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( @Cynthia_Holt )
Notice how Florida magically became a deep red state after DeSantis banned Zuckerbucks, started arresting people for election fraud, and enacted safe guards.

Most of the country is actually deep red and we all know it.

( @Jhapster )
@Cynthia_Holt I agree that Fetterman and Hobs are the most suspicious for fraud but there are a bunch of 51% wins for the NWO deep state, I'm just not buying that abortion outweighed the laundry list of Biden regime disasters we live with. The y used the narrowest of margins to make it look plausible. The SCOTUS deliberately gave the leftist this issue to rally with, it's all they had, SCOTUS is in the NWO bag...

( @PatriotM1A777 )
@Jhapster @Cynthia_Holt @PatriotM1A 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇺🇸 @PatriotM1A777

Bearing False Witness is the Left’s Bread and Butter!!!


( @ZeezNuz )
@Jhapster @Cynthia_Holt Yep, yep. The nasty fake Christian judges that Trump put in made sure to make a abortion as issue before midterms.
The machines did a nice little even divide with numbers.
They've successfully locked up Congress for the next 2 years.

( @Engineerfortruth )
@Cynthia_Holt exactly, we are only getting strange results in states that have abondoned transparent elections.

( @vampire505 )
@Engineerfortruth @Cynthia_Holt Getting the same results from those states that cheating was high in the 2020 election. Voters should have demanded a change in the way they vote and call out those in the government who didn't allow it. Call out the poll workers by name who wouldn't allow correct voting procedures to happen in Republican base areas.

( @Retro_Fan )
@Cynthia_Holt thats why they cheat the votes so close, almost 50-50, because they want people to think at least half the country hates the other half. when in fact, it's most likely 75% right wing at this point.

( @aprilmay5877 )
@Cynthia_Holt Florida is red because theres no cheating allowed. Thats what happens when the real (and only real) votes are counted. The peoples voice .

( @Texplorable )
@Cynthia_Holt It's almost like draining the swamp actually requires that you have to take some action rather than just running around talking about it. Whoda thunk it?



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