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“Is it true that the Moon is an artificial satellite dragged here by the Reptilians and used by them to project illusions and control human minds?”

A starseed from the U.S. emailed me this question a few days ago.
I passed the question on to my guides in the 5D, the Pleiadian Group of 8, and received from them an amusing answer:

“If you believe that they [the Anunnaki] made the Moon, you might as well believe that they made the universe.”
Dark Agendas

#1 - The Concept Makes You Fear the Moon

When you look at the Moon you may shiver in terror as thoughts of a monitoring satellite run through your mind. “Oh, there is that surveillance eye in the sky!” Along with fear, there comes anger from being deceived and controlled as well as lethargy from feeling trapped on the earthly plane. You feel victimized by the Moon.

#2 - The Concept Blocks Your Connection to the Cosmos

If the Moon is a sinister device, what else is up there, you wonder? From distrusting the Moon, you may grow to distrust the other planets and stars. As you embrace the concept of the Moon being unnatural, you may cross over into the realm of doubting the universe as a natural given. Little by little, your connection to the natural ultimate (the universe) gets broken, and you become more and more cut off from nature.

#3 - The Concept Empowers them and Disempowers You

“Them” means dark ET entities headed by the Anunnaki group (mislabeled as the Reptilians). The concept of the Moon as a monitoring satellite makes them appear super powerful: “See, we’ve built the Moon. We’ve been ruling over you for ages and you humans are our slaves.” That’s the subtext. The Anunnaki always try to make themselves look more powerful than they actually are. They want you to worship them as creator gods.

“So, is the Moon natural?” You want a firm answer.

Yes, the Moon is as natural as the Earth and Sun, and as natural as you and we. The force that has created the Moon has created you and everything else in the cosmos.

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Who are the Pleiadians?

We, the Pleiadians, are light-bodied human beings from the star cluster of the Pleiades (also known as the Seven Sisters in your folklores). We are your family in the 5th Dimension, your closest kin in the galactic human family.
Who are the Pleiadian civilizers?

We, the Pleiadian civilizers, were the bringers of civilization and the builders of megaliths.

In response to the 10,000 BC catastrophe, an interstellar mission was dispatched from the Pleiades to Earth to salvage the Human Project. The Civilization Mission (with a Pleiadian majority onboard) came to initiate agriculture and civilization around the globe.

Our mission first landed in the Middle Earth around 9500 BC and initiated the worldwide Neolithic Revolution. Our mission came to Ireland around 5000 BC, landing first at the Hill of Tara, and introduced to the island a variety of stock species and the farmer’s way of life (Read More: Agriculture from the Sky).
When did the Pleiadians leave Ireland?

We, the Pleiadian teachers, invited Sirian beings of light to co-teach in Ireland at the start of the Bronze Age. Meanwhile, the Anunnaki (an alien force from the dark side of Sirius) invaded the Earth-human domain and hijacked our civilization of light in Sumer.

As the vibrations on Earth became increasingly heavy, we could no longer exist in the 3rd Dimension in bodily form. The Anu force of darkness eventually pushed us, your Pleiadian and Sirian families of light, out of Earth’s physical plane. Pleiadian and Sirian presence in Ireland ended around 2000 BC.
The full return of us, your Pleiadian family of light, depends upon the light work that you complete. You are the builders of a vibrational landing pad necessary for our physical return.

​We've left on Earth many megalithic tokens of our love to support you through the long night of separation. These megalithic portals, once activated, will serve as new meeting points.

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“Timeline” is but another word for “reality.”

“Reality” is another word for the time-space continuum.

The message below from me (Qin-Ra) could get you started in changing the time aspect of your reality.

A Child of Light can live by a Calendar of Light. Do you know that?

But there’s no such ready-made thing. You’ll have to create your own Calendar of Light.


Not from scratch, of course. There is already a foundation laid long ago by star teachers who had seeded civilizations of light around the planet. They seeded calendars as well.

Those ancient calendars ought to be serving as the bedrock of our civilizations, well into the Age of Light. But we’ve been made to follow what I'd call an "Anu Calendar" instead.

The Anu Calendar is a time-management system whose goal is to control us humans and turn us into slave workers for the Anu Matrix. The Anu Calendar featured festival dates that were (purposely) misaligned with the astronomically based original dates.

That is, purposely misaligned with cosmic events.

Mis-alignment leads to dis-connection: moving out of sync with what’s going on in the universe.

The Child of Light is an awakening human who defies the Anu Calendar and opts to live in sync with the universe.

To live in sync with the universe, you’ll have to begin with living in sync with the movement of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. You follow a Calendar of Nature, based entirely on their positions in space.

The 8 Days of Power chart, which I researched and designed, is based on a Neolithic solar-year calendar seeded by Pleiadian teachers.


They gave our ancestors the concept of a circle of 4 cardinal points first (that is, the two equinoxes and two solstices). Then they added the concept of cross-quarter days, along with the symbol of a circle featuring 8 cardinal points.

