Bloodthirsty, psychopathic and serial-killer-esque quotes

ChattyGremlin #sexist #elitist #psycho ovarit.com

In my silly utopia-dream, all men are castrated at birth! If they would like to have their testicles back, they have to have a minimum of a college degree, a six-figure job, no criminal background, a driver's license, a perfect grade on a year-long parenting course, and the consent of a psychotherapist who has seen them for at least two years, the consent of their mother, and the consent of a female partner who the man has been with consistently for at least four years. Paradise!

Timothy, Tina, and Damian #fundie #psycho raresimple.com

Per reports, both parents, 48-year-old Timothy and 35-year-old Tina were appointed by the court to serve as guardians for the 7-year-old boy Ethan…
Ethan was one part of a set of twins. Although both twins were ordered to memorize verses from the Bible, Ethan was the one who suffered the most from his family’s punishments.

After Tina and Timothy realized that Ethan had not done as they had asked, they reportedly killed him, according to reports related to the boy’s untimely death. Timothy led the punishment. He ordered the little boy to pick up a large wooden log and carry it around the family’s property for hours as a punishment for failing to memorize passages from the Bible. The family had a path around their property and used it as a way to punish Ethan when he did not do his Christian duty of memorizing parts of the Bible after he was told to do so. The log that Ethan was expected to carry weighed as much as forty-four pounds, which was much heavier than the little boy was able to carry by himself.

Timothy may have been the one to dole out the punishment, but he made Ethan’s fifteen-year-old brother Damian supervise the punishment. Damian followed Timothy’s orders and would kick and hit Ethan when he slowed down or otherwise could not complete the task of carrying the heavy log around the family property. Sometimes Damian would stand on Ethan’s back and push his face into the icy ground. Another report suggested that the fifteen-year-old enforcer also rolled the log across Ethan’s chest to make him suffer more. During one punishment, Damian ordered Ethan to hide his body in a massive pile of snow. Ethan did as his older brother ordered, but he passed away only a few minutes later from hypothermia because the temperatures were so low.

In addition to battling the frigid elements, Ethan also suffered blunt force trauma to his head, chest, and abdomen, which did not help him at all. When the police interviewed Damian, he denied everything. However, he did confess to being the one who buried Ethan in the snow. He explained that the burial was part of a punishment for Ethan after he failed to memorize thirteen Bible verses. As part of his punishment, Ethan was ordered to carry the heavy log around the family property for two hours.

Vladimir Solovyov #wingnut #psycho twitter.com

War is a much more natural state for man than peace is. It sounds awful, it sounds sad. “No, no, no. What are you talking about?” Stop saying that. It’s for that very reason that when blokes end up at war, however strange it sounds, they suddenly recognize that this is their destiny. War turns out to be so much more natural for a human being that everybody can find a place for themselves in the ranks and begins to live this war. And however strange and horrifying it sounds, ven to feel comfortable.

Malakai Wheeler #racist #wingnut #psycho antisemitism.org

A teenager from Swindon who promoted antisemitic and racist views has been convicted of terror offences.

Yesterday, after a two-week trial, Malakai Wheeler, 18, was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of six offences relating to the possession and dissemination of terrorist material

Mr Wheeler was arrested in 2021 following an investigation, which was conducted by Counter Terrorism Policing North East, into users in a Telegram group whom police suspected to be sharing extreme far-right content

Following his arrest, police found the Terrorist Handbook in Mr Wheeler’s bedroom. The Terrorist Handbook is a publication which instructs readers on how to make bombs and other explosives

Mr Wheeler was found to be frequently sharing material in the chat, including antisemitic content and instructions on how to make explosives

The defendant said in court that he had downloaded the explosives instructions as they would be useful should there be a case of “social disorder”

He added: “Weapons could be useful if there was a serious emergency. Covid showed things could come out of the blue. It could be an economic problem or a foreign invasion, things can just pop out of nowhere”

Mr Wheeler told the court that he downloaded material with the intent to make an archive if the documents were deleted from Telegram. He also said that he had obtained videos, which show people being murdered, from ISIS out of “morbid curiosity”

The court heard that the defendant was interested in Nazism and anti-Zionism. Mr Wheeler also told the court that he had a swastika as part of his profile picture on Telegram and admitted to being in a photograph whilst doing a Nazi salute in a skull mask

Nick Fuentes #racist #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Fuentes’ unabashed racism and his love for murderous tyrants who use the power of the state to brutalize and imprison their perceived enemies was on full display during a recent livestream broadcast in which he longed to see China invade New York City, start killing Black people, and send them to concentration camps

“What if China took over New York City?” Fuentes fantasized. “Wouldn’t that be awesome? Wouldn’t we support that?”

“What if we had Chinese soldiers on every corner and if Black person started spazzing out, they took a sword out and cut his hands off … and then they cut his head off,” he continued. “What if that happened? That would be awesome!”

“China would do a better job running our country than we do,” Fuentes stated. “What if they did to Harlem and the south side of Chicago what they’re doing to Xinjiang to the Uyghurs? Is that not ideal?”

