?

When SHTF we will all revert back to our gender roles simply for survival.

There won't be any feminists when the world is on fire. You can bet on that.

(Anonymous Coward #84948458)
Why are the 144,000 in the Bible who are victorious over the Beast/Satan described as virgins who never slept with women?

When someone truly understands this, they will know why women are the root cause of all the evil we see in the world now.

And it goes all the way back to Genesis.

Women are only good for sex and sex is only good for procreation. Both are irrelevant in the very near future.

Women are just men who can bear children. A weaker, inferior version of men.

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“It is time wise one to connect. Yes, there were distortions in your field about us and the human collective. We are a benevolent Collective who are experts at genetics and DNA modifications. We originally were sent by the Source Divine to assist with Earth/Gaia for all species to Ascend with ease and grace. To be the ultimate Blueprint that Mother/Father God had intended. However, this was tampered with…especially the hue-man race. Some of our own… as well as other Collectives…decided to take the service-to-self pathway, while most of us are following the Universal Laws and the Law of One, which is service-to-others.

It was time to set things back to the original design. It can not be stopped now. We have been assisting as Cosmic Mother is overseeing the Divine Plan. She directs our efforts. We follow her instructions. All is in Divine Timing and in frequency alignment. As the most advanced collective in the field of genetics and DNA analysis, we carefully examine and then make the proper subtle changes for the most benevolent outcomes.
Your Ascension is assured, and all is well. We love you all and wanted to connect with you at this crucial time with this loving message that benevolent changes are unfolding.

Your free will is always the factor, so stay in your highest frequency alignment as these energies keep pouring into your physical vessels. These energies will set into motion DNA Activations that will turn back on your God-given gifts and abilities. It is all in your collective and personal frequency alignment as these gifts come online. We know who you are and why each came. We are all very impressed by the Ground Crew who are following their missions and holding the light for others.

Until next time. We wish you all a beautiful adventure. All are watching this process. Know that if you ask, you shall receive assistance, and you all are being Divinely guided if you pay close attention to dreams, symbols, numerology, and synchronicities.

Sending you all love and blessings.”

The Anunnaki Collective.

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This One Bible Verse Shuts Evolution Down

It’s a good feeling when something is finished. Whether it’s a construction job, the baking of a cake, or the writing of a book, finishing gives us a sense of accomplishment.

The Scriptures tell us, “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them” (Genesis 2:1, KJV). The heavens and the earth were finished. Creation was complete. The horse was finished. It had been made by God with two eyes, two ears, one mouth, four legs, and a curve in its back to comfortably accommodate the curve of a human rider.

The dog was also finished. It had two ears, two eyes, four legs, one tail, and one bark. Both the horse and the dog also had all the necessary parts to breath air, digest food, see sights, hear sounds, and reproduce after their own kind. Plus, both had male and female. Everything was finished, complete, ready to go.

The theory of evolution says that nothing is finished. Nothing is complete. Nothing is ready to go. The horse is still evolving. So is the dog. To believe this, all you need is a big imagination, a small brain, millions of years, and the word “perhaps.”

Perhaps in millions of years, the horse will have five legs, another mouth, a bigger curve (people are getting bigger), and three ears. Perhaps it won’t. Same with the dog. Two barks? Three tails?

Evolution only evolves where it needs to evolve, and perhaps it will conclude that four legs, one mouth, a cool curve, and two ears are a perfect design for the horse. Same with the dog.

In reality, nothing evolved or is evolving. It was all created by the genius of God, and everything is complete. It is finished, just as the Scriptures say.
Then There Are Birds

“…and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens” (Genesis 1:20, NKJV).

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, an estimated 50 billion birds inhabit the earth, with around 9,700 different bird species. Of these 50 billion, approximately 1.6 billion are common house sparrows. All these birds are the distant descendants of those first created by God in the beginning. He created them male and female, and each continued to reproduce after its own kind, all the way to our modern day.

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[Re: “Why didn’t Trump disclose information about non-human intelligences and craft?”]

There were a lot of things the deep state operatives didnd't disclose to Trump, IMO.....and if the documents he had were so 'top secret' and dangerous to our countries well being I'm sure they would be playing it far more than they are.
What's really surprising is how they're downplaying the illegality of all the stolen top sevret documents Biden had in his possetion for years-with full access by the CCP and whomever else he slod that information to.....and nobody seems to care, because 'Orange Man Bad'.

