Not nearly as smart as they think they are

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I've experienced sasquatch on many occasions.
It's real, it's supernatural.

Start there, if you want to be accurate.

It is not an animal of this earth.
It posseses abilities such as disappearing, and can travel 25 feet in less than a second.
These are facts I know.

Anyone saying different is a liar. Period.
Anyone calling you crazy for knowing this, is ignorant, or a misinformation agent.
I've seen it happen. I've filmed it happen.
Believe it or not, up to you.

What I don't know is its intent.
I do know it freaks me out, if that helps.
I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling about it.
So if that it's intent. Job well done.

And bye the bye. Darwin was a masonary satan worshiper hired to mislead. He has a vested interest in his flawed theory.
He even said himself it has serious gaps, that if unfilled, render his theory useless.

So far? Useless.

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The consequences and possibilities in an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® are far-reaching. First we must acknowledge our profound ignorance! We know nothing of the origin of the universe. There was no Big Bang. The visible universe is static and much smaller than we thought. We have no idea of the age or extent of the universe. We don’t know the ultimate source of the electrical energy or matter that forms the universe. Galaxies are shaped by electrical forces and form plasma focuses at their centers, which periodically eject quasars and jets of electrons. Quasars evolve into companion galaxies. Galaxies form families with identifiable “parents” and “children”. Stars are electrical “transformers” not thermonuclear devices. There are no neutron stars or Black Holes. We don’t know the age of stars because the thermonuclear evolution theory does not apply to them. Supernovae are totally inadequate as a source of heavy elements.

The powerful electric discharges that form a stellar photosphere create the heavy elements that appear in their spectra. Stars “give birth” electrically to companion stars and gas giant planets. Life is most likely to form inside the radiant plasma envelope of a brown dwarf star! Our Sun has gained new planets, including the Earth. It is not the most hospitable place for life since small changes in the distant Sun could freeze or sterilize the Earth. Planetary surfaces and atmospheres are deposited during their birth from a larger body and during electrical encounters with other planets. Planetary surfaces bear the electrical scars of such cosmic events. The speed of light is not a barrier. Real-time communication over galactic distances may be possible. Therefore time is universal and time travel is impossible.
We are not hopelessly isolated in time and space on a tiny rock, orbiting an insignificant star in an insignificant galaxy. We are hopefully connected with the power and intelligence of the universe.

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I actually pictured the exact same thing, just not how the Histrionic, tantruming left is picturing it. Alucard is Trumpeters mocking the psychotic paranoid leftists. He could also be said leftists who don't care about SJW shit, but just wants to fuck shit up, are bored, and have a disturbing lack of empathy. Examples being Antifa and BLM, both being contradictory and hypocritical titles (show, don't tell). Integra is the majority of the world replying to said psychotics. And Millennium is the Alt-right, just taking the piss out of anyone who clutch their pearls, get their jimmies rustled, and are obsessed with thinking that Trump voters are Nazis and Klan members, regardless of no longer meaningful labels such as Republican or progressive Democrat.

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RE: Q4All: What’s disgusting about male sexuality?

Men want unwanted sex with women. That disgusts me.

There are more women with rape fantasies than there are men with rape fantasies. A lot of this is just projecting: rape fantasies are one of the number one sex fantasies among females - and because they think and daydream about 50 Shades of Rape all the time, they end up believing that men also want to rape them all the time.

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In many cases of high-profile individuals leaving the faith, we observe that their departures from the faith were not “de-conversions” as much as “realizations.”

As individuals who leave their faith behind tell their stories, we often see that they gradually grew uncomfortable with and eventually rejected aspects of Christian culture. They knew for quite a while that they were going through the motions and simply “playing along” with Christianity. After a while, these individuals accepted that they lacked a deep or connected sense of truth. They didn’t change their ideology, per se, only their identification.

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Black oppression is a meme

Blacks get way more advantage then any other race.

1. Jewstream entertainment push black interracial relationships in every commercial, movie, music video. And make white men look like fools. Making it much easier for black men to breed. It's like having your own pr team fetishizing your image.

2. Jewganda always pumping out subliminal messages. Like hes a strong black man, oh hes so oppressed but so brave.

3. Affirmative action gives negros college scholarships and jobs there are many more qualified men. But since there white there expelled. So who's really being oppressed.

4. Reparation scam: they were slaves 200 years go jfl. Most people were endangered servants who would never be relieved from bondage. Infact my relatives were indentured servants. So I come from slaves. Where is my representations. Will never even be considered cause I'm white.

5. The first slave owner in america was actually black his name was anthony johnson. Not to mention Africa sold there own men to the world as slaves.

6. Most women now prefer to be with black men. Cause of all the propaganda. So they easley get sex, love and wife's. All cause the media pushes them forward as aka black kings.

7. Black men have benefited from selective eugenic breading. The slaves would be paired with the best quality Gene's to reproduce. Hence nba and nfl athletes. Which has created more wealth then any other career for negros. But hey there suffering from slavery when in the long run they have benefited greatly.

8. BLM is a criminal organization that caused billions of dollars in property damage. Killed 100s of people. But are exonerated from there crimes.

