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[From "Trump Indicted In Georgia"]

Sure, Donald Trump is running for president again and has been indicted again (we have seen it three times before), but we are at the point where you can begin to feel the pull of the waterfall ahead. History is speeding up. The 3,000 foot drop into the unknown is coming next year


Driving the news: The 41 felony counts in the 98-page indictment include racketeering charges, conspiracy to commit forgery and perjury[…]

As I was saying about the Amren conference, we are going about our routines and everything feels normal[…]
Don’t be fooled. American politics hasn’t been this bad at any point in our lifetimes[…]
The impeachment of Bill Clinton never summoned this level of anger, resentment and disillusion with the system. Bush v. Gore, which was settled by the Supreme Court, was a contentious election cycle but it doesn’t approach this level of breakdown of trust in institutions[…]
While politics in the Gilded Age was heated and violent, William Jennings Bryan was never arrested. None of the forgettable presidents of that time period like Cleveland and Harrison had their rivals arrested and incarcerated

Polarization hasn’t been this bad since the War Between the States and Reconstruction. It is truly incredible when you think about it that our elites would put our institutions under this amount of stress in a time such as this, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after Iraq or COVID or transgenderism or now the war in Ukraine. Making foolish decisions is the hallmark of our current ruling class[…]
Elections are how the ruling class legitimize their rule in our system. The key thing is that both sides trust that the process is fair and legitimate. The loser has to feel like they are full participants in the next election. Defeats aren’t permanent defeats. They are torching that to own Trump

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[From "The Intellectual Counterattack on Caste"]

I haven’t been completely inert over the past few months

I have resumed my research into late 19th century / early 20th century intellectual history. I traced the roots of our current cultural decline back to this period a few years ago

There is a tendency in our circles to blame everything on the Jews or to blame it all on the Yankees or to blame it all on liberalism. We should take a closer look though at the Northern WASP elite who triumphed in the War Between the States and who ruled the country until around the Great Depression. They were the ones who fumbled the ball and lost control of America in the days of Madison Grant

How? Why?

The following excerpt comes from the chapter “The Intellectual Counterattack on Caste” in E. Digby Baltzell’s book The Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy & Caste in America

“The rise of the New Social Science paralleled the development of the Social Gospel, Settlement House and political reform movements during the closing decades of the nineteenth century[…]
It is important to emphasize the fact that most of the prominent leaders of the New Social Science, like the leaders of the Social Gospel and Settlement House movements, came from within the old stock and Protestant establishment

I’m sure many of our readers are familiar with Franz Boas and the contribution that he made in anthropology in the shift away from hereditarianism and toward cultural relativism. Boas was hardly alone in sowing the seeds that undermined hereditarianism and Victorian morals though

Note: Baltzell was a sociologist, historian and a cheerleader for the decline of his own social class. If you read his book, you will get a lot of insight into how WASPs lost control of America

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[From "We Are All Daniel Penny"]

Paul Kersey coined the term “Black Run America” over a decade ago

There are a lot of people who dislike the term. They think it is misleading because actually Jews Run America. Personally, I don’t really see how the two narratives are at odds. We have both a Jewish liberal elite and a sick culture which is centered and organized around the figure of the negro. The oppression of the negro by “racism” and “white supremacy” is at the core of our established national religion

“Black Run America” describes an essential aspect of our social order. The New York subway, for example, is run for the benefit of worthless vagrants like Jordan Neely. Innocent people are killed all the time there. They are often pushed in front of trains by sociopaths. No one cares. It only becomes “A Story About Race In America” when someone like Daniel Penny dares to lay their hands on one of these gremlins

We are all Daniel Penny. We are all living under the same system and through this unique period of history. Never before in all of history have black people been put up on such a pedestal. Your life has been negatively impacted by this obsession in countless ways. Maybe you have to pay to send your kids to a private school because the public schools have been turned over to blacks. Maybe you have to commute to work because it is unsafe to live in a big city because of black criminals. Maybe you just pay taxes to subsidize the dysfunction. Maybe you lost your job because of some impious act of lèse-majesté against a protected class. Maybe you encountered obstacles in your career because of your race. Maybe you have been investigated and excommunicated from your church for “the sin of racism”

The world is being run at your expense for their benefit. We are living through a social experiment. Daniel Penny’s freedom is the latest casualty of that experiment. He won’t be the last

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Christianity is a Jewish religion.

Once I encountered a Jew on Facebook who openly bemoaned the fact that it’s impossible to cultivate a guilt complex in Asians, like it’s successfully done with Europeans. “The Japanese are simply immune to all of it,” he wrote. “When you confront them with their historical crimes, they just smile and try to change the subject.” So, when you come to think of it – what exactly makes cultural Marxism so successful in Western countries, whereas it completely fails in Asia? The answer is, of course, Christianity. Without this perverse cult of guilt and self-hatred, disguised under the mask of love and tolerance, the Jews would never have been able to subjugate Europe.

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[From "Axios: E. Jean Carroll Wins Lawsuit Against Trump"]

For better or worse, we are stuck with Donald Trump

I’m hardly a Trump cheerleader. I just see the writing on the wall. I’m resigned to it. We’re going to be slogging through the Revenge Tour through at least 2025 and possibly through 2029


“E. Jean Carroll’s win in her lawsuit against former President Trump is also a victory for a #MeToo-era New York law that temporarily lifted the statute of limitations on sexual abuse complaints[…]

The only positive thing that I can say about this is that it is steadily increasing polarization and undermining confidence in national institutions. Even if you despise Donald Trump, he continues to drive his enemies insane who react to him in ways that undermine faith in Our Democracy

I woke up to Joe Scarborough handwringing on MSNBC this morning about the erosion of confidence in the jury system. No one has any confidence in the “rule of law” anymore. It is a joke. Perhaps God is using Donald Trump as his instrument to sow enough division to dissolve the Union?


“Roberta Kaplan, the lawyer who represented E. Jean Carroll in her lawsuit against Donald Trump, is a lesbian who’s a longtime champion of LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, most notably as the attorney who brought down the main part of the Defense of Marriage Act[…]

Oh, and onne last thing

Guess who represented E. Jean Carroll in her lawsuit?

