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A lot of you are furious at Amazon for joining the unconscionable censorship of Parler, which btw is still relatively small and all innocuous, other than, you know, allowing Trump a platform (Because as invaders, the left can’t let the president of the US address the nation, of course.)


However, since last night, this has TRULY become an emergency, not because of what Amazon will do or won’t do to ebook fiction (more on that) but because a core of my readers will now refuse to buy from Amazon under any circumstances, which means that I’m going to lose a lot of my income (and Amazon won’t give a flying fig.

Sarah A. Hoyt #wingnut accordingtohoyt.com

If there’s a way you can make the life of your liberal co-worker a living hell, sabotage their career, make them feel incompetent? Start now. IF you can do it without it coming back on you, do it. And do it as hard and as often as you can.


Have you considered walking up to the mask police and LOUDLY telling them they’re wearing their mask wrong? Same with ANY liberal you know to be so in public.
MAKE them live by their rules. While you’re at it, make them live by ALL their rules. They’re writing a letter? Well, using paper is Chinese appropriation! They’re doing/wearing something sourced to another continent? Come down on them like a ton of bricks on the flimsiest excuse.
They drive a car? Oh, dear. What about global warming? They have kids? But the OVERPOPULATION! Chase them around and preach their own gospel at them at the most inconvenient and bizarre times. Publicly. Loudly.

Sarah A. Hoyt #wingnut accordingtohoyt.com

But they vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s office! Oh, my stars and garters? Evil people. Was that before or after she vandalized our constitution and sank a knife in the heart of the republic? Is the evil bitch dangling from a lamppost this morning? No? They were civilized beyond all hope.

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I do think the most dangerous place to be on the 6th is DC. Notwithstanding which, if I could figure out HOW I’d be there. But here’s the thing, particularly if we have a strong showing on the 6th… The left is already jumpy, and they will lose what remains of their tiny minds.

The thing in Nashville, yeah, maybe it was a Covid suicide, but…. But it stinks to high heavens, including positioning the mobile home exactly where it should be to take out phone and internet. Perhaps it was a test run, as well as anything else. We know we can’t trust our secret services.

So, what if they take out all phone and internet on the 6th, and then claim this was Trump supporters, and that Trump is trying to effect a revolution, and they send out people to arrest all known/prominent Trump supporters (Note this probably won’t get to my level. It MIGHT, but probably won’t.)

And then in three days internet is restored, and the phone, and the story is set of the failed Trump coup. Which, of course, allows them to move on with their political cleansing program “completely justified”? No, I don’t think any of that will work. I think if they try it, the mess resulting will probably blow against them.

But I also can see them thinking this is a viable plan. Look, they live in stories, mostly Hollywood movies. They couldn’t find reality with two hands and a seeing eye dog. And yes, they’re stupid enough to try this. Coincidentally, and I don’t think on purpose by anyone human, the 6th is the feast of the epiphany, which makes me feel there’s more at work.

Sarah A. Hoyt #conspiracy #wingnut accordingtohoyt.com

We have maybe a few months, TOPS. Two, perhaps. And then it’s curtains. We’re going down hard and the idea of freedom will be lost except in our hearts.

Our future is to be Hong Konged and Venezueled.

And btw, our left is profoundly stupid. They already say things like there’s no reason we shouldn’t only have electricity two hours a day, look how good Cuba is for the environment. Half the country can count on freezing this winter. Fortunately for the left we’re surplus lives, so they’ll be happy.

Who is running the show? Oh, Soros is helping for sure, a man that wants to hide his hideous visage among worse crimes.

But mostly? Xin. The lab that unleashed Covid? Dr. Fauci helped finance it. He’s Xin’s creature. As are the tech lords, blinded by the idea of the “huge Chinese market.” Our politicians and media are all bought with Chinese money. They’re stupid, short sighted and have no moral compass. They were raised on stories where everyone is crooked, so they’re just “getting their own.”
They will die screaming, but that’s very little consolatioon.

Btw that Chinese Market is the true mirage. They dangled it before our eyes for indie, but of course it’s not real. China does not respect IP and even if they did their huge market is mostly penniless and illiterate masses.