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Just because you have Indictments on someone it differently don't mean there Guilty , Also the US government tried to Impeach trump and failed this is why He is not a criminal , once The US government gets involved they can gather so much evidence and they have unlimited money and time to charge Trump and what happened 0 nothing so every Indictment only proves Trump is no the criminal. In fact by Law you cant keep charging the same crime on the same person and get away with it when it don't hold up in court its a fact that its 100% fact that Biden and Fbi, Doj even IRS have now committed Crimes and they are so showy that 4 Indictments all fail and this is alot like quad jeopardy bytw this attack on trump will also create a new law that to indictment 4 times on a person with all the same charges will no longer be allowed in the future all this is creating is a black whole that demarcates well i don't call Biden a demarcate any more and the entire demarcate party has become 100% a banana acratic zoo , fact is democrats will all be removed from power and office and be purged , not even joking i dont want and no one thats a real person wants a new Venezuela or a new version of mexico or russa or even a china , there is a massive reason why Aberham Licon was a republican he had the for sight to see how corrupted democrats can become. True Heros died to save humanity and now we have a crazy white house and senate, civil war will start soon the dominos are falling and no republicans is not the problem but now i know a 1 party system and a 2 party system will never work for the future of The USA, there needs top be a purge of all sick minded senators and and future demarcate

Andrew Anglin #sexist #racist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From "Woman in a Coma Since She was 3 Delivers Healthy Baby After Black Takes Advantage of Unused Womb"]

I’ve been talking for a long time about various ways to totally remove women from society while men maintain the ability to reproduce

Women – at least when they are conscious and capable of mobility and speech – create far too many problems for society to sustain their presence long-term[…]
If we could build these artificial wombs, then we could simply kill all women outright – potentially in fake shower rooms with electric floors[…]
It turns out there is a much easier solution: simply induce women into comas, then allow men to come in and do their business and come back and pick up the kid 9 months later

The blacks, once again, are on the forefront of technological solutions[…]
If I am elected to Congress next November, I will be introducing a law requiring all women to be put into comas
New York Post

The woman, 29, in a vegetative state for decades, had been unknowingly raped by a male nurse[…]

How much has it cost to keep her alive?[…]
Regardless, you’re looking at millions of dollars being paid by someone to keep this woman alive for literally no reason. It’s only logical that she would be pumping out babies. Even if you are some type of feminist radical and don’t agree with my plan to induce all women into comas, if you’ve got one just laying there, why not use it for reproduction? What is even the argument here?

Of course, it’s unfortunate that a black was the one to impregnate her, because we really don’t need any more black people[…]
If we do this on an industrial scale, and require all women to be put into comas, as my bill proposes, we will be able to keep the costs down, due to economy of scale[…]
I’m sure AOC will make claims like “this is a sexist policy from the patriarchy,” but no one takes her seriously

Dylan Quattrucci #wingnut #psycho nbcnews.com

The No. 2 official in New Hampshire on Donald Trump's presidential campaign told police to kill themselves in an expletive-ridden Jan. 6 video shot close to the U.S. Capitol, according to a recording posted this month by an X account associated with the "Sedition Hunters," a group of online sleuths who have helped authorities identify hundreds of people present that day.

"If you are a police officer and are going to abide by unconstitutional bulls---, I want you to do me a favor right now and go hang yourself, because you’re a piece of s---," Dylan Quattrucci, the deputy state director of Trump's campaign in New Hampshire, says in the video. "Go f--- yourself."

Four officers who responded to the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, later died by suicide. The Justice Department determined this month that one of the officers, Jeffrey Smith, died in the line of duty as part of a process that awards survivor benefits to his widow.

Two people who are familiar with Quattrucci confirmed to NBC News that the man in the video is him. The video shows him wearing the same outfit he was wearing in tweets he posted that day that were first surfaced by WMUR-TV of Manchester.

While the Capitol is in the background behind him, there is no evidence that he entered the building.

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who testified in October at the Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial, praised his former colleagues on Thursday night and called Quattrucci "a failure."

“I hope Dylan Quattrucci will take the time to comprehend that 4 members of Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police Dept did die via suicide and that the efforts to stop the certification of duly elected President Biden failed in part because of their brave heroics,” U.S. Dunn told NBC News in a text message. “You are a failure. Those men will be remembered for service to their country. And you’ll be remembered as the guy in the cheap suit during the failed insurrection.”

John K, Stan Harrison, and hs lafever #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho msn.com

(John K)
@William Moore
Wrong, a true conservative does not call for violence. So anyone that does is not actually a conservative. And in this day of age, it is most likely a misdirect from a leftist activist. And I say leftists because a true liberal also would never call for violence.

(Stan Harrison)
The DNC is the enemy. They are brainwashed, godless, materialistic, Marxist, degenerates who used the vehicle of social welfare and workers rights to place themselves in power only to then subvert and destroy the USA. The DNC has promised lots of things and been in complete control of government twice in 16 years having delivered nothing. The most recent when two democrats took one for the team and crossed the aisle to block any promised payments for the votes.
@Jeffry McFate
We don't need to control the government, we only need control enough to shut it down. We have no problem watching your voters starve.

