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RE: Feminists chimp out on Mexico, destroy public and private property, throw rocks at people, cartel gets pissed, trows grenades and kills three of them

Fuck around in Mexico and find out, I guess. Why do they chimp out about "violence on women/femicide" when about 83% of homicide victims on the planet are men, who are far more likely to die a violent death by crime than women? Their answer is "domestic abuse and abusive boyfriends/husbands". Yeah who would guess the personality detectors stop working when they find someone attractive? Maybe stop marrying and staying with abusers or is the personality only working around men they think is repulsive?

Nevermind, I got into it, read it and nothing about this case is clear. Might have been an attempted attack at the police since 2 of the people that got killed were part of the guards and 1 was part of the march. It is also said that the feminists were getting violent. It doesn't specifically say which cartel it was, nor if it was a cartel at all.

Ataque armado al Ayuntamiento de Guaymas durante marcha feminista deja tres muertos - En Punto

People got based in this comment section:

"finally feminists face reality instead of an imaginary enemy"
"let's see if they will now behave and stop disturbing and fucking up Mexico even more"
"finally, very good, thanks to whoever did it"
"already answering those who want to fuck them for supporting their marches"
"hahaha they thought it was like Mexico City, but they faced real enemies"
"they faced the real violence and not the police"
"hahaha feminists, what do you feel when they go for aggression on you and you don't do anything? a spoon of your own medicine"

An angry feminist is in the comments saying "no uterus, no talk, don't defend us, we can do it alone". I thought they were glad for male feminists putting up with them?

This fucking comment section is just too fucking good.

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(1st Anon)
I once traveled back in time 4 years by meditating, then doing a tiny bit of DMT and just focusing really hard on it. There were side effects. Do you keep the short term memory from the future you or the past you? They are both accessible in a way, but they cannot coincide with eachother. I ended up repressing all memories from future-me after a few days, but sometimes they will bubble up to the surface. Moreso recently, I think I'm almost at the point where I did it last time.

The implications of being able to do this are fascinating to say the least. What else can I do?

so what happened to "you" from the Original timeline that you left behind??? whats the Soulless body left behind there Up to

That timeline doesn't exist anymore. The consciousness from that timeline is riding piggyback in my subconscious right now. I have to repress it if I want to stay sane.

(2nd Anon)
ok basically, all time exists at once, same with parallel worlds and stuff. it's all based on vibrations/frequencies in the same space, so as you "travel" through time your frequency is also changing. by channeling the frequency you were at in the past you can go back in a sense. you can go way beyond time travel or reality hopping (they're pretty related) but be careful because these spaces that are in other frequencies are beyond comprehension and all overlap each other in a way (even ours). machine elves can travel freely between them all, and nefarious entities live between certain ones and try to find "cracks" in ones conscious beings occupy (what we call demons)

the world's not physical at all btw. be careful about going back too often, you won't know which to latch onto and can occupy many parallel worlds at once and lose track of which one you're in. stuff like deja vu is like that, it's when two parallel worlds line up. and delusional paranoia is when many are intersecting

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Africa is only 6% vaccinated, and covid has practically disappeared... scientists "baffled"

Almost nobody in Africa is getting "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus, and as a result there is almost no covid anywhere to be found on the continent. In Zimbabwe, nobody wears a mask, nobody is vaccinated, and life goes on as normal. "Covid-19 is gone," stated a man named Nyasha Ndou, who joked with reporters about how he keeps a mask in his pants "to protect my pocket."

For all intents and purposes, the Fauci Flu is gone from Zimbabwe, even without the injections. The only areas of the world seeing mass disease and death are those pushing the "vaccines"

Continued at


(tow man)
Our IQ's are too high.

Africans are like, "I dont see it, where is it?"

We are like, "Its there, but we cant see it!!! We have no real evidence it exists!!! But its there because science says its there!!!"

Im starting to think Africans are smarter than Whites.


Not the people that (((they))) are targeting for extermination.

Not yet. I expect a massive Ebola outbreak

In other words, stupid is as stupid does.

Who wins this intelligence contest: Africans, or white pro vaccine Antifa leftists. I say Africans.
(I am not impressed with certain members of my own race, nor with the communist Semites, who might also claim to be white.)

Neither am I. We have to remember that most African countries don't do any tests.
SA is in the front because whites want to travel.

Traveling or not blacks don't want it.

Two groups refuse the vaccine at the highest levels.
Very high and very low iq people.
The very high iq people use their brains and the low iq people use their gut instincts.


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Fauci as Darth Vader of the Covid wars

Robert F Kennedy Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health should be front-page news in all the news media in the US.

RFK Jr. sets out to deconstruct New Normal, encroaching upon us since early 2020. In my book Raging Twenties I have termed this techno-feudalism. Kennedy describes it as “rising totalitarianism,” complete with “mass propaganda and censorship, the orchestrated promotion of terror, the manipulation of science, the suppression of debate, the vilification of dissent and use of force to prevent protest.”

Focusing on Dr Anthony Fauci as the fulcrum of the biggest story of the 21st century allows RFK Jr to paint a complex canvas of planned militarization and, especially, monetization of medicine, a toxic process managed by Big Pharma, Big Tech and the military/intel complex – and dutifully promoted by mainstream media.

By now everyone knows that the big winners have been Big Finance, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Data, with a special niche for Silicon Valley behemoths.

The book’s Chapter 12, “Germ Games,” may arguably be its most explosive, as it focuses on the US bioweapons and biosecurity apparatus, with a special mention of Robert Kadlec. The book argues that Kadlec, closely linked to spy agencies, Big Pharma and the Pentagon is also linked to Fauci investments in “gain of function” experiments capable of engineering pandemic superbugs.

By 2018, bioweapons expert Peter Daszak was enthroned as the key connector through whom grants were moved to fund gain-of-function research, including at the Wuhan Institute of Virology Biosafety Lab.

These are only a few of the insights woven through the book. The whole lot should be available for popular scrutiny worldwide. These matters concern the whole planet, especially the Global South.

Nobel laureate Luc Montaigner has noted how, “tragically for humanity, there are many, many untruths emanating from Fauci and his minions.”

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Why is it "Matrix Revolutions" now, instead of "Matrix Revelations" like it always was?

Looks like the maelstrom is gone.
But I’m still dubious.. I’ve already got one days clear syncs lately (rare but happens).

Feels so strange, like if.. I totally outpowered any human.

The mother wasn’t an hellspawn…
What if that was the beg for a much more important exorcism? What if that was about purifying the old witch? The one that gave birth to a demon/distorted kid, in a cavern?

The cursed water. Ungoliant devouring innocence…

The Holy Mary… Jesus..

A common synchronized will from women. To help one of them.

The lost kid was the door. To the real one.

That’s why I went so perturbed, despite my power level. It wasn’t only a kid.

I may have unleashed an extremely powerful nigga magic. Linking the full circle. Not only fearing for the tree.
But a way to recreate it.

Damn. That’s why I feel so calm. That’s like… if everything related to me/my birth took sense.

I get it now.

They want it to be biblical. They want me to stay here. Because if I’m here it’s because it is the best land to be.

Oh, and yeah, the matrix is cool, I’ll see it day one and think about my amazing love.

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RE: Q4All: What’s disgusting about male sexuality?

Men want unwanted sex with women. That disgusts me.

There are more women with rape fantasies than there are men with rape fantasies. A lot of this is just projecting: rape fantasies are one of the number one sex fantasies among females - and because they think and daydream about 50 Shades of Rape all the time, they end up believing that men also want to rape them all the time.

