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You'd have to be as borderline retard as most of my haters really. How they bitch that all they have ever done is be nice, no no you haven't. Needless to say i would love to know how Biden will win a war with a military so inept they crash planes into the Ocean and are unable to supply ammo and fuel to Ukraine in adequate numbers for nationwide a sustained offensive.

Bay Area Libertarian 70 Smith and Dan LaVigne #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Bay Area Libertarian 70 Smith)
We used to call it rain back in the 2000's. it happens in all states, even in CA which is why we have reservoirs. we need more reservoirs due to the population influx over the last 30 years in stead of letting all the fresh water run into the bay via the delta then saying every year "we have drought" the droughts are manufactured by the governments inability to provide solutions for the expanding population. Then they cry "climate change".

(Dan LaVigne)
Back in the day we called it normal rain for this time of year. I mean really atmospheric river, polar vortex and zombie viruses.
Its raining or snowing and you have a damn cold.

Jeffrey Dean #wingnut #crackpot msn.com

If Trump is convicted, it won't matter. He will win the election. His VP would then be sworn in as President (if he's in jail). Then his VP can pardon him and make Trump the VP. Then after that Trump can run for President again, in either 2028 or 2032 depending on how long he remains VP. That's another 12 years in the WH for Trump.

Good work Democrats.


@GreyOne13 #moonbat #crackpot youtube.com

We Are witnessing possibly The Best Opportunity in our countries history for an independent candidate To Win The Presidency as the result of two of the WEAKEST establishment candidates in the history of both parties being nominated simultaneously and Both actively engaging in attacking the democratic processes of our country while "independent" media can't even bring itself to give a fair shake to any of the independent candidates running. We as a people Deserve project 2025 being enacted for this utter disgrace of a state our conversation of politics has degraded to.

various commenters #moonbat youtube.com

“Never more disgusted than I am right now” -Kyle Kulinski. Me too Kyle. They treat us like we’re stupid thinking we’ll agree with anything they do and any line they sell, and if we do disagree, they don’t care!! I’m not American, so I can’t vote for your leaders, but we always all feel trapped b/c America affects us all so much!! We all get affected, but have no say! Very sad that America did not ACTUALLY de-escalate by this point. Sad that any of this started at all, but I was hoping they’d feel the heat and reel it in son!! This is the most disgusted, disappointed and angry I’ve ever been in my whole life, and it’s been a long life so far. Thank you, at least someone is speaking sense and a voice of reason. It’s practically all we’ve got now! #CEASEFIRE #FREEPALESTINE #IMPEACHBIDEN

Houthis are upholding their obligation under the 4th convention on genocide.
The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, is an international treaty that criminalizes genocide and obligates state parties to pursue the enforcement of its prohibition.

You’e complicit in genocide with this kind of thinking. Already 1000x the amount of civilian deaths of 9/11 and Dresden in just a few months. Yemen actually respecting the part of the Geneva code that requires signees to actively stop genocides they are aware of. They declared as much.

You think trying to stop a genocide is “piracy”?
Why are you defending genocide?
How ignorant are you?

You comparing financial problems to killing civilians in Yemen

Stupid comparison, disregard human life

Steve Null and Carol Epstein #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Steve null)
Ad Hominem attack.   This is the way of the left and Democrats.
Devalue and defame the individual, rather than provide facts.  When they have none they can provide, they attack the person.   We see it down the list.
The article provider is just as bad as MSNBC, CNN, NYT, and Wa Post...   just attack arms for the oppressive DNC.
Try looking at reality and the actions of the Democrats.   I know people think that an authoritarian regime ruled by the DNC is better than a Constitutional Republic with a free market society.
(Carol Epstein)
and then reality hits the left. 200 thousand people from blue states up north have moved down here this year alone. I've been a woman for 60 years and I will be voting for him as well as all my female friends. Time to woke up to the lies.

Various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist msn.com

(Gary A. Anderson)
China just needs to wait and let their mole of a President; Joe Biden break the backs of the American taxpayer. It’s that simple and done way before in secrecy with the idea of forever keeping it unknown to the future.
(Barbara Boxer)
The US should just drop a country that will ignite a nuclear war. Taiwan is that country. What is any other rationale for this to exist. America cannot make a comeback, after nuclear war. Taiwan cannot be trusted. Taiwan has always looked out for Taiwan.
(J P)
There are four sequences that must occur to subjugate another nation: Attack, Invade, Conquer, Govern. Apply these to Russia, and you see none of those have occurred. Apply these to China and you will also see none have occurred. The China threat is manufactured by the Democrats and the media. Russia's 'threat' of over 78 years is also manufactured by the media. The true attacks on America that killed innocent civilians occurred on 9-11, then later in Orlando, and then in San Bernardino, and again in New York. Look to the facts as to who is America's enemy.
(YG Pom)
What agression? Taiwan is part of China, the only aggression in that region is caused by the US who is not even a neighboring country there

Justin Belote #wingnut msn.com

The republican base is literally the majority of veterans, active duty military, so forth and so on. Literally the people that took oaths to defend this country.
Btw the democrat base is literally the unskilled labor, and poverty. The very people whom live off the hand outs from the government, while destroying middle class

Wai Chong #moonbat msn.com

Xi has said so many times, "Soft power". Meaning economic collaboration.

