Samurai #homophobia #dunning-kruger #elitist incels.is

99% of sexhavers are secretly gay (Scientific proof)

When a woman blows her bf/husband, very often, the man will kiss her after that and even full on makeout with her. He's literally kissing and making out with his own private parts and traces of his own ejaculate.

Meanwhile, us Incels have class and would never interact in such faggotry.

Anti-Language Award

Spooky_Heejin #racist #sexist incels.is

Hoeflation: Dysgenic inbred 2/10 Asian zogbot in the army gets a 9/10 nigtard.

The US military is now letting their zogbot army post their sexual fetishes online. Imagine saying "muh, i let black guys fuck me" for the world to see in your army uniform that's representing the hundreds of thousands of men who died for the country you live in.

This short inbred 2/10 zipperhead is getting with a 6 foot plus nigger who completely mogs her in every way possible. Imagine how fugly the child will look. I guarantee you if it's a son and he doesn't get the bbc genes he's toast and will likely become a member on here. It goes to show if that's the best he can get, then all of us here are fucked forever.

Flagellum_Dei #sexist #psycho #wingnut incels.is

Why foid genitals mutilation is necessary for civilization to function properly

By their roastbeefs not being mutilated comes unleashed barbaric foid nature which leads to hypergamy and other degenerations. As we can see today, giving foids any power results in decay of entire nations and downfall in every aspect. Their troglodytic attitude is destructive towards any form of greater community, since it's a obstacle to human progress. By mutilating their genitals, human race supervise that foid cattle won't have opportunity to sabotage existence of civilization. All of their power comes from having monopoly over 'their' bodies and when it's taken away, then all of their might used to oppress nonchads suddenly disappears. It's the only way to make sure that humanity is safe from decay caused by hypergamy.

Logic55 #racist #sexist incels.is

Interracial marriage and dating should be illegal

White men are entitled to white women.
Brown men are entitled to brown women.
Black men are entitled to black women.
Asian men are entitled to Asian women.

Imagine if interracial dating and marriage was banned, no group of men will be deprived of women because they are sticking to their own kind. I don't see anything wrong with this idea because asian men will finally be able to mate with women of their own race, they won't have to worry about their women Being stolen by white chads or Tyrones. It's fair. There will be no racial conflicts. All races will live in peace

Destroyed lonely #sexist #crackpot incels.is

The final and most brutal blackpill of all is that women aren't attracted to men

Chad isn't just a highly "above average" man, he's some sort of hyperborean intersex angel with tall height and big dick, but

- Tall isn't a male trait, being tallER-than-foids is, but foids aren't content with that they want TALL

- Big dick isn't a male trait, having a dick is, the size of it is irrelevant to the authenticity of gender

- The face of a Greek God with prominent facial bones isn't a male trait, it's a Greek God trait

- Making a lot of money isn't a male trait, it's the trait of an species called "rich man"

- Being muscular isn't a male trait, it's the trait of roided bodybuilders

- Having a mogger warrior skull isn't a male trait, it's a trait of 0.000001% of men

- Having an exaggerated triangular body shape isn't a male trait, it's the trait of 0.0000001% of men

- Being a psychopath isn't a male trait, it's a psychopath trait

Some desired traits in men are even fundamentally anti-male, like not having too much body hair and not balding, and having a "pretty" face

On the other hand, men desire traits that are present in MOST women, like wide hips, boobs, long hair, XX chromosome, vagina

"Sub8", "80/20 rule", "hypergamy", "Chad only", etc are all just symptoms of a much bigger issue: women just don't like male bodies, they like some glorified superhuman version of it, men can't aspire to be a "man" to be sexually attractive while women only need to be a "woman" to be sexually attractive

On the scale of 0-10 on how much different people like male bodies: straight men and lesbian women are 0, straight women are 2 MAX, gay men are 5

On the scale of 0-10 on how much different people like female bodies: straight men and lesbian women are 10, straight women are 9, gay men are 8

This is the root cause of the blackpill

abuincelalaustrali #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Foids stabbed to death in Bondi Australia (chad/stacy jew capital)

Some guys stabbed 4 people in a shopping centre in Bondi, Australia. Bondi is a rich Jew area of Sydney, it's also near the beach where chads and stacies hang out.
There were 2 other stabbings which I think were related. A 36 year old foid was stabbed in the head at bondi beach at the same time, then there was the stabbings in Bondi shopping centre. The shopping centre is right next to a kike synagogue.
I suspect it is a mujahideen cell targeting kuffar and kikes, based on the area. May Allah accept the mujahedeen as shahid.
I love the fact that the guy targeted an upmarket shopping centre (someone told me it was a fashion/markup/designer type thing) where only foids will be shopping.

