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Everything is someone else's fault.

( hellamomzilla )
I’m waiting for the tsunami wave of suicides by mentally ill people claiming to be the opposite sex. They keep telling us and telling us and it suspiciously never seems to materialize.

But all these people seem to have so much time to make shit up and threaten people. Most of us have lives — families, friends, jobs, volunteer obligations, etc.

Pro tip great pretenders: Fill up your lives and you won’t have all this time to ruminate on your made up violent fantasy world.

( TheExorcistofLies )
Narcissists rarely make good on their threats of suicide. It’s just a bargaining chip for them to get what they want.

( namithe1st )
Your mental health issues are not my fault. My conscience couldn’t be clearer.

( Thelnebriati )
If you are in an abusive relationship and he threatens suicide, he is actually threatening to kill you. This situation is more like an abusive relationship than a civil rights movement.

( SummerGrl )
People who go around blaming suicide on other people are just awful people themselves. I saw this post on Reddit yesterday basically telling terfs they're going to commit suicide. It was absolutely disgusting. TRAs think they are these wonderful people, but they cause a lot of harm to anyone who doesn't agree with them. If this isn't encouraging suicide, I don't know what it. And this is from a TRA against "terfs": https://archive.ph/vNwFO

( Faustina )
So I'm I going to be arrested and charged with murder because I know a man in a dress is still a man?

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Dating App HER Suspended from Twitter after Insulting Lesbians

( Miss_Andrist )
The funny part of this whole thing is that if the TERFs all actually left, so would the TIMs. I deleted the app because even though there were a few women looking for women, I felt like I was being used as bait to attract TIMs to the app. No thanks.

Let them match up with each other. Even the “inclusive” “queer” women only virtue signal about dating TIMs, anyway. What you have left is basically Grindr but for TIMs. They can all join each other’s femmegirl, mentally-ill, sex obsessed, anime, polycules and pretend like they are having lesbian sex while seething that no one except other perverts will actually go near them. It’s the fate these colonizing assholes all deserve.

Edit: And they are back! I love the low engagement their tweets have. They suggest that we make a TERF dating app. I’d love that, but the TIMs would be desperate to get in before the app even launched. Cope harder losers. NO ONE WANTS YOU. 🖕

( Penthesilea )

They suggest that we make a TERF dating app

Club Monocle exists! And Giggle. But when TIMs get wind of these apps, they do shit like try to sue to be included. They don’t actually want us to have our own spaces when it comes down to it. Men can’t stand being excluded, ever.

( pennygadget )

The funny part of this whole thing is that if the TERFs all actually left, so would the TIMs.

This! If some TERFs went off and started a real lesbian dating app, the TIMs would immediately try colonizing it. It wouldn't matter if they had plenty of straight handmaidens on Her willing to LARP as lesbians give them a pity fuck. They get off on violating lesbian boundaries

( FutureBreedMachine )
Isn't that precisely what happened with Giggle?

( shewolfoffrance )

I felt like I was being used as bait to attract TIMs to the app. No thanks.

If that was a deliberate strategy to expand their customer base, it's an incredibly stupid, short-sighted one. Any man who wants to get into a specifically female space is the kind of man who will alienate all but the most diehard handmaidens with his aggressive behavior.

Persimmon64 #transphobia ovarit.com

A Letter to the TRA handmaidens

This is to you, you "trans allies," you "social justice warriors," you "be kind" cheerleaders, you "right side of history" proponents, you "human rights" champions. You women who put men's needs before your own.

"Woman" is not a feeling. It is not a costume to be put on or taken off, it is not adherence to or identification with sexist stereotypes. "Woman" is not an identity that can be assumed. It is not a brain scan or a hormone level. "Woman" is not a solution to depression, loneliness, or ostracization. "Woman" is not a shield from mistreatment or bullying. "Woman" is not a cure for homosexuality. "Woman" is not a smokescreen to hide sexual fetishes and paraphilias. "Woman" is not a ticket to praise and affirmation, awards and distinctions. "Woman" is not arbitrary. It is not a choice. It is not temporary. It is not fluid. A woman is a biological reality. It is a physical state of being. It is immutable and constant. A woman is a human being. A woman is an adult. A woman is female.


Misogyny is not mistreatment based on the way we dress, the way we wear our hair, or the amount of makeup we put on. It is not based on our sexual attractions or our hobbies. It's not based on the depth of our voice, our weight, or our height. It's not based on how caring, gentle, or nurturing we are. It's not based on how pretty we look or how high we can sing. It is not based on our legal names or whether we have an M or F on our IDs. It is not based on whether we call ourselves by a word with one syllable or two, two letters or three. We experience misogyny because we are female. Males do not experience misogyny. Males cannot experience misogyny. Transwomen are male. Transwomen are men.

Where do you see the injustice towards these men who claim to be women in society? Is it the fact that males are required to participate in male athletics? Is it the fact that males are required to use male facilities? That males are sent to male prisons? Is it that males are prohibited from winning female awards, entering female spaces, and being recorded in female statistics? [...]

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RE: Where are the rights of Women whose husbands/partner become trans women ?

( vulvapeople )
I like the UK rule that says married people can't legally transition without the consent of their spouse or without getting a divorce first. UK TRAs, of course, wanted to do away with that rule even when the UK still didn't have no-fault divorce. Even with no-fault divorce, I still think it's a good rule given how many TIMs destroy the family's finances in pursuit of their fetish.

( Julie92845 )

I like the UK rule that says married people can't legally transition without the consent of their spouse or without getting a divorce first.

This is a good law, so of course TRAs were doing all they could to end it. A marriage is a legal contract and transitioning to another gender should void said contract unless both parties don't mind. A woman shouldn't have to find herself suddenly married to another woman (legally, even if biology never changes) if she didn't agree to that.

( Thelnebriati )
It's not even that they can't transition - they can apply for an interim GRC until the divorce is finalised.

The point is that when a person transitions, they have ways of accessing documents and info pertaining to their previous identity. But their spouse does not, (and is legally barred from outing them as trans.) Divorcing someone involves paperwork, and separating joint bank accounts, property, loans, a mortgage. After transitioning all of that paperwork applies to a person that legally no longer exists.

( RighteousIndignation )

I still think it's a good rule given how many TIMs destroy the family's finances in pursuit of their fetish.

similar to other things like depression and midlife crisis, I've heard so many stories about family men suddenly vanishing and buying plane tickets, sports cars and all sorts and the wife is desperately trying to block everything on the joint bank accounts and credit cards and things to stop him before he makes them bankrupt.

in fact this happened to someone I know but it was a son whom was single who went nuts, vanished and started racking up massive debts, when they finally found him he was homeless and owed over 30k and yes he did get diagnosed with a mental illness.

I see Trans as no different.

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100% perfect explanation of transgenderism

( MaryDyer )
I’ve been saying it for a while - males (barring the gay ones) who transition do it because of their fetishes and sexual desires. Females who transition do it because of male’s fetishes and sexual desires.

( notsofreshfeeling )
why bar the gay ones? A lot of it may be internalized homophobia and self-hatred, but there's a component of fetish present, for sure. They fetishize heterosexuality.

( MaryDyer )
Well I guess because I view it from a lens of sexual attraction and who poses a threat to females. A gay man transitions because he wants to attract males as sex partners. Those aren’t the types of men who are abusing and traumatizing young girls into wanting to escape their bodies. I hope this makes sense; I sometimes have a difficult time articulating my thoughts.

( notsofreshfeeling )
I hear you. Yes, gay men are going to be less likely to prey upon women sexually. Unfortunately, they do exhibit male entitlement by colonizing single-sex spaces intended for females, and by intimidating any women who would speak up to protect that space. Any male is a threat in spaces where women are likely to be alone, in a state of undress, etc., because men know that they can easily beat a woman up if they don't like what she's saying.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I thought it was that they fetishize snagging all the straight men who are unavailable to them as "men".

( OutHereInTheDeep )
And that’s the long and short of it. Gender ideology speaks to the most oppressive and fucked up impulses we have as a culture.

