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Face the facts, Negroes, your race are a failed race because you're a feckless, unruly, uncivilized horde of feral proto-humans. You never figured out how to live in a society bigger than one or two squabbling families. Starting thousands of years ago, everyone else on this planet without exception did - they invented religion, the idea of law, and the ideas of property and respect for the value of human life. This enabled tribes to coalesce into bigger groups and become organized. The rest is history, or rather civilization. But your lot never did this, did they? Abstract thought and problem- solving have never been the black man's strengths, have they? Did they invent a long-lived and intellectually coherent religion? Nope. Did they ever build a city? Nope. Did they even invent bricks? Nope, Did they till the land until somebody showed them? Nope. Did they domesticate an animal for their use? Nope. Did they invent a written language? Once, but it died an ignoble death surrounded by negro ignorance. Did they invent the wheel? Nope. Were they curious enough about what lay out across the sea to sail upon it? Nope.

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Let’s hear no wailing about “black lives.” The main victims of the crime wave are black, with victims including children, partygoers, and funeral guests. Vox tells us BLM has led to a reduction in “police homicides” in areas where there were protests. Of course, at least some of these homicides would have been justified use of force. Yet the very same research Vox cites says that between 2014 and 2019, there were “somewhere between 1,000 and 6,000 more homicides than would have been expected [absent protests]” in those places. Even if we accept the unhinged premise that police suddenly stopped gunning down blacks for no reason, the result of BLM was thousands of dead blacks — and nice houses for the movement’s co-founder.

Still, it’s not about blacks. It’s about us. We paid the Dane-geld. We’ve shamefully paid it to people with far less nobility and courage than the Vikings. The Minnesota protester screaming that riots worked is right. They worked because they had media backing. Our loss of identity leaves us vulnerable to moral blackmail. Whites seem to be in a permanent state of shellshock. White conservatives want to be left alone, with Tucker Carlson saying that what the nation needs “more than anything” is “a moment to catch our national breath.” Really? Conservatives know something is wrong, but don’t dare recognize the real problem. Republicans who collaborate with this rotten system have shut down even halting steps towards white identity.

Meanwhile, over the last decade, white liberals have radically changed their views on race and actively discriminate against whites. It’s more correct to say that new views were inserted into their brains through hysterical media coverage of police shootings. Those who call themselves “very liberal” are hopelessly deluded. A majority think that police gun down over 1,000 unarmed black men a year — almost 100 times the actual number. Statistics can’t compete with sob-stories, and stories give people meaning. I believe many Americans get their moral purpose for life from them.

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RE: Belgian Police Deployed After Clashes Between Chechens, Kurds


“We’ve never seen such incidents before in Liege,” he told AFP.

Well maybe that’s because you have never had Chechens and Kurds before? But this simple logic is probably too much for their brains to handle.

White Americans and Western Europeans seem to have absolutely no logic or common sense to notice multiculturalism doesn't work and never has in the history of mankind.

I guess I somehow missed the articles about clashes between the Swedish and Finnish PhD's in nuclear physics wielding telescopes and laptops with formulas... It's always between the astrophysicists with AK's from those mountainous areas somewhere in the Caucuses...

I wonder if the nationalists of European nations are, well, 'prepared' to say the least...

Islam is a predatory religion which waits to amass enough adherents to form a pack before it strikes. Liege is now forming packs which will at some point stop fighting among themselves and strike at the natives.

Deport all muslims from the west. Problem solved!

Doing the rioting Walloons and the Flemish won't do.

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Like many other whites, I’m exhausted. Unlike Tucker Carlson, I don’t think we need a chance to catch our breath or pursue change more slowly. We need radical change. Every confrontation between a white officer and a non-white criminal is a potential riot. The process is corrupt because judges, jurors, and politicians know that the mob has a veto over the verdict. The rule of law is dead. The answer is separation. Without it, this will never stop.

The strange reality is that there is almost no difference now between being a notorious white advocate or any white guy. Derek Chauvin went, in just one day, from a heartwarming “softie” who married a Hmong refugee to the embodiment of white supremacy. A few days ago, it was a soldier who stopped a black guy from accosting women. He was chased from his home. Tomorrow it could be you.

Whites created this country. They sustain it. Without whites, there is no America. America is an extension of Western Civilization — white civilization — on this continent. Whites pay to support people who hate, curse, and sometimes kill us. We gain nothing. They owe everything. What they have, we gave them, through weakness, folly, and good intentions.

We deserve reparations for trillions wasted in a 60-year effort to babysit a population that pays us back with violence and hatred. Most importantly, we deserve liberation from this albatross that prevents any kind of real national life. Almost any price would be worth paying if we could be sovereign and free, something our ancestors took for granted.

All the quasi-theological abstractions about “privilege” and “critical theory” melt away before one immutable truth: They need us; we don’t need them. Until we have the will to say so, all of us — including you — are just one “viral” incident away from ruin.

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There is going to be a white backlash against this. I hope it persists, unlike the one that happened after Reconstruction and the civil rights movement of the 1960's. I supported the civil rights movement as a child, a teenager, and a young adult. I was mistaken. The black response to the civil rights legislation and the War on Poverty confirms conservative and segregationist arguments against them. The civil rights legislation was forced on whites with extensive experience with Negroes by whites with little experience with them. The last twelve thousand years of human evolution has not prepared most Negroes for the requirements of civilization. These are intelligence, obedience to the law, and monogamy. Characteristics that enabled the ancestors of Negroes to thrive in the jungles of Africa earn for many of them felony convictions in civilized countries.

I wish it did not have to be this way. The minority of blacks who behave and perform as well as the majority of whites deserve equal rights. The majority deserves to be reduced to second class citizenship. Segregation and Jim Crow legislation was based on sound instinct. There is often wisdom in tradition. A criminal justice system that is effective on whites is insufficiently harsh for blacks. Before the civil rights movement that was understood in the United States, and especially in the South. That is why, when a black man and a white man committed the same crime, the black man was given much more punishment.

Before the civil rights movement whites killed blacks all the time. Blacks did not dare protest, because they knew they would be massacred.

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Avoid Baltimore? Of course. And Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis and every other black run cesspool city.

Why, those are bad cities because "they're all run by Democrats" and NOTHING at all to do with being majority black. Oh, no, no, no, no. I mean, that's what the Republicans tell me, so they must be right!

Pathetic, lowlife, self-loathing, lying GOPers do indeed ceaselessly dish that bull out. And how much longer we have to keep pretending that it's Democrats, and not blacks, that are systematically destroying American cities only God knows. But it's absolutely nauseating listening to the bold-faced lies they tell in the meantime.

These same conservatives tell us 'don't engage in identity politics!' when they do nothing but droll over themselves when nonwhites and women are Republican/conservative. I tell them, "Isn't that 'identity politics' to say 'Blacks for Trump' or 'Women for Trump'?"

Why do some Whites feel the need to pick-up trash and paint over graffiti in various ‘Hoods? Within 2 weeks it will look like a dump all over again.

I don't understand this with whites "do gooder" attitude, because they never display this compassion towards poor whites. Never.

They don't even bother to conceal their contempt for poor Whites.

Charles Dickens had the same problem in his day, where wealthy elite Brits cared about Africans in Africa, yet cared nothing for White British boys used as chimney sweeps. I believe the term is Telescopic Philanthropy. These elite whites are the same today.

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RE: What Do Black People Think?

Everyone should be frightened that the ruling white elite have done such a thoroughly successful job of not only disconnecting us from the means of basic self-sufficiency but also convincing us we need armed white officers to manage our children & communities.”

I'm looking at this from the perspective of a black person living as a minority in a white nation. I would not want white police or police of any other race handling the affairs of blacks. For instance, imagine we are a white minority in a Chinese majority nation. I would not trust Chinese police at all in any matter. It's quite obvious to me that the Chinese see my people as "the other". This fills me with distrust. Thus, the problem isn't the blacks, the problem is diversity itself. I do know whites are probably the most fair and impartial race blacks will ever encounter, but you can not erase that feeling of distrust about the "other race", and so the blacks mistrust is perfectly normal and expected. I can also guarantee you that blacks would prefer to be shot by blacks rather than whites and this is why they only target those rare white on black murders. We need to end this diversity experiment.

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As long as whites continue to fail in asserting their in-group preference and uniting as one people, their subjugation at the hands of lesser peoples will continue and grow. And what's preventing white unity has been the liberation of the white female whose bleeding-heart emotions, sensitivity and resistance has caused much fracturing in the white psyche.

