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so let the immune deficient ppl stay home instead of everybody. y drag the rest down with u because ur disabled?? thats like cutting off everyone elses legs just cuz ur in a wheelchair. the lockdown was for literal years and applied to everyone not just the sick. also most cant afford to say home when sick thats an Extreme luxury. I dont have problems with vaccinations I have problems with forced coerced and pressured vaccinations.
I would LOVE to stay home when Im sick but I cant afford it usually.
its not my problem some ppl are immunocompromised so they should stop trying to make it everyones problem that they are. most of those ppl are also that way by their own fault ie obese or theyre just super old in which case they already had their good run.

DryRecognition_6671 #sexist #elitist #pratt reddit.com

It’s getting harder and harder to find a high quality woman in America. I’m leaving…

It seems their expectations and standards have only risen in the past few years. The 6/10 women (6s, 7s, 8s) who ALSO have a decent personality accumulate for less than 5% of the overall American female population. That’s millions of men competing for the top 5% of women. America lacks quality control and I’m not sure if things will ever change. Time to leave ✈️

StrangerDirect6762 #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Submitter’s note: this comment is from a post on a subreddit called “PassportBros”. While some of the posts on this sub are relatively benign travel stories or requests for suggestions on where to go, what to do, etc, quite a few of the posts and comments are from incel-types looking for submissive women from highly heteronormative, male-centered cultures because “the west” has been destroyed by feminism.

American women are trash. 80% of women chase the top 10-20% of men and sleep around. 80% of divorces are filed by women, 90% if they have a college degree.
American women choose one guy for his genetics while simultaneously simping up another guy for his finances. You are virtually guaranteed to be cheated on with no consequences from American law, even crimes involving child support fraud and false rape allegations go unpunished.

In America women can literally stab a man to death with 108 stabs and then say they're innocent because the marijuana weed was too strong.
Marrying an American women is a form of suicide in 2024.

Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon #ableist #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia #biphobia #elitist #dunning-kruger #interphobia #wingnut freebeacon.com

Analysis: What If Woke Liberals Didn't Get To Label Everything?
Introducing the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC)

It goes without saying: The mainstream media is run by liberal activists. This ideological bias manifests itself in several ways, including the words journalists are allowed to use when discussing controversial issues.

(1.5 paragraphs of hyperbolic whining about how journalists are forced to write)

The woke words and phrases used in media reports would make a lot more sense to the average American if these people weren't in charge—if journalists were forced to abide by the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC):

Undocumented immigrant → Foreign-born fugitive from justice
Gender-affirming care for minors → Child abuse
LGBTQQIP2SAA+ rights → Gay rights
Drag Queen → Gender appropriator
Abortion → Extrajudicial fetal assassination, anti-life health care
Death penalty → Justice affirming care
Assault rifle → Freedom friend, justice dispenser
Racially inclusive → Racially obsessed
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion → Six-figure consulting fees
Black Lives Matter → Scam PAC
Pro-Palestinian activist → Jew hater
Teachers' unions → Anti-child activists
Tax cuts → Restorative justice
Democracy dies in darkness → Democracy thrives on Jennifer Rubin columns
War on Women → Kinetic military action against individuals with an active uterus
#MeToo era → Brief period of anti-male activism from 2017 until Tara Reade's credible accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden
Speak truth to power → Leave Joe Biden alone
Hillary Clinton → Crooked
Long Covid → Mental illness
New York City Subway → Public toilet
WNBA fans→ Liars
Soccer → Performative falling
Bicycle → Morally abhorrent nerd-conveying road hazard
Happy Holidays → Merry Christmas
God bless you → God bless America

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From a thread titled ”Muh RE4 remake is woke”

imaginee being that person who complains about game being woke because you can't oversexualise women.

Imagine being that person who thinks a skirt and sweater is oversexualised. I couldn't give 2 fucks about the outfit as a busty woman I'm more tired tired of seeing cupsizes cut in half for no reason other then "Waaaa people like boobs so bad"

In original you were able look up her skirt which was wrong. Also she not there to have her boobs to be starred at. She trying to survive a horrible situation. Women shouldn't be In games just to please the male gaze. It's not right. We are more than our bodies. I know busty women exist. I'm just don't like women being over sexualised.
Also my main complaint was being able look up her skirt which I'm happy they changed.