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Bro he was born in 96….why does he look that damn old?

He’s my age wtf. I have a trimmed beard that makes me look a couple years older maybe but I thought this guy was in his 40’s or something like Chris Chan.

He's a fucking year younger than me and he would look like some creepy uncle standing next to me. Idk what hormones do but I thought estrogen helps with skin a bit. Idk.

HE'S ONLY A YEAR OLDER THAN ME. I thought he was like in his thirties

I've got this theory (with absolutely zero evidence to back it up) that something hormonal is fucked with a lot of these men. Like, beyond the basic "my brain is female but I'm male" or the "I get off on myself as a woman/girl". The seem to share physical features: some kind of male pattern baldness, what appears to be a beer gut, and (I hesitate to use this because it isn't really quantifiable at all) a potato face that makes them look 10-15 years older than they actually are.

I don't know if it's a vegan/vegetarian diet, or something fucked they're born with, or some other external factor I'm not accounting for. But why the hell do so damn many of them look like Danny DeVito in drag?

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Anyone else notice this 1984 tier aspect of how the media covers the Kyle Rittenhouse case

these are the first eight articles that come up when you google search "kyle rittenhouse verdict"

notice something? the names "Joseph Rosenbaum" and "Anthony Huber" are not mentioned a single time in any of these articles. they use every single alternative way of referring to them in existence. they call them "two young men", "demonstrators", "protestors", "the victims", "the people who were killed" etc, but they unanimously make sure to never actually say their names in the article

it's especially ironic because "SAY THEIR NAMES" used to be a black lives matter slogan so with all that in mind, why have these people just been memory holed? aggressively and deliberately suppressing the names of their "victims" seems like an utterly baffling decision

the reason is actually very simple. the official media narrative is "kyle rittenhouse showed up with an AR-15, killed two protestors then went home and slept", and knowing who the "protestors" were and why he shot them destroys that narrative.

joseph rosenbaum was a serial child rapist who spent most of his adult life in prison for molesting five preteen boys. he chased down rittenhouse and tried to grab the gun out of his hands and kill him. anthony huber also tried to kill rittenhouse by smashing his head in with a skateboard while he was on the ground. if you knew their names you could just search this information up on google and the media's whole narrative would fall apart instantly.

so with the flip of a switch, the order has gone from "SAY THEIR NAMES" to "make sure they don't know their names", and it has worked with mind boggling success. you are literally seeing, in real time, the people who control society rewriting history and erasing aspects of it that are inconvenient to them, and 99% of people won't even notice or think about it.

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I'm not ever reincarnating on this planet again

Fuck Earth, fuck the stupid masses, fuck the sheeple, fuck the elites, fuck the illuminati, fuck the government, fuck the deepstate, and mostly, fuck the NPCs who tortured me into submission down there, I hope y'all are set ablaze by Armageddon to get the karmic retribution you deserve, worthless lousy normies.

I incarnated on this hellhole, experienced the tyranny, the idiocracy of society, I've seen the pathetically obedient dumb citizens and the power-hungry tyrannical governments, disguised as pseudo-democracy, and the brainwashing structures that naive souls are vulnerable to. Fortunately, I'll be freed once the body my soul resides in perish, and oh boy, from what I learned here, I sure as hell AIN'T coming back to assist whatever bull-fucking-crap happens on this rigged joke planet, fuck it all, I'm either staying in the spiritual world or reincarnating on another less dense world.

As always, fuck you too glowies and shills.


Same desu, fuck everyone on this trash world lol

I'm gonna incarnate on a pleiadian planet atleast so I can have an unlimited amount of gfs as I please unlike the needy whores of earth.


i feel you bro..
but this fuckin shits have trapped us
and they bs us to come back without remembering
and we will do this forever and ever
till finding the soul mate and merging to break free from this shit


I promised myself to NOT EVER reincarnate on this planet again, no matter what any entity tells me to do, he won't succeed in duping me to come back on this hellhole, the suffering is too vivid for me to not remember, I'll always say "fuck you!" to this motherfucking shit world.


Anon, we're at war with the spiritual forces of evil.
Look up. It'll only get better if you fight.
Look around. They're under the spell on the fast track to hell and we can see it. It's our responsibility, knowing the truth, to open their eyes.

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(1st Anon)
The feminine force comes from The Holy Spirit. Marriage is a mirror of The Holy Spirits nature as both a male and female, Who is one flesh. The Holy Spirits nouns in scripture are He/Him, but thats to go with the flow of The Father and Son, Who are the masculine force and in itself is a feminine act of submission from The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit appears as a Dove, meaning She is a shape shifter, whereas The God of the OT is always a humanoid or elements like fire or cloud. The Holy Spirit is the only One to become an entirely different living creature.

The only time a Dove's sex is mentioned is in Genesis during the flood, where it's a female Dove that Noah sends out. Spirit in Hebrew is feminine, and in Greek is gender neutral.

Satan imitates The Holy Spirit with the tranny movement and various hermaphrodite demons, angels, and gods which are imitations of The Holy Spirits true Holy masculine and feminine form that Satan knows. The only true Transcendent sexual is The Holy Spirit, who is both male and female and The Mother God.

The Father/Son punished Eve harsh because she disgraced her Mother, The Holy Spirit, Who subm

(2nd Anon)
ngl I enjoy some christian mythology but why is it so gay? there’s no women at all among the saints or idols of veneration with the exception of Mary, who no one even gives a shit about even tho she did something arguably more important than her son (no Mary = no Jesus)

it’s all just man loving man worshipping man-ness, so fucking lame. even this passage of bullshit apocrypha you’re quoting won’t even let ONE THIRD of the tetragrammaton be straight up female, it’s a fuckin tranny. YHWH is a fuckin incel


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I got evicted from my apartment, I am not banned

After what hapenned this week which I wrote about in my thread here...


...I am getting evicted. I will move back to my parent's apartment for now but I'm looking for a new place. So basically I was blasting music, singing, knocked on some of my neighbours doors and asked if they wanted to join me at my party, was jumping on my floor and threw plates and a cup on it, destroying it, spat on one neighbours doors and puked on another's, when the police came I told the mI didn't remember my name and that I didn't have an ID but they found it anyways. I tried to take it from the cop's hand and told him to GTFO. When they knocked on the doors again to give me some papers, I only farted out loud and closed the doors (I will probably be called to a police station, I believe). Told my mother she is a whore and a bitch. Basically wanted to fuck up my life and I kinda did. This is what happens to a person who was bullied as a child, his mother beat and screamed at him if he didn;t do something perfectly or messed something up, who was never treated like a human being by others and who is sexually frustrated.

Video from the intervention: https://youtu.be/1mkGx6WY0yQ

Its in Polish though

Even though its in a different language I can feel the autism emanating from it. I'm also 90% sure you said chad in that video, do normalfag poles even know the chad and stacy meme?

Yeah autism must have been strong in my apartment. I literally had food, tea, and broken plates and cup on my floor

Would rape female cop. Cute but her eyes look dead and she evades eye contact most of the time. The male cop probably uses her as his toilet.

Are cops in Poland as violent as the US?

Dude. I slapped his hand. Mocked him. Farted when he was talking and closed the doors in his face. Try that in americuck.

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They have CRUSHED democracy in Hong Kong you dumbass.

