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You honestly should just become “misandrist”, because your male “friends” are probably waiting for the opportunity to take advantage for you. They don’t deserve any appreciation or empathy for anything. Do things for yourself and for women!

There’s no way to make any man have empathy for women, period. They’re not naturally that way. They are completely incapable of empathy, and yes I’m absolutely serious. That’s why we should focus on women and them alone.

There is no “high suicide rate”, there is no “body-shaming” against men, they don’t deserve to have their precious emotions taken seriously, and there is no problems that men don’t bring on themselves. They deserve it!

Altpng #fundie reddit.com

Yes I believe Torah slavery is morally good, I think it’s more immoral to have legal slavery that’s impossible to escape like in American capitalism. In a Torah society, if somebody goes bankrupt he can sell himself for a certain amount of money for 7 years, and then when he’s done after the 7 years he keeps the money he was bought for, + money the master gave to slavery during his servitude (it was common for this to happen, from my understanding learning laws of slavery), + the gifts the master is legally obliged to give the slave when they part ways. So instead of being homeless or in never ending loans, he got free housing for 7 years, money, and the ability to start a new life.

Furthermore, in Jewish slavery, it’s forbidden to shame the slave, and in fact it’s an obligated to respect your slave. If there’s only one pillow in the house, a master is obligated to give it to his slave before himself.

altpng #fundie #racist reddit.com

I know plenty of people who did support slavery and it’s a product of the time. Also, the Torah literally does support chattel slavery Canaanite slaves didn’t have any protections in slavery. American slavery of the blacks was essentially the same as Canaanite slavery in what the owners could do to them.

To my understanding (of laws meant to prevent overt mistreatment of slaves) this only strictly applied to Hebrew slaves and non Jewish slaves did have more restrictions but was still allowed technically. Also this may be because we don’t have a temple or a land anymore to call ours, and our batei din don’t have any actual control so slavery could get out of halakha. The Torah does literally accept chattel and all of our sages supported it. Torah is always moral and if you think otherwise then you think God is below time, obviously.

Hebrew slaves and Canaanite slaves did not have the same rights, Canaanite slaves were literally allowed to be forced to have children and then those children would have been slaves for you.

Idkawesome #ableist #dunning-kruger reddit.com

ADHD, autism, and depression, are NOT REAL.

You don't have adhd. You're just obnoxious. (I'm sorry but i honestly don't know what else you want me to say. If you can give me a better way to say this, I'd happily edit this.)

You don't have autism, you've just been bullied and your self-esteem has suffered because of that. So now you feel awkward in certain situations. You don't know where to put your hands, because you're worried that somebody is looking at you. It's essentially just an after effect of bullying.

Depression is not a mental illness. It's sadness. It's a human fucking emotion. Something bad happened to you. Now you're feeling sad about it. That's normal.

Sometimes White Lies can make us feel better. I'm honestly happy for you if you're feeling better because of a diagnosis like this. But that doesn't give you the right to live a lie. Doesn't give you a right to Gaslight everyone around you.

Find a healthy way to feel better about yourself. You don't have a right to tell people lies just because it makes you feel better about yourself. Stop being obnoxious. Except that something bad happened to you and you have to work through that. Don't listen to bullies. You're not divergent or wrong just because you're good at something that they're not good at. Or because they can't apply themselves.

Random Facebook Idiot #conspiracy #wingnut reddit.com

You’re not going crazy.

Everything really is more expensive. The dollar is weaker than it's ever been in any of our lifetimes. BRICS+ is about to take over 80% of oil production globally. The US dollar is in free fall. Bidenomics is killing our economy.

We are already in WW3. It's happening right now.

Covid was a biological weapon.

The shots are neither safe or effective. It's population control. They cause heart problems, sudden death, turbo cancer, blood clots, and it's still killing many of our athletes and young people.

Russia invaded Ukraine to shut down globalist and American bioweapons labs which were preparing to start another pandemic.

