The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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[From "DAWN OF RAPE: Jew Media Says Iran Raping Women Who Protest Hijab! BASED."]

The implication of CNN’s reporting here is apparently that sluts do not deserve to be raped

That is the narrative the Jew media is spreading against you
The worst thing is “rape” (fake concept), while people are getting gunned down indiscriminately

For a woman, her pussy being devalued is a much worse fate than death[…]
Imagine my shock to hear that the Jew revolution in Iran is being carried out by women who side against their own men

It’s almost like women are born traitors[…]
This is how you know that the Jewish ritual murders were real[…]There’s no difference between a Jew saying women don’t really want to get naked and Jews don’t really want to ritually murder and drink the blood of Christian children[…]

Armita Abbasi, 20, bore all the hallmarks of a Gen Z-er[…]

This is Armita Abbasi:
[Pic of the subject]
No one on earth can claim she doesn’t deserve to be raped

I just feel bad for the brave men who took one for Allah and did the deed[…]
Does anyone on earth trust CNN’s reporting?[…]
In a previous era, media institutions built trust by proving to be telling the truth over a period of time. CNN has proven to be lying, constantly[…]
Frankly, I don’t care at all if these rapes are happening. In fact, I wouldn’t care if Iran was just mowing down protesters

Firstly, I support them doing this, and secondly, it’s not my problem

However, we have zero reason to believe these accounts at all[…]
The US and other Western countries are barely functional, due to the liberation of women. It’s destroyed the family, it’s destroyed the workplace, it’s destroyed all morality

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Without porn males would literally explode
Watching porn makes you higher inhib, lowers your testosterone, makes you more anxious, depressed. all planned to control males

yeah so imagine if there was no porn and we were in todays social climate. there would be so many rapes no female would be safe. i think then females would want more masculine guys instead of pretty boys because in dangerous societies females prefer more masculine men. males would be way more aggressive if porn did not exist in todays age

imagine being a incel nowdays and watching porn because you can't get a girl to fulfill your needs and then that makes you even more anxious, depressed and high inhib than before, seriously jfl at being born male at 2022


imagine being a incel nowdays and watching porn because you can't get a girl to fulfill your needs and then that makes you even more anxious, depressed and high inhib than before, seriously jfl at being born male at 2022



Watching porn makes you higher inhib, lowers your testosterone, makes you more anxious, depressed. all planned to control males

yeah so imagine if there was no porn and we were in todays social climate. there would be so many rapes no female would be safe. i think then females would want more masculine guys instead of pretty boys because in dangerous societies females prefer more masculine men. males would be way more aggressive if porn did not exist in todays age

I’m working to ban porn but the fucking cucks of my race refuse :anger::anger::anger:

(Bad Santa)

I’m working to ban porn but the fucking cucks of my race refuse :anger::anger::anger:

Yeah you jews have a lot to answer for

I've thought alot about the porn vs. no porn allowed hypothesis... And concluded yes, we would be better off if all porn was banned.

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The best male Poland can offer



Normie at best in the west. Just lol at his narrow temples, low set wide cheekbones and small pfl. Typical Slavic subhuman traits that my father’s family unfortunately shares as well.

Do slavs have rice genes? He looks vaguely Asian.



:feelskek::feelskek: Slavcels on suicidewatch

This alcoholic commie ogre is invisible in the west, maybe in his slavic shithole he is somehow a gigachad but it’s OVER for him in the west, if he is lucky he can get an autistic single mother becky with 10 kids by being her betabuxx paypig simp:feelskek::feelskek:

I feel fucking bad for slavcels, they are just as fucked in the west as ricecels if not more.

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When the “red wave” that many thought would sweep Republicans into power across the nation in the midterm elections failed to materialize, right-wing activists immediately began looking for someone to blame[…]
These results prompted Lauren Witzke[…]to declare that giving women the right to vote in 1920 “was the worst thing that ever happened to America”

Last Thursday, Witzke appeared on Elijah Schaffer’s “Slightly Offensive” program, which has recently gone independent after Schaffer was fired from The Blaze for reportedly drunkenly groping a female colleague. During her appearance on the show, Witzke apologized to the nation “for the rest of my fellow female voters because they are voting our country away”

“In regards to women voting, that was the worst thing that ever happened to America,” Witzke said. “Women overwhelmingly vote on their emotions and liberals are very good at appealing to emotions, ‘Oh, look at these migrant children, they have nowhere to go, look at this pregnant migrant woman, she has nowhere to go, we have got to open up our borders and give her cash assistance for the rest of her life here in America.’ And women vote for that. They vote to have weapons taken away, our Second Amendment rights taken away”

“Women used to not vote because their husband would make the choice for them,” Witzke continued. “Now, if just our husbands and landowners were voting, we’d be in a much better place than we are now. We’d have closed borders. We’d have no infringements on our Second Amendment rights. Red flag laws would be a thing of the past. And we as women wouldn’t have such authority and power over who gets into elected office because we don’t deserve it. The way that women vote, it’s been terrible. I’m apologizing as a female voter for the rest of my fellow female voters because they are voting our country away, and it is extremely dangerous”

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[Serious] Spics and Niggers should be exterminated.

