Nicolas Bourbaki #racist amren.com

I wrote to my Senator: Marco Rubio about this and he replied back in an email. He stated that bringing additional immigrants in to take American jobs was absolutely essential.

Typical BS answer from a politician.

Actually it's more evil than that. He got in as senator as he's part of the elite Cuban cabal that rules South Florida. His dad has a prestigeous Cuban law firm and he also became a lawyer, having opportunities regular Americans never could in the highly ethnic preference systems that have come to dominate US employment, colleges and politics.

Really hes on record as saying his father was a waiter

You're correct his father worked as a bartender. Some of Rubio's on-record statements such as when his parents emmigrated from Cuba have been proven to be false. "While studying law, Rubio interned for U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen". She was also a Cuban and this gave him entry into politics. Cubans are a very closed community in Florida and practice identity politics.

This is worldwide - at least, the Western world - and is all part of the UN agenda 2021/2030. Migrants are flooding into the UK too, illegally, and the government could easily stop them but it doesn't want to. The UN planned all this and planned the migration routes, too. It is the wilful destruction of our Western way of life and our cultural values, which they hate. And the big bosses don't step in because they want the cheap labour. The whole Western world is at stake here, which means civilization itself. And nobody does anything.

Every non-white immigrant group coming into the US plays 'identity politics' and sees that increasing their own numbers gives them more power to do things exclusively for their own people. Whites alone believe "Diversity is our Greatest Strength" and support bringing more lower-IQ immigrants in from dysfunctional, corrupt, and lawless countries. It seems to be some sort of lemming mind-think affecting 95% of the white population.

Howard Scott Lacy #racist amren.com

Prison administrators will tell you it is because we are “racists,” “hate-mongers,” and “Nazis.” To be fair, there are a few gang members who fit this mold. However, whites start and join prison gangs for none of these reasons. White gangs have very little real structure and engage in very few organized activities inside prison, much less beyond prison walls. They join for survival. I cannot think of a single white gang here in Texas prisons that started on the outside. That is simply not the way the vast majority of our people live. This is not the case with the non-white gangs. The Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Mexican Mafia, Texas Syndicate, Raza United, and Azteca — just to name a few — are vast criminal empires. Most started outside prison as criminal gangs and simply maintain their structure on both sides of the wall.

In prison, whites learn very quickly that they need a racial consciousness in order to survive. That is just as forbidden here as it is on the outside, so we are the ones who are punished because of racial conflict. I would say 80 percent of blacks and Hispanics are already members of street or prison gangs when they get here. Thus they already have a group to which they can turn for protection. Almost no whites are members of anything when they arrive, but a large majority end up joining.

White gangs are lumped in with criminal gangs of this kind, but even worse, they are the only ones labeled as “racist” or “supremacist.” So the irony is that although most of the blacks and Hispanics come here as full members of racially exclusive street/prison gangs who hate whites, we are the ones who are called “haters.” The administration understands this, of course, but claims it has no control over how they classify us. At the same time, most of the lower-level guards are non-whites who share the same enmity towards us as the other prisoners.

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RE: School District Decides Asians Aren’t Students of Color

If Orientals want to be included with students of color they will need to start failing their courses, sassing their teachers, skipping school, getting in trouble with the police, and having illegitimate children.

(Francis Galton)

What the equity report really highlights is the absurdities that result from overreliance on semi-arbitrary race-based categories. Students of poverty perform 28 percent worse on math tests, for instance. That socioeconomic category captures something real and meaningful in a way that the gerrymandered race category does not.

Yes, they both capture IQ disparities.

(Rich at Large)
The definition is "success = white". Asians who succeed thus become "white". If Hispanics ever reached the same level (highly doubtful) they would become "white" as well. Whereas blacks cannot succeed and are in no danger of being confused with "white". Also the definition of "equity" is "forced equality of outcomes for blacks to get what whites got through intelligence and work".

(Fed Up)
Why wouldn't they lump them in with Whites. Haven't Latino criminals been called White for the last 50 years. In order to distract White people's attention from the tsunami of illegal immigration and the many criminals we suddenly inherited.

(Robert Kelly)
This is a scheme to deflect from the fact that you have minority group that does well, even though they live under a supposed white supremacist society. Just like how the white supremacist criminal justice system incarcerates more whites than asians. Perhaps, the criminal justice system is Asian Supremacist and racist against whites???

Robert Kelly #racist amren.com

RE: Netherlands Uncovers Network Helping Ugandan Asylum Seekers Fake Being Gay

The Netherlands should say "sorry, can't help you. However, if you want to go to Mexico or Israel, we'll gladly give you a letter of recommendation". Also, it speaks volumes that Ugandans would have to flee their country for being gay. Of course, they have to flee to a western country in order to live openly as a gay man without being in danger of having their heads chopped off But once they get to the Netherlands, sooner or later, they will start talking about how the Netherlands be rayciss and how YT is evil and how they built the Netherlands etc.

Its that they are PRETENDING to be Gay, and paying money for lessons to who in essence are European Coyotes; to gain sympathy, and thus Asylum/Refugee status. (monthly check and apartment) Then once in like a blood-sucking tick, they'll be looking at all da' YT womenz to rape.

I know it says pretending to be gay, I'm just pointing out the fact that gays in Uganda need asylum at all in another country.

Faked being gay? You mean you finally realized it when they raped local women and girls?

These supposedly gay Ugandan men will get into the Netherlands and promptly get to work raping the local Dutch girls while badly beating any actually gay Dutch man.

CTON #racist amren.com

But for whites who don't--never have--lived in any places that are 99% white and orderly, they dont see the dangers of living in multicultral and multiracial societies. It was the North that condemned the South historically, despite the North being much whiter and even not allowing blacks in certain professions/neighborhoods. It was the West and the USA that condemned the white minority in South Africa 30 years ago and foced them to give up power to now being quiet as whites in South Africa are being slaughtered. You had Zoot Suit Riots in 1943, but they never talk about the fact these mestizo gangs were attacking sailors and military people and were committing crimes in Los Angeles. The historians today say the media then was 'enflaming racial tension' against the Mexicans in LA back then.

We Need More Whites #racist #wingnut amren.com

They still dream of the based Asian, Latino and even black. It's not happening!!

Pretty much. But it is indeed happening a little...enough to be noticed and used for propaganda purposes on the Right, not enough to matter in any truly useful way. It's even happening with Jews. Some are recognizing that after all majority White countries are eliminated, along with Whites' ability to have our political will expressed in our own national governments at the highest levels, all the non-Whites and race traitors taking over (and certainly the Chinese on the world stage) will not give a care about Jewish whining and kvetching. Blacks and Browns already see Jews as "White," recognize their exalted economic and social status, and are starting to target them. They deserve everything they are going to get.

Hubert Cumberdale & Apex Predator #sexist #wingnut amren.com

(Hubert Cumberdale)

Women under 30 think the world owes them something so why pay for it.

If life is divided into 5ths -- with 15 years in each section (75 in total) -- the 2nd section (age 15 - 30) is a woman's oyster. If her looks are sufficient, all manner of personality defects, bad behavior, and poor decision making are excused due to men's greatest desire of having an attractive woman by his side. Women still have a lot of power in the 3rd section (age 30 - 45) but it wanes considerably and the balance of power gradually shifts to men who at least have their financial house and health in order. Men of means in the 4th and 5th sections (age 45 to death) have it better than women. Older men can still marry and father children with women considerably younger than them while women do not have this option and are largely invisible at this point.

