The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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In my silly utopia-dream, all men are castrated at birth! If they would like to have their testicles back, they have to have a minimum of a college degree, a six-figure job, no criminal background, a driver's license, a perfect grade on a year-long parenting course, and the consent of a psychotherapist who has seen them for at least two years, the consent of their mother, and the consent of a female partner who the man has been with consistently for at least four years. Paradise!

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[From "Watch: Female Officer Accurately Blames 11-Year-Old for Creating Porn of Herself"]

If she made the video, it’s her fault

I don’t understand who else’s fault it would be

New York Post

Two Ohio cops are being investigated for their response to a sexual misconduct case involving a child after a video of them appearing to blame the 11-year-old girl for creating “child porn” went viral

Two Columbus police officers, a female and male, were seen talking to the girl’s father on their front porch, six hours after he allegedly called to report that a man online had manipulated his daughter into sending him pictures of herself, doorbell camera footage shows

Oh, yes

An evil man was surely responsible for mind-controlling her[…]

The female officer is heard telling the dad his pre-teen daughter “could probably get charged with child porn” if she produced the images[…]


Your princess is committing a felony, old man

You should have covered it up rather than calling the cops on her

What were you thinking???

I hope the bitch gets charged

I’m so sick of this entire “everything is not her fault” thinking

She definitely lied to the man about her age, too. Guarantee that

And how are we supposed to believe the man found her? Obviously she found him

The cops should have kicked in the door and dragged the girl to jail

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You honestly should just become “misandrist”, because your male “friends” are probably waiting for the opportunity to take advantage for you. They don’t deserve any appreciation or empathy for anything. Do things for yourself and for women!

There’s no way to make any man have empathy for women, period. They’re not naturally that way. They are completely incapable of empathy, and yes I’m absolutely serious. That’s why we should focus on women and them alone.

There is no “high suicide rate”, there is no “body-shaming” against men, they don’t deserve to have their precious emotions taken seriously, and there is no problems that men don’t bring on themselves. They deserve it!

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Chuck Missler talks about how the lineage of the Savior would not have been possible, in order to save the woman, if Adam had not loved Eve enough to sacrifice his own life by deciding to join whatever fate she faced by eating the apple, too, because of his love for her. It is an imagery of Jesus’ love for his Bride who is the Church, and his giving his life for us on the cross, in order to save us. He talks about war between the “Genesis 3:15 seed of the serpent” reptilian hybrid nephilim pedophile cannibal Satanist LGBTPB witch feminists and the “seed of the woman” who is Jesus. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was Anu of the Anunnaki is the forefather of all the Draco reptilian chimera fake alien incarnate avatar black nobility families who run the world. He rules from the Draco Empire’s underground base under the Vatican Satanist headquarters. He used to walk on all fours, until he received a 4th dimensional snake and human hybrid body. He also uses a human nephilim giant avatar body. <...> When you see Western feminist nations’ Eve walking around with naked women’s heads and cross-dressing in men’s pants, dear brethren, then get out of that earth immediately, because that earth will get torched & scorched. 12 million of their children will get tortured & lesbian raped (pegged) & satanically sacrificed & eaten by these demon spirits in human-looking avatar satanically inverted gender bodies, and their human meat & bone ashes thrown into the supermarket groceries & church food & fast food, which these “naked women’s heads, men’s pants cross-dressers” fake Christians and fake pastors are hiding and covering up for Satan Lucifer, because they are afraid of assassination attempts and ridicule by church donators. <...> If they want the devil, then God will give these Western feminist nations’ women the devil, and all the devils’ nuclear wars & manufactured famines & fake pandemics & demon vampire cannibal pedophile armies, for that is their choice.

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[From "Woman in a Coma Since She was 3 Delivers Healthy Baby After Black Takes Advantage of Unused Womb"]

I’ve been talking for a long time about various ways to totally remove women from society while men maintain the ability to reproduce

Women – at least when they are conscious and capable of mobility and speech – create far too many problems for society to sustain their presence long-term[…]
If we could build these artificial wombs, then we could simply kill all women outright – potentially in fake shower rooms with electric floors[…]
It turns out there is a much easier solution: simply induce women into comas, then allow men to come in and do their business and come back and pick up the kid 9 months later

The blacks, once again, are on the forefront of technological solutions[…]
If I am elected to Congress next November, I will be introducing a law requiring all women to be put into comas
New York Post

The woman, 29, in a vegetative state for decades, had been unknowingly raped by a male nurse[…]

How much has it cost to keep her alive?[…]
Regardless, you’re looking at millions of dollars being paid by someone to keep this woman alive for literally no reason. It’s only logical that she would be pumping out babies. Even if you are some type of feminist radical and don’t agree with my plan to induce all women into comas, if you’ve got one just laying there, why not use it for reproduction? What is even the argument here?

