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"Trans” in the News: Autogynophilia shoved into school kids’ faces — public applauds “trans”, ignores kids and scolds “bigots”

Autogynophilia is the specific mental illness of the majority of male “Trans” who pretend to be women (see Ed Wood and Ed Gein). Autogynophilia is a hetero male’s sexual fetish where the male gets a boner in a mini skirt while stroking his fake boobs and tossing his blonde wig . See examples at this infamous Autogynophile web site: https://www.pettipond.com/parlor2.htm (NSFNP: Not Safe for Normal People)

Autogynophilia is a sexual fetish and not an “identity” or “human right”. Autogynophilia has has nothing to do with male homosexuality, indeed most autogyns hate homosexuals. Autogynophilia in public is the same as masturbating in public — there is no difference — and it’s now totally normal and completely OK with the “people” of the communist hellhole called Canadodoland where this was filmed this week. btw The male teacher “Mr. Hanna” returned from last term in june when he was a man and now is a sexually acting out his fetish as “Kayla” with captive school kids as his forced audience for him to get his sexual freak on.


If the human race intends to continue, there is only one possible response to such a “teacher” at this point: