Darren Mays #sexist #dunning-kruger twitter.com

They need to discuss with parents. Parents will usually want them to use pads or tissue paper until they are married and no longer virgins.

(Ana Filipe: ”You mean to tell me the issue with not providing girls TAMPONS is to safe-keep their virginity? 🤦🏽‍♀️. Most teen girls decide what they feel comfortable using & it’s 4 each family to discuss not a group of Republican men. Tissue paper? Nahh🙄”)

Yes, but teachers are giving them tampons instead of pads and making that decision for them. We're going to have a whole generation of women that are worn out before they even give birth. Save something for marriage. Just one thing.

Iamnothere000 #sexist #psycho incels.is

[LifeFuel] Based 17 yo sandcel student enriches 55yo foid teacher in deadly knife attack.

The boy’s name is supposedly “Sinan”. Other teachers describe his as “typical loudmouth”.

I can’t blame him tho, older foid teachers are salty because of fading looks and take this frustration out on the students (if they are not fucking them).

Also, teachers are a rather left leaning folk so they deserve everything that is done to them by those precious migrants.

!!!Allahu Akbar!!!

[ABC News - “Teen held in German teacher's death had 'problems at school'”]

Spongebozz #homophobia incels.is

Men who sit cross legged are fucking gay

What man sits cross legged ? No man.
Only faggots do that. I see increasingly more guys using this position for sitting.
I always despised this way of sitting and my balls are luckily too big to be able to sit cross legged.

Heartless (“ᛋᛋProud Americelᛋᛋ 卐Racist卐Misogynist卐Degenerate卐”) #racist #sexist #ableist #elitist #psycho incels.is

(In response to ”[LifeFuel] 12 year old foid raped and murdered.”)

Why do news articles always censor the picture:
imageLook at her, those shark teeth, jewess nose, and fetal alcohol syndrome face.... Who the fuck is going to risk their life to rape this. How fucking stupid. I empathize and understand when its someone hot who gets raped, because all men can understand that, but for some foid this ugly to get targeted... Just eww.

ImmortalicaLupos #magick #god-complex #psycho youtube.com

Shinso Vampire (V2) (Rosario + Vampire Subliminal) (POTENT)

Discomfort Immunity
Mucus Immunity
Phelgm Immunity
Sputum Immunity
Booger Immunity
Nose Packing Immunity
Excess Nasal Hair Immunity
Ingrown Hair Immunity
Cyst Immunity
Cyst Sac Immunity
Lipoma Immunity
Fibroid Immunity
Keloid Immunity
Tumor Immunity
Acne Immunity
Acne Scar Immunity
Pimple Immunity
Blackhead Immunity
Whitehead Immunity
Wart Immunity
Skin Boil Immunity
Dilated Pore Immunity
Dead Skin Cell Immunity
Dry Skin Immunity
Cold Sore Immunity
Skin Disorder Immunity
Skin Breakout Immunity
Hyperpigmentation Immunity
Excess Ear Wax Immunity
Excess Fat Immunity

Hybrid Physiology
Shinso Vampire Physiology
Have A Tremendous Amount Of Yōki
Immune To Dying From Overusing Yōki
Safe For You To Use Yōki
Regain Yōki Everytime You Drink Water
Regain Yōki Everytime You Eat Food
Regain Yōki Everytime You Sleep
Regain Yōki Everytime You Orgasm
Regain Yōki Everytime You Consume Blood
Yōki Detection
Yōki Conversion
Blood Consumption
Immense Strength
Immense Speed
Immense Reflexes
Immense Agility
Immense Durability
Immense Stamina
Immense Endurance
Enhanced Senses
High Speed Regeneration
Yōki Grants You A Terrifying And Immense Aura That Is A Darkness Darker Then Night
The Shinso Vampire Ability Of Creation
Power Theft
Wealth Of Power
Shapeshift Quickly
Shapeshift Safely
Shapeshift Easily
Retain All Of Your Powers And Abilities In All Of Your Forms
Blood Transfusion
Those That You Use Blood Transfusion On Are Always Turned Into Normal Vampires (similar to those from the rosario + vampire manga)
Excel At Deception
Mind Compulsion
Weakness Resistance
Eternal Youth
Immune To Dying Through Conventional And Natural Means
Age Empowerment
Master Hand To Hand Combatant
Master Marksman
Indomitable Willpower
Yōjutsu Master
Worthy Enough To Be Considered As A Dark Lord
Murderous Instincts
Psychic Shield
Magic Attack Resistance
Vampire Manipulation
Werebeast Manipulation

Be Badass
Be Fearless
Be A Hard Worker
Be Assertive
Be Extremely Clever
Be Charming
Be Charismatic
Be Ruthless
Be Relentless
Be Merciless

Have Intuitive Mastery Over All Of Your Powers And Abilities

(Video is the theme of the vampire scenario of the game Plague Inc. with someone whispering into it.)

missdelein2, lyrical_monica and Der_von_Romberg #transphobia #sexist #pratt twitter.com

Lisa Paus (Germany’s family minister, Green):
A woman is a person who identifies herself as a woman.

You can play all your stupid word games you want, Ms @lisapaus. Language does not create reality.
A man can never be a woman, no matter how much your language dehumanises women.

Who can according to this statement “identify as a woman”? Women? No. Why would they? They are after all already women. So? Correct: Men! Ergo: @lisapaus works for the cementing of patriarchy! This regression demands resignation! #ResignationPaus

Von Romberg@Der_von_Romberg
There is of course no patriarchy. So the blathering is nonsense. Otherwise: full agreement! Trannies just aren’t women! They are and remain: Men!

Original GermanSie können alle dummen Sprachspiele spielen die Sie wollen Frau @lisapaus
. Sprache erschafft keine Realität.
Ein Mann kann niemals eine Frau sein, egal wie sehr sie Frauen durch Ihre Sprache entmenschlichen.

Wer kann sich nach dieser Aussage als “Frau identifizieren”? Frauen? Nein. Wozu? Sie sind ja schon Frauen. Also? Richtig: Männer! Ergo: @lisapaus arbeitet für die Zementierung des Patriarchats! Dieser Rückschritt schreit nach Rücktritt!!! #RücktrittPaus
Es gibt natürlich kein Patriarchat. Das Gerede ist also Blödsinn. Ansonsten: volle Zustimmung! Transen sind halt keine Frauen! Sie sind und bleiben: Männer!

mara@räumtauf #sexist #transphobia twitter.com

I am for the abolition of the
#World’s Women’s Day
No one needs it, also, we now have these trannies that want to prescribe that this their day as well. All I can do now is vomit.