If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad. Gotta love that liberal fascism! Protecting digital women everywhere while defending Asian and Islamic culture(who actually DO sexually abuse and harass women and mutilate them)!

“If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad.”
The developers took your advice and didnt put it in the game cuz they didnt like it

Hurrah for censorship! Let’s put the women in the next game in hijabs too!

Creative decisions != censorship

Natalie Argyle #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #wingnut chicksonright.com

Why The New Anti-Gas Stove Push Is Really About Control, Not Health

The World Economic Forum has a group that did a shoddy and incredibly biased little study about gas stoves being bad for you and the environment. Then they took that shoddy study to the media and the government and advised them to consider advising the public against the use of gas stoves, or even banning them altogether. But as with COVID, this isn’t about health. It’s about control.

If everyone gets rid of their gas stoves in favor of electric, then all those people become dependent on the electricity grid. And who controls that grid? The same people in positions of power who are conspiring to force you to get rid of your gas stove and end up dependent on the electricity grid. Once you’re dependent on that grid, that means you’re dependent on them.

It’s not about the stove, and it’s not about health. It’s about control.

Now consider the logical progression of this power grab. What would happen if (when) they decide to manipulate the electricity grid? They’ve forced you to give up your gas stove and made you dependent on the electricity grid for an electric stove, and now they’ve decided that they’re only going to let you have access to a certain amount of electricity or calculate the amount of electricity you get based on a social credit system. This now affects what and how you can cook to feed your family. You become further dependent upon them. You’re now more willing to capitulate to their demands so that you can get electricity to cook for your family.

But let’s say the people push back against this gas stove ban and refuse to give up their gas stoves. That’s OK, because you know what the government can do? They can force the corporations to phase out the production of gas stoves so that you can no longer purchase a gas stove even if you wanted to. Everyone’s stove has to be replaced eventually and when that time comes for you, your choice will have already been made for you. They’ve forced you into greater dependence on them.

Natalie Argyle #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy chicksonright.com

Government School Sponsors Lecture, Book Signing By “The Transgender Child” Author

I no longer call them “public schools.” They aren’t working for the public’s best interest, they don’t consider public sentiment or priorities, and for more than 2 years, they weren’t open to the public. They are government schools. They’re run by the government, fueled by politics, used to indoctrinate children with government agendas, and funded by American tax dollars that are being increasingly confiscated by the government from hardworking Americans amid unprecedented reckless government spending. They are government schools, not public schools.


And the Davis Joint Unified School District government school in Davis County, California, is using taxpayer funds to sponsor a lecture and book signing event by Rachel Pepper, a licensed marriage and family therapist (terrifying) and author of a book titled, “The Transgender Child; A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Children.” The event promises “a groundbreaking, compassionate, and comprehensive GPS for offering understanding, love and support to gender expansive and transgender young people.” All good things, but in and by a government school, sponsored by taxpayers, and pushing an extremely polarizing agenda? I certainly don’t agree with that. If they’re sponsoring entire events and book signings, what else is happening in the classrooms that aren’t quite as advertised?

(At this point the author includes a tweet advertising the event, and then a description of the event)

Children 12 and over are “welcome to attend with an adult.” Notice it doesn’t way “with a parent.” Because perhaps they’ll be coming with an adult who is helping them keep secrets from their parents?

Andrew Tate #sexist #ableist #enbyphobia #transphobia #wingnut #pratt #dunning-kruger #elitist twitter.com

(submitter’s note: this is Tate’s second try at a response to Greta Thunberg’s awesome to reply to his attempt to show off and troll her. He doesn’t succeed anywhere near as well as he likely thinks, but his followers are sadly probably still fooled)

Andrew Tate:
Thank you for confirming via your email address that you have a small penis

The world was curious.

