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Just steal some from a menopausal woman - it’s what you’ve been doing this entire time!

( Spencer_Shayy )
What do you do? You stop taking hormones you don't need, you selfish piece of shit.

( Syndaballet )
Women actually need HRT. These fetishists are so sick to take medication away from actual women.

( IrissaIridium )
"HRT"? It's not hormone replacement therapy for you, sir. Hormone replacement therapy is when you (wait for it) replace hormones that your body once naturally produced but no longer does for various developmental or medical reasons. You're cramming exogenous hormones into a body that isn't meant to receive them because the practice pops your euphoria boner. That's not HRT, that's just a hormone force-feeding fetish (HFFF). (Coincidentally, "HFFF" is exactly the sound I make when I see men, yet again, trying to snatch women's scarce resources for themselves).

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LGB Alliance says that trans people shouldn't be oppressed under Putin's regime and there are a lot of angry replies.

( HalfMentalAlchemist )
This feels like a huge mistake from both LGBA and the repliers - the latter providing plenty of ammo to TRAs who'd take it as GCs wanting them to die.

( crodish )
None of the comments are wishing trans people death, just angry that an account that supposedly champions SexNotGender and recognizes homosexuals and bisexuals suddenly doesn't. But I can see how the TRA could take it as such.

( VirginiaWolfberry )
In what way does this not acknowledge LGB people? It specifically does and also differentiates. Being gender critical =/= wishing persecution of trans-identified people.

( crodish )
Forced teaming, same issue as always. "LGB and trans people" and "LGBT people" is literally the same thing.

Trans people aren't being banned from "non traditional sexual relations" unless they're confused LGB who also identify as trans. In the meantime, Putin's ban on gender surgery, self ID and "gender affirming medicalization" ONLY affects those trans identified.

It's not oppression to make it illegal to irreparably modify yourself. It's oppression to stop people from being in a relationship just because they're homosexual or bisexual.

Also, again, LGBA saying they stand behind trans people being persecuted for not having access to "gender affirming care" comes off really weird.

The issue in question was due to raids being carried out on gay clubs under said anti-LGBT rules. GAY nightclubs. This has nothing to do with the T's "persecution" of being banned from gender affirming care, but it was very much a crackdown on "non traditional relationships".

( CruelEnnui )

unless they're confused LGB who also identify as trans.

In plenty of non-western countries, the majority, if not all, of trans people are LGB who transition to avoid homophobia and, you know, getting actually killed.

I'm not from Russia, but I am from a similarly homophobic Slavic Eastern European country, where pretty much every single trans person (TIFs especially) is same-sex attracted.

I really wish people would stop applying western standards to the rest of the world.

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Biden Rule Takes Lunch Money From Schools That Reject Progressive Agenda On Gender & Sexuality

( pennygadget )
The TRA crowd whines that we need to castrate GNC children otherwise they'll kill themselves. But you know what made me feel depressed and suicidal as a child? Being homeless and hungry. Sometimes my school lunch was the only hot meal I got in a day during the time my parents lost our house. Child hunger is a FAR more wide reaching and impactful problem than trans kids flinging themselves into traffic because they can't shit in their preferred toilet. But the left suddenly doesn't care about childhood depression and suicide when it comes to kids in poverty

( HomeschooledGNC )
What the fuck?? Besides this being evil, are they insane? Do they really think people will be on board with this? They're writing their own attack ads!

( legopants )
let's starve children who don't believe in our make believe delusions. this is the right side of history, fellas

( Intuiterf )
It's not based on the beliefs of children, it's just any child that happens to go to those schools. I hope the TRAs cheering for this ruling are happy starving kids who identify as trans too. But of course we already know they're happy sacrificing children on the alter of trans rights.

( girl_undone )
I don't know how many poor kids are being shuffled into trans shit. It's a bit hard to be medicalized for fake shit when your parents avoid taking you to the doctor for actual problems, a bit hard to be brainwashed by a crazy therapist when you can't afford therapy for serious issues, and it's a bit hard to get your parents to prioritize your made up identity issues when your family has real problems.

Trans seems to largely be an affliction of the affluent. Having a trans child is a status symbol for some wealthier progressives who want to differentiate themselves and their children.

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"Safeguarding is a dogwhistle???????"

( Novemberinthechair )
Did that person just admit children shouldn't be protected?

( Unicorn )
They do not care.

There's a post I've seen out there somewhere, of a TRA telling other TRAs to stop using the "no one is giving kids cross-sex hormones or surgeries" argument anymore, because they know GC people come back with articles of children actually having received cross-sex hormones and surgeries.

They instead suggested reframing it in some way to basically ignore the children who desist or detransition and focus only on the children who continue transitioning as if they are success stories.

They do not care about who they hurt to achieve their goals.

( RusticTroglodyte )
That's so sick. It's all a fucking PR game to these ppl. They don't care how many children and vulnerable ppl are harmed

( RusticTroglodyte )
I 💜 when these ppl tell on themselves

Anyone: mentions women

TPAs: hurr durrrr does this include transwomen???

Me: You'd only ask that if you yourself didn't believe that "transwomen are women"

Instant block

Anyone: women's single sex spaces need to be protected. Men commit nearly 100% of rapes


Fucking clowns. They know who they are and what they are. They know. They all know.

IrissaIridium #transphobia ovarit.com

"Safeguarding is a dogwhistle???????"

It's not a dogwhistle because there's absolutely nothing covert or bigoted about the explicit and realistic argument for the need to safeguard women in vulnerable spaces.

Men are overwhelmingly responsible for violent and sexual crimes. Those crimes are overwhelmingly committed against women. "Transwomen" are men. For the purposes of safeguarding women, it doesn't matter that #notallmen or that men can also be victims of other men; that last is a separate problem and not one that should ever be resolved by compromising women's safety and giving men free access to our vulnerable spaces. Women can't tell which men are or are not imminent threats just by looking at them. A rapist wearing a dress and garish makeup is still a rapist. Women also shouldn't have to run that calculus every time we find ourselves in a vulnerable space just because we want to go to the gym, change in our school's locker room or access crisis shelters. That's how you create a society of hypervigilant, terrorized women. Any society that values women's free and active participation in social life concedes the necessity of casting a wide net and excluding all men, including "transwomen," from these vulnerable spaces. A society that values women's participation in social life makes it illicit for even the smallest slice of predatory men to have the opportunity to menace women.

There's nothing covert or bigoted about recognizing and spelling out that reality, so there is no dogwhistle. The fact that women's reality makes men in dresses uncomfortable doesn't make it a dogwhistle (or any other form of bigotry, covert or overt) either. There is definitely something covert and misogynist about trying to reframe protests against the devaluation of women's safety as malignant bigotry just because it interferes with your euphoria boner though.

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( MiMi2013 )
Trans woMEN are predatory heterosexual men, and they know it.

( phoenixia )
Your post is so right too. When I was less 'educated' on trans BS I was far more accommodating to the TiMs I knew irl and online because I was naive and didn't want to upset them. But I never for a second believed that they are actual women, every facet of their being screamed male. All the fawning I felt obliged to do felt violating in a way, trying to tell this tall man with a Peter Griffin chin that the spinny skirt is soooo cute on him. I do compliment my female friends that way, so it felt forced. He would notice if I compliment my other friends and not him. I felt bad for being unable to convince myself that they were women as they claim. Their creepy attempts to sound, appear and act like women made me SO uncomfortable, but I thought maybe I was just being mean and I needed to get over it.

The more you are around them the harder it gets to ignore the absolute madness of it all. Thanks to those TiMs in my life, I have been peaked by their actions and misogyny.

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Hunter Schafer's AGP manifesto

( no- )
There’s nothing more disturbing than mentally unwell men’s pseudo intellectual, navel gazing drivels. I’m not watching the movie, but Hunter Schafer’s most recent role as a citizen of the capitol in the Hunger Games suits him very well. The trans subculture perfectly exemplifies the vapid, privileged, sociopathic and out of touch with reality nature of the people of that fictional city.

( Persimmon64 )
After seeing the video of him on Jimmy Fallon it's so difficult to connect this filth with what looked and sounded like a 10-year old boy.

It's a classic predator move in trying fool people's instincts by making oneself appear more helpless/harmless.

( Re-enacterf )
In 10 years they'll be arresting him for attempting cannibalism.

( Spencer_Shayy )
Stopped reading at "to be consumed". I've had enough. Society needs to move past "trans" people and set them back with leeches and lobotomies.

( no- )
Trans is the new leeches and lobotomies.

( notsofreshfeeling )
At first glance, this looks to me like someone trying to create a backdoor for when the trans shit is no longer trendy. The next step is to "queer" being "queer" and voila! he's normal again.

