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'Potential problem with self-ID'. Ya think?

( overanddone )
Potential problem?

How many self-ID'd male prisoners are housed in female institutions as of now? And you "just" noticed the potential problem?

(only when it touches you, is it a problem, eh?)

( LOriginedumonde )
We need to quickly compile all of the evidence of men self IDing as trans and being moved to the women’s prison in a concise way. This is the perfect opportunity to bring awareness while everyone’s attention is on the topic.

( OwnLyingEyes )
Interesting that for all of their identifying as the most oppressed people ever, this person also clearly understands that declaring yourself trans after committing a crime can be used as a ploy to...receive lighter consequences (ie expect better treatment from the institutional justice system). Mask slip moment there, a lot like the TIMs who talk about how they drop the act and use their real voices when they feel threatened by other men, because they know it's safer to 'out' themselves as trans to a strange man than to be presumed a normal-ass woman.

( hmimperialtortie )
Not only get better treatment, but be handed more victims on a plate.

( BJ581 )
Except there is literally no information right now to suggest that this guy doesn’t legitimately believe he is non-binary or that this is some sort of defense strategy, other than wishful thinking. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. At this point the only thing he stands to gain is maybe ending up in a women’s prison? Then it would make more sense to claim to be a woman. It’s not like they’re halfway through the trial and he announced a pronoun change. This is the initial court documents where his “identity” was declared as non-binary. These people going on about it as a defense strategy and he’s faking are literally just hoping because they want him to be right wing, no evidence has suggested that. For now, if you believe non-binary is a real thing, you are breaking your own rules by not accepting that. I’m glad I don’t do these mind games with myself. No motive has been released, no suggestion that his lawyer is lying about his client has been evidenced.


littleowl12 #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

Some armchair psychology about the "nonbinary" club shooter and why I had a feeling

Not to pretend I'm psychic and amazeballz, but when I saw this club shooting I had a feeling it wasn't some Proud Boy or Christian Conservative. For a few reasons. Let alone us. As awful as those guys are, as-of-yet other groups have, in recent years, committed a lot of homophobic violence. The Orlando nightclub shooter was an Afghan whose family was sympathetic to the Taliban. He grew up hearing violent rhetoric from his family and the people his family associated with. From the time he was little. Every day. It wasn't just bigotry. It's was the Taliban's fetishization of violence. Their collective addiction to it.

What would nonbinary/trans have in common with a Taliban extremist?


From what I can see, violent rhetoric is a big part of trans and non-binary culture. They now outnumber the "truscum" like Blaire White or Buck Angel. They watch tons of porn, violent media, and preferably violent porn. They are often fascinated with Antifas where they practice confrontation and violence. They take selfies with knives, guns, and bats. They write up grotesque fantasies of what violence they'd like to commit against others. (Especially against women). They share these fantasies and get praised. They give each other tips on what to do and how to do it.

As a result, most people don't like them. But we can't have THAT, now, can we? They believe they are entitled to a warm welcome wherever they go, because they are the Righteous Ones. They don't accept that rejection is part of life, and in many instances, reasonable. They believe they should be off-limits from accountability from outsiders. They only self-flagellate for each other. So even if they are told "you can't come here because of your scary behavior" they immediately believe they are being wronged. They are the righteous, beautiful group, others are the sinful, ugly group, so others need to obey.


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Contrapoints on CNN: “It was obvious with the mug shot, that’s a man” while referring to Club Q shooter

( pennygadget )

"If he were non-binary, why would he attack his own community?"

That's a good question. Why don't we ask that question to all the totally valid trans-women who are currently in women's prisons for raping and/or killing members of the female community!

For real, fuck this guy. I can tell from looking at HIM that he's also a man no matter how much makeup he puts on or whatever silly girl voice he attempts. They've forced us women to go along and use female pronouns for horrible TIMs like Ezra Miller, Jonathan Yaniv, Dana Rivers, Karen White, Synthia Blast, etc. Now these fuckers need to practice what they preach and go along with whatever bullshit identity Mx Shooter claims to have. And if they don't, they should be swiftly banned from Twitter and other mainstream outlets for misgendering

Eat karma, you hypocritical clowns!

( Stealthygal )

If he were non-binary, why would he attack his own community?

For all kinds of reasons, like, he's an incel, he's fucked up by his porn star dad and cyer bullying when he was a teen, Being trans or NB or any other kind of fancy identity does not automatically make you nice.

Why would a school shooter attack his own community? Why are some transwomen rapists? Why do some women commit infanticide? Why are some people assholes? FOR REASONS

( mittimithai )
The demented gender/LGBTQ+++ cult itself is the one bringing clownery and disgrace to the horrific death of 5 people.

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CO LGBT club shooter is is "non-binary" goes by Mx. Aldrich

( BondiBlue )
I have never experienced such a nihilistic, schadenfraude-drenched spurt of laughter until I saw this just now. How are Esqueer and Ben Collins and all the other hacks and ideologues wailing about MAGA and TERFs going to square this circle? Y’all got played.

( overanddone )
yep, they got played, but this was ineveitable. "This never happens" comes home to their own backyard.

I snorted.

( Iceni )
Aha. I was just about to post this. Saw it on a left wing forum I post to. They are all saying he's doing it to get out of hate crime charges. I simply posted, "that's great, now they can decide if they want to go to a male or female prison." Haven't gotten any down votes yet, but give it time. Because no man would pretend to be not a man to get into a female space.

( BeachLover )
I went over to Daily Kos and they are claiming his lawyers didn't claim this: it was in a footnote. They say he is trolling. I guess the Left doesn't believe trans and nonbinary people anymore?

( RawSienna )
But nobody would claim a false identity to make their lives easier, would they?

If they insist on this argument, they can’t also argue “trans” women in women’s prison isn’t also gaming the system.

( iCONIC )

They are all saying he's doing it to get out of hate crime charges

Isn't he? He's identifying as "non-binary" to reduce his hate crime charges

"I wasn't homophobic or affected by bias! I was just an adherent of a homophobic, biased "gender" ideology who was in the wrong place at the wrong time!"

( Cailin )
So a pronoun person went into an LGBT club and murdered people…

….this ideology still remains the most homophobic thing I’ve ever seen.

( worried19 )
Holy fuck. Well, this is bad for the TRA narrative.

I had wondered if the shooter was a self-hating closet case. Not quite, but not far off.

I'm just pissed we have to watch the mainstream media fall over themselves to deny that this person is male. Then again, that's definitely going to peak the masses, so maybe it's a silver lining.

NotCis & DonnaMme #transphobia ovarit.com

Opinion | The LGBTQ family is united by our fear for our lives - The Washington Post

( NotCis )
I really resent articles that teach people to live in needless fear. Yes, this shooting was a tragedy and the U.S. has an absurd number of mass shootings compared to other high-income countries - that is wrong and so many of us have called for change for years (especially since so many shooters have histories of abusing women). It doesn't mean that "the LGBTQ family" is under constant threat. As others have pointed out time and time again, trans-identified people are less likely to be murdered than other groups. A good thread here last week (I can't find it now - can anyone help) pointed out that more people are killed by toddlers accidentally setting off guns each year than trans-identifying people are murdered for any reason (and if you want to look at TIPs killed because of transphobic violence, the numbers are vanishingly small). Fearmongering and telling people it's unsafe to live normal lives is harmful to their mental health and wellness and it needs to stop. For the love of god, let's get gun control and lock up dangerous men stat, but it's not because "the LGBTQ family" is under particular threat.