( KittyWhawWhaw )
And TIMs means mentally ill pervs pretending to be women.

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Terf only toilets! They never think things through...

( drdeeisback )
Fantastic idea! I'm sure it has our full support. (It does really demonstrate that men have zero understanding of how women think--when we don't like something our instinct is to get away from it not threaten and attack it.)

( VestalVirgin )
Has anyone tried to suggest this to a woke workplace?

I mean, really, we should copy this, and whenever a workplace goes woke, be like "Yes, our new policy is great! But have you thought about protecting the poor transwomen from the evil terfs? We need a separate toilet for the terfs."

(The best would be if we could get them to declare the men's toilets the new unisex toilets, and the women's the new terf toilets, as in that case, absolutely nothing would change, but TIMs couldn't complain anymore about having to use the men's. Oh, and the TIFs would have to share a toilet with men and see how they like it. I see only upsides. If regular men don't like it, they can demand that the insanity be abolished altogether and sex segregated toilets reinstated.)

( Kriegerin )
TERF toilets wouldn't last one day - TIMs would want to be in them desperately. After all, only actual women are TERFs.

( Oakleaf )
Haha! This has made me laugh ..It would be 'Doublethink' of a TIM identified as a TERF..We really would have come full circle.

( MamaGee )
They would... this is absolutely true.

They wouldn't even let us have something like that.

And think of how many women that would be afraid to call themselves terven publically but would still want to use those toilets and locker rooms because secretly they would want plain old privacy also.

( Femina )
But that's exactly what we have been asking for since the transgender invasion of female spaces began! XD

( VestalVirgin )
Yeah. They can make a third toilet for genderspecials, and all the women who think that men are women can use it, we are not hindering them.

If instead the want to build new toilets for women ... eh, as long as they make them decently large and install bins properly instead of just shoving them into a corner where they don't fit, I'm all for it.

BondiBlue #transphobia ovarit.com

I fear the US is going to become one massive lab rat experiment.

…with the red states (which have their own problems) that have banned, or plan to ban, gender quackery for minors, being the control group, and the blue states that have doubled down on it being the group getting “dosed.”

It would be the most wholly unethical “sample size” study to have ever been done, particularly on children. But I sadly think that is what is about to happen.

Democrats are only delving deeper and digging their heels in on radical progressivism. Tonight’s special elections, particularly in Chicago, proved it (with Gen Z at the forefront leading the way). Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Republicans will be slamming on the brakes and screeching the tires to “turn this car around,” so to speak.

And in the meantime, children are going to be the experimental lab rats of the two groups. Canadians talk about their “two solitudes” of Quebec and the other provinces being worlds apart in terms of culture and language. The wall separated East and West Berlin for decades. But the two Americas could diverge so much as to be two completely distinct peoples: one set of children following the course of nature (at times nasty and brutish), and the other being medically and chemically modified such that their physical form is forever altered and uprooted (synthetic nature being nasty and brutish in a different way). GMO kids versus organic. Red states with teenage mothers impregnated by virile preacher-men in their 40s, 50s and beyond; blue states rewriting the rules of nature by dosing and butchering the “genderqueer” offspring of “birthing parents” whereby the “chestfeeding” “father” is impregnated by the “mother.” Or some crackpot finally invents the artificial human-embryonic incubator and unmoors (or “q~eers”) the entire process away from so-called “gendered gestation” altogether.

It sounds like a dystopian epic, but it’s stranger than fiction. Whoever came up with this national experiment on the children of a people must be the world’s most malevolent mad scientist in human history.

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RE: Why do we treat gender ideology differently than flat earth?

( VestalVirgin )
Because gender ideology massively benefits pervy men, and was invented by men for that very reason.

Flat-earthism, on the other hand, is the belief of a handful harmless nutjobs who don't want to achieve any sinister goals with it, they just are too dense to realize that what they can see with their eyes is not the whole reality.

Look at how the belief that the sun rotates around the earth, not the other way round, was treated - that was not directly tied to any sinister goals, but church doctrine was that humans are the centre of the universe, and the earth not being the centre of all didn't fit in with that.

Or, the pseudoscience of measuring people's skulls and determining their character traits on that basis - that got quite a bit of traction, as the English wanted to prove the Irish's natural inferiority by claiming their skulls resembled those of apes, and the nazis also were into a lot of pseudoscience that "proved" their racism.

Nonsense beliefs become popular when a very real goal (usually a sinister one) can be achieved with them.

( Opals )
Because men don’t wank off thinking that the Earth is flat. Probably.

( Oakleaf )
Some men, somewhere, WILL be wankety ~wanking to Flat Earthery.

( momjeans )
The difference is that there are no structures in place to enforce ideological compliance with flat earth like there are with gender ideology.

There are consequences for heretical thought, writing and speech in defiance of gender ideology - in schools, higher ed, academia, professions, corporations, and on social media platforms. Ideological compliance is also enforced in everyday social interactions by true believers and allies irl.

Flat earthers don't have that kind of leverage or institutional backing. When the potential consequences of heresy include risk of losing one's job, friends, or family relationships, it's difficult to just laugh it off as the utter absurdity it is.

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Twitter removes policy against deadnaming transgender people

( IronicWolf )
Can they explain how calling Elliot Page Ellen, for example, makes her less safe? And more unsafe than a woman being sent rape threats or an account that tries to normalise wife beating?

( SakuraBlossoms )
I still see tons of people deadnaming Ye as Kanye West! Why weren't they cracking down on the imminent danger his life was in!?

( pennygadget )

And don't forget people deadnaming Nkechi Amare Diallo as Rachel Dolezal!! So much oppression!!!

Lol makes her less safe from herself because she'll kill herself if you don't lie

( cranberrysalad )
The only way i can see it “leading to violence” is by making deranged mentally ill men get violent.

( BrynhildsPyre )

Twitter has quietly removed a policy against the “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals,” raising concerns that the Elon Musk-owned platform is becoming less safe for marginalized groups sex criminals.

( SakuraBlossoms )
Finally, we are allowed the option of speaking our language in the way we have all our lives, and not in the way one recent cult ideology decided we must change it to.

( LunarWolf )
Someone mentioned how colonists always take away peoples native language, which takes away their ability to speak about and even understand reality in the way they are culturally accustomed to. They do this by making native words and language seem lesser or even sinful.

It’s gender colonialism. I won’t allow them to replace my words with theirs, just because they insist their words are morally superior.

( LilianH )
They still need to remove the prohibition on calling trans a mental illness though.

( SakuraBlossoms )
Free speech and diversity of opinions should always be allowed, but to be fair, gender dysphoria is the mental illness, not trans. Many people do not truly believe they are the other sex/gender at all and just identify as trans to get to act out their fetishes 24/7, while being cheered on as brave heroes and getting anyone who says "no" to their perversions shunned as bigots.

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RE: Has anyone visited r/truscum?

( shveya )
That subreddit actually helped me a lot to hit peak truscum. Seeing them dismiss gay & lesbian people as “transphobic” for turning down people off the opposite sex and the way they demonize Rowling made me realize that they’re not much different than “tucutes”.

( Kukushka )
I used to go on that sub sometimes before I fully peaked. Honestly, the way "truscum" are treated in the trans community is a small part of what peaked me. The way that they're vehemently hated just for believing something that used to be accepted without question (that you need to have dysphoria to be trans) is crazy to me.

I don't really agree with them anymore because I think their ideas on gender still come from a misogynistic place, but I think they have an interesting perspective that's worth listening to.

( RusticTroglodyte )
The pornsick AGPs who want to live out their fetish 24/7 and demand vALiDaTiOn from literally everyone and who flood lesbian bars, absolutely hate these men.

( KageThornback )
They are basically the 'not like the other girls' of the trans movement. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if they say some sane things, like admitting their biological sex, when they continue to 'live their life as the opposite sex' which just means pandering to sex stereotypes.

( puppy_cat )
Lol, you beat me to it. I was about to say the exact same. "We're not like the other trans". Some of them almost seem to be close to peaking and maybe detrans-ing. Many others just say the same stuff that TRAs say, but just add in the magic words "it's ok if you actually HAVE gender dysphoria!" Which used to be what TRAs said maybe 10 years ago before everything just completely got much worse.