9. Lighter criminal sentences: Infact recently a black school shooter shot 5 people at school. But was let out of jail and an hour later with a welcome home party. He claimed he did it cause he was being bullied because he comes from a wealthy family. Jfl

Any thing im.misssing let me know.

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Hello everyone! My name is Masonicon, I'm high school graduate that very fond of crossovers and I'm studying Conspiracy Theory and other things outside Mainstream Science and Current Consensus Reality as Real Life(as opposed to Current Consensus Reality) are more Sci-fi than any sci-fi stories and more fantastic than any fantasy stories and despite this, I'm lot healthier than conspiracy kitchen sink believers as people like them are believes every single Conspiracy Theories are true(including those that I despise like Zecharia Sitchin theory about Humans created by Anunnaki with Genetic engineering technology instead Allah creates us and 2012 End of the World crap)


My Dislikes:

Political Correctness(divides people by it's Skincolor, eating Habits, and so on), anyone that believes anything Pseudoscientific, Paranormal, and Supernatural are all but fictional(unless when they are pro-Capitalism, Pro-Globalization, Pro-Zionism, and/or the like, they are (Somewhat) fine), Conventionally Accepted Science and History(makes Real Life Dull, Boring, and Mundane, plus to make this even worse, most people thinks they represents Real Life and Reality(Alongside Mainstream Media) not to mention they thinks the only straightforward solution for any problems in the world are costly and requires decades of research), Global Warming(ever since Al Gore makes An Inconvenient Truth TV movie, They Makes Global Warming the world's biggest dilemma yet all that they give to everyone for solving this dilemma are Energy-Efficient appliances, Hybrid Cars, 'Renewable' Energies that has not so powerful output, and other not so effective solution, yet the only straightforward solution for this dilemma Aren't around until at least 50 years later(according to Mainstream Science) and to make this even worse, they blamed everyone that walks on the planet for this and they are always pretends to be part of us when they blamed all of us), War on Terrorism(makes people Hates Islam and I mourns so much over loss of Iraqis), David Icke when he bashes EVERY Single religions of the world in his Conspiracy Theories(I like him as Psychologist), Zecharia Sitchin, Computer and Internet problems, and just anything Overrated and Overhyped like Hannah Montana, High School musical, Jonas Brothers, Twilight, and Justin Bieber plus the like

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these last two years have been an actual nightmare

I'm unironically having more fun than I ever have in my life.
I love this shit. I was raised on dystopian cyberpunk fiction and tinfoil conspiracy stories like X-Files and Tom Clancy. I spent my teens years browsing /k/ and LARPing innadeaert with my hooligan buddies. I played a bunch of Source games and got addicted to the gloomy, bleak, grey, mournful, empty feeling of games like HL2.
I live and breathe this shit. Not only do I get absolutely rock-hard for post-apicalyotic, blackpilled, hopeless nightmare settings like this in fiction, I've been a serious prepper for over a decade now. What's more, I was even raised in a heavily-religious house and told about the Prophecies of Fatima and the Book of Revelations and the 3 Days of Darkness etc. as a child, along with being armed with a TON of prayers.
Now the entire world is in the midst of a nightmarish totalitarian PSYOP, American cities are starting to resemble post-collapse Eastern Europe, a Chinese bioweapon is loose, billions of people have been placed under house arrest and surveillance, we're approaching civil war, an unelected president was sworn in with 20k troops guarding him at the capitol, propaganda is blatant and everywhere in the most nightmarish THEY LIVE form possible, and they may unironically be implementing a mark of the beast system. I could go on and on, but this is MY SHIT.

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A guide to the basics of Biofield Tuning, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field
When Eileen McKusick began offering sound therapy in her massage practice she soon discovered she could use tuning forks to locate and hear disturbances in the energy field, or biofield, that surrounded each of her clients. Passing the tuning forks through these areas in the biofield not only corrected the distorted vibrational sounds she was hearing but also imparted consistent, predictable, and sometimes immediate relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and a host of other complaints. Now, more than 20 years later, McKusick has fully developed her sound healing method, which she calls Biofield Tuning, and created a map of the biofield, revealing the precise locations where specific emotions, memories, ailments, and traumas are stored.

In this book, McKusick explains the basics of Biofield Tuning practice and provides illustrations of her Biofield Anatomy Map. She details how to use tuning forks to find and clear pain and trauma stored in the biofield and reveals how the traditional principles and locations of the chakras correspond directly with her biofield discoveries. Exploring the science behind Biofield Tuning, she examines scientific research on the nature of sound and energy and explains how experiences of trauma produce “pathological oscillations” in the biofield, causing a breakdown of order, structure, and function in the body.

Offering a revolutionary perspective on mind, energy, memory, and trauma, McKusick’s guide to Biofield Tuning provides new avenues of healing for energy workers, massage therapists, sound healers, and those looking to overcome chronic illness and release the traumas of their past.