( DonnaMme )
So there will be even more pressure for women to remain silent and anyone who speaks out will immediately be branded as pushing violence against TIP. I posted this to the comment section

There are many violent men and this is a terrible tragedy. When will the gun access laws be changed? But this tragedy should not be conflated with women's efforts to regain rights that are being invalidated. There are women who are standing up, speaking out for their rights and speaking against the trend to hypersexualize children. This is not a violent movement but I am sure that the media will lump them in with violent groups. Why will this happen? I don't know but the media has blacked out any women who speak up

Not very well written, my comment and I am thinking of dropping my subscription to WaPo. Too much money and it's the most manipulative of the woke newspapers but the media has such power to silence.

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RE: Ovarit is often featured on FSTDT!

( crispycherrypie )
People who live on the internet, without a shred of irony: "Wow, there are a lot of lifelong leftists coming out as fundie Christians. Could it be that I'm mistaken, that I'm misinformed?

...No, it's the bigots who think males shouldn't be in women's spaces who are wrong."

( crodish )
I'm surprised none of them have peaked reading us.

We aren't anti-trans, we're anti-lying.

( Nibaiz )
Some of them really like futa porn and they don't want to be called gay about it. Ha.

( NewMa )
I'm scared to google that.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Futa is just "chicks with dicks" but an anime version.

( TheDirtyYumejo )
Unfortunately most of those people are so far up their own ass with their beliefs that no amount of logic can save them, they'll block it out at any cost.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Because ironically, they're very religious.

( Committing_Tervery )
I’m sure some have probably peaked, but they are too afraid to say it on the website. Or perhaps they got banned, or the comments were removed.

These people (just like those on r/GenderCynical, a sub making fun of r/GenderCynical) also frame our stuff or take it out of context and misrepresent our views though. They try to make us look as bad as possible.

( sojourner_truth_ )
For a lot of people, the sole reason they are on Team Trans is because they think the only people opposed to transition are religious. I see similar "logic" being used in Eastern Europe when it comes to gay rights. A lot of people think the only reason to oppose is religion, so therefore they support it just because they hate Christianity so much.

( strawberryfields4evr )
Imagine our posts being peppered in between people fantasizing about raping children, violent misogyny and homophobia.

( Committing_Tervery )

people fantasizing about raping children, violent misogyny and homophobia

Sounds like TIMs to me. Checks all the boxes

( ladyagatha )
Omg. When I first read this, I assumed the target of the ridicule was the TRAs, not the people on this site with common sense. Amazing. Yeah, we’re the fundamentalists alright 🤣

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RE: Another man with a history of VAW becomes a mass shooter but trans activists blame it on TERFs

( LilOvaries )
Just like how men love to blame male-on-male devastation on women, trans-identified individuals love to misplace blame as well. Despite men being the vast majority of people who go out and murder transgenders, the TRA movement still finds a way to mental gymnastics the fault somehow landing on women who identify as radical feminists. Goes to show how much they hate women. When attacked, transgenderism activists leave the male perpetrators alone to yell at women and girls instead.

( pennygadget )
I highly doubt this shooter was reading Dworken, posting on Ovarit, or reading Rowling's essays in the days before he shot up a queer club. This is yet another bullshit MRA tactic to make women responsible for the bad behavior of men.

And for any TRA lurkers, this is NOT the same as us blaming the trans community for their bad apples. It IS your fault when a TIM impregnates women in a women's prison because Y'ALL ADVOCATED FOR THAT SHIT!!! Nobody here has ever called for a mass shooting against the TQs (and if they did, they'd be swiftly banned)

( cupcakes_and_shiraz )
This. GC women don't hate trans people for existing, we detest gender ideology and the damage it's done to women and girls. I don't expect TRAs to be bright enough to make the distinction though because they'd have to recognize that they're not victims.

( worried19 )
It's really galling that TRAs equate not wanting children to be medically transitioned or exposed to inappropriate adult sexuality with hating LGBT people and wanting them to be killed.

No one on Ovarit wants innocent people to die.

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RE: Prenatal yoga class I was looking into uses the term “carrying persons”

( Feministunderyrbed )
I used to feel sorry for TIFs, they’re not a threat to me, victims of misogyny too, and all that. But when I think of the kind of pressure it has taken to impose these farcical speech codes on every business, government and institution serving women, I don’t feel like being in a room with TIFs any more than with TIMs. The delusions and aggression are almost equally creepy.

( femlez34 )
Honestly I think it's TIMs pushing for this as much if not more than TIFs. They know they can never be women because they can't get pregnant. They're desperate to divorce womanhood from female biology and turn it into an outfit, that's the only way they can participate.

( NoDayForADo )
More and more I find them practicing the worst kinds of misogyny. Skyler Bailer - HUGE supporter of Lia Thomas - given the voice of credibility because "he's a trans man athlete!" Think about it a little deeper and you'll see someone who hated being a woman so much she lopped her own tits off, who is now pushing for rules to hurt and humiliate other women.

( fiordisappho )
Same, plus I find their obsession with opting out of womanhood to “become men” particularly pathetic and enraging.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
What's frustrating is 90% of them don't actually want to become men. They're literally scared of men (like more so than the average woman IME) and refuse to use men's spaces because they don't like the misogyny, bro talk, male mannerisms, etc. They basically don't like anything about men, they just REALLY hate being treated like a woman.

They obsess over male characters written by women, male representations that don't actually exist. That's what they want to be.

( pennygadget )

They obsess over male characters written by women, male representations that don't actually exist. That's what they want to be.

They want to be like the yaoi boys in their Manga. Just like how the TIMs want to be giggling hentai sluts

( Feministunderyrbed )
Equal parts pitiable and infuriating, yeah.

( hmimperialtortie )
Same. My pity has largely been replaced by contempt.

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What to do if wokes turn all bathrooms into unisex


( carpetplaydohx2 )
Something tells me the transbros will not be happy about this either. Well, half of them, anyway -- they'll be faint with "dysphoria." The other half will be falling over themselves to get at the blood for their own fake periods.

( Radical_Phoenix )
Check out their penises while they pee and then share the intel you gained around.

( Owlchaser )

( Boudicaea )
As loudly as possible

( RighteousIndignation )
dont forget to laugh.

( Lipsy )
Needs moar contingency plan for when middle-aged AGPs start fishing through the trash and otherwise combing the premises for discarded cups to... idk shove up their butts or something ((shudders))

( Eava )
That is why they don't want separate bathrooms. No used products to find.