(hs lafever)
none of the patriots I serve with here at ft wainwright would agree with that. labelling patriots and currently serving members of the military as enemies of the state shows the anti American mindset of the wholly illegitimate democrat soviet party and regime, and its indoctrinated followers.
@N G
to intentionally marginalize a segment of society just because they reject the anti American policies of the wholly illegitimate democrat soviet party and regime shows whom the real enemy of freedom is. Ill stand with the patriots, as will everyone i know here on ft wainwright. to be anti MAGA isnt just anti American, its anti Military as well.
a fight the left will not win
@Michael Whitted
good, democracy is toxic, thats why the founders purposly avoided creating a democracy.
you can not be a patriot while also supporting democracy.
you either stand for the constitutional republic with the patriots, or against the nation and its citizens with toxic democracy.
too bad more citizens do not know their history, theyd be less easily duped by leftists.

Ruby Franke #fundie #psycho npr.org

Ruby Franke, a Utah YouTube star who has spent the last eight years dishing out parenting advice to millions of followers, was arrested Wednesday alongside her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, on suspicion of aggravated child abuse.

Police said Franke's malnourished son escaped out a window with his arms and legs covered in duct tape, fleeing to a neighbor's house seeking food and water.


Franke is a 41-year-old Mormon mother of six from Ivins, Utah. Though active across several social media platform, she's best known for her once-popular YouTube channel, "8 Passengers."


Several other videos also show Franke threatening to take away meals as punishment.

There are also videos of Franke threatening to cut the head off her child's teddy bear, taking away the children's Christmas presents and sending her oldest boy to a behavioral camp where youth spend a minimum of 49 days in the wilderness with little gear.

IGI-111 #wingnut #psycho themotte.org

Of all the boxes, the [ammo box] still hasn't been tried.

What the right should take from analyzing this rationally is that no amount of legal or illegal remedy will ever be enough, submit to the reality that good government requires at minimum a coup, and start plotting effectively.

If the punishment for dissent is the same as insurrection, there is no downside to the latter. And the powers that be know this which is why they immediately started purging the military.

No wistful demonstrations, no standing back and standing by. If any goals are ever to be met, then clearly one needs to start stockpiling weapons, making close connections, weeding out informants, subverting the military and planning for a violent confrontation.

It's either that or run your community away to another country that will protect you.

William Luther Pierce #racist #psycho #sexist #wingnut #dunning-kruger forums.spacebattles.com

Liberalism is an essentially feminine, submissive world view. Perhaps a better adjective than feminine is infantile. It is the world view of men who do not have the moral toughness, the spiritual strength to stand up and do single combat with life, who cannot adjust to the reality that the world is not a huge, pink-and-blue, padded nursery in which the lions lie down with the lambs and everyone lives happily ever after.

Nor should spiritually healthy men of our race even want the world to be like that, if it could be so. That is an alien, essentially Oriental approach to life, the world view of slaves rather than of free men of the West.

But it has permeated our whole society. Even those who do not consciously accept the liberal doctrines have been corrupted by them. Decade after decade the race problem in America has become worse. But the majority of those who wanted a solution, who

wanted to preserve a White America, were never able to screw up the courage to look the obvious solutions in the face.

All the liberals and the Jews had to do was begin screeching about "inhumanity" or "injustice" or "genocide," and most of our people who had been beating around the edges of a solution took to their heels like frightened rabbits. Because there was never a way to solve the race problem which would be "fair for everybody or which everyone concerned could be politely persuaded into accepting without any fuss or unpleasantness, they kept trying to evade it, hoping that it would go away by itself. And the same has been true of the Jewish problem and the immigration problem and the overpopulation problem and the eugenics problem and a thousand related problems.

uglyduckling #psycho #conspiracy #sexist #wingnut incels.is

No change until Rothschild family is killed

Nothing will change and hypergamy will
Continue until the feminist and their supporters are kidnapped and killed.

Going ER will not do anything unless it is done properly.

What do I mean by properly?

By kidnapping targets and killing them and than dissolving their body in acid.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers are all responsible for hypergamy .

They financed the women’s liberation movements and the feminist movements.

You have to kill these people instead of doing random shooting on average people.

Kill billionaires and than you will see things change.

Incels need to turn into a organized crime group.

Going ER on average folks is ineffective and only backfires.

You need to kill those at the top pulling the strings.

Travis Ikeguchi #homophobia #psycho theguardian.com

A 27-year-old man who fatally shot a store owner in California had torn down her Pride flag and shouted homophobic slurs, officials said on Monday.

Laura Ann Carleton, 66, who went by “Lauri”, died at the scene of the shooting on Friday outside her Mag.Pi clothing store in Cedar Glen, an unincorporated community in the mountains roughly 60 miles (100km) east of Los Angeles.

San Bernardino’s county sheriff, Shannon Dicus, identified the shooter as Travis Ikeguchi in a Monday press conference. Ikeguchi fled on foot, and when he was confronted by officers, he opened fire on them and hit multiple squad cars, Dicus said. Sheriff’s deputies fired back and fatally shot Ikeguchi a mile from the store.

Ikeguchi, who lived in Cedar Glen, had a history of posting hateful content online, the sheriff said, adding that his family had reported him missing the day prior. He shot Carleton with a semiautomatic handgun, which was not registered to him, and he did not have a concealed carry license, according to Dicus.

JKH #psycho #fundie cbc.ca

Fundamentalist Baptist father told not to teach hateful beliefs to children
A B.C. judge says a fundamentalist Baptist father who believes homosexuals should be executed shouldn't have any say in the religious upbringing of his children.
The father's parenting time is limited to two hours per week on Monday afternoons at a McDonald's Play Place in the Fraser Valley while AJH sits elsewhere.

