Like homophobia, but for transgender people

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The new Title IX that inserts gender identity, completely destroying the entire purpose of Title IX. Now women will not have sports, washroom and changerooms or even a word to describe ourselves. So much for the 50th anniversary. Women have been erased.

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And as they rape & kill us, we don’t even have words to describe who they are raping & killing. All by design.

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There are three ways you can tell that Trans Rights Activism is Men’s Rights Activism: One, it’s all about the penis and where they can put it. Two, if you reject the penis you’re a bigoted TERF (trans exclusive radical feminist) and Three, rejection of the penis is met with rapey/murdery responses.

( @Felinethropist )
The Penis Law for Men Only:
If you want to wear female attire/makeup you can if you have had your penis AND testicles removed, if you have a penis and testicles you are not allowed to wear female attire, makeup, or wigs. A toupé is fine. The same applies to those with either a penis OR testicles. You will not be able to change your birth sex on official documents, and pronouns are banned, also you are not allowed in female spaces nor are you allowed to teach children under the age of 16.
The medical procedure will be paid for by the man requesting it. No male under the age of 21 will be allowed this surgical procedure.
Any man showing his genitals in public will attract a jail term of not less than 5 years served, this to be served in a male only prison.

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A bunch of larpers are ecstatic that males with a pronoun now take precedence over women. Biden has fucked women over completely.

Great news! The Biden administration has officially proposed adding gender identity and sexuality to title IX protections.

This would confer a slew of legal protections to trans students in all public schools.

Now it goes to public comment for 60 days. It must go through!

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Is trans the new anorexia?

Both diagnoses have significant intersections with autism, anxiety and depression, making patients susceptible to a tangible-seeming solution to a generalised discontent. Both populations mistake self-annihilation for a route to enlightenment and rebirth. Both populations seek to salve psychic torment by renouncing the body, the trans child through reconfiguration, the anorexic through evaporation. Both brands of patient embrace the recognisably religious practices of self-abnegation, redemption through suffering and purification via repudiation of the flesh.
For the paediatric gender clinic whistle-blower Jamie Reed testifies that in America’s liberal enclaves, having a trans kid has become a prestige diagnosis for many parents — one far preferable to the passé status of having a child who’s plain old gay. Reed identifies the root of the problem as another plain old: homophobia.
As for treatment, anorexia is universally acknowledged as an illness. Doctors regard this potentially fatal form of dysmorphia as a psychiatric ailment that must be arrested and resolved. Not so transgenderism, which is often celebrated, if not beatified as a state of higher consciousness. “Gender-affirming care” doesn’t treat the illness but indulges the patient’s delusions to the hilt. Rather than coach a child to reconcile with reality, clinicians twist reality to reconcile it with the disorder. Anyone who dares describe the bizarre and biologically baseless conviction that one was “born in the wrong body” as a mental health issue is tarred as a transphobe. Were teenage anorexics treated anything like trans kids, they wouldn’t be encouraged to finish their dinner, but rather abjured, “You’re right: you’re fat! Your true self is even thinner! You will never rise to sit at the right hand of God the Father Almighty until you completely disappear!”

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Entering the parallel universe of transactivism

And then, of course, we also get the fiction of the “trans” child - the most audacious retcon of them all. Transwomen who are “women” must once have been “girls”, and transmen who are “men” must once have been “boys” - which, by extrapolation, means that there must be “girls” in the population of male children, and “boys” in the population of female children, right now. “Trans” children (so often female, but never mind about that) “know who they are”, and should have the “freedom to be themselves”, we are told; yet this “freedom” may well involve a child’s taking drugs that will make her infertile; or give her premature osteoporosis; or bring about the surgical removal of her breasts, ovaries, and womb before she’s had any chance to reflect on the implications. Thousands of children and teens worldwide have been encouraged by adults to thoroughly immerse themselves in this fiction - indeed, to start believing in it, full stop - instead of treating it as one make-believe game among many, as part of a healthy development. Children’s bodies are being used as props in adult dramas they have no way of properly understanding until it’s too late for them.
A fear of breaking the fourth wall is also, I think, what makes transactivists panic so much about J.K. Rowling’s forthright interventions on the harms of modern transactivism to women and girls. Rowling has the courage to describe the reality of male behaviours that harm women and girls, regardless of the identities of either. Perhaps precisely because she understands so well the difference between fiction and reality, the famous creator of “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” is both willing and able to name things that others dare not name at all. She also has the communicative power and cultural clout to get her message out to millions. To those emotionally or indeed financially invested in trans fictions, and who desire others to remain immersed too, this must be terrifying.
The answer is that the existence of detransitioners reminds people that psychological identifications can be temporary, especially in adolescence, and that there’s no inevitability about transitioning on the basis of feelings of dysphoria. [...]