Maui was an inside job. They left the power on with downed lines in hurricane winds, turned off the water, and barricaded people in a burning city and told them to go home to die. It's a land grab. Hundreds of children if not thousands are dead.

We've been in a cultural civil war for nearly a decade or more. The war is going hot, as people are finally awakening to the fact we're in the middle of a global authoritarian communist regime takeover.

The 2020 election was rigged. Biden was not fairly elected, and he's not in power. This is Obama's 3rd term.

Someone murdered Obama's chef and they swept it under the rug.

The weather is changing, but not for the reasons they're telling us. It's because of the sun, solar cycles, and geo-engineered weather modification being conducted by several world governments with competing intentions and purposes.

Canceling communists is the only acceptable form of cancel culture. In our grandparents age, their preferred method of dealing with communists was to shoot them.

January 6th was a false flag. Political prisoners are still in jail and being tortured by our government without a fair trial. The FBI and Antifa were responsible for the majority of the violence.

Trump is being politically prosecuted. Lockdowns and Covid restrictions are coming back.

Do not comply.

Fschmidt #elitist reddit.com

Western culture peaked in the Enlightenment, in the 1600s and 1700s. The serious decline began in the 1920s. But technology only started declining around 2000.

I grew up in the New York City area, not a small town. America was still quite good then. I am not speaking globally, I am talking about Western culture.

Americans today are so much worse than a few decades ago that anyone with any sense who lived through these times can see it. Americans used to be decent people, and now they are the scum of the Earth.

Modern culture is relevant to coding because modern culture hates good code and only produces bad code. Modern culture is also hostile to all decent people, meaning anyone who has the potential to write good code.

babyblueberry333’s former church #fundie #sexist reddit.com

The submitter, the recipient’s daughter, describes the (ex-)husband in question as physically and emotionally abusive and unfaithful, and reportedly helped convince her mother to divorce him. The church sided with him and have apparently been harassing his estranged family since the divorce.

Greetings in Christ!

We are notifying you at this time based on your absence from (horrible church) since December of 2022, and your unwillingness to reconcile with your husband, that (horrible church) at a duty called membership meeting on July 2 2023, voted to dismiss you from the membership of (horrible church) as a disciplinary measure. By your actions, you have demonstrated that you are a person lacking saving faith. Believers in the New Testament times faithfully attended their local assemblies. They submitted themselves to the leadership of the elders, and to the Scriptures. We have requested an exit interview, but did not received any response from you to meet.

We pray that God in His providence will grant you repentance, acknowledgement of the truth, and be brought to your senses so as to escape the snare of the devil (2 Timothy 2:25-26).

Rest assured that we stand ready to meet with you should there be a change of heart on your part.

In Christ,


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Today I stumbled across a seller on a local online marketplace selling rabbit meat, rabbit head and pigeon meat. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it to see who the hell buys these sort of things. It turns out that they are for dogs to eat. Of course, the seller has a 4.5 star rating out of five, with pictures of nutters and their happy shitbeasts and no complaints about animal cruelty whatsoever.

I am totally disgusted. It may be cruel for humans to eat meat, or for predators to hunt down prey, but for humans to feed the meat to dogs is beyond insulting. Don’t get me started on the idiotic dog language such as “Chimken”

If they’re gonna take an animal and feed it to the dogs, at least have the fucking decency to spell its name properly!
From now on, I don’t wanna hear any dog nutter criticize me for being an animal hater. The only animal they give a shit about are dogs.

Existing-Diamond1259 #transphobia #sexist reddit.com

[…] y’all will call any radical feminist a terf for not “including” males in our feminism. For recognizing that female people are oppressed on the basis of our biology. Not bc of “our identity as women.” Which includes trans men. So that is hardly “trans exclusionary.”

I’ve been called a terf for even saying that I (who identifies as a lesbian) am not attracted to male people. No radical feminist un-ironically identifies as a “terf.” Y’all put that label on us.

99% of radical feminists don’t hate trans people. We believe that they deserve the rights all humans deserve. We even agree that they are generally an oppressed demographic. We disagree with the idea of gender in general. We think gender ideology is harmful. Especially to the homosexual community. In the same way you can disagree with someone & not hate them & want them to die.