(Original German)
Ich bin für die Abschaffung des
Braucht kein Mensch, zudem uns jetzt diese Transen auch noch vorschreiben wollen, dass das auch ihr Tag ist. Ich kann nur noch kotzen

https://vixra.org/abs/2211.0067 #crackpot vixra.org

(Abstract, full paper three pages)

Are Pyramids of Giza a 5-Dimensional Clock for Observations in Quantized 5D (L3T2) Spacetime ?

Question: Following up on the ideas presented in "Search for the World Formula" and "Unified Principles of Nature" as well as in tentative "General Quantum Relativity" we presented a novel combination of mathematics and physics for quantization of the 3 Dimensions of space (L3) to 5 Dimensions space-time (L3T2) over 12 Dimensions of relative quantized finite spacetime (L/T) using only physical Dimensions of space and time itself. Based on the findings and the possibility to derive the speed of light from the Diameter of the earth it is raised the question, if Pyramids were used as "5D-clocks" in ancient Egypt

Reza Rezaie Khanghah #fundie vixra.org

(Abstract, full paper 23 pages, as well as several other works on the topic by the author)

Imam Mahdi, Antichrist Or A Promised Saviour Besides Jesus Christ?

Purpose: In this article, we discussed whether Imam Mahdi is an Antichrist or a Promised Saviour Besides Jesus Christ and other topics. This article attempts to deal with the concepts "Occultation", "Imamat", "Mahdaviat", "Mahdism" and Who is Antichrist that prophesied both in Islam and Christianity. Also, this research was conducted to answer and clarify three questions that stated in the Introduction section.Methods: We performed our methods in 4 stages: Identifying studies, Selection of Studies, Collating Studies, Reporting results.Results: One of the statements of those who say that Imam Mahdi is the Antichrist is that he is not included in other religious books at all and his name is not mentioned in the Quran and the Muslims forcibly accepted him as their Messiah, but in response to these people, it is not the Muslims who are forcibly introducing the Imam Mahdi as a savior, but vice versa. The Quran contains many verses that mention Imam Mahdi. Not only the Quran, but also other religious books mention him, even with the titles and names mentioned in the Qur'an. Conclusion: The coming of Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ is one of the sure promises of God, and these two saviors will appear with God's help and the will of the people. They fill the earth with justice and establish the government of God. We hope this article will take an important step in acquainting people with Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ and paving the ground for their reappearance.

Brian Niemeier #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut #dunning-kruger #mammon brianniemeier.com

In the midst of this civilizational decay, it’s easy to forget that the gradual but snowballing affronts to human nature that brought us here were billed as steps toward a sexy, gleaming utopia. The myth of progress is as central to the Death Cult as salvation is to Christianity.

Which makes sense. Because the Fall is so self-evident that any religion claiming universal moral authority must address it. The Cult’s techno-priests foretold that advancements like the integrated chip, hormonal birth control, and the world wide web would help us build a post-racial, post-capitalist, post-religious world.

In the fulness of time, they said, science would conquer the last enemy: death.

What we got instead was a nihilistic pseudo-religion that’s overseen the first decrease in American life expectancy in ages. But with free porn and government Cheetos.

The Modernists set out to cut science off from the Christian metaphysic that incubated it. Medical experts’ apocalyptic response to what should have been a modest public health emergency showed how that experiment went.
Another reason for hope amid the accelerating decline is that the Death Cult went all in on tech. Their equalist dogma and bugman-ism isn’t creating the total, managed regime they sought. Somehow they missed that replacing intelligent producers with low-IQ idols wasn’t a recipe for earthly paradise. It was the setup for a Resident Evil sequel.

So the Death Cult’s despotic system will fail and take millions down with it – just like all the rest.

Get prepared and get holy.

And for a glimpse at the other side of the Collapse …

The big robot action of Mobile Suit Gundam meets the espionage thrills of Tom Clancy.

Read it now:

[Combat Frames XSeed Book Cover]


Masonicon #conspiracy #crackpot #senpai_noticed_us deviantart.com

Why I was here in this site for mere hours

this journal's idea is spurred by following:
[Link to another DeviantArt user’s blog post “Why I was on here less for several days”
except perhaps, I still buying into lot of Conspiracy Theories, it just Flat Earthers(and other rogue conspiracy theorists) makes people like me looks bad. as Rogue Conspiracy Theorists such as Q-anon are Illuminati's xanatos Gambits(if you're thinks and insists Illuminati isn't real, just don't argue with me, it just pulls of 18th century equivalent of Operation Paperclip following supposed disbandment of Bavarian Illuminati)
Media is Actually Worse

and here's the meat of this journal: Social Media, notably deviantart can eat through my sanity and mental health not only the forced Eclipse update can make this site subpar, Deviantart staff can let mentally unstable users and spambots run rampant in their site, driving away people from this site, it's DreamUp AI tool did frankensteins pictures that people posts in this site so I can put any pictures I posted here into storage, if not deleted. the deadline for my deactivation of Deviantart was probably my 15th deviantart anniversary, after I properly salvage my stuff here into either Artspacious. and if there's custom walfas requests of mine that unfinished even before my departure from this site, I can download them from Archive.org instead.

plus, Young Earth Creationism can makes even Intelligent Design looks bad, and it's distracts people from "Reptilian humanoids sharing the world with dinosaurs, million of years ago" thingy, not to mention people that make Sonic Recolors as well Poohpiles also make people like me looks bad just as much as Flat Earthers and Young Earthers make another half of my lifeblood looks bad. sorry for the possible rant here, I just can't let these people ruined even my things for myself. and don't get me wrong, I still finds official narratives of (current) world events repulsive as well I (somewhat) can't stand official canons of even my favorite series. I prefers the resident Anti-Superpower group in my mega-crossover to be militant atheists that supports cannibalism, but banning any Supersoldiers that aren't merely mortal guys in high-tech exosuits from their ranks as well insists anything that makes anyone something other than totally normal human beings are superstition disguised as science and technology, and that can be middle finger toward Rationalwiki. and FSTDT are just Kiwifarms with Rationalwiki's left-wingness.


tehgymcel420 #sexist #psycho #dunning-kruger incels.is

Do foids use cats for sexual reasons?

We all know what they do with dogs... but what about cats? Foids love keeping lots of cats.