Too many white women are busy waging a war against their own men in the name of securing feminist and Marxist interests as they desperately try to escape their obligations towards child rearing, family, and community. They are too busy pursing a life of sexual hedonism and female supremacy, which has caused white birth rates to decline and third world replacement to grow. Whites need to look at themselves first and address issues with female sexual liberation at home, before they can even begin their fight against ever vengeful minorities.

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Unusually low scores on agreeableness and conscientiousness are associated with psychopathic personality. Blacks are significantly lower than whites on those two important traits. Psychopaths have trouble planning ahead. Walter Mischel came up with the marshmallow test, in which he gave children a choice between one marshmallow now or two marshmallows in the future. Results have been widely reported. Much less widely reported are the racial differences, with the usual pattern: whites are more willing than blacks to wait for a greater reward, and Asians are more willing than whites.

Risk-taking is part of psychopathic personality. Blacks are more likely to take risks, and men are more likely than women. One of the best predictors of adult psychopathic personality is wild behavior as a child. There is probably not one school district where students of different races are punished at the same rate. Nationally, black students are suspended at five times the white rate. Supposedly racist white teachers get the blame for this, but does anyone believe that in this time, white teachers are systematically punishing black students unfairly? This article claims that if black students have black teachers, they are less likely to be punished, but the difference was only a few percentage points. Black teachers are still much more likely to punish black students than white students. Black children behave badly. Differences of this kind have been found in Britain, Canada, and in Europe.

These are murder rates by race per 100,000 people. The white rate of 4.5 is one seventh the black rate of 34.4. The real difference is even greater because Hispanics are lumped in with whites. Blacks probably commit murder at eight, nine, maybe even 10 times the white rate. Why would blacks be more psychopathic? Edward Dutton argues that Whites and Asians evolved in climates in which people had to cooperate. Africa was more forgiving. Cooperation, planning ahead, and care for children were less important. Psychopaths could survive and pass along their genes.

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Almost 70 percent of the people admitted to the Princeton class of 2025 identify as people of color. They will become a new non-white elite through assortative mating and will dominate American educational institutions. Whites who can’t “play the new game of race and gender fluidity” will be despised. Giving whiteness a purely negative identity convinces many whites that self-annihilation is good. Aaron Bady dreams about “a new world” in which his children will speak Spanish. However, is an antifa who identifies as “they/them” white? I’ve long thought that the countless new “genders” that progressives claim are attempts to escape from whiteness. Over 50 percent of liberal, white women under age 30 have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. I think some of them cultivate illness as an identity, a way of making yourself a victim so you can be spared the costs of whiteness. The rush to be “transgender” is part of this.

The article concludes by discussing “mass hysteria”. One sociologist suggested “collective stress responses.”. I think it may be more accurate. Young whites are under stress we older Americans don’t understand. Movies, television, YouTube, video games, political news are explicitly anti-white. Whites who identify as non-white or use invented identities to flee from “whiteness” will be pushed back into our arms by their own allies. No antifa, transgender, Communist, anarchist, or “ethnic studies” professor will be safe. He is biologically guilty. Even if we get an intelligent, multi-racial governing elite, it can’t hold the country together. The new ruling class will be united mainly by scorn for conservative whites. That is thin gruel compared to the genuine nationalism of real countries like Russia and China. In a fight, real nations beat fakes. In the meantime, we can join with others of like mind and strong will to pool resources and build communities. Let them wallow in victimhood. We will build a nation in which it’s not just OK to be white. It will be a universal privilege and joy.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

America has practically adopted an official state ideology: Critical Race Theory, which holds that white privilege and racism are embedded in all institutions and cause inequality. Thus, practically unlimited government intervention is justified to remove racism. In practical terms, this means attacking whites, the group that created and sustains the United States. Governments at different levels openly discriminate against whites in ways that go beyond affirmative action. Joe Biden said that the federal government would prioritize reopening small businesses owned by blacks, Hispanics, Asians, “Native Americans,” and women — in other words, everyone except white men. Evanston, Illinois is paying reparations to blacks. Oakland will have a basic income program that excludes whites.

“Woke Capital” is anti-white and preaches Critical Race Theory. This doesn’t just mean you might lose your social media account. A bank can cut you off from basic financial services. Goldman Sachs, the largest underwriter of Initial Public Offerings, refuses to take an American company public unless there is a woman or non-white on its board (foreign companies can do as they please). Our rulers are punishing whites who defend their race.

Don’t ignore oppression. This system and those who run it hurt our people. Our struggle is for liberation. All the major institutions oppose us. Others in the past have faced the same thing. Whatever their motives, what our rulers are doing hurts our race.

As Sam Francis said, “At a time when the self-declared enemies of the white race define themselves in racial terms, only our own definition of ourselves in those terms can meet their challenge.” Even those who may not be our “self-declared” enemies act as if they were. We can’t deny what we face. There is no way out but through.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

It’s More Than IQ

Why is it that whenever we read certain headlines, we can be almost certain that the story is about black people? “Four Dead, Including Child, After Stimulus Check Dispute Leads to Gunfire.” Or how about “Toddler Died After Being Left Alone for Six Days as Mother Celebrated 18th Birthday”? Even the very leftist Wikipedia recognizes that on intelligence tests there is “a difference in average scores between black people and white people of 1.1 standard deviations.” But IQ isn’t the whole story. If you compare blacks and whites with the same IQs, black behavior is still different.

A black woman with a 100 IQ is still 2.5 times more likely that a white woman with the same IQ to have been on welfare.image Control for IQ, and Black women are still five times more likely to have illegitimate babies.image You get similar data for the likelihood that men will be in prison. If you limit the sample to men with an IQ of 100, blacks are still 2.5 times more likely to be in jail.

The obligatory explanation is that systemic racism and white supremacy are making life miserable for blacks. There is a better explanation. Richard Lynn has written a book showing that blacks, across the board, are more likely than whites to be psychopaths. Blacks are more psychopathic than whites on all counts and, by the way, whites are more psychopathic than Asians. This is shown in personality tests. Blacks and American Indians get the highest scores on psychopathy, followed by Hispanics, then whites, then Asians.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #psycho #racist amren.com

(Marc Zuckurburg)
Just yesterday here at AmRen, there was a story, with the title "A New Elite Ethnogenesis" that CELEBRATES that this is happening, a developing mixed race elite in training, typified by the incoming diverse Princeton freshman class, and the inevitable relationships, marriages and mixed children that will result from assortative mating, is destined to lord over the deplorables, or, to put it in a different way: "The white man's day is done".

(Independent Thinker)
Also as far as "ownership" is concerned, according to this person is Europe "owned" by Europeans? Is China "owned" by the Chinese? Would it be okay if Whites came en masse to China and reduced Chinese to a minority? The problem with the type of people who complain and ridicule White "ownership" of colonies like Canada, Australia, etc., is that they make the same arguments for Europe, and then where can Whites exist, and not be harassed into having to live around non-Whites should they not want to?

(Woodrow wilson Resurrected)
Americans absolutely deserve what is happening to them for what they did to germans during And after ww2 in collaboration with bolshevik jewish and slavic subhumans. This is the posthomus revenge of millions of innocent German civilian victims and Noble SS men who were raped And murdered in the most brutal way by the filthy slavic soviets armed And supported by americans And brits-all with jewish Media And financial backing

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If you were a juror, not convinced of Chauvin's guilt. Would you DARE to vote not guilty? You will be doxxed, BLM and Antifa will surround your house for weeks, your children will be spit on, taunted, beaten, you will be unemployable for the rest of your life?

Would you really destroy your life just to save Derek Chauvin?

Chauvin will be convicted, the entire show trial is unnecessary.

I was a 7th and 8th grade pubic school teacher - I'm used to threats of riots, got called a lot of names. Unlike cowardly puss*** like Mittens Romney and Ron Paul, I don't back down just because groups of urban POC make threats.

I recommend for Whites on this jury to have taken on insurance on their homes - if the Antifa/BLM mobs don't come to burn down their homes, get some guy from a trailer camp to torch it for the Insurance $. Get your family and key possessions out - and move.

These BLM/Antifa "woke" mobs have rather short attention spans. Officer Wilson in Ferguson MO has moved on he's off the radar - maybe he changed his name and is now working in law enforcement, intelligence in the Dominican Republic. I hear the DR really likes tough White guys that can stand up to Black thugs, Black mobs. The DR is on the same Island with Haiti. Locals know the racial/cultural/crime/mob riot score.

