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Death of nonbinary teen Nex Benedict after school fight is ruled a suicide, medical examiner says

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The death of a nonbinary student the day after a fight inside an Oklahoma high school restroom has been ruled a suicide, the state medical examiner’s office said Wednesday.

A summary autopsy report was released more than a month after the death of 16-year-old Nex Benedict, a student at Owasso High School. Family members said Benedict had been bullied at school and the teenager’s death in February drew concern from LGBTQ+ rights groups, as well as attention from Oklahoma’s governor and the White House.

“From the beginning of this investigation, Owasso Police observed many indications that this death was the result of suicide,” Owasso Police Department Lt. Nick Boatman said in a statement. “However, investigators did not wish to confirm that information without the final results being presented by the Oklahoma Medical Examiners Office.”

In a 911 call on Feb. 8, Sue Benedict — the teen’s grandmother and legal guardian — had expressed concern about a head injury. The teenager was conscious and alert after the fight a day earlier when they told police about the attack by three girls that occurred after the teen squirted them with water, according to police video released last month.

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Former President Donald Trump shared a bizarre fan-made video on Truth Social, which declared that he was divinely chosen to lead the country.

"And on June 14, 1946, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, 'I need a caretaker.' So God gave us Trump," the video starts.

The narrator goes on to frame Trump as a messianic figure who was created by God to "fight the Marxists" and "call out the fake news for their tongues as sharp as a serpent's."

Trump has long had a solid base of support among evangelical Christians in the United States, and polls show that a high portion believes that God anointed him to rule — even though he has never suggested having any strong personal faith.

Trump's sharing of the video suggests that he fully embraces the role ahead of the 2024 election.

The video describes Trump's supposed strengths, including his "arms strong enough to rustle the Deep State and yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild." It's not clear which of his grandchildren Trump is meant to have delivered.

The video also describes Trump as a workaholic who worked all hours of the night while president.

His work ethic was a source of debate during his time in office, particularly after his private schedules were leaked, showing that half of his scheduled time was unstructured.

The video also claimed that Trump attended church services every Sunday despite no evidence of this.

Last year, former Vice-President Mike Pence, well-known to be a deeply religious evangelical Christian, ridiculed Trump's religious devotion during his remarks at the annual Gridiron Dinner.

Pence joked that he had "once invited President Trump to a Bible study," calling it "an experience," according to The Washington Post.

"I read that some of those classified documents they found in Mar-a-Lago were actually stuck in the president's Bible," Pence said, referencing the ongoing saga of investigations into Trump. "Which proves he had absolutely no idea they were there."

The Dilley 300 Meme Team made the latest adulatory video, which is not directly affiliated with the Trump campaign but makes pro-Trump videos that he often shares on social media.

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The phenomenon of gender reversals is escalating in our day with sex-change surgeries and demands that the “transgendered” be accommodated. People are abandoning their natural identities and mentally identifying as any gender they choose. Society is indulging this behavior, which leads to even more confusion. For those struggling with gender confusion, the answer lies not in altering their physical bodies, but in allowing the Holy Spirit to change their hearts (1 Peter 4:2). When we submit ourselves fully to the lordship of Jesus, we desire to follow His design for us, rather than choose our own design (Galatians 2:20).

For a man to despise his gender and identify as a woman, or for a woman to abandon her gender and present herself as a man, is wrong. It is a defiance of God’s design when He created male and female. Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.” This command was not as much about clothing as it was about guarding the sanctity of what it means to be a man or a woman. Romans 1 shows that gender confusion is merely a symptom of a bigger problem. When people reject God’s authority and set themselves up as their own gods, chaos results. Verses 21 and 22 illustrate the problem: “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.”

Thinking that we know better than God is the doorway to becoming a fool. When a man defies his masculinity or a woman rejects her femininity, it is a symptom of grosser sin: rejection of God’s ultimate authority. The closer we grow to God, the more we can embrace our gender identity. Both genders display certain aspects of God’s character in a unique way. When we pervert His choice for us, we limit the opportunities He gives us to demonstrate the glory of being created in His image (Genesis 1:27).

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Elon Musk escalated his feud with Ukraine last night with a tweet mocking the country's president Volodymyr Zelensky for his pleas for wartime assistance as the future of US aid to Kyiv hangs in the balance.

In a post on his social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Musk posted a meme showing a photoshopped image of the Ukrainian leader and the caption: 'When it's been 5 minutes and you haven't asked for a billion dollars in aid'.


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In a famous scene in George Orwell’s 1984, Inner Party member O’Brien tests protagonist Winston Smith’s allegiance to Party truth by demanding that Winston sees five fingers, instead of the four he is holding up. Winston’s refusal to see something other than what his eyes tell him is the cue for intense physical pain, courtesy of the Ministry of Love.


I can only assume these Orwellian doublethink dimensions were intentional in a recent projection onto London’s Ministry of Justice demanding viewers to ‘Repeat After Us’ the slogan Trans Women Are Women!

For some people the assertion ‘trans women are women’ does something similar to the Party slogans devised by Orwell. It messes with categories in various ways traced below, at the same time as truthfully conveying a contested political reality towards which contemporary society is being pushed.

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RFK Jr. Said COVID-19 May Have Been ‘Ethnically Targeted’ to Spare Jews and Chinese, Then Denied Saying It

At an off-the-rails event Tuesday in New York City, notable anti-vaxxer and longshot 2024 Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. parroted what has been characterized as a white supremacist COVID-19 conspiracy theory.