They contribute nothing but crime and degeneracy to humanity.

Curries and Ricies are high IQ races.
Sands know how to keep their women under control better than other races.
Whites are well rounded and also most beautiful.

So the solution is clear; exterminate Spics, Niggers, and Jews.

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#Feminism, our official gender ideology, masquerades as a movement for women's rights. In reality, feminism is a cruel hoax, telling women their natural biological instincts are "socially constructed" to oppress them.

Feminism is elite social engineering designed to destroy #gender identity by making women masculine and men feminine. Increasingly #heterosexuals are conditioned to behave like #homosexuals who generally don't marry and have children. Courtship and monogamy are being replaced by sexual promiscuity, prophesied in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

The #Rockefellers and #Rothschilds created feminism to poison male-female relations (divide and conquer.) Their twin objectives are #depopulation and #totalitarian world government. Why?
Cruel Hoax - Feminism & New World Order

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds created feminism to poison male-female relations (divide and conquer.) Their twin objectives are depopulation and totalitarian world government. Why? These bankers create money out of nothing and think they are God.

"Cruel Hoax" shows the connection between #feminism, #Communism and 9-11. It examines male-female relations and shows how we can take back our #heterosexuality

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God is judging our nation.

Democrats are "winning" in deep red areas because they are harvesting mail-in ballots from voters sitting on their couch or living with their mommies.

IMO Republicans will never be competitive so long as mail-in voting continues. Voting should require effort. If you can't be bothered to get off your rear and go vote then you don't get to vote.

Other unpopular items that are needed to fix things:
-Repeal the 19th Amendment
-Only landholding (house, condo, raw land) males are allowed to vote
-Must be a productive member of society, not on welfare to vote

Until these actions are taken:
-women will continue to vote to murder babies, and go soft on tranny and gay discipleship
-Renters will vote for rent relief and destruction of property rights
-Welfare consumers will outvote the members of society that are paying for their welfare

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Remember that you can give foids a fate WORSE THAN DEATH in 1 second through acid attack.

Why are incels not acid attack ing but going er?

They’ll give you the equivalent sentence of murdering someone, but looks don’t matter right? :what:

😂😂😂 i will get my revenge in the philippines on the chheap foids there and i will never get caught. If escort pisses me off or i beta buxx and she tries to pull a fast on me i am acid attacking her

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Blows me away people on the Right are complaining about abortion costing us elections.

As if a bunch of baby-murdering demonic hags voting Dem are gonna make me change my mind about the life of a baby.

If it cost me every seat in the country, I’d still be pro life.

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(Nuns with guns)

most people who who identify as Non-Binary etc are mostly women who want to be seen as unique like the college women from 20 years ago who identified as bisexual because it was the cool thing.

There's still many women today that say they're bisexual because it's socially acceptable for women to compliment on other women's looks, despite the fact that they would never fuck a woman. But yes, non binary is the new “not like other girls” trend and it's super annoying. They're so low-effort,too.

(1440p Curved Monitor)
You're assuming that the troon that he's looking at is black. Its known that people think that those of a different race look alike, so I wouldn't be surprised if that extends to that the men and women of a different race can look similar especially since we know that Asians can clock other Asian troons while most Westerners have trouble telling the difference.

It is ingrained in black women's culture to put a lot of effort into appearance. I have personally never seen it to this amount with white women (exception is rich white women).

The black women that black men want are incredibly fabricated. Black men also typically don't want a black woman who's more natural (they want the baddies), therefore this behavior is encouraged in black communities. It's a running joke between a few friends and I that we can only catch white boys with our natural hair/looks because we know that black men are not attracted to it or want a girl that they can brag about to their peers. This means that the average tranny can fool a black man if he puts effort into looking like a baddie. There are more HSTS in the black community than AGPs anyways, so we already know that they will put effort into passing.

(Nuns with guns)
Negresses are known to look manlier than other races. You've seen the theories about Serena Williams and Michelle Obama being biological males. It also doesn't help that even your average black woman will go bald, has a flat nose, square shoulders, and huge hands.

Despite all of that, I've never seen any nigger tranny that actually fools me. If anything, they look like NBA players, which is too manly even for their women.

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Men with autogynephilia: I'm a woman now! Look! I got fake tits and put on a wig and makeup! That's all it takes right?!?!

Feminists: YAS QUEEN.

Like shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen you stupid whores. You have done irreparable damage to womankind and you're too retarded to notice or care.

@SomeBitchIKnow I’m at the point I think we should all just roll with it. All White men roll up to work with giant M size tiddies and a fucking wig. UNFIRABLE

@SomeBitchIKnow It should be a crime for them to be around any child. Allowing these people to adopt is a crime in itself.

@SomeBitchIKnow Do you suppose that deep down they are actually repulsed, but don't dare say it in public or even out loud for fear of going against the manufactured consent?

@SomeBitchIKnow Women getting behind 'I can't say what a woman is' is really a shocking development.

Ha.....getting feminists to downgrade the value of being a Women ....

