Not nearly as smart as they think they are

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Excerpts from a guy explaining why fan fiction turns girls Trans

“And ‘gay ships’ online, gay erotica, can provide a vector for the girl to explore relationships and sexuality with the male objects of her infatuation — without confronting all that resentment, insecurity, hatred and self-doubt that is triggered by female love interest and male-female relationships.

“When it's two men it can be very seductive, because these girls love men, and they don't want to see the women — and it's like this weird, perfect storm for them.”

“The fandom community is going to have that hierarchy — if you are a cis-het white person, you're evil, you're terrible, you're horrible, you're disgusting, you're an oppressor. But if you're trans, if you're gay, if you're not white, then you are amazing. And everybody needs to be super nice to you.

“The LGBT spectrum is really elevated in these fandom communities, partly because of that love of the male-male pairings where these girls are obsessed with the very idea of gay men. They almost think they're being pro-LGBT by sharing gay fan fiction.

“They're developing an aversion to male-female relationships. They can start to over-identify with the ‘gay ships’, in this [online 24/7] environment where there are no checks and balances on the fantasy. It's all these young girls identifying as trans together, ‘shipping the ships’ together. It's so easy to have your identity lines blurred, to start to over-identify with being a gay trans boy. And then gender ideology comes along and says, this is all a sign that deep down, you really want to be a boy.”

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American Slaves had better quality of life than many free African-Americans do today

Under the Plantation Slave system the slaves were guaranteed productive employment, food, and shelter. Can people in modern urban ghettos say the same? Many poor African Americans today are obese, suffer poorly managed diabetes and other chronic conditions related to morbid obesity and poor nutrition. On the plantations the slaves got plenty of exercise and ate more natural less processed foods and were healthier for it. All the horrible street drugs that cripple with addiction and kill by overdose didn't exist on the plantations.

While disobedient slaves may be punished with a whip is that really worse than being punished with homelessness and years in prison? I don't think so. A wise Master would never seriously injure his slaves as punishment because the slave was an expensive investment. Today Police, even black Police, brutalize and kill African Americans quickly and with little consequence largely because they have no wealthy, influential Master who values and protects them.

In the Plantation days children were sometimes separated from their father due to him being sold, but there was still much less fatherlessness than there is among black families today. Wise Masters taught their slaves to be obedient, God-fearing Christians and live by Christian family values. Today the rappers glorify promiscuity, wanton hedonism, street violence, and indulgence in every vice. Today many African-American Churches are just schemes to provide the preachers with money and women. Many, likes the Black Muslims and Black Israelites, also encourage radical Politics and Black separatism. Nothing good can come of this ignorance and corruption of Christ's message! Also note that the Bible never explicitly condemns slavery as an institution, it just condemns certain specific slave-owners like the Egyptians.

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Politicizing Roots
Whereas before Slavic autochtonism was a stumbling block on the road to consolidation of the lands of the overstretched reformed Germany Empire, now Slavic authochtonism is a major problem for the plans laid out for Europe in general. Since, as we see recently, the party line is that anyone can come to Europe and anyone can be a European, the idea of a “native” or indigenous population is not too popular an idea.
And so, it is difficult not to notice that, beginning in the 1990s (or late 1980s even) the German juggernaut was being repurposed as a steamroller against the resurgence of ugly Slavic nationalism. Foundations and institutes were established. Scientific articles were written. And donations and subsidies were handed out to understanding individuals and various “independent” organizations all over Central Europe

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Weston lays out the scheme or The Plan: a homogenized religion (globohomo) that would substitute for the worship of God, called the “worship of man.” The worship of man is rooted in many primitive cults. Such philosophies appeal to the lower instincts, and engender hate, malice, deceit. They are the basis of occultism today.
As eastern religions evolved from their primitive stage, the priestly magicians became fearful for their position. If the people were to shake off superstition, develop a code of ethics based on reason and receive their inspiration directly from God, they would cease to support and venerate the priesthood.
This surreal black magik method — which we point out and call “the cartoon world” on these pages — goaded the population by the dread of helpless isolation (learned helplessness) and fascination by the brilliant new colors religion (Super Bowl halftime shows, etc) had assumed. The people placed unbounded faith in the pure rainbow ideals, vast knowledge and perceived enlightenment of their priests.

