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The “Queer Planet” documentary is really something.

If animals were indeed gay, there would be no more animals. Just basic science there.

But I wonder if the gay animals get special and protected status in the animal kingdom or just in this circus we’ve allowed in the human world…
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Well, great. Maybe there are. But what, exactly, does that tell us about human behavior or human morality? Peacock wants us to think that it tells us a great deal. “This is a queer planet,” the trailer gleefully informs us, for “queerness has always existed.” You just haven’t realized this because you’re so, like, uptight, man: “It’s only in humans that we have such a stigma about it.” For actually, “Mother Nature is pretty open-minded.”

Here again, we see the incoherence of the left. “Mother Nature” is “open-minded,” eh? So there is a conscious being who created and governs the universe? Many, if not most, leftists, would sneer at that idea, for they have rejected the idea of a God who delineates the parameters of morality. The universe is blind and random, they insist, and that means that there really aren’t any parameters of morality at all, and anything goes.

That, however, would mean that these allegedly gay animals aren’t really examples for us to follow, but just random beings doing meaningless things. And so Peacock invents its own god, to whom it gives the venerable name of Mother Nature, and invests her with its own morality, which involves the dogmas that “sex is not just for reproduction” and that “nature is full of queer surprises.”

In saner times, mothers would tell their children not to behave like animals. The idea of emulating them as moral exemplars never occurred to anyone. After all, it’s a dangerous path to start traveling down. Once we justify “queer” practices on the basis of all these supposedly “queer” animals, why stop at that? There is plenty of other animal behavior we could emulate as well, such as chasing down others, ripping them apart with our bare hands, and eating them. PETA would get into a fine snit if Peacock ran a series hailing that kind of animal behavior, but of course, neither PETA nor Peacock, nor anyone else on the left ever worries overmuch about intellectual consistency. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we’re in the fix we’re in.

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LGBT Activists Harass Torrance Mayor, Lie to Public About their Privileges/Entitlement
The LGBT hate groups are growing more brazen every day.

In Torrance, they insist on being celebrated, even though they claim that they were "born that way," and th

The way that they harassed Mayor Chen was quite disturbing.

Last year, he hosted a public forum to allow residents to hear about ongoing safety and business issues, but a number of LGBT activists insisted on harassing him because he would not approve a "pride" resolution.


The level of entitlement is quite disturbing.

LGBT activists insist on pushing this lie that they are "born that way." There is no evidence for this. And now they are crying and whining about how everyone should celebrate them, and if you don't want to go along with their coercive demands, they label you a hater, a bigot, a homophobe, etc.

This is true bullying, and it's quite ironic that one of the most abusive activists in the room, RG Wong, shamed Mayor Chen about his Asian-American heritage to justify their demands for a pride resolution.

Do these people really take themselves seriously at this point?

Also, does anyone notice the number of people who left the city council chambers while the LGBT activists were whining and complaining about a pride resolution.

The people of Torrance don't want this trash forced on them. They are tired of the woke, broke, joke of regressive leftism.

It's great to see Torrance, a Balanced City, is not interested in tipping the scale in favor of any one interest group.

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Butker’s outrageous crime was that he gave a commencement speech at Benedictine College, and took aim at some of the most cherished idols of our age. He encouraged the graduates to take pride in themselves and their accomplishments: “Not the deadly sins sort of Pride that has an entire month dedicated to it, but the true God-centered pride that is cooperating with the holy ghost to glorify him.” As far as leftists are concerned, to criticize Pride Month would be akin to ripping up Betsy Ross’ American flag while standing in front of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and Butker wasn’t finished.