And I do agree you should get a life ❤️

(submitter’s note: this is followed by a video which I have transcribed for you all so you don’t have to watch it)


spoiler It’s Tate talking the entire time
*smoking cigar
“Releasing greenhouse gases”
“I’m obviously a stranger to online controversy, it’s not something I often do… but now the mainstream press is commenting on the fact that I was informing Greta that my very extensive car collection with internal combustion engines which run on dead dinosaurs have an enormous emissions profile and she replied by telling me her own email address. Greta’s email address is “ihavesmalldickenergy”. Why would that be your email address, Greta? Strange… I mean, I don’t want to assume her gender, it’s 50-50, but it is what it is…

“I’m not actually mad at Greta. (Speaking to someone offscreen) Please bring pizza and make sure that these boxes are not recycled…”
*pizza boxes arrive

“Thank you… So I’m not actually mad at Greta, because she doesn’t realize she’s been programmed, she doesn’t realize she’s a slave of the matrix, she thinks she’s doing good. Someone has sat her down and convinced her to try and convince you to beg your government to tax you into poverty to stop the sun from being hot… and then because I called her out on it the global matrix got this bot farm to like and retweet and all this bot commentary to try and pretend that her telling me that she has a small dick in her own email address somehow teaches me a lesson.
*waves arms
“Welcome to a new episode of the clown show! But now I know, at least, that Greta, with her little hate-filled face, bitter, sitting somewhere without the heat on, little hat, shivering…” *laughs “views my tweets! Which is going to make my twitter account far more fun into eternity”

Andrew Tate #wingnut #elitist twitter.com

(Submitter’s note: I linked this thread from Greta Thunberg’s account so you can see her response, which is absolutely perfect)

Andrew Tate:
Hello @GretaThunberg

I have 33 cars.

My Bugatti has a w16 8.0L quad turbo.

My TWO Ferrari 812 competizione have 6.5L v12s.

This is just the start.

Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.

Greta Thunberg:
yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalldickenergy@getalife.com

(submitter: there were 2 responses I’m skipping over to get right to Tate’s response)

Tate: How dare you?!

Candace Owens #transphobia #wingnut mediamatters.org

Submitter’s note: This is originally from the Daily Wire. Media Matters does not support Candace Owens, they just archive her assholery.

The Daily Wire's Candace Owens: “I actually think that society would be safer we discriminated more”

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): I definitely discriminate against men that paint their nails and wear dresses. I don't really care how you feel about that. You can wear your dress and you can paint your nails, but I'd prefer you keeping a hundred feet away from a playground and all of the feet away from my children and me. If I see you, I'm going to cross the street, if I'm with my kids.


So, all of this to say is, obviously discrimination is built into us for a reason. It's a survival mechanism, right? We want to survive. And so, when we get that feeling – my mother used to refer to it as the heebie-jeebies, when someone just gives you the heebie-jeebies – even if you can't quite put your finger on why – I think you need to lean into that.

And, I actually think that society would be safer if we discriminated more. What's happening now is insanity because they're telling us to accept everything.

Matt Walsh #transphobia mediamatters.org

Daily Wire host says trans people commit violence by using the bathroom: “Their very presence in that space is an act of violence in and of itself”

But it's also no surprise when we hear about incidences like this and we see acts of violence against women carried about by quote, unquote, trans people in bathrooms and locker rooms and so on, because how could it be a surprise? Their very presence in that space is an act of violence in and of itself. OK so, for a man to enter a private female space where females are vulnerable and exposed, that is an act of sexual harassment in and of itself. For a man to knowingly walk into a women's bathroom, that's sexual harassment - just to be there in the first place. You are an abuser simply by walking into the room.


I don't care if they're sincere or not. It's like either it’s a man pretending to be confused about his gender, or he's sincerely confused. Either way, doesn't make a difference. It's not suddenly better if the man is actually confused and he's going into the women's restroom. Because that's what we mean when we say sincerely or really trans. Trans as a category is imaginary, it's a human invention. So, there's no way to be really trans. But you can be really confused about your identity. That does exist. But either way, no matter what your intentions are or your motivations, being there in the first place is a problem. It's an act of violence. Your presence is an intrusion. It is abusive.

So, there is no question about whether men in the women's room are a threat. Are they a threat? Yes. How do I know? Because they're in the room. Because they're there. Just like if somebody walks into your house in the middle of the night. You know, you don't need to wonder if they're a threat. They're in your house. It doesn't matter what they do once they're inside -- I mean, it matters. They could make the situation even worse depending on how they behave once they get there. But my point is, by walking in the door, they're already perpetrating a violent and intrusive act. Same for men who walk into the women's room, the locker room. Just by walking in that door, that is an act of violence against the women that are in there. It is a threat. It is intimidation. This is all based around intimidation.

