Wolf Fangs #wingnut #conspiracy #racist msn.com

@J McCoskrie
HIDDEN FACTS: “October Revolution” was not what we today wrongly call the "Russian Revolution" or "Red Revolution"! It was a Jewish Revolution, an invasion and subjugation of the Russian people who then suffered the worst crimes in the entire history of mankind. Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin were Jews whose Marxist doctrine claimed the lives of approximately 100,000,000 people worldwide. Cheka, the first incarnation of the Soviet secret police (NKVD), was established in 1917. Many Jews played leading roles in the secret police. Around 50% of high-ranking NKVD officers had Jewish ethnicity recorded in their identity documents. Also, the members of the Bolshevik government were around 85% Jews.
Without question communist ideology as we saw it's a terrible thing. Where did Communism come to Russia from?! It came from, and thanks to 1. Britain, 2. France, 3. Switzerland, 4. Germany, 5. the US... Russia had been fighting communism and revolutions for one hundred years, throughout the 19th century but Europe had demonized Russia for its resistance to the communist evil. The Bolsheviks lived and worked in London, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, etc. Trotsky with his men came to Russia from New York; Lenin came back to Russia from Switzerland and via Germany. There are loads of evidence of the European and American support of Bolshevism. Eventually, the West won its case: Russia was successfully infected with the bacilli of communism.

Greco Jr #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

@anthony edwards
Last time I checked, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Finland are not states in America. This sounds like a Europe/UN/NATO problem. The USA is on the verge of economic collapse. Time to focus on us and not being the world's police force for once.

Ukraine has lost 400,000 soldiers. Russia has lost about 50,000 and has 750,000 in reserve before the start their version of the draft. Ukraine has already lost.

All the taxpayer money sent to Ukraine has been laundered and President Zelensky and his elite will leave before the collapse of the country to their American taxpayer paid for homes on elitist beaches around the world.
@Joseph Price
It is. We, the taxpayers, practically fund it. NATO is a multinational military unit. While there are some Americans in NATO it operates separately from the American military/government. NATO can fight that battle without America fighting that battle.

In my opinion we should withdraw from NATO. America (capitalism is bad) pays for the majority of the budget in multinational programs like NATO/UN. If we withdrew or only paid what the other countries pay, these organizations would collapse or be utterly useless.

John K, Stan Harrison, and hs lafever #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho msn.com

(John K)
@William Moore
Wrong, a true conservative does not call for violence. So anyone that does is not actually a conservative. And in this day of age, it is most likely a misdirect from a leftist activist. And I say leftists because a true liberal also would never call for violence.

(Stan Harrison)
The DNC is the enemy. They are brainwashed, godless, materialistic, Marxist, degenerates who used the vehicle of social welfare and workers rights to place themselves in power only to then subvert and destroy the USA. The DNC has promised lots of things and been in complete control of government twice in 16 years having delivered nothing. The most recent when two democrats took one for the team and crossed the aisle to block any promised payments for the votes.
@Jeffry McFate
We don't need to control the government, we only need control enough to shut it down. We have no problem watching your voters starve.

(hs lafever)
none of the patriots I serve with here at ft wainwright would agree with that. labelling patriots and currently serving members of the military as enemies of the state shows the anti American mindset of the wholly illegitimate democrat soviet party and regime, and its indoctrinated followers.
@N G
to intentionally marginalize a segment of society just because they reject the anti American policies of the wholly illegitimate democrat soviet party and regime shows whom the real enemy of freedom is. Ill stand with the patriots, as will everyone i know here on ft wainwright. to be anti MAGA isnt just anti American, its anti Military as well.
a fight the left will not win
@Michael Whitted
good, democracy is toxic, thats why the founders purposly avoided creating a democracy.
you can not be a patriot while also supporting democracy.
you either stand for the constitutional republic with the patriots, or against the nation and its citizens with toxic democracy.
too bad more citizens do not know their history, theyd be less easily duped by leftists.