JKH asked the court for the ability to bring the children to his home, while the mother asked Mundstock to order that she be given sole responsibility for the religious and spiritual upbringing of the children, aged two, four and five.

Both parents are practicing Christians. AJH said their relationship fell apart when JKH started watching online videos of two American religious leaders known for extreme and hateful views on abortion, homosexuality and the Holocaust.
The father's uncompromising nature also led the judge to reject his application to have the children at his house during his parenting time. JKH admitted that he wouldn't comply with an order prohibiting him from teaching his children the Bible even if the judge made one.

The judge left it to the parents to decide what is best for the children in the meantime.

Saud al-Saadi, Sharif Suleiman and National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq (NCMC) #homophobia #psycho today.lorientlejour.com

A law amendment in Iraq proposes capital punishment for homosexual relations, in what campaigners call a "dangerous" escalation in the country where LGBTQ+ people already face frequent attacks and discrimination

The amendment to a 1988 anti-prostitution law, which passed a first reading in parliament last week, would enable courts to issue "the death penalty or life imprisonment" sentences for "homosexual relations"[…]
Homosexuality, much like other gender issues, remains taboo in Iraq's conservative society, though no existing laws explicitly punish homosexual relations

But members of the LGBTQ+ community have been prosecuted for "sodomy" or under vague morality and anti-prostitution clauses in Iraq's penal code

LGBTQ+ Iraqis have been forced into the shadows, often targeted with "kidnappings, rapes, torture and murders" that go unpunished, according to a 2022 report by Human Rights Watch and the IraQueer non-governmental organization[…]
The amendment was "still under discussion and subject to exchanges of viewpoints," said Saud al-Saadi, a member of the Shiite Muslim party Huquq, the political wing of the powerful Iran-aligned Hezbollah Brigades and part of the ruling coalition

Saadi said a second reading had yet to be scheduled, and argued parliament aims to "fill a legal vacuum."

Lawmaker Sharif Suleiman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party said the proposed legislation reflects "our moral and human values and our fights against abnormal social phenomena"

"We need deterrent laws"[…]
The amendment would also set a minimum seven-year prison term for "promoting homosexuality," according to the text seen by AFP[…]
The national media and communications commission is considering banning Iraq-based publications from using the term "homosexuality," a source at the body said

Instead, media outlets would be advised to use the derogatory term "sexual deviance," according to the source, and the term "gender" would also be banned

Itzik Zarka #racist #wingnut #psycho jta.org

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expelled a prominent activist from his Likud Party after the activist was filmed calling protesters “whores” and saying that he wishes “another six million would burn,” a reference to the Holocaust

The activist, Itzik Zarka, directed the epithets at protesters who were demonstrating on Saturday night against Netanyahu’s effort to weaken the judiciary. Weekly protests have occurred nationwide against the planned judicial overhaul, a key portion of which is set to advance to a final vote in the coming weeks

“You whores, burn in hell, burn in hell,” Zarka screamed at a demonstration near the northern Israeli city of Beit Shean. “It’s not for nothing that six million went. I’m proud, I’m proud. I wish another six million would burn”

His comments, which were condemned by a wide range of senior Likud politicians, were a crude allusion to a perceived ethnic split in Israel between supporters and opponents of the judicial overhaul[…]
The vast majority of the country’s founding left-wing elite was Ashkenazi, or Jews of European descent, and enacted discriminatory policies that disadvantaged Mizrahim, or Jews of Middle Eastern descent, particularly in the country’s early decades. Correspondingly, Mizrahi voters have long formed a key part of the right-wing Likud’s base, while the core of the country’s shrinking left has historically been Ashkenazi

Some supporters of the overhaul say that the Supreme Court is a holdout of an upper-class Ashkenazi elite[…]
On his Facebook account, which features a photo of him kissing Netanyahu on the cheek, Zarka has repeatedly apologized for what he called his “terrible words.” He wrote that he was accosted by protesters, that his words were taken out of context and that he is a descendant of a Holocaust survivor

Abigail Jo Shry #psycho #racist apnews.com

“You are in our sights, we want to kill you, If Trump doesn’t get elected in 2024, we are coming to kill you.”

Texas woman arrested and charged with threatening to kill Judge Tanya Chutkan, overseeing Trump’s case in Washington DC, throwing in a racist term just for flavor.
Oh, and she wants to kill a congresswoman, too.

Pritesh Hathalia #fundie #psycho dailymail.co.uk

Article text: At first sight, it appears to be a child's attempt at illustrating a terrible nightmare.

But what makes this image so horrifying is that it was a violent fantasy, inspired by the 18-rated horror movie Halloween, and that the ten-year-old artist was close to committing a deadly act of his own in real life.

Jon Venables drew the stick-men style picture weeks before he and Robert Thompson abducted and murdered James Bulger in 1993.