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Here's how moronic the whole climate change thing is. They are demonizing carbon with no thought that this is a carbon-based existence. So if all life is carbon-based and we go and wage war on carbon, then aren't we shooting ourselves in the foot? Everything recycles down here. The pressure underneath the ocean floor spews out oil into the ocean and the ocean recycles it daily. That is a natural function of the earth. If the earth did not recycle, we would be toast.

For example, they worry about air pollution (as well as many other things because they are just a miserable lot of people). Polluted air is heavier than pure air. If you shut down all factories and automobiles, then the polluted air will settle to the ground and it will recycle. In cities where pollution is a problem is because they keep pumping it into the air every day. The problems these crybabies whine about are not real.

Let's look at what God says:

Gen 8:22 "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease."

So He's promising us that while we're here that He will ensure things continue so we can live. Notice He first said "seedtime and harvest?" This is a firm statement that He will keep the climate working normally so that we can grow crops - that we can farm and have food. If the climate ever got out of whack all life would perish eventually.

I mentioned very little here. There's a lot more that debunks this nonsense. The point is, they don't think anything through. They are just a bunch of parrots (useful idiots) that only follow the narratives they are given because they won't think for themselves.

So . . .I'm pro-carbon

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Seems a big topic nowadays, especially for "Progressives" (Communists) is climate change/global warming.

I believe it's an "act of God", same as global warming/cooling of the past. If man was gonna cause global warming, it woulda been in nthe hundred years between 1845 & 1945, when prodigious amounts of fossil fuels & wood were burned for uses ranging from home heating to steelmaking. There are still some old buildings & trees in England blackened from coal soot. During both World Wars, massive amounts of air pollution were released from gunpowder explosions of all types, as well as from huge fires caused by bombilg & artillery. In WW2, a bomber often burned 5000 to 8000 gallons of fuel on one mission, with many millions averaging 300 or more aircraft-not mto mention petroleum-based fuels used by other military vehicles and ships. But yet, much of Europe saw severe winters in 1944 & 45 when the effects of all that air pollution shoulda been at their worst!

I believe that global warming is part of God's plan for the end times & will contribute to the "great trib" that'll hit the whole world, as Jesus' return approaches. I don't believe man can do a thing about it.

What are YOUR opinions?????????????????????????????

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So the Great Pyramid was being resonated at the Schumann frequency, and with limestone and granite being piezoelectric that meant mechanical oscillations would be converted into electrical oscillations. Further, mass itself generates gravity waves when shaken or accelerated, so the pyramid was creating mechanical, gravitational, electric, and magnetic waves at the resonant frequency of the planet. All the while being located at the center of Earth’s land mass and having a height to base ratio that mimics the ratio between earth’s polar radius to equatorial radius. That’s why scholars saying it was merely a tomb are out of their minds.

Ok, so while it’s doing all that, plasma inside is ignited by the alien technology and then vocal sounds are passed through it. Plasma consists of electrically charged particles and sound waves are longitudinal in nature, that means they compress back and forth rather than wiggle side to side when they travel. When you send longitudinal waves through a plasma, the charges are moved longitudinally and since accelerating charges emit energy, the result is longitudinal waves which are also known as scalar or electrogravitational waves. So you have these longitudinal scalar waves encoding a certain vowel sound, being put atop the 7.8 Hz carrier wave or vice versa, and with a piece of alien technology at the heart of it all. The vowel sound, well you know about the power of the word, of magical invocations, about the Logos and how in the beginning there was the Word.

Oddly similar to what HAARP is doing nowadays with resonating the ionosphere, right? Except this was over five thousand years ago and made primarily of stone and set into motion by water. The thing probably lit up like Christmas tree due to all the plasma and electrical fields, so isn’t it funny that in the Old Testament, the Great Pyramid was referred to as Mount Horeb, which means glowing mountain.

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I know we hate androphillic women but I also hate lesbians who center men in their lives.

I used to be a religious viewer of a famous white lesbian couple (rose & rosie) but ever since they got a son I can't bear to watch it. The way they fawn and make him the center of attention. It disgusts me even more than androphillic women doing because my excuse for androphillic doing it is brain damage due to being coomed by testoids. But what excuse do these lesbians have? They are not fucking moids in anyway but still give their blood, sweat and energy on these pieces of shit exactly like androphillic women do.

Worst, now he has 2 women to feed on. He will grow up to be more depraved and entitled. Look at sons of boymom and how depraved and needy they are. We are truly fucking doomed if women who aren't fucking moids still are cucks for them.

Lesbians are only a porn category to moids, they shouldn't have children. It's one of the most fetishized groups of women, you shouldn't even admit to it if you're one. Their beloved little piece of shit son will sexualize them as well when he grows up and will find out what jerking off is. Even gays would be better to raise kids. If it's a girl, she'd have two father figures what wouldn't groom her to be a groomed emo teen, like in most straight relationships since scrotes don't care about their offspring. If it's a boy... heh, I don't care.

Bisexual women aren't real. They're straight women who grow up on a diet of woman fixated porn and movies. They're more straight than normal straight women - their perspective is so wrapped around what men want that they end up thinking they want it too.