Samuel z #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho msn.com

Just because you have Indictments on someone it differently don't mean there Guilty , Also the US government tried to Impeach trump and failed this is why He is not a criminal , once The US government gets involved they can gather so much evidence and they have unlimited money and time to charge Trump and what happened 0 nothing so every Indictment only proves Trump is no the criminal. In fact by Law you cant keep charging the same crime on the same person and get away with it when it don't hold up in court its a fact that its 100% fact that Biden and Fbi, Doj even IRS have now committed Crimes and they are so showy that 4 Indictments all fail and this is alot like quad jeopardy bytw this attack on trump will also create a new law that to indictment 4 times on a person with all the same charges will no longer be allowed in the future all this is creating is a black whole that demarcates well i don't call Biden a demarcate any more and the entire demarcate party has become 100% a banana acratic zoo , fact is democrats will all be removed from power and office and be purged , not even joking i dont want and no one thats a real person wants a new Venezuela or a new version of mexico or russa or even a china , there is a massive reason why Aberham Licon was a republican he had the for sight to see how corrupted democrats can become. True Heros died to save humanity and now we have a crazy white house and senate, civil war will start soon the dominos are falling and no republicans is not the problem but now i know a 1 party system and a 2 party system will never work for the future of The USA, there needs top be a purge of all sick minded senators and and future demarcate

Wai Chong and VINH HUA #moonbat #racist msn.com

(Wai Chong)
Nancy and Biden are still there. Go figure. America loves corruption. It's part of America's gene.
Then Americans imagine anything when corrupted politicians are removed from Asia. Go figure.
Singapore removed one minister for corruption, one minister for affair, and three MPs for affairs. It's only the US that is corrupt and keeps those corrupted politicians like Nancy and Biden. Asia that embraces clean government kick politicians out for corruptions and affairs. Get on with life.

China hold their government officials to their highest moral and ethical standards. Unlike US any moron can get voted in. then do whatever they want. corrupt, immoral, unethical. from top to bottom. no wonder US going downhill fast.

various commenters #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

(John Curtis)
Constant lies from the marxist-Left media. Their climate HOAX is the biggest FRAUD ever played on humanity! It's ALL about political ideology and has NOTHING to do with any a "climate catastrophy." The socialist-Left's goal is NOT to save the planet, but to RULE IT and CONTROL US! Just follow the money!

(F M)
Really stupid and trying to destroy the family by dividing the generations. A socialist ploy.

(Frank Corlett)
At least we aren't guilty of the pseudo-science that fuels most of these arguments. When scientists start using their own time-proven methods and stop resorting to trying to make the numbers fit their own narrative, we can start a discussion about climate.

(Big B Big B 46)
There is NO climate catastrophe. NONE NADA. A scam made up by greeners to grab every tax dollar possible with the excuse of "Science". It isn't real or true.

Hophead Brewer and Devil Mazinkaiser #wingnut #dunning-kruger #crackpot msn.com

(Hophead Brewer)
It's hilarious when liberals bash Florida which has the best economy and the best schools in the nation. Compared to California it is paradise yet it's a "dumpster fire" LOL

(Devil Mazinkaiser)
Actually, it's the best that it's ever been. Leftie loonies are kept away from our children, medical freedom exists, and we dont have to live with extreme protests and burning down our neighborhoods. Sounds great to me!

Squatch Hunter #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

Taiwan does NOT belong to you or the USA. They are a sovereign country that chooses their own destiny. Morally and fiscally bankrupt USA is no longer the world's police. They don't have the might or moral authority to be that.
classic leftist Democrat response to accuse those with differing views to be CCP operatives or Putin opertives. This is getting old. Grow up.
@Snow Bird
USA aircraft carriers will NOT be able to defend against Chinese hypersonic missiles and they will ALL end up at the bottom of the South China Sea if they try to stop China from sacking Taiwan.
USA CAN'T protect Taiwan because they do not have the military might to stop China. USA aircraft carriers will end up at the bottom of the South China sea, unable to defend against Chinese hypersonic missiles.

lloyd harley #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

America has collapsed, this lefty media post wants to make the claim China is failing, its not. Just look at the gains across the World while we rot from within by Wokeness and decline of Social and moral values. But the sheeple will believe all the garbage from the Hill. China has been predicted to fail for the past 1 years and only expands while we contract in influence in the world. China has plenty of people to force into military units, and we can only maybe field an army of wokeies now and they will survive a successful outcome of a nuke exchange. We are a broken Country due to the Demwits who vote for pumpkin heads.
@Ryan Birke
LOL, I have looked around, Its pretty clear Americas time as an Empire is over and we are in the decline. NO Empire in the World last forever. Corrupt government, corrupt people at all levels of goverment and Business. Attack on morality by the media, ect ect. Live in the dream world fella!!, not the reality, but it's over. Enjoy the 16 percent in inflation since Biden took over. Military cant meet its recruiting goals. I have news for you. American families will not send their children to die for the corrupt US government. SO are we going to draft the woke weak Metro guys .LMAO
@terry d
Yea right. Things at home and in the World are going great for America . Dems need another term to put the final nails in the coffin
@Ryan Birke
Has been corrupt for many presidential cycles. Don't like Trump at al. I can see our country is in deep irreversible trouble. I served under the cloth of this Nation and have a nice scar to show it. The truth is all around us as the American Empire declines just as Rome, Spain, England and the Persians, all through history. Our time is up. China is the new big dog on the block, get use to it