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Satan’s Modern Day Snake Oil Venom Retroviral MRNA Black Goo 666 Low Vibe Vaccines Have Cain’s Vampire Immune System DNA/GENES (Sinister Fallen Angel Bioshock Plasmids And Splicing Protocols) Within The Vile Curse-Alls Which Are NOT Cures!: (Satan’s Main Vile Man Of Sin/The Son Of Perdition Has Been Satanically Mutatively Monstrously Vaccinated With His Curses) Sinisterly Gay Barack Hussein Obama Has A Black Chimeran Vampire Master Clone Called The *IMAGE OF THE BEAST* Covertly Waiting In A Ancient Antediluvian Atlantean Retro-Engineered Deep Underwater Fortified Plasma Domed Base Called The Leviathan (Which Has *The Dark Knights Cloning Program* Cain Like Monstrous-Beastly-Chimeran-Vampiric-Black Goo 666 Body Loaded With Barack Hussein Obama’s Vile DNA/Genes On Stasis Also Known As The 8th Horn-King-Sinister World Leader) That Will Be Metaphysically Infused With The Cast Down Fallen Angel Spirit Of Satan Himself Deceptively Emerging From The Ancient Sodomittish Sea As The Bloodthirsty Murderous Chief *Cloned* Antichrist <...> Many Foolish People Being Removed From The Lamb’s Book Of Life For Sinfully Wickedly Taking Part In Satan’s Diabolical Irreversible Multiphase Vaccinations Process Of His Horrific Nightmarish Monstrously Mutative Beastly *Cain Like* Vampirism – REMEMBER THAT IMMINENT APOCALYPTIC TUNED GAMMA-RAYS WILL SUPERNATURALLY EXPOSE ALL OF WHAT’S INSIDE OF YOU AND OTHER FLESHLY CREATURES AT THE SPIRITUAL/DNA/GENETIC LEVELS – SO PLEASE DON’T SINFULLY PUT SATAN’S VACCINATION CURSES/CURSE-ALLS INSIDE OF YOUR TEMPLE
You Will Die In A Short Span Of Time Diminishing Your Life Due To Deadly Mutations – Be Overtaken By The Low Vibe Weaponized Microwaves Activated Demonic Zombism Airborne Vaxx A.I.D.S Plagues Plandemics That Many Sheeple Sinfully Unwisely Gullibly Wickedly Took As The CoronaVirus Covid-19 Vaccines Which Are All Part Of Satan’s Irreversible Multiphase Modern Day Snake Oil Venom Elixir Cures-Alls Of Monstrous Extremely Mutative Death

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99% of sexhavers are secretly gay (Scientific proof)

When a woman blows her bf/husband, very often, the man will kiss her after that and even full on makeout with her. He's literally kissing and making out with his own private parts and traces of his own ejaculate.

Meanwhile, us Incels have class and would never interact in such faggotry.

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[On the topic of a piece of student artwork depicting religious trauma]

Not all parents are happy to show their children blasphemous works. It's a question of freedom of education, which is why I much prefer public schools to public ones: don't like your child's school choices? Send him to another one, the market is free!

Being LGBT is hardly blasphemous, and your usage of freedom of education is equally flawed. Your school is prohibited from discriminating against you based on religious beliefs, as clearly outlined in the First Amendment. It's the school that would be in violation, not the so-called "blaspheming" artist.

I was not talking about LGBT, the promotion of which is anti-biblical anyway, so I would understand if LGBT art were banned in a context where all or most people were Christian. By blasphemy I meant the blood-stained rosary.

And I'm not American, so I don't know about American amendments.

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Valentina Gomez is running for Missouri secretary of state, and she wants you to know one thing: Don’t be gay and weak

Gomez posted a video where she’s running in the middle of a street – inexplicably wearing a bulletproof vest and athletic shorts – and saying: “In America, you can be anything you want. So don’t be weak and gay. Stay f**king hard.” The video then shows a picture of her with guns

“‘Don’t be weak and gay’ August 6th is the day we take Missouri back from these corrupt politicians,” she wrote in sharing the video. Missouri’s primary is August 6

She posted the same video with the same message on other social media platforms

“I love her! She doesn’t [give a f**k] what libs think! I wish I could vote for her but I am in [New Mexico],” someone commented on Instagram

“She doesn’t mean sexual orientation, she means your character,” someone else said, trying to explain away Gomez’s clear message even though Gomez didn’t ask them to

“Will you marry me,” someone else wrote

This isn’t the first time she has used this expression

“Don’t be weak and gay. America First,” she wrote on X back in March

That same month, she posted a video of an interview with conservative pundit Tim Pool to Instagram where she said, “Countries that ban rifles, guns, or even flamethrowers are weak and gay. Because you should be ashamed of yourself if you cannot defend your family or your community or yourself”

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In a clip from an interview with Novara Media, the Rochdale MP said: “I don’t want my children prematurely sexualised at all, I don’t want them taught that some things are normal when their parents don’t believe that they’re normal”

“Now there’s lots of things not normal, doesn’t mean you have to hate something that isn’t normal. But if my children are taught that there’s – whatever the current vogue number is – 76 or 97 or whatever the number of purported genders that exist, I don’t want my children taught that”

Galloway leads the Workers Party of Britain and became the MP for Rochdale in February[…]
Speaking to Novara, Galloway said he didn’t want children to be taught “that gay relationships are exactly the same and as normal as a mum, a dad and kids”

He added: “I want my children to be taught that the normal thing in Britain, in society across the world, is a mother, a father and a family”

“I want them to be taught that there are gay people in the world and that they must be treated with respect and affection as I treat my own gay friends and colleagues with respect and affection but I don’t want my children to be taught that these things are equal because I don’t believe them to be equal”

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[From “Putin’s Paradise? As Expats Flee a More Soviet America, Is Russia Now More Like 1950s U.S.?”]