( chupitchu77865 )
I used to think like you, but I'm totally opposed to the idea of "gender dysphoria" entirely at this point. WHaaaat does it even mean? The concept in and of itself feels misogynistic to me.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Exactly. It's all bullshit. It all needs to be dealt with by destroying the concept of gender

Without the idea of "girl things" and "boy things" all these trans nb pronoun ppl could just be themselves without it being a big deal

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( littleowl12 )
I wonder how many people have endured violence at the hands of roided out TIFs, tbh

We have enough research to know that testosterone can increase violent behavior in women. Delusions, hallucinations, rage, even outright psychosis.

I seriously wonder how many partners of TIFs have been assaulted, how many children are now scared of their mothers, or siblings. Even if it's just verbal rage.

I get the concept that adults can do what they want with their own bodies, but imagine being a family member who now has to deal with roid rage or be a bigot.

It doesn't have to reach the level of mass shooting to ruin your life. Just turning you into an abusive asshole is enough. I really do wonder when we'll start hearing from TIF widows and TIF orphans who lost a loving woman in their lives, who was turned into a turbo-dick. All because greedy doctors just write the scrips, collect their fees and don't care what happens next.

( BellaBlue )
I have two friends who have been a couple as long as I've known them the past 10 years.

She is a classic fujoshi, derranged from years of consuming yaoi of whatever is popular at the time. He is a classic nerd that landed a goth nerd girl in high school and held on for dear life.

They have been toxic the whole time, she roleplays whichever is her current fixation, and pressures him into roleplaying whichever character she pairs with her own.

Of course she would be a transtrender. After starting cross-sex hormones, she began pressuring him into letting her peg him, and argues when he says no.

( focaccia )
The pushyness about sex after T has become a real concern for me too. I've seen it happen with a TIF I know and it is nuts to me. A former 'kill all men' woman turned into a sex pest just because of some testosterone... doesn't give me much hope for the 49% of the population that has a ton of it in them naturally.

( Veneficca )
I can testify that TIFs can become arrogant, menacing and abusive. I've seen it several times. I think it can be the testosterone but also the new feeling of "I'm a man now and this is how real men act."

( IdentifyAsTired )
If you could identify into your oppressor class, wouldn't you emulate the worst of their behaviour? That's probably what we see the most of from them.

realityismykink & VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: TIPs know they're full of shit. That is why they'll lose.

( realityismykink )
And even if they "win," they'll lose. Because humans can't change sex. They could score every political victory they dream of: force everyone to call them "women," criminalize the acknowledgement of sex in every circumstance, carte blanche to mutilate children, and they still won't be the opposite sex. They could gain entry into every "women's space" on earth and force all of us back into the home, but all they'll gain is spaces that were once women's spaces. They will never, as long as they live, ever actually know what it feels like to even set foot into a "women's space" because any space they're in ceases to be a women's space the moment they enter. They'll never "play a sport as a woman," only as a cheating man with enough privilege to bully everyone into LARPing with him. They'll never "have lesbian sex;" the best they can hope for is heterosexual rape of an actual lesbian, or heterosexual sex with a straight/bi woman pretending to be a lesbian, or gay sex with another man pretending to be a lesbian.

[...] Women won the vote at a time when we had far fewer rights and protections under the law than we do now. And no matter what people are forced to pretend they believe, no matter how words are redefined or stripped of meaning, we are female humans and men aren't. Even if we lose, we win.

( VestalVirgin )
Yeah ...

TRAs are like a couple of lazy ass men from a first world country who decided to invade another country because they've been told it's easy and they'll get to rape the women and there's hardly any risk involved.

Real feminists are ... basically Sparta. Used to hardship. Used to danger. Fighting for our very existence.

As soon as the resistance really starts to get going, most TRA allies will go back to sit comfortably in their soft chairs and wank to porn. Because it turned out it is work. And there's risks. And they don't like either.

I think that's one reason why they're so keen on transing children, because the castrated children will be extra motivated to defend the illusion, thanks to the sunk cost fallacy.

Maplefields & MarthaMMC #transphobia ovarit.com

( Maplefields )
[...] If strangers on the internet calling you out on your behaviour makes you feel unsafe, you are mentally fragile. If being so called “misgendered” makes you feel unsafe and sends you into rage, you’re mentally fragile.

I have no idea why you feel so unsafe.

It’s not like you get thousands of “punch a TERF” “a good TERF is a dead TERF” and “shoot a TERF” aimed at you. Oh, and it’s not like we show up at your TRA rallies and assault you. Oh, wait. You do that to us. It was absolutely lovely (sarcasm) watching an old lady being punched by your endangered (sarcasm) transwoman.

( MarthaMMC )
What violence are they talking about? Pausing irreversible surgeries on kids til they are old enough to give informed consent as adults? Not being in the same space as females in certain situations? Esp when there are third spaces where they can be "safe"? Like individual restrooms or changing rooms as an addition to single sex ones? Other people not being forced to seeming to agree with them? This isn't violence. These laws are basically protecting other people's boundaries in some situations. It is a compromise trans need to make with society, just as all groups do, we balance rights all the time-all of our freedoms in the constitutional amendments have some restrictions & compromises & exceptions. Free speech doesn't cover yelling fire in a crowded theater, there have been some laws restricting firearms- though they are challenged, freedom of the press doesn't legally protect some things-like child pornography, freedom of religion doesn't permit some things-like refusal of certain medical care to children-in or- an extreme example- human sacrifice-(even if ppl volunteer) or even public animal sacrifice. They just are not willing to bend even a bit for societal interests. They want society to bend for them.

( Maplefields )
Anything but capitulating to the fantasies of the mentally disturbed is violence to them because it breaks that fantasy. In the real world, they are the sex they were born as and everyone is tiptoeing around them hoping that if they play along then the mentally disturbed TiP doesn’t rage on them.

Yeah, that’s right. We CLOCK you. We SEE you. We avert our eyes and hope we don’t make eye contact with you.

BondiBlue & notapatsy #transphobia ovarit.com

( BondiBlue )
Nashville school shooting and media reports

I have a difficult confession to make that probably seems trivial in the grander scheme of this tragedy.

The fact that the media reports are saying the shooter was female — I hate that I can’t trust them to be fully honest. I suspect TIM because mass shootings are male-pattern violence. But who knows if this was an outlier. The fact is they will never say whether the shooter was a real woman or a TIM because woke editorial guidelines forbid them from distinguishing.

And I hate that this is even a question. In a sane world you could trust journalists to report if it was a male shooter disguised as a woman. But now they can’t because of TRA Orwellian authoritarianism governing the newsroom and the public discourse writ large.

If the shooter was a TIM there would be more backlash for “misgendering” the murderer than for the actual murder. He or she is dead, so at least if it was a TIM he wouldn’t be in a woman’s prison. And again it may be not. But just the lack of clarity is infuriating.

And it angers me that Republicans can’t be trusted to protect women and kids from guns, while Democrats can’t be trusted to protect women and kids from TRA butchery, assault, and gaslighting.

All of this could be moot of course. But I can’t escape the thought nevertheless.

( notapatsy )
First thing I thought when I heard the shooter was heavily armed, including with an AR-15, was "male pattern violence." Women don't generally kill children. I am reserving judgement about whether the murderer is actually female. If the shooter turns out to be a trans-identified male, TRA's will blameshift the responsibility onto "a transphobic world" (and especially women!).

But we'll see. The information will come out at some point.

Update to my post: now that the shooter has been identified as a TIF, I hope some enterprising TRA doesn't take my comment about male-pattern violence as "evidence" the shooter was "really" male. If anything, I'd say she was out-male-ing males in an effort to prove she was "really" male.