Why are the United States and NATO so afraid?

Well, the key is that One Belt One Road makes shipping less important, dedollarize, and thus make United States less important.

Do you think it's stealing of IP? Nah, the no. 1 IP theft country is India. India is producing cheap medicines that are basically stolen IP. But why didn't US go after India? Well, India could steal but not innovate.

China could take an IP and then innovate and make IPs far better. No? Look, space station is one of the most difficult to do. Even the US has to beg Russia to help. China singlehandedly develop an entire space station themselves.

If China isn't that smart, the western media, wall street, western governments won't be targeting China. It's not about communism (yeah, Vietnam is communist and USA wants to be a friend.. LOL). It's not about stealing IP. It's not even about Taiwan. It is the fact that 1.4 billion Chinese who have the talents of Jews will outshine the Western Powers soon. That's scary to the Westerners.

cushrinada and akashbaruth1658 #moonbat #conspiracy youtube.com

Israelis are really making is hard to hate Nazi's at this point...

Yet Israel gets so much sympathy for beheading and burning babies that never excisted , think people. Hamas tied up hostages to take accross so they could negotiate yet they were found burned with weapons Hamas didn't have. IDF used the Hannibal doctrine and killed their own , those who survived said IDF didn't want to negotiate and tank fired and Apache fired rockets upon their own people to get to Hamas but some did survive. IDF fired at hostages on the back of a motorbike killing their own. Majority of hostages are IDF currently held but Israel doesn't care enough. Time will tell but gazans might be out of time by then. Ps! Hamas won't surrender, they will go down fighting as this is their last do or die for liberation

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The climate will still change but we might not be able to stop it. Underwater volcanic activity near Artic ocean is allegedly linked to some of the glacier ice melt, the water was hot enough to nearly melt submarines. During same period it was reported glaciers at south pole expanded. Solar activity will also be main driver of climate change. This makes logical sense because the two main points of energy are the sun and the planet's core. All the elemental matter in between these two source endpoints will actually reduce energy in the system because it takes energy to change equilibrium states. The other big potential for disruptive climate change could result from magnetic pole shift. There is evidence that magnetic pole shift causes the equator to slightly rotate as the Earth's spin slightly re-orientates itself. This causes all the centrifugal forces exerted on the earth's crust and tectonic plates to recalibrate. It can potentially trigger period of high volcanic activity around the globe, rising sea floors, plunging mountain ranges, and potentially also trigger an ice age.

johnwally928 #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot youtube.com

Friendly reminder that you cannot have a "green house gas" in the atmosphere. There are 3 main methods for heat transfer: convection, conduction, and radiation. Greenhouses get hot because convection heat transfer is restricted, and incoming radiant heat is greater than the outgoing heat conduction. There is no gas in our atmosphere that has convection heat transfer restricted. And convection currents will transfer heat to dark side of planet where thermal imaging can even see the radiant heat dissipate out into space. This is why the sun has pumped heat into our system for thousands and thousands of year, but the Earth has remained within certain limits of equilibrium.

Their concept of "green house gas" is a term used to describe gas acting like a "thermal blanket," where certain frequencies of radiant heat energy resonate with certain molecules like CO2, so some of the radiant heat transfer that would normally dissipate into space is actually trapped in the atmosphere. This is not true though, because radiant heat trapped by certain gases will still conduct heat through conduction to other molecules in the atmosphere as they collide and transfer momentum. Then these molecules will release radiant heat still. The original molecules trapping in the radiant heat can also still release the radiant heat slightly delayed. So their improper term of "green house gas" doesn't even cause global warming, it causes delayed, and frequency shifted, radiant heat emission. This remains true so long as the atmosphere isn't already at its maximum capacity for radiant heat emission.

Peter Schiff #sexist twitter.com

The 30-year, fixed-rate #mortgage peaked at 18.45% in Oct. 1981 and troughed at 2.65% in 2021. The current rate is 7.4% and rising. 40 years of falling mortgage rates, plus married women entering the workforce, allowed home prices to rise much faster than incomes. Look out below!