This ancient mystery religion is best revealed in entertainment and especially musical performance. There are sources online who focus on this more closely and effectively than I, but we all see it once we’re awake. This pushes a “union with God” theocracy and has a sexual meaning as a hook.

Man is placed on a par with his creator. Both are divine and immortal. Man creates when he procreates. No doctrine was ever better devised to destroy reason by self-conceit and to plunge man into lust and crime.
A group of people in this state can all be led to act as one man. There is a collective ego that supersedes the individual ego. Each person identifies his own ego with the collective ego. Then the group is animated by a common discordian hatred against society and a thirst for “vengeance” or, that is, bloodshed.

These persons become part of a secret society (whether they know it or not), held together by a common hatred, depravity and greed.

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Incidentally, we have no idea what language the Germanic tribes of Caesar’s or Tacitus’ time used – we are told “German” but, if you ask anyone, “how do you know that”, you get blank stares. Why? Because they do not know how to respond and the reason is that not a single shred of evidence exists that the so-called Germanic tribes – other than the Goths, Vandals, Lombards and Franks – spoke a Germanic language. But wasn’t Arminius a Germanic tribesman par excellence? The -us is a Latin ending that followed many Germanic names ending in a consonant. The -in ending is believed to be – at least in that part of Europe – a Slavic ending. But wasn’t he Hermann? No, he was Armin. And names of the sort existed later in Central Europe’s Slavic dukedoms, e.g., Prince Barnim. Unless we think that Armenia is also a German country? Armenia/Germania, hmmm… looks similar, and we are all Indo-Europeans, so why not? That’s the same logic as making Armin into a Hermann.)

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Whatever Remains, However Improbable

First, as we already pointed out the Romans have used the word Germania to designate an area where northern folk lived. To the Romans they would have appeared similar since the Romans judged them by their own looks, language, culture. But would they appear so similar to one another? In other words, there is really nothing to suggest that all the tribes there were similar in all respects – including language. And, even if so, we do not know what that language was.
So here we have Germanic tribes of:

let’s add Franks too.
we had Ariovistus and Veleda and Ganna and Masyus – were these Germanic names? They sound (well, “look and sound”) Slavic or Baltic or maybe Avestani but not Germanic

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They encounter those Suevi or proto-Suevi that live on the border of today’s Germany and France, subdue them or assimilate them and press on. Why? Because the good stuff is in the South – the Sun, the beaches, the women, the really fast chariots with spoilers – in other words, civilization. The process takes hundreds of years as the funnel keeps sending forth new hordes always southwards. Whatever Suevic tribes existed in their path become Germanized; others become the Suevi of Tacitus retreating beyond the Rhine; yet others retreat westwards towards Bretagne.In a way Europe and the Slavic lands are cloven asunder by these northern invaders (though, again, the “cleaving” can be left aside if we forgo the Veneti of Bretagne but we are not yet ready to do so, so let the cleaving go on).

Eventually, these new mixed peoples – let’s call them Galls – make it to the Alps and push around them on both sides. A kind of Thor’s Hammer forms with the handle reaching up to Scandinavia but the head of it pressed against the Alps. Finally, the Galls begin to raid Italy just as Rome rises.

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[From “A Face Only a Mother Could Love”]

