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Ancient Aliens The Mercury Connection

Hello ATS,

I watched an episode of Ancient Aliens where they talk about the connection of liquid Mercury to Ancient cultures; specifically, in Teotihuacan' Mexico and India where, according to Erik Von Daniken( author of Chariots of the Gods), ancient texts describe how Liquid Mercury was a part of a propulsion system used to power crafts. Apparently, there's a lot liquid Mercury and Mica located in the Temples at these sites and other sites including in Egypt so the TV show questions whether Pyramids constructed around the World are Electromagnetic Power Plants.....? This makes sense to me considering the fact that Some if not all pyramids are built along the lines of the Earth's power grid in very specific locations. On a side note, Mercury is also used in the process of extracting minute pieces of gold from soil but this doesn't account for the large amounts of Mercury and Mica found at temple sites around the world. I think there's another video that explains how Mica was used to shield humans from the dangerous effects of the Mercury. Interesting stuff!
This is the kind of material I observed here on ATS for Years but now it's being talked about on a Tv show. I'm like "WOW!" someone is listening! What do you think ATS? Is disclosure being televised? What says ATS?

Navy Seal Spartans 1 and 2 and Linda Moulton Howe #ufo #crackpot bitchute.com

There is a huge secret hidden deep beneath Antarctic ice. Eyewitness Navy Seal Spartan 1 walked there through green, glowing halls carved with mysterious hieroglyphs. Marine Spartan 2 says these same glyphs are on the Moon and Mars. Both whistle blowers tell reporter Linda Moulton Howe that E. T. humanoids have terraformed Earth and our solar system for millions of years.

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If you enjoyed the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Freakonomics, then prepare to go deeper into conceptual economics with Dating Up: The Hypergamy Factor. The climax of behavioral theory, research, human anecdote, and graphic novel, Cenoura takes us deeper into the theory of Sexual Marketplace Value (SMV) and goes a step further to quantify it. The use of a quirky cast of cavepeople-and question-and-answer problems based on the book's theories-takes the reader into the world of a Comicon-attending college student.

Dating Up: The Hypergamy Factor dares to address frequently debated notions of race and gender, speaking on such topics as the "80/20 Rule" as it applies to dating, the concept of hypergamy, and how evolutionary biology affects human dating decisions.

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Covid Scare Exists to Create Market for Cold Vaccine

So, having a conversation in another thread about naming semantics with the whole covid thing and something just kind of clicked.

This whole thing is to create a forced market for a cold vaccine.

The common cold is a coronavirus. Every year there's new coronavirii that spread through the population, every year the elderly die, people get sick, their underlying symptoms worsen things and every year it's the same. It's just a given, a part of life.

Many years ago now, pharmaceutical companies learned recurring,.not really effective vaccines were big money with the flu vaccine. The flu is genuinely scary, it can kill young healthy people depending on the strain and is responsible for many many deaths every year.

Drumming up that kind of support for the cold is not quite as easy. Most people aren't scared of yge cold. Well how do you make people scared enough of the cold governments will buy billions of dollars in vaccines before they're even approved?

Change the name and build up a massive global fear campaign.

So the common cold of this year becomes.


So covid-19 spreads rapidly.around the world, as the common cold does, leaving...well toilet paper aisles bare at least, but not much actual direct virus caused deaths, as is the norm with the cold, apart from the toilet paper anyway.

Now the market's there, the market will need to be maintained for ongoing revenue.

Seeing as most people are probably not going to bother with this vaccine year after year, this needs to happen artificially.

Enter contact tracing, laws mandating vaccines etc.

Once all that's in place, there's a permanent government enforced market worth billions of dollars every year that'll only keep growing as more and more experimental drugs and vaccines are created and become mandated

The next decade is going to be the decade of the forced medical economy, powered by biometric tracking, a pooulation forced under ongoing rolling lockdowns lifted only when the appropriate drugs or vaccines are taken, liberties and freedoms removed in the name of public safety and our own good.

This isn't going away. This is just the beginning

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Time-bending properties of Ley-line Nexus

I have a Theory: Ley-line Nexus can open up time vortex where Extinct animals can time-travels through there and this can explains lots of Cryptids, good example of this is: Loch Ness Monsters being Plesiosaurs that time travels to modern era from temporal wormhole opened by Ley-line nexus found in Loch Ness lake

and Loch Ness Monster being Plesiosaurs time Traveling with Ley-line nexus aren't the only instance of Cryptids being Extinct animals that time-traveling through modern era.

Sometimes, those Extinct dinosaurs got mutated by exposure to Empyrean upon their time-travels via wormholes that opened by those leylines, making them basis for magical creatures such as Fire-breathing dragons(where those mutations enable their physics-defying biology)

even when some cryptids are can't be explained as Extinct animals that time travels to modern era

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Is Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prediction a Cyclic Event

The Hopi Indians gave us a prophency about the coming of the new world in which a great spirit will signal as a blue star. Followed with the earth rocking too and fro and white men fighting other nations.

