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And the government just lets it happen. These virgin creeps are just allowed to walk the streets freely. And it seems like every day one of them snaps and murders an innocent. Imho, any man over age 20 who is still a virgin should be rounded up by police, issued an ankle monitor, placed on a public list, and bared from owning knives and firearms. We can make the world a safer place for good people if we act now to crack down on these needledick freaks. But knowing law enforcement probably nothing will happen. 🤦‍♂️

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RE: Q4All: What’s disgusting about male sexuality?

Men want unwanted sex with women. That disgusts me.

There are more women with rape fantasies than there are men with rape fantasies. A lot of this is just projecting: rape fantasies are one of the number one sex fantasies among females - and because they think and daydream about 50 Shades of Rape all the time, they end up believing that men also want to rape them all the time.

Pisstoire #racist reddit.com

[In response to discussions about acknowledging the dark side of colonist/Native American relations when celebrating Thanksgiving]

Conquering people has been the norm for thousands of years and has only now gone out of style. No need to be guilty about it.

I don’t give a shit about what happened 300 years ago to the poopoo peepee tribe.

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RE: Anon remmebers


spoilerYou didn't see the 70s or the 80s or 90s

You know they took something but you don't fully understand what.

The best way to understand what they took is so to watch Beethoven from 1991

Things you'll see

- nuclear family
- Three kids
- Beautiful small town America
- Happy music
- No pessimism
No politics
- No race baiting
- No gay indoctrination
- No trans indoctrination
- No underlying "message" about race
- Positive vibes
- Little worries because US is #1

You can really feel the optimism of 90s America. Peak United States power. Peak economics.

And then social media happened

No, protected demographics got the equality they wanted and realised that equality wasn't enough, and by the time we realised just how far they would go to enact their revenge for shit we didn't do, they had achieved too much momentum.

I regret ever voting yes on gay marriage and I regret ever holding my hand out in friendship to any demographic other than my own.

This is what racists were like in 1968 lol

To my horror, turns out a lot of the things that bigots said would happen over the last century should we allow the march of progress is definitely happening.

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Bro he was born in 96….why does he look that damn old?

He’s my age wtf. I have a trimmed beard that makes me look a couple years older maybe but I thought this guy was in his 40’s or something like Chris Chan.

He's a fucking year younger than me and he would look like some creepy uncle standing next to me. Idk what hormones do but I thought estrogen helps with skin a bit. Idk.

HE'S ONLY A YEAR OLDER THAN ME. I thought he was like in his thirties

I've got this theory (with absolutely zero evidence to back it up) that something hormonal is fucked with a lot of these men. Like, beyond the basic "my brain is female but I'm male" or the "I get off on myself as a woman/girl". The seem to share physical features: some kind of male pattern baldness, what appears to be a beer gut, and (I hesitate to use this because it isn't really quantifiable at all) a potato face that makes them look 10-15 years older than they actually are.

I don't know if it's a vegan/vegetarian diet, or something fucked they're born with, or some other external factor I'm not accounting for. But why the hell do so damn many of them look like Danny DeVito in drag?

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”When a partner isolates their spouce from friends, assiciates, and public places , it’s called domestic abusen. When it’s done to an entire gender, it’s called feminism.”

This is a quote out of the book ”men on strike” what are your thoughts on this.

It's a hundred percent right. Feminism is about punishing men for the act of being a man. It's pure hatred and female supremacy yet our society refuses to wake up to that fact.

And funny how the "punishment" for being a man is always having to "sacrifice" so that any women in the vicinity doesn't need to do any work, or feel any bad feelings, or just give her your money shitlord, or just die, or whatever else benefits women that they abuse into men.

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Lead paint was banned, not because children were eating paint chips, but rather how well it absorbed RF/EMF radiation. Why do you think you wear a lead vest whilst getting X-Rayed? lead is highly effective in providing protection from sources of radiation. Including gamma rays, x-rays, and other types of radiation. The truth of the matter is that they removed this paint to make their silent weapons more effective against us.