Carlson has some company in his sentiments — American expats[…]
Joseph Rose, stated when asked about life in Russia, “I often say it feels like our positive vision of 1950s America”[…]
Peter Frohwein, 62, would like to start a new family but says that he “wouldn’t seriously consider” doing so in the U.S[…]
Rose, “I do think it was God leading me to where I needed to be[…]I would say that Russia is becoming a bastion of Christianity and that America is becoming the opposite”[…]
The expats did not take issue with President[…]Putin[…]Some[…]see Putin through rose-colored glasses[…]
Koffler points out while addressing the expat situation that Russia is no paradise, calling it “an authoritarian state”[…]Unfortunately, this increasingly describes the “Soviet” West[…]only with a different (rainbow?) flavor[…]
This apparently is what drove expat farmer Arend Feenstra and his wife Anneesa to flee Canada for Russia with their 10 children, as the sexual-devolutionary (“LGBTQ”) persecution in their native country just became too intense[…]
The irony here is that while America was founded by people fleeing religious persecution — people who’d been considered troublemakers in their native lands — now anti-woke “troublemakers” are sometimes fleeing to Russia seeking religious freedom

Of course, it’s tempting to, depending on one’s point of view, call these expats sage or stupid[…]
As for Putin, for all his faults, he has defended the family and Christianity and criticized “transgenderism,” homosexual propaganda, and the moral relativism permeating civilization[…]
What’s more, since demography is destiny, America’s continuous irrational, nation-rending (im)migration renders us an unstable land; in contrast, Russia’s demographic stability ensures that it will continue being Russia — even a century hence

Will the West still be the “West” when that time comes?

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With Comrade President JoBama O'Biden finally agreeing to debate President Trump, we thought it appropriate to remind readers of our recommended new Presidential debate procedure for what it's worth. We see no legitimate reason for any moderators or rules other than a microphone-controlling time-keeper, which could even be mechanical.

And this webpage is about various universally accepted falsehoods and where they came from, and how they came to be universally believed.

Marxism, Islam and Hedonism are all foreign ideologies or belief systems that are (1) foreign to America, and (2) openly hostile and antagonistic to America's ethos, morality, constitution, government and law. We have labeled this evil triumvirate the Islamo-Commie-Homo movement, and charged it with being rabidly anti-Christian and rabidly anti-American.

The UN's 1948 UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) is a classic example of socialistic foreign thinking that has seeped into American thought, is being taught as "law" in formal education, and is even pushed as if it were American law by American politicians, political parties, journalists, attorneys and courts of law.
No one "dictates" any law over the whole nation of America other than the sitting American government acting within the rules and constraints of the American constitution. The constitution is the supreme law of the land.

The UDHR seems innocent enough until you get past number 21; then it goes off the rails. Until you get to right number 22, it seems to be almost listing the American constitutional rights, and that's a good thing. But then, it goes all socialistic, insisting that the people of the world, including the people of the USA, have a "right" to have all their wants aned needs taken care of by the state, from the cradle to the grave.

Which is nonsense, in America. We were constituted to be a largely self-governing and self-sustaining citizenry; we take care of ourselves. That's what the right to liberty is all about.

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In South Korea this month, the conservative People’s Power party suffered big losses as a rejuvenated liberal opposition took a majority of seats in the legislature

The shift in South Korea’s balance of power could signal progress for the country’s embattled LGBTQ+ community[…]
The absence of progress can be traced to lobbying efforts by The United Christian Churches of Korea and other church associations, and to very public hate campaigns by loosely affiliated groups like Anti-Homosexuality Christian Solidarity, who have deep-rooted connections to the country’s political class

Trucks blaring bible verses and warning “Homosexuality is sin” are a common in Seoul, where aged activists roam shopping centers wearing placards denouncing same-sex marriage

Efforts to pass a broad anti-discrimination law through the legislature have failed seven times since 2007[…]
Locally, officials regularly target gay-affirming events and content. When an anti-LGBTQ+ Christian group applied to hold their own event in Seoul the same spot that Pride celebrations take place, the mayor supported the anti-gay eviction. Last year, the mayor of Daegu ordered 500 civil servants to obstruct that city’s Pride festival[…]
It has long been a Christian lobby rallying cry that the mere mention of homosexuality will bring about their imagined “homosexual dictatorship”, a prophecy that includes crumbling family structures, crashing birth rates, an AIDS pandemic, and gay soldiers surrendering en masse to a North Korean invasion[…]
“If such a law is enacted, it is certain that the activities of churches that teach the Bible will be restricted,” the United Christian Churches of Korea wrote in a translated email, “as it does not even allow criticism of homosexuality”[…]
“No matter how overwhelming the majority party is,” a recent editorial in South Korea’s Christian Daily warned officials, “they could face backlash if they recklessly push out legislation that causes social chaos”

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I was talking with a friend yesterday about gay rights when he declared, "discrimination against gays; it's the same as discrimination against Blacks." Opponents of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) use the same argument concerning the discriminatory practices of the armed forces. But you cannot compare homosexuals to Blacks. Gays are not a race of people. Discrimination against Blacks is very different from discrimination against gays.