Needless to say there are few, no race denying Libertarian Constitutionalists in the Dominican Republic. My sources say that most of LA is now pretty well prepared to break up all BLM demonstrations, Black Southern California street gangs the Bloods and the Cripps are pretty much history, thanks to very racist Hispanics.

Get to know/support/bribe some tough Hispanics including yeah the LK. White Patriotards are still listening to Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American", Hispanics are not.

Gregory Hood #crackpot #racist amren.com

Let Me Be Anything but White

There’s a reason our “first black president,” Barack Obama, built his image around his absentee black father rather than the whites who raised him. Colin Kaepernick, a biracial man raised by whites, is now a BLM icon (to the despair of his white biological mother). It’s not just that these men identified as black when they had other options. We would never have heard of them if they did otherwise. Whites understand that their race is a liability. Claiming to be an American Indian helped Elizabeth Warren make it to Harvard and then the Senate. Jeb Bush claimed to be “Hispanic” on a Voter ID card. Vice recently complained that “White People Keep Posing as People of Color for Clout.” It doesn’t seem to occur to Vice that they do this because “white privilege” is a joke. “White racism” is such a fiction that there is an advantage in pretending to be black, Cherokee, Hispanic, Puerto-Rican, or Middle-Eastern.

An “associate professor of comparative studies in race and ethnicity” tells Vice that the problem is not just Jessica Krug, but also Kim Kardashian (Armenian) and Ariana Grande (Sicilian). It’s true that Ariana Grande’s image and skin tone have changed. Like all entertainers, she was “positioned” to meet demand. Her repositioning shows there are benefits to being a “woman of color.” Also, are we to believe there’s something wrong with Armenians or Sicilians being considered non-white? I would say they are white, but it’s less clear cut than for Northern Europeans. For all we know, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande never considered themselves white. So what’s the problem?

The point is, there are careers, prestige, and opportunities that are not available to whites. Being the right race is a prize. Vice wonders why whites want to be in a “marginalized group.” They don’t. Non-whites aren’t marginalized; they’re privileged. The reason they’re angry at white interlopers is because handouts are limited. There have to be at least some “privileged” whites left to subsidize this racket.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: NASA’s Artemis Program Will Land the First Person of Color on the Moon

(Jeff Coffey)
I truly do not understand this mentality. Is there anyone in this world who actually values being treated like a retarded child given a participation prize? If I were a racial minority, this would be deeply insulting. There is no success or accomplishment in filling a quota. Quite the contrary. If a minority does earn a spot in the space program on merit some day, it will put a question mark next to their name in the mind of everyone involved, even if it is not justified in that instance.

That is why the chosen people call the blacks Schooks which means easily duped. They will believe anything you tell them.

Reparations weren't enough. Now they found another way to waste billions of our taxpayer dollars in virtue signaling. That combined with the rioting cities of 2020 bail out, Covid relief and the coming economic shut downs / quarantines for the "new strains" that will likely be discovered will surely be enough to launch us into another Great Depression ... or worse.

I predict the first homicide on the moon will involve a “person of color”.

But it will be caused by “white racism.”

(Philly's best)
This is all anti white propaganda, our enemy and future rulers the Chinese will not have it.

Gregory Hood #racist amren.com

Sights and Sounds: Business as Usual

Some Brooklyn Center stores are being protected by civilians with firearms.

Blacks have every right to protect their property and neighborhoods with firearms. However, what if looters hadn’t stayed away. Would a black man who fired his weapon get the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment?

Representative Rashida Tlaib had a great idea.

Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist. No more policing, incarceration, and militarization.

White police cannot police black communities. Every interaction becomes a reason for riots. Whites cannot babysit ungovernable populations any longer. These riots show that many blacks so distrust whites that they do not accept the law’s legitimacy.

It is bad for blacks and whites to have to judge each other on juries. We are not peers and we do not look at the world the same way. This is why jury selection often focuses so heavily on race. Even lawyers who would publicly deny that race exists act like race realists.

Let blacks police themselves if they can. They should also leave our towns and escape the “white supremacy” that hurts them so much. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’s should leave her new properties in white neighborhoods. Let her live with the “community.”

We still need to explain why looting is wrong. But it’s also time for action in defense of the European-Americans forced to subsidize the destruction of their country. This can’t go on, but no one will stop it unless we do.

Nathan Bedford Forrest & CTON #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Trump’s Latino Support Was More Widespread Than Thought, Report Finds

(Nathan Bedford Forrest)
Blah! Blah! Blah! This is one giant bag of baloney to try and deceive people into accepting mestizos. Who cares what political affiliation they are, they should not have been here in the first place.

Agreed but they are here and if you can peel some of the better ones off from the Democrats, it can make a difference.

Absolutely not, we’ve been pandering for far too long. Now if some Hispanics like the White first message and vote for us then fine, but they can’t be the objective. They are for their group and their group only. We Whites have to fight for our interests without their help.

Hispanics don’t matter to Whites and I could care less about them. They only care about their group, we will never get Hispanics on our side nor do I want to.

Agree. I'm getting vtired of naive White Conservatives who sit back and hope that these nonwhites will "See the light" and "vote for Traditional America!" They're just as stupid as liberals are. I know whites who lived around Hispanic majorities and they got bashed for being whites. Whites who fawn over Hispanics and illegals have obviously never lived in any place but a white environment. They see the short Hispanic man selling him tacos from a van or a smiley Hispanic lady cleaning their house and think it would be great if there were a lot more of them there. Yet once the nonwhite population gets above a certain level, these middle and upper class whites flee.

Gregory Hood #racist amren.com

Saving Elie Mystal from White Society

I Am Not Ready to Reenter White Society

The basis for this sweeping conclusion was an incident he witnessed at a CVS. An older white woman shouted at a black teenaged girl, “Is this where you get the vaccines?” It’s not clear if the black girl worked there. Nothing suggests that this white woman thought that the young black woman’s race mattered at all. Data show that few whites see their race as central to their identity, in contrast to 75 percent of blacks. Republicans and conservatives are the least likely to pursue vaccination. I’d guess the woman demanding a shot was liberal.

However, Mr. Mystal saw race. This small incident led him to a sweeping conclusion that he isn’t capable of re-entering a society integrated with whites without feeling stress and anxiety. He feels this way even though the government, academy, and media give him preferential treatment because of his race. Most whites don’t have racial consciousness. The system that rewards Mr. Mystal punishes white advocates. Many whites become racially conscious anyway as a result of encounters with non-whites. Most initially wanted to believe in a colorblind world but were forced into white identity because of the way non-whites treated them.

I don’t begrudge Mr. Mystal’s mini-Wakanda. I’d prefer it if he and his co-ethnics would build it on a larger scale and leave the rest of us alone. On average, blacks commit more crime, use more welfare, and perform less well in school than whites. Whites would be fine without blacks. It’s less clear whether blacks would be fine without whites. Perhaps we can simply separate. This isn’t an extreme idea. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who is currently prosecuting Derek Chauvin, proposed a separate black homeland early in his career. Of course, Mr. Ellison, like Malcolm X before him, quickly realized that it’s easier to grift off whites than to build a separate nation.

Liv Heide #sexist #racist amren.com

[From "Even Those Who Would be Trad Wives May Miss Their Chances"]

Looking at the sign-up ratio at my website WhiteDate.Net of 12 traditional white men for every traditional white woman, one might think women have all the choices and men must compromise if they hope to find a partner in the crime of creating a white family.

But, white ladies, don’t be overconfident. White trad wives are the most desired creatures on the planet, but many white women still manage to blow it because they have never been told the rules that were invented by our female ancestors to protect their daughters. Even when men have fewer choices, they will still be men, even those who have the vision to create a family and build their own white clan.
The white woman should be reactive, which is the opposite of the sexually aggressive, dominant, promiscuous, vulgar, emotionally empty woman that modern media have taught us to be: “Just be yourself, throw yourself over him, and it will magically work out”. It won’t. Men appreciate women with standards and values they want transmitted to their children even if they themselves are not 100 percent up to these standards. Women set the bar.

Many Western men are horrified when they look at what has become of our women. I plead guilty myself for, as a white woman, having been manipulated in my youth by movies, television programs, and music. I acted in harmful ways. But then I began to define what I wanted, understand what led to results and what didn’t. I learned that our grandmothers were right.