The Patriarchy wins again.....LOL

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The movie "War Games" (1983) illustrates how the Illuminati undermined heterosexuals in 39 short years.

In the movie, Matthew Broderick is a computer whiz who accidentally starts a nuclear countdown and races to avert catastrophe. His girlfriend, played by Ally Sheedy is seen in a complementary role, basically helping, encouraging, and admiring him. He is the leader. But her presence informs, validates, and heightens everything he does. It's as though his actions are dedicated to her.

This is the way heterosexuality works. Woman empowers man by entrusting her power to husband. This is how she loves, i.e. by "trusting," by enlisting as First Mate to his Captain.
But what makes a man love a woman in this way? Her sacrifice. By throwing her lot in with his, he includes her in his circle of self-interest. This is how two people become one.
Cabalist Jews and Freemasons are Satanists. They control by degrading and corrupting. Like termites, they eat away at the supporting columns of society. The family is the red blood cell of a healthy society. It provides us with our roles and identity, as well as necessary emotional and material support. It ensures the young are born, loved, and raised properly, and the aged are taken care of. Our family is our link in the chain of eternity.

They went after the women, who they deemed fickle, vain, and feeble-minded.
Western feminists, you've forfeited your most precious gift for nothing. You're vulgar, a real turn-off. You lack personality, charm, style, substance. You can't love it. You're not even sexy. And soon you won't have youth. You'll have nothing but your job, your dog, and your equally desperate friends.

Western feminists, you've been robbed, betrayed by your society, teachers, and political and cultural leaders; and consequently you've joined their traitorous ranks. You've betrayed your unborn children, your culture, your family and the promise of the future. But worst of all, you've betrayed yourself.

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[From "Top 3 Sources Of Human Pride"]

If Satan can amplify your pride then he can get you to commit all manner of sin. This will be made easy if you are born with one of three natural gifts that effortlessly make you proud[…]The more of these gifts you have, the easier it is for Satan to turn you away from God[…]
The world has become so carnal that possessing just a smidge of beauty[…]will lead to limitless material benefits and sexual offers that are hard to refuse. I have witnessed how beautiful women are treated, and I feel sorry for them[…]
With such a tsunami of temptation[…]a woman develops enough pride in her beauty and what it can give her that she sees no need for an Orthodox faith[…]
A beautiful woman may look in the mirror and still see a flaw that she cries to others about, but a handsome man may look in the mirror and think he’s some kind of human god. His pride can actually end up separating him from God more than a woman who is tempted at a far greater rate[…]
I can’t sing, but I have observed the effects of those who can[…]A male singer receives enraptured and adoring looks from women who have decided that are ready to be intimate with him[…]This makes him feel that his singing is a superpower that will get him what he wants in life instead of God

Once I encountered a woman who was not attractive in my eyes, but because she was an incredible singer, she comported herself with a proud air as if she were a celebrity[…]
If you’re ugly and can’t sing, there’s one more source for you to gain unlimited pride: intelligence. If your IQ is at least 115[…]you will be filled with thoughts of intellectual supremacy[…]
Woe to the man or woman who is intelligent, beautiful, and can sing! Within them will be a constant fountain of pride that not only stops them from humbling themselves before God, but which also leads to regular sins of the tongue and body

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White people are like the boogeyman for low IQ ethnics

I see ethnics as like small children. They are watching their world fall apart with the unraveling of traditional society and social relations, the replacement of traditional morality and religion with Western values, immigration to foreign countries. Many ethnics struggle to find meaning in this and redefine their place in the pageantry.

Zizek says the fantasy of all ideologies is to have a cake and eat it. For ethnics, the fantasy is to enjoy the gross pleasures of the Western world (shallow pleasures, sexual consumerism, white women), while at the same time restoring a traditional hierarchical society that will stabilize their lives and confer meaning upon them. Their fantasy can never be realized however. The liberal values that gave rise to the things they so covet are directly opposed to the traditional society they want to resurrect. I see this a lot with ethnicels on here (not going to name names) raging against Western degeneracy, but at the same time rejecting getting an arranged marriage because they are too enticed by the pleasures of Western degeneracy or want a white woman and so on. JFL.

Zizek points out how the Nazis fabricated an ideological enemy in the figure of the Jew. The figure of the white man provides a convenient explanation for an ethnics suffering. Ethnics are besieged by a multitude of problems that they don't know how to make sense of, except by projecting it onto a single object. It's the white man that is disturbing their way of life. The white man is stealing from them by taking their women. And so on.

The ethnicel fantasy is then: it is possible to get a white woman or slay ethnic women, but the white man is preventing me from doing so.

Most ethnicels should not even be here. Lots of self professed "ethnicels" are tall, rich, or have a good face. Many have actually ascended. What draws above average ethnics here is not that ethnics have it harder getting girls, but that they are in a crisis of identity that makes them identify with us. The oppression they face is concocted in their own minds. It's clear that we do not share one struggle with these "cels".

Anonymous #dunning-kruger #elitist #fundie #sexist boards.4channel.org

Fucking succubus as a Christian man is cucking Satan

Fucking a demon is possibly the most based and redpilled thing you can do.

