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Given that I’ve been a regular here for many years, and that I intend to make a certain change, I thought it would be good to explain things in a blog post here.

As several of the FSTDT regulars have already known, I'm transgender — a trans woman. I had decided to hold off telling the rest of the community until I came out to my parents… which I finally did just a couple days ago.

They took it pretty well, and are accepting. I was afraid of how things might go, but fortunately, my fears were misplaced.

There are still some friends I've not yet come out to whom I plan on telling, and then — some time later — it'll be time to get things going regarding the path to the more physical and legal aspects of transition. This is Croatia, so that will be difficult, and there's no guarantee I'll be able to make it past the gatekeeping. But I certainly plan on doing what I can.

You might also note that my nickname here turned out to be very ironic 😄
Yes, I'll change it, and I had thought about what the new one might be. Since I've been here for a long time, I'll try to keep some name recognition. Somebody once suggested replacing 'Vman' with 'Voman', but the cringe there is through the roof :P

I'll go with 'Vgal', at least for now. It's similar to my erstwhile nickname, and I don't hate it :)

So yeah, that's another one added to the already absurd number of trans women around here <3



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