Of course, it’s unfortunate that a black was the one to impregnate her, because we really don’t need any more black people[…]
If we do this on an industrial scale, and require all women to be put into comas, as my bill proposes, we will be able to keep the costs down, due to economy of scale[…]
I’m sure AOC will make claims like “this is a sexist policy from the patriarchy,” but no one takes her seriously

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Do you suspect a ‘trojan horse’ in our midst here in America? I most certainly do. We partake of its grip daily, totally unaware that it is our foe. It comes to us as a matter of convenience and appears to make our lives better, easier, and convenient.
As evidenced, that ‘strong beast’ has attacked the very foundation of our existence – the family. Men have left the land and placed themselves in factories, shops or some other box. They no longer provide the basic necessities from their own hand. Women have fallen for the lie as well and have entered the labor force to continue the counterfeit construct.
I believe there are two components. One, the people would cease to be virtuous. Two, the people would place their basic needs into the hands of others. Every American has either knowingly or unknowingly placed themselves in a position to be dependent on a system so cunningly designed to entrap them. Most people remain in a position where their basic needs could be taken away should they fail to live up to the financial burden that comes with the ‘system of things’. And should the time come for the people to disapprove of some behavior or unlawful act the system perpetuates, the people who are indebted to this artificial construct will probably not come against the very structure that sustains them. After all, how can you bite the hand that feeds you?

Our enemies knew that in order to achieve their goal, they must change how the people view life and how they arrange their lifestyles. This ‘new’ life must be totally foreign to that of our founding fathers. It must erode the principles that made this country what it was in its beginning. It must arrange things in such a manner to entice men and women to become dependent and indolent. Now I am not advocating returning to the ‘stone age’, but we must find that balance between the old and the new America – and quickly. The question is sadly asked then, are ‘We the People’ or are ‘We the Problem’?

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[From "Devastating Military Recruitment in 2024"]

The military must continue to attract “consumers”: impressionable 18 – 24-year-old young adults, primarily males[…]
The U.S. military has become a social justice petri dish. That is not unique to Presidents Obama or Biden[…]The cumulative result will be sixteen years of a constant leftwing orbital shift that is way out of touch with ordinary Americans[…]
One of the key drivers of military recruitment was an appeal to patriotism[…]They joined to defend the Constitution and these United States[…]
Potential black recruits have been fed a steady diet of anti-American vitriol for the last five decades. It has gone into hyper-drive since the emergence of the Black Lives Matter[…]
More importantly[…]is the cumulative impact of anti-White and anti-Christian rhetoric[…]
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) push has effectively forced White males out of recruiting content[…]The messaging from the United States military has been crystal clear: we do not want White recruits[…]
Anti-White shift in advertising may have been justified if the military still had White veterans imploring their White children to join the military[…]White veterans are speaking openly about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the politically weaponized Covid vaccine to their children[…]
Despite mountains of anecdotal assertions that Generation Z[…]are the most liberal demographic cohort in generations, polling data has shown something very different[…]
A case in point would be the horribly mocked cartoon commercial of a young female Army recruit with two lesbian mothers[…]The ridiculously leftist cultural mishmash was compared to Chinese and Russian recruitment videos featuring hardened men training constantly[…]
We simply need to focus our messaging like a laser beam on two groups: GenZ White Christian males and GenX veterans. Our strategy should hyper-inflate perceptions that the military is anti-Christian, anti-White, and homosexual

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Liberalism is an essentially feminine, submissive world view. Perhaps a better adjective than feminine is infantile. It is the world view of men who do not have the moral toughness, the spiritual strength to stand up and do single combat with life, who cannot adjust to the reality that the world is not a huge, pink-and-blue, padded nursery in which the lions lie down with the lambs and everyone lives happily ever after.

Nor should spiritually healthy men of our race even want the world to be like that, if it could be so. That is an alien, essentially Oriental approach to life, the world view of slaves rather than of free men of the West.

But it has permeated our whole society. Even those who do not consciously accept the liberal doctrines have been corrupted by them. Decade after decade the race problem in America has become worse. But the majority of those who wanted a solution, who

wanted to preserve a White America, were never able to screw up the courage to look the obvious solutions in the face.