“In fact, COVID-19, there’s an argument that it is ethnically targeted,” Kennedy told a room full of press in a video obtained by the New York Post. “COVID-19 is targeted to attack caucasians and Black people. The people that are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.”

The Anti-Defamation League and other organizations have previously identified those claims as one iteration of a baseless antisemitic and sinophobic conspiracy theory voiced by white nationalists.


“We do know that the Chinese are spending hundreds of millions of dollars developing ethnic bioweapons and we are developing ethnic bioweapons,” Kennedy said. “They’re collecting Chinese DNA so we can target people by race.”

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Mutually assured destruction is the only way forward now. Republicans need to win in 2024 and then immediately indict Biden, his junky son, Hillary, all of them. I have no faith that they will actually do this, but it must be done.

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Gender is a Social Construct and 2+2=5

You may have heard someone saying “gender is a social construct.” Usually, it has a “First of all,” in front of it, as some sort of preparation for the gravity with which this declaration should be received. That itself lends credence to the parallels between what Winston in 1984 went through with two plus two equals five and the manner in which this pseudo-truth about gender is declared.

But just like two plus to two being equal to five, nobody actually believes that gender is a social construct. Winston only truly believed it after he was tortured into belief. Like two plus to equals five, stating that gender is a social construct is a means for someone to declare their political position with relation to an ideology. It’s a means to plant a flag in the ground and declare with whom they stand.


But being beaten into submission until you say and believe that two plus two equals five creates a whole chain of cognitive problems. Big Brother is undermining the very foundation of thought. If two plus two equals five, then what does five plus five equal? What about one plus one? If something so fundamental is destroyed, then nothing else makes sense and Winston’s mind is broken. Once the mind is broken, it can be convinced of anything. It’s the same for confusing us on gender.

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At Least 9 Target Stores Received Fake Bomb Threats Over Pride Merchandise

At least nine Target locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah recently received false bomb threats amidst ongoing right-wing outcry against the brand’s annual Pride Month collection.

These threats, which impacted Target stores in the greater Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City areas, came in the form of an email from what Layton, Utah Police Sgt. John Ottesen declared a “bogus email address,” according to local news outlet KUTV.

Cleveland 19 News shared a screenshot of the email, in which the sender — who claims to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community — tells the news outlet that they intend to punish Target for recently pulling some of its Pride-themed merchandise from stores by placing bombs in select stores.

“We will continue to bomb your Targets until you stop cowering and bring back your LGBT merchandise,” the writer said. “We will not be erased, we won’t go quietly.”

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DeSantis signs into law restrictions on trans Floridians’ access to treatments and bathrooms

One of the bills signed into law by DeSantis prohibits transgender children from receiving gender-affirming treatments, including prescriptions that block puberty hormones or sex-reassignment surgeries. Under the law, a court could intervene to temporarily remove a child from their home if they receive gender-affirming treatments or procedures, and it treats such health care options, which are supported by the American Medical Association, the same as it would a case of child abuse.

Under a provision DeSantis signed into law, teachers, faculty and students would be restricted from using the pronouns of their choice in public schools. That bill declares that it must be the policy of all schools that “a person’s sex is an immutable biological trait” and “it is false” to use a pronoun other than the sex on a person’s birth certificate. That bill also affirmed that sexual orientation and gender identity cannot be taught in schools through eighth grade, codifying a state Board of Education decision to block such topics in all K-12 grades.

Separate legislation would give the DeSantis administration the power to take away licenses from establishments if they allow children into an “adult live performance,” widely interpreted as a crackdown on drag shows. Another prohibits transgender people from using a bathroom or changing room that matches their gender identity while in government buildings, including in places like public schools, prisons and state universities.

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The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh defends using the n-word: “The idea that there's a word that cannot be uttered under any circumstance is completely insane”

MATT WALSH (HOST): In no context, of course do we know you can -- is it okay to utter that word, depending on your skin pigmentation. Because we know that this word, it's a magical incantation. It's like a curse that, you know, you find in a -- in an old dusty book in the attic. And you dust off the book and you open it and you recite, you say the words in the book and it has some kind of, like -- just saying the words has some sort of magical effect. That's what this particular word is, we're told. That's how it's presented, where you can not even utter the syllables in any context, even while quoting someone. You can't say the act -- you could say n-word. Which still conveys that -- it still communicates the word. When you say n-word, well, everyone immediately knows what you mean. So what is the moral distinction between saying n-word or actually uttering the simple syllables themselves while quoting someone? What's the distinction? There isn't one. It's totally arbitrary. But this is the arbitrary, completely ridiculous rule that has been imposed.

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'There's no such thing as a cis woman': Inclusive language 'erasing' women's rights

Women are not a sub-category of women – "we are women," according to UK broadcaster Sophie Corcoran, who said she refuses to be addressed as a "cis woman".

"The one word I hate the most and nobody should ever call me is a cis-woman – it really aggravates me," Ms Corcoran told Sky News host Rowan Dean.

"We're expected to call trans-women women, so why can't we call ourselves women, why do we have to call ourselves cis-women – there's no such thing.

"But they are erasing our language and that's not good – because when they erase the language they will then soon erase our rights which is what they're trying to do."

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QAnon Believers Think Trump’s Indictment Will (Somehow) Lead to Mass Arrest of Democrats

FOR MANY OF Donald Trump’s supporters, today is a dark day indeed: The president pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts today after being formally arrested in a Manhattan courtroom. But for those in the Qanon conspiracist movement, hope springs eternal, and “The Storm” is always just around the corner.