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RE: Nashville school shooting and media reports

( Rheya )
So a TIF, a female. Rare, and I don’t think any of us here would deny adding her to the female stats for horrible crimes if this person is genuinely female. I can totally get why we were all skeptical since the news protects TIMs (though funnily they have no problem misgendering and deadnaming a woman 🤔)

If this is a female, I hope people start talking about how TIFs on testosterone have a higher criminality than women not on testosterone—and that the conversation opens up so we can start talking about the elephant in the room which is that TIMs seem to increase their criminality. Probably because they’re driven by a sexual fetish.

( operaghost )
I just want to mention, we don't know if she was on testosterone. The photos I've seen are of a clearly-female person. She doesn't look masculinized. It's possible she only recently went on testosterone, or is micro-dosing, but we can't know for sure until that information is made public.

( Ishahchai )
Female with an asterisk, because, as you noted, testosterone was in play. We know that roid rage is a real thing, while estrogen is not known to increase criminality.

( glimmer )
Not known to decrease it either unfortunately. Looking at you TIMs

( Ishahchai )
Exactly. A woman taking testosterone is more likely to exhibit male-pattern criminality, but a man taking estrogen is not any less likely to exhibit male-pattern criminality. I’m just spelling it out for any lurkers who might take offense at a perceived double-standard. Men’s crimes are never our crimes. The crimes of women on T are our crimes, but it needs to be noted that cross-sex hormone use may have been (was most likely) a factor

( BeneGesseritWitch )
Just about every outlet regardless of leaning is reporting this correctly as a female. Absolutely no compunction at all about “Mis-gendering”. In fact, some of them are using the previously unheard of, “transgender female”.

That’s right. When a woman commits a crime it’s her evil womaness that must be recognized regardless of the doctrine.

( NoDayForADo )
But... isn't it a male? I'm still confused but I think this is a dude. Is it actually a female/woman/vagina at birth?

( Lilith-Fair )
Yes. Shooter was an "AFAB"

Maplefields & VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

I don’t believe in god & I don’t believe you’re a woman 🤷‍♀️

( Maplefields )
If modern Christians acted like TRAs:

Them: join me in prayer.

Me: I don’t believe in god.

Them: how dare you! You’re erasing my existence! I can feel God. Who are you to question my feelings!?

Me: I don’t feel anything. I’ve never seen any proof of God either.

Them: God is everywhere. Everyone has God in their hearts. This isn’t up for debate.

Me: I’m not praying to something that doesn’t exist.

Them: OMG! Genocide of my people! So you’ve chosen unemployment then. Prepare to be cancelled. I’m telling all of social media what a bigot you are and how you want to kill us.

( VestalVirgin )

Them: "You must eat this communion wafer!"

You: "But I have celiac disease, I can't eat wheat!"

Them: "It's not wheat, you heretic! It's the flesh of Christ! Burn the heretic!" * Proceeds to shove the wafer into your mouth while rallying others to build a pyre. *

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RE: Anyone else keep seeing "AFAB" used more often on Reddit or other communities?

( OwnLyingEyes )
For what little it's worth, "AFAB" pisses them off too. They've been having little tantrums about women using it to mean women for years now, because it still acknowledges the existence of a category that women are in and they are not.

( Julie92845 )
Yep, I've noticed this too.

They're also taking offense to transwomen vs trans women. I've always just used trans women but now that they're trying to police my language even more I might switch over as a fuck you.

( an_actual_chicken )
The funny thing for me is that saying "AFAB" is basically the same as "assigning someone female" on the spot in conversation. Literally no difference from "natal female" or even "biological female" except the degree of indirectness about what they're actually describing.

( itazurakko )
Yes. As the term is actually used in 2023, it just means "women." Real ones. Female humans. What we have called "women" all along.

Notice how they not only had a NEED for such a term, but also don't quibble about who is in it? Yeah. That's useful for me.

( BehindtheCurtain )
Using the word "woman" properly is practically against the rules of reddit.
Afab is the shortest work around, compared to "female people". TiMs still very annoyed when afabs are being centered, but it does cut down on "well as a [trans] woman I think it's very empowering to be bimbofied" or whatever else they object over with porn brains.

( itazurakko )
The one place on reddit you ARE allowed to say "women only" or "cis women only" and MEAN it is... the porn subs. Which should tell you ALL you need to know. :/

( starsstorm )
Women outside of us are using it as a work around for the dehumanizing terms that refer to women as body parts. Even some of my tra friends have adopted using afab because they don’t want to get fire or harassed for talking about women’s issues as women, but they don’t want to include trans women in there either. It’s an unfortunate neat work around and it infuriates trans people, especially tims. I’m sure it’ll become even more popular among women.

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RE: I’ve met some very decent transgender people

( mathlover )
People don't realize they are just being used by these supposed "reasonable trans" who "just want to get on with their lives".

Try not playing pronoun make-believe. Since pronouns refer to biological sex and "no one is denying that biological sex exists", it shouldn't be an issue. Treat these "good" trans males or trans male friends like men. Be polite about it. But he/him/his. Point them toward the mens bathroom when they need to go. Never invite them to any activity which is specifically for women only. Never introduce them to lesbian friends looking to meet women to date.

Be polite and treat guys like that as you would any other male friend or acquaintance. It shouldn't matter if any particular male friend wears dresses or makeup, "feels" he is something he can never be (the opposite sex), or gets off on pretending he is a woman. See what happens if you don't go along with the make-believe. Because the mask will slip from that "lovely trans" male when you are not supplying him with the human props he desires to live his fantasy.

( RawSienna )
A decent human with average social skills goes out of their way to avoid making others uncomfortable, especially a decent man when interacting with women. Any person who transgresses this raises alarm. TRAs are using shame, intimidation and threats to try to get us to ignore our own ingrained safety responses…and that makes us know we’re right to exclude them. It boils down to a meme I saw floating around, really:

“Good men stay out so that bad men stand out”.

( LilianH )
Tell them no, you won't call them a woman, and watch how long it takes for these "decent, non-aggressive, rational" men to turn into raging bullies.

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
It doesn' t matter if some of them are not deranged fetishists, they are still not what they claim to identify as. If they were decent, they would realize that telling others that they need to lie for their sake is not something good or respectful. Even if they do it "gently".

( hmimperialtortie )
“Decent, rational” and “TIM” are oxymorons.

You may not have an issue with these men in women’s spaces but they’re not going in there only when you’re there, are they? And if they’re going in, that proves they are not decent, and are predatory, because they KNOW what they are doing.

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RE: drinking piss is part of gay culture

( yikesforever )
Tbh, some of what i've heard about gay males (like going camping and having huge orgies) sounds disgusting af and worse than hetero couples, cause it's all male...

( Riothamus )
Women are the control rods for male sexuality. Remove the control rods and you get a meltdown.

( proudcatlady )
I done been saying this. And it’s exhausting to be the control rod. And miserable.

( shewolfoffrance )
Because men, collectively, want women to be the control rods, just not for them individually.

They want women to take sole responsibility for making sure there are no single-parent homes, children born out of wedlock, divorces, or promiscuity. They also want to keep their porn, casual sex, strip clubs, forever girlfriends, dating apps, open relationships, and "instagram models."

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( Gender_Critical )
Cis is a slur.



( notapatsy )
"Don't cisgender me," I say, whenever someone does so. "Self ID works both ways, and you don't get to define and label me."

( disco_metal )
Plot twist: I'm actually agender (because I don't "feel like" a woman--I am a woman)

( Irene )
buT it'S nOt laBeLinG yOu iT's juSt fActuAlly wHaT yoU ArE :) :) :) iT juSt meAns NOT TRANS anD yOu'Re nOt trAnS, riGhT?

( Intuiterf )
But how can you tell I'm not trans? I thought it was supposed to be impossible to tell 🤡

( Women1st )
I don’t have to accept their label because they want to validate themselves! I’m a woman, you are not

( Kriegerin )
I saw a TRA "meme" (why are leftists "jokes" just condescending lessons?) that mocked people and especially women who reject the misogynistic "cis"label and they were jerking each other off how it's "just a neutral description".

Alright, so surely you're okay if i call you an autogynephilic fetishist crossdresser or self hating fujoshi handmaiden, right? It's literally just accurate descriptions 🤔

( DurableBook )
Eh, "cis" is just the fig leaf for polite liberal sexism.

