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RE: Native Hawaiian Men Are Found Guilty of a Hate Crime for Viciously Beating a White Man

Well, at least these particular Hawaiians don't suffer the same ethnomasochism as most whites. Good for them for standing up for their people.

(Hobbit Supremacist)

In reality, Hawaiians do want some kind of Navajo-type tribal nationhood, if not outright independence

Why stop there? We could give back all the land "we stole" from "native" people. And then we could try to go back to Europe. But wait, we have no right to go there. They prefer non-whites with low expectation.


‘We’re the law, we’re the police, the police have our backs, we’re the ones who make the laws, we’re the ones who enforce the laws, we’re the judge in Kahakuloa, and we’re the ones who decide if you live or die.’

Well that didn't work out as well as they planned. I for one have no issue with Hawaiians having Hawaiian only land and the same for Hispanics and blacks....so long as Whites can do it too.

I say they did pretty well, secured their neighborhood with a maximum of ten years they might have to give up. If the roles had been reversed the white guy could count on dying inside.

As a white man in a state undergoing warp-speed Californication, I am conflicted about this. They didn't want this guy moving into their area for the same reason I don't want Californians moving here.

You can find video of this attack online and it's difficult to watch, but after seeing what Californian gentrifiers have done here in my state, I can hardly blame them. I know a lot of locals here, good conservative folks, who would love to open fire on every car they see on the road with California plates (and there are a lot of them these days).

Hawaiians have been dealing with this sort of colonization for a long, long time, much longer than people here in the Mountain West and they're sick of it and determined to hold on to what little they have left by any means necessary. It's hard to blame them.

It is nice to see the hate crime laws equitably enforced for a change, though.

Lawrence Drake, Mike of Ages & winterscene #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: A Genome-Wide Association Study Identified New Variants Associated With Mathematical Abilities in Chinese Children

(Lawrence Drake)

Mathematical ability is moderately heritable, and it is a complex trait which can be evaluated in several different categories. A few genetic studies have been published on general mathematical ability. However, no genetic study focused on specific mathematical ability categories. In this study, we separately performed genome-wide association studies (GWASs) on 11 mathematical ability categories in 1 146 students from Chinese elementary schools. We identified 7 genome-wide significant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with strong linkage disequilibrium (LD) among each other (all r2>0.8) associated with mathematical reasoning ability.

All gene variants associated with intelligence that have been identified so far are more frequent in whites and east Asian populations than blacks. How goes the liberal effort to prove all races are equal and that random historical accidents affect the brain more than one's genes? Oh that's right. They refuse to do the research because they're afraid of what they might find.

(Mike of Ages)
The research is known to everyone and the results on the ground bear out the research. Consider, for example, that five percent to six percent of all American college professors in subjects like literature, history and political science are black. In the quantitative (hard) sciences, it's one percent or less. Not much better in the qualitative (soft) sciences.

Given that the median IQ of black Americans is about 85, that five or six percent in the humanities and social science is representative of what you would expect noting that verbal ability is the strong suit of the black race in the aggregate.

Always exceptions. The exceptions are not the measure of the aggregate.

It's a great, big open secret that everyone is fully aware of… but through a constant barrage of propaganda, conditioning and brainwashing, even this narrative can be altered, especially during the formative years of one's life.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Something else Joe Biden did was reintroduce Critical Race Theory training throughout the federal government. I don’t have any clips of government training, but here’s one from the private sector. If you look closely, Ashleigh Shackelford had her Paypal account info on the flip chart. That was so those nice white ladies in the audience could send her reparations directly. Maybe not all CRT training goes so far as to say white people aren’t human, but the message always is that we are guilty because we are white.

Christopher Rufo has found this kind of anti-white indoctrination throughout the federal government and in countless private companies.

And remember the advantages non-whites got during Covid? ‘Too White’ To Get COVID Vaccine? Some Social Justice Activists Say Yes.”

As one “expert” explained to the New York Times, “t is reasonable to put essential workers ahead of older adults, given their risks, and that they are disproportionately minorities. ‘Older populations are whiter’.”

That makes them expendable.

Google snubs white people. This is what you get if you ask it for “American inventors.” Two token white men.

And here’s Google’s idea of “happy white women.” Not one white couple, but quite a few mixed marriages. Maybe miscegenation is the final solution to the problem of white people.


Do you begin to detect a certain hostility?

Some blacks take the problem into their own hands. Here are statistics from the National Crime Victimization Survey, in which a huge sample of Americans describe violence of which they have been victims and say who attacked them.


We can determine that when whites are violent, they attack other whites 82.4 percent of the time and attack blacks only 3.6 percent of the time. When blacks are violent, they attack whites 38.6 percent of the time. Statistically speaking, this means a black person is 27 times more likely to attack a white than the other way around. How much of that has to do with what they are constantly hearing about white racism and white privilege?

Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

The “Great Replacement” is a dangerous conspiracy theory. Just listen to Rep. Mayra Flores:

Hispanic Texans are now the state’s largest demographic group.

Latinos can turn the tides and start the red wave!

A red wave? Our view is that our rulers import a helot underclass that votes progressive.

What if we were wrong?

Mr. Liu, himself part of a group with higher incomes than whites, said:

We go on treating whiteness as the ideal and social baseline of American life.

Whiteness is the baseline of American life. If Hispanics or Asians accept that and don’t “reckon with class divides and inequality,” there can be no Left that is built on victim morality, aside from blacks, who would be increasingly isolated and despised.

Hispanic social dysfunction far outpaces white, so they could be part of the victim class, but they are mostly ignored in the media’s incessant focus on blacks after BLM.

Hispanics are an artificial group.

Africans became “black,” much as Europeans became “white”. This didn’t happen with Hispanics.

Activists invented the category to get “our just share of political influence and Federal funds,” and there’s no consensus on who is included. Are Portuguese and Brazilians Hispanic?

“Ethnic” Americans — meaning whites from southern and eastern Europe — could conceivably have become a category if activists had pushed for it. Patrick Buchanan toyed with the idea. If so, we would be hearing many tales about the supposedly awful discrimination against Irish and Italians. (The American government’s campaigns against German-Americans during the world wars would probably would still be ignored).

It’s not whether “Hispanics are white” or whether “Hispanics can become white.” Hispanics aren’t any more real than “ethnic Americans.”

Support for the Democrats is lower among those for whom their Hispanic identity is less important. If the GOP really wants to win over Hispanics, it needs to end Hispanics as a demographic category.

However, elite attitudes ultimately triumph; even having to talk about drag shows for schoolchildren shows how powerful they are. With enough time, even “Latinx” could catch on.

Joseph Kay #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Ending Racial Blackmail

Thanks to the Supreme Court, affirmative action is back in the news.

Racial preferences are blackmail. They are unearned benefits to bribe blacks into good behavior. We pay the blackmail, but it fails to deliver tranquility. It’s a terrible deal. When you pay the Danegeld, the Dane never goes away.

It is time to pull the plug on today’s doomed-to-fail racial preferences.

The benefits would be huge. As Charles Murray’s Facing Reality makes clear, the boost in average IQ across many professions would be enormous, and we would see a jump in productivity. No more incompetent nurses or doctors. Professors could teach demanding courses. Military enlistments would increase.

The worst aspects of black behavior — everything from the riots to illegitimacy and welfare dependency — appeared after the civil rights movement, not before.

There is a growing nostalgia among blacks for the pre-integration era now lost. As a recent article in Washington Monthly put it:

In 1985, 60 black-owned banks were providing financial services to their communities; today, just 23 remain. In 11 states that headquartered black-owned banks in 1994, not a single one is still in business. Of the 50 black-owned insurance companies that operated during the 1980s, today just 2 remain.

This parallels the demise of black-owned taxi services, supermarkets, publishing, cosmetic firms and mom-and-pop businesses.

It is easy to forget the countless black-owned enterprises that were bankrupted by integration. According to Black Excellence, thousands of black-owned and black-run firms thrived, especially where there was Jim Crow.

Millions of decent jobs might await blacks if the US returned to an era when millions of black-run businesses catered to blacks. During the pre-civil rights era, black labor force participation often exceeded 90 percent.

