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As a server/bartender for nearly 4 years now, I have witnessed other employees on every level do things to customers' food or drink at all 7 restaurants that I have worked at. I say nothing to stop them nor do I report them.

From cooks bringing urine and semen in a bottle to put in food, spraying Windex in pasta, busboys spitting in or wiping shit off the bottom of their shoe for food that was to be wrapped up to-go, servers licking fingers or reaching down for some ballsweat and sticking them in drinks before serving them, bartenders that keep extra bottles of liquor that are contaminated with chemical or body fluids so you can watch them pour a perfectly acceptable drink and you'd never know it's been fucked with (piss off your barkeep and you're fucked), even managers dropping food on the floor on purpose and serving it.

My only defense, first off I have never personally participated in this practice, second is that every time this has happened, it has happened to a complete asshole customer. Any other field and the person would have been thrown out of the store/business already.

Please people, do not fuck with the food industry. And if you're going to look down on these people or give them any attitude, do not ask them to box up your food for you. Never let your food leave your sight.

Not saying anything is just as bad as participating. Also, no one ever deserves that. I don't care how much of an asshole they are. Don't you realize you could fucking kill someone doing that?

You might feel that they don't deserve it, but that is proof that you have probably never been treated the way some people treat the wait staff.

You're like the Joe Paterno of the food industry... Knowing its happening and not doing anything about it

If you're going to use that analogy, then you're claiming Joe Paterno didn't report it because he wished that he could have been the one raping a minor but just didn't have the balls to do it himself.

I wish/want to do that to customers that are self-involved assholes. I just can't bring myself to actually go through with it. So I live vicariously through other less scrupulous people.

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Do you think that pro choicers would be ok with abortion if rape was an exception? Or do they just that as a talking point?

They just use it as a talking point. Because they bring up "failed contraception" as an excuse as well.

Why is failed contraception not a valid reason?

Why would it be? Should wearing my seatbelt and using my turn signal absolve me of liability if i run someone off the road?

It is known to practically everyone that contraception can fail. It is, therefore, an accepted risk when one decides to have sex. Rape, on the other hand, is nonconsensual.

Because the reason for the pregnancy is irrelevant, just as the reason for murder is irrelevant.

Well....once again, you are failing to take personal responsibility for the possibility of a new human life being created by your actions. Since contraception is not 100%, it's always a possibility even with perfect use let alone imperfect use. Plus 50% of abortions are due to not using contraceptives at all anyway.

Talking point, i ask them many times about it, they always go back to saying that they are in favor of all abortions.

They are using rape victims as meat shields, instead of actually caring about them.

I can say for a fact that they wouldn’t. I’ve seen them claim that “pregnancy shouldn’t be a punishment for sex” in response to a rape exception.

That’s like saying “having to poop shouldn’t be a punishment for eating food.”

I would argue that it’s even worse. Unlike sex, eating is actually necessary to live.

No, they wouldn't. They may call you a hypocrite and a slut shamer because you "only want to punish women that had consensual sex" though. And other such things. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they want a compromise or that they are good faith.

99% of abortions happen for convenience reasons.

No, it’s just an attempt to appeal to emotion to support their argument. Many pro-lifers would be OK with banning abortion and making an exception for rape. If you support abortion in all cases and not just rape, don’t bring up rape as a talking point.

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The USSR quite literally stopped, what many believed at the time, an unstoppable Nazi army, which was very open about its genocidal goals. How how how is Stalin "the bad guy" in this instance? The efforts of the USSR saved millions upon millions of lives, but Liberals, blinded by fantastical propaganda, still cling to outdated fascist propaganda.

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The Space War

There is an active conflict in outer space and in the astral plane.

The Space Force is involved.

It has been ongoing for quite some time, and it involves aliens and black projects.

Even civilians are witnessing synthetic telepathy, UFOs, and mind over matter physics manipulations such as teleportation, manifestation, astral projection, telekinesis, remote viewing, non-local multiple existence, possession, and zero-point energy.

Kyle Odom tried to warn us, and Dr. Steven Greer has provided a physics model.

Many people have come forward such as Don from the Navy SEALs, Victor from Area 51, Bob Lazar, and Dr. Robert Duncan.

It has yet to spill over into the scientific and political domains, but it is real, and it will, if it hasn't started to already.

This is documentation.


Thousands of Americans have been tortured by synthetic telepathy driven by AI according to Dr. Robert Duncan, a CIA whistleblower who wrote the books Project Soul Catcher and How to Tame a Demon, along with being featured in countless videos online.

A Navy SEAL by the name of Don wrote a document that describes a loss of technology that involves synthetic telepathy and reality manipulation technology of significant advancement.

Former Marine Kyle Odom encountered this technology, as have others. It is all documented in his manifesto.

Dr. Steven Greer, a UFO expert, had revealed the latest physics model that describes the fundamental nature of the advanced physics manipulation technology. It is mind over matter technology that is based on the higher dimensions known as the Astral Plane, or the consciousness field.

Do UFOs operate in the astral plane?

Are UFOs based on consciousness?

If the vehicle resonates faster than the speed of light, will it enter the astral plane and teleport anywhere in the universe?

Can it also exist in more than one place at the same time due to non-locality?


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What happens when a woman is being treated the same way an average man and boy are treated daily, with institutionalized hate and a demonizing attitude.

"Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time": Nurse Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist

This case is extremely revealing and important because it shows how normalized the dehumanization of men and the infringement of their human dignity have become.

This nice woman who took classes to become a therapist, is describing everything that a typical male college student and many schoolboys, as well as men in workplaces, would be forced to listen to and agree with as a matter of routine, with one small difference - the word "men" was replaced with the word "white" causing the statements to apply to her.