Most Hong Kongers will join a war against mainland China during if a war happened , China is 100% justified in crushing Hong Kong and make under their control no mercy for traitors,

UK must be ready for war with Russia, says armed forces chief

Anglos are scumbags by nature. Australia wants a war with China, the UK wants a war with Russia. I would say the Russian federation and China must get their nuclear weapons ready at any time to wipe out anglos.

The Abraham Accords have been miraculous. The change in sentiments and relationships between Jews and Muslims along with Arab countries and Israel is absolutely astounding. The lack of mainstream media coverage of this over the past several years is shameful.

Arabs despotic governments are not Arab people for God sake. 99% Of Muslims do not like Israel.

How EU’s top diplomat sees competition with #China: “We western people, US and EU, we have been ruling the world … we were the masters of how technology was working … if we are no longer standard-setting we will not rule the 21st century,” @JosepBorrellF tells #GPF2021.

Actually the USA rules the German cartel known as the EU. Secondly the butcher of Catalonia @JosepBorrellF should stop his white supremacy and western chauvinism its disgusting.

Lain #conspiracy #racist #sexist neets.me

When I went to Mexico and slayed constantly it made me think about why I can't slay whatsoever here. The highest rates of interracial relationships are in the most liberal parts of the country. All of my sisters dated black men from 13-18 in that timeline, though in my old city there was like 50% of the population being black, I think another factor was that they viewed black people as oppressed - this is a huge thing that's pushed in liberal schools and I don't think this should be underestimated. The rest of my family called them niggers and pieces of shit but my whore sisters thought they were doing the right thing by giving Tyrone a chance, they'd talk about how God views everyone equally, all of this builds off a woman's natural sentimentality. It's a kind of moralfagging that certain women get a high off, until they figure out that Tyrone is a nigger and he beats the shit out of her. All of my sisters have been beaten to near death around niggers and have crawled back to white men on hands and knees and now when they're around their boyfriend/husband who's white, they call niggers as they are.

The second problem is white women especially are the cream of the crop. I can slay Asian, latinas, whatever but it's hard as fuck to get a white gf even as a white man.


Look at all these Asian, hispanic, black whores that are verified and constantly chatting with white men. It's like the reverse of it, like every woman is being taught to hate her own men. I heard it a lot in Mexico, literally, from several hispanic women, that they hate their own men. My sisters have said that same shit before until they got beaten one too many times. Looks like the elites really want everyone washed together in the blender, with such a huge shift to liberalism and the black victimization complex, I can actually see this growing. Women are just fucking retarded. I'm tired of slaying ethnic women, I need some white coochie in my life

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Again there is no such thing as a black incel

The evidence is mounting and no I'm not a cuck advocating black supremacy. I'm simply pointing out that atleast in California there is a interracial phenomenon happening here. White men are in a state of disarray. Its different in some parts of the country but my city has the most interracial relationships in the fucking world. I need to move the fuck out of here. When I lived in the bay it was different. I was worshipped. But in the valley I'm human garbage.

1. Every user that is black here is not an incel. Let that sink in. Every white user here is an incel. I seen a picture of Lain And he is model tear looks. But he cant even get laid wtf is going on here
2. All the black men that live in my apartment complex have gf. Not one white man does.
3. I dont care what some stupid ass app stats say i know what I seeing is real there is a series problem for white men in California especially in the valley where I live
4. I see blacks with snow bunnys more then whites with whites I'm not making this up and its driving me insane. I hate snow bunnys for race trading so much.
5. Now I know what it's like to be a asian man it's a living hell. Your essentially being genetically weeded out in a cold silent war. It's over. Tranny max or bust for the white man in 2021.
6. If you disagree that's fine but you will not change my mind no matter how many stats you have cause i live in the real world I know what I see is very real.

Neetgod #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #wingnut neets.me

Black oppression is a meme

Blacks get way more advantage then any other race.

1. Jewstream entertainment push black interracial relationships in every commercial, movie, music video. And make white men look like fools. Making it much easier for black men to breed. It's like having your own pr team fetishizing your image.

2. Jewganda always pumping out subliminal messages. Like hes a strong black man, oh hes so oppressed but so brave.

3. Affirmative action gives negros college scholarships and jobs there are many more qualified men. But since there white there expelled. So who's really being oppressed.

4. Reparation scam: they were slaves 200 years go jfl. Most people were endangered servants who would never be relieved from bondage. Infact my relatives were indentured servants. So I come from slaves. Where is my representations. Will never even be considered cause I'm white.

5. The first slave owner in america was actually black his name was anthony johnson. Not to mention Africa sold there own men to the world as slaves.

6. Most women now prefer to be with black men. Cause of all the propaganda. So they easley get sex, love and wife's. All cause the media pushes them forward as aka black kings.

7. Black men have benefited from selective eugenic breading. The slaves would be paired with the best quality Gene's to reproduce. Hence nba and nfl athletes. Which has created more wealth then any other career for negros. But hey there suffering from slavery when in the long run they have benefited greatly.

8. BLM is a criminal organization that caused billions of dollars in property damage. Killed 100s of people. But are exonerated from there crimes.

9. Lighter criminal sentences: Infact recently a black school shooter shot 5 people at school. But was let out of jail and an hour later with a welcome home party. He claimed he did it cause he was being bullied because he comes from a wealthy family. Jfl

Any thing im.misssing let me know.

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”When a partner isolates their spouce from friends, assiciates, and public places , it’s called domestic abusen. When it’s done to an entire gender, it’s called feminism.”

This is a quote out of the book ”men on strike” what are your thoughts on this.

It's a hundred percent right. Feminism is about punishing men for the act of being a man. It's pure hatred and female supremacy yet our society refuses to wake up to that fact.

And funny how the "punishment" for being a man is always having to "sacrifice" so that any women in the vicinity doesn't need to do any work, or feel any bad feelings, or just give her your money shitlord, or just die, or whatever else benefits women that they abuse into men.

Blackpillapologist #crackpot #sexist #transphobia incels.is

Hitler was a tranny

I wonder if Hitler actually had pussy between his legs and he claimed to be a male because he was a troon, and wanted power.

That might explain her worldview of pure bred Nordic Aryans being the most superior of all and all ethnics, short and disabled men should be killed.

(I am using pronoun her for hitler)

She was probably one of the very few foids who got the political power needed to execute her worldview.

One might ask why didn't she (Hitler) rank curries as the lowest instead of Jews. Answer is: she killed gypsy people as well who are descendants of curries. And secondly, she was rejected by an Ashkenazi Jewish chad when she wanted to apply for art school. Ashkenazi Jews have a lot of white genes and many of them are blonde.

She also hated gay people because every gay male chad reduces inceldom problem by 2 points.