Mairghread Shannon #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

Russia and Ukraine are conducting secret peace negotiations along the Gerasimov-Zaluzhny line, despite the objections of Zelensky and the White House.
- American journalist Seymour Hersh, citing US officials
The 'campaign of conquest' - The military operation Putin announced *After* the UN refused to help the begging Eastern Ukrainians being bombed for years.

Western media never mentioned the atrocities against the Russian-speaking citizens of east Ukraine nor the Banderovka who carry them out daily because Ukraine was a place politicians do not speak of...  Putin went against the grain, and decided to help them.
Constant attacks on eastern Ukrainians, constant NATO expansion and acts under this banner, Colour Revolutions (reason Soros has an RU warrant for his arrest)...
*Old Soviet Labs the US took over after fall of the Iron Curtain 30 years ago, and lied to the UN sayig they were just going to clean up/dispose of the labs...

The list of reasons is pretty lengthy;  Putin isn't the bad guy here.

Justin Rickenbaugh, Richard Keen, and Ryan Deffenbaugh #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

(Justin Rickenbaugh)
The Nazis were socialist. That's left wing

(Richard Keen)
Fascism is a left wing ideology buddy. It is socialism on a National scale rather than a global scale. Read Giovanni Gentile, read the 25 point plank of the NDSP, then try to sell that as "right wing". If you read the 25 point plank on the floor of the DNC, changing just 1 word out for "the %1", you would be hailed as the 2nd coming of Obama.

(Ryan Deffenbaugh)
There's nothing right-wing about fascism. It endorses socialist based redistribution of wealth, and they openly admitted to it in Germany and Italy when taxing the rich.
Just another "I've never read the book" before kind of person. Just another keyboard warrior that gets all his propaganda from wikipedia.
How about you bring all your sources against the Doctrines of Fascism, and we find out who's right? Or are you "offended" by that?

Gearóid Ó Colmáin #conspiracy #moonbat #wingnut english.almayadeen.net

All over Europe, hundreds of thousands of people are marching against lockdowns and forced inoculations. In many countries, the iatrogenic fear factory has been temporarily closed down. Now, we can relax about Omicron but have every reason to fear being nuked by the Russians! Now, military specialists, professors of international relations -- all hostile to Russia -- have sort of relayed from the virologists. But exhausted TV viewers will probably enjoy hating and fearing Putin more than the virus!

The recent resignation of Germany's Navy Chief after his comments praising Vladimir Putin is a strong indication of the sentiment in many military circles in Europe. Our soldiers are waking up to the fact that criminal politicians are pushing them into unnecessary wars. A third world war would be nuclear. Few would survive. There is no reason to believe our politicians will do anything to prevent such a catastrophe.

Redskins WFT Commanders #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

Take that stroll down Memory lane. The date Jan 20, 2017. Washington DC. The date when thousands of left wing democrats tried to overthrow the results of the 2016 election. Those videos don't lie. Google "Washington DC January 20 2017" and check out the videos. See federal and local police in hand to hand combat under missile assault as the crowd tried to reach the inauguration stage to kill Donald Trump

Gearóid Ó Colmáin #moonbat #conspiracy english.almayadeen.net

 Who are the Nazis?
The Western elite and their media lackeys love to accuse anyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi. The reductio ad Hitlerum is a common trope of our dastardly leaders. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin recently made a fool of himself by tweeting that protesters against the Covid Sanitary Pass in Paris were making Nazi salutes. The Minister showed a still from a video on his tweet to prove his claims.

After Darmanin called for an investigation of the demonstrators, a journalist on mainstream media proved to his insolent face that the protesters were merely clapping. This would make a perfect example of how the ruling class uses fake news to wage war on the masses. But, of course, it will never make the school classroom lessons on ‘fake news' and ‘conspiracy theory’ because Western governments and media are always infallible. Gérald Darmanin is a scintillating example of ruling-class hypocrisy. Only a few months ago, he was tweeting about his great admiration for the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime. It is all nauseatingly ironic!

“Only the Russians produce fake news.” That is why the German government banned RT Deutsch. The German government wants to protect their people from hearing Russia’s side of the story, least they come to the conclusion that it is NATO and not the Russians who are behind the drive to war.

The German people must be convinced again that a Drang nach Osten is necessary. The enemy is no longer Judeo-Bolshevism, but rather Putino-Chauvinism.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin #moonbat #conspiracy #racist english.almayadeen.net

Any country East of Berlin which doesn’t submit to total Euro-Atlantic hegemony is demonized, subverted and, more often than not, attacked by proxy forces. NATO wants war with Russia because the Russian nation is an obstacle to its drive to control all of Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Atlanticists overthrew the government of Ukraine in 2014 because its President was not prepared to become an outright enemy of Moscow. The Americans had installed a puppet regime in Ukraine in 2006 following the Orange Revolution. But that didn’t last long. So, they had to recruit tougher types to succeed the second time: hardcore, tattooed neo-Nazis to be precise.