Ending affirmative action may have consequences far beyond eliminating the most prominent feature of today’s racial spoils system. It could start a mutually beneficial and jointly desired racial disengagement. Black businesses and universities would be reinvigorated while white institutions would no longer be pressured to hire people they don’t want.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

With few exceptions, when blacks kill whites, it’s random murder. When whites faced blacks, such as George Floyd, Michael Brown, or Ahmaud Arbery, the cases became racial battles with national significance. Whites’ individualism and naïve belief in the “rule of law” make them behave like Eloi, victims to be slaughtered unavenged.

Two black men killed Elijah Dewitt, a young white man. His father has already forgiven the killers, though I’ve seen no evidence they asked him to. “We don’t need hate in our house,” he said, which is fine, but now he doesn’t have his son either.

DeWitt’s girlfriend also forgave the killers. After all, we don’t “know their situations.”

Pople who cannot even resent their victimizers are not victims. They're sort of like cattle. They are like FOOD for predators.

I’m reminded of the murder of Mollie Tibbetts. She was a young woman who seemed to be ashamed of being white. After an illegal immigrant killed her, her father took care to defend the “Hispanic community,” especially its cooking. When blacks killed anti-apartheid activist Amy Biehl, her parents forgave and hugged her killers.

Our national battered wife syndrome never shows itself more than when some white son or daughter, father or mother, is brutally murdered by a black guy and almost the very first move made by the victim’s family is to assure Channel 5 News, bleary-eyed, that they weren’t racist..

These are spiritually broken people, who don’t even feel justified in being angry when their children are murdered. “Christian” forgiveness seems to be selective. Erick Erickson, one of the original cuckservatives, praised Elijah Dewitt’s father and said forgiving evil is the essence of Christianity.

This kid’s body isn’t even cold yet, and the parents and girlfriend are already falling all over themselves to forgive the murderers and move on? No righteous anger? What a pathetic, broken culture this is.

I think it’s the epitome of Christianity to forgive even someone who kills your loved one.

He thought differently about protesters at the January 6, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill.


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RE: 4 in 5 Refugees Living in Sweden Have Vacationed in the Country They Fled From


"The topic of asylum-seekers returning to their home country to see friends and family has become a political issue across some European countries in recent years, with many critics believing such action is incompatible with their claim of seeking refuge due to being in danger in their home country."

Where, in the name of all that's holy, do these desperately poor refugees obtain the money to repeatedly travel thousands of miles between southwest Asia and northern Europe?

Being on Sweden's generous social benefits system. It may be lost on lefties that things like that 'may' work in a homogenous society, but not when over 50% of its beneficiaries are foreigners with no skills and nothing to do but reproduce.

(The Dagda)
George Soros of course!!

Sweden used to be a "better" country to raise your kids.
A few more illegal alien blacks and muslims and it will never be again.

This happens all the time with the fake refugees here in the United States. The moment they get their green cards, they hop on a flight to visit the countries they supposedly left in fear of their lives. It's a complete joke.

(Question Diversity)
"Similarly in Germany, a statement by then-Interior Minister Horst Seehofer in 2019 warned refugees they would face an investigation and could be stripped of their right to residency should they travel back to their homeland."

"Could" is a really powerful word here, and it usually translates to "almost never."

(Not MLK)
As I was reading this I was thinking about whites that won’t ask themselves a couple of basic questions that could answer a lot. Why are their countries !#? Why are most white countries spectacular? If they can answer those simple questions for themselves they’d realize it’s the people not the place.

Go to a major airport and look at the "Americans" in line at the immigration checkpoint. Easily three-fourths of them are returning from their real homes, where their extended families are and where there heart will always be. They're in America and other Western countries strictly for the better standard of living, not to become one of us.

Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

The Triumph of Media Power

Race realists and white advocates believe the truth is on our side. However, “truth” is elusive in a democratic, media-dominated society. (Apparently, so are the concepts of male and female.) Racial differences in IQ are some of the most consistent findings in all of social science, but our rulers conceal them.

The most “woke” people in our society are white liberals. New findings indicate that they believe things that are obviously false. However, they don’t fear censorship. They know their sources of (dis)information will remain.

Zach Goldberg, perhaps the leading scholar of absurd American beliefs, reported years ago that white liberals prefer non-whites to whites. This attitude is unique among all people in the world, and perhaps in all history. It means white liberals may support policies because they makes things worse for whites. “Perhaps this is why white support for increasing immigration coincides with more negative feelings towards whites,” wrote Mr. Goldberg in 2019 in Tablet.

Mr. Goldberg recently reported that by 2020, white liberals had begun to believe that whites are more violent, lazier, and less intelligent than blacks.

One could argue that “intelligence,” “violence,” and “laziness,” can’t really be measured. However, if we accept the relationship between IQ and intelligence, crime rates and violence, and income and laziness, white liberals believe things that are provably wrong. It would be fascinating to see how white liberals justify their anti-white beliefs.

CNN, The Guardian, Slate, and countless other powerful outlets celebrated the takedown of the site “Kiwi Farms.” It was a controversial forum that hosted what could be considered “hate speech” against “transgenders.” Cloudflare prevents DDoS attacks. They are felonies. The pressure on Cloudflare for protecting Kiwi Farms was like persuading the police to look the other way while you ransack the house of someone you don’t like.

I don’t know much about Kiwi Farms, but critics accused it of obscenity, hateful speech, threats, and doxing. All that is fine, of course, if the victims are “racists.” Those with power respect no principles of free speech, legal norms, or what defines “hate.”

Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Government in Los Angeles Is Tribal Warfare

Miss Martinez used words about blacks that wouldn’t be allowed at an American Renaissance conference or in comments to AmRen articles. She resigned, but said that she hoped her career would inspire “all little Latina girls across this city.” Even in disgrace, she claims victimhood.

Kevin De León, partially responsible for making California a “sanctuary state” and who eagerly stokes white guilt, was brutally realistic about black political power and demographics:

When you’re at the side of the curtain, it’s like this big voice, it sounds big. It sounds like there’s thousands. And then, when you actually pull the curtain, is that you see the little Wizard of Oz. You know what? It’s the same thing.

I wish whites understood black protests as well as he does.

Miss Martinez was also blunt about other groups. She said that California state representative Adrian Nazarian and council member Paul Krekorian — both Armenian — know they don’t have the numbers for “an Armenian district in the Valley” but still “want as many Armenians in that district as possible to be able to play.”

The crime is not that Miss Martinez is practicing politics, but that she was honest about how “Our Democracy” works. And why shouldn’t Hispanics get more power in line with their population?

Critics say that the problem is that the discussion reflects a “zero-sum” outlook on local politics. Instead, political leaders should focus on “coalition building” between Hispanics and blacks. A coalition against whom? Whites. Thus, even in a scandal where no whites are to blame, “white supremacy” is still the problem.

Whites have no obligation to save these squabbling children from themselves. Instead, the challenge for us is to develop white representation and build power. Still, we can be thankful to the Los Angeles city council for confirming what we knew along: Los Angeles is no longer an American city but a tribal free-for-all, where different “communities” battle for the scraps we left them. They don’t even take their own rhetoric seriously, so neither should we. Let’s turn our back on them and build a future for our own people in a country of our own.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: A Revealing Racist Rant in L.A.

Well, get used to it, Mr. Blow.

White people were the only buffer between different tribal, racist, ethnic, and religiosity passions. White people invented notions like equality for all, even if white people didn't implement their notions perfectly.

Now, as hispanics take over, you will be left in the dust just like other non-hispanic races (or ethnicities or whatever).

(David L)

But what disturbs me most is the racial, ethnic tribalism of her political calculations

REALLY? This is EXACTLY the raison d'etre of the LEFT! They soak up their power by encouraging such tribalism, dole out largesse to their favorite groups of the moment with little regard for the danger they do to our country. It's the complete inverse of "E Pluribus Unum." Of course with the media continuing to cover for them I'm betting this story will disappear in less than a week...

So, they are admitting that the White population is declining? I thought that was just a far right "conspiracy." White supremacy to them is the mere existence of White people and now apparently anyone who is light skinned.

So let me get this straight: “white supremacy” is just being perpetuated by non-whites? It not just that all races prefer their own, have their own interests, and can discriminate just as Whites do? Hmmm, seems like it really does always come back to Whitey.

