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RE: Feminists chimp out on Mexico, destroy public and private property, throw rocks at people, cartel gets pissed, trows grenades and kills three of them

Fuck around in Mexico and find out, I guess. Why do they chimp out about "violence on women/femicide" when about 83% of homicide victims on the planet are men, who are far more likely to die a violent death by crime than women? Their answer is "domestic abuse and abusive boyfriends/husbands". Yeah who would guess the personality detectors stop working when they find someone attractive? Maybe stop marrying and staying with abusers or is the personality only working around men they think is repulsive?

Nevermind, I got into it, read it and nothing about this case is clear. Might have been an attempted attack at the police since 2 of the people that got killed were part of the guards and 1 was part of the march. It is also said that the feminists were getting violent. It doesn't specifically say which cartel it was, nor if it was a cartel at all.

Ataque armado al Ayuntamiento de Guaymas durante marcha feminista deja tres muertos - En Punto

People got based in this comment section:

"finally feminists face reality instead of an imaginary enemy"
"let's see if they will now behave and stop disturbing and fucking up Mexico even more"
"finally, very good, thanks to whoever did it"
"already answering those who want to fuck them for supporting their marches"
"hahaha they thought it was like Mexico City, but they faced real enemies"
"they faced the real violence and not the police"
"hahaha feminists, what do you feel when they go for aggression on you and you don't do anything? a spoon of your own medicine"

An angry feminist is in the comments saying "no uterus, no talk, don't defend us, we can do it alone". I thought they were glad for male feminists putting up with them?

This fucking comment section is just too fucking good.

shii410 #conspiracy #wingnut incels.is

Anyone else notice this 1984 tier aspect of how the media covers the Kyle Rittenhouse case

these are the first eight articles that come up when you google search "kyle rittenhouse verdict"

notice something? the names "Joseph Rosenbaum" and "Anthony Huber" are not mentioned a single time in any of these articles. they use every single alternative way of referring to them in existence. they call them "two young men", "demonstrators", "protestors", "the victims", "the people who were killed" etc, but they unanimously make sure to never actually say their names in the article

it's especially ironic because "SAY THEIR NAMES" used to be a black lives matter slogan so with all that in mind, why have these people just been memory holed? aggressively and deliberately suppressing the names of their "victims" seems like an utterly baffling decision

the reason is actually very simple. the official media narrative is "kyle rittenhouse showed up with an AR-15, killed two protestors then went home and slept", and knowing who the "protestors" were and why he shot them destroys that narrative.

joseph rosenbaum was a serial child rapist who spent most of his adult life in prison for molesting five preteen boys. he chased down rittenhouse and tried to grab the gun out of his hands and kill him. anthony huber also tried to kill rittenhouse by smashing his head in with a skateboard while he was on the ground. if you knew their names you could just search this information up on google and the media's whole narrative would fall apart instantly.

so with the flip of a switch, the order has gone from "SAY THEIR NAMES" to "make sure they don't know their names", and it has worked with mind boggling success. you are literally seeing, in real time, the people who control society rewriting history and erasing aspects of it that are inconvenient to them, and 99% of people won't even notice or think about it.

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I got evicted from my apartment, I am not banned

After what hapenned this week which I wrote about in my thread here...


...I am getting evicted. I will move back to my parent's apartment for now but I'm looking for a new place. So basically I was blasting music, singing, knocked on some of my neighbours doors and asked if they wanted to join me at my party, was jumping on my floor and threw plates and a cup on it, destroying it, spat on one neighbours doors and puked on another's, when the police came I told the mI didn't remember my name and that I didn't have an ID but they found it anyways. I tried to take it from the cop's hand and told him to GTFO. When they knocked on the doors again to give me some papers, I only farted out loud and closed the doors (I will probably be called to a police station, I believe). Told my mother she is a whore and a bitch. Basically wanted to fuck up my life and I kinda did. This is what happens to a person who was bullied as a child, his mother beat and screamed at him if he didn;t do something perfectly or messed something up, who was never treated like a human being by others and who is sexually frustrated.

Video from the intervention: https://youtu.be/1mkGx6WY0yQ

Its in Polish though

Even though its in a different language I can feel the autism emanating from it. I'm also 90% sure you said chad in that video, do normalfag poles even know the chad and stacy meme?

Yeah autism must have been strong in my apartment. I literally had food, tea, and broken plates and cup on my floor

Would rape female cop. Cute but her eyes look dead and she evades eye contact most of the time. The male cop probably uses her as his toilet.

Are cops in Poland as violent as the US?

Dude. I slapped his hand. Mocked him. Farted when he was talking and closed the doors in his face. Try that in americuck.

Blackpillapologist #crackpot #sexist #transphobia incels.is

Hitler was a tranny

I wonder if Hitler actually had pussy between his legs and he claimed to be a male because he was a troon, and wanted power.

That might explain her worldview of pure bred Nordic Aryans being the most superior of all and all ethnics, short and disabled men should be killed.

(I am using pronoun her for hitler)

She was probably one of the very few foids who got the political power needed to execute her worldview.

One might ask why didn't she (Hitler) rank curries as the lowest instead of Jews. Answer is: she killed gypsy people as well who are descendants of curries. And secondly, she was rejected by an Ashkenazi Jewish chad when she wanted to apply for art school. Ashkenazi Jews have a lot of white genes and many of them are blonde.

She also hated gay people because every gay male chad reduces inceldom problem by 2 points.

