Vladimir Solovyov, Dmitry Popov and Agnia Krengel #conspiracy #racist jta.org

Russian President Vladimir Putin cracked down on the open antisemitism[…]
As Russia’s war effort in Ukraine founders, openly anti-Jewish rhetoric is entering the country’s mainstream media[…]
The shift in rhetoric about Jews in Russian media began about two months ago, according to Roman Bronfman, a former Israeli lawmaker who has published a book about post-Soviet Jewry[…]
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has left him isolated on the world stage[…]As Russia’s war machine stalls in Ukraine[…]there are mounting signs that the Putin-era taboos on displays of antisemitism are falling

In July, Vladimir Solovyov, a popular talk show host who has Jewish ancestry himself, listed on air the names of Jews whom he faulted for lacking patriotism[…]
In a Sept. 18 article in Moskovskij Komsomolets, a highbrow Russian daily, a senior and veteran writer named Dmitry Popov compiled a list of well-known Jews whom he called “foreign agents”[…]He added sarcastically that the Jews might one day form a government in “the beautiful Russia of the future” — ostensibly after Putin exits office[…]
More evidence of a shift in tolerance for antisemitic rhetoric came last week as Bernard-Henri Lévy, a prominent French-Jewish journalist[…], visited the war-torn country

The Strategic Culture Foundation, a Russian conservative think tank[…]published[…]
“This 74-year-old French citizen, born in a family of Algerian Jews, smells blood with his nose and, without delay, flies to lap it up — and for good money,” read the article, which was signed by Agnia Krengel



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