Shadow Warrior #moonbat #conspiracy bbc.com

This concerns the west because Russia has advanced missile technology

America has and is destabilising Asia, there would be no war looming in South China Sea if not for Americas presence and it’s using Taiwan as a platform to spy and have missile silos near to China

America is the problem who are obsessed with war games and world domination
Have you lived in these areas I lived in these parts of Asia for 22 years

Russias army is so ineffective that the counter offensive is being seen as a failure and made little grounds with all the help from western weapons and intelligence

I’m not pro or against anyone but American is obsessed with wars and causing them around the world, it’s just the truth
China is not claiming all of South China Sea, this is more complicated than you know, why is American so concerned with Japan , South Korea , Philippines and Taiwan , why are they even there in the first place

Before Second World War china has no interest in securing areas in South China Sea but it’s forced to compete with america to protect its own way of life

Various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy bbc.com

(propaganda buster)
Ermm check again.. they're not buying in dollars but their own currency.. usa are finished and become a 3rd country very soon as others are following suit
Look at your own country and see what state it in... then you will realise who is history.
Stick to facts.. not western media propaganda.

So Ukraine should have talked to them and would probably have had this war ended quickly without having to give away much (maybe just an undertaking not to join NATO). Instead Zelensky refused to even talk and constantly moans that Ukrainians are still dying and his country getting destroyed. Your choice mate.

No. He's a businessman. More likely to tell Putin to get out, and start working on the vast fiscal opportunities in rebuilding Ukraine. The left's obsession with Trump is just that, obsessive. A bad day for Ukraine is the Democrats being re-elected, a party dedicated to destroying the US.

Diplomacy must begin asap. It is clear that Ukraine will never regain everything it lost. Losses need to be cut and peace talks resumed without preconditions.

Can't defeat Ukraine - 😆 🤣 take a look around - take a look at ukraines casualties - Russia is fighting up to 20 nations and still winning
Desperate for putin 😄 🤣 witb 80% of the world behind him - & Ukraine with its failed offensive and winter approaching - do tell me more of your wisdom sir
You were told the same about Saddam - before we wiped out a million in Iraq- putins not coming for Poland - never was - - time we stop funding a questionable puppet regime in Ukraine before our own poor citizens - Ukraine has lost - winter is approaching - the Ukrainian counter offensive is over - Russia - China and the rest are moving forward
How many uk citizens did saddam kill = zero

Jan Vidrine and J Y #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Jan Vidrine)
@Terri Glass
The Liberal experiment is OVER . When you talk about Germany , you do realize it was our people too who were burned and gassed to death. If you were honest with yourself you would see its this admin that so out of touch with Americans . Name calling doesn't hurt us

(J Y)
@Terri Glass
you do know that rural students have higher test scores and graduation rates than urban or suburban areas? The people who can't read are ones who mostly vote Democrat.

Neal McElroy and Mark Schmalhofer #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

(Neal McElroy)
@Christopher Dunn
Christopher Dunn We’re recycling the lies. We’re recycling the scare tactics. Back in 1985 we had 20 years. We didn’t have time to wait. We couldn’t prove it. And then Algore said we had 10 years, and we started our 10-year countdown clock.Then Ted Danson said in ’88, “we got 10 years to clean the oceans or we’re gonna die.” And the global warming, environmentalist wackos, 10 years later, said we got 10 years. Man made climate change is a hoax. They think we’ve got 10 years before life on earth will not be known, not be seen, will not be able to continue as we know it today. So, they end up supporting all this junk. All this blabbering drivel junk. They end up supporting it because they’re scared out of their gourds.

(Mark Schmalhofer)
The Earth produces the oil, not fossils. It is renewable energy.

mr wiggles, Tim Sturgeon, and Calamity James #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

(mr wiggles)
Ukraine is helping the U.S. violate treaties with NATO allies. Ukraine is not a allie. The war in Ukraine is the Cuba missile crisis in reverse. Its the U.S. that has illegal weapons in Ukraine, Russia backyard. The U.S. is going to give Ukraine depleted uranium anti-tank missiles. These missiles are low level tactical nukes. Basically The U.S. is starting the nuclear war. By the way giving Ukraine cluster bombs also violates many treaties the U.S. has agreed to. so, this is all going to be blood on our hand that Americas civilian and military population will be casualties from.