EDIT: The only mistake she did was to deceive our generation that she is a man. She didn't know much about feminism which would plague soyciety few decades later as she lived in a relatively patriarchal time. In our generation foid is never wrong, and if Hitler was seen as a foid Nazism wouldn't be censored at all. In fact it would be justified becus MuH WoHmEn cAn NevEr bE wrOnG

tbh, i wonder why that retard was so obsessed with race

That's what I am saying. Hitler was a foid

Unknown Commenter #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #fundie #pratt #wingnut boards.4chan.org

these last two years have been an actual nightmare

I'm unironically having more fun than I ever have in my life.
I love this shit. I was raised on dystopian cyberpunk fiction and tinfoil conspiracy stories like X-Files and Tom Clancy. I spent my teens years browsing /k/ and LARPing innadeaert with my hooligan buddies. I played a bunch of Source games and got addicted to the gloomy, bleak, grey, mournful, empty feeling of games like HL2.
I live and breathe this shit. Not only do I get absolutely rock-hard for post-apicalyotic, blackpilled, hopeless nightmare settings like this in fiction, I've been a serious prepper for over a decade now. What's more, I was even raised in a heavily-religious house and told about the Prophecies of Fatima and the Book of Revelations and the 3 Days of Darkness etc. as a child, along with being armed with a TON of prayers.
Now the entire world is in the midst of a nightmarish totalitarian PSYOP, American cities are starting to resemble post-collapse Eastern Europe, a Chinese bioweapon is loose, billions of people have been placed under house arrest and surveillance, we're approaching civil war, an unelected president was sworn in with 20k troops guarding him at the capitol, propaganda is blatant and everywhere in the most nightmarish THEY LIVE form possible, and they may unironically be implementing a mark of the beast system. I could go on and on, but this is MY SHIT.

Neetgod & Neet Cel & WeebHunter3000 #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut neets.me

The white man is the new jew

Funny thing is the white libtard is the one oppressing his own race. 70 percent of blm members are white.

1. There now denying medical infusions to whites so they can prioritize for ethnics
2. Oakland and la are now giving basic universal income to ethnics but excluding whites
3. Whites are excluded from college admissions because there white. Even though there more qualified.
4. Most white cunts prefer niggers now
5. ESPN announced they will only do internships for black only whites are excluded
6. The media constantly paints white men as white nationalists terrorist
7. These are only a few examples

(Neet Cel)
The (((poles))) are the tru Jews of Europe

It’s the Jews bro, always has been.

TheFoxAndTheFound #homophobia #pratt #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Anon remmebers


spoilerYou didn't see the 70s or the 80s or 90s

You know they took something but you don't fully understand what.

The best way to understand what they took is so to watch Beethoven from 1991

Things you'll see

- nuclear family
- Three kids
- Beautiful small town America
- Happy music
- No pessimism
No politics
- No race baiting
- No gay indoctrination
- No trans indoctrination
- No underlying "message" about race
- Positive vibes
- Little worries because US is #1

You can really feel the optimism of 90s America. Peak United States power. Peak economics.

And then social media happened

No, protected demographics got the equality they wanted and realised that equality wasn't enough, and by the time we realised just how far they would go to enact their revenge for shit we didn't do, they had achieved too much momentum.

I regret ever voting yes on gay marriage and I regret ever holding my hand out in friendship to any demographic other than my own.

This is what racists were like in 1968 lol

To my horror, turns out a lot of the things that bigots said would happen over the last century should we allow the march of progress is definitely happening.

Ilysa17 & Despair #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: Do you see men as people?


It's hard for me to even see them as the same species. Males are violent, self-centered, and often animalistic. Every woman I know has experienced physical and sexual abuse from a man. They are disgusting pedophilic subhuman creatures with no morals. I hate thinking this way, but it's rare to hear about a genuinely good man.

I hope someday in the future that the radical feminists win and that we can keep the men in cages for their cum

Very good question. No, I don't. All of them, no matter looks or money are monsters. They don't have blood but sperm in their veins and arteries. They are all simps for a stacy. Even if they're die-hard misogynists, they will end up wanting her. Even if they're castrated, they would still do anything for an attractive girl. Moids don't like honest women, but at the same time they complain when a woman is lying. They would prefer a pickme but deep down no woman is like this, and then it shows. Being a pickme is just coping with living with moids, it's very annoying coping. Moids are just bad, they destroy families and everything what's good in life. They're pedos, heterosexual standards towards women are based on pedophilia. Almost every straight moid said some bullshit that 40% of gays are pedophiles, but almost all of them masturbated to a teen or wanted to groom a minor. The same animals talk about how they have it bad because of their "depression", suicides "problem" and how women don't have empathy (like moids have it to fellow pedo friends) because a certain stacy didn't care about them.

Pyronia #racist stormfront.org

Problems with my sister

Hi! I’m kind of new to Stormfront so if there are any formatting issues I apologize.

I’m pretty “in the closet” about my WN beliefs but I know my dad is definitely what our modern society would call racist (though my mom doesn’t know that).

My sister is away at college and we text pretty regularly about her life there. She sent me a text today about a guy that she fancies. She talked about how nice and wonderful he is and I was really excited for her so I asked for his name. It was one of those stereotypical black ghetto names and my heart sank. I just had to suck it up and politely end the conversation because I’m not looking to burn that bridge, especially since they’re not even dating.

I guess I just want to know what I should do if they end up dating. I can’t straight up tell her that she’s a race-traitor but I also can’t sit back and let her do this to herself.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

How has your sister talked about blacks up until this point?

Has either of your parents talked to you or your sister about dating non-whites?

She's been listening to rap since she was allowed to do so (and even a little before that). Her best friend in high school was a white girl who exclusively dated black men. This isn't a new concern. Up to this point, her boyfriend's and crushes have been white, so I figured we were in the clear.

My mom doesn't see a problem with race mixing and I know my dad does, so that's at least one point of contention. Also a reason why they aren't going to tell her off. Mom rules the roost.

I found a picture of them together on her Instagram. He could hide in front of a coal pile. Kinda what I expected from the name DeShawn, though.

She called me racist for saying that the welfare system hurts black Americans. I doubt WN will go over well. She goes to one of those woke-fest universities too. Apparently, according to her music teacher, all modern music was inspired by black jazz.

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Male testaments that prison wasnt "so bad" trigger the fuck out of me

sometimes youll read about a guy saying that people were largely cordial in prison instead of proving the stereotype that men get raped there

Call this dark, but that pisses me off. Rape in prisons is the only evidence of karma in the universe

Males deserve to get raped by other males, not only when they did something bad, they just do. When a scrote gets raped his whole sexuality is fucked, he's now focused more on trauma than on wanting to fuck female children. It's good especially if he experienced it in his childhood, from the very beginning he is then less dangerous. Women are stupid symmetrists who empathize with male rape survivors, to them something is either bad for everyone or good, they don't realize that the fag who did it is an actual hero and he saved them by giving this random straight monster PTSD. Why would you feel bad for a raped moid? It's just... a gay rapist raped a potential straight rapist, or... a gay pedo raped a straight underage pedo, LOL. We know what they are.

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This is the future of Britain, and it's beautiful.

why anon you are telling me I don't belong in the country I was born in and identify with.

you are genetically different
you are a pug trying to be a greyhound, it is false.

Being indian means to be genetically indian, being african is to be genetically african and to be english is to be genetically english.

We accept some movement between the neighbouring countries like france, netherlands, aus, usa, can, etc because they are our genetic brothers.
You do not look like us, you will never look like us and you will never be us. You are not even an adopted brother, you are a colony of slaves who were brought here by jews to keep the host economy running for a few more years.
The english did not vote to bring you here, they would never have voted to bring you here and they never wanted you here. The reason you are 'accepted' is because of the tight hold jews have on the propaganda media network. The general sentiment is that your people are unwanted. You are one of those people and when the media curtain drops you will be removed or worse.
You are vulnerable and in a place you should never have been, protected only by the system which your people seek to destroy.

I am still british even if I'm genetically different anon.

You will be removed because you are not one of us, you do not look like us.
Trust is based largely on genetics, a racially AND culturally homogenous society is one of high trust.

If you wish to trust me, know this: You are not white and cannot be English. If you are not English you will be removed in under 10 years.