The blue star has been envisioned as a comet. But there is another possibility. The star that turns blue is our own sun, as a result of what some nickname a micronova, a solar cyclic event that occurs every 12,000 years. We know from tree ring data that energy emitted from the sun in 774AD was 1000x greater than Carrington event (strongest solar flare known in modern history). The micronova is assumed to be even stronger still. That will likely take out all the grid's. With massive voltage surges destroying most electronic equipment.

"earth rocking too and fro" seems ridiculous at first glance. But we know from our recent past. That Siberia was grasslands, that turned frigid so fast, it froze woolly-mammoths with blood still in their veins. We have the baffling Piri Reis Map dated from 16th century that shows Antarctica without ice-caps. Obviously this map was copied from a much older map. But where were the ice-caps when humans first mapped the coast-line of Antartica.

A theory called Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis. Proposes the position of the earths crust moves every 12,000 years by 90 degree's. Causing massive tidal waves and floods known today as myths. Sending civiliations back into a dark age. That Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis being signalled by rapid magnetic pole movement that is occuring today.mes the world chooses for us.

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Taxation is a form of slavery.

Modern slavery is a great deal more subtle than it once was. Most of us are not out there tilling the soil with whips at our backs, sure, but we labor for a ruthless master nonetheless.

“A ruthless master?” you inquire. It couldn’t be any other way. Every state in the history of human-kind has formed to serve no other purpose than the exploitation of the vanquished by the victors. Centuries later, long after the victors and vanquished have perished, the means of exploitation remain. They remain, in this case, as the forced appropriation of another’s labor, an activity we euphemistically call “taxation”. If we citizens were to apply the same method, we’d be jailed for extortion.

Philosopher Robert Nozik formulates taxation like this: “taking the earnings of N hours labor is like taking N hours from the person; it is like forcing the person to work N hours for another's purpose”. Thus, he says, taxation is a form of forced labor. I’m inclined to go further. If we were to imagine falling upon a spectrum between freedom and slavery, it seems to me that our condition in this relationship lands closer to one end than the other.

Anyone who laments watching a vast percentage of their earnings disappear each year might feel the force of this. But for those who rely on this exploitation, whether to fund their own survival or to fill the void where their charity might have been, raising taxes and strengthening the means of exploitation are causes worth fighting for. The liberty-minded should refuse to cede any moral ground here because tax-advocates want forced labor, extortion, and exploitation. They advocate for slavery.

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Perhaps This Is The Thing We Arent Supposed To Know

All our thoughts can perhaps be intercepted by the entities we see in the skies. Maybe not all of them, but at least some of them. I say this because in my past experiences they are telepathic. So what would the significance of this mean?

Maybe each one of our bodies contain a transmitter of sorts, not necessarily a radio wave. But some other kind of way of communicating. Some sort of quantum explanation each one of us is able to achieve. Since observation can break the wave function, it makes at least some sense. But how would the entities figure out which thought came from which person? We must leave a signature of some type that stays with us till we are dead.

Perhaps we are each assigned one entity to watch over us for life?

To make this connection would bring up a whole slew of other probable assumptions, and even more questions.

Are we all just remote control units, bending to the whims of observers who probably had something to do with our creation?

Mark Stolk and Truth TV #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo youtube.com

"Exorcism, Secret Egypt Atlantis History, Mind Powers & E.T. Control" .

To find a deeper understanding of our difficult and challenging times and the great planetary changes that are currently going on and will come to pass, all due to new galactic and universal alignments, a thorough understanding of his-story and her story (which is the story of our planet earth) are essential. Many important and interesting topics re discussed in this two-hour Age Of Truth TV interview with MARK STOLK, who will dive deep and coherently into the great hidden esoteric secrets and mysteries of our world. We travel back to the time before the Great Flood, to the Golden Age of men, and to the great disaster that followed it that disconnected the majority of the human race from its universal connections. This still influence us and our culture today.

This journey, based on a thorough understanding of natural laws and solar mechanics, will lead us into a deeper understanding of Ancient Egypt, the pyramids, the growing- and hollow earth theory, giants, the human genetic mix-up, masonic symbology, religion, exocism and so much more. It will also bring us back to our time and to the great universal shift and the new gateway of evolutionary permission that is opening up right now.

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Render unto Ceasar the nothing that he asks of you

Your money is worth nothing, do not rely on its use.

Real value is value. Gold has value, anything you can use or do has value. Give out value, but expect nothing back. Ask for the type of value that you need from others and they might give it to you. They might not.