Cat penises are too small, do they maybe use the cat's tail to hit the cervix and the g spot? Cat's have rough tongues, do they get pleasure when the cat licks their clit? Also they don't need to put anything on their flaps to get the cat to lick it since cats are already drawn to the smell of seafood.

K9Otaku #sexist #conspiracy incels.is


There has been a lot of excitement lately over the anime foid AVs ban. I think that the problem runs deeper. Here is my take on it.

Most incels on this forums are youngcels, who are the loudest of all to claim they are blackpilled. Yet if any one of them gets even the remotest chance of "ascending", they will go back to simping and white knighting in a split second. Of course, they will never admit to it here but that is exactly what thy will do. They will just disappear from here and melt back into the bluepilloshpere (remember Kyle Incel?)

Some Incel-tier males eventually get to have a relationship with some low-tier becky or other (or a post-wall sheboon or whatever). But, of course, that means that they will have to lick the floor in front of her. Only Chad gets to be actually blackpilled in practice with respect to foids in today's world.

So, saying "I am a blackpilled incel, but I want to ascend" is fundamentally contradictory and therefore hypocritical. For incel-tier males, ascension can only mean going back to simping and white-knighting, therefore to a betrayal of the blackpill.

The only honest attitude would be to say: "I am a blackpilled incel, and I want to ascend only if I can do so in a blackpilled way"

In practice, this means converting to Islam and living in an islamic country or maybe in some other really shitty hellhole where nobody cares about foids.

In the West, the only possibility is Volceldom. Of course, MGTOWs are also huge hypocrites, most of them, but fundamentally, they are right in principle. It is IMPOSSIBLE to interact with Western (or Western-style) foids without doing the simp/white knight dance.

Conclusion: the only honest people on this forum (and elsewhere in the "manosphere") are old (35+) Volcels or oldcels who have completely given up.


Weeb-related crap is the most obvious sign of the above hypocrisy. An incel weeb is basically someone who says to himself: "while I wait for an opportunity to grovel at the feet of an irl foid, I will do so in fantasy mode with an Anime foid". […]

TLDR: Weebery is part of the foid-worship entertainment industry that is the main cause of Inceldom by conditioning men into foid-slaves.

Universe Inside You #crackpot #conspiracy #pratt youtube.com

Nikola Tesla's Warning of the Philadelphia Experiment & Time Travel

Evidently, the US military, together with some of the top scientific minds in the world, men like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, had been working on a new technology which would make their ships invisible, a sort of cloaking device from the pages of science fiction. All that remained was to check whether their calculations were correct, to test if, in fact, the technology would actually work. This test would become infamously known as the Philadelphia Experiment.
There in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard sat the USS Eldridge, a ship equipped with large generators and other strange equipment which confused unaware crew members. At a predetermined hour, the equipment was activated, the mighty generators fired up. Suddenly, a bluish-green fog began to surround the Eldridge, and in a flash of light, the ship was gone, disappearing into thin air.

Indie Archaeology #crackpot youtube.com

I visited the Richat Structure in Mauritania to investigate the claim that it is the lost city of Atlantis. I found only evidence that supports the argument.

Evidence found:

1. Smooth, even plane for hundreds of kilometers to the south of the Richat Structure.
2. Many beautiful and large mountains in the area immediately surrounding the Richat.
3. Neolithic artifacts found in abundance.
4. Observable mud flats.
5. Exact construction techniques described by Plato still in use today both inside and at the entrance to the Richat in Ouadane.
6. Tops of rings are perfectly leveled and ideal for construction.
7. Freshwater fossils carbon dated to the time of Atlantis' existence and destruction.

I think a lot more work needs to be done at the Richat, especially be geologists and archaeologists.

There are no ruins or evidence of ancient civilization to be found anywhere that I found, but if the city was built with relatively primitive building techniques like those still used today at the site by local peoples, nothing would have survived a cataclysmic flood.

Could this have been the pivotal moment when humanity suddenly became obsessed with utilizing the largest stones possible in their constructions?

I’m going back to the Richat in a few months to do some more work and investigation. If you would like to join send me an email.

Huge shout out to Josh from World Alternative Media who helped with the logistics!! I think we have different interpretations of the site so be sure to check out his video as well.

Dispropaganda.com/Conscious Philosopher #conspiracy #quack twitter.com

Bearded man: “The v@x can cause myoc@ditis”
NPC with a face mask, writing on its forehead and syringes in its eyes, a row along its head and all over its shoulders: “STFU you science denying nazi conspiracy theorist!”

Syringe NPC 1: “The v@x can cause myoc@ditis”
Syringe NPC 2: “OMG, why did no one try to warn us?”
Bearded man, in shadow: “

Better Bachelor #sexist youtube.com

(Video title)
Wallet Vampires are now lurking in home improvement stores for husbands


(Video description)
Ah those dark times bringing out the vampires.

Join the patriarchy today - every supporter makes a feminist cry. Join here on YT or better yet on Locals.com (it's free to become a member) to see all the same content you get here on YT. Better yet, become a supporter today and get free speech forums, memes, and unique content and live streams for just the cost of a cup of coffee. Locals - https://betterbachelor.locals.com/sup...

Vladimir Putin #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger tass.com

(Ellipses original)

Putin says US troops in Germany occupation forces in legal terms, in actuality

According to the Russian leader, "German politicians themselves say that after the Second World War, Germany was never, in the full sense of the word, a sovereign country"

MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said US troops in Germany are still occupation forces in legal terms and in practice.

"Soviet troops were stationed in Austria but they left voluntarily <...> Russia as the legal successor of the Soviet Union is the guarantor of the constitution of the Austrian Republic and the guarantor of the neutrality of the Austrian Republic. In general, many ordinary people in Austria are aware of that and are grateful to Russia for this position. <...> As for other European countries, the situation is complicated," the president said at a meeting with university students.

He said "the biggest country in Europe, the economic giant is the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Soviet Union formalized legally binding terms to end its occupation."

"Following the Second World War Germany was divided, as you know, into four sectors: the American, the British, The French and the Soviet ones. So, the Soviet Union formalized the end of that occupation status, and the United States hasn’t. And strictly speaking, formally and in a legal sense, there are US occupation forces that are on the territory of the Federal Republic [of Germany]. And that’s what’s happening in effect: There are a lot of them there," Putin said.

According to the president, "German politicians themselves say that after the Second World War, Germany was never, in the full sense of the word, a sovereign country."