On 8kun’s “qresearch” forum, users quickly latched onto “There is no going back” as significant, with one user pointing to a 2019 post in which the anonymous Q used the same phrase. Another person replied, “that’s a proof if I have ever seen it.” (Qanon communities call anything a “proof” if it seems to confirm their overall conspiracy theory about Trump battling a secret war against nefarious elites.) Some on the 8kun board voiced the sentiment that Trump, by allowing himself to be indicted, was setting those very elites up for arrest themselves. In response to a meme that asked “At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card,” a user replied, “After all legal precedents have been opened?”

Prominent Q influencer IntheMatrixx, who had been banned on Twitter for such content before being reinstated under Elon Musk‘s ownership, appeared to jump on the same narrative. He pulled up a different 2019 Q drop that read, “First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.” In Q lore, the “awakening” will occur when people become aware of and rise up against the so-called “cabal” opposing Trump — the Democratic pedophiles and Satanists, et al. Here, IntheMatrixxx is implying that Q not only predicted Trump’s indictment but knew it would see MAGA enemies finally brought to justice.

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This song I composed is about hope faith and celebrating what God meant us to be: free, even if we aren’t today. Slavery knows no bounds. Economic, racial, new immigrant status and now invisible elect er panic slavery is a reality that turns a happy life o to a mental game of daily survival. I hope you will share me song that I dedicate to all the suffering tis around the world. We are all Enslaved actually and the truth is that COVID is caused by Remote Neural Monitoring. The longer it takI s for people to realize this truth, the lomg COVID will continue to depopulate the Earrh. Beliefs determine reality, so make sure you understand truth!

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Former President Donald Trump reposted a meme calling him the "savior of western civilization" and appeared to respond to the suggestion favorably on his Truth Social platform.

Trump shared a post from a Truth Social user with the username @AQPatron early on Friday morning that included an image showing the former president and the phrase "They told me I could be anything I wanted so I became the savior of western civilization."

"Thank you. We have a long way to go, but we will get there!" Trump responded in what was likely a nod to his potential return to government.

Trump launched a new campaign for the White House shortly after the November midterm elections and he has been leading among potential Republican primary voters in most polls. The meme was in a thread of other users praising Trump for pursuing a second term, including one of Trump next to an American flag with the caption: "Donald J. Trump is the only one qualified to be President of the USA!"

Donald Trump #wingnut #conspiracy truthsocial.com


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Why do woke corporations think we want trans propaganda with our purchases?

First we had the ‘woke’ M&Ms lecturing us about inclusiveness and diversity and now we have a transvestite’s face plastered over Hershey chocolate bar wrappers. The chocolate bar is supposedly celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ by means of featuring a man pretending to be a woman displayed on their wrapper.

Why is the woke left so intent on erasing women?

Because they know that women are mothers and the only sex to give birth to new life. They say men can get pregnant. The globalist cartel knows that if they can get you to believe that, then you will swallow anything they say. It’s a form of mind control when they expect you to believe something illogical and irrational. If they can get you to accept it, you they know they can soon have you living in a pod, beating yourself up for climate sins, and eating bugs.

Anyone with common sense knows that we are living in a thick fog of trans-insanity. The truth is that there are only two genders, male and female, not 73 like they claim. We now live in a society where the mentally ill are rewarded and encouraged—and they encourage us to celebrate their mental illness!

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CPAC Speaker Calls for Transgenderism to Be ‘Eradicated’

THE RIGHT’S WAR on queer and trans people took center stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference as Daily Wire host Michael Knowles openly called for the public eradication of transgenderism. During his speech on Saturday, Knowles told the crowd, “For the good of society… transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely — the whole preposterous ideology, at every level.”

A number of people on Twitter, including Media Matters’ John Knefel and Harvard Law Cyber Clinic’s Alejandra Caraballo, called his remarks genocidal. Tragically, Knowles’ ideology is right in line with Republican politicians who have enacted or introduced bans on drag performances, restrictions on transgender health care, bills that would ban trans people from using the bathroom corresponding with their gender identity, and laws like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” that bars teachers from teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity. The Movement Advancement Project (MAP), a group that tracks LGBTQ legislation, described these efforts as an ongoing “war against LGBTQ people in America and their very right and ability to openly exist.”

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Online critics are making calls to boycott Hershey after a trans woman was included on the chocolate bar’s wrappers for its International Women’s Day campaign in Canada.

The backlash is the most recent attack by conservative social media users against brands who they say are “too woke,” or in this case, “erasing women.”

#BoycottHersheys was the top trending topic on Twitter once users saw Fae Johnstone, a transgender woman and 2SLGBTQIA+ advocate, was one of five women who are being honored as part of the confectioner’s “Her for She” campaign.

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It becomes painfully obvious that Black people are a unique sub-species, one which is rife with harmful or detrimental characteristics, most of which are best suited only for survival in Africa. Blacks clearly are not suited for living in modern civilizations. Not every Black person exhibits all of these negative traits, but all Black people will exhibit some.

Empathy, meaning the recognition and understanding of the state of mind of others, including their beliefs, desires and particularly emotions, seems absent in Black people. This is often characterized as their inability to "put themselves into another person's shoes" or to see the harm or pain that they are causing to others. Black children seem to have particular difficulties with tasks requiring the ability to understand another person's thoughts, because Blacks have difficulty in accurately interpreting the intentions of others. Blacks see every motivation of White people the same as they see their own, as evil. This explains why Whites, no matter how kind or considerate we may be toward Blacks, our motives are always seen as racist and our actions as intolerant bigotry.