Her response and the response of the public is what should make us pause: she immediately started a debate, filed a lawsuit against the college, started a go-fund-me project to pay for the legal actions, received support from the public this way, was interviewed, and her case was covered by the media extensively.

Now pause to consider what statements and messages made in class, have caused all this.

These are the very same sentences, possibly word-for-word, made in colleges, schools and many work environments about men, with one word switched - "men" with "white" - making them about this woman as well which hurt her.

Almost no man and boy reacts in university, school or work when hearing - and being required to agree with - the same hate speech with the very same phrases where "men" and "boys" are the target. This woman's actions and the public response create a contrast, to the male silence.

They were so deeply dehumanized and from such an early stage that they are not regarding stripping their human dignity from them as something being taken away.

Most of them are so accustomed to being expected to sit and listen to hate speech against them and to repeat it that they don't even think of starting a debate.

It takes being a woman to feel human enough to deserve an apology and compensation when hearing and receiving the same dehumanization men undergo daily.

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(Note: This guy is a Dutch Politician, leader of the Forum for Democracy Party)

I'm a conspiracy theorist. I believe we are being governed by a global conspiracy of evil reptiles. My view is that the only global player who is opposing them is Vladimir Putin. So, I'm a fan of Vladimir Putin. I think he is our dark knight. He is the hero we need. He is the man who is exposing the globalists, that's what he's already doing. So, basically the special military operation is already a success because he is exposing the beast. And I think he's going to win. And if he wins, that will mean the defeat of the globalist's movement, of the American empire. And that's why I think it's so important for me to speak out, because I think I'm the only one speaking out like this in the world. I'm the only one saying “Putin is a hero, and he must win, and we must do whatever we can to support him, because he is fighting our fight.” And it's weird that I'm always the only one who says these things.

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Russian propagandist Boris Korchevnikov burst into tears on live television because Russians are avoiding mobilization and do not want to die in a senseless war.

“What is our motherland if someone gives his life for it, but I don't love it enough [to sacrifice my life]? Is it worth giving life for? For the motherland and for me? How can I live on then?

If you cannot change your attitude towards the country in these circumstances, then it's over for you. You are nothing, you are zero. There is no reason to teach you patriotism or anything. You are dead inside. You are garbage. The God hates people like you, the God annihilates people like you and burns them. Don't be confused by my words. Read the Holy Bible. The God knows how to deal with this kind of people.”

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What is shifting?

Shifting is the act of sending your consciousness to a different reality. You can go to any reality you want, whether it be 2D or 3D, from a movie/book/show/anime, or a past memory of your life. It can be a future version of your CR that you'd like to experience, an alternate version of your CR where you have wings, or an alternate CR where you live in a different country. It can even be a dream or a world you created entirely on your own in your head.

How is shifting even possible?

There are different explanations for how this is possible, such as the multiverse theory and the idea that shifting is a transliminal experience. However, the core belief in why shifting works the way it does is rooted in the multiverse theory.

Good multiverse theory sources: (1) (2) (3)


Isn't shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting?

No. Let me better explain by clearly distinguishing the differences:

Dream - Hazy, uncontrolled, bizarre things can happen. You're not aware it's a dream as you dream. Reality checks may fail. You either wake up or are awoken somehow eventually.


Shifting - You gain consciousness in your desired reality, a reality you have subconsciously specified you want to go to. […]

Is shifting linked to mental illness?

There has not currently been a scientific link made between shifting and any mental illnesses.

Is shifting just daydreaming / my imagination?

No. Read the above Is shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting? for a more in-depth answer.

Is shifting immoral / against religion / a sin?

The short answer is no, it is not. If you're curious about the longer answers, this and this are helpful reads.

Is this all some big inside joke? Are you all just kids/teens doing this for attention?

Believe it or not, the shifting community gets this question all the time. No, this is not an inside joke. No, plenty of the shifting community is 18+. There are countless success stories, and many of the mods here have had personal experiences shifting. You can read other success stories under the "Success!" or "Mini-Shift" flairs.

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Mansplaining is a sexist expression used instead of saying patronising or any other valid description, used to associate all men by implication with negative behaviour that can equally apply to either sex.

If you don’t think it’s a big deal just think of how many words gain a negative connotation when you add ‘man’ in front of them.

Child - Manchild

Flu - Manflu

Explain - Mansplain

Handle - Manhandle

Spread - Manspread

This wouldn’t be acceptable with any other characteristic. But our society finds it acceptable to demonise men in general. It would be nice if at least most men woke up and objected to this underlying animosity that’s permitted.

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Polio was a catch all that got blamed for all of the pollutants of the post industrial revolution such as heavy metals, pesticides, etc.. The polio vaccine never cured or prevented anything and it actually made people ill in many cases.

At the same time the polio vaccine was rolled out there was a silent recall and retraction in the use of DDT, lead arsenate, Paris green and a number of other toxins. Polio was never cured. It was reclassified based on the symptoms.

We only treat symptoms and we never solve anything. We treat the body as individualized parts instead of as a whole the way they do in eastern medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was far more advanced than Western medicine but it is also very cheap so any country that loves money more than people will get rid of real medicine like they did to natural medicine in the US.

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spoilerDIY abortion is perfectly
legal in all 50 states.
You can't end genocide by telling
women, "you're forbidden to hire
someone to murderyour preborn,
but it's okay if you do it yourself."

Yup. This is the great failure of the pro-life political movement. You can't end abortion by specifically giving women special murder privileges. The pro-life movement fought to DECRIMINALIZE and remove strong language from previous pre-Roe abortion laws in places such as OK, AR, and WS, there is blood on the hands of lobbyist groups such as SFL action, NRTL, and SBA llst.