Whites are a mythological creature of unknown power. Long after they are extinct, their presence shall be forever. Only a non-superior people could be thus.

Now BLM is demanding that De Leon and one other Latinx resign due to their desire to have power for Latinx voters. And... BLM is demanding De Leon be replaced with a black, to give power to black voters. So BLM is saying De Leon is guilty of tribal preferences and the punishment is... tribal preferences.

At some point white progressives need to understand, none of these people have any ideals at all. It's pure tribalism. All the progressive nonsense they spout is purely for the consumption of white liberal rubes. Behind closed doors, they believe precisely none of it.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Heavily-Armed Black Rights Groups March Through Austin Chanting Anti-illegal Migrant Slogans

(Mike Lanham)

They want a closed border and reparations.

They should be met halfway. No to reparations. Yes to closing the border. Half a loaf is better than none at all.

They are mad the Democrats won't give them any more freebies because of the favoritism being shown towards Hispanics.

(Ian Connolly)
Even if that’s the case, so what?

Blacks, by themselves, can’t single-handedly destroy or change the nation. Hispanics can.

Yet, they still vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats. Immigrants aren't just replacing whites, they're replacing blacks too. So, keep whining about the invasion while roughly 89% continue to vote for Democrats and, hence, the invasion too.

The black version of the The Great Replacement where Hispanic illegals remove blacks and take over their traditional welfare recipient role in America.

Are blacks afraid of being replaced by the Hispanics??
They know the Hispanics hate their guts and don't care if they are perceived as racists. They will fight you daily.

No White one cares, blacks. Move to Africa and build your Wakanda paradise there.

I'm not a fan of nonwhites, and I'm not taking sides, but blacks and Hispanics (mostly mestizos) do not get along with each other. They say Hispanics ran blacks out of LA and Southern California.

They should pay reparations for every city and town they have destroyed with their presence.

(White Pride World Wide.)
At least black men don't have to worry about Hispanic men chasing after their women, race mixing between Hispanics and blacks is not allowed in Hispanic culture. And the media won't encourage it like they do with whites mixing with blacks.

Blacks do chase after Hispanic women and basically any woman who isn't black.

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RE: A More Diverse America Turns Against Racial Preferences


When Proposition 16 was put on the ballot, Californians voted it down by a 14-point margin. Even a state that voted nearly 2 to 1 for Joe Biden affirmed its opposition to racial preferences.

Even more surprising, 68% of Hispanics, 63% of Asians and 59% of blacks also opposed it.

Do you suppose they understood the question?

Bingo. Blacks and much of the Latinx (ironic) believe the media propaganda that Blacks and the Latinex are the victims of "racism." They honestly have no idea that these "preferences" help them.

(ilya muromets)
They might have understood the implications of having incompetent personal that got admitted in colleges by virtue of their race alone?

Maybe they have just enough intellect to understand those implications?

(Marc Zuckurburg)
In related fake news, kids have stopped liking ice cream.

I can believe Asians are against racial preferences but I highly doubt that many Blacks and Hispanics are against it.

(Darien X)
No way, it’s probably a red herring to throw everyone off the scent.

I honestly don't think most Black/Hispanics understood the realty of the situation that they benefit immensely from said racial preferences in college admissions and assumed it benefitted Whites...

They can do all the polls they want but there is no real world indication that blacks oppose preferential treatment for jobs, education, or anything else that benefits them. None. Zero. Nada.

(Darien X)
Absolutely not. Like you said, they probably didn’t understand the question. All other indicators like blacks voting over 90% Democrat say otherwise. Since when did they refuse freebees?

(Jay Alexander)
I think they probably misunderstood the question. When they saw "racial preferences" they probably thought it meant racial preference and privilege in favor of Whites. If the question made it explicit that they were using preferences to boost black and brown representation and to increase "equitable outcomes" then I suspect the responses would have been precisely the opposite.

They obviously don’t understand that it’s for them and their colorful allies.

Michelle Malkin #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

They’re All Open-Borders Hypocrites

All the world’s a stage, especially two heated months before Election Day. So you’ll have to forgive me for not joining the theatrical media frenzy over Martha’s Vineyard being overrun by illegal aliens. It’s just another naked open-borders exhibition by both political parties that makes a miserable mockery of our country’s immigration policies.

Yes, I said both parties.

Sure, Republican governors are exposing the grand hypocrisy of limousine liberals who preach diversity and tolerance while walling off their exclusive colony. Rah-rah, sis-boom, ha-ha-ha. Hilarity abounds.

Of course, mass-migration-pimping Democrats are as guilty of “human trafficking” as their counterparts now acting as travel agents for the Third World cheap-labor pipeline.

But whether it’s DeSantis dumping Venezuelans on Martha’s Vineyard or Abbott shuttling Mexicans to the Big Apple and D.C. swamp or Obama chartering illegal alien flights to military bases across New England, the script is always the same:

One side claims to be tough on borders. The other screams “racism” and “xenophobia.” Then leaders in both parties pocket big donations from the same globalist special interests — Big Agriculture, Big Business and Big Tech — and pretend to join hands on “immigration reform.” All the illegal alien pawns settle in for the long haul — collecting driver’s licenses from Democrat and Republican governors, sanctuary status from both Democrat and Republican mayors, in-state tuition discounts across the country, bountiful health, welfare and legal services, and eventual amnesty, green cards, U.S. citizenship, entitlement benefits and voting rights.

That’s bipartisan America Last stuntsmanship for you. Not so funny anymore, is it?

I can hardly stomach cable news anymore. Two decades ago, when I guest-hosted for Bill O’Reilly and worked as a contributor to Fox News, the illegal alien invasion I reported on was taken seriously. Now, I’m persona non grata in “America’s newsroom,” while two-faced snakes like Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio score prime Fox News headlines for bashing the Biden administration’s illegal immigration chaos.

Various Commenters #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Feds Cut Funding for Anti-Racism Project Over ‘Vile’ Tweets


"Life is too short for shoes with laces, or for entertaining Jewish White Supremacists with anything but a bullet to the head.”

He's got to be thinking, "if I only left out 'Jewish' I would still be collecting that sweet government loot."

(Marc Zuckurburg)
Figures. The only reason they're cutting the funding is that someone said something bad about Jews. It didn't bother anyone that it was anti-white from the inception, and probably had people associated with it that said just as mean or worse things about white people.

It's s a crime in most every nation to say something about Jews. You are stigmatized if you say Jews control things, BUT..... "They have no power" Right...

(Jim Barston)
Exactly. Just like Nick Cannon who said whites were cavebeasts and J*ws controlled the media. He only had to apologize for one of the comments.

“antisemitism has no place in this country.”

Yeah, ok. But hating Whites is totally FINE.

(Alan Nathan)
All he had to do was not include the word "Jewish" in the tweet, and it probably would have been accepted.

Various Commenters #homophobia #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso Declares He’s Not White Because He’s Italian

Caruso is a panderer like so many others trying to get power. In my military days, as a young man, I spent months in Italy and in Spain, had a few girlfriends in those countries. Caruso should be ashamed of himself. He must have never looked into the eyes of a green eyed, dirty blonde hair of a Sicilian woman. Maybe he’s gay!

(Wake Up)
Caruso is a disgrace, he is fully aware of how the vast majority of Italians feel about Blacks. Today Italy is doing their best to keep Black immigrants out. But of course during the Roman Empire, the Italians brought them in as slaves.

Too many Whites deny their Whiteness this way. It keeps us separated when we are really one people, one tribe. The White People. The White Tribe. The White race. We are unique on this planet and we are alone in who we are.


That is why claiming Indian ancestry is so common.

I mentally vomit when White people tell me they have "Native American blood." They think this is a virtue. I think it is disgusting.

(American Plague)
Once again: so Columbus wasn't White either, right? I wonder if this idiot had anything to say about leftists destroying statues of and demeaning a national holiday dedicated to, a "Latin" POC (Christopher Columbus) ?


The Irish have been saying that about Italians for 100 years.

The leftist Irish say it about themselves too. Due to their history of oppression they are not really White. Even more ludicrous, but there is no talking logic to an anti-White White

It has been claimed that Éire is a distant relation of the Sanskrit word ā́rya.