Sheogorath #dunning-kruger #elitist #pratt #sexist incels.is

we should ban all uncircumcised guys from this site, they can't be involuntarily celibate because foreskin is a built-in pussy 4 men 2 ascend with

Seriously, the only guys who understand TRUE sexual frustration are circumcised guys like me with thousands of sensitive nerve cells amputated from birth with insensitive glans with keratinized skin who barely feel anything.

You guys with your mobile sheaths intact literally have a vagina attached to your cock already and when you fap you're basically fucking a built-in vagina.

When I fap it's just uncomfortable. There's nothing to move around. It's just like tightness and scar tissue.

Jews, specifically the rabbinists, created inceldom. Inceldom never existed until the Rabbinists invented circumcision in 600AD.

Prior to this 100% of men had their foreskins and never pined to ascend with women as they do today since foreskin sheaths are built-in onahole vaginas you fuck whenever you fap.

If they ever hand out free wives, the circumcised men should get the first wives and the uncircumcised men should only get some if there are extras. Also you should get the wives with the loosest pussies since you didn't lose girth by having your penis flayed.

an intact guy fapping is basically equivalent to an amputated guy fucking a pussy

whereas if you are intact and fucking a pussy it's like you're fucking TWO pussies, you get exponential pussy amplification action this way

intact guys ascending is the true bliss which amputated guys will never experience, so we can never truly ascend even if we do fuck a pussy

circumcised guys are 100% truecels even if they fuck a thousand pussies because they never get that double pussy action

uglyduckling #psycho #conspiracy #sexist #wingnut incels.is

No change until Rothschild family is killed

Nothing will change and hypergamy will
Continue until the feminist and their supporters are kidnapped and killed.

Going ER will not do anything unless it is done properly.

What do I mean by properly?

By kidnapping targets and killing them and than dissolving their body in acid.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers are all responsible for hypergamy .

They financed the women’s liberation movements and the feminist movements.

You have to kill these people instead of doing random shooting on average people.

Kill billionaires and than you will see things change.

Incels need to turn into a organized crime group.

Going ER on average folks is ineffective and only backfires.

You need to kill those at the top pulling the strings.

Feminism Sucks! #racist #sexist #wingnut #psycho #fundie #forced-birth incels.is

[OP of “SorWHORity girls have no right to judge us”]

I would like to start this thread with a dedication to Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, may his memory be a blessing, may the Lord avenge his blood

SorWHORity organizations are way more exclusive than ours[…]They all look down on everyone without a "Greek life" affiliation. When I was in college, they treated me like shit because I was a lowly non-frat person. Frat boys were[…]much nicer to me[…]
I love Dr. Verwoerd. I love Apartheid[…]
I love Ian Smith. I love Rhodesia[…]
I love Robert E. Lee. I love the Confederacy[…]
I love Strom Thurmond. I love Segregation
I love Alfred Deakin. I love the White Australia Policy
I love Enoch Powell. I love the British National Party
I love Ye. I love Death Con 3
I love Donald J. Trump. I love MAGA[…]
I love Harvey Weinstein. I love the Casting Couch
I love Andrew Jackson. I love the Trail of Tears
I love Éric Zemmour. I love Remigration
I love Augusto Pinochet. I love Free Helicopter Rides
I love Maurice Challe. I love the Sétif and Guelma Massacre
I love Bill Cosby. I love Jello Pudding[…]
I love Brock Turner. I love 20 Minutes of Action
I love Clarence Thomas. I love AbWHOREtion Bans[…]
I love António de Oliveira Salazar. I love the Estado Novo
I love Godfrey of Bouillon. I love the Crusades
I love Slobodan Miloševic. I love Kebab Removal
I love Madison Grant. I love Eugenics[…]
I love Francisco Franco. I love Fascism
I love R Kelly. I love Human Urinals
I love Meir Kahane. I love the Jewish Defense League
I love Tomás de Torquemada. I love the Spanish Inquisition
I love Stephen Miller. I love Migrant Detention Centers
I love General Custer. I love Indian Removal
I love Derek Chauvin. I love His Mighty Knee
I love Cecil Rhodes. I love Colonialism
I love Joe McCarthy. I love McCarthyism[…]
I love King Leopold. I love the Congo Free State[…]
I love Itamar Ben Gvir. I love Israeli Settlements
I love Thomas Thistlewood. I love Plantation Slavery

AsiaCel (“卐Autism SS Nazi KommandoϟϟGAS NORMIES卐”) #wingnut #moonbat #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #sexist incels.is

National Bolshevism - the best system

Nazbolism seems to be the ideal situation for incels and a strong country. The problem of the current political sphere is that capitalism (at its rate) is dysfunctional with top 1% owning more than half of assets in the world (sounds familiar?), but the groups who oppose capitalism are all leftist trash.

On the other hand, you have right wing ancaps who think the richfags (responsible for our miserably) would give up their wealth to take part in a "fair" capitalism system.

