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I’m not sure why, but these movies remind me of progressives who have gone off the deep end, not looking for treasure but looking for ways to make the lives of average Americans miserable. How much time do they spend trying to find the latest microaggression or cultural appropriation?

Do they sleep at night? Do they form little bands of fellow snowflakes to come up with all of these offenses that can trigger them into a rage? What a miserable existence they must live, trying to make our lives miserable.

Twenty years ago, we didn’t know about personal pronouns, “nonbinary,” “transsexual,” “gender fluid,” “gender reassignment surgery,” or men getting pregnant. We didn’t have a boy wearing dresses to school, sexually assaulting a girl, then being sent to another school to do the same thing without any consequences. When the father of one of the victims expressed outrage about what happened to his daughter, he was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and taken out of the school board meeting. How did we ever live not knowing all of these things? Pretty good, I think.

Twenty years ago, we still had the Rule of Law and equal justice under the law. Sure, the system had flaws because we live in a fallen world spiritually.
During the 1960s, while serving in the Marine Corps, I watched as Republicans were going all out to pass legislation giving blacks the same rights as whites. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, if I recall, did not receive one vote from a Democrat. The Republican Party passed it on its own.

Now, 58 years later, we’re told Republicans are racist, white supremacists, homophobic, and the scourge of people of color. Not that the Democrats really do anything to help minorities. They just keep them on the urban plantations with the promise that “someday” things will be better if they vote Democrat.

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Just the other day, Axios published a big story about big trucks. Don’t get us wrong — the graphics are pretty nifty, and it’s fascinating to see the evolution of the pickup from the early F-150 and its single-cab, eight-foot-bed configuration to today’s four-door “super crew” people hauler.

But the purpose of the article was to call into question the whole idea of owning a pickup.

The authors begin with the obvious fact that pickups are immensely popular. “America has a love affair with pickup trucks,” they write.
Any red-blooded American can do just about anything with a pickup truck. Tow big trailers and RVs, haul wood for a DIY project, embark on an off-road adventure, or simply tote the kids to school.

The problem, huffs the Axios team, is that people don’t typically use these behemoths for towing and hauling. Thus, trucks have “transitioned from workhorses to luxury family vehicles,” and body style and size have changed accordingly. “If most people are using their trucks primarily for errands and transportation, why not buy a minivan or SUV instead?” Axios wonders. “The answer may lie in consumers’ self-image.” And again, “Two words set F-150 owners apart: ‘powerful’ and ‘rugged.’”

Tell us you’re complaining about “toxic masculinity” without using the words “toxic masculinity.”
That’s because government intervention is the goal of the activists Axios is listening to. Those activists want, for example, “a weight-based tax to discourage people from driving cars that are too big and too dangerous for our streets.” Why does the Left always want to tell us what to do?

This author has owned four F-150s going back more than 20 years. Yes, towing and hauling are part of the duties performed, not that it’s anyone’s business. And sure, “powerful” and “rugged” are words we’d use. So are “capable,” “practical,” and “fun as all get-out.” Also, “back off” because, last we checked, this is America.

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Opponents of the bill call it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but there’s nothing in it that prohibits the utterance of that once-lovely word. What the bill does do, though, is prohibit classroom instruction on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” with children in third grade or younger, “or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

In short, the bill safeguards their innocence. It lets kids be kids.

To us this seems so obvious. But, hey, perhaps the Left hasn’t yet learned the lessons taught at the ballot box in Virginia last November. And as for Floridians who disagree with DeSantis’s approach, nothing prohibits them from discussing transgenderism with their kindergartners at home, nor from moving to, say, a “progressive” state like New York or California, where such instruction is no doubt a more integral part of the formative curriculum.

These freedoms, though, didn’t stop the pro-grooming crowd from going after the governor. Our Emmy Griffin wrote recently about Woke Disney’s hissy fit. And, indeed, the wholesomeness of Hollywood was on full display during Sunday night’s Oscars, when, between breaks from b*tch-slapping each other, they childishly repeated the word “gay” to the delight of, well, themselves.

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Please wake up and see the reality. Set aside fear of racism and compare. Obama speaks eloquintly and lies thru his teeth. (not even slightly debatable) Every action is intended to destroy this great country. Fundamentaly transform. (not one act has resulted in a positive change for America) Everything appears to be upside down. ( look at what Chuck Hagel has recently announced) His popularity is based on the greed of the have nots and the government free bees. What better vessel for the anti-christ to arrive in than a black man, if you disagree with him you are a racist and instantly labeled and then marginalized if not demonized. Satan is very clever and his ultimate success has been to convince the world that God does not exist, therefore neither does Satan for one cannot exist without the other, and all of what I have revealed above becomes inconsequential. Think about it, logically examine reality.

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Liam Neeson is certainly not stupid. He is, unfortunately, a dhimmicrat. A dhimmicrat is one who uses his social, cultural, or political position to smooth the path of sharia, the law they have in Saudi Arabia. Prince Charles and the Archbishop of Canterbury are prime examples of dhimmicrats. The Prince of Wales has argued publicly for Westerners to embrace Islam's values in order to save the planet from global warming. The Archbishop of Canterbury thinks Britain should permit sharia in ever wider areas to accommodate Islam's strictures on family life. That means polygamy. That means arranged marriages. That means the legal subordination of women.

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What’s a dhimmicrat, you say? It’s not the same thing as a democrat. A dhimmicrat is a person who, while not Muslim himself, nonetheless clears the path for shariah law to be adopted and incorporated into otherwise free nations.

Jimmy Carter may be the leading dhimmicrat in the world. Carter, of course, won his Nobel Peace Prize not just for his work in reconciling Israelis and Egyptians in the famous Camp David Accords of 1978. If the Nobelers wanted simply to honor that achievement, they might have bestowed their once-prestigious prize on Carter in `79 or `80. Such a prize would probably have made a nice consolation present for Carter when Ronald Reagan beat him like a drum in the 1980 elections.