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(Referring to the Peckham incident in London)

For everyone ready to say "Its not all Pakistanis" or "It's not about race", tell that to the victims, tell that to the people in your country being replaced by these third worlders.

It should be an English shopkeeper in an English shop with English customers but all the natives were forced out decades ago.

Enough is enough, they have to go back.

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You could choose to obey God in the same sense a lion can choose to be vegetarian. Is it impossible? No, he could get enough nutrition that way if he chose the right plants. Nobody is stopping him. But he won't. You won't obey God. You don't want anything to do with his laws. You are choosing in accordance with your nature as a sinner. Why do you complain about being judged when you do what you want to do? You are not compelled by God to sin.