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An Angry Patriot #wingnut #quack #conspiracy #psycho stateofthenation.co

And the real funny thing about this growing army of seriously armed and ammoed up angry Patriots is that the Plandemic perps are directly responsible for filling their ranks. HAHAHA!!!
Because every US service member who was kicked out of the military for not getting jabbed is totally and forever pissed off at you know who.

Of course, when the same dopes even threatened the millions of vets, who rely on the VA Health Care System for everything, with the Covid injection to obtain ALL of their benefits, they really stirred up the hornet’s nest.
“Raw People Power”
That raw power comes in two packages.

First, that the American people — the Conservative, Christian, Libertarian & Independent side — is the most heavily armed and ammoed up citizenry in world history.

Secondly, throughout much of the RED flyover country, the rural counties and their sheriffs reign supreme. These county sheriffs ARE the law of the land.

Most folks are completely unaware of the underground Patriot Movement that has been at work ever since Donald Trump first declared his candidacy in June of 2015.

That’s nearly 9 years of planning and prepping that has gone into THE PLAN. Mostly unnoticed

Mind you, the actual Patriot Movement is highly disorganized, totally organic, grassroots-driven, people-powered as well as effectively asymmetric in the execution of all strategies and tactics. Not only that, but we run just like a CIA-coordinated black op—totally compartmentalized and on a strictly need-to-know basis. And as opaque as can be.
Do the FEDS know everything we’re up to every second of the day. Hell yeah!

But those clucks only know what their pervasive AI-managed spying and surveillance regime can pick up on. MEANING: If the comms are not digital, AI doesn’t know about it.

That’s not to say that there are not COINETELPRO infiltrators strategically positioned everywhere. Fuck ’em. If they get found out during the inevitable American Bolshevik Revolution, and they will be, they’re dead.

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Satan’s Modern Day Snake Oil Venom Retroviral MRNA Black Goo 666 Low Vibe Vaccines Have Cain’s Vampire Immune System DNA/GENES (Sinister Fallen Angel Bioshock Plasmids And Splicing Protocols) Within The Vile Curse-Alls Which Are NOT Cures!: (Satan’s Main Vile Man Of Sin/The Son Of Perdition Has Been Satanically Mutatively Monstrously Vaccinated With His Curses) Sinisterly Gay Barack Hussein Obama Has A Black Chimeran Vampire Master Clone Called The *IMAGE OF THE BEAST* Covertly Waiting In A Ancient Antediluvian Atlantean Retro-Engineered Deep Underwater Fortified Plasma Domed Base Called The Leviathan (Which Has *The Dark Knights Cloning Program* Cain Like Monstrous-Beastly-Chimeran-Vampiric-Black Goo 666 Body Loaded With Barack Hussein Obama’s Vile DNA/Genes On Stasis Also Known As The 8th Horn-King-Sinister World Leader) That Will Be Metaphysically Infused With The Cast Down Fallen Angel Spirit Of Satan Himself Deceptively Emerging From The Ancient Sodomittish Sea As The Bloodthirsty Murderous Chief *Cloned* Antichrist <...> Many Foolish People Being Removed From The Lamb’s Book Of Life For Sinfully Wickedly Taking Part In Satan’s Diabolical Irreversible Multiphase Vaccinations Process Of His Horrific Nightmarish Monstrously Mutative Beastly *Cain Like* Vampirism – REMEMBER THAT IMMINENT APOCALYPTIC TUNED GAMMA-RAYS WILL SUPERNATURALLY EXPOSE ALL OF WHAT’S INSIDE OF YOU AND OTHER FLESHLY CREATURES AT THE SPIRITUAL/DNA/GENETIC LEVELS – SO PLEASE DON’T SINFULLY PUT SATAN’S VACCINATION CURSES/CURSE-ALLS INSIDE OF YOUR TEMPLE
You Will Die In A Short Span Of Time Diminishing Your Life Due To Deadly Mutations – Be Overtaken By The Low Vibe Weaponized Microwaves Activated Demonic Zombism Airborne Vaxx A.I.D.S Plagues Plandemics That Many Sheeple Sinfully Unwisely Gullibly Wickedly Took As The CoronaVirus Covid-19 Vaccines Which Are All Part Of Satan’s Irreversible Multiphase Modern Day Snake Oil Venom Elixir Cures-Alls Of Monstrous Extremely Mutative Death

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #quack #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

We are at the end game

The poisoning of the air and weather warfare operations
Has created climate change
And a civilization of disease

We watch clones with fluttering eyes
Interviewing cyborg reptilians with bulging necks on news broadcasts
But 99 percent of the population have no clue as to what is really transpiring

Cancer is now being treated with MRNA injections
Of programmable hydrogel and polymers
That puts GPS signals inside the host

Food is poisoned and there is not an uproar
Nurofen pain killers contain graphene oxide

Microwave pulsing hits us while we sleep
Similar to a microwave oven

Dental anesthetic injections are loaded with hydrogel graphene
And nano smart dust to connect us to the Cloud

Synthetic thoughts are sent to make people feel negative toward each other
And negative towards themselves

Satanic freemasonry governs us behind closed doors

Virus in Latin means poison
And Corona means crown

Corona virus means the elite oligarchy
Who are the highest ranking Freemasons
Are poisoning the commoners

All smart devices are transmitters
That send information to the Cloud

Cell phones and computers modify you through your eyes
Sending infrared technology into the body
Creating automatons

But the Father of All Perfection is here
His Spirit will ascend from the earth to the heavens
And then descend back down

All things superior and inferior will receive the life force
It will be the glory of the whole world and will penetrate everything

The Spirit of God will separate the wheat from the chaff
And life will begin anew