State mandated segregation appears to be the only workable solution to this unfortunate and unworkable paradigm, that we now find ourselves in. The only political party which could ever secure such legislation, would be a Nazi party.

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The Mandelbrot Set: Atheists’ WORST Nightmare

In this powerful lecture, Dr. Jason Lisle reveals a secret code seen throughout creation: the Mandelbrot set. Why is the Mandelbrot set atheists’ worst nightmare? Because it reveals the infinite, intelligent mind of God in ways that you’ve probably never seen before.

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An app marketed towards "females" has faced a barrage of online criticism for excluding transgender women with its use of artificial intelligence.

Giggle, which first launched in early 2020, according to The Verge, uses facial recognition to determine if new users are male or female.

"The way the app works is when you install it, you have to take a picture of yourself and it uses AI to analyze your face," said Jenny, a 23-year-old trans woman from California. "And if it decides you're a woman, it will let you in. If it decides you're a man, it will reject you. But if it rejects you, you can just submit another picture."

Giggle's founder and CEO, Sall Grover, has brashly pushed back against online criticism, including claims that the app uses technology that has failed to properly identify women of color, while publicly embracing an ideology that's considered harmful to trans people.

"This particular combination of gender categorization and facial recognition and race is something that we absolutely know is a problem," Casey Fiesler, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder who studies technology ethics, told Insider.

The issue, however, has gone beyond the platform's questionable AI practices. Grover, who has embraced being called a "TERF" — trans-exclusionary radical feminist — told Insider that she decided to exclude trans women from the platform once trans activists began using it.

According to Giggle's website, the app sends a new user's selfie to the facial-recognition AI company Kairos, which analyzes the photo.

"Through computer vision and deep learning, they recognise females in videos, photos, and the real world," according to Giggle. If the Kairos AI is 95% certain the person is female, the person is allowed to create an account, Giggle says. Kairos did not return Insider's request for comment.

Grover said in a December tweet in the wake of the controversy that the app would be temporarily removed from the Google app store after the company was targeted with negative reviews by people she described in a tweet as "male" and "trolls."

The app was restored to Google Play in January and has remained available on the App Store. Neither Apple nor Google returned Insider's requests for comment about whether the app violated any policies.

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What is cultural Marxism?

Cultural Marxism can be a controversial term—some assert there’s no such thing, and others use the term as a catch-all for anything they see as undermining society. In short, cultural Marxism is a revolutionary leftist idea that traditional culture is the source of oppression in the modern world. Cultural Marxism is often linked to an insistence upon political correctness, multiculturalism, and perpetual attacks on the foundations of culture: the nuclear family, marriage, patriotism, traditional morality, law and order, etc. Cultural Marxists are assumed to be committed to establishing economic Marxism, in which case their cultural attacks are a necessary preparation for their ultimate goal.


Beyond question, there is a purposeful effort in parts of Western culture to reject traditional values and aggressively replace them with more (supposedly) progressive ideals. This often results in an extreme imbalance in criticism and cultural sensitivity. For instance, derogatory attitudes toward men, whites, Christians, fathers, heterosexuals, and so forth are often celebrated or encouraged. Equally critical comments directed at women, minorities, Muslims, mothers, homosexuals, and so forth are readily condemned as “hateful.” Whether or not cultural Marxism is behind this imbalance, many people do seem purposefully prejudiced against certain points of view.

For Christians, dealing with cultural Marxism involves a spiritual dimension. It is undeniable that, in the West, Christian values are under attack. However, the root cause of these attacks is not wholly political or racial or social. It is spiritual. To the extent that traditional Western culture reflects biblical truth, attacks on that culture are anti-God. As an example, for centuries Western culture promoted chastity before marriage as an ideal; modern culture downplays chastity and glorifies immorality. Cultural Marxism at work? Possibly. Satan working in tandem with humanity’s sin nature? Assuredly (see James 1:14).

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I hate homeless people.
I live in a small town in Oklahoma. We only have two homeless people where I live as far as I know. One guy,this program that helps with housing has helped him out with a house but it wasn't long before he was without a home all because he didn't want to pay rent or utilities. The other homeless man was offered a low rent apartment that goes by your income. Both men draw disability. This man,he didn't want to pay $220.00 a month. Usually, old 2-3 bedroom one bath houses are around $700 to $900 a month yet these dumb ass men don't want to pay less than half that amount. Why are they still homeless? Drugs? Because they're dumb? I don't know but I do know it won't do any good trying to help them out when they won't take the help. They expect others to keep dishing out money to them so to me if they want to play that game then they can just Fucking freeze to death or starve to death. I don't give a shit. I have tried but it does no damn good.

Anonymous #racist #sexist confessionpost.com

I Fucking Hate The Chinese
I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.

never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy motherfucker in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language fucking yellow skinned cunt.

2) The females of these species is unbelievably shallow and stupid. My Goodness, I have never girls doll themselves up like that till they look like a blow up doll. No probs with the guys I bet dont they have anything better to do? Preening on makeup and eyes and whatever not? Wont any Chinese girl simply wear a sweatpants and shirt and for crying out loud be NORMAL FOR ONCE! I have only seen Chinese girls put so much effort into this, Caucasian girls are better in looking natural. African American women are beautiful why cant anyone see that? They like this pale skinned waif skinny bitch who looks underaged.