The Black struggle in America has historical basis and implication. Slavery and Jim Crow were practices that raped our families, our identities and our culture. Today, Blacks remain politically and economically oppressed. Poverty and violence have resulted from this systematic oppression. The gains of our ancestors seem to have been temporary.

In contrast, homosexuals are not economically oppressed. As gay rights advocates indicate, they are our lawyers, our doctors, our teachers, etc. Gays represent mainstream America in that they have gained economic freedom and affluence. Politically, many government officials have begun to admit their homosexuality. The struggle of gays is not comparable.

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Kenyan anti-LGBTQ activists are now prohibited from calling for the murder of the country’s LGBTQ+ community, the country’s High Court said in an order. The order is temporary while the court hears a case on whether city legal officials can allow anti-LGBTQ+ protests that encourage violence against queer Kenyans

The interim conservatory order was placed following accusations that members of an organization, dubbed the “Anti-LGBTQ Movement,” as well as Parliament member Mohamed Ali, have called for the murder of LGBTQ+ individuals and their expulsion from Kenya

Mamba Online reported that, in a demonstration last year, Ali cited the Bible and Quran to justify killings, while calling for the American government to take in LGBTQ+ Kenyans

“We do also call upon the head of state, his Excellency President William Ruto, to come out strongly against LGBTQ machination,” Ali said[…]
Kenya currently outlaws consensual same-sex relationships[…]
The High Court order, implemented by Justice Olga Sewe, bans any calls for violence, conversion, or expulsion of LGBTQ+ individuals, with specific individuals — such as Ali and activists like Salim Said and Athman Ahmed — being restricted from this type of hateful rhetoric[…]
This order is temporary, with permanent decisions awaiting the results of the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against Mombasa Police Inspector General Japhet Koome for allowing anti-LGBTQ+ protests in his city. The lawsuit was filed alongside another suit against Said, Ali, Ahmed, and the Anti-LGBTQ Movement for their role in instigating violence

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The Thinking Mind is a Dimensionless Mathematical Energy, and Matter is Dimensional Mathematical Energy Interconnected by Interconvertible Mathematical Transforms.

God uniquely imbues each human being with the potential to fulfill His divine purpose. Your freewill determines the outcome of either the fruit Light or darkness. Choose wisely for the consequences are eternal!

Attention Canada and the USA!!!

The Western cult of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is the Trojan Horse for the Destruction of Traditional Judeo-Christian Western Culture!

Islamization colonialism: If you can’t conquer the West by the sword, immigrate, infiltrate positions of power, and breed them out!

LGBTQIA2S+ colonialism: Celebrate & normalize all imaginable forms of sexual perversions, infiltrate positions of power, and destroy God ordained Judeo-Christian morality.
4 ~ Study, research, advocate, and uphold the scientific method as the golden standard for determining empirical facts which govern sound evidence based decision making. The governing “scientific consensus” shall not become as religious dogma, and must be subject to correction based on new emerging evidence, which clearly has it’s premise, rooted in the scientific method. Therefore, openly and transparently correct the “scientific consensus” based on the emerging knowledge. Learn to clearly distinguish between factual, theoretical, and dogmatic statements.

6 ~ Advocate for the health and well-being of mankind at all costs, and work to hold Pharmakeia’s governing officials accountable for their experimental medical crimes against humanity! All "health" authorities, doctors, scientists, politicians, lawyers, and clergymen who willfully chose the cowardly chameleon’s path of least resistance, will be held accountable for turning a blind eye to the scientific method which has proven that their C19 injections (bioweapons) are not safe or effective!

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"Contrary to current progressive dogma, children aren't miniature adults wise beyond their years. They're morons," he pointed. out. "They're gullible morons who will believe anything and just want to please grown-ups, and they don't have any frame of reference, so they normalize whatever is happening. That's why endlessly talking about gender to six-year-olds isn't just inappropriate."

For example, after 9/11, there were several cases of overzealous federal agents leading sad losers into terrorist plots like the undercover FBI agent who got seven out-of-work dudes in Liberty City, FL, to sign onto a plot to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago. Oh please, these guys didn't even have a gun, but when someone said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we taught the man a lesson and blew something up?" They said, "Yeah, that would be kind of cool!"