The uncanny valley effect is a hypothesized psychological and aesthetic relation between an object’s degree of resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to the object. With that in mind, phenotype is the set of observable characteristics of an individual[…]Physiognomy is a person’s facial features or expression, especially when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin. The lattermost is often regarded as pseudo-scientific for reasons I am sure all of you are capable of surmising on your own[…]
Strange desire young Millennials and Zoomers have to warp their natural appearances, more so than simply being out of shape. So many of them are covered in meaningless tattoos, dyed hair, piercings, bad haircuts, pallid and sallow skin color, and very poor sense of clothing style[…]
My main reason for bringing this up is how this uncanny valley relates to genetics[…]Inner city Negroes come to mind here. They are a concoction of drugs and rough living with a strong, but conveniently unresearched, possibility of being heavily inbred due to so many of them not having the slightest clue who their fathers are. The same can be said for a lot of these Hispanics and Indians flooding across the border[…]
Speaking of Hispanics and Arabs, miscegenation is creating the strangest and worst of these phenotypes. It is very telling that all of the most heavily racially miscegenated societies, big or small, throughout history always fall into squalor. They are never successful[…]
The phenotypes of the raceless peoples give it away. Mulattoes are not attractive people, and they are resulting in emerging genetic and medical deficiencies. Modern America is engaging in some seriously abhorrent breeding practices[…]A Caucasian female of good stock cannot reproduce with a Negro and expect the child to look normal, attractive, or healthy[…]
Anyway, the world is going to continue to get uglier. Get used to it

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Baseball, dubbed the American "National Pasttime" in 1856 (before the American Civil War), is an outdoor sport played between two teams of nine players each, whereby the winning team is the one that scores the most "runs". A run occurs when a player rounds the bases without being tagged out, but while allowed to stop at one of the three intermediate bases in between plays. Each play consists of a pitcher throwing the ball towards home plate, where a batter attempts to strike it with a bat in the batter's attempt to hit the ball where no fielder can catch it or pick it up and throw it to the first baseman before the batter is able to run to first base.

Baseball is considered "timeless" and is unique in not being based on a timer. Games end after nine innings in professional baseball, no matter how long that takes, or after extra innings until a tie in the number of runs is broken after a full extra inning.

Virtually no professional baseball players are homosexual, which suggests that the repetitive playing of this sport tends to encourage heterosexual rather than homosexual proclivities.

Baseball has been intertwined within American life and culture like no other sport has. It has given us record-setting heroes, many of which are still talked about over a century later. It has given rise to movies, songs, books, magazines, and a lexicon of words and phrases which are part of everyday life. Extremely popular within the United States, Japan, and Latin America, baseball is played everywhere from neighborhood sandlots and city streets to its culmination in a best-of-seven championship World Series between two professional teams of the American and National Leagues of Major League Baseball.

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Humans from the Constellation Lyra who fled to Mars and a now-extinct planet called Maldek, between Mars and Jupiter that Draco Reptilians blasted into the Kuiper asteroids.
The Treaty of Hatona that ended the Draco-Federation war authorized 12 human groups and one Reptilian group to fashion a hybrid proto-Earthling for each area of off-planet alien interest in Earth.

The Anunnaki, Lyran refugees from the Sirius Unity Kingdom via the planet Nibiru, combined their Homo sapiens genes with those of Homo erectus, the proto-Earthling who inhabited Africa, to create our species.

Anunnaki Royals Enki and Marduk, and the rebel Anunnaki astronauts who ran their gold transshipment base on Mars enhanced the Earthling gene pool.
The Solaris Solar System grew from a gas cloud that circled its center counterclockwise, cooled, & formed our Sun & a dimmer pair-star, a sub-brown dwarf called NEMESIS. Our Sun & Nemesis developed planets that circled them.Four and a half billion years ago, our Sun created TIAMAT, the planet that would become Earth.

Tiamat orbited the Sun clockwise between the orbital paths of Jupiter & Mars. Next, the Sun created MERCURY, which circled the sun counterclockwise like the rest of the Sun’s planets. The Sun sent Mercury with water, gold–comets & meteorites–to Tiamat.
Tiamat lacked a partner planet, but one of her moons, KINGU, enlarged. Four billion years ago, before Kingu could orbit the Sun, either Nibiru or Nemesis invaded the Sun’s inner planetary system. Nibiru, newly formed, belched fire & radiation. Neptune’s gravity pulled into the inner solar system, where it changed the orbits of all Solaris’ planets.
Five hundred millennia ago Nibiru’s volcanoes erupted less ash to shield the planet from heat, cold, and radiation. Advisors told the then-King, Lahma, and Nuke the volcanos for more ash. Get gold from Earth, refine it to powder, and float it up to the ionosphere.