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This is going to be a controversial take, but I support all types of slavery except sexual slavery which I oppose because it's degenerate

There are no condemnations of slavery in Holy Scripture, if you hate slavery you hate God

Slavery was instituted by God, Slaves obeying their masters is obeying God, God says slaves are property

To say otherwise is to lie about God

Slavery is not evil, [Paul] returned Onesimus to his master like a good Christian

God says slaves are property, abolitionism says slavery is a sin and slaveholders are criminals. Abolitionists seek to take their slaves away so abolitionism is promotion of theft, and contrary to the Will of God

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I am a firm believer in people getting a beating for being too lippy. The internet lets these people dodge their comeuppance, I am not okay with that. People that feel they can say what they want at any time on the internet, I hope those people get punched too. You react and there is an equal or greater reaction, the world has always and will always work that way. Disagree with me? Just take a look at Israel rn

Well then don't complain when you get paralyzed/murdered like this guy could've been, for saying a word.

I'm not saying it's right, but this guy is not helping his cause at all acting like this, the first punch was maybe "justifiable", but dragging his unconscious body from a 3 foot tall lever potentially smashing the back of his head on the concrete could've killed him.

I don't want to live in a world where I could potentially be murdered for saying something, it's interesting that you would though.

We are living in that world right now, saying the wrong thing in the wrong place has consequences. Always has always will, people are killed for far less these days. Not just in America, wherever you are you should be mindful of what you say. Common courtesy and politeness are very hard to find these days, so don’t run your mouth off at people you don’t know. Simple very very simple

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Since pride month is coming up just wanna let y'all know that asexuals never have and never will face systemic oppression in the workplace, healthcare, housing market, adoption, or literally any other institution, literally EVER. You are not LGBT if you do not have to fight tooth and nail for your civil rights like lesbians, gay people, bisexuals, and transgender people do. If petty insults and ignorance are the worst you get over your "sexuality", you are not welcome to join us. You can be proud, sure, but you do not have a place at Pride.

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NYPD officer accused of plotting to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband and her boyfriend’s teenage daughter sentenced to 48 months for obstruction of justice. With time off for good behavior, she could be home in six months

Meanwhile my brother is serving 10 years for possession of drugs...

America, land of the...what do we stand for again?

If you are white, male, straight, then this ruling political elite despises you today.

"obstruction of justice" They had her dead to rights on solicitation of murder (including a staged murder of her ex)

Female privilege right here. Any man would be spending 20 to life in Prison.

Even if she got 20 to life. Womens prisons are a joke compared to mens

She's a cop and a woman, meaning she has both a pussy pass and the cops protecting her.


Pussy privilege

We need to start pushing against this how can I vote to get this dude off of a judge seat is there anything we can do or are we just fucked. Once they start losing their jobs they'll start caring

Of course if a man did this, he would get 20 years in prison. The pussy pass is real.

After some years these people called "federal judge" will confess that they took orders from top to release criminals with small penalties if they are woman.

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RE: Girl Forces Boy To Have Sex With Dog, Judge’s Decision Creates Controversy

Yet more proof that it's better to be a women in today's society than it is to be a man. Imagine the world catering to your every need, simply because they want to fuck you. Heh. Fucking amazing.


Attempted murder, rape and filming of CP

Gets 4 years

Up to 4. She could be out much sooner and put on probation due to good behavior.

if that was a man it would be 10 years or 20 years.

double standards more like 10x standards

if overnight the men just quit any army or what not you would have leverage.

the government is a scam, and relies on the army for nefarious purposes. the framers of the constitution despised a standing army and any draft system, they did have a voluntary militia that was drawn up when needed for the war with uk.

Another day another pussy pass. Starting to become numb to them, they used to really upset me because they are ultimately unjust. Just have to accept women are treated with kid's gloves in this society.


This is every evil and messed up act in the freaking book. Forcing a boy to have sex with a dog and knifepoint whilst filming it. Let alone an Autistic boy!

truly horrifying oppression that is happening in the present day and all men have to see how little their lives matter and still no one cares. I really don't even know what to sa


" Judge Densford also “acknowledged evidence that Bush suffered trauma as a child and multiple concussions as a Chopticon cheerleader. And he concluded that it didn’t make sense to send her to an adult prison”

From now on I'm a transleader.

I see the Patriarchy strikes again /s

Judges are definitely idiots with a title. They are the greatest example, no matter that you go to college, you still can be more of an asshole than many uneducated people.

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How can I learn to accept that society is penis obsessed, that even straight men talk about, draw & appreciate large penises more than they do vaginas, that oral sex is not common on women due to vaginas being unappreciated & that penises are fetishized a lot, so straight men like women with penises

How do most women accept these things and not feel inadequate, insecure or sexually of less value? How do they still feel attracted to men and have sexual desire?

I read about people saying those things on Reddit for example a lot and I have been told them by people on my Facebook friend's list a lot. Men and women and even more women. Even liberal men.

The focus and fetish for men who are into trans women is their penis, the focus and fetish for men who are into women with vaginas is the boobs and butts, not the vagina.

I have also been told by feminists that women have to beg for oral sex especially in certain cultures and with young men and that it's also because society sees vaginas are gross, unclean, fishy, taboo. While penises are not so. And that gay men are more openly negatively insulting & disgusted by vaginas than lesbians are by penises. Because penises are more normalised, default and sexualised.

Is it normal to be sad that society is penis obsessed and that straight men are even penis obsessed, and that vaginas come after penises, boobs and butts?

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RE: "Men's domestic violence against women is a tactic to support the patriarchy or is a result of patriarchy" debunked by research (studies cited)


These papers admit that feminists use the stereotype of 'battering husband' for political purposes

The Stereotyped Offender: Domestic Violence and the Failure of Intervention

The Feminist Case for Acknowledging Women's Acts of Violence

The media put these bitches on a pedestal so their charade is never exposed. Why? The media - specifically the boards of directors that control daily operations - are in on the hoax.

Why everything is caused by/supported by Patriarchy? This reason has been overused to the point that if someone uses this reason it sounds like a lazy answer or an answer to a question they wanna avoid.

Because it's a staple of the doctrine. Everything can be explained by substituting in "the patriarchy" as a bogeyman. It's the cornerstone of patriarchy theory and why it's so critical to feminism.

Without men or "the patriarchy" as scapegoats, there is a real risk of the feminist deception becoming unveiled.

Depending to who I talk to, they seem to consider that patriarchy is every value that existed before. Even those that overlap with other model of family, even values regarding family, they're all patriarchy to them. And if they're all patriarchy they're all wrong.

It's just yet another fallacious loophole to make anything they want seem bad.

When "the patriarchy", together with "toxic masculinity", "incel", "man-spreading", "man-splaining" and many other similar feminist-invented man-shaming curse words are not even real things and don't exist. A classic example is this video where students on a campus all strongly claim that "toxic masculinity" is some terrible problem society has, but then cannot define what "toxic masculinity" is - including a Gender Studies major.


BuffaloRepublic #racist reddit.com

Unnecessarily my fucking ass.

50,000 native kids aren’t in care outside of reserves because guilty white liberals want them there — they’re there because 50,000 native kids have piss poor parents that can’t even look after themselves due to a variety of issues.

Of course the native industrial complex in Canada will tell you that the parents are bad because of ‘residual damage from residential schools’, which is a major cop-out; quickly followed by the demand for more funds from whitey as repetitions for things and stuff.

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Netherlands: assaulting a minor boy results in a small fine and one day of prison

The two ladies forced themselves on the 17 year old pizza delivery boy. One filmed how the other groped and assaulted him.

I expect the feminists in the Netherlands to vocalise the absurdity and injustice of this sentencing any moment now. /s

Feminists in the Netherlands largely only worry about "lack of women in leadership positions" etc., while falseflagging about caring how men feel.


I can translate it for ya’ll, since I’m a Dutchie. 2 girls ordered pizza and opened the door for the guy while filming it. One of the girls was wearing bathrobes with nothing under it and another girl was wearing sm-clothing squeezed the guys balls/penis. The girls were laughing in the video and saying it was the ultimate dream for guys.

The guy later returned to the job while crying and hiss boss told him he should file charges.

Own opinion: it’s sad that the final charge is so low, especially since it had national coverage here and if it was the other way around it would’ve been much higher.

A 24 year old and a 25 year old are adult women, not girls. Did the article pass them off as girls?

Netherlands, where the sexual assault of a child is OK, when the perpetrator is a woman. These monsters, planned the assault, filmed the assault, bragged about the assault publically, but were given a rap over the knuckles for a heinous crime.