If these dingdongs do not abandon ship soon, they'll look those people who never changed the one fashion style they nailed back in 1986. While it's difficult for me to imagine how anyone actually "cool" could ever fall for this nonsense, I'm sure that the ones who transed out to be edgy and different are planning their exit strategy now, and I imagine they'll be spinning their past antics like this:

"It was an emergent, youth-driven political strategy rooted in a desire to liberate anyone that felt like an outsider. We didn't really believe in gender in the way the TERFs and conservatives thought we did. We knew exactly what we were doing and it was powerful! We got people thinking about all of their biases and assumptions and, sure, some parents allowed their children to be medicalized but that's not our fault! They should have known better not to trust Big Pharma.... blah blah blah"

( Megasaurus )
Another Buffalo Bill

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( EdithPeevish )
I don’t really care if transitioning cured their dysphoria or not. I just don’t want men in women’s hard-won spaces. If they weren’t trying to colonise womanhood I wouldn’t care what adults do, even if I think it’s a stupid solution to a largely manufactured problem. Just stop pretending it makes you a woman.

( Feministunderyrbed )
If I had a kid and the gender cult got him or her I’d be murderously pissed. I stand with other parents under the same threat. But most of all I agree: just stay out of women’s locker rooms, women’s sports teams, and women’s scholarships.

( shewolfoffrance )
Scratch the surface of "queer joy," and it all starts to fall apart. Many of these people are in unstable relationships, estranged from their families, financially insecure, and in chronic pain. They'll tell you themselves that offhand comments from strangers have the power to send them into a tailspin. Suicidal ideation is common. Romantic rejection is frequent.

Of course, in their worldview, the problem is everyone else's "transphobia." It's unthinkable to question the efficacy of transition as a treatment for gender dysphoria.

( littleowl12 )
PS- narcissists believe that their problems are worse than anyone else's. So of course they think there is nothing worse than gender dysphoria. Of course they think anyone else's problems would be preferable to what they are suffering.

That's because they can't really empathize or sympathize, and envision what someone else is going through.

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RE: Peaking my mom - Need your help!!

( Calidris )
Like others say, it may just take time. It did for my mum, and I'm terminally impatient so you can imagine how much I tried to convince her.

Ive Had tremendous success peaking people with information on the following:

- gender fluids: lots of people will "be kind", so if they feel a man is genuinely distresses and actually trying, he should be allowed in the women's spaces. But often people don't know about gender fluids, men who want to be women today, then men, then women, then both. Lots of people find that flippant and disrespectful. Ive peaked two people with this knowledge

- autogynephilia: this is what peaked me so I keep trying it but not as successfully, sadly. Most people seem to plain not believe it.

- penises: this is how I peaked most people. Did you know that male transgenders are 85% straight, and 95% bepenised? A "be kind" will be open to penisfree men in their spaces, but a hetero penis man? Only the most delulu wokes are in favor of this

- children: they're chemically and physically castrating children and cutting healthy breasts off of 13 year old girls. Ive Been very successful with this one

- female sports: mostly peaks men ironically, extra bonus for males with daughters

Good luck!!!

( overanddone )
Men in women’s sports.

Most people peak because they have something happen in their life. Other than that, the most obvious to anyone except TRAs is “men in women’s sports”.

( Dee )
I'd suggest to send her something from a mainstream source she already knows and trusts that's short and highlights something simple such as — the Dutch protocol wasn't built on solid science; there was no control group.

Much of this stuff is so crazy that people simply don't believe it. If it comes from rad fem sources, they think it is propaganda and not true. Find whatever she already cares about, whether that is children, sports, or violent threats made at rallies where TRAs stage counter protests.

( Cubone )
The fact that most "transwomen" these days are ugly straight men with a fetish can get women paying attention. Most people still think TIMs are hyperfeminine gay men.

Even as a peaked GC woman, I still don't really care about most HSTS TIMs since they're generally not the ones who are a danger to women. All AGPs are psycho to women, especially lesbians.

jvsmine #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

men are literally so awful and disgusting and depraved and honestly not even human that so many of them are pretending to women and tanking our fucking violent crime stats, making it look like women are getting more violent.

nah. just more freak degenerate males who are useless flesh bags calling themselves girls -eye roll-

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( Chronicity )
Dude is acting like he just realized the public isn’t buying the idea that men can wish themselves into womanhood, kids are capable to making their own medical decisions, and that publicly subsidized cosmetic medicine and surgery is a good thing,

Will he take these survey results as a clue that TRAs are ineffective salespeople for their cause? Will he be humble enough to consider whether the public has concerns worth listening to? Of course not. This is his conclusion.

Your average cis person wants a big, authoritarian state to regulate and control the lives of trans people.

Treating trans people like every other person of their sex is “authoritarian”.

( Unicorn )
How do those statistics imply people want an "authoritarian state to regulate and control the lives of trans people"?

My guy, you are absolutely free to go get your cosmetic surgeries at your own expense. Taxpayers refusing to fund frivolous plastic surgeries is not "authoritarian."

I guess they could argue making transgender-identifying people use the bathroom aligned with their sex or a unisex bathroom "authoritarian," but "cis" people also are required to follow the same rule of using a bathroom aligned with their sex?

I really want to know what this "authoritarian state" entails. What do they think "authoritarian" means?

( TheKnitta )
We don’t want weirdos in our spaces, or causing trouble when they work for us.

Worried about support like refuges for TIPs? Make your own. That’s what women did.

And no, we shouldn’t pay for your pointless vanity surgeries and hormones you don’t need, especially not when literally millions of people in the UK are waiting for operations their local NHS can’t afford to do.

Selfish male privilege, what a beaut of an example!

( TwoXChromosomes )

Worried about support like refuges for TIPs? Make your own. That’s what women did.

They're not worried about having actual refuges, violating women's boundaries is the point, as we all know. After all, if they can't intrude into and violate women's spaces, how else are they supposed to get their euphoria boners?

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( Sandybeach )
When someone who isn't trans has plenty of trans friends, what could be their motivation?
Hey GCs! Question time, because this woman is puzzled:

What do you think it means when someone who is fine with being female, seems like a smart, agreeable person with creative interests, works a job and seems to have healthy boundaries... goes out of her way to specifically befriend and center TiPs? Including some involvement in the alternative/creative scene and a bit of enby-fluff as well (no physical changes or need for special pronouns, basically just identifying as such and being somewhat same-sex attracted).

Why not just be a cool queer GNC woman, and why surround yourself with the T (TWAW, T-rights are human rights, etc) when you're obviously not one of them? It is a little strange. Constructive thoughts welcome.

( Novemberinthechair )
Basically, they're signaling. "I'm a virtuous person. Right side of history....blah, blah."

Ironically , it let's be a cool girl. On some level they know they're prioritizing men over women.....and it feeds their damaged egos.

( Hollyhock )
They are her charity cases. She gets an ego boost by being so accepting.

( being )
it's something I don't fully understand either, the whole "what drives someone to go out of their way to be an extreme TRA?"

but I'd guess that it's something like... these women partake in major handmaiden TRA behavior because it makes them feel like they're being a good person. to some people, it is very important to them that they think they're doing the "right thing".

( Sandybeach )
Or maybe because trans is cool and edgy, unlike boring cis people...

I am not trans. I do have trans friends.

The compromise I've made with them is that when we're out in public among other people, I use their fake pronouns. In private, I use their real pronouns.

I'm up front with the fact that I don't believe gender exists and that the entire concept of gender is a hoax. If they still want to be my friend, fine.

( snails )
I used to have several trans friends. I have one left and I’m hoping he desists soon. He doesn’t know I’m GC. We just talk about our interests and I try to avoid gender and sexuality discussions

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they / them who shall not be named

( KWNiteWyvern )
High suicide rate is due to drumroll mental illness! Being Black or Jewish isn’t a mental illness. Believing that cross sex hormones and surgically removing healthy body parts will make you the opposite sex, is. Thanks for playing, redditor

( cranberrysalad )
The Jews at auschwitz and the slaves wanted to live, because others tried to kill them and destroy them. They fought back by living.

Trans people are worshipped and they are powerful. They have become the badge of virtue signalling rich assholes, politicians, and corporations. You’re not oppressed when your movement took steam 5 years ago and you have presidential cabinet members and federal politicians from your group. I think of Deb Harland, for whom Natives had to wait 400+ years to see in office, and Rachel AGP LePeen who was promoted instantly. Please.

Oh and also the suicide stats for trans people are grossly inflated and misrepresented so there’s that.

( Spencer_Shayy )
Even if the suicide rates of oppressed groups were high, we'd never use it to force people into silence and compliance. Look at the former gay rights movement. Our slogan was "It Gets Better" despite our supposedly high suicide rates. Meanwhile, the "trans" slogan is "do what we say, or we'll kill ourselves". Abusers, all of them.

