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The best male Poland can offer



Normie at best in the west. Just lol at his narrow temples, low set wide cheekbones and small pfl. Typical Slavic subhuman traits that my father’s family unfortunately shares as well.

Do slavs have rice genes? He looks vaguely Asian.



:feelskek::feelskek: Slavcels on suicidewatch

This alcoholic commie ogre is invisible in the west, maybe in his slavic shithole he is somehow a gigachad but it’s OVER for him in the west, if he is lucky he can get an autistic single mother becky with 10 kids by being her betabuxx paypig simp:feelskek::feelskek:

I feel fucking bad for slavcels, they are just as fucked in the west as ricecels if not more.

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[Serious] Spics and Niggers should be exterminated.

They contribute nothing but crime and degeneracy to humanity.

Curries and Ricies are high IQ races.
Sands know how to keep their women under control better than other races.
Whites are well rounded and also most beautiful.

So the solution is clear; exterminate Spics, Niggers, and Jews.

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White people are like the boogeyman for low IQ ethnics

I see ethnics as like small children. They are watching their world fall apart with the unraveling of traditional society and social relations, the replacement of traditional morality and religion with Western values, immigration to foreign countries. Many ethnics struggle to find meaning in this and redefine their place in the pageantry.

Zizek says the fantasy of all ideologies is to have a cake and eat it. For ethnics, the fantasy is to enjoy the gross pleasures of the Western world (shallow pleasures, sexual consumerism, white women), while at the same time restoring a traditional hierarchical society that will stabilize their lives and confer meaning upon them. Their fantasy can never be realized however. The liberal values that gave rise to the things they so covet are directly opposed to the traditional society they want to resurrect. I see this a lot with ethnicels on here (not going to name names) raging against Western degeneracy, but at the same time rejecting getting an arranged marriage because they are too enticed by the pleasures of Western degeneracy or want a white woman and so on. JFL.

Zizek points out how the Nazis fabricated an ideological enemy in the figure of the Jew. The figure of the white man provides a convenient explanation for an ethnics suffering. Ethnics are besieged by a multitude of problems that they don't know how to make sense of, except by projecting it onto a single object. It's the white man that is disturbing their way of life. The white man is stealing from them by taking their women. And so on.

The ethnicel fantasy is then: it is possible to get a white woman or slay ethnic women, but the white man is preventing me from doing so.

Most ethnicels should not even be here. Lots of self professed "ethnicels" are tall, rich, or have a good face. Many have actually ascended. What draws above average ethnics here is not that ethnics have it harder getting girls, but that they are in a crisis of identity that makes them identify with us. The oppression they face is concocted in their own minds. It's clear that we do not share one struggle with these "cels".

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An open letter to the families of the victims and survivors of the Parkland school shooting

Dear Normies,

Four years ago, as poor Nicky Cruz here was being arraigned, he offered you a deal. He would plead guilty to 17 counts of first-degree murder and another 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder right then and there if you didn't pursue the death penalty.

You said no.

Now you want to stage press conferences and say that the "jury failed you" and that you're "disgusted by the jury"? Now you're mad "at the system" and think that the verdict was "insane" and that "justice wasn't served today"?

Sweaty, that's an entitled mindset. So I humbly present to you the following advice:

Be less entitled and selfish.

Yes, it may have been upsetting to hear graphic testimony describing how your sons and daughters were ruthlessly shredded by a semi-automatic rifle. But as I said, you are not entitled to a death sentence.

Demonstrate empathy.

Nicky Cruz also deserves empathy. Imagine the torment and bullying that he must have experienced for there to be enough hatred within him to make the fateful decision to slaughter your sons and daughters at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Thankfully, three jurors showed him the empathy he deserved, even though you showed none.

Accept that life isn't fair.

Because it isn't. Your offspring are dead. Nicky Cruz will be placed in protective custody and he will receive three hot meals a day, showers, and mail from his fans and admirers. He may even be allowed a tablet, radio, and TV in his cell with good behavior.

Acknowledge your privilege.

The fact that you were even able to reproduce accords a level of genetic privilege that many others do not have. Some of you can always create a replacement child, right?

Be grateful for what you have (left).

Repeat after me:

“Someone somewhere has it much worse than you, so don’t complain.”
“Learn to be happy with yourself. Don’t make your well-being dependent on your (lack of) children.”
“Having non-dead children won’t solve all your problems.”
“People with living children have problems too, you know? The grass is always greener on the other side of the cemetery fence.”

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Burqa are super high IQ if you think about it, they heavily limit foids attractiveness to other men, which reduces male to male competiton and cheating. Because you don't know who's a 18yr cute girl or who's a 85 yr grandma.

Also, foids can't cheat with fakeups anymore. That greatly reduces their cheat codes.

Combine this with banning foids from leaving home without a man, and many relationship related problems are reduced to a minimum.

Fat Link #elitist #racist incels.is

Do you hate me? I thought you did since I was ethnic


I’m more of a meritocratic racist really.

Which means I can and do think very highly of individual non whites that prove themselves not to be total scum like the rest of their race usually is.

This is probably why the mod team I’ve rebuilt from the ground up here is a veritable rainbow coalition that would probably put to shame the Clinton and Obama and even sleepy Joe Biden administrations if a direct cabinet to mod team comparison was ever made.

I’ve got all kinds on the mod team from chinks, spics and curries to the big homie Master the blackest brotha in the land.

When closely examined by my actions alone in this regard you’d almost think I was a fucked in the head wacky leftist!

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The difference is just too insane, femoids are npcs.

Let me tell you a story that happens about every 14 seconds in this world:
Two people are born,
one a male the other a female.

The male:
Gets told to "man up", always works hard, betters himself, spends all his life self reflecting, gets rejected everyday.
Gets into conflicts and fights, being pushed out of his comfort zone to experiences new things everyday.
Gets told everyday that he will never be perfect and will always have room for improvement in all aspects of his life.
His whole life is one huge struggle, all of these shaped his personality.
He is funny, smart, strong and interesting.