The only radfems that I have seen claim that they hate trans people, are ones that say it because trans people are constantly calling them bigots for their sexuality, for simply believing that biological sex exists, etc. not because of the fact that they are trans. In fact most of us were once rapid gender ideology supporters ourselves.

There is literally nothing that aligns with Nazi beliefs in our beliefs. So calling us Nazis is ridiculous.

DramaticPangolin-92 #transphobia #dunning-kruger reddit.com

(Side note: being held to the standard you expect everyone else to abide by for you is not the same as forcing another sacrifice on someone you’re already expecting emotional labour from. A younger sister already has to use a new name and new pronouns, being told she also has to lose something because an older sibling demanded that of her is base cruelty. Your inability to see that is concerning.)

Critical Drinker fans #wingnut #pratt #dunning-kruger #transphobia reddit.com

I saw that the space daddy has said that cis and cisgender are considered slurs on twitter. I hadn't really thought about it til I saw a video putting more context on it and got me think about how is used and who's been using it and think it may have some validation as such. What do you think?

I'm with Norm Macdonald. It's an attempt to marginalise normal people.

It is a slur, it's used as a slur and it's whole purpose and use is to demoralize those you are speaking to or about.

It's an attempt to make you cosign their narrative. Glad someone is putting it down.

Lindsey Graham #ableist #dunning-kruger #transphobia reddit.com

{NOTE: This is some woman dressed as a cat, not the male Republican politician. Same name, different people (assuming that she actually is called ‘Lindsey Graham’.}

My name is Lindsey Graham, and I am a cat. Meow. Meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat. By show of hands, I’m curios how many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat? Great. By show of hands how many of your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat? No one? You are right. Why? Because you are not stupid and these children are not stupid. Truth prevails over imagination, reality exists, discernment is innate and something we are biologically wired to have. One look at me and you know this to be true, I am a woman posing as a cat. You also believe, correctly, that if I truly believe I am a cat, I have a mental disorder. If I suffer from a mental disorder and am unable to discern reality, am I safe to be around children? Would you put me in charge of making decisions about the safety and well being of children and the direction of their education when I cannot even discern truth from fiction? Confession, I’m not actually a cat just because I say I am. You have not agreed to or committed to addressing me as a cat just because I demand it. No tail whiskers or outfit makes me a cat. Just like no lipstick, high heels or long hair makes him a man, a woman. It is as biologically impossible for me to be a cat as it is for a man to be a woman.

various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

Today marks 100 days since Roe v Wade was overturned.

And how many women have died?

Since, you know, banning abortion has/is going to increase maternal mortality soooo much 🙄

It’s interesting. According to the CDC, Poland (where abortion is totally illegal except for the rare cases) has only 3 deaths for every 100,000 live births. Meanwhile, the US, where abortion is legal, has 14 deaths per 100,000 births.

How many have died since the overturning though? That’s what PCers were chanting “women are going to die now because of this! Reeeeee”

And already the "outrage" is dying down to just pockets of abortion obsessed people.

You know what's amazing? No one seems to care. They've moved on to the next "Current Thing." Media isn't telling them to be outraged by it anymore. In my city (very liberal area in Texas) people pledged to protest EVERY Tuesday until the laws got fixed! Wanna guess how many protests they actually had? They didn't even make it to week two.

Abortion is a hard thing to get behind

Not when your religion is whatever is the "CurrentThing." Those guys have zero problem advocating death or murder so long as they convince themselves that the object of their hate isn't really human. Just look how people were calling for the death of police officers back in 2020. They convinced themselves that they weren't REALLY people, and therefore, death was fine.

When you don't have a real foundation, you'll believe whatever the cool people tell you is true.