Blair Edwards and Taylor Edwards #fundie #quack #psycho kptv.com

A couple who belong to the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City are facing first and second degree criminal mistreatment charges after their newborn died in June 2023

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s office allege that Blair and Taylor Edwards failed to provide medical treatment for their son, Hayden

Court documents say Hayden was born on the evening of June 24, 2023. However, two days later, his health took a turn and he stopped eating. When the parents grew concerned, relatives arrived at their home on S. Maywood Street in Oregon City to pray and bless the infant

Family and friends say he looked unhealthy and that his lips turned blue. At 2:35 pm. on June 26, Hayden stopped breathing, but began to breathe again after Taylor splashed cold water on his face. Court documents state that despite his condition and not eating for seven hours, the parents didn’t call for medical help

Hayden died 30 minutes later and the Edwards’ called the medical examiner

The faith of Followers of Christ abstains from medical treatment for their children and believe in faith healing

Clif High #crackpot #magick #quack #conspiracy clifhigh.substack.com

"Thought” is conceived of by science (generally) as being electrical effects of a transitory nature that occur in the brain. Thus ‘thoughts’ are thought to be the result of electricity operating at bio-electrical potential levels (you can ‘think’ about this as being ‘low voltage’ circuits) that cause electrical disruptions to ‘steady state’ bio-electrical fields.
Basically, it’s all vibrations. Electrical vibrations at a cellular level. Vibrations in the sense of the change of bio-electric potential within individual cells all forming the totality of the ‘standing wave’ of the vibrational field that is your mind and you. Vibrations affect liquids very easily. Hormones are ‘liquids’ within the hypothalamus, and the rest of the glandular complex of the brain. These cells produce very thick liquids in the form of a near-oil that we call hormones. They vibrate. Hormones are, as with most liquids, unstable by the nature of their ‘construction’, their molecular arrangement. Hormones are also bio-electrically unstable, and they transmit that instability to the matter (your flesh) that they contact and affect.
The hypothalamus, thalamus, pituitary, pineal, and thyroid complex of glands are the ‘time translators’ for our human bodies. The ‘translation’ of the ‘pulse of time’ that creates, then destroys, our Matterium 22 trillion times a second, results in changes in our hormones which are collected, stored, and distributed by way of these glands.

Hormones carry ‘time’ throughout our body. Note that this is a key component of the body’s production and use of hormones, that is, ‘time’.
Socially we also equate age with maturity, though increasingly those two deviate under the assault of the Elohim worship cult on the structure of the global human social order. The human proclivity for equating maturity to age had to exist for the Elohim worship cult to engineer it; so at that level (at least), they are aware of this level of analysis.

Dr. Schavi M. Ali #crackpot #magick #quack disclosurenews.it

Our Sun is still harboring energy for the most powerful of flares which is “X-Class”.

Already there was an “X5.8-Class” flare on yesterday whose coronal mass ejection (CME) is on its way to our planet Earth with expected arrival some time today or by tomorrow. When it does arrive, the geomagnetic storm rating is expected to again reach either “G4” or “G5”.

In total thus far there have been about 7 CMEs which have hit our planet.

The KP Index is at a numerical 8.33 which is SEVERE STORM. This rating could again reach the number “9” as it was on yesterday which is INTENSE STORM when further “X-Class” flares occur.

The magnetosphere is densely pressuring into Earth.
These incoming waves that primarily consist of positively-charging protons are very acidic. This is one reason why drinking lots of spring water with lemon is highly recommended.

Although lemon is a citrus fruit, when it enters the blood stream, it becomes alkaline, and even though we need an acid/alkaline balance, the more alkaline our blood is, the less we are prone to attract imbalances, and thus, the stronger our immune systems become.

Water also, of course, gives us oxygenation and hydration and also assists in cleansing our cells.
Our Sun will also continue to transform. Its rays will be much brighter than they are now.

It used to have a yellow-like glow during the day, but now it is extremely bright. At dawn it still has a pinkish or peach glow, and at sunset it often has a deep yellow or orange glow, but during the day, as stated, it is very bright.

Our entire galaxy is receiving LIGHT from the Photon Belt.
It is wonderful that mainstream news around the world is reporting on the solar flares and CMEs that have been happening since Friday. However, they have yet to discuss the spiritual aspect of this, and we should not expect them to do so because they do not want to cause any religious upsets.

Dr Shannon Kroner #ableist #dunning-kruger #pratt #quack amazon.ca

I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK!



I'm Unvaccinated and That's OK! is the story of an unvaccinated child named Nicholas Novaks, who shares the many reasons why his parents have chosen not to vaccinate him. Nicholas explains his parents’ personal concerns about vaccine injury, the importance of finding a doctor they can trust and openly speak with, the research they did before making this decision, and what life is like for an unvaccinated child who has an older, vaccine-injured sibling.

Inspired by the personal stories of vaccine-injured children, which have been shared with Dr. Shannon Kroner over many years of working with special needs families, Dr. Kroner aims to raise awareness of the importance of vaccine choice and the necessity of doing the research before making an important decision such as vaccination.