The femoid:
Showered with love everyday, being told she is beautiful and taught to love herself no matter how fat she is.
Doesn't have to lift a finger, or question herself.
0 self-reflect, 0 judgement from a countless amount of bluepilled cucks.
Being told she is "funny" and "interesting" from everyone around her.
At this point she is brainwashed that she's perfect.
Therefore she doesn't feel the need to improve her personality, work, or do anything really.

This reality is the universal truth of what is going on with our world.
It is now filled with lazy entitled bitches that are literally NPCs at this point.
Have you ever tried talking to a femoid recently?
They are even more delusional than the bluepilled cucks that enabled them.
They have nothing to offer besides their hole and womb, and even then if you would have sex with one, you are expected to do all the work and
fuck her while she just lays there.

The difference between an NPC and a femoid is that NPCs are actually fun to talk to because a smart witty dude wrote the dialog for that NPC so it could be somewhat amusing.

Stay interesting kings.

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Black AfricanCell invades poland making Hiltler Look like a kindergarten bed wetter . Moggs all polishCells. #MokebeEffect

His name is Kenny Louis, small kenyan blackcell musiciancell based in Poland 27 years old . Married but still Expanding his genetic pool. You can search some of his popular songs on YouTube and Spotify.




He looks like a monkey.

Slav foids love em.


I think Slav women get off on the novelty. There's hardly any blacks that go to Eastern Europe unless it's to study.


Black people are commonly despised by Polish incels. On wykop.pl there is special tag #Mokebe when some inccels discuss about "stealing foids" by non-white nations, especially black people

There is a common conviction amongst our slavcels that Slav women dislike, if not hate Slav men and prefer Curries, Rices, BBC and South-European Latinos, even Arabs and Nordic +6'1 Chads

I went on that site, seems like some cuck shit from what I gather from the translator NGL.

So I came to incels.is, because wykop.pl even #przegryw became very cucked with many simps and other brainless foid worshippers. BTW is was ostracized by other "incels" for having Russian flag on avi (I had it very long before Ukr-Rus war), especially for Ukrainian foid worshippers

PolishCells are so soft ans nice as compared to other slavcels

Blacks are all fakecels, just fashion max retardss

This one just got lucky, majority of us are suffering in hell

ye, blackcels are fakecels, they can just come to Eastern Europe and slay left and right -- it's also way more safe than SEAmaxx
even in the West they can just guilttrip libtard foids into reparation sex

slav women hate slavs in general

if I wasnt a slav I would slavmaxx instead of seamaxx

Genetic Error #racist #sexist incels.is

Do women view black skin on men the same way we view black skin on women?


When i see the black skin on a black womans body, it just repulses me, i get feeling of dirtiness, disgustingness, cringe, genetic vermin, stay away from me

is that how women feel when viewing black skin on men?

i know black skin is masculine thats why its repulsive on her. but its also the fact it literally is repulsive , disgusting to look at

so is that how women feel when viewing black skin on men?

I actually like seeing black women with big butts in porn. I could link you guys if I'm allowed to give you an idea. Black women aren't that bad tbh, it's just that if you are a black woman AND flat for example then you're basically worthless -- same with white women for the most part, but with black women it becomes a lot worse. I also notice black women are more likely to be uglier.

Pure blacks are disgusting with or without ass

They need a bit of white in them to make light skin

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Women are having sex with shapeshifters/demons/aliens during the night

I asked average women how many men they fucked in their lives: the average is 50. I asked men: the average is 5 women. But for every sex between man and woman, you need one of each, which means the average should be the same for both sexes.

The only explanation I have for this phenomena is that women are having sex with creatures that LOOK like men, but aren't. Creatures that appear at the night, fuck women and they never hear about them again. There are a lot of creatures like that in mythology and folklore: shapeshifters, doppelgangers, reptilians, incubus, etc. They are probably fucking women and inserting their DNA in them through microchimerism/telegony or even impregnating them. They are slowly changing human DNA through sex with women. They probably control the government and media as well and that's why there's so much push for promiscuity.

99% of women will lie about this if you ask them but secretly all women are fucking strange interdimensional creatures every single night.

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BREAKING: 22 children and 12 adults killed after Thai normie goes ER at daycare center

later shooting dead his wife and child

Of course it was a normie. Another malfunctioning personality detector, I see.

"The shooter came in around lunch time and shot four or five officials at the childcare centre first," said Jidapa, adding that among them was a teacher who was eight months pregnant.

The gunman forced his way into a locked room where children were sleeping, Jidapa said. She said she thought he killed children there with a knife.

Videos posted on social media showed sheets covering what appeared to be the bodies of children lying in pools of blood.

Yikes, sweaty.


Why is it always ricecels with the high kill counts?

they are high IQ

(Inceldom Victim)
None cares about some subhuman country

brutal racepill tbhngl

Hey man, don't be sad, you have #StopAsianHate

I don't feel bad, let the whole world die, humans are trash anyways.

Why do they never go ER on all the racetraitor noodles and SEAmaxxers? Fucking cucks.

Why is it always ricecels with the high kill counts?

Despite what whitoids think ricemen have always been good soldiers.

Tbh. Should've went after the lady boys/sexpats

good riddance. it would be a lie if I said its not a kekfuel.

Why target the innocent, I don't care what anyone says but he should be skinned alive

foidsare drooling over you now teehee

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[Toxic Femininity] Kissing women is cucked.

The modern woman, by the age of 20 years, has experienced at least 5 sexual relationships with men if varying qualities. This does not even account the amount of casual sex that women seek out and endorse.

Imagine all of the nuts that have been blasted on the common foid's face. Imagine the sheer volume of semen that has coated the lips of the average foid.

Would you want to kiss an anus covered in feces? I certainly wouldn't. The lips of the modern female have been in very perverse and salacious places, they are not to be adored and desired.

Not only is kissing cucked because of the emasculating position that their "enthusiasts" are placed within, but the act of kissing insinuates the presence of a superficial values in a woman, values typically affiliated with maternal figures and good wives.

A woman who loves one man is corrupted further with all proceeding men she comes to love. (I am referring to acts of sexual love)

Remember comrades, never kiss a female.