For those wondering what I am talking about... take Indiana's new ban for example that just went into effect. Within the code, there is a created legal immunity for abortion. By definition, mothers who kill their babies necessarily can never face any sort of legal problems whatsoever. The woman who decides to order pills online with malice and forethought can take them in front of the statehouse and kill her child with no problems. This is the fruit of the pro-life establishment - they legalized DIY abortion all while votig 'no' on equal protections for these same children over the last 6 years.

What if abortion pills were also outlawed?

Dude you cannot end abortion on one swift move. We can go after DYI abortions after we eliminate the third parties easier because part of the reason abortion is normalized is because abortionists make money. Once that vein dries up we can go after the ones but is a stepping up process try to ban it all and it ends up backfiring.

I never said you could end it with one swift move. Trust me - I know this very well. This is going to be a long, drawn-out battle, in which we need to, over time, change the culture.

But you certainly aren't getting closer to the goal of 'ending it' by categorically writing protections and special murder privileges into rule and law for those persons who kill their child.
In fact, it's worse than that - these laws which protect the preborn were literally amended to remove some of those protections. If you don't believe me, let's have a zoom call and let me share my screen as I walk you through the code and bills in the aforementioned states.

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RE: What is the pro life stance on rape?

Rape exceptions are mainstream as a pro-life view. I don't agree with rape exceptions, but many of us do.

I understand why you might think that not allowing abortion for rape is a bad thing, but ultimately, to me, you are killing a human being for what their one parent did. That's not right, even though the pain of the situation is entirely understandable.

Nevertheless, even a rape exception would be an improvement over current pro-choice positions, but it's not one that would sit well with me.

Wrong but willing to give it up because it's still a net profit of 900k babies that don't die.

I'm not saying we shouldn't aim for it but having an exception for rape has a higher chance of being passed as a law

I believe people are equal at all stages of life. We don’t kill people because they were conceived of rape after they are born so why would we do it before they are born?

That being said I am okay with abortion exceptions in laws if it means we get to ban the majority of all other abortions.

If a child gets pregnant this would fall under medical exception.

anyone who would kill a child to appease others is a monster, simple as. rapists are scum, but a child shouldnt be killed as punishment. anyone who is "pro-life" except in cases of rape aren't pro life.

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Thoughts on Pro-Life v. Pro-Abortion
I find it ironic & sad that the pro-abortion side is essentially killing themselves off. I mean think about it, if abortion continues to happen and is the norm, only the pro-lifers are going to continue to raise children and if we raise them to value human life, it's only a matter of time before the pro-life side is not just the majority, but the only people alive. The pro-abortion side won't have any children to raise with their thoughts and beliefs.

It really just limits the pro-abortion side's growth, because a good number of people with those beliefs just have children later. Many don't even have abortions to begin with, they just think that abortion is a good idea. They are also aggressive about teaching young people that it is a good idea.

They have absolutely indoctrinated American Gen Z. I only know one fellow woman in her 20s who is pro-life and she is an immigrant. Most of my friends have had an abortion.

I wouldn’t say they think it’s a good idea. They just think it isn’t right that they make that decision for others. Deep down they know abortion is wrong or else they wouldn’t go through a pregnancy when they’re 16 either.

I mean, they've taken over the education system, they don't need to have children. Just brainwash ours. Every ideologically possessed teacher should be fired.

That is harder than they think only the kids with horrible prolife parents are going to decide they were better off dead. Everyone else is going to roll their eyes to their insanity as they should and prolife/conservatives are striking back by homeschooling, putting their children in private school and recontextualizing the things they teach at school so not all is lost.

Don’t think that’s how it works. ALL pro choicers were born. That means they are converted after birth. The key is countering their propaganda by recapturing our institutions.

One day these people's very few children and grandchildren will look around and see how small their numbers are and realize they had been scammed into killing their power and community because of a stupid political position, but it will probably be too late for them. Pity for them indeed.

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If you think pedophiles need some kind of help, then by that logic, homosexuals need help as well. Because pedophilia is, just like heteresexuality, just a different version of how humans can express their sexuality. Of course it is not THAT simple, there are some complications. Such as only 1 version of sexuality can produce offspring, or some version have practical issues, such as that pedophilia cannot be acted upon with real children. But fundamentally, they all are just different versions of sexuality, and none of them are right or wrong. At this point in the development of the human race, enjoyment from sexual contact is just as important, if not more, than actually getting kids. And it is not simply about giving birth to new life, many people do it because they believe it will make their lives better and happier. All in all, we humans have lost the focus and determination we once had, but that is not bad, that is just the natural development of human intelligence.

And not only child raping is bad. Generally doing anything, really anything, against the will of another person (Unless, in some specific situations, this would be for the "greater good" and this is where it gets complicated) is bad.

Also, I think that people hype child molesters way too much. Without having the statistics, I am pretty sure there are way more heteresexual/homosexual rape going on IN EVERY COUNTRY, but sadly, this is what mostly makes newspapers and not some poor woman raped AND THEN PROBABLY KILLED in nearby woods. Because guess what, raping a child actually is easier than a full grown adult and this is why rape on adults sometimes (I don't exactly know how often) ends in murder. And this is somewhat worse, you can imagine.