Join Nicholas as he shares what it means to be an unvaccinated child in today’s world and why one's personal choice regarding vaccination must always be respected.

preview pages






The Armchair Prophet #wingnut #racist #quack #fundie #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

The premise of this prophetic piece is that the Dark Side has never — EVER — been so desperate. And so brazen. And so reckless. As they are right now.
Which is why The Powers That Be are scrambling as never before.
Is this why the USA will see something very BIG happen this May?
Of course, the New World Order globalist cabal is perfectly aware of these HUGE earth changes coming down the pike as well.
A Bigger Than Biblical Earth Disaster is Coming
Which is exactly why these PROVEN genocidal maniacs will now resort to any scheme whatsoever in order to prevent them all from being hanged live on the Internet.
This month of May already started off with what is planned to be the biggest trigger event for the American Bolshevik Revolution.
For those who doubt the inevitability of divinely ordained catastrophism throughout every sphere of life in 2024, just consider what Election Day will bring to the USA.
That, right there, guarantees that the American Republic will undergo unparalleled trials and tribulations with an outcome which is completely unknown at this crucial point.
Which means that the Khazarian perps will use this month of May to set the stage for all manner of warmongering and rumors of World War III, geoengineered weather disasters and Gladio-style false flag terrorist attacks, draconian assaults on both the First & Second Amendments, train wrecks and ship wrecks in any of the 50 states, supply chain disruptions and food supply collapses, as well as their favorite way to bring about the immediate cessation of whole societies—Plandemic 2.0.

The Uniparty election thieves only have 6 months until Tuesday, November 5, 2024; so they have a LOT of work to do to turn the current Bird Flu psyop into a full-blown national epidemic before they morph it into a global pandemic just in time to incite support for the WHO’s cataclysmic Pandemic Treaty being considered by the 77th World Health Assembly on May 27th.

Mike Stone #wingnut #quack #racist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

What we're seeing with the current college student protests is political street theater. It's very similar to the street theater we saw during the virus hoax.

Remember all of those people collapsing on the street in China?

Remember people fighting over toilet paper?

Back then, just as now, almost none of the people who participated in the "pandemic" street theater were aware that they were being used. They thought everything happening around them was real.

Thus we had people donning face diapers and lining up for the kill shot "vaccine," thinking the entire time that they were doing the right thing. To this day, there are tens of millions of people who still believe that the phony pandemic was a real thing, that there was an actual virus going around killing people.
I believe it was Mike King who first went public with the belief that nothing ever happens organically, that every time we see a "color revolution," a street protest, or any sort of mass uprising, it is always the result of a coordinated effort. An effort that is being led by a small handful of individuals.

Thus the students that are out protesting actually believe they are doing the right thing - and they are; it's never wrong to protest a genocide - however, they are unaware that they are being used to create a groundswell of energy against the Democratic Party. Their actions are being coordinated and carried out by a handful of "organizers."
It's this writer's opinion that the protests are actually being orchestrated by the Trump campaign, either by Trump himself, whom I maintain is our acting Commander in Chief, or by other factions who want to see him elected in 2024.

These actions are actually brilliant when you think about it. They are going to get all the braindead Evangelical "Christians" who grovel before the feet of Israel, AND the radical left, who are now super-pissed at the fake Joe Biden presidency, all voting for Trump in November.

Sally Wald and Larry Cook #ableist #crackpot #elitist #quack #wingnut twitter.com

Sally Wald

“By 2035 at our current rate 1 in 2 children will have autism. Are You ok with that? It will be the demise of the United States. We won’t be able to mount an army. You will either have autism or being caring for someone critically ill.”

Larry Cook

“If we dissolve the vaccine industry we dissolve 99% of new autism cases.

Which do you choose?


Aimee Terese and Glypticfille #crackpot #dunning-kruger #homophobia #kinkshaming #quack #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

Aimee Terese:

“Men who eat pussy are spiritual lesbians”


“There is likely a direct correlation between men who do this (99% of leftist men) and modern leftism. It is my suspicion that there is something in the vaginal fluids that is capable of estrogenising the body, cuckolding the spirit, hence thousand year prohibition against it.”

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #racist #quack #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, May 8, 2024 – Trump would deploy U.S. Special Forces troops in MEXICO and issue “kill lists” of cartel leaders

- Alternative cancer treatments and the use of a new AI language model. (0:03)

- UK Border Force glitch shuts down airport entry. (2:44)

- Boeing's faked aircraft inspections

- Israeli intelligence infiltration on US campuses. (7:45)

- US senators threatening #ICC judges over #Netanyahu arrest warrant. (13:22)

- Zionism's control over US government and media. (20:31)

- Russian company acquiring assets of German chemical company BASF. (32:34)

- Israel's actions contradicting US Constitution and Bill of Rights. (40:42)

- Conservatives' shift towards #Zionism and its impact on freedom of speech. (46:44)

- Sustainable living, homesteading, and community building. (1:21:22)

- Integrating technology and indigenous knowledge for a sustainable future. (1:28:50)

- #Bitcoin and central banks' influence, self-custody importance. (1:38:23)

- Buying land and preparing for an uncertain future. (1:41:33)

- #Permaculture and regenerative agriculture as alternatives to conventional farming methods. (1:57:05)

- #Freedom, #censorship, and spirituality. (2:11:44)

- Building alternative systems for political autonomy, peace, prosperity, and self-sufficiency. (2:18:01)

Peter B. Meyer #magick #wingnut #quack #conspiracy finalwakeupcall.info

“Why was I born and what am I doing on this planet?”

It all begins with the birth of a child, whose soul enters the foetus in the mother’s womb during the third month of pregnancy with the help of an energy code. This is how the game begins for each individual.
Immediately after birth, the defenceless child is attacked by a system called the “Matrix” with a terrible force that is supposed to block the child’s brain, especially the pineal gland and it’s intuition.

The child, originally born as a king and complete sovereign, is taught by its parents that it’s completely stupid, dependent, incapable of making its own decisions, so everything must be decided for it by others. This is a basic preparatory stage for further demoralisation of a little person, because in order to accept a complete programme from the Matrix.
Do you ask why?