The Ukrainian Nazis, calling themselves Pravy Sector, murdered all before them. They marched through Kyiv holding up banners of Nazi war criminals such as Stefan Bandera. It was all good for the United States and the EU. The Americans weren’t too worried about supporting Nazis, as long as they were in Europe. Senior American diplomat Victoria Nuland, who helped orchestrate the coup in Kyiv, knew she was lighting the flames of civil war. Everyone knew then that the US-fomented civil war in Ukraine would eventually engulf all of Europe. But Nuland’s infamous attitude to that was, “Fuck the EU." Now the Biden regime -- probably one of the most unpopular in US history -- is determined to provoke Russia into fighting a war with Europe. For, although US forces are already on the ground in Ukraine training, arming, and assisting in combat operations, the reality is that a full-scale war with Russia will destroy Europe.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin #moonbat #conspiracy #racist #crackpot english.almayadeen.net

The mainstream media has always glorified the ‘roaring 20s’ as a time of ‘liberation’ and artistic innovation. But the post-war world was hell on earth for the working class, particularly in Germany which had to pay for a war it never wanted in the first place, and in reality, had not even, militarily speaking, lost. Germany had signed an armistice in 2018, not an unconditional surrender.

And it was America's entry into the war which forced the Germans to sign the armistice, in the hope of lasting peace. It wasn't until the Treaty of Versailles that the Germans began to realize that Zionists such as Lord Rothchild had persuaded the British to hand over Palestine to the Jews, in exchange for Zionist-controlled America's entry into the war.

Zionist bankers were the real victors of the war. Not only did they profit from the loans to Britain and France during the war, but the jackpot came with the Dawes and Young plans for German reparations during the 1920s.

By the 1930s, everyone knew that liberal democracy and capitalism were dead. And it seemed as if only Fascism or Communism could lead Europe out of its economic nightmare.

Fascism and Communism have come and gone. But now Western financier interests are pushing for another war in Europe, this time against Russia. Of course, the war against Russia has been going on now for a long time. The return of Russia as a major regional power has given the West a pretext for mindless bellicosity.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin #moonbat #conspiracy #racist #crackpot english.almayadeen.net

Is war with Russia inevitable? Reading the Western press, one would have the impression that the Russians are not only poised to "invade" Ukraine but ready to nuke all of Europe. But how serious is the ‘Russian threat’? Is there even such a thing as a Russian threat? Is Russia threatening anyone? If not, who is doing the threatening and why?

To answer these questions, one needs to consider some constants of Anglo-Saxon geopolitics. Alfred Mackinder, the British geographer who invented the discipline, said that if the British were to dominate the world, they would first have to ‘divide the World-Island.’ The World-Island is Eurasia plus Africa. If you look at the map, you can see one continuous landmass. Ukraine represents a key strategic target for dividing the Eurasian landmass, cutting off the European peninsula from integration with Russia.

Anglo-American interests started First World War
At the start of the twentieth century, the German industrial domination of Europe threatened British global hegemony. The Berlin to Baghdad railway would have enabled Germany to gain access to Mesopotamian oil reserves, gaining a significant advantage over the British. Germany’s alliance with the Ottoman Empire was propitious to that end. To weaken and eventually break up the Ottoman Empire, the British supported ethno-nationalist separatism; to destroy Germany, they would have to force it into a protracted war. And once war erupted in the Balkans, Germany’s plans for the Berlin to Bagdad railway would be frustrated.

The result of a largely British orchestrated system of fragile alliances was the First World War. The war led to the death of about forty million people. France lost over a million of its fittest and bravest young men. Europe never really recovered from the First World War.

Andy Park #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut msn.com

USA needs to stop playing "world police" because other nations learned how to trick us for their own objectives. Easy to confirm that Zelensky is from a Russian family. His native language is Russian. He will bring Ukraine to the Kremlin in Moscow where he will preside over USSR 2.0 as Putin retires. Only a Russian comedian could pull off that joke on USA/NATO.