Sexist pigs in wigs running Netherlands, don't take your children there.

Ahh right, teach them young about their disposability and worthlessness in society. Shame them if they speak up.

Female Privilege: When the same thing happening with the genders reversed would cause far and wide outcries. Along with demand for heavy punishment for the aggressor.

*unless the perpetrator is a female transexual raping/sodomizing a female in a school bathroom... Then it wont be mentioned in schoolboard meetings.

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RE: Oh no, how could it be?


Young Americans Are Becoming Less Comfortable With LGBTQ People, GLAAD Finds

Yup. I'm gay and I've lost respect for the LGBT community. I don't want to be associated with it anymore. I've put myself back in the closet because I'm so sick of not being able to join any LGBT group without seeing giant lists of sexualities, kinks, and pronouns.

Imagine if 98% of the world were constantly saying they were straight, had "straight" as part of their display name, straight flags around their names. It would be fucking annoying as all shit. That's what trying to deal with any LGBT group is now. I'm done. I'm now a bigot. Internalized homophobia or whatever.

Every time a less liberal gay group starts up they get attacked and doxed by the ultralibs.

Who's willing to bet that it's not the LGB aspect that's losing support, but it's actually the T and and all the attention seeking bullshit that comes after the T as well? It seems like the support for lesbians, gays and bisexuals is increasing with each generation, but when it comes to transgenders they seem to be stuck in a rut in which they can't get out of.

I swear, ever since the fucking lgbt fetishizers came along, it's been ruining the hard work the community has been doing. It's a real shame.

Pople warned this would happen ever since the first obnoxious SJWs began appearing on Tumblr over a decade ago. Year after year I recall seeing people who said "treating people like shit is going to make them reject the LGBT."

I mentioned seeing in a Tumblr-adjacent community back in 2014 how someone said that the vicious behavior of TRAs makes it very hard to care about trans issues. And was proven right almost immediately by a horde of shrieking TRAs tearing that person apart, claiming they don't want "fairweather allies."

ChristianZen #dunning-kruger #racist reddit.com

RE: ‘Eastern European discrimination awareness’ part 6.

What’s the point of this? Some people are dicks but that’s nothing new.

To bring awareness to problems in Europe that are worth solving?

Then why title it "east european bla"? Are you aware that we all have to deal with bias? That is in fact how our brains work, thinking in boxes. Not easy to overcome.

A lot of people commenting thanked me for posting this. Also, there were people saying they got PTSD, depression, low confidence due to all the discrimination they have experienced. The problem is very real.

And now what? You want a east-block history and awareness month in all schools over the world? People walking with candles and forming human chains? "Hand in hand for eastern lands"? Benefit concerts?

When will people learn to grow the fuck up. React in the very situation. Actually step up for yourselves. If you do that, i promise you won’t have to deal with ptsd

Local man baffles doctors, invents incredible new method to remove mental trauma by "Just toughening up bro"

Everyone says this until they get the shit beaten out of them once and their minds change. I’ve had my moment. I hope you are protected enough by those around you that you’ll never be in that position. The world simply isn’t that black and white.

I just don’t deal with shit people. If somebody calls me slurs because of resentments against my country of origin then i know that this person is trash. But when i see an option that they are just stupid, then i try to educate them (like a grown up). This is all im saying.

Listen, the only appropriate reaction is “oh yeah, that should not be happening in a europe we’re trying to build”. I would really like you to be stepping up when getting consistently literally zero callbacks after applying to over 700 entry level positions after obtaining a master’s degree unless it’s a cleaning or construction work.

Were i live this doesn’t applies.

Anarcho-Heathen #crackpot #fundie reddit.com

RE: Join a religion because you think it is true

If you eliminate all religions whose beliefs aren't scientifically verified by empirical evidence, you'll be left with zero.

How about "Join a religion whose beliefs are proven to be true"?

Theology is a science, just not a natural science.

I don't believe theology follows the scientific method. If it undergoes the same peer-review and scrutiny process, then sure, call it a science, but as far as I'm aware it doesn't.

“The scientific method” is a method of study which applies to natural sciences, not Science in its broadest and historical sense. Theology is a science or a different kind (similar to Geometry).

