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[From "Giorgia Meloni Set To Become Italy’s New Prime Minister"]

Giorgia Meloni is about to become Italy’s new prime minister

The Sweden Democrats had a major breakthrough in Sweden two weeks ago

Marine Le Pen came closer than ever to winning in France and Éric Zemmour ran to her Right on opposing the Great Replacement. Over 60% of French voters believe the Great Replacement is happening

Viktor Orbán decisively won reelection in Hungary and gave a speech in which he condemned race mixing. Orbán is now giving speeches at CPAC and is seen as a role model[…]
Meloni ran as a Christian, a conservative and a patriot

As in France, mainstream conservatives are willing to vote for Meloni and Le Pen now. Nationalists have become the dominant force on the Right in France, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and the U.S.[…]
In this country, it is now mainstream on the Right to oppose legal and illegal immigration and support isolationism and trade protectionism. It is mainstream now to be a nationalist and a populist. It is mainstream now to oppose anti-Whiteism and the Great Replacement. It is even mainstream to be a “Christian nationalist” and to loudly defend White people and their interests[…]
I also want to see more “fascism”

Here in Alabama, we have banned abortion and have already passed “anti-trans” laws[…]
If you are angry with federal, state and local Republicans, you should first check to see what they have been doing rather than assuming that state level Republicans are as bad as the national Republican Party



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