Prostitutes especially.

No semen flavored kisses for you inkwells!


Indracel #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.is

I find it amusing how foids say that they "fuck(ed) someone". It's like someone saying "my car drove me" instead of "I drove my car". You stupid toilet, you were fucked. You were the object that was being acted upon.

Being fucked isn't a bidirectional thing. One person fucks the other, and the other person is the slut who takes in all the fucking. Foids fall under the latter category: when they open their legs and let men stick their dicks down their rancid meatholes, foids are are the ones being fucked senselessly like filthy, depraved whores. A foid isn't "fucking" a man when she deepthroats and chokes on his cock, she's acting as a biological cum dumpster who only exists to pleasure him and get him to cum so she can swallow all his sperm up like the disgusting semen receptacle all toilets are :lul::lul::lul: It's why a foid's roasted beef flaps are so disgusting: us men were never meant to put our mouths near that scrunched up pile of fish meat, we were supposed to fuck that thing senselessly from a distance.

Ultimately, foids cannot fuck people. They fundamentally play the role of sex toys that get fucked, used, and thrown to the side by other men. They will never be anything more than sex slaves who are anatomically and behaviorally designed to pleasure their male masters during sex. Hell, the only way whores can gain any upper hand in sex is by mimicking the body parts of their male overlords with plastic strapons, but even then they won't truly feel anything or gain the kind of pleasure they crave when they take their proper roles as submissive sluts and get spitroasted by chads.

It's one of the reasons why no one is impressed when a foid has been fucked by hundreds of men: because like all other meat, she has an expiration date. Toilets need to thus refrain from laughably suggesting that they are in any way our equals in sex and that they "fuck" other guys. Because they can't fuck other guys, they can only pleasure them before they toss her aside.

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Incel Trait: getting excited about mass shootings.
It's always funny whenever a mass shooting happens, normies always wanna give up gun rights. Meanwhile, niggers shoot each other to death in the city every day and normies don't give a shit. This proves normies are actually sociopaths who only care about an issue when it affects them. This is why normies deserve to be killed in mass shootings, or better yet, when little kids get killed in mass shootings, because those kids will grow up to be bratty teenagers

On top of that, all the parents have to deal with losing a child, imagine the misery and despair they will feel. Why should us as incels care about children, when we are denied the opportunity to reproduce? It makes no sense. And going back to the gun rights, it goes to show normies don't care about the gun rights, or even understand how rights work. they will claim stuff like "when the second amendment was created we didn't have access to high powered AR-15s". Well, we also didn't have the internet when the first amendment was created, so by that logic no one should be able to say stuff online. Which is ironically what normies think in regards to this forum, they think us saying mean stuff and "Go ER (in minecraft)", is illegal, when it's not.

Fuck normies, I hope the next mass shooter reaches double digits in kills.

starcrapoo, ChrolloLucilfer04 & Retardfuel #racist #sexist incels.is

RE: Russian TV ad to combat mass migration of russians. Shows woke america.

There is a small Russian community here in SF.

I have personally overheard when I was in the rich white Anglo section of the city (Marina district), whites poking fun of the slavs in the outer boonie portion of the city (Richmond district).

Slavs are seen as borderline ethnic. I believe Irish were at one point as well in the east coast.

only for males
retards will still breed slav and Irish foids

Slavs are massive patriots, despite being a zero competition to anglo Saxons, this is why they are filled with complexes

El Brujo #god-complex #magick #psycho #sexist incels.is

Insanity curse

Stare at a picture of your boss and say "Your time is up, and and gone your mind is out of control. You will panic in desperation as your mental will takes separation. Spirits of darkness hear my plea take (boss's name)mind leave nothing but chaos and disorder behind"
Light up a stick of dragon's blood incense.
Then say "Spirts of darkness hear me now take (bosses name) functionality and sanity leave nothing but torment and agony". Pass the picture through the smoke. Then spit on the picture, and fold it up. Seal the curse with "I will it so, by my will, so it is"

Send this curse to your employer, coworkers, classmates, and enemies.

Use this simple curse to spread suffering to our enemies.

Youngcels, recklessly use this on your class mates

Do you have anything to make my life better? I don't care about cursing anyone like this, I just want sex and a better life.

Yes, I can help you attain anything you want.

Have you tried it for yourself?

Have I used magick before? Yes

So, have you ascended and are trying to spread some sort of message about Magick?

I haven't used the lust spells, because I making a pagan god, and I have all these magick projects, the lust spell is on hold for now. I am trying to spread a message about magick. I'm giving occult knowledge to the incel community. I'm trying to empower us. Give each incel the power of a god.

Maybe you could give me stuff that would get me sex in a more indirect way.

Shit like this can get anyone pussy

Iamnothere000 #psycho #racist #transphobia #wingnut incels.is

Based Sandman sends trans-creature to hell. Cucks are willfully blind to Muslim transphobia.

In the German city of Münster, during the degenerate AIDSfest known as CSD, a valiant Muslim brothers stood against the ever-dilating tide of genderless abominations by smiting one of those creatures with such force, that he/she/it fell to the ground and died short time after.

Police-cucks and media searched several days for the perpetrator, giving out a politically correct description: Male, so and so tall, wearing a hat.

Everybody was expecting the killer to be some bio-German Nazi, whatever. However, as it turns out, its as a Muslim migrant, doing what Muslim migrants do best: Integrating the native German population into the new Islamic kalifate of Germanistan.

Now everyone of those outraged faggots pretends nothing happened, lol.

Its exactly like with antisemitism, were 80-90% of actual violence against JUDEN is done by Muslims, but no one will talk about that, lol.

Lol, this culture is not sustainable and will soon be replaced by something superior.

The Thing is he wasnt russian jfl. Germany and their propaganda
All the Twitter leftis politcian posted about it. Look russian men bad
If they knew from beginning he was sandnigger they wouldnt push it

What the fuck is CDS?

ups... I meant CSD

The Grinch #sexist incels.is

Male feminists are traitors and cuckolds

Imagine engaging in the war against masculinity as a male, you must really hate yourself and every other male on this earth.