What belongs to ceasar is what belongs to ceasar and that is his house and his stuff. He does not own me or my fellow Beings and thus cannot demand my mind, body, work or stuff and or nonmaterial valuestuff thing. Money is a nonmaterial valuestuff thing.

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Women are primarily attracted to behaviors that get men to the top of dominance hierarchies. But those behaviors are also associated with being an asshole to them, or at least not treating them like they're special. So they're programmed by evolution to like those behaviors to some extent, even though they're frustrating and disrespecting behaviors, because being attracted to those behaviors gets them the top man that they need.

In bodice rippers, women sometimes read about fantasy men who somehow are supremely dominant and respected by all men, but at that same time are emotionally supportive and just the right amount of sensitive. Makes sense for them to fantasize about a combination of traits that is never found in men. But at the same time, there are plenty of books in the genre that feature hard, vaguely abusive, dismissive male love interests (e.g. 50 Shades). And chicks love that too. So even when they're in an idealized imaginary world, many of them still don't want to be treated well.

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The Mandela Effect is the greatest thing to ever face humanity and people ignore it, why?

I have mentioned the Mandela Effect to multiple people, quizzing them and they remember things the old way and get it wrong and say no way, and I prove it to them by showing it to them that it changed, and they go wow. And from then on, nothing.

When I first learned about the Mandela Effect I studied it for days and weeks, I tried to find out all the instances I could recall, I asked others if they remembered the same things or different to verify and validate what I had discovered and to also help me stay sane. Surely others remember the same thing?

But when I mention it to others, they get a glazed look on their face and agree with some but I never hear about it from them ever again.

Nobody ever comes to me with a list of Mandela Effects and asks have I heard about this one or that one.

None of them become avid researchers asking for all the ones I know or more.

None of them really bring it up ever again.

I have heard multiple people say that this is the same experience they have had and they are surprised by how few people seem to care about it or acknowledge it.

What do you think the reason is for this?

The first thought is we are living in a simulation and they are NPCs because a real human or entity would care about something like that. It's the biggest or greatest thing to ever face humanity.

There are changes in the Bible now yet none of these church going people are acknowledging them or talking about it or researching it. Why? How is this not discussed more often everywhere?

In my lifetime I have never had anyone come up to me telling me about the Mandela Effect or examples, it seems to always be me telling others and sometimes they already claim to have heard about it.

Is this how you can tell who is real and who is an NPC? By their ability to hold memories outside of the simulation? It's like the hard drive and only some noticed because they are operating outside of that hard drive with an actual memory but NPCs can only operate on that hard drive.

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The idea to last long for hours to " satisfy" a ₩hym@n like a p@r#$tar is a complete made up B$ to shame men to control them to hurt their ego so to gain more power and control over them and to satisfy selfish agendas bcoz the only power over men that ₩hym€n hav is $€x.. Nature has alwz been about reproduction spreading ur $€€d to reproduce. Do u think in wildermess a lion or a bull or a wild elephant gives 2 fu@ks about the "feelings" , pleasure and desire of a ₩hyman?? Or Chengis khan might have asked while fu@kin a ₩hym@n "Hey honey how are you feeling? gud? Lemmi.do a sweet pillow talk afterwards.". Nope. It was all about spreading ur $eed passing ur genes to carry ur lineage for the survival.of the species. It alwz has been.

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I Was Born Free of the World of Nature, I Have Not and Will Not Poison My Body Temple With any of Big Pharmas Toxins

Everyone everywhere should join me in this pursuit of freedom of oppression.

Don’t let them poison you.

Don’t let them poison your children.

Stand in your human right to be the natural beautiful creature you were created to be.

They don’t own you, you are your own free person, stop living in fear.

We all need to stand together, the old ways are done, the government is no longer valid, they have turned on the people.

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Possible Vaccine Purpose...Please Hear Me Out...

We are all trying to figure out the purpose of the vaccine. Sterilization? Some form of MKUltra/5G combination, nanotech? I have been brainstorming trying to come up with something that makes sense and have an idea I'd like to run by the forum:

What if one of the functions of the vaccine is going to be used as a remote control mechanism to basically calm the population down at an appointed time. I have felt that something huge is coming - some event that will change everything. It is so frustrating because the air is thick with so much tension that something has to give sooner or later. We are lied to about EVERYTHING. Most on here know this already and those that do not are in for a rude awakening.

What if some event is coming that reveals just how misled we have been and exposes the deception of the powers that be? If you were said powers you would want some method of keeping most at bay. Well most are lining up for the vaxx. The ones that do not will be smaller in number.

Thoughts? I think we can all agree the truth can not be suppressed forever.

