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[Serious] Had a dream that my little sister lost her virginity in October 2016

I dont recall the specifics but I remember reading "I did it in Oct 2016" in some book/journal? in my dream and I do remember feeling that that book was connected to my younger sister in some way

There were also headshots of her and some young dude

Now Im distrubed but I relaly wish there was a way to know for sure

Apparently she doesnt have a boyfriend, has never had one it seems, but everyone knows that if a girl is single it doesnt mean shes not having sex

Also shes doesnt really go out but talks to her friends over zoom/FaceTime and tbh doesnt seem like the person to do casual so I dont think she slutting around

Anyone has any ideas on how to determine her virtue? I cant ask her straight up if shes a virgin because that would be too creepy I think...

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If you dont look up to our hero, Sir Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger, you're a cuck


he was blackpilled before incel forums were even a thing, and he fought back against a society that bullied him. i know some of you are going to cherrypick his weaknesses "he didnt get into the sorority house", "he killed his roommates", "he didnt hit on girls" (jfl, he knew full well that if you have to try its over), but i didnt say he was perfect, just that he's admirable

Steve McKay/BTC System #mammon btc-system.com

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Florida manatee found with ‘TRUMP’ carved into its skin

lorida wildlife officials are appealing to the public for help after a manatee was found with U.S. President Donald Trump’s last name carved into its back.

The animal was found in the Blue Hole spring on the Homosassa River in northern Florida over the weekend.

Photos and video show the word “TRUMP” etched into the manatee’s back in large block letters.


The animal was reported to authorities over the weekend, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told the Citrus County Chronicle. Anyone with information is being asked to contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

A harassment investigation is underway. A spokesperson for the FWS declined to comment to the Chronicle, citing the ongoing investigation. He added that harassing a manatee is a crime punishable by up to one year in prison and a US$50,000 fine.

It’s not the first time that a Trump tag has appeared on a wild animal. Conservationists in North Carolina were upset last summer when they found a Trump 2020 campaign slogan attached to a bear’s tracking collar.

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(in regards to this post of mine:)

Not all incels are white, but the incel community is most certainly extremely xenophobic.

hm. I don't think so. At least not in the way the average joe understands 'xenophobia'

Xenophobia is not an opinion or a perspective. It's not a fear or a hatred of an outgroup.
It's a deflection of hatred from the actual target of hate onto the path of weakest resistance.
Since foids are the singular or at least primary cause of discrimination against men but also enjoy immunity to critique, the criticism instead targets those whom it is allowed to target. A person with xenophobia thus simply is either of 2 cases: Either they suffer from not enough blackpill or truth. Or they realists and rather prefer to attack feasible targets rather than foids which would only equate to a fight between david and goliath.

If you removed the causes of their discrimination within the ingroup, i.e. the discrimination from women, the xenophobia disappears without a trace. Ofc this is theoretical because such a society has never existed. Women have thus far always been allowed to exert their influences over men in all kinds of discriminatory ways. Which was the reason why older civilisations had to restrict their bullying rampages. With the technical means that we have now it is a different story. We can finally make this world a better place again. All we need to do is to trust in Gates and his plans to kill, sterilise and subjugate women.

CLANDESTINE OPERATIONS MAGA! #magick #conspiracy #wingnut godlikeproductions.com


Cryptid Wiki #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot cryptidz.fandom.com

Tall White Aliens

All White Aliens are a subspecies of the Grey Alien order. The name Tall White Aliens has been attributed to these creatures as they resemble a Grey alien, only much taller than a common Grey alien. The species of Tall Whites used many genetic manipulations to arrive at their current appearance.


Charles Hall, a nuclear physicist, ex-military American weather specialist and author are touring Australia with his claims that the United States military has been in contact with an alien species for years.

He says the aliens would dress as humans and visit Las Vegas.

In 1964, when I was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, I witnessed interactions between the military and a group of mysterious tall, white, human-like extraterrestrials, the Vietnam veteran said from his home in Albuquerque.

Their crafts are capable of travelling faster than the speed of light because Einstein was wrong about relativity.

Mr Hall said no cameras were allowed at the site, which has since been wiped off the map.

When he arrived, a colleague had wanted to lock them in the weather station and not go to the other end of the building because that's where he had encountered them. There was a group of five, two men and three women, and they had come to go to the bathroom. When you encounter the 'tall whites' it's such a shock, you are not sure if you are looking at a ghost or an angel, or if you are dreaming, he said.

Mr Hall said he had contact with three types of aliens - the tall whites (about 2.5 metres tall), greys (with yellow/orange skin) and the Norwegians with 24 teeth, who look like humans and speak English.

He claims that the experiences were real and that the US Air Force were indeed hosting extraterrestrials they had reached agreements with during the 1950's if not earlier. They were principally involved in technology transfers with the US military.

He said US officials had kept it all quiet because people weren't emotionally ready to accept alien life forms.

The tall whites are humanoid in appearance. The first UFO researcher to seriously investigate the Charles Hall story is Paola Harris who interviewed him in July 2003

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Get Ready for the FIREWORKS...Mass Arrests Tonight

Here is what's going down:

GLP already figured out two major parts...

