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RE: Another man with a history of VAW becomes a mass shooter but trans activists blame it on TERFs

( LilOvaries )
Just like how men love to blame male-on-male devastation on women, trans-identified individuals love to misplace blame as well. Despite men being the vast majority of people who go out and murder transgenders, the TRA movement still finds a way to mental gymnastics the fault somehow landing on women who identify as radical feminists. Goes to show how much they hate women. When attacked, transgenderism activists leave the male perpetrators alone to yell at women and girls instead.

( pennygadget )
I highly doubt this shooter was reading Dworken, posting on Ovarit, or reading Rowling's essays in the days before he shot up a queer club. This is yet another bullshit MRA tactic to make women responsible for the bad behavior of men.

And for any TRA lurkers, this is NOT the same as us blaming the trans community for their bad apples. It IS your fault when a TIM impregnates women in a women's prison because Y'ALL ADVOCATED FOR THAT SHIT!!! Nobody here has ever called for a mass shooting against the TQs (and if they did, they'd be swiftly banned)

( cupcakes_and_shiraz )
This. GC women don't hate trans people for existing, we detest gender ideology and the damage it's done to women and girls. I don't expect TRAs to be bright enough to make the distinction though because they'd have to recognize that they're not victims.

( worried19 )
It's really galling that TRAs equate not wanting children to be medically transitioned or exposed to inappropriate adult sexuality with hating LGBT people and wanting them to be killed.

No one on Ovarit wants innocent people to die.



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