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What appears to be happening is that AI has picked up the idea that genetic science requires 45 to 225 million years to cover the genetic ground – and it’s definitely closer to 225 million – but we already know that the geo-evolutionary timescale may be limited to only three million years.

So, it’s interesting to see that AI appears to already have a better grasp on evolution than the average biologist, although it’s not that surprising since we already knew that biologists are not very intelligent, given that they have the lowest IQs of all the scientists. And while AI is innumerate, so too are the biologists.

Fucking Magnets

How do they work?

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadine’s High Court upheld laws criminalizing gay sex on Friday[…]The ruling was delivered by Justice Esco Henry, who found that the laws are “reasonably required” to protect public health and morality, particularly the country’s HIV rates

In light of the country’s “limited resources,” Henry found that the provisions were “most likely the least drastic means to achieve” the goal of reducing HIV rates as much as possible. She also found that they do not infringe on the Constitution. Henry continued, “[T]o my mind, the thought of a public health crisis occasioned by an unstemmed deluge of new HIV cases, is a real and serious concern which reasonably justifies a public health response of the kind embedded in the challenged provisions”

The ruling upheld section 146 of the Criminal Code 1988, which prohibits anal intercourse with a sentence of up to 10 years. The ruling also upheld section 148 of the same code, criminalizing public or private same-sex indecent practices. The sections were challenged in a 2019 High Court case seeking constitutional redress of the colonial-era laws, brought by Javin Kevin Vinc Johnson and Sean Macleish. Both claimed they were forced to leave the country as they openly identified as gay. The challenge was unsuccessful, and their claims were rejected. The men were ordered to pay EC$$7,500 (about £2,200) to the attorney general

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Stop telling men EVERYTHING they're doing is toxic or evil for a start... because not everything is. Then stop blaming them for "the sins of their forefathers" this is not the 1800's or 1950's anymore...... treat us as individuals and don't generalize... try this, dialogue will improve.

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During my relationship with my 14-year-old ‘victim’, I never manipulated her into doing anything sexual. Whenever she sent me nudes she did it willingly, a lot of times she flirted with me and encouraged me to send more nudes. We basically had a standard boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for about 3 months that would be considered perfectly consensual if my girlfriend wasn’t underaged.

But in summary: I believe there’s enough real-life and scientific evidence showing that most sexual relationships between children and adults have been consensual and beneficial to both sides. You should definitely imprison adults who sexually force themselves onto children, but if the act isn’t forceful, there’s nothing wrong. You shouldn’t say a relationship was an act of manipulation or rape just because a child was involved, you need actual evidence of force and harm for the act to be immoral.

So yeah, imprisoning me for my relationship with this 14-year-old who I never manipulated, who willingly masturbated to those nude pictures and encouraged me to continue sending, and also the fact that I just spent 3 years in Prison and my supposed 14-year-old ‘victim’ was literally gloating online about how she got me sent to prison, I think people should reconsider who the real ‘victim’ is.

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So, when I speak to an atheist, I ask this question: “Can you be brutally honest with me?” When he says that he can, I ask, “this has little to do with the existence of God and everything to do with you having sex with your gorgeous girlfriend. Am I right?” And, in almost every case, the reaction is an admission that his problem isn’t God’s existence but His moral demands. That’s the point of offense.

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This Bible record of creation thus rules out the evolutionary philosophy which states that all forms of life have come into being by gradual, progressive evolution carried on by resident forces. It also rules out any evolutionary origin for the human race, since no theory of evolution, including theistic evolution, can explain the origin of the male before the female, nor can it explain how a man could evolve into a woman.

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And on June 19th 1946, God looked down on this planned Paradise and said “I need a caretaker,” so God gave us Trump.

God said “I need someone willing to get up before dawn, fix this country, work all day, fight the Marxists, eat supper, then go to the Oval Office and stay past midnight at a meeting of the heads of state,” so God made Trump.