Of course, a man who says shit like: "Women Are better than men" is just doing virtue signaling and trying to gain "good boy points“ in society and probably get some Pussy as a reward, like: Look at me, i am such a good boy, i don’t care about personal benefit, i only care about the benefit of women, i support women, even though they don’t support me, i am so selfless and a good boy.

At least, that’s what i hope, because otherwise it would mean, he hates his own gender, which automatically means, he hates himself.
They are like white cucks who suck the cocks of blacks, because they feel guilty.

I‘m not saying, men should support each other, what i am saying is, that male feminists simply despise themselves and because by fighting against the male gender, they are fighting against themselves like self hating cuckolds, the brainwashing is working on them very well.

I hate nothing more than male feminists

PPEcel #sexist #transphobia #wingnut incels.is

Hypocrisy Mentally ill faggot screams into megaphone directly at an elderly foid's face during protest


“F— you, you f—king white cracker. F— you, you ugly piece of sh—!”

A male far-left militant screams a racist slur over a bullhorn in the face of a woman. Far-left radicals have descended on the state capitol in Nashville to try & shut down @MattWalshBlog.

The video says it all, really.

Here's my question: How much of a meltdown would Reddit have if an incel did the same thing to a woman holding a sign during a feminist rally? Methinks they would start ranting about harassment. So why is it that the soycucks are OK with this type of behavior from faggots?

You can tell there's something cuckoo about SJWs in general. No sane person behaves like that in public.

why does """he""" look like a literal woman

It's a man that's pumped full of all sorts of chemicals so he can LARP as a femoid. A goddamned freak.

Dreamer-cel #conspiracy #magick #ufo incels.is

Aliens Fucking with my family for generations or Inherited Mental Illness?

"get yer anal probe!!!" (its aliens)

"you need jesus on steroids" (its demons)

"get yer kikepills and padded room" (we are all crazy)

my father has claimed to have alien implants in his head and tried to take them out, his brother killed himself young because of some entities tormenting him.

my mother's family wont come to visit because they see black shadows in the house that we didnt see at the time.

Recently, both my mom and dad on separate occasions saw black shadows in the house in the same day... and i saw nothing.

due to the nature of these experiences im thinking it could also be demons, even tho my parents and i are atheist.

my family and i have tried a lot of "spiritual" things to try and help the situation but none of them worked... these entities are more tangible than ethereal, and therefore are not "demons" but aliens or ET's.

its said that alien's keep tabs on certain groups of people, messing with each generation... but some people believe in generational curses caused by demons, so i really dont know whats goin on, either way im so fucked

they have gone into every orifice of my body without my consent.

recently i woke up with unexplained bloodstains on my pillow

they have an obsession with my left ear, for a long time they put different tools in there, and last night trying to sleep i heard a unique tone/beep coming from inside my own ear...i am beyond fucked

the most frequent visitors look like giant worms whose mouths open up like a flower revealing rows or teeth

the thing is one of the alien dragon or demon snake things... LIKES TO SNIFF ME AND I CAN FEEL ITS BREATH ON MY SKIN... ghosts and spirits can't BREATHE but these things CAN

last night the one that like to sniff me said: "you make me feel nasty"... when he was done being rapey he said "your parents wont like it but one day im gonna take you away and youll live with me here" (shows me some nice looking house)

if i die or get abducted know that its this niggas fault

my dad tried exorcisms but it didnt work

jewish pills will be the very last resort

ill only go for jewpills IF it gets unbearable... and we arent there yet!

BringThyWhip #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

Chad’s sex life is almost unimaginable


Everyone knows women are only for Chad/chadlite, but rarely discussed is the actual quality of sex for HIM

he gets to experience

1. genuine LUST. Every tinder hookup is DESPERATE JB. It’s not some normal date, it’s JB arriving shaved and probably wet on arrival if not hours before, she flirts like crazy, flat out talks dirty to him, caresses him unsolicited until she finally jumps him and has primal animalistic sex. And when Chad gets off inside her, it may be the biggest thrill of exhilaration in her entire life until then

2. The MOG. Chad isn’t stupid. When he fucks your oneitis, he KNOWS he’s the best she’s ever had. He gets to think of you and all the losers who came before while he’s watching her have involuntary convulsing squirting orgasms all over his 8” cock. And she’ll confess everything to him since jbs are blabbermouth retards. She won’t save face for you because you brought her coffee, she’ll laugh about you like a bitch hyena and so will Chad

3. the feeling of being pursued. After the sex (which WILL be the best of her life), she’ll constantly be blowing up his phone, sending nudes, dirty texts begging for him again. Imagine waking up to a phone full texts from 3-4 Stacies saying “I miss your huge cock”. the T levels must just be through the roof if they werent already

4. The “snowball effect”. Although I’m more or less a Chad determinist, in practical terms a Chad is in fact “made”, insofar as he must become who he is meant to be through the course of time (or at least what he experiences as time - Chad being an eternal metaphysical entity IRL). In other words, throughout the course of his life, he experiences a snowball of confidence, while incels and normies LDAR from womb to tomb

Brutal TBH. I’m not even sure it make sense for incels or even normies to desire so-called “ascension” to be in competition with the descendants of Archangels, literal divine beings for whom the world is an Arcadia, the paradise of Gods

Various Incels #psycho #sexist incels.is

JFL Millionaire giga Stacy E-girl Amouranth reveals abuse

"B-But just be a good person if you want a partner INKY !"
"W-who cares if she's been complicit in scamming her legion of simps out of millions for years!"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! he's gonna drain her bank account and leave her with ONLY a million dollars

This is fake she is just doing this for attention

I think it's fake too. Probably just looking for an out so she can stop Hot tub streams and E-girl whoring without pissing off her simps.

(Praise the Sun)
Fuck this whore, she couldn't even cover her tits for this "serious matter"? Fucking disgusting mindset making as much money as possible.

Also personality detector disfunctional?


JFL at this literal millionaire drama...

Even if it's not staged, I don't get how it's relevant; you made millions off of desperate subhumans and LTNs, and decided to go along and disable your personality detector on purpose with your Chad while doing so, and eventually got the hammer...