( pennygadget )
Also, for people who are actually oppressed, suicide threats don't do any good. Can you imagine Black people in the Jim Crowe south threatening suicide if they didn't get civil rights? The White bigots in charge would just laugh and hand them some rope

( unrealityenjoyer )
That’s a good thing to remember. Feminists have never pulled the suicide card and women overwhelmingly attempt it more than men, are more depressed than men. The suicide threats are so male-coded.

bunyip #transphobia ovarit.com

When it comes to definitions, property is protected more than women are
Imagine someone trying to sell the cheapest, lowest quality products by taking the name of something else. Public restroom quality paper towels and toilet paper being put on the shelves labeled as Trans Bounty and Trans Charmin. Old, outdated Android phones being sold as a Trans iPhone 15. They'd be sued and forced to stop immediately.

Sure, it's not a perfect comparison because those are brand names. So then imagine someone selling a pile of leaves as Trans Toilet Paper. Or selling a bottle of sugar pills as Trans Aspirin or plain water as Trans Eyedrops. Nope, can't get away with that either, it's dishonest marketing that would mislead customers.

But a man lying about being a woman? Not only is that accepted, it's promoted and celebrated by governments and corporations, and defended to the point where they'll fire you for disagreeing with the lie.

It just occurred to me, I wonder how the legal system would handle it in situations where women are sold as property. What happens if you open a legal brothel in Nevada, accept money from customers up front in exchange for them buying access to a woman's body, and then send in a big hairy man in a dress and insist that's their "woman"? Would the law agree that women must be female in a situation where men are the ones being cheated and misled?

Edelgard, crispycherrypie & shewolfoffrance #transphobia ovarit.com

Museum reclassifies Roman emperor as trans woman - BBC News
( Edelgard )
I'm ready to use this in every online debate with TRAs now.

Whenever they tell you that TiMs were just as oppressed as actual women, never forget to remind them that trans women's male privilege even allowed them to be emperors in deeply misogynistic times. I hope they will trans more dudes with crossdressing fetishes, I'm looking forward to show how many "trans women" enjoyed rights and privileges "cis women" were deprived of.

( crispycherrypie )
I needed that laugh.

Thank you, museum, for deciding one of the most insane Roman emperors was trans. I am sure this will help people think trans identified men aren't insane.

And also a second laugh because a lot of their justification for his transness was probably contemporary smear campaigns they're taking as literal fact.

( shewolfoffrance )
I’ve put a lot of thought into it (about two seconds), and I’m actually ok with retroactively trans every evil, depraved man in history. Vickie the Impaler. Jackie the Ripper. Mimi Amin. Polly Pot.

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"Fully passing" and still miserable

( IrishTheFrenchie )
This is why these surgeries shouldn't even be available to adults. What they want is IMPOSSIBLE. Even if they get as close as they possibly can, they are unhappy. This is why the suicide rate is so high. It is a fantasy that will NEVER come true.

( pennygadget )
I used to believe that adults should be able to do whatever fucked up shit to their bodies they want. But that has changed now that so many Dollar Store Mengeles are out there selling these drugs and surgeries to very vulnerable & stupid trans patients

Not only is it cruel to the patients. Its a drain on our medical resources. God only knows if/when we'll get another COVID level catastrophe that strains access to medical supplies and doctors. We don't need to take physically healthy people and cripple them just because they want an insane cosmetic surgery

( Persimmon64 )
Of course they shouldn't be available. If I wanted to get a neo-colon inserted into my abdomen to make another hole for a guy to screw that also expelled feces, a doctor would turn me away and send me to the shrink.

Yet when these guys want the exact same thing done, it's suddenly "people should be able to do what they want to their bodies. Doctors have to provide this surgery! It's our right!" Um... No it really isn't.

( RAM25 )
IMO, this is why removing it from being a mental health problem did a disservice to trans people. This person is struggling and they feel ashamed about it because they’ve been told that they are a woman when they know full well they’re not. It may have been way more helpful to him if he could acknowledge he’s got a mental health challenge and address that. It would be like telling an anorexic she is indeed fat and encouraging her to keep losing weight to become happy.

( Spencer_Shayy )
This is his consciousness telling him that the lie he's living is unsustainable. I don't pity him, as he likely a misogynistic homophobe with an abhorrent sexual fetish, but I genuinely don't understand how anyone can live like this. Common sense tells you that such a life is miserable, just as he's finding out.

To think, he would be much happier if he just accepted himself for who he was instead of trying to live out his creepy girl fantasy.

Architectura, BellaBlue & MiMi2013 #transphobia #conspiracy ovarit.com

RE: My healthcare provider released a "code of conduct" that seems to punish patients for requesting single-sex facilities or legitimately female practitioners

( Architectura )
There are a number of educational institutions in this country that will convey in no uncertain terms where your views likely lie.

I would recommend Bob Jones, Liberty, or BYU simply because their views are the most widely known. If you have a notoriously conservative school in your area though, one of their shirts would work too.

Edited: I didn't mean attend one of the schools, I meant buy a tee shirt. Simply because would you rather everyone assume you're homophobic, or be confronted by a TiM when you're in an incredibly vulnerable position?

( BellaBlue )
Alright, let's see how well this goes over when an Orthodox Jewish, or Muslim woman asks for a woman. If the provider refuses, this opens the door for her to file a religious discrimination complaint and/or just tell her community that this practice is anti-semitic or Islamaphobic.

( MiMi2013 )
Jewish women will most likely be told to STFU ; they'll fall all over themselves to accommodate muslim women, as it's important to show that islam is privileged above all other religions...The Powers That Be would not have mass-imported hundreds of thousands if not millions of muslims into western countries if there was not an intent to wield them against the native-born population of every faith and ethnicity, for some ulterior and probably sinister reason.

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In response to "Trans people have a right to exist!"

( Spencer_Shayy )
Not to nitpick, but I actually disagree with this. The "transgender" identity DOES rely on the validation of others to exist, because without it, "transwomen" are just normal men and "transmen" are just normal women. That's why they cry "genocide" when they're not affirmed.

( no- )
“Society makes it so hard for trans people to exist in peace”. How? By noticing a TIM’s male voice, his male face, his entire male existence? By refusing to pretend that someone is the opposite sex? By not wasting my mental energy training myself to see men as women and use pronouns that don’t make sense? They’re not asking for acceptance, they want you to brainwash yourself and participate in their role-playing, and you’re not allowed to ask questions because the answers are always lies.

( Tanana )
Transness is a parasite identity, it does depend on everyone's compliance to play their game. If we stop to play along, the whole fiction dies. Transness is the ultimate needy-narcissistic personality.

( sylviasmushrooms )
I love what this is trying to get across, but those of us who are hip to the plot of this whole stupid thing are aware that TRAs’ favorite thing to do is redefine and corrupt language.

We (reasonably) push back on this claim of existence, because obviously there is a 200 lb man in a babydoll dress sucking all the air out of the room right in front of us. He exists.

He does not exist the way he sees himself and/or the way he wants other people to perceive him. In that way, according to these language claims, his existence is being denied. It’s seeing the man and refusing to acknowledge him as your queen.

( tuff_terfies )
[...] We are only too aware of trans people and their demands--pronouns, cis, blah blah. What we are saying is not to step on women's right to exist. Yet they set the terms of their mutual exclusion, not us. It just proves that all "isms" are projection (e.g. Latino/as do all the work Euro-anglos don't/won't do but they are 'lazy'). Pure psychological projection; they need us to say WE DON'T EXIST so that they can colonize our lives and experiences. It is the extension of the logic of misogyny that denies our humanity.

BondiBlue, Spencer_Shayy & OwnLyingEyes #transphobia ovarit.com

OPINION: Michael Shellenberger is one of the most influential writers in S.F. Here’s what he says about trans people

( BondiBlue )

According to Human Rights Watch, “gender ideology” is a catch-all term “consistently used to attack feminism, transgender equality, the existence of intersex bodies, the elimination of sex stereotyping, family law reform, same-sex marriage, access to abortion, contraception and comprehensive sexuality education.”

Then HRW is ignorant. The elimination of gender ideology is the elimination of sex stereotyping. And it has SFA to do with same-sex marriage (sex, not gender), abortion, or anything else on that list. Except maybe for "comprehensive sexuality education," which is itself a catch-all term for the gender-groomer mindfuckery of DQST and MAPs and other wacked-out bullshit going on in public schools, that's gotten us into this mess in the first place. But gender ideology has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with feminism, because no feminism includes men LARPing as women to satisfy their pedo-skinwalker Buffalo Bob fetish. Feminism is a movement for, by, and about women. That's it.

( Spencer_Shayy )
Holy shit. "Gender ideology" only encompasses the ideas of "transgender" or "gender identity". How can these assholes so shamelessly lie?

( OwnLyingEyes )
Because they've been force-teaming gender ideology with these issues in part for this exact purpose...just like how whenever people criticize trans nonsense alone, they tend to insist on calling it 'anti LGBTQ+.' They force team and then scream that they're being hate crimed when resisted (like their response to LGB Alliance).

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Nex Benedict autopsy: Oklahoma Medical Examiner rules death suicide

( MaryDyer )
It’s really a shame that she felt she had no other option. The “trans kids are at constant risk of suicide” and “there’s a trans genocide” narratives almost certainly influence events like this.