Comment: "since coming to your country I have seen this again and again, the Britsh people are weak innit and so is their justice system. I'n my country this boy would be lynched by the local residents from a peepil tree. You people could learn alot from a more civilised nation like India"

Anna Perez and Elijah Schaffer #wingnut #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Right-wing commentator Anna Perez reacted to the latest indictment of former President Donald Trump—this time for his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election—by suggesting that an armed uprising and revolution is the only proper response[…]
She was being interviewed Wednesday night by Elijah Schaffer, an equally bigoted broadcaster who used to host a program on The Blaze network until he was fired for reportedly drunkenly groping a female colleague, about Trump’s latest indictment, which Schaffer proclaimed to be “tyranny”

Perez agreed and suggested that the proper response is to take up arms

“Here’s the reality,” Perez said. “The [America] Revolution was an insurrection. What else would it be? What happened is people stood up against the tyrants that were basically controlling their every move. … They were living under absolute tyranny, and what did they decide to do? They decided to take up arms against the government. They formed militias in their communities, and they took up arms against the most powerful military in the world”

“Are we not living under very similar circumstances here in America?” she asked. “Does this not call for the same, if not a similar response, to that situation? Why else would we have a Second Amendment? They specifically put the Second Amendment in there because we didn’t ever want to have to come to this point, to be quite honest”

“I’m not calling for violence,” Perez unconvincingly insisted while simultaneously declaring that the American people must “realize that there is a Second Amendment for a reason”

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #elitist #racist #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Worthless corrupt cops turn out to get funding after all"]

Years after municipal governments started living by the principles of #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfuckas, the resulting wave in crime and disorderly vagrants plaguing every corner of the metropolis have resulted in even an extreme leftist Edmonton City Council choosing to fund the police[…]
While the public is getting ever sicker of homeless bums causing vandalism and violence and societal decay in their wake, EPS is notoriously not interested in doing anything[…]
Precious leftwing governments in Ottawa have been responsible for the biggest cause of violence on the streets of Edmonton: worthless scumbags from shithole countries who should have been pelted with bullets when they tried to cross the border[…]
Back to Gerein and his "root causes", his reference to social workers of course doesn't talk about darkies in gangs shooting each other on our streets[…]
Homelessness[…]filling an ecological niche of sorts. Homeless will collect and spawn in accordance with the amount of food available, and the degree of predators to ween them out and/or scare them away. So has the City of Edmonton taken steps to cause the benefit to being homeless to increase?[…]
That's before we look at how the Red Indians who make up the vast majority of the homeless are constantly being thrown buckets of money which, thanks to the loss of the excellent Residential School system, they don't have the education (and never had the IQ) to spend it on anything but the kind of stuff that requires first responders to carry naloxone[…]
We could solve the homeless population pretty quickly, and that's before you sign onto my excellent poisoned pizza idea. We could stop supporting them[…]
In the meantime, we give them something to lose. Their life. And we shouldn't be feeling too bad about it, they are basically trying to commit suicide daily and we keep stopping them

various commenters #wingnut #racist #fundie #psycho gab.com

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )

( @sjkbent )
@BlackScorpionNationalists Jesus made it clear they are the children of the devil that's all I need to know to know they are sheer evil.

( @BoLoe )
@BlackScorpionNationalists the Babylonian Talmud Jesus called them children of the devil

( @Yourfullofshit )
@BlackScorpionNationalists Who can argue with that, history and the present is on his arguments side

( @Yourfullofshit )
@BlackScorpionNationalists Who can argue with that, history and the present is on his arguments side

( @boughum2255 )
@BlackScorpionNationalists Sounds llike 1937 Nazi Germany ! Blame the Jews for everything

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
@boughum2255 That's because the Jews are responsible for everything.

( @TheArchduke )
@boughum2255 @BlackScorpionNationalists I’m sure it’s all just a Cohencidence.

( @echoes )
@boughum2255 Sounds like a zionist rat.

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
@boughum2255 @BlackScorpionNationalists Normally I would've agreed, until I started doing history research on Weimar Germany before the rise of Hitler. Everything wrong and debauched going on in the West is exactly what happened in Germany. The Establishment tells the youth the Nazis burned books, but never tell you which ones. Yeah, it is inevitable that the West will eventually turn to military leaders to stop this evil from further destroying us.

( @Hbomb )
@boughum2255 @BlackScorpionNationalists For everything they did and keeping doing, wake up goy!

dillwinkle & TheMagistrate248 #wingnut #psycho openweb.com

[In response to a news article about an AI app that suggests recipes based on what people have in their kitchen. Some people have been entering non-food items into the app to come up with recipes that are unpalatable or even dangerous.]

Democrats have a new recipe application out now. All recipes require mixing in compressed soy protein with dried cricket powder.

And I'd like to invite them to my house so they can try and make me eat that. I'll have EMT's waiting because the only reason I'd invite Democrats to my house is so I can hurt them. . . . A lot.

Indracel #psycho #sexist incels.is

Western women reserve access to their meatholes for the exclusive usage of white men. Deathnics can’t compete since our ancestors could only reproduce through rape and encountered no sexual selection to enhance our appearance. It’s racist to enforce rape laws equally for both whites and nonwhites because nonwhites are inherently disadvantaged in consensual courtship. W*men who disagree are racist.