Anonymous Commenter #elitist i.redd.it

>give normalfags access to the web
>a place where they can say and host anything
>they choose walled garden social media instead
>they ruin the entire web in less than 10 years

>give normalfags access to all the free audio, video, vidya, books, and contnet they could ever
>in better quality than any streaming service or cable provider
>they pay $10 a month to multiple low quality streaming services instead
>where content is constantly censored, removed, or edited to suit the opinions of people that don't
even watch it
>they ruin the entire entertainment sector in less than a decade as content providers produce
more and more low effort shit that caters to people that don't even play/watch/listen to it

>give normalfags access to hardware so powelful a nerd in the late gos would have murdered someone for it
>its so small they can carry it with them everywhere
>you can always get an internet connection
>normalfags use the device to take pictures of themselves to share with other normalfags
>this eventually morphs into short videos where they do retarded dances and point at slogans seen on screen
>ruin the concept of OC in less than a decade
>everyone producing high quality work is drowned out or gives up all together

>give normalfags access to the world's collective knowledge and archives detailing everything you can imagine
>instead of reading it, learning from it, debating it with others, and improving upon it they do web searches to find opinion pieces that
align with their existing opinion and beliefs
>they demand everything they personally dislike be censored instead of closing their eyes or the webpage they're viewing
>they incite campaigns to deplatform anything they don't like when they don't get their way
>took them less than 10 years to ruin free speech on the internet

Why do they ruin everything7 Why did we allow this to happen?

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I catfished my so-called foid friend

I knew it was suspicious due to the circumstance that she had hoe behavior, I used to snap with her, sent video snaps and such. But nothing romantic happened because she never saw me like "the one."

Anyway, I decided one day to catfish her, and guess what? She started to be more receptive, opened up the convos quickly, rather than with my real account. She used to snap me all kinds of shit (which usually she didn't on my main acc), and found out somehow I was catfishing her.

I admitted that shit but because she was starting to treat me like one of her friends, like an emotional couch. She was angry a few weeks before and complained about that "catfish" which was me, and she said "well I'm gonna block him if he's not going to admit who he is."

A few weeks later and she still talked to me aka the catfish, she was snapping constantly and was curious and on the edge. Fuck off, bitch, I knew before that hoes will stay hoes, but at least admit you are a shallow cunt.

BTW, I blocked her because I got so angry at this bullshit. Stop justifying hoe behavior.

Maybe there's a man in her heart "the one" who she gets fucked by (in her heart), the bitch in heat.

Well, if there was a man, I would knew before. But hey, I know that she has a taste for muscular men with washboard abs, so I'm not surprised.

Anyway, in other words, water is wet.

Well I'm glad you wised up and came to the conclusion that countless amounts of men have come to for generations before us- that men and women cannot truly be friends. That there will always be one who wants more. Sucks that you had to figure it out in such a brutal way. All women are whores.

I knew it before, I just like to confirm my beliefs and remind myself everyday that blackpill will never change.

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(Canadian Anon 1)

White Students Not Allowed at Pennsylvania School District's Drone Camp

The worst part about the states white hate is that it bled into Canada

We used to all hate brown people now we welcome them and want to push the whites out

(Catalonian Anon)

That's a ten million dollar settlement just waiting to happen.

LMAO. hahahaha the law does not apply when it protects whites. you're still in the year 1990 brotha.

(American Anon 1)
Nothing will happen.
Why? Because no one will sue.
This is illegal, but there is not ONE organization to sue them
If it was reverse however, there would be 100 organizations pouring in and sue the school to oblivion
This is the weakness of our system

We don’t have any organization who defend whites for discrimination like this

(Canadian Anon 2)
You naive moron

Discrimination laws do not apply to white people and there is countless precedent to support that

(American Anon 2)
America has privileged/protected classes which maintain special rights as a form of repayment for lack of representation previously. It’s the same reason nonwhites can have work organizations designed for their needs and networks, but a white based one is illegal

(American Anon 3)
>White kids not allowed to attend drone camp.
>White kids decide to make their own drone camp.
>Black kids get mad because all their drones are mysteriously broken or stolen
>Black kids demand to be allowed to attend white kids drone camp, Citing general systemic racism for being the reason that they have no equipment.

(American Anon 4)

They're going to create so much pressure that they're going to end up with mainstream support for pro-White organizations.

If only you knew how cucked whites really are

(American Anon 5)
whites will go fucking extinct with the last one whining about how its unfair rather than burn down buildings and kill the people in charge of genociding them. congrats bitch. once youre dead from the vaxx your kids are going to be rape meat

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Black "History"

>living in the stone age when the Egyptians show up and start slaughtering and enslaving them
>never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>still living in the stone age thousands of years later when the Arabs show up and start and enslaving them
>still never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>STILL living in the stone age hundreds of years later when the Whites and Jews show up and start enslaving them
>STILL never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>live on plantations for a few hundred years where quality of life is greatly improved
>Whites feel bad and free them, blacks contribute basically nothing to the endeavor
>steal some instruments, play them poorly, call it "jazz"
>get allowed to play on sports team
>do well because running fast is the only thing they are capable of doing well
>whites still feel bad about how retarded blacks are and give them special rights, privileges, and handouts
>squander them all on weed and crack
>pawn all instruments away for drug money, start grunting into a microphone without any rhythm, call it "rap"
>whites STILL feel bad about how retarded blacks are, to they elect a halfbreed to be president

Ted Cruz #wingnut washingtontimes.com

Ted Cruz: Texas secession in play if Democrats ‘fundamentally destroy’ U.S.

Sen. Ted Cruz said he understands people who want Texas to secede from the U.S. and that Democratic rule could make matters “hopeless” enough for it.

The Texas Republican said that he doesn’t favor secession now, but cautioned that he could imagine circumstances changing if Democrats in Washington get their way.

“If the Democrats end the filibuster, if they fundamentally destroy the country, if they pack the Supreme Court, if they make D.C. a state, if they federalize elections, if they massively expand voter fraud, there may come a point where it’s hopeless,” Mr. Cruz said.

He cautioned his answer by saying that he also sees the view that Texas needs to restrain Washington Democratic lawmakers from going off the deep end.

“I think Texas has a responsibility to the country, and I’m not ready to give up on America. I love this country,” he said.

Texas is currently “an amazing force keeping America from going off the cliff” and “keeping America grounded in the values that built this country,” he said.

But while he doesn’t support secession now and doesn’t the country is at the point of forcing a Texas secession, he “understands the sentiment behind it.”

“We’re not there yet, and if there comes a point where it’s hopeless, then I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil,” Cruz said.

He also joked that a newly independent Texas should invite podcaster Joe Rogan to be its president.

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A key test of Europe's "strategic autonomy" blather would be to solve this, militarily if needed, without the Anglo-Americans.

Serbia 'threatening third Balkan war', warns Kosovan prime minister

Serbia was isolated in 1999 , Russia and China were irrelevant and weak. not the situation in 2021. Euro federalists have to understand Serbia has Russia+ China on their support. And they did not forget what Europeans did to Serbia in 1999.

China and Serbia strengthening military ties

Russia, Belarus, Serbia kick off Slavic Brotherhood joint counter-terror drills

Serbians like Russian and Chinese were slaughtered and killed by Nazis and their puppets/allies . Jasenovac concentration camp is something we will never forget nor forgive.

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The 'vaxxine passports' are going to fail catastrophically and all of the people who advocated for unethical coercion, segregation and discrimination are going to be the bad guys in the story.