It was none other than Roberta Kaplan from the Charlottesville trial. Once again, even if you passionately hate Dump, this only shows that our fates are still bound in some way

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[From "Counter-Currents: On the Christian Question"]

A quick glance at American politics and public opinion on White identity should be sufficient to answer the “Christian Question”[…]

Does Christianity help or hinder[…]“the efforts of the Right to defend the European-American way of life”? According to Giles Corey, that is the Christian Question (p. 2), and The Sword of Christ is his attempt to defend Christianity as not merely compatible with, but essential to, white European civilization[…]

Over 80% of Trump voters are White Christians

Over 3/4ths of the American Right are Christians and the “Far Right” is overwhelmingly Christian and specifically tends to be more evangelical and Protestant

If you look at rightwing voters who are secular, irreligious, agnostic or atheist (15% to 20% of Republican voters), they are people who are much more likely to have liberal and moderate politics than other conservatives[…]
Most people who oppose Third World immigration, who want to deport illegal aliens, who oppose miscegenation, who oppose the MLK federal holiday, who oppose the Great Replacement, who are concerned about anti-White discrimination and who have the warmest feelings toward other Whites are very conservative[…]Sure, there are woke evangelical elites who adopt African children and preen about racism or people who are Christian Zionists who support Israel, but those people are the exception[…]
The question makes sense when you realize that secular, irreligious and atheist Whites are overrepresented among White Nationalists, but White people who are secular, irreligious or atheists skew hard to the progressive Left[…]
If only Christians were allowed to vote in the United States, American politics would shift dramatically to the Right because the Far Left would be politically wiped out

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[From "American History Series: Race Relations In Colonial New England"]

The following excerpts come from Joseph A. Conforti’s book Saints and Strangers: New England in British North America

In Puritan usage, stranger might identify someone as non-English, non-Christian, non-Protestant, or non-White. Most commonly, stranger referred to all non-Puritan inhabitants, whether white, black or Native American[…]
English newcomers viewed aboriginal people as savages. Indeed, the fear of “Indianization” imposed limits on cultural exchange[…]
New England authorities and settlers typically welcomed the extermination of Indians as God’s handiwork[…]

I found that interesting and revealing

Even in New England, White racial consciousness was stirred by the circumstances of Anglo-Protestant settlemen[…]The Puritans celebrated epidemics as “God’s fatal broom” sweeping the local Algonquin Indians out of New England

The Pequot War and especially King Philip’s War and all the captivity narratives[…]created a sense of White identity in New England[…]New England once had slavery and anti-miscegenation laws like the Southern colonies

What happened to New England?

The answer is that early colonial New England was settled by the Puritans in a time before the rise of liberalism[…]Puritan culture was extremely literate and emphasized education in a way that was without parallel in the other American colonies. When the disease of liberalism began to sink into England after the Glorious Revolution, it sunk its deepest roots in New England which had built institutions like Harvard University where it was imported and festered[…]
Christianity is often blamed for what modern philosophy has wrought[…]the history of New England shows how much better the place was before they read Locke

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America was much more homogeneous in GLR’s day. There are a lot more people on the racial edge today, light-skinned Hispanics, Arab Christians, half-Jews, Eurasians, etc. Many grow up in the same conditions as their White neighbors and develop the same ultra-right views. For instance, I knew a guy in college(this would have been around 2012) was a half-White half-Korean who came into college with anti-White views. He couldn’t get a girlfriend and blamed this on White racism. But soon he realized that the reason Asian men are at the bottom of the dating hierarchy is because the Jews dominate American culture and use their position to valorize thuggish behavior.

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[From "The Case for Christian Nationalism"]

Mike Pence was on FOX News giving a speech somewhere. He was going on about freedom and how “the Left is dumping toxic waste into the headwaters of our culture.”[…]
I thought to myself… isn’t this the whole issue though? How can you have a healthy Christian culture when Jews, atheists and other modernists who hate Christianity and who relish subverting Christian cultural norms are in control of the commanding heights of our institutions? Don’t these people have the freedom to control Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Big Tech, the mainstream news media and the universities? Don’t they have the right to poison the minds of Christian children? Isn’t it “anti-Semitic” to notice that this is going on and to complain about these blessings of liberty like pornography?

There is nothing new about this. Jews have been raining down cultural shit on Christians like this for well over a century now since they created Hollywood and the ACLU[…]Jews got so accustomed to doing this and getting away with it that they just kind of assumed that the liberal consensus which has crippled Christian resistance would hold forever[…]
Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment was demolishing Conservatism, Inc. which is why I backed him in the first place[…]
Rachel Maddow explained on her show last night that Christian nationalism was created by Gerald L.K. Smith[…]
Christian nationalism, of course, was beyond the pale to the conservative liberals who were creating the mainstream respectable Right of the Cold War era[…]
The rise of Christian nationalism is a wonderful development because what Christian nationalists propose is seizing control of the government, the currency and cultural institutions from the people who are running them now and replacing them with Christians[…]
I salute the Christian nationalists. I support their movement to retake each of the Seven Mountains

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[From "The Cancellation of Dilbert"]

I don’t know much about Scott Adams
•I know he is a friend of Mike Cernovich
•I know he is the creator of the Dilbert cartoon
•I remember seeing a bunch of stupid takes from him when I was still active on Twitter
Based on what I have seen in the past, I have always thought of him as a sort of cucked Alt-Lite-adjacent Twitter personality. Apparently, he is being cancelled though now for going on a YouTube rant about black people. It seems he was unaware that millions of black people are anti-White

“Newspapers across the country have begun dropping the comic “Dilbert” from their pages after Scott Adams, the cartoon’s creator, went on a racist rant in a YouTube video[…]

The core of the Democratic Party is the toxic relationship between 1.) White liberals who hate their own race and 2.) black narcissists who are put up on a pedestal and whose inflated egos and interests the entire system has revolved around since the Civil Rights Movement. The First Commandment of American politics is essentially “Thou shalt never criticize a Black person under any circumstances”

Anyway, Dilbert has joined Aunt Jemima and Colonel Reb and Paula Deen and the Washington Redskins in the dustbin of history. The only surprise is that this cishet White male cartoon lasted as long as it did in mainstream newspapers

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Take a society, mix in killer doses of egotistical selfishness and freedom without responsibility to the community, and you’ll eventually wind up with transsexual soldiers threatening to physically assault world leaders.