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They new pink and blue army wants your sons and daughters. They are a stain on the rainbow flag. Time my LGB friends to create a new flag to represent you.

( @DragonKitigan )
Looks like 1930s Germany.

( @Mama_Lioness )
It's the new Reich flag. They have all the the right makings.
1. Change language
2. Target the gays and the mentally handicapped
3. Convince the world women are the bigots
4. Make laws to protect the man's women face movement.
5. Propaganda " Transwomen are women" "Trans men are men"
6. Indoctrination of the youth
7. Set up the medical experiments for girl, boys and any gay person with internal homophobia.
8. Silence women's voices
9. Put women in jail who speak the truth
10. Bully them out of careers
11. Put rapists and murderer's in women's prisons.
12. Make laws to protect them
13. Take away parental rights and dismantle the family.
14. Take over all women's sports and spaces.
Did I miss anything?

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Chuck Missler talks about how the lineage of the Savior would not have been possible, in order to save the woman, if Adam had not loved Eve enough to sacrifice his own life by deciding to join whatever fate she faced by eating the apple, too, because of his love for her. It is an imagery of Jesus’ love for his Bride who is the Church, and his giving his life for us on the cross, in order to save us. He talks about war between the “Genesis 3:15 seed of the serpent” reptilian hybrid nephilim pedophile cannibal Satanist LGBTPB witch feminists and the “seed of the woman” who is Jesus. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was Anu of the Anunnaki is the forefather of all the Draco reptilian chimera fake alien incarnate avatar black nobility families who run the world. He rules from the Draco Empire’s underground base under the Vatican Satanist headquarters. He used to walk on all fours, until he received a 4th dimensional snake and human hybrid body. He also uses a human nephilim giant avatar body. <...> When you see Western feminist nations’ Eve walking around with naked women’s heads and cross-dressing in men’s pants, dear brethren, then get out of that earth immediately, because that earth will get torched & scorched. 12 million of their children will get tortured & lesbian raped (pegged) & satanically sacrificed & eaten by these demon spirits in human-looking avatar satanically inverted gender bodies, and their human meat & bone ashes thrown into the supermarket groceries & church food & fast food, which these “naked women’s heads, men’s pants cross-dressers” fake Christians and fake pastors are hiding and covering up for Satan Lucifer, because they are afraid of assassination attempts and ridicule by church donators. <...> If they want the devil, then God will give these Western feminist nations’ women the devil, and all the devils’ nuclear wars & manufactured famines & fake pandemics & demon vampire cannibal pedophile armies, for that is their choice.

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With these words, “We will not comply,” from President Trump, every true American should be prepared for civil disobedience, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the civil rights movement. It’s time for Americans to speak out, and not be silenced with masks. It’s time for Americans to roll up their sleeves and fight, and not roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated. It’s time for civil disobedience and more, to fight the medical tyranny that the illegitimate Biden regime hopes to impose on Americans.

If and when the next round of communist-driven propaganda media blitz comes about, saying, “We can do this,” and “We’re all in this together,” it should be shouted down with “I can do what I want,” and “I’m taking care of myself.” The U.S. constitutional republic ensures the rights of the individual against the tyranny of the communist collective. There is no medical emergency exception.
Patriots, stop trying to reason with brain-dead immoral liberals, be it friends, family members, or strangers. How can you reason with people who think abortion is not murder, that homosexuality is natural, that Covid vaccines are safe and effective, that sex change operations are not mutilations, and that men can get pregnant? The Democrats impeached Trump twice for nothing and have criminally charged him with nothing. They are too far gone. Don’t waste a lot of your time doing this.
It is high time that Americans begin going on the offensive attack against the communist left in America. I, for one, have no intention of allowing my illegitimate Democrat-commie overlords to dictate to me when I can come out of my house, whether I can breathe air without a mask, and I certainly will not be allowing anyone on this planet to stick an artery-clogging vaccine shot in my veins.

Americans, it is time to follow the lead of our true, duly-elected, America-first President Donald J. Trump and his rallying call to civil disobedience, “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!”

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Entering the parallel universe of transactivism

When people say things like “transwomen are women”, “transmen are men”, and “nonbinary people are neither women nor men”, what do they mean? In my book Material Girls I suggested that many of them are immersed in a fiction.

As a trans person, there are different possible motives for immersing yourself in fictions of changing or escaping your sex. A well-known one is strong feelings of dysphoria. If you’re highly uncomfortable about the sexed aspects of your body - say, because they fail to fit prevalent bodily norms, or you think they do - you might experience relief to act as if you are of the opposite sex, or of no-sex. Worryingly high numbers of girls and young women are in this position at the moment. It’s reasonable to analyse this rise in the context of factors like the invention of the smartphone, the related spread of social media and pornography, and the over-sexualisation and objectification of young women in our culture generally.