And in this I’ll say we libertarians were wrong. We thought free trade would corrupt China. Instead, it allowed a very ancient, very evil regime to take us over by corrupting our institutions.

May G-d have mercy on our souls.

I’ll continue posting as long as I’m allowed on line. I’m sure it won’t be a full year.

Sarah A. Hoyt #wingnut accordingtohoyt.com

Don’t buy from the left if you can help it. If you have to sell to the left, charge more. Rule-lawyer them. Make them live their own stupid dictates. Make their life more miserable. (It’s already pretty bad. They’re a sad lot.) And take care of those you love. Oh, and try to accomplish the things you feel you need to. Mine is easy. I tell stories.

Keep your scrap of flag dry. (I will send them out. Computermagedon, health and depression haven’t helped.) Keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark. Be ready to die, if that’s what’s required, but it’s always better to make the villains die. Be ready to obey if you absolutely have to, but do it as malignantly as possible. And if you don’t have to, hoist middle fingers (that’s why you have a matched set) and be as defiant as you can possibly think to be.

It’s going to require ingenuity and creativity. If it were easy, it wouldn’t need AMERICANS.

Shoulders up, ladies, gentlemen, dragons and minotaurs. Eyes front. Where we’re going we don’t need roads. We’ll make them as we go.

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Be able to see what’s actually happening. And maybe duck or jump on the shooter at the crucial time.

For instance, the only plausible for the current lockdowns is that they’re terrified you’ll talk to each other and share knowledge that this election is f*cked up. Just like we did with Hillary’s emails, even though the media ran an absolute blanket of silence over how stupid that was. This is why they’ll keep us locked up for another year, maybe two. Well, that and because it will destroy most of our structures of life.

As for the mandatory vaccine, that’s not the goal, although with these loons in the pocket of China, I wouldn’t put it past them to have something to sterilize you or worse in that “vaccine.” China has been known to run that gambit on their own captive populations. Fortunately they’re really incompetent, so it’s 50/50 if what they mean to do will work. BUT the point is for you to have a “health passport.” Achtung! Papers please! They’re already implementing this shit in parts of the EU. What it means is another handle on EVERYONE. Oh, you won’t play ball? Well, we cancel your health passport. Good luck ever leaving your house again.


At any rate, if you have a choice: give not your money to leftists. If you can get a good or service from someone not on the left, do so. If you can hire and have two choices, pick the non leftist. If you can do someone a favor, pick the non leftist. The left has always done this thing, where they preferentially hire and buy from their own. Which is the power they now hold.

For some things, you cannot avoid giving them your money. BUT if you must buy books from Amazon, at least buy from non-leftists. And preferably indie. (Yes, plans in works. At least for me/a group of us.

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If the election results stand, despite obvious, obscene, skirts-up fraud on the street, in front of G-d and everyone (And please tiresome trolls, go here and read this, and learn to count above five. And stop trying to comment. I’m just going to spam you. Tell Comrade Xi he doesn’t pay you enough. Even better, kick him in the balls. Be a little American, you. Learn from Hong Kong.) and if they sit Gropey China Joe and Commie LaWhorish, I expect war by July, but it could take a year or more. Only because our side is slow to anger. On the other hand — and the left might want to remember this — we are ACTUALLY very thorough when we flip over. Y’all cosplay revolution. We just get pissed and steamroll everything. Remember that. It won’t be pretty.

The problem is if they have at least nominal power, they will have at least some of the armed forces. Which means the conflict will go on forever. Unless we soften the hell out of them, first, and give them nervous breakdowns. (Which is not as hard as it seems, since most of them are extreme neurotics.)


Start NOW. Start by disseminating the story of Grand Theft Election in cartoon and song, in meme, in funny rhyme and dramatic play that reveals just what corrupt and ridiculous the hell spawn who’d rule us are. Be the first kid on your block to give the left a “curl on the floor in the fetal position crying tears and snot” mental breakdown. Do it today. No power on Earth can make you be compliant and gentle and sweet.

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Deeply ?

