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(submitters note: translated from german, untranslated original in spoilers below)

British #bishop speaks up: #Russia is the last obstacle on the way to a #new #world order #NWO
The bishop said that #Russians in #Ukraine are not fighting to destroy the country. The goal is the #denazification and #demilitarization of Ukraine. Foolish #Europe is running after #America trying to crush Russia, #Williamson said.


spoilerBritischer #Bischof meldet sich zu Wort: #Russland ist das letzte Hindernis auf dem Weg zu einer #neuen #Weltordnung #NWO
Der Bischof sagte, dass die #Russen in der #Ukraine nicht kämpfen, um das Land zu zerstören. Das Ziel ist die #Entnazifizierung und #Entmilitarisierung der Ukraine. Das törichte #Europa rennt #Amerika hinterher, das versucht, Russland zu vernichten, sagte #Williamson.

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'It's Childish nonsense to say that it's a British Government that rules Britain'

Mass immigration to the United Kingdom began with the Nationality Act in 1948 with the line,
"If the races are mixed together then there'll be no more war"

Betrayed from Within

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( @Nature_and_Race )
This post is 100% real.

--> https://twitter.com/ObamaMalik/status/1585617824483086337

"To know who rules over you, just figure out who you're not allowed to criticize."

spoilerWhy is it nobody can say anything about Jews?

( @AntiStar )

( @Felix_Krull )
@Nature_and_Race Is he related to that gay mulatto who larped as the POTUS a few years back?

( @CosmicWar )
@Felix_Krull Half brother if I'm remembering correctly. From what i saw he was pretty based back in the day calling out Big Mike's husband as a communist and such. @Nature_and_Race

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

Pretty embarrassing if blacks collectively wake up to the Jew before Whites do.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

Seriously, what does that say about our race if blacks can perceive the Jewish threat before us?

Are we easier to manipulate or more naive?

I don't know what to fucking think anymore.

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Nicholas_Scholl -- Whites perceived the Jewish threat first. It's just that the media, and social media, don't ever give our people any airtime.

The fact that blacks are allowed to talk about Jews on TV and social media only proves my point. Blacks are still favored by the Jewish TV and social media networks, even when they're exposing the Jews.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Nature_and_Race The jews don't fear the blacks like they fear the White man.


( @Zealous_Apostle )
@Nicholas_Scholl @Nature_and_Race Blacks already had a near permanent mentality of being oppressed, all Kanye did was change the race of their oppressors. This mentality was of course cultivated by the Jews over decades, and now it's coming to bite them in the ass.

The one thing that's good about this is that the nigger-worshiping tendencies of white americans will probably make them more receptive to Kanye's message, being a nog himself.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Many a moon ago (roughly circa 2014, I would guess),

My bro and I ventured on down to the heart of the most radically Liberal territory in my state to do a little antagonization of the enemy. We applied some industrial double-sided tape to some "White Lives Matter" cards and stuck them up all around town.

Sure, they tore them down. But we showed up a week later, just to piss them off.

IRL activism is the best.

( @SundayNiteDriver )
@Nature_and_Race man, it’s always crazy to how successful the Jews have been at their white hatred agenda

( @Sorin13 )
@SundayNiteDriver @Nature_and_Race And it comes from the shits that claim not to be racist. 🙄

( @Sorin13 )
@Nature_and_Race How is saying White Lives Matter "hate"? The real hate and racism is coming from the shits that believe White lives don't matter.

( @isebellin )

To say that
WHITE LIFES MATTER is hateful rhetoric …
That is if a guy say …
- I love my wife … attack him with
- So you HATE all other women… you are a misogynistic hate monger … people like you should not be allowed to exist …

( @Gunter_Von_Munich )
@isebellin @Nature_and_Race These people aren't logical. Ben shapiro was wrong, it's not "facts don't care about your feelings." the prevailing narrative is "Feelings don't care about your facts". These people want you and your children dead and they think it's funny, you don't debate with people like that.

( @Anti_Christ )
@Nature_and_Race sooo.. if White lives don’t matter, then how can “all” lives matter ? I love using their warped logic against them.

BondiBlue & notapatsy #transphobia ovarit.com

( BondiBlue )
Nashville school shooting and media reports

I have a difficult confession to make that probably seems trivial in the grander scheme of this tragedy.

The fact that the media reports are saying the shooter was female — I hate that I can’t trust them to be fully honest. I suspect TIM because mass shootings are male-pattern violence. But who knows if this was an outlier. The fact is they will never say whether the shooter was a real woman or a TIM because woke editorial guidelines forbid them from distinguishing.

And I hate that this is even a question. In a sane world you could trust journalists to report if it was a male shooter disguised as a woman. But now they can’t because of TRA Orwellian authoritarianism governing the newsroom and the public discourse writ large.

If the shooter was a TIM there would be more backlash for “misgendering” the murderer than for the actual murder. He or she is dead, so at least if it was a TIM he wouldn’t be in a woman’s prison. And again it may be not. But just the lack of clarity is infuriating.

And it angers me that Republicans can’t be trusted to protect women and kids from guns, while Democrats can’t be trusted to protect women and kids from TRA butchery, assault, and gaslighting.

All of this could be moot of course. But I can’t escape the thought nevertheless.

( notapatsy )
First thing I thought when I heard the shooter was heavily armed, including with an AR-15, was "male pattern violence." Women don't generally kill children. I am reserving judgement about whether the murderer is actually female. If the shooter turns out to be a trans-identified male, TRA's will blameshift the responsibility onto "a transphobic world" (and especially women!).

But we'll see. The information will come out at some point.

Update to my post: now that the shooter has been identified as a TIF, I hope some enterprising TRA doesn't take my comment about male-pattern violence as "evidence" the shooter was "really" male. If anything, I'd say she was out-male-ing males in an effort to prove she was "really" male.

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The only question you ever need to ask a pro choice person
At what point does the embryo/fetus magically turn into a real life human baby? Only when it leaves the vaginal canal or is cut out of the uterus during a c-section? At 9 months when the thing is kicking and ready to come out any day? At 8 months when it’s fully formed just not quite big enough?

I asked my (idiotic pro choice) sister this question. Her answer: when the government says so. I was shocked. I then responded: “Yeah governments have never gotten anything wrong in the past. Have you heard of Jim Crow? Have your heard of Hitler? Have you heard of Stalin? Have you heard of slavery?”

She hung up on me.

I think the proper way to deal with this is to say:

"Okay so when the law changes to ban abortion, then you should have no issue then"

This way they have to commit to a position, because they know they don't agree with the law in that case, so they'll have to backtrack and give a reason based in principles rather than offloading the burden to "government".

Probably shouldn't even bring up "government can be wrong. Remember slavery?" That is true, but so long as, "the law" supports their positions, they'll invoke it as an excuse to not come up with a line when it is and isn't okay to abort.

The sad thing is, most prochoicers are fully aware that abortion kills an innocent, living human. They just value casual sex over a human life.

At least they're being more honest about it. I truly had no idea people advocated for late term abortion until the meltdown of Dobbs and discovered it's the literal Dem platform (danced around with "woman's complete right to choose" language).