All the liberals and the Jews had to do was begin screeching about "inhumanity" or "injustice" or "genocide," and most of our people who had been beating around the edges of a solution took to their heels like frightened rabbits. Because there was never a way to solve the race problem which would be "fair for everybody or which everyone concerned could be politely persuaded into accepting without any fuss or unpleasantness, they kept trying to evade it, hoping that it would go away by itself. And the same has been true of the Jewish problem and the immigration problem and the overpopulation problem and the eugenics problem and a thousand related problems.

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No change until Rothschild family is killed

Nothing will change and hypergamy will
Continue until the feminist and their supporters are kidnapped and killed.

Going ER will not do anything unless it is done properly.

What do I mean by properly?

By kidnapping targets and killing them and than dissolving their body in acid.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers are all responsible for hypergamy .

They financed the women’s liberation movements and the feminist movements.

You have to kill these people instead of doing random shooting on average people.

Kill billionaires and than you will see things change.

Incels need to turn into a organized crime group.

Going ER on average folks is ineffective and only backfires.

You need to kill those at the top pulling the strings.

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(Note: spacelazarwolf is not the OP. This is a targeted hate message anonymously sent to him, a Jewish trans man.)

Hi Breastie!! I'm the Good Faith Advise Anon! And I've come to share some lighthearted facts (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

One of the most prominent finantial inversors of the Trans comunity and movement less spoken of in public is Jewish business male George Soros, being one of the main sponsors of the EU trans lobby orgs through his open society foundations (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Most violent crimes, specially those particulary henious such as rape, assault, robbery, murder, and child abuse; Males commit 80-90% of these with notorious difference. Victims includes both females and other weaker males themselves (ㆁωㆁ)

Homosexuality is a material reality based on the exclusive attraction towards other individual based on shared same sex. A person having willingly sexual activities with someone of the opposite sex is simply and objectively not homosexual 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ

Love ya Breastie!! (つ≧▽≦)つ

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(On Alien)
This pro-feminist, anti-capitalist film franchise was originated by atheist Ridley Scott. The first film was proven to be alarmingly similar to the 1965 film Planet of the Vampires,[1] but since it fitted the left's agenda, they didn't care and gave it biased reviews anyway. The second film, Aliens, is an anti-Vietnam statement[2] and, just like its predecessor, copies another previous feature (in this case, the 1954 film Them![3]).

(On Apocalypse Now)
This overindulgent, anti-war diatribe portrays the American military as corrupt, incompetent drug-users.

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Anyone notice foids want men to be both a traditional man and traditional woman so they can do nothing in the relationship anymore?

Foids are really milking off of men’s intense sexual attraction to them nowadays to the point where they aren’t expected to do anything in the relationship anymore. They don’t even guarantee sex anymore and they get furious when they’re asked to provide emotional support because they’re not a “free therapist” in the words of many foids. They basically want to feel zero pressure to do anything at all to the point where their only value is their vagina, but they get offended and call you a misogynist when you actually point that out.

All the proactive work done by traditional women are now shifted onto their boyfriends so that they are simultaneously required to be both the tradwife and the tradhusband, leaving themselves to be a voracious consumers. Not only do men initiate the relationship, pay for dinner, plan dates, open doors, purchase gifts, provide compliments, have cars, do all the work in sex but now they have to pay attention to their appearance and look handsome, be able to cook, be able to clean, do the laundry, be emotionally available. But if a man asks for any of this he is a misogynist.

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When Wilder married and started his own family, he set out to ensure that his children were influenced by conservative ideals. He would often discuss current events and issues with them, explaining how the media had reported a slanted view of the issue, then patiently laying out the facts from his viewpoint. He says he was able to influence all three of his children with facts and logic instead of feelings.
“My son, when he was 16, thought he should be able to decide for himself whether or not he would go to church,” he recalls. “I explained to him that I agreed with him and when he moved out and was self-supporting, he could certainly make that decision for himself. Today as an adult he does not miss church.”
All three of Wilder’s children are conservative, have married conservatives, and are pro-life. He wishes more parents had followed his model.
“Children raised in a liberal home are often ruined for life,” Wilder says. “If we were to instill conservative values into our children we would stop rewarding young girls getting pregnant and going on the dole for the next 20 years and we would have a strong vibrant economy. We need to raise more conservatives in order to save the country.”

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Dr. Marie N. Robinson's 1958 book, The Power of Sexual Surrender, explains that women need to surrender to a loving man in order to have a satisfying orgasm. By encouraging women to become "strong", "independent" and wary of men, feminism is blocking their sexual fulfillment. As result, women become frustrated, angry, and compensate by becoming masculine.

In their crusade to destroy European Christian civilization, Cabalists (satanist Jews and Freemasons, i.e. Communists) exploit every division. When they couldn't foment class war, they turned woman against man.

