Webkilla and Long Tom #wingnut #conspiracy tapatalk.com

Webkilla: So... Trump was found guilty on all charges. should be the easiest appeals case ever to overturn - question is how long the appeals court will drag it out, if its as crooked as the judge that presided over the case was

Long Tom: Other political figures were indicted and convicted on fake charges, only for them to be overturned.

Webkilla: its the first president but ya, lets see how muc of this sticks - and how much of this he can get overturned on appeal.
... I mean, with the timing of this its OBVIOUSLY meant to just interfere with his ability to campaign

Long Tom: Oliver North and Lyn Nofziger were two Reagan administration officials convicted on dubious charges which were reversed on appeal. Yes, innocent people in prison in America is not a rarity. Gary Dotson was convicted for a rape he never committed, and it took a lot of rigmarole before he was finally exonerated and released.



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