This is objectively not popular and I truly think a lot of people don't realize how radical things are. My mom refuses to believe that the party has this stance "because it's so crazy" lol like she truly cannot wrap her head around it and they get away with alot just from people assuming they're not insane lol

Imo only way a majority of people would vote for second and third trimester abortions it is if they think they're voting just for first. It's cruel and manipulative

True, and having unsafe sex.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

Delusional Males are causing an HRT shortage for woman. There is no such thing as biological sex, yet these guys need wrong sex hormones for their mental feels so they can mimic women who do not exist as a separate biological entity. It’s also not a mental illness but we need to pay for their “gender affirming care”. Nothing about this ideology makes any sense

It's an attack on Western youth by CCP controlled Tik Tok.
They don't let Chinese kids see this crap in the algorithms.

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( @Nature_and_Race )

spoilerThe greatest threat facing the world today is
Jewish supremacism.
I say this genuinely and sincerely, not
exaggerating one single bit.
Jewish supremacy is destroying the entire
world right now.

( @SundayNiteDriver )
@Nature_and_Race the Jews must be stopped at all cost. Souls are on the line.

( @Sorin13 )
@Nature_and_Race I think Kanye could attest as well. Nigga lost like 1.2 billion just by naming the jew.

( @alexpulse231 )
@Nature_and_Race I will not stop saying so: the Jews must be removed from power to all costs. But they have gone too far with their crimes against humanity, and their attempts to commit a genocide against the white race makes them deserving of being completely eradicated. If you Google the 12 crimes against humanity, you'll see the Jews are guilty of absolutely all of them.

( @Friss_Blei )
@Nature_and_Race look around you,its all leading back to a jew.inflation?jew.crime in the streets?jew. weather modification?jew.busted up roads?jew.the PAINT on your wall probably makes some jew somewhere rich....THATS HELL,my friend!!

( @BrandoUC )
@Nature_and_Race the jew fears most when the goys realize nobody likes the jews... once the consensus is observed, action is taken, and they cannot have that.

( @Dookle )
Get the fuckin Jews out of America if we want to survive. Read the Jews Talmud.

( @revshadwellshitpeas )
@Nature_and_Race I did not realise that until a few months ago.
For over 50 yrs,I believed anyone saying that was just a hate filled moron.
How wrong I was.
But...I hate the Zionists.
MOSSAD,the Blood Lines.
I wish no harm on ordinary,law abiding Jews,I just wish they would speak up,about the damage these evil ones do in the name of their religion.

( @jcs379 )
@revshadwellshitpeas @Nature_and_Race ordinary hew is still a jew and is loyal to israel and jewry, not to christ or america ..they have to go , they are parasites and sustain themselves without the host

( @DakotaAnnieLori )
Khasarians! They’re not even Hebrew/Jews! They are the bloodline of Satan,Zionists. The Rothschilds and all their lineage!

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( @SallyT )


( @JamesTheJust4Me )

( @AmericanBraveFreedom )
@SallyT Daily reminder



( @Toolbag85 )
@SallyT I doubt the kid will be smart enough to ask questions like that with the kind of parents that vaccinate😂

( @HauntedHighway216 )
@SallyT YEAH!! WHAT????

( @BklynNite76 )

( @naylordj )
@SallyT They will say we, your parents are cultural Marxists backing the NWO my dear. Death to the NWO. Quickly.

( @flyinghollander )
@SallyT Right. I'd even like to add another version of this: what will the lefties tell their kids when they ask them "why did you let me get hrt and sex change surgery at age 15?" Go ahead assholes, tell them that it's "perfectly reversible" and that "they're gonna be fine".

( @Catnjustme )
I have raised unvaccinated children, AND have 2 unvaccinated granddaughters and 2 unvaccinated nieces!
No food allergies, asthma, eczema, ear infections, autism.....

@Rex_Landy & @DarmokAndJalad #transphobia gettr.com

( @Rex_Landy )
Oooh, I hope THIS wakes the others up in US. Now your kid's food is tied to letting pantysniffing perverts into the bathroom with your kids. Had enough yet?

spoilerINSANITY: @JoeBiden is withholding
National School Lunch Program Funds
from schools that don't adopt his
perverted sexual agenda
He is quite literally going to STARVE
our children if we don't allow Men into
the girls bathroom & locker room.
Are you furious yet? WTF?

( @DarmokAndJalad )
Well he wants to take away lunch aid, and our guns... for the kids.

Biden loves the children. The kids with myocarditis, the children groomed into chemical castration, the children displaced into homelessness with their unemployed antiscience parents, the little girls who lose their athletic scholarships to boys, the students who will go hungry in lunchrooms if boys aren't allowed into the girl's toilets, the babies that will be born in our women's prisons because male psycopaths were awarded rape privileges, the ones trafficked or abandoned at our border. Biden loves the malnourished babies without enough formula. Afghan, Yemeni, and Ukrainian children...

Biden will sniff them all, and Hunter will keep his eyes on the Asian ones.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

They are deliberately destroying childhood and fortifying strict gender roles. Creating “trans” children for the fulfillment of castration fetishists and the validation of “trans” adults.

When you scratch the surface of trans, its not just rainbows & makeup tutorials -- its creepy AF

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( @KeepNHGranite )
The ADL is an Anti-White hate organization.

The ADL is also one of the most powerful entities in the United States - it writes government policy, and it trains federal, state, and local law enforcement.

The FBI has literally become the armed enforcement wing of the ADL.

Both the ADL and the FBI regularly publish literal blood libel against White Americans.

Only weeks ago, whistleblowers confirmed what we already knew - that the FBI is actively framing White Americans for "hate crimes" and "domestic terrorism."

And while not a single elected office holder in the country has defended White people by name from the ADL/FBI's organized, Anti-White attack, the ADL has proudly announced that FBI Director Christopher Wray will be a featured speaker at its November summit in New York City.

These circumstances, as captured in the attached graphic, tell you everything you need to know to understand exactly how our world works.

What you see before you are America's Bolsheviks. Its Cheka.

The unholy alliance of the ADL and FBI is the most clear and present danger we face.

( @PastyGangster )
@KeepNHGranite The world has a big jew problem.

( @Villadijoy )
@KeepNHGranite The ADL is a front for Communists. They use claims of antiSemitism as a weapon. They don’t actually care about antiSemitism, it’s just a front.

( @Sticky25 )

( @ShaketheReset )

Funny. The only guy who's risking everything to take down this "anti-White" racket is a Black guy. We blog, he fights. Go Ye.

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( @Atlantis_17 )

spoilerUnvaccinated Americans
are REFUSING Blood
Transfusions from People
with COVID-19 Vaccine
Over Fears Blood Tainted,
Has Spike Proteins

( @JamesTheJust4Me )

( @SRDStudio )
@JamesTheJust4Me @Atlantis_17 ...so...crimson is the color of purebloods...like it so much I'm gonna make a flag of crimson...