( pellucidar )
I've only ever seen disposable discs, but you can rinse those first, too. There's no stopping men from buying new ones anyway.

( Lipsy )
I don't think brand new ones would rlly scratch their proverbial itch, tbh. Although I'm happy to say i am not any kind of expert on this 🤪 and could be very wrong indeed.

( Carrots90 )
Unfortunately, I agree with you

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TIM is offended that mothers don’t want him around their little girls in the public restroom

( legopants )
She's teaching her kids to be safe around men, not to fear women. She's doing everything right. die mad about it

( Sailor_Paradise )
There are videos of men jacking off in public bathrooms on porn sites and installing hidden cams as well.. So the fact they're saying there's no reason to fear a man in female's restroom with their child really shows how dumb they are. Fuck this guy. There's a reason why you see mother's bring their sons into the bathroom with even if they're 8+ because of the fear the moment they're alone they can get instantly raped or hurt by a strange man. If you're really afraid of transphobia don't use the bathroom or go to the gender neutral one. The op clearly doesn't pass as a woman at all not even a masculine one.

( redacted )
men in the bathroom is not a grey area, its a violation of boundaries.

i hope his mum was just trying to prevent him going off at her and doesn't sincerely believe that, but she should be telling her adult son to respect female only spaces.

( RusticTroglodyte )
She's probably scared of him. I would consider myself a complete fucking failure as a parent if my son grew up to be an autogynephile. His mom is either deluded or just drinks herself to sleep every night wondering where she went wrong

( Apricot_Ibex )
“Women who look like you” aka MEN have sexually assaulted children countless times in restrooms, you freak.

Cope and seethe that mothers are teaching their children to avoid/be cautious around strange MEN who are creepy, entitled, and aggressive enough to barge into a space where they don’t even belong.

( suupersami )
They always seethe the hardest when they're denied access to vulnerable populations, especially children. You don't see TIFs focused on getting unconstrained access to children.

( shewolfoffrance )
It says a lot about this movement that they demand concessions not from the relatively powerful, but the relatively weak.

( realityismykink )
also they're pedophiles

cranberrysalad and EternaEspiral #sexist #senpai_noticed_us ovarit.com

Submitter’s note: this is yet another quote from the Ovarit is often featured on FSTDT! thread: https://fstdt.com/SW2.6WS2JB7MH
Apparently they don’t understand we call them fundie because of their rhetoric and who they associate with, i.e. Matt Walsh

Amen (irony intended, lurkers). Super liberal atheist here, much further left than my TWAM friends. They’re busy sobbing and wailing about men’s rights activism from some extremely wealthy zip codes while I’m over here like don’t let your identity politics make you forget that we’re all workers, comrade.

Yup, young, lesbian, atheist and anarchist leaning here. We're difinitely not what they imagine. Bet they won't screenshot and comment on this lol

cousinanger , IrishTheFrenchie & ceridwens_cauldron #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Cis is totally a neutral term because everyone has a gender identity and should accept being reduced to stereotypes

( cousinanger )
I can't read the linked thing, for some reason. But I can give a few general opinions: 1. There is zero evidence that everyone has a gender identity. This is an axiom or assumption a trans theorist has made. We don't have to believe it as it is probably not true. 2. Those who have never transitioned and who feel that they might have a gender identity seem to base it on the experience of living in a sexed body. In other words, that identity doesn't just somehow happen to match the sex of their bodies but is BASED on it. So all those people and all those who have no gender identity but just a biological sex are erased when faux wokes erase all names for the female sex. We become bleeders, ovary-havers, egg-producers and individuals with a cervix. 3. Being reduced to stereotypes is what **will ** happen with the gender identity cult, because there is nothing else that gender could be based on once biological sex is erased. Or at least nothing else someone could 'perform' to show what gender they want to be seen as. So now every single woman who accepts being called a woman is assumed to be passive, submissive, emotional and nurturing (all parts of defining femininity). Or something far worse in terms of sexist stereotypes.

The 'cis' shit is really so much nastier than how it looks. It's like those boiling-the-frog-slowly examples, i.e., doesn't seem that much to ask from us, but when we think it through it's about as regressive as anything coming from the MRAs or the anti-feminist religious extremists. And accepting it means we agree with the underlying beliefs.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I report every single TRA/TIP that calls me cis for "misgendering". Every single one.

Sorry if you don't like your own weapons turned and used on you, but thems the rules!

Cis is 100% a slur because it's like calling atheists "Godless". It insinuates there's more to it than simply not believing in someone else's religion.

( ceridwens_cauldron )
No, I don’t call myself cis as I clearly don’t fall understand your ‘cis’ definition of ‘someone with a gender identity that aligns with their sex’


anothergclesbian & SecondSkin #transphobia ovarit.com

(anothergclesbian )
Talk of Homophobia absent on "LGB/T" networks.

Does anyone else notice how the so called "lgb/t" networks don't really talk about homophobia anymore? Everything is either LGBTQ- or "queer"phobia and everyone, even if it's more specifically LGB, lesbian, or gay men, are always called LGBTQ people. I was reading an article about the recent shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado to find not a single mention of homophobia, not even an acknowledgement of sexual orientation. They made it all about trans issues and of course had to say, "oh trans women of color the most targeted group". I don't deny that gnc gay black men aren't targeted but I hate how it's used to dismiss what we face on a whole (like it's not really a problem). People in that nightclub died because the shooter hates LGB people but no, the real hate is not wanting men in women's spaces or making it illegal for people to obtain unneccessary treatments and surgeries. Who cares if gay men still get targeted on subways and streets? If lesbians worry about being attacked or r*ped and now fear being told by men we turn down 'oh I id as a woman'? Nah, not getting your way is the real problem here. 🙄

It's almost like at some points trans-IDing straights don't want to pretend they face homophobia, just "lgbtq/queerphobia", but they also don't want homophobia to be talked about - probably because they don't want THEIR homophobia to be brought up. But now they try to dip what happened on us like it's our fault for speaking out against their bullshit. It's so messed up.

( SecondSkin )
Agree with you op.

One local secondary school has an lgbt+ policy that is all about the t.

Just got my kids schools RSE policies sorted out that seemed fairly successfully but now the bullying policy reference to homophobia is all tq++++

Am pulling my hair out and sick of needing to waste energy on this bs. Which must feel much more frustrating for the lgb women and men.

MenHaveItEasy #transphobia ovarit.com

r/AgainstHateSubreddits want to ban r/ SocialJusticeInAction for criticizing TIMs with lactation fetishes

It's the same reason they want KF to go away. They dont want everyone to see receipts and explanations of their fetishistic behavior. Especially behavior involving children.

they said a woman who's breastfeeding her child should have CPS called on her. And death threats. Yeah, those totally happened. Boo hoo

That is a TIM - a MAN - who posted photos of himself (to other sick TIMs) sexually abusing his newborn daughter, and admitted he felt aroused doing it. I reported him to the authorities, and I hope to god that sick fuck and his enablers are arrested for child abuse. And I hope the all too many pedophilic TIMs who inevitably jerked off to those pictures, are struck by lightning.