A less well-known motive for immersion, specific to some but not all within the male trans demographic and also likely to be influenced by pornography, is the presence of a fetish known as autogynephilia (or “AGP”). In plain language: it’s a sexual turn-on for some males to enter into the fiction of being a woman. There’s a huge effort made by transactivists to deny this. [...] But numerous sources attest to it, and it’s important we recognise it clearly when it comes to discussing incursions into women’s rights. See, for instance, this Vice article from 2016, published before progressive media started to pretend autogynephilia could never happen, and frankly describing a club night where men go to cross-dress as women for sexual pleasure, sometimes also role-playing that they are being “forced” into “feminization” by a dominatrix. Residual doubters should also read Deirdre McCloskey’s transition memoir Crossing, where the sexual element is cheerfully admitted - or just look closely at this picture of a transwoman addressing the New York State Democratic Party.


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Entering the parallel universe of transactivism

So too does transactivism, with the help of the media and the academy, work to fill in the consequences of the original fictions that transwomen are "women”, transmen are “men”, and nonbinary people "are neither men nor women”. Partly this is a matter of working out what would follow logically, given the way the concepts “woman” and “man” usually work. For instance, if transwomen are “women”, then transwomen are a sub-set of women generally, so we also need a special word for the sub-set of women that aren’t trans: “cis women”. If transwomen are “women”, then, since women before the age of sexual maturity are “girls”, transwomen before the age of sexual maturity are “girls” too. Since women who have children are “mothers”, transwomen with children are also “mothers”. Since women exclusively sexually attracted to other women are “lesbians”, transwomen exclusively sexually attracted to other women are “lesbians” as well (and so on and so on). There is also a frequent fiction that transwomen are “female” (because transwomen are women, and women are female).

And then there’s the practice of extending the entitlements and resources of women to transwomen, because transwomen are “women”, so they are imagined to share precisely those entitlements and need exactly those resources too. As we now know to women’s cost, being immersed in the fiction that transwomen are “women” leads people to think that transwomen should be in women’s changing rooms, schools, dormitories, halls of residence, prisons, social groups, sports teams, rape crisis services, swimming ponds, domestic violence shelters, shortlists, political meetings … the list goes on and on. Dedicated single-sex services and resources built painstakingly over years are now effectively dismantled, largely in the pursuit of aesthetic verisimilitude for males.

Meanwhile, if transwomen are “women”, and certain events and experiences characteristically happen to women, then the logic of the fiction dictates that transwomen must undergo these too. So for instance, transwomen are supposed to suffer from “misogyny”, because women suffer from misogyny (a fiction given further oomph by the fact that experiencing misogyny or even sexual violence is a common sexual fantasy of autogynephilic males.)


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When people of the future look back at this despicable moment in history when we allowed teenage girls to sacrifice healthy body parts on the altar of gender, this image will be one of the exhibition pieces to demonstrate the true depravity of the era. What an utterly sick and twisted nation Canada is for allowing this individual to practice medicine.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
This is psychopathically detestable

For life
No parole

For crimes against humanity

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Gender Ideology has no limiting principles. If left unchallenged, it devolves to the point of savagery. Why?
It is a religion without a God.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
There's always a god

Named or

Manifest or

Heavenly or

( Corner of Common Sense )
The alphabet community exposes their "god" sometimes...

Think of them marching together with satanists.

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A mentally ill fetishist, who trooned himself out late in his middle age, pushes breast amputations, puberty blocking, penis amputations - on children. Biden has made transing out kids and trans as a group his number one priority. Big pharma thanks him for his service

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Plenty of humble pie to go around. And it is those with a more compromising stance in the GC arena who've been assuming they know best. Assuming is the key word. Campaigners who are trying to keep their foot in the institutions to stay in work don't need to impose their strategy on people coming from a different place.

You cannot compromise with the truth. As soon as you say a man is any type of woman you are already lying. As soon as you say "she" for a male you are denigrating and mocking women. Shame on WPUK and the Labour Party.

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To all the Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, Communists, or whatever you are calling yourself for the day…

It’s time for a national divorce.
Here Are The Terms Of Our Divorce:

Our two groups can equitably divide up the country by ideology. Since a majority of the land mass votes red, you can keep the coastal elites, and the bug-eating vegan yogis.

You can keep your woke ideology, and your forced redistribution of wealth.

You are welcome to your liberal judges, and the ACLU.

Since you hate guns, we'll take the firearms, the police, the NRA, and the military.

We'll take the reliable fossil fuels, along with the coal mines, and you can keep unreliable wind, solar, and bio-diesel.