EDIT: The only mistake she did was to deceive our generation that she is a man. She didn't know much about feminism which would plague soyciety few decades later as she lived in a relatively patriarchal time. In our generation foid is never wrong, and if Hitler was seen as a foid Nazism wouldn't be censored at all. In fact it would be justified becus MuH WoHmEn cAn NevEr bE wrOnG

tbh, i wonder why that retard was so obsessed with race

That's what I am saying. Hitler was a foid

Transcended Trucel #psycho #racist #ableist #crackpot incels.is

[Serious] Vast majority of humans are ugly as fuck tbh, analyzed 3000+ people

I just went thru my school text book and college photos. And God damn, the majority of humans are so God damn fucking ugly. Especially gooks, curries and Ethnics. maybe 70% were 4/10, 20-30% 3/10, 10% 5/10+, maybe saw 1 or 2 decent 6/10 Ethnics amongst hundreds maybe thousands plus students. no 7/10 ethnics

But going thru the pictures showed that even most whites are ugly. Amongst like 5-6 hundred white and Jewish kids, only maybe 1 legit 6'4 7/10 Chad motherfucker I saw. A few Chadlite or high tier normies. But the average white was still below sub5. Also only saw maybe 3 Stacy lites, 10-15 high tier beckies, and maybe 15 normal Becky foids.
So even amongst the white foids, the majority were sub5 trash.

Holy fuck you'd need to like genocide and sterilize 80-90% of humanity to get a decent looking next generation of humans.
It's no wonder foids desire Chad so much. If men had same sex drive as foids, femcels would be a legit thing is my conclusion. As most foids are really fucking medicore or ugly from an objective PSL analysis perspective.

Atavistic Autist #conspiracy incels.is

[Serious] Therapists are the capitalist equivalents of KGB informants

As social alienation has increased due to the dislocations wrought by liberal-capitalism, people have naturally become less capable of resolving disputes between themselves, and so have outsourced conflict resolutions to police officers and therapists and the like.

It is no coincidence that a therapist will not hesitate to call the police on you if you say too much, and betray your trust, because both professions are inherently rooted in the contradictions of a low trust society. Both a police officer and a therapist are ultimately working against you, and see you as something to be managed rather than made satisfied.

A therapist is the capitalist equivalent of a KGB spy in the Soviet Union pretending to be your friend, but who is actually just there to inform on any seditious words of yours, while you pay him to do so (whether through the vector of the state or the sham of paying for "mental health treatment").

Except there's much less pretense with a therapist, and at least a KGB spy did not personally force you to remunerate him as he shit-tested your faith in the prevailing system of power.

Made in Heaven (“Lolipill is the Ultimate Truth”) #racist #crackpot #wingnut incels.is

JFL If one is offended by racial slurs, they simply hate their own race.

I've been visiting some Asian cope subreddits just to see how they think, and it's adorable how much self loathing Asians and Hapas have for themselves. Constant bitch fits between Asian men and Noodle whores chasing white cock. It made me realize something, that these people deep down all hate themselves and want an outlit for their anger. And they also hate being REMINDED of the race they were born into.

Why DOES an asian get angry at being called a slot-eyed manlet? Is that not what they are? An ethnic slur is just a reminder of what race one is. If one is offended by being REMINDED of their race, this just means they hate themselves. If someone called by a Turkroach or Sand Nigger I would not GAF since I am proud of my race. Meanwhile, call an African a Nigger and he will chimp out, call an Asian slant eyed and he will seethe, call a Hispanic a manlet and he will fume, call an Indian a dicklet and he will cry.

The truth is because these are all undesirable traits. Negro bones ARE ugly. Asian eyes ARE ugly. Being a manlet IS ugly. Being a dicklet IS ugly. You're seething because you're being reminded of your own subhuman genetics.:feelshaha: There's a reason there are no genuine ethnic slurs for Aryan people. How the fuck are you gonna make fun of someone with golden hair and sapphire eyes? How the fuck are you gonna make fun of someone with firey hair and emerlad eyes? How the fuck do you make fun of people with skin white like the rays of the sun or pink skin like the shine of a ruby?

[several young light-skinned children with various hair colours; file names identify them as Kurdish]

Fyi, this is also why ethnic-passing Europeans, like Anglos, Italians, Iberians, and Greeks ALSO hate being reminded of their lower rank in the whiteness heirarchy. The people below may be European, but they are still ethnic.

[several South European men, including a news article about a Cosa Nostra boss being arrested]

To koniec, BummerDrummer & Notorious Inkler #racist #sexist incels.is

(To koniec)
It's amazing how non western world is racist

Sadly westerners, europeans can't anymore racist even here ethnics laugh at muhh muhh cucked white nat soc while they keep alive their racial interests
I seen on /int/ one tunesian user going on rant how berbers are superior to europeans and turks and arabs too
Japs even don't pretend to not think that they are superior to chinks and koreans and probably whites too

sadly jews cut our balls only meds and slavs are still somewhat racist but still not enough


Do you mind translating that gibberish?

Don’t mind the polish schizophrenic

one day he says racism is bad and huwyt soupremacists are evil and BASED ETHNIC BROCELS should take over Europe, the next day he says this.

One of the many EEfags who’s brains have melted from the Soviet Union tainting the water of his ancestors

(Notorious Inkler)
These "people" are the European equivalent of spics:

-Low IQ
-they spend money on useless shit
-most of them work minimum wage jobs
-obnoxious in public spaces
-their women age like milk

At least spics don't get cucked as much as slavs.

Landlords in my neighborhood refuse non-german tenants.

ilieknothing #racist #sexist incels.is

[INCEL MUSIC] Song by me - Pajeet (Parody of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift)

He said, "Let's clean this dirty room
Detergent at the ready, away from the food"
I thought germs can't kill me now
Cleanliness lasts forever, he is going to mop this down

His personality is so charismatic as hell
He's so bald but he does it so well
I can see his shiny head gleam
My one condition is

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
Because I'll remember you Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha
Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

I said, "I love your job and what you do"
Janitorial professionalism, he's leaning on his broom
The wet sploshing is a beautiful sound
Cleanliness lasts forever, he is mopping the floor now

His personality is so charismatic as hell
He's so bald but he does it so well
As I admire his clean brown skin
My last request is

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
Because I'll remember you Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha
Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

You always treat me just right
No dark triad, you never fight
Cleanin' it down
I know you won't leave me
You won't need memories
You'll be around
You always treat me just right
No dark triad, you never fight
Cleanin' it down
I know you won't leave me
You won't need memories
You'll be around

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
We don't have to pretend

Say you'll remember me standing in your closet
Staring at your broom set, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
We don't have to (pretend, pretend)
I love you Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha
(I love you)
Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

Pa-aa-jeet, ah-ha

The original is a suifuel ode to dark triad Chads by a super roastie Taylor Swift

Tay Tay needs to be cut open with a sharp knife and stomped on.