Much sympathy from me, obviously!

Probably fake, if not... should have listened to her personality detector! Lmao fucking women

Baguettecel, Sneir & Transcended Trucel #conspiracy #elitist #racist #sexist incels.is

Honestly asian/slavic men deserve to cuck western men

Like they are more superior, more smart, have stronger cultures, yet for some reason THEY are the ones constantly cucked... meanwhile guys from the global south (like Middle East or Africa) cuck everybody else even though they're dirt poor and uncivilized.

In a just, equal world, Asiatic and Slavic men would cuck Western men by fucking every Western woman to solve their inceldom since they have a worse gender imbalance than us. Then hopefully that would mean the Anglo American Jew hegemony would be gradually destroyed and replaced with a stronger, more trustworthy system...

Don't wanna hear about "muh biology", in the past it was the superior high IQ races who cucked the inferior low IQ races, NOW ITS THE FUCKING OPPOSITE! SO BEFORE YOU COME IN MY THREAD WITH THAT FUCKING COPE THINK!!!!


(Transcended Trucel)
Slavs lack cultural influence if you compare to asia or korea.


sad truth. Only slav media I can think of is the witcher. And maybe vlad/dracula story if that counts. Slavs need some more major franchises also globally famous musicians

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.is

The hypocrisy of society's panic over abortion laws when they tell us "sex is nothing important".

Just use birth control or get a vasectomy (unless you're poor ofc). Or move to another state. Or just don't have sex. But when you bring up that LAST argument, these same PATHETIC HUMANS say:

But WE NEED TO HAVE SEX!!!!11 Sexuality is a big part of who we are and we need to assert our sexuality and its not fair we can't have sexual pleasure because we can't have sex if we wanna avoid pregnancy but will worry about becoming pregnant if we do have sex!!!!11

But hey wait a minute? I thought you fucking humans said sex is nothing important and that there's more to life than sex. I THOUGHT YOU GODDAMN FUCKERS SAID THAT WE SHOULD FOCUS ON OTHER THINGS IN LIFE TO FIND HAPPINESS. I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL HUMANS!!!


If abortion rights is simply about the right to choose, YOUR SATISFACTORY SEX LIFE SHOULD NOT BE RELEVANT AND SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF YOUR ISSUES. You do NOT just tell us sex is nothing important in life when we NEVER fucking had it meanwhile you're bitching about worrying about pregnancy while actually having sex which deters pleasure or not being able to have sex despite having it many times in your life because you fear pregnancy.


If women don't orgasm as much as men, feminists call this inequality and started campaigns and articles about making women orgasm more. but men being more likely to be virgins later in life or suffer involuntary celibacy is ignored.

f humans cannot fuck or cannot fuck without worrying about pregnancy at least, this is a tragedy.

but when involuntary celibates complain about never having sex or even a RELATIONSHIP for that matter, society tells us these things are nothing important in life

PPEcel #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

r/IncelTear femoid writes about her own incel brother's depression: "His disability is a barrier for many women"

Now let's get down to the main point of this thread. You have a wheelchaircel who has never been in a relationship. She doesn't say anything about sex, but I'm inferring from the post that he's a virgin. Despite this, he's held onto the bluepill for almost 40 years. Forty. Fucking. Years.

I suppose Wheelchaircel told himself that as long as he was interesting ("traveled the world on his own") and had "a good sense of humor" and "a lot of respect", he would be able to overcome his disability and find a long-term partner. Now that he's aging, this sheer cope is crumbling before his very eyes, as his younger siblings hit developmental and personal milestones that he never will.

u/TodaySensitive9743 herself confesses that he's "one of the people [she] admires the most in [her] life," yet she "[doesn't] know how to handle this".

I don't have to point out how ironic it is that, just five days before the Wheelchaircel post, she wrote a lengthy screed about how incels don't understand how it's purportedly our behavior driving femoids away:

Has u/TodaySensitive9743 tried giving her disabled older brother a condescending lecture with the same advice? Has she tried telling her own brother, as many feminists have done, that he's a genetic abomination and that it's only fair for femoids to select the fittest of the species?

It's almost as if people experience varying levels of romantic success/failure for variables well beyond their control—like their race, facial structure, height, and yes, their physical and mental disabilities. Maybe, just maybe, the core tenets of the blackpill are in fact accurate:

There exists a gendered hierarchy of attractiveness that determine one's sexual market value (SMV).

The variables that determine sexual attractiveness are largely genetic and therefore immutable.

Because femoids have hypergamous mate preferences, a certain number of men (e.g. Wheelchaircel here) have such low SMV that it is irrational for them to even consider participating in the sexual market. They should just give up because they are destined for crushing rejection and failure.

JonathanTookerFan #conspiracy #sexist incels.is

[Blackpill] why men shouldnt cry

the people who really run this society, the people who control the ideas that are quickly spreading and gaining influence want nothing but money and control. they want to turn man from a emblem of freedom into a cog for their mega machine. they do not care about your feelings.

the virtue signallers who obliviously spread these ideas as if they were true want nothing but positive attention, to show themselves in a positive light, they also do not care about your feelings. nobody cares about your feelings.

the "men should cry, they should let out their emotions, we need to crush toxic masculinity!!!" sentiment is not there to save you. its not there to make you happier or more successful, its only there to control you. think about it, they want you to stop "bottling up your emotions", they tell you that the sadness within you will only build up, the sadness that THEIR society is causing YOU should be "let out". they want YOU to "let out" the injustice THEY are causing YOU.

imagine you lock up two men in separate cages, one of these men cries a ton and the other doesnt cry. the man who cries a ton will never even try to escape the cage. when the man who cries starts feeling sad that hes in a cage, he will "let out" his emotions, he will cry. after crying, after all of his tears are gone, he will say to himself "you know what, things arent that bad, i can keep living in this cage".

when the man who doesnt cry starts feeling sad that hes in a cage, he will keep this sadness to himself. as the days go by, he will feel sadder and sadder, but he will still not cry. then, when the sadness reaches its limit, the man who doesnt cry will reach his breaking point. he will release all of that sadness at once, in a fit of rage. he will start questioning things, he will say to himself "WHY AM I IN A CAGE ANYWAY?!?!!??!?! WHY CANT I ESCAPE??!?!?!?". he will be so angry that the world is cruel that he will change it and he will break out of the cage.

bottling up emotions is how revolution begins. anger is how change starts. look at any successful man, does he cry? NO! because if he did he would never have changed his life. this is the secret the overlords dont want you to know. this, my friends, is the tearpill. :feelzez:

Hokmacel #psycho #crackpot #wingnut #dunning-kruger incels.is

[Serious] Give up your weakness brocels, Deep inside most of you are warm hearted larpers, Empathy is weakness, To enhance your life you need to crush others.