"This is not what I am saying, it’s said by prominent, I want to emphasize this, not Russian-oriented politicians, but German-oriented politicians, they are saying it bluntly. It's direct speech. A lot of what's going on has deep roots, certain foundations," Putin said.

Anonymous Coward #78861502 and TerraFirma's Esoterrorist #quack #dunning-kruger #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

(Anonymous Coward #78861502)
Vaxxed are the equivalent of soldiers who experience the terrors of war based on deception and lies...


Their country called and they answered and served resolutely!

Now they're paying the price of patriotism and social obedience.

Like great citizens they put the interests of their nation over their own self interests.

Self sacrificing brave beautiful people.

(TerraFirma's Esoterrorist)
And just like all modern soldiers... they chose to enlist and rolled up their sleeves to be among the few, the proud morans.)

Incels Wiki #conspiracy #sexist incels.wiki

The Incel Crisis Coverup is an conspiracy theory alleged by many users on the incelosphere which claims that fakestreamers and most States are trying to hide the important increase in the number of incels throughout the world as well as blackpill related theories.


According to the theory, the government and various organizations are working to silence and contain incels and their theories. According to online activists and whistle-blowers, the majority of media and content we consume today has strong ties to the government and CIA. This is evident because most mainstream publications are shaming and ridiculing incels in every possible way. The only sympathetic articles made about incels are mostly on writer blogs like medium.com.

Many documentaries that are trying to capture the phenomena are under-budgeted, blacklisted and outright stopped for unknown reasons. Any mainstream documentary or video made by big media companies is usually downvoted by the majority of watchers.


Hollywood is alleged to have a big impact on young girls, especially with movies like 50 Shades of Grey, and American Pie. Nerds and outcasts are never portrayed in a positive light, unless they are milked for money or information. in many coming-of-age movies, the nerd might get laid in the end of the movie, after being rejected many times by woman. In contrast, the amount of movies that portray female loners/nerds in a negative light is minor and insignificant. Actors like Jesse Eisenberg are known to play the stereotypical male nerd role.


Many feminists use the incel debate to promote their own personal agendas. They usually say that 'incels are a result of male entitlement' and they also point out that arranged marriages is not the solution. Feminists are known to demand things they are not entitled to (free abortions, safe spaces, etc.), so it seems like a poorly made argument to begin with.

Online forums

Many have suggested that government-funded sockpuppeting is occurring in incel online forums, with either the purpose of derailing the narrative and dividing the groups, probing for potentially violent users, or pushing for ideologies and values that favor the status quo like MGTOW.

Incels Wiki #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.wiki

A nice guy is a beta male who acts agreeable and pleasant towards either sex, often shy, socially awkward and bad at flirting. Blackpillers and redpillers accuse nice guys of being bluepilled about women's mating preferences, and predict their best hope is to be betabuxxed to a post-wall femoid, provided femoids are being encouraged to marry very late. Nice guy's niceness and tendency to smile is commonly explained by low dominance status, neuroatypicality, physical weakness, religious or gynocentric domestication, or a genetic disposition for shyness. Many nice guys may genetically be slow life history strategists, programmed to wait to be married which never occurs in modern society.


Fake nice guys

Both womanospherians and manospherians accuse many men of being "fake nice", but in different ways.

Womanospherians seem to have a problem with virtually all genuinely nice guys, but will label them as Nice Guys™ nonetheless (see /r/niceguys). They deem all actual nice guys as fake nice guys, distracting from the fact that women reward anti-social behaviour. They see it as hypocritical when nice guys get angry at the fact that most women in the Western world do not find nice guys sexually attractive. Because anger is often not nice when directed outwardly.

Womanospherians also have a problem with actual fake nice guys, but so does everyone else.

Darth_Aurelius #wingnut #sexist #racist #psycho #dunning-kruger incels.is

Why Nazi Germany was actually awesome

* Its highest leadership were all essentially incel type men, though for different reasons – Goering was a morbidly obese morphine addict, Goebbels was a club footed manlet, Himmler looked like the epitome of a lanky jew and even the Fuhrer himself was very probably a life-long virgin and syphilitic through his mother.
* Women were subordinated in every facet of society – they had to attend to the menial tasks which their biology and physiology has suited them for, kinder kuchen und kirchen (kids, cooking and going to Church). No woman ever outranked any man in Nazi Germany, either socially (de facto) or in any of the paramilitary organizations (de jure).
* Aryan men who could not find or attract women for whatever reason were permitted to rape subhuman untermenschen type females with impunity both in order to satisfy the basic human need as well as to propagate more Aryan blood lines.
* Rank and status were not predicated on money nor were they reinforced by ostentatious displays of wealth but rather were acquired by honorable and manly service to the state which all self respecting men should strive for.
* Degeneracy in all of its putrid and corrupting forms was cast out and destroyed by the Nazi party which understood that the people needed to be protected from the perverse influence of modern art, jew propaganda, homosexuality and any other cultural contaminants.
* If that’s not enough, also bear in mind that his noble honor, Sir Rodger admired the efficiency, glory and power of the mighty Third Reich, so Sieg Heil!

Jack Chick #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #dunning-kruger boolean-union.com

(From the retracted 1986 Chick Tract “Satan’s Master”. The character is a “White Witch” infiltrating a Sunday school run by a former member of the coven who converted to Christianity,)
imageHannah the Witch: “You see, Jesus was a great teacher and was called a prophet of God. We are all children of God, we all have access to this power.”
Student 1, thinking: “You’re hanging yourself, lady.”
Student 2: “But, Hannah, where does this power come from?”
Hannah: “The use of the candle with the words of the prayers triggers the release of power from what we call the positive material plane… This is the very essence of the power that holds this universe together.*”
Footnote: “*Paraphrased from the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Master’s Guide by Gygax, published by TSR Inc., page 40 | See Colossians 1:12-19″

Eugen J. Winkler, based on Jakob Lorber #crackpot #dunning-kruger #magick jakob-lorber-bilder.de

[Translated from original German by submitter]
The Sun is not a glowing ball of gas, but a rather an absolutely perfect planet!
Yet if the Sun is a perfect planet in and of itself, it most certainly also must contain to the most perfect degree all those planetary components that occur on all the smaller planets orbitting it in very diminished potency. […]

The outer layer of the solar atmosphere is viscous and behaves as a liquid. On the outeide, it is smooth as a mirror. On this gigantic outer shell, the light of billions of other suns (stars) are reflected and amplified by the curvature. A small portion of this light is used up by the Sun itself, yet most of it is reflected back into space, and so, the enormously hot corona around sun globe is formed. This outer layer of air is called the Light Shell.[…]

The sun eruptions and sunspots that we can observe from Earth are a form of giant volcanic eruption (sun tumours) on the Sun.[…]

All matter of a planet or a sun is nothing but the visible manifestation of imprisoned primal forces or spirits.

image"Two inhabitants observe the eruption of a sun tumour - when the event is over, black-grey ash remains at the spot, which is then used as best fertilisers for their gardens.