At least this roastie is telling the truth, all the other ones lie through their cum stained teeth

arescel #sexist incels.is

[Based] Women are worse than war criminals and pedophiles.

No thief has ever affected my life.
No burglar has ever affected my life.
No rapist has ever affected my life.
No murderer has ever affected my life.
No pedophile has ever affected my life.

Hell, no war criminal, terrorist organization or dictator has ever directly affected my life.

Women are worse than the worst. They cause more daily suffering than terrorist organizations and child rapists combined because they have a direct negative effect on everything we do, our inceldom and society as a whole.

I cannot think of any holes in my argument. Please enlighten me if you disagree.

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RE: A seperate subforum for whites and first world cels only.

It is quite apparent that ethnics especially currycels are deteriorating the quality of the forum. All shitskins should be perma banned right away or they should be segregated and not allowed to participate in the white subforum.

If this forum needs to survive, this needs to happen asap.

A seperate space for white cels where ethnics or third world cels are not allowed to participate.

This, so much. Despite being a based racist, it is mostly the fact that an african's/asian's life is so different from mine that makes me enjoy their rantings less. Ever since I got Internet at 11 and started playing ClashOfClans, I detested being in a clan where people are not from Europe/Russia/USA, because this is the pool I swim in, and it would make no sence for me to try and find friends elsewhere.
Being incels somewhat unites us but being incels of the same tribe takes it a whole step further.
There is a reason Amazon enforces workforce diversity to stop unionization.
That being said, your idea will never happen. Probably.

buci2003 #pedo #sexist incels.is

[RageFuel] I hate Chris Hansen

"Predators" complaining that their lives are ruined.

The comment section is simply rage fuel. They get pleasure from seeing these incels have their lives ruined. That's just fucked. Nobody says that about serial killers, murderers etc. They just hate bad looking men, who havent had a shred of intimacy their whole lives, getting some young pussy. Their made up reasoning being that those men could have ruined those girls' lives. Like how? is it so painful to have sex with an incel? The pain those men face isnt even comparable to any rape victim's "trauma". Fuck this world, I truly hope it burns.

copecel2 #sexist incels.is

I catfished my so-called foid friend

I knew it was suspicious due to the circumstance that she had hoe behavior, I used to snap with her, sent video snaps and such. But nothing romantic happened because she never saw me like "the one."

Anyway, I decided one day to catfish her, and guess what? She started to be more receptive, opened up the convos quickly, rather than with my real account. She used to snap me all kinds of shit (which usually she didn't on my main acc), and found out somehow I was catfishing her.

I admitted that shit but because she was starting to treat me like one of her friends, like an emotional couch. She was angry a few weeks before and complained about that "catfish" which was me, and she said "well I'm gonna block him if he's not going to admit who he is."

A few weeks later and she still talked to me aka the catfish, she was snapping constantly and was curious and on the edge. Fuck off, bitch, I knew before that hoes will stay hoes, but at least admit you are a shallow cunt.

BTW, I blocked her because I got so angry at this bullshit. Stop justifying hoe behavior.

Maybe there's a man in her heart "the one" who she gets fucked by (in her heart), the bitch in heat.

Well, if there was a man, I would knew before. But hey, I know that she has a taste for muscular men with washboard abs, so I'm not surprised.

Anyway, in other words, water is wet.

Well I'm glad you wised up and came to the conclusion that countless amounts of men have come to for generations before us- that men and women cannot truly be friends. That there will always be one who wants more. Sucks that you had to figure it out in such a brutal way. All women are whores.

I knew it before, I just like to confirm my beliefs and remind myself everyday that blackpill will never change.

To koniec #crackpot #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

I unironically hate white people

Do you hate crackers?

Yes Votes: 23 52.3%

No Votes: 21 47.7%

Total voters 44

they are cucked scum of the earth

they worship foids, fucking pinkoids

When I was younger I looked up to crackers. But they got too Degenerate due to too much money/comfort over time. They are like the Eldar from Warhammer, a race too blessed and lives a life too easy.

i hated always germanic anglo french white crackers

muuhh superior race when east asians and jews have higher iq

Whites have committed many atrocities and actually have pushed some ethnic groups to extinction, but what saddens me more is that many don't know or don't give a fuck about what happened. I do get along with Whites on an individual level, but the history of the Americas, Australia and Africa infuriates me.

I hope I don't have any European blood in me, as it might imply that my female ancestor was a JBW slut or was raped.

colonialism, feminism, woman’s rights, lgbt faggots, modern entertainment, bringing blacks to America

Holy shit you niggas evi

i wish slavs, curries, pakis, east asians, SEAasians, mestizos, BLACK KINGZ massacred some cracker german, american, dane, swedish, english children

As a non white I have to ask why you hate whites/Northern Europeans

cause they think that slavs are subhuman and they bringed degeneracy to slavlands

i wish we would sterilize them


dutch cracker stealing slav women

Add drug legalisation to the list.

crackers confirmed to be subhuman

just look at subhuman faces of germanic subhumans like danes, swedes, norwegians g*rmans

and worst of them angl*s

Southern Europeans are crackers too

lol crackers think they are arabs

slavs and meds aren't white

i'm myself eastern european and i'm mongoloid warrior who will kill blonde cracker babies

Various Incels #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist incels.is

(Transcended Trucel)
Blackpill MLP PORN pill (brutal slavpill)

Countries that search for MLP porn more than the worldwide average.


What’s wrong with you niggas

Cultures close to horses and poneys ending up IN the poney
Horse milking has another meaning for Mongols I guess

Probably true

almost only subhuman countries

brutal af :blackpill:

I thought Canada would be #1 since they are animal fuckers.