Which means "Bisexual women" are just advanced cuckqueans. Pathetic how almost every woman nowadays thinks she's bisexual. Stacies think they're bisexual, average polyamory bitches think they're bisexual, stars think they're bisexual. I'm really starting to hate female body seeing that it arouses everyone.

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The worlds largest and oldest secret society
The Freemasons
Are involved in the promotion and propagation
Of the heliocentric model

From 1969 to 1972
The Freemasons at NASA
Claim to have made 6 Apollo missions to the moon

Which promoted the idea we live on a spinning ball

The backdrop of the lunar footage
Had multiple light sources

The sun should be the only light source

Shadows should all be cast in the opposite direction of the sun
But went in every which way
Indicative of a studio set

Rover tracks are seen before the Lunar Rover was sent out
Sneaker prints which only can be made on soft moist ground are also seen
Stars which should overwhelm the night sky are completely absent
An American flag is seen flapping around in a non existent atmosphere
Wires can be seen hoisting the astronauts up
Moon rocks have been analyzed and found to be petrified wood
The Lunar Lander is supposed to have rendezvoused at the exact second it needed to
With the Control Module as it circled around the moon
Both going over a thousand miles per hour
This is supposed to have happened 6 times without a hitch

In reality the moon is transparent and stars can be seen through it
It is not a terrestrial like solid object
Capable of landing anything on it

Now images are supposed to occur from a Space Station
But are either from a high altitude plane called the Vomit Comet
In which a Zero G floating effect can be achieved
Or in their underwater training facility
Space bubbles are really water bubbles

All globe earth pictures are computer generated images
They want us to believe we are hairless apes
Spinning on a fantasy cartoon ball

They want us to believe in a combination
Of pseudoscience and religious deception

That we are helpless victims of a vengeful deterministic god
Who requires constant praise and submission

And that a half man half god
Will come floating down from heaven
To teleport to heaven those lucky few
Who will escape the tortures of hell!

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(note: this is a quote from the article, read entire article if you want, but this is just one part of it)

To put feathers on a lizard, for example, would require a favorable macromutation that would add a long strand of properly sequenced base pairs to the DNA. Though theoretically possible such a favorable macromutation has never
been observed. A step by step series of small mutations to gradually put
feathers on a lizard would also be implausible because partially formed feathers would be disadvantageous to the lizard. The needed macromutation with hundreds of properly sequenced base pairs would be as hyper-improbable as the chance formation of the protein we discussed above. We can confidently say that virtually all steps in the alleged macroevolution process would fail the UPM test. Evolution is falsified.

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(Canadian Anon 1)

White Students Not Allowed at Pennsylvania School District's Drone Camp

The worst part about the states white hate is that it bled into Canada

We used to all hate brown people now we welcome them and want to push the whites out

(Catalonian Anon)

That's a ten million dollar settlement just waiting to happen.

LMAO. hahahaha the law does not apply when it protects whites. you're still in the year 1990 brotha.

(American Anon 1)
Nothing will happen.
Why? Because no one will sue.
This is illegal, but there is not ONE organization to sue them
If it was reverse however, there would be 100 organizations pouring in and sue the school to oblivion
This is the weakness of our system

We don’t have any organization who defend whites for discrimination like this

(Canadian Anon 2)
You naive moron

Discrimination laws do not apply to white people and there is countless precedent to support that

(American Anon 2)
America has privileged/protected classes which maintain special rights as a form of repayment for lack of representation previously. It’s the same reason nonwhites can have work organizations designed for their needs and networks, but a white based one is illegal

(American Anon 3)
>White kids not allowed to attend drone camp.
>White kids decide to make their own drone camp.
>Black kids get mad because all their drones are mysteriously broken or stolen
>Black kids demand to be allowed to attend white kids drone camp, Citing general systemic racism for being the reason that they have no equipment.

(American Anon 4)

They're going to create so much pressure that they're going to end up with mainstream support for pro-White organizations.

If only you knew how cucked whites really are

(American Anon 5)
whites will go fucking extinct with the last one whining about how its unfair rather than burn down buildings and kill the people in charge of genociding them. congrats bitch. once youre dead from the vaxx your kids are going to be rape meat

Unknown 4channer #dunning-kruger #racist i.ibb.co

Black "History"

>living in the stone age when the Egyptians show up and start slaughtering and enslaving them
>never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>still living in the stone age thousands of years later when the Arabs show up and start and enslaving them
>still never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>STILL living in the stone age hundreds of years later when the Whites and Jews show up and start enslaving them
>STILL never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>live on plantations for a few hundred years where quality of life is greatly improved
>Whites feel bad and free them, blacks contribute basically nothing to the endeavor
>steal some instruments, play them poorly, call it "jazz"
>get allowed to play on sports team
>do well because running fast is the only thing they are capable of doing well
>whites still feel bad about how retarded blacks are and give them special rights, privileges, and handouts
>squander them all on weed and crack
>pawn all instruments away for drug money, start grunting into a microphone without any rhythm, call it "rap"
>whites STILL feel bad about how retarded blacks are, to they elect a halfbreed to be president

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Since pride month is coming up just wanna let y'all know that asexuals never have and never will face systemic oppression in the workplace, healthcare, housing market, adoption, or literally any other institution, literally EVER. You are not LGBT if you do not have to fight tooth and nail for your civil rights like lesbians, gay people, bisexuals, and transgender people do. If petty insults and ignorance are the worst you get over your "sexuality", you are not welcome to join us. You can be proud, sure, but you do not have a place at Pride.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #homophobia #pratt #psycho #sexist #transphobia #wingnut patriots.win

RE: We're reaching levels of tranny mental illness that shouldn't even be possible.