Because they want you not to be able to escape slavery. The whole system is pyramidal. Down there are the ordinary people and up there are the people who control them. There are two pyramids in the system, the maternal and the secondary. Both pyramids have to be bypassed, otherwise you get lost in them.
The maternal pyramid is dominated by six fallen angels whose orders are received by the Vatican. The Vatican then passes them on to other levels, the secondary levels. The secondary levels are churches, governments, police, courts, schools, laws, offices, soldiers and all the authorities that control and limit humanity.
You are offered poisonous food and if you eat it, you get into a secondary pyramid. The secondary pyramid is supposed to catch all the people who never got caught in the clutches of money and credit and never allowed their time to be stolen.
The secondary pyramid is a gigantic pharmaceutical apparatus with all its stages in the form of doctors and poisonous pills. Each person is responsible for his own body and must never leave it in the hands of others.

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #quack #fundie #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 5, 2024 – Mike Adams announces first distribution of “Neo” Large Language Model trained on food, nutrition and agriculture

- Israeli-Iranian conflict. (0:00)

- Releasing an experimental language model "Neo" LLM. (4:00)

- Fake bird flu pandemic and food supply manipulation. (28:24)

- Israeli attacks on aid convoy and Palestinian land. (39:48)

- US-Israel relations and potential actions to address conflicts. (47:36)

- Solar eclipses, demons, and language models. (56:50)

- AI models for #nutrition, health, and #censorship resistance. (1:04:19)

- Virology fraud, engineered #famine, and geopolitical tensions. (1:31:28)

- Immigration and border control in #Texas. (1:37:10)

- Solar eclipses, weather control, and globalist agendas. (1:42:29)

- #Vaccines, #depopulation, and solar eclipses. (1:53:05)

- Demonic anti-Christ statue at Vatican and evil forces. (1:57:45)

Arthur Firstenberg/Cellular Phone Task Force #crackpot #quack #conspiracy bibliotecapleyades.net

The least noticed and greatest assault on Earthly life rains on us from the sky.

Nature's wires strung above us from horizon to horizon, carrying the electricity that helps power our bodies, and the information that informs our growth, healing, and daily lives, now carries dirty electricity - millions of frequencies and pulsations that confuse our cells and organs, and dim our nervous systems, be we humans, elephants, birds, insects, fish, or flowering plants.
On June 13, 1968, the United States completed its launch of the world's first constellation of military satellites...

Twenty-eight of them, more than twice as many satellites as were in orbit around the Earth until then, were lofted to an altitude of 18,000 miles, in the heart of the outer Van Allen radiation belt.

The "Hong Kong" flu pandemic began two weeks later and lasted for almost two years.

On May 17, 1998, a company named Iridium completed its launch of a fleet of 66 satellites into the ionosphere, at an altitude of only 485 miles, and began testing them.

They were going to provide cell phone service to the general public from anywhere on earth.

Each satellite aimed 48 separate beams at the earth's surface, thus dividing the planet into 3,168 cells. Reports of insomnia came from throughout the world.

Iridium's satellites began commercial service on September 23, 1998.

The effect was devastating...
Mortality statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control revealed a 4% to 5% rise in the national death rate beginning the last week in September and lasting two weeks.
If we want to have a planet to live on, not only for our children but for ourselves, the radiation has to stop.

Not only do the cell towers have to come down that are so ugly to look at, but also the cell phones that we hold in our hands and have become so dependent on, and the satellites that are squeezing all the life that remains out from under them.

We are running out of time...

GalacticAlchemyGirl2 #magick #ufo #quack #conspiracy #mammon etsy.com

The J-Seals Removal Session

- Original Divine Blueprint restored
- the removal of these J-seals is the most important thing a person can do at this point in time
- better connection to Higher self
- assists in the DNA activation process
- receive much more intuition from your Higher self and you can start making your free-will choices in line
with the Higher self
- a natural light will be restored, not only to us, but the Earths Crystalline Grid
The J-Seals (Jehovian Seals) are referred also as the Death Seals and are located at the planetary level. They were placed in the Earth's grid about 200,000 years ago, and every human being born has the 7 seals within their own energetic grids. It is especially important to have these 7 seals removed to restore our organic imprint for optimal health and well being. All beings have these seals. Since the Earth and our bodies are built the same energetically, and they share certain energetic connections and we inherit these Jehovian Seals at birth. They are located on the left side of the body. The removal of J seals is a distant healing session where we remove the 7 unnatural J-Seals. These seals may manifest dis-ease in their respective locations.
Apart from the J-Seals there are other implants and seals which affect your DNA template. These seals and energetic implants also include the Templar Seal, the Templar Axion Seal, the Cell Death Programs (Apoptosis), the Crown of Thorns, Avalon Seal, KCU’S – Karmic Containment Units, the Zeta Seal and the Tower of Babel Seal.

Other implants removed:

Arrchon genetic engineered entities or Suppressor Parasites (SPE's), Chest/Heart harness, Dodecahedron mind control harness, Fleur de lis artifacts, Distorted DNA seed code artifacts, illuminati and reptile implants, vampire and predator implants, Distorted Arc Codes, Vesica Pisces implant, Solar Cross, Breeder implants, Predator implants, Reversal polarity, Gender splitting, Genetic experiments, etc...and more.

<Digital - $45.12>

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #quack #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar 25, 2025 – The dark ECLIPSE casting a shadow across human civilization will be VANQUISHED by the eternal LIGHT of our CREATOR

- The symbolism of an #eclipse and its relation to global events. (0:03)

- Spirituality, illusions, and obedience to God. (3:28)

- #Faith, purpose, and serving as an example. (9:18)

- Surviving a post-apocalyptic world and rebuilding society. (14:08)

- Sulforaphane: Broccoli's anti-clotting properties and natural medicine. (18:46)

- Cancer diagnosis and medical sacrifice in the royal family. (26:13)

- Cancer treatment poisons and Big Pharma's sorcery. (30:12)

- Choosing between God and Satan in medical decisions. (35:28)

- Purpose, morality, and AI technology. (39:47)

- Building tools for knowledge and self-reliance. (45:30)

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #quack twitter.com

Biden still thinks the COVID vaccines worked. If the vaccines were so successful, why hide the data? Why not simply invite all the misinformation spreaders unfettered query access to Medicare and VSD databases?