So 'Eire' and 'Ireland' mean 'the land of the noble ones (Aryans)'. Dunno what leprechauns have to say about the (controversial) theory.

Well if the leprechauns do not want to be called "Aryans," certain Iranians make up for it by talking your ear off about it!

Probably related to the way the so-called WASP treated them. Many were more hostile to Catholic Irish than they were toward blacks. Remember that the KKK was focused on anti-Catholicism, more than on a real racial basis.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Why Do THESE People Hate Us?

Even people from dung heaps spit on us.

Just about every group in this country has convinced itself it has great excuses to hate the white man. There’s slavery, white supremacy, homophobia, the holocaust, white privilege, sexism, and racism, and just showing up in the New World. Hating us is so much fun that even groups we can’t possibly have ever wronged have learned how to do it.

Take Indians and Pakistanis.

Moshin Hamid has just published his 5th novel, The Last White Man. “At the end of the book, Hamid fast-forwards to a time when whiteness is a distant memory, inviting readers to imagine the possibility of a post-racial world.”

It will be paradise once we’re gone, but never forget: There’s no such thing as The Great Replacement.

But I don’t get it. Indians come from a country where millions of people still defecate wherever they can find a spot.


Maybe that prepares Indians for the horror of living in a country with repulsive white people.

Pakistan is an even worse mess than India, so both groups are fully qualified to tell us what’s wrong with our country.

And despite the “white supremacy” they yell about, they do very well. Asians have higher median household incomes than whites. The difference is very close to the $20,000 difference between blacks and whites – and that difference is supposed to be a national scandal.



Do they ever say “Thank you, America, for letting me come to a much better place than the one I left behind”?

They love to talk about the oppression of black and brown people because they quickly learned that in the victims’ sweepstakes that puts them right up there with blacks, though, of course, they live as far away from blacks as possible. They learned quicker than anyone that they can leave behind their own dung-heap countries and then defecate all over us.

They are without shame, without honor, without decency, without a shred of gratitude. Because we let them get away with it.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Good News from Europe!


Jared Taylor and his co-host celebrate the victory of the Swedish Democrats and the probable victory of the Brothers of Italy. The hosts also discuss Kelisa Wing, chaos in Yuma, the new Ariel, and excitement in the Congo.

I have no sympathy for the migrants. The migrants elected to make this journey and put themselves in these perilous situations. My sympathy lies with the citizens along the border that have to deal with this invasion.

Places like the Rio Grande Valley are about 80% Hispanic and the 20% that isn't is largely composed of "Winter Texans" who are really retirees from places like Wisconsin who spend their winters in the warmer climate.

Trust me, a lot of those Mexican Americans along the border had zero problem with illegal aliens and in fact encouraged the invasion. Most of the illegal aliens would be moving on to places like Houston after all.

It's only after the number of illegals got to be overwhelming that they began changing their tune.

Are Swedes waking up to their genetic replacement finally? They had better be and they better have a plan to take the initiative and run with it by outlawing all land and home ownership for those who are not ethnic Swede, also they better take away the right to vote for those who are not ethnic Swede, and implement a higher tax base that must be paid if you are not native. Make it really really hard to live in Sweden if you are not Swedish. Then, if the refugee really wants to be there, they will find a way through perseverance and sheer will.

(Carlos ledesma)
Because of its immigration history the United States doom was already in place. But exactly why the Europeans decided to wreck their nations with immigration has never been explained.

Joseph Kay #pratt #racist amren.com

Reality in the Hilton Hotel Men’s Room

I began my academic career as a graduate student in the mid-1960s, long before today’s diversity mania. Nevertheless, the pro-Civil Rights dogma was unassailable. There was an endless parade of uplift programs, and all my classmates and faculty awaited the racial utopia. Moreover, we were all expected to be good soldiers: conduct research exposing racial discrimination, refute conservative arguments claiming that Negros (as blacks were then called) caused their own misery, and otherwise fight racial injustice. We were a committed army of do-gooders.

I soon, however, had an eye-opening experience that revealed the true character of this black/white friendship. I attended the national meeting of my academic discipline in Washington, DC, held at the upscale Washington Hilton Hotel. Several thousand professors and graduate students — then overwhelmingly white men — filled the hotel.

Alas, my occasional visits to the lobby men’s room exposed the deeply seated racial views of my fellow academics.

The Hilton men’s room, like nearly all such facilities in up-market hotels and restaurants, employed a “washroom attendant.” He was invariably an elderly black man who smiled a lot, offered grooming supplies, but most importantly, he personally handed you soap and small towels, and turned on the hot water for you to wash your hands. He might also brush off shoulder dandruff while exchanging pleasant chit-chat. I grew up with these black washroom attendants, and my father insisted that I always tip them a dollar. This was important to their livelihoods. It was no big expense, even for a young professor like myself.

I noticed that not a single convention attendee relied on the attendant’s service let alone tipped him anything. After completing “their business,” all quickly fled the facilities and steadfastly refused to acknowledge the attendant’s very existence. He was the true Invisible Man. Given a choice of leaving the bathroom with unwashed, possibly contaminated hands or leaving a tip for an elderly black gentleman, the unsanitary choice prevailed. No doubt, every single convention attendee supported the War on Poverty, but not in the Hilton men’s room.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Black Brutality

Either we talk about it or we lose our country.

Everyone knows violent crime is up, and there are theories about why.

I have noticed a pattern that may not fit any of these theories.

In New Orleans this spring, a 17-year-old boy with a pistol, along with three girls — one 16, the others 15 — stole a car with the owner in it. She got stuck in her seatbelt and was hanging out the driver’s-side door when they roared away. Her arm was ripped off and she bled to death. The carjackers were black. The 73-year-old victim was white.

Just a few days ago in Philadelphia, seven black children — the youngest was 10 — beat a 73-year-old black man to death with a traffic cone.

Here’s an Orlando headline from not even two months ago: “10-year-old girl shot, killed woman after fight.”

It is hard to imagine people of any other race doing these things. America has a shocking problem with black people, a problem it refuses even to think about.

Not to put too fine a point on it, these people are enemies of civilization.

Do white people do this sort of thing? Do Asians? Hispanics? Maybe if you hunted really hard, you could find some examples. With blacks, you don’t have to hunt at all.

I hate to say this, but vicious savagery against whites is understandable in a twisted way. From childhood on, blacks learn that whites are bad people. Why not rob them, beat them, kill them?

But what about those seven youngsters who beat a helpless black man to death? What kind of depravity is this? Those children are almost an indictment of the whole species.

When something like that makes the news — which mostly it doesn’t — there’s a little hand-wringing and then silence. But let a white person say a few ill-chosen words, and it’s proof of a vast, malignant web of white supremacy and systemic racism that we must all work to dismantle, night and day.

This is not just disproportionate. It’s sick. It’s like running the vacuum while the house burns down.

Is it meanspirited or wrong to talk about this? No. It’s essential. And for as long as whites are paralyzed by the fear of being called “racist,” their country will keep sinking into savagery until they have no country at all.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

We Don’t Have a Gun Problem. We Have a Race Problem.

Here are CDC data on the 19,384 people who were shot to death in 2020, broken out by race.


Blacks accounted for 12,048 of them, even though blacks were only 14 percent of the population. And look over at the right, or deaths per 100,000. The figure of 25.5 for blacks is nearly 10 times the rate for whites, which is 2.7.

Could it be that white racists are killing all those black people? No. 566 blacks killed whites (including Hispanics), but only 246 whites and Hispanics killed blacks.


Since there are about 6-1/2 times as many whites and Hispanics as black, it means a black person is more likely to kill a white or a Hispanic by such a shockingly high multiple, I won’t even tell you what it is.

Let’s look at the really big picture. This graph shows homicide rates for different countries plotted against private ownership of firearms.


The US is way out on the right, with lots of guns. But the total homicide rate is pulled up by the very high black total homicide rate of 29.2. Blacks are committing murder at Latin American rates, right up there with Brazil and Mexico, which are over to the left with low gun ownership. For whites alone, the total homicide rate of 3.12 is definitely higher than a lot of European countries but it’s not off the charts.