You can keep Oprah, Whoopi, Michael Moore, and Rosie O'Donnell, along with all the other Hollywood Puppets and Pedophiles.

We'll keep capitalism. You can have your beloved lifelong welfare dwellers, food stamps, homeless, homeboys, hippies, druggies, and illegals. You won't have to press one for English, when you call our country.
You are welcome to Transgenderism, Transhumanism, political correctness, and the myriad of genders you pretend exist.

You can have the United Nations, WHO, WEF, and every other unelected, anti-human terrorist organization. We will no longer be paying the bill.
You can give everyone free, third-world health care, if you can find any doctors still willing to practice, under your totalitarian rule.

We'll keep "The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

You can keep your communist anthems, substituting “Imagine”, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", or "We Are the World”, for our once beloved national anthem.

We'll practice trickle-down economics. You can continue to give trickle-up poverty, your best shot.

Since our nation so offends you, we'll keep our history, our name, and our flag, along with an unrelenting love and patriotism, for our truly diverse, truly tolerant, and always incredible, United States of America.

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“The main goal of lactation induction in transgender women may not necessarily be milk production, but rather the nonnutritional benefits that come from breastfeeding.”

( MenHaveItEasy )
Lot of fancy words to say you believe men should be allowed to sexually abuse newborns for their AGP fetish.

This "male breastfeeding" shit is the single most horrific thing ever to come out of transgender activism. Im glad more people are finally seeing how dangerous and sick these men are.

Edit: Not to mention the risk of PTSD when these babies grow up and learned that their biological father posted pictures of themselves molesting their babies, and blogged about how they got off on it.

( crispycherrypie )
By "nonnutritional benefit" I assume they mean "sexual gratification".

( BondiBlue )
The participants in these "studies" and the people conducting them all need to be paid a visit by Chris Hansen.

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Is trans the new anorexia?

Both neuroses are clearly communicable. Ever since a preoccupation with thinness took off in the Sixties, eating disorders have soared, making the more recent insistence that anorexia is more of a heritable genetic proclivity than a cultural contagion dubious. From the Seventies onwards, an accelerating number of young women have got the idea to express their discontent through debilitating hunger from lavish media coverage, and one another. In kind, since 2010 the number of teenage girls referred to the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service increased by 5,000% — making claims of a purely genetic explanation equally iffy. Both these afflictions are social confections. Although tales of people who starved themselves or passed for the opposite sex exist in the historical record, eating disorders and transgenderism on a mass scale are recent inventions. Collectively, we made these dire maladies up.
Coming out as trans likewise greatly increases attention from schoolmates, teachers and a whole industry of therapists, endocrinologists and surgeons. In a single syllable, “trans” likewise seems to offer a readymade answer to who you are. Freeman tells us that “when an anorexic says, ‘I don’t want to be fat, I want to be thin,’ they are saying, ‘I want to be other than I am, and what I am is unhappy. I want to be someone else.” Clearly, transition to the opposite sex makes the same statement: I want to be someone else. But is becoming someone else really an option?

Especially since girls came to dominate boys in paediatric gender clinics 3:1, both forms of dysmorphia often hit the same population: suggestible, insecure adolescent girls with a fragile sense of self who are desperate to forestall all that womanhood entails: painful periods; vulnerability to rape and pregnancy; sex, often portrayed in ubiquitous internet porn as female humiliation; and fat. For some anorexics, their refusal to grow into women is implicit; when girls take puberty blockers, their refusal to become women is explicit. Having suffered the physical indignities of mature femininity for over 50 years, I don’t entirely blame them.

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On Aug. 24, 2023, former president Donald Trump was booked at an Atlanta jail on felony charges[…]After his mugshot was released online[…]Nick Fuentes declared the photo was a “symbol” to “rally behind” like the swastika or hammer and sickle

“And so this is just like — and I think everyone already recognizes [it], I’m not the first person to say this — but this has become now an icon and a symbol of this moment,” he said on his America First show. “I think people are rallying around this. And it would be stupid for him not to monetize it”[…]
“I don’t think it’s necessarily a given. The Georgia — the Fulton County courthouse has given him the symbol,” Fuentes continued. “This is like giving him a swastika. He didn’t have a swastika. He didn’t have a hammer and sickle. He didn’t have a — whatever. Whatever the great symbol — he didn’t have a bloody shirt or a flag, really, to rally behind”[…]
Fuentes called the mugshot a “symbol of defiance against the system.” He added that, “This is what the election is about. In a way it’s about that picture. Because the picture summarizes all the events of the last eight years, and the eight years are a culmination of 30 years or even longer of what’s been going on — which is that this country is being killed by its leadership”

He said Trump’s mugshot depicts the “face of America” which is “being punished” and “chopped up”