Eugen J. Winkler, based on Jakob Lorber #ufo #crackpot #racist jakob-lorber-bilder.de

(Translated from the original German by submitter.)

The inhabitants of the planet Mars
Some science fiction author once invented te term of the “little greeen men” , who supposedly live on Mars! But that name is not all that far from the truth, as in reality, they do indeed wear a green cloak for clothing. Their skin colour however is light brown,. They are, with an average body site of ca. one metre, the second-smallest human beings within our solar system.
The planet Mars is the materially poorest and most desolate within our solar system. The human beings on MARS are, from a material point of view, of unsightly and less beautiful form, are small and a bit fat, and are lacking in anything else attractive in their extreior. Their colour is lightbrouw, but sometimes going into the rather dark - Their physiognomy has similarities with our Greenlanders, some lapplanders and eskimos. - Their clothing consists only of a form of apron, which is tied around the neck and cover from there the entire body to the knees with several folds. It has the same form for both men and women. For the two hands, there are simply two openings left on both sides, so that people can extend their hands through these to perform some kind of work; when they have no work, however, then they withdraw their, after all not too gracefully-looking arms back under the cloak.

Lorber-Verlag, directors Michael Zluhan and Manuel Zluhan #magick #fundie #crackpot lorber-verlag.de

Jakob Lorber (1800-1864) was one Chosen by God. One can call him a prophetic mystic, even more so, a Christian prophet. He himself humbly called himself “God’s servile scribe”. The importance of his prophetic work has been communicate to him via inter divine dictat, gets ever more recognition in this day and age. This 25volume opus unlocks all questions that move us about the history of salvation, indeed, about the entire history of creation. In it, both the formation and the structure of the worlds in its physical, astral and spiritual aspects are put under the microscope to the smallest level. In particular, we learn all about the nature of God, about the world of the angels, the levels of redemption of the souls in the world beyond earthly death and, at the centre, the nature of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

Original GermanJakob Lorber (1800 - 1864) war ein von Gott Erwählter. Man kann ihn als prophetischen Mystiker bezeichnen, mehr noch ist er christlicher Prophet. Er selbst nannte sich demütig den „Schreibknecht Gottes“. Sein prophetisches Werk, das ihm durch inneres göttliches Diktat mitgeteilt wurde, wird in seiner Bedeutung in unserer Zeit immer mehr erkannt. Das 25bändige Werk schließt alle Fragen auf, die uns über die Heilsgeschichte, ja sogar über die gesamte Schöpfungsgeschichte bewegen. Da wird sowohl die Entstehung wie auch der Aufbau der Welten in ihrem physischen, astralen und geistigen Bereich bis ins kleinste durchleuchtet. Besonders aber erfahren wir alles über das Wesen Gottes, über die Welt der Engel, die jenseitigen Läuterungsstufen der Seelen nach dem irdischen Tod und, im Mittelpunkt stehend, das Wesen des Erlösers Jesu Christi.

Linda S. Godfrey #crackpot amazon.com

Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena

Have you ever seen something you couldn’t explain?

This meticulously researched and thrilling exploration of the otherworldly will challenge your idea of reality. Mysterious wolf-people, sentient mists, and UFOs…if you've ever heard a curious bump in the night, caught a glimpse of a strange-looking someone (or something) out of the corner of your eye, or seen an unusual craft dart across the sky before it vanishes without a trace, there's only one person to call: Linda S. Godfrey. An expert in strange creatures and lore, she has offered reporting on bigfoots, werewolves, strange energy forms, and other bizarre beings for years.

Godfrey will enthrall even skeptics as she leads you through the mystical, legendary, and scientific angles of these creatures and the myths that surround them. Within these pages, you will encounter: 

- First-hand testimony of a terrifying transformation from woman to beast (during a church service, no less)
- The Lost Lizard People of Los Angeles
- A growling, phantomlike home invader
- Wolfmen who walk on two legs
- People stalked by invisible predators

Delivering a broad mix of modern-day and historical sightings, and supported by Godfrey's interviews with eyewitnesses, Monsters Among Us is essential reading for anyone hunting for the real accounts behind their childhood campfire stories.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt amazon.com

“Gain-of-function” experiments are often conducted to deliberately develop highly virulent, easily transmissible pathogens for the stated purpose of developing preemptive vaccines for animal viruses before they jump to humans. More insidious is the “dual use” nature of this research, specifically directed toward bioweapons development.
The Wuhan Cover-Up pulls back the curtain on how the US government's increase in biosecurity spending after the 2001 terror attacks—facilitated by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)—set in motion a plan to transform the NIAID into a de facto Defense Department agency.
While Dr. Fauci zealously funded and pursued gain-of-function research, concern grew among some scientists and government officials about the potential for accidental or deliberate release of weaponized viruses from labs that might trigger worldwide pandemics. A moratorium was placed on this research, but true to form, Dr. Fauci found ways to continue unperturbed—outsourcing some of the most controversial experiments offshore to China and providing federal funding to Wuhan Institute of Virology's (WIV's) leading researchers for gain-of-function studies in partnership with the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose meticulously researched and rigorously sourced analysis, leads readers on a staggering journey to learn about:

* the key enablers and henchmen pushing for gain-of-function research
* the economic motives behind gain-of-function research
* successfully engineered “chimeric viruses” that can infect and kill humans
* the coordinated effort to silence speculation of COVID-19’s laboratory genesis
* the complicity of scientific journals to hide the origins of COVID-19
* the role of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China’s biowarfare/biodefense program
* the relationships between US health, military, and intelligence bureaucracies and scientists and their Chinese counterparts
* the roles of Bill Gates and Sir Jeremy Farrar in helping to orchestrate China’s global cover-up

 The Wuhan Cover-Up unveils a global conspiracy of epic proportion and lethal consequence.