( @BethanyBeach )

This is absolutely true, for me. Just underwent out-patient surgery and one of the pre-op questions was, "If needed, would you be willing to accept a blood tranfusion"? In return, I asked, "Is blood donated by a person who took the vaccine (and possibly boosters) separated from blood donated by an un-vaccinated person"? Answer: "No". I responded, "Then I decline to accept a blood transfusion". Response: "We've never had anybody say that before". Fortunately, the surgery went without incident, so the transfusion question was in the end irrelevant. Nevertheless, I believe this remains a concern, and maybe a "red line" for people whose surgery requires a transfusion, that they will not cross because of the uncertainty of what they have agreed to have circulate through their bodies.

( @Silentdeadly1 )
@Atlantis_17 - It's absolutely TRUE. One of my friends needed a blood transfusion and he said almost instantly he was hit with a SEVERE migraine headache. Now, he suffers daily from incapacitating migraine headaches.

Of course, it doesn't help matters any that he went out and got vaxxinated weeks before I text him and said "yo, whatever you do, don't get the covid-ccp vaxxine, this is a depopulation event." He text me back, "Well I guess I'm gonna die then." Unfortunately, he and 700,000,000 people world wide who were deceived by the deep state and their media puppets, may actually die soon. It's PATHETIC that your own government sold out to China and the deep state and agreed to depopulate the world. They ALL should hang for their crimes.

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Resumes including they/them pronouns are more likely to be overlooked

( Jazman1867 )
That gives me some hope for this world.

( Hollyhock )
They/them on a resume screams, "I will be a VERY DIFFICULT employee and make your life as a manager hell."

( ham_champion )
I found that when I included "I'm an insufferable narcissist and will definitely be a giant pain in the ass to work with" on my resume, I got fewer callbacks. Why are the terfs trying to genocide me?!

( Mandy )
"Similarly, 51% believe their gender identity has affected their workplace experience "very or somewhat negatively."

Their gender identity has probably also affected their workmates very or somewhat negatively.

( fightlikeagirl )
Can't blame them, it'd be exhausting to work with an "NB". Imagine all the complaints they'd be bringing to HR for people hurting their gender feelings.

( pennygadget )
Not to mention the NBs going on TikTok to cry about how their employer is a Nazi for not letting them go home early with full pay every time some elderly customer calls them "young lady" or "young man". Or having to deal with a TIM throwing a tantrum on Twitter because all the women in his department use a different department's restroom because they don't want him in the room with them when they pee.

( a_shrub )
"Everybody misgenders me, so I don't feel safe working here."

( GCRadFem )
Without a doubt, if I was still reviewing resumes for potential hires, any of the non-b’s, self-identifying TIMS or the pronoun bunch would go in the do-not-interview pile.

( Kevina )
I help review candidates/make hiring decisions for my team, 1000% you will not get a job on my team if I see or hear about pronouns

( pennygadget )
Ditto. Not only are they insufferable and likely to cause conflict. They're also unproductive and have a habit of running to the break room to make a weepy TikTok every time their dysphoria is triggered

( chocolatefondant21 )
Same. I wouldn’t hire someone who’s going to make me walk on eggshells around them. No one has time for that.

( hmimperialtortie )
And should a TIP slip through that stage, he or she wouldn’t make it past interview.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

British Cycling removed the women’s cycling category. Two cheating woman hating troons came in first and second place. Troons and “non-binary” can pick any team they want to cycle in. Actual women get no choice at all. In the New World trans are the most special and sacred class.
Soon women will be relegated to breeding stock for sterile troons and demented woman haters. Welcome to wokeville.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @patriotkeepers )


( @ElijahF )
@patriotkeepers if you let them

( @patriotkeepers )
@ElijahF already been proven that "we let them" but will this time result in revolt?

( @IWV692 )
@patriotkeepers That is why we have to vote to overwhelm them.

( @smartvalueblog )
@patriotkeepers Never forget President Donald J. Trump and Republicans => [ Democrats and RINOs can only win Elections if they cheat, because they do not work for the American People. ] You will not win the 2022 or 2024 Elections, if you don't: 1) Make Valid Photo Voter ID mandatory in all States, 2) Use only Paper Ballots in all States, 3) Absolutely No Mail-In Voting {aka: election fraud = Illegal Immigrant Voting = "Dead People" Voting = Ballot Harvesting = Corrupt/dishonest Democrats/RINOs in action}, 4) Absolutely no "Drop Boxes" in any State, 5) Eliminate all Soros' and Companies rigged voting machines (i.e., 💩 Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, ES&S, MS SQL DBMS, etc.) in all States, 6) Completely stop social media companies from banning Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and American Patriots, 7) Ban/prohibit all voting from the Internet and Social Media platforms and Clouds of/on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter (i.e., ban all on-line voting from these rigged and treasonous platforms), 8) Remove all of the corrupt partisan FISA judges, 9) Ban/eliminate "Ranked-Choice" voting, and 10) Drain the RINOs, Never Trumpers, and the useless GOP/Democrat Establishment Elitists/frauds. @USA @DeSantis2024 @realdonaldtrump @RealMarjorieGreene @LaurenBoebert @wendyrogersaz @DrPaulGosar @tedcruz @RandPaul @_JimJordan @TeamTucker

( @BestICan )
and REPUBLICANS did nothing to prevent FOR YEARS not just 2020
REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS just want to lay back and draw their check from LOBBYIEST ---the little bit they get from US TAX DOLLARS $200,000+ BENEFITS is NOTHING TO THEM@patriotkeepers

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @TrevorGoodchild )
Wait let's hear him out

spoilerDon't like Jews?
well who's going to...
Produce your porn?
Charge you interest?
Brainwash your children?
Tax your earnings?
Mock your religion?
Import your enemies?
and slander your ancestors?

( @Refuter )
@TrevorGoodchild And Conservative Christians Americans are like, "Hold on... I'd like to see where they're going with this..."

( @1117_Effy )
@TrevorGoodchild They're not Jews, they're Satanists parading around as Jews, real Jews don't do those things.

( @keithjones1975 )
@TrevorGoodchild I can do without any of them just fine.

( @AntiStar )

( @LeaLea63 )
@TrevorGoodchild I can do without any of that. I don't like to hate (it's such a strong word)anyone, but I'm getting there with these parasites.

( @Flgal50 )
@TrevorGoodchild Rev2;9
I know your affliction and distress and pressing trouble and your poverty—but you are rich! and how you are abused and reviled and slandered by those who say they are Jews and are NOT, but are a synagogue of Satan............. I just don't understand people pushing hate towards ANY group or race of people. All Jewish people are not bad and some aren't even Jewish to begin with! It was those of the synagogue of Satan who crucified Christ. Remember we are living in a world where they tell us men can be pregnant (craziest thing ever btw) So everyone that says they are a Jew it doesn't make it so! WAKE UP SLEEPERS! Go to the word of God and pray for wisdom and understanding!

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

It's not turning out how they had hoped

( cranberrysalad )
Visibility does not help their cause! Visibility and exposure was a great things for civil rights and for gay rights to name two examples. Getting to know a gay person goes a long way in fighting homophobia and broad acceptance of homosexuality. Same with getting to know someone from another culture or ethnic group.

Creepy predatory fetishists and their collateral (TiFs that have been so abused by misogyny that they attempt to opt out of it) are not helpful in the acceptance and humanization path because they represent the worst aspects of humanity.