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There is Someone on Planet Earth that has AntiMatter in his DNA

- He does not show up on normal electronic radar because his 'body' and 'spirit' are from another dimension

- His whole body and spirit is 'supernatural'

- The Military Elite are trying to weaponize his mind to be a tool to keep millions in chains

- He is 'Chosen' because no one on Earth has a body/spirit like him

- He is NOT Awake right now

- He does not know the full extent of his power

When Will He Step Forward?

And Claim the Powers that God Gave Him

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totalitarianism is based

Anarchism and small government just leads the nation into chaos. How can we force traditional values and conservatism if there isn't a strong state to kill all progressives? We need the state to put all cultural-leftists and progressives to death.

Without a strong forceful state, Liberals, faggots, feminists, and people who are opposed to fascism can't be stoned to death. And if we have people with opposing views still alive breathing, then they can rebel.

The state needs to put people with opposing views to DEATH. Genocide all who disagree with you, that's how you can truely bring about the society you want.

Fascism is the only way!!!

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[Blackpill] Why women are actually toilets not humans

Toilet: a fixed receptacle into which a person may urinate or defecate, typically consisting of a large bowl connected to a system for flushing away the waste into a sewer or septic tank.

Female: a fixed receptacle, they never leave their houses all day in which a person may cum on. They have a large bowl from being roasties connected to their reproductive systems which flushes away waste (when they have a period) into a sewer or septic tank (down the toilet)

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There is major disagreement in the US military between Flag Officers over the contested election and it's come down to 3 options that appear to be happening around the end of March or April timeline.

Options are:

A. Reinstate Trump immediately due to overwhelming belief that Trump won and was cheated. Add to this the direction the country is currently heading, transgenders in mil plus gender redirection paid for by taxpayers, etc...

B. Do nothing. It's an option but major players in US Mil are not having it and it will lead to full on division within the ranks.

C. Redo the election in a fair and open manner.

Basically Option B is a non-starter according to sources of 107 and Robert David Steele.

This falls in line with the timeline of many sources on GLP stating to watch the late March/April timeframe. Damage to this country is being expedited. The Deep State will gladly sacrifice the economy and the ensuing mayhem rather than go willingly into submission.

Also many sources have said the outright banning of weapons and intrusive background checks leading to confiscation is the Red Line that if crossed will lead to civil disobedience by the Patriots. Both are happening as of the writing of this post. If they pass and become law then open rebellion is likely.

pokitaru #sexist blackpill.club


>32 year old drug using prostitute "raped" and murdered by white male police officer

>first woman to be murdered by a stranger outside of home in 18 years in Britain

>entire nation outraged
>300,000 strong march and protest
>24/7 national coverage media
>one hours national silence
>female MP's call for national 6PM curfew for men only
>every single news paper features the story on its front page
>suspect in the case has survived repeated attempts to suicide him in jail cell Epstein style, currently in hospital under armed guard
>met police chief being forced to quit

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[Blackpill] Autism is a jew bullshit myth to target non cucks. It doesn't exist

Firstly autism came from (((psychology))) which is a kike dominated field based on the theories of (((Freud))) and other jew theorists, so any research and concepts that comes from this field is likely lies and bullsit. It's relevant too that autism's demographic is mostly straight males who are usually white, and obviously jews hate this demographic. So what better way to discriminate and target them than to invent a bullshit illness like autism and then stereotype autists as nerdy, faggy feminine and retarded, so that these men get bullied.

Always remember too that jews love and need "neurotypicals". Their best pets and most useful puppets are neurotypicals because they listen to all the nigger jew music and watch kikeflix, and they don't question the lies and propaganda.

Just answer this: if autism is real then why are most autists so normal? True mentally ill like schizos and extreme anorexics are obviously different from everyone else, so why are autists so normal if autism actually exists?

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[Blackpill] Jews in Feminism #namethejew

We need to create a hash tag and spread it to every /pol/ website there is on Father’s Day in the hopes that they join in and help mass post it everywhere from Facebook to twitter.

look, we need to combine our efforts with Fascists (a response to (((Marxist))) ideals and (((communism))).)

anyone want to tip in and help?

now only can fascists get their opportunity to mass name the jew but we Incels/blackpillers get to spread the plague that is feminism among other things.

mylifeistrash #conspiracy #crackpot #sexist #dunning-kruger ncu.su

majority of men (80%+, probably much higher) are pretending to the world that they get women and have a sex life

[some graph; Non-Cucks United does not allow enlarging or linking to pictures if you are not logged in]

so women only match 1/50 guys and it takes 50+ matches to even get a date?
and majority of people meet via online dating?

yet normies almost ALL claim they get laid, have gfs and have sex?