You are fucking a demon, a demon who's Satan raised it to destroy humanity, who never thought that it would be spreading its buttcheeks and getting cummed in its asshole, who probably thought his spawn would grow up to steal human souls like him, but instead is getting fucked in the ass by God's greatest creation that is human, moaning femininely, and taking seed of a said alpha human into its womb. It's not only just been humiliated, but has been put into its rightful place by Christ's sons. If only Satan could see this, what he would be thinking inside of his head, that he raised his little spawn just to be a cumdumster for a humanchad.

You, by fucking a demon, is meta-physically cucking Satan and the entire demonhood, stripping them of all their honor and pride all in the name of Christ's superiority. It is the most alpha thing you can possibly do.

From satan's perspective he is accomplishing his goal by having you condemn yourself.
you think he has any honor in the first place?

Honor? No. Pride? A lot. And nothing hurts a prideful man more than fucking his daughter.

Don't fall for sex = bad propaganda. It was an attempt of Satan to save face because his whore daughters couldn't resist the seed of Christian men.

The only permissible way to have sex is within marriage. I don't remember marriage between a demoness and a human being legal according to the Christian faith. So you're condemning yourself to sin for no reason.

Nothing in the good book says that you can't marry a succubus and turn her wayward ways on the path of redemtion paved by Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Haibatullah Akhundzada #fundie #psycho #sexist theguardian.com

Afghan supreme leader orders full implementation of sharia law

Public executions and amputations some of the punishments for crimes including adultery and theft

Afghanistan’s supreme leader has ordered judges to fully enforce aspects of Islamic law that include public executions, stonings, floggings and the amputation of limbs for thieves, the Taliban’s chief spokesperson said.

Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted on Sunday that the “obligatory” command by Haibatullah Akhundzada came after the secretive leader met with a group of judges.

Akhundzada, who has not been filmed or photographed in public since the Taliban returned to power in August last year, rules by decree from Kandahar, the movement’s birthplace and spiritual heartland.

“Carefully examine the files of thieves, kidnappers and seditionists,” Mujahid quoted Akhundzada as saying. Those files in which all the sharia [Islamic law] conditions of hudud and qisas have been fulfilled, you are obliged to implement. This is the ruling of sharia, and my command, which is obligatory.”

Mujahid was not available on Monday to expand on his tweet.

Hudud refers to offences for which, under Islamic law, certain types of punishment are mandated, while qisas translates as “retaliation in kind” – effectively an eye for an eye.

Hudud crimes include adultery – and falsely accusing someone of it – drinking alcohol, theft, kidnapping and highway robbery, apostasy and rebellion.

Qisas covers murder and deliberate injury, among other things, but also allows for the families of victims to accept compensation in lieu of punishment.

Islamic scholars say crimes leading to hudud punishment require a very high degree of proof, including – in the case of adultery – confession, or being witnessed by four adult male Muslims.

Since last year’s takeover, videos and pictures of Taliban fighters meting out summary floggings to people accused of various offences have appeared frequently on social media.

The hard-won rights of women in particular have evaporated in the past 15 months, and they are increasingly being squeezed out of public life.

In the past week, the Taliban also banned women from entering parks, funfairs, gyms and public baths.

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( faded )
Why holes are always whining about rape
Why holes are always whining about rape and misogyny 24/7 and would accuse me of rape if I even tried talking to them but for $100- $150 many young holes let me fuck them in every position and do almost whatever the fuck i want to them and then act like sex is like drinking a fucking cup of coffee. This just shows how greedy and vile and lying Chad chasing hypocrites all holes are and why we need to make “rape” legal so that holes cannot monetize their pussies (invideogame)

Brutal no reply everyone is out with their gf tonight

(Copexodius Maximus)
I guess it’s like property theft. You gotta pay or get to lust after you. If you don’t, then she feels something was taken from her that she didn’t give and was not treated like a human when she had no say. At least that’s my attempt at deciphering the female mind.

This is why I’m barely active in this forum anymore. I posted about how all your posts get buried and no one interacts with them, but unfortunately i think no one saw that post and it got buried jfl. :honk:
Only come here cause I like many of the people here.

Good take, holes are really hypocrites, acting like sex is not a big deal, doing OF and posting near naked on Instagram but then screaming sexual harassment when a trucel like me tries anything with her. But when I give whores $100 they have no issue opening their legs for me and letting me use their pussies (invideogame) and suddenly it isn’t rape. This cuck logic makes no fucking sense and why holes should have 0 human rights. :Anger:

For Wahman , Rape is sex with non Chad

But let's be real, why is anything good or bad ? Why is murder evil , why is helping people good ?

Here's a thought experiment proposed by Wittgenstein. Imagine there's a book which contains all the propositions ( facts) about the world. It would not have a single moral statement.

You will find statements like, X killed Y etc , a descriptive statement. But you will never find a statement saying "X is good" or "Y is bad".

We project "good" and "bad" onto the world. All moral statements either express attitude, command or emotions.

They can't be true or false, anymore than "open the door ! " is true or false or " 🤮 Vanilla ice cream " is true or false.