Thats all i can say, Since i embraced my selfish side everything for me changed, Love is not real, Humans use other humans, Life feeds on life, Stop idealizing relationships, In the end if you all want to change your lives you need to crush people weaker than you and steal resources from them, Material or inmaterial, It doesnt matter, Start with evil deeds little by little and i promise you all that this will lower your inhibition and make you stronger.

Thats all i have to say for this day, You live only once, Remember that. :panties:

And if you are too crippled mentally by depression try nootropics.

MuddyBuddy #conspiracy incels.is

[RageFuel] Couple hugged/kissed only when they saw me

I notice couples will do this sometimes. They will hug or kiss only when they know others are watching. It's infuriating. Just today this one couple was just walking, not even holding hands. Only when the foid looked up and saw me did she grab her BF hand and then they kissed and hugged as I walked by. I hate mother fuckers who do this shit. They only do it to show off and make others miserable. I hope they both fall in an active volcano :feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree:

YBP Yxngcel #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #racist #ufo incels.is

The Global Elite Are Not Jewish

The true NWO elites aren’t Jewish, but light-eyed Aryan types descended from the ancient Phoenicians, Akkadians, Dacians, Druids, Brahmins, Tocharians, etc. They are the closest genetically to the negative Nordic aliens that you hear about in abduction and contactee literature. Think of the Queen of England, the Nazi supermen, or the Rockefellers for instance. Thousands of years ago these bloodlines employed indigenous people (Semites, Egyptians, Meso-Americans, Southern Indians, Paleolithic farmers) to be their power base.

Aliens are the next highest up on the pyramid above the human elite, and thus the top of the human portion ought to be closest to the alien types. You never hear of Space Jews except in Mel Brooks parodies.

They use Jews as a scapegoat and trick you into thinking Jews are behind everything. Your arleady falling for their agenda and they will keep you ignorant. I mean if they wanted to hide their agenda why would they let it be widely know that they are Jews and it's a common stereotype about global elites. I honestly don't believe they are. They might be the ones behind big corporations.

Demonic overlords (5D negative)
Nordic occult overlords (lower 5D negative)
Nordic crusaders and Mantis beings (upper 4D)
Lower demonic minions (astral)
Reptilian Minions and other negative aliens (lower 4D)
Grays, which are genetically engineered robots (semi 4D/3D)
Upper Illuminati (occult, possessed, secret society people) (3D, a little 4D)
Shadow Government (underground bases, ultra-black ops military)
Lower Illuminati (political elite, Bilderbergers, etc.)
Open secret societies (freemasons and so on)
State/local government, corporations, university systems, etc. <---- Here are where Jews (if they're involved) rule. They own big corporations, governments and university systems. .

Global Elite is being controlled by some metaphysical entities. And metaphysicality does exist. Its been proven.

Nebuchadnezzar #sexist incels.is

The different sociocultural contexts of the black pill.

I actually know that most of you have a vision of the black pill primarily coming from your rich first world context. I live in a fucking shit hole the poorest country in the entire continent (Venezuela) we are a piece of Africa in the western hemisphere.

Here hypergamy acquires different nuances typical of our context. For example, it does not matter if you are a 10/10 chad if you are poor, you screw yourself, the chads in my neighborhood are as poor as I am and they often come to my house to pick mangoes in order to survive. I've seen people looking better than me digging through the trash or asking for money on buses. Also, unlike their countries, here betabuxxing continues to work, you can be a 1/10 or a subhuman, but as long as you do not have serious deformities you can keep a young foid who gives you sex (of course if you run out of money she it leaves), also here there are no dating applications NOBODY I repeat NOBODY knows what the hell is tinder, I even think it is not valid for my country. You can also be ugly or short but if you are charismatic enough you can occasionally have sex (I have seen it with my own eyes).

So who monopolizes the foids in my country?

Easy, the damn government officials, commissioners, captains, generals, government administrative managers, ministers, mayors, governors etc ... those are the chads of my country, not some fucking malnourished guy with good facial symmetry. The damned corrupt government are the ones I hate, I don't feel hatred for the chads of my country because they are simply as misrearable as I am. The last way to get promoted here is to become a criminal (which is very easy here), "the pran" (criminal leader) of my neighborhood is fucking ugly (almost truecel level) and still he fucks the best foids in the neighborhood.

Finally you will wonder ... why don't you go up if it's so easy? I simply cannot, because first I am poor and I have nothing to offer and second I am VERY shy and VERY inhibited to a level that is very rare to see someone like me in my country. It's just over for me. I just wanted to offer you something of the context of inceldom in my country.

Billowel #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist #sexist incels.is

Is Italy even worse than Germany? Jfl

lookswise meds look way uglier then whites especially if they come from the south.

but hypergamy wise?italy has shit tier wages,a huge ammount of competition since it's still a very populated country(the smaller the population the harder it is for dating apps to work and for chads to appear),is one of the most travelled countries in the world so white bois gonna be fucking them tanned poor easy bitches,unless the guys can immigrate they often have no jobs and can't afford escorts(yeah escorting is a sin but that isn't the point). So the women are very hard to get,the guys have zero money,they can't escortmaxx,can't africamaxx heck they can't even vidyamaxx since getting a pc is expensive for them,they can't restaurantmaxx,they get mogged 24/7 especially in big cities.All of this whilst living in one of the most beatiful countries in the world,filled with amazing beaches, and a million chads and cute stacies that often look like jbs(meds are tiny people) constantly going around and waving their happiness to anyone.

so yeah i would say it's way fucking worse then germany.at least in germany there are decent jobs,neetbuxes,some help if you are homeless.in italy there doesn't seem to be any of that,

Shitskin hands typed this.