People don't really appreciate just how much overlap there is with AmRen and the general "manosphere" talking points from the likes of Roosh, Richard Cooper, Rollo Tomassi, etc. When you date or marry your typical Millennial or older Gen Z American woman, you are dating or marrying her debts that women from most other nationalities simply will not have.

(Apex Predator)
The 19th Amendment was a serious mistake, if you can't look around and understand this you are living in an alternate reality. A creature ruled by 'feelz' and emotions has no business attempting to run a society anywhere except into the ground. (some exceptions for the pragmatic & logical women which are a minority, but do exist)

Samuel Hathaway #racist amren.com

RE: Dekalb County Schools Launches ‘Black Lives Matter’ Week

“Our ancestors fought for justice, freedom, equality, and change, which benefits minorities and people of color. "

DeKalb County, GA is 54% black, 33% White, and 10% Hispanic. As a 64%-67% nonwhite county, they are not fighting on behalf of "minorities." they are fighting on behalf of the black majority with an eye to make sure that all other racial groups fall into line with their dictatorial mandates.

Blacks fight for "justice, freedom, equality and change" not in the name of "fairness" but always with an eye to treating their gains as conquered territory taken from the White man, and then guard it tenaciously with threats of violence and government action to keep newly won territory under their control.

DeKalb Co. whites are also partly responsible for allowing a Democratic takeover of Georgia. Republican margins in nearly every GA county track the percentage of the White population. Republicans should be consistently winning 30% of the vote in DeKalb but consistently win only 15% - 16%. If DeKalb white voters voted like other Whites around the state, that would mean 120,000 more votes for GOP candidates.

Günter Schulte #racist #wingnut amren.com

Why I Would Vote for Donald Trump if I Were American

I write from central Europe, and like racially conscious whites everywhere, I closely follow your elections. Despite its declining economic and political power, the United States is still a mighty source of popular culture and ideology, almost all of it poisonous.

While President Trump has slowed immigration, he has not stopped or reversed it. You are still hurtling toward minority status in your own country. He has forced your opponents to show their true selves. He has unmasked the deep state and driven the media to an unprecedented level of fury and open contempt for whites. This has opened the eyes of whites, not just in your countries but in Europe. At the same time, to the astonishment of European Identitarians, ever since the death of George Floyd, the cultural revolution against your people has reached a new level of hysteria. From overseas, some of us wonder why American patriots “back the blue,” even when the police ignore rioters and looters, and the FBI considers “domestic violent extremists” as dangerous as foreign or Islamic terrorism.

Even worse for us overseas, your elites support an international, structurally liberal system that hurts whites everywhere. Your biased but cleverly plotted movies and television programs are now seen in every part of the world and help explain why there are Black Lives Matter protests from the United Kingdom to South Korea. Your State Department funded opposition to the Hungarian government. When even a Republican government opposes healthy European nationalism, can you not imagine what we fear from Democrats?

Emmy Tekisui #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

As an African, I may have the objective distance needed to diagnose the sickness plaguing the West: pathological egalitarianism. This social malaise is more prevalent in women, whose tender, nurturing concern for diverse peoples often leads to their own gruesome deaths, as Paul Joseph Watson points out in a video that is surprisingly still on YouTube. Female ways of thinking now dominate the West.

There is nothing wrong with campaigning for minority rights/privileges. But when this threatens the majority it becomes self-destruction. Are not white dispossession and the demand for nursery pens — so-called safe spaces — Lady-Liberty-sized signs that something has gone wrong with you as a people? When you look nervously over your shoulder at night in a “bad neighborhood,” are you afraid of Icelandic lady cellists? What makes a neighborhood or school “bad”?

Islam is certainly not a race, but was conceived (received?), spearheaded, and defended by members of specific tribes. By the same token, Magna Carta and its legal/political progeny were conceived, championed, and promulgated by a certain tribe: Britons. The same can be said for the Talmud and the Bhagavad Gita. You could compel every Japanese man and woman to read the Koran from preschool to death, and they would still be polite, law-abiding folk, who make long-lasting cars, hentai, and badly-written but engaging video games. Why don’t the cities of Japan — or Iceland — burn with the cleansing fires of egalitarianism? Why aren’t there Icelandic or Japanese cop killings?

Jared Taylor & Frank Salter #crackpot #racist amren.com

When parents from distant ethnies have children together it can lead to surprising results. Rules of genetics hold that children always carry half the genes of each parent. However, when parents are from the same ethny, they have many distinctive genes in common, so their children actually carry more than half of each parent’s distinctive genes. In this sense, parents who descend from the same lineage and who share many of the same genes are more closely related to their children — in terms of the number of genes they share — than are parents who have children with someone of a distant stock.

Surprising as this may seem, if an Australian and a Mbuti were to have a child together, each parent would be more closely related genetically to everyone in his original ethny than he would be to the child. Complete strangers would be closer kin than the child, and from a strictly genetic standpoint would have a greater claim on family loyalty. Most ethnies are not as distant as aborigines and Mbuti. However, the same principles apply. Outmarriage with a member of a distant ethny produces children who are relative genetic strangers to their parents.

If 10,000 Danes were to take the place of 10,000 Englishmen it would represent a loss of genetic interests to the English who remained. Dr. Salter calculates how great the loss would be: So many English genes would disappear that it would be the equivalent of removing from the population 167 children or siblings of the native population that remained. The loss is far greater if the English are replaced by more distant ethnies. If, instead of Danes, 10,000 Bantus replaced 10,000 Englishmen, it would be the genetic equivalent of the loss of 10,854 children or siblings. As Dr. Salter explains, “Some ethnies are so different genetically that they amount to negative stores of those distinctive genes.”

Emmy Tekisui #racist #sexist amren.com

What Money Says When Money Talks

I am a bill collector for one of the ten largest banks in North America. It is human nature to spot patterns, and ere are a few I have noticed. Women, especially women under the age of 30, generally have a higher delinquency rate and much higher debt balances than their male counterparts. In general, North American women, regardless of ethnicity, are more likely than men to:

Owe money to more than one institution and have higher delinquency rates. Be out shopping, discover they can’t use a credit card because they are maxed out, and phone in to ask for an increase in their credit line. Get upset while discussing their sizable debt and their options for repayment. Want to chat about other things for a really, really long time. Why they would want to prop their feet up, get comfortable, and talk interminably with a bill collector is beyond me. Have a male attached to the debt as an authorized user and dismiss the balance as “his responsibility.” I don’t think I will ever hear these words: “I am in charge of making the money and my husband is in charge of spending it.”

What about different ethnic groups? As an African, I take no joy in writing this, but most Africans, besides having high balances, aren’t even interested in discussing solutions. They aren’t rude; they just seem less concerned about solving their problems even if they are facing bankruptcy. Because they aren’t interested in solutions, meetings and conversations with Africans are over quickly. Certain Asians groups, particularly the Japanese and the Chinese, are seldom delinquent and detest being so. They stick together, and it is not unusual to see almost a dozen names on just one mortgage. It seems clear to me that their tribal loyalty plays some role in their financial stability. Indian, Pakistani, and Moroccan men have a curious tendency to try to make things personal, and to manipulate the situation to cast themselves as innocent victims.