Well, maybe not that far every single time, but with enough (((encouragement))) things will almost always end in similarly-bizarre outcomes.

So, Chris (that’s how you’re going to be addressed), do you understand that threatening the President of the United States is a rather serious offense that can be punished with years of imprisonment?

Men like yourself have been arrested by the Secret Service for far lesser breaches of conduct, and I’m really hoping and praying that you get dealt with most harshly for your impudence.

Perhaps a few years in lockup (minus hormone treatments if you haven’t already had knife-work done) would help to rip that individualistic streak from your shattered brain.

At least we can hope, right?

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How many times were we told that Donald Trump was a “fascist”?

What did Donald Trump ever do compared to these people? The corporate media spent years spreading misinformation based on dubious intelligence about Trump in the Russia hoax. The Democratic Congress impeached him twice. Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioted for years and torched entire cities and got away with serial violence while openly being supported by Corporate America. Big Tech deplatformed Trump and millions of his supporters from the internet. “Journalists” hunt people down who express politically incorrect opinions online like old school commissars, dox them and get them fired from their jobs. Democrats built a razor wire fence around the U.S. Capitol and sent in the military to occupy Washington, DC. They weaponized the intelligence agencies against Trump and his supporters.

Has it occurred to anyone how far across the line the Left has traveled over the past few years? They’ve resorted to mob violence, censorship, illegal surveillance, doxxing, economic blackmail and intimidation, impeachment, demonizing White people as a racial group, labeling virtually the entire Populist Right as “domestic extremism” and a national security threat, imposing a political litmus test on the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, etc. Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice was even poised to arrest Derek Chauvin on the spot in court on federal charges if a jury had found that he was innocent. The corporate media now holds communist show trials and convicts police officers of systematic racism in the court of public opinion for the purpose of fomenting racial division for political gain.

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[Comments under "Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion"]

From TW:
Brad, in Alabama blacks get 62% of abortions, Hispanics 5% and Other 2% And I wonder many how many of the white women are aborting black spawn.Would you deny abortion to a white woman raped by a nigger? Should women who get abortions be charged with murder? If not, why not if you believe the fetus is a human?


Legalizing the murder of White children is a very stupid strategy for controlling the Black population.

Alabama’s Whites would not be bending the knee to any number of Blacks without the moral collapse manifested in abortion, addiction and materialism

From Dart:
Not really. Those are genetic liberal children. Killing them reduces the frequency of genetic liberalism within the White population. Blacks are pretty much politically irrelevant and aren’t the political enemy of Whites. White libtards are the enemy. Without White libtards, Blacks wouldn’t even be a problem at all. We could have mutually beneficial separation and everyone would be content with it. Only White libtards motivated by deranged utopian fantasies are driven to force everyone together. So it’s good when White libtards voluntarily kill themselves off, through whatever means available. Overly permissive Western breeding practices, originating in the papist idea of love marriage, allowed genetic liberals to grow to a dangerously high percentage of the population. Reducing their numbers is the only way Whites will survive

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[From "Washington Post: How Putin Is Weaponizing Traditional Values To Defend Russian Aggression In Ukraine"]

As liberals lead Americans down the primrose path into World War III with Russia, it is worth recalling what liberals did with their victory over Nazi Germany and how that redefined our national identity

In the post-World War II era, Adolf Hitler became the evil dictator[…]Satan, however, went mainstream. American war propaganda drove massive changes in public opinion and anything that “journalists” could associate with the Third Reich[…]American identity has been haunted by Hitler’s ghost[…]
You better think twice before empowering liberals to wage World War III

Washington Post

In the dark recesses of Gab.com[…]Russian President Vladimir Putin is glorified as a conservative lion[…]

Just set aside for the moment the concern that a war with Russia will lead to a nuclear holocaust. What are the cultural consequences of a war with Russia?
New York Times

[…]By reinforcing and feeding each other’s messaging, some right-wing Americans have given credibility to Russia’s assertions and vice versa[…]

Eugenics became taboo after World War II

Nationalism became stigmatized after World War II

White identity was proscribed for being like Nazism after World War II

The obsession with “antiracism” goes back to World War II

It became taboo to criticize Jews about anything after World War II

The “authoritarian personality” of “proto-fascism” was stigmatized after World War II
This is what liberals are aiming to do again by inciting World War III with Russia. A war with Russia will inevitably devolve into a war inside the West against the “far right” and traditional values and Christianity. Putin will replace Hitler as the demon in the American imagination

'Living Fossil' Award

Dixiecrat discovered in the wild!

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[From "Final Thoughts"]

I’m not voting in the 2020 election.

I’ve always been an independent moderate and populist nationalist voter. I have never been a conservative or a Republican[…]
When Donald Trump came on the scene in 2015, I supported him because I hated mainstream conservatism – the True Cons or the cuckservatives who I ridiculed at the time – and because his campaign seemed to be opening the door to a new kind of populist and nationalist politics.[…]
My politics have always been moderate, populist and nationalist.[…]Basically, I’m a throwback to an extinct species of New Deal-era Southern Democrat.
The issues we are facing today are also different because of Trump. We lost hundreds of our historic monuments which were torn down by violent mobs.[…]Democratic cities were allowed to essentially become a 21st century version of sundown towns while the Trump Justice Department prosecuted White Nationalists.[…]Meanwhile, he delivered a trophy case of victories for Israel and militant Zionists who hit the jackpot with his administration.

Over the last four years, we have seen a reversion to mainstream conservatism except now the difference is that it is openly gay and more stupid, feckless and ineffective than ever before. There is less room, not more, in the GOP for nationalists like Steve King who was drummed out of the party for wondering why Western civilization has become taboo.[…]What are these people doing for me as a social conservative voter? After replacing Anthony Scalia, Neil Gorsuch read transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
In this respect, I have learned something from the Losters who I have been researching in recent months. They were also completely alienated from American politics and culture, but it gave them the perspective to articulate a new set of values, which is what I plan on doing with my time.

