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That's not how Christianity works
.. we can't really condone religions that we know lead people into eternity apart from God.... it's cruel to not give them the truth because at least if we tell the truth of the gospel they may repent and be forgiven.... but if we say nothing to those we know headed down the wrong track.... is it because we care about them or because we care about ourselves? Being confrontational is uncomfortable but so is an eternity away from God. Always love people enough to share the truth with them.

AZ Supreme Court #fundie #wingnut kuer.org

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can refuse to answer questions or turn over documents under a state law that exempts religious officials from having to report child sex abuse if they learn of the crime during a confessional setting.

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The left is all about using intimidation tactics, terrorists actions to silence their political opponents
J.K. Rowlings address was posted online by trans rights activists
BLM /ANTIFA burns downs cities
Last night BLM supporter ran over a bunch of kids and killed them!


(Note: read her bio too)

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1. Not everyone is the correct person for the job. That's called "life."

2. To expect (or demand) your beliefs be universally accepted is not reasonable. That's called "human nature."

3. Just because someone doesn't "like" you is not "hate." That's called "choice."

Nelson McCausland #homophobia patheos.com

NELSON McCausland, above, a board member of Northern Ireland’s Education Authority, opened up a huge can of worms on Monday when he tweeted about an American who, in 2009, ‘stopped being homosexual’ after encountering a bunch of Bible-thumpers in a Los Angeles cafe.

McCausland wrote:

A powerful testimony of a life changed by God and some important insights into the whole ‘gay movement’ from someone who has been there.