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Imagine you tried to lock your front door to stop intruders and Biden came with a key saying “that’s inhumane,” and forced you to keep your door open. That’s what’s happening at our border right now.

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Pro-abortion supporters will say they care about bodily autonomy while not caring at all about the body of the unique human being growing inside of the womb.

These people are willing to lie and deny science to push their pro-murder agenda.

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Just a reminder. Even during the early days of the pandemic, some of us were calling out the disastrous government reaction. We were accused of wanting to murder grandma and labeled menaces to society. Meanwhile, people like Anthony Fauci, who lied about everything from masks to the origins of the virus, still pop up on TV occasionally. When will they be held accountable for the damage they wrought?

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Have you noticed that those who claim tolerance can be the most intolerant of all?

Intolerance against Christians’ freedom to express their Christian worldview is increasing from secularists who are in positions of authority in education, research, and so on.

What happens when you briefly reference the Creator (without even specifically explaining who this Creator is) in a scientific paper for a secular publication? Well, watch out, for intolerant secularists will become incensed and get the paper censored.

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When I was answering the question who Cain’s wife was on a radio talk show, an atheist told me I was immoral for saying close relations married in early history. But can an atheist make that claim?

Secularists frequently accuse Christians of behaving “immorally” and religion of being “evil.” But such objections bring up an interesting question: how do secular humanists or atheists define evil and morality and by what authority do they make such statements?

For the atheist or secular humanist, there is no foundation for morality besides his or her own subjective opinion. These individuals often throw around words such as evil, immoral, moral, or ethical, often in the context of Christianity or Christian individuals. They will say things such as “religion is evil” or that teaching creation to children is “child abuse,” but what do they mean by these phrases?

In their worldview, what makes anything immoral or wrong? Really it boils down to nothing more than their opinion. They claim that something is wrong. But who is to say that their opinion is the right one? After all, there are many different opinions on what is right and wrong. Who decides which one is right and which one is wrong?

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Never in all my years in politics have I seen ever anything like the way the gates of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump. This isn’t just an old-fashioned attack, it isn’t random. This is a coordinated conspiracy to destroy Trump. This is a high-tech lynching. This is a crucifixion!

And that’s why we must all support President Trump. If we don’t back Trump now, if you don’t back Trump now, it’s all lost forever. It’s time to fight like a cornered wolverine. It’s time to fight like it’s the end of America, because it is. We can’t go back in time and save Sir William Wallace. We can’t go back and save Jesus Christ from being nailed to that cross. But we can change the future course of history today. There is still time to stand with Donald Trump against the forces of evil.

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I’ve always loved the power and sleek look of the Aventador, the Diablo, the Veneno, and several other models. So, when I heard you can tour the assembly line, I persuaded my wife to drive a few hours for the rare opportunity to see firsthand how these beauties are built.

During the drive to and from Modena, where the factory is located, it was no surprise to see several Lamborghinis being road-tested. Immediately I began daydreaming about taking one out for a test spin, feeling the g-force during acceleration, and effortlessly cornering winding mountain roads.

What would it be like to take one of these low-profile supercars off road, though? Instead of humming along on the smooth asphalt streets of Modena, imagine turning sharply onto a dirt road and attempting to climb a mountain on steep and rocky terrain. It’s obvious what would happen: tears...lots of tears. The front spoiler would crack, the rims and doors would dent, and the car would high center on a bulging boulder, rendering the car inoperable in a matter of seconds. The Lamborghini would incur tens of thousands of dollars of damage in an instant.

No (sane) owner would ever do that. They know how a Lamborghini is designed to function and what conditions it’s made to handle. They know its limitations. No driving on sand. No driving on rocks. No driving through rivers. No driving off jumps. That’s a lot of “no.” Lamborghini owners don’t regard the car’s lack of off-road capability a weakness. They certainly wouldn’t name-call the Lamborghini designers or think they’re killjoys. In fact, Lamborghini owners would consider the engineers heroes to be lauded for their innovation and automotive brilliance. When you drive a Lamborghini on the open highway or along a winding mountain road, you enjoy the engineering excellence of a high performance sports car, the way it was meant to be driven.