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[From "Charlie Kirk: Church and State Should Be Mixed Together"]


Charlie Kirk: "There is no separation of church and state. It's a fabrication. It's a fiction. It's not in the Constitution. It's made up by secular humanists" pic.twitter.com/R4dkUSxGwI
July 6, 2022

I’m seeing a lot of dumb commentary on this

The First Amendment only says that Congress cannot establish a state religion. The American colonies had established churches and the states had established state churches until the early 19th century

First Amendment Encyclopedia

The First Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s increased religious diversity, and the American Revolution furthered the impetus of Southern states to drop their affiliations with the Church of England, which most did between 1776 and 1790. The Second Great Awakening, which occurred after 1800 and created further religious diversity, led to another wave of disestablishments (Noll and Harlow 2007:29)

New Hampshire kept its establishment until 1817; Connecticut kept its establishment until 1818; and Massachusetts did not abandon its state support for Congregationalism until 1833 (Kidd 1999: 1021)[…]

The states also controlled citizenship and voting rights until Reconstruction

Blacks were not citizens outside of New England before the War Between the States. Voting rights was also restricted in various ways (by race, sex, property ownership) at the state level. The federal government had no say in the matter. The country as a whole only became “liberal” in the Reconstruction era. “Equal protection of the laws” was an abolitionist concept that originated in the antebellum era

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[From "TAC: The LGBTsQewing Of America"]

Editor’s Note: That’s one of the many “blessings of liberty” above that we have covered over the years

We used to live in a White Christian culture

In the vast majority of cases (unless your parents were recent immigrants), this is likely why you exist. You exist due to the reproductive choices that your ancestors made

Those choices were shaped and channeled by the dominant culture. In the South, where evangelical Protestantism shaped our culture for centuries, we had customs like the one drop rule. We had legal segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. Southern culture valued racial purity[…]Homosexuality was discouraged. Divorce was rare and hard to get. Abortion was illegal. White identity was valued. The White and Black family was strong through the Jim Crow era. The norm used to be that most people got married to someone of the same race and religion and reproduced themselves[…]
Culture used to be overwhelmingly local. The states and local communities made their own laws and largely governed themselves. The rise of the mainstream media (film, radio, television in that order) from the 1910s through the 1960s shifted cultural power away from, say, the segregationist editor of the local newspaper to liberal elites with a modernist sensibility who were on television in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington[…]
Christianity went from being the hegemonic dominant culture to a kind of respected sub-culture to just another lifestyle[…]
Much like feminism (the “New Woman” was inspired by modernism) and abortion (nothing is owed to future generations because everything is owed to the Self) and gay marriage (any “marriage” is as good as any other and people should be allowed to express themselves), the “trans” craze only makes sense in a deeply modernist cultures

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[From "Rachel Maddow: The Caning of Charles Sumner"]

Excellent monologue from Rachel Maddow!

Here is what Preston Brooks said to Charles Sumner before walloping that insufferable, sanctimonious Yankee bastard on the floor of Congress in 1856:

“Mr. Sumner, I have read your speech twice over carefully. It is a libel on South Carolina, and Mr. Butler, who is a relative of mine”

Charles Sumner was a lib and he got owned, antebellum-style

Seriously though, as much as I wish we had U.S. senators and representatives who are the caliber of Preston Brooks for whom defending the honor of his state and kin were of the utmost importance, what we really have are a bunch of worthless cucks like the governor of Mississippi who folded under pressure from Wal-Mart and took down the Mississippi state flag – overruling the voters of the state in the process – in the mania of the George Floyd riots which had nothing to do with Mississippi

Note: The Southern position on the War Between the States was always that slavery was the “occasion” of the war. It was the “incident” that triggered the war. It was the thing that triggered the conflict over a much larger divide which was ultimately over the nature of the Constitution

Slavery hasn’t existed in over 150 years, but the country is now far more deeply divided than it was back then. It is also worth observing how little has changed in how the Yankee Problem back East has resurfaced with a vengeance and is driving polarization. The “Civil War” was also about them and was triggered their fanaticism. Blaming it on slavery was always a self deception

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[From "Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion"]

It is worth revisiting that old debate. My position at the time was that the triumph of legal abortion in the United States in the 1970s was a consequence of the ascendance of the left-libertarian bohemian counter-culture in the 1960s[…]Wider context of the loosening of our immigration laws (1965), the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement (1965), the legalization of interracial marriage (1967), the increase in drug abuse and the rise of feminism and the gay rights movement[…]
The idea that professional class White women who support aborting their own children[…]are going to somehow care about the identity and welfare of their more distantly related racial group and that the overall effect of this would be “eugenic” was always absurd[…]It has led to a world of childless DINKs, wine soaked dog moms and sterile tattooed lesbians[…]
What did America look like in 1970 before this “eugenic” shift?
The country was the whitest it had ever been in all of American history before the black minority had access to legal abortion[…]Deep South states like Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi had never been whiter[…]
I am celebrating the demise of Roe. I hope it signals a cultural shift away from the rotten left-libertarian expressive individualism[…]
The idea that race is a meaningless social construct rather than a biological reality of our species led naturally to the assertion that sex is also a social construct and that gender can be freely chosen. The triumph of legalized interracial marriage led inexorably to legal abortion and gay marriage and “trans”

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[From "First Principles and What We Can Do Now"]

In March, I wrote about what I think should be done. My ideas included building power locally, moving to the country, and promoting secession within states.[…]There are movements to build a “greater Idaho,” to expel Chicago from Illinois, and to have parts of Virginia join West Virginia. However, in my earlier essay, I made a mistake.
Second, leftists neglect the most important unchosen force that shapes us. It’s not society, religion, or economics. It’s nature[…]A socialist may scoff at a libertarian who thinks that anyone in America could become a millionaire. However, the socialist who assumes racial discrimination explains racial inequality is the bigger fool.
This is offensive to some and disturbing to many because it implies limits.
Furthermore, whatever white advocates, conservatives, nationalists, or Trump supporters may think, we aren’t in power.[…]The system in power, and those who control it, are objectively opposed to whites.
We can exploit the egalitarians’ flaws against them. They deny tradition, nature, and the reality of the system.
The point is not to save Republicans, but to have smaller, whiter, conservative areas where white advocates could get a fair hearing and public support.[…]If the GOP refuses to defend white interests, regional parties, third parties, or even independent candidates could force them to or face certain defeat.
The difficult part will be openly defending race realism.[…]White Americans will not someday “wake up” and fight off egalitarian radicalism. There will be no movement unless we organize it.