I wish our men could help us become better versions of ourselves by explaining what makes us attractive. Unfortunately, reality is different. We must discover who we are, and whom we want to attract.

Shawn Bell #racist #wingnut amren.com

From Male Feminist to White Advocate

I went to a rural part of the Middle East. Seeing the Islamic world up close threw my worldview for a loop. Once, I was party to a casual, hypothetical discussion about raping tourists, which my interlocutor believed was justified by the loose morals of the woman concerned. Most of all, I remember the uncompromising fervor with which another acquaintance defended the Charlie Hebdo attackers. These were normal guys, not terrorists. Later, when I looked into the survey data, I found that their beliefs were relatively common among immigrant Muslims in the West. “How is this supposed to work?” I remember asking myself.

Classroom discussions were always derailed by non-white and/or progressive female students. One example was a diatribe from a black girl about a time a white man had stepped in front of her to board a train, which she saw as emblematic of white, male “entitlement.” Even though I was still a liberal at the time, I had to bite my tongue to keep from sharing some considerably worse experiences with blacks on public transportation.

The incident that contributed most to my white identity was during a discussion of some Marxist text. I asked how the abolition of private property would apply to personal items. A non-white student replied, “We’re coming for your toothbrush, whitey.” The feminist professor and other students laughed and continued. All of these people wanted me to see myself as white. They got their wish. Seeing the precious legacy of my civilization and my forebears attacked, smeared, and “deconstructed” made me realize for the first time that I had a particular culture that didn’t belong to everyone, that I was the rightful heir to a proud and ancient tradition, and that without action, my inheritance would be destroyed. Soon, I was calling myself an “identitarian” and had joined a national white advocacy organization. With the past as our guide, whites can be great again.

NoJusticeNoPeace1964 #dunning-kruger #racist amren.com

You can’t hire blacks! Doesn’t any business owner know that by now. If you make them feel bad even once they will chimp out and become violent. It’s time to separate and I want separation now!

Luckily, the blacks of today agree on separation and separate stuff in many if not all ways. Maybe a New Segregation system, which both agree on, can be implemented. I'm all for it. Even Separate but Equal would be a good goal, though blacks would almost certainly want much more than their equal share.

I agree, separate but equal was upheld by the court as perfectly ok and moral, but in a sham of a court case which used biased evidence it was struck down. In order to bring it back we have to get rid of the civil rights amendment.

It was Plessy vs Ferguson (1896), and is was settled law until the Brown vs Board of Education decision (1954) when it was illegally overturned,

Isn't it ironic that the blacks of today want segregation more than most Whites. This is one instance where I I hope the blacks get their wish.

CTON #racist #wingnut amren.com

Legal immigrants and citizens don't want illegals here.

I don't care if these nonwhites here are 'legal' or 'illegal' They're still not my people. They're still demographically displacing White Americans. They still have a bias, whether they know it or not, against Whites and America and Western Civilization. besides, why can't Whites just have their own nations? Why can't Whites just espouse their own views and interests without wondering who it might "offend"? I mean, we're not telling Latin America that they need open borders or that they need to change their traditions.

Dude, classifying all Latins as anti-western and anti-American is like saying all "whites" are the same.

The problem is within the Latino community you are united and your youth don't hate other Latinos for being proud of being Latino. You don't see young Latinos openly bashing their race or their ancestors. This is I see all the time from young whites.

You better start caring. Hispanics and Whites are going to be the only ones that matter in the election. You can whine and cry about it, but we have to deal with the cards that we are dealt.

You'd think being Macedonian you'd understand the importance of defending your nation and borders and what happens when you let "others" into your land, like Turks invading and displacing Macedonians and other Eastern Europeans for centuries.

When I hear people say "Not all (nonwhites) are like that, why I know this one...." I will say, "I once got around a group of wasps, but not all of them tried to sting me!"

permanentlytemporary #crackpot #racist #dunning-kruger amren.com

The "Asians" are a complex and multi facetted grouping.
But realistic speaking the umbrella term "asians" is totally out dated and in need of modernisation.

For instance, the asians known as the old Indians of Indian.
They are homosapiens.
But the asians of Thailand, the Sians of Thai.
They are denisovans.

Theres a good hundred thousand years of evolution between the two.
The denisovans don't have sweat glads for instance, where as the homosapiens do.
There are hundreds of genetic variations, specialisations and differences between the "Asians"

Using the umbrella term "Asians" is only causing problems in the long term.

I am blunt for a good reason.
I refer to them all as simply coloureds.

Hence this is just another coloured march..
They are as common as muck.

Michelle Malkin #racist #wingnut amren.com

Dear Woke Asians: Stop Blaming Whitey

I’m going to share a secret that liberal “people of color” and their agents in the media don’t want you to know. The recent crime wave against Asians is not the fault of Donald Trump or white people. It’s the fault of the perpetrators alone, most of whom thugs “of color.” Let’s pop the delusional bubble of left-wing Asians who marched this weekend in protests against “white supremacy”, donning “Black and Asian unity” T-shirts. These “wokesters” blame “anti-Asian bias” created by an imagined backlash by imagined “white supremacists” against China because of COVID-19.

Viral videos have exposed vicious attacks on elderly Asian subway riders and pedestrians in New York City. An inconvenient detail: The perpetrators aren’t wearing MAGA hats. More facts: Federal Bureau of Justice statistics data show that of nearly 600,000 violent interracial victimizations involving blacks and whites, black suspects committed 537,204 interracial felonies (not including homicides), or 90%, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10%. Black perpetrators are also overrepresented among all perpetrators of hate crimes by 50% according to the most recent data. Whites are underrepresented by 24%.

These crimes in liberal cities are spiking as radical, George Soros-backed district attorneys enact soft-on-crime policies such as “restorative justice” that let violent criminals run free. When you elect soft-on-crime politicians and prosecutors, you get more crime. When you defund and demonize the police, all innocent citizens are unsafe — whatever their color. Blaming whitey may get you a few virtue-signaling points, but at what price in blood? What’s truly insane is that Asian-American liberals are marching arm and arm with the very dangerous zealots whose policies incentivized these street crimes.

Ceirwyn & Hubert Cumberdale #conspiracy #fundie #racist #wingnut amren.com


... many are descendants of enslaved people, while others are recently arrived immigrants ...

Why would blacks immigrate to the white supremacy - structurally racist USA? The USA is where innocent black males are gunned down in the streets by racist white police. It doesn't make sense.

To steal everything from the poor who lived there and tried to assimilate them prior to the civil war. The Pharisatanics can't have white UKsians running their own states, and want their international slavers, the latins and black slaves taking over the area. The blacks are dumb enough and greedy enough to be hoodwinked and the latins are corrupt and Anti-Christ enough for that.

(Hubert Cumberdale)

I've got symptoms of a certain type of fatigue. "14%" explains it all.

Hispanics are vastly outpacing black growth though, and they are immune to the black grievance industrial complex. Bad news for blacks in the coming decades.

Bad news for us too. I live in South Florida... I know what a coming Hispanic majority means for our civilization.

Its bad news for us no matter what. In my dying breaths however, I'll be relieved to know that blacks will still be on the bottom rung of society and the new lords and masters of urban America (Hispanics) won't care about their self-induced plight.

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RE: MPD, FBI, ATF Joining Forces to Crack Down on ‘George Floyd Square’ Crime

“Some people will see this as disrespecting George Floyd,” the neighbor said.


There should be a 21-gun salute every night where Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were murdered.

Even their parents said, "Oh, our son/daughter HATED white supremacists!" It's gotten so bad that families of white victims do the "He/she wasn't racist" routine to save face. White people are so brainwashed into thinking that if they notice injustice being specifically done to them, they feel bad for noticing it and bringing it up. How can you save a people that are more worried about offending their attackers than saving themselves?

(Fed Up)

So now they want the police! They rioted all summer long burning everything in sight saying kill the cops, but now they want them back! The irony!!!

If I were a cop, I'd sure as hell take my sweet time responding to an emergency call. They want less policing and I'd be most happy to cooperate.

If my recollections are correct, just half a year ago, the same 'neighbors' were rallying and screaming and squeaking and carrying hand-made thingies with 'Defund the Police!' scribbled all over. They got what they wished for - ENJOY!

