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Yes, I know. At least one of these videos has already been posted here on Renegade at some point in the past. This is just a “reminder”, a sort of “back to the basics” thing if you will, to those who might have stumbled across this information recently while looking for “answers”. Such people were meant to end up at this juncture. All roads lead to the jew anyway… don’t they?

This clearly explains why there is an ongoing destruction of the demographic fibre of America (and Europe) in progress right now, some call it The Kalergi Plan. Make no mistake, one way or another the objective is White Genocide.

Just to make sure that some people understand who the real enemy is. It is not the “Paperclip Nazis” (as some gate-keeping operatives on the payroll would have us believe), it is not the reptilians, it is not the Greys from Zeta-Reticuli, etc-etc.

Still in doubt? just let these jews speak for themselves. From the same wonderful people who brought us the ‘Protocols of The Elders of Zion’
I think it is almost useless at this point to emphasize what scourge this “religion” (actually Saturnian death cult) known as “Judaism” has meant to humanity in the last 2,000 plus. Of course I have to include all its Abrahamic derivations, including Christianity. If in need of a deep dive I would definitively recommend Charles Giuliani’s Odysee channel to be found HERE.

Do I need to point out that such supremacist “religion” needs to be terminated if we are to survive on this planet?

That goes especially for those who call themselves “jews”. If you want to be “part of the solution” you have to get rid of this death cult and move on, or you will be terminated at some point eventually… just like the rest of us you so vehemently wish to destroy.

But why should I even bother saying all this? As the most brainwashed people on this Earth you are the biggest useful idiots.

Humanity will not be able to survive until this atavistic filth gets out of the way for ever.

There is no other way.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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