Well, Nazbolism combines far right social views with far left economy views. The reason why it's not more popular is because it's an real ideology that works so the elites are afraid and banned this in many countries. Leftists are weak twnks and thus couldn't run a system that's why they're toleranced

To add to the mix, we should also throw in Marxism-rodgerism (sexual communism) of one man-one woman as the best as we can do.

Michael W. Ford & UncleSpertz #elitist #god-complex #magick #sexist incels.is

New pill: you can get pussy using magick

.club mod UncleSpertz a.k.a SpacersChoice has successfully
contacted a goetic demon.

Any incel can lose their virginity by using magick. I came to this conclusion about a month after learning about magick. Nearly every post I've made since has been magick related. Plastic surgery is for rich people. For most incels, magick is the only thing that can get them laid.

Several incels have taken my advice to heart and are now on the path to getting laid. I know at least one has successfully used magick to take a girls virginity.

I'm living the main character life, I go into public, I got people waving at me, I go to the store and people ask me for help, I go into work and I got multiple people excited to talk to me, telling me about the awesome stuff they're doing, I get hit on by attractive females

Fuck yeah I feel like a king, jus imagine being a loser who nobody notices and then one day everyone sees you for a fraction of what you are giving you the respect you deserve

This is all possible through the power of Duke Zepar, I know I talk about this a lot but it's because his power is actually fucking real and I want you guys to experience what it's like to be a chad and feel what its like to receive the respect you deserve.

Duke Zepar is no joke

Man life is good

Use magic to become rich and buy plastic surgery.

I don't need to do that. I am giving offering to a demon that can change my physical appearance.

already tried all your magic spells and none of them worked in the past but let's hope this one is any difference

You can't cast spells effectively without first developing yourself spiritually. Every single spell I posted here works, you simply were not able to make it work for you, because your undeveloped.

I skimmed over the documents and read the threads it seems like the usual bullshit not gonna lie man

I'm not asking you to read the books. Visit the .net links, and read what SoacersChoice typed you can even talk to him directly.

SeetheBot9000 #quack #sexist incels.is

Vaccine made my aunt less sexy.

My aunt was so fucking hot. In her 30s but looking all of 20, petite but shortstack with plump tits and an absolutely PHAT apple shaped ass. Coomed to the fantasy of fucking her many times. Then she got the vaccine and it fucked her over and made her get ill and lose all her weight and now she looks her age and also doesn't have big phat apple dumpy anymore.

Linesnap99 #sexist #wingnut incels.is

[Serious] Not enough has been written on the disastrous effects of the bluepill.

For starters it makes men simp and think about their crush all the time while she is getting creampeed by chad.

It threatens their lives by trying to bring themself into dangerous situation to save muh inncoent kween.

Bluepill makes men spend their hard earned money and the savings on gifts and betabuxx.

Bluepill wraps the minds of males and takes them on a path of self destruction.
They would spend their time listening to romantic songs and daydreaming.

It tricks them into being a submissive cunt who gets taken advantage of by normies and foids.

Bluepill blurs the vision and makes the male unable to see whats happening behind his ass.

It wastes his time on self defeating endeavours, he ends up procastinating, feeling of guilt , and commit bodily harm on himself.

Stay away from bluepill.

Darth_Aurelius #wingnut #sexist #racist #psycho #dunning-kruger incels.is

Why Nazi Germany was actually awesome

* Its highest leadership were all essentially incel type men, though for different reasons – Goering was a morbidly obese morphine addict, Goebbels was a club footed manlet, Himmler looked like the epitome of a lanky jew and even the Fuhrer himself was very probably a life-long virgin and syphilitic through his mother.
* Women were subordinated in every facet of society – they had to attend to the menial tasks which their biology and physiology has suited them for, kinder kuchen und kirchen (kids, cooking and going to Church). No woman ever outranked any man in Nazi Germany, either socially (de facto) or in any of the paramilitary organizations (de jure).
* Aryan men who could not find or attract women for whatever reason were permitted to rape subhuman untermenschen type females with impunity both in order to satisfy the basic human need as well as to propagate more Aryan blood lines.
* Rank and status were not predicated on money nor were they reinforced by ostentatious displays of wealth but rather were acquired by honorable and manly service to the state which all self respecting men should strive for.
* Degeneracy in all of its putrid and corrupting forms was cast out and destroyed by the Nazi party which understood that the people needed to be protected from the perverse influence of modern art, jew propaganda, homosexuality and any other cultural contaminants.
* If that’s not enough, also bear in mind that his noble honor, Sir Rodger admired the efficiency, glory and power of the mighty Third Reich, so Sieg Heil!