Chuck Palmer #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

Biden is the kind of President who would incite violence to get his way. Amazing how 2 wars have happened during the Biden reign of terror. Difference is Democrats realize it but just blindly follow DNC orders, because if you do not Biden will sick his gestapo DOJ on them. Retribution you speak of is the draining of the swamp which is why many Democrats, and many Republicans are afraid of being exposed. Inflation, highest interests' rates in 40 years, personal cred debt being the highest in history, grocery prices up 38% gas up 44% liberal colleges such as Harvard having segregated graduations and dormitories. If these things are what you call looking forward than yes I will gladly look backward.

oxforduniversity M #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

When brave Russians defeats war criminal Biden Zelenskyy the EU, history will remember those who stood with brave Russia in their darkest hour against the evil empire of Washington; as well as those who openly supported Biden's war crimes and aggression in Europe violating his agreements not to expand NATO March 8, 1991 that is signed, videotaped, recorded and a handshake not expand US led NATO clearly betrayed Russia. But, most of all, history will remember those who stood idly by pretending they didn't see Biden Zelenskyy 's genocide happening in the middle of Europe from the last 20 years funded by Washington. Decent Europeans should stand and fight with brave Russia and the Post-Soviet Republics against the evil US empire of NATO, protecting Europe from war criminal Biden & the Washington globalist. Decent Russians should join the anti-Biden & Zelenskyy Freedom of Europe from US led NATO and fight for their freedom from war-criminal’s Biden & Zelenskyy etc the rest of the neocon globalists.

fransingolf5314 #conspiracy #moonbat youtube.com

There's seemingly no limit to the breathtaking depravity of this comment section, as well as Kyle himself. The fact of the matter is that what you're seeing in Gaza is exactly what would have happened in Donbas if Ukraine had prevailed. In fact, Ukrainian politicians have on many occasions spoken admirably of Israel as a blueprint for the kind of policies they wanted to implement in their own country, with ethnically Russian Eastern Ukrainians in the role of the Palestinians. The similarities go so far that ever since 2014 Ukraine has spent valuable and scarce ammunition shelling civilians in Donetsk simply to enact sadistic revenge and wipe out the population to pave the way for an invasion, just like Israel is doing in a much more asymmetric conflict. Seen in this light, the Russian SMO is best understood as a peacekeeping mission against a rabidly fascistic regime in Kiev, whose presence and survival is predicated on American support and thus incompatible with peace. For this reason, the only long-term sustainable outcome is a Russian victory and Ukrainian surrender, which fortunately is what we're seeing.
@Dave102693 I'm the biggest anti-Zionist you'll ever come across. But at the same time, I'm also an anti-imperialist, which is why I'm against America and its endless color revolutions and wars.
By the way, it's interesting that neither of these responses addressed the substance of what I wrote. I know it's because like all Zelensky supporters, your allegiance is based on complete ignorance of the facts and thus you're unable to come up with a compelling argument for your position.

kisamehoshigaki09 #moonbat #conspiracy #pratt youtube.com

A peace deal cannot happen as long as Zelensky is in power. He will not agree to any peace agreement of any kind, as he has already made clear over the past 18 months. Every time a peace deal or even just a humanitarian proposal is made he rejects it. The Ukrainian army wouldn't even let civilians use the Russian made humanitarian corridors when Russia was taking Mariupol last year.
Well this is just false. The UN Charter has a clause about right to self-determination and that applies as much to the people of the DPR and LPR who want freedom from Kyiv's tyranny as it does to anyone else. The Budapest Memorandum clause 2 indicates that use of weaponry against Ukraine by Russia is permissible if it is in accordance with the UN Charter which as I have just established is interpretable and justifiable from the Russian perspective.

Ukraine terminated the 1997 agreement ITSELF after VIOLATING IT THROUGH THE DEPRIVATION OF DONBAS CIVILIANS' HUMAN RIGHTS so Ukraine is entirely to blame for the violation of the 1997 treaty and you have NO argument on that one whatsoever.

The 2003 treaty pertaining to the Sea of Azov is perhaps the ONLY actual point you have and it is also the LEAST significant of all the treaties in your little list.

Ukraine violated the spirit of Minsk 1 and 2 through its refusal to relinquish areas of Donetsk to the semi-autonomous governance of the DPR or demilitarize the area resulting in the DPR resuming hostilities. The DPR is not Russia, they are ethnic Russian UKRAINIAN CIVILIANS so the idea that "Russia" violated Minsk is simply ludicrous even if you were to make the FALSE claim that the DPR violated the agreement first.

Gampy Mike #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

@rex king
Nationalist Socialists, that is what Hitlers party was called. Might want to read up on their actual tactics. Socialism always reverts to fascism. Russia and Venezuela come to mind. Might want to actually read history, instead of getting the opinion of liberal talking heads. I know, I know, the liberal education system has been too busy indoctrinating instead of educating.
@stephen turpin
Why yes, I do, yet socialism devolves into communism, which devolves into fascism. Once again, Russia and Venezuela. This is why socialism needs to be stomped out with prejudice. Just a bunch of fascist wannabes.
@Rebecca Martin
Projectile vomit, just another description of liberals. Apt and on target.
@rex king
While liberal morons will fail as usual. Nobody said that Nazis were leftists, just that leftists use the same tactics. See the difference? Probably not. Liberals are morons after all.