That’s why I’m mystified by Christians who think God is a killjoy. They wonder why God restricts sexual activity to a married man and woman. That seems to leave out a lot of opportunities, many people reason. No sex before marriage (fornication). No sex outside of marriage (adultery). No sex with people of the same sex (homosexuality). No sex with animals (bestiality). No sex with close relatives (incest). That’s a lot of “no.”

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Proof of Noah’s flood is blowing up the Internet!
Our friends over at
point out some powerful truth. The Bible has been teaching there are fountains in the great deep for more than 4000 years! Follow
to read the article!Proof of Noah’s flood is blowing up the Internet!
Our friends over at
point out some powerful truth. The Bible has been teaching there are fountains in the great deep for more than 4000 years! Follow
to read the article!

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We are going to drag Biden and everyone who covered up his crimes through the headlines day after day, month after month, and prove to the country the entire Democrat party is corrupt and can’t be trusted.

So no matter which candidate runs for president if they take Biden out, everyone will know the Democrat party is filled with liars and traitors.

That, combined with Bidenomics’ destructive policies, will cause Democrats to lose big.

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Wayne Allyn Root: Like Jesus Christ, The ‘Forces Of Evil’ Are Trying To Crucify Trump

Right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump–obsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root kicked off his radio broadcast yesterday by reading his latest commentary in which he calls on conservatives to rally behind the president against those who seek to “lynch” and “crucify” him.

Root says that Trump, like William Wallace and Jesus Christ, is a champion of the people and is now “facing one of the most intense, over-the-top attacks ever seen in world history,” orchestrated by the “deep state,” the media, and “disgusting, disgraced people” like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“They have to stop him at all costs,” Root said. “Not just stop him, destroy him. Lynch him. Crucify him. They need to send a clear message, so no one ever tries to educate, enlighten, or empower the people ever again. That’s why the gates of hell have been opened on President Trump. That’s why Trump is facing a tsunami, earthquake, tornado, hailstorm all in one.”

“They need to kill Trump,” he said, “whether it be character assassination or the real thing, aka murder.”

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The late Dr. Henry Morris (considered the father of the modern biblical creation movement) had also been writing about this connection between evolution and morality in most of his early books.

Over the decades, evolutionists have often mocked me for tying evolution to morality. They claim that evolution has to do with “science,” not morality. But notice that as generations have been indoctrinated into believing naturalistic evolution (which is in reality the religion of atheism), Christian morality has declined. Armed with so-called “science,” secularists have become bolder in opposing Christian morality.

In our Western world, we are seeing more and more people (like Bill Nye “the Science Guy” whom I debated at the Creation Museum in 2014) who boldly claim that evolution is “science” and are using it to promote an anti-Christian worldview. More than ever, secular activists are vehemently opposing Christian morality, such as marriage being between only one man and one woman and abortion being murder.

And we are seeing very amoral and immoral behavior growing across the culture, especially, it seems, among the younger generations (Millennials and Generation Z). While we do not argue that evolution directly causes immorality, people can use Darwinian thinking to justify their immoral behavior.

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At least 4 independent studies (Hooker, Mawson, Garner, and my own surveys) found an odds ratio of 5 or more for autism being more likely in the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. This means that 80% or more of autism is caused by childhood vaccines. There aren't any studies of fully vaxxed vs. fully unvaxxed showing otherwise that any of us are aware of. Congress tried to get the NIH to do a study on vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, but the bill never made it out of committee.

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In my No. 1 bestselling book back in 2013, "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide" I reported Obama's plan was to "boil the frog slowly." To destroy America in small steps, to move so slowly that we wouldn't notice we were being destroyed, until it was too late. Hillary Clinton was supposed to finish the job. Hillary's election was supposed to be Obama's third term.

But Donald J. Trump came along and ruined the plan. Trump became the first politician in history to beat a rigged election. That's why Hillary and Democrats were so shocked. I think it's obvious Obama rigged it so Hillary could not lose.

How did Obama do that? In addition to the usual Democrat tricks of stuffing the ballot box in Democrat-run inner cities, with no voter ID and no signature match, Obama spied on the Trump campaign.

But Trump brought out more working and middle-class voters than any candidate in history. He beat the rig. He won even though Obama spied on him. Even though Obama knew everything Trump was doing and planning — and gave it all to Hillary.

Enter Russia collusion.