I really don't care what happens to any of those cities up there. Those Yankees and their carpetbagger brethren have been denigrating the South for generations. Now let them taste their own medicine. Life with the Negro sometimes just cannot be helped, like stepping in manure while walking through the pasture on a dark night. But admiring, cavorting with, and socializing with them is like stepping in the manure, then laying down and rolling around in it.

John Mason #racist amren.com

The Navy Made Me into a Race Realist

For the first time in my life, I experienced racism when I tried to interact with blacks and Hispanics the same way that I did with my white shipmates. I had learned how to get along with nearly any personality type, but just my appearance and voice seemed to irritate non-whites. This was also the first time I witnessed how quickly non-whites can shift from passivity to violence. I saw more fights in ten weeks of boot camp than I had in 18 years of my civilian life.

The blacks and Hispanics showed almost no ability whatsoever to master the simple academic instruction we were given. Every sailor that was “washed back” for academic standards was black. In nearly everything about Navy life, there were obvious racial divisions.

I never saw anything to change those observations. I met Filipinos and saw first-hand why their culture has the reputation it does for hard work and family values, but learned how openly racist they are. I worked alongside Caribbean blacks, and learned to my surprise that they despise American blacks and had more in common with white Americans. I dated a young black woman from the Caribbean for a time and was shocked at the amount of racist comments we got from black shipmates. In all the months we dated I never once heard a racist comment from a white person about our relationship.

What did my time in the military teach me about race relations in America? Racial differences are real. Everything holding blacks and Hispanics back from being successful is either self-inflicted or the result of their natural deficiencies. Every race prefers its own kind, and has the freedom to be openly racist, with the sole exception of whites. We are scolded by our own institutions for the very same behavior that is tolerated, and sometimes even encouraged, in other races.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

When Integration Means Ruination

Meghan Markle might do what Napoleon couldn't.

The monarchy is seductive, and there’s a temptation to defend it when leftists attack it. Thus, when Prince Harry married the divorced actress Meghan Markle in 2018, the glee many felt at the monarchy’s humiliation was painful. Al Sharpton called the wedding a blow against white supremacy. Black pundit Melissa Harris-Perry said it was an act of intentional subversion and the true end of the British Empire. The presiding cleric, the black “Episcopalian” Michael Curry, said we should “make of this old world a new world.”

Having ignored Enoch Powell and imported the American race problem, the British are learning that integration doesn’t strengthen an institution. It hollows it out and may even destroy it. As Joe Sobran wrote in 1997, “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible.” He added that other races still feel subjugated even after the end of Western imperialism.

The true irony is that this story really is about the privilege of a sacred bloodline. That bloodline is Meghan Markle’s black ancestry. A wealthy white woman complaining that the press is mean probably would win no praise. In our modern culture, claims of victimhood are the path to power.

The White House praised the “courage” the Markles showed by talking about their “struggles with mental health.” Well, what about the commoners? About 7 percent of British children have attempted suicide by 17. In 2013, nine-year-old Aaron Dugmore reportedly killed himself because he was bullied for being white. There was no national reckoning. A 2000 study found that blacks have higher self-esteem than whites, but “anti-racism” campaigners said this proves British society is even more racist than they realized.

Various Posters #racist #crackpot #fundie amren.com

(on an article about a study of how races supposedly exhibit facial expressions differently)

(Wake up): Can we do a comprehensive study of why Dogs overwhelmingly hate Blacks? Could Black facial expressions have something to do with it?

(San Francisco Cynic): Black faces seem to fluctuate between perpetual scowl and intermittent, animalistic contentment (watch them coming out of an all-you-can-eat buffet - or a trip to the bathroom, for that matter!). There is, however, a the third Negro look which is what I call the "Easter Island statue face" - revealing a being devoid of a soul or any indication of intelligence - just the plodding presence of a predatory, parasitic species completely absorbed with its current urges, lacking empathy, compassion, creativity, or intelligence.

(Love One Another M): Blacks' expression when one of theirs is caught in the act crime - deep anger and hatred for the police officers who caught him/her. 
Blacks' expression when one of their criminals get away with a murder of whites - loud screams of joy accompanied with jumping.

(ky_native): The white lady on the top right looks like a woman who got a whiff of a negro woman stepping on an elevator inundated with perfume. I admit that it is easier for me to read white faces versus Asian faces, but the Asian guy showing fear is a classic example of the Asian fear look (like when Godzilla appears). The Asian look of surprise on the woman is harder for me to decipher because 90% of their women look that way all of the time.
 Well for me, the white woman doing an expression of sadness wins the face contest. Boy...that is a really sad look! The white guy with a gap between his teeth looks happy, but he needs a banjo to play to finish off the look.

(HT): Races are different in more ways than just IQ. Asians are like little calculators but do not exhibit the independence or creativity to develop what whites have done in terms of discovery and inventions. Negros? Not sure what they have to offer.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

Verified Hate: How the Lefties Coped

Last week, a murderer killed two whites and six Asians. Countless media outlets reported that this was terrorism against Asians. The two whites don’t matter. On Monday, a Syrian-born immigrant known to the FBI and who thought “Islamophobes” were hacking his phone killed 10 people. Few media outlets noted they were all white. The President did not bemoan anti-white violence. Instead, he wants gun control. Barack Obama blamed “racism” for mass shootings. Unless he means anti-white racism, he must be blaming whites for their own deaths.

The corporate media tried to hide the worst scenes of slaughter after the September 11, 2001 attacks for fear of inciting “Islamophobia.” Now they give loving coverage to every crime committed by a white nut against a non-white, even if it had nothing to do with race. Our opponents can’t wait to blame us, even as their attack on policing has led to a historic crime wave that has killed hundreds of the non-whites they claim to care so much about.

Change of subject, but thread is worth reading; it’s a sign of rising Asian-American victimhood.

These might be small inconveniences to people. But our names are our IDENTITY. It's our HERITAGE. It's what we have left that remind us WHO WE ARE. WHERE WE COME FROM. My grandpa gave me my Korean name. It has a beautiful origin and meaning. I'm ashamed I don't use it today.

Countless white Americans, including my own family, Anglicized their names when they came here. It was a commitment to a new country. Yes, names can be signs of identity and heritage, and they are precisely what whites are not supposed to have. At best, we get a lame civic nationalism, while everyone else takes pride in racial and ethnic identities. Michelle Kim is making a whites advocate’s case. A nation is a people, not a passport, and blood is thicker than paper.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Immigrants and Their Children Shift Toward Center-Right in Germany

(Francis Galton)

People of foreign background are natural conservative voters, said Serap Güler. Most hail from Turkey, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union and North Africa—communities that are comparatively conservative. Many reject progressive issues such as drug legalization, criminal-justice reform and nontraditional family models.

Reminds me of the claim that Latinos are natural conservatives. We know how that has worked out for the Republican party. Also, keep in mind that "center-right" in legacy-media-speak actually means far left.

(Jeff Coffey)
Yes, open your ranks to Muslims. Brilliant idea. Let's see how open the Muslims will be to you once they have the numbers. Is it really so difficult for these dunderheads to understand that the Muslims hate, loathe, and despise them? That western way of life and culture are as disgusting to followers of allah as rolling around in excrement? They are NOT joining you. They are replacing you.

(Frank Jones)
Unless they are actively supporting parties planning on deporting them I don't care how they vote.

(Question Diversity)

Note that an immigrant who votes for the CDU is voting for his "values and personal preferences.” I wonder what they say about immigrants who vote for AFD because they don't want their new homes swamped by their low IQ cousins.

It's only because the CDU has watered itself down so much. Of the people "with foreign roots" who vote AfD, it's mainly because they tend to be Eastern European and non-Gypsy, who would be voting for those kinds of parties and be active in pop-nat sectors in their native countries. "Cosmopolitan patriotism" is really nothing more than German parlance (translated into English) for civic nationalism, a concept historically alien to most continental Europeans.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Why I’m No Longer Changing My Indian Phrases Around My White Friends

Student felt she lost her identity by using English equivalents of Indian words.


Look, you adopt a country, adopt it 100%. If you love Indian culture so much you should go back.

How can you adopt a country when you're not of its founding stock?

Does she have some reason to think that white British people really care how a lot of foreigners "phrase" their speech? It seems that having an exaggerated idea of one's own importance is an essential element of "multiculturalism" among these young invaders.


Please punish us vile racists - by taking the next flight to India and thereby depriving us of your grace, beauty and eloquence.