Indracel #psycho #sexist incels.is

Western women reserve access to their meatholes for the exclusive usage of white men. Deathnics can’t compete since our ancestors could only reproduce through rape and encountered no sexual selection to enhance our appearance. It’s racist to enforce rape laws equally for both whites and nonwhites because nonwhites are inherently disadvantaged in consensual courtship. W*men who disagree are racist.

Iamnothere000 #sexist #psycho incels.is

[LifeFuel] Based 17 yo sandcel student enriches 55yo foid teacher in deadly knife attack.

The boy’s name is supposedly “Sinan”. Other teachers describe his as “typical loudmouth”.

I can’t blame him tho, older foid teachers are salty because of fading looks and take this frustration out on the students (if they are not fucking them).

Also, teachers are a rather left leaning folk so they deserve everything that is done to them by those precious migrants.

!!!Allahu Akbar!!!

[ABC News - “Teen held in German teacher's death had 'problems at school'”]

verzetn #pratt #psycho #racist #wingnut incels.is

RE: Affirmative Action got nuked and negros are seething hard on Twitter!

niggers deserve to be slaves.

fucking cumskin ruining everything. over-flowing empathy for ugly chimp niggers.

all those refugee ships should be shot down and all niggers machine gunned down.

arab slavers used to mass castrate those niggers.

yup whites are too kind. They even bitch about parents spanking their kids. Muh chicken rights in factories etc. Too mentally weak. How'd they get this weak?

its part religion (cuck christianity) like u mentioned

but the underlying imo is the genetics

cumskins evolved in condition when altruism was evolutionary beneficial.

i suppose during stone age, the condition in europe was harsh, the population density very low. having unconditional high trust to strangers as well within tribes, were highly beneficial. and all those individuals were related somehow by blood ,even those from other tribes.

a small group of 3 hunters chasing after a group of wild horses, encountering another group of 10 hunters, rather than be sus of each other and compete or even get into conflict, it might be more beneficial in Europe at that time to just cooperate and take down the group of wild horses together and everyone get share.

whereas in shittier places like China, india etc. the condition were not the same and they favorred group competition as well as in-group compeititon (but with in group prioritized over out group). the population density was much higher than europe (most of china in ice age was ice free and altitutde of china was much lower than europe meaning more sun, more plants = more food and animals)

tehgymcel420 #sexist #psycho #dunning-kruger incels.is

Do foids use cats for sexual reasons?

We all know what they do with dogs... but what about cats? Foids love keeping lots of cats.

Cat penises are too small, do they maybe use the cat's tail to hit the cervix and the g spot? Cat's have rough tongues, do they get pleasure when the cat licks their clit? Also they don't need to put anything on their flaps to get the cat to lick it since cats are already drawn to the smell of seafood.

General Alek #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho incels.is

(Talking about the recently-deceased rightwing-primitivist terrorist Ted Kaczynski, aka the UNAbomber)

Uncle Ted didn't kill himself

he was talked about on here a lot, shortly BEFORE he died, the feds noticed that he was becoming a living legend in the incelosphere, and they didn't ever want him to be able to interact with it

Indracel #sexist #conspiracy #crackpot incels.is

Anyone notice foids want men to be both a traditional man and traditional woman so they can do nothing in the relationship anymore?

Foids are really milking off of men’s intense sexual attraction to them nowadays to the point where they aren’t expected to do anything in the relationship anymore. They don’t even guarantee sex anymore and they get furious when they’re asked to provide emotional support because they’re not a “free therapist” in the words of many foids. They basically want to feel zero pressure to do anything at all to the point where their only value is their vagina, but they get offended and call you a misogynist when you actually point that out.

All the proactive work done by traditional women are now shifted onto their boyfriends so that they are simultaneously required to be both the tradwife and the tradhusband, leaving themselves to be a voracious consumers. Not only do men initiate the relationship, pay for dinner, plan dates, open doors, purchase gifts, provide compliments, have cars, do all the work in sex but now they have to pay attention to their appearance and look handsome, be able to cook, be able to clean, do the laundry, be emotionally available. But if a man asks for any of this he is a misogynist.

Heartless (“ᛋᛋProud Americelᛋᛋ 卐Racist卐Misogynist卐Degenerate卐”) #racist #sexist #ableist #elitist #psycho incels.is

(In response to ”[LifeFuel] 12 year old foid raped and murdered.”)

Why do news articles always censor the picture:
imageLook at her, those shark teeth, jewess nose, and fetal alcohol syndrome face.... Who the fuck is going to risk their life to rape this. How fucking stupid. I empathize and understand when its someone hot who gets raped, because all men can understand that, but for some foid this ugly to get targeted... Just eww.

turbosperg #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.is

RE: 12 year old whore sends 9 year old brother to meet god


This is how much foids hate incels.