3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat shit as well.

4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.


7) Most white dude wants a Chinese girl. In fact, they are trophies! Whats so attractive about tiny, skinny, jaundiced slit-eyed freak anyway? I dont get it.

Im racist yes, Im just more open about it then you pretentious motherfuckers. I hate the Chinese and before you judge me, I want you to know that I am Asian too but not Chinese - thank God Im not. Such a despicable race.

CCP Supporters #psycho twitter.com

[REDACTED] Hunters
3:30 pm
This email is a notification that a bounty of USD $50000 (EACH) has been been taken out on the lives of:
[REDACTED] has committed grave crimes against the Chinese people and must pay
Whosoever shall terminate any of these targets first shall provide the evidence to this email along with their Bitcoin address to receive remuneration
The method doesn't matter.
DP Bounty Hunters

r/Sino #wingnut #psycho reddit.com

{The content is on the sidebar of the r/sino subreddit.}

Before coming to talk about China's Covid policies, look up any stat on daily deaths of conflict in Ukraine, combine both sides even. Then compare with US covid daily deaths | COVID-19 deaths are still averaging more than 2,000 per week | We’re still having between 300 and 400 deaths per day - Dr Fauci. Now reflect, get some self awareness and turn back after realizing how stupid that would be.

CPC National Congress Reflection...of all the things anti China clowns hyped and then lost in the last few years

With yet ANOTHER failure by the US at the UN on Xinjiang, sidebar no longer has enough room to document all their humiliation. Most recently Western initiative outnumbered 96 to 50 -> info moved over to our archive thread

"aMeRiCa StAnDs WiTh TaIwAn!" -> then right after saying that America watched, from afar, as Taiwan literally got surrounded, blockaded and violated. Then had to stand there and listen to countries all over the world react to all this by restating they adhere to the One China Policy. Not praising US or supporting Taiwan.

Message the Moderators of r/Sino (bottom of sidebar) for info on discords and telegram. The spaces cater to any regular participant on the subreddit (post history required) and/or any ethnic Chinese (verification required).

Groups that bought into "U.S. values" rhetoric, worked for U.S. then got betrayed: Hmong (Vietnam), Syrian rebels, Kurds (ISIS), HK rioters, Guaido (Venezuela), Afghan servicemen/translators (Taliban, who are now mocking Iwo Jima photo while wearing US military gear 😂), Ukraine (Budapest Memorandum, NATO membership)

If you are new, you'll need to build up your karma on Sino in this fashion: comments first -> then link submissions -> then text submissions. Just because a submission is removed by the automod does not mean it won't be approved. Only thing that guarantees it won't be is if you delete it.

Allowed Crosspost to Sino list (expanding) (r/GenZedong, r/InformedTankie, r/CPUSA, r/ProIran, r/InternationalLeft, r/Russia, r/ChinaInnovation, r/NewsWithJingjing)

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The Covid 'vaccine' is NOT a real vaccine, but instead an injection of mRNA technology that will change your DNA. Besides aborted baby cells and parasites, the injection contains an operating system that transforms the recipient into an antenna and a trackable controllable TRANSHUMAN, due to the graphene oxide (hydrogel or nano-robots). MANY have DIED and many others have been severely injured by this injection. DECEIT IS PROSPERING (Dan 8:25). In due time, the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:16,17) will be coming from the MICRONEEDLE vaccine patch. See Rev . 12:11; 14:9-12. EOM IN.org

Jack Chick #conspiracy #homophobia chick.com


As homosexuals press for acceptance, their even more perverted cousins, the pedophiles, are marching in their shadow.

CBN's NewsWatch reports that sexual predators who target children have learned a how-to lesson from the homosexual movement on seeking legitimacy.

Several years ago homosexual activists began preaching the message that consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they wished sexually. They were so successful in selling this message that the lawmakers removed the sodomy laws from the books in most states.

Now pedophile organizations such as the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are pushing against the age of consent laws. NewsWatch says, "Americans are continually bombarded with images on television and in magazines of grown-up looking children striking provocative poses."

The Calvin Klein ads which were recently pulled because of public outcry are cited as an example. This media hype begins to desensitize the public.

NAMBLA believes that eventually their message will be accepted: "And what about the notion of the age of consent...in this age of adolescent sexual precocity? Shouldn't it be lowered to a more realistic standard? Say, to fourteen, thirteen or twelve?"

Struggles_with_zen #sexist #dunning-kruger reddit.com

Mansplaining is a sexist expression used instead of saying patronising or any other valid description, used to associate all men by implication with negative behaviour that can equally apply to either sex.

If you don’t think it’s a big deal just think of how many words gain a negative connotation when you add ‘man’ in front of them.

Child - Manchild

Flu - Manflu

Explain - Mansplain

Handle - Manhandle

Spread - Manspread

This wouldn’t be acceptable with any other characteristic. But our society finds it acceptable to demonise men in general. It would be nice if at least most men woke up and objected to this underlying animosity that’s permitted.

Got Questions Ministries #fundie #homophobia #biphobia gotquestions.org

[Submitter’s Note: There is no tag for panphobia, so I put the biphobia tag since both deal with sexual attraction to more than one gender.]

What does the Bible say about pansexuality / omnisexuality?