4:02 AM · Mar 12, 2024 · 27.6K Views
320 Reposts 11 Quotes 1,241 Likes 29 Bookmarks

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #ufo #wingnut #quack #conspiracy kerrycassidy.substack.com

Data points: Nicotine GUM OR PATCH is the greatest remedy to remove symptoms from venom (and spike proteins) per Dr. Bryan Ardis. MUST LISTEN TO ENTIRE VIDEO. THE PROBLEM IS THAT DR. ARDIS DOES NOT TELL YOU WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS....THE REASON THEY are now putting VENOM in our food and water is IT IS A REPTILIAN AGENDA…Everyone needs to understand WHY VENOM… from a REPTILE. This is directly linked to the Transhuman agenda to make humans more reptilian to increase the desire for adrenochrome/ preying on children and aggression. THIS IS A REPTILIAN AGENDA.

When will the White Hats Juan and Trump) going to start telling the REAL TRUTH ABOUT THAT TO THE PUBLIC?

See above if EBS was stopped what was the last card the dark hats played? His broadcast was a day before the UAP hearing so assuming it’s not that…

Personally I don’t believe that the dark hats are limited as to ‘cards’… they have an endless supply of dark deeds…


If Juan/JFKjr and Trump know the links between the two wouldn’t you think they would want to REVEAL THEM? That is, if they weren’t so busy underestimating the people’s ability to process and understand and take on board information.

David Sorensen #quack #magick #wingnut #conspiracy #transphobia goldenageofgaia.com

In a previous message I began revealing what I am seeing for the future of humanity. Surprisingly it is so beautiful, we find it hard to believe. This post shows you even more…
Universities will no longer be places of indoctrination, where true science is forbidden and key knowledge is hidden, but they will be places of genuine inquiry, grand discovery, fierce discussion, and authentic confrontation. Places where students can stand up and challenge their teachers, instead of slavishly listening to every falsehood. Higher education that excites and challenges people and provides opportunities to push boundaries.
Television and entertainment will bring people happiness, recovery, pleasure and relaxation, with a ban on anything that forces fear, depression, perversion or violence onto the population. Any type of promotion of evil and darkness will be banned.

Television will no longer be used to blind, pervert and destroy the people, but it will be used to empower, liberate and heal humanity.
Hospitals will become beautiful parks that offer healing for the mind, spirit and body. Diet will be at the heart of medical treatment, as diet is the cause of 85% of all disease.
This means that nothing we see in our current world is normal. Everything that we have become accustomed to is utterly abnormal.

Agriculture that poisons both soil and people; weather modification that sprays trillions of gallons of toxic chemicals in the skies; television that is nothing but mind control and dumbing down of the human spirit; education that hides true knowledge and pushes lies and deception onto unsuspecting little ones; sexuality that destroys so many through transgenderism and pornography; architecture that is so ugly it literally causes depression; healthcare that is more toxic than beneficial; fake, toxic food that is the #1 cause of most health problems; the promotion of pedophilia as a “natural” sexual orientation, etc.

Vernon M #conspiracy #crackpot #quack #wingnut operationdisclosureofficial.com

Putting 5G in schools is an act of extreme malice
And a Crime Against Humanity.

Putting 5G on to residential street lamp posts is an act of extreme malice.
And a Crime Against Humanity

In 2014 School Children found that they suffered bad sleep when their phones were bedside at night.
They proved this by growing Cress seeds at their bedside. Which died when the phone was present.

New how dangerous 5G telecoms radiation was in 1954
when they suppress a report which stated that 5G Radiation caused or increased 146 serious diseases.

Used 5G Radiation as a weapon to destroy tanks in 1950.

Can cook the internal organs of people alive.

As a weapon 5G can harm specific levels of the brain waves or organs to cause slow rain disphobia & death by hidden means.

Is the current biggest danger to human health.

Changed the rules for discussing & the scientific analysis of 5G Radiation to limit analysis away from Radiation to “Heat”.

Street 5G permeates brick walls & can be used to target pulse beams as people sleep st home in their beds.
A Crime Against Humanity.

Had to install new power cables underground to lamp posts for the increase in power use to 2Kw.transmitters.

BRITISH GAS & Subsidiaries
Installed most of the 5G in the UK for its dangerous 5G Smart Energy Meters,

BRITISH GAS & Subsidiaries
Energy Smart Meters can control every electric device in a home. Also monitor & record voices & identify who is in the property.

Centrica is a French company owned by the French Rothschild Family. Satanic Globalists.
This is an Act of War against the UK population by our Treasonous government.

Are Radiation Weapons you point at your head.

Turn Bluetooth off when not in use

The Pleiadians via Christine Day #ufo #magick #quack voyages-of-light.com

Beloved ones we greet you. The winds of change continue to unfold on your planet as you move closer to entering a next phase of the ‘new dawning’ change for planet Earth.

The magnetic core is reflecting these powerful changes through a monumental shift of its central pulse, which is birthing a higher vibrational ripple across the Earth. The vibrational movement is reverberating outwards into the Universe forging a network link from Earth outwards to the entire Universal community. This forging is bringing your planet into a deeper alignment to the God consciousness communion state held within the collective energies of our resident Universe.
Earth is being returned to its original heritage state within the collective through the returning to this network Link. The Link is designed to create a higher energetic stability for Earth during these monumental energetic shifts that are to begin imminently.