Nobody believes TWAW, not even you incel stalkers. That's why you panic whenever your pedophilia gets exposed to everyone outside your safespace.

Owlchaser , yikesforever & Tortoisemouse #transphobia ovarit.com

We don't believe TWAW, that's the whole point

( Owlchaser )
Lol. Their argument is that "trans" is simply another identifier, like "old" or "black". Ok, so what does "trans" mean? It means something which is on the opposite side. "Black woman" and "Old woman" describe the type of woman but "trans woman" literally means "opposite of woman". SO NO FUCKING SHIT nobody thinks they're women! You cannot be both a transwoman and a woman! It's in the name itself!!!

And, any other qualifier would literally point to "male woman". Or, "not female woman". I'm headdesking so much I have a red mark!!!!

( yikesforever )
They also want all the stuff for trans people (like acting roles, beauty pageants, awards, groups, etc), and what women have.

Like even they somehow want both and yet demand everyone to think of them as women? fucking whack

( Tortoisemouse )
Yeah because it's "intersectional". They are extra marginalised because they're women AND they're trans.

Except, they don't understand how venn diagrams work. The circle representing "all trans women" is outside the circle for "women". That's literally what "trans" means. The two circles DO NOT INTERSECT. So screw your intersectionality.

They aren't extra marginalised they're just extra stupid.

Queenofdogs & [Deleted] #transphobia ovarit.com

( Queenofdogs )
Something I've noticed...

When TiMs get misogynistic abuse they feel 'euphoria' and go 'tehee I pass!' But when you say 'I hate men' TiFs go 'nooo you can't hate men it hurts my feelings I'm a man'

I wonder why this could be 🤔🤔🤔

( [Deleted] )
If you really want to piss off TIFs you say "i hate men except transmen", omg they HAAAAATE it 😂😂 "no were real evil men!!! We will totally rape you!!!!" Lmao sure girl

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

"You're denying my existence!" Yes, that is correct. I am denying that trans is a legitimate thing.
I don't believe anyone is actually trans. I don't believe in gender souls. I don't believe anyone is born in the wrong body.

So when TRAs say "you're denying the existence of trans people!" they're absolutely correct. I deny any of this is real or legitimate.

It is entitled, manipulative, misogynistic behavior grounded in solipsism and narcissism. It is abusive bullying disguised as a faux human rights campaign. It has no basis in objective fact. It is illogical, unreasonable, and impossible to defend or support. It is a flimsy excuse to destroy and hurt women. It is mental illness in a frilly dress and lipstick.

Trans identity is anything but factual or legitimate—it simply does not exist.

( realityismykink )
I peaked all over again when I realized that they were the only ones denying their existence. A man with a crossdressing fetish who insists he isn't a man with a crossdressing fetish, but actually a woman, is literally denying his own existence. We're the only ones who refuse to deny their existence, and it enrages them.

( [Deleted] )
Lol true. I never thought of it that way

( ifelifelse )
Yes! I thought the same! Isn’t it “transphobic” to claim TWAW or to say that Richard Levine is “female” (etc)? That’s actually implying that trans is bad or doesn’t exist! They go around all day pretending they’re the same as us, denying their own “existence”. We’re just saying that we won’t go along with their delusions, not that we think they don’t exist.

( bumpyjerboa )
I don't believe in a lot of things and I don't think people should get special treatment for their religious beliefs. (Even if I share those beliefs myself!) That's all trans is. It's not denying their existence the same as refusing to privilege someone's other, more traditional religious beliefs isn't denying their existence.

I also don't like to have a fake tea party with my nieces every time they ask, that doesn't mean I think my nieces don't exist.

( pennygadget )

I don't believe in a lot of things and I don't think people should get special treatment for their religious beliefs.

If an orthodox Jew can't force people around them to eat kosher, than a man shouldn't be able to force people to pretend he's a woman.

various commenters #transphobia #ableist ovarit.com

RE: A prediction.

( stirfriedkailan )
I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but why are TIMs over-represented in tech/programming?

( [Deleted] )
In my experience it's an extension of toxic masculinity and incel culture. They are nerds who have grown up being bullied by jocks and "chads" and can't relate to their imaginary standard guy who likes sport and bbq, so they assume that they aren't men at all.

Some of them see affirmative action in tech firms and assume that women have it "easier" and others are just pornsick fetishists. Throw into the mix the fact that a lot of them are autistic or otherwise neurodivergent and you have the perfect environment to spawn Tim's.

( LadyLuck )
I remember looking at an Incel message board years ago and I think a lot of those guys have some form of dysmorphia. They would obsess over their chins or height when cleaning their rooms, getting a hobby and being considerate to potential partners would have taken them much further.

( NoDayForADo )
Because the autistic boys gets sucked into trans culture the same as the girls do.

various commenters #transphobia #homophobia ovarit.com

Still not on board with trans women being men? What if I told you they were literally pushing their testes inside out?

( Ptarmagant )
Well, the good news is that they are killing or damaging a lot of their sperm, so it might inhibit their entry into the gene pool if they do it enough. I'm inclined to encourage it.

( Tq231442 )
The part that sucks about this is that a HUGE amount of TIMs wait until their wife is pregnant or the kids are still young to declare they're demented perverts, essentially shackling their kids and wives to them. They do it on purpose.

( suupersami )
It's like it's part of the APG playbook because it's so common.

( Lipsy )
It also makes an infuriating kind of sense in terms of the evolutionary viability of AGP, insofar as the tendency might be heritable.
A trait that waits until dude has fathered kids to come into full bloom[1] is a trait that actually has a nonzero chance of being passed on to posterity (again, insofar as it's genetic).

The same thing may also contribute to the significant preponderance of homosexual men who stay closeted, even in 21st century progressive urban environments where there's little to gain thereby, until the same point in life—and why the same phenomenon isn't seen in lesbians.

[1]: As in algal bloom, of course.

( Hopscotch )
Gay men have been doing this to their unwitting beards since forever. TiMs are just so terribly male.

( Ptarmagant )
Of course they do, because...evil.

[Deleted] #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Some real world LGB issues that major organizations are neglecting in favor of Trans Woo

I just don't get it. There was so MUCH to be done after gay marriage was won in some Western nations. Literally anything would have been a good target, hell, lesbians are women and women's rights are still barely a thing. 2% of rapes ever get investigated. All this money could have done soooooooo much good in the world.

And they decided they'd use this money to destroy women's rights, women's safety, women's dignity, child rape safeguarding. They used the money to destroy hundred thousands, maybe millions, of healthy bodies forever. Traumatize millions forever.