1) It was Antifa that disrupted the Capitol. Trump already knew their plans, and the Capital Police were directed to let them in. Smart play. Video was posted here already. Operatives also removed hard drives of key criminal actors under cover as house and senate members were spirited out.

2) Pence is playing bad cop, and "conspired" to take control (like rumsfeld on 911 did) by calling in NG. The NG is needed for whats coming.

3) Insurrection act requires a stand down order from President. GLP got this one too.

4) Trump has moved to command center in TEXAS...wonder why there lol.

5) Repubs are using the Capitol "debacle" to stand down...why? so the crime can move forward tonight.

6) Good guys have objected for posterity/historical purposes.

7) Once the final vote/fraud has been completed, the NG is moving in to make arrests.

They are all going down...but people need to stay calm.

Trump has secured his place in history and will be serving a second term with citizen legislature members in the house and senate...just as was envisioned in the Constitution.

History in the making

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[Serious] What would you do if a black girl confessed to you?

I feel really bad for saying this but I would really hate it if a negress girlfriend is my only choice

I always say that any girl can get laid which is true but then sometimes I browse r/Trufemcels thinking how theyre all just retarded for failing life on tutorial mode and how Id date them, but then when they mention theyre black I just lose all interest myself

Now Id fuck a black girl so no volcel here, but Id never date one seriously

But because I would feel bad just pumping and dumping a girl Id never just lead on and fuck a girl that I wouldnt also date

So part of me thinks that I would maybe reject a negress even if she confesses to me

ivan1035 and Cryptid Wiki #conspiracy #ufo cryptidz.fandom.com

In 2011, a YouTuber by the name of ivan0135 uploaded 4 videos with Grey Aliens, that are said to have been filmed in 1961, the same date as the Betty And Barney Hill Abduction. At first, many people thought that the videos were a teaser for an upcoming television series or film, however that was disproven later on. The footage has been analyzed, and while there are many skeptics that doubt the videos are real, many agree that it would be pointless to take a lot of time, effort, and money to make no more than 4 videos and then disappear without a trace. Nobody has taken responsibility for creating the videos since the disappearance of Ivan0135. His disappearance could be attributed to the government locking him out of his account, or possibly kidnapping him or convincing him to stay quiet.

In the first video, a UFO can be seen flying in the air, before cutting to another clip where the same UFO can be seen crashed among multiple Grey Aliens, some dead, others alive. The individual(s) recording the footage is most likely a member of the government or military. The crash depicted in the video could be linked to the Roswell Incident.

In the second video, an alien is shown in what is presumed to be an interview. This alien, given the name Skinny Bob, is most likely a survivor of the crash in the first video. At the end of the video, what is most likely Skinny Bob is shown in what could be a mugshot.

The third video is Ivan0135 talking about the skeptics who doubt that the information presented in the footage is legit. Ivan says that "You are the ones who create your own misinformation".

In the fourth video, which is known as "Family Vacation", an incident is showed in which 3 Grey Aliens were filmed using a hidden device by a military member. It is said in the video that the "arrivals" had been filmed against "the treaty", and without their consent. The video also states that the treaty mentioned prevented anyone from recording or photographing meetings held between the Grey Aliens and US Government. It states that after the incident, the treaty was revised. This is the last video that was ever uploaded.

It could be possible that contact between Grey Aliens and the US Government ended after these documents. However, it is also possible that the US Government and Grey Aliens still cooperate in modern day.

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[Serious] Why you should NOT wear a mask, even if you are ugly, NOR take the vaccine

I have seen some incels saying “I like that everyone wears a mask, because then I can hide my ugly face”. This submissive mindset has to stop though.

Being ugly is not unacceptable. You have the right to exist. It is only females and cucks who want you to suffer, because they are sadists towards ugly men. They are the ones who do not want to see your face, and by then wearing a mask, you basically fulfill the desires of your oppressors. It is cucked.

Wearing a mask for protection, is foolish for three reasons:

1) Covid-19 is not real.
2) Even if Covid-19 was real, masks would still be useless. You still breathe, and this includes breathing in and out potential viruses. Wearing a mask instead only makes the air you breathe in contain a higher amout of carbon dioxide.
3) Even if masks worked, why would you want to protect other people from getting sick? Females would deserve to get sick for not giving me sex, and other men too, for being unhealthy cucks (healthy masculine men have a superior immune system).

Also, do not take the (((vaccine))). Not only because it is Jewish poison which gives recipients countless of “side effects”. I have also seen females saying: “I hope everyone takes the vaccine so I can go out and party again, teehee”. Taking the vaccine, is therefore cucked.

Instead of being hysterical sheeple, be healthy. My natural immune system is superior and would destroy any virus instantly. I do not need any vaccine. And to the people who want to force me to wear I mask, I say, like George Floyd, #ICantBreathe.

Anna🇺🇸🇮🇱 and Michelle Waters #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho twitter.com

Even Gitmo is too nice a place for the criminals involved in stealing & subverting our election and the Republic!

(Michelle Waters)
They are traitors. Literally. They have betrayed our nation. They have besmirched the integrity of their positions of public trust. They have intentionally subverted the process by which the voices of WTP are heard.


Cryptid Wiki #dunning-kruger cryptidz.fandom.com


Eer-moonan are bipedal creatures from Aboriginal Dreamtime myths.