Entrapment, suggesting someone into something they wouldn't otherwise do. And if you think some of that isn't going on with gender in schools, you're not watching enough TikTok videos.

There's a certain kind of activist these days who wants to take heterosexuality, old school, old fashioned, boring, minding its own business heterosexuality, and lump it in with patriarchy and sexism and racism and tell kids, "Wouldn't it be cool if you were anything but that?" It also seems to be the theme of kind of a lot of kids' books these days. I never used the phrase "gay agenda" because I thought it was mostly nonsense, and it is, mostly.

If something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate, we have to at least discuss it. Broken down over time, the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation.” He then cited a Gallup poll that showed that less than 1% of Americans born before 1946 identify as LGBT, 2.6% of Boomers, 4.2% of Generation X, 10.5% of Millennials, and 20.8% of Gen Z.

“If we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054,”

Iraqi parliament and MP Raed al-Maliki #homophobia #transphobia theguardian.com

Iraq’s parliament has passed a bill making same-sex relations punishable by up to 15 years in prison[…]
Transgender people will also be sentenced to three years in jail under the amendments to a 1988 anti-prostitution law, which were adopted during a session attended by 170 out of 329 lawmakers on Saturday

A previous draft had proposed capital punishment for same-sex relations, in what campaigners had called a “dangerous” escalation. The new amendments enable courts to sentence people to between 10 and 15 years in prison, according to the document seen by AFP, in a country where gay and transgender people already face frequent attacks and discrimination

They also set a minimum seven-year prison term for “promoting” same-sex relations and a sentence ranging from one to three years for men who “intentionally” act like women

The amended law makes “biological sex change based on personal desire and inclination” a crime and punishes trans people and doctors who perform gender reassignment surgery with up to three years in prison[…]
The amendments also ban organisations that “promote” homosexuality and punish “wife swapping” with a prison sentence of 10 to 15 years

Lawmaker Raed al-Maliki, who advanced the amendments, told AFP that “the law serves as a preventive measure to protect society from such acts”

He said passing the new amendment had been postponed until after the visit of the Iraqi prime minister, Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani, to the US[…]
The US and the EU oppose the law and “we didn’t want to impact the visit,” he said

“It is an internal matter and we do not accept any interference in Iraqi affairs”[…]
Human Rights Watch’s Iraq researcher Sarah Sanbar said the new law change “is a horrific development and an attack on human rights”

“Rather than focusing on enacting laws that would benefit Iraqis – like passing the draft domestic violence law or draft child protection law – Iraq is choosing to codify discrimination against LGBT people”

Steve Christou #homophobia theguardian.com

The ban on same-sex parenting books at libraries in a western Sydney council area could be rescinded after widespread backlash and a warning from the premier, Chris Minns, that LGBTQ+ people were being used as a “political football”.

Four Labor councillors on Cumberland city council have lodged a rescission motion to overturn the ban, which they expect will be debated at the next council meeting on 15 May. The vote is expected to be tight.

The 23-page book explores the experience of having two mothers or two fathers in a way that is designed to be understood by young children. Its contents include quotes such as “having same-sex parents is no different to having opposite-sex parents”.

The book notes that “people might make assumptions” and “people might be unkind” and contains advice such as: “All loving families are good. Remember, as long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter what other people think.”

“Treating someone unfairly because of who they love is a type of discrimination and it is never OK,” the book says.

Christou this week publicly confirmed he had not read the book.

Once a Labor party member, Christou defected to Our Local Community in 2019. He ran as an independent for the federal seat of Parramatta at the 2022 election, garnering 2,982 votes.

In 2021, while he was the Cumberland mayor, Christou used his casting vote to defeat a motion that would have installed street signs in the area that said “Racism Not Welcome”.

Christou is known for his outspoken views and has previously advocated passionately for the right to free speech.

On 28 April, just four days before he put forward the amendment to enact the book ban, Christou posted a video on his X account railing against Australia’s eSafety commissioner as a form of “censorship” and an “attack on people’s free speech”.

“Freedom of speech is very important, but this country is being run down the toilet by this government and their communist regime. It’s not on,” he said.

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #transphobia archive.ph

It means she is sexually attractive and he wants to have penetrative sexual relations with her.

Everyone understands that heterosexual “romantic love,” which is socially appropriate to talk about publicly and in front of children, implies sexual penetration (penis in vagina). The latter is taboo to talk about in front of children, because they are not old enough to be sexually active in that way, but they are still being “sexualized” by society by learning about romantic love.

Through the normalization of adult homosexuality, the homosexuals have now normalized child homosexuality.