As The Phantom put it further below, a priest was stabbed in the middle of mass in the biggest Catholic church in his country, and there’s no news or reports of the perp. It’s like they’re suddenly cracking down on any mention of Muslim atrocity anywhere.

I’m not in the LEAST bit sympathetic to the Rohingya. Frankly, I’m of the opinion they pushed the Buddhists too far, and now the Buddhists are no longer willing to listen to reason and are hell bent on genocide.

And frankly, since that’s what the Muslims generally go for once they reach a certain percentage of population in a country as religiously mandated protocol I don’t feel that the response they’ve gotten is unjustified

I used to write about this regularly back in my Livejournal days (I’m sure Foxfier and Mary remember ’em… How often would I do a round-up? Almost daily?) and stopped because it got to a point where I felt that warning the West / Dar al-Harb again and again and again was pointless, and it’d simply going to be a matter of waiting until the scales were tipped and crashed on the ground. Because things like this ‘happened over there’, it was easy to dismiss that things like this even happened at all, there was a constant sense of ‘but our governments won’t let that happen; our police will protect us, our military will defend us…’

And we’re seeing exactly how ‘defended’ the people are in Germany, in Europe, in Canada. Short of One Nation suddenly getting more power than ever before, I doubt Australia will survive either, but likely will fracture into individual states.

So yeah, while the media may have gotten ‘what they wanted’ in the NZ shooter, and are happy to play the pawns to what he wanted, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t paying attention. And frankly, since the media/Left haven’t gotten more of what they wanted, they’re pushing a crackdown on civil rights for non-Leftists everywhere… like he wanted…

So I guess is, what do we do now? I’m of the opinion, frankly that there’ll be more of the same ‘massaging’ of content that we’ve seen in FB and Twitter and other net-hosting. There’ll be more muzzling of conservatives and alternatives to ‘approved’ media and discussion places.

I guess there’s always the Dark Web – for now- but that would require building a place for discussion there.

But what do I know? I’m just someone out the back of beyond, borderline conspiracy theorist, not liking what she’s seeing (things are escalating, every warning of ‘not safe not safe’ going off…)

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The other interesting bit is “Why Blacks became Slaves from Indentured Servants?”

The cause was fairly simple. You had a culture of hard working people, trying to get ahead, and make something of themselves and the country. The First Freed Indentured Servant, got a farm, started raising a family, became well off and was a pillar of the community. He was also from all accounts fully accepted. Most others Not so much.

The Black culture of the freed Indentured Servants was the culture they had from Africa. Just get by, work when you had to, marriage was unimportant, education was unimportant, private property was a strange thing that could be ignored, and most of the other stereotypes. This is when those stereotypes formed.

Now the straight laced, proper people could only take so much of this. These people were acting like CHILDREN. And didn’t seem to be able to learn to become productive citizens of the community. (There were a few exceptions, but they were few.) SOMEONE had to take responsibility for them. And looking back at the Bible, there was a perfect solution Slavery. So 7 year Indentured Servants became life long slaves. You can’t have trouble making slackers like the freed Blacks running around without supervision. It is harmful and dangerous to the community.

And thus was born Slavery in the US. If only the Blacks had been like the White Indentured Servants, the Proper People wouldn’t of had to do this. Isn’t Culture a BITCH!

Shadowdancer Duskstar / Cutelildrow #racist accordingtohoyt.com

Which, still makes no sense to me. What’s the endgame here? Why push for lessening of one’s own native population, while encouraging that of the invaders? How long would it be before the population differential is about the same?

And then what will happen then?

You can’t even argue that they’re being ‘invited in’ as cheap labor because they don’t work. In fact they’re nothing but leeches on the system and their host societies.

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Agreed – that’s toxic masculinity … poisonous, nasty, horrific masculinity of a seriously warped degree. Everything that is held to be chivalrous conduct by the male of our human sex … is thrown on, and danced upon with vicious glee by those who exemplify the black ghetto culture.
I find it ironic (and in no small degree) that current black ghetto culture is everything that mid-19th century racists claim was totally typical of black Americans:violent, brutal, ignorant and driven by their gonads.
No one has to burn a cross on their lawn … they’ve done it all, themselves. Put the chains on their own ankles and wrists, and pronounced them to be … something to be proud of.