Even the people who will talk your ear off about how "sex is a social construct" know exactly which class of people cannot ever be transwomen. They know exactly which class of people need to shut up and sit down.

But they also know it will cramp their style to openly express the same retrograde sexism as their grandpa, hence the invention of a bunch of Totally New And Not At All Recycled gender labels.

( overanddone )
It is.

It is also a convenient gotcha. If transwomen are women, why the distinction used to denote natal women (or, as I am fond of saying “actual women”)? Hmmmm. Must be something fundamentally different about transwomen then, eh? Wonder what that is?

( hmimperialtortie )
Even if it wasn’t used as a slur, why the hell should normal people be defined as not belonging to a group of fetishistic, woman-hating transvestites?

( FutureBreedMachine )
It's literally telling people who aren't psychotic and interested in medicalizing themselves that they're cool with ass backwards sexist stereotypes 🙄 TIPs and TRAs might be some of the most sexist people I've ever met. I thought super right wing old dudes were the worst but they've got some serious competition these days

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[US][TN] Nashville school shooter identified as Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old TN resident [Audrey Hale]

( fightlikeagirl )
I'd be shocked if the shooter was actually female, seeing as ~98% of mass shooters are male. If it's a TIM, expect people screeching about not misgendering a murderer and demanding the crime be counted under women's statistics.

( Hollyhock )
But if it really is a TIF, there needs to be a discussion about giving testosterone to women.

( wildclovr )
Yes, truly - if this turns out to be an actual woman, then her being on testosterone and then going on a shooting spree needs to be discussed. Not covered up, not acted as though it doesn't matter.

( momofreyrella )
I am just as shocked as you. I really thought it was going to be a Tim, but its an Aiden

( Lee-Side_ )
The Guardian referred to the killer as female. That publication would NEVER deadname, and so I interpret that as a man identifying as a woman. "The shooter was named as Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28 and from Nashville" and on a map, "Female shooter shot and killed after an attack at Covenant school".
It's so stupid we have to guess because the media can't be bothered to tell the fucking truth.

( Hollyhock )
It seems the shooter is a female so it's clear, once again, how misogynistic this movement is as obviously it's okay to misgender a TIF, but never a TIM.

( Future )
I agree about the Guardian, but I think in this scenario it’s a case of miscommunication and misunderstanding. The police chief who gave the statement seems to think that “transgender woman” is the “correct” terminology for a TIF.

The Guardian have then taken his quote at face value.

( wildclovr )
I think the shooter is most likely a man (a TIM). Here is a story about it. The way it's worded, they say it's a woman, but also transgender. That screams out "man" to me.

Women1st , Understanderson & amethyst7 #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: We should start calling "trans rights" what they really are: Trans privilege

( Women1st )
It’s misogyny. Men are better women than we are, lol. Men can dominate our sports. Men can access our bathrooms. Men can serve time in women’s prisons. Who cares if they are rapists? Their feelings are more important than the lived experience of women. Absolute misogyny.

( Understanderson )
I like this, but in America, it would be too easy to dismiss as a right wing dog whistle (this exact verbiage has been used to argue against gay rights). I would love to find some phrase that focuses more on the replacement of sex with gender and the erosion of women's sex-based rights, but I can't think of anything that can't easily be dismissed. When people (women especially) hear that 'trans women are women' means eventually you won't be free to ask for a female doctor or even gynecologist, that seems to wake them up--but I have no idea how to make a label out of that. Most people are also shocked by what's happening to lesbians when they hear about it, but it is so bizarre that they don't quite believe it could be that bad.

( amethyst7 )
It's safe to say you're preaching to the choir here. I think most of us use the word 'rights' facetiously.

TIPs' imaginary rights include:

1. the right to screech about the "staggeringly high suicide rates" myth
2. the right to practice their fetish loudly and in public
3. the right to infringe upon same sex spaces, including the vitally important areas of prison and healthcare

Do LGB people demand that others call their partners their wife/husband and be propped up by legislation and legal punishment if not followed?

Excellent point.

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( KittyWhawWhaw )
Neo Nazis at Let Women Speak Melbourne
…Does anyone else find this suspicious in the extreme?

So not only do Neo Nazis suddenly care about women’s rights all of a sudden for some reason, but they do a cartoonish Nazi salute, and let TRAs grab at their flag without resorting to any violence against them?

What about all this speaks legit Neo Nazi to you?

We know that many TRAs have a “Nazi Phase”, to the point that you can even see them talking about it if you Google it.

Who would ever suspect that they use their Nazi connections to hire either real Neo Nazis or a bunch of TRAs pretending to be?

I’d say that this is conspiracy lunacy, but look at what else they’ve done. I wouldn’t put anything past them. And this is the perfect move to undermine Let Women Speak.

Everyone is a Nazi, according to these people. Is it really such a stretch to come up with this propaganda idea?

Article on the subject: https://archive.ph/2023.03.21-161414/https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/violence-erupts-at-antitransgender-rally/news-story/87e06cdf34e9551c2d869849fd41d550?amp&nk=2410bf818d0716aaf90c64d322b29ae2-1679415260

( Laila_Salem )
When I saw the photos and read how the police casually allowed them my first thoughts were well many "closeted " TIMs go to work on the military and police and similar careers.

Women should hire a detective agency to see who's really behind these people, cause now all the news is not about what was really said in the Let The Women Speak even but about these men.

( sunhatpat )
The Biden administration has recently put trans rights on the level of national security, thus paving the way for CIA or other covert infiltration into the politics of other nations. It would not surprise me AT ALL to learn that these so-called Nazis were actually mercenaries, funded by the CIA

( momjeans )
It's not lunacy. This is a common tactic used to discredit movements, especially when they seem to be gaining favor with the public. The conspiracy community has known this for a long time, so much so that it's a predictable and laughable trope.

It does dual duty. Not only does it smear & discredit a popular movement, but it also gives the gov & intelligence agencies a legitimate reason to crack down on emerging movements like Let Women Speak. Guilt by association.

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Kaiser Permanente Sued Over Hormone Therapy – NBC Bay Area

( GCRadFem )
A couple of years ago I stated that there will be a tsunami of children and adults waking up from the fog of transgenderism to be able to clearly see their ruined bodies and what was done to them. It may be beginning now. Every lawsuit will build on the one prior.

It has truly been a revenue stream for physicians, surgeons and hospitals but destruction for those children and young adults that health”care” has chosen to blindly follow fallacy and bullshit instead of science and reality.

( eyeswideopen )
Yes, as much as would like a wholesale and society-wide rejection of the genderist movement in the U.S., lawsuits by people and children damaged by the drugs and surgeries they were convinced into doing will be the way this ends here. I still think it will another decade before it ends completely because the courts are slow, but this is the beginning of the end here.

( tacocat )
The courts are slow, but when these lawsuits are all over the news, parents with vulnerable children will be more alert to the dangers of transitioning. I think this will result in fewer children being fed into the system. At least I hope so.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Soon we'll be seeing lawyer ads all over Insta and the rest of the internet, for ppl effected by gender treatments, mark my words

( RusticTroglodyte )
Absolutely. The carnage is even worse in a place like the United States with no guaranteed healthcare.

Not to mention that a lot of the side effects of medical transition are going to leave more and more ppl on disability at younger and younger ages

This whole thing is going to be looked at as a huge generational tragedy in years to come

OwnLyingEyes & penelopekitty #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How would you rank the irrationality of Gender Ideology vs Rightist Conspiracy Theories?

( OwnLyingEyes )
I think the underlying irrationality is at least equally insane, to the point where it's easy to sound like a conspiracy theorist yourself when just trying to call people's attention to what gender ideologists actually believe, say, and do, IMO it's actually even more insane than flat eartherism to deny such a fundamental, personally observable fact that men and women are different, but there's one considerable difference to be factored into it: it's incredibly well funded and trusted institutions are pushing it. The sources you'd normally turn to for the facts have been captured. This isn't the grassroots crazy of garden variety conspiracy theories, but oligarch-driven insanity. And so many of the people who buy into it aren't the usual paranoid/distrustful skeptics, or bored clever people getting trapped in an obsessive, increasingly detached from reality and mentally unhealthy spiral, but rather people who are too trusting, who aren't paying that much attention and take the prevailing narrative about this at face value. People whose response to 'that doesn't make any sense' immediately terminate the thought with 'I just must not understand.'