The difference is, homosexuality is only about anal. With heterosexuals, there is a relationship based around family and children. So a little boy can say “I’m going to marry her and we’ll have kids together” without knowing what sex involves. Gay is only about anal. There is no “family.” Now they try to claim gays have families, but gay marriage is not monogamous. These are just two gay guys who live together and go to orgies together. Further, gays only “adopt” (state-assisted kidnapping) little boys in order to molest and sodomize them.

What’s more, they are actually teaching anal to preschoolers. It’s not just about some “identity” gibberish. The Planned Parenthood website, for example, has “resources” on how to teach sex to preschoolers.

And before someone is thinking “oh but they’re saying ‘LGBT,’ not ‘anal'” – what the hell is LGBT? What does it mean? It means a man masturbating into another man’s anus, ejaculating into his anus, and then eating his own semen mixed with poop out of the man’s anus. That’s what it means. It’s not esoteric. It’s not some big secret.
This clip from the 1990s documentary “The Gift” shows what “LGBT” means

(Here’s the full documentary, which you really should watch – it doesn’t show anything graphic, but it lets you walk away understanding what “LGBT” actually means.)

Charlie Kirk #biphobia #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

Did you know there are 145 days on the calendar celebrating LGBTQ?

Feb 19-25 - Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
March 21-25 - LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week
March 31 - Transgender Day of Visibility
April 6 - International Asexuality Day
April 13 - International Day of Pink (Day Opposing Homophobia)
April 14 - Day of Silence
April 26 - Lesbian Visibility Day
May 17th - International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia
May 19th - Agender Pride Day
May 22 - Harvey Milk Day
May 25 - Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness Day
June 23 - Stonewall Day
June 28 - International LGBTQ+ Day
July 14 - International Non-binary People Day
July 16 - International Drag Day
September 16-23 Bisexual Awareness Week
September 23 - Celebrate Bisexuality Day
October 8 - International Lesbian Day
October 11 - National Coming Out Day
October 17-24 Genderfluid Visibility Week
October 19 - International Pronoun Day
October 19 - Spirit Day (Support for LGBTQ+ Youth)
October 23-29 Asexual Awareness Week
October 26 - Intersex Awareness Day
ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER - Trans Awareness Month
November 5 - Trans Parent Day
November 8 - Intersex Day of Remembrance
November 13-19 - Transgender Awareness Week
November 20 - Transgender Day of Remembrance

And this isn't even a complete list if you include other designated days from the UN and other worldwide institutions and authorities.

We will be judged.
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South Carolina Superintendent of Education Ellen Weaver #wingnut #sexist #transphobia #homophobia wltx.com

COLUMBIA, S.C. — State Education Superintendent Ellen Weaver is urging school districts across the state to ignore the new federal Title IX guidelines issued by the US Department of Education last week.

The regulations, aimed at preventing sex discrimination in schools, offer new protections to groups such as LGBTQ students, pregnant students, and victims of sexual assault. However, they do not address the issue of transgender athletes.

In a statement released by Weaver, she expressed concerns about the new rules, calling them "troubling" and stating that they create chaos and confusion for teachers, students, and parents.

[…]Weaver's letter recommends that districts refrain from implementing the new rules at this time, suggesting that a court may block the rules before their effective date. She argues that the Biden administration's actions undercut existing Title IX law and are an attempt to "redefine biological reality."

"Title IX applies to every school that receives federal funding, so ignoring these rules could put risk us losing federal dollars when our schools are already really underfunded," [Jace Woodrum, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of South Carolina], emphasized.

Aimee Terese and Glypticfille #crackpot #dunning-kruger #homophobia #kinkshaming #quack #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

Aimee Terese:

“Men who eat pussy are spiritual lesbians”


“There is likely a direct correlation between men who do this (99% of leftist men) and modern leftism. It is my suspicion that there is something in the vaginal fluids that is capable of estrogenising the body, cuckolding the spirit, hence thousand year prohibition against it.”

Jay Decay 💀🍄 #homophobia #pratt twitter.com

[Submitter’s note: Link leads to the tweet being replied to due to limited visibility]

I'm pretty sure "MAPS" aren't represented on [The Intersex-inclusive progress flag] so I don't see why it'd need modified [to remove pedophiles]

That’s the all inclusive faggot flag right? MAP’s are bunch of faggots, so yeah they’re included.

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Jesus and My Gender: Affirming Your Child's God-Given Gender


In this rhyming book for children ages 3-10, pastor Dale Partridge masterfully lays out a cohesive theological presentation of biblical gender. The content of each page is supported by Scripture references and, at the end of the book, is a 5-question biblical catechism to instill these truths in the minds of young people.


Before the creation of the world, God designed boys and girls.