I take solice in knowing at least one of them will commit suicide in the near future.

If we're lucky, both.


how are there men out there that want to have sex with another man but to have their penis and balls cutoff first?

Gee when you put it like that it almost sounds like a mental illness 🤔

How dare you perceive reality correctly

Trans people don't exist, it's just extra kinky homosexuals. Change my mind.


I'm not sure what I just read. Trannies hate gays? I'm not even going to try and comprehend this shit.

homosexuality is more or less normalized (ugh)

trannies arent anywhere close to that level of acceptance (yet)

The insanely unrealistic expectations, the mood swings, the lack of disclosure until after the fact... are we sure this isn't a woman or is it just the hormone therapy?

I’m not sure if the never-stick-it-in-the-crazy rule applies here. Confused.

I’m pretty sure the toss-off-a-roof rules DOES apply, though.

Roof, parking garage, mountain top...whatever is handy.

That's a 41%er homophobe. 🤡

41% isn't high enough.

It's a good start...


The trans community is the most hateful, degenerate group of scumbags I've ever seen in my life.

Look at those horrid, beastly, things that trotted out front of Netflix protesting Dave Chappelle. Those nasty dudes are all sorts of messed up. It always starts with getting diddled at some point as a kid and then they go on to recruit and perpetuate the sickness.

Not all faggots are pedos, but all pedos are faggots.


I wish the earth was flat so we could throw them all off the edge.

The whole planet is an edge if you have a helicopter.

Michael Love and The Pleiadians #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger 5dearthproject.com







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NYPD officer accused of plotting to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband and her boyfriend’s teenage daughter sentenced to 48 months for obstruction of justice. With time off for good behavior, she could be home in six months

Meanwhile my brother is serving 10 years for possession of drugs...

America, land of the...what do we stand for again?

If you are white, male, straight, then this ruling political elite despises you today.

"obstruction of justice" They had her dead to rights on solicitation of murder (including a staged murder of her ex)

Female privilege right here. Any man would be spending 20 to life in Prison.

Even if she got 20 to life. Womens prisons are a joke compared to mens

She's a cop and a woman, meaning she has both a pussy pass and the cops protecting her.


Pussy privilege

We need to start pushing against this how can I vote to get this dude off of a judge seat is there anything we can do or are we just fucked. Once they start losing their jobs they'll start caring

Of course if a man did this, he would get 20 years in prison. The pussy pass is real.

After some years these people called "federal judge" will confess that they took orders from top to release criminals with small penalties if they are woman.

Thomas Müller #homophobia #racist #wingnut #dunning-kruger winterwatch.net

Abrief published  by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in 2016 claimed that Southerners’ “racism” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South, where instances of infection are disproportionately elevated among African Americans and homosexuals. Then, moving from the sublime to the ridiculous and with contorted logic and mental gymnastics, the corrupt CDC blames “stigma” for high infection rates, not risky behavior.
Shame on you, whitey and straight people. Yet, this very same agency, the CDC, has other studies out about sexual behaviors that point to something altogether different.

Note for fuzzy thinkers: Our deductive reasoning is that heterosexuals, as a rule of thumb, have sexual contact with other heterosexuals and homosexuals with other homosexuals. Bisexuals come in contact with both genders. In our open-source research on homosexual rape of heterosexual men or vice versa, we conclude it is not that common except in prisons.
Hate to burst your bubble, perv justice warriors (PJWs). We have causa proxima data and evidence that a significantly higher number of homosexual students — relative to heterosexuals — are rapists or are being raped (by a factor of 3.29 to one), are violent towards partners (2.70 times), are promiscuous (2.69 times) and have serious drug use issues (seven to 10 times, depending on drug). The data points to a rape-violence drug subculture among homosexuals, yet where is the protest?

In addition, somehow the same agency (CDC) that did this very study feeds the SJW and PJW lies and deceit to blame white and/or straight “bigotry” for the HIV epidemic among homosexuals. You can’t make this shit up.

Various MRAs #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Girl Forces Boy To Have Sex With Dog, Judge’s Decision Creates Controversy

Yet more proof that it's better to be a women in today's society than it is to be a man. Imagine the world catering to your every need, simply because they want to fuck you. Heh. Fucking amazing.


Attempted murder, rape and filming of CP

Gets 4 years

Up to 4. She could be out much sooner and put on probation due to good behavior.

if that was a man it would be 10 years or 20 years.

double standards more like 10x standards

if overnight the men just quit any army or what not you would have leverage.

the government is a scam, and relies on the army for nefarious purposes. the framers of the constitution despised a standing army and any draft system, they did have a voluntary militia that was drawn up when needed for the war with uk.