Andrew G. Huff #conspiracy #pratt amazon.com

The Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History

Shocking new insider information that shows what really happened in Wuhan, China, at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and in the ensuing cover-up.


The Truth about Wuhan simply explains the complexity of the system that led to COVID-19’s emergence; how the medical industrial complex grew and became entrenched in gain of function work after 9/11; why EcoHealth Alliance was the (almost) perfect intelligence collection cover; the policy actions and decision-making process as to why the United States government engaged in the COVID cover-up; how and why the United States swapped biotechnology with China and biomedical corporations; and the incentives for each of the actors or governments to engage and coordinate a global cover-up of COVID-19 origins.
The Truth about Wuhan also shows how and why Dr. Anthony Fauci is intricately involved in the COVID cover-up; how scientists like EcoHealth Alliance president and CEO Dr. Peter Daszak rose to power and used their influence to corrupt science and the COVID origin investigation; and how the intelligence community likely orchestrated the cover-up with Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Dr. Huff also provides personal harrowing accounts of how the US government waged a psychological operation against him to prevent him from speaking out. COVID-19 is the biggest lie, scandal, and intelligence failure in US history, and Dr. Andrew G. Huff is stepping out of the shadows to share his insider story about this failure that led to millions of deaths around the worl

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It is well known that gold is something with which people adorn and beautify themselves, but a man is not meant to do this, i.e., he is not a person who may be perfected by means of adding something, rather a man is perfect in and of himself, because of his manhood, so he has no need to adorn himself for some one else that he may like, unlike women. One of the strange things that we see nowadays is many young men adorning themselves by wearing gold chains and the like, and they even put makeup on their faces. This is contrary to the fitrah (sound human nature) and to the masculinity and resolve which should be the characteristics of men. Hence you will not find any wise and serious man doing that, rather they are either who are not straight or those who are lacking in character, time-wasters who are trying to fill the gaps in their character or fill their time by doing that.
Tag your friends,family or anyone that can benefit.
The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said: "The one who guides to something good has a reward similar to the one doing it" [Sahih Muslim]
Feel free to repost/share
Follow @muslim_daily_ for daily Islamic remimders, quotes, hadiths and many more!
▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ #islam #muslim #pray #gold #muslimah #ummah #alhamdulillah #silk #sunnah #jannah #hadith4_life #instaislam #quran #haram #followislam #islamic #islamicquotes #islamicquote #islamicpost #islamicreminder #allah #subhanallah #islamicposts #loveallah #allahswt #ProphetMuhammedﷺ #muslims #dailyreminder #dailyhadith

2000 Mules/Dinesh D’Souza et al., Donald Trump #conspiracy #wingnut #pratt 2000mules.com


"Highly respected Dinesh D'Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, "2,000 Mules," that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the "most secure election in history." It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before—and it's all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed."


D’Souza Media LLC presents a film produced by Dinesh D’Souza. Music by Bryan E. Miller. Featuring Catherine Engelbrecht, Gregg Phillips, Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Eric Metaxas, Larry Elder. Written and directed by Dinesh & Debbie D’Souza, Bruce Schooley. Executive Producers: True The Vote, Salem Media Group, Inc.


77% of Likely U.S. voters who have seen “2000 Mules” say the movie strengthened their conviction that there was systematic and widespread election fraud in the 2020 election.

GLPers #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger godlikeproductions.com

(On a Reichsbürger group that was arrested for plotting to overthrow the German Government)

Far right-= monarchy?
This is so stupid, it hurts the entire Earth.

(Anonymous Coward 82535122)
You're such a fucking idiot!

Far-Right?? Germany sanctions Russia because the US told Schultz to sanction Russia.

Germany lost their energy needs from Russia.

Germany is losing their manufacturing base because of the sanctions.

Germany will freeze this winter.

People are fed up, and want changes.

These people are branded 'Far-Right Extremists' and arrested.

You don't seem to understand that, and is why you're a fucking idiot!

(Anonymous Coward 79208754)
When leftists become extreme, the left call them far right

Conservatives in the right wing, REJECT this BS, just because the left say they right, does not mean they are right wing

Nazi and all those bred, worked in the left government, created and supported by the left are

LEFT WING = own your trash lefties

M. M. #racist #wingnut #conspiracy unherd.com

[On a Reichsbürger group arrested for plotting to overthrow the German government]

Ralph Schoellhammer wrote, “The biggest threat to German democracy is not the strength of these radical movements, but the weakness of a government that more and more people feel no longer has their interests at heart.”

The residents of Germany are responsible for its quality of life. Since no foreign power is imposing the current government on the citizens, that government and its actions are precisely what the citizens want. If they do not want it, then they should vote for politicians that reflect what they want.

The divide between government actions (e.g., opening the border to more than one million anti-Western migrants in 2015) and what the European-Germans (i.e., Germans of European ancestry) want will widen if they decline to shut the border. The offspring of the anti-Western migrants will sufficient electoral power to force the government to act in a way that harms the interests of European-Germans.

In California, the Hispanics and their offspring have already steered the state government to act in a way that harms both European-Americans and East-Asian-Americans. Most Hispanics reject Western culture. Most European-Americans and East-Asian Americans identify with Western culture.

By 2040, the United States will cease being a Western nation, due to open borders. By 2040, most Americans will reject Western culture (as the Californian population is swelled by anti-Western migrants from primarily Latin America and secondarily South Asia), and Hispanic culture will dominate. In California, 40% of the residents are currently Hispanic. Most residents of the state already reject Western culture, and Hispanic culture dominates.

The German fate will become the American fate unless European-Germans take responsibility for their votes. They must elect politicians who will (1) shut the border and (2) distance Germany from the United States. A Germany based on Western values is superior to a Germany based on, say, Middle-Eastern values.

Get more info about this issue.