( pennygadget )
I was just about to say this.

The increase in suicide amongst children (especially trans identifying children) is a DIRECT result of these assholes constantly bombarding children with negative shit that they cannot process in a healthy way.

When TRAs tell a mentally unstable population, "everyone is against you!", "we're in the midst of a trans genocide!", and "suicide is a reasonable reaction to not getting your way", they shouldn't be surprised when a bunch of trans youths either kill themselves or become mass shooters (or both)

( OneStarWolf )
Activists will now just shift the goalposts. It’s either a conspiracy to cover up a hate murder or she was driven to do it because of tRanSpHoBiA. Suits their twisted goal either way.

( Iota_Aurigae )
I hope my women’s studies professor, who was so quick to email everyone when her death was reported because “TRANSPHOBIA!!”, sees this.

( spw )
She will probably standby it and say that she suicided because of transphobia

( syntaxerror )
Yeah this changes nothing for TRAs. She’s still a martyr, just a different category. They still add her to the list of dead children to ghoulishly parade around.

( pennygadget )
She would remain a martyr even if she had been struck by lightning. TRAs love standing on the corpses of dead kids

Persimmon64 & Spencer_Shayy #transphobia ovarit.com

Is it a stereotype or reality?

( Persimmon64 )

Now, being trans makes me feel cool.

Yep, this is the crux and driving force of the whole movement, isn't it? Socially awkward, weird men have finally found a way to be "cool."

Feminine homosexual men have found a way to feel "sexually desirable."

And sexually perverted men have found a way to feel like they're "normal" and "valid" instead of the sexually perverted "losers" they truly are.

( Spencer_Shayy )
He convinced himself he wasn't the creepy man pretending to be a girl, those guys are different from his perverted ass... somehow. I think this is called believing your own lies.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( fightlikeagirl )
The "I'm so gay" comments
While browsing socials, saw a post from a fandom group I follow, some fanart of one of the male characters. Below, there's a comment saying "I'm gay gay homosexual gay", which it turns out was coming from a TIF. And it occurs to me that almost all of the times someone posts something like "Wow I am so gay!", they aren't. It's TIMs posting it about women or TIFs/NB women posting it about men.

It's irritating that these people want to frame opposite-sex attraction as gay. Heterosexuality is totally okay, calling it "queer" devalues actual LGB culture and appropriates an orientation that people have long suffered for (and still do in many places). Just a small rant because it seems to be popping up a lot lately and wanted to see if this was a common experience.

( dragonheart )
It is very common. The worst for me is when TIMs refer to themselves as "dykes" because they're literally just straight men using a slur that has very real and ugly connotations for lesbians; these creepy assholes use it because they've noticed that lesbians have taken back the word for themselves and they try to imitate whatever the community does so they can "be a lesbian too".

It makes my skin crawl.

( tymps )
Yes, it really disgusts and angers me in such a visceral way when TIMs say "dyke." It's so creepy to come across men like that and realize just how much time they've probably spent lurking in lesbian communities (even if only online), basically taking notes and studying us, both because they get off on it and because they want to make their cheap imitations of us seem more authentic. There are so many of these straight TIMs in so many different niches who've tried to posit themselves as authoritative "lesbian" voices, and they wax poetic about the lesbian experience and lesbian history and lesbian community as if they could ever have a fucking clue. Then everyone showers them with praise and kisses their asses. It really makes me so angry to see that, especially knowing how much those people (the TIMs themselves and their pathetic sycophants) hate actual lesbians.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
The TIFs are also the ones dropping the "fggt" bomb all over the place. Calling themselves and gay men "f*gs".

TIMs are more likely to be violent against lesbians, TIFs are more likely to use openly homophobic slurs against gay men.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Hey ovarian carriers! Make sure your "wife" doesn't get you pregnant.

( Spencer_Shayy )
Your husband is taking estrogen. It doesn't make him not a man anymore. The utter stupidity that "trans" people and everyone associated are affected by is abstinence only sex levels of idiotic.

"My husband says he's a woman now and he's doing up on drugs but he still got me pregnant?" Yes, you absolute moron. And neither of you are fit to be parents.

( iCONIC )

... is abstinence only sex levels of idiotic

Abstinence-only has benefits. It's the only 100% safe and effective way to avoid pregnancies and STIs. I haven't had "sex" for the past 24 years I've been on this planet, and I've survived just fine. TRAs have zero benefits. I'd tell them to abstain. They aren't mentally well enough for relationships or parenthood

( RusticTroglodyte )
Oh my god, these ppl are so fucked up. It's absolutely monstrous to bring a child into this world with a tim for a father

Wonder who the baby's primary caregiver will be? Also wonder who will be front and center at the baby shower/gender reveal/all baby related events

If this woman had any sense she'd leave her pervert husband

( shewolfoffrance )
There's a non-zero chance he'll try to nurse the baby 😞

( samsdat )
These delusional people should absolutely not be parents.

( DoomedSibyl )
Not to mention, why would we want to add more of these people’s genes to the population.

You heard it here first sisters, unprotected sex with men can get you pregnant. Also, men have penises.

( Megasaurus )
Yeah, that’s a terrible thing to do to a child.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Aside from the mental health and dysfunction, the sheer embarrassment of having some hulking pervert in a dress as a father is so unfair to a child

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( dragonheart )
TIFs entering gay male spaces and... complaining about men?
Every now and then, a TIF will come up on my feed and usually I just scroll but this one was complaining about the way she was treated on Grindr (which is an app for gay men) and I ended up watching it because I had a feeling she was going to complain about being sexualized in that space... and I was correct.

I just don't understand what she thought would happen on there? The naivety of TIFs is staggering! I'm guessing she had consumed too much yaoi/boys love and had a distorted view of gay men and male sexuality in general, where she thinks they just want to sit around holding hands and making daisy chains.

Obviously TIFs are never going to pose a physical threat to gay men in the way TIMs pose to lesbians but my God, the entitlement and delusion is just the same.

So sick of this.

( TheKnitta )
Why are they always moaning about gay men being gay men? Reality isn’t like the fanfiction written by women. Grow the hell up, TiFs.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Bc they're homophobes

( Eava )
Not really, they're heterosexual women who want gay men to see them as gay men, but treat them they way they expect heterosexual men to treat women.

( opreroma )
I think expecting gay men not to act like gay men is itself latently homophobic.

It seems to me that whether it's a TIF or a TIM, all the trans people start from the same place (misogyny) and end in the same place (homophobia). But, they call this "progress"...

( GeneralLesbian )
She might have gotten sexualized with a few Gay men. But it's mainly Bi and Pan men who are doing this.

I really thought you were going to say just the opposite. Gay men are still included within the Patriarchy. They are men. They have been loudly vocal about not watching to have sex with TIFS. They will shut it down.

It's hasn't be this long 13+ year slog of TIMS, who have created a Feminized Patriarchy within the LBTQ AFABS communities. Genital Preferences are a coping mechanism. Instead of this homophobic and misogynistic discourse young Lesbians should have been up front and said they only want to date and have sex with AFABS. The existence of Female Homosexuality has been completely ERASED.

[Deleted], no- & Killer_Danish #transphobia ovarit.com

( [Deleted] )
Do libfems not realize "transwomen are women" is quintessential Stockholm syndrome in and of itself?
This whole idea that biological men are a "different kind of woman" simply by virtue of wanting to be one (a uniquely MALE experience/desire I might add) and that "the most oppressed woman of all is one whose biologically male" is a prime example of "victim solidarization" in which a hostage/ prisoner projects their own captive status onto the captor? And it's a textbook symptom of Stockholm Syndrome.

In fact, I'm thinking of starting a project, where I take pictures of women posing next to their six foot tall AGP husbands crudely caked in clown makeup with a crudely concealed election pushing through their crudely fitted dresses and caption them with huge white letters saying "Stockholm syndrome" and posting them everywhere. In the same vein as posting stickers advertising Reduxx everywhere which I also wanna do. Do you guys think it would peak anyone?

( no- )
You have to keep in mind that when libfems say TWAW, they’re thinking about the mythical gay, totally passing, castrated TIM that wouldn’t hurt a fly, not the average TIM, who is basically a crossdresser. If they pictured a typical man in a dress in their heads, they’d probably feel at least a little hesitant about proclaiming that those men are literally women. Or maybe they’re thinking about a few TIMs they know personally who don’t seem like a big threat, ignoring the fact that the “kindness” they’re extending to them enables an avalanche effect that is causing the erasure of the female sex and its legal protections. They’re useful idiots, they don’t know what they’re doing or prefer to look the other way in favor of feeling righteous.

( Killer_Danish )
The greatest trick TRAs played on the general population was convincing them that MOST TiMs are petite and quiet homosexual transsexual men who have undergone bottom surgery and jUsT wAnT tO pEe!!!!😭

The actual truth, as most GC people have come to know, is that you’re more likely to encounter 20 linebacker-size heterosexual autogynophilic men who have had no bottom surgery, than the HSTS mentioned above.