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[From "Charlottesville’s Statue of Robert E. Lee Will Be Melted Down"]

I don’t have much to say about this

This is a fitting end to “Charlottesville” though

This reflects the mindset of the woke progressives who live in Charlottesville

Back in 2017, I went there with the League of the South because I loved the statue and opposed the people who wanted to tear it down. I’ve been to Southern heritage rallies all over the South
New York Times

The City Council of Charlottesville, Va., voted on Tuesday to donate a statue of Robert E. Lee to an African American heritage center that plans to melt the bronze monument[…]

But this is the sort of people we are dealing with

If for nothing but the sake of fostering social cohesion, they could have easily moved the statue to some other town or city in Virginia, but to these leftist radicals “The Cruelty Is The Point”

Do you remember when the mainstream Right made it out like we were the villains in Charlottesville? Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney said that Antifa were like the heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy. We’ve since seen what these people have done to Richmond

As Robert Barnwell Rhett himself would have said, history will remember this as an act of abject hatred and bigotry. These people hate us far more than we do them. They hate White people. They hate Southerners. They hate American heritage in general, not merely Confederate monuments. They’ve demonstrated through their actions that everything we were saying about them in 2017 was true

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[From "Your Favorite President Lost White Guys"]

2020 is on us.

Let this fact sink in.

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election because he couldn’t motivate enough White men to vote for him. He improved with literally every other group in the country EXCEPT for White men.

After six months of nationwide chaos, White men drifted away from Donald Trump. Donald Trump had a problem with the White vote. It takes a special kind of genius to lose his margin with White men while the Left was beating the drum of anti-White hatred at a fever pitch. Evidently, White men decided that four more years of having Donald Trump as president wasn’t worth what it had cost them. Couldn’t he have said something about what was going on instead of rolling out the Platinum Plan?

The media’s narrative about “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” couldn’t have been more false. It was the populists and the “white supremacists,” not conservatives or Republicans, who soured on Donald Trump and deserted him in the 2020 election. A whopping 7% of voters said that “racism” was the most important issue facing the country. Also, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims moved toward Trump, not away from him. Apparently, they didn’t buy into the “white supremacy” narrative.

Donald Trump and his campaign team were cucked on race. They were too afraid to crackdown on Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They were gaslit by the “white supremacy” narrative. As a result, they pandered to minorities, demoralized their base and the White vote slipped and they lost.

Could it have easily turned out otherwise? Yes, Donald Trump’s campaign took the White vote for granted. It is what got him elected in the first place in 2016. In the final analysis, it was what undid him in 2020. They ran a different kind of campaign in 2020 than 2016 in which Joe Biden was able to improve on Hillary Clinton in 41 out of 50 states and all but two swing states because of White guys.

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[From "The Center Right Is Worthless"]

Why should anyone support conservative liberalism?[…]
In spite of the mainstream Right, which upholds consensus antiracism in our culture, I have developed a positive sense of White racial identity.[…]
Of what value is the mainstream Right on sex?

What is the GOP going to do about young women who are out of control and older women who have become cat ladies and gone crazy? To ask the question is to answer it.[…]
The Supreme Court with Neil Gorsuch on the bench read transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 this summer. Conservative liberalism couldn’t conserve the definition of marriage under Obama.[…]Insofar as we are up against the forces of sexual anarchy and gender fluidity in popular culture, we are on our own.
The GOP’s biggest accomplishment in this department is dumping the Mississippi State Flag and presiding over the destruction of hundreds of our monuments.[…]
Obviously, the GOP under Trump isn’t of any value to us in this area. Sheldon Adelson hit the jackpot when Trump got elected in 2016.[…]
Several generations ago, the GOP surrendered the public school system to blacks and progressive pedagogues, which is why I have to scrape up money from you to pay for my own son’s private school tuition. Now, the GOP is running on school choice so that the black kids in the “failing schools” can transfer to the private schools we pay for in addition to the public schools.[…]
Yeah, Donald Trump was elected in 2016 to restore “law and order,” but he spent his first term boasting about all the black felons he let out of prison with criminal justice reform and allowing Antifa and BLM to do whatever they wanted and burn down the country.

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[From "TAC: The Causes of the War"]

As usual, the “journalists” are lying, recycling propaganda from the “intelligence community” and running with the usual narratives and tropes on cable television about evil dictators who have gone insane and who want to kill babies to explain the outbreak of war in Ukraine. This is how every American war going back to World War I when the Hun invaded Belgium has been explained to the public. Woodrow Wilson entered World War I to make the world safe for democracy. Joe Biden is also leading us into World War III to defend “democracy” against “autocracy”

The media shows us a horrific war that is going on in a distant country. They don’t explain why the war broke out or our role in bringing it about or how it could have been avoided or ended in a compromise. The American media has spent years ignoring the war in Donbas. This war in Ukraine which is familiar to Russians strikes most Americans as a lightning bolt out of the blue


What caused the war now ongoing in Ukraine? One supposes that the first answer just about everybody would agree on is that Putin caused the war[…]He made the decision. His reasons were the decisive ones
The formula the U.S. adopted toward Russia during and after the Maidan Revolution played a big role in bringing on the ensuing catastrophe. The casus belli for Putin was the constitution of Ukraine as an “anti-Russia”[…]It greatly intensified in 2021 with the arrival of the Biden Administration

We were told for years that this American policy of transforming Ukraine into a puppet regime and a NATO client state was a red line. We ignored everything that the Russians said and dismissed their concerns continued to push the policy anyway. This is like taunting a dog and beating it with a stick and then acting shocked when it stops growling and snaps and attacks

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[From "The Garden of True American Heroes"]

Donald Trump’s “National Guardian of American Heroes” was cringe
Who are the great Americans who you would honor in a based version of the National Guardian of American Heroes?
Here are some suggestions:

John Wilkes Booth (the Southern patriot who assassinated the tyrant Abraham Lincoln)
George Wallace
Eugene “Bull” Connor
Sen. Richard Russell
Theodore Bilbo
James K. Vardaman
“Pitchfork” Ben Tillman
Wade Hampton III
John C. Calhoun
Roger Taney
William Walker
Robert E. Lee
Nathan Bedford Forrest
William Quantrill
Madison Grant
Pat Buchanan

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[From "Giorgia Meloni Set To Become Italy’s New Prime Minister"]