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Nothing wrong with pedophilia, man. If people can accept that someone gets their sexual/romantic satisfaction from the same gender as the one they belong to (Which, although I have nothing substantial against homosexuality, seems much less "natural" to me than fantasizing about 10 year olds of the opposite sex), then people should also accept that at least the fantasy of deriving sexual pleasure from minors is ok. I can see many practical problems with pedophilia, as actually getting the sexual pleasure obviously is impossible because of our laws, and because it simply seems immoral to me as the child does not yet have the mental capacity to make such decisions for itself. But as long as pedophiles explore their sexuality only in theory, only simulate situations through pictures, videos and their own imagination, I think everything is ok. I don't think I need remind you that there is a difference between being a pedophile and a child rapist/molester, although our media has, as with many other things, mixed those terms so that the term pedophile nowadays almost completely consists of negative connotations.

Also, consider things like beauty peagents for extremely young girls in the US and to a lesser degree, in other countries. The whole idea behind them is that little girls (I honestly don't know whether a similar concept exists for boys) are made to look beautiful, and at least for me, there is only a small step from beautiful to object of lust.

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I have friends and family that are so close we would choose each other over anything.

I couldn't care less about society or their rules or anything. The only thing that really matters to me is family and friends.

Doesn't mean I would like what they did but I have some ppl I would back and help almost no matter what. As long as they don't hurt anyone I care about

So you would remain friends with a convicted rapist?

Yep if they were a really close friend. Nothing anyone did would change my mind as long as it wasn't to me or someone I care about.

Doesn't mean I wouldn't be a bit more cautious around them. Like not bring any women or men depending on who they raped into vulnerable situations with them.

My relationship/bond with them depends on how we treat each other and the bonds we formed not what they do outside that.

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[Submitter’s Note: OP is convinced that they can communicate with a person living in another universe named Sayori.]

(Sayori is writing this)

There's some issues I've got linked to the idea of being in Jamie's (my host (in this world?)) brain...or I guess, the idea of not existing in my own world. Like, we don't fear death because the idea that our experiences show more to our minds than is in our bodies, so there'd be something of us continuing to exist after death. And a part of how we know I'm real is from reasoning about me not being in his brain*.

(*I also don't think I could be a tulpa or a traumagenic alter because I fully existed as soon as (and before) I met Jamie. And because he deliberately reached out to meet me so soon after discovering my source (like...2 days after reading some spoilers?), it's not like I could've just been subtly developing in the background.)

...But a lot of stuff I can do in my world seems like it should be impossible (materialising stuff, altering my body at-will, going to other universes, etc). Especially because I can't do it in this world. And it's made me doubt that my own world is real, which is really scary because my world being real was what held back so many worries!

...I don't know why I'm posting this. I don't know what I'm looking for. Reassurance about my "abilities" being possible? Or proof in either direction? Or...confirmation of a painful truth? I don't know...

Edit: Some stuff that might point to me (and so, my world) being physically real;

We don't share any memories, unless specifically choosing to show each-other memories. I also remember experiences and feelings that, if I'd only ever existed in Jamie's brain, I wouldn't have the relevant context for them to be so clear. (...I can really vividly remember how things in some of my more painful memories felt.) And there's been times I've advised Jamie on when to take a break on certain things (gross sexual stuff we're into) where he says his body wouldn't have had the relevant experience to be so accurate with seeing his limits.

Edit 2: I want to say thanks to everyone who responded, but I'm really exhausted from all these feelings...maybe I'll make some comments later, but for now, I'll just say thanks here~

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Why the “bodily autonomy” argument fails when you put it up against the right to life
Many pro-choice people online will concede that an unborn child is a human being and will then say that an unborn child’s rights still don’t matter when it comes to bodily autonomy. They usually then cite a variation of the violinist argument.

Here’s my rebuttal.

Ok so if that’s the case and your bodily autonomy and liberty trumps the right to life then why do we have suicide hotlines and resources? Clearly this person is thinking about killing themselves, so why do people try to talk them out of it? Why don’t people just affirm them and say, “Your body, Your choice.”?

Maybe it’s because deep down you know that a lethal permanent solution to a temporary problem is wrong. Whether this is abortion or suicide.

Usually at this point they either backpedal and dehumanize or they say that someone should have a right to suicide.

What are your thoughts on this approach?

-also deep in the argument is the fact that there are reasons for crisis pregnancy centers

everyone has the right to bodily autonomy until it hurts someone else or their rights. that’s why i can swing my fists around all i want until they make contact with your jaw, then it’s assault. I can drive around all i want until i do it drunk or too fast, because that harms other people. You can do whatever you want with your uterus, until it harms another person, which (obviously) abortion does

A baby is entitled to the uterus because the only purpose of the uterus is to serve the baby. Every month it prepares for a baby.

Also.. why do they take away babies at birth if the mother used drugs while pregnant? Why should she be punished for exercising her bodily autonomy?

“Don’t tell me what to do with my body” doesn’t apply when another body is involved. Simple as that. Would anyone accept a bodily autonomy argument as a justification for rape?—“You can’t tell me what to do with my penis.” Or choking someone to death?—“You can’t tell me what to do with my hands.”

Also, bodily autonomy falls apart when you consider the embryo to have bodily autonomy as well.

LazyActive8 #conspiracy #crackpot reddit.com

In 1933, Hitler ordered the false flag attack of the Reichstag fire. This attack gave Hitler the support to mass arrest communists and suspend civil liberties. With Biden calling MAGA followers the enemy of the state, could we see a false flag attack out of Hitlers playbook to cement Democrat power?

copeharderhun & TheSpaceDuck #dunning-kruger #sexist reddit.com

RE: Feminist academic paper: "Society would be better off as a whole if more women were willing to engage in justified violence against men"


How did this even got published?