“Meanwhile, as we all know, the country is in decline,” he complained. “Meanwhile, what is celebrated is vulgarity and indecency and crime and obese people and transsexual people. They tear down the statues of the heroes and they change the holidays, and they uplift criminals. We worship thugs. Worship deranged freaks”

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- Liberty safe commits corporate suicide by colluding with FBI against its own customers

- The FBI is a TERRORIST organization carrying out POLITICAL persecutions across America

- BOYCOTT #LibertySafe and never buy their products again

- #RFK Jr. says the CIA runs Rolling Stone, Daily Beast, Wash Post and other controlled media

- Courageous woman blasts #transgender CULTISTS with the truth about "trans women," child mutilations and more

- Bioweaponized mosquitoes are being dropped on migrant camps in #Panama

- Malaria + Encephalitis (brain swelling) are current symptoms

- Treasonous Alejandro Mayorkas FUNDED the migration invasion camps in #Darien Gap

- Migrant INVADERS are being sickened before they make their way to the United States

- Human vessels / carriers for the next round of biological warfare against the American people before 2024 election

- USDA and FDA placing heavy new restrictions on food imports to worsen #famine and #starvation

- Former Malaysian PM warns of the West's global #depopulation scheme, involving coercion, invasions, revolutions

- The #dollar will collapse into hyperinflation as the Fed must print currency to buy up US #debt

- Expect food prices to nearly DOUBLE in the next 12 months

- One likely scenario is the collapse of the United States' centralized D.C. government

- Regional nation states will rise up and self-organize

- Those holding dollars will lose everything; those holding #gold or #silver will preserve their assets

- Full interview with Josh Yoder from US Freedom Flyers, about commercial air pilots vs. #vaccine mandates

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( @column5 )
Didn't see them out for the choice of wearing masks and taking the shot. These people are crazy..

( @Melissamck )
Marxist filth that's why, they couldnt give two sites about women, this is the same bunch that promote trans iactivism which is an attack on women

( @column5 )
The tide is turning.. we are winning because common sense will prevail. Its so laughable. Biden regime and the NWO is going down and the people are rising.

BondiBlue & DietCokeAddict #transphobia ovarit.com

No, Colin -- the revulsion to TIMs moobfeeding IS about safety; we ARE disgusted; and no, YOU are irrational.

( BondiBlue )
The nerve of this guy to go all DARVO and accuse us of being the ones who believe in "magic-sexed souls." We are not disgusted by the thought of "a woman who 'used to be' a boy"; we know that there are no women who "used to be" boys, because you cannot change your sex. We are disgusted by males with a fetish who pretend to be us, and the corrupt medical establishment damaging children by indulging that fetish with grotesque guinea-pig experiments intended to break the bond between mother and child. We are disgusted by liars with NPD, as everyone damn well should be. This is barbaric.

Sorry, Colin: you can feel as morally righteous as you like, but your position is irrational, and it is wrong. Nothing you can do about that other than change your mind and get better.


( DietCokeAddict )
If males can breastfeed, why don’t ALL fathers do it? Or at least a majority - imagine how useful that would be!

Oh that’s right, males can’t breastfeed, and there’s no evidence they can produce anything nutritious for a baby from their male bodies, let alone anything as good as what mothers produce.

There is absolutely no reason for a man to attempt to breastfeed a baby except for his own enjoyment. That’s not irrational, that is an objective and observable fact.

And also, wtf is that about accusing US of believing in magic sexed souls?! That’s literally your entire ideology! And WE keep telling YOU it’s nonsense! Seriously I can’t even with this guy.

( BondiBlue )
His idiot defenders on the thread were saying stuff about insulin and antidepressants. Diabetics don't produce insulin naturally; depressives don't produce serotonin naturally; TIMs don't produce estrogen naturally, because (and I wanted to vomit) they're just like menopausal women, so they "need" these chemicals to be "healthy." SMH. They really do believe this is a "medical condition" rather than a psychiatric disorder and a "sexual fetish*. How the fuck do we slap "all the major medical associations" upside the head to get them to realize this is nothing whatsoever like that?!?

Henry Makow PhD #wingnut #racist #transphobia #conspiracy henrymakow.com

A commentator recently remarked that seven million men have dropped out of the workforce. What are they doing? Apparently, they spend 40 hours a week "in front of a screen."

Well, they are not reading this website. My books don't sell. Budgies have more followers on Instagram than I do on Twitter. No one wants to know that the West is becoming a Communist dictatorship, let alone do anything about it.

Why is that? The central bankers (Demonrats) stole the 2020 election effectively ending democracy. They rebranded the seasonal flu and used it as an excuse to poison billions of people and lock down the planet. They are encouraging our children to change genders and take puberty blockers. They squandered countless lives and lucre in Ukraine. They installed a pedophile, criminal, and traitor with a crack addict son as President and left a laptop to ensure we knew it.

