StSausageCel #sexist

[It's Over] My sister heard me venting to myself about how lonely I am in college.

She then came into the room and gave me some bluepilled advice about getting hobbies and reading novels.

Then she asked me if I have no friends. I told her, "It's not like i don't have friends, it just gets lonely sometimes, you know?"

She laughed and said "What? I can't relate tbh". That sentence snapped me out of it and I realized I was talking to a woman. Of course she went through college with tons of guys and girls wanting to be her friend. She will never truly understand the loneliness I'm feeling.

So I replied, "Of course you can't relate, you're a woman..."

Then she laughed uncomfortably and left.

College is hell on earth for me. I don't know why I thought my sister would understand. The utter surprise she had on her face when I told her "college is lonely" utterly destroyed me. These whores are living on tutorial mode.



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