Yes, we also had our own slavic ponycon hosted in Russia and own russian mlp forum called "tabun". It's actually still up.
For some reason there's just something beautiful for slavic low value men to escape into the fairytale of beautiful and loyal creatures. Even if they're fucking cartoon horses.
It's literally better to fap to ponies than try to talk to foids in Russia. All femoids from CIS region are massive golddigging bitches that start to whore themselves from late preteens.

Dotrinfobe #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #sexist incels.is

brazilphile-cel trait: you begin to fetishsizing southern european looking foids

im not talking about latinas, like the typical mestiza type of face and skin tone from mexico or colombia, but the "white" southern european type. often dark brown or almost black hair, but with light eyes, preferbly blue. their faces usually look uniquely southern european, i dont know how to describe it but you can just tell, such faces typically has a subtle difference to typical light eyed brunettes from Anglo countries (to uncultured eyes, they look the same "white", though, but im too high IQ to not notice the subtlety). blued eyed southern european stacies are gorgeous in their own way and i feel them mog most western european foids (english, german, dutch etc.)

especially in the context of brazilian foids, morenas can often mog loiras and ruivas, especially considering most brazilian loiras are fake blondes anyways and face look ugly. brazilian morenas love to dye their hair blonde, which is annoying and they love to tan, again, annoying tan lines are disgusting imo. morenas look best in their natural state, though sometimes dyed blonde hair with dark roots can look appealing too and add flavor, but tan lines are always bad.

and for some reason i gradually begin to feel english as vulgar or something and find portugues better sounding honestly cant stand fucking porn any more with those whores shouting "fuck me" "fuck me daddy" "oh yeah" "harder" "just like that" and all those trash ass low brow english bullshit and actually prefer to turn the sound off and pretend the foid is moaning in portugues or something and that shes a branca brasileira

maybe ive been binge watching some series de televisao from brazil too much in the past week. getting culturally assimilated probably the same process how some white foids develop taste for rice through watching kpop and how weebs develope fetish for jap foids through anime

Meus #crackpot #magick incels.is

RE: Incel trait: You've been gangstalked by co workers

I have people in my city following me from job to job trying to badmouth me. It's pretty pathetic. I guess they hate a subhuman making a living

Ok listen very carefully OP. This is serious.

What you are dealing with is demons. They are attracted by intense negative emotions like loneliness and hatred.

To get rid of them you have to get rid of what causes you distress in your life. Research about how to open your chakras.

And whatever you do, NEVER talk to them. Not a single word. In fact, don't even look at them. The more you acknowledge them, the more powerful they get. Good luck.

Notorious Inkler #dunning-kruger #elitist #pratt #psycho #racist incels.is


Well that's a new one

Isnt your skin white too?

He is pissed off because he is just a Polack. Slavs are literally the slave race off rich european countries. 70% of all prostitutes are from EE and they suck dicks for practically pocket change. The vast majority of EE men work minimum wage (or at least low paying) manual labor jobs.

However, this thread is just low quality bait, but I give him a bump for the effort anyway.

Is that why Putin hates the west?

Could be idk.

Have you enjoyed some of that slav pussy for pocket change

Yes and I only paid 50€. She was a solid 8/10 and I coomed on her tits without paying extra. She was also really friendly.

Brutal ngl

It's the truth. The funny thing is that soys will use this as an argument to justify immigration, but they simultaneously admit that immigrants are nothing more than modern SLAVes. I'm so glad that McDonald's introduced those touch screen panels to order and pay your food because I don't have to interact with some low IQ immigrant anymore.

slav's seem to cope a lot with masc stuff, white knighting, and other thugmaxxing stuff. seems like the lower iq you are, the more likely you are to thugmaxx

damn. and to think tesla was a slav

Yeah, there are always exceptions to the rule. This post wasn't just an insult, it's literally the truth.

lol your future is just as bleak as slavs once your will run of wealth, future is painted with chink colours

Keep coping, Polack. You are the slave race of Europe and this will be the case until the day I die

you were raped by slavs literally just like your pathetic nation at fall of the berlin

Few foids were raped by slavs 70 years ago. So what? EE is a shithole. We lost two world wars but we're still the economic powerhouse of europe. You made this thread at 3:40am local time. Do you even have job? I could get you one. 10€/h in a brothel, cleaning rooms.

beyond repair #conspiracy #wingnut incels.is

I'm naive and don't believe in American conspiracies operating at beyond the level of the recent sabotage of Trump by elites...EXCEPT...

...why is porn so easy available across the West? I don't believe it's an accident.

The elites have keen insight into human nature, and pornography is probably deemed necessary for a well-functioning progressive society by people like Steven Pinker who elites listen to. Hence, that one company (mindgeek?) that's allowed to supply all of it. Porngraphy is the bone thrown to incels.

Lebensmüder #pratt #transphobia incels.is

These people live better than us

Doubt it.

Imagine having an infected, feces covered hole (implanted by Mengele-esque Frankenstein doctors) between your legs because you fell for a Psy-Op/meme.

Imagine waking up every day to the smell of that Fournier gangrene while having to injure yourself in order to prevent that wound from healing.

Imagine doing it to get a girl as a transbian and then only matching with other mentally unstable men in dresses.

Imagine knowing that all of that is now irreversible and that you have to spend your life now as a perpetual/castrated freak simply because you were groomed on Discord as a child.

There are some things worse than inceldom and trannies are that thing.

Bhaskarjya Mandita #psycho #sexist incels.is

I have beaten my crush's boyfriend.

I have beaten the shit out of my crush's boyfriend. Have I done it right or wrong. He makes me jealous. He was a friend of mine. But as time went by he became my rival. He is a kind of person who is a disgrace to humanity. He have betrayed all my friends just for one girl and when I was beating him none of my classmates came to stop it. He is that so called alpha male who wears his mother's panties.

My height 5'10 he is 5'7 when I asked her why she loves him she said he can play the guitar pretty well. I even wanted to beat my crush. And if he gives a police case I will thus time drag him out of his house and beat him there. I am so frustrated I hate myself, I hate everything.