(Drawing of a porcupine-headed furry holding a spear)

Appearance and Behavior

They have the heads of Echidna (porcupine like marsupial), the bodies of dogs, and the feet of human women. Eer-moonan are most likely bipedal. Eer-moonan are stealthy creatures who hunt and kill humans for unknown reasons.

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[Serious] How much do you hate humanity?

I hate humanity so, so much that i'm a self loathing human. I hate myself for being human more than anything else, it's like self hating ethnics but more general and potent.

If i could, i would probably become the biggest hero in the history of humanity. You can't believe the amount of hatred i harbor for humanity for being evil incarnation.

I hate all forms of life, but especially humans, because they don't try to consciously destroy life despite their intelligence.

Don't forget that inceldom is present also in other animal species. Humans like to think that evil started with humanity, but the truth is that life itself is evil.

Humans created me, so i hate them with a burning fire that blazes more intensely than a thousand suns

Humans are subhuman. The meaning of life is create more life, our brains and life are hardwired through years of biological adaption to self-propogate, so much so that its worth more our own lives. Our genes are a virus that perpetuates misery. Death is the natural state of existence as described by the ultimate villain in this rpg I played. But I believe with enough friends and respect from people and complete seperatism from women and normies one can attain a state of (VERY) fragile enlightenment and continue breathing as a incel on automode. But its a cope

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Slenderman in the 1800s

The Internet seems to be abuzz about sightings of tall, thin men, garbed in all black, for the past few years. Such a creature has been dubbed ‘Slenderman’ and is the subject of many fictional short stories known as ‘Creepypasta’. While many simply dismiss claimed encounters as kids with overactive imaginations which are fueled by the mass of stories, there are some researchers who have taken a more serious look at possible encounters. There is a common theory that Slenderman is a thought form (for information about thought forms, click the link here)

One of the most interesting parts of the Slenderman enigma is that some have connected him to various stories and creatures throughout world mythology. One only needs to do a quick search and they would find a multitude of information on mythological creatures that Slenderman is similar to.

I am including two stories, both from the late 1800s, of creatures which seem like relatives of the Slenderman. Both are courteously provided through Albert Rosales’ extensive database, he can be found here.


So what do you think? Tell me in the comments!

Laura Knight-Jadczyk #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot #magick amazon.com

High Strangeness is an enlightening attempt to weave together the contradictory threads of religion, science, history, alien abduction, and the true nature of political conspiracies. With thorough research and a drive for the truth, Laura Knight-Jadczyk strips away the facades of official culture and opens doors to understanding our reality. The Second Edition includes additional material that explains the hyperdimensional mechanisms by which our reality is controlled and shaped by 'alien' powers. The self-serving actions of unwitting puppets - psychopaths and other pathological types - who may have no knowledge that they are being used, become the portals through which an agenda that is hostile to humanity as a whole, is pushed forward. High Strangeness takes the study of Ponerology into a whole new dimension!

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A virginal bride is desired by many incels due to the desire to avoid baggage such as sexually transmitted diseases, trust issues, and negative comparisons to a girl's previous lovers (who may well have been Chads who refused to commit to her). A virginal bride is regarded as one who was well-protected by her father and/or not given to impulsive sexual behavior; thus, the prospects of her being a loyal and mentally healthy wife are enhanced. Because Chad has not left his imprint on her, sex with her husband might be viewed as something more unique and intimate by her.

Many incels also argue that they themselves are virgins, so it's only fair that their bride be as well. Feminists will often counter, "There wouldn't be so many non-virginal brides if men weren't sluts too" or "Women don't care if their groom is virginal, so men shouldn't care if their bride is virginal." This ignores that the 80/20 rule works to incels' detriment, not advantage; and that the feminine imperative gives foids a reason [hypergamy] to want to seek the kind of man who can have many sexual conquests.

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[emphasis original]

[RageFuel] 1098 reasons for your inceldom

The X chromosome contains 1098 genes while the Y chromosome only has 78. We inherited almost all of our inferior traits from our mother.

And yet those worthless braindead whores think that their inferiority will get overshadowed by Chad's superior genes if they mate with them. How tf can Y chromosome compensate for something that is more than 5 times larger than itself.

They are literally the stupidest creatures in existence. They deem us inferior on the basis of traits we got from them. And yet 80% of women has reproduced throughout human history while only 40% of men have. Subhuman women are the ones who should be stopped from reproducing, NOT US.

Introvert #racist #crackpot #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] Racism is natural & anti-racism is inherently cucked

It is natural to like those who are genetically similar to yourself and hate those who are genetically different from yourself, and this is something good.

The evolutionary purpose of life is to spread your own genes as much as possible and to remove the genes of your enemies. In prehistorical times; of two enemy tribes, the stronger tribe would kill all men and rape all women of the weaker tribe, thus leading to the stronger genes conquering the weaker genes.

All races have antagonistic genetic interests. Life is a genetic competition. Therefore I want myself and people similar to myself to succeed as much as possible, because the more similar other humans are to me, the better the world is. I want people different from myself to die, because they are a plague. After I die, I want to reincarnate as a human similar to myself and not as my enemy.