Shadowdancer Duskstar / Cutelildrow #racist accordingtohoyt.com

The narrative also likes to pretend that slavery didn’t exist anywhere else. Ever. In human history. Didn’t happen ‘ever’ in the ‘enlightened eras of Greece, or Rome or Egypt’, that the Amerinds never practiced it, that the Africans didn’t practice it, the Chinese didn’t, nor the Indians, or the Japanese, or Vikings, or Celts, or ANY OTHER CULTURE and YOU LIE!!111 about Arabs/Muslims practicing it now. (But of course, the Jews practiced it and yes, Christians did and that’s why they’re evilbadmustbedestroyed.)

And ‘happiness in slavery’? BUT THAT CANNOT BE!!! (Never mind that there were people who did not mind their status of slave, because in those eras, it was possible for a slave to be a trusted servant, or an influencing teacher to the master’s children, and indeed would come to love the family they belonged to. They ‘don’t exist and you’re a bigot if you cite facts!’)

Okay, stopping there. This trying to think like a social justice zombie is making my head hurt and it’s likely to become very hot over here today.

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Western women -are- insane, on the whole. Taken as a group, they are largely vain, intolerant, untutored, disloyal and have no personal honor. Working in an environment where Western women are managers is torture for male and female employees alike. Mean Girlz is a thing. They invariably act like a pack of superannuated cheerleaders, complete with backstabbing.

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I think there’s a tipping point for general societal insanity, and that we may have gone past it. The inmates are truly running the show, or at least, they’ve got control of the remote for the TV in the lobby.

The question is, what happens when the other pivot point is reached, and enough people are tired of this BS? The Soviet Union was similarly “on the side of history”, and doomed to succeed and dominate the future. And, then… It wasn’t there any more.

The nutters are in the same late-Socialist stages, I think, and we are witnessing the collective insanity stemming from all that coming to a head. When the abscess finally bursts, I worry about who all is going to get spattered with the resultant mess. I strongly suspect that all the SJW-chosen groups are going to find that their place in society is a lot less secure than they think, and that the excesses of today are going to turn into the pogroms of tomorrow.

One of the ironies that I think a lot of folks miss is just how many of these groups are seemingly hell-bent on enacting all the base canards of the old repressive norms. Remember when women were deemed “too sensitive” and “too frail” for the hurly-burly of daily life in the workplace…? Gee, what the hell are the idiots doing, but demonstrating proof of that, with all these “workplace sensitivity” issues they keep bringing up? What nut job would hire a woman, under such circumstances? Best not to… Remember when black men were deemed a threat to white women, and white civilization? Have a look at the crime statistics, and compare the rate of rape between the races; it’s damn near zero for white-on-black, and significantly higher for black-on-white. How long is that going to go on, before the general population of whites notices that fact, and decides that decades of social conditioning that they’ve undergone for tolerance and inclusivity is entirely bullshit? Follow-on effects, anyone?

I swear to God, you would think that the people running these minority groups (if there were such a thing…) were actually setting out to provide proof that the old-school racists and bigots were actually, y’know… Right.

Scary shit, when you contemplate the likely backlash. If I were gay, I’d be busy burying myself in the closet, and avoiding all public acknowledgement of my status. Black? No idea, but I’d be seriously poising myself to get the hell out of the major urban areas, and ideally, going somewhere that race was a non-issue. Wherever the hell that might be, during the coming storm.

Everything may dampen out, but I honestly can’t believe we’ll dodge yet another bullet. God has got to be tired of looking out for us, and I’ve noticed that no matter how many times the fool dodges fate, eventually it catches up to him…

JWL #sexist accordingtohoyt.com

The women in my life, the people I am surrounded by, all agree that men deciding they are females and having operation, does not make them women.

Women are mostly born with lots of estrogen and a female reproductive system and it is that which makes them female, womanhood is not a social construct that males can adopt decades after they were born with different chemicals and internal system.