No such distinction exists. All science deals with natural phenomena.

A Reddit comment doesn’t simply undo 2500 years of western thought and understanding of the word science.

Theology has been considered a science since the before the period of Classical Greek thought.

Various Commenters #pratt #racist #wingnut reddit.com

West*rn Europe 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


"immigration is not bad" just fucking look at Sweden.

Only cucks say that, Sweden rape rate went up by 200% in 2015 when the mass immigration happened


Lmao we are the Lowest 😎💪🏻 And they call us criminals...

They didn't count stealing territory #kosovojesrbijaa #raskajecrnagora 😤😤😤


Fucking hillarious that w*stoids always talk about how unsafe Eastern Europe is

Sweden is very dangerous because there's so many kurds

True. If westerns had our mentality and stopped being soft hoes they wouldn't be fucked by a bunch of immigrants, when everyone violent then no one is violent.


Pretty sure the higher the income inequality is, the more robbery there will be. we are all equally poor so it's not so common 🙃 Nothing to rob, politicians took it all 🙃🙃🙃

No. Income inequality and Sweden and Norway is virtually the same. I could tell you one policy that is vastly different in both countries though……..


wonder why swedenistan is so high

Cause Middle Eastern immigrants,multi culturalism sure went good for them.

so strange, the more homogenous a country the lower the robberies...

Hmm, I wonder who’s responsible for those robberies in such diverse countries! Surely not…


I mean, Russia is claiming to have lot less street agressions than west Europe. But Russia don't Dela with "ordinary violence".

So ... Not gonna follow this one ;)

We have a ton of migrant on migrant wars in Moscow. Pretty crazy to watch.

Alarming_Draw #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

So it turns out the new Bond film, partly written by a man hating feminist, is basically a nearly three hour long film of apologising for being male...


Bond gets softened up to appeal to female viewers. So Bond becomes A DAD (ffs!). To a GIRL, of course. As if it would have been to a boy.....

And they kill the nasty chauvisnist sexist bond in the end, while lots of the film focuses on the MOTHER telling a story about him to the daughter and a FEMALE version of Bond.

Well done feminists. You killed off the male, just as you always intended.

As for the social media surrounding the film-remember this-the film is literally being touted as 'the last hope to draw audiences back to the cinema after the virus, to save the companies that make films'. So did you THINK they werent going to try flooding the web with fake positive reviews, or to pay people to monitor social media to counter negative reviews?

Ellen_Degenerat3 #wingnut reddit.com

[From "Comment under '"Who needs security in the East?", Germany, 1935'"]


Given how went 1939, we can safely say this poster was utterly wrong

From Ellen_Degenerat3:
Ìf it wasnt for the vast amounts of wealth, material and intelligence given to the USSR by the US and the UK the Sovjetunion would have never stood a change. If anything the Germans knew what great danger the marxists posed. They escaped a bloody marxist revolution in 1918 that killed nearly 2 million Germans, and they were well aware of the marxist desire to conquer Europe

The German national socialists were barely in time to stop the marxists from trampling all over Europe. They bought mother Europe 5 extra years

Various Commenters #moonbat #sexist #transphobia reddit.com

This monster thinks it's okay to walk around with a raging boner in a women's shelter. The shelters response to criticism? Guess. This was all a public spectacle, by the way.

Wow fuck that shelter. They care more about the feelings of men than the safety of women.

They really do. It's terrifying how the feelings of men are valued higher than the safety of women all across our society. And now we can't even escape it in the spaces we've painstakingly carved out for ourselves.

Sadly, they need to toe the line. Canada, but British Columbia especially (here and here), is very woke regarding trains. There's one (yes, one) rape shelter in Vancouver, BC that won't take men in.

As a result, they've had their windows vandalized and a dead rat nailed to their door, and a local politician* was doing everything in his power to try and take away funding that the place needs to survive the last I heard.

* To nobody's surprise, he supported local snart Yaniv, who epitomizes mental illness.

ALL US shelters are going co ed. There are almost no shelters for women and kids any longer. I stopped volunteering at one because I am not about to use pronouns or talk to men in female space where women have been raped.