I really hope they will pay for this, but history tells me they won't. Not the surgeons and the stonewall people anyway. Now the TIMs with their mutilated body and their forever single life because no woman wants to go near that, they will suffer. So will the women with chronic pain, early onset dementia. But i fear the ones most responsible will walk, and will have made a lot of money, to add insult to injury.

sarstan #transphobia ovarit.com

Company comes out with "women only" club night that panders to trans/non binaries. Trans idiot submits anonymous post complaining about how it's not "inclusive to trans men". You can't win with these people


TIMs are the most aggressive, hateful men on earth, claiming womanhood as their own. "strictly no men" allowed in a space where are men are allowed.

mrsmeyers , StayoffmyTERF & hmimperialtortie #transphobia ovarit.com

( mrsmeyers )
This tweet from the same account, someone save my eyeballs from rolling into another dimension

Thankyou all for the lovely chats. I’m going to make lunch now, for myself, before returning to my work at home. My Paramedic husband is out saving lives. Yes, he asks for pronouns.

My opinions will only ever be that. Debate is healthy, violence is not.


( StayoffmyTERF )
If a paramedic asks my pronouns while I’m having a medical emergency, I’d rather him just let me die.

( hmimperialtortie )
Someone ask me that at such a time and I’d be sorely tempted to spit in their eye.

I wonder if the alleged paramedic husband only asks pronouns of the obvious genderhairs?

PeskySeperatist , Feminist_Username & IWantAGirlRiot #transphobia ovarit.com

Even if I ruin our relationship, I still want you to support me during transition!

( PeskySeperatist )
That self righteous little "oh pleaaase be kind and dont point out she's an absolute villain, and me a poor widdle victim 🥺" lets me know two things:

1. He wants her to get an absolute grilling.

2. He wants to show her the comments and play it off like he didnt want this to happen.

He's seriously deluded if he thinks this will help his situation.
Also I love the "I dont even know for certain I am trans" when she says they need to break up.
Just when he thought he'd succeeded in pushing his fetish onto her, she laid down the facts and he thought he could trick her into staying by pretending there was still a chance he wasnt a deranged AGP creep.
Her fast turnaround is interesting to me too. Wonder if he did some weird shit that gave the game away and made her realise it's a fetish.

( Feminist_Username )
100% agreed, she had to listen to him talk about his lady feelings for an entire fucking day after she had to do his damn eyebrows and was like nah I'm good. Tells us all we need to know.

AGPs breed terfs lol and they absolutely do not have the self awareness to realize it. Their constant self-insertion into female spaces literally drives women away from them. The more they get what they want, the more people around them realize why they never should have been given what they want in the first place.

When I stood up to my TIM relative he accused me of getting in with the wrong crowd lmao. My poor little ladybrain couldn't be coming up with boundaries or ideas on it's own, of course. No awareness whatsoever that his actions were the sole thing that informed my opinion.

( IWantAGirlRiot )
Holy shit, I identify as your post. There was a moment at a dinner where a TiM relative and my partner spoke over their mother, their aunt, and myself to correct the TiM’s pronouns. I was truly peaked. We were talking about the past. It was family history chat. All the women speaking, it made me sick how eager the TiM was to edge in, with some kind of exhaustion, to remind us silly women to watch our tongues.

Various commenters #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

r/MensWrongs: Terves don’t hate trans people they hate MEN 🙀

( [Deleted] )
Can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve met just as many insufferable female “nonbinary” people as I’ve met TIMs so I can’t say this applies to me personally. I see more predatory TIMs in online spaces but irl I’ve consistently been bullied, harassed, objectified, and condescended way more by genderspecial TIFs who seemingly feel intimidated by me being way more gnc than them and still being self aware that I’m a woman. And this has been an occurrence since way before I even entertained gender critical ideas.

They’re not men but a lot of them they LARP hard enough that they might as well be. And I know some people here are more mature than me and will say they hate the ideology and not the person but nah, that’s not me. I hate every creepy predatory TIM and every condescending misogynistic TIF/NB I’ve ever met. I don’t care about their chromosomes or what they have in their pants, if they’re part of the trans movement and treat women like shit they can just go fuck themseves regardless of whether they’re women or not

I know the original is probably accurate for most radfems so sorry for the unhinged rant. I haven’t been on Ovarit in a while and I needed to have a good seethe

( hmimperialtortie )
You speak for me! I despise the TIFs and enbies, they’re all misogynists. I loathe the TIMs.

( mathlover )
The women trying to pretend they are "men" can be obnoxious with lots of internalized mysogyny. But they are mostly just pathetic in trying to escape all the mysogyny heaped on women and we can feel sorry for them.

In sharp contrast, the men trying to pretend they are "women" are all sexual predators to some degree or other. They are viciously mysogynist. There is no way to not hate what they have done, and continue to do, to women and any womens' community they infest. And they do it all and get away with it because they are men.

So, yeah. The truly negative things we feel toward "trans" people we feel towards men.

( hontrapoints )
Why can't I hate both TIPs and men? It's the best of both worlds~

littleowl12 #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I'm not sure if Trans Ideology is a new religious movement, even in the quasi sense, actually.

Religious people can be contradictory, but TRAs can't NOT be contradictory. Young Earth Creationists are delulu, but they do have a consistent belief. They don't believe in evolution and creationism at the same time. TRAs of the NB type believe that gender is both meaningless and crucial. The "tru scum" are more consistent with their "mind of a woman/man" silliness but they also believe that the body does not make you your gender, but it must somehow be corrected since yes it does make you your gender.

While religious people can be self-contradictory, they can also be consistent. (In being wrong).

Religious people can also be honest in a way TRAs can't. They might accept that no one else is buying their crap and they'll just have to smugly pity the nonbelievers. The TRA needs something out of you, however. Right now. He needs you to let him into your bathrooms. She needs you to accept her into your gay men's night club. He needs you to let him into your sport. She needs you to pay for her metoidioplasty.

If the TRA doesn't get results, it's not about you not Seeing The Light. That's not what they're grieving. They can't be satisfied with "well at least I'm saved!" because they wanted a material benefit out of you. If they don't get into women's spaces, or free "top surgeries" then the project is a failure.

BondiBlue , OneOddBird & OneStarWolf #transphobia #moonbat ovarit.com

( BondiBlue )
Blue states becoming "sanctuaries" for genderwoo.

Connecticut has just announced it will be the first state to ignore court orders from red states prohibiting trans nonsense. Washington D.C. is reportedly soon to follow.


The upside is that they're also intending to be sanctuaries for abortion. But the downside is that they're lumping the two together as a broader "civil rights" battle. Even though the genderwoo cult are the ones erasing women's civil rights, and leaving us with no sanctuaries away from them.

This makes me angry, because the genderwoo cult now has a narrative framing of being on the Union side against slavery. It's just more forced teaming, now with trans bullsh!t effectively positioned as a "race." Just because I don't want anything to do with these militant colonizers doesn't make me a daughter of the Confederacy, FFS.

( OneOddBird )
A lot of this blue state trans thing refuge thing raises a lot of questions. Whenever a bill like the Texas one is passed, you see hordes of trans kids or their parents saying they are going to move out to a blue state. The thing is, blue states usually have higher costs of living. What person can actually afford to uproot their entire life, buy a home in a new place, pay for all the travel and expenses etc. it really shows that trans kids and trans healthcare in general is a problem of the bourgeoisie. What’s going to happen to that “trans kid” in Texas whose parents work as grocery store clerks? They can’t just uproot their lives and move. But oddly enough all the focus and sympathy is leveled at these upper class trans kids and their families who can afford to basically upgrade their quality of life

( OneStarWolf )

So Connecticut is also all about forcing women into prisons with men to inevitably be raped and become pregnant against their will. But at least they’ll allow the women abortions, eh! The idiots.