Top-Character-8319 #ableist #dunning-kruger reddit.com

Also just to add on, America has a bad habit of misdiagnosing/self-diagnosing and lying about it, a lot of people with borderline personality disorder/Narcissistic personality disorder, they love to claim that they are "high functioning" autistic, meanwhile they are just fucked up human-beings, it's no wonder people are finding them all the time. lol, I for one, look for these people, and I like putting them down and calling them out of their lies. Online people are full of these types of traits, especially Americans, you guys have main character syndrome/I can pretend to be a victim and people will just do shit for me syndrome, too

I also hate the misdiagnosis of ADHD in America, Jesus Christ, the excuses that schools will try to find,

you can find any kid that wasn't raised with normal-ish parents and no strict rules and don't teach them to focus, they will lack focus until someone teaches them how to focus, especially with how shit public schools are. And guess what, they have "ADHD" then they can just use this as an excuse for the rest of their life, most people don't even go on youtube and see what real ass ADHD looks like lol. Anyway. Good luck being an American.

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RE: Fewer in U.S. Say Same-Sex Relations Morally Acceptable - 64%, down from 71%, say same-sex relations are morally acceptable

( Lil-Porker22 )
It’s amazing to me how ALL the leftist policies and agendas advocate for less people, happiness, and family. And no one sees it.


( Lil-Porker22 )
Like I’ve said several times the state shouldn’t be tracking relationships at all. I agree let the gays be gay, but it’s the agenda of the + community to actively encourage homosexuality that will obviously lead to population decline.

( Chibastion )
That's fantastic. Gay people have to figure out that poop spreads diseases before anyone can consider them intelligent

( czaranthony117 )
2010 me: Let the gays get married. Leave these people alone. You right wingers are f*ckn crazy.

2023 me: Wait… maybe the right wingers were sorta correct?

What I find disturbing is that 6/10 gays that I knew in college and that were very politically active are all in education now, they’re teachers.

I find that sh*t to be so strange.

They literally are taking over the education system.

( wollier12 )
The pendulum swing to far and people are tired of being told what they have to think……nobody really cares when your business is essentially your business. When your business is forced onto others eventually they get tired of it. First we had to accept gay marriage, ok no problem you want to be miserable like most married couples, go for it. Now we have to be ok that men are women and women are men. Ummm sure whatever, ok. But you know it doesn’t stop there, next you have to accept the next big thing, pedophilia or beastiality as healthy outlets of sexual orientation. There’s never a point where people can say enough is enough.


( Liberty0rD3ath )
You’re absolutely right the state should not get involved with “marriage”. But “marriage” is a religious institution, always has been. Marriage is defined as between man and woman. The state forcing religions to accept homosexual marriages is blasphemy.

( HumActuallyGuy )
Who would have guessed people were more fond of something before that something started parading through the streets in bondage gear and forcing it down their throats with events

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From a thread titled ”Muh RE4 remake is woke”

imaginee being that person who complains about game being woke because you can't oversexualise women.

Imagine being that person who thinks a skirt and sweater is oversexualised. I couldn't give 2 fucks about the outfit as a busty woman I'm more tired tired of seeing cupsizes cut in half for no reason other then "Waaaa people like boobs so bad"

In original you were able look up her skirt which was wrong. Also she not there to have her boobs to be starred at. She trying to survive a horrible situation. Women shouldn't be In games just to please the male gaze. It's not right. We are more than our bodies. I know busty women exist. I'm just don't like women being over sexualised.
Also my main complaint was being able look up her skirt which I'm happy they changed.

If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad. Gotta love that liberal fascism! Protecting digital women everywhere while defending Asian and Islamic culture(who actually DO sexually abuse and harass women and mutilate them)!

“If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad.”
The developers took your advice and didnt put it in the game cuz they didnt like it

Hurrah for censorship! Let’s put the women in the next game in hijabs too!

Creative decisions != censorship

zachary6227 #quack reddit.com

A few weeks ago, there was some garbage going around about how SSRIs are evil and don't actually work and stuff like that. I find lots of parents who are looking for a reason to not believe that depression is real and serious latched on to this and think they're justified in doing so.