Masonicon #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #wingnut #crackpot #quack #magick #ufo #racist deviantart.com

Zak's Everybody knows lyrics

Everybody knows that the dice is loaded
everybody rolls with finger crossed
everybody knows that War on Terrorism isn't over until Heat Death of the Universe
Everybody knows Ash Ketchum always lost and never wins
Everybody knows that our Physics fixed to prevents us from having nice things(whilst let us having it's opposite things)
the Poor stay poor and blamed for Climate changes, the Rich get Richer and everyone pretends latter's wrongs never existed
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

but nobody knows that there's hope
Nobody knows that Nikola Tesla's inventions solves world energy and environment problems best
Nobody knows that Ash wins anything, just cuz Pokemon anime writers make any moment of his victories fillers
Nobody knows that unknowables aren't violates laws of physics as much as they thinks
Nobody knows that Cancer only exists in modern history
Nobody knows that "every country and Religion has both Good and Evil people" thing are can't and never have any exceptions whatsoever
Nobody knows that Aliens(extraterrestrials or extradimensionals) ever meet any of us
Nobody knows that their own souls are hyperdimensional calculators
that's how it goes
Nobody knows

Donald Trump #wingnut #god-complex #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt #psycho edition.cnn.com

“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote in a post on the social network Truth Social and accused “Big Tech” of working closely with Democrats. “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

DasFeuerDerWahrheit and Jordan Peterson #conspiracy deviantart.com

[picture of an abandoned skyline reclaimed by the jungle]

The inflation is guided and the poverty planned

The dots are connected by this Gentleman in the scource . who was already smeared greatly by massmedia, "of course". :relaxed:
Enjoy? Do not look when your tired or something.
You're gonna have bad feelings and a hard time while falling asleep.

[Link to a video by Jordan Peterson where the ex-psychiatrist Lobster-Man “examines the current energy crisis, the globalist ideology that simultaneously fuels it while calling for the sacrificial demise of the poor, and what this truly means for Europe's future, if not the entire world.”]

basementLDARcel #racist #psycho #sexist incels.is

[Serious] Spics and Niggers should be exterminated.

They contribute nothing but crime and degeneracy to humanity.

Curries and Ricies are high IQ races.
Sands know how to keep their women under control better than other races.
Whites are well rounded and also most beautiful.

So the solution is clear; exterminate Spics, Niggers, and Jews.

DasFeuerDerWahrheit #conspiracy #wingnut #crackpot #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Made jokes with friends just jesterday.

" The paralells to WW2 were not enough!

Somehow Poland must be involved in the shitshow as well. "

Fun fact is Hitler officially opened the war also with mobilizing against Russia.

How they slapped France in just 3 days or so happened as a side-effect almost, regardless of the beef Hitler still had with France because of the "Versailler Vertrage". :D

The false-flagging of the global Russian-haters is so pathetic.

It is wierd how no one is falling for this level of bs, but people are super divided about the possibility that Humans truly have so much influence over the climate.

Something which I also do not believe in. :woohoo:

And the vehicles among Humanity which have the most influence, ten-thousand fold more than simple CARS, are vast transportation & container ships which no average Joe has influence over anyway.


DasFeuerDerWahrheit #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger #pratt deviantart.com

O' I tend to phrase things differently. ;)

Being racist is actually normal and inevitable. It is just the norm of being able to classify the ehtnicity of someone visually.

Everyone is a "racist".

But not everyone is a race hater. Big difference.

And I doubt many peopel truly care. It is only that the tiny, mentally ill minority of the collective left spectrum, has their ugly mug & existence so much more amplified than all other race hater groups combined.

Even white one's, or latino's or even such with Asian indivuals. B-)

It is just that the FED Mafia has decided it is the most profitable to antanogize white people now since they tend to have the most wealth which the "Elites" would like to "redistribute".

No matter how many pandemics, wars and climate-agenda's they have to push for it to happen until the working-class is finally as poor as those in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

This is the true goal behind just everything. :relaxed:

Colonel-Knight-Rider #moonbat imgflip.com

Daniel James "Dan" Schneider is a racist director, writer, and producer primarily for teen-targeted television programs on Nickelodeon. One such program is iCarly, whose eponymous character hosts a Webcast show with her friends in Seattle, Washington State. While the show may seem harmless on the surface, it has insulted, whether intentionally or not, multiple races, including the English (stereotyped as having unconditional contempt for Americans), the French (stereotyped as wearing berets and mustaches), the Japanese (stereotyped as overly-expressive), the Swedes (stereotyped as blond and beautiful), and worst of all, the Scots. In two episodes of iCarly entitled "iSpy a Mean Teacher" and "iDream of Dance," the character of Miss Briggs, played by obviously Scottish-American actress Mindy Sterling (as in Sterling Bridge), has her heritage booed in front of her: first on the Internet when she plays "Scotland the Brave" (incorrectly titled as "Haggis in Moonlight") on the bagpipes, and then in person when she calls a man named "Benjamin Yip," played by Stefan Raulston, to perform traditional Scottish Highland dancing (also incorrectly).

To this day, Dan Schneider has NEVER apologized for what he did to show contempt for Scottish culture in his twisted, insensitive style of humor. A good joke about another person's race involves love, knowledge, and appreciation of the race rather than ill-informed insults rooted in stereotyped perceptions and wanton heresay regarding that race. This image depicts him as a parody of racist German dictator Adolf Hitler with a swastika over his heart and a petite mustache on his upper lip. Also, it resembles a common artistic style appearing on many World War II propaganda posters

TruNews/Richard D Wiles/Robert F. Kennedy Jr et al. #conspiracy #fundie #quack #crackpot #dunning-kruger #mammon greatestreset.movie

The Greatest News
Beast Rising

This TruNews documentary was produced to keep truth alive in a world of propaganda. People like you donated to TruNews to help produce the film. Please join them by giving something today for future projects.

The Movie
Executive Producer:
Richard D Wiles

Prince Charles, now King Charles III, told the opening session of a World Economic Forum virtual meeting on June 3, 2020, that world leaders had “a golden opportunity to seize something good” from the coronavirus pandemic. The future King of England saw Covid-19 as the way to “reset” human civilization and to recognize “the interdependence of all living things.” Reuters reported that Prince Charles’ speech was “part of a launch event for ‘The Great Reset’, a project involving the WEF and the Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, aimed at rebuilding the economic and social system to be more sustainable.”
One month later, World Economic Forum founder and president Klaus Schwab published his book Covid-19: The Great Reset. It was a manifesto for a radical restructuring of human civilization. Indeed, the world dramatically changed in 2020 and 2021. The globalists told us that mask mandates, mRNA gene-therapy vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, school closings, social distancing, working from our homes, and online censorship of criticism of these things were part of the “new normal.”
The Greatest Reset: Beast Rising is a Christian response to the World Economic Forum’s globalists who think they were born to rule the world. Hopefully, this is the first film in a series of documentaries about the Greatest Reset – which is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the full manifestation of His kingdom. Christ is coming, but the Antichrist must come first.

Order your copy of the greatest reset dvd, shipping Winter 2022.