( no- )
Not to mention that the petite HSTS hate women as much as the linebacker AGPs and are just as male.

legopants #transphobia ovarit.com

I remember when otherkin was a thing, and was relentlessly mocked. You can't be another species! You have no idea what it'd be like to be that animal, and you can't change your body into one! Eating the same food as a black bear doesn't make you a black bear! These people have a mental illness!

Then along came trans, another group who claims to know how it feels to be something they aren't and never can be, attempts to modify their body, and is 100% believable, somehow.

What's the difference, exactly? I'll never know what it's like to be a cat anymore than I'd know how it is to be a man.

Why was body modifications to give yourself a snake tongue delusional unhinged behavior, but body alterations to turn a penis inside out and form a hole isn't?


I have been unable to think of even a translogic way to say it's any different.

A male can never know how it is being female, and vice versa. Just as a human will never know how it is being a wild animal, and vice versa.

Maybe a TRA would say it's different because animals don't have gender like humans do? Like they'll say women can know what it's like by chopping of breasts and wearing a man's clothes, but the fact of the surgery alone is something men don't experience so. In that case... It still doesn't make sense since gender and sex are different things. Animals don't have a society and the ability to impose stereotypes about behavior, appearance, or interests which is all gender is. Men are not required to be masculine nor women feminine, so by any logic, it is no different saying you're the opposite sex in saying you're a different species entirely. Men can be "girly", and a woman can be a tomboy, but they will still be male and female. To say you know the experience of being female because you like stereotypically feminine shit is to say that is what it means to be a woman and therefore women who aren't feminine aren't women anymore. Even men who have hundreds of surgeries to appear female, already don't know the experience from the fact they needed those surgeries to begin with.

Idk, it's all so ridiculous

FeminismIs4Women & BlackCirce #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I'm convinced that libfems and handmaidens have a burning hatred for other women and that's why they celebrate TiMs pushing female atheletes out of sports

( FeminismIs4Women )
I am a former handmaiden even if I never was libfem.

I didn't insult other women or harass people to agree with me but I dutifully repeated TWAW, thought they were the most oppressed group ever, science had moved on from the gender binary, all that crap.

I don't hate other women, my primary motivation of I am honest was deep pity. To me laughing at transsexuals felt like laughing at someone who had just pissed their pants in public, so when I doubted and questioned them in my mind I felt ashamed and suppressed it from myself. I would never say my doubts outloud. I thought they should be made to feel included because their lives seemed mostly so pitiful that they deserve to catch a break.

I didn't even think about sport as it isn't my interest. Same with prison. It was also a lot easier to stop myself thinking to hard and asking questions because it would cause the same guilty feeling, like I was bullying the weird kid in class for being different.

I was 10000% wrong about everything but there was no desire to make other women suffer. One of the reasons that 'be kind' is pushed so much is because it works really well on a lot of women who hate the idea of ever being thought of as unkind. It worked on me even though the facts where right in front of my face.

( BlackCirce )
I’m sure there’s some element of envy and destructive misogyny present but I think more of it is that trans rights activist women and women who play sports occupy different social worlds. I don’t think it’s a strict red / blue divide, but the people I know who are either trans or support it don’t play / watch sports and the people I know who play / watch sports don’t support trans. As with many other women-only services, it’s easy for TRA women to give up rights and services they have no personal use for. They don’t care about women having to play against men, they don’t know those women. They care about show support for the trans / nb people in their own social circles.

SwiftiePrincess & woman_be_free #transphobia ovarit.com

( SwiftiePrincess )
I'm convinced that libfems and handmaidens have a burning hatred for other women and that's why they celebrate TiMs pushing female atheletes out of sports
I used to be so confused as to how libfems could blithely clap like seals at TIMs pushing women out of their own sports categories, stealing scholarships/prize money/ positions on national teams that would have gone to a bio female. But I think I know the answer.

I think that for all they call themselves feminists, they just hate women. Its not even that they dont like being women and think men are better. I think some of them just straight up hate women. And it really is as simple as that.

TiMs pushing female atheletes out of sports isn't a bug, but a feature for them. I think it legitimately fills them with spiteful glee every time they see a TiM smirking on a podium surrounded by female runner ups trying not to cry. I think they dont just turn a blind eye to the female atheletes affected by TiMs dominating their sports, they actually enjoy that. I think they LOVE it that men are taking opportunities away from women. I think they just hate women that much.

And I also think this is at least partially why they fight so hard to put men in women's prisons and make every intimate space mixed sex. They legit LIKE the idea of subjecting other women to the humiliation/discomfort/indignity of undressing around men and relish the idea of being the "cool girl" who doesn't mind it.

( woman_be_free )
I think you’ve made a really articulate argument for a really inconvenient truth. And I agree. I noticed it too. Not necessarily always unattractive but definitely low self esteem and an axe to grind. Everyone is just a version of someone we’ve met before right? I notice a lot of the lesbian TRAs are either (1) not smart (not in the educated sense but are used to not thinking for themselves (2) massive rule followers who wait for the latest trend to land then follow it to the letter.

I genuinely don’t think most of the TRA women fighting for this actually care about the cause. So called altruism usually has another agenda. Sometimes I think TRA women are just eager to see what will happen when they set fire to the world.

They always travel in packs as well.

various commenters #transphobia #conspiracy ovarit.com

RE: A Finnish company launches tampons for men for trans awareness week
( Saoirse )
...So, how many of you spent a moment scratching your head wondering where exactly a man should put the tampon in - ending up with, "... in the... anus?....', before realizing this is for TIF?

No? Just me? Okay then.

Well, that was before I clicked on the link, because that "man" in the picture is extremely clickable TIF. Even with the beard, mustache, and the muscles, still undeniably woman.

( Lemonade_Masquerade )
I also thought man meant man. How silly of me. I hate the language games.

( DoomedSibyl )
No, it wasn’t just you. I thought they were marketing these to men so deep in the fetish that they’re convinced they have their period and are a) shoving tampons in their anus and/or b) rifling through garbage cans and disposal bins to find used sanitary products. That I considered this as a possibility shows just how insane the whole world has gotten. The fact that this is being pushed hard by billionaires capturing our biggest social institutions is beyond frightening.

Edited to fix autocorrect changing anus (a perfectly respectable medical term) to Anya. What a world! We can’t refer to anatomy that has been standard for hundreds of years but men get periods. And aren’t men anymore! And vice versa.

( emholio )
It boggles my mind how many companies are willing to offend women to market women's products. And it makes me smirk to think of the consumerism involved in worrying about and making sure to buy tampons that aren't too feminine. They go in your vagina! The mental gymnastics needed to call an item you put in your vagina a "men's" product must be exhausting.

( Lilith-Fair )
Because a lot of women on the left are literally supporting this shit, and too many other women aren't throwing a stinker like the TRAs. I swear, so often women can be their own worse enemy. We're the only group that historically have factions which cause is to support less rights for ourselves, or to take away our own rights.

( questioningtw )
I seriously hope this company goes under. Why do tampons even NEED to be marked to TIFs? They are just tampons.....talk about promoting fragility.

( Radishe )
So they're just going along with pretending women are men, i.e. "Manpons".

( RusticTroglodyte )
Affirming mentally ill ppl all the way to the bank

DietCokeAddict & FeminismIs4Women #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How the trans row will end in compromise
( DietCokeAddict )
Who even is this guy? No dude, there is no possible compromise here. Women want some places to be female-only, just a tiny number. TRAs want absolutely no female-only places, anywhere, ever, for any reason. Women must never exclude men from anything.

One side here has already tried to compromise, over and over! We agreed to accommodate the tiny number of TIMs there used to be (gender certificates). We agreed to use wrong pronouns for “self-identified” TIMs. We ignored the gross ones who were clearly acting out fetishes and looked the other way.

None of that was enough, TIMs and TRAs keep pushing and pushing. Don’t want your daughters’ sports taken over by boys? You’re a filthy terf bigot and you deserve to die. Concerned about your autistic son who’s been told he’s not a real boy and is now depressed and demanding hormones? Give them to HER now or you’ll have a dead child and it’ll be all your fault.

So no, random man who’s never touched this topic before. We’re done trying to compromise, and damn right we regret the concessions we made earlier now we’ve seen where it leads. There’s no fence sitting - either you give a crap about women or you don’t. Pick a side.

( FeminismIs4Women )
This is the compromise that should happen: women keep all the single sex spaces that our foremothers fought so hard for, as is our birthright and inheritance. Everyone unanimously decides to believe in reality and agrees to uphold the freedom to believe and express their belief in scientific facts.

If they want them, transvestites and transexuals put the effort in to creating their own third spaces seperate from women's that cater to their own very different needs. If they want shelters or for transexual for example it's up to them to establish them. They accept the fact that they are not and will never be women and they continue to enjoy all the exact same human rights that they had before.