One of the most aggravating parts of these situations is that they often go above and beyond to protect transgender people over women. In Canada (2021 data )the portion of the population that identifies as transgender is just 0.24%. Assuming an equal split between genders only half would identify as women. So in this case the rights of women (~51%) are being trampled for the rights of ~0.12% of the population.

If a biological woman (for lack of a better term) had made the same comments and behaved similarly they likely would have kicked her out. This Tyler person doesn’t seem to even be attempting to present as a woman. People like that are hurting those who are truly suffering.

J973 #sexist #psycho reddit.com

Lady here. It is only a cunt that gets off and then says stop. Unless there is pain or a medical reason involved. He should have finished. This whole rape thing is getting way out of hand.

No, when somebody says "stop", it means "stop"--no questions asked. That isn't the "rape thing getting way out of hand".

If they agreed to be fucking a guy and then only say stop because they have climaxed..... they aren't being raped, they are being a cunt that NEEDS TO BE RAPED.

I always wish that girls that cry rape over situations that they agreed to-- should be anally gang raped by strangers in an alley, so that they learn what rape really is.
And for the record.... didn't the girl just want him to hurry up and finish? That's not telling him to stop.

You are a terrible, terrible person

Nope. I just think that women who are in bed with a guy, doing it... change their mind and cry rape really aren't being raped. It is a scary world for men out there when women are allowed to call a change of heart, guilt, or remorse, RAPE. I think it devalues the meaning of the word for women who are truly forcibly raped. I can't help it what hivemind thinks.... hivemind isn't always right about a lot of things.

rainisthelife #sexist reddit.com

The reason why a lot of men nowadays struggle in the dating world is because beyond money, many of them simply don’t have anything to offer. And now that women are able to make their own money, the true uselessness of men is being revealed. So if it’s money he’s offering, or equivalent benefits, take it. And when there’s opportunity to take more, even from multiple men, go ahead and indulge. And you’ll find that once you’ve striped past all the layers and facade of their resources, there’s nothing left there but an empty, decaying barrel. Feel free to leave that for the birds to pick at. Your work there is done.

Raginbakin #pratt #racist reddit.com

Hello, my name is Average Foreigner living in Asia. I live here in Concrete Jungle with my wife; her name is Lu and she likes white people very much. We met on Interpals; she was looking for an English partner and I just wanted an Asian girlfriend. I work as an English teacher because I cannot do anything else; that's okay because all I am required to do is act like a big idiot and humiliate myself in front of children. I have been learning the local language for X years now but I will never master it because I have no reason to; who cares anyway because the whole world uses English. All the locals tell me they are jealous of my large penis; this would never happen in the West as there I was considered too weird and awkward to ever go more than first-base with a girl. I feel like a God, my white-skin radiating like the sun's rays over a desolate wasteland. Everywhere I go, the locals kowtow to me because they like my foreign money and when they are even slightly rude to me, I get very angry and post on YouTube about how this country is racist and needs to embrace more diversity. Their traditions are beautiful, but only as much as it entertains me because I cannot be shitted to learn the nuances around a thousand year old culture that isn't my own. I am turning forty this year; that's okay though, as the young women will still lust after me for virtue of my blue eyes and blond hair. Truly, I live in a wonderland; more foreigners should come and date a coked up, sixteen year old girl like I do.

Steamboatkevin #racist reddit.com

We could start by all learning the definition of "genocide", then we could all learn to stop using hyperbole and words that don't apply to the history of Canada. There was never a genocide in Canada. Ever. Stop robbing the people of this world who have gone through genocide of their dignity by trying to steal empathy directed at them.

This is genocide. There was no campaign of murder to eradicate the native gene from. The gene pool. Revisionist lies and hyperbolic nonsense. Shame

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The sixties scoop.


Hyperbole hyperbole hyperbole. The 60s scoop was a legitimate CFS action. It isnt "genocide" when children are removed from terrible parents or abusive situations. Nobody has ever shown me evidence that this wasn't the case in the 60s scoop.

As for all. Your other nonsense, it isn't genocide to not feed people when they have a clear path to opportunities elsewhere. All they had to do was move. The land was expropriated, as is still done today. And it was a good thing it was expropriated. Passing influenza to people isn't genocide. Complete nonsense. You should have your mouth washed up with soap.