See the Durham Report. We now know for a fact this was a fraud made up by Hillary. We also know that Hillary laid out this scam to Obama and Biden in the Oval Office. Obama gave his approval. Then Obama rigged the game even further, making sure his hand-picked DOJ and FBI would never prosecute these high crimes.

Obama also made sure they'd continue spying on the now-president Trump. And use the weaponized federal government filled with Obama hacks to target, frame, demonize and destroy Trump the president.

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Let me make something very clear. Evolution is not the cause of racism, or abortion, or Gay “marriage,” or any other such issue. Sin is the cause of such issues. But there is a connection between evolution and morality.

I believe the message of the AiG ministry has been in a sense very “prophetic.” Even when I began teaching on creation vs. evolution back in 1975, I was already asserting that atheistic evolution and morality were connected and that, over time, immorality would grow as people rejected God’s Word and accepted naturalistic evolution. Not because evolution was the cause of the immorality, but the more generations believed evolution and rejected God’s Word, the more their morality would be subjective. This would result in moral relativism permeating the culture.

I taught that the more people believed that life arose by natural processes, the more they would also believe that life was ultimately meaningless and purposeless—and morality could be whatever a person determined. Or, as Judges 21:25 states, when there was no king (or absolute authority) in the land, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

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I’m shocked at this hearing. I have not heard one person say they are concerned about the doctor patient relationship when it comes to COVID.

However people are screaming, “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” as the Biden admin and Fauci are insanely calling for masks mandates and more funding for COVID vaccines, while some schools are forcibly masking children again - which is CHILD ABUSE.

People are also demanding we investigate the federally funded COVID vaccines, which I too have been demanding from the beginning.

With 983,973 COVID vaccine reports on VAERS and 18,015 deaths reported, why is the Republican led
committee avoiding investigating the COVID vaccines?

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut creators.com

But no one listened. It wouldn't go away. Just like the "Miracle at the Meadowlands," we all knew the election was rigged and stolen. Who needs proof when we have our eyes? We could not be persuaded, intimidated or bullied. Trump would not stop talking about it either. He was like a dog with a bone. A bull in a china shop.

The bans accomplished nothing. The noise would not go away. Polls showed a huge majority of Americans believe the 2020 election was rigged.

The communist thugs started to panic. They couldn't let Trump run for president and keep talking about a stolen election. Worse, what if he won and opened an investigation? Democrats would go to prison for life. Or worse. This was treason.

They had to act — to end this talk once and for all. To set an example. To make sure no one ever dared question any stolen election ever again — because of course, they plan on rigging and stealing 2024.

So now they've taken it a step further. Now they've indicted and arrested Trump (and other Republicans) for free speech... for talking about a stolen election... for asking questions... for trying to investigate... in America.

Trump faces hundreds of years in prison for free speech.

So, now the mystery is gone. Now you know. When it becomes a crime to talk about a rigged and stolen election... when Democrats are so desperate that one indictment is not enough, so they indict Trump again and again and again and again...

That's the final proof the election was stolen.

That's also the final proof this is a communist takeover of America. These are the hallmarks of communist and Nazi thugs and tyrants throughout history: steal elections, weaponize government, censor and ban dissent, arrest your political opponents.

Folks, we are there.

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Follow Me

Follow Me. (Luke 9:59)

Until we follow Jesus, we are lost. We are going nowhere, held firmly in the prison cell of sin and death. What a sad, depress-ingly hopeless state we are in until Jesus opens the prison door and says, “Follow me. ” Yet millions choose to stay in the cell, not understanding what awaits them. To choose death above life and hell above heaven is insane. The first second in hell will bring instant remorse. What a sad thing that the man to whom Jesus spoke these words had an excuse. Had he followed Jesus during the incar-nation, he would have entered into the most exciting adventure that any human being could ever have. Had he followed Jesus, he would have seen the sick healed, the blind given sight, and people raised from the dead. He would have had the privilege and honor of hearing life-changing words pour from the lips of the Son of God. Today, millions have excuses for not following Jesus Christ. The bottom line is that people love sin. They love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil, neither will they come to the light lest their deeds should be exposed (John 3:19–20).

When did I begin following Jesus? Am I still following Him daily as enthusiastically as I did at first?

Father, let me have the adventure of serving you.