These changes within the arena of the planet will alter the very rhythm of the rotation of the planet itself. This change in the rotation will form a deepening of the direct alignment path to the Sun. Earth will begin to receive expansive light flows coming through this path from the rays of the Sun altering, intensifying the brilliance reflected onto the surface of the planet.
Your pineal center and telepathic center will begin to be reinstated to allow your awakened remembering to be set in motion.

A cycle of higher light will begin to illuminate within your brain cells, which is designed to reset your memory banks from past moments before you incarnated on this earth plane for this lifetime. You will begin to remember your Family of Origin off planet and your systems will prepare you for the awakening of your Star essence, your Star light will once more become actively engaged within your consciousness.

TM #fundie #ufo #wingnut #quack #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

… Father, Forgive Them Fore They Know Not What They Do …

… What Chance, Do Humans Have Against A Diabolical Machine That Uses All Within Its Command…
All Disease .. All Parasites and Blood Suckers Were Created In Order
To Punish Creator’s Creations
For Being So Loved

… How Deep Must Each Of Us Reach Within In Order To Find The Compassion To Forgive …
Those Who’ve Trespassed Against Us
As We Have Also Trespassed Against Them…

These Demons…
These Inter Dimensional Entities Always Attach To And Attack The Weakest And Most Vulnerable…

… As We Are All Of Us
Of Our Creator

It’s Time To Take It All Back.
Nothing Less Than UnConditional Surrender…
Eradicate Evil Once And For All …
Restore Creation
Allow Us To Play Again Within An Untainted Game.

God Will Recognize His Own…
Free Us All

Natalia Alba #magick #ufo #conspiracy #quack eraoflight.com

As starseeded souls the majority of you came with an already activated sixth or seventh-dimensional template, to be able to fulfill your purpose on earth. Depending on your lineage you have certain DNA strands already activated, to assist the earth raise its frequency, help the earth’s grids restoration project, and many other different roles that require your connection to other dimensions, through your DNA strands, as everything is connected as multidimensional beings.

At this time many of you are being assisted by etheric surgeons in the process of light body recalibration that is taking place in many of you. The template of a starseeded one is commonly activated between the fifth and seventh-dimensional strands. Our mission is to activate and reestablish these connections to descend the healing codes and assistance required to serve our earth plane.
My Guides share today the importance of asking for etheric surgery to your benevolent guides, for we need it in specific ascension stages, to remove implants, imprints, and solar plexus programs related to our masculine essence, especially at this time of divine masculine retrieval and healing, and any other non-benevolent essences from our light bodies, to continue upgrading our template.
The Arcturians and evolved Orion beings are wonderful etheric surgeons who are helping many to remove the many distortions in their template, which together with our inner work, result in the total reconfiguration of our original template.

The Arcturians are usually helping those to recalibrate their seventh-dimensional body channels, as they dwell in this same dimension, and their light technology is incredibly evolved. Orion, are helping many to work with their masculine energies, solar plexus, and sixth-dimensional channels, helping them restore them to embody more plasma and heal the distorted masculine.

Alexander Zharkov #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy #mammon supersoldiertalk.com

Today Alexander will teach a technique for SSP <Super Soldier Program> veterans to recover their memories. Begin with 7 deep breaths to get comfortable and then perform a mantra 144 times a day for 40 days. Maintain the intent that you will recover your memories and or energy potential. It’s better to do the meditation in a group of 12 people on a Ley Line, or with a Quartz Crystal.

Alexander is an expert in increasing vital energy. He is also a Parapsychologist, Healer, Positive Psychotherapist, Business Coach, Author of training courses (Discover Your Purpose, People of Light, Master of Light) and the Author of the book “Discover Your Purpose,” Author of transformation games “Creators of the Universe,” “Duality,” “Reverse Synthesis,” “Chaos Algorithms,” “Crystal Sorcerers,” author of the “Development of Consciousness Abilities” deck, author of the “Initial Cap Transformation” method. Guide-conductor of sacred tours to places of Power, Founder and head of Crystal Energy, member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychotherapists, member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychosomatics of Reproductive Perinatal Psychology, Association of Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine, member of the National Psychological Association, member of the Ukrainian Association of Functional Medicine, member of the Association of Child and Family Psychologists of Ukraine, member of the Independent Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians of Ukraine, and member of the International Guild of Writers.

Mike Adams the Health Ranger/Dr. Alphonzo Monzo #quack #wingnut #conspiracy brighteon.com

Dr. Alphonzo Monzo reveals the DARK TRUTH about nanowires, 5G, electropollution and the borgification of humanity

- Naturopathy, biophysics, and weaponized nanotechnology. (0:00)

- Vibrational medicine, nanotechnology, and self-assembling particles. (2:04)

- Nanotechnology, vaccines, and transhumanism. (8:15)

- The role of nanotechnology in vaccine development. (14:33)

- Gene editing, nanotechnology, and vaccine safety. (20:36)

- Copper deficiency and its impact on fear and anxiety. (28:45)

- Toxicity and nutritional imbalances in society. (32:03)

- Using technology to analyze bodily fluids and identify nutrients and toxins. (38:59)

- Glyphosate persistence and potential energetic methods for removal. (43:21)

- Using sound waves to disintegrate toxins in the body. (50:18)

Lisa Renee #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy #mammon energeticsynthesis.com

