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RE: Coalition of Communities of Colour 'formally recognized the Slavic community as a community of colour'.


LOL, americans are starting to know the Eastern part of europe, wait till they get to balkans, we'll have the strongest victim card of all. Blacks will want permission to say the B-word, my balkanite.


This disgusts me, they can take their pity and shove it up their arse

No one pities the poles here, or most Slavic people for that matter. Ethnicities which have integrated well are just seen as normal, hell, I think most people group Asians in the white category because of how well they do. It seems like they are trying to make it "everyone vs WASPS", to simplify everything down to "oppressor/oppressed". It is a very dumb ideology, but it is all the rage right now.

I've never heard of this organization before and they seem pretty small. Digging through the depths of fringe American racial politics is a great way to lose any and all sense of reality you may have had.

I mean at least they are trying to do something. Western Europeans should also take a hard look at how they are treating Eastern Europeans.

Sure but this type of identity politics is more harmful than helpful

Why does America have so many crazy people?

I don't know why you find this crazy, at least they acknowledge that discrimination against white immigrants still exists. I am glad that African Americans acknowledge the discrimination and racism that Slavic imigrants face. Of course, we slavs are not colored at all, but we are still considered as second-class citizens in many countries around the world

It's crazy because the people who wrote this document would rather label Eastern Europeans as PoC than acknowledge that certain groups of white people can face discrimination in a white dominated society. I wouldn't be surprised if these groups start labelling whites as exclusively "of Anglo/Germanic descent".



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