*** From, Jesus in Red (365 daily devotions).
Available http://LivingWaters.com or wherever good books are sold.

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I agree with @MartyMakary
that the booster approvals show that the CDC and FDA are inept in assessing risk/benefit: https://coffeeandcovid.com/p/literal-chaos-wednesday-september…

But I disagree that the COVID shot might be warranted for any at risk population. There is no independent evidence of a benefit for the US elderly that I am aware of. The US nursing home data shows the vaccines were a complete disaster for the elderly.

coffeeandcovid.com ☕️ LITERAL CHAOS ☙ Wednesday, September 6, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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When I call the trans movement a cult I mean it in a literal sense. It functions exactly like a cult. It uses all of the same indoctrination techniques. It picks out a vulnerable target, isolates the target from his family, love-bombs with excessive validation and flattery, demands progressively more extreme displays of fidelity to the cause, and viciously ostracizes and attacks anyone who leaves. This is all Cult 101 stuff. Trangenderism is one of the largest and most dangerous cults in world history.

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But the plot thickens. A decade later (in 1989), I became one of the youngest TV hosts and anchormen in America. I was in my 20s and hosted NFL programming for CNBC (in those days known as FNN: Financial News Network). One day I invited a famous bestselling author as a guest. His name was Dan Moldea.

Dan was famous for writing bestsellers about the mafia, political corruption and the murders of Robert F. Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa.

In 1989 he wrote a book titled, "Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football." In the book he named actual fixed games. And the one he built the whole book around was "The Miracle at the Meadowlands."

But Dan never got to appear on my show to talk about the fixed "Miracle." My network banned him after a call from the NFL. Moldea was blackballed by the entire American mainstream media. The fix was in. His book died.

Moldea told me, "I've written about the murders of RFK and Jimmy Hoffa and no one ever banned me. But no one will allow me to talk about a fixed NFL football game? There's your proof: The game was fixed by the mafia. Now we know. That's why they won't let me talk about it. Because it's true."

All these years later, it's happening again with the fixed and stolen 2020 presidential election. But this time there's a new twist. It's even worse. Because communists are far worse than the mafia.

Democrats, media and social media conspired to ban any discussion or questions about the rigged and stolen 2020 election — just like the NFL and the mafia. If you talked about it, or questioned it, you were suspended, shadowbanned or banned for life. You were also demonized and slandered as a "conspiracy theorist."

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Why do many atheists rant and rage over what we as biblical creationists believe? In their worldview, when you die you then won’t even know you ever existed. And eventually from their worldview everything dies anyway, and that’s the end!

So why do they get so emotional about opposing Christians? Because as God’s Word makes clear in Romans 1 and 2, God has made it evident to all that’s He’s the Creator, and we all have a conscience. The bottom line is it’s a spiritual issue and that’s why they battle so hard as deep down they’re actually convicted. They suppress the truth (Romans 1).

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut creators.com

There is a perfect precedent — in the NFL. The game was called "the Miracle at the Meadowlands." Everything about that fixed game reminds me of the 2020 stolen election. It's a perfect match.

The game was the New York Giants versus the Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 19, 1978. The Giants had it won. All the Giants had to do was kneel the ball and the game was over. But they decided to run one more play — for no reason. The Giants quarterback tried to hand the ball off. The running back refused the ball. It fell to the ground. No Giant wanted to pick it up. A Philadelphia Eagles player (Herm Edwards) picked the ball up with only a few seconds on the clock and ran it back untouched into the end zone. It was the most unlikely win in the history of the NFL. It became known as "the Miracle in the Meadowlands."

But everyone with a brain... anyone who wasn't a sheep, or complete moron... and every street-smart gambler... knew they had just witnessed a fixed game. Today everyone acknowledges it. It was a stolen football game. Philadelphia had to win, or people were going to get their legs broken. Or worse.

It wasn't a "miracle." It was a mafia fix. No one can prove it. But we all know. Everyone knows. Sound familiar? Sometimes you don't need proof. You just know.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut creators.com

Now It's Official. I Know it, You Know it. Everyone Knows It. Trump's Georgia Indictment is the Final Proof the 2020 Election Was Stolen

Folks, now you know it. I know it. Everyone with a brain knows it. Even Democrats (deep down) know it. The 2020 election was stolen. The debate is over.