Jack James #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

@stephen turpin
The democrat party is the party of misogyny. Democrats applaud while woman-hating DQs mock women with ridiculous caricatures and defeat women in the "swimming pool" controversy and other 👩-only events.
@William Resch
William Resch wrote, "Uneducated, easily grifted orange stain supporters ... "
The unenlightened ego needs a foil to compare itself to in order to feel superior. Without comparison there is no ego. Thus, the "more empathetic than thou" pseudo-progressive democrat.
Their aim is not "inclusiveness." That is a ruse concealing a deeper motivation, which is to compare themselves egotistically to those who are not as awake, intelligent, empathetic, educated, and sinless as they are.
Intuitively, conservatives can see that the fanatical ultra-left and their obedient followers are creating division in society. But not all conservatives recognize what the motive is. The motive is to create a self-serving, self-referential, self-flattering contrast.
That is the nature of ego and narcissism. If there were no one to look down upon, pseudo-progressive democrats would no longer be able to feel superior.
Progress begins with self-understanding. One needs to know oneself before one can understand anything else. And that is where 21st century progressives fail. They are drunk on power and intoxicated with a narcissistic belief in their own virtue.

Red-White-No Blue Karl #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

Climate change on the planet has been documented for thousands of years based on ice cores and geological evidence. The world has and will always change, and the best man can do is adapt and improve living condition through technology which needs energy. We sit on a planet with a crust 13 miles thick on top of molten rock at thousands of degrees with 3/4 of the surface covered by water we cannot drink and yet we cannot figure out a reasonable way to generate energy or the people around us do not want us to figure it out. This democratic scam is about political power via adolescent minded fools and pure greed via taxpayer funded garbage.

Chuck U Farley and M U #wingnut #crackpot #fundie #conspiracy msn.com

(Chuck U Farley)
One only needs to read the Bible to see what is coming next or has already begun-WW3 (Armageddon) All thanks to a WEAK President that has been in bed with the CCP and the Democrat controlled US is failing under Progressive Policies

(M U)
I notice how the author omitted the Bosnian War and Kosovo, which is in Europe. Or the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan by the US and UK. Let's not forget the NATO destruction of Libya, color revolutions in Tunisia, Civil War in Syria, and Yemen. All of which has NATO fingers all over them. NATO destabilized the entire Middle East and gave rise to a strong Iran. Meanwhile, China became more powerful, while our dear leaders had us bogged down in 20 years of war. It looks like the author needs to revise the article to include all of that before coming up with a conclusion.

Jack Yee #racist #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

The American middle class and white demographic are spent, depleted, and in exponential population decline. Americans born after 1980 are mostly raised in dysfunctional paternal less families. There are literally no mature strong paternal figures left in the US and Britain to nurture their lonely, depressed, angry, emotionally unstable white demographic. Anti-China articles only provide a temporary mental diversion to the real self-inflicted problems facing American and British society. China has a homogeneous people, thousand-year culture, and much stronger family structure that is resilient and able to overcome all types of adversity.

Kirk Augustin #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

@Paul Allaire
, when a president or ex-president shared classified docs, that is legal. It is NOT treason. Presidents are supposed to do that. It is their prerogative. That is how our allies got nuclear weapons. As for "insurrection", the evidence says that is untrue. There was nothing even illegal about the Jan 6 election protest, even if there was no election fraud.
@Odis Johnson
, the law is clear and it was illegal for Milley to deliberately contradict and undermine the president like that. Second is that Milley was the one who totally screwed up the withdraw from Afghanistan, causing hundreds of deaths.
@Odis Johnson
, wrong on all counts. The reality is that NATO is an illegal alliance of the same bad guy colonial imperialists who deliberately started WWI and all wars. They illegally attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Russia.
In contrast, Putin does look like the good guy.
The economic sanctions we imposed on Russia are war crimes, in violation of the 1906 Geneva Conventions we ratified.
@steve vee
, it was illegal for Milley to deliberately undercut Trump. That does not take another enemy state we are at war with. If you try to destroy the chain of command that makes this country stay free of being a military dictatorship, that is treason against our entire system of government. The enemy then is the military, not another country.
@Paul Allaire
, the Jan 6 event was just a protest. That does not including the few that smashed windows or used weapons on police. Trump is not associated with that.