Collectively, every compromise or accommodation made to transvestites & transsexuals has been mercilessly exploited and abused. They want to tear down all safeguards (which they call gatekeeping) with no care for women and children.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

How the trans row will end in compromise

( Riothamus )

It will have to end in the unconditional surrender of the TRAs. Reality always wins.

( OwnLyingEyes )
In this matter, "compromise" is the equivalent of 'just the tip.' You have no legitimate claim to these spaces and are being evicted. Attempting to shove yourself into a category you don't meet the criteria for doesn't give you a claim on it, it's an invasion. Men's attempt at identity theft of the entire female class entitles them to jack shit from us.

( Agrona )
Dear mansplainer,

Compromise. Men stop telling women what to do. Men including the permanently offended don’t go into women’s spaces, jobs, awards, competitions (sporting or otherwise), clubs etc.

Men are men no matter how they dress and a spiny skirt does not magically transform you into anything except a deluded male.

No regards,

Shut up.

Small ‘m’ on purpose.

( AadirMorgendorfer )
Oh great. A man, who has done thirty whole minutes of reading on this issue, has arrived to tell women who are far cleverer than he is that womanhood should be generous enough to accommodate men. Oh, and that we're just social conservatives, and that this is just gay rights 2.0.

( Radishe )
Why are we the ones who always have to make the compromise? And have to make it again and again?

( OwnLyingEyes )
Because they're men who think when women tell them no outright to something they have no right to, that means it's time to negotiate with us rather than respect the no.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Let's be clear
( Hex )
Transsexual and transvestite become dirty words because no one would abide for "transing" kids if that's what it meant. SJWs would not ever say out loud "I helped my kid become transvestite!" They would get 0 social justice points, CPS would be called.

And they need to recruit young people because they are easier to groom, and also without young people in this "movement" they would be seen as the dirty old limp d1cks they are.

( FeminismIs4Women )
Thats why the words need to be brought back.

Transsexual and transvestite are not slurs they are accurate discriptions. The bad associations come from the association with paraphilas so they needed a rebrand.

Young people also make their movement look both more wholesome and more valid. The photogenic face of body mutilation. A boy who has been put on puberty blockers and hormone since childhood is a much more acceptable face of trans women than hulking guy with a lantern jaw and a beard.

Although over time maybe that will change slightly as there seem to be so many young women on testosterone who need to use zimmer frames because their bodies are being slowly destroyed.

If you are going to put your kid on the path to sterility then yeah, you should have to defend why you think your child is a transexual. They should be honest because that is what they are saying.

( DurableBook )
I've harped on this before, but seriously I wish everyone would stop talking about "inclusive restrooms" and instead call them what they are: unisex.

Some people want single sex facilities to be available. It is definitionally impossible to have a single-sex facility that is open to both sexes. It's not that I "want to exclude transwomen," it's that if a transwoman is using the same restroom as me then by definition that restroom is not single-sex.

Turns out if you refer to single-sex versus unisex facilities, pretty much everyone comes to the same conclusion: unisex is fine in many cases, but there are also times when single-sex should be available. Golly whoda thunk.

( Thelnebriati )
People who want to queer society come from a position of privilege, and are either dangerous or useful idiots. Remove the barriers and the most dangerous types are the ones to benefit. The rest of us are left to fend for ourselves as best we can.

various commenters #transphobia #conspiracy ovarit.com

RE: On AGP as a 'sexual orientation'
( BlackCirce )
AGPs see the death knell ringing for child transition and they want to make sure they can still get transition services and legal protections as adults. They want to make a deal with the anti child transition people that ok kids won’t transition but women still lose our rights. And it looks like it’s going to work because the “gender critical” refuses to actually be critical of gender. Gender: men are in charge. If there are 100 women and 1 man walks in the door, he’s automatically in charge. Gender: what men say, do and want matters more. If 100 women say no and 1 man says yes, it’s a yes. Gender: women suck. Women who say no to men should be laughed at and mocked, they’re boring, they’re stupid, they’re prudes, they’re ugly old hags, they’re beneath contempt. Men are fun and cool and women should listen to them and befriend them and help them and obey them. Gender: men can’t help being sexually inappropriate, it’s women’s fault, women have to control it, women have to hide from it, men are never ever responsible for their sexual behavior, sex is a man’s right, men cannot be “sexually repressed” and without an outlet to express sexuality, women who say no to male sexuality are hurting men.

I could do this for days but anyway yeah men in dresses are going to make a deal with men in pants that screws women over for the next 100 years

( GreenBottle )
Unfortunately it looks like many trans critical women are also going to be in on this deal. Not like their opinion matters to the men in pants/dresses in charge, but they will be doing the foot soldier work of trying to shame, bully, threaten, and harass the rest of us gender critical women to accepting this shit deal.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
They want to legitimize AGP as a sexual orientation to gear up for the ultimate goal- pedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation.

( DonnaFemina )
I've pointed out many times that gay men were always in danger of getting bashed in the men's room, yet they've never asked to use the women's room to solve that problem, much less insisted that they had a right to.

Male on male violence is not women's problem to solve. Gay men knew that. I doubt it even occurred to them to ask us to solve it. Are trans-identified males stupider than gay men? Or more selfish? Or what?

samsdat, snails & RusticTroglodyte #transphobia ovarit.com

I can't believe I...

( samsdat )
I think a lot of them will be unable to face the truth. I think the TIFs will actually be able to handle it a little better, but I predict a massive rise in TIM suicides in the next decade.

( snails )
Is the TIF bottom surgery reversible at all? Like if you took off the skin graft, could it ever go back to being a functional vulva? Would they have any sort of sensation down there during sex?

I know a lot fewer TIFs get bottom surgery than TIMs (and most TIMs are AGP and don’t get the surgery anyway), but I can’t imagine those that did get bottom surgery would be able to handle it better than the TIMs if it’s not at least partially reversible

( RusticTroglodyte )
I don't think it's reversible tbh.

( samsdat )
I don’t know about that, actually. I think you’re probably right, in that the TIFs who went all the way will struggle with the realization of what they’ve done. I imagine that women who had mastectomies and hysterectomies will find it easier to reconcile, because those are things that non-trans-identifying women do also, sometimes for non-medical reasons as well.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Were you peaked by "Terfs" or TiP ?

( fightlikeagirl )
TIMs. I was friends with several men growing up who later went TIM and they had some of the creepiest, most disgusting behavior. I used to be very open-minded about transgender males because they were often thought of as effeminate gay men (HSTS) instead of the sex pests (AGPs) that most actually are.

( TheKnitta )
A specific TiM saying he was angry with lesbians for being “transphobic” made me nope out directly, but around the same time, I also read questions by GC women that couldn’t be answered adequately by trans nonsense. Before that specific point, it was TiMs’ words and actions that had made me really question the whole trans ideology, but I’d not reached that peak. This was before the insane ‘trans women are women no debate pregnant people cervix havers’ etc stuff, and men everywhere in women’s spaces directly. The latter has to be perfect peaking material for most, surely. Literally just ‘let them speak’. They can’t help but show you who they really are (male predators).

( shimmeringlake )
It definitely became a NIMBY thing for me when sharing spaces with a TIM and having to pretend he's a woman when everything in my gut told me he's not, never was, and never will be, no matter how many body mods he got or ways he attempted to mimic women, and when having to keep his secret that transjoy doesn't actually exist; there is always dysphoria and never enough validation because TIPs always feel like imposters. But what peaked me was explaining gender theory to someone who had never been exposed to it, and the more I tried to convince this person of gender theory, the more ridiculous I sounded, and that person looked at me and said "I can tell from the way you talk about this that you don't actually believe anything you're saying." And they were right.

( dragonheart )
In theory, some women might think that having TIMs in their spaces isn't all that big a deal - especially when it's the gay effeminate kind you see on social media - but let me tell you, when you're seeking out a safe space as a woman for whatever reason and a TIM (usually actually heterosexual and performing reductive stereotypes) comes into that space and makes you feel the exact same way any man would, the reality will peak you quicker than lightening.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: No, thanks! Nearly 17,000 people sign petition slamming the 'non-binary and transgender extravaganza' Macy's plans for upcoming Thanksgiving Day Parade | Daily Mail Online

( emholio )
Fucking hell don't ruin the snoopy balloon parade over a passing megafad that is gonna end up being 1000x the scandal lobotomies were in just a few years. Why is this the thing that every company on earth is trying to bend over backwards to inject into every product and service? And it's honestly past its peak, declining in popularity as the sane folks realize it's sexist and dumb and the edgy folks realize it's too popular to be "cool" anymore. Just... UGH.

( snails )
And even lobotomies weren’t commercialized and blindly celebrated by big companies the way trans is

( BondiBlue )

Did Macy’s learn nothing from Target???