And the truth is, the scope of this insanity is a huge pill to swallow. It WOULD be easier, and a lot more comfortable, to just believe that the people setting these policies know what they're doing and have good intentions. In this case, the reality is so horrifying it doesn't seem possible.

( penelopekitty )
Of course they're comparable, but the gender delusion is far worse. We have sterilized and mutilated a generation of children. That really happened and is still happening. Women are being erased under the law - it already happened. Gender identity has taken precedence over sex in legislation. There has been widespread institutional capture.

How is that not much, much worse than Qanon?

VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How would you rank the irrationality of Gender Ideology vs Rightist Conspiracy Theories?

It is very obvious which is worse: The one that affects legislation.

Gender insanity dictates the law. Males get to win at womens' sports. Male rapists are allowed into womens' prisons.

So what if some conspiracy theorists believe that the earth is flat and covid is a hoax? As long as politics are made without even the slightest consideration for such conspiracy theories (and currently, I don't see any political decisions being made on basis of the assumption that the earth is flat), those theories are not really a problem.

(This is also something I tell the idiotic pro-genderists who claim that they don't want males in womens' prisons and that wanting men to get to rape women in prison is a "fringe opinion" and doesn't represent transactivism - why then, is it made law? Why, if they are against it, do they not speak up? It is blatantly obvious that they are lying through their teeth.)

Edit: As for which is more insane, I still think gender ideology.

Gender ideology claims that what our eyes can see (that men are men and not women, for example) is wrong.

Flat-earthism, on the other hand, is quite silly, but one must give it that: It is something that makes sense to people who don't live near the sea, have never been in an airplane, etc. Chemtrails and Covid-as-hoax, likewise, are things that are not easily disproved by just leaving one's house.

The rightist conspiracy theories are rooted in distrust against science, the leftist insanity is caused by too much trust in everything that pretends to be science. Both, taken to the extreme, are wrong, but at least the approach of only believing what you can understand is natural. It served humanity well enough for survival for a long time.

Gendernonsense, on the other hand, is not sustainable, and I have a niggling suspicion that the explicit ban in the Bible on men wearing womens' clothing and vice versa might have been caused by AGPs already having existed back then, and people having noticed that it is very, very bad for society to let them do what they want. (I do not think that enough women passed as male that it would have posed a major problem to patriarchy.)

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( BathMat )
How would you rank the irrationality of Gender Ideology vs Rightist Conspiracy Theories?

My male partner is in basic agreement on important points of gender wars, but sometimes clearly thinks I'm overestimating the scale of the problem, in terms of how widespread beliefs about the crazier aspects are within the left and institutions.

This recently came up again as he had been talking to some serious conspiracy theorists about their beliefs - from chemtrails and covid-is-a-hoax to actual flat-earthism. I tried to say something about how yes, all of that is obviously insane, and there is some kind of growing internet + disenfranchisement problem, and did he see how that was also true of the people we know on the left thinking various equally irrational things about sex and gender? [...]. He said that most people who say TWAW don't mean it literally and are playing some kind of intellectual game rather than deluded.

So I was just wondering what people here think? Are they comparable mass delusions, or different types of things? I'm not particularly looking to win the argument, although I wish I'd been better able to explain what seems so obvious to me! But it's made me genuinely wonder if there are differences, and if so what they are.

( hmimperialtortie )

He said that most people who say TWAW don't mean it literally and are playing some kind of intellectual game rather than deluded.

Which is no better, because it means they know it is a lie and support the destruction of women’s rights anyway.

( RawSienna )
Is the flat earth lobby elbowing their way into schools to groom kids into thinking harmful nonsense?

Are chemtrailers forcing workplaces to do strange quasi-religious compliance rituals with their employees?

Kooky and eccentric beliefs are harmless until they have the force of social and legal pressure behind them.

( zuubat )
Creationism: Privileging the words of a handful of Bronze Age misogynists who claimed to speak for G-d over a planetful of evidence left directly by G-d.

Genderism: Privileging the words of a handful of modern-day misogynists who claim to be women over evidence produced over the entirety of human all living history showing they are not.

RuneOwl , sailorvenus & RighteousIndignation #transphobia ovarit.com

Trans Activists Blame JK Rowling, Women Critical of Gender Ideology For Murder Of Transgender Teenager | Reduxx

( RuneOwl )
The fact that they’d rather find any cheap, ghoulish opportunity to dunk on JKR and do absolutely nothing to tackle the issue of who is actually doing the literal murdering just shows how little trans people actually care about one another.

Trans people want more trans deaths because it’s like their twisted source of narcissistic supply. The more they can roleplay being oppressed off the backs of real victims, the more they can manipulate and intimidate the rest of us all while pretending it’s some noble crusade.

They are their own worst enemies.

( sailorvenus )
You just unlocked a realization when you said roleplaying.

They’re fucking LARPing. They just won’t admit it and this forces everyone to play along and treat them like their character.

( RighteousIndignation )
this highlights the fact they are the safest, hardly any trans get killed, imagine if we acted like them every time a woman is murdered. this is not the win they think it is, as their behaviour will just peak more people into how much they have lied about how vulnerable they are, if it gets decided it was a hate crime the newspapers will run with headlines saying first transgender murder in 5 years which will blow all their claims out the water.

their behaviour is very strange, they seem to act like they want to use everything for point scoring but never look at the bigger picture,they are their own worst enemies.

Philogynist , XxWomanxX & hmimperialtortie #transphobia ovarit.com

( Philogynist )
Comparing TRAs with MRAs

- MRA emphasis on "egalitarianism" and "individuality" is the same thing as TRA emphasis on "inclusivity" and "identity".

- MRAs creating a group of "female oppressors" they called "feminazis" is the same thing as TRAs creating a group of "female oppressors" they call "TERFs" (note: lesbians were the ones most likely to be cast in both of these groups).

- MRAs stating that female people oppress male people and use feminism as a tool to do it is the same thing as TRAs stating that female ("cis") people oppress male ("trans") people and use radical feminism as a tool to do it.

- MRAs declaring that the existence of women-only resources and spaces is sexism against men is the same as TRAs claiming that the existence of women-only resources and spaces is transmisogyny against trans women (sexism against men).

- MRAs stating that there is nothing wrong with porn or prostitution is the same thing as TRAs stating there is nothing wrong with porn or prostitution.

- MRAs stating that one of the hallmarks of men being oppressed by women is their inability to be emotionally expressive. This is remarkably similar to TRAs stating that their inability to be emotionally validated is one of the hallmarks of trans-identifying male people being oppressed by women.

- MRAs claiming that feminism needs to focus on men is the same thing as TRAs claiming that feminism needs to focus on trans-identifying male people.

- MRAs claiming that women have female privilege is the same as TRAs claiming that women have cis privilege and transmen have "masc" privilege.

- The incel offshoot of MRAs claiming that lesbians should be sexually available to men is the same thing as TRAs claiming that lesbians should be sexually available to TIMs.

Does anyone here remember the group that was the primary opposition to feminism before TRAs came along? MRAs almost nearly suddenly disappeared overnight as a direct force when TRAs stepped into the spotlight.

( XxWomanxX )
They both fight for the advancement of privileges to males at the expense of women and children.

( hmimperialtortie )
Yep, same people. Likewise incels and transcels. All part of the “manosphere”.

I used to be on the blog Manboobz/We Hunted the Mammoth before the bloke running it sold out completely to the TIMs.

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JK Rowling reveals people close to her 'begged' her not to speak out on transgender debate | Daily Mail Online

( DaftCat )
I completely get why those close to her would just be like for God's sake just keep yourself out of it, but I suspect when we look back on all this (hopefully as a bizarre blip rather than the beginning of the end) JKR standing up for women's rights at a time when it was deeply unpopular to do so will be heralded as one of the key things that slowly go the frigate of public opinion to start it's slow turn.