You should see a picture of her!! Definitely no "beauty"!!!!!!!!

(E. Essington)
Put this young lady behind the counter of one of her uncle's convenient stores, and see if her biggest concern is still 'code-switching' around the melanin-free.

Perfect example that diversity is simply colonization and dispossession of the natives.

(Fed Up)
"I hope that making this active effort to use my Indian phrases will encourage others to do the same. "

This loser would better hope her White friends don't take the logical action - of drop-kicking her and leaving her isolated. I sure as hell would have.

Excellent. I hope all Hindus in White countries behave likewise. Hindus are unassimilable by virtue of their race, so why would we want them to resemble Whites in speech? The more alien they remain, the smoother their eventual repatriation will be.

Chloé Vernon #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

I can’t recall ever not noticing differences in appearances and behaviors between races, even in elementary school. The blacks and Hispanics I went to school with weren’t any poorer than their white peers. In spite of our similar backgrounds, many behaved very differently from the rest of us. They stuck together. They weren’t openly hostile to whites, but clearly preferred their own company.

When I was 16, one of my co-workers was a heavyset white girl in her 20s who only dated black guys. These “boyfriends” often came into the restaurant. Even though I was obviously underage, they also hit on me a lot. To her credit, my co-worker would tell them to knock it off. But as I got older, there stopped being anyone to step in on my behalf, and I discovered that turning down a black guy must be handled far more delicately than a white one. I have spent my adult life in “white flight.” I have moved several times, but “diversity” just keeps catching up. With their numbers ever-growing, so is crime and a general decline of the area. Their kids embrace their blackness and treat white kids with open scorn.

As soon as I heard the news about George Floyd, I thought “Great, here we go. They’re going to riot.” What happened was far beyond what I’d expected. Cities burned, stores were looted, historic statues were destroyed, and people were attacked — all while police mostly stood down. This was no protest for equality, it was (and is) a revolution meant to overthrow everything our country once was, all our history, and the accomplishments of our white ancestors. I realized that they hate us — both blacks and their ethno-masochistic handlers — and that they mean to do away with us. What will happen in the United States without a significant white population? What will happen to the world without us? Only deluded whites believe in a melting pot of utopian existence and equality for all. Non-whites don’t want to peacefully coexist with us; they want to rule over us, and soon there will be nowhere left to run as our people have ceded our homelands out of misguided compassion, apathy, or both.

Fed Up #crackpot #elitist #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Adam Smith Business School Postpone Seminar by “Eugenicist”

The talk that was scheduled to be to be delivered was titled: “For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls: A lineage of 400,000 individuals 1750-2020 shows genetics determines most social outcomes”. In his book, he argues that socio-economic status is genetically inherited through the “genetic transmission of … some mysterious mix of drive and ability”. He also theorised that “200 years from now the descendants of enslaved African-Americans will still be underrepresented”.

Oh, my God! The very idea - of someone blaming the obvious (genetics) on why blacks are so predisposed to failure and crime.

So, genetics determine that whites are doomed to extinction in any territory that become multiracial? It’s genetics that eliminated white all throughout Africa, the Subcontinent, Asia, Oceaniana, Central America and the Caribbean?

What will eliminate Whites is the combination of interracial mixing and recessive genetics.

I'm SO confused. We are expected to believe "the Science" re: WuFlu but, we are supposed to ignore the science of biology.

Or any scientific research which provides a realistic explanation of why black Africans and their descendants are always the lowest racial group to be found on our planet.

Class is genetic. The raw, brutal truth of this fact is too much for little soft socialist brains to handle.

No doubt, the liberals and their black protegees will be running home to their mothers, and have themselves a good cry.

Kid Charlemagne #racist amren.com

RE: White Man Working in Curry Factory Wins Race Discrimination Claim

A white worker in an Asian food factory who was told that he didn’t understand recipes because of his colour and that he should go and work for an English firm has won his claim of race discrimination.

The nerve these foreigners have coming to our indigenous lands and doing this? I want a type of British (Traditional ethnicities Manx, Irish, Scottish, English etc...) Bumiputra laws to be administered.

The Malaysian government implemented policies designed to favour bumiputras (including affirmative action in public education and in the public sector) to create opportunities, and to defuse interethnic tensions following the 13 May Incident in 1969.

I want this implemented for European natives only (Roma and the unmentionable Levantines are not to be included they are not European but are Asians (South & Western). Any intermarried Europeans (especially women) would lose the status and be classified as non-Native. This would be very similar to the policy of the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory near Montreal.

For reference; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/02/canada-first-nations-mohawk-kahnawake-rule

I’d want these type of laws and regulations enforced because these outsiders think that this is their country, well that’s never going to fly with me. I have noticed that these South Asians (I call them all East Indians regardless of the nationality), have sensed weakness in European psyche and are trying to appropriate the gripes of the American negro (like West Indian Bantus have also done) have to secure resources and status.

They don’t belong anywhere near Europeans and the only relationship we should have is us being the master period. Even in their culture they know we are above them and that’s what breeds their envy.

Pavel #racist amren.com

RE: Putin Slams ‘Caveman Nationalism’ as Detrimental to Russia

“Caveman nationalism, with the slogan ‘Russia is only for Russians,’ only harms Russians, only harms Russia,” he said. “We must make sure that the culture of every nation, its history, and roots of every nation is respected and honored in our country.”

Disappointing remark from a president I thought was a realist regarding nationalism.

You thought wrong. Welcome to reality. Putin was the guy who crushed the Russian ethnic nationalist movements in Russia in early 2000-s and proceeded to encourage mass colored Asiatic Muslim immigration to Russia from the former Soviet "stans". He also bribed Muslim Chechens and others in the Caucasus region into compliance and allowed them to come settle in large Russian cities. Putin is a sworn enemy of our race.

Chechens are White.

Chechens are not white same way Persians, Arabs, and many light skin Mexicans are not white - they are just not, even if in the US stats they supposedly are. Chechens are of Turkish Asiatic ancestry. They mixed with whites after centuries of battling the Russian empire and history of kidnapping and raping Slavic women, so I would argue that despite some of them look almost white, they are not. Obama has more white in him than an average Chechen.

Just how many muslims and African refugees is Putin importing to Russia? NONE.

Hundreds of thousands are settled in Russia. All those Asiatic Muslims from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and a whole lot of Chechens, Dags and others collectively called "Kavkaztsy" (Caucasians) - non-white low impulse control criminality spreading Muslim tribes like Chechens and Dagestanis (Dags).

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Boston Public Schools Suspends Test for Advanced Learning Classes

Superintendent: "There's a lot of work we have to do in the district to be antiracist."


Black and hispanic kids a stupid because of poor parenting and the constant drone of leftist propaganda.

It's a lower average IQ. Asian kids benefited greatly from AP classes in Boston Public Schools, now everything will be dumbed down to "stop racism". I wonder if more asians will march to stop white supremacism.

I understand that Asian-Americans are in the process of undergoing their own great awakening. I expect they will not march; they will move.

I have seen that. Chinatown in Los Angeles no longer has Chinese...just one example. Reality won't change their voting habits though. Mark my words.


IQ pared with certain personality genes that make them unsuitable for parenting.

Yet it's whites with these IQs and certain personality genes that, generally, refrain from reproducing. The same can't be said of other races; in fact, the opposite is the case, with the democrats doing everything they can to make it happen.

it's genetics first for the reason why they have simian IQ levels and hyper agressive amoral savage natures, having a crack ho for a mom doesn't help things.

(Bill Miller)

Intelligence is racist!

Liberals reject the validity of IQ tests unless it involves getting a convicted murderer off death row.

Equity: above average intelligence is racist.

Anti-racism is nothing more than penalizing people who are the most intelligent and hard working in order to allow blacks to do things they are not capable of doing.

Texan1st #racist amren.com

We need a nationalist movement. I’m sick of information, we need solutions

Here's a solution. When they swing the southern border wide open and they come pouring in, we'll colonize the uninhabited continent they leave behind. Once we get there, any stragglers will be offered a free bus ride to the promise land up north so white progressives can enjoy their company.

I choose to look on the bright side of the pending open borders. While the woke in America are being hoisted on their own diversity petard, we will be kicking back in the sun, eating mangos, and enjoying the lack of diversity.

They are not really leaving their countries. These countries use American suicidal idiocy of the de facto open border to simply unload their population excesses who take over American jobs and send money home to support their families in those holes and by that support the holes themselves. That unarmed invasion on the US benefits those countries. Ones who own and run those countries - oh no, they are not going anywhere, they are not leaving.