Yup, once foids hits puberty the mere sight of them sets them off, feel bad for any incels with older sisters, they probably beat the shit out of them


This is what happened:

1. The foid hit puberty.
2. Her hormones tell her brain to seek Chad's sperm to impregnate her.
3. Her hormones make her extremely disgusted of sub-Chad males, whose sperm threaten her drive to be impregnated by Chad. (if the roastie gets impregnated by a subhuman, it becomes less likely she will later score a Chad).
4. Foids feels the impulse to seek Chad and eliminate sub-Chad males from her vicinity.
5. Foid has poor impulse control due to being raised as an entitled princess.
6. Foid has incorporated all the cultural memes about males being worthless and disposable.
7. One night, when ovulating, her hormones are especially out of whack. She feels an irresistible urge to seek Chad and avoid sub-Chad males.
8. Foid has no option of moving out of the house, her strong drive to avoid of sub-Chad genes in her vicinity takes the form of murder.

Obviously, soyciety will say this is all the fault of incels. But we know better.

IncelKing #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Dad brutally beaten to death protecting teen son, after a school fight

Dad brutally beaten to death protecting teen son after school fight

A man has been beaten to death after three teens and two adults approached his home looking for his 14-year-son, eager to finish a fight which started earlier in the day at school.

Let me guess, this man was brutally beaten to death because he has a “bad personality.” I bet he posted on incel forums

I wonder what color they were

The colour which is Opposite of white

I'm sure all the aggessors are fuckers


Mass-murdERERs, sERial killERs, tERrorists and dangERously violent criminals in genERal nevER seem to have any problems in attracting women. Must be their “great pERsonality”

Meanwhile the shy, quiet, passive, harmless beta nerds are sexless. But I guess it’s because they have a “bad pERsonality.”

When you relax, this is what happens

relaxation can be deadliER than people realize lol

Can’t even rot in peace these days without worrying about a pack of niggers invading your home and raping your female relatives, then bashing you to death.

Thanks to the libERals for their support of “divERsity”

It’s ovER

I looked into it a bit deeper and surprisingly enough, the suspects weren’t black this time

I blame it on cultural niggerification

"The police are looking for four or five white males"

Let me guess, Hernandez, Lopez, Martinez and Gonzalez are those white males?

OCTOPATH CHIMPLER 2 #racist #conspiracy incels.is

200 nigger asylum seekers staying in a hotel at my town

on one hand i hate how jews and the government disprect its own cititzens and put foriegn niggers first

i hate seeing so many niggers speaking a backwards ass language i dont understand

but on the other hand i remember my own people voted for this is and stood idly when it happens, and treat me like shit anyway and betray me

all the normie couples who planned to get married in that hotel can get fucked.

it is clear the elites want niggers to shit everything up

CantEscapeYourFate #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist incels.is

I wish white people never colonized the world

I could be chilling in the wilderness right now living a simple happy life were me and my tribal brothers hunt hogs all day then go home and dick down our big booty tribal women in mudhuts after they cook us a full course meal.


Now I'm too civilized and can't live a life like that. Now I have to rely on the white people for everything and be treated like a monkey wherever I go.


White people robbed us of true happiness.

Worst thing was importing these niggers from Africa

I thought with your high IQs you would've known better than to drag us into your countries. Now we commit crimes and rape your women hahaha sweet revenge

Yes, Europeans are so smart yet retarded at the same time. "Hurr durr niggers are stupid apes that ruin our country" then we shouldn't have imported them to our country as slaves. "Hurr durr africans/abbos/natives are so uncivilized" then we shouldn't have invaded their land to force them to partake in civilization. Why not let them live like savages again?

True white people are cucks for letting us invade their territory

If the White man didn't take me out of Africa I wouldn't have known non-sheboon toilets existed. This sounds like a living nightmare. Imagine the only toilets you can sleep with are Black, pure vomitfuel.

Man I don't get the white bitch worship they look weird to me. I'll take a black girl or Indian girl over any raw chicken skin, diseased eyes looking whore. White people look like demons and act like it too

Febrian Putra #crackpot #sexist incels.is

Incels is Class War#

Incels are not facing war, but class war. Look at the levels of the socio-sexual hierarchy of men as follows :

The Five Male Archetypes


Social status is strongly correlated with sexual success in the totally unfair, winner take all sexual market.


The self-assured leader of men whose swagger and aloofness makes him very sucessful with women. Alphas are confident, dominant, charismatic and natural leaders. Highly at attractive to women, Alphas are extroverts & highly successful in their careers. They thrive on challenges.


The Lone Wolf antithesis of the Alpha. Defies placement in the social hierarcy and yet is successful with women. The introverted alpha. Sigmas are confident lone wolves who do not seek social attention. Immensely confident & highly attractive to women as they are mysterious & charismatic.