SAVE WHITE SETTLER U.S.A. #conspiracy #racist amren.com

RE: California’s Racial Scare Campaign

Hispanics already get all the jobs unfortunately. This is part of la raza reconquista

Blacks' idols - all those who have fallen in the fight against law and order. Terrorists call those idols "myrtors". Yesterday 3 more people were killed in Paris by Islamic peace loving terrorists. There is something in common between muslims and blacks. The more of both the worse the safety of everybody.

While I completely agree with you, this affirmative action in California has very little to do with blacks. This has everything to do with the Hispanic invasion that is very little talked about. Hispanics are seeking power and are trying to take over. This BLM movement is just a cover-up. the real movement is the fact that the Hispanics and Asians are trying to take over our country. Hispanics and Asians are the real threat

SAVE WHITE SETTLER U.S.A. #conspiracy #racist amren.com

RE: Trump Aide Stephen Miller Preparing Second-Term Immigration Blitz

I have said this on the site many times before. I live in southern California. I have seen the disaster that this anchor baby citizenship has created. In my state of California, Hispanics have completely taken over. Hispanic anchor babies are now able to petition the courts to make their parents citizens when they are 21. These parents then are stealing our social security. There are so many things that the government doesn't talk about. Since Trump has gotten elected, almost 4 million anchor babies have been born. The Hispanic invasion is very real. People better wake up

Robert Kelly #racist #sexist amren.com

RE: Barrett ‘Wept’ with Her Daughter After George Floyd Death


Nice pets.

When the black boy gets bigger and stronger in the coming years, they shouldn't leave him alone with his white "sisters". If he has a "sexual emergency" and there is a white female nearby who he can easily overpower, it's a rape waiting to happen.

That's not to mention the other violence he may wrought. And the criminal activity outside the home he may get into. Amy Barrett may be seeing the inside of court rooms all right. But not as a Supreme Court justice but as the mother of the defendant.

And if none of Amy's three girls are around when the grown negro gets the urge, Amy might then be in his sights. They have a remarkable tendency to rape old white women.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it's understandable how one would rape a young, fertile woman. But is there any explanation for why one would rape a woman well past child bearing years?

Lantern & Question Diversity #racist amren.com

RE: Net Migration Targets Abandoned as £38,500 Salary Threshold to Settle in UK Ditched

Do they want to get voted out of power by immigrants and refugees?

Boris is part Muslim and a Jew. So he has his Hindu minions like Priti Patel and Rishi Sunik helping to destroy the UK.

In the year 1066 England was conquered by the Normans. Although the language changed (Old English sounds a lot like Dutch, but the English we speak today is a creole language that formed from Old English, Latin, and French), the racial composition stayed the same.

In the year 2066 the native British people are expected to become a minority in their own country. The language will probably stay the same, but the racial composition will dramatically shift. It will be a much graver conquest.

(Question Diversity)
OT, somewhat.

American meme: 13/52

New German meme: 0.9/12.2

We found out today that 0.9% of the total current country population, Syrlans, are responsible for 12.2% of all violent crime in the decade of the 2010s. Remarkable, because it wasn't until mid-decade, with Wir Schaffen Das, that it was the case that there were even statistically significant-ish percentages of Syrians in Germany, so they were able to catch up and make up ground and make up for lost time very well.

Ambrose Kane & Wakey wakey Mr. Freeman #racist amren.com

(Ambrose Kane)

In the March 2021 elections, Identiteit Nederland will present candidates for the first time. Party leader Géza Hegedűs explains IDNL’s platform and outlines his vision for Holland and Europe.

We really do need a White Identitarian Party of our own here in the U.S. The problem is that it requires two important elements: (1) The collective will of Heritage Americans (Whites), and (2) Lots of money and financial backing. At this point, we have neither.

But don't lose heart. Things have not yet gotten bad enough for Whites, but they soon will. When they have nothing to lose and when everything has been taken from them . . . . then and only then will they fight!

Sorry to say, but we're all still too well fed, still too comfortable, and we've still got too much money. Once those are taken away, Whites will awaken from their slumber and fight.

Oh sure, I know some of our people are too far gone and deceived. The good news is that not all of us will bow the knee to Baal.

(Wakey wakey Mr. Freeman)
I think Hegedűs needs to work on his phrasing,he would miss out and get straw-manned on his "Ethnic Dutch",you see the way he says things would make a lot of normies assume that he's against other white immigration from European countries mainly.Europeans are more racially centric than you think.The media will do this.How do I know?In my country's News Outlets whenever they cover the American Alt-right they describe them as "Anglo-Saxons that are furious about becoming a minority" in other words they don't say that the U.S. will be a brown country they just say "Ohh look at those Bigoted Anglos not wanting any Germans,Spaniards or Polaks in their country can you believe IT?".

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

What we find among many blacks — no doubt the majority — is a view of race completely at odds with what the civil rights movement was presumably working for: the elimination of race as a relevant category in American life. White racism is commonly alleged to be the great obstacle to harmonious race relations in the United States, but whites are the only group that actually subscribes to the goal of eliminating race consciousness and that actively polices its members for signs of backsliding. The behavior of non-whites not just in the United States but everywhere in the world shows that intense racial consciousness and the impulse to advance one’s own group even at the expense of others is the human norm. Whites are the only people who believe it is virtuous to sacrifice their group interests for the advantage of others. Indeed, for many whites, racial altruism has become the highest of all virtues.

Anyone who looks closely at black racial thinking and behavior cannot but conclude that 50 years after the legislated revolution of the civil rights movement, blacks are as far as ever from adopting the race-blindness that whites assume all Americans must achieve for multi-racialism to work. There is intense, combative racial consciousness in the United States because blacks nourish it, take pride in it, find meaning in it, and despise other blacks who do not. The persistence of black racial consciousness in the face of sincere white efforts to practice race-blindness and even preferential treatment for minorities is the single greatest failure of racial liberalism, and the most certain sign that those who have promoted it do not understand human nature or the world in which we live. Black racial consciousness — together with Hispanic and, to a lesser extent Asian consciousness — is reawakening white racial consciousness.

Michael Hart #racist amren.com

What sets Dr. Hart apart is his analysis of history in the light of racial differences in intelligence. Just as Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen can solve problems that baffle development economists because they understand race and IQ, Dr. Hart finds patterns and offers explanations for what would otherwise seem random. Dr. Hart writes that “the overall evidence that there is a substantial genetic contribution to racial differences in average IQ is so great that no one would dispute the point if it were not an issue that aroused strong emotions on ideological grounds.”

There are also human populations distinguished by how little they have contributed. Reports of pre-contact sub-Saharan Africans are consistent: No tribe in that vast area had the wheel, writing, a calendar, or a mechanical device of any kind. Metal working had been introduced from the north, but in all of black Africa there were no two-story buildings and no monuments to compare even with the stone statues of Easter Island. Madagascar is 250 miles off the African coast, but Africans never settled it. It was populated from 3,000 miles away by Southeast Asians who arrived around 500 AD. Africans continue to be largely incapable of absorbing the science and technology of others, and have not added to it.

Australian aborigines were even more primitive than Africans when whites first found them. They were living in the old stone age, which is to say they did not work metal and had no domesticated crops. They had invented one thing: the boomerang, which they used as a weapon. The Tasmanians were more primitive still. When the ocean rose, the Tasmanians were unable to cross the Bass Strait. During their 10,000 years of separation, they became even more primitive than before: They forgot how to make sewing needles and fishhooks.