Which has a bigger impact on a country’s murder rates? The number of guns or the people who live there?

What are the chances *any* of this gets any official notice in all the yackety yack about gun control? Zero. This little talk of mine would make good Congressional testimony, but politicians don’t dare talk about race – well, except maybe for this guy: “Blake Masters Blames Gun Violence on ‘Black People, Frankly.”


Note “Master Race” stamped under the headline. Tell the truth and you’re a Nazi.

Samuel Hathaway & Noah #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mom Shot at by Tekle Sundberg Expresses Outrage

(Samuel Hathaway)

Cindy and Mark Sundberg adopted Tekle from Ethiopia when he was just four years old.

Introducing Cindy and Mark Sundberg, the "adoptive parents" of Tekle Sundberg from Ethiopia.

More evidence that Minnesota whites are a seriously defective branch of the White race, actually believing that it's their job as whites to patronize third-world blacks, pamper, and spoil them to no end.

The Sundbergs are among the biggest racists you'll ever meet -- for patronzing blacks and always taking their side, and also for preaching, sermonizing, moralizing and guilt-tripping whites.

pathological altruism is epidemic among the Swedes

Minnesota is filled with those whose ancestry is Swedish. Obviously a serious neurological, retarded defect in the brain somewhere -- in Sweden and here in the U.S. The parallels of pathological altruism are too stark to ignore.

Adopting Ethiopians is about as dumb as adopting a wild animal from Africa, turning them loose on society and expecting civil behavior as a result.


I look forward to some black saying the Sundbergs are racist for adopting the black kid from Ethiopia and he is now dead because of that. That will be irony times hundred for these two fools who wasted time and money adopting him and raising him here.

They will call them colonizers like they did Amy Coney Barrett.

The irony is that Ethiopians aren’t “black,” they’re Cushitic and they’re one of the major slave traders, along with Somalis, of black Bantu slaves to Arabs. They’ve done this for millennia, until Europeans made them stop.

Their cruelty makes them a people that don’t deserve pity.

In Europe, the Nordic countries were the furthest from foreign invasion. They’re not like mainland and Central European people who’ve seen a who’s who of history’s bastards come marching through their land.

A Swede never saw so much as a marauding Avar, but Hungarians and Poles did, as well as Huns, Mongols, Turks, Soviets and Nazis, to name a few. Swedes have no real concept of outside danger or the inherent danger present in outsiders in either the old world or the new.

Anonymous American #racist amren.com

A Public Defender No More

Virtually all our clients were black men and women, even in a region that was mostly white. One day, I was assigned a new client, a black woman accused of assault and robbery, looking at a max of 15 years in state prison.

I worked a miracle: not guilty on all charges. She expressed no gratitude. I said, “Well you can at least say ‘thank you.’ I put in a lot of effort and kept you out of prison.”

Her reply: “You white mother f*ck*rs don’t deserve a ‘thank you.’ What you need is a mother f*ck*n’ *ss beatin’.”

Another client was a black man. He used a handgun to beat and terrorize an Indian store owner. His defense was, “I ain’t do nothing, white mother f*ck*rs just need somebody to f*ck with.”

Another client was a black man in jail for homicide. He was accused of aggressively instigating an argument with a totally innocent teenager. The argument ended when the man drew a firearm and killed the kid. What were the first words out of his mouth? “Just what I need, a cracker.”

He said, “F*ck their flea bargain it’s just because I’m black and they don’t like n*gge*s. My mother f*ck*ng people were your f*ck*rs slaves.”

I have many, many, more stories. They are all the same: a violent crime, a black client using up taxpayer dollars, and the claim that everyone is racist, including me. The explosive violence of these people is shocking, and when I say explosive, I mean explosive.

It was the same script over and over. If the victims were white — as they often were — they deserved it and were lying. They were “white mother f*ck*rs” or “white crackers who had it coming.” You couldn’t reason with them; there was no reasoning going on. There is a pool of black men and women roaming the streets looking for an opportunity to victimize someone through brute force.

Over and over, I heard the same thing: “Yous peoples owes us.”

If people really knew about the violent predators who are walking around in large numbers, looking to beat them to death for no real reason, they would board themselves up in their homes and never come out. The liberal news won’t tell you, your local politicians refuse to admit it, and the police are accused by both the criminals and the politicians of being the problem

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Why There Will be More Payton Gendrons

Everything Mr. Gendron wrote and did was driven by fury at the replacement of whites in traditionally white-majority nations: “To preserve our cultures and people we must be physically separated,” he wrote. “Whites do not belong in Nigeria the same reason why blacks do not belong in England.”

What is “The Great Replacement” and why does it evoke such passion? The phrase is shorthand for large population changes. In 1960, whites were 85 percent of the US population, and assumed they would always to be the overwhelming majority. Today, they are down to 58 percent, and by 2060, their numbers are projected to drop to 43 percent.

The same process is underway in every traditionally white nation. In Britain and France, natives are expected to become minorities by 2060 or so.

For those who welcome white replacement, it is not a conspiracy but something to celebrate. Michael Moore declared the Census Bureau’s release of the same 2020 data, “the best day ever in U.S. History.”

Facts are not racist or sexist. The 2020 census found that in the previous 10 years, the Asian population in the United States had grown by 35 percent, Hispanics by 23 percent, and blacks by 5.6 percent, while the number of whites declined by 8.6 percent. Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote that “it was a terrifying census for white nationalists.”

Non-violent replacement has the same results as military occupation. If Mexico had conquered parts of the Southwest, there would be a dominant Mexican/Hispanic presence of language, culture, aspirations, people — which is what we find today.

Today, the entire West is united in support for Ukraine against Russia. Why? Because it is fighting The Great Replacement — this one armed. But if Ukraine saw a huge influx of Russians would Ukraine be changed even a fraction as much as The Great Replacement is changing the United States?

Nations have a powerful urge to protect their identities. It is Basic Law that Israel is a Jewish state. This officially recognizes a precious identity that replacement would destroy. All non-white nations have an equally powerful, instinctive opposition to replacement. What Turk or Thai or Tunisian would even think of setting in motion policies that would reduce their people to a minority?

Ben Sullivan #racist #wingnut amren.com

How the Left Exploits Ignorance

Their ideas blend together in the public consciousness and create an inaccurate view of history that portrays the population of sub-Saharan Africa as victims.

Today’s students cannot correctly place the Civil War, World War I, or World War II within 50 years of their actual occurrence. Some teachers are no better. A fellow graduate student once told me how excited she was to teach her class Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

Zinn’s anti-white book is widely used, but even Stanford University has an article on its biases. Any serious historian who has read it would find it laughable. For example, it assumes the American colonists were anti-Indian because of simple racism. In fact, in King Philip’s War, which broke out just 55 years after the Mayflower arrived, tribal animosities were the main cause. The colonists aligned themselves with the Mohegans, Pequots and Mohawks against the Wampanoag, Nipmuc, and Narragansetts.

Many students believe Africa is weak because Europeans colonized and looted it. I hear this so often that I ask students to pull out their phones and search for the dates of African colonization. It did not start until after slavery had ended in the United States. Why was Africa weak until then?

Another problem for Prof. Diamond is that West Africans were involved in trade during the late Roman Empire. The Ghanian Empire, as it is called today, was a major commercial hub. Even if draft animals had not been domesticated in Africa, Africans could have traded for them.

Also, colonization was partially spurred by the American Civil War. The North’s naval blockade of the South led the Spanish and French to begin vying for power in Indochina as a way to get raw materials instead of backing the Confederacy.

The obvious reason for black Africa’s backwardness is low average IQ, for which there is overwhelming evidence.

Is there any sub-Saharan country where blacks are better off than they are in the United States? No. Does having a black teacher improve black grades? No.

Making scapegoats of Europeans for black failure makes it impossible for our country to understand the problem, much less try to solve it.

Timothy Vorgenss #racist #wingnut amren.com

Progressives Don’t Stand for Progress

We should not accept the idea that we are conservative. We promote progress. We cannot be satisfied with delaying the victories of the so-called progressive left. This is not our mission.

