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William Henry #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy #mammon williamhenry.net

You are invited to an extraordinary weekend devoted to unveiling the deepest secret of mystical Christianity: the teachings Christ gave Mary Magdalene to manifest a new, just (pure, perfect), light human, a new, righteous way of life on earth, and to ascend.
Mary Magdalene. Embodied Sophia. Feminine Christ. A profound authority on ascension and human transformation into the perfect (whole, holy, complete) light body. We know this because the Gnostics claimed she was one of three myrrophores who “always walked with the Lord”. As William’s radical new interpretation of Mary Magdalene expounds, this means she is an avatar who ‘came from above’, demonstrated the angelic light body on earth (still does), became an ascended star walker (once again), and left teachings for us to recover…in order to do the same. This is the secret of the Essenes and the Cathars.

The key to this teaching is represented by the alabaster jar seen in Christian artwork. What was the lightning in this mysterious bottle?

As we will discuss in detail, it is Christos, the Oil of Resurrection and Ascension. As chief apostle of the Resurrected Christ, Mary Magdalene knew its secrets. So, too, did the other mysterious myrrophores, or oil masters, we will also discuss, including the other Marys and Joseph of Arimathea. Imbued with miraculous power,

The Union of Opposites — earthly / heavenly, male / female, light and dark.
How do we activate Christos from within us?
Christos and Cerebral Spinal Fluid
The Myrrophores (masters of the oils) and the Essenes
The secret of Magdalene’s Veil
The Merkaba mystics of Magdala
• Living in Conscious Union with the Divine

Magdalene and the School of Isis and Hathor
Sophia, the Archons and Simulation Theory
• Mary Magdalene and Angelic Intelligence v. Artificial Intelligence

The Gospel of Mary and the Perfect Light Body
Perfect Light Humans and the Rainbow Light Body
The new, Enlightened Christianity
Powerful meditations.

$322 per person.

Mark Baughman #conspiracy #wingnut #ufo #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

And as it <banking system<>comes down, there is another system ready to move in to replace it, that which you call the QFS, the Quantum Financial System is indeed ready to replace this. But there must first be those things that have to occur first to allow for the general population to be acquainted with this new system.

And we will say as far as preparation goes, everything that you are doing now, talking about now to prepare, is what you need to do. And do not have fear though, as Ashtar was pretty prominent in saying here. Do not feel the fear, do not experience fear, as the rest of the population around you will be experiencing that, as they go to their banks and find that their money is gone, that they cannot get it out of the banks. That is certainly coming. Because it must be the crash. And we speak fully of a crash that is imminent here as we can say. For ‘imminent’ to us is different than your ‘imminent,’ so you take from that which you can. But it is coming, certainly.

-) The fake MSM is
1) hiding many of the Bank failures.
2) hiding the use of the Petro-dollar; 39 large countries are NOT trading oil or other goods in dollars anymore.
3) Hiding how bad the “Credit Susie” Bank is, and it’s 80 trillion in derivatives.
4) last but NOT LEAST; people still dropping dead from the vaccine’s; the illuminati massive population “kill off’ or major holocaust! (it is bigger than the Nazi Holocaust.
5) Hiding major company slowfailures; like Walmart.

-) Presidents of Russia and China are “Avatars” and not the original. They are good at taking orders from the “White Hats”, to shift this planet.

-) On Mars surface, you can breathe, but it is like high-altitude. About 17,000 feet. They are terraforming Mars by using special “Pine Trees” to get it back. It was just like Earth, but about 2 million years of war, four factions destroyed most life on the planet. They slowly moved to lower frequencies. Before, they shared technology and were trusting of one another.

Georgios Mylonas (Geom!*) #magick #ufo #mammon amazon.com

You are about to encounter and receive an innovative and truly amazing system of holistic, energetic, and spiritual healing. This therapeutic system offers purification and protection, wholeness and empowerment, upliftment and guidance, bliss and joy, and serenity and freedom. The Golden Codes of Shamballa can be used as potent tools to receive answers to your questions and manifest happiness in your daily life. This energy system consists of 153 numerical codes of pure light, love, and spirit. They were manifested and generously offered by the infinite, eternal, almighty, and omnibenevolent dimension of spirit, Shamballa. Shamballa is the ethereal crystal residence of the great teachers and the holy archangels of light—the divine spirit beings of the highest wisdom, compassion, beauty, and primordial perfection. The holy archangels of light and the great ascended masters of Shamballa devote themselves to supporting humanity in realizing its potential. And now, with celestial wisdom and heavenly love, they bless us once more with the Golden Codes of Shamballa.- What Are the Golden Codes of Shamballa?* Transcendental, energetically activated, spiritually attuned, and multidimensional codes of light.* Sequences of numbers that enhance, boost, and uplift one’s energy level and level of consciousness.* Higher consciousness keys that activate different aspects of the universal cosmic energy, the spirit, and the creative cosmic mind. An effective, simple, practical, and easy-to-use means to balance the two aspects of the mind, logic and intuition, through the parallel invocation of coded serial numbers on the one hand and spiritual energies, qualities, and powers on the other.* Illuminating codes that multiply the intention and vibration of love and light on earth and actively contribute to the highest good of all.* Amazing numerical spiritual forms; truly precious “spiritual vitamins!”* A gift to humanity!

Whiplash347 #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy #mammon t.me

Sequence drop. Q1245
Pre-cursor Turkey - Home of Ashkenazi.
1️⃣ - Turkey> Roman & Ottoman Empire, United Nations buildings hit.
Turkey will flip on NATO.

2️⃣ - SAUDI to decouple from USD & join BRICS. House Of Saud comes from Turkey originally. MBS flipped.
ISRAEL will attack Medina/Mecca
Rise of the IMAM MAHDI. The one who Unites all ISLAM together to take down the Anti-Christ in Israel. Saudi Arabia repaired Relationship with Syria [Sunni & Shi"ites]
[Hashemite Kingdom] original owners of Mecca prior to House of Saud War.
King Of Jordan mentioning reforming Hashemite Kingdom. #GreatProphet17
MBS/King Of Jordan will unite all of the Middle East then take down the Anti-Christ. Controllers in Israel.

3️⃣- NK 4th Beast Daniel 7 3.
China/Taiwan, Russia>Japan Kuril Islands. ChongQing Dams, 3GD, BTC Data Center, Wuhan Labs, Tiananmen Square. PACIFIC NAVAL BLOCKADE [Daniel 7 2-3] 4 Carriers In The Pacific [AUSTRALIA]🚫
Daniel 10: 2-3 Food coming off the shelves. Ports closed, Diesel cut off, Trucks Stop, Petrol skyrockets.
Ramadan - Fasting, Israel not eating food.
Biblical Flood 40 days 6 week closure.
Get food that lasts people.
Everything that is bad will not return to shelves. TESLA ELECTRIC TRUCKS⚡️

⭕️Kiev Falls - Poseidon to Sudzha Pipeline.
Crashes Oil & Gas companies on NYSE. BP & Royal Dutch SHELL etc
Here is the big key. 347 > 3/31/2023
March 31 & April 1
Qagg.news had a countdown to March 31. VK said March is last month of 2022. Trump says April 1.
Romanov Project April 1 [Closing The Gates]
State Bank Of Russia going live April 1
Q drop MOAB [A] Global Currency Reset + Declas + Precious Metal Standard + Quantum Gesara.