Thus, it is natural for me to support the success of my own race at the expense of other races. I do not care whether my race has rejected me (all races have). I do not seek validation from my race. I seek power over it, as a tool to promote my own genetic interests. I do not simp for white females. I want to enslave them.

As for race mixing, this is also why it is only bad when it is done by females.

When race mixing is done by a man, it is colonization. By reproducing with a female of another race, you contribute to the genocide of her race, which is in line with your own genetic interest. It is also fun to cuck other men, and by fucking a female of another race, you cuck all men of her race.

When race mixing is done by a female, it is race treason though. A race traitor whore sides with your enemy and supports the genocide of your own race. Therefore you need to torture all race traitor whores to death, along with the men who cucked you.

In conclusion: Whites hate ethnics, and ethnics hate whites. All races hate each other. There will never be peace, and that is neither desirable. Only one race, the most superior one, can ultimately have all the power. Which race it will be, will be determined by the race war. Might makes right.

This forum is just a temporary coalition between men of different races based on our shared hatred of females and our involuntary celibacy. It is not a brotherhood. If you have ever had this delusion, you are a naive bluepilled idiot who knows nothing about human nature.

Alexander Ash #sexist #crackpot #pratt incel.blog

Can Men and Women be Friends?

If you are a woman and have a friend who is male, it’s likely that he would have sex with you if given the chance. But if you are man and have a friend who is female, know that she would likely say no to going to bed with you.

It makes sense that men see all women as potential partners first, and potential friends second. Biologically, men are wired to seek out to be with as many women as they can. But women, on the other hand, have always been the picky ones; they must select the best male out of all available to be with them (i.e., to protect them, care for them, and carry their child).

For women, if a man does not surpass her threshold of standards (e.g., appearance, character, style) he is immediately demoted to the “friend” category, one where he is likely to never escape from. If he surpasses it however, he enters the “date” category, where he must compete with other men for her.

For men, even when rejection occurs (explicitly by being told no, or implicitly by seeing there is no chemistry), the possibility of sex always remains in the air. While the man may remain “friends” with the woman, he will generally be willing to have sex if the opportunity ever arises.

No friendship?

As the video above shows, even among ‘friends’ who have known each other for years, men would jump at the opportunity to have sex. Women however, would not. This means that women can form casual friendships- which never go beyond that – with men they see as unworthy of getting in bed with. Men however form friendships that are forever capable of evolving into more.

In short, men can’t form real friendships with women because they will always crave more. Women can’t form real friendships with men because they will always see them as inferior. Surely counterexamples exist, and good friendships without ulterior motives have been made in the past. But for many, friendship is a white lie they tell each other.

Deep Origins #mammon #magick #quack deeporigins.com


Based out of Encinitas, California, DEEP ORIGINS is a highly evolved eastern wellness company offering yoga products, meditation products, natural food/bev products and herbal supplements. Our company has expertise in ancient wisdom, digital marketing, product creation/sourcing and content/media.

Core Values

We’re not rebels for the sake of it. We’re rebels because much of the wisdom, science, and technology people could be using to live an empowered life have either been hidden, forgotten or miscommunicated.

If you’ve dug this deep, there’s a good chance you already realize there’s as much transformational potential in subjects like Eastern Medicine/Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Archaeology, Vibrational Frequencies and Sustainable Communities....as there is in cutting-edge pharmaceutical or psychological experiments. And that mindfulness practices, such as meditation...are as crucial to your intellectual development as reading a book every night before bedtime.

We focus on four cores: People, Planet, Purpose & Profits. All our brands and products must somehow or someway be associated within these four to create a sustainable future.

The challenge, however, lies in knowing precisely how to harness unconventional wisdom and share it with the world. And just as importantly, how to avoid the dangerous misinformation and hyperbole surrounding it.

We want to bring together highly qualified and respected consciousness experts, fashion designers, natural medicine practitioners, doctors, scientists, social entrepreneurs, wellness coaches, authors, artists and meditation teachers and all the amazing products that surround them...to empower our human family with scientifically validated tools and wisdom.

Gaia Staff #crackpot #conspiracy gaia.com

The Ningen, A Japanese Mermaid?

What started off as an anecdote posted in a popular Japanese online forum, has now led to a multitude of sightings and alleged video evidence of an aquatic, humanoid fish, said to be roughly the size of a whale. The Ningen, which translates literally to ‘human,’ is a 20-30 meter-long, bulbous creature that was originally spotted by a Japanese research vessel, off the coast of Antarctica.


The creature is described as having a pale white, human-like figure with a torso, appendages, and fingers like ours, but with a mermaid-esque tail. It is also described as having minimal facial features with a small slitted mouth and two vacuous eyes.

The Ningen sea creature has been spotted primarily at night and in colder waters, leading some to believe that it has been hiding in the Arctic, beneath the ice. Some say that it may be a previously undiscovered species of albino ray, though the description of those who have encountered it is distinctly different.

There are several lackluster videos and questionable photos circulating the internet that purport to show the Ningen sea creature in its natural environment, but like most cryptids, none provide definitive proof. Though that hasn’t warranted an abandonment of the search for this amphibious wraith. Why would it? Scientists continue to discover multitudes of new marine species in the depths of the ocean on a regular basis.