(Tim Sturgeon)
@ Mrs. Captain Liam Shaw
Ukraine started the war Comrade and are a communist country.
@ Joseph Guy
Joseph Guy too funny, actually research the Ukraine, they are communist and always always have been. Lots of History books at your local library
Joseph Guy easy google question, but keep with the "must be propaganda"
How long has Ukraine been a communist country?
The KPU considers itself to be the direct successor to the original Communist Party of Ukraine, a branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) which was founded on 5 July 1918 in Moscow
i'll make this easy for you, you lied cant admit it, love posting propaganda then saying others are and know nothing about Ukraine.
Ukraine made a pact with Russia and broke the pact 2 times before Russia attacked, Puting warned the world after the first time and no one listened

(Calamity James)
@ Mrs. Captain Liam Shaw
actually, if the US would have dismantled the bio labs, we wouldn't be in this mess. It's like having a meth lab as ewer neighbor. Ewe wouldn't want that, would ewe?

Dmitriy Afanasyev and Violetta Yakovenko #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #moonbat msn.com

(Dmitriy Afanasyev)
Ukraine lost the war a year ago, you just do not want to see the truth
@Mike Resnick
So losing five territories, having 17 million people flee the country, having have a million soldiers die, having other countries provide money and weapons just to survive, all of it means that Ukraine is winning?
I am sorry to disappoint you, but Russia is outproducing NATO right now. NATO needs at least two to five years depending on what western expert you ask just to match Russia. Ukraine has been losing 7 to 1, sometimes 10 to 1 throughout this war. Do not fall for Western propaganda, which is far worse than Russian propaganda.
@worn smooth
If your statements were true, then Russian economy would have collapsed under all the sanctions. But it turns out that Russia leap frogged over Germany this year to become the fifth economy in the world. That happened precisely because Russia has boosted all of the productions. A few more years and will surpass Japan for number four spot. There is no catching US, China, and India. And if it were a crime syndicate under Putin he would never have enjoyed between 70 to 80 percent support from Russian people, which is even acknowledged by the West.

(Violetta Yakovenko)
@ Mike Resnick
Do not listen to Ukrainian propaganda. So far the ratio is opposite: 1 to 10. Check Douglas McGregor to start with. Millions of Ukrainians fled, most of the country's industry is down... NATO, SK would not last long without Russian resources. Russia is not along, even 7-folded its military production... Even being cornered the Russia would not loose. Like a wounded bear it will go to its last and most powerful attack: do not forget,- it has as many of nukes as USA has and it just completing transition to the newest and best strategic missiles... Do you know why China is so well populated? One of the reasons - its Philosophy: If a war is unavoidable and one commander has less troops/resources, than the enemy, he just peacefully going under the command of more powerful counterpart. I believe the Ukrainians just need to accept the wisdom.

S G #wingnut msn.com

Fascism - a governmental system led by someone having power to forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting industry and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Joe Biden using the FBI to raid Trump's home and stop investigations of his own family (Fascism or not)

The IRS showing up at Republicans like Matt Taibbi home (Fascism or not)

Alvin Bragg making up a crime to indict a former President. (Fascism or not)

Joe Biden's war on the fossil fuel and gas appliance industry. (Fascism or not)

Joe Biden using race as his main criteria in making political appointments. (Fascism or not)

Various Commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

(Patrick Hartman)
More projection. The Left are the fascist. Fascism is on the left side of the political spectrum and todays Left are authoritarian in nature.

(Stan Harrison)
No, it's a Constitutional Republic. Voting is voting and has nothing to do with democracy. Democracy is rule by majority and doesn't even require voting; it can simply be large sized mobs enforcing an agenda. The minorities rights are not protected in a democracy.

(Robbie C.)
@Nina Connolly
What's wrong with shutting down the government for a while? I'm for it, simply because it will keep us from spending so much money. The size of the government is 10 times to large. The US government is the biggest employer in the country. You don't see a problem with that? Our government is becoming more like China every day.

(The Red Quota)
@Nina Connolly
Liberals destroyed almost every major city in the US, caused BILLIONS of dollars in damages, burned down police stations and federal buildings, led to hundreds of casualties, etc. But the right are the party of violence? LOLOLOLOLOL Good one!