Giorgia Meloni is about to become Italy’s new prime minister

The Sweden Democrats had a major breakthrough in Sweden two weeks ago

Marine Le Pen came closer than ever to winning in France and Éric Zemmour ran to her Right on opposing the Great Replacement. Over 60% of French voters believe the Great Replacement is happening

Viktor Orbán decisively won reelection in Hungary and gave a speech in which he condemned race mixing. Orbán is now giving speeches at CPAC and is seen as a role model[…]
Meloni ran as a Christian, a conservative and a patriot

As in France, mainstream conservatives are willing to vote for Meloni and Le Pen now. Nationalists have become the dominant force on the Right in France, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and the U.S.[…]
In this country, it is now mainstream on the Right to oppose legal and illegal immigration and support isolationism and trade protectionism. It is mainstream now to be a nationalist and a populist. It is mainstream now to oppose anti-Whiteism and the Great Replacement. It is even mainstream to be a “Christian nationalist” and to loudly defend White people and their interests[…]
I also want to see more “fascism”

Here in Alabama, we have banned abortion and have already passed “anti-trans” laws[…]
If you are angry with federal, state and local Republicans, you should first check to see what they have been doing rather than assuming that state level Republicans are as bad as the national Republican Party

Hunter Wallace #dunning-kruger occidentaldissent.com

The idea that most people who identify as White Nationalist or Alt-Right or “Dissident Right” or whatever who are pro-White are conservative Republicans. A huge number of them are right-leaning Independents in the Center of the electorate. They are rightwing in the sense of being authoritarian, against political correctness and socially conservative. Their views on economics and their financial circumstances places them to the Left of Conservatives.

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[From "Brit Queen Dies… Not Much to Say"]

Another one bites the dust. I feel the same way when one of America USA’s traitor/coward leading family dies: the Bushes, the Kennedys, the Cheneys, the Romneys, the Doles, now the Clintons

Monarchy, knights, nobles, “Camelot” – I’m confident most American women would vote for a Brad Pitt Lib actor for US President. The POC Meghan Markel is obviously trying to be a Hollywood, anti White Lib celebrity/princess

Here’s a Farstar comic we did that just sums up what happened to not so Merry Old England


spoilerLeft panel, titled "D-Day 1944": German soldier shouting "Stay home Save lives!"
Right panel, titled "D-Day 2020": on the background are rioters holding placards with slogans such as "Fuck white People" and "Free Stuff". A statue of Churchill is vandalised with statements such as "Fascist pig", "Black Lives Matter" and "Racist". WW1 veteran George said to fellow veteran Tom "Hey Tom. You ever think maybe we shoulda listened to that young German corporal?", to which Tom answers "Every day George. Every single day"

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[From "New York Times: Transgender Childhood Is Not a “Trend”"]

I can remember the exact moment when “trans” took off.

It was in the wake of the Obergefell decision in the summer of 2015 when Bruce Jenner reintroduced herself to the public as Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of [i]Vanity Fair[/i][…]Progressives jumped from gay marriage to “trans” which was the next novelty in the culture war. 20,000 different genders were discovered over the last decade and we’re all a bunch of bigots now for “misgendering” people with the wrong made up pronouns
I can also remember the exact moment when systematic racism became the next novelty and took off like a rocket with progressive activists. It was after George Floyd died last summer. From that point on, “racism” became systematic and “equity” became fashionable and “equality” fell out of fashion

None of this garbage has anything to do with morality[…]It is a disease of the degenerate professional classes. The Soviets used to call it “bourgeois decadence.” Modernism was banned in the Soviet Union
It is true though that the Weimar Republic got there in the 1920s. Modernism and gender fluidity began bubbling up in this country in the work of Gertrude Stein via Otto Weininger
From the mind of this Jewish lunatic at the turn of the 20th century sprang the idea of gender fluidity that has now seized control of the Democratic Party[…]Weininger shot himself in the chest and committed suicide. He was mentally ill

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[From "The Second Klan and Modernism"]

In the early 1920s, the Second Klan was on the other side of the culture war between Victorians and Moderns that I have been describing in recent weeks. In fact, the rise of the Second Klan was more about national identity and this cultural and moral breakdown than it was about race.

The Second Klan appealed to Old Americans descended from the founding stock – White Anglo-Saxon Protestants – who lived in small towns and rural areas in the South, Midwest and West and who supported Prohibition and traditional moral values. This is why the Klan is so reviled while gangsters who killed far more people than the Klan ever did are romanticized in shows like Boardwalk Empire.
There really was a culture war and the Klan was on the losing side. Traditional moral values really were under attack by Jews and Modernists.[…]
I’ve seen some people in the comments trying to argue that everything was fine in the Roaring Twenties because of the triumph of immigration restriction in 1921 and 1924, eugenic sterilization laws and segregation. This ignores the fact that the opponents of all these things and of the Second Klan were still rising and gaining ground in this era. Henry Ford, for example, eventually had to suspend publication of The Dearborn Independent because of opposition from Jews. The Second Klan also faced implacable opposition from mainline Protestantism and the media.
There were only a few Jewish academics like Boas in the 1920s and they were already having a deleterious effect. By the 1950s though, the American intelligentsia had become half Jewish.

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[From "FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Slams Apartheid In 1986"]

Joe Biden recently lashed out against “21st century Jim Crow”[…]He seemed to suggest that would be a bad thing
Joe Biden and progressive activists led the charge against apartheid in South Africa. “Democracy” required South Africans to submit to the ANC and follow in the footsteps of Zimbabwe and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa[…]It was “racism” and “white supremacy” to doubt that it would all work out because blacks have been oppressed by systematic racism and actually have the same capacity for self government as everyone else

Joe Biden and his ilk got their way in Zimbabwe and South Africa[…]Pretty much all of the things that are now happening in this country today under Joe Biden were pioneered in post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa. We have vicious racial attacks on Whites. We have the same cynical exploitation of White guilt[…]We have the same Africanizing of the country and erosion in First World standards. We have “equity” now like in Zimbabwe and South Africa where the evil White man’s civilization has been in precipitous decline
South Africa and Zimbabwe show that “equality” doesn’t necessarily mean going up together[…]It usually means going down to the lowest common denominator[…]Dragging life for everyone who ISN’T black down to their level and staying there. Joe Biden got rid of that morally repulsive regime in South Africa and obliterated the evil civilization that had been created there

Are we going to allow him to repeat that experiment in this country?