Qin-Ra/The Pleiadian Family #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy pleiadianfamily.net

1. What is it about?

The “Child of Light” Initiation is a self-initiation rite. It is free and guided by Pleiadian builders of Newgrange. It takes place each December in the astral dimension (the 4D) of Newgrange, a megalithic temple in Ireland widely known for its alignment with the Winter Solstice rising sun.

The goal of this initiation is to help you restart your life on a higher vibrational level. You birth a new you inside the Earth Womb (represented by Newgrange) in the light of the rising Sun. You become, symbolically and vibrationally, a new human child born in the light of the Sun, who is a portal to the spiritual and galactic sun, Ra.

This rite of passage brings you back in touch with your sacred origin as an Earth human born of the love union of Earth and Sun. You realign your consciousness with the mother source and father source of life, and start a new timeline for your life.

This self-initiation rite unfolds on the astral level of Newgrange, in the 4th Dimension. Thus, there is NO NEED to physically travel to Ireland. Just stay where you are.

This is an individual act, not a synchronized group act or mass movement. The initiate has the freedom to decide when, where, and to a large extent, how.

2. Who is it for?

This rite is open to all (including those in the southern hemisphere), yet intended especially for those:

Who want to claim their birthright to bliss.

Who want to wake up from the Anu Nightmare and return to the Gaian Dream.

Who want to shift from the Domesticated Human to the Free Human state.

3. Why do it?

This is a part of the New Humans for the New Earth movement. To become a new human, one has to start at the beginning, as a Child. One cannot skip steps and become an “Adult of Light” right away.

The 5,500-year-old Newgrange was designed to be an Earth Womb temple to birth new human consciousness. Activated in 2020, Newgrange is a living Gaia Temple, now resuming her role as a miniature Gaia Womb to assist in the rebirth of humanity at Dawn.

Pleiadian Messenger Qin—Ra #ufo #crackpot #magick pleiadianfamily.net

From darkness to light is the story of my life.

My life was divided into two parts—before and after—and the division line was 2006.

Before 2006, I was seeking light in the dark. From communist China to capitalist America and Europa, from philosophy to religion and art, from US academia to Dutch media, I carried on as a seeker and achiever, never satisfied with what I'd done or got. After attaining the highest academic degree and winning numerous film awards, I still felt this dreadful sense of being lost in an alien world; the desperation and desolation of a homeless wanderer never departed from my inner sensation of the self.
Then came a turning point.

On August 7, 2006, together with my psychic Dutch friend, Mara, I encountered the Pleiadian Group of 8 in a parallel reality at an ancient dolmen in the megalithic field of Carrowmore on the island of Ireland. At the time of this surprise encounter, I didn’t even know what "Pleiades” meant as a word, let alone anyone or anything "Pleiadian."
From 2006 to 2018, I’ve been through precisely this: a great death. I don’t mean to scare you, but this was what happened to Neo after he met Morpheus, and this was what happened to me after I met Sincera, the spokeswoman of the Pleiadian Group of 8. Let me explain: Sincera is a personal interface between the Group of 8 and me. Sincera is to me what Morpheus is to Neo, what Don Juan is to Castaneda, what VALIS is to Philip K. Dick.

A new me slowly emerged from the ashes, with roots growing in multiple dimensions, with abilities to communicate with celestial and terrestrial spirits, and skills to channel images and words. A new me who is more and more at home on Earth and in the universe. This new me has gone through endless ordeals and tests. During one test she made a most important decision in life: “I’d rather die than to serve the Anu Matrix!” This new me lives to serve the Gaian Dream.

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Gaia (i.e. Earth) is a multidimensional being.

“Dimension” here means two things:
a) vibrational density;

b) level of consciousness.

The relation between a) and b) is that of correspondence.

In her material form, Gaia has four layers of vibrational densities.

Following are the nine levels of the flow, with respect to humanity:

The 9D is the first-level manifestation of Galactic Consciousness, the first movement of the galactic womb energy, the one-in-all and all-in-one state; the 9D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the galactic core—the central sun, Ra.

The 8D is the realm of primal division of dualities, featuring rudimentary structural forms of Galactic Consciousness; the 8D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the Orion constellation.

The 7D is the realm of sound and harmonics that can generate geometric patterns in 6D; the 7D doorkeepers are human intelligences in Andromeda, a twin galaxy to the Milky Way.

The 6D is the realm of numerical and geometric forms—the mathematical morphs (the Platonic ideas, so to speak); the 6D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the Sirius star system.

The 5D is the realm of beauty and love—the artistic morphs (the flesh-and-blood level of Platonic ideas, so to speak); the 5D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the Pleiades star cluster.

The 4D is the realm of concepts, symbols, and archetypes, angels, demons, and spirits—an astral zone; its doorkeepers are astral lights, whom you call “angels.”

The 3D is the realm of dense matter, home of organic and inorganic things in space-time; its doorkeepers are Gaian humans.

The 2D is the realm of elemental spirits (i.e. earth, water, fire, air, and ether); its doorkeepers are the reptilian powers, whom you call “dragons.”

The 1D is the realm of Gaia’s inner sun, the source of planetary energy, the Root Chakra of all life forms; its doorkeeper is Gaia herself.