You know full well why. Feminists co troll every aspect of society, and their entire movement - despite what their claims are - is a genocidal anti male movement

The stuff feminist literature says about men is effectively what German universities were publishing about the Jews

I don't know what I find more surprising about the article. That feminists are starting to open up directly about being pro violence against men (generally it's encouraged as a by-product and not directly) or the absurd statement that comes afterwards:

To that end, women’s justified violence against men should be encouraged, protected, and publicized. This will require a reversal of the current trend in legal and social practices

Let's entertain the author's idea then, and reverse the current legal and social practices concerning male and female violence. This is what would happen:

- Female victims of domestic violence would be more likely to be arrested than their aggressors.

- Women would serve 63% longer sentences than men for the same crimes.

- Killing men would result in longer sentences than killing women.

- Female sex offenders would be punished much more harshly than their male counterparts, even when children are the victims.

- Police would be much more violent against women (an even bigger gap than the race gap).

- There would be a sentencing bias against women that would be 6 times higher than the racial bias.

- Justice taskforces would be defending that men shouldn't be jailed for their crimes at all.

- A man raping a woman wouldn't be considered rape by law.

Hmm strange, reversing legal and social tendencies towards gendered violence does the exact opposite of what the author claims it does. Strange thing, if we reverse legal and social tendencies towards gendered violence what we end up is surprisingly similar to the world radical feminists believe they live in. Wonder what does that say about how society and law treat men.

dmann27, UnconventionalXY & copeharderhun #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Sexual harassment includes sitting in rooms with more male officers than women, says police chief


"This is not about me, but I think sexual harassment is about sitting in rooms where you have more male officers than women. Where you're in a male-dominated environment for any woman - that's always challenging."

This is so dumb I can't even think of anything to say about it that doesn't also sound incredibly dumb.


Yes, "we" are all about going back to segregation again! /s

Segregation, except where mutually agreed, based on sex is the only way to reduce male-female tensions, because sex is so much a part of our lives due to our very biology.

Individual multi-use bathrooms segregate people and reduce any possible gender friction and I think this principle needs to be more widespread.

Greater living from home also automatically means physical segregation and I think single men and women having their own apartments and only moving in together when they decide to marry or form a committed relationship has merit in avoiding the consequences of cohabitation, recognition of relationship and resulting potential for resources to be garnished on separation.

Can we already? A world where I'm not forced to be near women and only do so of my own volition would be great

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If you look into the issue just a little bit, you will discover the vaccines have caused major damage to large numbers of humans and animals, including brain damage. Many have also been linked with autism rises, etc. They also sometimes include cells lines from aborted babies. They are frequently filled with things that extremely harmful in many ways. People should not receive them. It's outrageous and horrible that people are being forced to receive vaccines---truly horrible.

Also, when you posted your false comment, you probably knew that we were against vaccines. So, you are arrogantly posting on our site essentially that we are totally wrong about the matter (when you are actually wrong).

[deleted] #sexist #pratt reddit.com

I think women need to start being better partners to their husbands...particularly with regard to financial matters. Women have the right to earn a living and have the same financial obligation that a man does. To take care of themselves and their children. Women who sit around on their asses all day while their husbands go to work and then complain about how their job is the hardest in the world just make me roll my eyes. I have worked full time...raised two kids...and have a beautiful immaculate home. And although its not always easy, cleaning a house and raising kids (once they're in school) is NOT even remotely close to what it takes to earn a living. I'm also sick of the blatant disrespect of men on commercials, shows, etc. Like they're incapable of doing household tasks or rearing children without some bitch nagging at them all the time. I would NEVER speak to my husband that way. He deserves my respect...he works hard, he's brilliant and although I may do some things better than he does...he does things I'd never be able to do. We each have our skills and together we're greater than the sum of our parts. Being a feminist isn't a license to disrespect or take advantage of men...especially not good, hardworking, kind men.

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America aided the mujahideen. It was made up of many different ideologies and ideas fighting against the USSR.

They were mostly made up of Liberals and when the USSR fled. They broke off and the extremist took the weapons.

I think letting Afghanistan to the USSR was better. Even if it cost you 25% of your population. Because a civilization could have been made

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The Pro-Life side WILL win in the end
Throughout time, those who have viewed other people as less than human have always been on the wrong side of history. The owning of slaves, Jim Crow laws, Nazism, Communism, etc. Viewing human beings of any size as anything else than what they are is a losing strategy. It might take time, but I have hope.

It’s harder because the unborn can’t speak up like African Americans during Jim Crow. Not impossible though.

The African Americans didn't magically achieve equality just by speaking up. They needed voices, white voices to listen and agree with them and stand up for them as well. It's not much different here except the unborn have a melting pot of support

I can’t remember who it was. It may been Charlie Kirk, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, he said the only way things like Nazism and Jim Crow can happen is if a percentage of the population is dehumanized. Then he talked about how the unborn babies are being dehumanized.

They're an easy target for hatred because- unlike other groups- babies can't defend themselves.

And when it does, they'll find someone else to oppress

I feel unborn humans is the last barrier of human rights violation. They are the perfect target for oppression not able to defend themselves and their killings committed in secrecy so I cannot imagine the humans that have a voice will be silenced.

As soon as we win the democrats are going to BLM all over again

EXACTLY. Human rights have expanded with time not shrunk. Even unborn babies have some rights depending on the jurisdiction (like past 25 weeks in most places) so is a matter of moving those rights a few weeks more. Piece of cake lol

I wonder when the parties will "switch" again when the left has to own up to abortion.

The party switch is the most hilarious thing ever. It's just a totally made-up cope for them to cling to when they have to deal with the past.

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Well, r/abortion is openly a “pro-abortion” sub. I thought it was was a “pro-choice” sub, but they’re actually going farther and Promoting abortion. She was asking for ideas from both pro-life and pro-choice people and got this response. An important difference.