To the extent that we are conservative, it is only in the service of progress. It is necessary to eliminate useless innovations that compete with useful ones. If I am undergoing surgery, I don’t want a strawberry-flavored anesthetic. I want an effective one.

Ethno-differentiation promotes security, social trust, and therefore productivity. This leads, among many other things, to better medical research, longer life expectancy, quality of life, quality of childhood, artistic achievements . . . . In fact, listing the benefits of separation could become an academic specialty.

Our discourse could become more effective if it were to change in ways we may not have considered. I’m not talking about being right. We are already right. I’m talking about winning the ideas game, of making competing ideas irrelevant.

Our opponents are the champions of broken promises. Why offer progress rather than a return to the past? Let us oppose liberals with a right-wing vision of progress. Perhaps a slogan like this: “Rich or poor, who would not prefer the crime rate of Tokyo rather than Chicago? No more broken progressive promises.”

We must invent identity progressivism. Our arguments might look like this: “We were making such progress. Women were just beginning to enjoy their rights, and now immigrants torment them. Why did you spoil it? Do you hate women? And why force LGBT people to suffer among groups that hate them?” The key is to say such things without irony or sarcasm.

This may not change the outcome of a particular conversation, but it is important to stop always condemning the future and holding up the past as a solution. In the popular mind, white advocacy must evoke words like “solution,” “future,” “progress,” “inevitable.”

Constant repetition establishes a center of gravity, a centripetal dynamic, and anchors a belief in people’s minds. Anchoring the correct beliefs in people’s minds is what we do.

EsotericSouthron #crackpot #elitist #magick #wingnut amren.com

The most important aspect of monarchy is legitimacy. This is central to all fair discussions of monarchy. When monarchies have "right of conquest" (as Great Britain did) then they do not necessarily reflect a connection to the folk of that land. Subsequently, there is the considerations of whether or not the House of Saxe Coburg and Gotha should rule British people (let alone the House of Hanover; which incited British disregard for the crown--and arguably culminated in the anti-monarchical sentiment of early Americans).

I think it pertinent to the discussion that people more fully appreciate what legitimacy means. King Arthur, for instance, was a legitimate king. In ancient monarchies, legitimacy was based on whether or not the king had "magical" powers ("magic" is simply related to the word for "make," and denotes a level of spiritual advancement). The Danish House of Skjoldung, for instance, traced back to Odin; who, according to some theories, was a legitimate historical king with supernatural powers.

I understand that some people will find this to be quackery or unbelievable. But consider that there are scientific institutes (such as https://noetic.org/) dedicated to the study of psychic phenomenon. Physics has, to some degree, been forced to acknowledge that there is a connection between consciousness and changes in the material universe. That is, as ancient people understood it, called "magic" (and part of the phenomenon linked behind events like this: https://reliefweb.int/report/brazil/rains-fall-burning-amazon-after-shamans-ritual). Legitimate kings had literal (not mythical) spiritual power. This is why the ancient test for a legitimate king demanded that the king be able to perform what humans today would consider miracles.

As strange as this might sound to some of y'all, monarchs who do not have a degree of unity with spiritual forces are, fundamentally, degenerated from the spiritual reality, and are too enmeshed with materialism to be trustworthy. The ancient rite of passing on a divine heir is also mostly lost to them. I'm a monarchist, yet must acknowledge that usurpers sit on the throne.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Vitriol Over Queen Elizabeth II Shows Many Left-Wingers Just Hate White People

(Mike Lanham)

Conservatives arrive at the obvious.

Growing up, I quickly learned that almost all blacks despise whites. The white Left became openly anti-white about twenty years ago. Self-hatred. The blacks hate whites due to envy. The whites who hate themselves can get away with hating themselves due to affluence. It doesn’t cost them anything.

It's not enough that they can live decently in our lands we built, because clearly they don't intend to go back to their own.
Imagine an unwanted stranger moves into your house, then somewhere down the line the stranger wants to take down your family photos in your house because it doesn't suit their personal desires and needs.
Honestly, when is enough enough?

It's more than just "intellectual" hate of Whites. They want to exterminate all Whites and all vestiges of Whiteness. One of their methods is to convince Whites to marry non-Whites and produce non-White children. This destroys White family lines. Pollutes the White gene pool. Lessens the number of White births.

I've noticed that a lot more normie conservative media outlets are coming to this conclusion OPENLY. If you read websites like Breitbart, Daily Caller, etc... you'll notice that there's a complete disconnect between the writers and the comments section. The latter completely gets what's going on where the former tap dances around the issue or spouts some DR3 nonsense. It only makes these sites look more and more foolish by not acknowledging the truth while insulting the intelligence of their audience.

With the exception of a few East Asian countries, I can’t think of a minority White country that is anywhere near high functioning. They are riddled with crime and poverty. We see clearly what they have done to the United States. The hate, from envy, will only get worse.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: How Blatant Anti-White Racism Won Acceptance in Elite America

(Mike Lanham)

In a 2021 lecture at Yale University titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani described her “fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a favor.”

This is a sampling of the new racism that is gaining purchase in American society even as its advocates relentlessly punish speech they deem harmful and threatening to people of color.

Deep down, they know they are inferior. Deep down, they know that white men are superior. Almost every invention used by the people of the world of all races, ethnicities and religions were created by white men. And the weak people of the world resent that.

They (Non-White) do see White people as superior, which is why they exclusively steal and bastardize European tales, cultures and history. They hate what they can't be and create. Anti-White non-Whites wish they were in European tales. This is also why Black/Brown men are obsessed with White women, particularly red heads and blondes.

'White Liberals, in their hunger for humiliation, will take as revealed truth anything an angry black man says.'

-S.I. Hayakawa

It is worth noting that prejudice against certain whites in America has been mainstream before. In an 1881 letter to a friend describing America, the English historian and politician Edward Augustus Freeman wrote, "This would be a grand land if only every Irishman would kill a [black], and be hanged for it."

I heard some people say that the anti-White rhetoric used in the USA today is comparable to the anti-Jewish rhetoric being used in Germany before WWII. The left hasn't quite reached the point of rounding up White people and murdering them, but it does make you wonder.

(Francis Galton)
The increase in antiwhitism and the proliferation of unrestrained antiwhite rhetoric is a good thing, because it drives more normies into our camp and hollows out the center.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com


During the Mexican-American War, some politicians wanted to conquer all of Mexico. Here is John C. Calhoun’s (race realist) argument against doing so.

“We have conquered many of the neighboring tribes of Indians, but we have never thought of incorporating them into our Union. They have either been left as an independent people amongst us, or been driven into the forests. Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race. And yet it is professed and talked about to erect these Mexicans into a Territorial Government, and place them on an equality with the people of the United States. I protest utterly against such a project.

Are you, any of you, willing that your States should be governed by these twenty-odd Mexican States, with a population of about only one million of your blood, and two or three millions of mixed blood, all the rest pure Indians, a mixed blood equally ignorant and unfit for liberty, impure races, not as good as Cherokees or Choctaws?”

The frankness of the great men of the past is astounding! They were so blunt with the truth. They knew that Christian European civilization was unique in all of history. They also knew instinctively that to admit millions of Indians would completely disrupt a White society.

(Ian Connolly)
If we threatened the president of Mexico with literal military action if he doesn’t take the people back and keep them there, I wonder how that would go.

Even after mass deportations, Mexico would still owe us TRILLIONS in "reparations," which, of course, they couldn't pay.

I wouldn’t threaten them I would do it. Roll tanks right up to the National Palace in Mexico City. Cut Mexico in half. The seven northern Mexican states will be under US military authority until the invaders are reunited to their homeland. It’s the only way to seriously get them removed and punish Mexico for the carnage they have cost this country.

Off topic.
But if anyone needs a good red pilling in race realism, I suggest spending an afternoon in the Emergency Room of a local hospital of any town that is at least 10% black. Oh, the things you will see…

Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

More Deceit from the ADL

The ADL must be awfully disappointed to have to admit that “domestic extremists” killed only 29 people in 19 separate incidents. To put this in perspective, the CDC reports that in 2020, there were 24,576 murders.

The ADL claims that 26 of the 29 murders “were committed by right-wing extremists,” two by “Black nationalists, and one by an Islamist extremist.”