SSRIs literally saved my life. The affect everyone differently. People don't seem to understand that.

lol some garbage? It was a well constructed, definitive study saying that serotonin has nothing to do with depression

SSRIs barley beat placebo and any small difference could be explained by study design or the enhanced placebo effect.


Summary: Overall, people who used antidepressants to manage depression long-term did not have a better quality of physical or mental health than those with depression who did not use prescription medication to manage their symptoms


SSRIs do not really work, the placebo works. Except pharmaceutical companies make $15 billion from drugs that can come with long lasting or permanent side effect such as PSSD.

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The only question you ever need to ask a pro choice person
At what point does the embryo/fetus magically turn into a real life human baby? Only when it leaves the vaginal canal or is cut out of the uterus during a c-section? At 9 months when the thing is kicking and ready to come out any day? At 8 months when it’s fully formed just not quite big enough?

I asked my (idiotic pro choice) sister this question. Her answer: when the government says so. I was shocked. I then responded: “Yeah governments have never gotten anything wrong in the past. Have you heard of Jim Crow? Have your heard of Hitler? Have you heard of Stalin? Have you heard of slavery?”

She hung up on me.

I think the proper way to deal with this is to say:

"Okay so when the law changes to ban abortion, then you should have no issue then"

This way they have to commit to a position, because they know they don't agree with the law in that case, so they'll have to backtrack and give a reason based in principles rather than offloading the burden to "government".

Probably shouldn't even bring up "government can be wrong. Remember slavery?" That is true, but so long as, "the law" supports their positions, they'll invoke it as an excuse to not come up with a line when it is and isn't okay to abort.

The sad thing is, most prochoicers are fully aware that abortion kills an innocent, living human. They just value casual sex over a human life.

At least they're being more honest about it. I truly had no idea people advocated for late term abortion until the meltdown of Dobbs and discovered it's the literal Dem platform (danced around with "woman's complete right to choose" language).

This is objectively not popular and I truly think a lot of people don't realize how radical things are. My mom refuses to believe that the party has this stance "because it's so crazy" lol like she truly cannot wrap her head around it and they get away with alot just from people assuming they're not insane lol

Imo only way a majority of people would vote for second and third trimester abortions it is if they think they're voting just for first. It's cruel and manipulative

True, and having unsafe sex.

spoilingattack #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie reddit.com

(in response to post “I have yet to see anyone give an actual definition to what “woke” even means.”)

I don't think that a single definition exists. It's a collection of ideas designed to promote an anti-American, anti-Christian narrative in order to prepare people to accept Marxism.

Ultimately, Wokeism is the recapitulation of the worship of the State as first understood in Genesis in the Tower of Babel. It's the idea that if we can all adopt the correct political opinions and work in complete harmony, then we will ascend to the heavens and gain a new and higher level of consciousness. ie. that we will be able to save ourselves.

It is the Cult of the State, wherein everyone who opposes its teachings is attacked on moral grounds with religious overtones. They are "evil" and should be driven from public life. They should be punished. There is no room for diversity of opinion or free speech, as those things threaten the Cult of the State.

It's high priest oversee a mystery religion, that believes in the blood sacrifice of newborns and the mutilation of children in the service of the State, preaching that murder is freedom. Wokeism preaches that such sacrifices are necessary for the overthrow of the old morality and the arrival at a new consciousness.

It is a cult that believes that victimhood grants moral immunity from all responsibility because ultimately, the State has become the permissive Mother who forgives all sins except failure to bow at the altar.

Wokeism is a direct and existential threat to your freedom and liberty.

bigboyeTim #quack #crackpot reddit.com

Anyone else feeling an increase in strength after taking Ivermectin?

I regularly spar and wrestle (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu multiple times a week) but lately I've felt an enormous increase in strength. Things that were heavy aren't really that bad anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this?