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“What’s been going on since the start of 2020?” you reached out to us, your Pleiadian family, and asked. Our dear ones, what’s been going on can be summarized in one sentence:

The Anu force created the plandemic to block your ascension.

​The Anu force is the archenemy of humanity.

This non-human extraterrestrial force (aka the Anunnaki) invaded humanity and hijacked civilization during the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia and installed step by step in the timeline a global pyramidal structure of hierarchical control, which we call the Anu Matrix.

For 5000 years, this dark ET force has been ruling humanity, abusing humanity, and deceiving humanity; in short, enslaving you. It hides in the 4th Dimension (4D), an astral shadow force, and enslaves humanity through mind-control.

The Anu force controls all governments. It controls both the establishments and the shadow governments (the so-called “Deep States”), those in office as well as those appearing to be the system’s opponents. Through creating and puppeteering the opposites, the Anu force runs the Anu Matrix, a vibrational prison for you, the Earth humankind.
COVID-19 is the Anu force’s latest trick. Coronavirus is not a lie, not a hoax, but a real threat. It did not originate in nature, but in a lab.

Gaia, the spirit of Earth, did not (and would not) create a virus as such against her human children. The Anu force created coronavirus through government-sponsored scientific experiments. This particular virus was purposely created and strategically spread. A viral attack was unleashed on humanity in 2020, as planned.
The Anu force had seeded the idea that 2020 was an apocalyptic year. Similarly, it had seeded the idea of 1999 and 2012 as the “end of world” years. 2020 was special indeed. But the Anu force designated it to be special in its intended way (by planting various prophecies ahead of time). On a cosmic scheme, 2020 was just another important one of your transitional years in Dawn.

The Pleiadian Group of 8/Pleiadian Family of Light #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy #magick pleiadianfamily.net

You must know that just a few thousand years ago, there was no war on Earth. Your Neolithic ancestors had no concept of war. Warfare was a historical phenomenon, something that came when you were deep in the Nighttime of History. Warfare was an alien insert into your peaceful Earth-human life.

The alien practice of war was brought to Earth by the Anunnaki aliens, who had come from the dark side of Sirius. These space thugs invaded your human domain in the Bronze Age and imposed their war mentality and war culture on your pristine humanity.

Step by step in the timeline, these conquerors from the sky turned you human subjects into soldiers and warriors, into mirror reflections of themselves. What's more, these largely immaterial beings used your creative talents to invent and enhance weaponry of all material types, from iron swords to nuclear bombs.

The Anunnaki never left. They’ve been hiding on Earth, in the astral shadow side of the 4th Dimension. They've been deceiving and manipulating you through mind-control techniques. They've been driving you humans into battles and wars to divide and rule you, and to live off your energy—they are astral parasites.

These astral shadows want incessant wars because they feed on the energy of destruction and chaos. They eat the energy of human suffering and pain.
Without this awareness, Earth humans are easily manipulated into combats and fall victim to the Anu force's ruthless tricks. Let this awareness guide you into taking actions that can contribute to the restoration of peace.

Children of Light refuse to be pulled into the dark vortex of any Anu Matrix event. You dwell in the realm of light; you operate in the mentality of light; you safeguard your energy so that not a single drop goes into supporting the matrix of darkness.

Children of Light are keepers of peace.

To eradicate war and bring peace back on Earth, the human races must reunite as one and fight against the real enemy—the Anu force hiding in the dark.

The Pleiadean Family #crackpot #ufo #magick pleiadianfamily.net


We (the Group of 8) are 8 personifications of 1 Pleiadian soul. This Pleiadian human soul is the SOUL ANCESTOR to a tribe of Pleiadian starseed souls living in Earth-human bodies now.

During the Neolithic era, this soul appeared as 4 couples / 8 individuals to various Earth-human tribes for teaching purposes. In the current era, we use the same form to resume communication with you, our greater family.

Our channeler, Qin-Ra (Chinese by birth), had close interactions with us in Neolithic Ireland. One of our earthly offspring, Qin reconnected with us during a journey to Ireland in 2006 AD and offered to serve thereon as our co-worker and messenger.

Our team consists of two sides:

​a. the Group of 8, represented by Sincera

(ancestral soul in the 5th Dimension)

​b. Qin-Ra

(starseed soul in the 3rd Dimension)


As one of the 40-plus souls aboard the Civilization Mission, our soul has worked in other lands on Earth besides Ireland.

There were numerous Pleiadian cradles of civilization on Earth in the New Stone Age (ca 9500 to 3000 BC).

Now we, the Group of 8, present Ireland as the 1st Pleiadian site for disclosure, the 1st ancient Pleiadian civilization to be brought back to your awareness.

Why Ireland?

In the Neolithic era, Ireland was an exemplary Pleiadian “kindergarten" for starseeds.

Many graduates of our Ireland school are alive on Earth, now reincarnated in different races and cultures.

These starseed graduates need to remember their golden childhood and reconnect with civilization’s sparkling roots.

In the Information era, Ireland shall play a key role in the awakening of Earth humanity. A portal island into other dimensions, a treasure island of megalithic temples, Ireland is a timeless gateway to the realm of sacred Earth and sacred cosmos.