She likely deserved that more than him.

I know. Man but I don't this I deserve her as he is dumb and dull. She cannot even take proper decision.

How did you dare to beat that poor short guy? What's wrong with you?

This what is awaits all manlets who beat the odds and ascend. A raging ESL tallcel ethnicel will beat you within an inch of your life.

I am subhuman so I dont care about humans

IncelCream #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Why the Soviet Union is needed

Soviet basically offered different version of society because of this America didn't want it's citizens to become pro-Soviet hence all the Anti propaganda.
This meant USA didn't promote degenerate culture until end of Soviets, it's why housing was more affordable before 1990s and why there wasn't anti white media, if Soviets was still about, America and west would be different because western men would support Soviet en masse, they would give secrets ect and vote differently. This is also why dating was easier back then

This is why I think China will win, as American becomes less white and more anti white it will cause friction with Europe which will slowly become more pro Russian/Chinese

Without Europe America soft power is limited

Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So

Look at these Hungary Censored a question about China

Serbian have Chinese Police

Chinese police officers join Serbian colleagues on the beat in Belgrade

Breakingviews - China Inc will recycle used white guys

Will you betray America for what they did to us men?

Extra-Samsaric #fundie #psycho #sexist incels.is

Men shouldn't care whether their foid "loves" them or not

In the Bible, it is instructed for men to 'love' their wives- but nowhere does it say that foids should 'love' their husbands, only that they obey their husbands.

Men shouldn't care about "love" from their foids- only that their foids obey, respect, and are loyal to them. "Love" can be an added bonus, but it is non-essential.

i dont agree. coz if a foid loves you, she'd, like you mentioned, "obey, respect, and are loyal". so i do think it's important especially in modern day when foids can very easily ruin your life with false accusations if they are hostile to you. in the past, it's not as important, as social pressure forces the foid to obey you and be loyal, so its ok to not give a fuck about whether a foid loves you, if she misbehaves, you could just beat her up nowadays you go to jail even if she hits you and you defend yourself

Well, ideally of course, women wouldn't have all this power.

Transcended Trucel #racist #sexist incels.is

If your ethnic, don't read your history!

Seriously don't! I started reading about curry history especially the history past the 1500s and it is humiliating as fuck. Don't read that shit. It will damage your mental health. Don't learn your ancestral history. Literally the last 500 years of ethnic history is low IQ shitskin infighting and getting mogged and humiliated by whites. It is extremely humiliating. The more I read, the more enraged and disgusted I become.

Only ethnics who have done well or at least can be proud to some degree are East Asians(China/Japan/Korea). Every other nonwhite has horrible humiliating history. Their nations are complete shitholes, and the more you read about their history, the sadder and more disappointed you become.

Here are some examples of how far curries fell:

The Mughal Empire had a thriving industrial manufacturing economy, with India producing about 25% of the world's industrial output up until 1750, making it the most important manufacturing center in international trade.

Guess what it is today? 3.5%. Brutally humiliated. Just FUCKING lol. 1/7 the world population yet <1/15 the wealth.

Another ethnic nation for some more diversity that has fallen hard is Brazil.

In the 1850s, Brazil was a wealthy nation who could compete with eurocucks.

Brazilian economic growth, especially after 1850, compared "very well" with that of with the United States and the European countries, according to the historian Boris Fausto. Brazil in the last year of the monarchy was a “prosperous and [internationally] respected” country, according to historian Oliveira Lima.

But in the end brazil is 50% nigger mutts and still became a shithole.

Ethnic history is beyond humiliating and enraging. Reading this shit is not good for my mental health. Don't read this shit! Knowing less = more when it comes to ethnic history especially for the last 500 years. I fucking regret reading up on this. It is so despair inducing beyond words can express.

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Giga Suicide fuel - Roastie explains life of a 14 year old chad who has fucked 50 girls in a month. Brutal life experience mog

This is a first hand view into chads life style. You may rope you have been warned. I almost went insane during the call.

This girl I am talking to met this family friend chad in her cottage trip. This might be one of the toughest blackpills to swallow. While I was still thinking about taking my crush to movies and prom, Chad was blowing his nut on her face along with crushes of 50 other dudes! Chad mogs my life experience to a new dimension. These brain dead whores would always pick being part of chads harem then have a relationship with nice man.

Audio: https://gofile.io/?c=X4aw7F

4:00 chad bragging
4:20 chad says girls are lucky to give him Bjs
6:15 Girls will do anything to suck chads dick
7:10 I am not like other girls teehee
8:00 Chads height
8:25 Chad fucks 1 girl per day, takes picture of it and sends to it group
12:45 Roastie thinks it’s funny
24:50 she says she hates when guys make girls cry, then back pedals when I tell her I made girls cry.
26:00 she said she hates guy that insult girl then I said I told her I call girls fat and ugly and she said “that’s different “

Such a foreign thing to me. I can only imagine what that feels like. Kind of like how being a billionaire is so foreign to me. You can think but it's not possible unless you actually experience it.

that's nothing, take this and multiply it by million because this is going on in every highschool. 1 chad is hogging 100 girls while other 99 guys cope by video games/homework/hobbies and shit

None of Reddit_is_for_cucks Megablackpill threads have been featured on IT. THEY KNOW WE'RE RIGHT.

The difference between top 10% males and Incels is like the difference between billionaires and the homeless. The disparity is just not fair.

chad = billionair
Chadlite = millionaire
High tier normie = reaching 7 figures
Normie = 6 figures
Incel = below six figures

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RE: LifeFuel Taliban kill woman for not wearing burqa in public.

Talibans: Discovering new hights of basedness every day.

The funny thing is, soon every afghan female will embrace their natural place and start to be happy like they havent been in the last 20 years. Cucks will say that they are no longer receptive to feminist propaganda due to censorship. They cant accept that 99% of afghan foids wanted this to happen deep inside.