The entire report is detached from reality. Of the 19 cases it cites, only one makes its case; the rest refute it.

Nathan Allen, who killed two blacks, is the only person in this report who seems to have been driven by political and racial motives. Two cases appear to have been anti-white killings by blacks. The other 15 are pathetic stories of career criminals, frustrated failures, and mentally disturbed people. To call this collection of crimes evidence of “right-wing extremism” and to imply that they demonstrate the danger of “white supremacism” is mendacious.

This isn’t the first time American Renaissance has analyzed a laughable ADL report, but this year’s is even worse than usual. The ADL nonetheless concludes by urging support for the “PROTECT” plan, which calls for more money to fight “domestic terrorism” and control of content on the internet.

The report doesn’t even include the Waukesha Massacre. Darrell Brooks, who is black and who openly expressed hatred of whites, drove a car into a parade of white people, killing six and injuring dozens more. The ADL would surely have highlighted this case if the races had been reversed.

This report is an embarrassment. It is an almost random collection of 19 crimes followed by a call for more repression. But don’t blame the ADL. It’s a pressure group with an ax to grind. Blame the politicians and journalists who take this nonsense seriously.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mom of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Who Got Abortion Defends Child’s Rapist

(Darien X)

The mother of a 10-year-old Ohio girl who crossed state lines to get an abortion has defended her daughter’s 27-year-old confessed rapist — who was wrongly listed as a minor during the medical visit, according to reports.

“She’s fine. Everything that they’re saying against him is a lie,” she insisted of Fuentes, who confessed during police interviews to raping the youngster at least twice, according to court records and officials.

This one of a million reasons why we can’t live with these people, they have no concept whatsoever of law and order and even child abuse.
The obviously Hispanic mother defends the rapist who raped and impregnating of her 10 year daughter!
It doesn’t get any worse than this.

(ilya muromets)
Rape is just common practice in the Amerindian part black Hispanic culture. Yes these invaders storming our Southern border like a greedy army are not who the left say they are. They have similar child abandonment rates among the fathers of their children as blacks do.

No White SJWs we are not all the same.

Bush Family Values.

(Bobby E)

If the nutty woman is defending the man who raped her daughter, she also should be jailed.

She is probably having an affair with him. You never know with these wonderful Hispanics and their family values.

Jason Knight, Dona Leigh & Dr. Know #crackpot #racist amren.com

RE: OPRF to Implement Race-Based Grading System in 2022-23 School Year

(Jason Knight)

Oak Park and River Forest High School administrators will require teachers next school year to adjust their classroom grading scales to account for the skin color or ethnicity of its students.

In an effort to equalize test scores among racial groups, OPRF will order its teachers to exclude from their grading assessments variables it says disproportionally hurt the grades of black students. They can no longer be docked for missing class, misbehaving in school or failing to turn in their assignments, according to the plan.

The entire "anti-racist" ideology has devolved and given way to naked worship of black people.

(Dona Leigh)

Because something that doesn't work for blacks, but does for everyone else, is outdated and biased, shows us that lefties do indeed know that blacks are lesser creatures.

They are a different SPECIES. Negroes are only about 6-8K years old. Proto/early Negroes are only 12K years old..

Liberals throw a frothing fit when I tell them black people are less intelligent. Yet they tacitly admit it as such.

Because Blacks ARE a different species.. not a different race.. Whites were evolving, mixing and breeding with the locals in Europe, Neanderthals, Denisovans Heidi's etc., Africans were breeding and mixing, evolving with what was walking about in Africa, for over 50K-100K years.

The oldest Negro skeletal remains ever found in Africa is a mere 6K years old..

They are a new species on the planet.

(Dr. Know)
This is great news!
Give all the minorities, all "A's", tell them they no longer need to attend, and that "we'll see you at graduation", then at least the white kids can have a decent school.

Actually, what was I thinking....
Giving students an A, is too traditional.
Black students should be graded with gold teeth, hence "Trayvon gots 5 out of 5 gold teeth on that test.
Now THAT'S some equity!

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Medicine Goes Dangerously Insane

Is your doctor competent? For years, whites and Asians have had to be a lot better qualified than blacks or Hispanics to get into medical school.


The bars on the left were the chances of getting into medical school with a low MCAT score. Look at the results for the better qualified applicants. Being black or Hispanic is a huge advantage.

This has been the case for decades, but a thick new form of madness has spread over medicine: an anti-racism rampage that has several goals. Turn more blacks and Hispanics into doctors, no matter what. Make sure everyone in medicine is battling “structural racism” and “white supremacy” every moment of the day. Blame society – and especially white doctors – for the bad health of “people of color.” “Center” treatment of non-whites, which means treat them better. And, of course, persecute anyone who opposes this craziness.

It’s a matter of blind faith that “underrepresented minorities” – that’s blacks and Hispanics and sometimes American Indians – are just as smart and hard-working as whites and Asians – Asians are the over-represented minority.

Black and Hispanic doctors in residency training score worse than whites on every standard of evaluation. There’s not a single area in which they are even as good. The authors can think of only three possible reasons: “bias in faculty assessment, effects of a noninclusive learning environment, or structural inequities in assessment.”

The entire medical profession is too terrified to denounce this rubbish – with one exception. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of Penn Medical School tweeted: “Could it be they were just less good at being residents?”

Within hours of his tweet, the dean of Dr. Goldfarb’s medical school emailed all students and faculty a classic of self-righteousness and bootlicking.

This is what white people get for their unspeakable cowardice. They must never defend themselves. They must confess perpetual guilt. They must turn their institutions – and their jobs – over to people who built their careers on resentment. And white doctors will help build a system in which their own people will be at the back of the bus for treatment.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Portland Man Rages at Liberal White Woman Over Traffic Incident

"I hope you go back to Europe, you b**ch."

You better figure it out White folks....it IS about race.

(Michael Whalen)
Dear Mr. Native American, if it were not for us colonizers, you would not have possessed an automobile in the first place.

(John Holmes)
99% of "Native Americans" are really self hating whites with MAYBE a small percentage of Indian blood. He's probably another fake injin

(Marc Zuckurburg)
"It was then she found out that her liberalness didn't save her from her whiteness".

This is the epitome of the white female liberal mindset. He could have spat on her and she would have consoled him. He could have smacked her and she would have understood his pain. These women are beyond hope and will never change their world view.

(American Plague)
With the White birth rate being what it is, Darwinian natural selection SHOULD take care of them, although it may take a little while.

(M C)
I don't take "Colonizer!!!" as an insult. To the contrary, it's an admission that my ancestors were far more capable than those of any minority who would call me that.

You could remind him that he is the colonized/loser.

The young woman in the video seems to be confused. It is not Oregonians who are "f***ing nice" - it is white people who are "f***ing nice". The internet addled generation pretend to not notice little things like race, ethnicity or gender, but reality can be a cruel master. Another article in this series describes a young French woman who was raped by a "French" Iranian - it is likely that woman considers French people to be "f***ing nice".

HT77 #racist amren.com

RE: South Africa Risks Race War by Stoking Xenophobia, Opposition Warns

“They are going to saddle a tiger that they will never be able to ride,” John Steenhuisen, the leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance said at Chatham House in London, where he gave an on-the-record briefing Monday. “You may think you are starting a bush fire in the foreigner camp, but I can tell you that that fire will jump the fence in South Africa and eventually we will have a full blown race war on our hands.”

Being an intelligent white person in a country run by blacks has got to be a horrible and frustrating existence. This country continues to go downhill and is just a shell of the once great South Africa of apartheid and competence.

They had 1st world living conditions in many places and nuclear weapons. But it was all worth destroying for black "equality".

It wasn't their choice. The whites in America and Europe demanded it be done.

At the rate we (America) are headed, this is our future.

In some ways depending on where you live it is already here for many.

Jared Taylor #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

Breaking the Sound Barrier on Campus

On Friday, I gave a speech at Arizona State University — despite furious opposition. “Anarchists” and “anti-fascists” tried to pressure the university to cancel the talk.