Not even worth answering this amount of garbage point by point.

i don't live in italy,but that's the impression i have from what i have seen so far.how am i wrong?

98GoinOnDead #sexist incels.is

Post wall roastie laments losing her teen "pretty privilege"

As a teen, I let my good looks define me - now, at 44, I feel invisible

tl:dr 44 year old toilet mother of three, happily married, is complaining that she is "invisible" compared to when she was a pretty teenager. This foid is literally admitting that pretty/female privilege is real. The entitlement is astounding, because she is both blaming men for 'reducing women to their appearances' but she is also complaining that she has 'lost a large part of her identity'.

This retarded foid will never know the pain of being a sub-chad male who is invisible all his life. She does not know how lucky she is to have been born a pretty white foid and at least have had decades to be fawned over for her looks and sex appeal. Also the entire fucking article is just a humblebrag about how pretty she was, with lots of pictures of her young self and stories about people calling her beautiful or whatever.

But of course men are the problem for making her feel the need for said validation, of course, she can't admit that maybe craving it is a flaw. The fact that she let her youthful beauty define her entire being is somehow the fault of men (despite her admitting that she even enjoyed female validation of her own beauty). And now she is a mother and married and that still isn't enough for her jfl. They say that incels are obsessed with our youth but at least we have a reason. We had lost youths and we pine for the simple validation that would have come from a teen/young gf. Meanwhile roasties get validated by EVERYONE when they are young and then pine after it when they are older because they are fucking GREEDY, and even being happily married and with kids is not enough for them, meanwhile oldcels are completely fucking lonely.

She wrote that she felt uneasy when non-attractive females were ignored or disrespected. What about men who are treated like lowest dirt if they are ugly and/or mentally I'll and don't act 'normally'? I'm sure they aren't even human beings in her eyes.

Zhou Chang-Xing and latincell #racist #sexist incels.is

[ Zhou Chang-Xing ]

This dating site doesn't include Slavs as "Europeans" (another Slavpill)


Slavic and Latin people are Europeans, but because their SMV is much lower they're categorised as different peoples. Your SMV decides your ethnicity, if your sub-race is seen as uglier then you're not allowed to be categorised into the more desired group.

This is also why Jungle Gooks are categorised separate from other Gooks.

[ latincell ]

if your sub-race is seen as uglier then you're not allowed to be categorised into the more desired group

This!! My father’s side of the family are all blonde Ashkenazi stuck up Jews. My father’s niece has called me an Schwartze before, fuck that gigastacy dog cock slurpin yarmulke wearing cunt

Latin refers to spics

In America it also refers to people from the Iberian Peninsula because Amerimutts are so dumb they don't think that Spanish people are white.

Will your father's niece date a 5'5, balding sand?

Strictly JBW/Ashkenazi dudes. Her dad’s name is literally “Chad”

Spider #ableist #dunning-kruger #sexist #racist incels.is

I dunno about a beta uprising, but -something- is going to happen within our lifetime.

Autism Statistics You Need To Know in 2022

Let's not be retarded here, autism doesn't exist. Anyone here could get an autism diagnosis if they really wanted to. Autism is just what the normies say we have because they can't comprehend that someone has the capability to be so socially retarded without there being something physically wrong inside your head. The fact that men are 4x as likely to get diagnosed is proof of this.

Supposedly we're on track to over half of kids being diagnosed by 2025 and only increase from there. Literally by definition it's not a disorder at that point, it's the norm. Here's another fun stat; only 5% of diagnosed autists ever find love and get married, despite the overwhelming majority wanting to have a relationship.

Combine those two and jesus fucking christ bros, we're on a runaway train towards critical mass here. I only used stats that are easy to prove, who the hell knows how many outliers like us there are.

Realistically I expect nothing to happen until the autistic generation who were raised by smartphones get to be voting age. Socially stunted losers aren't exactly going to cause a fuss and foids will be more than happy to keep fucking the top 20%. But honestly who knows, maybe the alt right will own the government and start killing jews and kikes again by that point.

retards don't produce offspring.

u right, good thing abortion is gone so all those staceys will be forced to birth autistic kids

Zhou Chang-Xing #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

What the f#@k is this?!

Users flaired as "not FA" are asked not to participate until further notice - r/ForeverAloneWomen

A few months back, we started applying flairs to women who had exes, bfs, husbands, kids etc. But also to women saying they were forever alone but were escorts, strippers, sugar babies etc. Anyone with half a brain can understand that between a FA woman full of complexes and hangups who struggles to take a selfie without crying and a woman who literally get paid to strip naked or fuck, there is a huge gap. Everyone feels lonely at times but thank god not every lonely person is FA.

I don't get it, is she trying to exclude all toilets?

This sounds like it should be a sub-Reddit with 0 users.

For context I was Ecosia'ing the psychology of female social dynamics and their dominance hierarchy after I saw something interesting in Hoofddorp a week ago. Out of curiosity I clicked on some vaguely "Femcel" looking title, I got curious and saw this announcement. Like, are these toilets this delusional?!

Even the ugliest toilet in the world gets more attention and positive reinforcement in a day than St. Sergi from Spain gets in his entire life. These toilets are ridiculously delusional, or ...

These are just (obviously male) Incels Astroturfing pretending to be toilets in the hope that somewhere among the billions of toilets on the planet maybe ONE could understand our loneliness and suffering only to find that none exist and no toilet would ever have either sympathy or empathy for us.

Likewise, we are not the sub for women who want to be alone or who fuck aroud. Some threads are completely taken over by women who clearly suffer from a severe case of cognitive dissonance, who have insensitive lines of questioning, who clearly don't get it but like the dramatic sound of a madeup internet label. Reading "no one ever liked me" on FAW and "my 3 exes told me the same" elswhere on reddit is a slap in the face.