UNSCJohn-117 #wingnut #racist #sexist #conspiracy #psycho deviantart.com

The Soviet Union was more a nationalist country then a communist nation after WW2 because they focused more on tribalism and the family element in Russia just like the National Socialists in Germany as they believed in there own race and nation instead of this multiculturalism and egalitarianism shoved down our throats here in the White Western World which is why the United States and Western Europe are decaying and falling to this white genocide campaign by the Liberal Globalist Establishment. This man Kyle when it was said his people supported the Soviet Union it was more of a sense of pride and nationalism now that he become a Russian Women he is now apart of a homogeneous society to produce children for her country which is the most important job in any society as the preservation of one's race is what preserves there civilization. I mean today in the world the White Birth Rates have dropped so significantly because of this consumerist propaganda that focuses on self-indulgences and the burdens of producing children which makes most White people lazy to have children I'm glad this man is now finally has a purpose to produce children for her nation now I mean in the United States and Europe because of this Consumerist Propaganda its making us weaker and in most cases making the men more feminine as were losing our masculinity through this stifling of our men so that they don't become strong masculine white people but weak and frail feminine men so in general there turning the men into women and the women into men promoting masculinity in them so they won't adopt natural feminine traits or stay home and produce children but take on full time careers except the thing is Men don't bear children only women can and its impossible to do that when there at work instead of home. So In general I'm glad that this caption was made as finally this man has a purpose to produce children for our people and I wish this could happen to all the feminine males in the country so that could be doing the same thing this young lady is doing being a proud, patriot, and loyal wife to her husband producing children for her race and nation so that our own people can continue existing instead of being bred out of existence like what's happening in the West so our hope lies in the East and we as Western European must follow there example or else we perish.

Unidentified shooter #homophobia #psycho abc7.com

LAKE ARROWHEAD (KABC) -- A beloved store owner in Lake Arrowhead was shot and killed during a dispute over a Pride flag, officials say.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. Friday at the Mag Pi clothing store on Hook Creek Road in Cedar Glen.

When deputies arrived, they found 66-year-old Laura Ann Carleton with a gunshot wound. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, the suspect, who has not been identified, "made several disparaging remarks about a rainbow flag that stood outside the store before shooting Carleton."

Deputies found the suspect near Torrey and Rause Rancho Roads, armed with a handgun.

"When deputies attempted to contact the suspect, a lethal force encounter occurred and the suspect was pronounced deceased," read an update from the sheriff's department. No deputies were injured.

The Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ spoke out about the shooting, saying though Carleton didn't identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she spent her time helping and advocating for everyone in the community.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #wingnut #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "The "C" in "CISN" stands for cuck"]

Remember when Jason Aldean came to Edmonton and it was a huge deal?[…]He's been a big deal in country music for about a decade now, and of course he was the act that was playing the Route 91 Harvest festival when Stephen Paddock shot the place up for reasons nobody ever really got that interested in discovering

Of course, many of you may only know him from the fact that a few weeks back one of his songs has been denounced as horribly racist

The song was released in May, though controversy was reignited when the country artist released the accompanying music video this month[…]

You might note that the article in question was from CISN 103.9, Edmonton's long-running country music FM station. When the Aldean story broke and the song climbed to the top of the charts, one of the first things I checked was CISN's recent playlist[…]
Not a single Jason Aldean song had been on their playlist[…]
I checked again yesterday and while there are actual Jason Aldean songs playing again, "Try That in a Small Town" is still not one of them[…]
This is CISN cowardly hiding from morons arguing in bad faith. The correct answer when somebody whines to you that "this song is racist" is "what did you say you retarded nigger? I can't hear you over this awesome† tune"

†It's worth noting you do this even if, as is the case here, the song isn't actually all that good. It's a Danish cartoon issue at this point: you play it loud if for no other reason than you're being instructed not to play it at all

There is only one acceptable thing to do in this situation: go to the CISN studio and try to murder the inhabitants with fire

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[From "Bosnian Bodybuilder Livestreams Murder of Ex-Wife, Murder Spree While Being Chased by Cops"]

Bitches think it’s a game

Then shit gets real

New York Post

A Bosnian bodybuilder live-streamed the brutal murder of his ex-wife on Instagram Friday — before going on a shooting rampage that ended with his suicide

Nermin Sulejmanovic, 35, filmed at least three videos documenting the violent spree that left three innocent people dead and three more injured in the northeastern town of Gradacac[…]
He then turns the camera to his ex-wife, whose face is bloodied and disfigured from injuries, local outlet Telegraf reported


That’s the face you make when “shit just got real”[…]
At time of writing, 4chan has links to the video, if anyone wants to see it. I’m not gonna watch it, personally. But maybe I’m just getting old

For the record, the guy is both on steroids and a Moslem

I’m not going to blame any man for beating and murdering his wife who was a whore and presumably trying to steal his kids while she was going around having sex with other men. I don’t support it and I don’t endorse murder, but I really do understand why a man would do that

But killing random people on the street?