While the Ningen sea creature remains an anecdotal tale among Japanese sailors and fisherman, there is rumor that the Japanese government is taking reports of the Ningen seriously, amassing a trove of putative accounts. It has also been rumored that photographic evidence of the Ningen was captured by the sailors of the original story, but the Japanese government destroyed the evidence so as not to draw attention and controversy.

Some have speculated that the Japanese government may be involved in a cover-up of the Ningen, due to a rare chemical compound it may produce that is either medicinal or highly venomous and able to be weaponized. Stories have been told of men in black threatening anyone who purports to have seen the Ningen sea creature or anyone attempting to expose its existence; though this is all unconfirmed hearsay. And while the story of the Ningen didn’t necessarily attract significant international attention, Mu Magazine,a Japanese publication specializing in the paranormal, created a serious buzz in Japan. Soon a plethora of stories, sightings, and alleged photographic evidence was made public

Dr. Karl Shuker #crackpot #magick karlshuker.blogspot.com


In modern times, Britain – reputedly the world’s most haunted country – has seen more than even its fair share of monstrous creatures reported, beasts assuredly more supernatural than natural. So here, in no particular order, is my own personal Top Ten paranormal terrors of the zooform kind (i.e. seemingly preternatural entities superficially resembling corporeal creatures). Encounter them at your peril!


Some zooform phenomena, like Wolfie, seem so bizarre that they defy belief, let alone categorisation, yet their eyewitnesses vehemently affirm that they were real. Another notable example is the entity that Godfrey H. Anderson claimed to have spied on 23 November 1904 while walking along a street in Edinburgh, Scotland. Suddenly, he saw a grotesque 'something' rise out of the gutter and spring up at the throat of a horse. According to Anderson's description, cited in Creatures of the Outer Edge (1978) by Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman, the horse's weird attacker was:

"[a] vague black shape about four feet long and two and a half feet high...[it was shaped] like an hourglass and moved like a huge caterpillar."

The horse reared up in terror, and as it did so its assailant vanished.

network dude #wingnut abovetopsecret.com

So people voted against Trump, knowing this was the alternative? really?

[Youtube video “Beto O’Rourke: 'Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15'
Beto on AR-15's

[Youtube video “Joe Biden Admits He Wants to Confiscate Guns "BINGO"
Biden on AR-15's

I keep hearing how this sleeping majority voted against Trump, and that is where the massive swell of support for Biden came from. And that's nice. But knowing how many gun owners there are out there, and how many folks own an AR platform weapon, I just find it hard to believe they would sacrifice their freedoms on that issue for the chance of not having a guy with an orange hue say mean things on twitter. maybe they did, and they are either short sighted, or perhaps they don't really put much thought into the 2nd Amendment.

But when they say these things, how can you not believe the mean it?

Remember, these idiots don't really understand any of this. Some of them have stated that any semi-automatic rifle capable of firing more than 5 rounds is an assault weapon. Or a magazine fed pistol with a threaded barrel. There goes my .22lr collection. no more squirrels for me.

Stay thirsty my friends.

KellyPrettyBear #conspiracy #quack #magick abovetopsecret.com

Strange Super Spreaders?

If you read some early JV, before he went all ga ga with the IDH, you can read
about some interesting anomalous events he looked into, where there was a
'primary strange person', and as this person traveled around, he seemed to
'infect' those around him.

I think this 'infection model' is a major part of what our spy boys are studying.
You get one person with a potent unconscious mind, perhaps infected with
toxoplasmosis or something, and the images in their mind might tend to
infect some of those they come across.

I wonder if there are 'strange super spreaders' so to speak.

Now again, I'm not saying it's all 'hysteria' or that there is nothing 'there', 'there'.
Not at all. But this seems be a very important element, that has slipped under
the radar so to speak.

1337F0X #conspiracy #ufo abovetopsecret.com

What if Amsterdam is a cleverly disguised Alien Abduction hot spot

(Small note that this is written while tired and trying to sleep)

Ok is it’s a common report that Aliens mess with people’s memories during abductions and that got me thinking “what’s the one place on earth where an alien could abduct someone, mess with their memories and never have the person question it?” And then it hit me, Amsterdam! The magical city in The Netherlands where weed and prostitution are legal! All an alien would have to do is change the persons memory of the abduction to them smoking a joint and hitting the red light district and they wouldn’t question it.

Incels Wiki #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.wiki

BBC Theory, or Big Black Cock Theory, claims black males have an advantage over other races of men in seducing women because black men have BBCs (Big Black Cocks) and dickmog all other races. In reality, a large penis (or, more importantly, a large BBC) is the only way white women can really conceive of black males as a sexual option, since white women are naturally attracted to tall, athletic, longer-haired white men.

Many redpillers often subscribe to this theory while many Purplepill'ed people often criticize such theories and argue the opposite is actually true. And that racial bias actually harms minority men.