Like they always are.

There are people who still think this is all about health and public safety.

The way some people try to label everyone who doesn't want THIS particular injection an 'anti-vaxxer' is hilarious.

They think it's clever but it really demonstrates their own stupidity, lack of empathy, and inability to comprehend basic nuance.

He spreads vaccine misinformation, and it's clearly done for clicks/views/$. Just boring now

Yeah, it is ME spreading 'vaccine misinformation'. Not the politicians, media pundits, or globo organisations that have lied to you from day one and every day since.

I don't know how you can live with yourself being this disingenuous.

Cognitive dissonance is crazy.

Good morning to everybody, except those who support discrimination, segregation, and unequal treatment of their fellow citizens.

If you support medical tyranny, outright segregation, mistreatment, trampling of human rights, and/or aggression against peaceful people, then you are indeed my enemy.

They've drawn their lines. I will draw mine. I am not the aggressor in this situation. I advocate for liberty.

Globally, governments and their cronies have been imprisoning innocent people, trampling civil liberties, implementing segregation, and disregarding humans rights. For 18 months+

But people would rather talk about transgender bathrooms, what foods are racist, and the weather.

This is pretty damning. I recommend reading the whole article.

So much dodgy stuff has occurred over the past 20 months. I don't think people fully appreciate how serious some of it will prove to be.

More whistleblowers in the medical world are starting to speak up and expose shenanigans.

It feels like this whole thing is unravelling. Slowly, but surely... Give it time.

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brazilphile-cel trait: you begin to fetishsizing southern european looking foids

im not talking about latinas, like the typical mestiza type of face and skin tone from mexico or colombia, but the "white" southern european type. often dark brown or almost black hair, but with light eyes, preferbly blue. their faces usually look uniquely southern european, i dont know how to describe it but you can just tell, such faces typically has a subtle difference to typical light eyed brunettes from Anglo countries (to uncultured eyes, they look the same "white", though, but im too high IQ to not notice the subtlety). blued eyed southern european stacies are gorgeous in their own way and i feel them mog most western european foids (english, german, dutch etc.)

especially in the context of brazilian foids, morenas can often mog loiras and ruivas, especially considering most brazilian loiras are fake blondes anyways and face look ugly. brazilian morenas love to dye their hair blonde, which is annoying and they love to tan, again, annoying tan lines are disgusting imo. morenas look best in their natural state, though sometimes dyed blonde hair with dark roots can look appealing too and add flavor, but tan lines are always bad.

and for some reason i gradually begin to feel english as vulgar or something and find portugues better sounding honestly cant stand fucking porn any more with those whores shouting "fuck me" "fuck me daddy" "oh yeah" "harder" "just like that" and all those trash ass low brow english bullshit and actually prefer to turn the sound off and pretend the foid is moaning in portugues or something and that shes a branca brasileira

maybe ive been binge watching some series de televisao from brazil too much in the past week. getting culturally assimilated probably the same process how some white foids develop taste for rice through watching kpop and how weebs develope fetish for jap foids through anime

American Plague #racist #wingnut amren.com

VP Harris asked NASA if they could identity "black trees" from space because of racism in where trees are growing. You really can't be any dumber then this.

Hank Johnson, a black Democrat from Georgia, was once worried that if too many people were to inhabit the island of Guam, that it would capsize.

I am British and heard that when I was young and thought the guy must be joking, just that the joke didn't go down too well, no-one would be that stupid, but now I know black people, I believe he was being serious, he serious thought that, unfortunately we Whites don't realise too often they are not joking they are serious when they say stupid things.

He was serious as a heart attack. You can watch the video on YouTube. He asked that question to a senior officer in the military (I believe) in front of hundreds of politicians.

And yes, they are serious all too often when they say stupid things. Like "blacks can't be racist", "America is systemically racist", "Defund the police" and "Shoot the White folk!". Have they not paid attention over the last few hundred years what happens to black nations when Whites disappear? Zimbabwe was BEGGING Whites to return after they themselves kicked Whites out at gunpoint because they were STARVING TO DEATH in a country that already had agricultural infrastructure, built by Whites, in place and in working order.

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[INCEL MUSIC] Song by me - Pajeet (Parody of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift)

He said, "Let's clean this dirty room
Detergent at the ready, away from the food"
I thought germs can't kill me now
Cleanliness lasts forever, he is going to mop this down

His personality is so charismatic as hell
He's so bald but he does it so well
I can see his shiny head gleam
My one condition is

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
Because I'll remember you Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha
Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

I said, "I love your job and what you do"
Janitorial professionalism, he's leaning on his broom
The wet sploshing is a beautiful sound
Cleanliness lasts forever, he is mopping the floor now

His personality is so charismatic as hell
He's so bald but he does it so well
As I admire his clean brown skin
My last request is

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
Because I'll remember you Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha
Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

You always treat me just right
No dark triad, you never fight
Cleanin' it down
I know you won't leave me
You won't need memories
You'll be around
You always treat me just right
No dark triad, you never fight
Cleanin' it down
I know you won't leave me
You won't need memories
You'll be around

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
We don't have to pretend

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
We don't have to (pretend, pretend)
I love you Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha
(I love you)
Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

The original is a suifuel ode to dark triad Chads by a super roastie Taylor Swift

Tay Tay needs to be cut open with a sharp knife and stomped on.

At least this roastie is telling the truth, all the other ones lie through their cum stained teeth

Bijou #moonbat #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

Bet you bitches think the same of actual lesbians. Like we're just '' worthless, genetic dead ends who shouldn’t exist '' and funny how homophobia gets way more likes here than any other arguments against straigh men. You all are just straight women who are pissed off with men but love to hate on all homosexuals pretending to care about lesbians

Oh and before the mod thinks of deleting my post : I'm a women and an actual lesbian and not one of the straight women on here who pretends to be one just because they hate men

No, I don’t think lesbians are worthless, genetic dead ends. In fact, I think it would be better if all women were either bi or lesbian, so women wouldn’t be massive simping pick-mes for men.

I don’t know why you took this post so personally. Gay men can be toxic, sexist assholes as much as straight men, and we’re allowed talking about it here.

Also, I bash gay men on here more because I can’t talk about this stuff with anyone in real life. The only men my friends will throw under the bus is straight white guys, while completely ignoring how terrible all the other men are.

Realize there is no such thing as solidarity with men. you aren’t fighting the same fight. you sound like the woc who choose race over sex.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #homophobia #pratt #psycho #sexist #transphobia #wingnut patriots.win

RE: We're reaching levels of tranny mental illness that shouldn't even be possible.



I take solice in knowing at least one of them will commit suicide in the near future.

If we're lucky, both.


how are there men out there that want to have sex with another man but to have their penis and balls cutoff first?

Gee when you put it like that it almost sounds like a mental illness 🤔

How dare you perceive reality correctly

Trans people don't exist, it's just extra kinky homosexuals. Change my mind.


I'm not sure what I just read. Trannies hate gays? I'm not even going to try and comprehend this shit.

homosexuality is more or less normalized (ugh)

trannies arent anywhere close to that level of acceptance (yet)

The insanely unrealistic expectations, the mood swings, the lack of disclosure until after the fact... are we sure this isn't a woman or is it just the hormone therapy?

I’m not sure if the never-stick-it-in-the-crazy rule applies here. Confused.

I’m pretty sure the toss-off-a-roof rules DOES apply, though.

Roof, parking garage, mountain top...whatever is handy.