Keep being visible. Come on Jeffrey Marsh go on Good Morning America and preach. Dylan Mulvaney please get Woman of The Year. Rachel Levine can be in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. Lia Thomas for women’s gold at the Olympics! Keep coming out so this madness can stop.

( shewolfoffrance )
It's amazing how many people's peak trans moments come from getting to know trans people, either in person or by reputation.

( shewolfoffrance )
This is why I'm all for trans representation. Not the sanitized kind on TV, either. Real TiPs. I want Andrea Long-Chu informing the world that sissy porn made him a woman. I want Alok Vaid-Menon telling parents their little girls are "kinky." I want Ana Valens sharing his violent gang rape fantasies with any people who are still trying "educates themselves."

( no- )


Isn’t that end goal of transing kids? Creating a sympathetic category of TIMs the creepy crossdressers can hide behind?

( space_out )
That and also having 18-year-olds-on-paper whose bodies (including their brain development) didn't go through puberty.

( no- )
It’s funny how exactly the opposite thing happened with actual marginalized groups. Visibility increased acceptance because people realized those groups were in fact just people trying to live their lives in peace, and not at the expense of others. Trans, on the other hand, are for the most part privileged and entitled men and self-hating women pushing a misogynistic and homophobic ideology.

Women1st , Understanderson & amethyst7 #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: We should start calling "trans rights" what they really are: Trans privilege

( Women1st )
It’s misogyny. Men are better women than we are, lol. Men can dominate our sports. Men can access our bathrooms. Men can serve time in women’s prisons. Who cares if they are rapists? Their feelings are more important than the lived experience of women. Absolute misogyny.

( Understanderson )
I like this, but in America, it would be too easy to dismiss as a right wing dog whistle (this exact verbiage has been used to argue against gay rights). I would love to find some phrase that focuses more on the replacement of sex with gender and the erosion of women's sex-based rights, but I can't think of anything that can't easily be dismissed. When people (women especially) hear that 'trans women are women' means eventually you won't be free to ask for a female doctor or even gynecologist, that seems to wake them up--but I have no idea how to make a label out of that. Most people are also shocked by what's happening to lesbians when they hear about it, but it is so bizarre that they don't quite believe it could be that bad.

( amethyst7 )
It's safe to say you're preaching to the choir here. I think most of us use the word 'rights' facetiously.

TIPs' imaginary rights include:

1. the right to screech about the "staggeringly high suicide rates" myth
2. the right to practice their fetish loudly and in public
3. the right to infringe upon same sex spaces, including the vitally important areas of prison and healthcare

Do LGB people demand that others call their partners their wife/husband and be propped up by legislation and legal punishment if not followed?

Excellent point.

@GodlyPatriot #wingnut gettr.com

President Trump is right regarding #ukrainemoneylaundering operations ! Texas Senators #tedcruz and #johncornyn ignored the thousands of calls into their offices to stop the #40billiondollarlaundering operation to sacrifice #ukrainian civilians in #lgbtqpedo allied battles against faithful Orthodox Christians in #Ukraine and #Russia

Stolen elections have consequences and republicans joining democrats to steal our #nov32020 elections and try to cover up #electionfraud with the #warmongering #uniparty after #nov32020insurrection

@GodlyPatriot #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

If you could have a special access to president Trump's wisdom for one hour every day for the next 40 days, how blessed would you consider yourself? With this special key you will have access to someone much greater...acess someone with infallible wisdom, someone who sees all things and knows the end from the beginning of time ➡️ Prayer in The Holy Spirit🗝️🕊️ with this key you're given 24 hours per day times 7 days a week 😳 unlock the door to the kingdom of God to grow in your heart more often 🤔⁉️
Starting at 7 minute point of this video, do you have the starting point of the special key if you diligently use it as often as possible 🗝️☦️🕊️ https://rumble.com/vxau0d-pray-jesus-prayer-slowly-to-experience-god-and-heaven-now.html

#praywithoutceasing #noeticprayer #pentecost

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @RedPedePolitics )

spoilerRemember when Liberals were so
concerned about grandma dying they
wanted us all locked up? Now healthy
adults and kids are dropping dead
from the supposed cure and their
silence is deafening. Liberalism is the
disease that needs to be cured.

( @rfblowg )
@RedPedePolitics If the Liberals followed their own advice and got jabbed the problem is self curing.

( @ItalianRebel )
@rfblowg @RedPedePolitics no saline though, they need to real deal

( @OldTimeBiker )
@RedPedePolitics they don't care how many are injured or killed.... Depopultion is the agenda...

( @HatedAbusedAndSlandered )
@RedPedePolitics Only 2 ways to cure liberalism: the lethal cv-19 injection and a gunshot.

( @titus310always )
@HatedAbusedAndSlandered @RedPedePolitics what is the difference between Kyle`s 3 shots and the clot shot? Kyle`s 3 shots worked.

( @53tele )
@RedPedePolitics and yet the radio and tv still broadcast how safe and effective the vaccine is and Trudeau who makes money from it keeps pushing it as well. they all need to face justice and communist traitors like Trudeau need to be put on the gallows

( @Volcanic84 )
@RedPedePolitics Liberalism is an incurable disease that warps the mind and blackens the soul.

( @titus310always )
@Volcanic84 @RedPedePolitics out of liberalism spawns progressivism. Used by control freaks as a cudgel to say look at me.....I am in charge here....

( @SimonPMcNudd )
@RedPedePolitics You wanna know what is incredibly stupid??? If you go to a Dr. office you have to wear a mask. As soon as you leave the office, you can take the mask off. If you see your Dr. shopping at Wal Mart, he won't be wearing a mask and you can walk up to him and talk to him all day long. Does anybody else out there with a brain see the irony of MORONIC high level retarded horse crap these masks are doing? What has happened to our country?

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

( @Apolitical )
Jews behavior is the cause of “antisemitism.”

Brown peoples behavior is the cause of “racism.”

Queers behavior is the cause of “homophobia.”

The natural reaction to their abhorrent behavior has been given stigmatized labels by our enemies

( @speedydaytona )

I was indifferent to the Jew until I started investigating them.

Now I abhor them based on nothing but their own actions.

( @SenileBiden )

Democrats behavior is treason

( @SK_USA )
@Apolitical Not just their "behavior", its their "evil intent".

( @Vernon_Wormer )
@Apolitical Very well put! Cause and effect is an undeniable law of nature. The jews and other assorted victim groups purposely provide no context and fail to show the whole equation. Instead, being the liars and schemers that they are, they highlight the effect (justifiable hatred toward them) and omit the cause (their egregious behavior).

They simply cannot stand scrutiny and become indignant when faced with it. Jews have been trained to pounce on anyone (with kneejerk cries of "anti-Semitism") that dares to call them to account for their treachery and deceit.

( @LibertyForever02 )
@Apolitical those labels are all given by Jews that's the common thread.

various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

Today marks 100 days since Roe v Wade was overturned.

And how many women have died?

Since, you know, banning abortion has/is going to increase maternal mortality soooo much 🙄

It’s interesting. According to the CDC, Poland (where abortion is totally illegal except for the rare cases) has only 3 deaths for every 100,000 live births. Meanwhile, the US, where abortion is legal, has 14 deaths per 100,000 births.