Like, seriously, isn't this like every Fem"cel" ever?!

IncelKing #ableist #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

RE: Autistic Chad "who can't communicate well" arrested for banging multiple teens.


A man who was already a registered sex offender is now accused of sexually assaulting two minors, and his mother says the alleged victims should have known better. 26-year-old Aleksandr Anatolyevi Rudenko was arrested back on Aug. 30 on five counts related to sex crimes. Lyubov Rudenko says that her son has autism, doesn't communicate well, and that there is no proof that he did anything wrong. The exact circumstances that led to Rudenko's current arrest were not released, but detectives say the two girls he allegedly assaulted were 13 and 17 years old.

Just be chad bro

>$135,000 bail
Holy FUCK that's a lot

Meanwhile there was a FEMALE high school teacher who kidnapped a 15 year old chad and kept him at her house as her sex slave for 3 or 4 days, and she was given $5000 bail, what a joke

Teacher arrested for 'hiding' teen boy in her home for days

The minor who had been missing since August 12 was rescued from the home of 31-year-old Florida teacher Kelly Simpson

So sick of these double standards, this society deserves everything bad that will happen to it in the future

I know it’s the government that creates and implements/enforces the law but the majority of the civilian population supports the government in their law/policy making, so they are guilty as well

He must've had a good personality and communication skills and it's totally not his chiseled jawline and blue eyes.

Here’s your “NT pill” for you
Nigga you ain’t “weird” you’re just ugly/short

NT-pillers on suicide watch

“But muhhhh autism”

If you’re good-looking you can be an autistic retard and still slay

Autism only makes or breaks average-looking men

Ugly men have no chance just based on their looks alone, so autism or not, doesn’t make a difference

Vitarius #fundie #psycho #sexist incels.is

Catholic women who have relationships with non-Catholic men

Devout Catholic women are very rare (Proverbs 31:10), which already makes things very hard for us devout Catholic men. But then you have these Catholic women marrying unbelievers, making our lives even more hard.

By marrying unbelievers, these women even put themselves and their children in spiritual/moral danger: "Bad company corrupts good character" (1 Corinthians 15:33).

These women are even worse than race traitors who complicate the lives of men of low value races by marrying white chads.

Their unbeliever husbands/boyfriends must be exterminated.

you are being kind of cuckish by the whole exterminate their boyfriends kind of thing,when really women are the only ones at fault.if 99.999% of a gender just wants to bang some small percentage of the other chad,it's not a mens issue it's a womens issue.

catholic women who marry man outside of the faith are disgusting pests who no one should respect.they are less then whores for at least whores have something to show to despite their degeneracy(much money for their children),whilst catholics whores have nothing to show apart from divorces from 8 men and 3 kids one of them who is a tranny soon to become statistic and the other two are whores whose they only church they belong to,is to the church of satan.

now,i am not saint,nor did i ever claim to be so,but it blows my mind how some people have everything yet fuck it up.

My logic is "if we kill the unbelievers, these women can remarry, and this time to Catholic men".

What about women who meet Christian men who are Protestant/Orthodox?

When I wrote this thread I had all "unbelievers" in mind: Atheists, Protestants, Jews, Orthodox, Pagans... Catholic women should marry Catholic men, basically.

Billowel #fundie #magick incels.is

RE: Magickmaxxing is your last chance

Even if you dont get laid by it its a great cope and you can get good results with it and improve your life i will teach you in another posts how to get into deep trance and meditative state also i will teach informations that you cant find free anywhere i will teach you how to astralprojectmaxx

sounds like a quick way to invite a demon into your house.even something like a stupid ouija board is supposedly enough to invite a demon some times.

Yup i invited them into my life and my life is only improving im talking about high ranking kings not imps

you are absolutely crazy if you think a being who is fully focused on sin and sin alone,will want to help you as if they were not a thousand times worse then any human you have seen here on earth.

Conference on Exorcism - Fr Ripperger

magic bullshit is no joke.never fuck with that kind of stuff ever

They are misunderstood Abrahamic religions demoized them yes they are not fully nice but they are not mindless evils nothing is fully black or white

you have already fallen into their talk.wouldn't be surprised if you have already been possessed,but haven't realized it yet. they aren't misunderstood.christ has made it pretty clear that demons rejected him and that they are only after that which is sinful.you are not the first one who was given just a tiny bit of happiness,money,sex etc etc by a demon only to be completely destroyed later.you have taken the bait,and haven't realized it.

the devil & demons are a representation of different aspects of the divine
if not then why does God create them and allow them to exist?

you are very confused.by that logic god is both evil and good,left and right,tall and short,smart and dumb etc etc etc simply because he allows it to "exist". clearly that's impossible as anythingcan't be two opposites combined. demons are angels who have rejected god.they are literally in hell right now, and you think they are nice people?

without god we can't even exist.

Various Incels #pratt #psycho #sexist #transphobia incels.is

Most disturbing thing I saw on IT

Hey incels! 26(MtF), autistic, celebrating 4 wonderful years with my 5'0" tall hubby! 😍 The man of my dreams. Keep seething tho! 😂🙄


This is kinda sad actually

Just find a man with a wig theory

Kill it with fire.

Which one of them do you think has more autism? I got no fucking clue

Wait that non-troon dude is 5ft tall


I've never seen tranbomination with more than 50 updoots, even IT is lookist


Pukefuel of Thursday

(Misogynist Curry 卐)

"even IT is lookist"

yep, during recent flood of selfies most attractive people got most upvotes xd

Maybe it's because of their nice personalities not looks:lul:

If anything this is further proof for the blackpill. That dude would've been able to have a cute wife if he was 5'10" but he had to settle with a nasty looking troon. He's an alright looking guy. Absolutely over for short men today.


just begging for an incel to call me ugly


Why would incel call her ugly where she is clearly not?
I mean maybe nose is too small ok, but she is definitly attractive.

Long story short 726 upvotes for attractive female and 38 upvotes for pictures of tranny faggots that everyone puke at - blackpill definitely is not real.