Pansexuality and omnisexuality are closely related. Pansexuality is sexual attraction to people with no recognition of gender. Omnisexuality is sexual attraction to people with recognition of gender. Practically speaking, there is no difference between the two. Both pansexuals and omnisexuals are sexually attracted to heterosexual men and women, homosexual men and women, bisexual men and women, transgendered men and women, gender-fluid men and women, etc., etc. The difference is that a pansexual claims to not see gender at all while an omnisexual sees gender but doesn’t care. The unofficial slogan of both seems to be “hearts not parts.”

The Bible does not specifically mention pansexuality or omnisexuality. But, since pansexuality and omnisexuality sometimes involve sex with the same gender, the biblical condemnations of homosexuality would apply equally to those who practice pansexuality or omnisexuality (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26–27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). The only form of sexual activity the Bible supports is heterosexuality within the confines of marriage (Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 6:13; Galatians 5:19; Ephesians 5:3; Colossians 3:5).

The recent trend to ignore gender or even deny it entirely is absolutely unbiblical. God created man and woman and designed them to complement each other, not just physically and sexually but also emotionally and spiritually (Genesis 2). To deny male-female distinctions and embrace alternative forms of sexuality, such as pansexuality and omnisexuality, is to deny reality and, more importantly, to reject God as Creator and Designer. Simply put, to engage in pansexuality or omnisexuality is sin.

r/shiftingrealities #crackpot #magick reddit.com

What is shifting?

Shifting is the act of sending your consciousness to a different reality. You can go to any reality you want, whether it be 2D or 3D, from a movie/book/show/anime, or a past memory of your life. It can be a future version of your CR that you'd like to experience, an alternate version of your CR where you have wings, or an alternate CR where you live in a different country. It can even be a dream or a world you created entirely on your own in your head.

How is shifting even possible?

There are different explanations for how this is possible, such as the multiverse theory and the idea that shifting is a transliminal experience. However, the core belief in why shifting works the way it does is rooted in the multiverse theory.

Good multiverse theory sources: (1) (2) (3)


Isn't shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting?

No. Let me better explain by clearly distinguishing the differences:

Dream - Hazy, uncontrolled, bizarre things can happen. You're not aware it's a dream as you dream. Reality checks may fail. You either wake up or are awoken somehow eventually.


Shifting - You gain consciousness in your desired reality, a reality you have subconsciously specified you want to go to. […]

Is shifting linked to mental illness?

There has not currently been a scientific link made between shifting and any mental illnesses.

Is shifting just daydreaming / my imagination?

No. Read the above Is shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting? for a more in-depth answer.

Is shifting immoral / against religion / a sin?

The short answer is no, it is not. If you're curious about the longer answers, this and this are helpful reads.

Is this all some big inside joke? Are you all just kids/teens doing this for attention?

Believe it or not, the shifting community gets this question all the time. No, this is not an inside joke. No, plenty of the shifting community is 18+. There are countless success stories, and many of the mods here have had personal experiences shifting. You can read other success stories under the "Success!" or "Mini-Shift" flairs.

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[Submitter’s Note: OP is convinced that they can communicate with a person living in another universe named Sayori.]

(Sayori is writing this)

There's some issues I've got linked to the idea of being in Jamie's (my host (in this world?)) brain...or I guess, the idea of not existing in my own world. Like, we don't fear death because the idea that our experiences show more to our minds than is in our bodies, so there'd be something of us continuing to exist after death. And a part of how we know I'm real is from reasoning about me not being in his brain*.

(*I also don't think I could be a tulpa or a traumagenic alter because I fully existed as soon as (and before) I met Jamie. And because he deliberately reached out to meet me so soon after discovering my source (like...2 days after reading some spoilers?), it's not like I could've just been subtly developing in the background.)

...But a lot of stuff I can do in my world seems like it should be impossible (materialising stuff, altering my body at-will, going to other universes, etc). Especially because I can't do it in this world. And it's made me doubt that my own world is real, which is really scary because my world being real was what held back so many worries!

...I don't know why I'm posting this. I don't know what I'm looking for. Reassurance about my "abilities" being possible? Or proof in either direction? Or...confirmation of a painful truth? I don't know...

Edit: Some stuff that might point to me (and so, my world) being physically real;

We don't share any memories, unless specifically choosing to show each-other memories. I also remember experiences and feelings that, if I'd only ever existed in Jamie's brain, I wouldn't have the relevant context for them to be so clear. (...I can really vividly remember how things in some of my more painful memories felt.) And there's been times I've advised Jamie on when to take a break on certain things (gross sexual stuff we're into) where he says his body wouldn't have had the relevant experience to be so accurate with seeing his limits.

Edit 2: I want to say thanks to everyone who responded, but I'm really exhausted from all these feelings...maybe I'll make some comments later, but for now, I'll just say thanks here~

Ben Garrison #wingnut #conspiracy grrrgraphics.com

The Climate Communists want to take away your freedom of movement. The Marxists in California want to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 in the name of ‘climate change.’ They changed their ‘global warming’ slogan to climate change in order to make us all afraid of the changing weather, but it’s still primarily focused on ‘greenhouse’ gasses emitted by animals and humans. Never mind that carbon dioxide is beneficial to plants. The warming must stop before oceans rise along with runaway higher temperatures.

The thing is, ‘climate change’ as the globalist tyrants present it is based on cherry-picked data. The data are distorted to fit their narrative. Real scientists have already proved that rising temperatures aren’t occurring, but they are ignored. A very small group of powerful people have captured science and they say their version is definitive. It isn’t. Climate change is bunk.