That's a 41%er homophobe. 🤡

41% isn't high enough.

It's a good start...


The trans community is the most hateful, degenerate group of scumbags I've ever seen in my life.

Look at those horrid, beastly, things that trotted out front of Netflix protesting Dave Chappelle. Those nasty dudes are all sorts of messed up. It always starts with getting diddled at some point as a kid and then they go on to recruit and perpetuate the sickness.

Not all faggots are pedos, but all pedos are faggots.


I wish the earth was flat so we could throw them all off the edge.

The whole planet is an edge if you have a helicopter.

Lily Cade #psycho #sexist #transphobia newsweek.com

This was done by men who hate women more than any other men who have ever walked the Earth, the worst men that have ever existed, trans women, men so worthless they can't even admit the most obvious thing about themselves that is obvious to the dogs and rats who can smell their manhood and should be obvious to every mother on Earth.

Trans women are vile, weak, disgusting, whiny, fake-victim masturbators who should be ashamed of themselves.

No woman should ever pity a weak man. Tear your f***ing blinders off, b****, what the f*** is wrong with you? Your pity rewards weak men for their weakness. You have sacrificed your children's futures on the altar of that pity.

I have looked thousands of adult men in the eyes and have not met one man, not once, who believed that trans women are women. No one believes that trans women are women. Trans women know they are men. They are forcing you to pretend to believe that they are women to rape your minds and the minds of your children.

Trans women are men. Say it. Own it. Know it. Hold the f***ing line, b****. Michfest held the line. When Michfest fell, so fell Western Civilization!

This is a pedophile cult. It's been here the whole time.

Trans women are men.

Trans women are evil.

Trans women are rapists.

Trans women are predators.

I committed voter fraud for Joe Biden. Joe Biden put a pedophile monster in charge of Health and Human Services so that the process of trapping your children with that lifetime commitment to pharmaceuticals can be honed ever further into the path of least resistance. Joe Biden knows that's a man and he knows that's a pedophile and he knows that's the agenda.

I thought pedos got the wall?

I thought chomos got the rope?

Cancel this so hard that no man dare walk the path of the trans woman in public ever again! Enough is enough. Lynch Kaitlyn! Lynch the "Sisters" Wachowski! Lynch Laurel Hubbard! Lynch Fallon Fox! Make these men stand up as the men you all know they are and hold them accountable for their shame.

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RE: Girl Forces Boy To Have Sex With Dog, Judge’s Decision Creates Controversy

Yet more proof that it's better to be a women in today's society than it is to be a man. Imagine the world catering to your every need, simply because they want to fuck you. Heh. Fucking amazing.


Attempted murder, rape and filming of CP

Gets 4 years

Up to 4. She could be out much sooner and put on probation due to good behavior.

if that was a man it would be 10 years or 20 years.

double standards more like 10x standards

if overnight the men just quit any army or what not you would have leverage.

the government is a scam, and relies on the army for nefarious purposes. the framers of the constitution despised a standing army and any draft system, they did have a voluntary militia that was drawn up when needed for the war with uk.

Another day another pussy pass. Starting to become numb to them, they used to really upset me because they are ultimately unjust. Just have to accept women are treated with kid's gloves in this society.


This is every evil and messed up act in the freaking book. Forcing a boy to have sex with a dog and knifepoint whilst filming it. Let alone an Autistic boy!

truly horrifying oppression that is happening in the present day and all men have to see how little their lives matter and still no one cares. I really don't even know what to sa


" Judge Densford also “acknowledged evidence that Bush suffered trauma as a child and multiple concussions as a Chopticon cheerleader. And he concluded that it didn’t make sense to send her to an adult prison”

From now on I'm a transleader.

I see the Patriarchy strikes again /s

Judges are definitely idiots with a title. They are the greatest example, no matter that you go to college, you still can be more of an asshole than many uneducated people.

Raginbakin #pratt #racist reddit.com

Hello, my name is Average Foreigner living in Asia. I live here in Concrete Jungle with my wife; her name is Lu and she likes white people very much. We met on Interpals; she was looking for an English partner and I just wanted an Asian girlfriend. I work as an English teacher because I cannot do anything else; that's okay because all I am required to do is act like a big idiot and humiliate myself in front of children. I have been learning the local language for X years now but I will never master it because I have no reason to; who cares anyway because the whole world uses English. All the locals tell me they are jealous of my large penis; this would never happen in the West as there I was considered too weird and awkward to ever go more than first-base with a girl. I feel like a God, my white-skin radiating like the sun's rays over a desolate wasteland. Everywhere I go, the locals kowtow to me because they like my foreign money and when they are even slightly rude to me, I get very angry and post on YouTube about how this country is racist and needs to embrace more diversity. Their traditions are beautiful, but only as much as it entertains me because I cannot be shitted to learn the nuances around a thousand year old culture that isn't my own. I am turning forty this year; that's okay though, as the young women will still lust after me for virtue of my blue eyes and blond hair. Truly, I live in a wonderland; more foreigners should come and date a coked up, sixteen year old girl like I do.

Various Incels #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist incels.is

(Transcended Trucel)
Blackpill MLP PORN pill (brutal slavpill)

Countries that search for MLP porn more than the worldwide average.


What’s wrong with you niggas

Cultures close to horses and poneys ending up IN the poney
Horse milking has another meaning for Mongols I guess

Probably true

almost only subhuman countries

brutal af :blackpill:

I thought Canada would be #1 since they are animal fuckers.

Yes, we also had our own slavic ponycon hosted in Russia and own russian mlp forum called "tabun". It's actually still up.
For some reason there's just something beautiful for slavic low value men to escape into the fairytale of beautiful and loyal creatures. Even if they're fucking cartoon horses.
It's literally better to fap to ponies than try to talk to foids in Russia. All femoids from CIS region are massive golddigging bitches that start to whore themselves from late preteens.

To koniec, BummerDrummer & Notorious Inkler #racist #sexist incels.is

(To koniec)
It's amazing how non western world is racist

Sadly westerners, europeans can't anymore racist even here ethnics laugh at muhh muhh cucked white nat soc while they keep alive their racial interests
I seen on /int/ one tunesian user going on rant how berbers are superior to europeans and turks and arabs too
Japs even don't pretend to not think that they are superior to chinks and koreans and probably whites too

sadly jews cut our balls only meds and slavs are still somewhat racist but still not enough


Do you mind translating that gibberish?

Don’t mind the polish schizophrenic

one day he says racism is bad and huwyt soupremacists are evil and BASED ETHNIC BROCELS should take over Europe, the next day he says this.

One of the many EEfags who’s brains have melted from the Soviet Union tainting the water of his ancestors

(Notorious Inkler)
These "people" are the European equivalent of spics:

-Low IQ
-they spend money on useless shit
-most of them work minimum wage jobs
-obnoxious in public spaces
-their women age like milk

At least spics don't get cucked as much as slavs.

Landlords in my neighborhood refuse non-german tenants.

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Netherlands: assaulting a minor boy results in a small fine and one day of prison

The two ladies forced themselves on the 17 year old pizza delivery boy. One filmed how the other groped and assaulted him.

I expect the feminists in the Netherlands to vocalise the absurdity and injustice of this sentencing any moment now. /s

Feminists in the Netherlands largely only worry about "lack of women in leadership positions" etc., while falseflagging about caring how men feel.