E. williams #wingnut #racist amren.com

RE: Why These NJ Latinos Are Voting for Trump, Despite His Anti-Immigrant Attacks

More voters is fine but, I feel that if more and more non whites vote for trump then then he’ll slack of on immigration. Just like his letting black criminals back on the street to get black voters.

Agreed! Don't read too much into this article. The fact is that many Hispanic (especially non-White Hispanics) still support democrats. I was listening to George Lopez and Carlos Mencia on you tube a few months ago. They made it clear that their loyalties lied with other non-Whites Too many of us Whites (not me) tend to believe that other non-Whites groups dislike Blacks and will "side with us" against Blacks. I would argue that that is dangerously misguided thinking and optimism. The fact is that Asians, Arabs, non-White Hispanics etc... are still not White! They are other people of color and many of them, particularly the younger members of such groups (millennials and generation Z) have made it clear that they identify with other groups of color. Moreover, they are a number of young people in these age demographics who are bi-racial or even multi-racial. Thus, they have vested interest in supporting anti-White policies.

ONE world order #racist #sexist amren.com

Hey at least the black man has the BBC 9+ incher and a high testosterone level going for him unlike the white man with the lower testosterone levels and lower sperm count. Black men are giga chad's by nature. White women are drawn to them for a reason because they ooze masculinity. White women always cheat on their husbands for that BBC quality meat once in a while. I'd gladly supply them too if I was a black gigachad. A lot of white husband's are becoming cuckold's for a reason my friend.

The white man simply cannot compete with these physical specimens from sub saharan Africa, they dominate sport for a reason too. I'd rather have been born as a black giga chad than white in this society, that's for sure. I'd have an endless supply of puss y. This is ancient law. IQ means jackshi t in the grand scheme of things. This is 100% animalistic.

Black Americans are fearless, White Americans are cowards and are virtue signalers.

Various Commenters #racist #sexist #psycho amren.com

RE: Forced Contraception for Vulnerable Women Would Prevent Child Abuse, Say Experts

(Rich at Large)

Women who have problems with addiction, mental health or learning difficulties should be given compulsory contraception, a group of child protection experts has said. The advisory group, whose members include a former family judge and ex-VVD party senator Heleen Dupuis, said the measure was intended to prevent child abuse by mothers who were unable to cope with raising them.

Sterilization of ghetto women is the only real solution. Since we don't do that stuff, the next best is providing financial incentives to them to not have, instead of to have, babies. They can choose to have babies, but with the understanding that no one else is going to pay to raise them.

(Robert Kelly)
Since it will "disproportionately affect" certain groups of women over others, it will be branded as racist and never get any traction

(America first)
How many white woman will this effect, surly somebody is going to cry racism and say it’s eugenics.

The majority of child abuse is by their own mothers. The largest group of peadophiles is also women. So much so the law even recognises it, and even says they are immune for crimes of a pedophillic nature, as it is so common amongst them. Women abuse women at a much higher rate than men. And women abuse children at a much higher rate than men. Women also make up the majority of terrorists too throughout history if you care to check. There was a reason they where never allowed to be a mans equal. Many reasons in fact.

Jack Ryanod #racist #sexist amren.com

Marine le Pen's niece


President Mr T 's daughter


We most always use this great strength of our people - the beauty of our women and children. Our women are the most beautiful in the world - our enemies that dominate our media know this. But our side is so often just terrible about visual advertising/propaganda - they usually choose old and ugly, boring men who just talk, talk talk about, well nothing that really matters. Propaganda is both a science and an art. There are basic rules - other successful nationalist parties in places like Switzerland and Hungary produce very hard hitting, effective propaganda street posters. Here in the USA - almost never. The last political operative who was any good at visual propaganda was George Bush Sr.'s political handler Lee Atwater - Lee Atwater erased a 20 point poll deficit George Bush Sr. had to Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis by just telling the truth about Black murderer Willie Horton, whom Gov Dukakis gave an unsupervised weekend furlough and Willie Horton then did a home invasion and raped a White woman. When pressed by Lee Atwater why he would do such a stupid thing, Dukakis always insisted he did nothing wrong and he was against the death penalty and then tried to shift the subject to things like No Fault Auto Insurance.

Tim #psycho #wingnut amren.com

A good a place as any to tell my story... I just "fined" my better half one hundred dollars. And cautioned her that the fine doubles from the previous amount levied, on every subsequent offence. Her charge?!? Telling people how I voted, after being barked at when it caused trouble for me. Actually, she doesn`t even know how I voted, because she wasn`t there. I WILL admit she has a good idea, based on my views etc. The three reasons I went off on her. One, it is mere speculation on her part, since I never officially told her. Two, she always does it either knowing or forgetting my previous anger, and always in situations of, embarrassing me or causing a stir. In other words, only when someone verbalizes dislike for my guy. Never one someone approves of him. And three, I had already learned to keep my vote a secret, two candidates before the current culture of confrontation. One final thing, I cautioned her over. If someone she tells who I voted for, tells someone else, the fine is accrued to her as if she made the declaration herself. The fine is real and I do collect. It does two things. It teaches her to keep her mouth shut by losing money, but more importantly, the cash keeps me from yelling at her for violating my privacy. She`d rather pay than be subjected to a well deserved lecture.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

With the possible recent exceptions of Iran and North Korea, no other country treats us with such contempt. Government officials openly subvert our policies, ordinary people insult us, and many Mexicans even appear to have designs on part of our territory. Why are we so passive? Why do American universities say nothing when Hispanic faculty and students openly advocate breaking up the United States? Why do no politicians complain when many Hispanics send home hundreds of dollars every month — and then seek medical treatment at taxpayer expense? Why are we silent when Mexicans take US citizenship while openly proclaiming their loyalty to Mexico? Why do most journalists and politicians tacitly agree with the Hispanic view that immigration control is “racist”?

With Hispanics, however, not only does race make us powerless to resist, race is part of what drives their refusal to assimilate and fuels their contempt for our culture and our interests. Demands, insults and loyalties are ultimately in the name of la raza, and that is what makes them so durable and so dangerous — and makes it impossible for us to respond as any normal, healthy nation would respond to similar provocations.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

It is official Mexican government policy to urge Mexicans living in the United States to remain loyal to Mexico. All political factions in Mexico are united in the view that the US-Mexican border is illegitimate, and that Mexicans have the right to cross it any time. The view that Mexicans have a natural right to enter the United States explains the vitriol that met American discussions in 2006 about ways to stop illegal crossings, and an eventual Congressional vote to build a wall along certain parts of the Mexican border. President Vicente Fox called the plan for a wall “disgraceful and shameful,” and promised that if it were ever built it would come down like the Berlin Wall. Ordinary Mexicans were just as outraged.

Other Latin American countries were equally outraged. Guatemalan Vice President Eduardo Stein said a wall would be “absolutely intolerable and inhuman.” The foreign ministers of Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic all gathered in Mexico City to denounce the American measures and to coordinate strategy to make sure the border remained open to illegal immigrants.

Latin American countries, themselves, carefully control their borders, but their governments insist that the United States remain open. In an act of unusual candor, Mexican President Felipe Calderon acknowledged in 2006 that in light of the harsh measures Mexico takes against illegal immigrants from Central America it was inconsistent to complain about American border controls. In 2005, Mexican authorities caught nearly a quarter million illegals, mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: In the US, Indian IT Workers from Dalit Caste Still Face Discrimination

(Silence Dogood)
So, these people blame America for the actions of their racial brethren. They're catching on to how the grievance industry works quite quickly!