So yes, "rape is bad" can't be true or false. The same goes for "rape is good".

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RE: transmaxxing manifesto v6 thoughts n words

Manifesto sounds like feminist cringe. Which is funny, since films like Jubilee (1978) accurately predicted the relations to come in the post-industrial fallout. Incels and feminists deserve one another, they have so much in common and you can barely tell them apart. Perhaps the one infiltrating the spaces of another can be seen as a final synthesis of the loser dialectic, the fleshy arm of the incel troon strangling a fat lesbian woman in sports finally making them relevant in the media while the Rowlingite kicks out the dressing room prowler with steel tipped boots. Both fighting to be the favoured bioleninist vanguard of capital and client group of oligarchs. It's nice to sit back and enjoy it, even if it gets stale after some time. Personally I root for the incels since they are the underdogs and don't have as much unearned social privilege, punching up against the harpies, but one shouldn't get too invested in it.

Joy Pullmann #wingnut #sexist thefederalist.com

[From "How To Eliminate Democrats’ Massive Single Women Electoral Advantage"]

It is by now well-established that Democrats benefit from increasing women’s misery through increased family chaos. That’s the flip side of yet another election showing that single women are among the most reliable of Democrat voters

Given that historically unprecedented percentages of young Americans are likely to remain single for their entire lives[…]this dynamic is only accelerating. UnHerd’s Mary Harrington relates the phenomenon partly to the Information Age’s dramatically increased remuneration for work that doesn’t involve hard physical labor:[…]
Like woke institutions, the bureaucratization of work is in large part a product of political choices[…]That means it can be altered

It’s government policies that force companies to siphon off money from making legitimately useful things and solving concrete human problems to parasitic forms of “knowledge work” that are also culturally destructive[…]Often grouped under the heading of “administrative bloat” in academia, and they aren’t exclusive to so-called education institutions at all[…]
Not coincidentally, either, women do most of these jobs. They comprise the vast army of woke state clerks, which is to say the cultural revolution foot soldiers[…]
The good news is, these women would be a lot happier doing something more productive for society than working in highly inefficient government-dominated industries, like raising a family or running soup kitchens[…]
We need to do more to make that option available. Part of that would entail eliminating jobs that exist to comply with stupid government regulations, by eliminating the regulations themselves[…]
We have wife-cucked fathers engendering weak sons en masse and Boomer-controlled institutions tone-policing everyone by setting female-dominated behavior as the baseline for being considered a decent human being

Napoleon de Geso #sexist blackpill.club

After good fap to hentai lolis - why should I be interested in old ugly post prime 18+ femaloids?

Unless they have loli features and youtfull style, of simple nice youtfull girl (but this type is better in hentai, not so in reality, where simplicity in style most often also means simplicity in mind, of being basic narrowminded villager, not kemono friend), or crazy quirky girl, but not anything disgustingly mature, by face, and by style

Natural females need to be exterminated, and replaced by physically and psychologically permanently young artificial waifus

various commenters #sexist blackpill.club

( FailedArtist)
15k people getting executed in Iran

Only 15,000?
I hope all the simps who took part in the protest end up in a mass grave to feed the worms.

HAHA, based as fuck. They really are very smart for doing that. Never allow feminism or women's rights movements. They can easily look at how all feminist women in western world are complete whores and see what feminism leads too. hey don't want their daughters fucking niggers and their sons to be incels. They actually have empathy for their children, unlike the white liberal, racetraitor Christniggers that gave white women the right to vote and fuck niggers.

HAHA this is great.All the foids and soyboys who tried to make a mess of there country will be rightly punished for it.

cranberrysalad and EternaEspiral #sexist #senpai_noticed_us ovarit.com

Submitter’s note: this is yet another quote from the Ovarit is often featured on FSTDT! thread: https://fstdt.com/SW2.6WS2JB7MH
Apparently they don’t understand we call them fundie because of their rhetoric and who they associate with, i.e. Matt Walsh

Amen (irony intended, lurkers). Super liberal atheist here, much further left than my TWAM friends. They’re busy sobbing and wailing about men’s rights activism from some extremely wealthy zip codes while I’m over here like don’t let your identity politics make you forget that we’re all workers, comrade.

Yup, young, lesbian, atheist and anarchist leaning here. We're difinitely not what they imagine. Bet they won't screenshot and comment on this lol

Henry_Blair #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

What happens when a woman is being treated the same way an average man and boy are treated daily, with institutionalized hate and a demonizing attitude.

"Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time": Nurse Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist

This case is extremely revealing and important because it shows how normalized the dehumanization of men and the infringement of their human dignity have become.

This nice woman who took classes to become a therapist, is describing everything that a typical male college student and many schoolboys, as well as men in workplaces, would be forced to listen to and agree with as a matter of routine, with one small difference - the word "men" was replaced with the word "white" causing the statements to apply to her.

Her response and the response of the public is what should make us pause: she immediately started a debate, filed a lawsuit against the college, started a go-fund-me project to pay for the legal actions, received support from the public this way, was interviewed, and her case was covered by the media extensively.