5️⃣- Iran [Regime Change]? OBL?
Israel Reversal of Balfour Declaration. IMAM MAHDI + the rest of the World will all turn on ISRAEL [ANTICHRIST] & ENGLAND. #GreatProphet17
Daniel 12 1. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN will lead the Armies.
The GOOD PEOPLE of ISRAEL have the Power.

Medeea Greere #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon amg-news.com

As Nesara-Gesara build up continues… it’s actually rolling out
Will be rolled out

For that to occur there has to be a Black Swan Event which Klaus Schwab (the mask) has said is going to happen. That is, the Stock Market is going to crash. We cannot have two financial systems in competition with each other. Currently they are running along side each other, but not in competition.

Med beds will also be rolled out

Chaos predicted to create fear and division

This is all the Deep State have in their arsenal is fear and division

False Flags and shootings are going to be on the rise

Pipe bombs found on railway tracks to derail more trains

More chemical plants and food processing plants going up in smoke

Mass shootings in the States

This is not necessarily the Black Hats themselves creating this havoc, but the minions who are still working within the government, commerce and business. These people are following a directive given to them 6-12 months ago and haven’t received the memo that they’ve lost!

Part of the Nesara-Gesara build up is the fake World War III

World War III is going to be the great wake-up call for a lot of people. It may be the ‘event’ they are all talking about.

The fake Kamala Harris (the actress acting as Kamala… remember the mask lifting?) was in Germany accusing Russia of war crimes in Ukraine. She said that the American government had evidence of that. Russia asked for proof! Now Russia has moved a submarine closer to the American shoreline.

It’s all ramping up to this fake World War III scenario. (It’s theatre… This is all a script being acted out for the world to see… you must comprehend that! – Marilyn)

(Kamala Harris could not leave Germany on Airforce II because it ‘broke down’! Interesting fact!)

There will be:

Chaos in the streets.
False flags.
Mass shootings.
Anything the DS can put their hand to.

The National Guard are being deployed. It’s interesting to note that where the derailments have happened, they are on the streets already. Hint. Hint.

Minnesota Republican state Sen. Steve Drazkowski #elitist #mammon #fundie #conspiracy crooksandliars.com

Minnesota Republican state Sen. Steve Drazkowski is going viral, and he has some explaining to do. According to Sen. FuckMuppet, his state should not pass a bill to provide free school breakfast and lunch to children because he's never met any poors.

"I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry," Drazkowski said before voting on the legislation. "I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don't have access to enough food to eat."

"Now, I should say that hunger is a relative term," added Drazkowski. "I had a cereal bar for breakfast. I guess I'm hungry now."

Ohhhhh. Well, there is poverty in Minnesota, and he should know that. It's not hard to Google. Or he could get in his car and drive around to see for himself.

Drazkowski called the bill "pure socialism," adding, "This is about the government dictating to kids what they're going to eat and how much they're going to eat."

R.J. von-Bruening #magick #ufo #conspiracy #mammon amazon.com

Take a profound journey into the mysterious esoteric symbolism of the largely forgotten Dream Vision, buried deep within the ancient Book of Enoch. It is a unique and fascinating journey that reveals the exceptional ancient system of symbolism that provides real answers to many of the greatest mysteries of humanity’s ancient past in a way never imagined before.

Within its pages, you will discover the secrets to Genesis 6, the Watchers, Nephilim, Sons of God, the Great Flood, Gilgamesh, UFOs, lost civilizations, ancient aliens, and so much more. Not only are many of the greatest mysteries of the Bible uncovered for the first time, but it also reveals the secrets of mythology, the ancient world, and the identity and origin of the mysterious figures our ancient ancestors worshiped as gods. You will learn why the Great Pyramid was built, the real secret of the Pleiades cluster of stars, the lost city of Atlantis, and the terrible cataclysm that befell it and the world 12,800 years ago. The evidence revealed in this book goes far beyond the main-stream and shows beyond a reasonable doubt that a highly technologically advanced civilization not only existed but flourished during the last Ice Age. .

You will also come to understand the origin and true meaning of the mystical, esoteric symbols, like the pentagram, the all-seeing-eye, the unfinished pyramid, and many more, and how they are all part of an ancient system of mystical symbolism and initiation that was born in the religious temples that ruled the city-states of the first civilizations. You will also be introduced to the radical 2,000-year-old theory from the legendary Library of Alexandria that humanity's true story lies within this system of allegories and symbolism of the mythology and sacred writings of the ancient world. A system that is still used today by the mysterious esoteric brotherhoods, secret societies, and hidden orders of the world which allows them to conceal the truth of humanity’s forgotten past.

Scott David Workman/Friends of the Original Constitution #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

A huge beast currently controls us and our money; it’s that CORPORATION masquerading as a GOVT – and their counterfeit monetary system – known as the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM. This masquerade is maintained by their puppet media. With few exceptions – their monetary system – is the ONLY system available – to be able to buy and sell. We CURRENTLY have no other choice – we either comply with their tyrannical system – or THEY can CANCEL US and the access to our money.

A plan is being implemented to destroy the current system (Revelation 13:3…deadly wound… 13:13…he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men) and to deceive us – into taking their “mark of the beast” CBDC – DIGITAL CURRENCY – AI – CONTROL YOU – SYSTEM. We see their plans beginning to unfold – with several large Banks recently collapsing – and more on the verge – to condition us into begging to be saved by their false savior and his “mark”.

Our objective with this video is to wake up as many people as possible to their nefarious plans – and let you know we are providing an escape out of BABYLON and their counterfeit monetary system and from their false savior.

I want you to know – that if you have personally lost money because of these bank failures – or for any hardship reason: the 2020 lock downs; the “so-called pandemic,” or your corrupt government – or – if your business has lost money – or your business went out of business in the last 3 years – all your funds can be restored. I reveal – in this video – exactly how and when you – as an individual or your business – can have your all funds restored – and obtain freedom, Liberty and Financial Freedom from the CORPORATION masquerading as a GOVT – and their counterfeit monetary system – known as the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM.