Send them all home, revoke their citizenship, we don't need 'caste' protection laws. The 3rd world is a curse upon our nation.

(Frank Jones)
And we're supposed to care about Indians because? Send them all home. I don't care how many spelling bees they win. They have to go back.

When I was a computer programmer some years back, my field began to be flooded with cheap Indian programmers. Our politicians did nothing to stop this invasion of corporate cheap labor, and protect out livelihood and way of life. They could have been Brahmins or Dalits, makes no difference. They were all invading trash to me.

Indians combine the aggressiveness and hyper-ethnic consciousness of Jews with the unjustifiably high self esteem of blacks. Mix it all together with non-existent hygiene and condescension toward Whites and you have today's numerican. High caste or low caste, they are all brown. They've all taken the education and jobs belonging to White Americans. I don't give a f&*K if the Brahmins are mean to the Dalits; none of them belong in historically White nations.

Ambrose Kane #racist amren.com

Once again, instead of just saying "NO!" to the invading 'migrants' and securing the borders with armed troops, the scared sheep among us talk about 'investing' in the Dark Continent and other schemes which will prove to be a colossal failure as they always do. You could give every African male in Africa a great job. At some point they’d still head to Europe to try to mate with White women. Better to invest in armies and border control. Nothing will stop mass immigration from Africa to Europe other than a pair of brass testicles for each man in charge of immigration enforcement in Europe. When they're unwilling to deport anybody, and unwilling to send refugee boats back to Libya (and then destroy the boats) Europeans will suffer the fate of any other group that refuses to defend their most vital interests - extinction.

Imagine going back in time, say 100 years ago, to any Western nation. Tell them that there will come a time when their cities are nonwhite, nonwhites taken important jobs, their kids are shamed for being white and white cops will arrest them for fighting back or speaking out against the invasion. They'd laugh and think you were crazy.

It's so true. But one doesn't even have to go back as far as 100 years. Just 50 or even 30 years ago, people would have laughed at you for making such claims.

Even Enoch Powell in 1968 got ridiculed by White Brits for his "Rivers of Blood" speech warning. They'd either say "it won't happen" or, even if they agreed nonwhites would take over, would say "Yeah, so what? Whites deserve it/we are all human beings, why does color matter?"

These laughing whites will learn that color does matter when the non whites come to kill them off.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

The heart of the book is a series of interviews with leading figures and activists of contemporary nationalism, including Jared Taylor, who reportedly told the author:

Our species is tribal. It is normal to prefer the culture, manners and way of life of one’s own people. That is why, despite the government’s great efforts to encourage immigration and racial mixture, Americans remain for the most part separate. . . . It is obvious that diversity—of language, religion, ethnicity, but above all diversity of race—is an endless source of conflict. My book White Identity is a detailed description of the problems resulting from diversity and from Americans’ refusal to face them. The United States has gone very far in the matter of diversity, and I hope that France—a country I know, admire and love—will not repeat the same mistakes.

Mr. Taylor explained that some Italians and Poles, like American blacks, have retained a group consciousness that white Americans have mostly lost, but noted that whites have not always lived like this:

The coherence of our culture is well illustrated by ancient Greece or the Gothic Age which reflected societies that had a common purpose and lasting values. People like me are motivated by that culture and that heritage. My race has an inherent value that obliges us, biologically and culturally, to want to survive . . . . For us, there is no alternative to being white. But whites have the peculiarity of being altruistic. This altruism expressed itself in white involvement in the Civil Rights movement for blacks . . . . Whites think they are proving themselves virtuous by being altruists. This white altruism is specific to my race, and it is a handicap.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Much of the answer lies in the fact that Hispanics are not white, and that most whites are so fearful of being called “racist” they dare not take a stand against any non-white group. Let us not forget how angry Americans were when France opposed the invasion of Iraq. That affront to our pride was nothing compared to what we have suffered every day for decades at the hands of Mexicans and their government.

Let us imagine that France were sending us millions of poor, uneducated Frenchmen who made no effort to learn English, who celebrated French holidays rather than American holidays, who sent money out of country but demanded free services, who expected ballot papers and school instruction in French, who ignored our immigration laws, who insisted on hiring and college admissions preferences because they offered us “diversity?” What if some of them talked openly about taking over parts of the United States and kicking out the rest of us? Would our press and politicians remain silent? What if the French government openly encouraged all this? What if it offered French-American elected officials free, loyalty-boosting trips back to France, and encouraged French-Americans everywhere to work and vote for French rather than American interests? What if the French jeered at our national anthem and chanted “Osama, Osama” when our athletes took the field?

Americans would be furious. We would recall our ambassador. We would deport every French illegal, and severely limit further immigration from France. There would be calls to strip naturalized Frenchmen of US citizenship — particularly if they had shown their true loyalties by maintaining French citizenship.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: World Grows Less Accepting of Migrants


Overall, the world is slightly less accepting of migrants today than it was three years ago, according to Gallup’s latest update of its Migrant Acceptance Index. Many of the countries leading the global downturn have been on the receiving end of the mass exodus of Venezuelans. Scores dropped more than two full points in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, which have absorbed millions of Venezuelans since 2015. Scores also declined in India, where controversial laws went into effect in late 2019 that provided paths to citizenship for migrants — excluding Muslims.

Wow, what a shock. The nations that accept migrants the most are America, Australia and Western Europe. They've learned NOTHING these past years!

Poland is on the 'migrant acceptance list' because they've taken in about two million Ukrainians, not Somalis. Sanity prevails.

I've heard from Polish people that even this many Ukrainians--despite being white and Slavic--is causing some issues.

Ukrainians moving into a Poland that's moving up economically puts pressure on the poorest Poles. I think the Polish economy will be able to navigate through this- they work the EU for its economic benefits without surrendering their sovereignty.

(Fr. John+)
Hungary 1.64 Serbia 1.79 Croatia 1.81 Bosnia and Herzegovina* 1.85 Montenegro 1.87 Latvia 2.25

Thanks. All great countries for WHITE Christians, in other words.... The USA should get a clue.

(Ivan Dragić)
Proud to be Croat. Next year we'll win some medal boys!

These Balkan countries have had nothing but negative experiences with migrant invaders for 1,000 years. A millennium of invasions and unwelcome occupations. Other than the migrants already there, how can even ONE white Croat, Serb, Montenegrin, Slovene or whoever be in favor of any non-white?

Various Commenters #racist #psycho amren.com

(Ghost Forrest)
I am always amazed that Hispanics cannot produce one successful country. But they are so proud of their “culture”. The world needs a lot less Hispanics and a lot more pristine wilderness.


Spain is not too bad!

Even Spain hasn't done as well as the rest of Europe for centuries now. Spain is dramatically inferior to Germany and Britain. That was true 100 years ago. I will never move to a country that has Spanish heritage. First, I hate their language, the way they speak, their vulgarity and accents. Second, they still are sh**holes compared to the US. Finally, their notion of law is bribery and illegal influence peddling.