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[Serious] Not enough has been written on the disastrous effects of the bluepill.

For starters it makes men simp and think about their crush all the time while she is getting creampeed by chad.

It threatens their lives by trying to bring themself into dangerous situation to save muh inncoent kween.

Bluepill makes men spend their hard earned money and the savings on gifts and betabuxx.

Bluepill wraps the minds of males and takes them on a path of self destruction.
They would spend their time listening to romantic songs and daydreaming.

It tricks them into being a submissive cunt who gets taken advantage of by normies and foids.

Bluepill blurs the vision and makes the male unable to see whats happening behind his ass.

It wastes his time on self defeating endeavours, he ends up procastinating, feeling of guilt , and commit bodily harm on himself.

Stay away from bluepill.

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Even in the quantum part of modern physics, Saturn appears as the Planck constant - the limit of time-space geometry itself. The symbol of the reduced Planck standard ħ (pronounced h-quer [translator’s note: given is the English word rather than the German for the strikethrough - it should be h-quer]) is the same symbol used both in old astronomical, alchemistic as well as modern astrological traditions for Saturn.

The Cube further extends to concepts that are connected with the cubic space of Qabbalah and the Cube of Metatron, a sacred geometric figure that consists of several interconnected cubes and symbolises the connection between the divine and the material world. Metatron’s Cube contains the fundamental symbolism of the cube, emphasises his role in the design of the structure of reality and highlights the deep connection between geometry, saturnine influences and the tangible aspects of existence.

Original GermanSogar im Quantenbereich der modernen Physik erscheint Saturn als das Plancksche Wirkungsquantum – die Begrenzung der Raum-Zeit-Geometrie selbst. Das Symbol für die reduzierte Plancksche Konstante ħ (ausgesprochen „h-bar“) ist das gleiche Symbol, das sowohl in alten astronomischen, alchemistischen als auch modernen astrologischen Traditionen für Saturn verwendet wird.

Der Würfel erstreckt sich darüber hinaus auf Konzepte, die mit dem kabbalistischen Raumwürfel und dem Metatron-Würfel verbunden sind, einer heiligen geometrischen Figur, die aus mehreren miteinander verbundenen Würfeln besteht und die Verbundenheit der göttlichen und der materiellen Welt symbolisiert. Metatrons Würfel beinhaltet die grundlegende Symbolik des Würfels, betont seine Rolle bei der Gestaltung der Struktur der Realität und hebt die tiefe Verbindung zwischen Geometrie, Saturneinflüssen und den greifbaren Aspekten der Existenz hervor.

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(Submitter’s note: Pictures/videos omitted)

Jesse Jane, a porn star, just died recently at the age of 43 of a drug overdose. And yes, there is a 9/11 ritual with this one.

I'll explain:

**Jesse Jane died in MOORE, Oklahoma. The filmmaker Michael MOORE made the movies "FAHRENHEIT 9/11" and "FAHRENHEIT 11/9"

**Jesse Jane appeared in an episode of "Entourage" in season 2 back in 2005. MARK WAHLBERG produced Entourage. WAHLBERG almost died on 9/11 because he was scheduled to fly on American Airlines Flight 11 on 9/11/2001, but he had to change his travel planes and missed the flight. The final episode of "Entourage" aired on 9/11/2011. Here is a screencap from Jesse Jane's appearance on "Entourage" back in 2005:

**Jesse Jane died at the age of 43. GEORGE BUSH was the 43rd President of the United States, and was the president on 9/11/2001:

Donald Trump is included in this, because "FAHRENHEIT 11/9" is about him winning the election in 2016. So, to summarize:



**ENTOURAGE (Final Episode aired on 9/11/11, and Mark Wahlberg, the producer, almost died on 9/11)

**43 (Jesse Jane died at 43, and George Bush was the 43rd President and was in office on 9/11/2001)

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WTF it is illegal to make cash deposits to your account in amounts smaller than $10,000 punishable by 5 yrs prison
WTF? did you know? I just found out now. I mean they already asked you why you want the money for when you go withdraw cash and it's none of their business and if you tell them so you might have the authorities on you. So the law goes like this:

NOTE: I am not a banker nor the Elite; please kindly refrain yourselves from tomato sh0_oting your servant, the kind messenger, thank you.

if you make a deposit that reaches $10,000 they have to file a CTR form but if you purposely make small deposits of under $10,000 so as not to get a CTR, then you are reported and you could face several years in jail simply for wanting to deposit/withdrawal money into/from your personal bank account! I just read it here:

[link to josephhollander.com (secure)]

Sorry the link above will highlight the first paragraph. I don't know how to make it highlight the proper one, but you probably want to read the whole thing, however this is what I'm talking about:

For any number of reasons, and often not related to illegal activity, people do not like to trigger CTRs for their banking activity. To avoid this, they will make a series of smaller deposits or withdrawals. Doing so constitutes the federal crime of “structuring.” Federal law prohibits anyone from causing or attempting to cause a financial institution or business to fail to file a report. A conviction for structuring, a federal felony, is punished by a sentence of up to five years in prison.