I can translate it for ya’ll, since I’m a Dutchie. 2 girls ordered pizza and opened the door for the guy while filming it. One of the girls was wearing bathrobes with nothing under it and another girl was wearing sm-clothing squeezed the guys balls/penis. The girls were laughing in the video and saying it was the ultimate dream for guys.

The guy later returned to the job while crying and hiss boss told him he should file charges.

Own opinion: it’s sad that the final charge is so low, especially since it had national coverage here and if it was the other way around it would’ve been much higher.

A 24 year old and a 25 year old are adult women, not girls. Did the article pass them off as girls?

Netherlands, where the sexual assault of a child is OK, when the perpetrator is a woman. These monsters, planned the assault, filmed the assault, bragged about the assault publically, but were given a rap over the knuckles for a heinous crime.

Sexist pigs in wigs running Netherlands, don't take your children there.

Ahh right, teach them young about their disposability and worthlessness in society. Shame them if they speak up.

Female Privilege: When the same thing happening with the genders reversed would cause far and wide outcries. Along with demand for heavy punishment for the aggressor.

*unless the perpetrator is a female transexual raping/sodomizing a female in a school bathroom... Then it wont be mentioned in schoolboard meetings.

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RE: Incel trait: You've been gangstalked by co workers

I have people in my city following me from job to job trying to badmouth me. It's pretty pathetic. I guess they hate a subhuman making a living

Ok listen very carefully OP. This is serious.

What you are dealing with is demons. They are attracted by intense negative emotions like loneliness and hatred.

To get rid of them you have to get rid of what causes you distress in your life. Research about how to open your chakras.

And whatever you do, NEVER talk to them. Not a single word. In fact, don't even look at them. The more you acknowledge them, the more powerful they get. Good luck.

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I know we hate androphillic women but I also hate lesbians who center men in their lives.

I used to be a religious viewer of a famous white lesbian couple (rose & rosie) but ever since they got a son I can't bear to watch it. The way they fawn and make him the center of attention. It disgusts me even more than androphillic women doing because my excuse for androphillic doing it is brain damage due to being coomed by testoids. But what excuse do these lesbians have? They are not fucking moids in anyway but still give their blood, sweat and energy on these pieces of shit exactly like androphillic women do.

Worst, now he has 2 women to feed on. He will grow up to be more depraved and entitled. Look at sons of boymom and how depraved and needy they are. We are truly fucking doomed if women who aren't fucking moids still are cucks for them.

Lesbians are only a porn category to moids, they shouldn't have children. It's one of the most fetishized groups of women, you shouldn't even admit to it if you're one. Their beloved little piece of shit son will sexualize them as well when he grows up and will find out what jerking off is. Even gays would be better to raise kids. If it's a girl, she'd have two father figures what wouldn't groom her to be a groomed emo teen, like in most straight relationships since scrotes don't care about their offspring. If it's a boy... heh, I don't care.

Bisexual women aren't real. They're straight women who grow up on a diet of woman fixated porn and movies. They're more straight than normal straight women - their perspective is so wrapped around what men want that they end up thinking they want it too.

Which means "Bisexual women" are just advanced cuckqueans. Pathetic how almost every woman nowadays thinks she's bisexual. Stacies think they're bisexual, average polyamory bitches think they're bisexual, stars think they're bisexual. I'm really starting to hate female body seeing that it arouses everyone.

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Trump: Israel literally owned Congress until Progressives Dems rose to power

Donald Trump bemoans that Israel no longer owns the US Congress! Will any WNs here on Stormfront continue to support him?

Israel literally owned Congress 10 years ago, 15 years ago. And it was so powerful. It was so powerful. And today it's almost the opposite," Trump told the conservative Ari Hoffman Show.

"You have between AOC and Omar and these people that hate Israel, they hate it with a passion and they're controlling Congress, and Israel is not a force in Congress anymore. I mean, it's just amazing. I've never seen such a change," Trump continued.

I like what Trump represents in the minds of many, but in reality he is surely among the most radical zionist supremacists in all of America.

Yeah right, Trump is so pro-jewish and so loved by jews that the jews staged the hugest, most blatant voter fraud ever in America to steal the election from Trump and give it to their actual puppet, Joe Biden. And Trump is SO pro jewish that when he was president, 99.9% of his policies were the opposite of the policies that the jews want. For example, Jews want open borders, and Biden gave it to them, while Trump pretty much ended the illegal immigration problem when he was president. And I could list many more examples like that. Almost everything Trump did as president was against the wishes of the jews. That's why they hate him so much and are still persecuting him in congress.

I think it's likely that Trump was actually making an anti-jewish statement when he said Israel controlled congress. He was really helping to expose jews to Americans. He was naming the jew. A real jew puppet would never tell Americans that jews ever controlled anything in America. I've never heard Joe Biden publicly saying that the jews control anything.

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RE: Building collapses in Lagos, Nigeria

This is what you'd expect from engineering in the Third World.

Whenever there's a big hurricane or earthquake in the Third World, thousands of people die in collapsed buildings because of incompetence and/or corruption.

A building collapsing just from its own weight is a really sad sign of poor engineering and bad maintenance.

Unfortunately, many White majority nations are being corrupted by Third World invaders and disasters like this one, which should be limited to the Third World are increasingly happening in White nations.

This is a good example of blacks in their own environment. It’s the second most populous city on the whole continent. It’s supposedly one of the nicer parts of the city. A reporter who isn’t even there is saying that cutting corners, bribing inspectors, and poor quality are the norm. This is the african culture. It comes from africans. It did not result from colonialism, slavery, or White Supremacy. That continent has the most natural resources, so there is no excuse for not being able to build a building. There is, however, a reason: blacks are different from us. Their culture of lying, cheating, stealing, violence, and lack of respect for others is incompatible with a civilized society.

On the German report the attractive White news anchor asks the black reporter if all the blacks seen in the background are there to help. Nope. They are just there to sit and watch.

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This is clearly a testament to African's superior building technologies. The "high rise" which would be a concrete apartment building (it was under construction), is now a pile of rubble.


I can almost hear the monkey noises when seeing the female in the foreground with her hand in the monkey position. The gorilla in the middle foreground appears to be vocalizing the typical gorilla mating call.

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NYPD officer accused of plotting to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband and her boyfriend’s teenage daughter sentenced to 48 months for obstruction of justice. With time off for good behavior, she could be home in six months

Meanwhile my brother is serving 10 years for possession of drugs...

America, land of the...what do we stand for again?

If you are white, male, straight, then this ruling political elite despises you today.

"obstruction of justice" They had her dead to rights on solicitation of murder (including a staged murder of her ex)

Female privilege right here. Any man would be spending 20 to life in Prison.

Even if she got 20 to life. Womens prisons are a joke compared to mens

She's a cop and a woman, meaning she has both a pussy pass and the cops protecting her.


Pussy privilege

We need to start pushing against this how can I vote to get this dude off of a judge seat is there anything we can do or are we just fucked. Once they start losing their jobs they'll start caring

Of course if a man did this, he would get 20 years in prison. The pussy pass is real.

After some years these people called "federal judge" will confess that they took orders from top to release criminals with small penalties if they are woman.

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Since pride month is coming up just wanna let y'all know that asexuals never have and never will face systemic oppression in the workplace, healthcare, housing market, adoption, or literally any other institution, literally EVER. You are not LGBT if you do not have to fight tooth and nail for your civil rights like lesbians, gay people, bisexuals, and transgender people do. If petty insults and ignorance are the worst you get over your "sexuality", you are not welcome to join us. You can be proud, sure, but you do not have a place at Pride.