Now pause to consider what statements and messages made in class, have caused all this.

These are the very same sentences, possibly word-for-word, made in colleges, schools and many work environments about men, with one word switched - "men" with "white" - making them about this woman as well which hurt her.

Almost no man and boy reacts in university, school or work when hearing - and being required to agree with - the same hate speech with the very same phrases where "men" and "boys" are the target. This woman's actions and the public response create a contrast, to the male silence.

They were so deeply dehumanized and from such an early stage that they are not regarding stripping their human dignity from them as something being taken away.

Most of them are so accustomed to being expected to sit and listen to hate speech against them and to repeat it that they don't even think of starting a debate.

It takes being a woman to feel human enough to deserve an apology and compensation when hearing and receiving the same dehumanization men undergo daily.

speculareffect #sexist #racist #wingnut #homophobia #conspiracy specular-effect.com

Socialism/Communism are Feminine constructs based on Feminine values. Women and their cult of Safety has dominated much of human existence. This means, my dear sweet summer child, that goal of Communism is not a recent phenomenon of the industrial revolution. It has always been with humans.

This is something most people do not understand and it is why they take it all for granted and cannot get a firm grasp on how Socialism/Communism always appeals to the masses. Again, Socialism/Communism have ALWAYS been around. They are not recent “inventions” and iterations of history, by some ]ew with a scraggly beard in London with a faggot for a friend and sugar daddy (Engels).

Socialism/Communism are FEMININE constructs that predate ]ews. I know most of you don’t want to hear, nor accept this, but it is an inescapable fact. ]ews simply use Socialism/Communism as tools of division and destruction, just as they use their favorite morons—women—to bring about destruction.
Socialism/Communism are FEMININE ideations that seek to fix that which CANNOT be fixed. It is literally the hubris of the Feminine that believes itself to be the cure and answers to all the world’s ills and the belief that that answer is woven into the fabric of the Feminine being.

Breathe, brainless! Relax and comprehend what I’m saying. Most of people are too retarded and fucking dumb, or too shallow to comprehend that the power of the ]ew lies in WOMEN and the goyim’s gynocentric tendencies and nature. ]ews CANNOT be successful, were it not for women. The snake is powerless without the woman.

]ews are extremely Feminine, too. The entire ]ewish religion and experience is Feminine. The way they interact with the outside world is Feminine and the only reason why they are successful in their interactions. They behave like women on the political stage and receive the responses women receive from gynocentric men in politics.

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RE: Father/daughter incest happens 1/20 families and yet it's still so hard to believe : TwoXChromosomes

([deleted account])

Look at the comments.

Father/daughter incest happens 1/20 families and yet it's still so hard to believe

Daddy's girls are the worst and the most entitled women-hating crazies. Married men with daughters are the creepiest and have the least shame. Even if physical incest isn't happening there is almost always something weird going on. In many mamal species the mother chases the male away from the babies, suddenly animals don't look so irrational.

Here we go again with the handmaiden delusion of "raising boys better". Every generation of women gets assaulted by males but women always seem to think that they can mould their sons into better men. How is this a solution if every girl has been assaulted at some point in their life? Instead of saying it like it is; do not give birth to males, do not have sex with them, marry or date them or associate with them unless it is necessary. Why are women so myopic about their safety?

“We need to raise boys better” implies they’re the only ones that have ever tried & that women are responsible for what men do… because let’s be honest “we need to raise” is not about males, besides if the grown man already grew up in misogyny he won’t be able to teach anything better.. so again everything males do, was caused by mothers apparently, not y’know their biological need to be a menace to society

It has always been that women need to be the morally upright gender responsible for the upbringing of both males and females while clearly, all the men hold all the power. Deep down, males know that they are broken so they put the responsibility of making them right on women. The secret is out that's why they are running around like headless chickens desperate to revert us back to ignorance.

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Iran's headquarters for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice, a powerful religious organisation responsible for defining regulations relating to the hijab and Islamic attitudes in Iran, has said it will not ease laws on the wearing of the clothing despite protests calling for it to no longer be obligatory

In an interview with Khabar Online, Ali Khan Mohammadi, the organisation's spokesman, said: "In our constitution, removing the hijab is a crime, and [our] organisation will not step back from implementing the [wearing of the] hijab"

Commenting on mass protests by Iranians against the wearing of the hijab, Khan Mohammadi said that new methods would soon be deployed to implement hijab regulations

"The enemy is attempting to bring down the headscarf, which is a symbol [of Sharia law]," he was quoted as saying

"If they bring down this symbol, then nudity and other things will come afterwards

"Officials have been rethinking the lack of hijab and taken that as a serious matter

"This is contrary to what people think, that now there is freedom regarding the hijab and they can remove their headscarves," he concluded

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Now the chemtrails are dyed blue to bluish to stand out less; jews whine about gas chambers yet have made our entire sky into one big gas chamber

Let me be explicit: the main problem here is that the ingredients in chemtrails make Americans gradually into cowards. They cause both depression and anxiety, which together add up to feeling cowardly.

In a country with 800 million guns, and millions of military veterans, they then moan like yellow-bellied pussies:

“Whaddya gonna do? You can’t do nuthin’.”