(Greg Allen)
The Socialist Democrats have no idea of what democracy is that is why they mess everything up pushing Socialism one party rule. Hello Venezuela, China and Russia the American Socialist Democrats are trying hard to join you.

Ken Graves and KENT BONDE #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Ken Graves)
Let's talk facts:
1) Zalensky ousted all political opponents.
2) He has banned speaking Russian in the Russian areas.
3) He is a former comedian with zero political experience yet is now a billionaire thanks to this massive money laundering scheme.
4) Ukraine has never been a democracy. This is the usual lie the US govt tells its citizens to garner support for war. Have you seen democracy take over in any single country we have invaded in modern history?
5) Ukraine is losing about 10 soldiers to every 1 Russian.
6) There is a 200+ years precedent for the Ukraine being part of Russia.

The first casualty of war is truth.

Idiots, considering it was our Buffoon of a President and certain EU and NATO leaders that instigated this war as a distraction from being exposed for the extent of their graft and corruption involving Ukraine, Burisma; and following the country's removal of one corrupt leader (Petro Poroshenko) for another in Volodymyr Zelensky. Facts Matter. Period. End of Story.

Jack James #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

When you have a political party that controls 95 percent of all media, suppresses freedom of speech, turns the free press into a politically biased propaganda machine, uses mainstream media outlets to interfere with presidential elections (by praising one candidate and heaping scorn on the other), punishes school children for using the wrong parts of speech, bans the president of the United States from its platforms while allowing the Taliban and Ayatollah Khamenei, imports millions upon millions of readymade democrats through a wide open southern border in an effort to establish a one-party authoritarian state, conducts a raid at the home of a political rival, weaponizes the judicial system and brings multiple indictments against the party's front running political opponent to prevent him from being elected, it is FASCISM regardless of what they call themselves.
In the 21st century, the words "fascist" and "fascism" are colloquialisms representing authoritarianism, political weaponization of law enforcement and heavy-handed censorship. Scholarly definitions no longer apply. Fascists, communists, Nazis, pseudo-progressive democrats -- peel off the label and they all look alike and employ the same anti-democratic tactics.

Brian Dyl #moonbat #conspiracy #pratt msn.com

There are millions of Russians living in these places and they seem to ignore this in the West. The West should of never instigated a coup in Ukraine to begin with. I find it very odd and dubious on what they fail report and address about that conflict in West. All it proves is how deceitful the West is about the situation. It's really disgusting.

various commenters #wingnut #crackpot #pratt msn.com

(Jerome O'mara)
You don't know what fascism is. If you did you would know that conservatives and Trump supporters are not fascist, but Democrats are. Fascism is a form of socialism and only the democrats love socialism

(Della Navarro)
Conservatives haven't changed. We have still believed the same ideologies for centuries: Slavery is wrong, discrimination is bad. If you look back into history, you will see the Conservative party wasn't the one who fought to KEEP slavery or Jim Crow....

(Darryl Peterson)
If they are insane, they become liberals. Insanity and liberalism go together.

(Diana Rodriguez)
@ R M
the slaveholders were ALL democrats. The Indigenous People's (use the correct term if you are going to refer to our people) genocide in this country was brought to you by DEMOCRAT ANDREW JACKSON.

various commenters #wingnut #crackpot #pratt msn.com

(Jerome O'mara)
You don't know what fascism is. If you did you would know that conservatives and Trump supporters are not fascist, but Democrats are. Fascism is a form of socialism and only the democrats love socialism

(Della Navarro)
Conservatives haven't changed. We have still believed the same ideologies for centuries: Slavery is wrong, discrimination is bad. If you look back into history, you will see the Conservative party wasn't the one who fought to KEEP slavery or Jim Crow....

(Darryl Peterson)
If they are insane, they become liberals. Insanity and liberalism go together.

(Diana Rodriguez)
@ R M
the slaveholders were ALL democrats. The Indigenous People's (use the correct term if you are going to refer to our people) genocide in this country was brought to you by DEMOCRAT ANDREW JACKSON.

T Frank #conspiracy msn.com

@John Phillips
I was in Ukraine last week. The Ukrainians started this war by killing tens of thousands of ethnic Russians. Ukraine didn't want the new gas pipeline to bypass Ukraine. That was the one chokehold they had on Russia to force Russia to supply Ukraine with Energy. They attempted to take Sevastopol, the Russian Navy base, and failed. So, they killed ethnic Russians and Russia came to their defense. Ukraine then started their propaganda. Did you see the two missiles strike the apartment building early in the war? Who points a camera at an apartment building's corner of the roof? That is, unless you know something is coming? The Ukrainian politicians are now wealthy. I saw average Ukrainians now driving new Land Cruisers - and the US is paying for it.