Under the guise of women's, gay and tranny "rights," heterosexuals are victims of a vicious satanic attack on their human identity. They are being re-engineered and they don't even know it. A woman's love of husband and child is divine. Only demonically possessed people would destroy it.

The Illuminati's ultimate aim is to induct society into their satanic cult and to impose a veiled Communist police state.

Satanic cults are designed to exploit their members by corrupting and making them sick.

By coercing women to abandon their femininity and usurp the male role, feminism throws a spanner in the natural heterosexual mechanism of humanity. Women have been deprived of their natural biological and social roles and condemned to loneliness and frustration. Similarly, men are deprived of the role of protector and provider essential to their development and fulfillment.

The triumph of such a wrongheaded ideology, and the suppression of the truth, signifies that control in the world has passed to a malignant force.

Robinson confirms my view that heterosexual union is based on an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. A woman who seeks power is neutering herself and her husband. She will not receive love from a man whose identity is based on power. She cannot love someone she competes with. He cannot love her. This is the dilemma of feminists today.

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[From "Chess League Bans Trannies from Women’s League, Proving That Women are Intellectually as Well as Physically Inferior"]

The fact that women suck at chess proves that they really are inferior to men

With the sports, you can say “oh well, of course they are physically weaker, but what does that matter in modern times???”

Being bad at chess means they are intellectually inferior[…]
We must start from the point of “women are inferior to men and therefore should be treated differently by society”

I mean, we treat people with Down syndrome differently, do we not?

Personally, I think women should be banned from making their own decisions. That is to say, they should be “disenfranchised.” But regardless of how you think this issue should be dealt with, the fact that they have to ban trannies from playing chess because otherwise women will be destroyed by vastly more intelligent men pretending to be women, proves that women are mentally inferior[…]

The world’s top chess federation has ruled that transgender women cannot compete in its official events for women until its officials make an assessment[…]

Good luck fighting the tranny lobby

The tranny lobby is superior to the vagina lobby for the same reason men win all these competitions – because men are superior to women

I support trannies being in everything designed for women, of course. Because it proves, over and over again, that women are inferior to men[…]
There is a reason there are no women geniuses in any field, and the women who were competent at certain things usually had a husband who was competent in those things (how much did Percy help Mary with Frankenstein?)

Furthermore, this whole concept of “women’s sports” and women’s chess or whatever else was retarded from the beginning

Women should stay at home and have kids


End of story

Indracel #psycho #sexist incels.is

Western women reserve access to their meatholes for the exclusive usage of white men. Deathnics can’t compete since our ancestors could only reproduce through rape and encountered no sexual selection to enhance our appearance. It’s racist to enforce rape laws equally for both whites and nonwhites because nonwhites are inherently disadvantaged in consensual courtship. W*men who disagree are racist.

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The Soviet Union was more a nationalist country then a communist nation after WW2 because they focused more on tribalism and the family element in Russia just like the National Socialists in Germany as they believed in there own race and nation instead of this multiculturalism and egalitarianism shoved down our throats here in the White Western World which is why the United States and Western Europe are decaying and falling to this white genocide campaign by the Liberal Globalist Establishment. This man Kyle when it was said his people supported the Soviet Union it was more of a sense of pride and nationalism now that he become a Russian Women he is now apart of a homogeneous society to produce children for her country which is the most important job in any society as the preservation of one's race is what preserves there civilization. I mean today in the world the White Birth Rates have dropped so significantly because of this consumerist propaganda that focuses on self-indulgences and the burdens of producing children which makes most White people lazy to have children I'm glad this man is now finally has a purpose to produce children for her nation now I mean in the United States and Europe because of this Consumerist Propaganda its making us weaker and in most cases making the men more feminine as were losing our masculinity through this stifling of our men so that they don't become strong masculine white people but weak and frail feminine men so in general there turning the men into women and the women into men promoting masculinity in them so they won't adopt natural feminine traits or stay home and produce children but take on full time careers except the thing is Men don't bear children only women can and its impossible to do that when there at work instead of home. So In general I'm glad that this caption was made as finally this man has a purpose to produce children for our people and I wish this could happen to all the feminine males in the country so that could be doing the same thing this young lady is doing being a proud, patriot, and loyal wife to her husband producing children for her race and nation so that our own people can continue existing instead of being bred out of existence like what's happening in the West so our hope lies in the East and we as Western European must follow there example or else we perish.