How many have died since the overturning though? That’s what PCers were chanting “women are going to die now because of this! Reeeeee”

And already the "outrage" is dying down to just pockets of abortion obsessed people.

You know what's amazing? No one seems to care. They've moved on to the next "Current Thing." Media isn't telling them to be outraged by it anymore. In my city (very liberal area in Texas) people pledged to protest EVERY Tuesday until the laws got fixed! Wanna guess how many protests they actually had? They didn't even make it to week two.

Abortion is a hard thing to get behind

Not when your religion is whatever is the "CurrentThing." Those guys have zero problem advocating death or murder so long as they convince themselves that the object of their hate isn't really human. Just look how people were calling for the death of police officers back in 2020. They convinced themselves that they weren't REALLY people, and therefore, death was fine.

When you don't have a real foundation, you'll believe whatever the cool people tell you is true.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @KeepNHGranite )
"Why don't you post a video of a White guy walking up on a lady planting flowers and kicking her head off her shoulders?"

Find me the video and I'll post it.

But you can't. Because it doesn't exist.

"bAd PeOpLe Of aLL CoLoRs Do BaD tHiNgS!" is not a counter to the facts of who does what crimes at what rates - and who's most likely to attack you because you're White.

Stop lying to yourself with performative reality denial.

( @SuzanneDotGunsmoke )
@KeepNHGranite I hate them so much and they MADE me hate them so much------------

( @Morgul )
@KeepNHGranite Nothing but rage. blacks are a blight wherever they are.

( @HadriansChild )
@KeepNHGranite This is my words exactly to this new breed of Antifa Conservative boomer types

( @Based_Honkler )
@KeepNHGranite Fucking niggers.

( @FanaticalTexan )
@KeepNHGranite The one race cucks will huff and puff about "there are bad people of all colors" yet will never post the videos.
Then people will flood them with videos of blacks committing the overwhelming majority of crimes, and they just block those people.

They can't understand simple concepts like per capita rate and rage when confronted with that realization. It's scary people like that are even allowed to vote, to be honest.

( @GreatWhite96 )
@FanaticalTexan @KeepNHGranite nah, votes are worthless, not even counted.
Its scary that subhumans like that are even alive, when they really shouldnt be

( @Based_Gimli )
The only thing those animals understand is violence. They know whites are peaceful, and they smell weakness.

( @GSauce111 )
@Based_Gimli @KeepNHGranite Exactly....If White people are so violent and intolerant then why do they constantly provoke us?

( @49Pocahontas )
@KeepNHGranite Niggers are NOT like white people. PERIOD!!

( @Sticky25 )
@KeepNHGranite end jewish oppression immediately

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @ElfReich )
Blaming White Supremacy has always been a most convenient lie.

spoilerI seriously wanna know how many
black people reading this tweet
have lost a loved one to white
Because everyone I've lost; my
niece, my best friend, my cousin,
my sons father, & my friends were
all murdered by someone black

( @BlankAvatar )
@ElfReich Let's tone this down. Last thing we want is blacks moving into white neighborhoods to escape black violence.

( @Vernon_Wormer )
@ElfReich White supremacy is a damnable lie. Not once in my life did I have the desire to control someone or own a slave. All I want is to live my life and be left alone. On the other hand, the jews live to control and enslave others. No amount of sophistry and propaganda from them will ever change the truth about their demonic agenda.

( @CybinTalus )
@ElfReich They might wipe themselves out and we'll be that much safer

( @becky21k )
@CybinTalus @ElfReich Sadly they have more kids than they kill one another, even with abortion

( @World_of_Pain )
@becky21k Easy for them to do when they get a welfare increase for every crotch droppling they squeeze out.

Meanwhile White people are taxed to death.

Seriously, I'm ready to soldier up and die fighting it whenever the rest of you are. . .

@CybinTalus @ElfReich

( @Boataholic )
@World_of_Pain @becky21k @CybinTalus @ElfReich Cut off the welfare and they will be too busy pushing brooms and digging ditches to commit so much mayhem.

( @VickiMure )
@ElfReich Lies made up from the Jews, just like their supposed holocaust. If a jew is moving their mouth, they are lying.

( @SK_USA )
@ElfReich White Supremacy only exists in Politics and the MSM.

( @Brewmeister890 )
@SK_USA @ElfReich
White Supremacy? Is that a CIA term like ‘conspiracy theory’ ?

( @Whydotheysuckit )
@Brewmeister890 @SK_USA @ElfReich no it's a jewish term like racism

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( Mintie )
We should start calling "trans rights" what they really are: Trans privilege
I read a comment on here yesterday that really put things into perspective. The commenter called TRAs Trans Privilege activists and honestly, theyve got a good point. It's a good way to start a conversation too, if someone asks why you're using trans privilege instead of trans rights. Topics could include:

- What rights don't trans people have? Is their asking of "rights" encroaching on the rights of others in recompense? Other identity movements (womens, African American, LGB) haven't even taken rights away from others, only added rights to existing ones to create equality. For example, when gay marriage was legislated, the word marriage wasn't taken away and replaced a more inclusive but degrading term like "man-woman sex and assets pact".

- Bring up the fact that trans people are asking for rights that LGB didn't ask for even though they're a part of the same acronym. Why?

- Do LGB people demand that others call their partners their wife/husband and be propped up by legislation and legal punishment if not followed? Why not? Why are trans rights different and seemingly more legaslatively important than LGB rights?

( Tiramisuomi )
If they were rebranded TPAs I wouldn't object, because it's utterly true.

Women continue to struggle even after centuries exactly because we don't have the "right" to force people to perceive us in a certain way. Hell, look at just how much of the conversation in the media revolves around TIMs versus TIFs or enbies/theys (overwhelmingly female). They aren't perceived in the manner that they wish to be nearly to the extent that men are.

( mittimithai )
I think most here would agree that "trans rights" really mean "men's rights"

( Lilith-Fair )
It is true, but saying "men's rights" won't help open people's eyes because they've been gaslit into thinking TWAW. Plus people don't take "men's rights" all that seriously except MRAs. "Trans privilege" I think will snap people out of it because it makes them think about what the TRAs are really asking for,

@GodlyPatriot #fundie #quack gettr.com

Pharmaceutical medications are made using potent, venomous toxins and peptides from snakes, scorpions, spiders and cone snails that target and cripple human systems😮
Your body is a temple of God ☦️ it is up to you what you will allow to enter your body but do not be deceived by demonic potions disguised as prescribed medications and government approved protocols 🕊️ #bigpharmacriminals #demonic #spiritualwarfare

@GodlyPatriot #wingnut #conspiracy #fundie gettr.com

WSJ: biden authorized long range missile deployment in ukraine today. #ric (resident in chief): "#nazis 'promised' to not use it against Russians🤔!?Only select politicians & some in nuclear bonkers survive if 3000 nukes launched in 15 minutes. 1/3rd of the world dead by fire and 1/3rd would suffer from escalated biological warfare. (Revelations prophecy!?) Watch #princeton #nuclearwar simulation of 91 Million initial civilians dead & billions dying after radiation fallout (link below). After #uniparty stole & covered up #nov32020 results, #msm covers up the reality of nuclear war. Why 🤔 !?

