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Internet Hitler?! Hahahahaha! That's hilarious that you're upset about the ship name after trump, but it's even funnier that you think he's "Internet hitler". He's easily one of the best leaders the country ever had.

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That weapon never crossed state lines and Kyle was legally allowed to carry it.

As for Kyle himself crossing state lines - perfectly legal for him to do so.

This is typical victim-blaming. Even if you don’t like the fact that Kyle brought a gun to that location, it was legal for him to do so and Rosenbaum had no right to attack him. The other two that got shot also attacked him first, he was retreating towards the police to turn himself in. Why aren’t you disappointed by the fact that large groups of people go out and riot, destroy people’s livelyhood for no good reason.

Leftists: We don’t like mass incarceration.
Also leftists: Let’s put a kid in prison for life for self-defense.

Sounds legit.