Life is sacred until it’s born, then it’s the law of the jungle.

New Hampshire State Rep. Jess Edwards (R) #sexist #forced-birth newsweek.com

A New Hampshire lawmaker who opposed a child marriage ban argued that teens are of a "ripe, fertile" age

Republican state Rep. Jess Edwards said last week that a bill banning marriage for people under 18 would make abortion more appealing for young people

"If we continually restrict the freedom of marriage as a legitimate social option, when we do this to people who are of a ripe, fertile age and may have a pregnancy and a baby involved, are we not in fact making abortion a much more desirable alternative, when marriage might be the right solution for some freedom-loving couples?" he said[…]
Edwards' description of young people being of a "ripe, fertile age" was met with laughter. Despite his intervention, the New Hampshire House passed the bill on Thursday, sending it to the governor[…]
If New Hampshire's bill becomes law, it would leave Maine as the only state in the northeast of the U.S. that allows marriage below the age of 18

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There is a trend on tiktok right now of women sharing their abortion stories and insisting they regret nothing - and they’re literally doing so between sobs because the “feelings are complex.” No, girl, you feel conviction and guilt. And as uncomfortable as those feelings are, they’re actually promising signals that your heart is still soft. Lean into those hard feelings. You should feel guilt. You did an awful thing. But there is abundant grace and total redemption available for you in Jesus. You’re not too far off. You can be forgiven and made new
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2/3rds of US households have a dog. Most people I know treat dogs like their children. They might love them more than their children- because a dog never leaves & never disagrees. Thats how I know Kristi Noem made worst mistake in political history. She brags about killing puppy for acting excited & having fun while hunting. OMG. Some of u didn’t get it. Worst optics in history. Her career should be over. Anyone who brags about killing a dog for being hard to train…or because it kills a few chickens…is a heartless, nasty person. Thats what puppies do! But it’s funny how Democrats are shocked by this story…but they want to murder babies until moment of birth. They should all be disqualified for being heartless, nasty killers. It goes both ways. Value life.

Lila Rose #forced-birth #wingnut twitter.com


30-year-old pro-life activist Lauren Handy has just been sentenced to 57 months in federal prison for handing roses and resources to women at an abortion facility,

Meanwhile, abortionists who dismember and kill children walk free.

A grave injustice!
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Liz Wheeler #forced-birth #wingnut twitter.com

A better strategy for Trump on abortion would be to:

- Describe abortion & what Democrats want to be legal (ie. late term, infanticide), like he did during the Hillary debate)

- Savagely debunk the lies the left tells about abortion (“it’s healthcare” “it’s miscarriage care” “rape and incest”)

- Stop being afraid of “suburban mom” voters and SPEAK TO THEM

- Use stories of women who KEPT their babies to counter the emotion the left uses when they pretend all abortions are about 12yo girls
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Missouri Republicans #crackpot #fundie #forced-birth stltoday.com

Despite recent blowups among Republicans in the Missouri Senate, the majority party remained unified Wednesday to block a Democratic effort to legalize abortion in cases of rape or incest.

All Republicans present voted down amendments by Sen. Tracy McCreery, D-Olivette, to legalize abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Sen. Sandy Crawford, R-Buffalo, said she opposed exceptions for rape and incest because life is precious. “God is perfect. God does not make mistakes. And for some reason he allows that to happen — bad things happen,” she said. “I’m not gonna be able to support the amendments because I am very pro-life.”

The Senate ended debate for the night before a vote could occur on an amendment by Sen. Doug Beck, D-south St. Louis County, which would authorize abortion if the pregnant girl was 12 or younger. Beck raised concerns about health issues for child rape victims forced to carry their pregnancies to term.

The amendment led to a pointed exchange between Beck and Sen. Bill Eigel, R-Weldon Spring, who is running for governor.

“You want to bring back the institution of abortion so that kids can get abortions in the state of Missouri,” Eigel said to Beck. “A 1-year-old could get an abortion under this,” Eigel said.

“I don’t know that a 1-year-old could get pregnant, senator,” Beck said.

“You’re OK with forced birth of a child being raped, right?” Beck asked Eigel.