“I need someone with arms strong enough to rustle the Deep State and yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild. Somebody to ruffle the feathers, tame cantankerous World Economic Forum, come home hungry, have to wait until the First Lady is done with lunch with friends, then tell the ladies to be sure and come back real soon, and mean it,” so God gave us Trump.

“I need somebody who can shape an axe, but wield a sword. Who had the courage to step foot in North Korea, who can make money from the tar of the sand, turn liquid to gold, who understands the difference between tariffs and inflation, will finish his 40-hour week by Tuesday noon but then put in another 72 hours,” so God made Trump.

God had to have somebody willing to go into the den of vipers, call out the Fake News for their tongues as sharp as a serpent’s, the poison of vipers is on their lips, and yet stuck. So God made Trump.

God said; “I need somebody who will be strong and courageous, who will not be afraid or terrified of the wolves when they attack, a man who cares for the flock, a shepherd to Mankind who won’t ever leave or forsake them. I need the most diligent worker to follow the path and remain strong in faith and know the belief of God and country. Somebody who’s willing to drill, bring back manufacturing in American jobs, farm the lands, secure our borders, build our military, fight the system all day and finish a hard week’s work by attending church on Sunday. And then his oldest son turns and says ‘Dad, let’s make America great again. Dad, let’s build back a country to be the envy of the world again’.”

So God made Trump.

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Oh fuck off with this bullshit, most homeless people choose to be homeless because they don't want to follow the basic rules of society, like be clean, and sober. And before anyone comes at me with that "but but they're mentally ill" bullshit excuse, believe it or not but a majority of homeless aren't naturally psychotic/suffer from psychosis, its rampant drug and alcohol use that has ruined them. Legit I have been homeless before not by choice but by act of nature, the amount of people in the street because they refused to follow the basic rules of the shelter is fucking astounding. I know anecdotal blah blah but I have literally lived that, and my lived experience is not invalid.

Ask anyone who has been legitimately homeless and has had to be in a shelter, a lot of them will vouch that a majority portion of homeless aren't "sad, down on their luck, poor unfortunate souls" but instead drug addicted assholes who accost you and just piss and shit all over the place with no moral human decency left in them.

Those who attempt or even succeed at getting out of homelessness and move on with life are those worth helping and saving, those who try are worth it. The filthy scum who lay in their own waste expecting handouts and the world to give them what they want because they are homeless are the scourge of the Earth and deserve nothing.

Oh and if the homeless are so fucking good why aren't all these self righteous assholes opening up their own homes or stoops for them? Oh yeah that's right its because they know how bad it really is. As long as its not their personal space they don't care who these people harass or impede.

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For the record, Mr Bakunin, the words you are repeating are the answer to a specific question of what I thought the writers of LEGEND OF KORRA were thinking when they decided to use lesbians rather than male homosexuals as the couple of choice in a children’s cartoon to lure innocent and trusting kids into believing homosexuality is right and normal and ergo Christianity is wrong and abnormal.

But it seems as if you did not consider the possibility that this quote should be read in context. If you read the question to which this quote is an answer, a reader is asking me to speculate on the motivations and thought process of writers supporting your position.

Yes, your position.

You see, your side, not my side, thinks of rednecks and conservatives and Christians as being obsessed with a psycho-pathological phobia and hatred of gays. Your side coined an silly term for the alleged phobia because it did not exist until you invented it: homophobia.

My question to you is this: do you believe that some, even most, hetero men have a visceral and instinctive desire to beat homosexuals to death?

Why is it bigotry if I speculate that this belief in homophobia, fairly common among your side, was perhaps the reason behind the writers’ decision to use Korra and Asami as their couple of choice rather than, say, Aang and Sokka?

I do not hide the fact that a visceral abhorrence to homosexual acts (albeit never to the person tempted toward such acts) is a rightly ordered and indeed a laudable reaction. All emotions, visceral or otherwise, should be ordered as nature and reason command.

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RE: Need help with Pie analogy

The “rights aren’t pie” mantra originally was used in the cause for gay marriage rights. And the way your friend was using it isn’t even close to how it is intended.