God said boys and girls are equal, before their lord in soul, but they were made uniquely, with completely different roles.


The crown of girls is quickly seen when people start comparing - a special privilege given them: the blessing of childbearing. The female body is extraordinary, the boys cannot relate. The girls can carry babies amd nurture those they make.


He built his boys for rough and play, just how they ought to be. They’d pounce and battle for the day, and even jump from trees! He made them strong to guard their friends, to protect the weak, and make amends.

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“There is no fear of God before their eyes.” (Romans 3:18)

Today, we can apply this verse this way:

“There is no fear of God before their [Joe Biden and his Administration’s’] eyes.”

Christians call today “Resurrection Sunday.”

Joe Biden has proclaimed today to be “Transgender Day.”

In his official proclamation published on the White House website, Joe Biden:

1. Celebrates redefining marriage that God created and defined.

2. Celebrates redefining gender that God created and defined.

Joe Biden is not God but has set himself up as a god in opposition to the true God.

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There’s a very well followed Twitter account dedicated to The Muppets that I used to enjoy, as an adult who likes a bit of nostalgia. Just recently, the guy who runs it has started tweeting more about his own life/beliefs and all sorts of bizarre, sexualised interpretations of these characters, which are FOR CHILDREN, eg:

- The Fraggles are asexual/nonbinary (clip of one scene where a character is referred to as “they”).
- A puppet cow who has a posh/camp voice is secret code for drag queens.
- How he and his wife are both bi and queer and how all their other genderqueer pals are their “tribe”.
- Photos of him and said wife getting married in their kiddie cartoon clobber/visiting Disneyland etc. I hardly need to add that they don’t have any children themselves.

I’ve unfollowed it because it is setting off all my alarm bells.

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Neo-Nazis kill 72-year-old gay man, leaving his partner heartbroken over “senseless” murder

“I can’t understand the senseless murder of this beautiful man,” said 55-year-old Ron Thompson of his 72-year-old partner Gerald Don Henderson, who was allegedly killed by neo-Nazis this last week.

Police suspect that Henderson was slain by 28-year-old Nicholas Umphenour and 31-year-old Skylar Meade, two members of the Aryan Knights prison gang who were later arrested by police in Twin Falls, Idaho, on Thursday afternoon.

Meade escaped the Idaho Maximum Security Institution on Wednesday morning while at the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, Idaho for self-inflicted injuries. Umphenour, who was released from the same prison last month, shot two officers who were transporting Meade in the hospital’s unloading area for ambulances. The two men then fled together. The officers survived their injuries.

Both neo-Nazis are believed to have killed 83-year-old James L. Mauney while he was walking his two dogs. Police found Mauney’s body and returned his two dogs to his family members. Police later found Henderson dead outside of his cabin in Clearwater County, 300 miles north of Boise.


Both neo-Nazis are now being held on a $2 million bond. The two had been cellmates in the prison and members of the Aryan Knights prison gang.

“The hate-fueled gang engages in many types of criminal activity and casts shadows of intimidation, addiction, and violence over prison life,” federal prosecutors wrote in 2021.

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(lyrics to “Fodder for the Shoah”)

Herded into ghettos, loathsome streams of insects
Cordon off the sewage, quarantine the Judah
Gestapo street-cleaner bulldoze sons of Zion
Hovels and shanties, cages for the rats of David

Gestapo boot stomping, strong-armed fungus purge
Teutonic sledge is law, propaganda chokehold
Ghettos funnel swill into disposal camps
Flush away the flotsam, excise the swarthy blemish

Rats in the well pollute the drinking water
Hebrew-rodents, Fodder for the Shoah

Boxcars of Semitic detritus
Gypsies and faggots ankle deep in feces
Barefoot siblings cry, urine soaked tattered frocks
Pregnant women retch, sweating and swooning
Wrinkled old men choking on stale air
Decomposing kin that expired between depots
Rats and beetles carry away sour morsels
Disintegration of the bubonic family unit

Undesirables and threats to the Reich
Sodomites, felons, and usurer kikes
Fodder for the Shoah

Laboring worms, stained industrial beetles
Factory larvae, slaves, emaciated mosquitoes
Fodder for the Shoah

Putrescent bog, decaying synagogue sludge
Judaic throng, inhumed beneath the rank mud
Fodder for the Shoah

Iron wheels thunder into the train yard
Cockroaches shoveled out of freight cars
Cold and imposing tuberculosis-blighted barracks
Crematory towers expel carbonized smog
Militant throngs in pressed uniforms
Barking orders, belting stragglers
Incise and drain the societal boils
Enforce the Nuremburg laws

Running through the mud in rotting shoes
Families wrenched apart, the fodder cues
Exhaustion plagues the limbs
To collapse carries a Luger casing
Small ones to the furnace
Old bodies to the bulldozer

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Of course, children have been the target of LGBT grooming for decades now through many vehicles – not the least of which is GLSEN, the national network of LGBT activist teachers and administrators in our public school system (Loudon County is by no means an anomaly), but the entertainment industry also shares a big part of the blame.