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Classic Incel Poem

"your stature’s short but thats okay my husbands just six three and I know many girls who say they like short guys; like me

this Chad might have a perfect chin and dick so sweetly thick but i’ve with many small men been and loved their eight inch dick

this Stacy chick likes many men of different varied traits she fucked a dwarf who stood five ten and left with his estate

so don’t despair, my monster friend Im sure you’ll find the one but that ain’t me I must attend my Chad and chug his cum"

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[Cucked] Which part of Istambul convention is worse?

Lithuania (separatist part of Russia) not ratified that cucked convention yet, but now, with new government of alliance of cuckservators and "Liberty party" (you can guess what kind of stuff in it) planning to push if for ratification. And it pisses me off, that oppositionaires to concvention are so concentrating against tranny rights and social genders, that forgetting (or just being tradcucks and not seeing problem with that), that really biggest evil of it is just increasing rights of normal femoids of biological female sex, who are parasytes,. and deserve to be beaten by husbands

Poll: Which part of istanbul convention is orse and more damaging to society?


tranny rights and social gender stuff 0 votes 0.0%
protection of natural females from EARNED violence 3 votes 100.0%

GeneticTrash #wingnut #racist blackpill.club

[Blackpill] What Hitler did was gutsy and a real leadership { All in Minecraft Of course}

What he did with jews and anti social elements was genius and you need to be able to lay down everything for your conviction.
and his actions ultimately led to his downfall and he knew that. yet he did what was good for humanity..
Soyciety will keep calling a coward for shooting himself in his bunker, but he knew he committed suicide the day he broke Versailles treaty..
He knew his end was near, yet he did what his conviction said...
{ All in Minecraft Of course}

Eugene McCarthy #crackpot macroevolution.net

Another fish with a birdlike head (see image below) was reported by Gaston Carlet (1879), a member of the French Faculty of Medicine and a professor in the School of Medicine at Grenoble. This specimen, however, had a body like that of a trout instead of a carp. It was found in a lake in the upper Isère Valley (France) at an altitude of 2,000 meters. Carlet (p. 160) mentions that the fishermen who caught this specimen insisted that they had caught others like it in the past and that it must therefore "represent a new species." He also states (p. 157) that the lower jaw (mâchoire inférieure) was like that of any other trout, only it was slightly shorter than the usual given the size of the fish. Note that what appears to be the upper portion of a bird beak is visible in Carlet’s illustration.‡ Given the locale where the specimen was collected, Oncorhynchus mykiss, the rainbow trout, would likely have been the specific fish in question.

‡ It can be noted that in certain crosses, hybrids have been reported as having the upper mandible of one of their parents combined with a lower mandible like that of their other parent. Such, for example, is the case with certain alleged chicken-duck hybrids who, reportedly, have the upper bill of a chicken combined with the lower bill of the duck. A great shortening of the upper mandible in comparison with the lower is often seen in horse-cow hybrids. The same was reported for an alleged duck-cat hybrid that supposedly had a upper jaw like a cat and a lower one like a duck.
imageimageimageLeft: trout with a birdlike head (source: Carlet 1879); center: abnormal trout (source: Yarrell 1841, p. 108); right: ordinary trout for comparison.

Milo Yiannopoulos #homophobia #fundie #transphobia lifesitenews.com

March 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay man whose conservative messaging and willingness to speak the truth sparked riots on university campuses may well trigger more outrage now that he describes himself as “Ex-Gay” and “sodomy free,” and is leading a daily consecration to St. Joseph online.

Two years ago, when Church Militant’s Michael Voris famously challenged Yiannopoulos to live a chaste life, Yiannopoulos was not defensive. Instead, he acquiesced, and humbly admitted his human weakness.

“I know everything you’re saying, and I’m just not there yet. And I don’t know if I’ll get there,” Yiannopoulos told Voris at the time.

It seems that he has now arrived “there.”


LifeSite: What drew you to consecrate your life to St. Joseph?

Milo: Secular attempts at recovery from sin are either temporary or completely ineffective. Salvation can only be achieved through devotion to Christ and the works of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. St. Joseph is the spiritual father figure of the Holy Family. In this time of gender madness, devoting myself to the male protector of the infant Jesus is an act of faith in God’s Holy Patriarch, and a rejection of the Terror of transsexuals. Trannies are demonic: They are the Galli, the castrated priests of Cybele, the Magna mater, whom Augustine saw dancing in the streets of Carthage dressed like women.