Really? You can’t do nothing with 800 million guns???
Chemtrails create cowardice.

Can’t do nuthin’ in a country full of lethal firearms? LOL! This guy would have disagreed. There does come a time when further talk is useless, further information about the tyranny is a waste of time — and you realize you are dealing with a mortal enemy who wants you dead — and he despises you for not acting to defend your rights, yourself and your family.

Anti-Sex League Award

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Normalization of sex normalizes rape, sexual abuse etc. Agree or disagee and why?


Its an interesting point though I can't completely follow the argument.

Agreed. Unfortunately for us, morality is an abstract which gives too much leeway for moids to do whatever they want and to label it however they want. The moment people become "sex positive" then the lines between what is wrong and right are blurred. Moids who are using kinks as borderline abuse to kinkmaidens who are too oblivious to see.

Recently things that used to be adult movie plots are being used as an excuse to "spice up" the bedroom. Moids began demanding anal as a joke which turned into a meme about eating ass and now we are too deep into the cult because everyone drank the kool-aid of being hip. I mean I have seen it as a movie trope but people with a rape fetish have websites they can go to and book "surprise sex". We crossed the line a long time ago, not to be a prude but I think the only solution is celibacy, abstinence and staying the fuck away from men.

People think sexual desire is fun and normal when they got 99% of their sexual interests from an industry that wanted to harm women (and also produce as much as possible)

Not shaving was popular during the 70s. Then, as the porn industry got big, they realized it was more of a hassle to clean the various body fluids off of the actors hair when filming scenes. It could also obstruct the view of the ~action~ so porn girls started shaving everything, and other women followed suit. Same thing with blowjobs, they were used to humiliate the porn actress, now most women willingly humiliate themselves.

One thing women should remember is that porn didn't make men, but men made the porn.

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Dylan James Mulvaney, a gay man interprets 'girlhood' in all glorious technicolor.

Dylan Mulvaney is an American musical theater performer who transitioned to save his career from the inevitable fate of an ageing twink at just 24.

The sheer comedic absurdity of Dylan's physical presence is never more apparent than when set against the great outdoors, so he takes ample opportunity to flap around shrubbery or scamper about rocky paths wearing ankle-breaker heels.

After graduating in 2019 Dylan was cast in The Book of Mormon national tour, but he found no more meaningful work when it ended with the pandemic in full swing. Which leads to Dylan staring down the barrel of 25 years old with the dead eyes you see on the right. He looks like that for a few months before changing pronouns on TikTok in September 2021 and blossoming into the manic transfeminine imp we see today.

He needs a good old fashioned slap in the face.

I think your take on why he trooned out is interesting.
He's a prime example of the twink ultra fag to troon pipeline.
Maybe he did troon out to get attention and revive his career.

(Myrtle the Turtle)
Agreed. Twinks have a short shelf life. 18-22 is the typical lifespan, possibly 25 if you have good genetics and a good plastic surgeon. After that you better bulk up, become a man or risk become an annoying fem gay. Methinks Dylan had some kind of breakdown during covid and went to the troon pipeline as a coping mechanism for getting older or something. Most zoomer girls don't go for the 1950s-60s housewife look so clearly his only idea of women is what he's looked at in magazines or movies from that era.

Wonder if he got sexually assaulted or something because he went from instagay to deranged fairly quickly.

(John Flynt's Axe Wound)
This fag has one of the most punchable faces on this site.

He disgusts me on a visceral level. I’m not sure which is worse: AGP coomers or screeching flamers like Dylan.

(Luigi Cadorna)
This man might legitimately be the most sexist person alive. Who the fuck thinks women act like this? I know most troons play their absurd stereotypes of women up to eleven but this fucker blows out the amplifier.

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Unpopular Opinion: I don’t usually condone abuse but I’m happy Chris Brown smacked Rihanna around.

#fucking bitch she's a racist cunt #but crazy ass fans be obsessed and #white knighting let's completely #ignore her ignorance towards Asians #calling Karreuche Tran a rice cake #naming one of her fenty beauty #products geisha chic oh and #bullying a little girl on twitter #for simply being a fan of her yall #only mad when people are racist #towards black people but obviously #it's ok when black people do it to #other races

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Mansplaining is a sexist expression used instead of saying patronising or any other valid description, used to associate all men by implication with negative behaviour that can equally apply to either sex.

If you don’t think it’s a big deal just think of how many words gain a negative connotation when you add ‘man’ in front of them.

Child - Manchild

Flu - Manflu

Explain - Mansplain

Handle - Manhandle

Spread - Manspread

This wouldn’t be acceptable with any other characteristic. But our society finds it acceptable to demonise men in general. It would be nice if at least most men woke up and objected to this underlying animosity that’s permitted.

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Women get less attractive after 25 or 30, men get more attractive with age... watch this thread

As a guy gets older, his market value increases

As a girl ages, her market value decreases, and often fairly rapidly.

A woman's market value is at her highest between the ages of 16 and 25 (possibly up to 30 if she really takes care of herself and is lucky). During this age range, women are at their most attractive to men. They can rely on their looks and 'sexiness' to attract guys (and, often, manipulate men for their own gain).