Joshua Rhoden #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

@sharp deals
"sharp deals
@jack rawlins
- The US is whooping Russia in the proxy war, with largely surplus arms, almost all at least a generation old. Biden is giving Xi pause, and China's rhetoric is little more than posturing and positioning.
OTOH, if Trump were at the helm, Ukraine would have been over in a few weeks, with Moldova teed up as the next target (with the US abandoning NATO). With militarily incompetent Trump in the White House, Xi really would be gearing up to invade Taiwan before Trump left office, for a guaranteed uncontested win."

Delusional at best.

If 2020 wasn't stolen Russia wouldn't have even tried to invade Ukraine.

Obama era, Putin takes Crimea, and Obama lets him without any issues. Obama set up a Ukrainian coup to install a puppet President that would be on board with laundering money for the Leftists and also allowing illegal Bio Labs to be run from Ukraine.

Trump era, Putin sits back and waits for the next leftist to be elected into the White House. (because Trump directly told Putin that he would destroy Moscow if he invaded Ukraine).
Biden era, Putin Attacks Ukraine because he knows Leftists are weak and easy to buy off.

Trump also put the fear into China, so no... they would not have gone after Taiwan during Trumps time.

Hasan Askari MD #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

US and NATO are causing this NOT - PUTIN. The Expansion of NATO is the KEY cause of all this mess. We must remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki - were the first NUCLEAR USE war crimes committed by the US government on a NON nuclear country. Russia is at least warning that - NATO is pushing the war in that direction - NATO can stop and look for a political solution - Its NATO - the big bully and Russia the smaller bully - fighting. I dont like any - but, dislike NATO (the bigger killer in the world) over Russia.

Evan Field #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

@Henry Vandenburgh
What? it is a literal failure on all sides, 100k plus dead and wounded on both sides billions wasted without any real wins show for it, and Russia still controls 18% Ukraine, which is more than they had at the start of this war. While Ukraine has lost 33% of its population including 45% of its women who when polled have no intention of returning. There's a decade of rebuilding infrastructure and even if Russia was completely repelled today that is how it currently stands, how is that considered going well. We helped destroy those people's country, as without our weapons packages being sent to the Ukrainian government prior to this invasion to fight the DPR and LRP they could have declared neutrality and the invasion would not have happened.
It is a money pit for all involved and is not a winnable war by any side has we will see in the end. Russia will escalate its violence with even more savage weapons and Ukraine will continue to bleed heavily. NATO will funnel 100 billion more in, and the outcome is the same as Ukraine will be devastated and Russia will maintain control of some of the currently contested land. It is a fool's errand to be involved in this conflict at all, and we are only increasing the body count by doing so.

Ole Ball coach #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

No "Maga" people are "Backing Putin". Funny how the Socialists who want a government which emulates Russia and China must say those who wish to MAGA side with Putin. The IRony is that Putin is going to get eastern Ukraine just like Biden promised. ISn't it ironic that Putin was given Crimea and now eastern Ukraine by Barak and Joe while Democrats blame republicans for siding with Putin. Putin did NOTHING in Ukraine while Bush and Trump were in office. It seems to me that both of your guys were/are in office while Putin gets what he wants. Looks like the deal was made by Dems.

JACK OLIVER #wingnut #moonbat #conspiracy #racist caitlinjohnstone.com

The ZIO/US continue with this idiotic charade that this demented old fool has something to contribute !

The game is up for the Rothschilds AND the Rothschilds attack dogs the US military and NATO who only exist to plunder the worlds resouces !

Biden is glaring evidence of that !

How quickly people forget that Russia was accused of bombing hospitals in Syria and commiting human rights atrocities !

DITTO Syria who were also accused of chemical weapons attacks – ‘barrel ‘ bombing – killing babies – every despicable lie they could conjure up – the Rothschilds owned western media were relentless as they are now !

In the end Russia destroyed ISIS and there was NOTHING the ZIO/US/NATO could do about it !

America is a disgrace and the Rothschiilds created wars have brought untold misery on 100s of millions worldwide who have been killed – maimed and displaced !

This had to END and Russia is ending it !

The ZIO/US/NATO can do nothing now and they KNOW it !!

Russia is far too sophisticated !