Kirk #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

Note the language you choose to discuss the issue, and ask yourself why that feels natural to you…


You didn’t say “variety”, which would be a more neutral way of saying the same thing, and it indicates that at some level, you’re disturbed by some of the behavior you’re typifying as “deviant”. Why is that? You could have said “mal-adaptive”, for example, and not come across as disapproving, but here we are.

Follow-on from that is the question of why that term, “deviant”, resonates so well for so many of us when discussing this stuff. No matter how “tolerant” you think you are, most of us would still be choosing to frame this as “deviant”. Why?

I’m not saying you’re wrong, either. Just pointing out how most of us frame this stuff.

I think there’s a reason for this, and it’s rooted in the fact that most humans instinctually shy away from other people who are displaying behavior patterns we identify as being out-of-the-norm, and thus, dangerous. We all like to watch the dancing bears, as they do their tricks out on the stage, but when the night ends, who do we go home with, turn our backs on, and go to sleep next to? It ain’t that “dancing bear” who was up on stage, displaying the entertaining and aberrant behavior, now is it? That individual, outside of the controlled realm of our night-time carouse, is often someone we would not willingly associate, or trust in any deep sense. And, why is that? Because we identify that behavior as being “off”, and something to avoid outside of carefully controlled and limited doses.

A lot of the problem we have today is that the aberrant are trying to force their way into the inner circles of trust in society, and that’s only going to be allowed to go so far, before a reaction sets in. You wonder why the old theme of gay-bashing got going, and was so well-established? Witness the insistent-on-normalization of the new transsexuals. They’re not satisfied with being tolerated, they now insist on being normalized, and that just isn’t that likely to happen. What is more likely is that the experiment with tolerance is going to be ended, and we’re all going to recognize why there are so few societies around the world where this sort of thing is a norm and freely accepted.

What’s so damn sad about it is that when it all comes crashing down, a lot of these folks are only going to have themselves to blame for what happens, because they will have provoked their own pogrom through their demanding behavior. If they can’t be lived with, they won’t be.

TRX #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

In a couple of years, people will be voting… who weren’t even born in 2001. It’s just some more old video, like the rest of the boring stuff on the History Channel.

They have no personal outrage, no personal drive for revenge. We failed. They have their own causes, and no particular desire to shoulder the ones we flubbed.

Shadowdancer Duskstar / Cutelildrow #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

This is actually what happened with regards the Buddhists. All that condemnation for Aum Sun Kyii (I can’t remember the exact spelling of her name, sorry) and yelling about the Rohingya? It started with the Rohingya tribes slaughtering their non-Muslim neighbors and taking over the villages. There was an incident reported in ReligionOfPeace’s website and, I think Jihadwatch, where the Rohingya set fire to a few of their houses with the intent that the fire spread to the Buddhist side of the village. The wind turned, and destroyed the Muslim side of the village. I can’t recall exactly if it was that incident, but the Rohingya then proceeded to claim that the Buddhists had tried to kill them all…

Of course none of these stories really make it out of the region, given the Western kowtowing to Islamic groups but pretty much, the Buddhists collectively had enough and now we have tribal genocide in the region.

HerbN #racist accordingtohoyt.com

As I always say non-white, non-straight, and non-male people make up at least 90% of the population of the planet.

They will tell you the white straight male people have been oppressing the for centuries. Given it is them saying this they have to know they are oppressed.

Have they risen up in rebellion? No, they do naught but demand straight white males be nice to them.

If that isn’t an admission of inferiority by non-white, non-straight, and non-people I don’t know what is.

It is amusing to me, their supposed oppressor, that I have more respect for their abilities than they themselves do.

Wayne Blackburn #sexist accordingtohoyt.com

An erect bearing, head up, and a polite smile (not a feral one) go a long way toward being seen as a strong, confident person. So many modern women don’t get that, it seems.

And a ton of them walk like men: feet apart, practically stomping down the sidewalk. *I* have a more feminine walk than half the women I see in the city.

Wayne Blackburn #sexist accordingtohoyt.com

An erect bearing, head up, and a polite smile (not a feral one) go a long way toward being seen as a strong, confident person. So many modern women don’t get that, it seems.