As this country turns irreversibly blue and congress gets darker, these people will be granted instant citizenship upon entering. With no border security and a promised instant citizenship, they will be coming by the 10's of millions to get in on the gimmedats. Especially when the gimmedats down there are nonexistent. Sure, those in the upper echelons of government will remain but we don't have to colonize the entire continent. Just selected countries down there. Our odds are much better doing that than turning America into a majority white country again.

Can we at least count on every Latin American country charging a passage fee to discourage the more southerly folk from coming up here?

I would hope not. Wouldn't want to discourage them from vacating our future homeland.

Fr. John+ & Warlock #crackpot #fundie #racist amren.com

RE: Young Black Men and Teens Are Killed by Guns 20 Times More Than Their White Counterparts

(Fr. John+)
The inability to be given absolution for your sins (and all crimes are sins) weighs heavily on a conscience- until such consciences are 'seared as with a red-hot iron' and then become Diabolical narcissists. So, yes, because Blacks and certain J-words) don't have the benefit of sacramental absolution, they become schizophrenic. And thus, blaming 'Whitey' for their crimes both gives them a false sense of moral rightness, as well as a convenient 'Other' to scapegoat. Don't you know that is what 'The Authoritarian Personality' by Theodor W. Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, Daniel Levinson, and Nevitt Sanford was all about- guilt transference for the crime of deicide, to blaming Whites for (((their))) inability to feel forgiven?

'and they were four times more likely to be victims than white females' And if compared to, say, Asian women or the Pacific ones? Or, are they scared of publishing those figures? On a different note: Always disproportionately hit… At least, now they have a beautiful excuse for the continual shooting - the White supremacy. What was it before? Anyone remembers?

Killed *BY* guns? Please figure out that guns possess no volition of their own, Nada.

Apparently, the blacks' belief in spirits makes them see the guns as something possessed with spirits. In this case, it is the White supremacy spirit that makes that poor black yuff take the gun and shoot his neighbor... The same White supremacy spirits inhabit all the monuments, schools, universities, - everything - around the poor, enslaved (until the virus era) blacks so they can not be responsible for anything they do. And it also includes the areas completely inhabited and ruled by the blacks (see Haiti for one)

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com


It’s hard to understand how Asians are victims of white privilege. As you can see from this table, every one of the Asian groups makes more money than whites. Of all groups in America, Asians have the lowest crime and illegitimacy rates, the lowest welfare use, longest life expectancy, and the most years of education. They are doing a lot better than white people.

Why is the idea of the “model minority” anti-black? Because it suggests that if you work hard you can succeed in America if you’re not white. How do Asians manage to do so much better than their “white supremacist” oppressors? Beats me. But we’re supposed to believe that if it weren’t for white supremacy, blacks and Asians would love each other. If you think that’s how it works, type the words “blacks in China” into an internet search. White supremacy is hard at work over there, too.

Asians have been less likely to fall for this white supremacy stuff, but two forces are pushing them towards lunacy. One is the huge moral advantage of being a victim. The other is the fear that “white supremacy” is everywhere, and that everything bad is somehow the fault of white people. As I noted in my last video, even math has to be purged of white supremacy before blacks can learn it.

As Michelle Kim explained, the real enemy is white people. So, what’s the solution? Get rid of us? Just this week, the UN Secretary General warned that white supremacy is a “transnational threat,”. But if whites and their system are so vicious, won’t people begin to think it’s justified to use violence against such evil people? We are sure to see more attacks on whites. This insanity has dug in for the long haul. Even Asians are losing their minds. This means, the whiter your surroundings, the safer you will be.

Various Commenters #fundie #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Revenge of the Gods

California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum supports "countergenocide" to displace white Christian culture.

(Leif Erickson)
Christianity is now considered White supremacy! Now my fellow evangelicals, can we stop pretending that diversity is good and get back to a racialist Christianity which was about protecting Whites and their culture.

The connection has been firmly established between Christianity and all the woke evils. We are enduring a social revolution that rivals the Cultural Revolution in China.


“In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which appeals to the Aztec gods. Students first clap and chant to the god Tezkatlipoka asking him for the power to be “warriors” for “social justice.”

Reminds me of the time the Counselor told me she was going to take me off the College track. I told her, "If you call my mother to tell her you`re talking me off the College track, you`ll be the one she screams at, not me!" Same thing here. If they had wanted me to recite a prayer to the Aztec Gods, instead of the Virgin Mary, the resulting explosion from home would have quite possibly damaged the school`s foundation...

Do we legalize ritual human sacrifice because it's part of their religion to remove the heart of a white man every day to power the sun?

(Leif Erickson)

Aztecs practiced human sacrifice as a matter of routine. Do they want to teach children to admire such practices?

Probably, with Whites being the ones who are sacrificed.

I thought that only black people were considered Gods, I guess it’s Hispanics now, too? There’s a funny moment early in ‘The Audacity of Hope’. Obama asks fellow Senator Byrd to sign something for him. Byrd replies without looking up, “for you, I will”. ‘God’ had come up right before that in Obama’s story. The implication was that Byrd was acknowledging Obama to be God too, he’s a black man.

Let’s get real. School curriculum is already colored-centric and anti-white, this is just making it more so.

Brett Stevens #racist amren.com

My awakening started with the words of a black man I knew back during my days living in Los Angeles “If I can walk down a street wearing a ‘Black Power’ t-shirt, why can’t a white guy walk down the street wearing a ‘White Power’ t-shirt?”

We all knew the “official” answer, something I call the Narrative: White people have the power, so when we assert ourselves, it looks like beating up on the poor black people. Three weeks later I drove to his neighborhood — and walked into a race war. A touchstone incident had occurred, and now black and Hispanic men engaged in hand-to-hand combat on the streets. AK-47s appeared from balconies and Glocks slipped into palms on the street. A street fight turned into a riot and then, into a small war.

At that moment, my belief in the Narrative cracked. The racial issue in America, I saw in that moment, was not about whites having power and oppressing blacks; it was centered on the need for each group to have its own territory, autonomy, and control of its future.

When I lived in Detroit, I got to know a number of black people, and recognized in them a desire for racial separation. They were cool with us being work-friends or even casually hanging out, but they wanted to go home to their own neighborhoods and be their own people. On the whole, they did not want whites there.

Homogeneity works naturally. In my view, “racism” arises only when you have diversity. For me, race is not a question of crime, average IQ, or even politics. It means survival. If Western Civilization is to survive, it will be through ethnic Western European people, and that means that everyone else must go back home and let us fix ourselves.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Who Are the Enemies of Western Civilization?

Now he says the entire field if the Classics is hopelessly tangled up with white supremacy. He says the field is “equal parts vampire and cannibal,” and that studying Greece and Rome means justifying slavery, racism, colonialism, and Nazism. A Dominican has the nerve to tell us to stop studying Greece and Rome because that makes us racist.

In “It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die,” Nebal Maysaud wrote, “Western classical music participates in the act of destroying culture and replaces it with its own white supremacist narrative. Its main purpose is to be a cultural anchor for the myth of white supremacy.” Mr. Maysaud says he’s still accepting commissions to compose. In his words, “As long as people of color are making art, culture stays alive.”

And why do these people do this? Maybe they once loved Beethoven or Homer or Beowulf but got caught up in anti-white hysteria. Maybe they just can’t stand it that their people could never have created anything like the Ring Cycle. I don’t know. But that’s their problem.

The real horror is that white people fall for this stuff.

Can you imagine a white man getting a job teaching at the University of Delhi and then saying that the Vedas are racist and sexist so Hinduism needs to die? Or studying Confucianism and then yelling because the field has too many Chinese in it? Or studying Japanese sword fighting and insisting on getting rid of all that racist Japanese terminology?

This is a uniquely white form of insanity. If you think our Classical roots are inherently white supremacist and our highest art forms are racist, it means our very existence is immoral. How did we ever let such fools take charge? They deserve to be laughed out of every position of power and into the nuthouse where they belong.

Various Commenters #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: George Floyd Death Considered Murder by 64% of Blacks, 28% of Whites in America

And more Americans trust police unions than Black Lives Matter.

(Leif Erickson)
I find it pathetic that even 30% of Whites think it was murder. But critical thinking is not everybody’s strong point.