The reluctance to speak out as a public figure is somewhat understandable given the absolute shite we've seen JKR and others put up with. She made a choice to put her reputation on the line and stand up for what was right, rather than what was easy. I strongly suspect in the years to come we'll see a lot more voices join in and they'll find strength in numbers. But JKR and all those countless other names who face venom and vitriol for daring to be 'first' are owed a debt in getting this debate into the public consciousness.

( Carrots90 )
The funny thing os that it wasn’t her words that peaked many people

It was the TRA response to her words that peaked them

The attempt to shit her down showed more about the movement than her words

( cranberrysalad )
YES! It peaked me. I was so grateful when she pushed back on “people who menstruate” and seeing her reviled as a literal Nazi for it was a huge awakening for me. And then she was like you know what, “this witch doesn’t burn” and took female empowerment to a whole new galaxy.

( shewolfoffrance )
Yes. They are their own worst enemies. Sending rape and death threats to a woman is not a great way to convince those who are on the fence that you aren't a threat to women.

( m0RT_1 )
Yes, the TRAs visceral hatred of women who dared to even try to discuss their concerns made me realize it is a movement full of misogynists.

( anxietyacct )
She would have never experienced any of this if she was a man. "Leftist" "feminists" are currently laughing on Twitter because Andrew Tate said he would have sex with a trans woman. They treat a rapist like he's just some funny guy, meanwhile JKR is literally the devil incarnate.

tahmahrah & Amareldys #transphobia #conspiracy ovarit.com

RE: I’m honestly so devastated (Finland self-id)

( tahmahrah )
I have said this before, and I’ll say it again.

This goes way farther than just a loud, annoying community of woke radicals that have lawmakers et al by the balls.

No truly oppressed group makes this many stratospheric strides in social clout and legal support in this short of an amount of time.

There is far more to it than just trans bullshit.

I think it’s a multi-faceted, nuanced mass social engineering scheme/psyop, and if you follow the money, it has close links to transhumanism, corporatism, and apologist for pedophilia.

I think, I’m addition, with the whole Epstein thing finally making it into the main Zeitgest of the populace at large, the pedos/sexual predators who have been woven into the fabric of the uppermost echelons of society know their days are numbered, and are slowly paving the way to change law to minimize/remove any serious ramifications for their heinous crimes.

Think of it this way.

You make sex a grey area, why not age next?

And furthermore, you have kids put on cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers who will look 10-15 at age 30. Especially including the lack of physical sexual maturity. Women will have no breasts, small hips, etc. in a way that isn’t just the bone structure you see in a lot of petite women. It will be in the face, skin, vagina, even the teeth.

These women (and the men) will be legal adults, legal to have sex with.

The effect this will have on normalizing pedophilia will be profound and fundamental.

Make no mistake, this level of systemic shakeup can only come from the top-down.

( Amareldys )
My tinfoil hat thoughts are a bit more extreme and run along the lines of, if they can get us to say men are women they can get us to say ANYTHING. And I am wondering what the “anything” is. It just seems so dystopian and1984ish

various commenters #enbyphobia #transphobia ovarit.com

Resumes including they/them pronouns are more likely to be overlooked

( Jazman1867 )
That gives me some hope for this world.

( Hollyhock )
They/them on a resume screams, "I will be a VERY DIFFICULT employee and make your life as a manager hell."

( ham_champion )
I found that when I included "I'm an insufferable narcissist and will definitely be a giant pain in the ass to work with" on my resume, I got fewer callbacks. Why are the terfs trying to genocide me?!

( Mandy )
"Similarly, 51% believe their gender identity has affected their workplace experience "very or somewhat negatively."

Their gender identity has probably also affected their workmates very or somewhat negatively.

( fightlikeagirl )
Can't blame them, it'd be exhausting to work with an "NB". Imagine all the complaints they'd be bringing to HR for people hurting their gender feelings.

( pennygadget )
Not to mention the NBs going on TikTok to cry about how their employer is a Nazi for not letting them go home early with full pay every time some elderly customer calls them "young lady" or "young man". Or having to deal with a TIM throwing a tantrum on Twitter because all the women in his department use a different department's restroom because they don't want him in the room with them when they pee.

( a_shrub )
"Everybody misgenders me, so I don't feel safe working here."

( GCRadFem )
Without a doubt, if I was still reviewing resumes for potential hires, any of the non-b’s, self-identifying TIMS or the pronoun bunch would go in the do-not-interview pile.

( Kevina )
I help review candidates/make hiring decisions for my team, 1000% you will not get a job on my team if I see or hear about pronouns

( pennygadget )
Ditto. Not only are they insufferable and likely to cause conflict. They're also unproductive and have a habit of running to the break room to make a weepy TikTok every time their dysphoria is triggered

( chocolatefondant21 )
Same. I wouldn’t hire someone who’s going to make me walk on eggshells around them. No one has time for that.

( hmimperialtortie )
And should a TIP slip through that stage, he or she wouldn’t make it past interview.

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It's not turning out how they had hoped

( cranberrysalad )
Visibility does not help their cause! Visibility and exposure was a great things for civil rights and for gay rights to name two examples. Getting to know a gay person goes a long way in fighting homophobia and broad acceptance of homosexuality. Same with getting to know someone from another culture or ethnic group.

Creepy predatory fetishists and their collateral (TiFs that have been so abused by misogyny that they attempt to opt out of it) are not helpful in the acceptance and humanization path because they represent the worst aspects of humanity.

Keep being visible. Come on Jeffrey Marsh go on Good Morning America and preach. Dylan Mulvaney please get Woman of The Year. Rachel Levine can be in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. Lia Thomas for women’s gold at the Olympics! Keep coming out so this madness can stop.

( shewolfoffrance )
It's amazing how many people's peak trans moments come from getting to know trans people, either in person or by reputation.

( shewolfoffrance )
This is why I'm all for trans representation. Not the sanitized kind on TV, either. Real TiPs. I want Andrea Long-Chu informing the world that sissy porn made him a woman. I want Alok Vaid-Menon telling parents their little girls are "kinky." I want Ana Valens sharing his violent gang rape fantasies with any people who are still trying "educates themselves."

( no- )


Isn’t that end goal of transing kids? Creating a sympathetic category of TIMs the creepy crossdressers can hide behind?

( space_out )
That and also having 18-year-olds-on-paper whose bodies (including their brain development) didn't go through puberty.

( no- )
It’s funny how exactly the opposite thing happened with actual marginalized groups. Visibility increased acceptance because people realized those groups were in fact just people trying to live their lives in peace, and not at the expense of others. Trans, on the other hand, are for the most part privileged and entitled men and self-hating women pushing a misogynistic and homophobic ideology.

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To the Lurking TIMs
To the Lurking TIMs:

Hello, TIMs, we know you’re there, Sporting ladies’ underwear. We do not like your silly scam. We do not like it, Sam, you sham.

Go stick your penis in your socks. Go stick it in a cardboard box. But do not stick it here or there. You cannot stick it everywhere.

Though you can take it on a boat, Don’t stick your penis in a goat, Not even if the goat’s a She. That’s something you will never be.

You’re still a man when on a train, A man when standing in the rain, Your hair-don’t flapping here and there, Mascara dripping everywhere.

A man, a guy, a bro, a mister, You won’t ever be a sister. A handmaid, willing to pretend Is just a prop and not a friend.

The lesbians, you make them sick. They like vaginas, not your dick. They do not like it here or there. They do not like it anywhere.

A twirly skirt is no disgrace; Deflate your moobs and wash your face. You can stop this, yes, you can. Just go and be a better man.

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We should start calling "trans rights" what they really are: Trans privilege
I read a comment on here yesterday that really put things into perspective. The commenter called TRAs Trans Privilege activists and honestly, theyve got a good point. It's a good way to start a conversation too, if someone asks why you're using trans privilege instead of trans rights. Topics could include:

- What rights don't trans people have? Is their asking of "rights" encroaching on the rights of others in recompense? Other identity movements (womens, African American, LGB) haven't even taken rights away from others, only added rights to existing ones to create equality. For example, when gay marriage was legislated, the word marriage wasn't taken away and replaced a more inclusive but degrading term like "man-woman sex and assets pact".