I was gonna say that I disagreed with their actions and I would rather sexually enslave her as punishment instead of killing her in Minecraft but now that I see the pic it seems like that bitch was pretty ugly lol good riddance

must have called them inkel thinking she was still protected by the globohomo

Reminds me of the Khmer Rouge or the cultural revolution in China.

The western narrative doesn't interpret those events accurately imo and the way I view it goes like this:

The Cambodians and communist Chinese purged their country of people who were westernized (white washed as we say). Mostly killing them all and seizing their property.

The original Chinese communist were aligned with the Slavic-Jewish communist imperialists. A different flavor from Anglo-Jewish capitalist world order but still a cumskin male attempt to shape the world in their image nonetheless.

I think most Asian nations are just satisfied to be themselves, and don't want foreign men coming in to cuck them and steal or influence their women. Which is a tendency that white cumskin men have (whether eastern Slavic-Jewish communists or western Anglo-Jewish capitalists) in bullying/cucking men of the Asian continent.

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Could the Taliban liberation of Afghanistan be the first major cracks in globohomo-clownworld?

Globohomo-clownworld has been an unstoppable force for the last several decades....until now. It looks as if the Taliban will overrun Afghanistan completely, very soon. This is a group which is strongly opposed to all things the Western/American led liberal world order holds dear and sacred- liberalism, consumerism, secularism, usury, democracy, global capitalism.... and most of all, feminism/women's rights/women's "liberation." We saw the US military and NATO forces flounder around in Afghanistan for 20 years, trying to eliminate resistance and turn it into yet another globohomo-clownworld stronghold. But they could not outlast the mighty Taliban resolve. The Taliban do not fear the global superpowers, they do not fear B2 bombers, and they certainly do not fear feminists. Could their victory be the beginning of the end for the seemingly invincible globohomo-clownworld?

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Our pain of us blackcels is greater than yours.

Most whitecels for not say the 90% are volcels in disguise. Not far different from their femoid counterparts. They cry that femoids don't want them but they will never date black women. Even worse, they will never date a single mom of their own race. Meanwhile we blackcels have gotten the worst cards of the genetic lottery. Non-harmonous features, not enough height and others bald.

Even our Chad version, the Tyrone, is equal to a low tier white normie for not say an incel tier white guy. This could explain why Tyrone gets only white fat foids in the Anglosphere.

Empiric proves are clear:


Then stormcels will shit on us due to the demographic change in their country despite that was possible to due white volceldom and cuckness. Despite demographic change in America is mainly due to mexicans while demographic change in Europe is due to Asians(arabs, indians, pakistanies etc)

Even the SJW warriors,that were supposed to be anti-racist players, will never understand our pain:


BBC is a merely lie.


And BBC is useless if you don't have the enough face, height or hair in your head for consentment.

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Deranged femoid receives 25-year federal sentence for running over two children with her car in racially motivated attack. Reddit barely notices.

Hmm. Why did this member of le empathetico genderino commit such a heinous crime?

Poole Franklin stated she saw the female minor victim walking on the sidewalk, and decided to run the minor over because she was Hispanic, was “takin’ over our homes, and our jobs” and “wasn’t supposed to be in the country.” In reference to the 12 year old boy, Poole Franklin stated she ran him over because “he’s just like ISIS,” and “he’s not supposed to be there and he’s going to take me out.”

Yikes! Sounds like she has a great personality.

convictions for stabbing her paramour

she bit her husband, brandished a knife, and repeatedly said she would kill him

Remember, sweaty, only femoids can be victims of domestic abuse!

Federal sentencing guidelines recommended a 30-year sentence. The judge erred on the side of leniency and sentenced her to 25 years and 4 months.

But what's even more revealing is how little attention this case is getting from the usual crowd of SJWs. If it were not for my subscription to the DOJ's email alerts, I wouldn't have learnt about it.

Let us envision another situation. Suppose a conventionally unattractive man runs over two teenage girls with his car. When asked why he did it, he says "well, they're pretty girls". The Redditverse would no doubt erupt in anger and righteous indignation, describe it as "terrorism", make hundreds if not thousands of posts, make crude prison rape jokes, ask for the death penalty, and request that governments curtail online freedom of expression.

But a white femoid with a rap sheet rivalling that of the most hardened of gangbangers decides to hit two ethnics with her car? Well, I guess it's a non-issue. M'lady was just mentally ill!

Of course redditors and sjw ignore this when she is same as them, racist and man-hater, she should be reddit saint.

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Getting a gun and fighting the taliban? Nah, fuck that, i'm a kween and gonna larp as a witch to fight them

Witches are trying to organize a ‘mass hexing’ against the Taliban

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ALWAYS THE SAME SHIT. Get BTFO and then resort to protest naked or larp as witches in the comfort of their houses. That's why, trannies and gentlemen, women are always dominated throughout history.

Oh no those poor Talibans! What are they going to do when all the white girls rub their Himalayan salt lamps and menstruate on wall hanging tapestries....

Foids online - "Lets cut off the balls of these women oppressors. I would love to see them bleed to death."

Foids in real life - "Guys, I bought this witchcraft book from the flea market. Can anyone teach me how to cast a spell on the curry who was staring at me in the subway today??"

God isn't even here anymore he got fined by the multiverse committee for being a horrible ruler of a universe. We are watched by multiple gods who are interested in us and keep us as lab rats

(your personality)
For once I agree. All women should be doing this to be showcasing their aptitude and intellect. None of this "I'm not like the other girls" nonsense pretending they are above doing this.

They want the advantages of being witches like casting spells and hexes, but not the disadvantages like getting burnt at the stake

Just lol. They will never have the guts to actually get into battle. Only men have the courage and ferocity to enter combat. That is why women have always had a role submissive to man. It is their place.

(Autismus Maximus)
They want to employ meme magic yet they are physically incapable of memeing, because they lack the brain wiring to be creative. Hilarious.