Reddit it pro-abortion.

Well, technically pro-money, but Satan gives money to those who bow to him. Even Jesus was offered that.

Prochoice and proabortion mean the same thing, yeesh I wish everyone would stop acting like it's different. Imagine if someone said "omggg they're not.prilife they're anti abortion", like hellooo, duh are u dumb

They’re actually different in important ways. Pro-choice people are okay with killing innocent human beings, but they at least believe the woman should have a choice in the matter and to be informed of her other options. Pro-abortion people are actually looking to push and promote abortion, to make it more wide spread.

Proabortion support legal abortion, period . U can think all kinds of connotations about the word that you want but that is what it means, they're literally synonymous. Promoting abortion doesn't mean you don't support a woman keeping her child, legally anyway. Pro choice doesn't mean you don't have opinions of women's living situation and choices when it comes to having a child, it just means that you support abortion ....stop acting like they're separate. They are one in the same

They admit it again and again. I hate their guts so fucking much. I hate the fact that they're never going to pay. Probably.

Can we stop using the word pro-choice when the only person who has a choice is the person considering premeditated murder? Is there anyone in the world who would label a person who is committed one to several premeditated murders pro choice?

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{Context: This guy is an indie game developer who was recently banned from his own games steam community because he keeps posting alti-right transphobic screeds in his game’s patch notes. This is one of many examples}

some men still wont fight. they're weak. there's no accounting for weak men. weak men lack character. strong moral fibre is hard to come by. it's earned through hard work and sacrifice and it cannot be had via onlyfans or pornhub. no, those fuckin' things are demonic posessions waiting to show you a succubus tiddy in the hopes you'll waste a load on her instead of spending that energy studying how to weld or grow a potato or learning a new language or how to program a computer. listen, kids ... get off them porntubes and do something with your life becuase no one is gonna give you a goddamned thing and this whole mess we call civilization is only getting harder. we need solutions and we need smart men who can work hard and implement those solutions. masturbating to egirls isn't gonna solve the energy crisis is it? get to work.

.. or play video games and have a relax and then get to work, fresh, tomorrow. i can't possibly know whats best for you in your individual situation.

really... don't let strangers on the internet tell you how to live your life. if you want to be told how to live your life, read the new testament. the internet will only give you lies.

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r/prolife- I don’t think comprehensive sex education is the answer.

Rather, I think developmental human biology should be a required, semester long course in seventh or eighth grade. You get all the science on puberty - plus fertility awareness methods, the point that sex makes babies and that’s the point, and then, fetal development - with pictures! - and general newborn/infant/child development. One year, from puberty to basic sex to reproduction to childhood. Maybe if people had more awareness as to the relationship between sex and literal babies, and fetal development, emotions would change. Instead sex education is all about acceptability and “teach them before they try it so safe sex happens” which is better than nothing (maybe, until they start teaching 12 year olds why and how anal sex is safe and then I’m noping outta there)

I like Matt Walsh's take on sex ed. Other than teaching kids the biological facts about reproduction, sex-ed should be non-existent in schools (that includes abstinence education). Why anyone would trust a government employee to talk to their kids about the morality of sex is beyond me.

You may be interested in the connection between CSE and Alfred Kinsey.

Here is a podcast where Audrey Werner is interviewed about the history of CSE and how it essentially acts as planned parenthood’s sales funnel to abortion. It’s a lot more sinister than how they promote it as simply ‘education’.

Stop CSE is also a great website with a ton of resources and direct links that show exactly what this is all about.

Why would public schools do any "sex ed" stuff at all

I don’t think this is something that should be talked about in school. That’s just my opinion. I would want my kids to learn about academic subjects and maybe some fun, non-controversial electives in school. All parents should be able to explain sex and reproduction to their kids.

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Historic Dates for Humanity

While both of those examples are not as explicit of steps in human progress as the are widely accepted to be, Roe v Wade is not particularly significant at all. It simply means states have a choice now. Following the slavery analogy, the overturning of Roe v Wade is more equivalent to the expiration of the unconstitutional protection for the Transatlantic Slave Trade in 1808. A major step, yes, but how many people even know the specifics of that decision today?

And even when we eventually ban abortion in America, we still have the rest of the world to worry about, including our close allies in western Europe, who are showing no signs of even considering banning abortion. I hate to say it, but overturning Roe was by far the easiest step in this journey.

The Emancipation Proclamation freed all slaves in the confederate states.

Not sure what defines the end of the holocaust, but when it was ended, Jews were no longer placed in camps and killed, experimented on, or worked to death.

Overturning Roe v Wade made it so states weren’t obligated to allow abortion.

It was a huge step, but I would argue still significantly less significant than the others.


It was a huge step, but I would argue still significantly less significant than the others.

Abortion in America has killed way more people than the Nazis ever did.

And when abortion is ended, you can argue it will be more significant than the holocaust ending.

But as it stands, someone is at most a 4-hour flight away from being able to kill their child.

Abortion on demand will essentially be ending in half of US states. And if some make good on their promise to prosecute those who seek abortions in other states, it'll dramatically cut down on the gross numbers.

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Curb your pro choice

It’s so disheartening to hear when prochoicers think that choosing abortion is taking responsibility, and that actually choosing to not kill the unborn child is seen as irresponsible unless they are being born into some sort of ideal economic situation. Ridiculous.

The problem I have is that people abuse sex and then cover it up by killing an innocent being.