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[From "Bosnian Bodybuilder Livestreams Murder of Ex-Wife, Murder Spree While Being Chased by Cops"]

Bitches think it’s a game

Then shit gets real

New York Post

A Bosnian bodybuilder live-streamed the brutal murder of his ex-wife on Instagram Friday — before going on a shooting rampage that ended with his suicide

Nermin Sulejmanovic, 35, filmed at least three videos documenting the violent spree that left three innocent people dead and three more injured in the northeastern town of Gradacac[…]
He then turns the camera to his ex-wife, whose face is bloodied and disfigured from injuries, local outlet Telegraf reported


That’s the face you make when “shit just got real”[…]
At time of writing, 4chan has links to the video, if anyone wants to see it. I’m not gonna watch it, personally. But maybe I’m just getting old

For the record, the guy is both on steroids and a Moslem

I’m not going to blame any man for beating and murdering his wife who was a whore and presumably trying to steal his kids while she was going around having sex with other men. I don’t support it and I don’t endorse murder, but I really do understand why a man would do that

But killing random people on the street?


I mean, if you were seriously going to go out in this manner, you would think you would find her boyfriend/boyfriends and get them, rather than random people. But yeah, I mean. Bosniacs


At the very least, stories like this should be blasted all over the media, like “BITCH BETTER WATCH IT – SOME DUDES OUT THERE AIN’T PLAYING”

Somehow, the media is focusing on “violence against women,” despite the fact that the bitch clearly deserved it and the guy also killed randos on the street who definitely did not deserve it

Unnamed Mina Witkojc School students and parents, Burg inhabitants and Jean-Pascal Hohm #racist #wingnut #psycho #homophobia #sexist apnews.com

Two teachers in eastern Germany tried to counter the far-right activities of students at their small town high school. They counseled bullies who threatened to beat up immigrant classmates. They gave more lessons about their country’s Nazi past. They invited in a Black rapper to talk about mutual respect

None of it helped. In desperation, Laura Nickel and Max Teske wrote a public letter in which they described an atmosphere of intimidation at Mina Witkojc School in Burg. They reported students greeting each other with the Nazi salute, scratching swastikas on their desks and playing music with racist lyrics in the hallways

“Teachers and students who openly fight against far-right students and teachers fear for their safety,” the two said in the letter they sent to local newspapers. “The problem has to be recognized and openly fought. Schools should be places free of fear, full of open-mindedness and safety for everyone and cannot provide a home for the enemies of democracy”

Even so, Nickel, who taught English and history at the high school, and Teske, a math and geography teacher, were unprepared for the backlash[…]A letter from an anonymous group of parents demanded their dismissals. Stickers with their pictures and the caption “Piss off to Berlin” plastered light poles near campus. On social media, someone declared a desire to “hunt them down”

Further disheartened by what they say was a lack of support from colleagues, the principal and local administrators, Nickel and Teske announced when the academic year ended two weeks ago that they were leaving[…]
“Far-right extremist statements, actions, slogans, homophobia and sexism were and are the order of the day at this school”[…]
After the teachers announced their withdrawal from Burg, the head of the AfD chapter in Cottbus [Jean-Pascal Hohm], Brandenburg state’s second-largest city, cheered on Twitter that Teske, whom he called a “leftist radical informer,” and his “accomplice” were gone

belzibhaal #sexist #psycho #racist mmo-champion.com

I'm nearly 35 and I've been banging the shit out of what is probably one of the hottest 16 year olds in the world for nearly 9 months. In fact, the first time I got her into bed was on her 16th birthday. Am I a degenerate?

Most likely. I realize it's a minority position here, but I think adult men should generally prefer adult women. I get that teens can be hot, but that's pretty much where the attraction ends.

I like all kinds of females. My neighbour has two incredibly gorgeous daughters who will be head turners in a year or so and they are only 12. I spent an amazing weekend in Phoenix making a 39 year old redhead scream while she was at the same hotel on business and I've taken my 49 year old lab manager to bed on more than one occasion.

As long as she's well into puberty or nor fully menopausal, I'll find a female attractive.

Why are blacks called African Americans?

I still call them negros, or isajeeps. The term "african american" just sounds plain stupid

12 year old girl speaks against abortion, and she does it well.

From the looks of this little trollop, she hasn't even hit puberty yet, let alone know what a dick feels like. She hasn't the slightest fucking idea what she is talking about.

On a somewhat related note, I don't consider a human to be a human until they have achieved sentience, so if you want to abort fetuses, have at it. Not sentient = not human.

I'll gladly give her a half cooked grenade.

And a coat hanger so she can give herself that abortion she hates so very much when she gets pregnant to her 35 year old boyfriend a year from now.

Baylor University #fundie #sexist #homophobia #wingnut themessenger.com

Baylor University will not lose any federal funding if they neglect to respond to reports of sexual harassment on campus, thanks to a Title IX religious exemption granted by the U.S. Department of Education.