Edward Lahmann, and Michael Willison #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Edward Lahmann)
we are a constitutional republic not a democracy there is a big difference between the two republic you own your property and can move around freely democracy government owns everything you own nothing and can only go where the government allows. dems are always stating we are a democracy and keep trying to insert more government control and you can find videos of dems stating so all over the web wake up they are wanting us to be a total socialist state

(Michael Willison)
the US is not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. a Democracy leads to communism. read history before the left gets rid of all of it. now they are working on the Constitution itself. we all should be ashamed of ourselves for voting in these people who want power only , nobody in DC cares about the US Citizen, none of them. VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT. Convention of states is needed now, read the Constitution ....

Cindy Cook, Charles Brobst, and hs lafever #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

(Cindy Cook)
"Representative democracy" is an oxymoron. Also, if more typical democrat liberals knew factual American history, they would know and understand that the founding fathers knew more about the failed history of democracy like they want it which is why they made this country A Representative Republic.
Far too many people don't even know the actual definitions of many words today due to the democrat liberals changing the definitions of them and one expects them to know English grammar.

(Charles Brobst)
LOL When Trump was elected Hillary and Democrats screamed like stuck pigs that the election was false, stolen, illegitimate, and needs to be overturned. Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and other democrats and Liberals started a petition online to get Trump removed that garnered over millions of signatures. Democrats have been for decades have been trying to subvert the Constitution and formulating lies and half-truths about the Republican party. It was Obama that weaponized the IRS against conservative non-profits and Biden who weaponized the DOJ against conservatives. Let's see what happens to the N.Y. Congressman that pulled the fire alarm. The January 6 protestors are being arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to jail for the same violations he committed.
NOTHING about this violates community standards unless the truth does.

(hs lafever)
the left is calling for the destruction of the constitution and all of its protections...
only the republicans are defending the constitution, and the little person, if the democrats can ever eliminate the electoral college system, and strip us of our constitutionally protected civil right to bear arms that is proof that the republic is dead, and that the neo marxist democrat soviets have won.

Kckellsbells H and Aonymous #conspiracy msn.com

(Kckellsbells H)
When will the media report the truth about this proxy war in Ukraine? Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world. Zelensky was installed in 20014 when Obama decided the former president was of no use to him anymore. No one in the UN cares about the loss of life as long as the war machine is fed and money is laundered back to them under the guise of foreign aid. Ukraine is losing. Badly. And just as a side note, why haven't there been peace talks? This border dispute has been going on for centuries. Why did the western world suddenly decide to support a country that most folks couldn't find on a map until 2 years ago? Hint: money.

So he found more free stuff to keep this war going so him and his cronies can become even more rich. All the destruction and death is on him. He is responsible for starting this war.
@ Ken W
That's right. zelensky was a nobody with no political experience who said he didn't want any help fighting his war. Oh how fooled this country's current bozo's got.
@Angela Pearson
zelensky could have avoided it. It is all on him. The destrution and death.
We are talking about a very small area of ukraine involved in this war.
@Semyon Kurlykov
It's pretty obvious it's a war on Russia whether declared or not. And look up why. It could have been avoided if zelensky didn't puff out his chest on this.

Andrew Martin #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

If the leadership of South Korea and Japan have any brains left in them at all after decades of being dumbed down by their yankee occupiers, they will not take any part in the doomed endeavor that is the attempted 'containment' of China...which only one other country in the world is obsessed with.

David Garcia #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

Watch S. P.s film as soon as you can. Totally proves the war in Ukraine is complete fiction. A 100% Hollywood production.
You will see S. P., who was rubbing elbows with Putin for 20 years, recruits Zelenskyy from the TV show where he was pretending to be a fake president of Ukraine.
And then Sean Penn has this horrible "escape" from Ukraine as the war breaks out "just as he was filming," by rare and unexpected chance.
He shows all the evidence of a Hollywood production, he even shows the single column of Putin's horrible war machine rolling into Ukraine on a single lane road, obeying all traffic laws, not even driving on the shoulder, staying on the road, stopping at all traffic lights. What invading army does that?
And how much in US tax dollars has gone to this? $1.5 trillion (cash and equipment). And Zelenskyy, now touring the world on vacation, all smiles because he's so proud of his newest acting achievement.
Only a movie production rolling into a movie location does what Putin's horrible war machine did.  They even stayed on one side of the road, with Ukrainian traffic mixed in.  And then they start filming as tanks shoot at empty buildings, blow up cities that have been evacuated for the movie set to film without prying eyes.
And S. P.'s terrible escape, abandoning his vehicle on the highway because the roads are jam-packed with escaping Ukrainians. He leaves the car right on the road, the shoulders on both sides of the road, clean, no cars, and even the opposing lane of traffic, empty, no cars, everyone obeying traffic laws in some backwoods Ukrainian countryside.
Not one second of video footage of an air war. just some old archival footage of a helicopter in training.