Scott David Workman
Friends of the Original Constitution
(The interim Constitutional Government)

Tim Tony Stark Rifat #crackpot #magick #racist #conspiracy #mammon supernaturalspirit.com

Anti-Anti-Christ Service:

The technology of Satanism is based on the Chaos Force, the mathematics of non linear equations and dark energy matter quantum superimposition in space-like form for temporal power and time-like to disempower, possess light energy matter life form for temporal power and time-like to disempower, possess light energy matter wageslaves. Tim Rifat, the Psi-Lord unlike all the charlatans, counterfeiters, disinforming websites is a scientist who specialises in the study and vivisection of Satanism to produce Anti-Satanists to destroy the Satanism and sequester it’s power for the new Anti-Illuminati. There are 13 Anti-Illuminati, 12 Grand Anti-Illuminati and 33 lower levels of Anti-Freemasons the lower levels open to anyone who buys from Psi-Lord Ltd any of the Bone Generators™ Services. Once you have bought 30 Bone Generator™ Services you have reached the top of the Anti-Freemason rankings a 33rd degree Anti-Freemason. All the Freemasons in the world then are your power source and feed you space-like power to manifest your Intents as you dump time-like toxic waste from the Sublime Good™ process to make all they do past present and future a broken dream, unfulfilled at the last…
World history is an open book once you see that Satanism is the agenda of the West ruled by the Rothschilds. Having destroyed Satanism and sequestered Satanism the Psi-Lord has blocked the Anti-Christ from completing the theft of the Christ get out of hell card and the complete damnation of the entire world by Rothschild Satanism. The sequestered Anti-Christian as it is supposed to be the Son, Avatar, Satan incarnate is now the Anti-Chaos version, a Total Deathgoat Jew (the chosen race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) the Total Damned one way ticket to Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and the Omega Hell on Earth…
Cost $1600 (only 12, after that you have to be a multimillionaire to buy the Bone Generators™ Service from one of the 12 Grand Bone Psi-Masters.)

Baroness Silvia/The Temple #magick #mammon baroness-silvia.weebly.com

This is the Ultimate Power High Magick Time Travel Grand Spell for traveling to the past or the future.

For anyone who wishes to travel through time in both directions.

This Ultra – Powerful Forbidden High Magick gives extremely special and specific abilities to physically time travel to the past or the future, to ANY point in the history of the World.

Transport Yourself Wherever you Desire!

Travel Back or Into The Future ANY time You Wish!

You can be able to travel or teleport to ANY physical location!

Travel ANY time to ANY destination!

Travel from the Past to the Present and move into the distant Future!

You can change the past and make the future..

You will be able to transfer material items from one time period to another.

Order this Immensely Powerful High Magick Chrono Grand Spell and go into the Future or Visit the Distant Past!

Bring into your life Whatever you most want and desire!

Your Supreme High Magick TIME TRAVEL Grand Ritual will be fully performed within 1-5 days of receiving your order. Once performed your Supreme Grand Spell will start working on your situation immediately.
To perform your Powerful TIME TRAVEL Grand Ritual we will require:

-Your Full Name
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Please, don't send us photos. Our Immensely Powerful Rituals, Rites and Spells are Highest Authentic Supreme Magick and we do not require photos nor personal objects to successfully cast ANY of our Supreme Spells and highly advanced authentic Rituals.

Once you order this Authentic Forbidden High Magick Time Travel Grand Spell, I will contact you within 24-48 hours.

We will let you know by email when the Power Sacrarium is fully prepared for your Supreme High Magick Ritual, and when we will begin the first part of the Supreme TIME TRAVEL Operation.

After we perform this immensely powerful Ritual, I will email you to confirm that Your Supreme High Magick TIME TRAVEL Ritual Operation has been performed.

<only $325>

Freedom Law School/Peymon Mottahedeh #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon freedomlawschool.org

Take these 7 steps to FREE Yourself of IRS deception, fear, robbery, and slavery, and LIVE FREE with our 100% Protection!

Step 1:
Arm Yourself with the Law
Based on the US Government's official legal websites, no law requires 99% of Americans to file and pay Income Tax.

Step 2:
Stop filing income tax forms
Filing a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap does NOT protect you.

Step 3:
Realize the IRS is mostly BLUFF
The IRS is extremely unlikely to be able to or attempt to empty your bank account and steal your money if you do not file a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap (aka Form).

Step 4:
Take Courage from our Victories
Peymon, the founder of Freedom Law School, has not filed or paid U.S. Income Taxes since 1993. The IRS knows this and yet they have never attempted to indict or put Peymon in prison. Why?

Step 5:
Write to your lawmakers about the Law
File and Pay Income Taxes ONLY IF
your congressmen can show you the law that requires YOU to file and pay Income Tax.

Step 6:
Join the Restore Freedom Plan
Lawfully STOP filing and paying Income Tax with our Lifetime Guarantee!

Step 7:
Spread the Word!
Get Paid for each American you FREE with our Freedom Opportunity Plan.
Get your Complimentary Freedom Education Videos

SIGN UP NOW and you will receive several FREE courses sent directly to your email!
▶ Lesson 1 - Who IS Required to File and Pay Income Taxes

▶ Lesson 2 - Odds of Being Struck by Lightning are HIGHER Than Odds of Being Sent to Prison for NOT Filing

▶ Lesson 3 - Many definitions of "United States" in tax laws prove it ONLY applies to D.C.

▶ Lesson 4 - Since 1913, has the Federal Income Tax ONLY applied to Federal Territories?

▶ Lesson 5 - Former IRS Commissioner Cannot Provide the Law PROVING the Legality of the Federal Income Tax

▶ Lesson 6 - The Classic Documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism documentary

Judy Byington/Q The Storm Rider #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

The Storm Has Begun
We The People Are The Storm

On Wed. 8 March International Activation of NESARA/GESARA was announced in Dubai by President Trump and Dr. Charlie Ward.

Alliance Special Forces Were in the Process of Arresting 64,000 CIA MS13 Cartel Members for Drug, Arms and Human Trafficking – Which Was Causing Panic in Certain US Banks & their Middle America Money Laundering Operations.

On Fri. 10 March the S&P 500 Slumped as the Stock Market Extended Weekly Losses After the FDIC Shut Down the Mega Large Silicon Valley Bank, while Wells Fargo Customers Claimed that Money was Missing from Their Online Banking Accounts.
Q) The Storm Rider: We are headed into The Major part of the STORM and the Deep State is in PANIC.

The CIA/Pentagon/Obama Regime shut down Tucker Carlson for the time being. Tucker Carlson Tuesday and Wednesday MAJOR Drops of January 6 videos were suppressed.

Why did FOX go against the DEEP STATE and give FULL permission for the Jan. 6 videos to be aired? Just two weeks ago Trump threatened FOX news, again, publicly. Rupert Murdoch (Fox owner) is currently in public spat with Trump. It’s all a show.
If Fox and CNN do not choose the right path of exposing the Deep State and their own corruption, they will see the Death Penalty inside Treason and the Deep State Military coup against Trump that took place.
You would have thought that Bill Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, BlackRock, Vanguard Deep Regime would have pulled all their money together and bought out Twitter, but what happened? The Military Alliance State from re-acquiring Twitter.

Bin Salman and powerful allies of Trump control large portions of Big Tech with Tens of Thousands of the richest share holders through his subsidiary companies and investors. They blocked BlackRock/ Facebook/Google/Bill Melinda Gates Foundation top share holders in all major Big Tech companies from making a move on Twitter on behalf of the Deep State.

Brian Niemeier #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut #dunning-kruger #mammon brianniemeier.com

In the midst of this civilizational decay, it’s easy to forget that the gradual but snowballing affronts to human nature that brought us here were billed as steps toward a sexy, gleaming utopia. The myth of progress is as central to the Death Cult as salvation is to Christianity.