You cannot blame them. They are all brainwashed. When this happens i was talking to a white divorced mother of one at a bar and she was insistent that George Floyd was murderer.

(Frank Jones)
That's probably only 15 percent of Whites in reality when you properly remove fake-White Jews and Hispanics from our category. It's good to know that only a small subset of real Whites believe the media lies.

(Fool Me)
Floyd was an outlaw and died from opioids . Derek Chauvin is in the process of being lynched in an effort to prevent more BLM and Antifa riots and to make sure conservative whites know what their real place is as serfs or even less than serfs .

hahahah ni99er killed himself with overdose of fentanyl.
I present you the one year anniversary which comes this summer titled
1 - "the great fentanyl ni99er chimp outs of 2020"
2- "America on its knees for their own dime in their own country"
3 - "Unprecedented history level cuckery event of the 21 century"

Vote on this poll to celebrate the African American Heritage achievement of 2020

Various Commenters #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com


If mass rioting was put down HARD, during the late 1960’s, we wouldn’t be in this position today. Eventually you have to face the bully and fight back fiercely.

That is so racist (because secretly everyone know the race of the bullies.). In the Selma movie, maybe MLK should have obeyed police orders?

"Law and Order" is Nazi, is taboo. Some diverse groups have bad attitude even about law and order at crosswalks and in littering. It is also a recent White development that criminals are allowed to run away from armed police in the knowledge they cannot be shot. Or perpetrate low level violence against police without danger. Try to spit or throw stones at police in most non-white countries.

(Francis Galton)
I will confess (at the risk of d*l*tion) that I had a recurring fantasy throughout the many months of the 2020 BLM/Antifa rioting of the military showing up in armored vehicles with mounted machine guns to face off the rioting excrement. After refusing to disperse, the military released such a torrent of lead that all the yelling, screaming excrement fell silent and immobile in a matter of seconds.

Eventually you have to treat blacks like the "other" that they are. I simply do not class them as people. Actual people shouldn't be living anywhere near them.

(Nicolas Bourbaki)
Supposedly they have scientists and logic on their side. Liberal websites, those few that still permit comments, are full of people making disparaging remarks about entitled, criminal whiteys. After that there's no meaningful facts or analysis made. For example here we can decry the massive immigration at the southern borders. Not because we dislike Mexicans but because we believe they are taking jobs from US citizens and are supplanting US culture with Mexican culture. Also I believe they are less able to adapt to a self-reponsible lifestyle and want more things provided for by authorities than the more self-sufficient old american types.

zuuluuz & Joe App #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mexico Plans Migration Crackdown as U.S. Struggles with Record Arrivals

Mexican officials complain they have “to be the bad guys again.”


Mexico had no problem exporting its own surplus population north to become problems for Americans. But is strident in its complaints about illegal immigrants imposing on Mexican charity and help.

Hypocrites. Fiercely guarding their southern border with Guatemala but exporting their own across their northern border with the US.

Why hypocrites? You want to deal with the Guatemalans yourself?

Why is it acceptable for them to guard their southern border but the US is just supposed to let in anyone and everything or else we're "racist?"

(Joe App)
How pathetic have we become as a nation when a perennially corrupt, third world pus pocket like Mexico has to play the adult in the room?

Empires rise and fall Joe. Near the end the Romans were using barbarians in their legions as well as barbarian generals like Stilicho. True Romans like Aetius were few and far in between.

I'd rather see our nation overrun by brave and resourceful 105 IQ Germanic tribesmen, who might someday build a superior civilization on the ruins of the old one, rather than the 70-80 IQ third world dregs we're attracting, who will contribute NOTHING to any future civilization (even by accident) that might form over the rubble of our society.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Columbia University to Host SIX Additional ‘Intimate’ Graduation Ceremonies

Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians each get their own graduations.

if a group of White students organized a ceremony for students of European origin they would all be expelled, for racism of course.

And so natural separation comes, ever so slowly, back from to its place.

(Frank Jones)
An "intimate" country with just White people sounds better.

(Son of the 1st Revolution )

Why are whites being called racist when the definition of six separate graduations based on race and ethnicity is racist?

Old joke- What's the difference between St Patrick's Day and Martin Luther King day? Everyone wishes they were Irish on St Patty's day.

(Samuel Hathaway)

I once heard that St. Patty's Day is white people's day. Many POC consider St Paddy's day to be the secret white pride day.

That's the way blacks think. Whites, at least the white Irish anyway, are more than too happy to share St. Patrick's Day with the entire world. Whites don't complain and attack other races for "cultural appropriation" for other other races carrying on in exaggerated ways on St. Patrick's Day, "disrespectin' the memory of St. Patrick and St. Patrick's Day by acting like a bunch of drunken fools painted up in green.

There have been these separate ceremonies for blacks, on top of separate universities for blacks, going on 60 years now.

You know it, cousin. Blacks never really opposed segregation. They just wanted it on their own terms and conditions.

They will horn in and pronounce the Day theirs. Of course, NOW, they can do the Irish dances. Just like that 'woke' and 'progressive' 'Irish' danceress who has perverted the dances with hip hop, and still can't see enough faces of certain color. Ah, and they will change it from emerald green. Emeralds are obviously oppressive as they are mined in the Americas (oppression of the Indians and African Indians or Indian Africans) and of course in the glorious Africa.

BadMangoes #crackpot #racist amren.com

Mexicans have never taken our jobs, they couldn't. The overwhelming majority of the ones who come here are both unintelligent and uneducated, and being that they're so short that they border on dwarfism the physical labor they can do is usually limited. The jobs they do are still being done by Americans in the midwest and elsewhere. The Southwest is doomed, and the labor that we used to do was stuff like mowing our lawns, whereas now we hire illegals to do that because coastal socialists are lazy.

Of course they are taking our jobs, they are taking manual labor jobs for lower wages that Whites can’t complete with. But yes, in some parts of America plenty of Whites still do those jobs. Hell, even I have done plenty of yard work and concrete work, yet people all around me still hire Mexicans to do most of it because they are cheap.

That's a tiny minority of whites, though. Most illegals stay in Texas and the Southwest, where whites are a minority, most of the ones who live there are upper middle class and live in communities separate from brown people. Don't get me wrong, low class whites who want a living wage for an entry level job but can't compete because Mexicans will fight over peanuts exist and that's bad enough. I'd just argue the greatest harm Mexican immigration to the US does is that the next generation of Californians is less intelligent, less attractive, shorter, fatter (yes, they're fatter than Muricans), tackier, unassimilated,, more likely to blast shitty circus music and with loyalty to a foreign nation. We should focus on that. Whites can do the work and get better jobs that most Hispanics wouldn't even hope to be put on a waiting list for. As a lower middle class guy in a town where more than 80%+ of the population is hipanic, I never had trouble getting hired. Because when companies have to file a W-2 and pay employees minimum wage, suddenly little brown people aren't such an impediment to whites getting jobs.

Clara Lander #racist amren.com

We were the only white people there. Although we didn’t feel threatened, we felt that something was terribly wrong. It made me sad to think that England would one day no longer be England, and Scotland no longer Scotland, and I couldn’t fathom why any country would voluntarily do this to itself. I have come to view multiculturalism not as part of the progression of humanity, but as an ethnic cleansing of the original population. A people without a racial consciousness and a love for their own will simply be overwhelmed and absorbed by the multi-culture.

One day my youngest son came home from primary school and confidently told me that the only difference between people was the amount of melanin in their skin. It was obvious that we were being prepared for a demographic shift. One afternoon I attended a family gathering on my husband’s side. His nephew was engaged and we were all going to meet the bride’s parents. I asked her English father what had brought him to New Zealand. In his Cockney accent, he went into a tirade about how immigrants in the UK were lavished with all manner of benefits and prioritized over the indigenous whites, who were stuck footing the bill. He eventually got so disgusted with the situation that he moved to New Zealand. International white flight.

In the wake of Brenton Tarrant’s rampage, all New Zealanders were urged to take responsibility for their own racism. I don’t believe the outpouring of grief shown from New Zealanders has been paralleled by Muslims in the aftermath of an Islamic attack in Europe. The love that other races have for their own, shown through their open advocacy for their respective “communities,” becomes more obvious the more multicultural our countries become. Today I embrace the natural love I have for my people and no longer struggle with the mental gymnastics that only white people must contort themselves with to conclude that if we prefer to live amongst our own people and put their interests first, we are “racist.”