The green transition isn’t about solving the non-existent problem of climate change. It’s about controlling human beings and it doesn’t end with our freedom to travel. The micro-managing Marxist control freaks want to tell us where to live, what temperature our homes can be, what we can eat, and even what we can say. We’ve learned that the banana-republic tyrant Biden has been ordering social media to censor patriotic, MAGA-minded citizens. The IRS will have an additional 87,000 heavily-armed agents to threaten Trump supporters. The Democrats’ FBI has interfered with our election. People are dropping dead due to the mandatory and poisonous mRNA jabs, which proved useless against a quickly-mutating virus. The ‘authorities’ blame it on their boogeyman, climate change. Ultimately, controlling humans also means exterminating them and too many sheeple will do whatever the ‘authorities’ tell them to do. Apparently that includes dying.

The climate change tyrants want to destroy small businesses. They want make us poor. They want to take away our privacy, our ability to assemble and protest, and even our ability to decide what goes into our bodies. They especially want our guns, but first they’ll try to take away our cars.

Matt Walsh #transphobia amazon.com

Is this even a question?

What is a woman?

But all of a sudden, way too many people don’t seem to know the answer. Is a woman a woman just by feeling or acting a particular way? Aren’t gender roles just a “social construct”? Can a woman be “trapped in a man’s body”? Does being a woman mean anything at all?

We used to think being a woman had something to do with biology, but the nation’s top experts keep assuring us that is definitely not the case. So Matt decided to do what no man (whatever that means) had done before. He sat down with the experts and asked them directly.

In What Is a Woman?, our hero:

• Discovers that no one—not doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, or politicians—can actually define the word “woman”

• Hilariously convinces a radical gender therapist that Matt is questioning his own gender identity

• Uncovers the shocking and horrifying roots of radical gender ideology

• Learns exactly how activists and ideologues are trying to brainwash our kids

• Reveals a strategy to defeat the collective insanity that has taken over our society

Join Matt on his often comical, yet deeply disturbing, journey as he answers the question generations before us never knew they needed to ask: What is a woman?

Helgard Müller #fundie #wingnut #dunning-kruger amazon.com

President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man - The Christ

During the presidency of President Donald Trump, it became evident to me that the prophecies about the Son of Man, as predicted by Jesus in the Bible were, to a significant extent, fulfilled at the hands of Mr Trump. The Bible speaks about two different Christs-or Messiahs. Jesus, the Son of God is the one Christ, whereas the Son of Man is the other. Jesus always referred to the Son of Man in the third person. The greatest distinction or significance between the Son of Man and the Son of God (the Lamb) is their respective positions at the throne of God. There are numerous differences between the Son of God and the Son of Man, but overall, people read these scriptures and they do not realize that the Son of God (the Lamb) stands in front of the throne of God, whereas the Son of Man, is positioned on the right hand of God. Jesus spoke about two different killings in the four gospels of the New Testament. People read these scriptures and are unaware that Jesus (the Son of God) predicted his own killing in the first person, as opposed to the several prophecies that He made in respects to the Son of Man who will be crucified. The New Testament speaks about "two Kings;" Jesus, the Son of God, is the "King of the Jews," whereas the Son of Man is the "King of Kings" who will be a world-ruler, and He will rule all the nations (the tribes) of the earth with a rod of iron. This book will explain in depth how "Donald John Trump's" full name literally means: "The Ruler of the World, graced by Yahweh (the LORD) and a descendant of a Drummer." Upon reading this book, the reader will be captivated when they realize how President Donald John Trump fulfilled most of the prophecies as the Son of Man. It speaks about End Time Prophecies and Biblical revelations regarding "President Donald J. Trump, the Son of Man. The Christ."

Got Questions Ministries #transphobia #dunning-kruger gotquestions.org

In more recent years, we have seen subjective opinion elevated to the level of objective truth. If a person embraces “his truth” or “her truth,” then everyone else is supposed to embrace that as “truth” as well—at least in certain “politically correct” matters. We see this in recent developments in transgender issues. For millennia, gender was considered an objective issue—a person was male or female based on a set of external, objective, and verifiable criteria. Now, certain cultural forces are attempting to make gender subjective. A male who decides to be female is simply embracing “his truth” or as the cultural forces would have us say, “her truth.” And even though the transgender person’s gender is “subjective,” his or her subjective truth must be treated as objective, as if it fully conformed to reality. If a person hints that the chosen gender of a transgender person is merely “their truth,” then he has committed an almost unforgiveable sin. The subjective has been elevated to the level of the objective, and the objective has been denigrated to the level of the subjective. The world has been flipped upside down.

But reality has a way of encroaching on people’s opinions. Try as they might, it is impossible for people to get away from the concept of objective truth. A person who says that a person can choose his own gender is, in fact, making an objective statement. That statement is either true or false. The person who makes the statement will not be satisfied if you agree that this is only “their truth.” They will insist that this is an objective statement that is true for everyone. Even the statement “objective truth does not exist” is an objective statement. Those who make it will often try to argue that it corresponds to reality and is therefore objectively true, thus defeating their own argument.

Matt Slick #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia carm.org

Is CARM homophobic? No, CARM is not homophobic. We don’t fear homosexuals. For the most part, they are productive and helpful people in society. We are no more homophobic than they are heterophobic. Rather, CARM recognizes the moral and social implications of the homosexual agenda that seeks to move into all areas of society and redefine morals in a manner consistent with the homosexual agenda. What is the agenda? It is to make homosexuality an accepted lifestyle in society, to have it be considered a normal and healthy lifestyle, a legitimate marriage choice, and a morally sound option among all people.