I mean, if you were seriously going to go out in this manner, you would think you would find her boyfriend/boyfriends and get them, rather than random people. But yeah, I mean. Bosniacs


At the very least, stories like this should be blasted all over the media, like “BITCH BETTER WATCH IT – SOME DUDES OUT THERE AIN’T PLAYING”

Somehow, the media is focusing on “violence against women,” despite the fact that the bitch clearly deserved it and the guy also killed randos on the street who definitely did not deserve it

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In the wake of[…]Trump’s loss[…], the “Elijah Streams” program has become increasingly focused on promoting far-right conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed “prophets”[…]
Tuesday, Enlow served as a guest host on “Elijah Steams,” where he interviewed Amanda and Henry Hastings, who run a biblically based tactical weapons training program called Shoot, Move, Communicate. Henry Hastings is a former special forces commander[…]“supernatural encounter” in which God reportedly told him to start training up “modern-day Minutemen”—emphasis on “men”[…]
“Jesus certainly wasn’t a pacifist,” Hastings said. “If you go to the Book of Revelation and you really get to know who the Lord is, he’s definitely not an anti-war pacifist at all”[…]
Hastings then claimed that the Constitution and Bill of Rights place “supreme authority” in the local sheriff who has the power to establish militias under the Second Amendment to remove “domestic enemies” from office[…]
“When we have elections where people have not been legally or lawfully elected, we have domestic enemies in office and our Constitution gives us the authority to remove them”

Hastings warned that the nation is heading to another Lexington[…]
Hastings later read a prophecy from the non-canonical Book of Enoch to proclaim that “the kings and the powerful ones will perish and will be surrendered into the hands of the righteous and the holy”[…]
“These wicked people who have dug a pit for the Lord’s anointed; I’m going to name them right now: Fani Willis, Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, Merrick Garland, Adam Schiff, and soon to be Katie Hobbs if the state of Arizona files an indictment against the Lord’s anointed. I am telling you, every single one of them will fall into the ditch that they have made, they will fall into the pit that they have dug unless they repent, but time’s running out for their repentance”

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Two teachers in eastern Germany tried to counter the far-right activities of students at their small town high school. They counseled bullies who threatened to beat up immigrant classmates. They gave more lessons about their country’s Nazi past. They invited in a Black rapper to talk about mutual respect

None of it helped. In desperation, Laura Nickel and Max Teske wrote a public letter in which they described an atmosphere of intimidation at Mina Witkojc School in Burg. They reported students greeting each other with the Nazi salute, scratching swastikas on their desks and playing music with racist lyrics in the hallways

“Teachers and students who openly fight against far-right students and teachers fear for their safety,” the two said in the letter they sent to local newspapers. “The problem has to be recognized and openly fought. Schools should be places free of fear, full of open-mindedness and safety for everyone and cannot provide a home for the enemies of democracy”

Even so, Nickel, who taught English and history at the high school, and Teske, a math and geography teacher, were unprepared for the backlash[…]A letter from an anonymous group of parents demanded their dismissals. Stickers with their pictures and the caption “Piss off to Berlin” plastered light poles near campus. On social media, someone declared a desire to “hunt them down”

Further disheartened by what they say was a lack of support from colleagues, the principal and local administrators, Nickel and Teske announced when the academic year ended two weeks ago that they were leaving[…]
“Far-right extremist statements, actions, slogans, homophobia and sexism were and are the order of the day at this school”[…]
After the teachers announced their withdrawal from Burg, the head of the AfD chapter in Cottbus [Jean-Pascal Hohm], Brandenburg state’s second-largest city, cheered on Twitter that Teske, whom he called a “leftist radical informer,” and his “accomplice” were gone

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AMMAN, Jordan—Two opposing internet counter-cultures defined by their unswerving allegiance to tradition, misogyny, bigotry, and homophobia have converged around an unlikely allying force: the Taliban.

The akh-right has been celebrating the wins of the “CHADLIBAN”—a combination of the alpha male ethos “Chad” and the Taliban. The Chadliban memes often feature images of Taliban fighters next to men in U.S. military uniforms wearing women’s shoes, underneath the line “barefoot mountain-[n----r] vs strongest most advanced army in the world in high heels.” A defining feature of both the alt-right and akh-right is overt racism, and the use of the n-word to describe allies, enemies, and the use of it in posts, memes, and comments.
It is the concept of tradition that underpins both Islamist and alt-right support for the Taliban on Twitter. Like alt-Islamists who celebrate the Taliban’s “traditions,” including shariah, the alt-right is also drawn to the group because of its stances on women. The support for a diminished role of women in public similarly bleeds over into Incel circles on Twitter, who then take it even further to an outright hatred of women.
While the Groypers adopt much of the Taliban’s ethos, other alt-right movements such as the American Populist Union—a Gen Z splinter group of the America First movement—was dealing with its own splinter faction: the American Populist Union Chads. That faction is responsible for setting up a fake news outlet on Twitter dubbed “Real Taliban News,” which used the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan as an opportunity to target the U.S. government, Joe Biden, top military brass, and the LBGTQ+ community.

The account went one step further than others though—tweeting in broken Pashto.

One of its posts featured side-by-side portraits of a skinny white kid taking a selfie next to a pair of Taliban members laughing at a question about women’s rights (lifted from a recent Vice documentary) with the phrase “American men and Afghan men. We are not the same.” It denigrated Joe Biden in Pashto as not a “leader, but a dreaded dog.”

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I'm nearly 35 and I've been banging the shit out of what is probably one of the hottest 16 year olds in the world for nearly 9 months. In fact, the first time I got her into bed was on her 16th birthday. Am I a degenerate?

Most likely. I realize it's a minority position here, but I think adult men should generally prefer adult women. I get that teens can be hot, but that's pretty much where the attraction ends.