If you think that the Taliban retook Kabul in ONE week – bloodlessly and unopposed without help from Russia and China ( who were doing drills on the Afghan border at the time ) using sophisticated electronic weaponry- well – you are living in fairyland !

There is absolutely NOTHING the ZIO/US/NATO can do – they are not capable !

There will be NO war – only collapse !

Gully Bullz, Hami Hosseini, Peggy Hsia, and Realist 6703 #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

(Gully Bullz)
Better look around.  China has some powerful allies too.   Like India, Pakistan and Russia who are all nuclear powers.  Maybe research the SCO?

(Hami Hosseini)
or north korea will destroy south Korea and Japan .and China will destroy USA
if Japan puppet regime follow USA policy .they will  become like  ukraine!!

(Peggy Hsia)
China 's THREAT? S China Sea has nothing to do with US, but US has to come from thousands miles away to crate chaos in the region. But China is standing tall to defeat such evil forces !

(Realist 6703)
First Asia has to be convinced China is a threat, that went nowhere in the 2022 Summits. Second, Ukraine is demilitarizing NATO war reserves, They may not be much of an organization by the end of this encounter. Have to wait and see for that though.

various commenters #moonbat #conspiracy youtube.com

In the case of Ukraine, it wouldn't be clamoring to join NATO if the SU had not backed an illegal coup there deposing a regime that remained popular in the eastern half of the country, with the help of some Nazi militias to do the dirty work of the neoliberal elites. Before the coup a significant majority of Ukrainians polled stated that they had no desire to join NATO and many of them had no desire to join the EU if that meant reducing their trade with Russia and taking on more foreign debt.

Well the violent coup and tyranny overthrow of the government did spark this conflict so they kinda did.

Kyle thinks Ukraine has a chance of winning 😂😂😂

Ukraine isn’t supposed to win but weaken Russia at the expense of Ukrainians.

NATO hawkishness for over 3 decades has led us to the brink of WW3.

@wilcee238 yea by preparing Ukraine’s army for 8 years to fight Russia and not abiding by the Minsk agreements. You are correct

Steve null #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

@Bard Barbarian

Nobody looks at what happened, why Trump was elected, and the serious issues and crimes committed by the Democrats.

Democrats were shocked Trump got elected. They said something must be wrong. Some refused to sign off on the electoral votes (yes, look it up.) The swore before he was sworn into office to get him out. They created fake evidence and lied to investigate and work on impeachment. They then went to social media and used the DOJ to demand they alter social media and search results so Democrat favoring information and search results are always on top and what bad things they want to push about the republicans come up on top for Republican searchs.

Here is something I noticed:
If there is some evidence of the Democrats doing something wrong or criminal, it is hidden, treated as a lie, or called something like "Russian Misinformation".
If there is some allegation without any facts about a Republican, it is pushed as a fact and pushed constantly. The Democrats and their media directors know that if a lie and false information is pushed enough, people think it is real.
The Democrats also know that if they attack the person supplying the negative information and facts about the Democrats, the avid Democrats followers will think the information and facts are lies, without checking into them. The Democrats and marxists and their paid social media agents do this to control speech and thought and information.

Sad so many people can't even look into the facts and information themselves. It makes the Democrats happy.

BOB MEYER #fundie msn.com

The perpetual dumbing down of American society is manifested most vigorously in the theological ignorance on display on fora such as this. That makes people ripe to be seduced by a gamut of ideas. The atheist turned Christian philosopher G.K. Chesterton comments “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything."
Having said that, the two greatest motivations for unbelief are the desire to maximize personal autonomy and the fear of ultimate authority. Two quotes to summarize.
“I had motives for not wanting the world to have a meaning; and consequently assumed that it had none, and was able without any difficulty to find satisfying reasons for this assumption. The philosopher who finds no meaning in the world is not concerned exclusively with a problem in pure metaphysics. He is also concerned to prove that there is no valid reason why he personally should not do as he wants to do. For myself, as no doubt for most of my friends, the philosophy of meaninglessness was essentially an instrument of liberation from a certain system of morality. We objected to the morality because it interfered with our sexual freedom. The supporters of this system claimed that it embodied the meaning - the Christian meaning, they insisted - of the world. There was one admirably simple method of confuting these people and justifying ourselves in our erotic revolt: we would deny that the world had any meaning whatever.” ---Aldous Huxley
"...I am talking about something much deeper–namely, the fear of religion itself. I speak from experience, being strongly subject to this fear myself: I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers.
It isn’t just that I don’t believe in God and, naturally, hope that I’m right in my belief. It’s that I hope there is no God! I don’t want there to be a God..."