Basically, it was to say that straight people weren’t losing a piece of their “pie” by the legalization of gay marriage. It was a good analogy for that specifically, because the visual was that “marriage” was supposed to be a whole pie - belonging entirely to heterosexuals - and those who opposed gay marriage believed that they were having to cut a slice off and give it to “the gays”, thereby diminishing their pie. But the whole point was that rights aren’t pie. Straight couples lost nothing by allowing two men or two women to walk into a courthouse and obtain a marriage certificate, and have all the legal protections that go along with heterosexual marriage. There was absolutely no change to the legality, status, or validity of heterosexual marriages.

But in the case of “trans rights” - these people are arguing for special changes to rights they already have. They have the right to use the restroom in public, they have the right to play sports in school, they have the right to marry. They aren’t happy with the terms of those rights, while everyone else is. So unlike in the case of gay marriage - where a person had zero legal access to something that others did, on the sole basis of their sexual orientation - trans people already have the rights they demand changes to. And those changes actually do take something away from other people (women and girls). They take away our right to segregation by sex in areas where not being segregated puts as at a disadvantage, in the sole basis of our sex.

If we really want to go back to pie - everyone has pie, and are regularly served enough to eat forever. Trans people demand a different flavor of pie be served to them every minute, which ends up meaning the baker doesn’t have enough time to bake all the other pies anymore, and a lot of people go hungry as a result.

But if it was my friend, I would remind her that rights are not food, nuance is imperative, and complex ideas cannot be boiled down to a third grade reading level. Oh and that men’s rights end where mine begin.

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The problem is that we prefer to endanger the majority for the benefit of a tiny minority of convinced activists, who present themselves as eternal victims. Their rights as trans people come before the safety of imprisoned women. On this subject Rowling did not hesitate to aggravate her case by tweeting, on December 12, 2021, about the police who now register male criminals who have raped women as women, just if they declare that they are: "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The guy with a penis who raped you is a woman." The reference to Orwell could not be better chosen, we are indeed living in 1984.

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spammy snopes and their "unbiased" fact checking?

I think the government-controlled news media are allowing some wiggle-room after they noticed that more people want to see if the Palestinians have a genuine concern instead of being straight up anti-Jewish anti-Hebrew Zionist or even antisemitic. Notice I said OR not AND.

Before the conspiracy realists grew in number, if you didn't like feminism you were a male chauvinist pig, if you didn't like homosexuality, you were a homophobe, if you were a Christian and don't like sin, you were from COINTELPRO's Westboro Baptist Church and you're a bigot and forcing your belief system on people.

Tunnelrat is apparently a lesbian who thinks she knows God's creation better than He does. Her sister, who may or may not even exist as a literal person, is a "Christian" who only thinks she knows who are the Lord's sheep and who are just crazy. Either that or Tunnelcat is a COINTELPRO personality bot. >_< You flamed me first so sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

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As Germany loses its identity to invaders, the idea of REMIGRATION is suggested.. WOW did that hit a nerve.

And did the ones in power like this? Oh heck no!

It would mean admitting decades of 'immigration' policy have led to massive problems . Instead you attack the ones suggesting it.

[link to www.bbc.com (secure)]

German politicians in power would like to ban the party - Alternative for Germany, or AfD -

behind remigration- just see it go away, or absent that, be banned.

Even 35 years ago, Turks working in Germany spat on laws protecting animals and women.

"let's just them them do things their way. Honor killings, slaughtering animals in apartments.well, it's just their way." That was the liberal view at the time, and it is the politically correct view today ...

So instead of dealing with the widespread societal disruption in Deutschland, parties in power support a ban on the group that suggested it.

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In times of desperation, many of us turn to the age-old practice of prayer. It’s a deeply ingrained belief that our appeals to a higher power can bring healing and solace in moments of need. But is there scientific evidence to support the power of prayer in the healing process? The answer, my friends, is a fascinating journey through the realms of quantum physics and biophotons.