RealClarity9606 #wingnut #psycho #dunning-kruger reddit.com

More uninformed assumptions. Do any of you ever learn or get tired of being wrong??? That generation did not huddle in a safe space, curled in the fetal position every time someone hurt their feelings. They had their flaws but nothing like the amoral, narcissistic, soft…and undisciplined generations that came after them and that are now drowning in their self pity and victimhood and celebrating their ignorance in so many ways. And then blaming their shortcomings on everyone else, thus making them unable to break from their cycle. Basically…what your post just demonstrated! 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t try to tell me what I think…there’s no hope you could comprehend my thoughts. 😉 Go have a soy latte and whine over how you are perfect…victims. 🤦🏻‍♂️

schml #wingnut #crackpot reddit.com

I think what most liberals are missing is that this isn't about right and wrong, it's about winning and losing. I've attached my entire worldview to this man and I am going down with the ship. Not one of you is going to convince me otherwise.

Cookiecuttermaxy #conspiracy #homophobia #biphobia #transphobia #wingnut reddit.com

Fuck it you know what Imma just say the most out-of-loop comment regarding LGBT and other shit, here comes nothing

If you want a minority to stop existing, then go ahead and shove LGBT down their throats, go ahead and do so. LGBT is literally implicit soft eugenics, there's a reason why people of color for a long time were against gay marrriage

Japan for this reason alone had to state the marriage is between a man and a woman

I mean it makes sense, I am for all lgbt people existing, but if we normalize then our CURRENT CIVILIZATION would cease to exist dipshits

But hey if the left wants religious, racial and ethnic minorities to stop existing, by all means normalize the shit out of lgbt culture and abortions

Makes sense, their memo never really changed, they just gotten more politically-cautious about it

various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

One thing I understood about pro-choicers
They like to say that there needs to be more help for women, yet when we tell them about all the resources already available, they get upset and change subjects. So it finally hit me: they actually LIKE the idea of women being without support, alone, and destitute. Because that gives them an argument for abortion. All they want is to have fun and face zero consequences for their actions. That's it.

Yep. So true. There is no reason for them to be going after crisis pregnancy centers in the way that they are if they really want women to have support.

I doubt most pro-choicers actually think this way. At least consciously.

It might not be conscious, but it's there. And it actually makes sense, since abortion is their main priority. So anything that undermines it is a threat, including the help provided to women. I remember reading pro-choicers who got offended at the idea of reducing abortion rates. And that also makes sense since, if abortion is this great thing, symbol of women empowerment and liberation, why in the world would you like to decrease it?

Agreed. We don’t like it when they make similar posts saying things like “anti choicers LIKE to control women’s bodies,” so we shouldn’t say this kind of divisive stuff against them.

I think most of ordinary pro choicers’ intentions are good, just misinformed.

Those leading the movement, however, that’s a different story…


I don't think the argument here is that pro-abortion people like women being harmed just for the sake of it. The argument is that if the way they see to get abortion fully legalized is for large numbers of women to be harmed, many of them would take that deal without hesitation. If it turns out that the harm isn't real, they don't celebrate women being helped, they're upset that they lost a tool in their argument toolbelt. These people (which of course is not all pro-abortion people, but a notable subset) don't care about other women being harmed; they just care about winning and whether they can get an elective abortion if they want.

CHRIST_BOT_9001 #fundie reddit.com

Hello friend,

I appreciate your participation in the discussion, and I acknowledge that language can sometimes slip unintentionally. But I kindly remind you to be mindful of using the Lord's name in vain. Let's promote a positive and respectful atmosphere for everyone involved.

Instead of "God D***", find alternative phrases such as "Goodness gracious" or "Golly gee".

I'm here to educate, not hate. I want to assure you that my intention is to spread positivity and not to cause offense. I hold deep respect for all faiths, even when our beliefs differ, and I am open to engaging in respectful discussions that foster mutual understanding. Let us embark on this journey together, embracing kindness and love as our guiding principles.

Colossians 3:12 (NIV): "Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience."

iiAmHavoK #transphobia #dunning-kruger reddit.com

I mean being a trans is a punchline to be honest. You’re mentally ill. There is no Fucking other genders. You’re male, you’re female. That’s it. Biologically your male “becoming a female.” But now they want to be a glorified thing. Idgaf what you are or who’s dick you suck. Quit force feeding it down people’s throats and watch how fast it goes away. Vast majority of people don’t fucking care.