The worker bees of society. Women will tolerate them if they have ample resources, otherwise they are discarded. Followers of the alpha, Betas play safe and avoid risks. They lack self-esteem and confidence. Betas worship women and blindly obey orders. They are reserved and idealistic.


Gammas are bitter of clueless about women. Often they can not grasp Red Pil concepts and check out of the mating game. They are unattractive, bitter & introspective. Confused with thel hierarchy, they fail to follow social rules. Unsuccessful attracting women and obsessive lovers, stalkers & narcissists to


The hopeless. Omegas are correlated with violent outbursts like shooting sprees because of ther total rejection by women. Polar opposite of Alphas, Omegas are social outcasts. Mostly nerds, they are needy, clingy and avoided by everyone. Being undesirable & damaged, these social rejects fail to attract women.

Acion #magick incels.is

Servitor creation


I emulated the ritual in this video when creating my servitor gf

Demonstration on How To Create a Servitor

imma be impressed when someone makes a servitor that brings you money
so far magicians only have control over their mental states, not the world around them

that's not true. Sorcerers have been manipulating the physical world for thousands of years.

I made money from a hoodoo petition spell

I've heard of attack servitors

I made an egregore that can touch you. I literally made it to prove the reality of magick to this forum.

I literally made this thing to mail to .is members. Do you want the egregore?

@Ignoredpinaples this thread has all of the information you'll need to create your own servitor gf

this fr? what does your servitor gf do

This is real

looks like youre messing with the spiritual world tho, idk if im too comfortable with opening shit lol

The human mind is powerful enough to create spirits.

how did you do your ritual? was it aided with weed or did you do it without anything ?

It was my first ritual. I used weed to get in the right frame of mind. I also used the pot smoke to purify the area. Most importantly, I blew the smoke on the book I used as a spirit house. I use the pot smoke as "the breath of life"

This is the ritual I emulated

Demonstration on How To Create a Servitor

Spongebozz #homophobia incels.is

Men who sit cross legged are fucking gay

What man sits cross legged ? No man.
Only faggots do that. I see increasingly more guys using this position for sitting.
I always despised this way of sitting and my balls are luckily too big to be able to sit cross legged.

basementLDARcel #racist #psycho #sexist incels.is

[Serious] Spics and Niggers should be exterminated.

They contribute nothing but crime and degeneracy to humanity.

Curries and Ricies are high IQ races.
Sands know how to keep their women under control better than other races.
Whites are well rounded and also most beautiful.

So the solution is clear; exterminate Spics, Niggers, and Jews.

Sneir #psycho #sexist incels.is



CantEscapeYourFate #sexist incels.is

If you still want a girlfriend, you're not truly blackpilled.

It confuses me to the highest order how someone can take the black pill and still cry about not being able to get a girlfriend.

A girlfriend can only offer you sex or female validation, so if you want a girlfriend you either want one of those things or both of them.

If any of you want sex, just pay a prostitute.

Otherwise, you're just chasing female validation, which is absolutely retarded for two reasons:

1. No foid will ever love you. Even if you're a Chad, foids won't value the man himself, only his looks. If he loses his looks, she immediately takes back all the validation she gave him. So why would you give a shit about validation from foids when it depends on stuff that you can't control? It's absolutely retarded. It's like receiving credit for an assignment you didn't even do. You get nothing out of it because you didn't do anything to deserve it.
2. Females are: weaker than us, less intelligent than us, and less attractive than us if you remove makeup and male hormones from the equation. So why the FUCK would you give a single shit about validation from the gender that's inferior to you in every way? That's like a homo sapien wanting validation from a homo erectus. It's backwards and makes no sense.

This forum should be DISGUSTED by on the idea of relationships, female validation, and the idea of "ascending", yet all I see in here is bluepilled cucks crying about not having a girlfriend. It's retarded bluepill faggotry, and I thought we were supposed to be past this nonsense after taking the black pill.

Hire a prostitute and fuck that whore if you have sexual urges, but other than that you shouldn't need a foid for ANYTHING else, and you DEFINITELY don't need a girlfriend.

Rant over. I'm gonna start blocking you bluepilled cucks whenever I see you from now on.

IchWillSterben & mentalcel1 #racist #sexist incels.is

The best male Poland can offer



Normie at best in the west. Just lol at his narrow temples, low set wide cheekbones and small pfl. Typical Slavic subhuman traits that my father’s family unfortunately shares as well.

Do slavs have rice genes? He looks vaguely Asian.



:feelskek::feelskek: Slavcels on suicidewatch

This alcoholic commie ogre is invisible in the west, maybe in his slavic shithole he is somehow a gigachad but it’s OVER for him in the west, if he is lucky he can get an autistic single mother becky with 10 kids by being her betabuxx paypig simp:feelskek::feelskek:

I feel fucking bad for slavcels, they are just as fucked in the west as ricecels if not more.