J973 #sexist reddit.com

My friend asked me for money for an abortion
You would think that being extremely close friends for over 24 years would give her a clue that I don't agree with abortion. I believe it is killing unborn babies. I had my first child at 19, and I did just fine.

My friend chooses to have completely unprotected sex while not being on birth control. In your late 30's you should know better than that. This isn't an accident. It isn't the first time. Her primary form of birth control is apparently abortion. I have a big problem with that.

I am so upset over this. I think, more than she is. My husband does not want any more children, so adopting her baby isn't an option, though, I probably would if it were only up to me. This whole issue has me heartbroken and pretty depressed.

My whole adult life I have been a mother. I love being a mother. My youngest is almost 12. I want another baby, but under my husbands pressuring I got a tubal sterilization, so I know that it's never an option. I am sad for me, and angry about her.

I don't want her to kill her baby. I don't see how she can do it, repeatedly with so little thought. I don't know if I can think of her the same after this. In fact I know I can't. She has been a horrible friend to me over the years. There are too many examples to even start. Yet for some messed up reason, I lived her unconditionally, like a sister. I don't think that I can handle this though. I guess there was a condition, I will probably still love her like a sister. I just don't see it being the same.

I am probably going to have to yell at her for being an irresponsible fucking whore, because if I don't know one else will. I am not slut shaming. I have no problem with the amount of different dudes that she fucks, it's that she is being so unsafe when she has children and could get pregnant.

Thanks for listening to the venting.

J973 #sexist reddit.com

I'm a liberal and I have only been in a church for Weddings and funerals. I still think killing unborn babies is wrong. I don't need a f-ing book to tell me that-- and I could give two shits about how a woman feels after having an abortion. At least she gets to feel, something she took away from her unborn child/ren.

So if you think it's cruel to kill an unborn child, then don't you think it would also be cruel to force another child who got pregnant at a young age from rape to keep the baby, have a constant reminder of the incident that could prevent the child from learning to move on, and being bullied for something they could not even control.

Rape cases are rare. Most abortions are for convenience. I would be understanding if it were an actual rape situation, that was like PROVEN. As woman, I know another woman could say anything in order to get the desired result. Though, a rape victim would only have to think about the unborn rape child for about 9 months then it would never have to be around them again.

Because someone is raped, it's okay for them to murder another human? That's great logic. Do we give rape victims a pass if they don't abort the baby but decide to kill it after birth??

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FTM on realizing they're now treated like shit if they interact with children

FTM have a fascinating journey in modern misandry, their lived experience actualizes the latent hypocrisy and double-dealing of modern power structures.

They were raised as little girls with all the female privileges and now they have taken their life back as men, they are realizing that the feminists weren't exactly truthful about a lot of stuff. (quotes from a post on a board I'm not linking to).

Unfortunately, F2M are going to be the biggest help to us in getting the message out just how big the differences between male and female are. This is also why feminism fake sides with them while hating them at the same time. They know they are one of the big keys to show that at least in the west men are treated like shit compared to women.

I agree, but for right now feminism must feel like it's mandatory for these guys, even while it's an abusive relationship. Has anyone even heard of an anti-feminist LGBT+ community / group?

Feminism isn't faking like them. Feminism thinks of them as women. Feminists fake like trans women -- or in the case of TERFs they don't bother. So it's an abusive relationship like codependency. Political support in exchange for emotional abuse. It comes up a LOT on the board how often LGBTQ+ communities put on events and say "women and non-binary only" or something like that and then say to FTM "oh we don't mean you when we say no men allowed". The message is "we accept you - because we think you're women". Kill All Men! Ooops didn't mean you of course! So it's producing dysphoria all the time. Men suck! Not you though! It has to be more or less constant I'd guess.

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Trans, a byproduct of civilizational collapse, discussion.

Okay, so I don't identify as trans or part of any of the demographics that are associated. But I recently read that the confusion surrounding gender in the current world could be a sign of cultural collapse. Which is defined on Google as so: Societal collapse (also known as civilizational collapse) is the fall of a complex human society characterized by the loss of cultural identity and of socioeconomic complexity, the downfall of government, and the rise of violence.