And a ton of them walk like men: feet apart, practically stomping down the sidewalk. *I* have a more feminine walk than half the women I see in the city.

herbn #sexist accordingtohoyt.com

*Warning: profanity in describing “strong women” and the male losers they are modeled on*

Let’s just call a spade a spade, what most feminists mean by “strong woman” is “b*tchy slut”. The more honest of them embrace those words but most will cry misogyny if you put it that way.

Well, tough brown stuff. Feminist have decided both in what they model and who they prefer to have sex with (not marry, but have sex with) the biggest male ***hole player in the room. If they hate my using the gendered terms bitchy slut for them I’ll award them the maleness they crave and call them ***hole players as well.

Of I can use their newest phrase, “nasty women”. I’m not sure why they like that one as nasty has strong hygienic associations and “nasty women” just says to me a high lack of feminine hygiene. This is a subject I learned more than I ever wanted to know when I innocently asked a female prison guard why she prefered working at a men’s prison to the one women’s prison in the state. Her diatribe on the need for a firehose during intake was…

Look, I’m a sailor and a snipe at that and…yeah, that was too much for me.

*Profanity off*

As a general rule when did ” take care of the weak and helpless” become something beneath most people or something you hire out (which is the real “compassion” today). Is it the death of religion? After all the second larger social service organization in the US after the Federal Government (which isn’t supposed to be one) is Catholic Charities, a group under routine attack. A large part of the appeal of Eastern Orthodoxy to me is the importance of alms as an expression of faith and means of growth within faith.

And why the hidden princess. She seems to be all the rage from Kaitness to Harry Potter. Even though Aragorn had the birthright he wasn’t revealed and then had it all. He had to earn it and his a lot of greats uncle and future father in law was not sure he had it in him.

Is it all because caring and achieving by something more than mere birthright is hard? Why, as we are supposedly ruled more by fairness and equality, are we more entranced by being born into something (and rejecting something we are born with in gender).

Yeah, I’m rambling now.

Kirk #racist accordingtohoyt.com

I think what we’re going to find in the future is that there are going to be a lot of folks who look at all the associated problems with importing menial labor, and then decide “Meh… Maybe not… Those Japanese robots look pretty darn good, right now…”.

I think the big issue of the late 21st/early 22nd Century is going to be the inversion of the “cheap foreign labor” equation, as the social costs and dislocations come clear. Robotic replacements for stoop labor in the fields, along with the growing realization that we’re basically taxing the existing indigenous population to death to pay for the social benefits of the illegals…? Yeah; there are going to be some changes.

What I’m looking for in the next few years is going to be a movement towards the actual natives in Europe and the US realizing what the hell the elites have been up to with all this “population replacement” BS, and there being an equivalent to things like “La Raza” on the nativist side get going.

When a young Anglo couple starts curtailing its plans to have and raise children because they’re too expensive in tax costs, while effectively subsidizing the illegals down the street to have five-six kids that the Anglos are paying for in taxes…? That ain’t “sustainable”, as they say–And, when enough of the “Anglos” start noticing that, there’s gonna be hell to pay.

What’s really bad is that the perverse incentives of our current system actively distort the incentives and penalties for reproductive activities in the population. That’s something nobody has really noticed, and when they do? There’s gonna be hell to pay, for some one.

On the other hand, this stuff is so deep under most people’s radar that maybe nobody will really pay attention, as our politicians play “cuckoo” with us. Gonna be interesting to watch the next hundred years, because I think a lot of the fundamental social assumptions we’ve been working with are going to get thrown out the window, and probably take a bunch of politicos along with it all.

HerbN #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

Simply announce that for every Israeli killed by a suicide bomber, rocket, or mortar shell 100 Palestinians will be rounded up and executed. Those rounded up will exclusively be children under 13 and women of child bearing age.

Within 2 years the bombings will end or Palestinians will be a bunch of old women and grown men with no future.

It is barbaric, immoral, and genocide…however, whatever the real solution ends up being it gets closer to that (perhaps with nationalities reversed) with each day.