( Spencer_Shayy )
My thoughts exactly. Nobody can go a single day anymore without hearing about something related to this gender crap. Well, not unless they never go online and only interact with normal people, but even then, chances are still high you'll see a gender roles flag (trans flag) or a colonization flag (the "progress" flag) or some flyer on a local business, especially in big cities. They're literally shoving it down our throats EVERYWHERE and then theyll have the audacity to say it doesn't affect us.

( Spencer_Shayy )
I love the fear mongering right away. "It's a conservative petition!" So? Anyone who is truly sick and tired of this shit won't care how it's stopped, just that it is.

And regardless of what you think about One Million Moms, they're completely correct when they say this "LGBTQ" shit isn't kid friendly. It used to be, back when it was just about homosexuals wanting to be treated like everyone else, but now thanks to straight and "trans" people, it's a pervert fest and nothing more.

The people Macy's wants to highlight in this parade, of course, are all men.

Either way, this kind of parade is completely unnecessary. It does absolutely nothing but make whoever organized it FEEL "progressive" and swell the already oversized egos of creepy men like Justin David Sullivan, K. Petras, and Alex Newell.

NastasyaFillipovna & Spencer_Shayy #transphobia ovarit.com

( NastasyaFillipovna )
Would Gender Ideology survive without means of mass communication and Social Media?
Like if something happens overnight, and society resets to a time where there is no more internet services, (we are back to the 90s somehow). There were a lot of mass movements that happened in the last century, from Racial Equality to Feminist movements, but those occurred without the help of Social Media. While the TiM indulgence I think is essentially a byproduct of increased social media pandering where everyone is concerned by the backlash they would receive, not IRL, but on SM.

I am not saying actual people who have rare cases of gender dysphoria won't exist, but they would be rightly categorized as Mentally ill, like they showed in the movie Silence of the Lambs, and get the help they need. But in the SM age, we get pandering where the CEO of an Endometriosis charity is a TiM, and Period Products are being advertised by a TiM

( Spencer_Shayy )
I don't believe it would. After all, it only came about online. I suspect, before the dawn of the internet, that "gender identity" was a term only used by John Money type psychologists. "Non binary", "demisexual" and all other "genders" and new "sexualities" were literally invented on the internet less than 20 years ago. They did not exist when I was a kid or even a teenager, and they certainly didn't exist in our parents or grandparents days.

"Transgender" existed, but certainly not in the way it does today, and you can see that if you watch or read any type of media created before the 21st century. They were portrayed as the "weirdos" on the fringe of society (rightly so), thought to be "extremely gay", and you'd be hard pressed to ever see a TIF - it was all TIMs, because, as many have said before, up until the 21st century, the only "trans" people were male - self hating gay men and straight male perverts with a fetish.

But at least back then, we could acknowledge them for the violent creeps they are.

Social media has done more harm than good, and I'd love nothing more than for it to be eradicated and for us to return to a pre-internet era. Thanks to the "wonders" of the internet, we are all now dumber as a species, unable to read, think, or write properly, and teeming with mental illnesses and violent hatred.

rightnow & Spencer_Shayy #transphobia ovarit.com

( rightnow )
Fundie Fridays Cannot Understand Why Fundamental Christians Would Be Pro-Trans, but Anti-Gay
Fundie Fridays (aka Jen) is a YouTuber and suspected TIM (I personally don't think she is, but 🤷🏻‍♀️) who makes videos gossiping about analyzing fundamental Christians. She recently made a video about late fundie Pat Robertson. Pat was anti-gay, but mildly pro-trans. Jen is shocked by this and thinks it makes no sense, but it's perfectly logical when you understand trans is inherently anti-gay. Of course, a fundamental Christian would have such strict views of gender roles, that gay or lesbians would actually be the opposite sex. And of course, he would rather have a "straight woman" than a gay man in his congregation, especially if in the process of turning that gay man into a straight woman means sterilizing him and destroying his sex drive. She just can't see past her ideology to see that though. The cognitive dissonance is real.

( Spencer_Shayy )
This is what happens when you're deliberately ignorant of the world around you. Anyone who does even the slightest bit of digging into the past would know that "transgender" has always been the result of misogyny and homophobia. They'll lament about what happened to Alan Turing without the slightest hint of awareness that that's exactly what they're promoting with this "gender affirming care" bullshit. I have no patience for these people anymore. People like her are willfully blind, and I've had enough. With the invention of the internet and all knowledge now being accessible online, there is NO excuse for not knowing anything anymore!

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( MaryDyer )
How TiMs choose their new middle names
I just scrolled through like 200 comments on a post on r/mtf that asked TiMs how they selected their new middle names.

A disturbingly-large percentage of these men adopted their grandmother’s name, or their mom’s name, or even their sister’s name. I mean…I can’t say I’m shocked, but that doesn’t mean I’m not skeeved out.

And there were so many Liliths. At least five Liliths. Four Lunas. Four Roses. A handful of other goddess names. Two Autumns.

I fear my eyeballs are permanently rolled.

( SummerGrl )
That is SO creepy! They want their own female family members names?! They want our clothes, our hair, our diseases. They take over sororities, bathrooms, sports. Is there anything they won't steal from women? I feel like some day we're going to find a TIM with a woman in the pit in his basement a la Buffalo Bill.

( Moonflower )
A man appropriating the name of one of his female relatives (let alone a living female relative) is just so utterly, indescribably gross. Is having someone notice it (and feel repulsed by it) part of the sexual thrill? Fucking explain yourself, dude. There needs to be so much more societal scrutiny and shame directed at males who pull this shit.

( High-Key_GC )
A trans-identifying-male who has appropriated the name of a living female relative has almost certainly also stolen, and gotten a boner from, that woman's underwear.

( TwoXChromosomes )
Skinwalkers gonna skinwalk.

( FeminismIs4Women )
It's just male entitlement. They have to be the first woman or a goddess or steal the name of someone close to them. In their minds they are the best and they can take whatever they want. But all they are doing is making themselves even easier to clock. They are so unoriginal.

BlackCirce & FeminismIs4Women #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: What happened at the Genspect conference with the AGP?

( BlackCirce )
Any time there’s an autogynephile at a gender critical thing, there are going to be women who are angry about it since that’s who we are fighting. This happens almost every time there is a not explicitly radical feminist “gender critical” gathering. AGPs are running the trans movement that destroyed women’s rights. Even if he’s supposedly a “safe” autogynephile because he’s friendly and fun and cool and admits he’s a man and is against (whatever political incursion) he’s still a man who has a sexual fetish for skinwalking women. Being looked at in women’s clothing sexually arouses / gratifies him and some women are aware of that and don’t consent to it and express anger about it, which is a good thing. It’s horrible (for some women, not all) to be subjected to AGP fetish, even if it’s “legal” and it’s “just clothes.” It’s like telling a victim of voyeurism “he’s just looking.” The powers of narcissism AGP men have over the gender critical movement is kind of surprising to me but I have absolutely no faith in anyone’s care for women.

( FeminismIs4Women )
They have every right to be angry. I am sure there were trans widdows present whose marriages were destroyed by AGP tendencies.

Its all part of the play book, AGPs will invade every women's space to get their rocks off, including gender critical spaces. Some AGP larp as anime girls, some larp as babies, as some larp as a parody of a GC woman. Its just crazy, if a guy had a minstrel fetish no one would say he can't help it and he can do whatever he wants but AGPs are even being given a free pass at Genspect to parade their fetish as if its something they can't prevent themselves from doing!

If he really wanted to do something useful he would start his own seperate event just for other AGPs where they learn about wacky new concepts like consent and respecting other peoples boundaries but that wouldn't give him the same rush of 'euphoria' so he keeps hanging around women in his fetishistic get up expecting head pats for doing the absolute bare minimum.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

"Is this some sort of jealousy from me...?"

( greenbeans )

You will never be one of us. We're inherently superior being born women - even if you get your rights you will never come close to us no matter how much you try.

Truth hurts doesn't it scrotes? 💅

( totallyevilwarlock )
Of course, the only reason women aren't validating these poor twans people is because we are evil bullies who carefully pick every word in a conversation specifically based on how much it will hurt transwomen. Can't be for any valid reason, just bullying.

I have a feeling that if women were the ones who called this man a disgusting pervert and men were the ones who were mostly polite but not actively validating, women would still be the worst and most evil.

( Peppermint )
He and men like him really don't get it. I know they are all like this but to see them write it out in plain text time and time again; even after all the true accounts from women on twitter..its frustrating.

The reddit bubble and other bubble's their in where women can't say what they really mean obviously makes him believe women actually accept him.

I hope he's reading this. I hope they are all reading this. If you are reading this guys..I'd say keep reading Twitter. YWNBAW You will always be a man. And thats ok! You are totally allowed to wear a dress and make up and act ridiculous but that won't change a thing. YWNBAW. You Will Never Be A Woman!

Even if we ever get to a place where women can't say what they really mean and really feel about men like you on Twitter or anywhere else. It's because you are a man. And you are NOT one of us. YWNBAW. You Will Never Be A Woman!!!! EVER!!!!!

