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Well, silly me, I assumed that a three-year ban would end after three years. During that time, I obviously didn’t set foot in Poland. I didn’t even tell a Polish joke. But someone decided that keeping me that three years weren’t enough, and tacked two more years onto my sentence. And didn’t tell me. Obviously, this is outrageous.

But seriously, what is going on? I can only guess, but in 2018, I gave a talk to a Polish group called All-Polish Youth.

It’s goal, to quote from its own sources, is to “to raise Polish youth in a Catholic and patriotic spirit.” That, of course, means that liberals call it “far-right” and “extremist,” but it is a very religious group, never involved in anything illegal. After my talk, All-Polish Youth gave me this nice mug, which I have to this day.

At the time of the first ban, my contacts thought — they’re not sure — that someone may have been spying for the police on All-Polish Youth, and was disappointed that there’s nothing juicy to report.

He then must have tried to win Brownie points with the police by claiming that this Jared Taylor guy was a violent bomb-thrower. But that’s just a theory. No one seems to know, and the Poles aren’t telling. On this trip I did learn from the Swiss that my original three-year ban went into effect in September 2018. That’s the month I gave that talk to the Catholic youth group.

If Poland had done something like this to a gay rights activist or a black-power advocate or a militant nudist, there would be outrage. The US State Department would be indignant. But not for me. After the first ban, I told the State Department that an allied nation was mistreating me and not even telling me why. I asked for help. You know what the department said? This was a decision of a foreign government, and it could do nothing. If only I had been a black, dope-smoking, lesbian basketball player, I suspect the State Department would have thought of something it could do.


This time, too, I will appeal to my own government. I’m not optimistic about the result.



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