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RE: More Immigrants Will Come to the U.S. Under President Biden. That’s a Good Thing.

Jorge Ramos welcomes the coming tsunami.


Right wingers are cowards, they like to pick the easy targets such as "illegal aliens," "Hispanics," "Liberals," "Globalists," "Leftists," Blah, Blah, Blah.

Hispanics are losers. Instead of staying in their squalid latino countries and making them tolerable, they take the easy way out of their substandard lives and flee to another country that was created and built by another people.

(Fed Up)
Why are AMERICANS supposed to be willing to take in the world's human refuse? Collectively, we've done far more than our fair share already.

But I thought we were in the middle of a pandemic. They pretty much restrict us from traveling anywhere so why should all these people be allowed to come in?

Why, to bring new strains of diseases and viruses. We've got to keep the medical/pharmaceutical industry alive and healthy, right?


I really don't understand why this guy appears so confident of his people and heritage yet CONSTANTLY INSISTS AND ADVOCATES that they all come live in the U.S.A. What is wrong with your country? Is it the people? I also cannot stand his attitude toward Americans. This guy has the nerve to tell us about our historic traditions of receiving foreigners, but all he does is demonstrate his ignorance about the 1965 immigration act. Yes Mr. Ramos, the original intentions of our founding fathers were to keep this country White. And we see why today.

In Mexico and Latin America, "Hispanics" that look like him (Honestly, he does look white), are the ones with wealth and--god I hate using this word--privilege. They want the masses of brown-skinned mestizos coming here to get them out of Mexico.



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