As a women reaches 30 and beyond, her market value rapidly decreases and she becomes less attractive to men. Once she reaches the menopause, she's finished and no man wants her any more.

Contrast this with how men age and what ageing means to a man's market value....

A young guy in his late teens or 20s is not yet at his most attractive to women. He is still seen as a 'boy' and not a man yet.

As a man gets towards 30, his market value rapidly increases. He starts to look more manly in his appearance, and he starts to act more manly in his personality because he is maturing. Often, he has more career and financial success too. All these traits increase his market value and therefore his attractiveness towards women.

A guy in his 30s, 40s and 50s and sometimes even older can still be massively attractive to women and date women who are much, much younger than himself. But a woman in her 30s, 40s, 50s and over is going to find attracting a man much harder work.

See, women have the power when they're younger, but after 30 the power balance shifts rapidly and a women loses her seductive power, whereas a man GAINS his power.

There is a saying, 'Men age like fine wine, women age like milk'. It's so true!

This is why younger guys at uni find it hard to get laid, and the girls that age have tons of guys after them. The guys haven't yet reached their most attractive, and the girls are at their most attractive.

So yeah, this isn't a woman hating thread, it's just making people aware of the truth about age vs attractiveness.

To the girls here, do you worry about being over 25 or 30 and losing your 'seductive power'?

In a way I feel slightly sorry for women in that they have a shorter time frame in which to attract a mate, which only adds to their pressure. Lucky I'm a guy, we have a much wider window and we age better. It's just the way nature is though.

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The difference is just too insane, femoids are npcs.

Let me tell you a story that happens about every 14 seconds in this world:
Two people are born,
one a male the other a female.

The male:
Gets told to "man up", always works hard, betters himself, spends all his life self reflecting, gets rejected everyday.
Gets into conflicts and fights, being pushed out of his comfort zone to experiences new things everyday.
Gets told everyday that he will never be perfect and will always have room for improvement in all aspects of his life.
His whole life is one huge struggle, all of these shaped his personality.
He is funny, smart, strong and interesting.

The femoid:
Showered with love everyday, being told she is beautiful and taught to love herself no matter how fat she is.
Doesn't have to lift a finger, or question herself.
0 self-reflect, 0 judgement from a countless amount of bluepilled cucks.
Being told she is "funny" and "interesting" from everyone around her.
At this point she is brainwashed that she's perfect.
Therefore she doesn't feel the need to improve her personality, work, or do anything really.

This reality is the universal truth of what is going on with our world.
It is now filled with lazy entitled bitches that are literally NPCs at this point.
Have you ever tried talking to a femoid recently?
They are even more delusional than the bluepilled cucks that enabled them.
They have nothing to offer besides their hole and womb, and even then if you would have sex with one, you are expected to do all the work and
fuck her while she just lays there.

The difference between an NPC and a femoid is that NPCs are actually fun to talk to because a smart witty dude wrote the dialog for that NPC so it could be somewhat amusing.

Stay interesting kings.

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(Xanax and Wine)

Looking for troon bullshit on Reddit is so difficult. Must have taken me a literal 10 seconds on search to find this example of a true honest to god man.


Ah yes the... very male urge to be pregnant and being worshipped and coddled by your strong protector. I bet the guys really struggle with that one once they hit their prime age for babymaking. Must be hard :(

Always funny when the biological reality of being a woman and experiencing baby rabies completely stomps on these gender delusions


I don't "look" female, but I'll always be MTF transgender. There is more than one way.


You mean the other way of still hating what you've done to yourself every single time you look in the mirror, all of it for a fetish?

NGL I hope some mad doctor starts offering uterus implants for trannies. The more of them tear themselves apart in pursuit of their coomdreams the better.

They're already claiming this is happening, the uterus transplants. Recently, there's an insane black troon claiming to have had one and birthed a kid. He was mentioned here a bit but just screams of absolute schizo.


So is the artist saying that trannies are just incels who transition so they can get laid or have female friendships? Not very wholesome


Nash Romi had to re edit a comic because it wasn't progressive enough and whitewashed a black baby in her own comic, lol

I do like the casual admission they're fucking perverts.

Ridiculous that they gave him female hips/pelvis in the last panel. Did he exchange skeletons at the shop too?
All transwomen are built like a fridge because you can't change your bone structure. It's like saying glasses change your eye colour if you want them to.

I swear all pro trans content is.. breathtakingly stupid. I won't give them the benefit of the doubt to cite delusion. Just idiocy. Fantastic they all vote.

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"Female sexuality is anti-social and dysgenic. It must be restrained for the good, and indeed, the survival, of the human race.

We begin with the truism that evolution selects for reproductive success and not any other trait. There is no restraint on evolution selecting for horribly anti-social sexual tendencies if such are reproductively optimal.

Observed fact: Women are fiercely attracted to men who play defect in the iterated prisoner’s dilemma game that is society. (Defecting in the classic prisoner’s dilemma is always better than cooperate no matter what the other player does.)"