“I don’t support the institutions of rape or of incest. But your amendment doesn’t address those,” Eigel said.

Ken Ham #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

Anti-Christian Bill Mahr (in the attached video clip) openly admits as he talks to Piers Morgan that abortion is “murder” and he is “ok with that.” Mahr said, “I can respect the absolute position…I really can. They think it’s murder – and it kind of is. I’m just OK with that. There’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry we won’t miss you.”

Three important points:

1. The left have gained so much ground in the culture that they (like Mahr) are becoming very brazen how they state things and reveal their true heart and motivation. Warning--they are coming after anything Christian, coming after Christians.

2. Mahr states that abortion is “murder.” But murder is a crime in our culture. So he is ok with someone committing murder?

3. He is making a moral judgment stating that abortion is “murder” (which it is), but he has to borrow from a Christian worldview to make such a moral judgment. Without an absolute basis morality is subjective—relative.

Watch the video clip to hear him for yourself.

If you would like to read about how Bill Mahr once plotted to deceive me and Answers in Genesis, read the articles at the following links.



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Liz Wheeler #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

The VAST majority of people in American believe late-term abortion should be illegal. Over 80%.

The majority of people in American believe second trimester abortion should be illegal. Over 60%.

Contrary to the lies propagated by the left, over 60% of women who get abortions feel coerced by a man to get one.

The reason women cite most often for getting abortions is… convenience.

It’s atrocious. We should not accept this as a society.

I don’t care if this is a “winning” or “losing” political issue. It’s an issue of right and wrong. A genocide for which we will answer to our Creator. What do you want your answer to be?

If, instead of trying to compromise with evil, we loudly articulated WHAT abortion actually is, when life begins, culturally expected present fathers, and provided women with loving community and support to care for her child, maybe it wouldn’t be a losing political issue after all.

We must ban abortion. And if you’re afraid to say it, let alone politically enact it, stop & ask yourself why.
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Ben Garrison #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut grrrgraphics.com

This is beyond right vs. left and Democrats vs.Republicans. This is spiritual warfare—good vs. evil. One side worships Jesus, celebrates Easter, and honors our fallen. The other side worships Satan, celebrates perversion and abortion, and honors criminals. America must choose wisely by choosing ‘good’ in the November election.

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Liz Wheeler #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

There is no excuse for abortion to be legal. None.

An unborn baby is a human person.

This is obvious by nature of human reason, but 95% of academic biologists around the globe also say a human life begins the moment of conception.

People have a God-given right to life.

Abortion kills that life. Brutally. Via suffocation, dismemberment, lethal injection, crushing of the skull.

Liz Wheeler #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

Kamala Harris is touring a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

ZERO Christian can ever, ever vote Democrat.

Democrats are literally celebrating the butcher of unborn children in an effort to win votes.

It’s the epitome of evil.
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Andrew Anglin #homophobia #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist #racist #forced-birth dailystormer.name

[From “US Troops Do Spread Sodomy, Actually”]

In a recent clip from a Polish mall (which doesn’t have a lot of context), US soldiers are walking around in uniform, presumably trying to sniff out some pussy

They are confronted by a man who starts accurately accusing them of being in his country to “spread sodomy.”

He then asks: “Is it George Floyd culture, or sodomy?”

This is extremely heartening

As you know, I’m very critical of Poland for their anti-Russian agenda, which has led them to ally with the United States and promote the US war against Russia. However, the cost of this alliance is that the Americans are in their country, forcing the gay agenda down their throats

An alliance with the US government is not ever just a military alliance. It has all of these other dynamics, which include the US modifying your culture, and pushing so-called “Western values,” which relate to sodomy, George Floyd, and the empowerment of women

A lot of Poles appear to be waking up, and realizing that while they may have been treated unfairly by Russia nearly 100 years ago, things have changed a lot, and Russia is not the threat. Russia is not going to invade Poland. That is an insane claim. Russia is their neighbor, and they could have a good relationship

Russia has even been floating the idea of giving them parts of the former Ukraine to take over. This is one of very many olive branches that Putin has offered

The other option is total gay anal, round the clock, in public spaces in front of children, as well as a total invasion from Africa, and mass abortion and divorce

It’s not a hard decision

Ken Ham #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

I’ve had people ask me in recent times, “Is the West under divine judgment.”