It seems to be the first time a university has requested a religious exemption protecting it from sexual harassment claims, and also the first time the Department of Education has granted such a request.

Baylor, located in Waco, was granted the exemption "to the extent that they are inconsistent with the University's religious tenets." If unaddressed harassment happens at Baylor, particularly harassment against LGBTQI+ individuals, the new exemption keeps their federal funding well protected.

Baylor first requested the exemption in a May 1 letter noting that four complaints which had been filed with the Office for Civil Rights "must be dismissed because the allegations directly implicate Baylor's religious exemption" from Title IX.

"The University does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression per se, but it does regulate conduct that is inconsistent with the religious values and beliefs that are integral to its Christian faith and mission," reads the letter requesting the exemption, written by Baylor's president, Dr. Linda Livingstone.

Jim Nelles #wingnut #racist #sexist #conspiracy amgreatness.com

The left hates words, well specific words anyway. The left believes that words are hateful and that they cause fear. Per the left, using the wrong word should open you to ridicule, get you fired, or even put in jail.
The list of what we cannot say continues to grow daily. One publication has claimed that men cannot ask a female, say a hotel desk clerk, if he can speak to her manager, as it is disrespectful and implies a lack of trust in her abilities. And you certainly may never ask someone if they have lost weight, because you are saying that they used to be fat.

At the Los Angeles Times, reporters are discouraged from using the word “looters,” as it has a pejorative and racist connotation.
The Left is now also weaponizing words to prosecute those who offend them with speech. Per the National Institutes of Health, being misgendered can be an extremely hurtful and invalidating experience. The intentional refusal to use someone’s correct pronouns is equivalent to harassment and a violation of one’s civil rights. Continuing, EEOC guidance states that “intentionally and repeatedly using the wrong name and pronouns to refer to a transgender employee could contribute to an unlawful hostile work environment and is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
I believe in the right to free speech, no matter how hateful, ridiculous, or even obscene. The First Amendment is designed to protect the speech I hate, not the speech I embrace. That is why the best way to expose stupidity, hate, and racism is to give people who espouse such thoughts a platform to expose themselves. As former supreme court justice, Louis Brandeis once said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The Left should return to its roots as embracing free speech and uninhibited debate. If nothing else, the Left should remember what all of our mamas taught us as children, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Once again, the wisdom of mom rings true.

R. Shaul Gold #sexist #fundie torahmusings.com

The Purim story discusses three women – Vashti, Zeresh and Esther. In the homiletic spirit, let us say that these three women symbolize three types of women, three models of female behavior.

Vashti represents Women’s Empowerment, women’s desire to be men’s equal, to even surpass males and out“man” men. The licentiousness of Vashti’s party surpassed Achashveirosh’s and, one could contend, was pushed by the need to be more depraved than the men. Her failure to obey the king’s command was an assertion of Female Emancipation in the spirit of “Anything men can do, women can do better.” Vashti is the prototypical misandrist.

Zeresh represents the classical harridan and Haman, the hen-pecked husband. He is forced to conspire to legally empower men because he has been psychologically emasculated by his spouse. She is unhappy with her life because she has tied her success to her husband’s. She is constantly plotting and scheming; her husband is the key to her success. A consummate termagant, she abandons her husband coldly, knocking him when he is down.

Esther represents the very best of womanhood. Her modesty and simplicity earn her the respect due her. She is steadfast in her ideology. She understands her position and carries it forth with grace. This position is Queen, and she fills it with poise, dignity, charm and humility. It is not as a subservient wife [contra Zersh] nor as a timid wallflower [contra Vashti]. Esther needs neither power nor public acknowledgement to validate her essence. She possesses inner contentment. Faced with a situation that is foreign to her upbringing and moral compass, she soldiers forth in the knowledge that her path is the correct one, as understood by Torah scholars.

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Blaming everything on kikes is taking the blame away from foids

At this point, I want more degeneracy in this society. So when these foids are ready to settle down after their hoe-phase, there'd be no escape from the degeneracy of their own creation. I don't care if it's some kike propaganda and what not. Foids are the ones who have directly harmed men. They are the true enemy. I don't care if the society devolves, rots, and dies if it means the foids get to experience a fraction of the pain that is the existence of men.

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The phrase “our democracy” has become a pervasive cliche in American politics. But who is the subject in this presumptuous expression? Although never defined explicitly, the answer is implicit in what it does not include. To a greater and greater extent, American politics revolves around black people, women, and immigrant populations from the Third World, which together form the core of the Democratic party. The remnants of the old country are now facing obsolescence, with only a weak vessel, the Republican party, to defend them.