Another day another pussy pass. Starting to become numb to them, they used to really upset me because they are ultimately unjust. Just have to accept women are treated with kid's gloves in this society.


This is every evil and messed up act in the freaking book. Forcing a boy to have sex with a dog and knifepoint whilst filming it. Let alone an Autistic boy!

truly horrifying oppression that is happening in the present day and all men have to see how little their lives matter and still no one cares. I really don't even know what to sa


" Judge Densford also “acknowledged evidence that Bush suffered trauma as a child and multiple concussions as a Chopticon cheerleader. And he concluded that it didn’t make sense to send her to an adult prison”

From now on I'm a transleader.

I see the Patriarchy strikes again /s

Judges are definitely idiots with a title. They are the greatest example, no matter that you go to college, you still can be more of an asshole than many uneducated people.

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BBF thinks she knows ALL femcels thought processes…

At this point I don't see a big difference between femcels and incels. Both groups are resentful of women. Nine out of ten times, femcels are just sad that they are not objectified or degraded and can't be a sex toy. They don't care about male violence they are angry at pretty women not at men overall because women stole "their" mostly innocent boys. Femcels don't want to kill pretty women only because they don't have biological urges to kill like men do but they can be really hateful and jealous. Really most women's lives revolve around men and sex just like men's lives revolve around women and sex, women just don't want to fuck 24/7 like men. I am starting to think femcels are as delusional and disturbing as incels or even more...

How delusional. Like most Stacies and Beckies’ fuck even normies’ lives don’t also revolve around sex and male validation? Give me a fucking break. Most women are not any psychologically different in this regard. Also, most femcels were bullied by other women who are more attractive than them their whole lives so of course most will resent those women. On top of that, we may not be catcalled but we are also ostracized by men for not being attractive and made to feel as if we should just disappear. These bitches just want us to stay silent about our issues because they don’t to want believe that god, forbid, some women actually have it worse than them.

It proves that BPF cannot support itself without hating on somebody (preferably women), they spend every day calling all women pick-mes (all except BPF ofc), naturally submissive (except BPF), their defeatist mindset doesn’t give room for self-improvement, at least femcels have ascension to look forward to.

I agree with you entirely, at least most femcels actually can improve and are capable of possessing the mindset to find happiness. These bitches are just rotten to the core no matter what.

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(Transcended Trucel)
Blackpill MLP PORN pill (brutal slavpill)

Countries that search for MLP porn more than the worldwide average.


What’s wrong with you niggas

Cultures close to horses and poneys ending up IN the poney
Horse milking has another meaning for Mongols I guess

Probably true

almost only subhuman countries

brutal af :blackpill:

I thought Canada would be #1 since they are animal fuckers.

Yes, we also had our own slavic ponycon hosted in Russia and own russian mlp forum called "tabun". It's actually still up.
For some reason there's just something beautiful for slavic low value men to escape into the fairytale of beautiful and loyal creatures. Even if they're fucking cartoon horses.
It's literally better to fap to ponies than try to talk to foids in Russia. All femoids from CIS region are massive golddigging bitches that start to whore themselves from late preteens.

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Terry McAuliffe, Imbecile

This has got to be seen to be believed. It's hard to understand how base, dishonest and idiotic this man truly is:


Insanity begets insanity...

I'm not going to tell you what it is, just that it's racist to even ask and anyway, no one is teaching it despite all the unions vowing to protect all the teachers teaching it.

No one can define it first of all.

First of all, CRT is actually quite well-defined, with a number of books on ithaving been published over the last 30 years or so. Second, it's not quite the point to say they aren't teaching it, because to teach it would open it to objective study and criticism. What is being done is CRT's assumptions and methodologies are being introduced to students without them even being aware of it. As such, lies are taken as axiomatically true.


Through the adaptation of CRT's assumptions: the USA is irredeemably racist and all of its institutions are shot through with racism. This is being taught as true in schools today. It's also taught that any disparity in favorable outcomes is due to racism solely....the passage about "subtle dynamics" is tautological eyewash that means nothing.

"CRT" is never mentioned, but all of its precepts and assumptions are treated as fact when they are nothing but ideological hokum.

CRT is anti-West, as evidenced by this passage from Delgado and Stefancic:

“Unlike traditional civil rights, which embraces incrementalism and step-by-step progress, critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law.”


I cited Delgado and Stefancic for my contentions, two high priests of CRT. And you? No one. If you'd like, I'll provide more citations from even more CRT boosters.

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A key test of Europe's "strategic autonomy" blather would be to solve this, militarily if needed, without the Anglo-Americans.

Serbia 'threatening third Balkan war', warns Kosovan prime minister

Serbia was isolated in 1999 , Russia and China were irrelevant and weak. not the situation in 2021. Euro federalists have to understand Serbia has Russia+ China on their support. And they did not forget what Europeans did to Serbia in 1999.

China and Serbia strengthening military ties

Russia, Belarus, Serbia kick off Slavic Brotherhood joint counter-terror drills

Serbians like Russian and Chinese were slaughtered and killed by Nazis and their puppets/allies . Jasenovac concentration camp is something we will never forget nor forgive.