In this meditation we are intending to identify any residue or remains of the Caduceus network that may have impaired our optimum lightbody function and Diamond Sun embodiment potentials, during this lifetime and other lifetimes. We intend to extract and dissolve false Alien Machinery connected to the 7th Ray reversal links made into the planetary Caduceus network, that feeds reversals and lunar forces. This may be an advanced meditation, we ask newcomers to ask this question of their higher self. Beloved Paliadorian Krystal Star host, through the Personal Christ and Paliadorian cell, please oversee the reintegration and healing correction of my Soul identities, monadic identities and Avatar identities in all evolutionary timelines involving the Caduceus Network, including 7D Violet Reversals, and All Reversal current used by lunar-moon chain forces, to be returned to rightful owner and that all my body parts, genetics, entire DNA template and consciousness signature is restored to the original soul spirit occupant and God source creator, in the krystal eternal light architecture. From the truth spirit residing within my diamond heart, I call back now all that is my god given power and human right in alignment to Natural Laws. Beloveds, we ask to identify and locate all Stations of Identity, spiritual body parts and DNA records that have been co-opted or are being used by lunar forces and alien forces on and off planet that are running negative forms, AI timelines, and/or Qlippoth current for perpetuating Metatronic Reversals in the parallels and other timelines throughout the multiple dimensional layers of the Caduceus network.

Beloved God self, is this meditation in alignment to my highest and divine expression in this moment, yes or no?

If you received a no answer turn this meditation off.

If you received a yes, please continue.


2nd Smartest Guy in the World #wingnut #quack #racist #conspiracy 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com

…and now we will add some additional color on this Great Reset con, and how the illegitimate and wholly captured Federal government is destroying American from within on behalf of its globalist handlers;

What we are now witnessing is the acceleration of the corporate and private central bank melding with the Cloward-Piven Strategy to bring Western nations to their collective knees in plain sight.

Of course, PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE is now directly responsible for the latest “highly pathogenic” avian flu virus, which is now being trial ballooned for the upcoming DISEASE-X “pandemic:”
It is critically important to appreciate that the WHO is the UN’s “health” node, and nothing more; in other words, the latter controls the former and sets its eugenics policies along with a little help from Rockefeller puppet Gates and other assets.

Which ultimately brings us right back to the UN and their technocommunist ploy to control the entire planet with “climate change” and “pandemics” and other swindles:
The Club of Rome is also behind the open borders, “pandemics,” and their invention of the whole anthropogenic “climate change” psyop:
It is vital for the UN et al. to destroy the cultures, health, and IQ’s of nations like Japan and America in order to institute their dystopian Agendas and Resets. Pernicious central bank mandates, society-collapsing open border and immigration policies, scamdemics, slow kill bioweapons, bug gruel, processed foods, synthetic meats, environmental toxin releases, sun blotting aerosols, GMO frankenmosquitos, mass fear and self-loathing “climate change” brainwashing campaigns, X Everything App social credit score systems, encouraged mass euthanasia, and so on and so forth are the various tools and ops that they are foisting on the slaves of the earth in order to achieve their nefarious transhumanist endgame.

But good always defeats evil, in the end.

They want you dead.

Do NOT comply.

Eve Lorgen/James Rink #ufo #quack #magick #crackpot #conspiracy exopolitics.org

Eve Lorgen has been assisting hundreds of alien abductees heal trauma and recover memories since 1992 when she completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She first became interested in extraterrestrial encounters as a child when she had her own abduction experience. Lorgen has learned about a hierarchy of alien beings involved in abducting humans that begin with Grays, Insectoids, Reptilians, and a mysterious group she calls the primordials, similar to the Fallen Angels or Watchers.

Lorgen has also assisted individuals in recovering memories of military abductions that typically follow the alien encounters. The former are far more aggressive and lead to many traumatic memories by individuals who suffered at the hands of military personnel. She has learned that alien technology involving consciousness or soul transfer has been transferred to military groups and used on involuntary human subjects.

Her two books, The Alien Love Bite (2000) and The Dark Side of Cupid (2012) explain how alien abductors manipulate their human subjects by encouraging them to fall in love with individuals who are part of an unknown agenda. Lorgen believes that many cases of individuals believing they’ve found a twin flame may be contrived by aliens as part of a long-term genetic experiment. She believes that more positive extraterrestrials (aka angels) have a more hands-off approach to humans and can assist individuals in dire circumstances.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò #fundie #wingnut #quack #conspiracy lifesitenews.com

I am grateful for the invitation of Professor Massimo Citro della Riva to offer my greetings to the participants in the Health Holocaust Remembrance Day. You know well that I have never been shy in offering my interventions since the beginning of the psycho-pandemic farce, and that my complaint – since May 2020 – anticipated everything that has emerged in these four years regarding the criminal management of this social-engineering experiment of neo-Malthusian origin.
We have seen the false Bergoglian church totally subservient to the genetic treatment agenda, a treatment that was produced using aborted fetuses. We have seen doctors and paramedics killing frail and elderly people in intensive care through the use of anesthesia. We have seen rulers, magistrates, and police forces unleash an unprecedented criminalization of those who did not allow themselves to be “marked.” We know who is behind these people, who pays them, and who blackmails them: their names are well known. These murderers will soon find themselves answering for their crimes, if not before the tribunal of the world, then certainly before God, whom they hate and whom they would like to replace, in a mad delirium of omnipotence that is an inexorable prelude to their eternal defeat. The children of darkness, the conspirators of the World Economic Forum, and the globalist cabal want to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist on earth, as an obscene counterfeit of the Kingdom of Christ Our Lord.
Therefore, continue in your courageous commitment, but never lose sight of the overall picture of this epochal battle. It is important to understand that the psycho-pandemic farce was only one of the means of imposing this infernal plan, and that it is accompanied by other threats that follow the same script under the same direction. Demonstrate to people this overall coherence and even the most distracted will understand and rebel against what has been imposed on them through fraud and violence.