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FBI releases 2020 Hate Crime Statistics: just 0.7% of U.S. hate crime victims faced gender bias

From the FBI's press release:


Of over 7,500 single-bias* hate crime incidents recorded by local, state, and federal law enforcement in 2020, just 71 were motivated by gender bias. Of those 71 incidents, 49 were motivated by anti-femoid bias (the remaining 22 by anti-male bias). The majority of those 49 incidents involved simple assault or intimidation.

(approx. 300 multiple-bias incidents occurred in 2020)*


Funny. Considering how often Redditcucks say that we're a terrorist group that deserves crackdown and censorship, the numbers don't showcase any need for law enforcement to divert resources to monitoring harmless online trolls here.

There are sociological reasons why certain types of incidents might be under- or over-represented, of course, but if "incel violence" was truly such a massive problem, you'd think that there'd be hundreds if not thousands of recorded gender-motivated hate crimes each year, instead of a few dozen. Femoids' and simps' proclivity for exaggeration simply knows no bounds.

In other news, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed last month that it declined to prosecute 82% of all federal hate crime suspects investigated from 2005 to 2019, though the DOJ won well over 90% of the cases it did pursue.

Jfl at anyone thinking incel violence is a serious issue. Chad violence occurs at a much greater frequency, they are so used to women saying “yes” they get violent when they hear the rare no. This cycle continues because women get wetter if chad is violent.

there are likely less than 50,000 actual neo-nazis in all of north america and europe but the security services can still play them up to get their budgets pumped up, just like they've milked islamist terrorism for the past 20 years.

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[Demon Pill] Jacob Rothschild has a better sex life than all Chads, and experiences sexual pleasure beyond what Chad and Stacy can ever imagine

Many rich elite families are secret luciferians practicing ancient occult rituals including sex magic and child sacrifice in order to worship lucifier and conjure up demons to partake in these rituals.

In rituals where demons are summoned, it is common for them to have sex with the demons.

Demons have more sexual experience than anyone on this earth having been around for thousands of years and being inside multiple people throughout this time acquiring more and more sexual knowledge and sexual skill with each person they are in.

After knowing that demons have abilities to sexually please you beyond what any woman can do for you due to there superior knowledge and experience in sex, I realized that Occultists like Jacob Rothschild are mogging Chad daily and living a life any Chad or Stacy could only dream of.

While Chad is receiving blowjob from stacy (who say has 5 years experience in doing sex), Jacob Rothschild is mogging Chad into hell having mind blowing orgasms shooting semen everywhere due to the demon who is having sex with him having hundred of years of sexual experience being unleashed upon Jacob Rothschild penis.

It is truly over if you are not Jacob Rothschild or apart of one of these families, you will never experience hundreds of years of sexual experience unleashed upon your penis from a demon.

Jacob Rothschild is daily summoning demons in black magic rituals for booty calls, living in a state of constant orgasm with the demons being able to also shape shift into anything he wants while they unleash thousands of years of sexual experience upon him.

Look into this mans eyes, this is a man who mogs all Chads and Stacies world wide and who lives in a constant state of orgasm.


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If teenage girls are not responsible for their actions because they are young, then I am not responsible for any failure to date in my teens either.

Overwhelming hypocrisy.

When teenage girls are complete sluts and treat you like shit for asking her out, make fun of you, and fawn over your bullies;

You aren't allowed to hate women for this, they were young and their brains were still developing.


You were awkward as a teenager, and couldn't get dates despite trying over and over again? (Volcel users who haven't asked out, gtfo this site.)

Well that's clearly no one's fault but your own, you have no right to be mad at anyone but yourself, if you hold onto even the slightest resentment or anger from that time you are a creepy incel who deserves his fate because after all, the fact that you were young and inexperienced is irrelevant. Oh, and don't even think about trying to date teenage girls now that you actually have experience and know what you're doing, or we'll fucking lynch you. You chose to be incel in your teens so you deserve your fate.

But don't you dare even think of judging girls for their past, you loser virgin, they were children and had no idea what they are doing. They bear no culpability, but being an incel is a choice.

It's fascinating how women ended up with all the rights but barely the responsibilites of men, at least on a social level.

Greta Thunberg or the former Parkland bullies should be taken seriously despite their age, but if you criticize them you attack children. They only want the best of both worlds, the respect for adults, but the lenience for children.

Absolutely, agreed. If they're going to act like adults and put themselves in the public sphere, they deserve to be treated like adults i.e. no pulling punches.

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What would foids do if monster girls suddenly arrive to our reality?

Idk lets say a portal pops out of nowhere and a shiton of different kinds of monster foids arrive to our reality each day, looking for any human male regardless physical appereance, wealth or status as long said males produce semen, how would SOYciety and foids react if monster girls were real?

This monster foids have human-like intellect but they still follow their instincts, For example a kikimora would only want to work as a housemaid and she wouldnt care about SOYciety hivemind rules, So most monster girls wont be able to be turned into feminists and chad only whores with a few exeptions like succubus sluts.

What would happen?

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[Discussion] Female Icons are almost always just overhyped pushovers.

Whenever someone makes the self-evident observation that women have historically played insignificant background roles, there is always an army of triggered foids and cucks who are ready to disprove this general truth with cherry-picked counterexamples.

Ignoring the fact that the very need to bring up rare counters to disprove a general statement contributes to the generality of said statement (exception that proves the rule) these counterexamples are used to “proof” that women are, and always were, as capable as men, if not more so.

One has to wonder how it could be that women have been practically enslaved in every culture of significance if they are supposedly as capable as men. Hint, they are not.

There are two examples that come up almost every time:

Ada Lovelace, the supposed first programmer ever and Jeanne d’Arc, the famous warrior saint.

To make it short, both of them are just blown-up to make modern women feel good about themselves.

Lovelace was not the first programmer. Her mentor, who developed the analytical engine obviously wrote programs for it long before Ada came along.

Jeanne d’Arc never wore a sword or armor and never fought and she never led an army. Those things were left to her simpish retinue and men of culture like Gilles de Rais.