Gender ideology is a scourge on women and children, and it’s despicable how they now try to force ally it with abortion.

Women don’t want or need your gender cult bullshit as a condition for having autonomy over our bodies. Fuck off, Connecticut and all other TRAs and blue states trying this sleight of hand with our rights. We see you.

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

delusion, homophobia, misogyny

( GCRadFem )
Thank you sir but no. Get real.

TW do not have “the exact same bodies” as women and never will.

( Ptarmagant )
Um, if they had the exact same body, they would be, well, women.

( SakuraBlossoms )
Yeah what is the "trans" supposed to mean?

( spaghettiforhair )
That a male body can be surgically mutilated to the point of becoming a female body, which is false. Doctors are neither gods nor forces of nature.

( femlez34 )
Yeah, even if the genital surgeries were able to successfully imitate the real thing, I'm still not attracted to these dudes. They make it seem like everyone is fooled until we learn what's in their pants, lol. None of them look, sound, or smell remotely like women in person, and more importantly, none of them act like women! I've never had a woman react to me politely turning down a date by threatening to rape or murder me. A friend of mine was stalked by a TIM who would wait on the sidewalk outside her apartment. This entitlement to sexual access is not female behavior.

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( littleowl12 )
"Transactvism erases lesbians" Jammidodger: nuh-UNH


Here's Jammidodger again. Lesbians are like, so TODALLY RONG about twanz people erasing their community.

1. Nuh-UNH that is so not true!
2. Besides, not all trans guys identified as lesbians before transition. (We know that, Jamie. We call them Gaydens).
3. And anyway, many many many many many MANY trans women are proud lesbians, but terfs just IGNORE THAT!
4. Terfs think that trans men are women who have been brainwashed into trying to get male privilege while trans women are men trying to invade women's spaces BUT
5. That doesn't track because TWAW and TMAM.
Jammi doesn't wonder why many many many many MANY TIMs view themselves as lesbians. Nor does she wonder why she doesn't.

She just knows that lesbians are WRONG and MEAN! because of her circular logic. In her other videos she hints that she just might be a bisexual man, btw. In theory. This is interesting because she's not the first lesbian TIF on youtube to eventually identify as a gay man. Finn did this, too.

Her poor girlfriend really needs to run for the hills.

Jammi has a sponsorship from a language app and she's currently learning Creole. She bragged that she can finally work out a little bit of what her girlfriend's family are saying. They must find this annoying. I can only imagine Jammi is hearing words like "ridiculous" and "white" and "girl" and "thinks" and "she's" and "a" and "man."

Jammi is coming across as angrier and angrier and honestly a little desperate. She's skipping the good-natured, patient, condescending "educator" act. Now she's cross and has simply had it with our nonsense. She's a British Rom Com heart throb, god dammit! So seriously, fuck all you! You, and you, and especially YOU!

( ALesbian )
#3. It's impossible to ignore "trans lesbians." They're everywhere, threatening real lesbians with "corrective" rape and throwing temper mantrums.

( hmimperialtortie )

she's currently learning Creole

Sounds like she’d be better off learning English first.

( butchplease )
What trans activism gives us: men who call themselves lesbians and try to rape actual lesbians

What trans activism takes away from us: actual lesbians

GraceHoward1729 & Champagne_Lasagne #transphobia ovarit.com

( GraceHoward1729 )
Misogynists are not welcome here.

💜🤍💚 Here are a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Men who pretend to be women are men.

Women are female; men are male.

Lesbians are female homosexuals and exclusively own all sapphic spaces.

Calling men who pretend to be women "women" makes you a misogynist.

Lesbians are female homosexuals. Lesbians are not male heterosexuals. And no matter how much whining they do, misogynists can't change that fact.

This all doesn't need to be said, because reality exists independent of people's words. Reality doesn't require mass campaigns of psychological control with official contradictory slogans to be repeated ad nauseam; reality doesn't rely upon doublethink or propaganda-induced fear for compliance. I am not forgetting any facts, because reality is impossible to forget, not sorry.

( Champagne_Lasagne )
MEN are not welcome here.

💜 Here's a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Transwomen are men.

All women have vaginas, all men have penises.

Enby lesbians are misogynist "not like other girls" women and are not welcome here and in all sapphic spaces.

Calling women "females" is degrading yet necessary, because some fuckwits refuse to acknowledge the meaning of "woman".

Lesbians are women who love women. Lesbians are only Cis women who love Cis women. And no matter how much whining they do, men and homophobes can't change that fact.

Evidently this all needs to be said all the time. Moids and handmaidens are always ignoring these types of facts however, fuck them.

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Our Sisters in Afghanistan

( AngelFoodCake )
If trans issues aren't just a first world problem, where are all the Afghan TIMs demanding that these rules must apply to them as well so that they can feel valid?

( Committing_Tervery )
Along a similar but different note, I never see TIMs complaining that seeing Muslim women oppressed gives them “dysphoria,” either. Weird how they want to experience abortions, stillbirths, and other solely female experiences, but never wearing a burka and needing to have a man escort them out in public.

( comradeconradical )
Sadly I have seen more than a few TIMs fetishize the idea of being forced to wear a hijab and forced to be a houseslave...

It can be part of their feminization/sissification/misogyny/humiliation kink, with the added bonus of racism.

Just when you think they couldn't possibly be more depraved, they go there.

( Committing_Tervery )
I’ve definitely seen a few fetishize it, but none of them say that seeing women in burkas etc gives them “dysphoria,” ya know?

Indeed racist/culturally insensitive.

I cannot get the burning image of one TIM out of my head who was wearing a full body covering (but not a face covering). He had the most ridiculous fake boobs (probably stuffed a pillow under there, that’s what it looked like).

Gah, I hate these creeps!!!

( radicalacceptance )
So confusing how this is happening when no one can define a woman? Has anyone tried just explaining to the Taliban that biological sex is actually a spectrum?????

( chocolatefondant21 )
Can Afghan women identify as men and be exempt from all these rules? Why not??

( IronicWolf )
Weird how unsophisticated people like the Taliban know who a woman is without either chromosome testing or genital inspection while PhDs in Queer Theory and ironic glasses struggle with the concept of sexual dimorphism in humans. Even cats, dogs, birds etc know how to recognise the male and female of their species but very educated middle class progressives can’t.

I await TW desperate to travel to Kabul to get the validation of being flogged for not wearing a burka while ‘being women’. They could organise ‘high adrenaline gender euphoria holiday packages’.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

A burn for the ages. So to say.

( suupersami )
That's true, this is the first time I've heard a TIM advocate for a women's-only space.