Donald Campbell #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

The tide may already be turning. Why are so many young males spending all their time gaming? It *used* to be the only safe place they had to go. (Backs against the wall, the gamers have not stood quietly by and watch the destruction.) Colleges already have 3 women for every 2 men, yet the feminist want more. STEM isn’t a field with patriarchal oppression of women, but it does require *math*, and ‘feeling good’ about your answer will not cut it.
JC’s links are at least the real side of problem. A few years ago it was all ‘failure to launch’, ‘man up’, ‘chivalry is dead’. Kind of hard for the feminists to complain about the last one when Insty will immediately reply, “Yes, and you killed it.”

My modest proposal is for all the young men getting false rape charges to sue, and sue for a lot. Then pool all your money into commercial space ventures. When and if we survive as a civilization that long, the current social situation will make asteroid mining a dream occupation. Away from all the whiny feminists, your ship, your VR equipment and your fleshlight… what more could a man ask for? Women will, of course, be welcome to participate and for them, if they survive the conditions for a year, they either were not feminists or they have had all the silliness drummed out of them. Likewise, no degree required, if you can live on an asteroid, you have proven your qualification. Final good point. The belt is close enough to still reap some of the benefits of civilization, but until FTL communication is discovered, it will be a wondrous few hours between them and the rage storms flying across the Internet. By the time they receive and transmit a response, it will be another news cycle and another rage of the moment.

Donald Campbell #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

First, I didn’t know the situation in Australia had devolved to a point that anyone actually feared introduction to Sharia. Australia is a civilized, modern nation-state; I suggest developing their own nuclear arsenal. I’m sure Israel will help with their technology.
Indeed multiculturalism is racist in the sense that multiculturalist uniformly hate white people. I don’t know the reference to VD; however, sure some traits are inherited, but don’t generalize this to racial traits. I am descended from Scots, and I have the Y-chromosome to prove it; however, the largest ‘racial mix’ of my DNA is certainly Polish (1/4), and I have more Native American blood than Elizabeth Warren. If the chore of writing about “my culture” was required, it would probably be about moonshine and keeping ahead of the ‘revenuers’.
Of course, the whole thrust of multiculturalism is to ‘divide and conquer’. If we all thought of ourselves as ‘Americans’, sharing a common heritage, language and customs, then it would be more difficult to create divisions to tear us apart.

McChuck #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

Beg to disagree. If Barry isn’t the Manchurian candidate, what would one look like? He’s just not actually owned and operated by any particular foreign power, but a conglomeration of philosophies that are inimical to the US. Most of what he does makes sense if you assume he hates the following.

1. He’s Muslim. He was raised Muslim, after all. He may not be devout, but he’s still obviously pro-Muslim. It’s in his autobiography, after all. This comes out mostly as a hatred of Israel. He was all for a Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egypt, but is quite cool on the more secular regime that threw them out. The Muslim Brotherhood ran on a major platform item of “Death to Israel.” And a nuclear Iran is primarily a threat to Israel. Secondarily a threat to the entire rest of the world, but Barry doesn’t look that far forward. Why don’t any of the Mullahs seem to be upset about him “converting” and betraying the One True Faith ™?

2. He’s Socialist. As were all of his friends and relatives growing up. I read Atlas Shrugged for the first time during his first year as President, and kept telling my wife “I just saw this in the news!” Remember the Mao ornaments on the White House Christmas tree the first year in office?

3. He’s Black. He hates whites. He’s not even subtle about it. “The cops acted stupidly.” “If I had a son.” Etc, ad nauseum, et Eric Holder’s (anti-)Justice Department. Talk to some of the people in the Civil Rights division, if you want to hear some of the stories. Part of this is simply racism, part of it is hatred of western culture, and America in particular. See also: Rev. Wright.

He’s been refreshingly honest, in his unguarded moments. His goal is “the fundamental transformation of America,” and he’s achieved more toward his goals than any other president in generations.

Sarah A. Hoyt #racist accordingtohoyt.com

So do you remember how last month, while the rest of us were somewhere between stunned and horrified at the savages who killed cartoonists in Paris, half of my colleagues went all sanctimonious and shrieked (I’m informed that’s a sexist word. Good. Ladies, if the harpy feathers fit, wear them) all over face book that the REAL issue — the REAL issue — was this bombing of an NAACP office in the springs which not only hadn’t killed anyone, but had barely caused any damage.