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Rich Hollywood Chad is a Cannibal and Abusive Sexual Deviant

Every time I think I've seen the limits of caucusoid degeneracy and sickness, something like this comes out. Cannibalism? Really guys? I'm convinced all white people and kikes are inherently mentally ill and deranged. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Make no mistake, all so-called white people are like this. It's just a matter of if they have the power and opportunity. You think the term "white devil" is sarcasm?

Oh and before you mention Papua New Guinea and their flesh-eating ways, they allegedly got that from JEWS.

But since he's chad, no one will care. Women will tune into the doc and talk about how "hot" he is. But if you cold approach the same woman IRL she will call the cops on you cuz you're not chad.

Armie Hammer’s ‘cannibalism’ is just one ‘dark, twisted’ family secret


They love to whitewash our history, nothing new there. Acting like they're the only civilization builders.

We were building empires (not just Egypt) when they were banging rocks together and not washing their asses properly. (A caucusoid tendency which continues to THIS DAY).

They stole all of our knowledge and claimed it as their own. That's what the pale-skinned menace does.

Even the likes of Socrates and Plato raved about Africa and studied for YEARS under the tutelage of the REAL sages there. Modern caucusoids don't know shit. They think they invented everything. Stupid cocksuckers.

Various Incels #racist incels.is

RE: “Muh Europe is White”


jfl at cumskins seething



real white genocide is in America the spics are relentless at replace whites

slavs will need to invade western europe but they're too busy killing themselevs and each other

Slavs are the niggers of Europe

(Uggo Mongo)


You're the discount made in Bangladesh version of Sneir. So even obnoxious spazzes are inferior if they're brown

Many browns are impregnating 13 y.o German jbs so your clearly inferior

Most of this forum is brown half-wits like yourself though. So clearly you're not doing that since you're also posting here, also my comment was about poasting quality you 82 IQ radioactive slimetard.

All ur postings are low iq shit and half of this forum are inferior whites

your posts are just regurgitated gobbledygook from an 82 IQ perspective, you literally just regurgitated the post you quoted. you're a dime a dozen inbred retard. good point about an English language forum where the vast majority live in the west being 50% white, mohammad.

Keep coping bro while mohammeds and tyrones are breeding your women.

yet "jbw" is the prevalent ideology of the browns of this forum. Not just Chads or even Brads, but according to your inbred compatriots even Eugene and Melvin score easily with your brown women. Well either way, if it's so easy for inbred retards like yourself to get white women why are you here posting with me?

Epic race war ITT tbh.

And a lot of the whites here are slavs. All the white children are slavs. Germans die out.

Pretty based as far as I’m concerned, ngl.

I love how british cucks hate and treat like shit EE polish and other white nationalities that look exactly like them but they let arab terrorists ,hindu dindu cow worshippers and black gorillas rape their women.

Same here.

Retardinator & subhuman #elitist #racist incels.is

There's no german kids in germany anymore

I very rarely see young german kids anymore. Like 90% of all kids I see are ethnics. Turks, arabs, nigs, currys and whatever else.
And the rare time I see a white kid, it's a slav.

Just now in the Bus I saw a blonde and blue eyed girl that's probably around 8 or 9. I saw her with her blonde mother. So I thought "maybe it's not completely fucked". Then they started speaking russian.

Germans are an endangered species. The krauts themselves don't even care. Most young german foids in my class complain about racism and muh white privilige and vote for the greens. And most males are cucks too.

If you visit any large german city, you would not even know which country you are in. Full of ethnics and degenerates. And not even german flags. I never see those anywhere.

Just pride flags and ukranian flags

Good. Fuck Germans. Let them die out and get replaced with literal human garbage

Germans were at least better then anglos, french and slavs

Hitler himself admitted all the good Germans died in southern Russia. What’s left is the dregs of their gene pool and the rapebabies of all sorts of genetic trash from the Soviet Union. It was over 80 years ago. This is the inevitable consequence. Should’ve just given Germany to Poland tbh


Aren't you ethnic yourself?

Only half. And I'm white and have a german name.

I fucking hate my ethnic side fully

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RE: Only MTF trannys and male fags are hated upon



No one cares about FTM or lesbians. It's just hatred of men, and hatred of men demasculinizing themselves. Most of the guys who say they hate trannys love women. Just remember this. I'm not saying I support trannys. All I'm saying is hating trannys or faggots without reason is stupid. That's exactly what women want.

I don't like trannies because I feel repulsed by their existence. But it is awesome to see them make women mad by proving male superiority.


yes, tranny hate is misandry

Exactly. They've been trying to pretend they hate FtMs as well, but they always just default to hating MtFs lol. It gets even funnier now that right-wingers are openly talking about transmaxxing, since FtMs might be even more likely to talk like us than MtFs. There are legit threads where they openly talk to each other about it not being worth to transition into a man if you are too short, how short men will never be respected in their lives, and so on, but of course, nobody is calling them incels or trying to bluepill them, mocking and gaslighting is only reserved for actual men of course.