How do I know? Because both the feds and Georgia just indicted our former President Donald Trump for talking about, questioning and trying to investigate a stolen election. When the communist thugs, bullies and tyrants make it a crime to question a stolen election, in a country built around free speech, it's 100% proof they stole the election.

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There’s been a war on the family ever since sin entered the world. The devil knows how important the family is. The family is the first and most fundamental institution God ordained in Scripture. The family is the unit God uses to transfer a spiritual legacy from one generation to the next and to impact the world. The family is the educational unit of the nation. The devil knows, destroy the family and you destroy the backbone of the culture.

The family is coming under increasingly aggressive attacks in America? Here are just some of the ways—and reasons:

Gay “Marriage”
Actually, there’s no such thing as same-sex “marriage.” That’s why I have the word marriage in quotes. Marriage is a Christian institution God created when he made the first man and woman, Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:24). So-called gay (or same-sex) “marriage” is an attack on the family God instituted in Genesis. They can call it gay union or whatever they want to call it but it’s not marriage. There’s only one marriage, the one God created, a man (male) and woman (female).

Gender Issues
Almost daily we read news stories about transgender controversies, sex-change operations, restroom-gender issues, and the like. This is all an attack on the basis of the family structure God designed and ordained in Genesis when he created the first man and woman—the first male and female (Genesis 1:27). The secular culture has redefined “gender” to be what one feels they are as distinguished from one’s biological sex! But that’s absurd. Besides, Christians know we can’t trust our feelings because of our sin (depraved) natures.

Much of the feminist movement pushes an idea of female superiority. When God created Adam and Eve, he created them in his image with equal value. God gave different roles to husband and wife—they are to submit to each other as they submit to God and the roles he ordained (Ephesians 5; Genesis 3:16, 17). Actually, in Genesis 3:16, God warns that because of our sin nature, women will have the propensity to want to be the head, and men will want to lord it despotically over the woman.

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Where is the graph of the protection from death over time of the COVID vaccines???

Every government has the data for this.

Why are they keeping it hidden?

There must be a reason…

I wonder if it is because they don’t want you to know the truth?

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Nikki Haley supporting contraception as some kind of solution is so backwards and out of touch. Birth control has made a generation of women sick and does nothing to decrease abortion - only feeds promiscuity culture

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We will never be forced to mask again. You’re not getting compliance this time! The sheeple are waking up. It took years but hopefully we’ve learned our lesson! Two weeks to flatten the curve was the biggest lie we’ve been told in the last decade or more.

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

At Apple Valley Village Health Care Center (AVV) in MN, they went from from a 27:0 infection fatality rate IFR (in 2020 pre-vax) to 90:28 in just 3 weeks right after the jab was given at the end of December 2020. Same facility. Same COVID variant.

This is all in the publicly available CMS records filed by the nursing home. It's indisputable. I pulled the official Medicare death records and discovered 50 all-cause deaths in January alone. The average all-cause death rate in Jan is 9.5 so this is an OR of 8.1 with a z-score of 5.6. So it didn't happen by chance.

Question: Why is the IFR so dramatically higher post-jab?
My hypothesis:
It was the COVID vaccine.

I wanted to know what AVV thought caused this dramatic IFR increase, but nobody was available to return my call and nobody knew when anyone would be available to return my call.

If you can show that this was caused by something else, please let me know! I don't want to spread "misinformation" :)

Donald Trump #wingnut truthsocial.com

The “shocking and totally unexpected” loss by the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to Sweden is fully emblematic of what is happening to the our once great Nation under Crooked Joe Biden. Many of our players were openly hostile to America - No other country behaved in such a manner, or even close. WOKE EQUALS FAILURE. Nice shot Megan, the USA is going to Hell!!! MAGA

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut creators.com

Everyone Has Missed Real Revelation of the Durham Report: Obama is the REAL 'Big Guy.' Obama is the Criminal Mastermind. Obama Committed Treason.

We are living in an age of mass deception, distraction and denial, of mass brainwashing. We might as well all be living in Jonestown, Guyana, and following the orders of Jim Jones.

That's how bad it is. It's all laid out right in front of us. But no one can see it. Or maybe no one wants to see it. The Durham Report is "the canary in the coal mine."

I believe it's all former President Barack Obama. It's always been Obama. Obama is the REAL "big guy." Obama is the REAL criminal mastermind. Obama was the head of the snake. Obama was the John Gotti of the U.S. government, overseeing a massive criminal conspiracy. Obama was the head of the "Obama Crime Family."