Prayer and meditation have been woven into the fabric of human history for thousands of years. Ancestors believed in the profound connection between inner spirituality and the healing process. Even today, in our fast-paced world, 66% of Americans believe that prayer can be a potent force for healing!
The Quantum Connection: Now, let’s dive into the fascinating world of quantum physics and how it might help us understand the science behind healing prayer.

1. The Hawthorne Effect: In the realm of quantum physics, the Hawthorne Effect offers a potential explanation for how prayer and intention can influence healing. This theory posits that the act of observation or measurement can produce a healing effect. Quantum physics experiments have consistently shown that observation can alter the observed, transcending the constraints of distance.

2. Biophotons: The Quantum Answer? Emerging science has been investigating the role of intention in the emission of biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE). These minuscule particles of electromagnetic radiation, though invisible to the naked eye, play a significant role in transmitting information within our cells and even our DNA. Remarkably, they can be influenced by intention.

Albert Einstein’s groundbreaking discoveries revealed that photons can instantaneously interact with each other across vast distances. This phenomenon, famously known as “spooky action at a distance,” was unveiled in the 1930s. Could this quantum phenomenon underpin the mechanism behind distance healing and prayer?

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Politically I am a sex-positive men's rights activist, now called a male sexualist to set us apart as the true MRAs. Male sexualism is just what it sounds like, an ideology aligned with male sexuality while respecting the human rights of all. In addition to advocating for sex law reform, we also have a self-help aspect which most fruitfully consists of shunning porn and masturbation (aka nofap) in order to realize our fullest sexual potential. Since we recognize that political progress against feminism is unlikely any time soon, the practical essence of male sexualism is how men can attain love and understanding in the face of oppression of our true natures; what we believe to be the best possible approach to the meaning of life under the circumstances. We may be criminalized, but we shall not allow ourselves to be shamed. If you are a normal man, your nature is denied not just by law but pretty much any other philosophy, so there is much to gain by joining us. And not just men, but women who value sexual freedom over "abuse" hysteria should also support our movement.

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Lisa Frankenstein: Mary Shelly Rolls In Her Grave

Where the fuck do I even fucking begin with this fuck!? So my girlfriend and I go to see Night Swim and this unholy abomination before God was shown on the theater screen, and when the trailer ended I turned to her and I said "There is a LOT I hate about this fucking movie, going by the trailer alone". So, apparently, we have a protagonist who, somehow, manages to bring back the body of some dead guy (I'm assuming by the magical properties of "plot") and becomes his living girlfriend, all the while defying societal norms in an attempt to "live her own truth" and "accept how awesome she is", and I'm only assuming this based on how cunty Lisa herself is acting throughout the trailer. Do I even NEED to say what all is wrong with this, you've seen the trailer at this point, YOU KNOW what's wrong with it: the Mary Sue insert main protag; the propogandist attack on societal norms thinly veiled as "attacking the patriarchy"; ALL the characters existing solely to either prop up Lisa and her struggle, or exist as shallow cardboard cutouts as strawman arguments AGAINST the ideals being pushed in this drek!

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(Misspellings deliberate, reprensenting bad original German; italics represent words left untranslated)

As it is currently a hot topic.
The word Demonstrieren, Demonstration - engl. Demonstate, was coined only in the 16th Century for that what we now know as it.

Language is Magic that affects us, without us being aware of it, ass I have already written about a few times on this channel. Whether taken apart in English (a language that German from the derived) or in German itself. The words it is composed of are just as thrilling as with Pridemonth.

Root of the word is dēmōnstrāre (dēmōnstrātum)
Dämon - evil spirit, demon, devil
Stratum - blanket, resting place, packsaddle, pavement

Demonstrate is pronounced in English: demons'ˈtrate phonetically the same as trait.
Trait in English also means property.

Original GermanDa es ja derzeit ein aktuelles Thema ist.

Das Wort Demonstrieren, Demonstration - engl. Demonstrate, kam erst im 16 Jahrhundert auf für das, als was wir es heute kennen.