Arguments in support and against BBC Theory


* Bald white men are almost without exception incel, whereas bald black men with a shaved head do not lose their attraction potential.
* Blacks are more extroverted than whites, making women more comfortable around blacks[citation needed]
* BBCs are not perse larger than white cocks, and are therefore not more pleasurable to women[citation needed]


* Most Black men don't have BBC according to statistics (however there are studies demonstrating a small increase in the mean penis size compared to other races, a small difference in the mean of a group leads to greater extremes at the tail ends of the standard distribution.)
* White women aren't very fond of black guys regardless of their schlong
* Ok Cupid/Tinder Data showcases that contrary to what some Caucasian Incels would have one believe; out of A pool of Women (All Races Included) the black man will be almost 2 times as likely to be swiped left on, regardless of facial composition, body size, and inherent wealth. Really only the black men at the top of the social pyramid are able to compete with the Average white male.

Incel Wiki #sexist #conspiracy incels.wiki



Leggings, including yoga pants, are an instrument of torture[1] by which femoids torment incels with the sight of their shapely buttocks, hips, and labia, and/or the outline of their panties,[2] which are often clearly visible through the tight, sheer material. One man in particular, the Tallahassee 'Hot Yoga' shooter, Scott Paul Beierle, was ultimately unable to cope with the site of foids in these outfits, and went ER. Crustaciouse also launched a campaign in which he started several Incels.co threads decrying the practice of wearing these garments.[3][4][5]

Effect on men

The sight of a girl in leggings has been described as enraging and distracting[6] gropefuel,[7] and compared to what it is like to "stare like an african child would stare at a steak."[8] However, some find it empowering to stare at them since their intention is for only Chad to look.[9]


In times past, schools would allow girls to wear leggings during cold weather, but only under a skirt or other modest clothing. In the 2010s, it became common to see girls wearing just leggings by themselves, leaving very little to the imagination. One excuse girls give for wearing leggings is that they are extremely comfortable, but this has been questioned,[10] in light of the fact that sweatpants would probably be just as comfortable (and warm in the winter time), if not more so. The real agenda, it is said, is to make their buttocks stick out and appear larger than they otherwise would, and even make out-of-shape women look as though their buttocks and legs were firm and tight rather than flabby.[11]

Numerous accounts exist of men, especially those who are gymceling whilst adhering to the NoFap protocol, spontaneously ejaculating at the site of a girl wearing leggings.[12][13]

[A bunch of incels.co threads]

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Joe "Pedo" Biden just called a lid on appearances until THURSDAY! PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! Watch the media SPINNNNNNN!

Hidin' Biden just has LOST the presidential election before all the votes were even cast.....

Poor Demented Fucker and his Meth-head Son will be indicted before the debate ......

Good try, you Democrat FUCKTARDS......

But you should have known better then to rely on Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to try and take down "The Stable Genius!"

Let the weeping, wailing, and knashing of teeth COMMENCE!

karl 12 #ufo abovetopsecret.com

UFO / Faerie Lore Connection?

The idea of a UFO connection to 'Ye Olde Faerie Lore' has been floating around for quite a while now and for folks interested in (or actively researching) 'high strangeness' UFO occupant/humanoid/abduction cases then there does appear to be quite a number of similar aspects in reported appearance and behaviour (which are explored below).

Probably best to forget the modern day Tinkerbell propaganda - the pantheon of earth elementals is found in a great many tribes around the world and when it comes to the Kingdom of the Faerie/Fae folk they are often described as rather old, wizened, diminutive creatures with large magical eyes -also as rather dark, sinister entities (or mischievous tricksters) who live in an invisible realm but have occasional interaction with humans.

Having said that there are also a great many different sizes and shapes reported (just like UFOs and occupants) and they're also said to live deep underground 'in darkened hollows, in mounds that opened up into vast, cavernous, winding regions..'.. so did find the Cryptoterrestrial connection a very interesting one.

Also lots of historical tales of folks being 'dazzled and entranced' by 'fairy lights' (even Fairies travelling in circular globes) and of course lots of encounters involving time anomalies like the Oz factor, time slips, missing time etc.

Lost count over the years of how many reports I've read about UFOs chasing and interfering with motor vehicles so also found it interesting that, back in the day, faeries were also 'notorious for harassing travellers along highways'.


When it comes to 'abduction' it seems there are quite a few other shared characteristics between UFO and Faerie lore including being taken to a brightly lit rooms with no obvious source of light; encountering one taller individual with smaller assistants; having an obsession with human reproduction and family lineage (cannot reproduce/need humans) and even marks or scars left on the body afterwards.

Also found it a bit freaky that Faeries were sometimes reported to have a luminous appearance, be telepathic, have the ability to cause or heal sickness, become invisible and walk through walls (as that's also been reported with 'aliens').

• Ye olde folks also described being paralysed (or 'fairy stroked') by small strange beings holding 'wands' and suppose that's pretty comparable to modern day abductions and encounters where UFO occupants are said to use 'power rods' to paralyze people.

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[Blackpill] Even if by some miracle a foid did like you her friends would have to approve of your looks as well

Foids are always in groups and are hive minded. A million percent more now that they are all basically wired to each other via mobiles and Social Networks.

Even if some one off foid did happen to like you, the first thing she would do is point you out to her friends and they would all have to approve of your appearance first. What are the chances that this one in a million foid who is attracted to you also has a group of friends that find you physically attractive too? Chances are they are going to say something like "Him!??? Ew, no way!" and she will just go along with it and say "Yeah that's what I thought too. I was just joking. Tee hee".