On another note, people only shit on trannies that are ugly and look like this


You never see anyone shitting on someone that looks like picrel


Exactly. It's nothing but misandry, lookism and ageism aimed solely at delusional old incels who got sucked into the trannymaxxing bullshit. You never see even the most hardcore TERFs and right-wing transphobes reposting photos of somebody like Blaire White when talking about how disgusting trannies are, even though most of the trannies they bring up are leftists who agree with TERFs on 90% of what they talk about, while Blaire White is pretty much a right-wing extremist by the current standards lol.

Lookism is insanely powerful.

SmhChan #sexist #psycho #racist incels.is

Blaming everything on kikes is taking the blame away from foids

At this point, I want more degeneracy in this society. So when these foids are ready to settle down after their hoe-phase, there'd be no escape from the degeneracy of their own creation. I don't care if it's some kike propaganda and what not. Foids are the ones who have directly harmed men. They are the true enemy. I don't care if the society devolves, rots, and dies if it means the foids get to experience a fraction of the pain that is the existence of men.

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After graduating in Iran, foids get paid fully but men won't be allowed to work and get paid NONE because of mandatory military

"muh Iran is based and fights degeneracy and feminism"

Because of mandatory military service for men, I will have to work with absolutely ZERO pay for 2-4 years after graduating while my foid classmates will get paid FULLY

Also foids are almost always preferred in job interviews for comfy desk jobs

Muslim countries are anything but anti feminism, 90% of men are worker bees and cannon fodders, only the top men get to experience the "basedness" you retards talk about

I will most likely blow my brains out when they give me the Kalashnikov rifle in the training

Might unironically go ER (Emergency Room)

fucking brutal. Most "based" countries are basically shitholes unless ur rich. This is true in the west too but less

traditional countries are basically even worse for men in many cases nowadays. Traditional country normally means poor and broke. And men do all the labor, foids leech off em completely.

And you know what's funny? because of media influence the average poverty shitskin foid in 2023 has the same looks standards as western foids in top of expecting men to pay for her everything

But most won't end up with chad because they're subhuman themselves also there aren't many chads here, in the past they settled but now they're perfectly happy staying single forever because of job opportunities

who will actually be doing the fighting.

subhumans, while foids flee to other countries to get fucked by foreigners

Feminism Sucks! #crackpot #elitist #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

The EU was made to dilute the Jew population and reduce the number of virgins in Europe

When I say Jew, I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the race Celtic really are. They call us Celtic like we are some sportsball team, but we are actually Jew. This is who our people are.

The EU was made to bring endless numbers of Chewbaccastani rapefugees into Europe, and thus, make it even harder for European men to find a virgin bride.

This is an especially perilous situation for Ireland and Scotland, DNA studies prove we are the purest European race with the smallest amount of Mediterranean Wog or Slavic Finnic blood in us. We also have a small population, so even a relatively modest number of uitlanders in our homelands can quickly destabilize our ethnic matrix.

They also bring their barbarous cultures to our lands, and dilute who we really are. They seem to really have a taste for Our White Women, and many of said Females want to fuck them to prove that they are tolerant and multicultural and not racist.

I'm not saying that sending the uitlanders back and purifying our "Celtic" (in actuality Jew) land would solve all of our problems, but a removal of uitlanders combined with a return to traditional Christian morality would greatly reduce the number of sluts, and far more females would be marrying a man when they are at their peak fertility age of 15-17, and then, we could have wives who are submissive both in the home, in the bedroom, and in the economy.

Oh it was nice when you Scots were busy emmigrating to Rhodesia and fcuking black virgins there. Now when the process you fought and bled for is on your dorrstep now you complain.

See your life, proud of Ian Smith Celtic man ready to fight and die against niggers to have sex with their women and shieeeet but now complaining when the system you created is coming home.

Whites peaked at 7% of Rhodesia, whereas Ireland is now ~20% uitlander, Brits are a minority in London, the same with Frenchmen in Paris.

Also, sex between White men and black women in Rhodesia was a rare occurrence - the Rhodesian pioneers were devout Christians who frowned upon having affairs with random local women.

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[Theory] All normies are the same person

It is actually same normie who lived out all the normie lives. Normie's consciousness transcends time and space, therefore it exists in all possible normie lives that have happened, are happening, and will happen (looking from our perspective of course where time is linear.) Each life aka path his consciousness took exists as a separate segment in space and time, and if you pinpoint normie's consciousness at any given moment in any of these segments, it is unaware of it's simultaneous existence in all the other segments.

There is nothing this fact can be practically used for except to help you gain a more complete understanding of the reality you too are a part of.