Lesser known examples would be Sophie Scholl and Zoë Quinn. The former was a minor member of an anti-Nazi resistance group who joined later, but now here in Germany she is presented as the head and face of the resistance. Zoë Quinn, to name a modern example, was hailed as a “game developer” in mainstream media despite being nothing else but a talentless (attention) whore with nothing to show for it.

All those facts are known and easily accessible, and it is sure to say that these individuals, if they had been born as men, would be almost totally unknown by now.

Seriously, how pathetic must women be if our media need to create artificial icons to motivate them to do anything exceptional?

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(Teutonic Knight)
[Slavpill] Watch this video if you think Slavs are white. JFL if you think JBW applies for Slavs


There are slavcels captured in a slavwar. How the hell are these people "white"? Truecel after truecel, and they all look ethnic. If someone said these were captured Syrian rebels, you would believe him. Height is the only thing going for them.


Another one, this time bosniakcels. Only the guy in the end is white, all others look like some Afghans and Arabs

"Slavs are white bro, just be Slav bro"

In the balkans we imagine "white" as in nordic or wasp. We are completely aware that serbs look like turks.

White = Nordic/Germanic/Anglo

White race = Anglo concept for Westerners

Slavs have absolutely zero to do with white race

Who are you working for. Could it perhaps be the George Soros Open Society Foundation?

Why would Soros want slavpillers lol? Soros wants Slavs to think they're white so that they can become good white liberals. He doesn't want anti-Western slavpillers who are aware of the bitter reality of Eastern Europe.

(Deleted member 19971)
Slavs from the Balkans aren't white but most white-passing slavs live in the North ( Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltics, Western Russia. ).

Balkan slavs are more ethnic looking, but other slavs mogs medcels like me in whiteness

I find Mediterraneans to be good looking. They are European after all.

The females always bleach their hair and use massive fake up to appear more white.While males are often swarthy outside of maybe Lombardy and will probably get bald in their 20s because of african genes


nihility thoughts?

russian conscripts captured in ukraine,try to find at least one white guy in this video


When people say slave they are referring to polish, Moscow, so on. Not Arabs or Mongolians.

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JFL FDS roasties noticed that most of their users are femcels and don't actually want to date

REMINDER: FDS is NOT WGTOW/OVARIT/FEMCEL etc, We're a Dating Strategy....So You Should, Ya'Know, DATE.


(Deleted member 30198)


Women learn through consequence, beating and humiliation. You should get comfortable with beating and ignoring them.

I hope FDS gains millions of subscribers on reddit so that the blackpill about female nature can spread. :)

won't change things the way you think it would. Men are still led by their dicks, it would be a bump in the road for women, but back to smooth streets after a while.

(Deleted member 33893)
A lot of guys are aware of what is going on but because a small % of women is loyal and not slutty they are chasing the 1 in 10.000 or rarer unicorn of a woman. Just that most female unicorns (if they exist) are already in a long relationship.

ETA: I want to be clear that we explicitly recommended multi-dating - that’s in the handbook.

-Date Billy for his shekels, don't have sex with him more than once a month

-Date Chad

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RE: Perceived intelligence is attractive, but real intelligence is not. Bones >>>>>> intelligence

Normies getting blackpilled hard

In a series of speed-dating sessions, women rated men who were *perceived* as being more intelligent or funny as more attractive, but rated men who were actually more intelligent as slightly less attractive.

1. Women find men who are perceived as intelligent to be more attractive --->

2. Taller men are perceived as more intelligent than shorter men --->

3. Thus, the heightpill strikes once again, as once again taller men are shown to have it better with women than shorter men.

It just never ends.

Not just women. People over 6'2" are more likely to be CEOs because of their perceived intelligence and "decision-making" due to height, not actual intelligence.


It pisses me off to no end.

Not only is male tallness attractive to foids in and of itself, there is also this "secondary attractiveness amplifier" of being perceived as more intelligence and therefore (once again) more attractive. Another such secondary attractiveness amplifier is that tall men tend to actually be richer and have higher status, and thus once again they are deemed more attractive. It's like femur + tibia literally make or break your success in life in every single field and in all fields combined.

What horrible deed did I do in a previous incarnation to deserve being both actually high IQ and high libido and at the same time so short (5'7") that people dismiss my actually high IQ and my high libido goes unfulfilled?

My theory is that we were Chads and Stacies before and now we atone by going through the opposite experience.

Looks are everything and everything is looks. All else is delusional cope.

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RageFuel Being a cumskin in mexico = tutorial mode life.

I fucking hate and envy mexican cumskin so much, If you have the luck to be white in mexico you will live in tutorial mode and everyone will think you are a good person even if you are a piece of shit, Acquiring jobs as a cumskin in mexico is so stupidly easy, I never saw a cumskin with light eyes/hair working in a shitty store like OXXOs or working shitty jobs as taquero or cab driver, If you are a cumskin in mexico foids will want your dick right after you start producing semen or even before, Almost all cumskin in cartel-land are middle upper class or rich, They never struggle with studies cuz beaner SOYciety worship cumskin so much and is almost a sin for teachers to give them low grades, Mexican cumskins can easily live off youtube, become models or actors, I fucking hate beanerland cumskins so fucking much, Getting a visa as a cumskin here is easy AF even if they are not that rich unlike shitskins who have to be skilled workers or richfags with a house and a car, My cumskin chad cousin is two meters height and he will travel to japan fuck this world, I fucking hate mexico, country of conquered cumskin whorshipping goblin losers, Fuck everyhing

You learn a second language as a cumskin in mexico? = genious

You are a piece of shit bully cumskin in mexico? = Cool guy

Shitskin kicks your cumskin ass in mexico? = victim

Are there any anti white cartels?

cartels are run by cumskins

how many white people are there in mexico? 5%? there were prob more nobles in a medieval country than that so yeah just being really fucking lucky lol

cumskins are very common in mexico df, guadalajara and monterrey also jalisco, they are not that uncommon

Stop complaining

A majority of this forums userbase comes from shitty contries in Balkans,Middle East,Western Asia and Northern Africa - all of those parts are subhuman central

wish mexico gets fucked