Christopher K #fundie #wingnut msn.com

Many of today's atheists aren't anthropologically, psychologically nor historically aware that most of their modern day morals are based on Christian contexts because of western society. Same with education and science. Anti-theists, who are the vocal ones on comment sections who probably don't know the difference of the word, are even less so.
Yes, there's been a lot of people who abused Christianity for power or perverted it to justify their deeds all through history. But those were people. Same for any ideology, many of which could just as easily be considered cultist. Politics are DEFINITELY not immune to it. It doesn't take much convincing someone of that unfortunate truth.
Still, the tenets of the faith are the basis for much of modern decency. Media and education has thoroughly failed for a few generations now. As they say, "a sign of the times".

G W #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia msn.com

Much like Rome, decline in morality while be the U.S. downfall.
Catholicism is wrng and isn't found in the bible, despite that, people sn
no, Catholicism did start until roughly 600 years after Christianity started
if that were true, the United States would never have flourished being founded as a Christian nation by the founding fathers
no, the official beginning of the Catholic church didn't start until around 600. There's nothing in scripture about Catholicism.
Conner Tucker "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
John Adams
Alan Watts "Christian church leaders worldwide gathered to answer major questions, including which books should be regarded as "Scripture." These gatherings included the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 and the First Council of Constantinople in A.D. 381"
@Conner Tucker
that's a misconception, most were Christian and not deist
@Alan Watts
Alan Watts Paul founded the first churches, they had elders and deacons, in fact the bible preaches against Catholicism, Matthew 23:9 "And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven."
@Christine Jones
no, it's not, there's no mention of Catholicism in the bible
@Christine Jones
technically the start date of the new testament church would be when Paul founded the first churches, and first called christians at Antioch

William Chak, Derek Johnson, and D T #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

(William Chak)
China does not invade it's province, China liberate Taiwan province.

(Derek Johnson)
China invades its own province? China has been reiterating many times that it wants to solve the Taiwan problem peacefully or leave it to the next generation who will be smarter. But please don't provoke China by western leaders keep visiting Taiwan. Taiwanese are not pieces on your chess board!

(D T)
just more war mongering from the west.
Propaganda designed to justify war - Just like the last 37 times the USA attacked another country.

Stan Svetlov, oxforduniversity M, and Jerry C #conspiracy msn.com

(Stan Svetlov)
Nato led by criminal and corrupted usa is aggressor and terrorist is responsible for wars and murders in iraq, yugoslavia, afghanistan, libia, syria, ukr-urina and must be disintegrated!

(oxforduniversity M)
What warning, the only warning is the globalists United States, they have 5 countries with nuclear weapons and the vessel NATO states that are all under control of the United States, do what we say or else US NATO policy. Besides the 24/7 western fake propaganda news being fed to made people stupid to believe in fake news is their weapon of choice, US anti Russian propaganda, the more the spill the more they get money from taxpayers to approve of more expansion, more money to the rich etc. If people are stupid to believe Ukraine is about a democracy, who's fund and meddles in foreign elections around the planet, the US does. After all, getting countries to allow US military bases isn't just about giving money its also means to have to get the right people in office to approve US military bases in those foreign countries and yes, the US spends billions of dollar every year that interferes with foreign countries elections, its the way the US does business and if they don't accept, the US will call them enemies and place sanctions, see how corruption works, ask Washington they'll show you how they do it.

(Jerry C)
So Nato gives a warning about Wagner getting close to Nato countries but when Nato moves close to Russia by breaking the Minsk agreement they are suppose to not say anything and everyone is suppose to like it? who are the real thugs here?

various commenters #wingnut msn.com

(William Jordan)
Shows great confidence in themselves, myself, a boomer, have paid off my house completely, just yearly taxes and up-keep, and all major loans are paid except for the truck I drive. and all within the last 20years and half of that was on retirement payments. Yeah, not accruing lifelong debt an paying off all the major bills has led to a relatively good end of life results where I can live without having to worry if I'll have a home. That being said the biggest drain I have is the current state of the economy, which slow hands joe and the socialist democrats increased everyday goods and services by as much a 3 times what it was in 2020, go figure.

(Mr. Cool)
Gen Z are a bunch of entitled brats.

(Tito Miller)
Perhaps schools need to put more effort into informing & coaching students about responsible finances instead of their feeligns & how to hide them from their parents!

(Mr Jones)
Z has no sense of personal responsibility, always the fault of another and debt is just another example