Let me give you some insight in regard to America first.

Is America under judgment is a question I’ve been pondering, especially when we find examples like an evangelical pastor who was reported to have said the following according to a Christian news outlet:

“Materialism, drunkard pleasure seeking, arrogant conceit, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, and corrupt leadership . . . . Do you not see [them] in America? . . .
“[P]eople [ask] what is wrong with this country? . . . They have rejected the Word, the law of the Lord, the Holy One Himself.”

In explaining the use of his words arrogant conceit, this pastor added that America was largely guilty of this sin because: “When a society does not want to hear from God, but wants to be its own authority where every man does that which is right in his own eyes and feels that he is the ultimate authority, he is the ultimate source of truth.”

The pastor further observed: “We are not a covenant people in America, but we have been a privileged people.” He stated that while America did not have a “divine promise as a unique nation called out,” it had nevertheless been given “exposure to the divine promises of the gospel in Jesus Christ.”

The pastor further explained: “No other nation has literally been born out of a desire to be faithful and obedient to the living and abiding Word of God.”

Yes, I believe America is under divine judgment. To show you how, just consider some of the ways America has progressively been trying to remove God from this culture:

In 1962, school prayer was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.
In 1963, Bible reading in public schools was also ruled unconstitutional.
In 1973, restrictions on abortion were lifted, and abortion clinics began to permeate the nation (through the infamous Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court).
In 1985, nativity scenes in public places were ruled to violate the so-called “separation of church and state.”

Tucker Carlson and Wendy Patterson #conspiracy #crackpot #forced-birth #quack #racist twitter.com

Tucker: “Could foreign DNA enter your cells through the mRNA COVID vax and change your DNA — and humanity itself — forever? Sounds nutty. It's not. "Absolutely that could happen," says Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida. A shocking conversation.”

Wendy: “Took the vaccine, have no Asian relatives in your family tree and you and your husband give birth to an Asian baby? It's because the vaccine they injected into your body contains the DNA from those baby parts they used so whatever nationality that particular baby was, DNA has entered your cells and changed your unique DNA.

I just used Asian as an example. To help you understand what they did to you and possible your family bloodline.”

Ken Ham #forced-birth #fundie twitter.com

Through Charles Darwin’s work, he provided a supposed scientific justification for a very particular kind of racism.

He wrote some despicable things in his book, The Descent of Man, that led to all kinds of horrific atrocities.

For instance, Darwin considered the Australian Aboriginal people as basically the "missing links" in human evolution, as they were supposedly closer to the claimed ape-like ancestor. Hitler and Margaret Sanger adopted Darwins' ideas regard the supposed evolution of man which provided a foundation for the the murder of tens of millions of human beings through the Holocaust and abortion (eg: Planned Parenthood which Sanger founded).

Watch this short video clip by
speaker Avery as she quotes Darwin and shows the link to racism.


Liz Wheeler #forced-birth #wingnut twitter.com

You don’t fight against evil by compromising with it, @KellyannePolls, this is a TERRIBLE move.

First of all, many birth control pills & IUDs are abortifacient.

Second, contraception hurts women. It leads to anxiety, depression, breast cancer, infertility, and women who discontinue the pill find they aren’t even attracted to the mate they picked while under the influence of the pill. There’s a reason a whole generation of young women are rejecting it.

Third, the contraceptive mindset is the root of the abortion mindset. Once you separate sex from its procreative function, you feed the deadly idea that you’re entitled to sex without “consequences” (aka a baby), which leads to abortion. It also makes men and women use each other as objects and degrades our fertility to something that needs to be medicated and destroyed.

Also, did you know Margaret Sanger—the founder of the American Birth Control League later renamed Planned Parenthood—originally wanted to call birth control “race control” because her goal was to use contraceptives as a tool of eugenics against black people and the disabled?