Anderson Lee Aldrich #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia #interphobia #fundie #psycho #wingnut cnn.com

Gunman kills 5 at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs before patrons confront and stop him, police say

(CNN) -A 22-year-old gunman entered an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, just before midnight Saturday and immediately opened fire, killing at least five people and injuring 18 others, before patrons confronted and stopped him, police said Sunday.

The suspect in the shooting at Club Q was identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich, according to Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez. He used a long rifle in the shooting, and two firearms were found at the scene, Vasquez said.

At least two people inside the club confronted and fought the gunman and prevented further violence, Vasquez said. “We owe them a great debt of thanks,” he said.


Of the 18 people injured, several are in critical condition with gunshot wounds, though the exact number was unclear, officials said.

The suspect is being treated at a hospital, police added. Officers did not shoot at him, police said.

cranberrysalad and EternaEspiral #sexist #senpai_noticed_us ovarit.com

Submitter’s note: this is yet another quote from the Ovarit is often featured on FSTDT! thread: https://fstdt.com/SW2.6WS2JB7MH
Apparently they don’t understand we call them fundie because of their rhetoric and who they associate with, i.e. Matt Walsh

Amen (irony intended, lurkers). Super liberal atheist here, much further left than my TWAM friends. They’re busy sobbing and wailing about men’s rights activism from some extremely wealthy zip codes while I’m over here like don’t let your identity politics make you forget that we’re all workers, comrade.

Yup, young, lesbian, atheist and anarchist leaning here. We're difinitely not what they imagine. Bet they won't screenshot and comment on this lol

The Transformed Wife (godlywomanhood) #sexist #elitist #fundie twitter.com

Feminists vs Christians


Raise daughters to be feminists
Prepare for college and careers
Be independent
Be loud/outspoken
Dress how you want
Preaches in church
Submits to no one (except to boss)
Single and has abortions
Uses birth control
Twists and manipulates God’s word

Raise daughters to do God’s will
Prepare to be wives/mothers/homemakers
Be dependent on God and His will
Meek/quiet spirits
Dress modestly
Silent in church
Submits to husband
Marry, bear children, guide the home
Fruitful and multiplies
Pursues sexual purity
Loves God’s word as written

Stonetoss #wingnut #pratt #elitist #dunning-kruger stonetoss.com

Shoehorn Theory


spoilerFirst panel: white duck person with red hat and Gadsden flag shirt: “Yeah, I support free speech, private gun ownership, non-interventionism, and limited government”

Second panel: white duck person with pink hair and pink shirt looks shocked and/or horrified

Third panel: white duck person with pink hair and pink shirt looks angry and fearful, whispers into hand: “Just like the Nazis did…”

Pedro L. Gonzales #racist twitter.com

(Submitter’s note: this is in response to Lizzo, currently the world’s most famous American flutist, being invited by the Library of Congress to play some historic flutes)

The thing that is obvious but people don’t want to say is that this is about humiliating white people, about desecrating American history and heritage. That’s what you do when you’re a conqueror. Humiliate the conquered.

Newt Gingrich #ableist #elitist #wingnut dailykos.com

Submitter’s note: Daily Kos is just the source of the story, I’m aware they are not fundies. Newt Gingrich was being interviewed by NBC News Correspondent Scott Wong when he said this. Also, he has actually spoken quite a bit about J6.

“What do you think about the January 6 Committee?” Wong asked Gingrich on Thursday.

“I don’t,” said Gingrich, who was asked multiple times during a gaggle on Capitol Hill about the committee.

“You have no thoughts about the committee itself?” asked Wong.

“I think you have a learning disability,” said Gingrich, pointing a book at Wong.

“Excuse me,” said Wong.

“The fact is, I’ve said three or four times, I don’t talk about it,” said Gingrich, pointing at his own head.

“Try the phrase: I don’t talk about it,” he added.