(Rich at Large)
You make an unassailable point. Hispanics have a love/hate relationship with their homelands. They like the simple peasant stuff (food, music, dance, flowers, etc), but take it for granted that they will never produce functioning modern societies, and hence dream of fleeing to the US, which they expect to enter on their, not our, terms. They don't seem to recognize (and/or don't care) that by so doing, they are gradually turning here into there, in the negative sense.

chusuton #racist amren.com

Actually the 90% white wasn't really so homogeneous but what mattered was the sub-groups were prepared to integrate. Granddaddy Drumpf did not keep insisting the Kaiser was the good guy in WW1.

What messed up was post-1965 Latinx importing which USA Inc thought was just an extension of the Trans-Atlantic white movement from 1870-1930. In other words Daddy Cruz = Granddaddy Drumpf

Unfortunately they brought in lots of white Latinx who had earlier re-engineered their own minds to claim native status and to regard the USA as the enemy. The mentality was to blame all the problems of colonialism on white Anglos who had almost nothing to do with what happened much earlier.

Once the Latinx came in large numbers, socio-political divisions similar to their home countries, including their former overlords Portugal and Spain, were brought in.

As late as 1930s-1970s, the Iberian countries were still ruled by military dictatorships Same for a sizable chunk of their ex-colonies.

While Anglo whites maintained a stable political system in USA & Canada, the list of presidents in these Latinx countries is incredibly long, indicating the amount of civil strife, internal rebellions, class and regional differences.

The current cartel culture in which bosses are the feudal lords until they are bumped off by rivals is an extension of the historic Spanish-Latinx system.

Henry Calvin #racist amren.com

How a White Pastor Became a Race Realist

The second incident involved an African pastor from a nearby church. We regularly pray for persecuted Christians across the world, so we invited him to come and speak to our prayer group about the horrific persecution of Christians in his native land. He agreed to come, but first emailed us a video of a businesswoman in his country addressing a class of white American high school students. She spent 20 minutes talking about how comfortable and prosperous her home city was, how many shopping malls it had, etc. Then she rebuked these children for daring to imagine that her country was poor and in need of their pity. I couldn’t believe what this woman was saying — and I couldn’t believe a fellow pastor had sent me her comments in response to my benevolent invitation.

My congregation found these incidents quite hurtful and utterly incomprehensible. As a good pastor interested in global missions, I started doing some research into trying to understand Africa and Africans. In doing so, I came to realize that it is my own tribe that is in decline, and worthy of pity and charity. Just as in America, the white majority in Britain will not last for more than a few more decades — and we may become practically extinct within a century. I now believe that our compassionate God wants white Christians to wake up and to redirect our resources towards bringing healing and redemption to our own people. We’ve done our duty to the world. Now the world needs to step back and let us heal ourselves for the next century or so.

ETS101K #racist #psycho amren.com

RE: Farmers with ‘Boer Lives Matter’ Banners Storm South African Court

The Afrikaner has a history of standing and fighting.

Yes and we are experts at counter insurgency tactics, we would have beaten the English a second time were it not for them placing woman and children into death camps, taken the whole of Africa at Cuito Cuanavale in Angola if the world did not ditch us I think the kill count was 32 of ours dead & this mostly due to helicopter crashes vs the thousands of theirs, even the Cubans and Soviets avoided us back during clashes there.

WW2 when the South Africans arrived at the battles of El Alamein & so on after they cleared East Africa they took names and kicked donkeys.

There's great land elsewhere, the Earth is enormous, just relocate the farms to the Northern hemisphere. The blacks will not stop killing, it's what they do. Sometimes you just have to admit you lost, pack up and leave.

Nope it's our land, we can still fight, we are now making examples of them day by day said it before they are a cowardly nation if you beat the living life out of one or two they will think twice before doing it again. More and more get their faces rearranged daily if I read the papers here & there seems to be more of them "found next to the road" in what appears to be hit and run's. More like faces batched in, see it this way we gave them their 27 years to be black now it's time to take back.

Their 72 thousand strong army a few years ago 200 of them got killed by untrained rebels in the Central African Republic back in my day we knocked 200 in one hour & the rest ran away.

Bill #racist amren.com

RE: Protesters Tear Down Obelisk in Santa Fe Plaza

Indigenous woman from Chihuahua: "For all that it represents, this type of monument shouldn’t exist."

More people proving they can't create anything but they can tear stuff down.

Yes, this. You know if these people were so creative they could create art and other things to put Euro's to shame. That is one of the best ways to show one's culture.

I went to a nearby large art museum with family when I was a teenager. A local wealthy family had funded an African Art room among the more normal variety of art on display. Though each rather primitive piece had glowing commentary as to the artistic value my Mom was appalled at the low quality of it. Much of it was said to be of the highest quality and from the last 50 years.

The next room was the Oriental exhibition. The section from China included several items from 600-500 BC. I'll never forget my Mother's comment upon that. "Chinese art from 2000 years ago looks about 2000 years more advanced than contemporary African art."

Various Commenters #racist #conspiracy amren.com

RE: Governor Newsom Vetoes High School Ethnic Studies Bill

So Jewish groups that pushed for ethnic studies now call that anti-semitic? You can never please them.

Sounds like they are being cast as the oppressor rather than the oppressed, which was not what they had in mind.

Nice when their plans backfire.

(It's Boris)

There are some stunning confessions in this article, if you read closely, carefully and between the lines.

Yeah! Only non-whites and Jews can be proud of where they come from! Anti-Semitic gets the job done; anti-White is dismissed.

(Ambrose Kane)
Eric Striker in a recent article in The Unz Review provided the real reason: "Jewish groups protested AB 331 because, while they agreed with the anti-white message, they also resented the lack of an exemption for Jewish students. Under the law, Jews would be considered “white” and not allowed to choose Jewish Studies for their credit." Jews really don't want to be seen as White. They only want to be White if it serves their interests. In their hearts, though, they know they are not of us and never will be.

A Jew who wins the Nobel prize is Jewish. A Jew arrested for pedophilia is White. Yes, I know, I didn't come up with this myself. But it still needs to be said.

That is precisely how it is. Anything that's good is proudly Jewish. Anything that is not is White. The media doesn't often make the distinction, but Jews are certain and even obsessed to make it.

Slight addition-A Jew arrested for pedophilia is acquitted.

By a Jewish Jury and Judge.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Honduran Migrant Caravan Disbands in Guatemala


They were all sent back to their country of origin? I thought "Borders don't exist" and "No human is illegal"?!

Tell that to white libs who live in gated communities and will be the first one to call the cops if an uninvited person sets foot on their property. I would thank Mexico for stopping this caravan by sending all of its citizens back to Mexico to make it great again.

(Cheri Rodriguez)
If Hispanics like Hondurans are so hard working and want a better life, why don’t they just stay where they are and build up their own country?


Because their elite are really powerful and pay the workers next to nothing. Drug gangs rule the neighborhoods and nobody can seem to raise themselves up. Going to the US is their best option, not ours.

But the sad state of the Honduran society is nothing new. Why the sudden exodus to the US? Is it because it has become common knowledge that crossing the border and getting benefits AND and an off-the-books job is easily done?


“Fortunately the caravan from Honduras isn’t continuing,” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said. Mr. López Obrador said that the timing of the caravan, one month before presidential elections in the U.S., appeared strange, “although we can’t be sure that was why it was organized.”

Why would Mexico help the U.S.? Our "ally" hates this country. We must be paying them off big time.