The right, whether out of denial, cowardice, or a lack of imagination, has failed to grapple with the deep roots of its demise. Republicans ostracized “nativists” and helped facilitate the demographic replacement of their own voters with the delusion that cheap Third World day laborers are “natural conservatives,” overlooking the most naturally conservative constituency of all: white men. The right failed to conserve gender roles, as women left the home and became angry foot soldiers of a socialist revolution.
The left isn’t wrong when they paint conservatives as natural enemies of “our democracy.” There is nothing conservative about the radically egalitarian system that governs the country, which turns politics into a race to the bottom, a game at which the left naturally excels. The left, in all times and places, has thrived on destruction and decay. The muddled, obese, foreign mass that is today called “the American people” has only a faint connection to the sturdy, adventurous Anglo-Saxons who founded the nation.
Those who find the present state of things tolerable, or even good, will never be shaken out of their delusions. One cannot feel too sorry for them when they come face to face with the creatures vomited out of the belly of their beloved “democracy.” If there is any hope of leaving this cesspool of mediocrity and disorder, it lies not with soft and flabby conservatism but a politics that is willing to raise the bar.

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RE: Aaron Russo: Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women & Set-Up NWO

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Wonder how many people who already have that chip in them already. Maybe with a V@x

( AngelFreak )
Feminism is the biggest lie that was pushed on American women.

( annevandiver61 )
Even as I kid, I knew the woman’s lib stuff was destructive BS. Destruction from within!!

( Baladevadas )
the deep stat killed Aaron Russo after he disclosed the Rothschild's eugenics program

( Ali0818 )
Do you really believe this?

They are ‘wiping’ out the ‘birthing people’ because we are one of the causes for ‘them’ falling….

or maybe its because bahphomet is a Hermaphrodite

or maybe because there is nothing like a mothers love, and once mom is out of the role modeling position…

if hes a friend of the Rockefellers, hes not a friend of ours. brlieve half of what you hear

( Baladevadas )
Aaron was killed by the deep state rockefellers for exposing the rothschild's eugenics program. watch the video before you pass judgment

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As a Gen X’er, my generation was the first to be severely impacted by women’s lib. I and most of my friends were all latchkey kids. We had no supervision after school or during summer. Just free to run around and create chaos. I hated going to nursery school and being ripped away from my mom and forces to endure a cold school. It is really unnatural. Neither of my parents had any energy to help me with my schoolwork after they got home. My mom was such a feminist and put her ego before the family so she could be a career woman. She also made my dad’s life miserable because of her lack of submitting to him. She totally ran them into debt. My dad was powerless over it. These women today are far worse. They all are driven to be independent career women and to sleep around. No scruples anymore with sex. So many of the men today are gay. Many if the girls are bisexual too. Just sad. There’s no going back at this point. We’re screwed.

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The church has become too feminine.

We need more strong men who fear God and have the courage to do what's right, even when the media, social media, and their peers criticize and attack them, especially then.

Nearly every societal ill in our era is connected to this single issue.

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We're -- I mean, we are in a matriarchy. And this is why they accuse me of being an internalized misogynist because I'm able to think through and acknowledge the flaws of what happens in society when women get power.

And if you wanna know what happens, look around you. Women fall for emotional arguments the entire time. They show us a commercial, you know, show -- it's so sad, and before they get to the rational aspects of it, they're already invested emotionally. And I think that virtually every societal ill that we are facing today is because of women.

And I think the greatest recent example of that is the Bud Light controversy, because, I mean, trans people were just playing dress up as women, invaded every women's space, and women said, oh, but I feel bad. Because it's how he identifies at the inside, without thinking through the fact that you're quite literally disappearing yourselves. Right? You're quite literally saying, I will cease existing before I let this grown man who's wearing a wig have a bad feeling. That's insane.

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What is the purpose of feminism? Like, what do they want out of women? I’ve thought about this a lot, and it seems really obvious that the end goal of feminism and all of these messages is really to keep people as childless as possible, as self-sterilized as possible. A form of genocide, almost, to Americans. They don’t want you to be stable and happy and raising your own children, and it seems very obvious why they don’t want to do that. They want to educate children themselves and feed them all their own messages. The fewer kids that you have, the fewer kids they have to worry about not getting the messages or not being indoctrinated properly.

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It's sad I have to ask this but as a man...what are some fun things you can do with women that both don't involve sex and are not gay?

For guys that have female friends, what are some fun things you can do with them that aren't sexual but also not gay either?