Also, lol at "terrorizing". Only a male could equate the act of being denied with terror.

( MagnificentMildew )
It reminds me of that one quote: men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.

Transwomen are afraid women will "misgender" them, actual women are afraid transwomen will rape or kill them.

( blahblahgcer )
Unfortunately, this is an actual woman. She was in A Very Potter Musical as Cho Chang and on Buzzfeed's Ladylike.

( pennygadget )

Unfortunately, this is an actual woman. She was in A Very Potter Musical as Cho Chang and on Buzzfeed's Ladylike.

Ugh. These attack dog handmaidens make me so sad. She'll screech all day about the imminent threat posed by TERFs. But I'll bet she has no idea about the female suffering in Iran or the two women impregnated by a TIM inmate in New Jersey

( Novemberinthechair )
Cis women terrorize Tim's? Oh, fuck off.

( Committing_Tervery )
Exactly. TIMs rape and murder us, and also threaten us with those daily.

( wishforsanity )
"Terrorizing" to them is being misgendered on the internet. Because they're not mentally ill, but, if you hurt their feelings they will commit suicide and it will be all your fault, of course.

( KittyC22 )
I used to love Lady Like but they have gone very 'woke'. I'd love to see her comments on the lovely speech that comes from the otherside.

I have no doubt there are women out there who are nasty and genuinely don't like TW, but I have yet to see anything as vile as the rape threats, doxxing and firing requests by TRA's.

( hmimperialtortie )

I have no doubt there are women out there who are nasty and genuinely don't like TW

Not liking TIMs doesn’t make one nasty. What is there to like about perverted misogynists who larp as women?

jvsmine & hmimperialtortie #transphobia ovarit.com

"Passing" post-op TIM realizes straight men still won't sleep with him, calls it discrimination

( jvsmine )
"Just having that knowledge about you can change someone from being all over you to friendzoning you without any objective reason."

why are all TIMs such fucking rapists? this is incel rapist rhetoric. fucking sickos.

edit to add: not getting fucked means TIMs are "expendable"?

not at all like how the sudden real women are expendable in our own rape shelters, prisons, sports, etc. our feelings of being safe and cared for are disregarded so TIMs can "feel safe and valid and included".

they act like not getting fucked is gunna kill them. jesus I hate these moids.

( hmimperialtortie )
I honestly don’t care what anyone they rape or try to rape does to them.

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com


( poem998 )
this is enraging. it shows clearly that this person thinks of life as a video game. "girl mode" for him is a reality for others. he can change his clothes and still benefit from his male privilege. he uses the "girl mode" to get an erection. to me it is very clear, it is a paraphilia. he does it all for sexual gratification and it also tells us what he thinks of women and girls. they are sexual objects. "girl mode" to him is associated with the word "cok" written on the baseball cap and "fk my a*" written on the T-shirt. in women's bathrooms, women enter with their children, boys or girls because it's safer than entering a men's bathroom with toddlers. I see mothers all the time entering women's bathrooms with their little ones because in the men's bathroom, men could be having sex among each other or they may just be swinging their penises at other people. of course, this very deranged male doesn't think of the children potentially seeing him or hearing him masturbating in a stall.

( SometimesJacka )
This feels like it has to be satire / bait.

And yet… I know it’s probably not.

( bab00shka )
This is obvious satire or trolling/bait.

It's just a little too close to real TIM posting.

( SometimesJacka )
Well… it’s discord.

TIM’s discords can be some of the most unhinged, mask’s off moments.

It’s believable to me, because I’ve seen TIM’s like this. 🙃

( MonstrousRegiment )
Really, let's stick to critiquing believable stuff. This is too pat.

( SometimesJacka )
If we stuck to only critiquing the believable, we would have no posts.

But I think this post is believable to anyone who has ever spent time in discords with TIMs.

[Deleted] & Luckystar #transphobia ovarit.com

When TRAs compare TIMs to black or disabled women

( [Deleted] )
I’ve heard that not wanting men in women’s spaces due to fear of male violence is as bigoted as not wanting to share spaces with blacks because of fear of crime. That specious analogy is a racist mess.

( Luckystar )
It's also a category error/logical fallacy.
TRAs want to maintain there being separate male and female facilities/sports/etc, but just allow people to pick which one they want to use. If we compare with racial segregation in the USA, that'd be like saying we should keep the white-only and black-only bathrooms, water fountains, sports leagues etc. but let people decide for themselves if they consider themselves black or white.

Or to look at it the other way around: What they are asking for is not actually "transgender inclusion" as they frame it. They want to completely abolish women's spaces and "integrate" them so there is one set of facilities that anyone can use regardless of sex.

Another huge reason why the comparison falls flat: Women's facilities were created by women, for the purpose of giving women safe spaces away from male predators, chances for women to participate in sports without being completely flattened by male competitors, etc.

By contrast, under the segregated USA, the "black only" spaces were created by whites, and the purpose was to keep black people from accessing nicer facilities they kept for whites only. The power structure and the purpose of the facilities is completely inverted.

It actually blows my mind how often they resort to the analogies to USA racial segregation when if one thinks about the comparison for more than 30 seconds it should be pretty obvious why the two situations are not only not comparable, but they're actually pretty much the exact opposite, in form and execution.

littleowl12 #transphobia ovarit.com

TIMs (and TIFs) shouldn't get so defensive about porn as an influencer. That would actually be good news


To anyone lurking here that gets touchy about the porn factor: if you were exposed to it as a child, I view that as sexual abuse of you, not by you. I hold you accountable for your adult wrong-doings, but not how you were taken advantage of when you were 12.

And while there are a bunch of things that contribute to this trans craze, I believe it would actually be a good thing if porn addiction really is the driving force. It means you are not genetically defective, you are not destined to be this way, and porn, like other addictive substances, can be avoided. We brought smoking rates of teens down significantly in the US. Protecting kids is totally doable.

Obviously, the motives are different between TIMs and TIFs. TIMs are pursuing their pornographic ideals. TIFs are usually trying to run away from them, though they too are enamored by other porny fantasies like Yaoi.

It's just not a coincidence that the more widespread porn became, the faster this social contagion spread. As porn producers compete for clicks, they have to get stranger, weirder, and more disgusting. It's just marketing and capitalism. They must stand out from the crowd if they want to be noticed. Once you realize that's the only reason why porn producers bother with this particular paraphilia, it loses its mystique.

Obviously porn is not the only factor. In highly homophobic societies, you will find more HSTS TIMs. These are just gay men in a very dark place. But HSTS TIMs usually go on a body-destroying quest to meet pornographic ideals of womanhood. They aren't interested in women outside stereotypes they think will charm men. Even if they do want to bake in a pretty half-apron, it's not about the physical reality of womanhood. It's about being a sexy stereotype men will like. So porn is definitely the how-to guide HSTS TIMs think they need. Combine that with the obligatory venture into prostitution and porn, you've got yet another man who is ruled by porn.