I like all kinds of females. My neighbour has two incredibly gorgeous daughters who will be head turners in a year or so and they are only 12. I spent an amazing weekend in Phoenix making a 39 year old redhead scream while she was at the same hotel on business and I've taken my 49 year old lab manager to bed on more than one occasion.

As long as she's well into puberty or nor fully menopausal, I'll find a female attractive.

Why are blacks called African Americans?

I still call them negros, or isajeeps. The term "african american" just sounds plain stupid

12 year old girl speaks against abortion, and she does it well.

From the looks of this little trollop, she hasn't even hit puberty yet, let alone know what a dick feels like. She hasn't the slightest fucking idea what she is talking about.

On a somewhat related note, I don't consider a human to be a human until they have achieved sentience, so if you want to abort fetuses, have at it. Not sentient = not human.

I'll gladly give her a half cooked grenade.

And a coat hanger so she can give herself that abortion she hates so very much when she gets pregnant to her 35 year old boyfriend a year from now.

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[From "SF is Dying and LA is Next"]

The store looting community have migrated from San Francisco to Los Angeles:

Dozens of thieves ransacked the Nordstrom, smashing displays and stealing an estimated $60,000- $100,000 worth of merchandise, authorities said[…]

The same thing is happening in London. An astonishing number of retailers, major and minor, have been driven out of downtown San Francisco already, now Oxford Street and the Topanga Mall appear to be the next sitting ducks

Europeans became civilized after several centuries of methodically executing thieves and imposing other violent forms of civilization. Asians went through the same refining process, but even longer. Africans never went through it, which is why the dyscivilizational genetic patterns that were significantly reduced in the other primary human sub-species are still prevalent in them. Evolution by artificial selection doesn’t produce new species, but it does produce better-behaved animals and human beings

So the people of the West have three choices. Either impose the same cruel and merciless system of punishment on petty criminals today that the medieval Europeans did or watch civilization collapse in every single major city with a substantially vibrant population. Or, of course, bring back freedom of association and segregation, but we know that won’t happen until society itself collapses

The nations will be homogenous again; the patterns of history are inevitable and the diversity of today is imposed, subsidized, and artificial. The only question is just how terrible the process involved will be

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"I Wanna Blow Up China"
(parody of "Right Now" by Akon)

Rucka Rucka Ali
Oh yeah, very nice!
Pinegrove Records
oh, oh, yeah, I like this
Serchlite Music, number one is USA
Confucius say...

It's been so long,
Since China first became a place
They are so strong,
soon they will enslave the Fillipino race

I'm Viet Kong (Kong)
And I can hear my people cry
I know a thing or two,
about kung fu,
so kiss your ass good bye!

I wanna blow up China-na-na
They have sidways vagina-na-na
I really don't like China-na-na
We need to blow up China-na-na

I wanna blow up China-na-na
They have sidways vagina-na-na
I really don't like China-na-na
We need to blow up China-na-na

When I go,
to get my steak fried rice for two,
and it's cold,
and it makes me mad,
'cause I paid five, ninety-two
Plus tax

And you know,
The Dalai Lama
is my friend
He lives in Detroit,
and we boys,
and we would like to free Tibet

I wanna blow up China-na-na
They have sidways vagina-na-na
I really don't like China-na-na
We need to blow up China-na-na

I wanna blow up China-na-na
They have sidways vagina-na-na
I really don't like China-na-na
We need to blow up China-na-na

Ninja please,
Everybody in the house,
smokes tree
I'm Viet Kong,
Do I look Chinee?
China never pay their Blockbuster fees

Ninja please,
everybody in the house,
smokes tree
I'm Viet Kong,
Do i look Chinee?
China never pay their Blockbuster fees

I wanna blow up China-na-na
They have sidways vagina-na-na
I really don't like China-na-na
We need to blow up China-na-na

I wanna blow up China-na-na
They have sidways vagina-na-na
I really don't like China-na-na
We need to blow up China-na-na

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Blaming everything on kikes is taking the blame away from foids

At this point, I want more degeneracy in this society. So when these foids are ready to settle down after their hoe-phase, there'd be no escape from the degeneracy of their own creation. I don't care if it's some kike propaganda and what not. Foids are the ones who have directly harmed men. They are the true enemy. I don't care if the society devolves, rots, and dies if it means the foids get to experience a fraction of the pain that is the existence of men.

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U.S. white supremacist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes called for a “holy war” against Jews in remarks at an “America First” rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday.

Quoting lines from the Talmud, the sacred Jewish text from which antisemites often cherry-pick out-of-context excerpts to incite hatred of Jews, the 24-year-old Fuentes said, “‘If a gentile hits a Jew, he must be killed. But when a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty.’ … This is the last part, and this is my favorite part: ‘Jews may use lies to circumvent the gentiles.’ … Do you think it might be a problem that the people that are running your banks, that are making the movies your children watch … do you think it’s a problem that they believe all Christians must die? It’s a big problem. It’s a huge problem.”

“We live in a Christian world, we need to have Christian leaders,” he added.

“We’re in a holy war,” Fuentes declared, “and I will tell you this: Because we’re willing to die in the holy war, we will make them die in the holy war. And they will go down. We have God on our side, and they will go down with their Satanic master. They have no future in America. The enemies of Christ have no future in this world.”