Stonetoss #ableist #dunning-kruger #wingnut stonetoss.com

(Submitter’s note: while Stonetoss is normally a reprehensible person with toxic garbage views, this comic hits on a particular bugaboo of mine that seems to happen on all sides, not just with right wing assholes like Stonetoss: shaming people with mental illness into going off their meds.)

Best Disinfectant


spoiler1st panel:

Duck-person with blue and white hair in a purple shit, holding a pill bottle: “I’m a big advocate for mental health”

2nd panel: Duck-person with green shirt, walking stick, and camping/hiking gear: “Hell yeah. Isn’t nature and sunshine great?”

3rd panel: Duck-person with purple shirt looks visibly uncomfortable, as if this idea either never occurred to them or they are somehow adverse to it.

Jana Pinson #sexist #fundie #wingnut dailykos.com

(I am aware Daily Kos is not a fundie organization. It’s just the source of the information.)

A pregnant 13 year old doesn’t have to be a negative thing says Texas anti-abortion crusader

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are hubs of false advertising, anti-abortion organizations that try to trick people into thinking they’re clinics offering abortion or abortion referrals—when in reality, they offer drugstore pregnancy tests and pressure to continue the pregnancy. They’re about to get much, much more sophisticated in that mission.

One Corpus Christi CPC is planning a massive expansion to a 20,000-square-foot facility with a coffee shop, thrift store, and “a ‘man cave’ with a pool table, where men will be approached by a certified marriage counselor as they wait for the women they impregnated,” The Washington Post reports.

…”Post-Roe needs to have prenatal. We’re taking care of the whole woman.”…

…“I’ve seen a lot of 13-year-olds do phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing.” Child rape leading to pregnancy doesn’t have to be negative, she says.…

Jack del Rio #racist #wingnut theroot.com

(This is from the Root which I know isn’t fundie, they’re just the source of the information)

NAACP Calls for NFL Assistant Coach Jack del Rio to resign

NAACP President Derrick Johnson has called for Jack Del Rio assistant coach to the NFL’s Washington Commanders, to resign, per Yahoo! News. Del Rio previously apologized after making a comment comparing the Jan 6. insurrection to the protests following the killing of George Floyd, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Johnson said it’s time for Del Rio to resign or be terminated. “The January 6th insurrection – an attempted coup – was far from a ‘dust-up’ - Downplaying the insurrection by comparing it to nationwide protests, which were in response to a public lynching, is twisted,” he said in a statement.

Del Rio wondered why the Jan 6. insurrection was met with more criticism than the summer 2020 protests. He also claimed the damage during the riot was nothing compared to that of the protests.

More from Tampa Bay Times:

“People’s livelihoods are being destroyed, businesses are being burned down, no problem,” Del Rio said. “And then we have a dust-up at the Capitol, nothing burned down, and we’re going to make that a major deal. I just think it’s kind of two standards.”

Amid backlash for his comments, Del Rio released a statement on Twitter Wednesday afternoon apologizing his word choice. Del Rio said it was “irresponsible and negligent” to call the riot a “dust-up.” But he said he stood by comments “condemning violence in communities across the country.”

Self-Appointed Cishet Savior Award

Calvin Hillesland #transphobia them.us

A South Dakota Teacher Told Students He Wanted to “Rescue” Them From Being Trans

High school students in South Dakota were stunned earlier this week when a teacher handed out letters to transgender students misgendering them and saying they needed to be “rescued” from transitioning.

On Monday, at least four students at Watertown High School, most of them transmasculine, said that they were given a letter by the school’s German teacher, Calvin Hillesland, as the Watertown Public Opinion first reported. A copy of the letter was posted to Twitter the next day by Lee Bruns, a local writer…

“When you asked me to call your friends by masculine names and I started trying to do that, I was wrong. It was a lie,” Hillesland wrote, comparing his failure to “rescue” the students from being trans to a failure to save them from a burning home or rattlesnake bite.

“[F]eelings are like a mirage,” he continued. “You don’t dare trust in them to guide you. They’re not an accurate reflection of reality.” What is real, Hillesland contended, is that the transmasculine students are “female — feminine. That’s the bilogical [sic] truth.”