Stop #lgbtqpedo #abortionist murdering #globalist politicians, #bigtech and #natoaggression in #ukraine! more on https://gab.com/GodlyPatriot/posts/108408283486243992

various commenters #wingnut #racist #conspiracy gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
This is how much power the Jews have.

You're free to question and criticize White people all you want, without consequence. But dare to question or criticize the Jews, and it will cost you BILLIONS, and will ruin your entire life.

( @RiddleOfSteelStrength )
@Nature_and_Race "His comments caused Adidas..." NO, the ADL caused Adidas.

( @Time2Awake )
@JingoPatriotWarrior in the 25 points of the NSDAP, a key tenet is that religion in Germany was to be positive Christianity and nothing of Judaism. @Nature_and_Race

( @JackBox007 )

( @Kawflowswest )
@Nature_and_Race to clarify, he "lost" paper value ascribed to his business ventures through clever asset valuation techniques which can be used to come up with any number the accountant wants. Just Jewish financial manipulation. I'm glad he's finding freedom from the tribe and is inspiring others to fight against them. The guy still has tons of money.

( @BumBee )
@Nature_and_Race I disagree. Getting out from under the jew fiat lie is a blessing in disguise.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #conspiracy gab.com

( @Trouble_Man )
When Christian business Hobby Lobby refused to give contraceptives to their employees because it violated their 1st amendment Right, they had to take it to the Supreme Court.

When Christian bakers didn’t want to bake a cake for queers because it was against their religious beliefs, they had to take it to the Supreme Court.

When jews don’t want you mentioning how much power they have, they use their influence over media, economics, and politics to silence you. No need for courts, they own those too.

( @SaintMichaelTheArchangel )
Conservatives are smart enough to "Keep the best, Toss the rest" ...
If the Koshers are tripping over each other to try to ban Kanye West (THEY ARE),
he must be onto something (HE IS), so, let him talk and tell us what he knows !!!
The smartest people in the world are not right 100% of the time ...
@a @DrPaulGosar @LaurenBoebert @RepMattGaetz @RandPaul @realdonaldtrump @RealMarjorieGreene @VDARE @WendyRogersAZ

( @Aeriaz3 )
@Trouble_Man Jewish supremacists

( @SamParkerSenate )


( @pysek )
@Trouble_Man kikes literally have their own police force.

We've been occupied for generations.

( @Ferweh )
Yep, 'Shomrim.'
My old neighborhood was heavy jewish. Nothing ever happened (guess the golem have a good sense of danger and know better than to fuck with jews), YET they had city cops in city cruisers just sitting on a quiet street-
While actual murder and mayhem reined just blocks away-
The city's really short on cops, you see.
@pysek @Trouble_Man

( @pysek )
@Ferweh @Trouble_Man cops know who they serve, and it ain't us.

( @Catface )

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Kaiser Permanente Sued Over Hormone Therapy – NBC Bay Area

( GCRadFem )
A couple of years ago I stated that there will be a tsunami of children and adults waking up from the fog of transgenderism to be able to clearly see their ruined bodies and what was done to them. It may be beginning now. Every lawsuit will build on the one prior.

It has truly been a revenue stream for physicians, surgeons and hospitals but destruction for those children and young adults that health”care” has chosen to blindly follow fallacy and bullshit instead of science and reality.

( eyeswideopen )
Yes, as much as would like a wholesale and society-wide rejection of the genderist movement in the U.S., lawsuits by people and children damaged by the drugs and surgeries they were convinced into doing will be the way this ends here. I still think it will another decade before it ends completely because the courts are slow, but this is the beginning of the end here.

( tacocat )
The courts are slow, but when these lawsuits are all over the news, parents with vulnerable children will be more alert to the dangers of transitioning. I think this will result in fewer children being fed into the system. At least I hope so.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Soon we'll be seeing lawyer ads all over Insta and the rest of the internet, for ppl effected by gender treatments, mark my words

( RusticTroglodyte )
Absolutely. The carnage is even worse in a place like the United States with no guaranteed healthcare.

Not to mention that a lot of the side effects of medical transition are going to leave more and more ppl on disability at younger and younger ages

This whole thing is going to be looked at as a huge generational tragedy in years to come

@swissraider #wingnut #racist gettr.com

If you’d WANT to hold back blacks from success you’d implement the demonrat program:
- encourage fatherless homes: #abortion #welfare

- horrible education:#publicschools #socialpromotion and NOW - #racebasedgrading

- being in the wrong educational / job environment:#affirmativeaction

various commenters #wingnut #quack #dunning-kruger gab.com

( @MorpheusMAGA)

spoilerThe reason it's hard to tell who's
dumber - the climate cult or the
COVID cult - it's because they're the
exact same people.

(@salmanzo1 )

Virtue signaling individual locking critical
thinking skills ond oxygen. A person
relying on media directives rather than
research ond overcome by irrational fears
and behaviors concerning a virus with a
99.98% survival rate.


( @LimaGolf60 )
@MorpheusMAGA It's the Church of Covid.

( @KingKrawFish )

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@KingKrawFish @MorpheusMAGA lmao

kikes trying to project "the gene therapy" onto trump when he had 0 hand in putting the actual shot together

patent date on covid-19...2015, owned by moderna...controlled and owned by kikes

Let's stop pretending that it's "big bad White man" and it's actually kikes...but of course a kike run account wouldn't want that now would they?

( @Zapatero99 )
@MorpheusMAGA do the Climate and Covid cults have rallies and wear lots of swag that is obviously made in China? Asking for a friend.

( @rip4e )
@MorpheusMAGA how many resources have been put towards climate change & covid with no results?

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
The highly partisan Democrat Witch Hunt goes on, this time in New York where, after viewing millions of pages of documents over many years, charges were brought against a long time Trump executive who they “tortured” & threatened for years, for not paying taxes on the use of company cars, the use of a company apartment, & the education of his grandchildren. No such “fringe benefits” case has ever been brought criminally(?) in the U.S., & right during the important Mid-Term Elections, of course!

Can you imagine, the failed Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance (at the time), took Crooked Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, from her and the Democrats Law Firm, Paul Weiss, Rifkind…., and gently placed them into the District Attorney’s Office in order to PROSECUTE “TRUMP.” They have GREAT liability for doing this! It got so bad that various prosecutors quit because they thought that Donald Trump was being treated so badly and unfairly - and it continues. In the end, Justice Must Prevail!

( @Publius2024 )
@realdonaldtrump Covid was a hoax. Why didn’t you say so? Coward.

( @Watchman_Joe )
@realdonaldtrump NY is ordered to pay the unlawful vax mandated employees.. you are next.. BIG law suites coming for you Mr Warp speed!!

( @PathosAvenger )
@realdonaldtrump TLDR: waaah. Donnie, we all know they use the system to hurt anyone they want. You had a chance to change it, and YOU FAILED.

( @WakeTheFuckUp )

Guess what else happened?

America was terrorized & torn apart for 2.5 years by a fake pandemic that you launched with your signature in February 2020.

Then you told us to get injected with a deadly gene therapy created by psychopathic criminals.

Remember that?