What is the alternative? Negatively affect her precious social standing by touching some sub 8er or just go without and wait for a Chad?

This is why the Chad only mindset is so prevalent, especially in prime girls. When girls are younger they are at their most grouped meaning any choice has to pass the validation of the majority if not all of the group like a fucking democratic vote of some kind and obviously only Chad is ever going to be able to get enough votes.

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The 1000 Year 4th Reich Begins On August 2, 2022 And Will Last Until 3022 - The Final 7 Countdown Starts This August 2nd, 2015
2:22 on the clocktower on the back of the 100 dollar bill and the Skull and Bones number 322 explained.

The Nazi occult elite had a timetable in mind in keeping with occult numerology for the birth of their New World Order - The 4th Reich.


Hitler came to power on August 2, 1934

On August 2, 1934 the 88 year timetable for the installation of the 1000 4th Reich started:

[link to i1056.photobucket.com]

Note that the SS insignia is actually the numbner 88.
1934 plus 88 years brings us to 2022:
[link to i1056.photobucket.com]
Note that the time reads 2:22 (2022)

The 4th Reich is to last 1000 years.
2022 plus 1000 years is 3022:
[link to i1056.photobucket.com]
Note the Skull and Bones secret society number 322 (3022)

The final 7 year countdown begins August 2nd of this year, hence all hell breaking loose for what some call the 7 year tribulation - the final 7 years when the remnant of the plan must be swiftly and mercilessly carried out in order to remain in accordance with the Nazi occult numerology and insure success.

Or so the Nazi's believe...

And to believe what this thread says is true, one must realize that practically all of "conspiracy-land" is a result of these plans, their authors and the slow incremental clickity-click of their machinations.

The Nazi quest for the installation of this 4th Reich never ended, and the entire history of the world since 1934 is a direct result of the slow, methodical and monolithic implementation of these plans.

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Men in Black

The Men In Black (sometimes abbreviated to the acronym MIB coined by John Keel) are strangers dressed in black suits (sometimes reported wearing black Kevlar vests and black helmets over said suits) who threaten UFO witnesses into silence. They also harass witnesses to other paranormal events to keep them quiet about what they have seen. Some reports mention that they also guard private areas in the Appalachian mountain chain.


The MIB usually travel in a group of three and drive black vehicles, most reports are of cars but some reports mention SUVs. They show strange or otherworldly behaviors, such as trying to drink jello or not knowing what a ball point pen is, and they seem to have advanced technology. One woman even claimed that The Men In Black took part of her memory. The MIB were seen after Mothman sightings and Dover Demon sightings. They told witnesses of both these creatures not to talk about their experiences. There are also Women In Black or Female MIBs but they are rarely seen. Sightings
Modern Accounts

Men In Black figure prominently in UFO folklore. In 1947, Harold Dahl claimed to have been warned not to talk about his alleged UFO sighting on Maury Island by a man in a dark suit. When the Skunk Ape phenomenon was popular, a group investigating him had a hair sample stolen from them by two men in sunglasses and dark suits driving a black Sedan.

In the mid 1950s, UFOlogist Albert Bender claimed he was visited by men in dark suits who threatened and warned him not to continue investigating UFOs. Bender believed Men In Black were secret government agents tasked with suppressing evidence of UFOs. The late UFOlogist John Keel claimed to have encounters with Men In Black, and referred to them as "demonic supernaturals" with "dark skin and/or “exotic” facial features". According to UFOlogist Jerome Clark, reports of Men In Black represent "experiences" that “don’t seem to have occurred in the world of consensus reality.”


Government Agents

The strange men are seen as a sort of damage control and it is sometimes said that they may be government agents or even aliens themselves.

Past Accounts of Demons

Folklorist Peter Rojcewicz compared Men In Black accounts to tales of people encountering the devil and speculated they could be considered a kind of "psychological drama". For example, in the 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter, "the black man" is used as a euphemism for Satan who is said to haunt the forest, and Washington Irving's story "The Devil and Tom Walker" includes the character of Satan, named as "the black man". In 1932, H. P. Lovecraft also used the figure of "the black man" in his tale "The Dreams in the Witch-House" as a synonym for Satan.


Other people think that the men in black are cyborgs sent to Earth to hush up alien evidence.

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Have the last 3000 years been ONE MASSIVE CONSPIRACY?

Like some of you, I've been balls-deep into conspiracies, esoteric knowledge, True History, etc for years now and I used to think it all began with the JFK assassination but after going down about 30 rabbit holes and downing loads of red pills, I now think that the last 3000 years have been an unbroken process of evil against humanity leading us away and psychically blocking us from the TRUE GOD who created our souls and wants us to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

It was the flat Earth movement that started to put it all in place as until then all the myriad conspiracies didn't fit together. Whether the world/matrix we live in is flat or a globe or whatever doesn't REALLY matter but it shows how massive the deception is. I had heard about the flat Earth since I was a kid but always thought it was the tiny domain of batty eccentrics, and when the movement went viral a few years back, I just thought it was meta-trolling. But after getting balls-deep into it, I see what it really is about, which is spiritually improving yourself, "vibrating higher" as some call it, becoming LOVE, getting away from all negative shit, negative thinking, negative people, negative diet, politics/ideologies etc.