Which makes sense. Because the Fall is so self-evident that any religion claiming universal moral authority must address it. The Cult’s techno-priests foretold that advancements like the integrated chip, hormonal birth control, and the world wide web would help us build a post-racial, post-capitalist, post-religious world.

In the fulness of time, they said, science would conquer the last enemy: death.

What we got instead was a nihilistic pseudo-religion that’s overseen the first decrease in American life expectancy in ages. But with free porn and government Cheetos.

The Modernists set out to cut science off from the Christian metaphysic that incubated it. Medical experts’ apocalyptic response to what should have been a modest public health emergency showed how that experiment went.
Another reason for hope amid the accelerating decline is that the Death Cult went all in on tech. Their equalist dogma and bugman-ism isn’t creating the total, managed regime they sought. Somehow they missed that replacing intelligent producers with low-IQ idols wasn’t a recipe for earthly paradise. It was the setup for a Resident Evil sequel.

So the Death Cult’s despotic system will fail and take millions down with it – just like all the rest.

Get prepared and get holy.

And for a glimpse at the other side of the Collapse …

The big robot action of Mobile Suit Gundam meets the espionage thrills of Tom Clancy.

Read it now:

[Combat Frames XSeed Book Cover]


Brian Niemeier #fundie #homophobia #mammon brianniemeier.com

It’s no secret that the Anglo branches of the Anglican Communion have joined with the World through the Flesh and severed themselves from the True Vine. The Episcopal church in my town still has big BLM and sodomy banners out front.


Regardless of the current pontiff’s personal views, a decisive advantage of having a supreme, visible head on Earth is everyone knows where the buck stops.

Butt stuff has already been anathematized by ex cathedra definition. Even if some worldly bishop or synod tried to bless gay unions, the attempt would de facto negate itself. In an ecclesiological sense, they’d just place themselves in schism. Remember, the gates of Hell won’t prevail. But the dead branches will separate themselves from the Vine.

For a look at a post-future whose reunited Church theologians look back at our era and shake their heads while laugh-crying, read my hit mech thriller:

BelifeWater #quack #magick #mammon belifewater.com

Structured water is vibrationally repaired water – back to its natural spring water frequency state – where all water molecules can return to vibrating in a hexagonal grid. This hexagonal water can be received in our bodies on a cellular level and help to energize the water we are all made from. We experience an effect of “energy net savings” when we drink and treat ourselves with structured water. Deep intra-cellular hydration is possible with energized water and may be perceived as an energy increase.

Structured water has antioxidant properties. Structured water plays an important role in the bioactivity of various cells.

Hexagonal Water

The term hexagonal water is described as the cluster of molecules of water that form a hexagonal shape that increases the absorption of nutrients, increases cellular communication, and removes/reduces metabolic waste, among many things. It has a crystalline structure that forms when eight molecules of water combine.
If you are looking for a professional way to restructure and vitalize your water, you can use structured water devices in several applications.

The advantages of water structuring devices are user friendly and easy to install devices. They can last for several decades once installed. All devices require very little or no maintenance and no parts have to be replaced over time. Synergistic effects of water restructuring are creating sustainable results for your drinking water.

Our water structurer/structured water devices combine 7 principles of revitalizing and energizing your water.
The 7 principles of restructuring water

Vortexing in a double-helix
Direct transmission of the high energy field via intensive contact
High-vibrant materials, e.g. 24 karat gold, rhodium, lead-free brass, etc.
Phi ratio geometry construction
Healing pyramid energies
Harmonic gemstone compositions
Resonant super crystals - liquid programmed borosilicate glass vials

Danlboon #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

So far it’s been the American State National that has claimed they are the only ones that are the true Sovereign People in America, but what about us others?

By the way, you cannot be a Sovereign Citizen or Person as they are actually property of the government, a slave, thus that is a catch-22, therefore you are people.

When will it be truly recognized that we are Sovereign People; when NESARA is publicly announced, when the governors make a declaration, when Trump comes on board as the true President of the Republic or when we get documentation from the DMV with our names no longer in all capital letters? And when will all these private businesses and government agencies be required to recognize us as Sovereign People?

Will cops still be stopping people and asking for an ID or driver’s license to just make an arrest as they will not be following the Republic Common Law rules of the day? Since it will take time for the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state to transtition over to the Sovereign names in their databases and print out proper ID’s and driver’s licenses for everyone not everyone would have documentation to being Sovereign.
If it is not as easy as some people may think as we will all be Sovereign People once the word is given by Trump then it may take years for everyone to file documentation for this change. But when it was the other way around it was just a Congressional Law that changed it for us with the states ratifying it and was established as the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 for us to become US citizens, yet in the Republic we are coming back to it does not include any Amendment after 1861.

I would just like to know if the DMV does not have my Sovereign ID just per us being a Republic then what will I truly be? Answers should be given out to the people and not just rumors going around on the internet when many people don’t even bother looking for this kind of stuff or will believe it.

Althea S. Hawk #magick #quack #crackpot #mammon amazon.com

How consciousness and quantum energies affect your genetic expression and the development of disease and chronic health conditions

• Draws on cellular medicine, genetics, quantum physics, and consciousness studies to define the real underlying mechanisms of disease and how they can be addressed

• Explains how consciousness influences quantum DNA to erase the genetic imprint of illness, allowing your body to remember how to function efficiently and effectively

• Shares the author’s discoveries that enabled her to successfully heal the cellular dysfunction at the root cause of her cancer, tumors, chronic inflammation, and toxicity

• Explores consciousness tools to re-encode DNA and includes detailed scripts for techniques that readers can apply to their own healing journeys
Sharing the discoveries that enabled her to successfully heal from her cancer, tumors, toxicity, and inflammatory-related conditions, the author explains how genes are not solely responsible for creating disease. Detailing how our DNA is both quantum-energetic and biological-chemical, Hawk explains how your environment and your consciousness influence your quantum DNA, which in turn interacts with your biological DNA. By working directly with energetic information that affects how your quantum and biological DNA communicate, you can alter the expression of your genes by re-encoding the gene sequences on your physical DNA, erasing the imprint of illness and enabling your body to remember how to function properly.

Hawk explores consciousness tools and mind-body techniques to re-encode your DNA, such as sound and breathing work, DNA marker removal, recalibration of Akashic information, and cellular communication exercises that readers can apply to their own healing journeys.

Lothlorian Magick #magick #conspiracy #mammon lothorianmagick.com

**MIDAS TOUCH** Golden God Secret Society Haunted Dragon Djinn Skull & Bones Illuminati Warlock Templar Artifact! One of a Kind ~ Wealth + Luck x10! ** Occult WARLOCK Ring! $$$ Lost Treasure of Khastazia!
Centuries ago, the Skull & Bones Society discovered an Ancient Ritual that Conjures the Sacred Power of King Midas to bring Limitless Wealth and Abundance to all those Possess It's Great Vessel. This Item has bestowed unto me Riches Beyond Imagination and has ensured Complete Success in all of my endeavors! You will feel its Amazing Energy the moment you hold it in your hand!