( @Larryoham )
@realdonaldtrump Democrats have no shame. Republicans should start using the same tactics. Put Hunter in jail, Impeach Biden. Go after anybody that supports Biden and make them rue the day they stole 2020. Put all the Mules in jail.

OwnLyingEyes & penelopekitty #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How would you rank the irrationality of Gender Ideology vs Rightist Conspiracy Theories?

( OwnLyingEyes )
I think the underlying irrationality is at least equally insane, to the point where it's easy to sound like a conspiracy theorist yourself when just trying to call people's attention to what gender ideologists actually believe, say, and do, IMO it's actually even more insane than flat eartherism to deny such a fundamental, personally observable fact that men and women are different, but there's one considerable difference to be factored into it: it's incredibly well funded and trusted institutions are pushing it. The sources you'd normally turn to for the facts have been captured. This isn't the grassroots crazy of garden variety conspiracy theories, but oligarch-driven insanity. And so many of the people who buy into it aren't the usual paranoid/distrustful skeptics, or bored clever people getting trapped in an obsessive, increasingly detached from reality and mentally unhealthy spiral, but rather people who are too trusting, who aren't paying that much attention and take the prevailing narrative about this at face value. People whose response to 'that doesn't make any sense' immediately terminate the thought with 'I just must not understand.'

And the truth is, the scope of this insanity is a huge pill to swallow. It WOULD be easier, and a lot more comfortable, to just believe that the people setting these policies know what they're doing and have good intentions. In this case, the reality is so horrifying it doesn't seem possible.

( penelopekitty )
Of course they're comparable, but the gender delusion is far worse. We have sterilized and mutilated a generation of children. That really happened and is still happening. Women are being erased under the law - it already happened. Gender identity has taken precedence over sex in legislation. There has been widespread institutional capture.

How is that not much, much worse than Qanon?

various commenters #transphobia #wingnut nypost.com

RE: How trans activism became the new religion of the left

( Dammad )
Follow the money, folks. These surgeries and hormone replacement therapies are not done for free, and many people are becoming rich in the process.

( Flaemis Flambotta )

And they get even richer when they try reverse the original mutilation after the victim realizes that the new gender wasn't really what they wanted.

( eric thered )

Every policy position and action of the left is designed to break down your independence and turn you into a victim that needs their protection and support. Name one of their policies that isn't.

( AB )

Please stop referring to Dylan Mulvaney as she. He is a HE. And a D list actor that couldn't make it as a man so there's that...

( MBFlyerfan )

These mutilation cultists need to be opposed at every turn. We bow to many of these woke policies for fear we will be attacked, lose our jobs, be doxxed, etc etc etc by these maniacs. We have to draw the line here. These sick groomers are preying on children and doing real mental and physical damage to them. Damage that is irreversible.

( BernardoB )

I remember when religion in the United States was defined as Christian, Jewish and Muslim. Now its Climate, Woke-trans and Woke-race. The new religions have dogma, rules, penalties for sinners (such as employment termination, dismissal from school, ostracism and social shaming). In the future perhaps we will see criminal charges, since if someone does "violence to trans people" for saying the wrong thing, then that person could be arrested for assault and battery.

( Jake Haulk )

God is not mocked. Those who deliberately distort His word to promote evil will not see heaven.

The promoters of sex change in children are odious Mengeles. This is immoral. But liberals love immorality as a tool to gain power.

Sick is the word to describe this and our enemies are watching with glee as moral corruption, the primary cause of civilization destruction, metastasizes rapidly in the US.

Cry the beloved country.

( ata777 )

The American left knows that transgenderism is the gateway to totalitarian rule, because once these Marxist wannabes can destroy and then re-define reality itself with regard to sex, all reality can be destroyed and re-defined by those willing to also destroy anyone who resists.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
Our children are the very future of our civilization, and they must be protected at all costs.

Here is my letter to the NIH opposing the use of tax money to sexually mutilate and castrate children.

( @FlyingSolo )
@DrPaulGosar Dr. Gosar, I appreciate that letter.. but honestly, congress needs to stop asking these agencies to do the right thing and instead make them do the right thing.. however that needs to be done. We have no more time to dance around what's happening.

( @lmWA489 )
@DrPaulGosar Instead of writing letters, the NIH should be dissolved.

( @BernadetteH )
@DrPaulGosar Only a sick perverted country would abuse their children like this.

( @DellFerg )
@DrPaulGosar And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power. History is repeating.

( @bat_scat )
@DrPaulGosar what bout a bill that would free the J6?

( @SimpleManUSA )
@DrPaulGosar A letter? Nice!

( @Lou_Scannin )
@SimpleManUSA @DrPaulGosar that'll teach them!

( @HeinrichManeuver )
@DrPaulGosar protect them from immigration

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @The_Nose )
Antisemitism seems insane to someone that gets their news from cable and still enjoys Hollywood made movies. Whats more insane is an ethnoreligious group less than 2% of the population controls both of those industries and most of the country doesn't think there is anything wrong with that.

( @auseconomicunit )

spoiler"Jews don't own the media" cry Jewish owners of
large media platforms

( @Arms_Control_Poseur )
@The_Nose Of course the penalty for speaking out against the jew is being deplatformed, slandered by the media and then having your shekels cut off. I guess it’s just a conspiracy theory though, lol.

( @H0l0h0ax )
@The_Nose If people were allowed to talk about the behavior of Jews, they wouldn’t be able to get away with anything. I mean, imagine if they had to give an explanation for all of those wars they started?

( @Cindysue73 )
@The_Nose I also blame religion on some of it. Falsely claiming them to be the chosen people and that Christ was a Jew

( @Saamprater )
@The_Nose Because we grew up being brainwashed that they’re the forever victims.
Not the creators of their own demise.

( @JPsMerch )
@The_Nose History is meaningless to the average idiot. It's just Hitler hate on the History Channel and PBS. That's literally the entire scope of history, those two stations. To them, slaving away for seventy hours a week, both man and wife, is just normal. Hell, it's a source of pride! When they take out a loan at 20% interest for that new car? Hell, this is what makes America great!

Shit getting too expensive? Damn those Democrats. We need a Republican in there again, and all this shit will be mega-ultra-all-American-great again!

Um, yeah, dude, but Presidents are only there for four years, maybe eight. Then they're gonna put a Democrat in there again. It's all planned. It's a cycle.

They don't get this. It's like NFL fans who think life is all about their team winning. Doesn't matter that in a year, you might have a different team in charge. Or four years. They bask in the glow while it's there, and figure "We'll kick their asses next election!"

People are children. They respond to the world as such.

VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How would you rank the irrationality of Gender Ideology vs Rightist Conspiracy Theories?

It is very obvious which is worse: The one that affects legislation.

Gender insanity dictates the law. Males get to win at womens' sports. Male rapists are allowed into womens' prisons.

So what if some conspiracy theorists believe that the earth is flat and covid is a hoax? As long as politics are made without even the slightest consideration for such conspiracy theories (and currently, I don't see any political decisions being made on basis of the assumption that the earth is flat), those theories are not really a problem.

(This is also something I tell the idiotic pro-genderists who claim that they don't want males in womens' prisons and that wanting men to get to rape women in prison is a "fringe opinion" and doesn't represent transactivism - why then, is it made law? Why, if they are against it, do they not speak up? It is blatantly obvious that they are lying through their teeth.)