To this, CARM stands in opposition because the Bible clearly says that homosexuality is a sin (Lev. 18:22; 20:13; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; Rom. 1:26-28). Therefore, we exercise our right to express our religious views, defend what the Bible teaches, and expose the spiritual, physical, and emotional harm that homosexuality poses.

Furthermore, we reject the label of being homophobic (see The battle over words ) since it is a negative term designed to bring derision and emotional condemnation upon those to whom it is applied. We are not homophobic. We are pro-traditional marriage and we are pro-traditional sexual practice. It is the homosexual community that wants to redefine proper sexual conduct and marriage definitions. We could easily say that the pro-homosexual movement is heterophobic and/or Christophobic.

Words mean things.

Servant of the Lord #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot vaccinefromhell.com

I had a dream that my close Christian friend got the sars-cov-2 injection. The next day she reported no ill effects no headaches and no issues. My whole family was getting ready to leave the country but without the injection we could not board the plane. I was trying to figure out what to do and how to fly out. Since my friend did not have any ill effects to the injection I figured I’ll give the injection to my youngest daughter and if she is okay then my other kids can get it. I couldn’t get the injection myself because I was pregnant. I had a syringe with the covid injection and injected it into my youngest daughter. (I’m horrified typing this because I would never do this!) My youngest was standing up but then her entire body went stiff like a robot. Her eyes lit up Orange. I hear the noise that an iPhone Bluetooth makes when a device pairs with it “ding”. Then I hear the Bluetooth lady say “connecting”. Across her eyes I see the words, “…Downloading Operating System…” then I see the words “…pairing devices…”then she “pairs” with my sister’s iPhone and my eldest daughter’s phone. After that her eyes go back to normal. I started praying for God to help her and fix what I have just done. At this point I was freaking out. I said, “how are we ever going to hide now that she has been networked into the Beast system? They will be able to track us anywhere and know our every move.” I then decided I would make a doctors appointment for everyone and steal a bunch of va-c-c-ine passports and forge them to look like my youngest daughter’s va-c-c-ine passport so that we could flee the country.

Confirmation verse given: “Therefore the strength of Pharaoh Shall be your shame, And trust in the shadow of Egypt Shall be your humiliation.” Isaiah‬ ‭30:3‬ ‭

“You shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God has commanded you, that you may live and that it may be well with you, and that you may prolong your days in the land which you shall possess.”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭5:33‬ ‭

Ben Garrison #wingnut #conspiracy #transphobia #enbyphobia grrrgraphics.com


1. Covid was used to control countless millions around the world and it was easy for the medical tyrants to pull it off. […]

2. The Democrats told us that Trump, with the help of Putin, rigged and stole the 2016 presidential election away from Hillary. […]

3. The Transexual fad is perhaps the most egregious delusion. […]

4. The Climate Change cultists are ruining our economy by pushing green energy, which simply cannot compete with oil, natural gas, and coal. […]

5. Kamala Harris and Biden’s press secretary cannot make the border secure simply by telling us that it is secure! […]

6. The Democrats are so deluded that they think spending more money can lessen inflation! […]

7. The Democrats have relentlessly demonized President Trump. […]

8. The mainstream media, also known as the legacy media, also known as presstitutes, are an insult to real journalism. […]

9. It’s a delusion to think we are being run by patriots looking out for the best interests of Americans. The Democrats despise MAGA. […]

10. It’s delusional to think we can again send humans to the moon when we never sent them there the first time…but that’s a subject for a future cartoon.

Dan Corner #fundie #conspiracy evangelicaloutreach.org

Do NOT receive ANY KIND OF MARK on your body, even invisible to the naked eye,
that is needed for any reason especially related to TRACKING as for a digital certificate,
immunity passport, etc. The Mark of the Beast does NOT have to be a RFID chip. In fact, the
Quantum Dot Tattoo, delivered with the microneedle Covid vaccine, is much more likely to be it.
mark of the beast


In June 2020, there is especially ONE preeminent individual, who especially
seems to be the Antichrist. The dictator is also identified by the 666 trademark around him
and his name -- BILL GATES III, the CORONA virus and the Microsoft patent number of ID2020.


Though this seems unreal in September 2020, it is very real and is their open plan for the world to see. This is not a conspiracy theory! This Covid-19 Microneedle Vaccine delivers:
a mark to the body using LUCIFERase and
hydrogel biosensors that will change one's DNA
This covid-19 vaccine is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT Vaccine - NOT like the ones in the past that cured Polio, Lockjaw, etc. The military is even involved in this vaccine through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). That should set off LOUD alarm bells about this vaccine. It will CHANGE one's human biology. The hydrogel biosensors will become one with your human tissue and change a person into a hybrid.
The microneedle vaccine looks like a harmless band-aid with microneedles that will not hurt when applied and the average person can administer it to himself, but the consequences are very adverse. It is being presented for safety - to help detect and protect from future pandemics. Think about this: how could covid-19 really be a pandemic with a survival rate of over 99%?

VERY IMPORTANT: The Covid-19 gene-altering vaccine might be coming like a BAND-AID! If you receive something like this in the mail with a directive from the "Health" Authorities or any other government agency or anyone else, DO NOT PUT IT ON YOURSELF.