P. S. If you are angry about this even the slightest bit. Its because you are a man and you know it. Try to find a real therapist who can help you accept you for who you really are.

( Carrots90 )
They act like we are keeping them out of womanhood

Listen, the libfems don’t think you’re a woman either

But, even if ALL of us were willing to take lots of drugs and truly came to believe you are a woman,

you still would not be a woman!!

The only thing you can do is change the meaning of the word woman to include men, but them what do you have? Just the word ‘people’

various commenters #transphobia #enbyphobia #ableist ovarit.com

( montanagraey )
Responses to female comedian top surgery photo
Comedian Sarah Keyworth posted a photo of herself post-op on IG. She identifies as NB. It’s only been up an hour and the outpouring of congratulations has me feeling so sad.

The gaslighting is unreal… everyone is literally looking at a photo of someone who had perfectly healthy body parts removed and they’re celebrating it. It’s just so strange and disturbing…

( Killer_Danish )
It’s soooo pathetic when adults force everyone to play an extreme version of pretend. No, you are not “non-binary” because you paid some hack surgeon to do away with your breasts; you’re a self-hating woman who expresses that hatred through medically sanctioned self-harm! That is the honest truth!

Who is that other female comedian who had her bits hacked-off for her sOoOoOpEr SpEsHiAl iDeNtITy? Mae something… equally pathetic!

( Raea )
it wasn't long ago... maybe 25 years... that people who cut off healthy body parts "to feel more whole" were featured on sally or dr phil, like sideshow freaks, and EVERYONE said "why? why did you need to do this?" it was some freaky collective social exercise, where we all looked on in horror, shaking our heads and thanking whatever deity we respected that we didn't have "that kind" of terrible mental illness.

( FeminismIs4Women )
Another lesbian groomed into extreme self harm.

This probably doesn't make much sense but NB identified women getting mastectomies was one of the things that peaked me. I bought the whole 'born in the wrong body narrative' so stupid as I was, I accepted the idea of a woman having surgery to feel more like the man she is inside (I was so so stupid).

But seeing NB feminine women who didn't claim to be men get mastectomies for no particular reason really shocked and sickened me. Of course when you properly think about it for 5 minutes having your healthy breast removed for non-medical purposes is insane. But seeing women treat this surgery, that most women only get to save their lives, as casually as getting botox or lip fillers is unbelievable.

( Radishe )
I can remember when women with mastectomies were ashamed and told to wear fake breast or breasts when coming to the doctor's office so they wouldn't scare the other patients. Now women are doing it on purpose and openly bragging about it. This isn't progress.

BondiBlue & pennygadget #transphobia ovarit.com

( BondiBlue )
“People” magazine did a trans retcon of Kathleen Turner’s role on “Friends”
I bought this week’s issue of People that had a cover story about Matthew Perry. In the article are remarks about his passing from those outside the main Friends cast who knew him and worked with him: [...]

Kathleen Turner is also on the page that excerpts famous co-stars’ mini-eulogies for Perry, and for years she was listed as having played the role of Chandler’s father (who had a sex change operation — or maybe he didn’t, maybe he just went the Mulvaney route — and became a burlesque performer in Vegas, which is really the place that “drag storytime” belongs). But now the role has been completely “de-gendered,” such that Turner is simply described as having played Chandler’s “trans parent.” Not his father.

Hollywood is Hollywood, for sure, but it’s staggering how sweeping these forced language changes have been implemented — the publication deliberately omits the sexed reality of what a “trans parent” (AGP dad, in this case) actually is. TRAs, TIMs especially, really, really don’t want anyone to acknowledge that underneath it all, they are still MEN. (The very female Ms. Turner and her husky screen-siren / torch-singer voice notwithstanding, the character of Mister Bing in the story is quite obviously a man.)

So if Chandler never had a “father,” just a “trans parent,” was he conceived by midichlorians or something? (“Luke, I am your sperm provider”?) Was there a lost episode titled “The One Where Chandler’s Uterus-Having Parent Has a Virgin Birth”? It’s only a small snippet in a sidebar of the article, but it just reinforces how stupid, so blatantly obvious in its inherent contradictions and absurdities, this entire ideology is.

“Could you BE any more transparent?”

( pennygadget )
They're seriously afraid of misgendering a fictional character from a 20 year old TV show?

I saw this happen once when someone was talking about Rockos Modern Life in a review. The character of Ralph Bighead became a TIM in the movie that was released in 2020. So the person referencing an episode made in the 1990s insisted on referring to the obviously male character as "Ed's daughter" and "she".

Its bad enough when we have to cater to IRL gender-specials by rewriting history. Now we have to cater to FICTIONAL ones as well!

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( MaryDyer )
Made these last night while waiting for suggestions from you ladies. I have about ten of each.

( SummerGrl )
These are nice! I love the "trans women are con men" one. It's so true. I also love the trans ideology is misogyny one. They're catchy enough to get people's attention and I like that you have Reduxx's info on one. Great work! <3

( Iceni )
My favorite is the fox/henhouse one. It's short and to the point. Might make these women who say they don't mind, you know, think about it.

( Agrona )
“Trans women are con men.”


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Medicine with a “Transgender Bias” A new lawsuit raises the question of whether “gender-affirming care” constitutes gay conversion therapy and violated the civil rights of a gay man.

( WatcherattheGates )
We've all predicted it for some time--somebody was going to begin to argue that transing is conversion therapy. I am SO glad to see this new legal maneuver!

( ApricotThoughts )
Me too! Because it is gay conversion therapy - we can even apply the adjective "stealth" to it - stealth conversion therapy - if you've happened to read how they had legislative victories way back when, because they consciously chose to be "stealth" about it.

( Spencer_Shayy )
"Transgender" has ALWAYS been conversion therapy.

( Researcher1536 )
This is one of the top issues that made me peak around trans rights.

( Unicorn )
This is why it baffles me when anti-conversion therapy laws shoehorn in "gender identity" along with sexuality.

It is wrong to question and attempt to "convert" someone's same-sex attraction, because it is not harmful for a person to be attracted to people of the same sex.

It is not wrong to question if someone's "gender identity" is based on sexist stereotypes, cognitive distortions, or past trauma or abuse, because it is harmful for a person to stereotype women and men, think drugs and surgeries make one "authentic," run away from and ignore their past, and constantly need and seek external validation.

( OneStarWolf )

Shape’s lawyers argue that federal law affords distinct protections to gay men and lesbians—upon which clinics that operate with a transgender bias are trampling.

Oh this is promising. A good angle that is justifiable in law. In practice, "gender affirming care" very much IS conversion therapy to "fix" homosexuality. Iran does the same damn thing, the only difference is in the West it's surrounded by an ideological cult encouraging young boys/girls and medical providers to catch the gay ones and fix them very early on.

SwiftiePrincess #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

The four flavors of nonbinary
Whenever someone claims they're nonbinary, there's like a 99% chance they fall into one of four categories

1. Self-hating woman whose either incredibly gnc or stereotypically hyperfeminine but 'she's not a woman. She's a person goddamnit!'

2. Narcissistic gay man who's either put on a ton of weight and/or is on the verge of Twink Death age-wise

3. Straight up sexual predator trying to soften his masculinity in a bid to come off as less threatening to the libfems he's targeting

4. Wokebro """"male feminist"""" who can't cope with his guilt over being part of the oppressor class.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

The next time a TRA tries to pull the "GeNiTaL InSpEcTiOnS" argument, I need ya'll to spam them with this

( crodish )
👏 this "You WANT genital inspections!" is such a load of crock. The whole issue is caused by males forcing themselves in places where they don't belong! Stop pretending you're women to get in women's spaces and there WON'T be a "need" for "genital inspections"!

We can also usually tell right away from the idk EVERYTHING ELSE whether someone is male or female. Wanting to show your genitals is a male thing.

( pennygadget )
How do they think we policed our spaces before genderwoo? By flipping a coin? LOL

We never needed genital checks because you can clock someone as male or female 99% of the time. The only exceptions are TIFs because they ravage their body with testosterone drugs

( MenHaveItEasy )
"They are unnecessary because you never pass."

Not to dismiss the op, but if you're explaining, you're losing.

Moids aren't entitled to a thoughtful explanation from women, and getting into the weeds benefits them.

No, you are a man. Take what's left of your dick and stay out.

( shewolfoffrance )
I’m at this point, too. I don’t care if there’s no compelling reason to keep men out of the Women’s Origami Club, or whatever. It should be enough that women said no.

( pennygadget )
They always bring up genital inspections because these perverts would love nothing more than for every trip to a public bathroom to include a forced hand-job and/or fingerbang. Women would NEVER want this even if it meant keeping the TIMs out. But male perverts would LOVE it. That's why they always bring it up

( ClaireBearStare )
They think that believing themselves to be trustworthy is enough, by extension we should see them that way too. Nevermind our silly self preservation instincts!

They try really hard to make us out as the batshit insane ones. Implying we would have everyone strip searched. Fucking lolll.