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[From "The Course of White Advocacy"]

Jason Kessler would like to debate me about White advocacy

Specifically, the issues that he wants to debate are 1.) whether criticizing Jews should be at the forefront of White advocacy and 2.) whether White advocates should abstain from public activism. This strikes me as a weird set of issues, but I am looking forward to humoring Kessler on this next year

As an activist, I have attended a lot of public events over the course of the last ten years. I can’t think of a single one that was about the Jewish Question. In fact, every single rally or event that I ever attended as a League of the South activist was about some other issue: Southern demographic displacement, immigration, state sovereignty, anti-communism, amnesty for illegal aliens, black crime, civil liberties, secession, protecting Southern jobs, Confederate monuments, gay marriage. We’ve also done hurricane relief in Florida, but there haven’t been any events which I have attended including Unite the Right which were about Jews. There are people who have attended these events who are aware of Jews

It seems that Jason Kessler would rather have us not talk about Jews. He seems irritated by the fact that I noted that the ADL was suing the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers over January 6th on the basis of another Charlottesville-style conspiracy theory
Even if we ignored or tried to appease the elephant in the room, the Jews aren’t going to ignore us and leave us alone
The Jewish Question is taking longer than other issues we talk about to go mainstream, but it is slowly but surely happening
Insofar as we engage in public activism, it should be low cost and a net benefit, not a detriment, to our cause. It should also be more mindful of political realities like the political climate inside shitlib cities like Charlottesville

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[From "Belarus Has The Most Based President On Earth"]

I’m thankful for a lot of things in life

Joe Biden and liberal democracy are not among them

In this country, we are dominated by Jewish oligarchs and PMCs who live in the big metropolitan areas on the coasts. This class of people have been wisely wiped out in Belarus

Al Jazeera

“What helped him fight the largely urban dissidents was the cohort of police and intelligence officers mainly recruited from villagers who enjoy a higher-than-average salary, Mitrokhin said
Under Lukashenko, Belarus remained a mini-USSR preserved in amber, and his rule rested on three cornerstones, observers say

First, he scrupulously controlled the economy by preserving the Soviet-era collective farms, state-run plants processing discounted Russian crude, manufacturing machinery and fertiliser. The control prevented the emergence of billionaire oligarchs whose money and connections played an outsized role in Russia and Ukraine

Secondly, he did his best to slow down the formation of the middle class – affluent, pro-Western and some of his greatest critics

When this nascent middle class rose against him during last year’s protests, he forced hundreds of thousands to flee for Ukraine and the EU

Thirdly, he created a symbiotic political alliance with the Kremlin

Trump deferred to the Jewish oligarchs

He delegated power to Jared Kushner and his friends from Manhattan. He staffed the government with a bunch of his sworn enemies. He deferred to the Republican Congress and embraced their agenda. The people who governed on behalf of Trump had no resemblance to Trump voters

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[From "The Moderns"]

I’ve been a White Nationalist, a Southern Nationalist, Alt-Right.
In the course of my research and activism, I began to notice something:

•First, the proposed solutions tend to fall into either the generic “mainstreaming” or “vanguardist” strategies neither of which have ever worked and which I do not believe ever will work.
•Second, the normal person is self absorbed and seems inwardly dead. They do not respond to appeals to collective self interest. Showing the flag doesn’t work.
•Third, far too many people in our circles are focused on the wrong time period like the War Between the States. The post-World War II era is our era.

The American South was Southern until the 1940s. We may have lost our independence to the Damn Yankees, but we were still very much a people in the Jim Crow South. We had a strong identity and a rich culture.[…]

The Yankees had a point about the South being backwards. This process was much more advanced in the North and West. It wasn’t confined to the South. It wasn’t confined to the United States. There were parallel developments in all Western countries. The details differed but not the overall trend toward a loss of identity, cultural cohesion and degeneration. What was the cause of this?[…]

Over the course of the next year, I want to explore the genealogy of the “mainstream.” What is the “mainstream”? Where did it originate? How did it triumph?[…]

The 20th century was the Age of Modernism which hasn’t yet ended in our own times. It grew out of intellectual and cultural developments in the 19th century. It was in many ways a repudiation of the 19th century and particularly of the values of its middle class. It was a rejection of “the masses.” As far as I can tell, this is a story which has never been told in our circles. It certainly isn’t understood.

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[From "Antony Blinken Authorizes U.S. Embassies To Fly The LGBTQ Flag"]

In my view, the Biden administration should just fly the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ flags. It would be a more accurate reflection of the true beliefs and values of the political establishment and their degenerate global neoliberal empire. It is not like these people represent or even like their own country.

New York Post

“Secretary of State Tony Blinken has authorized US diplomatic missions to fly the LGBTQ pride flag on the same pole as the American flag at embassies and consulates, a department official confirmed to The Post Friday.


The Chinese laughed in Blinken’s face and told him he was weak. He responded by hoisting the Baizou flag.

Hunter Wallace and ATBOTL #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "American Racial Decline and Modernism"]

I’m bumping up my response to ATBOTL from the comments who raises some good points:

“American radical abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison and Charles Sumner were openly anti-white in the current sense long before modernists had any influence anywhere or even existed. Most significantly, they a huge following among average, non-elite middle class whites in the North going back to the 1820’s. There was a mass movement of anti-white politics in the American North, based around liberal Puritan, Quaker and Methodist preachers that began to shift our culture in an anti-white direction even when many of the Founders were still alive.”

We’ve discussed this to death for years now.

It is true that liberalism existed in the 19th century. It is true that the Second Great Awakening spawned various religious and moral reform movements which were supported by middle class, White evangelical Protestants in Britain and the United States.[…]
Liberalism and Romanticism combined to produce abolitionism. Abolitionist literature focused on the poor, pitiful suffering slave and the cruelty and wickedness of the White master.[…] 19th century Americans argued over slavery and the rights of the negro due to liberalism
Charles Sumner reflected the liberalism of the Black Republicans.
Anglo-American ethnicity was unchallenged in the 19th century. Black Republicans like Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens were liberals who thought that civil rights should be extended to blacks, but they didn’t go beyond that to demonizing and rejecting their own ethnic groups. Americans took great pride in their ethnic heritage until well into the 20th century. It is worth noting that T.S. Eliot became a British subject and Ezra Pound spent World War II supporting Mussolini in Italy. It illustrates how Modernists are so commonly estranged from their own people.