California State Assembly has just passed a bill allowing parents to lose custody of their children if they refuse to accept their child's gender transition. They want your kids.

These people crossed the line a long time ago and continue to do so because they are not held accountable.
In a Twitter poll, I asked why the response of American men to the Communist Jewish takeover has been so "lackluster."

What is distracting them?

Four hundred men replied. 45% said porn is the reason.
42% said Sports. About 7 percent mentioned cannabis and day trading.
Porn and all the factors mentioned above have contributed to the tepid resistance to the loss of freedom, genocide, and child sex abuse.

The Canadian trucker's convoy has been the only proud exception. They represent the kernel of true Canadians, only to be smeared as Nazis by Fidel Castro's love child, naturally a Communist.

One comment said people won't fight until they can't feed themselves and their children. That day is surely coming.

The Illuminati tell us their plan. They want a Chinese-style system. If you value your freedom, you won't comply!

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It's all connected. Corporations began marketing gay pride themed merchandise. An increase in "I-identify-as" populations began to flood gay bars and events, where outward appearance (marketed as "gender expression") became heavily emphasized.

Commercial visibility and marketability does not equal human rights progress.

Ability to consume does not equal citizenship to an oppressed group.

Biology, (referring to sexual orientation and sex) is not a brand you can buy into or boycott out of.

Corporations selling rainbows do not reflect our values.

The churning out of new "all inclusive" pride flags to pledge allegiance to is not indicative of liberation.

A historical homosexual slur being sold by the multi-billion dollar media obfuscates predominantly lesbian relationships ("queer women", "queer relationship") and retraumatizes many gay and lesbian people.

Gay pride only extending to people able to purchase detracts from the meaning of gay pride and distracts from the struggles of the most vulnerable. It positions the most privileged within marginalized and oppressed groups as those who represent the whole.

And associating body modification, aestheticism, and "expression" with self identity turns the lived experiences and material realities of entire subgroups of people into niche market categories that people who aren't even a part of these groups can identify into and out of based on social trends.

Biology becomes devalued, overshadowed by the social and manufactured "genders". Infinite genders means infinite target audiences. Lived, material realities of certain groups of people become materialism.

Human rights movements are becoming human rights industries, with the wealthy more directly capitalizing off of the exploitation of the poor, of the homosexual, of the female, of the immigrant, of the dark skinned, of the mentally ill, of the disabled, of the sick, of the marginalized and oppressed.

Don't buy into it.

Colonel Douglas Macgregor and Tucker Carlson #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

[Douglas] Macgregor is also a Putin apologist who claimed that Russia “really didn’t start” the war in Ukraine

Carlson played a clip of Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender former journalist[…]spokesperson for Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces. In the clip, Ashton-Cirillo called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “vampire” who “bathes in the blood of innocent children”

Carlson mocked Ashton-Cirillo as a “guy with fake breasts”[…]Macgregor said that the “people bathing in blood are in Kiev and Washington, not in Moscow”

Macgregor told Carlson that “We’re going to see this whole thing collapse and implode. It’s coming.” Carlson asked if NATO would collapse as well, to which Macgregor replied “I would think so” because Germany is “well into a recession” and “deindustrialized itself by casting its lot with the anti-Russian crowd”

Macgregor also stated that today’s Russian military is nothing like the Soviet Army, which he called “an exercise in barbarism, and savagery, [and] mass rape”

“That’s not Russia today,” he claimed. “Russia today is a very different society, [a] very different state. And that’s been Putin’s effort from day one. He’s been interested in restoring Russia as an Orthodox Christian state with a true national identity and a strong national culture”

“That’s probably another reason why so many people want to destroy Russia,” he continued. “Because it’s the last European state that has not been flooded with foreigners and turned into some sort of polyglot experiment”

Macgregor said this “experiment” is “failing badly” because “when things fall apart economically” it becomes difficult for “all of these unwanted people in Europe and, for that matter, here as well.” He added that Americans and Germans will look at immigrants and ask whey they are being “subsidized”

Carlson agreed, saying “I’m getting 1,400 bucks a month in retirement that I paid into my entire life, and you just show up from Congo and you’re getting 2,200 bucks”

Padraig Martin #wingnut #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #fundie #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From "Devastating Military Recruitment in 2024"]