You’re Catholic, Kellyanne. You know better than to propagate contraception for political points. It won’t work anyway, and it’s gravely immoral.


Ken Ham #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

In the Fox News article, Harris is quoted equating abortion with "reproductive healthcare." But abortion is death to a human being--it's the murder of a child.

Harris claims, "attacks against an individual's right to make decisions about their own body are outrageous, and in many instances, just plain immoral."

First of all, a child developing in it's mother's womb is not part of the women's body. Harris doesn't understand science or the reproductive health system. A fertilized human egg is looked on by the mother's body as foreign tissue to reject. The same sort of thing happens if someone has a kidney transplant, which is why they need anti-rejection drugs. But the woman's body has an inbuilt anti-rejection system God created to enable the fertilized egg to implant in the uterus to develop the body of the individual.

Secondly, once an egg is fertilized, no new information is ever added, so the fertilized egg is 100 percent a human being made in God's image.

Thirdly, the genetic information in a fertilized egg is a very different combination to that of the woman or the man. This is a unique individual different from any other human being ever, now, or that will exist.

Fourthly, if the fertilized egg is male, the Y chromosome came from the man, not the woman, so how can this be a part of the women's body when she has a different combination of information?

Notice also that Harris uses the word "immoral." What does she mean by that? What is her absolute authority to claim something is "immoral?" If the God of the bible is not the absolute authority, then morality is relative and her statement about something being "immoral" is meaningless as it's all subjective depending on what a person decides.

Matt Walsh #forced-birth #wingnut twitter.com

1) It is always wrong to intentionally kill innocent, defenseless human beings.

2) Unborn babies are human beings. They cannot possibly be any other species but human.

3) Therefore, abortion intentionally kills innocent and defenseless human beings.

4) Therefore, abortion is wrong.

This is the pro-life argument broken down as simply as possible. It's a very strong argument. In fact, no one on the pro-abortion side has ever been able to answer it. Instead they change the subject or obsess over the hard cases.

Conservatives should bring it back to this argument. This totally unanswerable, obviously correct, morally and logically coherent argument.

Instead they run away whimpering, letting the pro-aborts off the hook.
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PluribusDriver #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut #forced-birth memory-alpha.fandom.com

Bolding is submitter’s own

But you have to remember that there are countless groups/minorities/under-privileged/under represented people that are NOT supported by those colors in the pride flag. The current colors are simply the "hot news item of the year", ie a current focus with a lot of support. In a parallel universe there's an Aborted Children flag on Memory Alpha (which, by the way, represents an extreme amount of unheard, under-privileged voices). There could be a parallel where Pedophiles are fighting for rights! As stated above, sure, the pride flag may tie into some Star Trek themes, and many here may love the "representation and support" they get in the Star Trek universe, but I still don't think it should be integrated into the logo for the entire wiki. I agree that removing it may offend some people, but by not removing it you're sort of offending the other half, right?

Ben Garrison #forced-birth #wingnut grrrgraphics.com



Cartoon published 01/17/2024

Joe Biden’s pride and joy (besides his son Hunter) is his 1967 green Corvette Stingray convertible.

He keeps it in his garage along with secret documents he had stored in boxes. Notice how he never had to endure an FBI raid such as the one Trump endured.

If Joe were a car, he would bear little resemblance to his slick sports car. Instead he’d be a clunker fit for a junkyard.


His presidency has been a disaster on wheels. Biden has blood on his hands — starting with the deaths caused by his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He didn’t seem to care about the brave soldiers who died. Likewise, he cares little about the hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainians—and in fact, he suggested he might send in American troops. Then there is his love for abortion and the murder of millions of the most innocent humans of all.

Dr. Abby Johnson #forced-birth #wingnut twitter.com

I’ve never heard of anyone, pro-choicers included, refer to a woman pregnant with a planed child as being pregnant with a “fetus.” I’ve also never heard of anyone throwing a “fetus shower.”

Women get pregnant with babies and they throw baby showers. We all universally know that preborn children are human beings. Pro-abortion supporters just pretend they aren’t when they want to dehumanize them. They use special language so they don’t feel guilty about supporting the slaughter of the innocent.