This Spirit-Bound Vessel contains the Immortal Power of the High-Ranking 'Xerces Order' Paradigm of 6th Dimension of Valcaerus in Galaxy No. 4. Imbued within this Sacred piece is the 3rd Command Golden God Dragon Djinn of King Midas; Protector of Ancient Secrets, Vast Treasures and Occult Magic of the Universal Code.

This Item is Cast and Conjured of Pure White-Light Energies bestowed upon us by the Creator.

The Sacred Midas Touch Rituals are Extremely Powerful and can only be completed by a Warlock of the Highest Powers! Golden Wealth Opportunities shall present themselves exponentially! This Magic Artifact Ring guarantees Supreme Success in All Areas of Your Life!

Dr. Michael Salla #ufo #conspiracy #wingnut #mammon exopolitics.org

Secret deals have been struck between an Earth Alliance of space faring nations and extraterrestrial organizations for major disclosures to happen in 2023, concerning the existence of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. Senior military and government officials are participating in clandestine meetings being held in highly classified facilities, the news of which is being released as part of a plan to accelerate official disclosure.

In addition, insiders report ancient underground civilizations now plan to increasingly reveal themselves to surface humanity in 2023. Meanwhile, the awakening of giants in stasis chambers, the intervention of Seeder extraterrestrials, and return of the Enki faction of the Anunnaki will ramp up events in 2023 – with colossal disclosure ramifications! In the midst of all this, the US Congress has for the first time given protection to whistleblowers to reveal the truth about UFOs to the newly created All Domain Anomalous Resolution Office.

Meanwhile, the unprecedented growth in public discontent over rigged elections, the refugee crises, mismanaged economies, political censorship, the Ukraine War, etc., is leading to an unprecedented collapse of the Deep State control system precipitating a global revolution. Simply put, Truth revelations are causing a mass awakening.

The Deep State’s imminent collapse will facilitate major disclosures in 2023 about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life that have long been the crown jewels of the global control system.

In his first webinar for 2023, Dr. Michael Salla will review the incredible changes happening behind-the-scenes and provide details of how these are part of an unfolding disclosure plan developed by White Hats and positive extraterrestrial alliances. This webinar will prepare and inspire you for the amazing revelations about to happen and is not to be missed.

Date: February 18, 2023, at 1 pm East Coast / 10 am Pacific

Length: 2 hours plus 30 min Q & A

Cost: $35

Paul Craig Roberts #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon paulcraigroberts.org

Dear Readers: It is March and time for my quarterly request for your donations to this website. As you know, you get no official narratives here. You only get the truth both in reporting and in analysis, or as close as I can get to the truth.

This is not an easy task. So much information is not reported, reported wrongly, or suppressed. I have walked you through: the true story of World War II, the 9/11 hoax and its many consequences, the weapons of mass destruction hoax, the bin Laden hoax, the hoaxes used to overthrow Libya and attempted overthrow of Syria, the Covid and mRNA “vaccine” hoax, the Maidan Revolution hoax in Ukraine, Russiagate, orchestrated impeachments of Trump, orchestrated Jan 6 Insurrection, Ukrainian conflict, globalism’s consequences, mistaken US economic policy, destruction of societal unity, constitutional erosions, and the growth of evil and moral depravity. None of this is appreciated by the ruling elites who devise and control the narratives or by indoctrinated and brainwashed Americans. Foundations will not support this website, and the US media, unlike some of the foreign media, will not provide airtime. If I used my pen to lie for the establishment, I would be rolling in money.

It is not only the lack and suppression of information that makes truth-finding difficult, but also the hostility of offended elites and media. The FBI puts you on watch lists. They try to plant stories and documents on you that get you into difficulties. You get branded a Putin agent/dupe, an anti-semite, a conspiracy theorist, a kook, and worse. You often wonder,”why am I doing this?” Reader appreciation and donatins are the only indicators you have that you should continue.
The website is carried by monthly donors of small sums. The website also needs the support of others who rely on it to escape the indoctrination imposed by The Matrix.

As truth declines, so do we all.

@RevoltNoir #racist #mammon gettr.com

United Against The Great Replacement | T-Shirt by RevoltNoir.com
“The Great Replacement” was coined by French author Renaud Camus to describe the demographic displacement of whites by non-whites taking place in Western Europe and North America. The #greatreplacement is a fact. It is the product of the policies adopted by the Western countries soon after the Second World War. Whether it is a result of a deliberate plan is another matter.

Andrew Wommack #fundie #mammon youtube.com

[Emphasis added]

When you receive an offering, people think, “Well, you're just wanting money for yourself.”

You know, I don't care whether you give or not. God's gonna take care of me, I promise you. My needs are bigger than what you can meet… I just figured out this week I have to have $11,000 an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days out of the year.

You are not my source. God is my source.

I could leave here. And you know what?… I didn't barely get here, and I'm not gonna struggle to leave here. I've got money! But you need to give.
There was a woman that came up during the altar call… and she says, “I need some money!” And I had just taught on this passage of Scripture that I shared with you. So I said, “What do you have?” And she made the connection. She knew what I was gonna do. So she went and got her purse, and she had a little coin purse, and she counted it out, and it was something like $78.35. Something like that.

And I said, “Give it to me.” And she said, “All of it?” And I said, “All of it.”

And I took my hands like this, and I took every penny that that woman had.

She said that she wasn't gonna get paid for a week, and she didn't have groceries. And I said, “Give me all of it.”

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #conspiracy #quack #mammon naturalnews.com

Today’s Situation Update podcast (see below) covers 12 predictions and solutions for 2023. If you hope to navigate the coming year, you’ll want to keep these predictions in mind because they affect everything: Food availability, energy, money and finance, jobs, free speech and more.

The 12 predictions are summarized below. The overall theme is that global governments will accelerate tyranny and infrastructure destruction while the people of the world continue to get red pilled. As they awaken to the truth about global depopulation and genocide against humanity, they will push back more aggressively against tyranny. As this takes place, alternative systems of money, communications, medicine and technology will flourish.
I cover all these and more in today’s Situation Update podcast:

– Vaccine deaths accelerate, with 26%+ excess mortality and rising
– Live births falling in high-vax nations as babies aren’t surviving gestation
– BASF announces PERMANENT shut down of European operations
– Deindustrialization of Europe will accelerate; collapse now unstoppable
– Crop failures and food scarcity to worsen significantly in 2023
– Global push for digital money, CBDCs – financial tyranny on steroids
– Globalists will crash fiat currency and food supply, then pose as saviors
– Global populist revolts against government corruption and tyranny
– Blackrock warns central banks cannot stop the coming market implosion
– The era of easy money and easy stock gains is OVER
– Either path chosen by Central Banks leads to CATASTROPHE
– Humanity to lose between 1 – 4 billion people by 2033
– mRNA jab warning – they may “sterilize an entire generation” #depopulation
– You can survive it all, with knowledge and preparedness
– Interview with Goldback founder, physical currency infused with atomic gold