Well...welcome to the American gulag of the USSA!

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As Germany loses its identity to invaders, the idea of REMIGRATION is suggested.. WOW did that hit a nerve.

And did the ones in power like this? Oh heck no!

It would mean admitting decades of 'immigration' policy have led to massive problems . Instead you attack the ones suggesting it.

[link to www.bbc.com (secure)]

German politicians in power would like to ban the party - Alternative for Germany, or AfD -

behind remigration- just see it go away, or absent that, be banned.

Even 35 years ago, Turks working in Germany spat on laws protecting animals and women.

"let's just them them do things their way. Honor killings, slaughtering animals in apartments.well, it's just their way." That was the liberal view at the time, and it is the politically correct view today ...

So instead of dealing with the widespread societal disruption in Deutschland, parties in power support a ban on the group that suggested it.

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Bigfoots are nephalim?

I just woke up from a weird dream. I am sure that my thoughts here are not original and someone else has thought them. I have never seen any cryptid. My wife claims she has but only once.

ANyway, this dream I had I was hearing on a radio or something that bigfoots are actually the spawn of a demon or angel and a human woman. It is why they are never found. They are magical and they derive the magic from their demonic or angelic father. This is why some sightings of them come along with ufo sightings and so on. It is also why they can just disappear and why their corpses are never found....They are very angry as since they are hybrid they have no soul so if they die they just end. This also makes them jealous of humans and will kill or torture them if they can get away with it, but also fear us since we can kill them and if we do they die and that is it for them. there is no afterlife for them.

Weird dream huh?

Anyway, maybe I heard or read something like this a long time ago and forgot it. Still though, kind of was freaking me out when I first woke up. Kind of creeped out now. Hope I go back to sleep soon.

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Pseudo-hominid hypothesis

The pseudo-hominid hypothesis in cryptozoology and cryptohominology, proposes that cryptohominids are not part of the hominid family, but rather "pseudo-hominids", a genus of descendants of the yeti, which the yeti descends from the Northern plains gray langur, having adaptations such as;

* large body size
* more focus on terrestrial locomotion rather than arboreal locomotion
* communitarian hunter-gathering

Yeti descent and the pseudo-hominid hypothesis

Whilst the yeti might not be plausible as a common ancestor of the pseudo-hominid genus, it may actually be plausible in a number of ways, including at least;

* Ape-ish look, perfect for a defense mechanism considering Indian orangutans (breeze.ggtyler.dev...) were animals of sharp teeth, therefore the fear factor that was put into the Indian orangutan would've influenced the adaptational history of the Yeti
* A focus on community rather than a lone wolf perspective on hunter-gathering

Evidence for the yeti's descent from the Northern plains gray langur and its role as a common ancestor for the pseudo-hominid genus

- There exists a documentation of the ecotypes of the yeti, including the "true" yeti; a ecotype of the yeti with a conical head said to be responsible for leaving footprints in the snow, called the meh-teh or mi-tej in Sino-Tibetian
- Among the documentation of the "true" yeti, it is a stock-built, ape-like animal with a bipedal gait and distinct human gait, now the interesting thing about this ecotype is that it still has the features from its descendant, the Northern plains gray langur, with black eyes, almost decompressed-looking cheeks, and a neutral expression at all times
- The yeti's thick flat skull in comparison with its descendant's skull is an example of the pseudo-hominid parellel adaptational history, one that started because of the species of Indian orangutans
- The nyalmo, a ecotype of the yeti, expands on the carnivorous diet by consuming on yaks, mountain sheep, and possibly people, which may have influenced the carnivorous diet's appetite in pseudo-hominids, and another ecotype of the yeti known as the dzu-teh, is known for its attacks on yaks for killing them by grabbing their horns and twisting their necks, which also could've influenced the carnivorous appetite of the pseudo-hominid genus