The military must continue to attract “consumers”: impressionable 18 – 24-year-old young adults, primarily males[…]
The U.S. military has become a social justice petri dish. That is not unique to Presidents Obama or Biden[…]The cumulative result will be sixteen years of a constant leftwing orbital shift that is way out of touch with ordinary Americans[…]
One of the key drivers of military recruitment was an appeal to patriotism[…]They joined to defend the Constitution and these United States[…]
Potential black recruits have been fed a steady diet of anti-American vitriol for the last five decades. It has gone into hyper-drive since the emergence of the Black Lives Matter[…]
More importantly[…]is the cumulative impact of anti-White and anti-Christian rhetoric[…]
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) push has effectively forced White males out of recruiting content[…]The messaging from the United States military has been crystal clear: we do not want White recruits[…]
Anti-White shift in advertising may have been justified if the military still had White veterans imploring their White children to join the military[…]White veterans are speaking openly about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the politically weaponized Covid vaccine to their children[…]
Despite mountains of anecdotal assertions that Generation Z[…]are the most liberal demographic cohort in generations, polling data has shown something very different[…]
A case in point would be the horribly mocked cartoon commercial of a young female Army recruit with two lesbian mothers[…]The ridiculously leftist cultural mishmash was compared to Chinese and Russian recruitment videos featuring hardened men training constantly[…]
We simply need to focus our messaging like a laser beam on two groups: GenZ White Christian males and GenX veterans. Our strategy should hyper-inflate perceptions that the military is anti-Christian, anti-White, and homosexual

Helen Joyce #transphobia twitter.com

(On the NHS Rainbow Badge Scheme)

It tells you it's a Men's Rights movement. They're a bunch of incels these people. I mean honestly, they go on about Andrew Tate, but this is worse, at least Andrew Tate's upfront about what he thinks. This is worse. We're meant to think that this is inclusive. That it's kinds, that it's generous, but this is the NHS acting like a bunch of incels.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Shower thoughts about the "gENiTal cHEckS" in bathrooms

( OwnLyingEyes )
The thing about this as much as anything is they're telling on themselves. We're not pushing for or even floating the idea of 'genital checks;' what they're saying however is that if they're restricted or banned from a space, women's sports, whatever, that they have every intention of not honoring that women don't fucking want them there. Them whining about hypothetical genital checks is them broadcasting that they'll continue to do their best to sneak in, cheat, and just generally continue to act like the center-of-their-own-universes narcissists that they are, that being unequivocally unwelcome isn't a dealbreaker for them.

And that, lurkers, is why we're sick of your shit. That's what makes you assholes, that's WHY YOU'RE EVEN LESS WELCOME THAN NORMAL MEN AT THIS POINT. Because you have zero respect for our privacy, our boundaries, our consent. Because RIGHT HERE, even as you play the victim, you signal that if you're told no you'll continue to treat it as a yes until you're forcibly stopped.

( GenZ-ProWoman )
TIMs (especially AGP imo) self-select themselves into being some of the most invasive and creepy of male people.

( dotconnectr )
The correct answer to "genital checks" or the question of whether or not a TIM passes is "I DON'T CARE" because ALL men must be excluded from female spaces, no matter how they dress, or what hormones they take, or what surgery they may, or may not, have had.

( shewolfoffrance )
I think "genital checks" are more of a fantasy than a fear for TiMs. God knows, they love talking about their girldicks.

( Researcher1536 )
They usually have a humiliation fetish, so of course they'd want this to happen. They'd pop a euphoria b*ner.

( Philogynist )
My feelings too. The "TERFS want to perform genital checks on everybody before entering bathrooms, especially poor trans people!" seems like either 1) they actually have this fetish/fantasy, or 2) they have past sexual trauma and are passing along their fear-mongering paranoia.

( Owlskye )
Exactly. They’ll cry about being persecuted but it’s their biggest wet dream.

Matt Walsh #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

When I call the trans movement a cult I mean it in a literal sense. It functions exactly like a cult. It uses all of the same indoctrination techniques. It picks out a vulnerable target, isolates the target from his family, love-bombs with excessive validation and flattery, demands progressively more extreme displays of fidelity to the cause, and viciously ostracizes and attacks anyone who leaves. This is all Cult 101 stuff. Trangenderism is one of the largest and most dangerous cults in world history.

@Melissamck & @Mal1776 #transphobia gettr.com

( @Melissamck )
Clowns like him can't even say what a woman is, suddenly they are concerned for women's rights lmao

Another dark day for democracy #RoeVsWade Empowered women are the basis of a strong and inclusive society… All the more reason for EU countries to strengthen women and girls’ rights !

( @Mal1776 )
They can't claim they are for women's rights if they cannot define what a woman is

( @Melissamck )
They can when it suits them, just like my body my choice, that didn't apply during the vax mandates!!

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( old_but_gold )
I understand that the acronym TRA has some weight behind it because of the implicit comparison to “MRA” — men’s rights activism.

But it gives me pause when I consider the acronym on its own, without that implicit context.

“Trans rights activist” — someone who engages in activism for trans rights. If you broadly support human rights and you don’t know the truth of this movement, doesn’t “trans rights activism” sound pretty…good?