Tim Tony Stark Rifat #magick #racist #crackpot #mammon supernaturalspirit.com

The Super Jew Rabbi High Priest of the Temple Bone Generator®:

The Kabbalah states that Shaddai created the Satanic Jews the Tohou, Shaddai being the Chaos intelligence from the seminal darkness of Chaos this evolved to Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth) by the use of fire (quantum fluctuations in the dark Sea of Awareness, quantum vacuum); ‘darkness was upon the face of the deep,’ to cause inflation (cold) of the quantum vacuum which turned hot (fire) as the Higgs Field dumped energy into the inflating quantum vacuum so Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth) created the Bohou, the rest of the Jews. So one can see the chosen race are the creation of Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth). The light energy matter manifestation being corrupted by the Chaos intelligence of Elohim, the Master of all wageslaves (Yaldabaoth).
This Bone Generator® Service downloads into the Hassidim Psi-Master the power of prophecy and miracles sequestered from Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth to enable you to see the future and to carry out miracles like the Hassidim by sequestering Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth as your personal bitch to give you the power. As the creator of the Bohou, it also gives you power over the liberal Jew West that preaches democracy as a front for the neo con Tohou Satanist Jews to buffer them from being seen as the perpetrators of evil. So all arts, media, pop, liberal arts, sociology, movies, psychology aspects of Western Judaism are yours to command.
This limited edition Service allows your Bone Generators® to sequester the 10 top places in Judaic Satanism from the Hassidim in Israel to the 10 new Anti-Hassidim Super Jews who now have all the magical powers of Israel and the Jews as their own and use the 10 Jewish Hassidim as Total Deathgoat Jews, toxic waist dumps with the whole of Israel well as the Insectile installations in Goyim the so called shells, larvae of Edamic Amalek Kings, (the other God) origin that are the minds of all Goyim.
$1000 with Certificate, limited to 10 only.

KatAnon/QtheStormRider #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

(Q) The Storm Rider
Christmas Eve 1963
was the day 77 U.S. GENERALS came together
& The Plan was born To Save The World.
Three months later 133 GENERALS
became part of OP FREEDOM EAGLE35.
You are a witness to a 59-YEAR MILITARY DELTA




Kat: 2 coups
Against President Kennedy, 1960
Against President Trump, 2020
The first was THE STARTER

According to QTSR’s 12-24-22 report
the White Hat Military Alliance, in DECEMBER 2016,
went into Italy & executed most of the MAJOR heads
of the deep state demon families
(Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DuPonts, etc.)
& the heads of the 13 bloodlines that most have NEVER heard of
(Borja, Conti, Orsini, etc.)


When President Trump went to the Vatican in May 2017
the Pope signed over ALL assets of the Vatican Banks to POTUS.

QTSR said TRILLION$ & TRILLION$+++ IN GOLD was seized
from the deep state bloodlines
& is now safely stored behind the Alliance Military
@ Space Command, Cheyenne Mountain.

However, there is not only the ENDLESS TRILLION$ from the bloodlines
-Peyseurs had $34 Quadrillion
-Rothschilds had $500 Trillion+
-QE2 Zillions, etc.
but also the GOOGOLPLEX of Gold from the D.U.M.B.S.
I tell this story on Christmas Day to remind EVERYONE
that the Best Is Truly To Come:

Healing, Sparkling Health and Abundance for all

The total eradication of poverty, homelessness, starvation

The restoration of Earth and her Kingdoms
to their gorgeous pristine Divine blueprint

The release of miraculous technologies that will help all HEAL
& move into a true modern age
before we ASCEND into the High Celestial Frequencies
from whence we came.

Call it what you will — NESARA / GESARA / TRUMPSARA or Q-SARA


Merry Happy Holidays
With Love, Light & Blessings unceasing

This is Kat, over and out

Subtle Energy Sciences #magick #ufo #dunning-kruger #mammon subtle.energy

If humans and animals have subtle energy systems within them, what about the planet we are all born out of? The deepest roots of human civilization revere certain mountains, rivers, and other natural sites as being imbued with “spiritual power.” These energy veins and vortexes, Earth’s ley lines, are making their way into the modern consciousness, and being studied in a scientific way for the first time in ages.

China calls them Dragon Lines, while the South Americans call them Spirit Lines. These lines on Earth are the energetic veins of the planet. Because Earth grid lines radiate subtle energy, it is not something that is yet directly detectable through modern instruments. The effect of these power places can be seen in the interactions that they have with human health, consciousness, and the way we traditionally determined the location of our sacred sites.

Some go even as far as to claim that the planet even has its own chakra system that follows a double helix grid through the continents and oceans of the planet.
Negative Ley Lines, also known as black lines, which are said to drain a person’s energy.

Black lines are unusual, in that they may not even occur in the form of lines at all. Sometimes found in curves, or localized areas, these energy points could correspond with the idea of negative orgone energy, as proposed by Wilhelm Reich; or the concept of the deadly energy, “sha”, put forth by practitioners of Feng Shui. Luckily, these points have not been found to be linked in a network, and should not be ruled out as a possibility if a great amount of usually healthy people begin to all experience health issues after spending time together in a concentrated space.
Ancient cultures may have been more connected than we give them credit for today, and it seems that there may be a lost, energetic technology at play that we may be overlooking in modern society.

Recalibrate your subtle energy with our Awaken the Mind meditation technology.

Medeea Greere #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon amg-news.com

GESARA NESARA TRUMPSARA is coming. Get ready for the (GCR) Global Currency Reset and (QFS)!
Quantum Financial System before everyone else. ALL Banks worldwide are moving to (CBDCs) Central Bank Digital Currency right now. It’s your last chance to get into crypto/gold/silver before the banks activate the QFS.

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) and (NESARA GESARA) is upon us!

The central banks are using crypto for the new QFS. Regulated ISO 20022 Cryptos like XRP, XLM, XDC, ALGO, IOTA, SHX, HBAR will change the world and EXPLODE 10X, 100X, 1,000X and Even More.

You really don’t want to miss out on this.


Gold/Precious Metals and Nesara/Gesara.

Two different factors for the GCR event:

● Factor 1: The RV (the revaluation of world currencies)

● Factor 2: The Quantum Financial System

In order for rainbow coins, bonds or ISO20022 assets to start moving in value, physical precious metals must first undergo a reassessment!

Once the new assessment is defined, the weight of compliance with Basel III + Bretton Woods 3 will bring legitimacy to everything else, triggering ISO20022 regulation.

RV – The Redemption Team was pushing to get Global Currency Reset liquidity before Christmas. Redemption Center personnel were scheduled to work long hours all this and next week, except for Christmas Day.

The Alliance remained in charge and continued to make Mass Arrests across the globe, along with holding Military Tribunals at the US Capitol in Washington DC, GITMO and Antarctica.

RV – The Redemption Team was pushing to get Global Currency Reset liquidity before Christmas. Redemption Center personnel were scheduled to work long hours all this and next week, except for Christmas Day.

The Alliance remained in charge and continued to make Mass Arrests across the globe, along with holding Military Tribunals at the US Capitol in Washington DC, GITMO and Antarctica.

Judy Byington/Telegram Q #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

At Midnight Sat. 31 Dec. 2022 the Deep State Corporation US Inc. Officially Dissolved
At 12:01 am 1 Jan. 2023 the US Constitutional Republic Officially Began
Along With Implementation of the Global Quantum Financial System
Gold/Asset Backed Currencies of 209 Countries
To Eventually Trade at a 1:1 with Each Other
This Q movement to take down the Deep State has been in the planning since President Lincoln was killed in 1865. Ninety nine years later the Q Movement took on a more formal appearance with the Deep State Banking Cabal’s murder of President Kennedy in 1964.

Meanwhile in 2016 the Alliance made sure Donald Trump was elected US President despite widespread Voter Fraud by the Democrat Party in collusion with foreign powers including the Chinese Communist Party.
From Q:

MSM coming – BIG WAY.
We see all.
We hear all.
CONSPIRACY push coming.

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.
KNOW your surroundings.
Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue ops.
SILENCE [187] – no risk [no capture – dead on arrival].
SILENCE [LV witnesses]?

Fight, Fight, Fight.
DEMAND public disclosure.
This is just the beginning.
2023 WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subtle Energy Sciences #magick #ufo #quack #mammon subtle.energy


Amplified Geometry
Metatron's Cube


What Are Quantum Energy Apps (Aka "Mandalas")?

Simply put, our Quantum Energy Apps are energetically encoded digital pictures that transform your electronic devices into quantum resonance tools that support you for greater health and well-being and peak performance.

Easy to Use
Just open the energetically encoded image file on your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. The quantum energy patterns will now be automatically and continuously broadcast through your electronic device! To use on your phone or tablet, just set it as the wallpaper!


The energy of this quantum energy app can be amplified to a limited degree on your smart phone and tablet and to an almost unlimited degree on your computer or laptop at no extra cost. This allows you to dial the energy in to exactly the right amplitude for you.

Metatron's Cube

Metatron’s Cube is a complex geometrical figure associated with the fabric of creation itself. It contains all five Platonic solids, the building blocks of matter.

This sacred geometry cube is a geometrical representation of energetic balance, harmony and flow. Its energetic emanation is one that supports equilibrium, healing, creativity, understanding, peace, personal transformation and release of negative energies.

Health Benefits

Metatron Cube benefits help deepen meditation; support working on goals and creative projects; clear negative energy and emotions; help replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts; support grounding

Energetic Signature

The precise energetic signature of the three-dimensional Metatron's Cube sacred geometrical form.

Bishop Climate Wiseman #fundie #god-complex #magick #mammon #quack fij.ng

Climate Wiseman, a bishop and founder of Kingdom Church, Camberwell, London, United Kingdom, was found guilty of fraud by an Inner London Crown Court after he sold bottles containing hyssop, cedarwood and olive oil as “plague protection oil” during the pandemic.

According to the UK Mirror, Wiseman, 47, sold each bottle as part of a “protection kit” that contained other items like a “prayer card and scarlet yarn” for £91.

He also told his flock during the pandemic that they could drop dead if they did not purchase the kit.

While defending himself in court on Thursday, Wiseman told a group of jurors that he was inspired by a visitation from God, who during the visit, told him he was a prophet who could cure coronavirus.

He also told the jurors he had performed many miracles, including curing the blind, and insisted he believed the oil was capable of curing or preventing Covid-19 for him and members of his church “because of their faith”.

E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus & Martin McGreggor #magick #god-complex #mammon becomealivinggod.com

Ignite The Torch Of Your Eternal Ascent With A Sinister Guide To Performing Self-Deification… Embark On The Baphometic Journey Through The Underworld For Transfiguration Into Godhood

The Deification Magick Spellbook features 4 complete blasphemous grimoires on the Ascent to Godhood by top sinister authors worldwide:

E.A. Koetting – Rituals for Anti-Transmigratory Ascent
N.D. Blackwood – The Vampire’s Handbook: Self-Initiation Without a Master
Andrieh Vitimus – Adversarial Magic: Breaking Your Constraints to Godhood
Martin McGreggor – Blasphemies of the Ascendant: Discovering the God Within
Become who you truly are as a Living God or Goddess, and thus commit the worst possible sin.

The Complete Deification Magick - $399 299
The Deification Magick Course online
The Deification Magick Spellbook leather edition
Get $100 off to save 25%
To Become A Living God — To Perform The Magick Of Self-Deification In The Ascent To Godhood Through The Descent To Devilhood

To answer clearly and unequivocally: the worst, most evil heresy in the world is for you to become your own god. This means to perform the magick of Self-Deification.

By the dialectical logic of unified opposites, the Ascent to Godhood necessarily equates to a Descent to Devilhood. In other words, when you embark on your quest of Self-Deification, you must pass through Hell to enter Heaven. You must penetrate the Underworld to access the Overworld.

The more you become a living God, the more you become a living Devil, because you commit the most sinful blasphemy to deify yourself.

Nick Beckstead #elitist #mammon #psycho #racist salon.com

Beckstead is credited as one of the founders of longtermism because of his 2013 PhD dissertation titled "On the Overwhelming Importance of Shaping the Far Future," which longtermist Toby Ord describes as "one of the best texts on existential risk." Beckstead made the case therein that what matters more than anything else in the present is how our actions will influence the future in the coming "millions, billions, and trillions of years." How do we manage this? One way is to make sure that no existential risks occur that could foreclose our "vast and glorious" future among the heavens, with trillions of simulated people living in virtual realities. Another is to figure out ways of altering the trajectory of civilization's development: Even small changes could have ripple effects that, over millions, billions and trillions of years, add up to something significant.

One implication of Beckstead's view is that, to quote him, since "saving lives in poor countries may have significantly smaller ripple effects than saving and improving lives in rich countries, … it now seems more plausible to me that saving a life in a rich country is substantially more important than saving a life in a poor country, other things being equal."

Why would that be so, exactly? Because "richer countries have substantially more innovation, and their workers are much more economically productive."

Ben Garrison #conspiracy #wingnut #mammon grrrgraphics.com

Or maybe they did work. If the ruling globalists really did want to cull humanity, what better way to do it than with vaccines? Gates has already stated this intention. The oligarchs own this planet and they think there are too many people on it consuming too many resources. This is the true reason for the vaccines. In that sense, they were very effective. People are dying suddenly and will continue to die.

Will you stand up for America? Fight the DC UniParty by supporting our cartoons- Click to Donate Today! It’s EASY!

Angellajoy #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon beforeitsnews.com










Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut #mammon creators.com

But the real evidence the midterm was rigged and stolen is... FLORIDA.

In Florida the GOP won in a landslide. Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio and everyone else in the Florida GOP won in a red tsunami — the same one the polls showed was happening in the entire country.

Guess what Florida has? Florida has strict voter ID requirements, strict laws against voter fraud, severe prison terms for anyone caught trying to commit voter fraud, no mail-in ballots sent to every voter, no ballot drop boxes, no ballot harvesting, no ballots accepted for days after Election Day and no counting for days until the desired result is achieved by the Democrat Party.

Isn't it a funny and strange coincidence that in that state, with all those strict rules against cheating, the GOP red tsunami happened as predicted? But everywhere else, where there are no strict laws against voter fraud and they allow cheating, the red tsunami fizzled.

And that underperformance is being blamed on Trump? And on conservative MAGA candidates?

Yet in Florida, DeSantis is the most Trumplike, MAGA, America First, anti-woke, anti-trans, in-your-face, ultraconservative politician in all of America. And with that ultra-MAGA message, plus strict voting fraud laws... the GOP swept to a landslide victory.

And in most other places, they didn't. Coincidence?

Folks, we've been robbed. Again. This was a repeat of 2020. I believe it's evident they've fixed, rigged and stolen the election. First, they robbed us of the presidency. Now they've robbed us of a red Republican landslide. And now they're trying to blame it on Trump.

This is gaslighting. And we've had our election stolen — again.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as "the Conservative Warrior." Wayne's new No. 1 bestselling book is out, "The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book." Wayne is now the host of two new TV shows on Real America's Voice and Mike Lindell TV. He is also host of the nationally syndicated "Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered" on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Visit ROOTforAmerica.com for more information.

David Kasneci #magick #ufo #mammon amazon.com

"Project 369 - The Key To The Universe. The Million Dollar Copies of The First, Second, & Final Editions Will No Longer Be Available. If You Have Been With Us Since The First Edition, We Thank You & We Love You.
DISCLAIMER : (Without inspired action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation and no reward. This journal was made to help you all realize that you are the creators of your own reality. You are the one and only infinite I AM being conditioned to create you and everything in your world. You are a limitless being, and you can achieve anything you desire. Unfortunately, society teaches limitations.

Project 369 reveals the Key To The Universe. Have you ever wondered how manifestation really works? Well, it works by attracting what you are, not what you want, and every moment of your life, you are manifesting. Project 369 will show you how to rise in consciousness, so you can get to a state that is one with your vision. This includes how to manifest money, weight loss, possessions, happiness, peace, love, and more of the beauty that life has to offer.
The 369 method is where you write your manifestation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, & 9 times at night. This method works the best because 3, 6, and 9 cause unity with the Divine. 3, 6, 9 = Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. The Universe revolves around Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. 3, 6, and 9 also revolve around the Universe.
You are assured of reaching certain levels of consciousness due to entering a new era of 5D Earth, coupled with the help of the internet, books, and so forth. As of now, there is an infinite potential for sourcing wisdom and knowledge. By reprograming your conscious and subconscious mind, Project 369 will assist you in understanding the secret of manifestation, alongside the secret to rising in consciousness, and changing your beliefs and conceptions through the power of I AM.

Logan B #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

Has our ship already come in and we’re all waiting at the airport? Jared Rand tells us the RV has already started. St Germain tells us GESARA has already started. No one from the Light is saying that ascension is something we still need to wait years for. They all say it is happening right now. Is anyone seeing any evidence of any of these things?

All we continue to see is the horror show. The latest is the continuation of the so called earthquake wars which doesn’t appear to be a war at all. HAARP is focused on an area, a huge light show appears in the sky and thousands die in the aftermath. Are any UFOs reported in the area to dissipate this energy? Earthquakes and tsunamis have been the weapon of choice for many years since nuclear weapons got turned off. The plan is to let these madmen continue to use earthquake weapons into next year. Who indeed are the madmen? Those who continue to use these weapons or those that have the power to stop them and don’t? We will continue to trust the plan.

I told my daughter (who is the only person I discuss any of this with but she has lost faith as well) if we ever get our hands on a lot of money we need to go to the people who work for the criminally insane, ask them how much they get paid and offer them double to go home to their families and do nothing. The sheer number of people who work for the so called NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) is staggering. From the cooks flipping burgers at fast food joints to the people actually pushing the button to activate HAARP. Practically everyone but if possible start with the button pushers first.
This is one of my humanitarian projects to quell evil and promote wellness. The few that actually do have products and services that promote wellness will be encouraged to continue and helped to expand. The other project I intend to do is bath the world in 432hz. Both of these will be a huge undertaking and I will need a lot of help.

Brian Niemeier #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #mammon brianniemeier.com

The national leagues – in particular the NFL – have degraded into vehicles for our rulers’ hatred of white people. TV commercials during Monday Night Football, let alone the Super Bowl, inundate their audiences with contempt. Like every other pop culture institution, professional sports has been weaponized by the ruling secular cult.

Some might just shrug and say that sportsball has always been cringe Boomer bait. Yet if you’re a member of Generation Y or older, you remember the days before the dark times. It’s been 30 years since Super Bowl XXVII. That means there have been more Super Bowls since that one was played than from the event’s inception till then. But that one game played in Pasadena in 1993 set the pre-Ground Zero high water mark. In fact, if you want a milestone that marked the start of the High 90s, you can make a good argument that Super Bowl XXVII was it.

To be precise, the Super Bowl XXVII Halftime Show starring Michael Jackson was it.


Crass documentaries aside, spending a few minutes online is enough to exonerate Jackson. The all-out hit job the media did on him now looks like the model for more recent unpersonings. MJ blew the whistle on some of the same sleazy record industry practices that cost Ye over a billion dollars. And he suffered a similar fate, losing his longtime, lucrative Pepsi deal, getting banned from Dubai, and having to cancel agreements to contribute music to the Addams Family Values and Sonic 3 soundtracks.


Remember, folks: the same media machine that killed Michael Jackson hates you. Don’t give them your attention. Learn how here:

[Followed by a link to his book]

Denise Richards #magick #ufo #mammon goldenageofgaia.com

Welcome to 7 Universal Year of 2023 with Galactic Numerology™
In this transmission, you’ll learn about key energies from the new dimensional frequencies of sacred numbers through Galactic Numerology. These energies and illuminations are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in your year of 2023. See how this sets the stage for maneuvering and creating your life, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you!

We begin with the foundation and backdrop of the Universal Year of 7 in 2023. The digits of the 2+0+2+3 add up to 7, and this sets the energy for this calendar year as one of multidimensional transitions and transformations beyond what has ever been experienced on the Earthstar.

And, it becomes more apparent in your outer reality that things are shifting swiftly. Changes are taking place that are the result of the magnificent and challenging soul growth that you have undergone in the past year of 2022, as well as all the expansion since your Earth year of 2012 – when the massive flood of high frequency Christ Consciousness Light and Love poured upon the Earth. This great awakening was a leap in consciousness to assist the transition period into the 7th New Golden Age, completing the Piscean Age, and transitioning into the Aquarian Age.
In this 7 Year, we wish to also bring forth the 7th Ray of Light which is the Violet Ray of Transmutation of Saint Germain and overseen by Lady Portia, by Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst. Calling upon the Violet Flame, which is the action of this Ray, is indeed the most powerful tool to instantly transmute the dense energies rising to the surface to be transformed into their next states of consciousness and into Wholeness.

We send our love, blessings, and support always. And our transmission is now complete.