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You will also see secret FBI provocateur Ray Epps, who urged people to protest while shouting, “We must go into the Capitol!” You will see the MAGA-minded protesters expressing respect for the police and walking carefully through the building.

President Trump asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi on that fateful day to send more police and National Guard and Nancy refused. She wanted chaos and the chance to set up and frame Trump supporters who were peacefully protesting a stolen election. The ‘insurrection’ narrative took the wind out of the stolen election claim. The insurrection was actually a “Fedsurrection.”

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When Trump won the election in 2016, the first thing we thought he should do was pick an Attorney General who would be dedicated to meting out justice to Hillary Clinton. We wanted her locked up. However, neither Jeff Sessions nor Bill Barr had the belly for it.

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Their allegiance was to the Deep State Swamp and they instead wanted to protect Hillary, just as James Comer did when he illegally exonerated her. Trump shares some blame for this. He was too magnanimous and forgiving—he beat Hillary and perhaps he felt it was too extreme to actually ‘lock her up.’ Maybe he thought it was going too far. Trump was too willing to hand out the olive branch.


Trump played softball against Hillary, but she was the kind would go too far. She ruthlessly played hardball and spent millions of dollars to launch the Steele Dossier, which contained lies about Trump. The Deep State Swamp security apparatus backed up the dossier and harassed Trump throughout his presidency. Democrats made sure Trump was impeached on ridiculous charges. Now Biden and his party are interfering with the election by means of lawfare against Trump.

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President Trump proved the existence of the Deep State Swamp, but underestimated its power. He won’t do that again. His expression on the mug shot foretells one thing: Justice is coming. No more olive branches. Trump’s eagle should be carrying arrows only.

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And just like that, Speaker Mike Johnson released the rest of the January sixth videos that were hidden for over six months during UniParty Kevin McCarthy’s swampy term as Speaker of the House.

Everything the January 6th Committee told us about the so called ‘insurrection’ was a lie. Trump supporters were set up. The Committee served as means to obscure the fact that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. It was a means to drive fear into the hearts of conservatives who might object when elections are again stolen in the future.

The faux ‘insurrection’ provided fake news to the Democrat regime media. Their airwaves were filled 24/7 to make Trump seem responsible. They claimed that January sixth was more horrible than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. If you watch the newly released footage you can see the Capitol Police opening doors for the protesters and then guiding them into the Capitol. Hardly a Pearl Harbor.

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Cartoon published 06/15/2023

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” – Isaiah 5:20

Picture a rainbow colored jackboot stomping on your face for the rest of time—that’s what’s coming if we fail to fight back.

The White House was intentionally defiled when Pedo Joe Biden held a ‘Pride’ celebration on the front lawn. Deviants mentally ill people were invited to cavort on the grass while Biden praised them for being ‘brave.’ Rainbows were everywhere and Biden was in full virtue signaling mode.

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We all made it though another year of the clown world insanity of the Biden Regime. Congratulations to everyone on surviving what was a pretty tough year for a lot of people, but you made it. Our faith, will power and shear determination carried us through the tough times and to a new beginning.

2023 is going to be a historic year with world shaking changes that will at last wake humanity up across the United States and the world.

Truth will be told and lies will be exposed.

People will realize what has happened to us over the last 100 years and see who needs to be held accountable. We, the people, will come together. Unity and truth will destroy the globalist cabal and the puppet masters.
America will become energy independent, Trump did it before and can do it again.

The Green New Deal narrative is being exposed as a fraud, a means for total control over the masses. Only the green cult members will still believe in the hoax, the majority will not.

The Trump 2024 campaign will continue to snowball with bigger rallies and a larger reach to eager audiences.

Biden will go down as the worst president in American history, destroying the Democrat party and the RINOs along with him.

Ukraine will be revealed as the most corrupt country in the world and Zelensky will be exposed as just a puppet playing his role as a begger for the money laundering globalist tyrants.

The DC Swamp levels are draining, slower than we want, but are draining. Drip, drip, flood as the Twitter Files continue to reveal the mind staggering corruption and censorship of the DC Cabal.

Once again it’s been proven ‘walls work’ and the wall will be finished and so will be Biden and his open borders.

The January 6th protesters will be freed and pardoned as they did no wrong. Ray Epps will be exposed as a FED plant to entrap Trump supporters.

Mar-A-Lago will become the ‘southern White House’ as ‘normies’ slowly realize, Trump won.

America will awaken and so will the entire world.

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The Justice Wrecking Ball Crew

Cartoon published 06/20/2023

Breaking News: Hunter Biden Biden will plead guilty to willful failure to pay federal income tax. He will enter a “pretrial diversion program” regarding his gun crime, indicating that he will face no jail time. A slap on the wrist by our two tier justice system as President Trump faces 100 years in prison in trumped up document hoax.

The FBI continues to destroy justice in America. They are the strong arm of the Democrat Marxist Party. The FBI is becoming the old KGB.

Tucker Carlson and Ben Garrison #wingnut #conspiracy grrrgraphics.com

Tucker Carlson released January 6th footage which revealed the so-called ‘insurrection’ was not an insurrection at all.

It was largely a peaceful protest. The Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Dome that day arrived to protest a stolen presidential election. They mostly marched in orderly fashion and some even received help from the police. One protestor known as the ‘Q Shaman’ was accompanied by the police who acted as ‘tour guides.’ Compare the peaceful and unarmed January 6 protest to the violent, destructive conflagrations put on by Antifa and we find there is big difference. Antifa is a Marxist outfit and the Democrats made sure they got away with their crimes.

You might wonder why the horn-wearing Shaman and Trump supporter, Jacob Chansley, plead guilty on the insurrection charges. The answer is simple. The Democrat prosecutors probably threatened him with 20 years for something such as threatening to kill Mike Pence (which he certainly did not do). Chansley settled for nearly 4 years in prison, which is grossly unfair because he lacked the exculpatory video evidence to which he and all the J6 protestors were entitled.

Many Trump supporters were arrested for simply walking on Capitol grounds. They were welcomed there by FBI operatives. Doors were opened for them. For that, many hundreds were sent to prison—including a hell hole prison in Washington D.C. where they were denied due process and brutally beaten by guards who were trained to despise the MAGA-minded. The patriots who received long prison sentences should be considered political prisoners.

Carlson proved what we already knew: That the January 6th Select Committee was incredibly biased and anti-Trump. They cherry-picked footage and hired a movie director to put together clips that seemed to prove their drummed-up charges of a Trump-led insurrection.

It was all lies.

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The Climate Communists want to take away your freedom of movement. The Marxists in California want to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 in the name of ‘climate change.’ They changed their ‘global warming’ slogan to climate change in order to make us all afraid of the changing weather, but it’s still primarily focused on ‘greenhouse’ gasses emitted by animals and humans. Never mind that carbon dioxide is beneficial to plants. The warming must stop before oceans rise along with runaway higher temperatures.

The thing is, ‘climate change’ as the globalist tyrants present it is based on cherry-picked data. The data are distorted to fit their narrative. Real scientists have already proved that rising temperatures aren’t occurring, but they are ignored. A very small group of powerful people have captured science and they say their version is definitive. It isn’t. Climate change is bunk.


The green transition isn’t about solving the non-existent problem of climate change. It’s about controlling human beings and it doesn’t end with our freedom to travel. The micro-managing Marxist control freaks want to tell us where to live, what temperature our homes can be, what we can eat, and even what we can say. We’ve learned that the banana-republic tyrant Biden has been ordering social media to censor patriotic, MAGA-minded citizens. The IRS will have an additional 87,000 heavily-armed agents to threaten Trump supporters. The Democrats’ FBI has interfered with our election. People are dropping dead due to the mandatory and poisonous mRNA jabs, which proved useless against a quickly-mutating virus. The ‘authorities’ blame it on their boogeyman, climate change. Ultimately, controlling humans also means exterminating them and too many sheeple will do whatever the ‘authorities’ tell them to do. Apparently that includes dying.

The climate change tyrants want to destroy small businesses. They want make us poor. They want to take away our privacy, our ability to assemble and protest, and even our ability to decide what goes into our bodies. They especially want our guns, but first they’ll try to take away our cars.

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The CDC released a report at the end of November in which they stated 1.1 million Americans have ‘died suddenly’ over the past year. The news was greatly under-reported by the Big Pharma-sponsored corporate media.

Many of us tried our best to warn people about the dangers of vaccines even before the Covid virus was rolled out. We were marginalized and ignored. The vaccine makers have been immune to lawsuits since the late 1980s. They cannot be sued. This made them recklessly greedy, unaccountable, and irresponsible. It’s no wonder Pfizer wanted 75 years to elapse before details of their dodgy Covid trials were released. It turned out they knew their product came with many pages of side effects.

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Why do woke corporations think we want trans propaganda with our purchases?

First we had the ‘woke’ M&Ms lecturing us about inclusiveness and diversity and now we have a transvestite’s face plastered over Hershey chocolate bar wrappers. The chocolate bar is supposedly celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ by means of featuring a man pretending to be a woman displayed on their wrapper.

Why is the woke left so intent on erasing women?

Because they know that women are mothers and the only sex to give birth to new life. They say men can get pregnant. The globalist cartel knows that if they can get you to believe that, then you will swallow anything they say. It’s a form of mind control when they expect you to believe something illogical and irrational. If they can get you to accept it, you they know they can soon have you living in a pod, beating yourself up for climate sins, and eating bugs.

Anyone with common sense knows that we are living in a thick fog of trans-insanity. The truth is that there are only two genders, male and female, not 73 like they claim. We now live in a society where the mentally ill are rewarded and encouraged—and they encourage us to celebrate their mental illness!

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1. Covid was used to control countless millions around the world and it was easy for the medical tyrants to pull it off. […]

2. The Democrats told us that Trump, with the help of Putin, rigged and stole the 2016 presidential election away from Hillary. […]

3. The Transexual fad is perhaps the most egregious delusion. […]

4. The Climate Change cultists are ruining our economy by pushing green energy, which simply cannot compete with oil, natural gas, and coal. […]

5. Kamala Harris and Biden’s press secretary cannot make the border secure simply by telling us that it is secure! […]

6. The Democrats are so deluded that they think spending more money can lessen inflation! […]

7. The Democrats have relentlessly demonized President Trump. […]

8. The mainstream media, also known as the legacy media, also known as presstitutes, are an insult to real journalism. […]

9. It’s a delusion to think we are being run by patriots looking out for the best interests of Americans. The Democrats despise MAGA. […]

10. It’s delusional to think we can again send humans to the moon when we never sent them there the first time…but that’s a subject for a future cartoon.

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News broke revealing that Biden accepted a 5 million dollar bribe—and on that same day the Biden Administration made sure that their corrupt DOJ indicted President Trump. That news dominated the schedules of the corrupt propaganda media. Today it was revealed that there are audio tapes that prove Biden’s guilt, but today everyone is focussed instead on Trump showing up to a Miami courthouse.

There are no coincidences.

We need to observe who defends Trump, and who goes along with the Marxist Democrat regime’s witch hunt. Especially watch those who stay silent. We are looking at you Mitch McConnell, you Mitt Romney, and you, Mike Pence. Your comments about how ’serious’ the charges are and your lack of support for President Trump only further engraves the fact that you’re all uniparty RINOs.

The US is officially a banana republic that persecutes, prosecutes, and jails its political opponents. What we are now seeing is the weaponization of justice and election interference to the max.

Biden’s corrupt DOJ is trying to indict and imprison a former president for the rest of his life. It reeks of banana republic bolshevism. President Trump is running for president in 2024 and is leading Biden in all the polls. THAT is the reason they are going after TRUMP.

Joe Biden has a long history of bribery, corruption and selling out the country to the highest bidder. He’s an arch criminal and pedophile. We saw the Sodom and Gomorrah event he held on the White House lawn. Biden smiles has he continues to destroy our economy, our culture, our institutions, and our sense of decency.

‘We The People’ are not stupid. We have seen Biden’s crimes. The DOJ and FBI are covering them up by means of inaction, stonewalling and lies. We see the Democrat Party’s endless witch hunt against Trump and his supporters. We’ve had enough!

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(Submitter’s note: Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, have successfully sued Jones for defamation after Jones accused them of faking the death of their son in order to attack gun rights.)

I followed the Sandy Hook news and there were plenty of strange things about it that might lead one to think it was a hoax. In fact, I hoped Jones would maintain it was a hoax in order to lead to a discovery phase of the trial. [Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis] would have a lot of explaining to do.

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Over and over again Biden and his Democrats have smeared MAGA supporters as being ’a threat to our democracy.’ They claim we are ‘election deniers’ for pointing out concrete evidence of their election fraud. This is confusing because the Democrats themselves denied the legitimate election of Trump and proceeded to invent lies to destroy him. Joe Biden called himself a ‘uniter’ during his inauguration, but he has since made many divisive speeches. In his latest one he again vilified nearly half of America for being ‘election deniers’ and MAGA ‘extremists.’

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The United States has no vital interest in Ukraine, yet we’ve shoveled in around 100 billion dollars to support Zelensky’s war there.

He always wants more and Biden is eager to give it to him. Ukraine’s borders are of vital importance to Dementia Joe, while our own borders rank as being unimportant. Old ice cream lips said as much a few days ago. If we had not sent a dime to Ukraine, the war would have been settled long ago. Zelensky would have ceded a Russian-populated Donbas region to Russia. He would have agreed not to join NATO. The threat of nuclear war could have been averted. Instead we have a cocky jerk demanding endless billions of dollars from American taxpayers while he lied about a missile hitting Poland.

Both Democrats and Republicans love to say it’s about protecting and spreading ‘democracy.’ That has always had a hollow ring to it and it has no ring at all when it comes to Ukraine. Zelensky is not running a democracy there—he’s a dictator who has had his political opponents arrested.

He has silenced opposition media. He has shut down Russian Orthodox churches and religious leaders. He is spreading war and corruption, not democracy. Some of the weapons sent to him by America have ended up being sold to African countries. Zelensky’s cronies are stealing massive amounts of unaccountable US taxpayer money and spending it on themselves.

No, it’s not about spreading democracy. It’s about spreading globalist control and Russia is in the way. They’ve gone to gold ruble and Putin doesn’t want the WEF to dictate to his citizens how things are going to be.

Russians don’t want to enter a new dark age via a digital currency and ‘green’ energy, nor do they want their children being groomed into becoming ‘woke’ trannies. They do not want to ‘eat the bugs.’

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Or maybe they did work. If the ruling globalists really did want to cull humanity, what better way to do it than with vaccines? Gates has already stated this intention. The oligarchs own this planet and they think there are too many people on it consuming too many resources. This is the true reason for the vaccines. In that sense, they were very effective. People are dying suddenly and will continue to die.

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The New World Order steals Russia’s wealth while inventing new sanctions. Sanctions that Joe Biden said don’t work. One news event you won’t often hear the war drum-banging mainstream media mention is Putin tying the Russian Ruble to gold. This is a direct challenge to ‘King Dollar,’ which has been the world’s reserve currency for far too long.

… BEN GARRISON NFTS- FRESH NFTS JUST MINTED CLICK TO VIEW ON OPENSEA! By tying his country’s currency to gold, Putin has tossed a big monkey wrench into the turning gears of the globalists. If India and China go along with Russia, we could see some real fireworks. The New World Order needs the dollar to complete their plans to enslave the world by means of a digital dollar and a social credit system.

Putin doesn’t want this. Like the recently reelected Viktor Orban in Hungary, Vladimir Putin is a nationalist who has the best interests of his own country at heart. By contrast, Biden hates America.

… Biden has already mumbled about how he leads the New World Order. Putin is one of the few who is standing up against those insane plans. It’s not that I admire Putin the dictator.

I simply despise our own dictators much more.

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Watching the news on TV used to make me angry enough, but lately I’ve had to avoid it nearly altogether. The constant banging of war drums. The blatant propaganda. The disgusting warmongering. It’s too much to take.
Congress and our politicians continue to shovel heaps of praise upon Ukrainian President Zelensky, who has been hard at work trying to get more support for his war against Russia. America has approved $13.6 billion to help Ukraine protect its borders. Remember when Congress didn’t want to give Trump a few million bucks to fund the wall at our own southern border? Why are our politicians so eager to help out a country that has traditionally been under Russian influence? Because Ukraine is a huge money laundering operation and feeding trough for them. It’s a way of rewarding the New World Order foot soldiers. Ukraine is known as one of the most corrupt countries on Earth. Ukraine is not a democracy and Zelensky is no heroic angel fighting for freedom. Expect the billions of dollars in taxpayer money to be siphoned off by his cronies as well as the children of our own corrupt politicians.

(His rant gets crazier from here, going on about Biden being a pedo and vaccines being a plot to kill everyone, but the quote is long enough.)

Ben Garrison #fundie #conspiracy grrrgraphics.com

… Many aborted babies are sold to Big Pharma and corporations to be used in vaccines and other ghoulish ways. It has become an industry. At G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo in Grand Rapids last year, I saw a short video that was taken clandestinely. It showed aborted babies at an abortion clinic. They were lined up on racks and frequently sprayed with saline solution. The fresh bodies were auctioned off. It was a most disturbing and disgusting scene, but the ghoulishness was apparently lost on the doctors, technicians, and buyers there. Money was being made.

This pure evil is what [Elizabeth] Warren and the left stridently demand. When their precious abortion is threatened they explode into a satanic frenzy.

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Description”Don (Trump) Quixote”, riding annoyedly atop a very angry white horse. He wears grey fatigues, a sword and riding boots with spurs while the horse wears a red caparison with golden trim. He holds a yellow shield inscribed with “FREE SPEECH” and a red buckle decorated with a yellow T in his right hand while brandishing a spear labelled “LAWSUIT” in the left. He pursues an animate windmill flying the Chinese flag. Its sails are labelled, clockwise from top-left, “🐦twitter”, “facebook”. “CENSORSHIP” amd “Google”, with a skull at the centre. The “CENSORSHIP” sail ends in a hand holding a bunch of Dollar notes, one of which has slipped away.)

These enemies of America are are not imaginary

Yes, I realize that the Don Quixote character from Cervantes’ novel attacked imaginary enemies as represented by the windmill, but Donald Trump Quixote’s enemies are not imagined.

They are all too real and dangerous.

Ben Garrison #conspiracy #wingnut grrrgraphics.com

The panic over Covid was overblown and the ruling class intentionally fanned the flames of panic. A remedy was needed and politicians helped launch “Operation Warp Speed.” The vaccine makers were seen as heroes because they very quickly rolled out their miracle jabs in order to ‘save lives.’ Many wondered if those shots weren’t already waiting in the wings—especially Moderna’s solution. They supposedly had the Covid genome (or most of it) already nailed down and a prevention ready to go within days. How convenient.

Biden assured Americans that those who submitted to the vaccines would not contract Covid. He lied. He said we had a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’ Another lie. He blamed the unvaccinated for spreading the virus. Reality proved otherwise. Never forget how we the unvaccinated were vilified and demonized by corrupt politicians such as Biden. It was almost as if he wanted to put the unvaccinated in camps.

The truth is the vaccine makers’ therapy pokes did not prevent Covid. The vaccinated and unvaccinated alike caught the weaponized virus that was created in a bio lab in Wuhan, thanks in part to funding from an evil garden gnome named Fauci who made sure people were masked up and locked down. Dangerous jabs soon became mandatory for employment. There was talk about vaccine passports being needed for travel. People could not visit loved ones in the hospital. Tyranny was in the air along with the virus, and then it was announced that even more shots were needed. Yet the fully-boosted caught Covid and many fully-vaccinated individuals died. The vaccines could not stop Covid, nor could they prevent the transmission of the virus. They did not lessen the severity of Covid. The vaccine makers raked in billions of dollars in taxpayer money, but their rushed out and under-tested products didn’t work. It was all a murderous lie.


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Despite his very low poll ratings and very advanced age, I predict he will win his party’s nomination. RFK Jr. may be his biggest competition, but like Bernie Sanders, those controlling the Democrat Party will rig the primaries against him. Joe won’t even have to debate. He certainly won’t participate in a debate against Trump once he gets his party’s nomination. Joe will spend a lot of time away from interviews and press conferences. In other words, he’ll once again be spending time in his Delaware beach house basement awaiting his coronation. This is Joe Biden’s version of ‘democracy.’

We all know how unpopular Joe is. He was long known as the stupidest senator in Congress. Nothing has changed. He wasn’t popular during his earlier presidential runs—including his run in 2020. He scored low in the polls and in the Democrat primaries. He stumbled in the debates. Then, lo and behold, he miraculously began winning primaries. The powers behind the scenes decided an old, lying criminal was their man. He could be controlled. Despite his obvious mental decline, Joe Biden won the presidential election. To be more precise, the election was stolen from Donald Trump and handed to Biden.

The template has been laid out again. The oligarchs want Biden despite his persistent mental decline. Actually, they are enjoying inflicting their pedophile criminal with dementia upon the American people. They hate America and want to see its destruction. It’s necessary for the ‘great reset.’ Biden is necessary to bring about our demoralization and despair. They want us to accept ridiculous things such as ’trans’ and ‘equity.’ They want us to accept absurd leaders such as Biden and Harris. Now that Dominion won its case against Fox, they will have hundreds of millions more to advance their cause. I have not seen much in the way of election reform. The election fraudsters got away with it the last time and are now even more emboldened.

Yes, I’m saying Biden will have the 2024 election stolen for him. Again.The octogenarian will be 86 years by the end of his second term. By that time, America’s destruction should be complete.

Analogy Backfire Award

Ben Garrison #wingnut grrrgraphics.com

The Democrats have been ruthless in their smears. One of them used the “N” word to slur Walker. Why does the left feel free to use that word against conservative black people? CNN cited Walker as being a ‘walking gaffe machine,’ which is something they should apply to Joe Biden, whom they protect. Similarly, John Fetterman can barely speak and function, but instead they criticize Walker for not being a polished speaker. Walker speaks 10 times better than either Biden or Fetterman.

Walker continues to stride through the aggressive Democrat team of tacklers. If they can’t stop Herschel with their cheap shots and drum beats of controversy, they will probably cheat and steal the election for Warnock again. Meanwhile, Walker remains on his feet.

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I am one of those MAGA extremists. I believe in making America great again and that means the restoration of freedom. Especially freedom of speech.“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.”Those words were spoken by Barry Goldwater. My dad took us kids to hear him speak in the open air somewhere near San Diego when Goldwater was running for president. I was only 7 years old at the time and I can’t remember much about it, but perhaps I heard him say those very words. I remember being against LBJ back then, but I didn’t know exactly why. It was my earliest exposure to politics.

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I know exactly why I’m against Joe Biden and the Democrats. They use lies and propaganda to distract us from the fact that they are actively destroying America. Their phrase ‘our democracy’ is used to cover up a great many outrages including out-of-control crime, wide open borders controlled by Mexican drug gangs, runaway inflation, the sexual mutilation of children, rampant homelessness, medical tyranny, a woke and weakened military, and even the dire threat of nuclear war. To the Democrats, ‘our democracy’ really means ‘our permanent power.’ Or ‘our socialism,’ or ‘our green globalism.’

Their democracy really means the continued destruction of America.

The bums currently in power need to be thrown out. The MAGA midterm volcano is angry and ready to erupt. Joe is fighting a voting volcano filled with anger, resentment, and outrage. He may denounce the volcano in his speeches, but he cannot stop the anti-Democrat Party eruption soon to come. Biden is not just demented—he’s also a liar, a pedophile, a criminal, and a traitor.

Biden is unfit for office. After the Republicans take Congress, their first order of business should be Joe’s impeachment.

Ben Garrison #wingnut #conspiracy grrrgraphics.com


Arizona voters must feel a bit hen pecked. Their Republican ballots got scrambled up and turned into a Democrat omelette. The Marxist chickens of a feather stick together and they stole another election. To them, the ends justify the means.

Democrat Katie Hobbs was elected Arizona governor after a week-long drag out of vote counting. Such a long delay was a sure sign of fraud. Hobbs was Secretary of State and in charge of Arizona’s election. It was like allowing a fox to run a henhouse. She did not recuse herself and she was even seen on the vote counting floor. No doubt she was directing the cheat.

America has become a 3rd-world banana republic and the midterms are just another example of the corruption. Widespread mail-in balloting invites fraud, and that’s egg-zactly what we saw. Ballot harvesters were able to make sure the reluctant voted. Democrat operatives filled out the ballots themselves if necessary. Dead people voted. Those who had moved out of state voted. People residing in vacant lots voted. Counted votes were mixed with uncounted votes, thus inviting double counts for double dealing Democrats. Republican votes were no doubt lost or changed. Arizona has egg on its face.

The question is, what can we do about it? Anyone who complains will be promptly smeared as an ‘election denier.’ They will be said to be against ‘democracy.’ In other words, the Democrats blatantly stole elections again and accuse anyone who objects to their criminality as being unAmerican.

Nothing was done when the election was stolen from Trump. The voting machines are still there and so are the mail-in ballots, the drop boxes, and the dirty tricks in the counting rooms. We may as well let Red China do the voting.

Ben Garrison #wingnut grrrgraphics.com


Herschel Walker is the Republican candidate for Senator in the state of Georgia.

Walker must have known he’d have his past thoroughly dredged up—and it has been. It includes allegations that he made threats of violence toward family members. He himself admitted he had to deal with some psychological problems and is now over them. Add to that the massive attacks on his intelligence and character by Democrats and it’s almost surprising that he’s running even against his Democratic opponent, Raphael Warnock.


Let’s remember some of Walker’s positive accomplishments. A native-born Georgian, Walker was an all-pro and played 12 seasons in the NFL. He won a Heisman Trophy and the National Championship while at the University of Georgia. Walker is a winner and has the determination to rise above adversity to succeed. He must have known that the embarrassing allegations would be dredged up and used against him, but he’s running for the Senate regardless. We all make mistakes in life and Trump has made them too, but both Trump and Walker were willing to have their mistakes get exposed because they genuinely care about America and they want to help make it great again.

Ben Garrison #conspiracy #wingnut grrrgraphics.com

We know that the mega-billionaires want socialism for us as a means of better control for them. They’re the Dictatorship of The Billionairiat. Their vision involves complete power over the world down to a granular level. American patriots have always thwarted such plans, but unless Trump is restored to his rightful presidency, America as we knew it is lost. An Orwellian police state is at our doorstep.

President Trump interfered with plans long-set by The Billionairiat. Though a billionaire himself, Trump wasn’t part of their ‘Big Club.’ Here is a man who rightfully should have been looking forward to spending time with his family, golfing, and enjoying life in Florida. Instead, Trump knew his country was in dire straits—especially after the destruction wrought by the red diaper baby, Obama. Trump’s patriotism compelled him to do his duty.

Ben Garrison #psycho #conspiracy #wingnut grrrgraphics.com

Last year on this day I watched a large crowd of Trump supporters walk into the Capitol Dome. My reaction? I was happy to see it. After all, the presidential election had just been stolen by the Socialist Democrats for a demented stooge named Joe Biden and nothing was done about it. Why not directly show our representatives that we were angry?
As it turned out, the dome breach was arranged to happen by the Socialist Democrats and a corrupt FBI. Pelosi made sure the Capitol was left unprotected. Barriers were taken down. FBI agents were everywhere. One of their operatives, Ray Epps, repeatedly yelled at Trump supporters and urged them carry their protests inside the Capitol building itself. Later, those who entered the building were thrown into a Washington D.C. prison to suffer heinous conditions and solitary confinement without bail or trail. That’s what socialists such as Pelosi do—they punish their enemies with prison torture and gulags.
Pelosi’s hatred for Trump has long been obvious. She presided over impeachment proceedings based on zero evidence and she shamelessly tore up President Trump’s State Of The Union speech. Her goal now is to prevent Trump from running again. This is Biden’s goal too when he feigns anger about the protest. Biden promised to unite the country, but he’s a colossal liar. He’s done nothing but create deeper division. Joementia could pardon all involved, but he doesn’t want wounds to heal. He wants to salt those wounds.
The Socialist Democrats continue to make the January 6 ‘riot’ equal to 9-11 or Pearl Harbor, but it was only a protest and most Americans don’t see it as anything too momentous. Shame on those Republicans who are also calling it an ‘insurrection.’ There was no insurrection. Nobody was armed except for armed government operatives. One of them murdered Ashli Babbitt.

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First panel: Bush tells an american soldier to “take out the terrorists!” pointing to Taliban forces in Afghanistan.

Second panel: Biden tells an american soldier to “take out the terrorists!” pointing to vaccine “resisters” in the USA holding signs saying “No vax passposts” “9/11 was an inside job” “Trump won” and “No masks”

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In the waning hours of Trump’s presidency we are hearing a lot about scenarios in which patriots are still in charge. Supposedly the military has been shown proof of foreign interference in the presidential election. They will arrest the conspirators and allow Trump to rightfully continue his presidency into a second term. Naturally I have my doubts. I consider it all so much hopium. It looks like nobody is coming to save us. We must save ourselves. We must deal with reality and it will harsh. The election was stolen by globalists who want socialism. They know it’s a good system of control. Combined with open borders, lockdowns, and the undoing of everything Trump accomplished for the economy, we’ll see more small businesses destroyed. The globalists want us all dependent on big government. We will be forced to obey it if we want to receive assistance. Who controls that government? The mega billionaires at the top of the pyramid, of course. They want it all. All the money. All the land. All the power. We will become their serfs and forced into obeisance by means of high tech whips and chains. Can Trump prevent this dystopian future planned by criminals who stole away his landslide victory? Does he have anything left up his sleeve? Will anyone stop this Bolshevik coup? Can anyone stop it? We will soon find out. If nothing happens and Biden and Kamala are allowed to seal their ill-gotten victory, we will know that Q was nothing more than an elaborate psy-op to keep Trump supporters hopeful in the face of repeated disappointment. Many social media personalities will be proved wrong and lose credibility.