(Nicolas Bourbaki)
Wait how can they even do this? Certainly 4,000 well supported Guatemalans are enough to climb over any plastic barriers or resist signage imploring them not to continue? If the authorities are absolutely forbidden to use force or even loud noises I don't see how they can be diverted. Maybe clever road signs making them go in circles until they tire and wear out were used?

SAVE WHITE SETTLER U.S.A. #racist amren.com

"4 in 5 Latinos are US citizens"? If you consider anchor baby citizenship, Reagan amnesty, other ways of fraudulently coming here, and all those other Hispanics who lived here illegally for 20 years before obtaining a green card, sure! How many Latinos actually waited their turn down in Latin America before coming here??? I'm not sure I've ever met a Hispanic who did such a thing! I don't know any Hispanics who actually came here completely legally. They ALL cut to the front of the line!

I am not even going to get into how they have destroyed my city and states through their undercutting wages and jobs, stealing social security numbers, requiring everything in Spanish, abusing social services, hit and runs, crime and everything else that comes from them. Also they are much larger than only 18% of the country. The statistics are manipulated so whites aren't worried about the Hispanic ever-growing invasion. Last but not least as to college graduates among them, college admission was made easier in California to accommodate the Hispanic invasion.

Latin America and its people are terrific, but I'm concerned that Latinos in the U.S. are getting proselytized by the globalists, Marxists, and black radicals into the cult of anti-Western and anti-Caucasian sentiment.

You wouldn't have such sentiments if you had lived in a place where they have taken over and destroyed. I have nothing terrific to say about them anymore.

Marko Vojnov #racist amren.com

Take it from someone who grew up in the Balkans — diversity is not a strength. Like many Latin American countries, Venezuela is a strange contradiction: it is stunningly beautiful, has a wonderful climate, and is rich in natural resources — and yet, it is a Third World slum. The USSR beat the USA in its race to be the first in sending a man into space. That was in 1961. Meanwhile, in 2020, Venezuela is on the brink of collapse. Demographics, per usual, is the elephant in the room. The pure whites found in wealthy, secluded neighborhoods are few and far between, and many of them are either immigrants or the children of immigrants. I never once met a single inarguably white family that was third generation Venezuelan. In contrast to most of its population — which, though friendly, is largely lazy, unambitious, carefree, and uneducated — the whites of Venezuela are hardworking and productive. My own family was a good example of this. We arrived as immigrants speaking no Spanish and only basic English, and with so little money we slept on the beach. Within five years, we owned the biggest supermarket in town.

When the wars in the Balkans finally ended, my family decided to head back. As Serbs, my family went to the new nation of Serbia. That was the whole point of the wars, after all: segregation — Croats got Croatia, Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) got Bosnia, Serbs got Serbia, and so on. Ironically, twenty years later the Balkans are a peaceful place — thanks to the collapse of an artificial and diverse country, and the rise of several homogeneous nations in its place. Meanwhile, Western countries seem to want to remake themselves in the image of the former Yugoslavia — illogical polities composed of several different antagonistic and wildly different peoples. Or perhaps their long-term plan is to create new Venezuelas: genetically diverse countries where centuries of miscegenation have created something approaching homogeneity. I’m not sure which is worse.

Robert Kelly #racist #crackpot amren.com

RE: Justice Department Sues Yale over ‘Discrimination Against White and Asian American Applicants’

The left has a hard time explaining systemic and institutional racism in light of the success of Asians, especially East Asians, which a lot of time is greater than that of whites. The so called racist criminal justice system incarcerates more whites than Asians, even when you adjust for percentages. Why do Asians always tend to succeed in racist, white supremacist countries like the United States or Canada or Australia etc? What sets them apart from black and Hispanic people??

Bottom line - IQ comparable to whites, and an excellent competitive work ethic. Notice I said "comparable" - I don't buy into their superiority in this area. Competitive work ethic is probably the key. This is where some whites currently get lazy.

IQ isn't the end all, be all. I think it could be possible that East Asians have a slightly higher IQ, but they lack in other mental traits. The Asian brain is more like a specialist in one area, IQ, whereas the European brain is a jack of all trades. The human brain has a limited source of energy, so if it puts too much in one thing, it doesn't leave enough for the other.

So let's say that East Asians have a slightly higher IQ, they lack the creativity and innovative thinking of the European brain. That's why most innovations and new ideas come out of the West.

They haven't had a hard time. They just pull out the phrase "white adjacent." Remember, Asians are basically white people, until a white person makes a ching chong Covid joke, then they go back to being oppressed minorities again.

In this debate, Tariq Nasheed called Asians "honorary white people"

DA Desmond #racist amren.com

I’m sure much of that comes from his time serving in the South African Army during its long running border war. My father said that once black rule was established he knew there was no going back. He went on to explain that due to black tribal and chieftain culture, there would be widespread corruption from “our” elected officials. My father stated that eventually South Africa would eventually become like every other African nation. Soon after that talk, back in South Africa, infrastructure fell into disrepair and economic recession set in. Social trust in institutions such as police and hospital services disappeared. The nation’s wealth was pillaged as dirty politicians and bureaucrats embezzled each sector of the government.

My impression of Canada as a white South African was mixed. On the other hand, there was anti-white propaganda woven into almost every lesson plan in school. We learned the evils of colonialism and how Europeans disturbed the peaceful Indians that had apparently been living in perfect harmony with nature. Some of the teachers were openly hostile to me, aware of where I came from, and what my leaving said about me and my family. I had a teacher of mine approach me in private one time. He leaned in and said quietly to me that all of us South Africans and the Rhodesians deserved what happened to us. Most of the school’s staff at that time were aging hippies; either not racially aware or eagerly preaching multiculturalism.

As a white African in North America, I can tell you that cities like Baltimore and Detroit have more in common with Nairobi or Lagos rather than Salt Lake City or Burlington. Whatever the continent, blacks and whites cannot meaningfully and peacefully coexist within the same country. Our morals, our values, and the texture of our lifestyles are simply incompatible. One or the other race will come to lord over the other, and sooner rather than later.

Missy #racist amren.com

RE: Hundreds of Armed Black Protesters Face Off with White Farmers as South African Town Braces for Bloodshed

Look your people screwed up. Once they let the blacks into the country as cheap labor, the white South Africans were finished. Sometimes we need to admit our failure and accept the consequences. It's more important to learn what what went wrong and never allow other whites to repeat these same nation destroying mistakes. Why do we let whites use other races as cheap labor? Why do we allow the use of cheap labor at all? This is what needs to be examined. The blacks are behaving exactly as expected and nothing can change primitive black behavior. Only the whites had the ability to prevent this situation. I believe cheap labor breaks the laws of nature and wherever it is used will result in civilization failure. Look around the world, most humans of other races and ethnic groups do their own labor. Even today these white farmers are still using black cheap labor on their farms. The lesson has not been learned.

Here in the US, we are not going to survive the use of blacks for cotton, Mestizos for agriculture, or Somalians for slaughterhouses... We need a plan B because the damage is done. But nothing will work until we address the cause, which is whites use of other races as cheap labor.

Fed Up #racist #psycho amren.com

”If Mexicans successfully reconquered parts of the south western United States, they would turn it into another Mexico and have all their problems.”

"If"? "Would"? It's already happened in vast swaths of the Southwest. Check out a census map by race of greater Los Angeles, especially to the East and Southeast, which is like an extension of Mexico. And sure enough, there are criminal gangs, hapless schools, etc. But it's all OK, don't you know, because there's a taco truck on every corner. Because whites who created modern society would be otherwise incapable of following a taco recipe.