The offices are about a mile from the house we were living in at the time, and I THINK I heard the explosion, showing it’s more sound than fury.

At the time I sought out the report, complete with NAACP spokescritter screaming that it was clear it was all about race and wha wha wha poor little us, give us money to atone for your racial sins.

At the time too, if you remember, I said I would bet cash money it had nothing to do with NAACP. (Granted, I didn’t guess the real motive. I thought it was personal and directed at the hairdresser that shares the building. That’s because the real motive was crazycakes.)

The reason is not that I think no one is racist, (impossible, since racism is the default mode of “human”. Or at least tribalism is.) It’s not that I think no one would ever have a reason to bomb A NAACP office. No, the reason I said “unlikely, bordering on the impossible” is that I LIVE in Colorado Springs.

If a bombing of an NAACP office were reported, say, in Detroit or Chicago, I’d sigh and go “Well…”

But Colorado Springs is so white you could pick the few of us who can tan from orbit.

Okay, that’s not exactly true. Like most places out west, the Springs has a lot of Hispanics. If the bombing had been in La Raza headquarters, I’d have gone “I can see that.”

What it doesn’t have is many people of African descent. Half of the ones it has seem to be from Cape Verde and have come here escaping communism which makes them not the natural constituency for the NAACP. In fact that community is two streets from my old house, and they are more “Portuguese” than African. In fact, their kids used to come and drag younger son away to play soccer, which is why all the Portuguese he knows are soccer terms.

A significant portion of the other half are in the military. Which means, again, they’re less “people of African descent” than “American servicemen/women.”

The demonstrations over the Ferguson thing were pathetic white, privileged college kids (Colorado College. Liberal arts college. Google the tuition and stagger) shrieking (yeah, that word again. If the screech fits, wear it) over “black lives” like they knew their *ss from their elbow, or had ever had less than a comfortable moment in their lives.

In those circumstances, the only way someone could have targeted the NAACP offices would have been if the person doing the targeting had just arrived here from Detroit. Not that this is impossible, given we import homeless by the busload, due to great “services” BUT you’ll agree highly unlikely.

Shadowdancer Duskstar / Cutelildrow #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

My cynical 2 cents: gets a pass because m-t-f transgender who is often assumed to be an “Asian woman” because of the name. Until I saw pictures, this was my assumption because if you don’t see pics and only read text, well…

Seeing the Twitter ID pic had me think “She doesn’t look Asian… Looks white. Half or married to an Asian?” and thought nothing further on it.

Then saw pictures of “her” in an interview whimpering about discrimination against women.

VERY cynical thought that came after: talentless hack who couldn’t get into the industry as a guy because he’d be expected to perform based on skill and merit riding the women studies grievance gravy train.

Initially I thought the huge boobs on the characters and costumes would not bug me… until the creator weren’t constantly bitching about the sexualization of women characters. Before that, I just thought that the character models were badly made/designed and ugly (Seriously, 1990 game graphics look better) and looked amateurish – almost beginner level low rez 3D model attempts.

But that is after reading Wu’s behavior online.

Tim Morris #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

I am Spartacus because politicians can flaunt their infidelity and lack of morals and be accepted as long as they are the right political flavor.

I am Spartacus because those who express true *moral* outrage are laughed at by those with no morals.

I am Spartacus because people with no morals fake moral outrage at those who *do* exhibit morals.

I am Spartacus because people with no morals speak of forcing Christian churches to capitulate and “get with the times” while rolling over and capitulating to the most violent, immoral, degenerate false religion on the face of the Earth.

I am Spartacus because liberal continue to poke the bear, then run crying when the bear growls at them.

I am Spartacus because those who stand *against* freedom do not realize that it is precisely because we stand *for* freedom that keeps us from doing all of the imagined wrongs that they accuse us of doing.

I am Spartacus.

I am also Captain Parker at Lexington Green: “If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”