Don’t even get me started on Drag Queen Story Hour. I only have to see those four words to be overwhelmed by the urge to buy rope.

micropenis29 #wingnut #sexist ncu.su

Serious trump is an absolute beast

the degree to which you're doing these 3 things is the degree to which you're non-cucked:

1. triggering soys
2. triggering foids
3. triggering normies

i have never seen anyone do these 3 things more consistently nor on a greater scale than donald trump

hitler was probably on a similar level

but in my lifetime, trump is in a league of his own

it's glorious to see

micropenis29 #quack #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger ncu.su

"covid" really, REALLY makes me hate chinks

daily reminder: covid isn't real

the gay 2-week flatten the curve bullshit i was willing to put up with last year (not really, but whatever, it was forced upon me so i had no choice)

but JFL people are still walking around in face diapers


[ten “Clown World” emoji]

clown world isn't enough anymore to describe this

and i can't help but feel like it's chink influence causing the rest of the world to mask-up like retards and then inject themselves with poison

all in the name of "modern soyience"

(((they're))) to blame too, obviously, and just to be clear: i don't wish any harm on chinks

but WOW is their culture cucked

/nsg/ ϟϟ Natsoc General ϟϟ #racist #wingnut #crackpot #psycho 16chan.xyz

ϟϟ Welcome to /nsg/+/sig/: Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/ ϟϟ

Thread for discussion of
Race Realism
the Aryan Ideal
National Pride
Racial Identity Movements

Improve yourself - Comrades, community, and folk!
> 卐 - SMASH (((MARXISM)))

ht tps://pastebin.com/u/ProjectWhite

> What is National Socialism?
National Socialism is the belief of man as part of the natural world; it is the idea that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of nature. An integral part of National Socialism is Racial Idealism, an idea based in the unbounding love of one's own people. This love is expressed by placing the interests of the racial community to which you belong ahead of your own individual desires, understanding that this selflessness will be paid back in full by your fellow man.

National Socialism believes in putting the nation before yourself. Despite this, there is considerable difference between the socialism of Hitler and that of Marxist doctrine. Hitler's nationalism has the patriotic motive of placing the good of one’s country before personal ambition while retaining one's individuality and happiness, whereas Marxism squeezes the people dry in favor of a machine-like nation built only for profit.

In short, National Socialism believes that all men are NOT created equal. Just as every individual has his strengths and weaknesses, so too does each race have qualities which are unique to that group. National Socialism believes in the improvement of your people through individual means; its goal is that each new generation of children will be better off than the one before it.

ht tps://projectwhite.org/

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[Serious] Sudden infant death syndrome is bullshit, foids kill their babies

Foids are repulsive and heartless creatures who kill their babies just so they can keep fucking Chad. And our society is so cucked that they came up with that stupid theory that babies die all of a sudden in their sleep so that foids don't go to jail for that. Imagine this scene: the poor and innocent baby lying peacefully in a crib. The whore slowly approaching with a pillow in her hands while whispering "sorry, baby but Chad says he doesn't like kids"... And then it happens. The police are called. The questions. The whore is crying " I just don't know how it happens, my baby was just sleeping and now... I'm so devastated right now..." And that's all. Sudden infant death syndrome

She will never even got arrested because how dare you call a woman liar and criminal, you fucking misogynist asshole!

And they said we shouldn't hate them? It's a miracle that you had made it past your baby years boyos.

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I hate normies

I hope they all get fucking cancer and die. Oh the pain they have caused me... they will never understand. Nor will they care. I was raised without a family, I never had the childhood any of these normfags had. I’m hated in society, I know. But I hate society too! I want it to collapse! It’s treated outsiders like shit! THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR, NORMFAGS WILL FEEL THE PAIN I FELT, AND THEY WILL FALL TO MY MOTHER FUCKING WRATH!!!!!!

Luckily, cancer has killed a lot of normfags. HAIL CANCER!!!!

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[Venting] I’m sure every female teacher is a molester

I mean honestly. Every single foid teacher has fucked the chad students. There’s a reason most school teachers are women. They just wanna go there to fuck chad students. Even preschool teachers molest students who they know will physically develop into a chad. We hear more and more about this everyday. And honestly, with chads in school, I can assure you every foid teacher is a molester

and my sister is a schoolteacher yet she’s always been single. Coincidence? I think not!

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The extant giant armadillo (Priodontes maximus) is widespread in South America.⁵ Compare Priodontes (Figure 9.1a) with a typical reconstruction of the Cretaceous ankylosaur, Nodosaurus (Figure 9.1b). VIEW ADDITIONAL PICTURE OF PRIODONTES Allowing for the vagaries of reconstructing the appearance of an organism from fossils, Nodosaurus appears quite similar to Priodontes. However, accepted theory would, almost certainly, account for the observed similarity between ankylosaurs and the giant armadillo, not in terms of genetic relationship, but by referring to "gradual adaptation to similar environments." But, if armadillos started evolving from a "small, primitive, generalized" placental mammal after ankylosaurs died out, this process of "adaptation" must have been rapid indeed. The ancestors of Priodontes can be traced through the fossil record all the way back to the Paleocene,⁶ immediately after the ankylosaurs are said to have gone extinct.