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[From "Republicans Will Always Be The Stupid Party"]

I’ve never met Brion McClanahan

My old friend Bill Cawthon always spoke very highly of him though. For all our differences, I have a lot more in common ideologically with McClanahan than Matt Heimbach or Richard Spencer. This rant about the new Bret Baier book and conservative liberalism is ground that I have covered a thousand times here

I’ve always been of the view that the pro-South movement in all of its various forms – this includes the SCV and the Abbeville Institute – is incapable of coexisting with “antiracism.” This is why I joined the CofCC and used to mock the Rainbow Confederates. I’m unabashedly pro-White and pro-South. This has been my consistent position for twenty years now

Is anyone still stupid enough to believe the “Heritage Not Hate” slogan which Boomers thought was so clever a decade or two ago? I haven’t gone on Facebook in years. I don’t see how anyone can still possibly believe that “antiracism” ISN’T poison after the events of the last five years. It is like being a pro-free enterprise communist

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[From "Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Lawsuit"]

Don’t get too blackpilled, bros

BLM has peaked and crashed in popularity

#MeToo has peaked and just suffered a devastating defeat

The Great Replacement has gone mainstream

Twitter is about to fall under the control of Elon Musk and become a siege engine of “misinformation” in the culture war

The Wokelash is sending the “permanent progressive majority” into the dustbin of history

Roe v. Wade is about to be struck down by the Supreme Court

Margaret Atwood is saying [i]The Handmaid’s Tale[/i] is coming true. The ideology of Gilead is going mainstream

If you look at that SPLC poll, young men are rejecting feminism. The “New Woman” made her debut a century ago. The culture could easily start trending in the opposite direction

Hunter Wallace #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From “Can Republicans Maintain a Conservative-Populist Alliance?”]

Henry Olsen thinks a conservative-populist alliance is durable.
Here is what I would say in response:

•I would distinguish between social conservatives and business conservatives. The True Cons crowd which lives in the wealthy suburbs voted for Joe Biden and Republicans down ballot in 2020. They are going to continue to peel away in future elections because ultimately they care more about virtue signaling and their modernist and cosmopolitan values than any policy preference. After Trump catered to them for four years and gave them massive tax cuts, deregulation, military spending and their libertarian judges, they still voted for Joe Biden.
•As these former Republican establishment voters shift to the Democrats, Trump and the Republicans will inevitably be forced to compensate by winning over a greater share of working class voters toward the Center on the other side of the Republican coalition. The party will have to become more populist than it is today to stay viable.
•White racial attitudes are significantly harder in 2021 than in 2017 after everything that has happened since the George Floyd riots and the political, corporate and cultural establishment embracing the new definition of antiracism.
•The policy agenda cannot remain the same in light of the resorting of the electorate.

In four years, I think we will look back on the 2016-2024 period as a transition period. The Democrats are being gentrified like Washington, DC and are becoming the party of woke professionals.

Hunter Wallace #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "“Civil Rights Icon” John Lewis Is Finally Dead"]

John Lewis is dead.

By the way the media has reacted, you would think one of the Apostles had just passed away. Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington calls him “justice in the flesh.” Joe Biden says “we are all made in the image of God, and then there is John Lewis.” Stacey Abrams calls him “a griot of this modern age.” Elizabeth Warren calls him a “giant” and a “moral compass.” The New York Times calls him “a human saint.”

For what is John Lewis deserving of such lavish praise? It is not for his accomplishments during the 33 years he served in Congress representing Atlanta. It is for one thing. It is for leading a mob in a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL on March 7, 1965. After being ordered to disperse, John Lewis refused to do so and the mob was repulsed by Alabama State Troopers. The event was labeled “Bloody Sunday” by the media. It became part of the narrative of the Civil Rights Movement. It made John Lewis a “civil rights icon” and was a key event that led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

In this sacred narrative, John Lewis was transformed from a mere human being made in the image of God into a saint and a civil rights martyr who advanced the cause of “equality,” “justice” and “progress” through civil disobedience against state and local authorities. The Edmund Pettus Bridge became a symbol. Religious pilgrims from across the world trickle into Selma to this day to see the relic which has become a modern equivalent of a Medieval shrine. Selma ceased to be a city in Alabama were people live and work and took on national significance. In 2014, the movie Selma was released which glorified MLK and John Lewis. The film was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards.

In my lifetime, I knew Rep. John Lewis mainly as a civil rights dinosaur who was a throwback to another era who was fond of calling Trump a racist and illegitimate president. I also knew him for coming back to Selma every year for the holy pilgrimage in which he would reenact his march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge that made him famous. Every year in early March out of state progressive liberal politicians like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and the media would parachute into Selma for a photo op on the bridge before leaving town and coming back a year later to reenact the same cynical ritual. By marching across the magic bridge, even the Rev. Al Sharptons of the world became righteous and holy.

There is another darker side of the legacy of John Lewis. Selma and the surrounding region never really ceased to be a place where people live and work after 1965. It just ceased to matter in anything but the symbolic sense to the media. After John Lewis left town, the cameras left, the marching stopped and civil rights legislation was signed into law, the people who lived in Selma and the Alabama Black Belt had to go on living under the new order. Black majority rule came to “Historic Selma.” History moved on and in the 55 years that have elapsed since “Bloody Sunday” the practical result has been that Selma has become the poorest city in Alabama and the ninth poorest city in the entire United States.

This symbol of “equality” is now one of the worst and most unequal places to live in the country. This symbol of “justice” is now unjust to anyone unfortunate enough to be born there. This symbol of “progress” is a blighted and abandoned television prop. The Voting Rights Act succeeded in establishing black majority rule. In doing so, it obliterated civilization because Whites didn’t want to live there anymore or invest in the community. As for “Bloody Sunday,” no one died on that day, but now Selma is the most dangerous city in Alabama and one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

In Game of Thrones series, The Doom of Valyria destroyed Valyrian civilization. Go to Selma in 2020 and you will see that John Lewis brought a similar Doom which has settled like a black cloud above the city. Selma is now a cursed place which is sinking into ruin and slowly being reclaimed by the wilderness. It is an American version of Pompeii that was destroyed by the Civil Rights Movement.