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The 'vaxxine passports' are going to fail catastrophically and all of the people who advocated for unethical coercion, segregation and discrimination are going to be the bad guys in the story.

Like they always are.

There are people who still think this is all about health and public safety.

The way some people try to label everyone who doesn't want THIS particular injection an 'anti-vaxxer' is hilarious.

They think it's clever but it really demonstrates their own stupidity, lack of empathy, and inability to comprehend basic nuance.

He spreads vaccine misinformation, and it's clearly done for clicks/views/$. Just boring now

Yeah, it is ME spreading 'vaccine misinformation'. Not the politicians, media pundits, or globo organisations that have lied to you from day one and every day since.

I don't know how you can live with yourself being this disingenuous.

Cognitive dissonance is crazy.

Good morning to everybody, except those who support discrimination, segregation, and unequal treatment of their fellow citizens.

If you support medical tyranny, outright segregation, mistreatment, trampling of human rights, and/or aggression against peaceful people, then you are indeed my enemy.

They've drawn their lines. I will draw mine. I am not the aggressor in this situation. I advocate for liberty.

Globally, governments and their cronies have been imprisoning innocent people, trampling civil liberties, implementing segregation, and disregarding humans rights. For 18 months+

But people would rather talk about transgender bathrooms, what foods are racist, and the weather.

This is pretty damning. I recommend reading the whole article.

So much dodgy stuff has occurred over the past 20 months. I don't think people fully appreciate how serious some of it will prove to be.

More whistleblowers in the medical world are starting to speak up and expose shenanigans.

It feels like this whole thing is unravelling. Slowly, but surely... Give it time.

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brazilphile-cel trait: you begin to fetishsizing southern european looking foids

im not talking about latinas, like the typical mestiza type of face and skin tone from mexico or colombia, but the "white" southern european type. often dark brown or almost black hair, but with light eyes, preferbly blue. their faces usually look uniquely southern european, i dont know how to describe it but you can just tell, such faces typically has a subtle difference to typical light eyed brunettes from Anglo countries (to uncultured eyes, they look the same "white", though, but im too high IQ to not notice the subtlety). blued eyed southern european stacies are gorgeous in their own way and i feel them mog most western european foids (english, german, dutch etc.)

especially in the context of brazilian foids, morenas can often mog loiras and ruivas, especially considering most brazilian loiras are fake blondes anyways and face look ugly. brazilian morenas love to dye their hair blonde, which is annoying and they love to tan, again, annoying tan lines are disgusting imo. morenas look best in their natural state, though sometimes dyed blonde hair with dark roots can look appealing too and add flavor, but tan lines are always bad.

and for some reason i gradually begin to feel english as vulgar or something and find portugues better sounding honestly cant stand fucking porn any more with those whores shouting "fuck me" "fuck me daddy" "oh yeah" "harder" "just like that" and all those trash ass low brow english bullshit and actually prefer to turn the sound off and pretend the foid is moaning in portugues or something and that shes a branca brasileira

maybe ive been binge watching some series de televisao from brazil too much in the past week. getting culturally assimilated probably the same process how some white foids develop taste for rice through watching kpop and how weebs develope fetish for jap foids through anime

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Well that's a new one

Isnt your skin white too?

He is pissed off because he is just a Polack. Slavs are literally the slave race off rich european countries. 70% of all prostitutes are from EE and they suck dicks for practically pocket change. The vast majority of EE men work minimum wage (or at least low paying) manual labor jobs.

However, this thread is just low quality bait, but I give him a bump for the effort anyway.

Is that why Putin hates the west?

Could be idk.

Have you enjoyed some of that slav pussy for pocket change

Yes and I only paid 50€. She was a solid 8/10 and I coomed on her tits without paying extra. She was also really friendly.

Brutal ngl

It's the truth. The funny thing is that soys will use this as an argument to justify immigration, but they simultaneously admit that immigrants are nothing more than modern SLAVes. I'm so glad that McDonald's introduced those touch screen panels to order and pay your food because I don't have to interact with some low IQ immigrant anymore.

slav's seem to cope a lot with masc stuff, white knighting, and other thugmaxxing stuff. seems like the lower iq you are, the more likely you are to thugmaxx

damn. and to think tesla was a slav

Yeah, there are always exceptions to the rule. This post wasn't just an insult, it's literally the truth.

lol your future is just as bleak as slavs once your will run of wealth, future is painted with chink colours

Keep coping, Polack. You are the slave race of Europe and this will be the case until the day I die

you were raped by slavs literally just like your pathetic nation at fall of the berlin

Few foids were raped by slavs 70 years ago. So what? EE is a shithole. We lost two world wars but we're still the economic powerhouse of europe. You made this thread at 3:40am local time. Do you even have job? I could get you one. 10€/h in a brothel, cleaning rooms.

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RE: ‘Eastern European discrimination awareness’ part 6.

What’s the point of this? Some people are dicks but that’s nothing new.

To bring awareness to problems in Europe that are worth solving?