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The mega billionaire Bill Gates continues to play God. The company he funded plans to release around 20 million genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys this year. Ostensibly the purpose is to lessen diseases spread by the mosquitoes, but there is also talk about using mosquitoes to administer vaccinations.

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Yes, whether you like it or not, Gates will use mosquitoes to inject substances into you that you may not want in your body. Far fetched? They already put fluoride poison into public drinking water in many cities throughout America. They falsely say it’s good for people’s teeth. No matter how many times it’s proven that fluoride does harm and no good whatsoever, it stays. Just like the face masks. Dr. Fauci wants them to become permanent.

It’s medical tyranny.

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- Gates will use this to control us all!
- Masks will become permanent!
- Lockdowns advance Agenda 21 and 2030!
- Mandatory vaccinations!
- Police state!

NOOOOO!!!! [smashes crystal ball]

When the virus plandemic began to unfold, I heard Ben make several predictions that came true. He knew the virus would be used to hurt Trump’s reelection, but he didn’t know that the Democrats would use it to leverage mail-in ballot fraud that allowed the unpopular Biden to steal the presidency outright.

I do remember Ben railing against mask wearing. He predicted that they’d become permanent and they have been for nearly a year now. They’re still being over-worn even though many governors have dropped their mandates—which weren’t even law in the first place. Governors can’t make laws, but if corporations enforce the mandates then that’s that.

The most ominous thing that Ben fretted about were the dangerous vaccines. He knew they were coming and he saw that they would become mandatory. He knew that Bill Gates would use them as a means of control through tracking and eventually they’d be used to depopulate the Earth. We’ve seen too many people eagerly line up to take the jabs even though the evidence of them causing injury and death have been overwhelming. Too many people have received the vaccine and then dropped dead within weeks.

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All the while, many of us were warning everyone not to take those experimental Covid jabs. We got rewarded with ridicule and bans on social media. We were not allowed to question ‘science’ owned by the WHO and WEF. Still, science is about questioning. Science is always evolving and getting amended. For example, Galileo discovered the moons orbiting Jupiter, which therefore proved the Earth was not the center of the universe. The Catholic church controlled science at that time and they threatened him with excommunication—even torture. Today, doctors and scientists who do not fall in line lose their jobs and reputations. Some even get murdered. Big Pharma uses their vast fortunes to silence their critics. Those who warned against medical tyranny were excommunicated from Twitter and Facebook.

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The Best Disinfectant Is Sunlight and Truth
Governor Cuomo and New York are on the fast track toward medical tyranny.
They’ve rolled out a pilot program known as a “COVID passport.” It harkens back to Nazi Germany’s “Ihre Papiere bitte!” (“Your papers, please!”). New Yorkers will need the passport to enter stadiums, businesses, and restaurants. What they’re doing will become a template for the entire country.
Centi-billionaire control freaks such as Bill Gates want us to have no choice—we must be jabbed with endless, dangerous vaccines. Many are dying quickly from the mRNA vaccine which actually changes the genetic structure within cells. It’s rushed-out and under-tested concoction that is more Frankenstein monster than it is a vaccine.
The vaccines are ghoulish in that they contain cells from aborted human fetuses. They may also contain secret nano particles and you’re not supposed to know what they do. Gates wants his vaccine software in all of us, and we know how buggy his software can be. Do human being really want to become walking computers with Gates’ software in their cells?

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Bill Gates is a eugenicist and medical tyrant who controls a foundation that is intertwined with Big Pharma and medical institutions worldwide. His goal is to jab needles containing coronavirus vaccines into the arms of every human being on the face of the Earth. He also wants us all digitally tracked. With each vaccine, Bill wants to add a tiny, digital element which will provide biometric identification. If this isn’t the ‘mark of the beast,’ I don’t know what is.

We have not protested or pushed back against this medical tyranny. That emboldens control freaks such as Gates. Things will get worse. We have already been forced into our ghettos. What’s next, digital arm bands of sorts? (Yes, history does repeat itself). Why not just tattoo us like the Nazis did, Bill? Will you demand bluetooth armbands be worn to wirelessly transmit medical data at all checkpoints? We won’t hear that old phrase “Your papers, please” everywhere because the ‘authorities’ will know automatically.

What will happen if we refuse to be vaccinated, tagged, bagged? The tyrants will punish us. We might be fined. We will be vilified by their lying, mass media. We will not be able to travel, go to public places, or hold a job.