A "giant" armadillo (Priodontes) is not even quite as large as the smallest known ankylosaur (Struthiosaurus). But much larger armadillos (glyptodonts), now extinct, survived long enough to be hunted by the pre-Columbian peoples of South America only a few thousand years ago.⁷ Glyptodonts the size of a small car survived into the late Pleistocene (e.g., Glyptodon). Such animals were about the size of Ankylosaurus itself, the largest of the ankylosaurs (the Pleistocene ended only about 10,000 years ago). VIEW A PICTURE OF A GLYTODONT Like certain ankylosaurs, some of these giant armadillos had tail clubs. In both ankylosaurs and armadillos, these clubs could be armed with long, bony spikes.⁸

These observations suggest that paleontologists have created an artificial distinction by classifying Mesozoic "ankylosaurs" as reptiles and post-Mesozoic armadillos as mammals. Given available evidence, and given stabilization theory's assumption that new types of organisms typically arise from precursor forms similar to themselves, the obvious conclusion seems to be that the various forms described as armadillos of the "Age of Mammals" (the Cenozoic Era) are descended from the various forms described as ankylosaurs of the "Age of Reptiles" (the Mesozoic Era).

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Pandora's Box

The loss of Donald Trump, the yellow conman, has awakened many whites to the realization that there is no one coming to their aid, as their countries fall to the final stages of the great Jewish plan. I've been following the networks of various extremists within the United States, and I can attest to the fact that their rhetoric is becoming more militant, calling for real life action rather than spreading memes online. It is glorious to watch unfold. All those young men who were mocked by the jewish media are now increasingly joining these groups.

Here is some of what's being posted:

/pol/ - How Vulnerable Are America's Power Grids?
/pol/ - The Accelerationist Manifesto

The elites know this, and are paying close attention :
Jan. 6-Inspired Domestic Terrorism Could Threaten U.S. for Next Two Decades - Homeland Security Today.us

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Blackpill There are 2 types of societies today

Where animals are food and protection
Where animals are pets who get food and protection

Where women want to become mothers
Where women want to become lawyers

Where men fight for freedom
Where men fight for censorship

Where traditions are kept allive
Where traditions are destroyed

Where people believe in god
Where people believe in the schoolbook

Where people are proud nationalist
Where people are proud globalist

Where the family is the most important thing
Where the individual is the most important thing

Where sexuality is something divine between a man and a women
Where sexuality is perverted and abnorm

Where people get raised by their parents
Where people get raised by goverment authorities
And some major coincidence first one never has jews in it what a twist.

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[Blackpill] why do women lack anything even remotely resembling a personality?

even more curiously, why do so many MEN pretend that their wives and girlfriends HAVE personalities?

it's not even taboo to point out this idea that women are "ghosts"

that would, afterall, imply you could successfully convince these men of this fact if you tried, because they'd know on some level that it's true

but you can't; normie men would think you're unhinged for even suggesting it, and it feels like a completely culturally unenforced psychological roadblock in terms of communicating meaningfully with them

sometimes i wonder if the defining characteristic of non-NTs is that we don't pretend to take women seriously as conscious, independent humans, and it's THIS, --that we never WANTED to take women seriously, starting when we were very young--that underlies all our social "problems" and many of our other misunderstandings in life

tldr: non-NTs, as children, see women for the ghosts they truly are, and normie society deems them "autistic" or "on the spectrum" because it mistakens women for normal humans with real personalities

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[Serious] If I had a girlfriend I would probably cheat on her

Honestly most guys get to have at least 6 partners in life. And society said in a survey you’re too sexually conservative if you had 2 partners and that it’s best to have 7.6 partners on average. I’m gonna probably cheat several times to increase my body count and maybe even get more partners to surpass all the sexhavers who surpassed me by losing their virginity at 16-19 years old.

it would be awesome knowing that all the one night stands and hookups I acquired would be oblivious to the fact that they are mere increases to my body count and nothing else.

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[Important] Faggots and their supporters should all be brutally killed.

How I wish we could decapitate them all until they all disappear from the face of this planet. There's nothing more disgusting and degenerate than a faggot. Aids infected child abusers.

(Saint Spicecel)
We have to set all those LGBT degenerates on fire, make them suffer as much as possible

(Dr. Femoids)
I like fantasizing about smashing faggot skulls.* It's tremendously entertaining.

*in Mario Kart Double Dash

ONLY kicked out?!?! They should've been SHOT DEAD (In GTA V)

Can somebody just PLEASE give me a gun already?😡😡😡

It's funny how before these degenerate queers got accepted into soyciety, this world was a lot more saner and better off.

Now, there's clownfuckery rampant all over once these shitheads are free to roam around with their infectious and ridiculous to exist mental illness. This century ruined everything that the past centuries did right, that's a fucking travesty.