Then why title it "east european bla"? Are you aware that we all have to deal with bias? That is in fact how our brains work, thinking in boxes. Not easy to overcome.

A lot of people commenting thanked me for posting this. Also, there were people saying they got PTSD, depression, low confidence due to all the discrimination they have experienced. The problem is very real.

And now what? You want a east-block history and awareness month in all schools over the world? People walking with candles and forming human chains? "Hand in hand for eastern lands"? Benefit concerts?

When will people learn to grow the fuck up. React in the very situation. Actually step up for yourselves. If you do that, i promise you won’t have to deal with ptsd

Local man baffles doctors, invents incredible new method to remove mental trauma by "Just toughening up bro"

Everyone says this until they get the shit beaten out of them once and their minds change. I’ve had my moment. I hope you are protected enough by those around you that you’ll never be in that position. The world simply isn’t that black and white.

I just don’t deal with shit people. If somebody calls me slurs because of resentments against my country of origin then i know that this person is trash. But when i see an option that they are just stupid, then i try to educate them (like a grown up). This is all im saying.

Listen, the only appropriate reaction is “oh yeah, that should not be happening in a europe we’re trying to build”. I would really like you to be stepping up when getting consistently literally zero callbacks after applying to over 700 entry level positions after obtaining a master’s degree unless it’s a cleaning or construction work.

Were i live this doesn’t applies.

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Alien and UFO researchers are baffled by reports that important ancient Egyptian artifacts were found in the Jerusalem home of renowned Egyptologist Sir William Petrie, and that these one-of-a-kind artifacts may rewrite ancient history.
Alien Egyptian antiquities were found concealed in a secret chamber beneath the bookshelf in Petrie’s home. Before his death in 1942, it was said that Egyptologist had discovered proof of alien life and perhaps history on Earth, but for whatever reason decided to keep his discoveries hidden. Alien enthusiasts are puzzled that the items may never be made public after the Rockefeller Museum took ownership of them.

Ancient Egyptians may have been linked to sophisticated extraterrestrial civilization, according to artifacts discovered in Petrie’s old Jerusalem house. Two mummified corpses that are smaller than four feet tall seem “potentially extraterrestrial in origin.” The mummies’ skeletons include classic extraterrestrial features such as “elongated skulls, huge eye sockets, and lengthy spinal arms.”

Other things, such as mechanical gadgets and a golden disc with a transparent top, seemed to be far ahead of their time and “extremely sophisticated.” The high-tech gadgets, according to Ambella, feature “a complex mechanism encircled by gold spiral tubing with many tiny gold orbs and crosses connected to it.”
The ancient Egyptian civilization’s superiority leads UFO enthusiasts to think that extraterrestrial entities may have visited the Earth in the distant past and may have assisted ancient humans in the building of the Pyramids of Giza and other magnificent structures.

Theorists of ancient aliens continue to argue why Sir William Petrie and his colleagues kept these amazing alien Egyptian artifacts hidden and did not make them available to the “whole public.”

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A Battering Ram of Facts

In 2012, Jared Taylor wrote, “Like communism, liberalism will be battered to death by the facts before it concedes that its morality was mistaken.” Mr. Taylor’s best known book, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, published ten years ago, is a 300-page battering ram of facts.

The first four chapters, in particular, are a relentless demonstration that “multiculturalism” is a burden and a failure. There are hundreds of examples, making his book almost encyclopedic. Here are some memorable ones. On page 86:

46 percent of whites adopted by whites said they felt a sense of not belonging. For non-whites adopted by whites, the figure rose to close to 75 percent.

A 2005 study on domestic violence in the US found that the incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages.

One study for the period of 1979 to 1981 found that white men who married black women were 21.4 times more likely to be killed by their spouses than white men who married white women. A white woman increased her risk of being killed 12.4 times by marrying a black man. Marrying a white did not appreciably change a black person’s risk of being killed by his or her spouse.

No other book so comprehensively lays out the evidence for why race realists are right and egalitarians are wrong. With its neutral, journalistic tone and its hundreds of endnotes, White Identity is an invaluable attempt to deliver the facts to the unconvinced.

That is the book’s greatest strength — and its greatest weakness. There’s a rumor that a very prominent conservative commentator began reading White Identity but put it down because he found it too depressing. I’m confident that’s why many conservatives are hesitant to learn more about race. Liberals, meanwhile, are content to call dissenting views “racist” and ignore the facts.

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Anyway incase you haven't noticed most fat/inflation art doesn't look or try to be realistic, that's because nature wants men to breed with a thin and skinny women because they have the best chance at having successful kids. Remember nature just wants creatures to screw a different member of their species with the opposite reproductive organs and have kids to continue the species and probably evolve into something else. It's just an aspect of life on earth, it's not an active force that has an agenda. Nature can be scary because of how impersonal and merciless it is, but it does give you an honest, clear answer.

And reason why being slim with large boobs and a large ass is so popular is because it's a quirk left over from caveman looking for the ideal breast to hip ratio. Because the wider hips mean an easier time giving birth and large breasts mean the women can produce more milk and feed the kids.