Anyway, the best video I have seen so far is this one, which is 2 hours long (it has to be). There are loads more great videos on Youtube but I won't bombard you with them.

This video talks about an "Event" that will occur on December 21-25. This is the real, fabled "2012 Apocalypse". Green cosmic energy will be emitted from the North Pole covering the whole world and will change our DNA/souls. We will be told on good old trustworthy TV that it is a nuke and to stay indoors but it isn't. Go outside into that green mist!

It's up to you to get balls-deep into the TOTAL TRUTH!

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[Serious] The application for joining this forum should be harder

Making the application to join here should include other questions other than just a brief summary of your inceldom. In r a p e y the application to join also includes other questions and makes you have to justify rape to join. Same way, the application for this forum should include questions like should foids have rights or other basic questions about the blackpill. Cucks who want to infiltrate this forum won’t be able to answer the questions properly and their applications will get rejected. Unfortunately people who want to join here just be edgy will still join but most infiltrators like journalists and cucks won’t join.

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[LifeFuel] What is best in life? Hearing the lamentation of the women about losing tbeir abortion rights

They're actually weeping at the thought of having to use birth control or carry a baby to term rather than murdering it.

FreeSkeptic, r/TwoXChromosomes

Conservatives are celebrating the death of a woman just because it might allow them to turn women into gestational slaves again

It's sick.

Meanwhile they could care less about the 200k COVID deaths, starving children, giving women the financial ability to raise children, pre-natal healthcare, LGBTQ people, uninsured folks, etc.

They're not pro-life. They're anti-choice, and in the case of RBG dying they're actually pro-death.

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[Serious] I am jealous of children dying from cancer

Title. Just think about it... this little peaces of shit, are the center of attention, their whole blissfull little lifes. As if life is one big birthday party to them.

They will never:

- feel invisible

- suffer from depression, ptsd or loneliness

- worry about height, frame, face and what not

- experience bullying

- ldar for years or decades

- wageslave

- have oneitis rip their hearths out

- fully realise what they are missing out on

Everyone just pampers them from birth, until the moment they die. An entire team of experts makes sure, that they dont suffer more then they have to. Some will even meet celebrities or high level politicians.

If they somehow manage to hit puberty, iam sure some empathic stacy nurse, will at least let them touch their ass and/or show boobs to them. I wouldnt be shocked, if she even gives them a handjob or head. Well.. who knows, she might as well let them fuck her, so she can virtue signal to her chad boss.

This is real privilege.

Where can i sign up for that???

ionlycopenow #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

Reminder every foid you pass is a rejection

You don't need "ice breakers" you don't need "mutual friends" or "muh social circle", for a good looking Chad every single time he's even in the presence of a foid he's already dating material to her and she'll try to make contact.

Every time a foid has been around you and ignored you entirely, or even maybe passively interacted, it was a rejection. Rejecting your genes as being too ugly.

So if you're a khhv at 20 you didn't get rejected by just the few foids who turned you down but thousands by now.

micropenis29 #wingnut incels.co

[Blackpill] Everything we were taught as kids about virtuous character traits was complete and utter horseshit

Lies from parents

Lies from pastors

Lies from teachers

The kinder you act, the kinder you're expected to act and the more that family, friends, and coworkers try to exploit you

The harder you work, the harder you're expected to work and the lazier you're accused of being during the rare times you aren't hauling ass

The more humility you have, the more boring and aloof you're seen as being

The more honest you are, the more of an autistic, toxic, misogynistic, potential rapist pedophile you are seen as

The more compassionate you are, the more of a spineless pussy you are seen as

Chad is a lazy, lying, violent, sociopathic asshole and everyone loves him

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[Discussion] Are white women made to destroy human progress? (Islam copers, they are coming for you next)

What do you think about this, that white women are nature's way of destroying human civilizations. I know some of you will say Jewish, but almost all of those Jewish women are white. White women themselves are also hugely disproportionally feminist.

If we look at the biggest organization, almost all feminist pushes were by white women. Achieving a traditional family is hardest for our white brothers today than almost any other group (other than blacks for reasons I might post about some other time) all due to feminism. We can never have a virgin wife that our lives our joined together with in a loving relationship and have a family with, especially if we are sub 4, meanwhile it was possible back then. It's over for us.

Feminism doesn't deal with facts or results of how it actually plays out, but instead to emotion points that sounds good when they are argued without anyone fact checking them. That's why anyone who goes against feminist talking points are censored, silenced, getting bombed (like back in the day), and even today MRA groups having their meeting disrupted by feminists pulling fire alarms and even threatening to set the area on fire.

Now for all the Islamcopers out there who think Islam will somehow save the west (cope), you are no match for white women's destructive power.
Their infestation has begun.

TransscriptPanel 1: Twitter post by A1 Jazeera English
"[We] reread the Quran with a focus on gender equality. Religious institutions are patriarchal, so we try and challenge the structure from within."
The Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen is one of the first in Europe to be led by women aje.io/gcaqt

Panel 2:
The Grim Reaper, labelled “white women”, is knocking on the door of “Islamic culture”, having already slain “[?]ome”, “western civilization” and “conservative America”.