IchikosChocolate & crodish #transphobia ovarit.com

"i feel like i'm just cosplaying real masculinity"

( IchikosChocolate )
This is genuinely so sad to read... It hurts to see how many girls are groomed into the belief that men are superior, a belief that has ruined this poor girl and made her want to become a man in order to become "better". The whole "queer" (a word I personally use for all the clowns leeching off the LGB's actual oppression) stuff is just 21th century misogyny and there should be no debate over that. Trans women being such grotesque caricatures of womanhood, girls forcing themselves to be someone they're not and never will be (also known as a man) in order to fit society's standards for a "mentally and physically strong person", the whole non-binary thing being a way to affirm gender stereotypes... the world is f*cked.

( crodish )
Yes, you are.

No female can become a male. Your bound breasts, mastectomied breasts, arm graft scar, phalloplasty, and everything you do to make yourself seem more like a man are themselves proof of your being female. No male has to do this.

You get better by stopping trying to be what you are not and accepting yourself as you are. You never needed to do any of this.

Jesus christ this is so upsetting to read. None of them know what the fuck they are doing or that none of it changes them into a man. They've been sold nothing but lies.

ProxyMusic #interphobia ovarit.com

RE: CAIS women

I have no problem considering persons with CAIS as though they were girls and women socially. Biologically, however, they are XY, SRY gene positive males with a DSD that occurs only in males. The sex development and health of females who have the same exact genetic mutations that cause CAIS in males are completely unaffected by those genetic anomalies. Because only male sex development is driven by and dependent on testosterone produced by the testes, and only males can have faulty male androgen receptors.

Also, socially doesn't mean medically. For the sake of people with CAIS's own health and wellbeing, it's crucial that their male sex, genetics and male-only DSD be acknowledged and kept front and center when it comes to matters like medical care, assessing their risks for developing certain diseases, anticipating how diseases will affect them, and treating the diseases and health conditions they develop. Their sex also needs to be taken into account when estimating their life spans for purposes of planning and budgeting for their old age and purchasing longterm care insurance.

their bodies are fully incapable of using testosterone from basically birth, meaning they have no functional male anatomy for basically their whole lives.

But persons with CAIS all develop and are born with testes that produce massive amounts of testosterone, usually in the high end of the normal male range, or exceeding the top end of the normal male range. At birth, CAIS testes also contain the gamete germ cells that in other males will later on develop into sperm. Some researchers today are predicting that with advances in assisted reproductive technologies, the time will come when persons with CAIS will be able to become biological parents.

How exactly do you figure that testes that pump out massive amounts of T and contain male gamete germ cells don't count as "functional male anatomy"?


Various commenters #transphobia #kinkshaming ovarit.com

A real conversation I had at my GSA.

( Tq231442 )
Just seeing your drawing reminds me of how I crossed the street today because I saw a crowd of people wearing thigh-highs, chokers, and bright hair coming in my direction.

I didn't want to smell them 💀

( cloudspinner )
Ew. The same kind of people showed up to the restaurant where I was having my birthday lunch last year. My dad and I traded looks but were very careful to keep our eyes trained on our food. It was so creepy.

( Tq231442 )
Imagine seeing a bunch of people acting out their fetish while with your family 🤮 shameless

( cloudspinner )
IKR? Dad and I were both creeped out when we left. I'm pretty sure we won't be going down Grand Ave. anytime soon.

( Nediljka_Orwell )
That’s the plan. All fetish enjoyment all the time, anywhere.

( jvsmine )
THIS. a bunch of furries dressed like this came to a local comic convention my town throws every year - and I can tell you that they were NOT there years prior. saw a male furry come out of a ladies bathroom, of course and I felt sick the rest of the day. I avoided these freaks like the plague and even refused to look at them and make a face bc I know a lot of them get off on our disgust. just grey rock the fuck out of them.

( Researcher1536 )
I was at a local restaurant and there were furries wearing their stuff while eating. There must have been a con nearby. But to see it in the wild was so jarring. My guy friend was like, "stop judging!" I said I'll judge all I want because I know the truth.

[Deleted] #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

Evidence to provide TRAs when questioned
Hello, I was wondering: does anyone have more science/biology based evidence for why the trans theory is bogus? People ask me and then I get flustered because I don't save every bit of evidence I see and then it gets lost and I can't find it. Also it would be nice to have it for my own interest too.

The one who asks has power!

As others said, turn it around! There's so many holes in this cult so there's plenty of questions, especially if you can act like you don't really know much yet.

But why does a woman wanting to dress as a man make her non binary, i thought women can do anything and clothes have no sex?

How can you have the wrong sex brain? Are humans also born with wrong sex arms and spleens sometimes? What medical measurement do you do on a brain to see it's wrong sex?

Isn't it homophobic to tell gay teens they can be straight and to make them irreversibly infertile? Isnt that a gay genocide?

Why is there a trans remeberence day when trans identified males kill more than they are killed?

If a man who identified as trans in prison but goes back to being a man immediately after, was he really trans?

If men can become women, how come none of them ever was pregnant or birthed a child? Not all women can be pregnant but it's more than zero. There has never been a pregnant man so how did he change sex? In what way? Is looking like the other sex = "changing sex"? But then wouldn't very manish looking women be men?

If you only know a person's gender by asking them, how can people be attracted to someone they haven't talked to?

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(IckabogLady )
If Roe had ended in the mid-2000s, I would've 100% become a TIF and that's terrifying
Puberty is a difficult time for young girls. When I was a preteen it was so difficult and the gender discourse wouldn't be a thing for another 10 years. I had constant comments about how big my breasts were for someone my age and received a lot of stares from older men...even from family members. It was traumatizing. When I got my period I didn't even tell my mother for a whole year because I was so embarrassed.

If transgenderism had been popular back then, I would've considered it (or at least I would've delved into the non-binary they/them/she/theirs shit). But if abortion had been outlawed, I could've seen myself going full TIF. Being a woman in a world that hates women would've been too much to handle at 11 years old. Knowing that I could get raped and my state would allow the rapist to sue me for having an abortion, that a rape sentence would be less than a 'murder' sentence for abortion, and that I could get the death penalty for abortion would've just made me completely check out of womanhood.

It's no wonder that young girls in the 2020s would rather chop their hair off, bind their breasts, and change the pronouns than be female in a world that wants to take away their bodily autonomy. Pregnancy can change your whole skeletal structure. It can make you depressed. And it's fucking life threatening, especially for black women in America. It can derail your career. It can tie you to an abusive boyfriend for the rest of your life. It can get you murdered if the man doesn't want to be a father.

I always felt sorry for TIFs, but now that this Roe discussion has begun I feel sadder for them than I ever have before. Maybe if America treated girls better they'd be happier being who they are.

( OneOddBird )
This is tragic and 100% agree. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the TIF tumblr phenomena took root in 2014, a year when the first prominent incel femicide happened in Isla Vista and states were still going back and forth on the abortion debate. The female body has been under siege for a long while and as women get more successful in the public eye the visual terrorism committed against our bodies increases. It’s no surprise many girls decide to opt out or develop mental health problems from this horrific strain on their identities