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So I just watched the first episode of a hentai series called dropout. In that series people refused to work and stayed as NEETs and weren’t motivated enough. The government then passed a new act which gave them foids that would have sex with them if they were able to have good grades.

If this was implemented irl, this could be a pretty good solution to inceldom. It’s a win win situation. Incels like us will be happy because we have foids provided by the government to have sex with and we would be willing to put more effort in school and get jobs.

But there were a couple issues I had with the way things went. The first issue I had was that they were all fucking in the same room. That’s pretty gay because you will literally be fucking some foid but in front of other guys while they are doing it too. I personally wouldn’t feel very comfortable in that situation and won’t have as good of a time.


Overall, the new act passed by the government was fundementally good but just had some issues which should have been fixed. If those issues I brought up above were fixed then it would be a pretty decent solution or atleast compromise to inceldom. It will end up benefitting both parties. And the thing is that the foids enjoyed it as well so cucks/feminists wouldn’t care either but I am pretty sure it was for the sake of the hentai. Too bad the government is too gay and retarded to figure this out.

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[Cucked] Dominican Republic Officially Bans “Child Marriage”

(Link to Daily Stormer article »Dominican Republic Officially Bans “Child Marriage”«)

Dominican Republic, previously very based for having age of marriage at 15 and even 12% of marriages happening before the age of 15, has now cucked to pressure of retarded Western social norms and (((feminism))). Needless to say, another blackpill to add to the pile, I share in Anglin saying that when the ball drops for 2022 that the third world will become as cucked as here. I've also noticed this is becoming a trend, about a week or so ago I saw that the Philippines was going to raise the age of consent from 12 to 16 and of course cucktears was complaining it wasn't going high enough. :Honk: As we should all know, age of consent, is retarded. Girls just gonna get fucked by chad either way sooner or later, almost always sooner, makes no damn difference. Keep it low as possible and maybe some of the lolis will be young enough to know that you're not chad. Oh and it's always some kind of NGO claiming to 'help children' lobbying and pushing for this crap, that's how it just happened in the Philippines. Just the nation wrecking kike parasites doing what they usually do. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Of course the bit about them saying they are doing it to help children is a crock of shit. If pedo hunter faggots actually cared about kids maybe they would stop buying clothes made from child slavery or try to shut down the sweatshops. Maybe solve child hunger. Yeah it has nothing to do with helping children and everything to do with pushing globohomo feminist trash onto the masses. If I were in any position of power I would help liberate all young non-cucks and men of culture, end state compulsory education indoctrination and make it easier for them to find a nice loli.

“Child marriage” being bad is a stupid hoax
Girls should be married off at whatever time it is they are having sex, otherwise you’re promoting mass whoredom.

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If the earth is a globe, why don’t the planets have phases like the moon??

Clearly if the heliocentric model of the universe is correct, all planets should be seen at all times in phases of being lit up by the sun...from waxing to waning...yet you never see that in a telescope, you just see the entire planet lit up. Why is that?

p.s.-I don’t take NASA cgi pictures as evidence...

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[JFL] Never ask normies to rate women, they CAN'T rate properly and objectively.

A concerning amount of bluepilled men believe that in most if not all relationships the woman is more attractive. Their delusions are simple explained.

First of all, men overrate the fuck out of women. An average becky is a 7 to most men. An obese roastie is a queen. There are literal 4/10 foids earning a living on onlyfans. Users here made catfishes with obese women and got hundreds of matches. A woman would need to be a 2/10 to be moderately ugly to most men. Secondly, foids wear fakeup when they go out which gives an illusion of the foid looking better than her bf. The illusion is so strong because fakeup can raise their looks by as much as 4-5 points.


You see a women on the right side of these photos dating a normie? "See you silly inkwell, women date men uglier than them"
Now remove the fakeup and suddenly she's the uglier one, the true her.

Also a reminder of just how subhuman even good looking males are to bluepillers. Normies CAN'T properly rate couples at all.


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[Lifefuel] How Fascist are you?


spoilerCorporatism: 100%
Strongman leader: 100%
Militarism: 100%
Dissident Suppression: 100%
Natural Hierarchy: slightly over 60%
Press and Speech Control: 90%
Rebirth myth: 100%
Denunciation of Enemies: 70%
Tough-Mindedness: 80%
Traditional Values: 100%

I got 90.5%.

[smug frogman]

You can take the test here and post your results.

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[Serious] Race SMV hierarchy

1 Germanics
2 Mediterraneans
3 Slavs (South Slavs > East/West Slavs)
4 Arabs/Middle Easterners/North Africans
5 Non-Horn Subsaharan Africans
6 Non-Dravidian South Asians
7 East Asians
8 Native Americans (all of them in the Americas from Inuits to Amazon tribes)
9 Central Asians
10 South-East Asians
11 Horn Africans
12 Dravidians