Obama committed TREASON.

And the worst part of all: Obama's still in charge. Obama is pulling all the strings. He's the one calling the shots. He's the ventriloquist, speaking for the wooden dummy puppet President Joe Biden. Obama is the real president of the United States, back for his third term.

I warned about and predicted from the first day Obama appeared on the scene that my old Columbia University classmate was a Manchurian candidate, a radical Marxist put in place by the deep state and globalist billionaires to destroy America.

Bristol Palin #wingnut patheos.com

I’m also so sick of hearing liberals, including our President, say that by supporting abortion you are supporting women. That is just not true! By teaching mothers that it is ok to murder their unborn babies, we are not supporting women, we are dehumanizing them!

Mother Teresa says it best:

Abortion kills twice. It kills the body of the baby and it kills the conscience of the mother. Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women: Half the babies and all the mothers.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

As if anyone is actually waking up at night in sweats over January 6th and terrified that Republicans care about election integrity and that no Democrat ever said stolen election - but sure these are the scariest things Americans face daily.

Yeah while they ALL supported violent BLM riots that destroyed $2 billion in private property in communities across America that killed people and attacked police day and night, while they violated your rights locking down our country over a man made biological weapon that was like the flu for most of the healthy population especially children, forced you to take an experimental vaccine that killed people with strokes, blood clots, myocarditis, and has left people with serious health issues, and are forcing our country and Americans pay for it all switching us to unreliable electric cars run by Chinese made toxic batteries, Chinese made bird killing wind turbines, and stop using reliable U.S. oil, gas, and clean coal bc the climate gods said we must achieve the unachievable net zero carbon - which will make electricity scarce and unaffordable for most Americans plunging us literally into darkness.

But don’t worry they are going to put Trump in jail until he’s dead and stop the scary election deniers.

Yeah, these are the grownups back in charge.

The responsible ones.

The ones you are supposed to trust your children with.

Oh and Biden selling out America and pulling favors for foreign countries and foreign nationals - Hunter’s business partners, they say it’s all conspiracy and political paybacks.

The proof and evidence, not even newsworthy to most of the media, just arresting Trump and playing the state old 3 hour riot from January 6th is the only thing you are supposed to care about.

“Give them games! Throw more bread to the peasants in the coliseum!”

Sure Americans won’t notice..

Lauren Boebert #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Biden gloating in his “Dark Brandon” video yesterday as he has his primary political opponent arraigned on more bogus criminal charges just screams “banana republic”.

Weaponizing the federal government against MAGA Republicans is going to have dire consequences at the ballot box in 2024.

Say what you will about the American people, but we don’t take well to abuse of power.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut creators.com

I know the game they're playing. Either they're taking cash bribes directly into offshore accounts... or it's laundered through offshore charities... or through corrupt offshore countries like Ukraine... or through illegal campaign contributions... or the bribes are doled out to family members or trusted friends of the politicians and government officials to keep them one step removed. One thing is clear: Our nation has been sold out.

There's only one way to find out: LIE DETECTOR TESTS.

The politicians will refuse. They'll say these tests are "unreliable." Let's turn the tables on them. I found out recently that Navy SEALs are forced to take random lie detector tests several times a year to detect if they've shared top-secret information with spouses, family or friends. If they fail the test, they're instantly fired.

If the government accepts the results of lie detector tests as proof enough to fire Navy SEALs, then "we the people" accept the results to fire the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. From now on, either take the lie detector test, or in the words of Donald Trump, "You're fired!"

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene #wingnut twitter.com

We have record numbers of homeless Americans, 300 Americans die of fentanyl daily, they tell women abortion is healthcare & birth control - killing over 63 million, that men can get pregnant, they brainwash children they can change their gender and amputate their growing body parts, our border is out of control and our government refuses to secure it, our very own nation is number one for child pornography and sex trafficking, our society is overweight and unhealthy, senior citizens can’t survive on social security anymore, inflation is crippling everyone, Americans are drowning in credit card debt, and America’s once great manufacturing is great no more - our supply chain comes from the rest of the world making us dependent on everyone else and weak and vulnerable.

But they are telling you the most important thing they are doing is indicting President Trump for January 6, 2021.