The letter also references an enclosed piece of candy — “a symbol of the sweetness I hope and pray you’ll discover” — and an unnamed DVD that Hillesland claimed would explain “the spiritual as well as the scientific facts.”…

Missouri TV Viewer #racist cnn.com

Excerpt from the article:

"Hi, this evening your Asian anchor mentioned something about being Asian, and Asian people eat dumplings on New Year's Day. And I kind of take offense to that because what if one of your white anchors said, 'Well White people eat this on New Year's Day'. I don't think it was very appropriate that she said that, and she was being very Asian. I don't know. She can keep her Korean to herself," the caller said on the voice message.
"Alright, sorry. It was annoying. Because, if a White person would say that, they would get fired (chuckles). So, say something about what White people eat. Alright, thank you," the caller added.

Birds Aren’t Real Movement #conspiracy #crackpot birdsarentreal.com

Who are we?

The Birds Aren't Real movement has been active since 1976. Once a preventative cause, our initial goal was to stop the genocide of real birds. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful, and the government has since replaced every living bird with robotic replicas. Now our movement's prerogative is to make everyone aware of this fact…

(This is followed by a bunch of videos)

We are the voice brave enough to cry out. We are the storm thundering across the horizon. We are the candle in the dark room. We are the only hope this country has left.

For years, your rights have been violated. We care about that. We care that the government watches you drive to work, eat, and sleep. They see everything from above, without an ounce of consent from their own citizens.

The government should not exist as a separate entity from the citizens- that is what a democracy is all about. We need to take this country back. You don't have to be a brainwashed sheep. Through the simple act of understanding that Bird-Drone surveillance is happening on a mass level, we slowly become human again.

In our movement, there are beacons of light who run their own state-categorized chapters. They have taken the responsibility of assurance the continuation of activism in their communities. We call them "The Bird Brigade"…

list of names

As a decentralized movement, there are many different community staples who mean a great deal to us. One of whom is an activist named Kendrick Smith- who created & popularized the movement mantra "The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie".

Kendrick, in addition to being a Bird Truther, is a talented filmmaker & storyteller. His work can be found at @KillMyDogProd on Twitter! His Twitter and TikTok are @KendoMakesFilms. We formally thank Kendrick for his phenomenal contribution to the movement.

Stonetoss #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #mammon stonetoss.com

Panel 1: two white duck-people, one wearing light blue and one wearing purple, look at the Mona Lisa.

Panel 2: purple-wearing duck-person turns to the other duck-person and says, “but did the artist have the right opinions?”

Panel 3: just a shot of the Mona Lisa

Panel 4: Mona Lisa being carried out by a duck-person in a janitorial outfit in a wheeled trash can.


Alt-text: “There’s a reason you don’t see right-wing art, and it isn’t because right-wingers aren’t making art.”

Speaking of cancelling art, it would seem the wild success of the Flurks NFT has caused quite a stir. So much in fact, the art was de-listed on NFT markets OpenSea and Rarible without explanation.

Thankfully the story has gotten picked up by news outlets. In fact, if you or someone you know would like to publish this story, hit me up.

Alternatively, if you or someone you know works at OpenSea/Rarible, let’s talk. I’ve been trying to for a week.

@Bitcoin News (@BTCTN)

The artist behind Stonetoss Comics, a series of political cartoons, has been censored by two very prominent #NFT marketplaces — Opensea and Rarible. https://t.co/yBvDNZGNT2

Stonetoss #racist #wingnut stonetoss.com

First Panel:

Brown duck-person in sombrero looks over shoulder and says, “What’s wrong? Don’t like Mexican people?”

Second Panel:

White duck-person in border patrol outfit stares and says nothing.

Third Panel:

Brown duck-person in sombrero stares and says nothing.

Fourth Panel:

White duck-person in border patrol outfit says, “You didn’t.”


Lauren Boebert, US Representative for CO District 3 #fundie #wingnut #racist twitter.com

(Submitter’s note: this is in response to an article with the headline: “California to spend $28M to help arriving asylum-seekers”)

If blue states would stop wasting taxpayer dollars providing lavish lifestyles to illegal aliens, they wouldn’t need bailouts from the federal government.

No more money should go to states who spend our hard-earned cash on non-citizens.