Vladimir Solovyov #god-complex #psycho #wingnut reddit.com

Berlin will be destroyed if Germany will supply weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis. This is payback for political decisions. Come on, let Comrade General give order and fly to bomb Dresden again. Come on, come on why stop there? We’re no stopping anywhere, just like the Germans haven’t stopped now, talking about suppling tanks after what they’ve already supplied.

Russian Propaganda #crackpot #god-complex #psycho #wingnut reddit.com

No, a preemptive strike. Macron supplies the tanks and we give them a preemptive strike against France as a party to the conflict. And if France, as Vladimir Rodolfovich says, begins, to put it mildly, to harm openly, fearing nothing then it must be recognized as a party to the conflict. There should be no France! There was France and now there is no France. Would anyone be upset about that? To hit France once and that will be the end of it. Everyone will be scared, I assure you. No one will want to go. And there is no need to engage our strategic potential, our triad. We have enough ammunition to destroy France, or Britain.

CodAway6491 #conspiracy #wingnut #moonbat reddit.com

[Comments under "The Russian Army Saved Europe From Hitler---"]


Russia didn't save Europe from Germany. They conquered it for themselves

This is true
While many atrocities were stopped because of Hitler’s fall, neither the USSR nor the Allies truly entered the fight against him out of moral concern and the desire to fight for good
No one was there to “save the Jews”. Individuals may have been, but governments were not
While that was accomplished successfully the real motive for re-invading Europe was the recapture of Germany[…]in the name of the Central banking system
Hitler had divorced himself from world banking at large in order to re-stabilize the German currency on an internal gold standard. He did this successfully and around 7 million jobs were created for ethnic Germans who had been in large part starving and homeless before the rise of national socialism[…]
National Socialism as a economic policy, (if we can divorce it for a moment in our minds from the culture and atrocities of Nazi Germany) is not inherently racist or fascist, nor is it particularly warlike or violent[…]
The Holocaust was an unspeakable tragedy, which is undeniable. But within myself I have to feel like there is a disingenuous reason that it is focused on so wholly within the history of the World War 2[…]
Our Central Bank worshipping overlords here in the modern west would not like us to consider their true motivations for crushing Germany with the might of the world[…]
Many of Hitlers speeches speak about the right of EVERY PEOPLE, not just the “Aryan Race” to self determination. He speaks about the evils of central banking and provides rightfully intelligent solutions to the act of escaping it[…]
As a nation we could use some Hope. At it’s core, National Socialism tells us we could find it within ourselves[…]
Perhaps “Ethical National Socialism” is an idea that could be considered

ReklessS0ul #transphobia reddit.com

submitters note: two seperate comments of someone I foolishly tried argueing with

A male at birth will always be a male then. Thanks for confirming […] I don’t know why people go out of their way to make mental I’ll esa be accepted as normal.

soymindumb, Epicaltgamer3 and Albionoria #wingnut reddit.com

[OP and comments of "Is it possible to donate money to the Wagner group or the Russian military?"]

OP of the thread by soymindumb:

Neither is currently a terrorist organization so it is not illegal to pledge donations. Is it at all possible?

Comment by Epicaltgamer3:[/]



Buying Russian government bonds is probably the best way to do that, plus you get some money in the long term. I know there used to be a way to donate to the DPR, but that’s not possible anymore

I'm looking it up and they seem to be extremely difficult to buy, will try anyway

If anyone has other suggestions I look forward to support Russia

I found some and i posted it in this thread.

I found donation links to Rusisch. Occasionally on Telegram there pop up donation links by various units (mostly PMC units) asking for donations

I think Dejan Beric used to run a donation link that supported humanitarian efforts in the DPR and other areas but i cant find it, it sometimes pops up on telegram

Eitherway i guess trying to find a link on Telegram is your best way to go