Eat tacos or anything from those rolling slop-wagons at your own risk. The filthiness of Mexicans, their disdain for sanitation and healthy practices are legendary. Also TOUR those vast swaths of the Southwest. Seeing with your own eyes how those "people helping make America great" trashed so much trying to make their new home resemble the old. Just look at any Mexican slum. I'm sure you can find one close to you. Where we now live, we barely have a handful of Mexicans or blacks. Three or four "homes" as you enter the town literally looking like the proverbial city dump. With disabled vehicles and equipment all over the place. Visiting Houston friends asked me "when did we do a U-turn and get back to parts of Houston" when they saw the trash.

If the native people don't defend the land, and especially if they don't even try to, invaders can freely take it.

You're saying we should have shot the invaders? I'd agree but for the fact that would make some of us criminals. When we first moved to Houston nearly 40 years ago, we met a old rancher not far from the Rio Grande. We got to be friendly and were shown a secluded piece of ground. Where he had helped his father and grandfather bury illegals caught on their land.

Various Racists #racist amren.com

RE: Angry South Africans Protest in Front of Nigerian Embassy, Demand Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Black South Africans cannot match Black Nigerians on intellect, the average black IQ in South Africa is 65 to 77 & most of them are in the 65 Range, Nigeria is a bit more clever at 70. So what do they do riot but it's to late as those pesky little Nigerians have had them beat on the business venture front for years now, they truly took Mandela's dream & are living it whilst normal black South Africans are even worse off than pre 1994.

(Silver Fox 183)
Nigerians are the worst Africans of all by far. They are so bad that they are even hated by the other Black Africans, who regard them as incorrigible criminals. When your Black Africans think you are loathsome criminal scum, I'd say you've got some issues.

(Charles Martel Sinclair)
Blacks cannot even stand each other. Why should we care how they treat each other. If they want to go at each other. please do it. Leave us alone, we have enough of you here.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Appeals Court OKs Trump Plan to End Protected Immigration Status for 4 Countries

What is there to say? At some point people have to defend their own country and that's what Trump wanted to do. As for the central American's: I'm sorry that yours is a craphole but it's the Aztec/Mayan way. Go back and lop some heads off.

Lop heads off after cutting out the hearts. The left engaged in a malicious fraud in 1965 - they lied then, promising that their new immigration proposal would not alter the racial makeup of the USA. It has in fact racially transformed the US. Now, in 2020, they make out like it is illegitimate to try to prevent further immigration-driven racial transformation.

(Mark Sohn)
All these central Americans say is they are afraid for their safety because there are cartels in their home countries. But why come here, when they can stay with their cousins in Mexico? Free food, health care, shelter? Look you illegal sobs, fix your countries. We're fed up with you just crowding us and playing your loud La Raza music.

Many of them ARE the cartels.

Hehe, there was a film called, ‘Children of Men’ that showed nonwhites being expelled from the UK. Think of the film what you want; it did show nonwhites being expelled from the UK. Expelled, you know, the way the nations these people are coming from expelled their white populations, considering them colonists (and decolonization their number one national priority). I think a key feature of that is first decolonizing the minds of native citizens.

(Tom C)
We need "decolonization" in all Western countries.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: South Africa: Hatred of Migrants Reaches New Heights

(Eldridge Davis)

The movement Put South Africa First is seen as a cause for alarm by human rights defenders and foreign nationals, especially after it mobilized dozens of people for a march to the Nigerian and Zimbabwean embassies in Pretoria last week. The protesters demanded that undocumented immigrants, or those involved in criminal activities, leave South Africa.

Hahahaha lol. Dindu's want dindu's to be deported back to their own crapholes lol. The irony. I wonder if this makes them wayciss? Nahhhh!

(America first)
Our constitution should also be amended because our constitution is a problem,” he said, insisting that a constitution should be valid for South Africans only.” But wait! To have a country’s constitution apply only to its citizens is xenophobic!

(Jason Lewis)
White Farmers = No problem there
Migrants = We need this to stop

So the blacks in SA are tired of all those white people crossing the border illegally in order to take advantage of the haven that blacks have created?

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
Must be all those darned racist whites still in charge who are trying to keep them out.

Jack McGriff #racist amren.com

RE: Sheriff Alex Villaneuva Challenges BLM Supporter LeBron James to Match the $175k Reward for Gunman Who Tried to Assassinate Two of His Deputies

LOL. James is a low IQ uneducated fool who hates blacks as much as white liberals. Like Oprah, James will NOT live around blacks, seeks exclusive areas to live with whites, and won't donate a penny of his money to making any meaningful impact on black prosperity. Oprah and James use their positions to start charities to solicit white people's money for black projects so they can virtue signal, but donating their own money to blacks with no strings attached is out of the question. Even they know how stupid that is.

Gregory Hood #racist amren.com

There’s a similar double standard in how people live. Those with power want every white nation to turn brown. We apparently have a moral duty to accept as many immigrants as want to come. The United States is on the brink of being a Third World country already. As Ann Coulter wrote in 2007, “If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide.” Miss Coulter is rarely wrong, but it’s not just white Americans; it’s all whites, even in our ancient European homeland. The UN and the European Union fiercely criticize Eastern European countries for not taking in enough Muslims. The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory; it’s a fact, openly acknowledged by those who want it to happen. It’s not just that there can’t be a white country. There can’t be even a white town. In Germany, nationalists created a small community in the East. Journalists reacted with fury, as if it were the Fourth Reich.

There is an Afrikaner enclave in South Africa called Orania. It’s the one place in the whole country that is exclusively white.The ANC government is increasingly hostile to this hamlet. Prominent figures recently called for Orania to be destroyed and its leaders jailed. “If our laws on racism are not strong enough on racism to do that,” said ANC activist Carl Niehaus, “pass the necessary legislation.” The world media is implacably hostile to Orania. Why do journalists care? The last story gives it away. It’s safe, growing, and prosperous. It works. Its success reveals the failure of the “Rainbow Nation,” a wreck surviving on what whites created. Author Tembeka Ngcukaitobi calls Orania a representation of “downright hostility to the idea of a single, united, non-racial country.” Maybe so; black politicians sing songs about killing Boers.

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RE: These Are the Countries with the Biggest Immigration Gains and Losses Under Trump

Drop in immigration from China and India. Increase in immigration from Congo, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Not good news. We are stopping commies and curry eaters who ruin the US with their false Gods and pagan culture, but at the same time, we are allowing more murderers, thieves, rapists and pedophiles into our country. Everything needs to stop.

You didn't stop 'commies' and 'curry eaters', they stopped themselves. Anyhow. That's your reasoning to stop them? because they 'ruin the US with their false Gods and pagan culture'?

Yes, and they are incompatible with our western values. Those countries have progressed so much due to western technology.

How are they incompatible with 'western values'? did they stop you from eating 'sacred cow'? There would be no 'western technology' without Indian Math.

Indian math? Is that when you count how many dotheads are in a 711? Or how many rooms in a motel owned by Apu don't stink?

Sounds like good news if immigration from Asia is down considering how huge that area is. Would that be because of the plague?

This is the immigration data of the period between 2016 and 2019. Coronavirus came in 2020. Immigration from China and India is going down because they are developing at a tremendous rate. Whereas Congo, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador have no future in sight.