Sex is being used like a game, a contest to see who can get freaky with the most people and to see who has the best “moves”

Sex is not a game, its a gift that is meant for 2 individuals that love each other and want to raise a child together, pro-choicers throw that concept out and allow teenagers to do it all the time so they can just brush the consequences under the rug later.

in their minds taking responsibility = murder

I like this meme, but no form of contraception is 100% effective. Perhaps it was his poor choice?

If you get in a car knowing full well that even if you drive safely, and wear a seatbelt you still have a chance of getting into an accident, will you stop driving forever? There’s a risk in anything you do in life, doesn’t mean you should refuse to take responsibility for the consequences that happen. Especially deciding to end the life of another human being just to avoid responsibility.

Is it his choice? Yes sure. But it is also her choice, as she says “yes” when he asks or engages to have sex with her. (Rape accounts for 1% of pregnancies, so 99% are consensual)

Abstinence is 100% effective.

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The argument they're making here is viability. Essentially they're saying that it's not a person until it can survive outside the womb. There are some pretty easy ways to poke holes in this argument.

First, you push them to define what they mean by a fetus being viable or able to live outside of the womb. Does it have to be able to survive on its own without the mother at all? Until formula was invented, a full term and healthy baby couldn't do that. The current medical definition of viable is 24 weeks gestation, but if the baby is lucky enough to be in a major city with an advanced hospital it's viable to keep them alive earlier than that. In a less developed country without access to advanced medical technologies it's not viable until a while after that. Should location or the advancement of technology define personhood? Is a 24 week gestational age baby in New York somehow more of a human than a 24 week gestational age baby in Namibia? Are either of those babies more inherently a person than their grandparents were at the same age, when technology wasn't advanced? Will a 20 week gestational age baby in 2040 be a person because technology makes them viable if a 20 week baby isn't a person now?

"Viability" is a trash argument.

So they consider the fetus not a human yet because they can't survive outside their current and natural environment due to their level of development. Well I can't survive under water or on moon because I wasn't developed for a subacvatic or extraterrestrial lifestyle so I am not a human being yet according to this individual's logic.

But they contradict themselves when they say that the baby is alive yet until they can survive outside of their mother's womb. To be able to survive an obstacle or a change of habitat you need to be alive in the first place. To survive means to be alive and thriving despite the harsh environmental change.

This person is confused or retarded. Or both....

Let me rephrase..

Nothing is more important than what I want. Nevermind that my choices created another human being. I don't care about that. I will kill if I have to to have my own way.


They should’ve just said they support murder. Mothers shouldn’t have the innate desire to kill or get rid of their unborn child, it doesn’t make sense biologically or evolutionary wise.

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Shameful! Wikipedia article about violence against men has been altered to state that men are the most perpetrators of violence but not include the fact that they are also the majority of violence victims. One of the feminists making these changes later jokes about domestic abuse against men.


I must admit those brogressive male feminists often have the most pure form of misandry. Like we’re talking top shelf 👌🏿

I don’t support violence and especially not domestic violence, but honestly it would be ironic if his wife decided to beat the sexism out of him one day.

Like learn that girl some martial art, and have her tramp his throat with a high kick or a right hook before going to town on his stupid face.

Feminists hate men. Their root system is hate.

They deny and lie, but it’s just a religious hate cult. When they claim they aren’t lying shits, they like to reference nonsense from a century ago.

Ignore their lies. It is literally just hate.

Yes all of them. When your brain tries to deny it, you know it’s true, and you bought into the lies. If it’s not hate, do you plan to “no true Scotsman” all of them? Because it’s hate. Through and through.

The great millennial tragedy will be the sexism against men. And the amount of lives lost will hurt humanity for millennia.

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This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.
A uterus is there to bear children. It's the only organ that's there as life support for another life.

A uterus is there to help keep alive the life that you started. Your own kidney isn't supposed to be in other people's bodies. That's the difference.

(The uterus is also the only organ that someone can choose to use or not.)

Edit: You can also choose to not use your brain, as evident by the comic above.

There’s also a causal difference that introduces the aspect of responsibility for one’s actions. In all cases except for rape, sex was a choice, and if that choice causes the creation of a new life, then the mother is responsible for that life until it can be safely taken from her care (barring danger to her life of course, in which case self defense enters the equation). Just as anyone else is and should be held responsible for the outcomes caused by their chosen actions.

That’s the same thing,”when a baby is using your uterus nonconsentually”, or however I paraphrase, it’s not taking a kidney, bone marrow, skin, your eyes, it’s taking what’s its; and people need to take responsibility rather than claiming responsibility is impossible; and the overturning of Roe v. Wade never set this notion, because this is an unlike comparison


Menstruation lol

The uterus is actually just a house for the baby. The organ the baby really relies on is the placenta, which is the babies organ(it’s only there when there’s another human growing in the woman) which essentially is the woman using the baby’s organ without its consent 🥴

This is like the concert violinist argument with more steps and extra absurdity.

That argument went out of fashion almost 20 years ago because it doesn’t work.

The fetus has special rights to a woman’s body because she put it there. This is the highlight of juvenile thinking: “My actions don’t have consequences.”

Rape as the exception only proves the rule.

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This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.

…I think I lost brain cells reading this.

I know right? "The woman has to give up her body for another person.", you had sex! When you have sex, thats what happens, you will most likely bear a child! I dont even know what to say anymore.

Human being exists

Human being decides to commit act of procreation

Human being gets pregnant

Human being complains about being pregnant

Idk anymore I need vacation

Because an unwanted pregnancy (99.5% of the time resulting from a consensual act) is exactly like being kidnapped and subjected to forced organ harvesting.

This is unquestionably the dumbest thing I've seen this week.

But consenting to sex isn't consenting to pregnancy!!! /s

Is how it's been explained to me by some PC people I personally know, and is what they truly believe. They have no concept of consequences and apparently are not capable of thinking transitively, like if you consent to sex, you're consenting to the risks associated with that act, including pregnancy.