My talk, “If We Do Nothing: A Defense of White Identity Politics,” was an introduction to why white racial awareness is necessary. I started with the basics of race — that it is the biological equivalent of subspecies in animals — and described the most important racial differences, with an emphasis on intelligence. I pointed out that refusing to recognize racial reality means unfairly blaming whites for the failures of blacks and Hispanics, and for this reason alone, it is essential to talk about them. I gave examples of how diversity is a terrible weakness, not a strength, and argued that the attempt to build a multiracial America has failed.

“What is the solution?” I asked, and replied that it lies in the scores of racial identity groups on the Arizona State University Campus — of which I had counted no fewer than 70.

There is not, of course, a single “white” or “European” group on campus. This is typical of the fatal double standard according to which only whites are barred from taking the most obvious efforts to defend their interests and ensure their continued existence as a people.

On a campus that prides itself on “diversity” — whites may already be a minority — non-whites band together in a clear effort to build racial solidarity and promote identity politics. If diversity is a strength, why do non-whites want homogeneity? Because disengagement is the way to escape the irreconcilable differences that are poisoning America. Most people prefer to be among people like themselves, and campus groups point the way for society at large: Some people may want to live multi-culti lives, but the rest of us must have the right to go our own way.

I ended by saying that I wanted the best for people of all races. Let blacks build Wakanda and Hispanics build Aztlan, but with their own efforts and with no whining about “white privilege.” And we, too, must have our own nation in which we can live according to the ways of our people.

Ian Connolly, berniebrother & ilya muromets #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: No Whites Allowed: Pfizer Fellowship Flagrantly Violates the Law, Lawyers Say

(Ian Connolly)

The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer offers a prestigious fellowship that bars whites and Asians from applying.

“This Pfizer program is so flagrantly illegal I seriously wonder how it passed internal review by its general counsel,” said Adam Mortara, one of the country’s top civil rights attorneys.

Please stop making Asians into victims as if they’re whites. It’s so obnoxious. They all have homogeneous countries that they can return to tomorrow.

Asians are becoming just as bad as blacks and Hispanics in this country — The current mayor of Boston alone, is evidence of that. They are not us, and they can’t be trusted.

Just because they have low crime and illegitimacy rates (minus southeast Asians) it unfortunately tends to hypnotize a lot of white nationalists to believe that they’re on our side, that they’re no threat to the American way of life, or that they can continue growing in America. This is very destructive thinking.

I want them to be deported just as much as I want Mexicans and Haitians deported. All non-white groups have to be viewed, at least in some marginal way, as harmful to us and our countries. We can’t spend all of our time and energy on blacks just because of higher crime rates. It’s a losing strategy.

The mayor of Boston is an openly anti-white bigot. She's married to a white guy, of course.

“This Pfizer program is so flagrantly illegal I seriously wonder how it passed internal review by its general counsel”.

I know! The answer is most likely black lawyers.

(ilya muromets)
“Minus southeast Asians?” They are still Asians, & putting their criminal data & lifestyle traits averaged in the Asian race, must be displayed to show that Asians aren’t the low crime darlings many say they are.

‘Bout time someone OTM stated these facts about the Orientals here.
Yup, they hate us too.

Whites, most hate us, all envy us, all would love to be us, now we must make them fear us.

Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Inventing a New Minority

The “Hispanic” category was a power grab.

In 1980, some whites objected to adding “Hispanic” as an “ethnic” category because it was both imprecise and insulting to white “ethnics” such as Poles and Italians.

Conservatives briefly considered whether ethnic whites deserve census categories. The 1980 Republican Convention included this as part of its platform:

Millions of Americans who trace their heritage to the nations of Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe have for too long seen their values neglected. The Republican Party will take positive steps to see to it that these Americans, along with others too long neglected, have the opportunity to share the power, as well as the burdens of our society.

Ethnic whites were merged into a larger “white” identity — and this didn’t lead to a boom in their influence and power. Instead, the “Hispanic” category is now the largest non-white group in the United States. The people who established the category knew what they were doing.

Priorities shifted when it became more profitable to be non-white.

In 1977, LULAC succeeded in having the federal government recognize ‘Mexicans,’ and all ‘Hispanics,’ as separate from European-Americans and essentially ‘non-white’ so as to be eligible for affirmative action programs.

Groups such as the National Council of La Raza encouraged Spanish-speakers to say they were Hispanic because it would mean more effective appeals to corporations and the government.

In some US states, the Portuguese were also granted minority status, and this, as well, proved to be of substantial benefit to some Portuguese-owned businesses.

Clearly, people want to be considered “disadvantaged” because then they get advantages. This isn’t just idiotic; it damages national unity. Racial/ethnic Categories are a powerful barrier to assimilation. Cubans are far more likely than other Hispanics to call themselves “white,” (87%) and, in a 2004 Pew poll, more than half said America was their “real” homeland. Only about a third of Mexicans, Central and South Americans, and Puerto Ricans did — even though the latter are all US citizens.

Various Commenters #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

RE: Transgender Lutheran Bishop Resigns Over Racism Allegations

(American Plague)

An openly transgender cleric from San Francisco has resigned amid allegations of racism after firing the pastor of a predominantly Latino congregation.

The association’s leaders said her message ignored the suffering of an entire community and gave “a white aggressor the opportunity to decide their own fate — a decision deeply rooted in white supremacy and systemic racism.”

Hahaha! This reads like the most bizarre, Mad Max-like, post apocalyptic craziness😆! A bunch of transphobic Hispanics come together and terrorize a racist tranny bishop, for racial discrimination, to the point that "they" [the racist tranny] has to wear bullet proof armor during church service. I can definitely see how some God fearing Christians might think that The End is near.

(Marc Zuckurburg)
A contest to see who is the bigger snowflake.

(Meyer Lansky)
Hispanics learned a long time ago to play the race card the way blacks do. How many times do they mention blacks and browns in the same sentence when they claim discrimination and harassment from us evil whites?

Hay, caramba! supremasisticando Blanco et rasismo systematical! So firing someone with incomplete credential requirements is racism now... By the way, since when 'Hispanic trans' (or is he a Mexican trans?) is a RACE?
On a different note: What fired what? It is so difficult to follow all that terminology salad with some peppery qualifications added for taste... Speaking of tastes, in some denominations and religions, it's the achievements (work, publications, etc) that are emphasized, not the bedroom specs.
And that's an interesting twist: What kind of a discrimination and -ism is it if a queer fires a tranny? Is it a discrimination or a retaliation or some kind of a supremacy or what?


Isn’t it some kind of heresy for someone to insist on being referred to as, ‘they’

"They" like multiple demons inside. Legion.

Ben Sullivan #racist amren.com

My 55 black students could be divided into four groups:

1. Good kids who desperately wanted to get out of the ghetto (about 4 students)

2. Decent kids who, with a bit of effort, could perhaps rise above and become good citizens (4 students)

3. Bad kids who regurgitated what they knew white teachers wanted to hear (7 students)

4. Ghetto thugs (40 students)

Once the administration thought they had eliminated all of the possibilities for gang colors, the students started dying their teeth red and blue.

The gang affiliations would have gone unnoticed if the school did not have frequent “walk-by shootings.” Gang members would stalk the fences of the school looking for rival gang members to shoot at.

Riots were fairly common as well. For instance, two girls who started fighting over a boy would draw in their friends, and the friends of their friends, and so on and so forth.

Things I saw:

- Students robbing grocery stores in uniform

- Students talking about their grandmothers giving oral sex to animals for crack

- Students having sex in empty classrooms

- Students not understanding that the world was not in black and white before color photographs

- Boys hitting girls

- Open drug use

- Overt racism between students who called one another “stupid Africans” and made clicking sounds to mimic African languages (all these students were African-American, not African immigrants)

After three years, I was moved to a middle school where a majority of the students were Jewish, Persian, or Hispanic. There were no problems there. The Jewish and Persian kids understood the lessons immediately. The Hispanic kids had some trouble and lagged a bit, but not far enough to derail a lesson, and they were respectful enough not to keep a lesson from progressing. I eventually left that job, but only for financial reasons.

By their senior year, the whites, Asians and Hispanics had grown to detest their black classmates. They saw them as disruptive and ignorant thieves. I can remember another teacher sitting in a meeting and saying, “Remember Martin Luther King? ‘Judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character?’ He probably should have left that last part out.” That about sums it up.