We adults forget how blurred the line between fantasy and reality can be in the minds of children (and some adults who never grew up). My Mom once told me a true story about her brother Walter whose favorite TV show was Superman. One day he put on a home-made cape, climbed atop the family car and tried to fly across the back yard, breaking his arm in the process.

That was back in the early 1950s when actual reality was universally culturally affirmed. Think how easy it is for kids today to embrace delusions about their identity and purpose when the ruling class has literally gone insane on matters of sexuality and human relations. How many of these adults’ own tendency toward delusion became pathological in part from consuming the same pop-culture propaganda and programming that enslaved their kids?

My purpose here is not to attack Hollywood, which is impervious to criticism, but to highlight the fact that Generation Trans did not develop spontaneously in the natural course of human societal evolution but was orchestrated by forces that have been at work for a very long time and which advance their agenda incrementally through multiple spheres of influence simultaneously.

Transgenderism did not become the cause celeb until homosexuality had been normalized, and the campaign to normalize homosexuality did not take center stage until heterosexual promiscuity had been normalized. This is a long-term agenda we’re watching unfold, being pushed by people, principalities and powers with a very long view and the patience to allow each stage to settle in slowly until enough of the public accepts it to ensure nothing will be successfully reversed.

Don’t believe that? Tell me what you think are the prospects for re-criminalizing adultery in America and what’s actually changed to make that idea seem ridiculous. Adultery isn’t any less immoral or harmful today than it was when it’s criminalization was considered a no-brainer by virtually everyone. We’ve simply been the victims of incremental desensitization.

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[From “April 5, 2024: White People”]


Panel 1: Slick is passing in front of a depicting a 1950s-style white man smoking a pipe, a mayo jar and a flour sack while voices are saying “White supremacy”, “White rage” and “White fragility”
Panel 2: The screen show a Neo Nazi, a Klansman, Pepe the Frog and a Christian cross while a voice is saying “deplorable”, “hateful” and “toxic”
Panel 3: The voice says to Slick “But wait” and “There is a way white people can gain mainstream acceptance”
Panel 4: A pink-haired person is riding on a rocket under the slogan “Sodomy”, while a rainbow and a bearded man wearing pigtails are in the background

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It's called "GayFL" by Rugby League fans for precisely this reason (and how "soft" the players are perceived as, generally), though honestly, the NRL isn't much better at this point...

"Worse" shit is said at local footy matches on a weekly basis, I assure you, from experience. But the AFL doesn't have full control of those, of course, and they're not televised, so we don't have to pretend to give a fuck, lol.

But seriously, what a bunch of faggot soft-cocks, as us fans of "bring back the biff" might say.

Unfortunately though, the AFL tends never to actually come out and say what was said, in these situations. They just let the rumour mill run wild. Like this seemingly much worse situation a couple of years back, where initially people thought it was something about the guy's sister having an abortion, and then it was "I hope your mother dies", and then we never found out what it actually was, but sounds like maybe it was more "mutual" sledging: https://archive.is/sUaaU

Regardless though, I think either of those options, for the above, are much worse than just calling a guy a fag or whatever, lol.

Yeah, they never do, with these types of incidents, because then people like you or I can make up our own minds and go "Meh, that's not that bad at all!"

They don't want that, so they never tell us.

But from having grown up here before "homophobic slurs" were a bannable offense, and also having spent enough time around footy players and the like, it was probably just "fag", or "faggot", or, at a stretch, "poof". I can't imagine it being anything more than one of those three, lol...

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There is no real harm in the LGBT movement being closeted because they're outlawed in Ghana. Of course they're not going to bother or look for them if they're out of sight and out of mind. This is just to prevent in Ghana the ridiculous stuff that goes on in the US on the regular like gay pride parades where the cisgender normal folks or local opposition to LGBT lobby is suppressed for being too normal or "uncool" by the liberal media and influencers.

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We have disorders for behavioral, psychological, and social aspects of a person. Why can't the concept for sex and sexuality exist also?

Men and women were made for each other. Attraction exists to encourage reproduction. That is why sex feels so good, to encourage that behavior to proliferate the species.During sex, the man and woman would feel close so the child could be raised in a loving home. Men and women had separate tendencies that encouraged unique fulfilling roles.

This use to be a fundamental clear, concise truth but for some reason we can't acknowledge it anymore.