Pegasus Collective via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #quack voyages-of-light.com

We Pegasus Collective are all about movement; movement through time space, movement through matrices and dissolving all that is not of light in our wake. We are the light bearers, our frequencies are so high we naturally are a disruption to those who are not of our vibrational alignment. And you are much the same. You galactics within human form are the pot stirrers, the pegasus in form you could say, as you are sweeping your surroundings and your communities with yet more light. You are rising higher on these higher vibration energies. Just as our wings carry us, your own angel wings energetically are carrying you. Many of you have had mid-back pain. These are wing chakras that are coming back online and you are sore in these areas as your physical structures are adjusting to their presence and their weight. Their weight is not a heavy one physically obviously, as you cannot physically see their expression. Yet, energetically they are heavier as they are a higher vibrational alignment and the mismatching of vibrations within the human body can be taxing. For some parts of your bodies, some of the chakras are aligned and thus operating at higher vibrational indexes while others may remain blocked for a time thus lowering the frequencies of those areas.
Now those creatures who are not of the higher light they are acting out and those humans who have many attachments to these lower dimensional creatures are acting out as they have been subjugated to the litany of pain that a lower vibrational attachment can and does create regularly for them. This may be ameliorated greatly with meditation and with seeking a spiritualistic healer who can remove such intertwining. And of course you may do this yourselves. You may yourselves invoke the blue flaming sword of Archangel Michael, who is always happy to help. The Ascended Dragon Collective is also eager to be on standby to assist with disposal of these creatures. (I am seeing a dragon burping w a full belly).

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny #wingnut #quack #conspiracy expose-news.com

First, the Indians were promised that they could live freely on the Great Plains as long as the buffalo also freely roamed there. No Native American could fathom this not to be the case. Then, tens of millions of bison were slaughtered for sport rather than for food and clothing. There was a larger depopulation goal on the horizon. The end justified the means, right?
When the bison were gone, the US told the Native Americans they had to move, per the previous agreement. They were pushed onto reservations with a promise that the government would provide food, clothing, and shelter. None of those promises were fulfilled.
The promises of the reservation sound very much like the false allure of the 15-minute cities being offered to us by today’s global elites. Before considering this city concept to be an ideal utopia, be reminded that Native Americans still live in abject poverty today and are one of the most regulated populations on earth.
What the US government has done to Native Americans is both genocide and democide; the systematic destruction of peoples based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, or race BY the government. These great cultures were made submissive and forced to bow to the strong arm of the US government, surrendering to the reservation system.
False promises made by governments have been repeated time and time again. King Charles and the Davos gang are taking steps to manage our “boiling planet” at the same time, stuffing their faces with sausages. Similar to scolding us about reducing our carbon footprint while flying carbon-footprint-heavy private jets to get to the WEF meetings anywhere on the globe.

History repeats itself.

The false allure of the 15-minute cities is the same as the false allure of the reservations. And remember, it all starts with controlling the food supply.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #quack bennettleeross.com

The earth works as a coherent circuit
And is within a bigger circuit

It is a toroidal plane of energy and matter
When energy gets overloaded
Matter gets energized and forms geology

Subsurface currents are the neural pathways of a sentient earth
Volcanoes are magnetic expressions of the earth ley lines

Physical laws cannot be ignored
Existence cannot be without them

Physical reality is consistent with universal laws
Where laws do not operate there is no reality

We judge reality by the response of our senses
Once we are convinced of the reality of a given situation
We abide by its rules

If you know something is unreal
It cannot harm you

Much of what we think is real is illusionary
And does not exist

They are appearances only
And shadows without substance

They are lies falsehoods and mere specters
And are to be ignored

Your reality is an orchestra of frequencies
And you are the conductor

Everything around you has a vibration
Waiting to be interpreted and transformed

You are a vibrational being
With the power to create a harmonious symphony

Your thoughts emotions and actions are the notes
That compose the melody of your destiny

Tune into the vibration
That resonates with your highest desires and intentions!

Aurora Ray #ufo #magick #quack voyages-of-light.com

A long time ago, a call went through the universe by the Galactic Federation, who are the overseers of peace. And they represent the peace, freedom, and liberty that prevail throughout our galaxy.

They made a call, saying the Earth beings are in trouble and they’re asking the heavens for help. ‘Who is willing to go there and volunteer to assist during the shift?’ And you raised your arm and said, ‘I’m gonna go.’ That is because you are a being of love and light!

Incarnating to Earth as humans was the only option for helping without violating the free will of humanity.

So, every age has its pioneers, its way-showers, and its renegades. As we are entering a new Earth, who do you think are the builders and the creators and the new thinkers and the healers and the engineers of this new reality?

You are these pioneers of the new Earth because deep within you, you have that calling, you have a mission, you have a coding, and you have a blueprint. You have incarnated into a realm of darkness to bring about the evolution of human consciousness!

Your DNA is being upgraded to fully function with 12 strands. Your physical structure will change from the current carbon-based structure to a crystalline one. This is your true angelic form, as God intended you to be, operating with a light-body vehicle, embodying Christ-consciousness.
You are just one frequency away from your desire. Health, wealth, love, and happiness are frequencies. When you commit to discipline, you gain control over your mind. The more you give of yourself to a committed spiritual practice, the more control you gain.

If you obey this universal law, the universe will obey your command. You are not this body. You are a being of unimaginable powers yet to be discovered by you!

There is nothing you aren’t capable of. But you need to practice the correct technology to awaken your inherent God powers. If you practice the correct technology, you can tune into and access any reality you wish to manifest.