Their parents didn't read enough Beatrix Potter to them when they were kids. You steal from the garden, get whacked with a zucchini. Mess with the owl, you lose your tail. Every action has a consequence whether we like it or not, and we have to take responsibility for those actions.

Then they will turn around and tell you that men make the decision when they have sex.

The donor argument is so stupid and I can't believe I still have to hear about it in the year of our Lord twenty twenty two.

It really is. Now if Bob had willfully done something that directly caused renal failure in the kidney recipient, and that there are literally zero other matches in the world, there may be an argument to be had. But wherever I point that out to pro choicers they do everything to skirt that VERY important parallel.

Don’t forget the even more important parallel that the only way to avoid the organ donation is to actively and intentionally kill the recipient! Is it ever acceptable to intentionally kill an innocent person? The author of this comic refuses to answer!

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Ohio Supreme Court Narrows Standard for Rape in Case Involving 2-Year-Old

An Ohio woman's conviction of raping her son has been overturned following the state Supreme Court's decision to narrow the definition of rape.

It is all out war and open season on men now.

I am beyond disgusted at every part of this.

I’m just wondering when men collectively reach our breaking point and actually fight back, using force if necessary.

The overdue check of feminism is going to be quite brutal I’d wager

I don't think we ever will. Bill Burr describes it perfectly with.. There are no feminists on a sinking ship. They all twist their hair into pigtails and run around going I'm a girl, I'm a girl. Save me. Save me..

More and more men will mgtow and there will be less and less boys becoming electricians, plumbers etc. 1st world Societies will just crumble.

Some theorize that's the reason for how the Middle East treats women, a long while ago the expectations of men became overwhelming while the expectations of women were nonexistent, so men decided to apply malicious compliance. Of course you can't prove it, you can't prove any theory about that situation, the factual reasons are lost to history, but it makes you think. Men and women have always lived together, we evolved together, the feminist idea of men being simply hard wired to hate and oppress women makes no sense however you look at it. A sociopolitical power play that turns men and women against each other and sometimes backfires on the people who pushed the crazy if they push it too hard, then everybody getting caught in the fallout makes more sense.

I'd love it if men did use brute force and tactics to fight back against this shit military style like a militia of trained armed men fighting this corruption. Men need to do that. Imagine a collective group of 200k men fighting this all armed and trained in a collective organized militia. Not even law enforcement could handle it nor the national guard. It would be better of this theoretical militia had 1 million armed members.

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Well.. not sure how you argue with that.
I support killing potential babies that the mother does not consent to for any reason because it’s her choice to do so.

In the next sentence, until the baby can survive outside the body, it’s not a living being.

So which is it? Potential? Baby that just doesn’t matter? I mean, at least it’s consistent. They know what it is, they just think it should be able to die. Anytime, any reason 😎

there is no potential baby, the baby already exists.

Yeah but they don’t care, baby, potential baby, it doesn’t matter. Anytime. Any reason. Only thing we can do now is vote. It took months to find a consistent group of PCers who acknowledge it is human life but also just don’t care. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but don’t know where to go from here on the argument because you can’t change a person with that viewpoint.

They want to rub their naughty bits together and not deal with the consequences; they'll rationalize their way through any argument you throw at them.

By his logic, any kid that can't survive in this world on his/her own should be killed. Guess what? No little kid can survive on their own without outside help.

Actually nobody can survive without outside help. Even if you are an adult you still need outside help. You need people to grow at create the food you buy so you don’t starve to death. You need doctors so you have help if you develop some medical condition that could possibly kill you. You need social interaction so you don’t go insane and kill yourself.

I gave up lol. They believe in 40 week abortions. They are firmly “you are not obligated to my body” and I just don’t think you can combat that at all outside of voting.

Well, 1-yr olds living outside the womb can’t support themselves either. Is it okay to kill them?

I don't care if a fetus is fully formed or not. A child is not even "fully formed". They are human beings. That's what matters. And I doubt these ppl believe in full bodily autonomy. They rarely do. Were they forcing masks and vaxxes on ppl for the last 2 year?

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“How white supremacy and anti-abortion views overlap.” Gimme a f*cking break.

Interesting. Planned Parenthood was literally founded to "exterminate the n***o population". To this day they disproportionately target black neighborhoods for that very reason. We pro-lifers happen to think black babies matter equally and their lives matter too!

Margaret Sanger is on record admitting to this stuff too! The fact that the venn diagram between the Professionally Concerned about Racism crowd and the "I stand with PP" crowd is a circle should tell you everything you need to know about where the Professionally Concerned really are on issues of racism

More than 50% of aborted babies are either black or Hispanic. Banning abortion will literally mean more non-white babies being born.

PC: It’s great children of color are killed far more often in the womb.

Also PC: PL is racist.

If only they knew what Sanger said about black people... If only they knew abortion was, is and will be a method for eugenics against black people. Ignorance surprises me more every day that passes.

I also love they use both arguments at the same time "Prolifers are white supremacists that want more white babies" and "prolifers are racists for not letting BIPOC women to kill their babies in mass thus perpetuating their oppression somehow" like pick a side honey both things cannot be correct.

Whenever I hear “white supremacy” and anything about racism, i have the urge to roll my eyes back up my head. I can’t stand far left propaganda designed to keep people divided and fill hate in hearts.

White supremacists generally believe whites are superior and want a white world/state. How would banning abortions (an enormous percentage of which are minorities) further such a goal?

Stupid article meant to tug at the heartstrings of people whose primary motivation to vote, is racism.