DINO PORRAZZO #conspiracy americasfreedomfighters.com

ALERT: If You See THESE Signs Around Your Neighborhood- Get Away IMMEDIATELY- You Are Being TARGETED By This Jihad TERRORIST Group

imageA screen grab from ISIS’ Rumiyah magazine

Without a doubt, ISIS has changed the terrorism game. They’ve leveraged technology to initiate attacks in places that they cannot physically reach. In the past, a terrorist organization in the Middle East would have to recruit, indoctrinate, and train members in the their locale, and then try to sneak them into whatever country they wished to target.

Now with social media and the internet, they can provide propaganda and training materials to millions of people who are already living in Western nations, and convince at least some of them to conduct attacks on their behalf. This way is much safer, easier, and more efficient for terrorist organizations.

And it’s opened the door to a wide variety of terrorist attacks that no one would have considered 20 years ago. Where once terrorist organizations were focused on grand gestures, like hijacking airplanes and blowing up buildings, now they can simply brainwash some dupe over the internet, and he’ll go out and shoot up a nightclub. But that’s just the beginning. The kinds of attacks that these people are pushing now look a lot less like 9/11, and more like the behaviour of a serial killer.

For instance, the latest issue of Rumiyah, an online magazine published by ISIS, is urging Muslims in Western nations to target civilians in a way that has never been discussed before. ISIS is telling them to lure and kill unsuspecting people through false advertisements for jobs and apartments. Several chilling quotes from Rumiyah were recently brought to light by the Middle East Media Research Institute:


The article suggests that websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, Loot, and Ebay could also be used to post these ads. The author recommends that terrorists shouldn’t advertise items like cars, which wouldn’t “require the victim to enter one’s property,” and he suggests that the ads shouldn’t low-ball prices, “as this can attract the attention of authorities searching for stolen goods or possibly attract other suspicions.”

Maxim Mankevich #magick #god-complex #mammon amazon.com

Soul Master: How you unleash your soul powers and make the Universe your ally

Imagine that you could not fail and that the Universe gives you 100% support in your mission. You live in harmony with your creative soul and out of a sudden, all cosmic forces go into resonance with you. How does that feel?

Maxim Mankevich, Speaker and expert for Success-Knowledge, already has inspired thousands of people and accompanied them on their path to personal excellency. He knows the laws of the Universe and makes them useable for everyone in Soul Master. His thesis: The Universe supports us without reservation once we bring ourselves in harmony with our soul task. We discover our radiant core and awaken our inner genius step by step.

This audiobook is a treasure chest full of practical tools for different areas of life: [psyche/soul], relationship, calling, money, [happiness/luck]. environs, spirituality, consciousness and creation. Included online course and numerous tests, checklists and meditations.

Original GermanSoul Master: Wie du deine Seelenkräfte entfesselst und das Universum auf deine Seite bringst

Stell dir vor, du kannst nicht scheitern und das Universum unterstützt dich zu 100 Prozent bei deiner Mission. Du lebst im Einklang mit deiner schöpferischen Seele und auf einmal gehen alle kosmischen Kräfte mit dir in Resonanz. Wie fühlt sich das an?

Maxim Mankevich, Speaker und Experte für Erfolgswissen, hat bereits Tausende von Menschen inspiriert und auf dem Weg zu ihrer persönlichen Exzellenz begleitet. Er kennt die Gesetze des Universums und macht sie in Soul Master für jeden Menschen nutzbar. Seine These: Das Universum stellt sich uneingeschränkt hinter uns, sobald wir uns in Einklang mit unserer Seelenaufgabe bringen. Wir entdecken unseren leuchtenden Kern und erwecken Schritt für Schritt unser inneres Genie.

Dieses Hörbuch ist eine Schatzkiste voller Praxis-Tools zu verschiedenen Lebensbereichen: Seele, Beziehung, Berufung, Geld, Glück, Umfeld, Spiritualität, Bewusstsein und Kreation. Inklusive Online-Kurs und zahlreichen Tests, Checklisten & Meditationen.

Spacergirl003 #transphobia #wingnut deviantart.com

I may not be agreeable with the whole LGBWTF- (I'd rather not say the last three, because we all know what that means and the actual term itself is super long anyway and the '-' means no respect toward anyone's opinion of them), and it's tough to be acceptable toward anyone from that community without sacrificing your own spiritual integrity, but even I would do simply this: respect the person for any identity under the sun and see each other as humans with skills, thoughts and hearts even. I've known one at my work who used to work with us there and I go to a community college where inclusivity and diversity is a thing (just not as invasive or disrespectful as Twit Show Schitter site).

The problem with the LGBWTF- (if not most) and other SCB (Social Cry Babies) twats is that they don't even know what respect, consideration or even tolerance means anymore or if ever. All they ever know is their skin, sexual organs, pronouns, and the whole 'stunning and brave' crap. Do I need to say more about woke culture and Hollywood? Heck no! It's far too draining and I would rather focus more on my class projects and writing [irrelevant overly long description of Frozen fanfic].

Small Name, Big Ego Award

Simon Charles Smith #dunning-kruger #conspiracy amazon.com

Simon Charles Smith is a mathematics and physics graduate. He’s been a maths teacher, political activist, retired local councillor, and captain of Warwickshire’s county chess side. He has sufficient scientific background and political insight to realise that mainstream funded science is as dismal as our economic and financial system. He argues the case we don’t need to be scientific geniuses to know we are being lied to and manipulated by the media to serve the purpose of the misnamed "elites" in moving towards a neo-feudal world; a world over which, they hope to rule supreme...

Books by Simon Charles Smith
- Fake Aliens and The Phony Nuke World Order 29.07.2018
- Covid 1984 Cornwall 2020: Two Weeks Camping In Treen 07.10.2020
- TH€ CUR$€ OF $KINWA£K€R RANCH 28.09.2022

Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski #crackpot #dunning-kruger vixra.org

Expanding Earth, Semi-Aquatic Dinosaurs, Earth Atmosphere in 3-5 Bar, Exoplanets and Stellar Metamorphosis

Some information is tied together regarding expanding Earth, stellar metamorphosis, semi-aquatic dinosaurs, exoplanets, Earth’s atmosphere and the idea that the Earth was covered by large shallow seas at one point in its evolution. This is to tie together some really big ideas which make more sense than currently taught plate tectonics, nebular hypothesis, land dinosaur theory, and the idea that Earth has remained this way almost its entire existence.