For example I don't want to visit art galleries/museums or a theater to watch a lame movie of her choosing, I just don't want to participate in those seemingly gay things. There's gotta be stuff men and women can compromise and do together.

Any suggestions?

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Civilization cannot run without the blood, sweat and tears of young men. They are trying to replace (You) with migrants and eventually robots but migrants only work for one generation, second generation migrants have no connection to their homeland they all have a crisis of identity and the overwhelming majority cope with it by going along with the flow and adopting the stances of their peers. The west is now overflowing with 2nd and third generation migrants and they are with (You). Not to mention that the overwhelming majority of migrants are a net drain on the economy (see pic related).

The social contract has been broken and yet they still expect (You) a young man to contribute (You)r weight in blood, sweat and tears. (You) and many of your peers are choosing to opt out of this deal. After nearly a decade of this trend snowballing (You) and (You)r peers have become the biggest threat the regime has ever faced.

There is nothing they can do to stop it
There is no action they can take that does not reinforce and accelerate the trend
The last time something of this scale happened it was August of 1921. Nearly 20,000 coal miners fought 3000 lawmen and strikebreakers in the battle of Blair Mountain. It was the first time the US had ever been bombed by an aircraft and it was the US Military bombing its own citizens, they even used poison gas bombs. But this time there is nowhere to bomb, the group is largely faceless, instead of 20,000 its nearly 10,000,000. There is no headquarters to attack, there are no leaders, it is just millions of young men collectively coming to the conclusion that there is nothing in it for them.

They will call (You) a "loser", "low T", an "incel" while simultaneously demonizing "toxic masculinity" they have no answer and they are terrified.
Civilization cannot run without the sacrifices of young men it however CAN run without the contributions of women. Artificial wombs already exist, true robot workforces DO NOT.

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Women in combat is a national scandal. It is a disgrace. It is a deep, deep shame and stain on our country. And I don't even hear the conservative politicians talking about this. Women in combat is a very recent phenomenon, as the lady just said in that commercial. And yet, we just totally gave up that fight. Why? Because we don't wanna be seen as disrespecting women who serve in the military. I have the utmost respect for women who serve in the military. I'm deeply grateful for their inclination to serve and sacrifice. But the military is not about individual desires. It's not even about individual ability. It's about cohesion and unity and national policy and who we wanna be as a nation. I have no doubt that's -- that there are a significant number of women who would valiantly go out and risk their lives and bodily integrity to go fight for America. I don't want them to do that. I think it's bad for America to send women into harm's way.

I think part of the reason that we have an army is so that we don't have to do that. I think it's disordered. I think that women are more nurturing. They're the weaker sex. They're the gentler sex. And a major reason to have a military is to protect them because boys need their mommies, and husbands need their wives, and societies need a nurturing feminine element. And when we're talking -- especially when we're talking about fighting a lethal force, we need to not be sentimental and not be absurdly ideological. We need to send out the toughest, strongest, brawniest fellas. The -- the reason to keep women out of combat is as much for the men as for the women. It's as much for the civilians as for the fighting force. And you need to say it. Even -- even moderate Democrats said this 10 years ago, and now the conservative right-wing won't say it.

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First off, while at times I disagree with Will, he is still a far cut above most posters here (and that includes me). Let get to the real. Dems suk when they get in power for too long. Maybe Reps do too as God knows there are enough rhinos out there. But we need a periodic shake up to balance things out or you get things like the DOJ being a party tool used to influence a election...unless you live in a bubble. So abhorrent isn't a abortion? Guess what happens if you murder a pregnant woman ( at least where a prosecutor actually goes by the law)? You get charged with a double murder. Let a doctor do it and all is fine and dandy. Why not make it mandatory for a male or a female to get their tubes tied? Why wait until a doctor has to perform an act of murder?

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The barbie movie blackpilled me because I coped and thought there was some decent, conservative, non man-hating women out there, but nope, just do your research into new Barbie movie how much it HATES men and wants to dismantle "patriarchy" (a society where men get laid and have families) and women are lining up to watch it and it is outgrossing new Mission Impossible and even the Mario movie, might be most profitable movie of 2023.

Women want all non Chad/Tyrone men enslaved with no sex and human rights whatsoever, this is not an extreme position for hardcore feminists, nope, it's very mainstream, accepted view among pretty much ALL western women. Massive blackpill, women can't be allowed any rights whatsoever if society isn't going to collapse. the barbie movie proved that, right now I hate all women, allowing women on incel forums would be disaster, they are all evil liars that want non Chad/Tyrone men to suffer. Women would enjoy watching male snuff films in 4k on netflix if they were allowed.