I'm not against any who are part of the LGBT community, to each their own. But to me, this kinda makes sense. Because most of our civilization seems to be confused, and don't know who or what they are or what they want, so they fill in the blanks left by their emotions in attempt to fit somewhere while they spread hate on anyone who doesn't subscribe to the views and opinions of that community with "peaceful protests".

Please don't assume I'm hating on anyone, this isn't my opinion, it's all observation (I don't use mind numbing social medias or watch the news either so I'm out of the global loop), so again, to each their own. I couldn't give two shits honestly, I don't care who you are or what you do as long as you're not hating or hurting anyone, I just wanna know what people think about this.

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*Do Pagans eat meat?*

I don’t. As Porphyry, blessed by the Gods, argued, the consumption and sacrifice of meat is immoral. The mystery of Elusis maintained three laws for worshippers: honor your parents/ancestors, offer to the gods from the fruits of the earth, and harm no animals.

These three laws come from Porphyry who quotes Athenian law makers. His claim was that the ancient laws of Athens were only preserved in Elusis and had been abandoned in other places.

*Should we apply or consider the roman mythos when talking about Greek mythology?*

Yes - the Gods inspire the mythological works of the poets and that didn’t stop because the poets spoke a different language (this applies to any modern language too, as the gods are obviously immortal and still present in our world today).

The gods are immortal beings who are present for all people and transcend changing cultural stereotypes.

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Well.... I guess I am slut shaming, but if you act like a whore than you are a whore. The stuff that she has done around children, including her own is inexcusable.... to the point if CPS found out, she would probably AT LEAST have an open CPS case if not have her children removed.

So, yes I guess I am saying if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck.... it's a duck. If she acts like a whore, fucks like a whore.... she is a whore.

It's really not up to you to decide how much sex a person must have in order to be called a whore. If things are really so bad for her children you should be responsible yourself, and call CPS to get them some help, not trash her uselessly on reddit.

wouldn't call CPS on anyone that I know unless I felt the kids lives were in danger. Their psychological and emotional well-being are not for me to decide. By law mom's are allowed to trollop as many sketchy dudes through their front door as they want to have sex with for beer and cigarettes. It doesn't make it "right" though, now does it? If she wants to maintain that lifestyle she shouldn't have had any children.

And... I can judge her all I want. She is my friend, not yours. I don't have to like what she is doing and I am allowed to tell her so.

Really? CPS takes away the children of people who have "too much" sex? Could you please provide a link or something for that? In a country as obsessed with keeping government out of our lives as the US is, it seems strange that this kind of interference would be countenanced. But well, I don't know a lot about CPS, which is why I'm asking.

I did CPS.... and no, you can't get your kids taken for "having too much sex". Now if you are getting drunk and fucking out in the open in the living room with random people and the kids are seeing that on a semi-frequent basis, you would probably get in trouble for neglect. If you have frequent loud drunken fights with these random men and the kids hear it... you can get in trouble for neglect. She has already had several open CPS cases on her for neglect and Domestic Violence after a guy pressed charges on her from throwing something that apparently hit him in the head.

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RE: If we were living in a male-dominated world (with links)

If men wanted to oppress women they'd be sent to wars as cannon fodder and make up %99 of the casualties to save the lives of the more precious male sex from such brutality and death.

The entire world would revolve around a "Men and children first" narrative. Humanitarian aids would constantly and only discriminate against women.

Men would create a movement to erase the female sex through eugenics (#theFutureisFemale) regularly call for a gendercide of women and call for it's action (#KillAllMen) and wouldn't be punished in the slightest for spreading those ideas. Men would openly associate with these ideas publicly knowing they won't be punished in the slightest.

Despite things like #KillallWomen, only sexism to men would be banned and punished, misogyny would be mocked, refused and denied to even exist by the men's rights movement.

Men's rights would victim-blame female suicide victims with toxic femininity and be obsessed with slut-shaming women and female virgins. Men's right would create loads of sexist terms like "womanspread, womansplain, bagsplain" to attack women for decades, including incessant sexist generalizations for decades. If any women objected to their insane sexism, they'd be attacked with fragile femininity and fragile egos. Oh yeah, and every single sexism the female gender faces would be gaslighted and victim-blamed onto women by calling it all "toxic femininity"

Be a man, and you're already experiencing every single thing written here and by OP. Yikes.