GenGene & shii410 #sexist

[LDAR] Why I can't empathize with females, no matter their circumstances

I've read about or saw firsthand numerous ways that females can get into negative circumstances. Poverty, abusive families, drug addiction, asshole boyfriends... wait.

The time when a guy comes into the picture is when I stop caring, and that's 100% of the time. Even if a girl's parents are abusive drug addicts living in poverty she has the realistic option of just running away with a boyfriend who will gladly take care of her, and find a different one if he's not to her liking. I've seen this happen.

Stuff like this is apparent on places like r9k, where the males and females might share an identical life story (except the 'asshole boyfriend' part if that comes up), but the difference in their actual social security and being wanted is worlds apart. Only the men are the 'virgin losers', while females are sought after no matter what.

imagine being a truecel from a shitty low income family with drug addict parents, and just being able to download an app on your phone and instantly choose from hundreds of attractive women who are willing to provide for you and pay for all your expenses, as easily as ordering a pizza

that is how women live in 2020. tutorial mode



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