Edit: As for which is more insane, I still think gender ideology.

Gender ideology claims that what our eyes can see (that men are men and not women, for example) is wrong.

Flat-earthism, on the other hand, is quite silly, but one must give it that: It is something that makes sense to people who don't live near the sea, have never been in an airplane, etc. Chemtrails and Covid-as-hoax, likewise, are things that are not easily disproved by just leaving one's house.

The rightist conspiracy theories are rooted in distrust against science, the leftist insanity is caused by too much trust in everything that pretends to be science. Both, taken to the extreme, are wrong, but at least the approach of only believing what you can understand is natural. It served humanity well enough for survival for a long time.

Gendernonsense, on the other hand, is not sustainable, and I have a niggling suspicion that the explicit ban in the Bible on men wearing womens' clothing and vice versa might have been caused by AGPs already having existed back then, and people having noticed that it is very, very bad for society to let them do what they want. (I do not think that enough women passed as male that it would have posed a major problem to patriarchy.)

@Showmama #wingnut gettr.com

Leftists are anti-American. They do not value Freedom, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Individualism or Individual Rights. They openly and proudly value Marxism, racism, statism, racial supremacy and totalitarian control. These people do not love. They hate. #orwell #leftists #antiamerican #constitution #billofrights #individualrights #freedom #totalitarian #racism #marxism

spoilerThey fear love because it creates a world they can't control ~ George Orwell, 1984

@deleterium #wingnut #racist gettr.com

@nrsc @senategop @housegop #judiciarygop #minorities #crime #racism

Is it our imaginations that a disproportionate share of the crime in America is perpetrated by young Black men?

Is it our imaginations that when law enforcement is hampered, crime in urban areas where young Black men congregate increases to new levels?

Is it simply just racism, that the vast majority of incarcerated are young Black men?

Are Democrats afraid that if given the opportunity to defend ourselves from crime with firearms, that a great many more Black criminals will end up dead?

Are we expected to upend this entire nation on the basis of a lie; that some how we are all racists, when in reality the problem is people who know not what to do with their freedom? #awakenthetruth

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @OutlawJW )

spoilerReminder for Vall that Roe v Wade was
overturned a little over 1 trimester ago

( @Spongebob1776 )
@OutlawJW Pretty suspicious that the only two issues--- abortion and Jan 6th-- was put on a silver platter for Democrats to use against their Republican opponents. Can't talk about stolen elections, political prisoners, Armed IRS agents, FBI stasi tactics against political enemies, inflation, Ukraine spending, Government spending, Biden, rigged elections, mail in ballots, Covid, the jabs, the boosters, the young people dying for no apparent reasons, black crime spree, no bail for criminals, liberal District attorneys, Darrell Brooks, etc...

( @thelastdude )
@OutlawJW poor Leonardo DiCaprio..... A liberal douchebag that became the face of conservative memes lol

( @Defythecabal )
@thelastdude @OutlawJW I still don’t understand it. Everyone knows Leo is the biggest leftist globalist douche there is. How can I help? Jewish Hollywood infected conservatives brains from childhood. Every hero we can remember on tv has been infected with leftist virus.

( @Dinduvius_Shekelstein )
@Defythecabal You're missing the point. Aborting kike nigger or assorted shitskin fetuses is fantastic. Aborting White babies should be a death penalty offense. Unless it's a mudshark, then the crotch spawn isn't human, and the abortion should be mandatory and state enforced.

Thx for lissnin

@thelastdude @OutlawJW

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spoilerHave you noticed that healthy adults
and children are dropping dead
from the poison but geriatric career
politicians seem to be doing fine? Do
you get it yet..

( @LimaGolf60 )
@MorpheusMAGA Anytime a high profile person dies "unexpectedly", I think to myself that they weren't important enough to the elites to get the saline injection.

( @Kittiwake )
@LimaGolf60 @MorpheusMAGA Me too....I always think "Now we know how high the pawns go."

( @Handlemywhats )
@LimaGolf60 @MorpheusMAGA or it’s more theater like everything else. The only real deaths are among the sheeple who keep listening to any part of msm

( @Kittiwake )
@MorpheusMAGA Yeah, not one geriatric person in power has dropped....Not one.....Go figure....Statistically impossible....

( @Momcat2111 )
nah, couldn't be the vaxx......

( @JennyJennyBoomBoom )
@MorpheusMAGA Of course! They didn't get the mRNA cyborg bio weapon. The White House and Congress were exempt. Ask yourself why? Not only were they exempt, most took Ivermectin, the same Ivermectin that was banned in most states. These twats don't represent us, they hate us.

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@JennyJennyBoomBoom @MorpheusMAGA
Those satanic pedo twats want us ALL dead.

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@MorpheusMAGA Remember the photo op of Pelosi getting her shot where nurses were quick to point out there was no needle attached to the syringe??

( @BayouDarlin )
And daily more kids are injected w POISON as dead state KILLS off mankind...

( @ShilohW )
@BayouDarlin @MorpheusMAGA
They're targeting a certain demographic and it's not African Americans this time ...

( @Shabby66 )
@MorpheusMAGA the politicians never had the vaccines.....they had saline........some never got the vaccine injected into their skin, they faked it...........
THE VACCINES ARE EXPERIMENTAL.......EXPERIMENTAL......Why would you have it.......plus have your children have it......WHY WHY ........... what is wrong with you all ........NO .....is the ANSWER .........NO NO NO.........

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How would you rank the irrationality of Gender Ideology vs Rightist Conspiracy Theories?

My male partner is in basic agreement on important points of gender wars, but sometimes clearly thinks I'm overestimating the scale of the problem, in terms of how widespread beliefs about the crazier aspects are within the left and institutions.

This recently came up again as he had been talking to some serious conspiracy theorists about their beliefs - from chemtrails and covid-is-a-hoax to actual flat-earthism. I tried to say something about how yes, all of that is obviously insane, and there is some kind of growing internet + disenfranchisement problem, and did he see how that was also true of the people we know on the left thinking various equally irrational things about sex and gender? [...]. He said that most people who say TWAW don't mean it literally and are playing some kind of intellectual game rather than deluded.

So I was just wondering what people here think? Are they comparable mass delusions, or different types of things? I'm not particularly looking to win the argument, although I wish I'd been better able to explain what seems so obvious to me! But it's made me genuinely wonder if there are differences, and if so what they are.

( hmimperialtortie )

He said that most people who say TWAW don't mean it literally and are playing some kind of intellectual game rather than deluded.

Which is no better, because it means they know it is a lie and support the destruction of women’s rights anyway.

( RawSienna )
Is the flat earth lobby elbowing their way into schools to groom kids into thinking harmful nonsense?

Are chemtrailers forcing workplaces to do strange quasi-religious compliance rituals with their employees?

Kooky and eccentric beliefs are harmless until they have the force of social and legal pressure behind them.

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Creationism: Privileging the words of a handful of Bronze Age misogynists who claimed to speak for G-d over a planetful of evidence left directly by G-d.

Genderism: Privileging the words of a handful of modern-day misogynists who claim to be women over evidence produced over the entirety of human all living history showing they are not.