And the term is literally false, because they’re not fighting for the rights of trans identified people — who already have all of their human rights respected. They’re fighting to define away reality, to permit unethical surgical and chemical experimentation on the bodies of vulnerable people, and to undermine the human rights of women and homosexual people. They’re gender identity extremists, and they’re an anti-woman hate group, but they’re certainly not activists for human rights.

I still use the term TRA around people who’ll pick up on the MRA comparison, but I have found “gender identity extremist” is growing on me for use in other contexts, especially with ambivalent or uninformed people.

Am I overthinking this? How do you feel about the term “TRA”?

( Dee )
I dislike the term, along with the "trans rights are human rights" slogan, because it suggests that people who adhere to this ideology are seeking rights that other people already have. This is not what they're doing. They demand additional privileges that put the entire female sex class at risk, and they demand that children be able to make irreversible decisions before maturation.

"Gender identity extremists" seems to be a more descriptive term.

( SecondSkin )
I don’t think there needs to be a perfect term.

They are male supremacists. Transcultists. Gender ideologues. Gender groomers. Or say what they do: dismantle safeguards, take away women’s rights. Reinforce regressive sexist stereotypes.

Catch-all rhetoric, or sound bites, often become thought terminating cliches. Use the language that best describes what you want to say to whoever you want to say it to.

( Mintie )
I've seen some people use TPA on here, which stands for Trans Privilege Activists. They already have the same rights as everyone, but they're asking for what's essentially privileges that aren't afforded to the rest of the population.

Billboard Chris & Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

( Billboard Chris )
Look at these @EmersonCollege girls get so excited to see Dylan Mulvaney, the man who makes a mockery of them.

The left loves a victim story.

All leftism revolves around victim mentality. These young women think they are in the progressive club, railing against oppressors.

If you’re a leftist raising a leftist, don’t be surprised when your own kids fall for this cult.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )

Celebrating a man
Who by example
entices confused minors
To mutilate and sterilize themselves

The devouring mother

Larry Sand #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy amgreatness.com

As I noted recently, fads aren’t always harmful things. Nehru jackets, lava lamps, and mood rings may have set you back a few bucks, but that was the extent of it. Some fads, like the various eating disorders that were with us in the 1970s, were recognized as dangerous and treated as mental health problems. Today, though, becoming transsexual is treated simply as a lifestyle decision.

But as Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, points out, “Trans is clearly identifiable as a fad, comparable to preceding fads, or ‘transmissible psychological diseases,’ like outbreaks of alleged multiple personality disorder, hysteria, self-mutilation, and anorexia. The typical victim is a young female with an underlying neurosis that seeks a socially acceptable form of expression. These forms of expression vary with the times.” Peterson goes on to say that the current trans fad will be viewed as we now view lobotomies.
To put it bluntly, California is predominantly run by power-hungry extremist individuals who don’t give a rip about parents or the sanctity of the family unit, and it is very difficult for traditional moms and dads to exert power on the state level. Hence, the local school board is the place where parents can find allies in their quest to stave off the trans-missionaries. And in July, Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) in San Bernardino County, with 32,000 K-12 students, got the ball rolling. The district banned Pride flags in the classroom and requires that staff tell parents when a child is using a name or pronouns that don’t match the sex determined at birth.
But if you are a parent who lives in an area where the state guidance on parental disclosure is followed, what can you do?

Get your kid out of the local public school if at all possible. Send him to a private school, move to a saner part of the state, or homeschool.

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( @SteveDeace )
Proud of you, son.

( @evsp123 )
@SteveDeace give that kid a high five and a steak dinner.

( @kickbutt2022 )

( @AlexanderCortez )
@SteveDeace need more boys urinating in the girls bathroom sinks to protest a severe lack of wall urinals... For equality

( @pepperdog1965 )
@AlexanderCortez @SteveDeace Feminist want urinals removed from men's rooms.
I say fuck them. Men need urinals, not women in there pretending to be men.

( @BooksRbetter )
@SteveDeace Apparently there are at least a few Real boys remaining. Way to go! 😂👍🏼😏

( @pepperdog1965 )
@SteveDeace Feminists want urinals removed from Men's rooms, because they see them as symbols of male privilege and patriarchy. Feminists pushed the trans movement, which is now installing tampon dispensers in Men's rooms. Men DO NOT have periods. Women are not men. Keep those fucking bitches out of the men's room.

@spikedonline & Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia twitter.com

( @spikedonline )
There are now tons of online videos with parents talking excitedly about their child transitioning. This is a disturbing trend. These parents see their child’s ‘trans journey’ as an opportunity for self-promotion, says Pam Spurr

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
Childhood gender dysphoria
Is frequently caused by
Parental narcissism and borderline personality disorder