- Bring up the fact that trans people are asking for rights that LGB didn't ask for even though they're a part of the same acronym. Why?

- Do LGB people demand that others call their partners their wife/husband and be propped up by legislation and legal punishment if not followed? Why not? Why are trans rights different and seemingly more legaslatively important than LGB rights?

( Tiramisuomi )
If they were rebranded TPAs I wouldn't object, because it's utterly true.

Women continue to struggle even after centuries exactly because we don't have the "right" to force people to perceive us in a certain way. Hell, look at just how much of the conversation in the media revolves around TIMs versus TIFs or enbies/theys (overwhelmingly female). They aren't perceived in the manner that they wish to be nearly to the extent that men are.

( mittimithai )
I think most here would agree that "trans rights" really mean "men's rights"

( Lilith-Fair )
It is true, but saying "men's rights" won't help open people's eyes because they've been gaslit into thinking TWAW. Plus people don't take "men's rights" all that seriously except MRAs. "Trans privilege" I think will snap people out of it because it makes them think about what the TRAs are really asking for,

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How it really happens

( Hera )
Toe to tip, the right graphic is my exact experience lol.

Used to be such a TRA, and I'm ashamed I let them weaponize my empathy against me, but I see becoming a TERF as my villain redemption arc lol.

( Lezbhonest )
This is definitely on the money. I was a young teen when I started identifying as FTM, and I obsessively followed FTM content creators along their "transition journeys". I only became GC once I desisted and came out as a lesbian, and subsequently joined lesbian spaces online. It was the transbians that pushed me into TERF-hood, not the TIFs. Ironically, FTM/TIF spaces online were entirely female spaces, so I felt very at home, and it was only when I started interacting with TIMs (in spaces that were meant for me) that I truly became aware of the disgusting, misogynistic true nature of trans activism and ideology.

( Artemis_Lives )
I sympathize with those with diagnosed dysphoria and support them getting help, but I've never saw them as being their chosen sex. I don't support the modern trans movement at all now that its been hijacked by AGPs and brainwashed young people with self-esteem issues.

( RighteousIndignation )
I don't as theres no other dysphoria we treat by mutilating the body, I can't think of a single mental health condition other than that which gets treated like that can you?

( Artemis_Lives )
That's not the kind of help I support. Therapy is.

( Ginger )
I've honestly have never heard of a single TERF who didn't initially support transgender ideology, whether by being a full-blown TRA or actually taking steps to educate themselves and learn more about where they're coming from (and by TERF, I mean radical feminists who are opposed to transgender ideology, not conservatives who TRAs throw into the TERF label despite F standing for FEMINIST).

If a large portion of your opponents are former supporters, that's a sign that there's something wrong with your ideology or the way you implement said ideology.

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TRAs are desperate

( shewolfoffrance )
The anti-TRA is movement is one of the most ideologically diverse I can think of. The diversity itself isn't proof that we're "on the right side of history." It's evidence that gender ideology is so absurd and dangerous that people up, down, and all around the political landscape can come together to put a stop to it.

It's extremely difficult to think of another issue that would have second wave feminists, conservative Christians, an assortment of burly MMA dudes, concerned middle-aged parents, college athletes, ex-wives of fetishists, and a cohort of medical abuse survivors united in such impassioned agreement.

Seriously, what would it be? Legislation to allow manufactures to use lead in paint and gas again? That's how obvious and important this issue is.

( SummerGrl )
I'm so tired of trans rights activists equating women's rights with Nazism. I'm tired of them assuming all women who speak out for women's rights are conservative. There are so many lies that that TRAs spread. This one needs to be made clear. You know TRAs don't have a leg to stand on when they can't come up with one argument to support themselves and have to resort to calling anyone who disagrees with them a Nazi. It's weak.

( RighteousIndignation )
its just projection accuse others of what they are, the funny thing is it just makes them look more insane to everyone else when they throw words around that sound big like genocide, far right and nazi it shows how unhinged they are.

they know full well they are fighting for a caste system of trans privilege, that we all need to bow down to or else, just look whom it appeals too, spoiled kids whom want the whole world to pander to them like mummy and daddy do and grown ass men who are arrogant abusers.

( amethyst7 )
I don't agree that this is desperation. The opposite: it's white male power and the reverse uno/DARVO.

Julie92845 #transphobia ovarit.com

That's what I want to tell the people who say, "Look who agrees with you! Literal Nazis, Adam Walsh, Ben Shapiro," etc. Plenty of liberals don't want to say anything because we're afraid of the backlash. Not many of us are in a position to speak freely and not worry about losing our jobs, maybe even most of our friends and family.

We're almost at this ideology being taken as seriously in liberal circles as religious laws used to be in the past, and still are around the world now. It's illegal to call a man a man in some countries if he says he's a woman. This is leaning into state imposed religion for the left. It's amazing to watch, actually.

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( prumblepuss )
reasons to become a woman (that I've noticed)

Usually more than one of these are happening at once, but I was thinking about the types of TiMs I've seen:

The autogynephile (obv) - sexually attracted to themselves as women. Comes in many flavors.

The shame filled gay man who thinks that wanting to have sex with men is womanhood.

Men who are bothered by his sex drive and would prefer something much lower or none at all.

Cross dressers who are told that their sexual arousal in women's clothing is euphoria and proof of their transness.

Men who want to be admired, fawned over, dressed beautifully. Men who like makeup and nail polish and selfies.

Men who watch lesbian porn and fantasize about being in a lesbian relationship.

Men who watch trans porn and want to fuck/become the porn star.

Men with a sissy/humiliation kink.

Men who feel particularly hurt when excluded from female groups.

( DietCokeAddict )
Also: recently convicted rapists who want to be placed in a women’s prison.

( realityismykink )
You forgot pedophiles who want easier access to children.

( Kevina )
Men who are mediocre athletes who want desperately to be champions/go to the Olympics, or ones who are about to age out of competitive sport.

( Understanderson )
One more: men opting into an "oppressed group" either so they can spout men's rights propaganda from an unassailable position or escape being viewed as part of the oppressor group.

( TheExorcistofLies )
This was my first thought too, the MRAs “sticking it” to feminism by transing out and taking employment and political positions meant for women. They’ve talked about this as a strategy to push women out.

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Trans flight attendant, 25, who gained fame in United Airlines commercial kills herself at Colorado home after leaving heartbreaking suicide note apologizing to 'everyone I let down'

( Women1st )
I’ll be the one to say it of this tragedy. Transition did not help the comorbitities.

( overanddone )
neither did major notice or success, in his profession. TERFs will get the blame though.

( Aparallaxia )
'Dysphoria cured', as Exulansic would say. This is such a wretched, miserable story. Only 25...

( darksunset )
Terrible. It all might have been different if he had gotten actual care for his mental health issues instead of turning into a freak show by evil medical professionals.

( TwoXChromosomes )
It occurs to me that if the TRAs would just be amenable to counseling and therapy before jumping straight to irreversible medical procedures, this man might still be alive.

( pennygadget )
The problem is that these young people are lead to believe that transition will magically solve all their other mental health issues. None of these trans ""health care"" workers will dare ask a patient WHY they think they're trans. Nor will they delve into a patient's comorbidities (ie internalized homophobia, sexism, bullying, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, trouble at home, coming from a homophobic religious background, all their friends being trans, etc) before handing out hormones that fuck with brain chemistry.

So, when a kid like this transitions and realizes that his mental health problems are still there despite getting ALL the validation and surgeries and pills he asked for....that has to be a gut punch.

They accuse us TERFs of killing trans people. But they're the ones refusing to treat their REAL problems!

( Agrimonium )
You mean COnVeRsiON tHeRaPY?!?! Seriously the rebranding of therapy as torture when used to support trans-indentidying people is evil. It is causing these stories.