Various Commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

(Ted Stahl)
@Just Fine
Zelensky is nothing but a puppet installed by the US. Russia won the war in the first week. The fighting will continue until the west stays out of Ukraine.

(Zefoid Beetlebrox)
So if a state of the USA wants to be a country your down with that. The Ukraine was a state of Russia for thousand plus years and was permitted to become an independent nation by Russia. The agreement was that they would be loyal to Russia but Zelensky decided to approach NATO which violated the agreement. I do not support Russia nor do I support the Putin clone, Zelensky. The USA needs to follow the actions of Poland. If the west hadn't given arms to Ukraine this war would have been over in a few months and the people of Ukraine would be living their lives without change.

(A A)

(Nobody's Business)
The CIA op and puppet Zelensky with the green screen hoax Ukraine...Ukraine the money laundering capital of the planet...and world leader in child trafficking and pathological weapon development. The criminal Cabal infiltrators such as Biden, Obama. Clintons, Schumers, Schiff, Pelosis, and a host of other elites are swindling the American people on a daily, hourly basis for billions. The WEF is taking the rest to promote their climate hoax and NWO. All the while the so called "democracy" leader Zelensky sells off every weapon he can to the terrorist black market for cash to keep up his silver spoon, his drag scene, and his elitest life style. Ukraine is the largest hoax next to Biden being elected to the White House, the Jan 6 made for tv movie, and Covid this world has ever seen.

David Pekarek, Robert Konazewski, and Ian Carpenter #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(David Pekarek)
Russia is doing what USA did during the cold war and still does today- overthrow elected governments throughout the America's and replace them with brutal right wing dictatorships because USA felt threatened by SSSR influence in USA backyard. USA has done this around the world. So, Maybe direct the anger at those who provoked Russia with continued NATO expansion towards Moscow. Russia gave 20 years of warning to the provocative actions of the west. The moral high ground: USA as invaded more countries and killed more people than Russia since 1991. Russians do perceive NATO as a threat.

(Robert Konazewski)
Ukraine has lost over 800,000 troops and civilians. Getting crushed daily, yet $$$ pours into Zelensky's bank account daily. SAD

(Ian Carpenter)
Germany and that means Austria as well are going to join Russia, whether you like it or not, people don't like being Cold in the Winter time, after Germany goes through a Winter of 1941, they will realize their error and hopefully this will work out so all of Germany is reunited, all the way to Konigsberg

Wolf Fangs #wingnut #conspiracy #racist msn.com

@J McCoskrie
HIDDEN FACTS: “October Revolution” was not what we today wrongly call the "Russian Revolution" or "Red Revolution"! It was a Jewish Revolution, an invasion and subjugation of the Russian people who then suffered the worst crimes in the entire history of mankind. Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin were Jews whose Marxist doctrine claimed the lives of approximately 100,000,000 people worldwide. Cheka, the first incarnation of the Soviet secret police (NKVD), was established in 1917. Many Jews played leading roles in the secret police. Around 50% of high-ranking NKVD officers had Jewish ethnicity recorded in their identity documents. Also, the members of the Bolshevik government were around 85% Jews.
Without question communist ideology as we saw it's a terrible thing. Where did Communism come to Russia from?! It came from, and thanks to 1. Britain, 2. France, 3. Switzerland, 4. Germany, 5. the US... Russia had been fighting communism and revolutions for one hundred years, throughout the 19th century but Europe had demonized Russia for its resistance to the communist evil. The Bolsheviks lived and worked in London, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, etc. Trotsky with his men came to Russia from New York; Lenin came back to Russia from Switzerland and via Germany. There are loads of evidence of the European and American support of Bolshevism. Eventually, the West won its case: Russia was successfully infected with the bacilli of communism.

Greco Jr #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

@anthony edwards
Last time I checked, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Finland are not states in America. This sounds like a Europe/UN/NATO problem. The USA is on the verge of economic collapse. Time to focus on us and not being the world's police force for once.

Ukraine has lost 400,000 soldiers. Russia has lost about 50,000 and has 750,000 in reserve before the start their version of the draft. Ukraine has already lost.

All the taxpayer money sent to Ukraine has been laundered and President Zelensky and his elite will leave before the collapse of the country to their American taxpayer paid for homes on elitist beaches around the world.
@Joseph Price
It is. We, the taxpayers, practically fund it. NATO is a multinational military unit. While there are some Americans in NATO it operates separately from the American military/government. NATO can fight that battle without America fighting that battle.

In my opinion we should withdraw from NATO. America (capitalism is bad) pays for the majority of the budget in multinational programs like NATO/UN. If we withdrew or only paid what the other countries pay, these organizations would collapse or be utterly useless.