Das Sprache Magie ist die sich auf uns auswirkt, ohne das wir uns dessen bewusst sind, habe ich ja schon öfter in diesem Kanal geschrieben. Egal ob auf Englisch auseinandergenommen (einer Sprache dem aus der Deutschen entsprungen ist) oder auf Deutsch selbst. Die Wörter aus denen es sich zusammensetzt sind genau so spannend wie bei dem Pridemonth.

Wurzel dieses Wortes ist dēmōnstrāre (dēmōnstrātum)
Dämon - böser Geist, Dämon, Teufel
Stratum - Decke, Lager, Packsattel, Pflaster

Demonstrate wird im Englischen ausgesprochen: demons'ˈtrate phonetisch gleich mit trait.
Trait heisst auf Englisch auch Eigenschaft.

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Germany had been very good to the Jews. German Jews were the wealthiest people in the world. In the years following the First World War, the Germans resented the fact that the Jews, Einstein being their chief spokesman, had stabbed the Germans in the back during the war, and then twisted the knife at the peace negotiations in France, where a large contingent of Jews decided Germany’s fate, and reneged on Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, one of which assured Germany that it would lose no territory. The Germans had thought that Wilson’s pledge would be honored after the Germans had surrendered in good faith. Had not the Germans received this promise of the Fourteen Points, they would not have surrendered and were in a position to continue the war. The promise was broken.
Jewish revolutionaries took advantage of Germany’s weakened state, which Jews had deliberately caused for the purpose, and created a Soviet Republic in Bavaria and overthrew the monarchy. German-Jewish bankers cut off Germany’s access to funds. German-Jewish Zionists moved to London and brought America into the war on the side of the British at the very moment Germany was about to win the war. <...> The German-Jewish press, which had initially beat the war drums louder than anyone else, teamed up with leading Jews in the German Government at the end of the war and demanded that Germany submit to the demands of the Allies, give up vast territories and make the reparations payments. The German-Jewish press and Jews in the German Government, many of whom were the same persons who had most boisterously called upon the German People to go to war, insisted that the Germans accept responsibility for causing the war, though they had not caused it. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Whenever anyone revealed the truth of what was happening, the Jewish press immediately smeared them by calling them “anti-Semites”. The situation was similar to, though even worse than, the situation in America today.

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[From “Notable Truths for European Man”]

The color of one’s skin matters. If it did not, the Bible would not note skin color. King David was a white man[…]King David was the Virgin’s ancestor and Mary was the mother of Jesus. The Father of Jesus Christ was in no-wise whatsoever a Jew. Christ and His bride as described as White[…]
It is error and lies that equate the modern Jew to the biological descendants of Jacob, renamed Israel

Esther 8:17 shows that[…]many ethnicities have converted to Talmudic Judaism

Jesus Christ recognized that these “Jews” travelled around the world to convert people to their traditions and made them twice the sons of hell as those Jews/Pharisees already where (Matthew 23:15)[…]
King Herod was an Edomite Jew who was a liar and murderer like his father, the devil. (Matthew 2:16, John 8:44)[…]
Jesus Christ was not in error when he declared that the Jews were “liars, and of the synagogue of Satan.” These scriptures are as applicable today as the moment when Christ uttered these words to John in a message to European churches, whom he loves (Revelation 3:9)

Every Scripture written since Christ’s Resurrection where written in a European language — Greek

Jesus Christ did not come to save everyone, he came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. This is why Paul is sent to Europe. The Twelve Tribes dispersed abroad into Europe. Are other saved? Yes, even the dogs feed on scraps from the Master’s table

Jesus Christ stopped speaking Aramaic and stopped speaking Hebrew. The words he uttered in the Revelation are explicitly Greek (I am the Alpha and the Omega”)[…]
A good Jew is a former Jew who, like Saul, converts to Jesus Christ, changes his name, and then declares publicly:
•That the Jews murdered the prophets
•[…]Murdered Jesus Christ
•[…]Are not pleasing to God
•[…]Are contrary to all of mankind because they[…]prevent men from hearing the Gospel so they can be saved
•[…]God’s wrath abides upon the Jews